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Roger Goodell

Roger S. Goodell (born February 19, 1959) is the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), having been chosen to succeed the retiring Paul Tagliabue on August 8, 2006. He was chosen over four finalists for the position, winning a close vote on the fifth ballot before being unanimously approved by acclamation of the owners.

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OJ Simpson- still not supsended by Roger Goodell
Tom Holland as Tom Brady in the draft stage. Jeff Goldblum as Roger Goodell and Norm McDonald as Robert Kraft...
Deflategate won't be over until Roger Goodell, Mike Kensil, Jeff Pash, Ted Wells, Greg Aiello and the NFL execs pay a personal price.
Wouldn't it be great if it was Colin Kaepernick who stole Tom Brady's Superbowl jersey? (Or, Roger Goodell?)
Tom Brady jersey found in Roger Goodell's car-deflated and vacuum packed, along with Goodell's ego-he got owned by the…
The Definitive List of Best Boos, now updated with Roger Goodell's Super Bowl Boo
Roger Goodell deserves a little public humiliation, and Tom Brady is just the man to deliver it.
QB Tom Brady is the Super Bowl LI MVP... and he'll be at the press conference with Commissioner Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell hand over that trophy!.
Breaking: Roger Goodell has fled NGR Stadium as Tom Brady is storming down the field in the final minutes of
Roger Goodell was showered with loud boos by fans while giving the Patriots the Lombardi Trophy.
More awkward moment: Hillary watching Trump swearing in or Roger Goodell congratulating Tom Brady on win?
Roger Goodell after passing the trophy to Robert Kraft.
Live look at Tom Brady at the podium with Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell after getting barraged with boos.
Literally nothing but boos for Roger Goodell. Pats fans have been waiting for that moment.
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takes subtle shot at Deflategate after win
Roger Goodell watching the Patriots win the Super Bowl...
BREAKING: Roger Goodell has taken his seat at Super Bowl LI
America -Roger Goodell drowned out by boos from fans
Tom Brady was pumped after the game. Roger Goodell seemed deflated.
CC . Tom Brady: Can't wait to see the look on Roger Goodell's face when he hands me the trophy. Roger Goodell: h…
Roger Goodell has fined the city of Houston $25,000 for booing during the post game ceremony
Whatever dread Atlanta fans are feeling right now, remember that Roger Goodell is feeling it x 10.
Roger Goodell watching the end of the like
New England hates Roger Goodell more than Michael Scott hates Toby Flenderson.
Roger Goodell earned more in his first 10 years as commissioner ($212M) than Tom Brady earned in salary in his entire car…
"I didn't notice the fans booing me last night" - Roger Goodell tomorrow
The boo for Roger Goodell even made Gary Bettman be like, "Wow, that was rough."
There's nothing more I want to see tonight than Roger Goodell squirm as he hands a 5th Lombardi Trophy to Brady and th…
Tom Brady did a commercial with 5 rings before the Super Bowl and threw shade at Roger Goodell
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The transition from a very happy crowd that saw Tom Brady to a very angry crowd that saw Roger Goodell.
Roger Goodell after handing off trophy
Just remember, nothing that happens to you this week will be as awkward as Roger Goodell handing Tom Brady the Super Bowl tro…
but can he save the League from the evil supreme Commissioner Roger Goodell
Oh my goodness. Brady pre-taped the Shields MRI commercial ... with a 5th ring and a shot at Roger Goodell.
Roger Goodell getting booed was the best part of the game.
The Patriots may have won today, but the most important thing is that Roger Goodell lost.
Brady shoots daggers at Roger Goodell after Patriots' Super Bowl win
Roger Goodell getting booed while presenting the trophy for the greatest Super Bowl of all-time is the best thing since sl…
The Tom Brady-Roger Goodell press conference will take place at 9:30 am eastern tomorrow morning. Popcorn: Ready
Roger Goodell gets booed mercilessly by Super Bowl crowd before Robert Kraft burns him https:/…
Robert Kraft and crowd mercilessly stick it to Roger Goodell via
Robert Kraft took a SAVAGE shot at Roger Goodell in his postgame speech...LOL 😂
The moments you've been waiting for: Tom Brady, Robert Kraft shake hands with Roger Goodell.
Robert Kraft spears Roger Goodell in victory speech
Roger Goodell getting booed and hating life.
The only person more disappointed than Dan Quinn and the Falcons has to be Roger Goodell. On a side note, that football trophy looks flat.
"I loathe you, Robert Kraft." -- Roger Goodell, if he talked like Newman from "Seinfeld"
Fox Sports, i'm going to need a camera on Roger Goodell immediately. Thanks.
Jessie Owens took 4 golds from Hitler. Brady takes his 5th Lombardi from Roger Goodell. Justice served.
Roger Goodell just took a shot of Everclear.
Roger Goodell is gonna cut his wrists tonight.
Roger Goodell is freaking out right now...
Pats fans already blaming that touchdown on Roger Goodell
Robert Kraft will invite Roger Goodell to New England if Patriots win ❤👍
"He makes $40 million. He's doing something right." Keyshawn Johnson talks to us about Roger Goodell. 5pm
Martellus Bennett talks out about Roger Goodell .See what he said below! .
officials w/ Commissioner Roger Goodell break ground on new field at Pro-Vision school in Sunny Side
"The commissioner is a dope": Donald Trump skewered Roger Goodell in 2015
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks with the media during a press conference at the George R.…
Little Giant Ladders
Roger Goodell said he'd return to Foxborough if invited. Well, Mr. Commissioner, consider the invitation sent.…
Kraft: Patriots fans would welcome Roger Goodell - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he's not avoiding New En...
Trump called Roger Goodell 'a dope' and tried to get Tom Brady to sue NFL for $500 million htt…
NFL could be coming back to San Diego sooner than later: National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell said…
Roger Goodell dodges on Raiders, parries on Patriots
Let's all take a moment to remember when sportswriter Peter King compared Goodell to Lincoln (no, he really did).
Sport> Relocation of Chargers also part of Roger Goodell's Super ->
Super Bowl can't truly unite nation, but it can offer a welcome distraction
CSNNE: Trump slammed Goodell back in 2015: 'He's a stupid guy' -
Robert Kraft invites Roger Goodell to season opener if Patriots win:
Roger Goodell says NFL remains "very committed" to Thursday Night Football. Despite player complaints, no end to it in si…
Martellus Bennett: "I don't think anyone really likes the commissioner."
Roger Goodell hasn't be to a Patriots game since 2014, but next season seems like an opportune time. DeflateGate is long over.
Here's what President reportedly called Roger Goodell in fall of 2015 -
I'm guessing Roger Goodell is now VERY familiar w/ Barstool Sports.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Roger Goodell doesn't care if you hate him via
Watching the Roger Goodell press conference like
** Roger Goodell: No path to NFL ownership or NFL stadium for casinos -
** Patriots and Raiders are the main topics at Commissioner Roger Goodell's annual Super Bowl ... -
I wonder if Roger Goodell will still pretend like he doesn't know what Barstool Sports is
.Commissioner Roger Goodell says he hasn't really thought about a "two pump limit." ... I bet he does now, though CC:
Roger Goodell dishes on Oakland Raiders' situation in press conference
Reporter asked Roger Goodell if there should be a 2 pump limit on TD celebrations. 😂😂😂
A whole lot of cameras and cell phones at Roger Goodell's press conference this afternoon.
Got Robert Kraft on the phone from Patriots practice. On if he will ever invite Roger Goodell back to Gillette Stadium: https…
Roger Goodell is AGGRESSIVELY researching the NFL's tampering laws to try and get back at you guys now.
Goodell says NFL 'moving on' from Deflategate drama - HOUSTON (Reuters) - Roger Goodell is happy to let Deflate...
Golic's dramatic read of Tom Brady Sr's comments on Roger Goodell is GOLD!!
After Ray Rice, Roger Goodell drew a line in the sand on domestic violence. reports what happened next: http…
Roger Goodell says he's not aware of the league's decision to ban Barstool Sports from Super Bowl week activities http…
The NFL more than any other sport needs a commissioner that is a former player and understands the grind. Roger Goodell is toxic for the NFL
Donald Trump and I agree on something: Roger Goodell is a moron. Excuse me while I lather myself in Purell and self-immolate
.NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was at it again Wednesday
Only good thing to come of this is that Pat McAfee made Roger Goodell look like an ***
Big day for Being brought up at a Roger Goodell press conference & have a Pro Bowl punter retire at age…
Roger Goodell drops a hint in front of Patriots: "I have no doubt" Robert Kraft "would welcome me back"
Donald Trump to the on Roger Goodell: "The commissioner is a dope. He's a stupid guy."
Good for Yahoo's Dan Wetzel calling out Roger Goodell for his misleading statements on why the Chargers moved.…
The NFL pulled credentials for speaking the truth about corrupt ginger menace Roger Goodell.
Only way Roger Goodell will hand the trophy to Tom Brady is if Brady runs on stage in the middle of the
Tom Brady Sr. rips Roger Goodell apart and I love every second of it
Tom Brady Sr.: Roger Goodell isn't fit to hand the Vince Lombardi Trophy to my son
Here is the video or Tom Brady's Dad ripping apart Roger Goodell. .
Will Tom Brady shake Roger Goodell's hand if the Patriots win ? . You can bet on it (literally).
[Fox Sports] - Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft are all good | TMZ SPORTS
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Roger Goodell: Thursday games are actually better than Sunday games.
9 takeaways from Roger Goodell's wide-ranging interview on ABC this Wednesday
Anyone who talks about the awkwardness of Roger Goodell handing the Super Bowl Trophy to the Patriots has no memory of Super Bowl XV.
Roger Goodell, on says it wouldn't be awkward handing Tom Brady the Lombardi Trophy. "Would be an honor."
Roger Goodell raves about Tom Brady as if nothing happened - New York Post
Goodell: 'Would be an honor' to hand trophy to future Hall of Famer Tom Brady
Roger Goodell: 'It would be an honor' to give Super Bowl trophy to Tom Brady [ video]
Roger Goodell, Tom Brady is coming for you. He will deflate your vendetta and inflate the legacy you wrongfully tried…
BREAKING: Roger Goodell joins tomorrow at 12 pm ET to discuss the Patriots heading back to the Super Bowl
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will join me at the top of our show today.
Is there anyone whose opinion is less worthy of respect than Roger Goodell?
Will Terrific Tom Brady pull one of these if he wins the and gets the trophy from Roger Goodell?
We're back! Bill Simmons and I do an epic email exchange on saving the NFL. Also Roger Goodell's badass dad.
Roger Goodell on the Chargers’ move to Los Angeles, marijuana, Thursday Night Football and more
*** is one of the MANY 'reasons' why have to keep the thing...
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Roger Goodell honors the best in at "The Griddies," but not before Aaron Rodgers goes full Kanye https…
Hear what Roger Goodell had to say about the relocation. LISTEN -->
Roger Goodell has no hard feelings.
Roger Goodell explained why he wasn't at the Patriots game
Roger Goodell says ‘it would be an honor’ to hand the Super Bowl trophy to Tom Brady
: Goodell happy to give Brady trophy NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday he would not be uncom…
The Russians wanted the Patriots to win vs the Steelers. Make Football Great Again & fire Roger Goodell
I hope the Patriots win just to see Roger Goodell forced to hand over the Lombardi Trophy to Tom Brady. Deflate that, y…
Roger Goodell says everyone is wrong and 'Thursday Night Football ... - SB Nation
Roger Goodell says everyone is wrong and ‘Thursday Night Football’ is actually great -
Roger Goodell on his way to the Lombardi Trophy presentation when the Patriots win
Roger Goodell says that by almost all barometers people enjoy The Big Game even more than The Super Bowl
Glad we cleared the air :). Roger Goodell on handing Tom Brady the Lombardi Trophy: “It would be an honor.”
Roger Goodell doesn't give a *** about player safety. Only cares that NFL get paid millions to put terrible Thursd…
No compromises will be made for the Raiders. Well that's good, they don't need them for a new stadium in Oakland. https:/…
AUDIO: Mut, Bradford, & Tomase on Roger Goodell's avoidance of New England
Four weeks without Tom Brady: How the NFL spurred the Patriots to the Super Bowl
Roger Goodell: Relocation of teams 'painful processes' -
I can't wait to see Roger Goodell's fake smile as he has to hand over that Lombardi Trophy to Brady.
Roger Goodell on the possibility of handing the Lombardi Trophy to Tom Brady.
Roger Goodell to on if he'd be uncomfortable handing the Lombardi Trophy to Brady: "Not for a w…
Four Weeks Without Brady: How Roger Goodell spurred the Patriots to a Super Bowl, by https…
Roger Goodell says he'd be honored to give the Lombardi Trophy to Tim Brady
How nervous is Roger Goodell right now? Can't wait to see him hand Brady the Lombardi Trophy. again.
Robert Kraft: "For a number of reasons, you in the stadium know how big this win was." Subtle shot at Roger Goodell, of c…
Robert Kraft should take a shot at Roger Goodell when he takes the mic if the Patriots win the Super Bowl.
BREAKING: Roger Goodell is headed to New England to investigate rape allegations made by the Steelers against the Patr…
I wonder if Roger Goodell will use the airlines grounding as his excuse in two weeks??? https:/…
Martellus Bennett on Roger Goodell: "Where is he? He's like Waldo right now."
'He's like Waldo right now. Where is he? He doesn't want to be here right now.' - Bennett on Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell is about to hand this Lombardi to Brady, huh? Boston selling out Houston.
Can't wait to watch Roger Goodell hand over the Lombardi Trophy to Brady
Roger Goodell & Bill Cowher are in attendance at Arrowhead
Roger Goodell: And the 9th pick in the 2017 Nfl Draft for the Cincinnati Bengals... Mike Williams of Clemson.
I hope win it all and Connor Cook takes the trophy from Roger Goodell like this.
What did Steve Smith Sr. write in his retirement letter to Roger Goodell? - Chicago Tribune
Steve Smith Sr. sent a hilarious epic letter to Roger Goodell to announce his retirement.
[SB Nation: Baltimore Beatdown] Steve Smith Sr. submits official retirement to Roger Goodell, adds in one fi
Roger Goodell, "There are some real strengths to the Las Vegas market."
It's football. He made a tackle. Roger Goodell has ruined the sport.
but anytime or Sterling Sheppard get mauled by a talentless eagle Roger Goodell and the just turn their head.
Roger Goodell must take action against Richard Sherman for threatening a reporter by saying, I'll end your career. Sherman is gutless.
Bob Odenkirk needs to play Roger Goodell in a movie someday.
This was ruled a catch. If you listen closely you can hear Dez Bryant strangling Roger Goodell in the distance https:/…
Richard Sherman been coming at Roger Goodell since the Seattle won a Super Bowl. Even before that
If I was Roger Goodell and Pete Carroll I'd tell Richard Sherman to know his place and keep his mouth shut
Insert Richard Sherman spouting off about Roger Goodell's lack of concern for player safety...
If I was Richard Sherman I would be more upset with the person who dressed me like a giant highlighter than Roger Goodell
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell notes how important it is to give the LA market a good product. So maybe the...
It's funny how Roger Goodell does not penalize Patriots Alan Branch because Gronk is out for the Season he figures no future playoffs
Sources: OLB Aldon Smith is setting up a meeting with Roger Goodell or high-ranking official to state his case for r…
Dennis Miller, " Roger Goodell acts like he cares about football players health, but lets them play on Thur nights". 10…
Roger Goodell: Trump has made things hard for me at home.
VIDEO: Donald Trump says he'd fire Roger Goodell if elected president 😂
Throwback to Donald Trump saying he would fire Roger Goodell if elected President
Retired & former player rep on Roger Goodell & the shield.
Since everyone is sharing letters from Bill Belichick, here's one he recently sent to Roger Goodell...
just announced that Tom Brady supports him. Shortly thereafter, Roger Goodell suspended Brady another 4 games.
Cam Newton called for a sit down with Roger Goodell only to get his brains turned into banana pudding the following week.
Only people that watched Bill Simmons show on HBO were New Englanders who hate Roger Goodell & laugh at Bill Boston jokes wicked haaahd!..
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm sure John Skipper and Roger Goodell had something to do Bill Simmons' show being cancelled. Just ask Bill. He'll tell you all about it
Roger Goodell is the Coach Mitchell of the NFL
Roger Goodell: The Buccaneers select Shawn Oakman. Shawn Oakman: I'm going to the Seahawks. Goodell: yeah fam my bad ht…
[Yahoo Sports] - Calais Campbell fined big for hit on Cam Newton, who vents to Roger Goodell (Shutdown Corner)
'Enough is enough': Cam Newton plans to talk to Roger Goodell about hits
Cam Newton says he plans to take his grievance with no-calls on late hits to Roger Goodell:
I blame Roger Goodell for my 4 years of losing at Nichols. Another W for the boys today keep it rollin 🤘🏼
Who do you associate urself with more as commish? Bud Selig or Roger Goodell? tough "Q" but a great way to gauge ur character
Mark Emmert: "You should never think of me as Roger Goodell -- you should think of me as Ban Ki-Moon." 😂😂😂
Wow this Cobra is more patriotic than Colin Kaepernick. And Roger Goodell stands and does nothing. Pathetic.
Or is it really Roger Goodell's misunderstanding of those things?
the only person who has a misunderstanding of domestic violence is Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell has less of an understanding of "the public's" views than Donald Trump does.
Roger Goodell is the effing worst. Maybe he's the reason for low ratings.
. And now we see more evidence of the underlying horror show that is the led by Roger Goodell
Hamilton Collection
Roger Goodell is the warden from Shawshank
Steelers O-lineman Ramon Foster calling out Roger Goodell. . I like it.
Giants owner needs hefty fine and Roger Goodell should step down
Josh Brown is despicable. Roger Goodell and John Mara are criminal enablers.
Ramon Foster had some harsh words for Roger Goodell today on the matters of player discipline and player safety:
Steve Smith has added Josh Brown and Roger Goodell to his hit list
Roger Goodell talks about TV ratings, Las Vegas and other NFL issues
NFL: Roger Goodell says "a great deal of information" still needed before considering a Raiders' move to Las Vegas
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell here at the Gala.
Roger Goodell\'s impact and legacy after 10 years as commissioner
If only the had a commissioner like Adam Silver instead of Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell is the worst commissioner. he gotta go
once THREATENED Roger Goodell by saying he wanted to be commissioner of the NFL!
Called it as soon as it happen but is just as bad as Roger Goodell at being a commissioner.
ICYMI PART 1: How 10 years of Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner has transformed the league and shaped his legacy…
Roger Goodell looks like a busted Malfoy uncle that no one in the family wants to be seated next to at Christmas dinner?
and continue to cloud Roger Goodell's reign as NFL commissioner
Roger Goodell's impact and legacy after 10 years as commissioner
Jets Video: WR Brandon Marshall takes on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in an intense game of ping pong (ESPN)
"Thanks to Roger Goodell, Tom Brady is going to kill us all". -Unknown AFC coach https…
John Farrel is a joke. Guys second on the list of worst people ever behind Roger Goodell
Watching the blind side when Lindsey sees Roger Goodell and goes "is that George bush?"
If I was Tom Brady i'd text Roger Goodell a pic of my supermodel wife laying on a bed of deflated footballs wearing al…
Roger Goodell is becoming the crazy uncle of the National Football League. You're tired of visiting him because his house smells.
which is insane because back in the day Robert Craft and Roger Goodell blew each other.
can someone fire Roger Goodell? These celebration fines are getting ridiculous 😑
Somebody gotta beat Roger Goodell with a pillowcase full of soap bars.
Red Sox fans are gonna blame that strike on Roger Goodell.
Roger Goodell has announced Bill Belichick will coach the Browns next week as part of a new NFL "Make a Wish" partnership.
If Tom Brady is proven to be completely replaceable, does that mean Roger Goodell won?
Roger Goodell 'might choose to' meet with Josh Gordon about reinstatement
This is for the oppressed, one knee, dictatorship-savior vomit king o supporters and Roger Goodell.
.joins and for 3/4 of the AFC East before a bashing of Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell is the NFL's judge and jury, but the players are tired of his strict hand.
bunch of spoiled rotten millionaires who want 2 air their grievances in public. Roger Goodell says it's their right. It's a bunch of BS
Movie was horrendous. Much like Roger Goodell's dictatorship.
Goodell missed the point: protest is about unjustified killing of black/brown bodies by cops.
in Tom Brady case. Roger Goodell says your guilty until proven innocent. How can u suspend someone with no evidence.
How your tax dollars keep the and rich [VIDEO]
It seems like the "Roger Goodell once shoved me in a dispute" lede is buried in Mike Pereira's book.
Roger Goodell is more concerned about deflated footballs than addressing Colin Kaepernick via
I really hope the Seahawks do that on 9/11.. Then I hope they cry foul when Roger Goodell Suspends the Franchise and cancels their checks
Done with the NFL. Roger Goodell has destroyed the game.
Cue Roger Goodell paraphrasing Richard Nixon: "When the Commissioner does it, that means that it is not illegal"
Goodell missed the point: Kaepernick's argument isn't with the military
By winning Deflategate and punishing Tom Brady, Roger Goodell may actually be
So according to shoved a subordinate during an argument years back? That's something.
Goodell missed the point: 's argument is NOT about the military
Roger Goodell Vs. The Refs - I want to make a revelation that I truly believe—and have believed for a long time...
MT If Roger Goodell & the doesn't ban this POS the players should refuse to play,
.Um, Roger Goodell recent statement: "...we believe very strongly in patriotism in the
So many have wrongly taken Colin clear message as criticism of the military. Me for https…
Mike Pereira calling Roger Goodell a big dumb bully.
Uh.Did just say assaulted him at work in 2001?? c/o .
The time Roger Goodell shoved the NFL's head of officiating after "Bottlegate":
The NFL/Roger Goodell better stop this crap.
Roger Goodell is getting real, folks
Roger Goodell on Colin Kaepernick: "We believe very strongly in patriotism in the NFL"
Roger Goodell: "Colin Kaepernick is giving the NFL a bad rep"*sees Kaepernick jersey sales skyrocket* "he has the right to do what he wants"
10 years ago today, Roger Goodell took over as commissioner. from the Vault:
Roger goodell and his ideal touchdown celebration. Bring back the dances!
😳 James Harrison straight called Roger Goodell a "crook"...said he wants to be interviewed regarding PEDs on live tv...…
James Harrison doesn't hold back his feelings toward Roger Goodell, wants NFL investigation interview with media. https:/…
Inside the mind of roger goodell. .
Isn't that amazing? I think the league will be better.far better when Roger Goodell is gone. Anot…
James Harrison says, "If it's in the hands of that crook, I mean Roger Goodell..." So, um, no, his opinion of NFL commish…
(ESPN) Harrison: Apathetic if 'crook' Goodell key in probe
New Harrison: Apathetic if 'crook' Goodell key in probe
Harrison: Apathetic if 'crook' Goodell key in probe on
News: Harrison: Apathetic if 'crook' Goodell key in probe
If I'm elected president, every NFL fan will be given the right to kick Roger Goodell in the balls once. Twice if you a…
Roger Goodell might be picking a fight with the wrong dude.
Harrison: Apathetic if 'crook' Goodell key in probe
(Harrison: Apathetic if 'crook' Goodell key in probe: Harrison: Apathetic if '... (
Probably for a blood sacrifice with a voodoo doll of Roger Goodell in his other hand.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
ESPN's Bob Ley just referred to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as RG1.
"Ok we got Brady on the agenda is James Harrison." - Roger Goodell during his latest NFL meeting.
Brady rule nonsense aside, I'd like to see James Harrison tackle Roger Goodell. Just 'sayin.
Roger Goodell will hire Exponent to prove James Harrison killed JFK, too, just to make sure his arch-nemesis is suspended
BREAKING NEWS Roger Goodell has announced that Tom Brady is to blame for the HOF fiasco. Suspension extended to 8 games.
BREAKING: Roger Goodell has fined James Harrison $500k for the Hall of Fame Game field surface.
REPORT: Roger Goodell is investigating Tom Brady for turning 39 today
Roger Goodell sporting his NFC North Champions hat as team celebrates ground breaking.
Paul Manafort is a grad of Georgetown Law School, and that was a very legalist response. Roger Goodell would be proud.
The Browns are not trading Josh Gordon. They are now, as agreed to by Roger Goodell, his agent and the NFLPA, his support str…
Roger Goodell, JJ Watt, and Eli Manning in no specific order
Roger Goodell met with WR Josh Gordon yesterday regarding his return to football. Josh can reapply on August 1st 😁 https…
Via why Deflategate hurts NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell more than Tom Brady.
Mark Wahlberg said Roger Goodell tried to prevent him from making the HBO show Ballers. Tom Brady needs to make a cameo ju…
Hey when are you coming out with that line of Roger Goodell urinal target stickers? Sell like hot cakes in NE.
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takes a dig at Roger Goodell during ESPYs
Interviews from Roger Goodell and Arthur Blank would've made The Michael Vick documentary that more intriguing
Roger Goodell: "Johnny you've been suspended for 4 games". Manziel: ...
4some: Tom Brady, Roger Goodell and James Harrison. Holy crap would that be awkward.
NFL: James Harrison says he'll meet with league about PED report, but only on his terms and Roger Goodell has to attendvia App
James Harrison wants Roger Goodell present for PED investigation
James Harrison says Roger Goodell must come to his house if NFL wants to discuss PED report:
Got to meet the big boss Roger Goodell at the Commissioner's Awards today. Anthony Anderson did a great job hosting htt…
Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL introduces Renie Anderson, SVP Sponsorship & Partnership Management
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