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Roger Federer

Roger Federer (born 8 August 1981) is a Swiss professional tennis player who held the ATP No.

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Hey Polansky, you beat Pospisil tonight...Congrats! Now you get Roger Federer in round dos
Peter Polansky comes back from a break down in 1st set to d. Vasek Pospisil 7-5, 6-2, setting a meeting with Roger Federer on Wednesday.
I liked a video Roger Federer - Top 10 Casually walking away from dropshots (HD)
Polansky beats Pospisil in straight sets. Up next.oh just Roger Federer.
His reward? A match with Roger Federer on Wednesday. Federer's first as a 36-year-old.
His reward is a 2nd round date with one Roger Federer.
Roger Federer will start his Rogers Cup campaing vs Peter Polansky, Wednesday, 2nd match on CC.
Bolt, Phelps, Federer, Maradona, Ali benchmarks for everyone: Sourav Ganguly to India Today via
Birthday wishes to the Emperor of tennis court the one & only . Roger Federer .
To the greatest player to ever grace a tennis court , Happy birthday to the Swiss Maestro Roger Federer _/\_...
Winning never grows old! Happy birthday to the greatest player to grace the sport of tennis, . READ:…
Saint Bernard and Roger 👏🏻👏🏻 although the barrel with schnaps is missing 🇨🇭
Today in 1981, 36 yrs ago, he was born. Won most GS (19) than any male. in ATP rankings for a record total of 30…
Roger Federer is the greatest ever in his sport. I'm in awe of his talent & thankful I've been able to watch his career!
We asked Roger Federer to talk about his memories of Montreal and the Here's what he had to say:
2003 🏆. 2004 🏆. 2005 🏆. 2006 🏆. 2007 🏆. 2009 🏆. 2012 🏆. 2017 🏆. Roger Federer is champion for the EIGHTH time.
Roger Federer & Kane Williamson celebrate their birthdays today. Some level of classy coincidence
To the African-American man wearing Gucci sunglasses (on a plane), a Roger Federer hat, and a Bluetooth ear piece:. Who/what are you?
Happy birthday 19 time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer..Wish you all good luck this season..
Shame we're not the Roger Federer of football.
I just played as Novak Djokovic against Roger Federer in the Daily Challenge
Happy birthday to one of the inspiring sportsmen. Roger Federer😍😍 Hope we could see 20 as reality this year
Geelong is the Roger Federer of challenging.
Roger Federer with dogs is the definition of cuteness 🐶❤
And the winner of the Pospisil/Polansky tilt has the wonderful fortune of facing some guy named Roger Federer in round 2 😂
Cristiano Ronaldo . Roger Federer . Usain Bolt . Floyd Mayweather . I just love them. Proper legends. Forever in my heart.
Roger Federer. Greg Norman. Eddie Betts. Michael van Gerwen. Paul Molitor. Was just off the top of my head though as pe…
Daniel/Henrik Sedin👀. Cristiano Ronaldo. Ichiro. Roger Federer. Shareef Abdul-Rahim😫. SAR was my GOD when I was like 10…
WHO is the Greatest Sportsperson of all time? ... Biggles says Roger Federer, KG reckons Sir Donald Bradman - Who's yo…
July 26, 2016: Roger Federer announces he is out for rest of season. July 26, 2017: Novak Djokovic announces he is out for…
Roger Federer of Switzerland in action against Alexandr...
Roger in the SF losing the ball while bouncing it, grumbling, picking it up and serving an ace is so peak Federer I can'…
Equivalent statement would be: Serena has 23 major titles. If she played on the men's tour, she'd have…
Grace and grit: Roger Federer's latest Wimbledon title built on work away from the spotlight (by
Jason *** Rest like Federer. The secret to workplace success appears to be smartly executed time off via
One of my non-tennis fan colleagues heard about Roger's Cup and asked me if Federer is playing.
Roger Federer looks forward to the -- and says victory in New York would be a 'joke'
Early in my career, I struggled with consistency, but I couldn't get more consistent than this year. Roger Federer
Roger Federer explains how Andy Murray gained his respect during Wimbledon - Metro
Roger Federer vows to attack in final against big hitter Marin Cilic | Kevin Mitchell… ➜…
Roger Federer defeats Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open Final to win his 18th Grand Slam title.
On grit: Roger Federer: Wimbledon title built on grace and grit |
more great champions that Roger Federer "the great champion " is greater then, Alen Francis @ Horseshoes . Walter ray Willi…
Like asking if Serena Williams can beat Roger Federer
Evert: Roger Federer and Serena Williams are the greatest players of all time.
Evert: I think everyone should be watching Roger Federer. Federer and Serena Williams are definitely the best of all-time.
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Grace and grit were on display in Roger Federer's latest Wimbledon title (by
Based Mom, good morning. So in a match versus Roger Federer and Serena Williams, who will you put your dollar to? :D
I feel so privileged to have been able to watch both Serena Williams and Roger Federer in their primes. Massive inspir…
Serena Williams tops Roger Federer on the Most Fashio... via
And Serena Williams is better than Roger Federer, right?
I seem to recall Roger Federer crying after losing to Nadal in the Australian Open Final. Even the best do it.
Cow love of the legend Roger Federer. So wonderful to see.
Roger Federer said he had a plan from an early age that involved hard work, dedication, and never having to play Serena Williams.
OUT OF THIS WORLD! No superlative can describe the magical winning machine that is champ Roger Federer:…
Should you dress twins in identical clothes?: Parents share their views after Roger Federer's tw..
Congratulations to ROGER FEDERER for your 8th WIMBLEDON win.U have now won the tournament more than any othe…
Roger Federer takes shot at next generation of tennis players
Roger Federer is part of British sporting history, a permanent exhibition we never wish to see close | ht…
Roger Federer triumphed at Wimbledon today. What he has done in the past six months is amazing by any measure.
I can play till 40, Federer warns rivals. Buoyed by his record-setting eighth Wimbledon title, Roger Federer...
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Catch him if you can. . Roger Federer urges.younger generation to improve after Wimbledon triumph…
ICYMI: 14 years after his first, Roger Federer wins eighth title
You know Federer has been the best for a looong time when Cambiasso had hair whilst posing with Roger 😂😂
Roger Federer is more than just the greatest player. He's pretty much the greatest-ever athlete
'Give Your Best' says the Legend Roger Federer who's just won a record 8th Wimbledon title!! . Class Act this Guy 👏🏻
Not only did he put on a performance for the ages, he gave some brilliant advice. v…
Congratulations to Roger Federer for winning his 8th Wimbledon Title. Exclusive Federer introducing the Rolex Shanghai…
A third Grand Slam this year at the That would be a “joke,” says Roger Federer
Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal are battling for the No. 1 ranking and playing as if it were 2005
Rohit Brijnath on Roger Federer. Go on, make your day.
Roger Federer moves up after Record-Breaking 8th Wimbledon Title
Roger Federer now holds the record of most singles title with 8 victories, overtakes Pete Sampras and Williams R…
Some dog on 3AW just said Michael Jordan isn't even close to being the sportsmen Roger Federer is.
Spurs_headlines. GOAT? Roger Federer and the 15 other most cons - Telegraph
StokeCity_news. GOAT? Roger Federer and the 15 other most consistently succe - Telegraph
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"I get inspired in a big way by the likes of Usain Bolt and Michael Jordan.". champion Roger Federer ➡️
But shouldn't Jeff Gordon play Roger Federer's uncle, since the uncle is usually older than the nephew…
19 years after taking the junior title at Wimbledon, Roger Federer wins his 19th major championship.
A 17-year-old Roger Federer with pin-ups of Jordan, Shaq and Pamela Anderson in his bedroom in Basel.
After winning for an eighth time, we look back at Roger Federer's 19 Grand Slam victories
1st Brett Kenny 2nd Andrew Johns 3rd Ellery. Brett was the Roger Federer of RL.
What's it with old-timers and Venus, Roger Federer.& now Martina Hingis. Great to watch them perform.
Leo Messi, Roger Federer, Michael Jordan, Gerard pique, the best and athlete wizards of our time.
My top 5 greatest sportsmen of all time: . • Johan Cruyff. • Mohammed Ali. • Michael Jordan. • Roger Federer. • Michael Schumacher.
"Roger Federer as Religious Experience." David Foster Wallace's classic 2006 essay on the tennis great:
Roger Federer wins a Wimbledon. New Game of Thrones tonight. A female Doctor. What have we done to deserve this?!
Roger Federer just became the only man to win eight Wimbledon titles. . Another title is in order as well... 🐐
His 8th ace on championship point gave him his record setting 8th Wimbledon crown .. amazing Roger Federer.
Has anyone ever seen Roger Federer and Quentin Tarantino in the same place at the same time?
Roger Federer is overcome with emotion after winning a record 8th Wimbledon title. 🐐
Justin Theroux will be playing Roger Federer when the movie "The Domination of Roger Federer" is released
Roger Federer is great in the way that Mohammed Ali is great. Undisputed. Unmatched. Universally respected and admired.
Roger Federer, 35, takes the Wimbledon championship with a straight sets victory over Marin Cilic
Congratulations to Roger Federer on his record 8th Wimbledon title. He did it without dropping a single set. Greatest of al…
Roger Federer is the greatest of all time 🐐🎾
Roger Federer will today attempt to claim a record-breaking 8th Wimbledon crown. Can Marin Cilic upset him? Bet -…
Venus Williams: age 37. Roger Federer: age 35. And both have reached the final. Now that is inspiring 🙌
First set tie-break between Roger Federer and Tomas Berdych!. Follow it here. Now!.
Tomas Berdych has broken Roger Federer and we're even at 4-4 in the first set!. Game on... . 📺 📱
Roger Federer v Tomas Berdych LIVE: Wimbledon score and updates from Centre Court
Tomas Berdych and Roger Federer enter Centre Court with their head-to-head tied at 1-1... Listen LIVE:
Sam Querrey and Marin Cilic will soon battle it out for the right to lose to Roger Federer in the final.
Looks like old war horses Venus Williams and Roger Federer will be the Queen and King of Wimbledon this season.
Ageing like fine wine. Roger Federer is on the hunt for his eight title. First he must overcome Tomáš Be…
Williams win in straight sets in Australia
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Roger Federer is into the semifinals without dropping a set. He beats 2016 finalist Milos Raonic 64, 62, 76(4) to advance.
07-14 Roger Federer-Novak Djokovic Australian Open semifinal important to both players as they try to cement place…
Before Roger Federer retooled his backhand to counter Rafael Nadal's ferocious topspin, he lost 23 of 34 meetings https:/…
45 days ago, was 29 yrs old. Venus is 37 & into the Finals. Roger Federer is 35 (36 in AUG) Retire? Hardly! 🎾
Roger Federer taking on Tomas Berdych in the semi-finals has got us reminiscing...😉. https…
The language finds its beauty in poetry; Tennis in Roger Federer... 🎨
Roger Federer two steps away from record title. Read:
07-14 Milos Raonic knocks off Roger Federer to win Brisbane title
07-14 How much longer will we see Federer, Serena and today's aging stars?
07-14 Australian Open 2015: Novak Djokovic concerned over Roger Federer's hiring of
By the Numbers: Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic's semifinal matchup
Andy Murray takes time out for birth of his baby with Roger Federer in pursuit
Much like Rod Laver arena Center Court should be named Roger Federer arena promptly after his retiring.
Minerva McGonagall and Gandalf the Grey taking a dueling class from Roger Federer 💕 Centre Court is all about the magic righ…
Roger Federer makes a winning return at Monte Carlo while Andy Murray won at
Roger Federer advances to his 12th Wimbledon semifinal, the most by a man in the Open Era (1968).
I hope my midlife crisis is as amazing as Roger Federer's.
Wimbledon 2017: Is this one of Roger Federer's best ever shots
35-year-old Roger Federer is the oldest man to reach the semifinals at Wimbledon since 1974 (Ken Rosewall, 39 years old)…
Roger Federer has won his 300th Grand Slam singles match, moving into the fourth round at Melbourne Park with a 6-4…
Whoa. Roger Federer the clear-cut favorite on the men's side if he can beat Milos Raonic.
In the battle of the headbands, Roger Federer's gone two sets up. A long way back for Milos Raonic from there... https:…
Wimbledon quarterfinals Roger Federer v Milos Raonic; Andy Murray loses to Sam Querrey; Novak Djokovic still to play https…
Sizzling WAG raises Wimbledon heat as Milos Raonic takes on Roger Federer
Roger Federer trying to avoid any late turbulence against Milos Raonic, but the Canadian has a second break point for 5-3 i…
07-12 Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are ready for the Australian
Stamina? Roger Federer has by far the worst record of the "big four", winning only seven of his 12 long matches.
Manic Monday returns with Andy Murray, Johanna Konta and Roger Federer all in action - SkySports
Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic wonder if Wimbledon courts can improve:
Roger Federer postpones comeback from knee surgery until April
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Roger Federer and Mischa Zverev put on quite the show recently in Halle 💥. Today at they meet again...
Last match of the day on Centre: 3rd mtg of the year between Roger Federer & Mischa Zverev (Wimbledon R3).
This is what Roger Federer is up against today in Mischa Zverev. Watch on & online:
"Any time you idolize a player, it's tough to beat him" - Brad Gilbert on ESPN on Mischa Zverev playing Roger Federer toda…
Job done for Roger Federer. He's beaten Mischa Zverev and is safely through to the second week.
Roger Federer breezes past Mischa Zverev in straight sets
Roger Federer & Mischa Zverev have arrived on Centre Court…. LISTEN: UPDATES:
Roger Federer finds stubborn Mischa Zverev not to be sneezed at
There's only 1 Roger Federer as you were LG x
"Today is 5 years to the day when Roger Federer last won at Wimbledon" Tom Rinaldi on ESPN, reading right from "This Day In Tennis History"
Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic advance at Wimbledon with straight-set wins
Roger Federer expresses concern about the state of Wimbledon's courts after day of several players slip
Roger Federer is nowhere near Novak Djokovic right now, blasts Bernard Tomic as Australian hits back at criticism……
Sixteen years, 85 singles match wins. A new record for Roger Federer at
On this day - July 4 in 2012 - William and Kate at Wimbledon to watch Roger Federer play against Mikhail Youzhny.
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Day3…. performing under pressure? Roger Federer leads for the men winning 72.31 percent on a tie break…
10,000 Aces 👏. 85 wins 👏. It's been a good day for Roger Federer. ➡ http…
Can you imagine a day at without Roger Federer - he can't.
A refreshed Roger Federer sets his sights on an 8th title. Day 2 Preview:
Wimbledon 2017: Roger Federer beats Alexandr Dolgopolov and makes it to round two.
Nick Kyrgios has been called the most talented player since Roger Federer. But does he even want to win?
Roger Federer is back for his 19th consecutive to take on Alexandr Dolgopolov. Listen: h…
Roger Federer joins some fellow greats of the game in match wins at The Championships...
Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic believe Wimbledon should consider rule changes. More:
[ Record ]16 years after his first victory here, Roger Federer registers his 85th men's singles win - the most in Wimbledo…
Roger Federer storms past David Goffin into last 16
Roger Federer served his 10,000th ace en route to a record at .
Novak Djokovic eases into second round at Wimbledon as Martin Klizan retires via
Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic barely had to break sweat as both their first-round opponents were forced to retire hurt…
WIMBLEDON OUTRIGHT . Get 40/1 Roger Federer . to win Wimbledon . max sta more info.. -
Roger Federer hasn't always been a Grand Slam champ; in his early days, he sometimes wanted to walk away from tennis
Roger federer is a legend, 10,000 career aces, 18 Grand Slam titles. So much respect for that man.
Welcome to the 10,000 ace club. Roger Federer is just the 3rd player to record 10,000 aces.
Claim 40/1 Roger Federer to win Wimbledon at Paddy Power! Hurry up!. ↪️ 🎾
Roger Federer calls for rule change after Wimbledon retirements leave fans frustrated.
I'm backing 2017! Fancy winning a racquet used by Roger Federer? Vote below now to enter!.
PADDYPOWER-40/1 Roger Federer to win Wimbledon,new customers winnings are credited in free bets + T&C's apply…
Roger Federer calls for rule change after day two of sees seven players retire injured |
More records stack up for Roger Federer, but one Wimbledon record was rather less welcome via
Federer lists the qualities that define an elite sportsperson. It's no coincidence he could be talking about himself https:/…
John McEnroe is not pleased that Alexandr Dolgopolov withdrew due to injury against Roger Federer 😮
Roger Federer has broken Jimmy Connors' record with his 85th match win.
Kate Middleton reveals her mum has a crush on Roger Federer in tell-all tennis documentary.
Novak Djokovic vs. Roger Federer in the 2015 final on
I'll agree with this piece simply because has said it as stylishly as his subject.
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"And then, presto, there he was, Roger Federer". Welcome to . Read more from
Roger Federer searches for his eighth Wimbledon title, but has to defy history says
[ATP] What will it take to beat Roger Federer at Wimbledon?
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"✨ FLASH POLL ✨. Who's your pick for 2017 Wimbledon champion?". ROGER FEDERER !
Win a Roger Federer Wilson RF97 with (Enter the giveaway at
Roger Federer to play his 70th Grand Slam event at this year's tying Fabrice Santoro's record for most Grand…
Why we search for meaning in Roger Federer (via
Roger Federer kicks off his bid for an eighth singles title against Alexandr Dolgopolov...
Why Roger Federer's mental and physical effort to revitalise his career makes him tennis' ultimate superman .
Is an 8th Wimbledon in the cards for Roger Federer? . The fortnight begins on Monday July 3 on ESPN.
Coz tennis is still lobe! Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal: The five ages of tennis's greatest rivalry
When taking about/to Roger, i rarely address him as Federer, i dont know why but Roger/Rogi/Rogerer always seems more in…
Roger will face Dolgopolov in 1st Round! Not an easy one
40/1 - Roger Federer to win Wimbledon. Paddy Power new customer offer (T&Cs apply, winnings in free bets). £1 max.…
Can Roger really win his 8th Wimbledon crown this year?. Follow his quest for more Wimbledon glory here >
Read why Roger Federer and Karolina Pliskova are the ones to beat at Wimbledon: .
"Roger Federer is the man to beat at Wimbledon.". Read more from on .
The last time John McEnroe made me cringe this much was when he asked Roger Federer for a hug after losing Wimbledo…
June 25th 2017 and we just had masterclasses from Valentino Rossi & Roger Federer. Gotta love sports.
RF:"It's very funny, I enter my name in the Navi/GPS and it guides me to Roger-Federer Allee" via
Congratulations to Roger Federer on winning his ninth title...🎾🏆
LIVE BLOG! Roger Federer is in action against Alexander Zverev aiming for a ninth Gerry Weber Open title in Halle: htt…
Alexander Zverev: . "Congratulation, Roger. Your tennis is insane. We will never see something like this again."
The Comeback...Adults: Petra Kvitova wins in Birmingham, Roger Federer in Halle. Two former Wimbledon champs looking to do…
Don Bradman at the crease. . LeBron James on the court. Usain Bolt on the track. . Michael Phelps in water. Roger Federer o…
Roger Federer has warmed up for Wimbledon in style. He's claimed a record ninth title at the Gerry Weber Open.
"It's remarkable". Miles Maclagan says Roger Federer's form at the age of 35 has "moved the goalposts". 📻
Whenever someone asks me what is happiness, I show them a Roger Federer picture. ❤
Roger's press conference in GERMAN (full text)
Roger Federer won his 92nd career title & 9th at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle
Roger Federer: "I'll take a couple of days off, than back to trainings to adapt to the conditions at Wimbledon." 🏆👏
Roger Federer is so good at tennis we should just clone him and have Federer vs Federer tournaments. The other top10players can be ball-boys
Roger Federer warms up for Wimbledon by beating Alexander Zverev ... - - -…
Roger Federer warms up for Wimbledon bid with emphatic victory at Gerry Weber Open in Halle
Find someone who looks at you the way Roger Federer looks at Gerry Berry. (📷(c) Gerry Weber Open)
35-year-old Roger Federer wins in Halle. . 35-year-old Feliciano López wins at Queens. He saved 1 MP in QF and 1 MP in fi…
Opponents will be worried that this is the form Roger Federer is carrying to He's looking unbeatable
9th title! 🏆 Roger crushes Alexander Zverev 6-1 6-3 in 53 minutes to claim a new crown in
As I was looking at Roger's stats I found this; since 2005, Federer has been eliminated in a Slam before the QF 4 times, one for each slam!
Roger Federer vs Alexander Zverev live stream: How to watch Halle Open Final online
The is Roger Federer's 100th title win. He has 92 singles titles & 8 doubles titles. He is the 10th to win 100…
This is how Roger Federer moved into his 140th career final, and 11th in Halle. Mind-boggling 👏😍.
🏆 Australian Open. 🏆 Indian Wells. 🏆 Miami. 🏆 Halle. In 2017, Roger Federer either loses early at an event or wins the whole…
Roger Federer storms into 2017 Wimbledon with easy victory in Halle
won in Halle without dropping a single set all week.
ROGER FEDERER. CHAMPION AGAIN. Grand Slam No. 18. What a match it wa…
The GOAT?. Roger Federer has won his 92nd career title... from 140 finals. More:
Shop Roger winning collection for Halle this week at 25% off! LINK: htt…
Roger Federer won his 1st match at on this day in 2001, but how well does he know his own career at The All Engla…
Smooth as silk from Federer. Another Halle title. Roger & Rafa taking turns to dominate in 2017. awaits in 8…
Roger Federer and Lewis Hamilton... Please be nice today.. I expect a win
Roger Federer is looking more and more like Wimbledon favorite.
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga still expects Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal or Andy Murray to win Wimbledon - Metro
Roger Federer looking more and more like Wimbledon favorite - SB Nation
📺 Sporting Rivalries on Sky Sports 2 HD next: Here the focus is on tennis greats Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.
Andy Murray hits back at John McEnroe: I've been better than Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in last…
[The Wall Street Journal]After more than two months off, Roger Federer returned to tennis Wedn…
Rafael Nadal speaks about matching Roger Federer in Grand Slam wins | GiveMeSport
Ahem ahem! Don't @ me!. 'Tennis debate: Is Rafael Nadal not Roger Federer the greatest ever?' | via
Tennis Debate: Readers' views on whether Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer is the greatest
After loss to Haas, Roger Federer is 19-2 in 2017. In both losses, he:. --had a match point. --won more points. --won higher %…
Wimbledon preparations got a massive jolt in Stuttgart!.
Roger Federer comeback halted by Tommy Haas in Stuttgart
Roger Federer just made my day. I love to see u win always
- Roger Federer beaten by world No 302 Tommy Haas, Federer had skipped the French Open in order to be fit ...
It's back to courts time for Roger who is facing Tommy Haas in 2nd round! 🙌 (Vidéo https…
Roger Federer isn't panicked after his early exit at the Read:
What happened Roger? has lost vs Tommy for his comeback on courts 2-6 7-6 6-4 in Stuttgart
After , can we have a Roger Federer V Lionel Messi tennis match to see who wins?! Makes about as much sense.
2016: "Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal need to retire from tennis, they're too old and they're injured". 2017:
Tennis: Roger Federer loses in return from 2-month break, falling to Tommy Haas in 2nd round at Stuttgart Open
Tommy Haas left 'speechless' after upsetting Roger Federer on grass |
I just played as Roger Federer against Maria Sharapova in the Daily Challenge…
Federer 'not shocked' by Haas loss via
That wasn't in the script - Roger loses comeback match in Stuttgart to No. 302 Tommy >>
Stuttgart Open: Roger Federer loses to Tommy Haas, 39, on grass
Roger «I could hear Tommy's daughter cheering him on, that was sweet. Sometimes I just imagined as if it was one o…
Roger Federer - "Now and Forever I am Your King" 👑🎾🌱. Can't wait to see you gracing the court again! Roger! 🤴🏼
Roger Federer gets a rude welcome in return from break
I liked a video Roger Federer and Bill Gates - Match for Africa FULL
Highlights: Roger Federer and Bill Gates play tennis together in Seattle, share a passion for philanthropy
If not for Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer might have multiple Roland-Garros titles. A look at their rivalry →
Since 2005, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic & Stanislas Wawrinka have one title each at The rest belong to Rafael Nadal
🎥 Holding Serve with Roger Federer 🎥. Watch Mary Carillo's full interview with the 18-time Grand Slam champion:
Pat Cash talking to Catherine Whitaker says Andy can give Roger Federer (with a new backhand) a run for his money at Wimbledon.
Roger Federer in Stuttgart:. Sunday - training with Tommy Haas at 13.30. Monday - press conf. at 11.30. Wednesday - 1st match.
Hard to pick... I would say either Roger Federer, Michael Phelps, or Galen Rupp. Paolo Maldini would be pretty cool too.
Six years ago today, Roger Federer waves his finger after ending the 43-match win streak of Novak Djokovic in the French O…
"How do you make a Swiss roll? You push Roger Federer down a hill." . *polite chuckling*
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6 Players to Watch at the French Open: Without Roger Federer and Serena Williams
Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time 🇨🇭🎾. X7 Wimbledon . X5 Australian Open. X5 US Open. X1 French O…
Roger Federer credits new perspective for secret to recent success
Guests to have arrived for include Roger Federer and wife Mirka
Roger Federer and wife, Mirka, avoid shouts to "look this way" as they arrive at Pippa Middleton's wedding
Tennis ace Roger Federer and his wife Mirka are also at the wedding
Roger Federer and his wife Mirka attend Pippa Middle... via
Who doesn't love a wedding? Pippa Middleton gets married, 2 future kings and Roger Federer among the guests.
Roger Federer and his wife Mirka attend Pippa Middleton’s wedding!
SOMETHING SPORTY. IN PICTURES: and Mirka steal the show at Pippa's wedding...
.plays ping pong, £40K caviar + best man speech: All details reception
Their glittering guest list featured the great and good of the showbiz, media and royal circles…
Not allowed to take photos but Pippa's *** is the third best at this wedding. Roger Federer's no 1.
Federer steals the show at Pippa's wedding - Yahoo7 Sport
Was it the right decision for Roger to skip the Open? Why?
I know right? What has she accomplished to deserve having Roger Federer at her wedding?
Roger Federer has just arrived with his wife Mirka
Guests have arrived at Pippa Middleton's wedding to James Matthews- including Princes William and Harry and Roger Federe…
Behind the scenes look at Pippa's lavish bash: Roger Federer was reportedly among the hundreds of guests who……
Pippa and James aren’t here yet ... Ooh look, is that Roger Federer?
The guests arrive at the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, including Roger Federer and his wife Mirka
Roger Federer. Did you watch his new short movie with Bill Gates? Unreal acting.
Roger Federer smart to pull out of French Open, says Novak Djokovic - Oneindia
Roger Federer and his wife Mirka attend Pippa Middleton's wedding!
Let's face it: Roger Federer stole the spotlight at Pippa Middleton's wedding .
Roger Federer reptilian serpent Gucci to get ready for the Met Gala 2017 and Alessandro Michele ballsy snake-embellished tuxedo. .
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