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Roger Deakins

Roger Antony Deakins, ASC, BSC (born 24 May 1949) is an English cinematographer best known for his work on the films of the Coen Brothers and Sam Mendes.

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I want Roger Deakins to be the cinematographer of my life.
I really think it might get Ford his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and Roger Deakins his first for Cinematography.
Like the look of “Blade Runner 2049”? Check out these 9 other films from its renowned director of photography.
Not your average Joe // if Roger Deakins doesn't win an Oscar next year, the Academy should just do something else…
The cinematography is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s Roger Deakins at the pinnacle of his career. Here is one…
Roger Deakins has brought his unique vision as cinematographer to movies like Bladerunner 2049, Revolutionary Road,…
If doesn't win Roger Deakins an Oscar, nothing will. Here's our review.
I'm a huge fan of Dennis Villeneuve, Ridley Scott, and Roger Deakins
Look at the dashing young Roger Deakins behind Gary Oldman.
I just can't get over Roger Deakins' work on These 23 shots are going to amaze on the big screen:
Roger Deakins does it again! October 6 can't come soon enough after watching this trailer:
It is great that Roger Deakins seems to have approached the role of "Blade Runner 2049 cinematographer" as some kind of ultim…
There's a new Blade Runner trailer so get ready to be amazed by more Roger Deakins wizardry
FARGO was my gateway film into so many greats: Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare, William H. Macy, the Coen Bros, Roger Deakins and so on
Just hand Roger Deakins the Oscar now. The 10 most stunning shots from the trailer:
PRISONERS and Blade Runner 2049, both directed by Denis Villeneuve and both shot by Roger Deakins.
Little Giant Ladders
"Seeing the way things were lit, it was like music." Harrison Ford on Roger Deakins.
is proof Roger Deakins refuses to play it safe. Cinema is better when he takes risks:
Roger Deakins & Frank Darabont on the set of THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION (1994).
Ok, we need a movie about with directed by Martin Scorsese and filmed by Roger Deakins, if you know what I mean
Suicide Squad has won more than Shawshank, Vertigo, Roger Deakins and Ridley Scott combined! Let that sink in!
So overlooked if not straight up suppressed. Unavailable in the US. Some of Roger Deakins' & Thelma Schoonmaker & P…
After he's done with Denis Villeneuve will resurrect (can Roger Deakins come with him?):
2/2 ok movie (apart from it's magnificent photography kudos to Roger Deakins). I'm a big fan of Blade Runner so excuse my certain doubts.
Roger Deakins still doesn't have an Oscar. could very well change that:
The teaser belongs to Roger Deakins. Watch it now:
Roger Deakins is on fire. 🔥 🔥 🔥 See the teaser for Denis Villeneuve's
I'd done a big movie that I wasn't happy with, and I was moving out of...
Last year, I was bummed that a screening of The Force Awakens didn't work out, but luckily had an event with Roger Deakins to attend instead
Happy 62nd birthday to Joel Coen, seen here w/ Roger Deakins & Ethan Coen on the set of 'Fargo' (1996).
Roger Deakins was busy shooting and therefore unable to shoot this film with his usualy collaborators
How am I just now realizing that Denis Villenueve, Roger Deakins, and Jóhann Jóhannsson are all on next year's
Roger Deakins walks in the door and his wife turns off the TV real fast. Too late. The Gravity blu-ray case is next to her o…
Javier Bardem (as Raoul Silva) being filmed by cinematographer Roger Deakins in "Skyfall": submitted by...
film school summed up. . here's a helpful list to get you started: Emmanuel Lubezki, John Alcott, Roger Deakins, V…
Roger Deakins did such great work on that film 😍
As I have love in my heart for mankind, here are Roger Deakins cinema frames for THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES...
Blade Runner 2, directed by Villeneuve, with Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto and Roger Deakins is the DP. . G…
Happy 67th birthday to the great DP Roger Deakins, seen here working on some of the best films by the Coen Bros.
Huh. Roger Deakins shot Passion Fish. Had no idea. And when will John Sayles make another movie? Love his work.
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) Andrew Dominik. Cinematography by Roger Deakins
Awesome breakdown of Prisoners and cinematography from Roger Deakins via Matthew Scott Visuals
Sam Mendes and Roger Deakins on the set of Jarhead' (2005)
I am so excited for the Untitled Blade Runner project. Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins back again with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford 🤓🤓
Cool look at the shooting style of Roger Deakins with Joel & Ethan Coen: Shot | Reverse Shot via
but then I remember Roger Deakins and how there's no justice in this cold, harsh world
Man, what do Roger Deakins, Thomas Newman, and Diane Warren gotta do to win an Oscar? Thirty-four nods between them, zero awards.
And now the modernization of a Jon Stewart joke:. Sam Smith: 1. Paul Thomas Anderson & Roger Deakins : ZERO
Lubezki deserved it, but it's the 13th year Roger Deakins has been nominated for best cinematography and still no win.
Roger Deakins had a very good chance
Also why does Leo need an oscar? Roger Deakins doesn't have an Oscar and he is responsible for an insane amount of beautiful looking movies.
I love Casino Royale and Craig but I also really adore Skyfall. Roger Deakins can do no wrong.
10 films masterfully shot by Roger Deakins that you should watch!
Two. Roger Deakins and Leonardo DiCaprio if they finally win an Oscar.
You do Roger Deakins a disservice, sir.
I'd like my dreams a lot more if they looked like they were shot by Roger Deakins.
Carter Burwell and Roger Deakins won't win an Oscar in this lifetime.
Is this finally Roger Deakins' year or is there no way around the Revanant?
best cinematography will go to Roger Deakins for Sicario or whoever did the cin. on The Revenant
I was just informed that Roger Deakins makes $25,000 a week. I'll be lucky if I can make $1 a week in my career.
"Hail, Caesar!" is a major misfire by the Coens. Dull & unfunny, it depends on the cinematography skills of Roger Deakins to be watchable.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Robert Elswit for There Will Be Blood or Roger Deakins for The Assassination of Jesse James is a Sophie's Choice of the Oscars.
the cinematography is fantastic as well, which *** because I really want Roger Deakins to finally win.
Roger Deakins is a master cinematographer. Learn how to frame a medium shot the way he does.
Deakins/ Coens shot, reverse shot: . A quick vid on the Coens and Roger Deakins use of putting the camera...
Watch: Roger Deakins and Matthew Heineman talk shooting the drug war.
.is the just the subtle, divine comedy cinephiles will love, in no small part due to Roger Deakins' A++ cinematography.
I'll be so upset if Roger Deakins wins the Oscar for cinematography just because he's been nominated 13 times with no win. Not deserving
Check out this video essay on legendary DOP Roger Deakins.
Forget Leonardo DiCaprio, the real Oscar tragedy will be if Diane Warren loses out for the EIGHTH time (I've given up on poor Roger Deakins)
"When people ask me how to be a cinematographer, I say [documentary] is the best way you can" - Roger Deakins :
A new video from is always cause for celebration in my book.
Enough with all these cinematographers dying! Someone rush Roger Deakins for a health checkup. https:…
Roger Deakins helped form the visual language of many movies. Did you know Wall-E was one of them?
Interesting piece on the Coen Brothers. I think I could listen all day to Roger Deakins.
Imagine interviewing Roger Deakins and trying to work out what camera set up you're going to have 🎥
Oh boy, ourOSCAR PODCAST is up: Controversy. Predictions. And Roger Deakins probably losing again.
Or, rather, "will Roger Deakins finally get an Oscar for chrissakes?" :D
Why Roger Deakins needs the Oscar more than Leo-
For people whingeing about Leo's failed Oscars (0 in 6), Roger Deakins (nominated this year for Sicario in cinematography) is 0 in 13.
13th time lucky at for the brilliant & overdue for a win Roger Deakins? 10 Films Shot By Roger Deakins
Will this year finally see Roger Deakins win an Oscar?.
May have accidentally just bought Sicario...hope Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins don't disappoint?!
Akenfield, Rings of Saturn, the first three Tom Coxes, the other Roger Deakins, some Richard Mabey.
Has anyone ever seen *** Van *** and Roger Deakins in the same room at the same time?
Roger Deakins and Matthew Heineman On Depicting the Drug War in Film (via
Perhaps it's because Denis Villeneuve is at helm, with Roger Deakins as cinematographer, but I'm thoroughly excited:
A Blade Runner sequel filmed by Denis Villeneuve & Roger Deakins makes my heart flutter. Don't even care if the story is nonsense.
"Just the technical problems with film, I’m sorry, it’s over." - Roger Deakins, One of the best DPs on earth sees trust in 2days tech :)
Doubt, The Reader, The Secret Garden, Fargo, Sicario - all beautifully shot by Roger Deakins.
Roger Deakins is one of my favourite cinematographers.
uses thermal imaging camera on Pretty sweet.
"Roger could shoot a movie with a shoe and it would look great" - Denis Villeneuve on Deakins.
Well now. Looks like I'm going to be interviewing Roger Deakins early next week. That's pretty exciting.
Roger Deakins and Academy: Hi everyone,. does anybody have an idea why twelve-times-nominated Roger Deakins sti...
Roger Deakins trademarks in films: backlights / silhouettes (part ii)
Enormity of Skyfall aside, I really, really enjoyed SPECTRE. Mendes really missed Roger Deakins cinematograph...
Alicia Vikander and Brie Larson deserve all the awards. So does Roger Deakins
Roger Deakins trademarks in films: backlights / silhouettes (part i)
Great interview with DOP Roger Deakins about the of 'Sicario'. Check it out:
instead of actor's marks being in tape, I just spray the area with red hair dye, it's what roger deakins does I heard
You think DiCaprio has gotten the short end with the Oscars? Roger Deakins is the master of patience of those!
Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins behind the lens. I have faith..
How Roger Deakins Mastered Shooting in the Dark for 'Sicario' - Read more:
25 Pieces of Knowledge from legendart via
Roger Deakins doesn't care about the film versus digital debate:
"It's where you put the camera and what's in front of you that's important." Roger Deakins
Roger Deakins shooting the sequel to Blade Runner. There may be some hope after all. Just don't call it Blade Runner 2 - that sounds cheap.
Whenever I walk outside and the view is just beautiful, I look up to the sky & thank our good Lord Roger Deakins on the cinematography here
Roger Deakins doesn't care about the film vs. digital debate:
Roger Deakins, man. Dude is insane. But wait until The Revenant. Lubezki is KING! (In my opinion, obviously)
"If the Audience Doesn't Notice, You've Done Your Job" - Roger Deakins, Wise cinematography words from the best :)
Lots of things! Sometimes I wish I could incorporate everything I find inspiring. Look up Roger Deakins he is one
The best 1994 movie that stars Tim Robbins and was shot by Roger Deakins is The Hudsucker Proxy
I have some mixed feelings about the movie, but Roger Deakins footage of clouds might be worth the price of admission.
One of the most influential photographers is... a cinematographer. That is, Roger Deakins:
who do you think takes better *** pics (of himself), Roger Deakins or Christopher Doyle?
My conversation with Roger Deakins, in which we discussed his love for Enemy, Jean-Pierre Melville, and much more:
Emily Blunt. Benecio del Toro. Josh Brolin. John Krasinski. Roger Deakins - the biggest star of the bunch.
Josh Brolin was convinced do SICARIO partially by DP Roger Deakins, who sent him a long email.
Roger Deakins, Gordon Willis, Conrad Hall, Vitorro Storaro ,Janusz Kaminski Their contribution of to cinema in the last 50 years. BLIMEY!!!
'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford' (2007) DoP: Roger Deakins | Director: Andrew Dominik http…
Happy Birthday to Roger Deakins, the joint top cinematographer in the world right now (with Emmanuel Lubezki).
For me, Andrew should be remembered up there with the greats like Roger Deakins, Conrad L Hall & Christopher Doyle.
That's like me having Roger Deakins pull focus for me while Wally Pfister slates.
People make that huge fuss about Roger Deakins never winning an Oscar, but, I mean, has he ever actually deserved one?
I feel like half my internet comments at this point are about Angelina Jolie being a terrible director who doesn't deserve Roger Deakins.
it's all the cinematographer, Roger Deakins shoots on digital
Roger Deakins needs to DP one of the next Star Wars films.
Based on IMDb, Roger Deakins (who has worked with Villeneuve twice) seems available? Can he be DP on Blade Runner 2? Pretty please?
On set & another crew member gives me the ICG magazine w/ Roger Deakins on it!!! Looked for this…
you guys should consider having Roger Deakins on your show!
Wild speculation of the day: What if hires Jolie to direct Captain Marvel and she brings on Roger Deakins as cinematographer?
Roger Deakins' work on this film is what inspired me to become a DP.
If you think digital is a crappier medium, Roger Deakins drinks your milkshake, is what I’m getting at.
MORE Academy Award NOMINATION PREDICTIONS I've already covered animated, documentary, foreign, shorts, music, sound, and effects categories, so today are the rest of the technical and design categories. Tomorrow I will intermittently post predictions for the acting categories throughout the day, going on at greater length about the more interesting races, and then finish on Wednesday with writing, directing, and best picture before the nominations are announced on Thursday morning. CINEMATOGRAPHY Tom Stern "American Sniper" Emmanuel Lubezski "Birdman" Robert D. Yeoman "The Grand Budapest Hotel" *** Pope "Mr. Turner" Roger Deakins "Unbroken" FILM EDITING Joel Cox, Gary Roach "American Sniper" Sandra Adair "Boyhood" Barney Pilling "The Grand Budapest Hotel" John Gilroy "Nightcrawler" Tom Cross "Whiplash" PRODUCTION DESIGN Adam Stockhausen, Anna Pinnock "The Grand Budapest Hotel" Maria Djurkovic "The Imitation Game" Nathan Crowley, Gary Fettis, Paul Healy "Interstellar" Dennis Gassner, Anna Pinnock "Into t . ...
Many may assume the Dec. 10 announcement that Angelina Jolie’s WWII pic “Unbroken” had been shut out of the Golden Globes was the nail in the coffin for the film’s Oscar prospects. Actually, it might be a blessing in disguise. SEE MORE: From the December 16, 2014 issue of Variety Based on a bestseller, the film has an all-star pedigree with Jolie directing, a script by the Coen Brothers, and cinematography by Roger Deakins. [ 334 more words. ]
Brad Pitt poses with cinematographer Roger Deakins and actor Josh Brolin while attending the Unbroken Roger Deakins Image Exhibition held at the AMC Century City on Sunday (December 14) in Los Angeles. The 50-year-old actor attended the event to cover for his wife Angelina Jolie, who directed the mo
Roger Deakins, Dion Beebe, Jeff Cronenweth, & Other cinematographers have a great roundtable discussion
Hoyte Van Hoytema, the DP on Chris Nolan's Interstellar, will follow Roger Deakins as cinematographer on
Sitting here waiting for to start. I'm so ready for Angelina Jolie, Jack O'Connell, Roger Deakins, & Co to knock it out of the park.
'Still Alice,' 'Clouds of Sils Maria,' Roger Deakins and more set for AFI Fest
Interview with Roger Deakins on filming 'The Man Who Wasn't There' with the Coen Brothers.
TOTALLY! Coen Bros. with Roger Deakins = Perfection! Javier Bardem is double bonus in this!
Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins begin production today on 'Sicario,' starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin.
This week's movie news in GIFs, feat. Xavier Dolan, Michael Haneke's new film, Roger Deakins,& Jim Jarmusch:
Watch a video on the cinematography of Roger Deakins:
In 2005, Sam Mendes directed a moderately received military film called JARHEAD starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Foxx, and Peter Sarsgaard. Based on the memoir by Anthony Swofford, JARHEAD had excellent visuals thanks to cinematographer Roger Deakins and a muddled screenplay. Some remember it fondly…
PRISONERS is a good mystery surrounded by great drama and craft. Oscar nominations for Hugh Jackman and Roger Deakins please.
Tonight's Oscar afterparty will feature Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Adams and Roger Deakins holding each other for 2 hours.
Not even Wolf? My only hope is that Roger Deakins walks away with Best Cinematography for Prisoners. Karl Malone of cinema
And here I am, excited by an upcoming film directed by Angelina Jolie. Hard not to be when you have the Coens and Roger Deakins involved.
"We shot Casey Affleck turning around, but not dying (at the end)," says Dominick. "About 90 times," d.p. Roger Deakins adds.
Roger Deakins, Terwnce Winter and Thomas Newman get big rounds as does Barhad Abdi, Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto and Jo…
'Prisoners' with Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman, was definitely amazing! Roger Deakins, once again, shot a wonderfully beautiful picture!!! Just hope he'd get his Oscar (This is his 11th Nomination).
Roger Deakins nomination this evening for his work on "Prisoners" brings his nomination total to 12. He has won the ASC award 3 times.
Congratulations to on her MBE and to DOP Roger Deakins who gets a CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours!
Well, today's Oscar nominations sure have been a mixed blessing. Very glad to see Cuarón, O. Russell, McQueen and Scorsese ( :) ) nominated for directing; Bale, Dern, DiCaprio, Ejiofor, McConaughey, Adams, Blanchett, Bullock, Dench, Abdi, Cooper, Fassbender (YAY!!), Hill, Leto, Hawkins, Lawrence, Squibb and Nyong'o all get nominated for acting; Eric Warren Singer, Woody Allen, Spike Jonze, John Ridley, Richard Linklater and Terence Winter all nominated for screenplay; Frozen and The Wind Rises (Double YAY!) nominated for Animated Film; Her and Gravity for Best Original Score; and Roger Deakins for Cinematography. A lot of other good nominations, I'm sure, but let us not forget the snubs and terrible nominations as well. Because, it wouldn't be the Academy Award nominations now would it? Snubbed this year was Inside Llewyn Davis, Before Midnight, Blue is the Warmest Color, The World's End, Don Jon, All Is Lost, Rush, Prisoners, The Place Beyond The Pines and Fruitvale Station all for major nominations (N ...
Roger Deakins received his 10th for Prisoners. He'll lose to Emmanuel Lubezki for Gravity, keeping him winless.
Also if Emmanuel Lubezki AND Roger Deakins both lose this year, I'm convinced the Academy is rigged and these two are cursed for life.
It's the night before Oscar Nomination Thursday and I'm awake, watching tennis, finalizing my predictions to see how many I can correctly guess. This is the 4th year in a row that I've predicted the nominations.  Last years accuracy rate was 69%; here's striving for 75%+ today! I always predict a full 10 films for Best Picture and I'd LOVE for there to be 10 nominations but, my best guess is that there will be 8.  Sorry "Saving Mr. Banks" and "Inside Llewyn Davis", just don't think you'll make that cut. It would be great to see an outsider like "Lone Survivor" or "Short Term 12" make it - wishful thinking! The only upsets I'm relatively confident about are: 1. Spike Jonze for Best Director 2. Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor bumping Robert Redford 3. Amy Adams for Best Actress bumping Meryl Streep If there's one prediction I hope comes true the most, it's Roger Deakins for Best Cinematography.  I don't think he's heavily favored but it's the only category where I let my heart trump my brain. And if the ...
Prisoners is a 2013 American thriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve, with cinematography by Roger Deakins. The film has an ensemble cast including Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo, and Paul Dano.[3] The plot focuses on the abduction of two young girls in Pennsylvania and the resulting search to find them.
Just finished 2 weeks on set filming "Unbroken", based on the book by Laura Hillenbrand, a true story about Louis Zamperini an Olympic runner who wound up in a Japanese POW camp in WWII. Turning up for work everyday to see Angelina Jolie directing and Roger Deakins cinema photographer was a dream come true. Hollywood on the Gold Coast! Back to my day job, Quest Marine.
O Brother Where Art Thou from the Coen Brothers starring George Clooney, Holly Hunter and shot by Roger Deakins
Prisoners (3.5 stars) - intense, dark and brooding drama with powerhouse turns from Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman. A predominantly male movie the likes of Viola Davis and Maria Bello are tragically sidelined (Maria Bello spends most of the film in bed). There are some gaping plot halls and odd twists of characterisation but Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has an eye for a great shot (albeit aded by the supreme photography of Roger Deakins) and an economical and measured handling of each scene to create a sparse and gloomy environment that leads into a dark hole of psychological terror.
has just seen "Prisoners" and it is a powerful and engaging crime drama. "Prisoners" is successful due to it's impressive cast, great direction and cinematography. Director Denis Villeneuve does an amazing job keeping the audience engaged during it's lengthy runtime(146 minutes) and there is not a single boring moment. He accomplishes what few directors do in this genre. Villeneuve truly makes this film a character study and instead of giving everything to us all at once, he makes a slow burning emotional drama. Aaron Guzikowski's screenplay is well written because he does not focus on one character entirely. He makes this an ensemble piece and he shows how the events affect each of the main characters. This film is captured beautifully onscreen by cinematographer Roger Deakins. The cinematography is somber and depressing in certain scenes and he truly captures the tone of the film. However "Prisoners" would not be what it is without it's impressive cast. Hugh Jackman gives an emotionally gut wrenching pe ...
Thoughts on PRISONERS: I never thought I'd say this, but Paul Dano actually gave a good, understated performance--in a role that would have been easy to badly overplay, no less. And Melissa Leo, despite some twists that may or may not undermine her character (I still haven't decided) is just as good, and probably better, than she was in THE FIGHTER. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal are both very strong as well. As for the film's rough. 158 minutes, and they don't fly by. That's not a bad thing, mind you--the time is used well, to enhance the sense of place (blue-collar suburbia), to develop the story, and to give the characters some room to breathe. Which is good, because they do some pretty horrible things. Kudos to director Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins, who doesn't match his brilliant cinematography for SKYFALL, but still makes a good-looking movie. Aaron Guzikowski's script is often superb, but in the home stretch some of the twists feel kind of predictable and, in this realistic cont ...
Prisoners was an incredible film, in every sense. Think Zodiac but with a more emotional core. Fans of the cinema, especially those who are into crime thrillers/mysteries will love this one. Also, calling it now -- Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal will be nominated for Oscars (and perhaps Roger Deakins for cinematography; the man deserves it).
Gold! An interview w/ Roger Deakins & the Coen Brothers on their collaboration.
-- Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC's thoughts on the films of Jean-Pierre Melville; Caleb Deschanel, ASC on how he came to shoot BEING THERE --
Roger Deakins doing the cinematography or is that just a rumor?
Thanks 4 35mm of 1984! great Roger Deakins could light, shoot really grim material, still make it beautiful
Roger Deakins never winning Best Cinematography, but especially for Skyfall!
Roger Deakins on how he achieved ten fantastic shots:.
'The Man Who Wasn't There' photographed by the great Roger Deakins BSC ASC CBE
All Roger Deakins before he sold his soul to Alexa is quality.
How Master Cinematographer Roger Deakins Got These Ten Shots: Deakins is responsible for some of the most stun...
agreed. Roger Deakins on fine form.
Roger Deakins talks about one of his favorite scenes from The Shawshank Redemption via
Sam Mendes and Roger Deakins are a great tandem.
Cinematographer Roger Deakins talks with NPR’s Melissa... via
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Rewatched Skyfall. Still blown away by Roger Deakins cinematography. Great film too.
I didn't love it at all and I agree with you although at least it was way better than Quantum Of Solace. Roger Deakins is the man
Just found Roger Deakins forum. Why didn't I know about this?!
Roger Deakins talks to us about cinematography literature he keeps up with
It was Roger Deakins' cinematography that saved it imo.
Gold! Roger Deakins in in-depth discussion on working with the Coen Brothers:
Let's get Roger Deakins back as well. “Sam Mendes will direct the next James Bond film after all:
Your film is on another level when you've got Thomas Newman doing your score and Roger Deakins advising on your lighting/camera work
Congrats to Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC been appointed a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. .
Doing a Roger Deakins double feature tonight (if I can stay awake). O brother where art thou and ladykillers.
I'm so inspired simply by experiencing the beautiful cinematography works of Conrad Hall, Darius Khondji and Roger Deakins. :)
Useless info: Lucinda shares her birthday with Bob Dylan, Patti LaBelle, Tommy Chong, Queen Victoria, Rosanne Cash, Heavy D, Michael Chabon, Roger Deakins and Soren Sorenson Adams, the inventor of the joy buzzer and sneeze powder.
We are fortunate enough to live in a day and age in which the words of prolific and eclectic filmmaking talents come readily and often. We’ve already heard from working cinematographers such as Roger Deakins and Blue Valentine DP Andrij Parekh, as well as friends of nofilmschool Ryan E. Walters and…
i just shook hands with Andy Harris, Roger Deakins' 1st AC. only 1 degree of separation now... so close, yet so far.
Respect to Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem but the real stars of are director Sam Mendes and cinematographer Roger Deakins
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Yuk! Sean have a read of Roger Deakins 'Waterlog' to balance the swim experience with something +ve
Many congrats to Balazs Bolygo, Florian Hoffmeister and Roger Deakins for their wins at the recent ASC Awards:
My inspiration in LA & nice guy too Roger Deakins on becoming a
My favorite Cinematographer by far is Roger Deakins. I'll buy any film he shoots
“Roger Deakins on becoming a Mr Deakins you are SO exquisite in your craft!
Apparently Roger Deakins served as visual consultant on It shows. See it in 2D so the glasses don't dim the vibrant animation.
meets by visual way of is more like it. Surprised to see Roger Deakins as a visual consultant
Enjoy! Thought is was a nice animated film. Loved the visuals, of course Roger Deakins was a visual consultant on it ;)
I just posted a question to Roger Deakins on his forum…
Finally saw Skyfall. Never like Bond movies but Roger Deakins definitely elevated the material with his photography.
As if you had any doubt Roger Deakin was robbed \\ 23 of his Most Beautiful Shots For ‘Skyfall’:
I try and encapsulate Roger Deakins' brilliant work for in with these carefully-curated selection of stills:
I wish I could picture the world like Lance Acord, Robert Elswit, Roger Deakins, Vittorio Storaro, Darius Khondji.
Also viewed some sequences from No Country For Old Men for more visual inspiration. Two words: Roger. Deakins.
as u r intrviewing DOPs ,and if u get a chnce pls tell roger deakins that he kicked *** in skyfall and dsrvd oscar for it :)
If it's good enough for Roger Deakins, I'm sold on the Alexa.
A really interesting look at the work of acclaimed cinematographer such as 'Skyfall's' Roger Deakins via
and it was shot by Roger Deakins with an ALEXA
"beautifully shot" because it's Roger Deakins first action movie. Gorgeous.
U R so right! Roger Deakins, Thomas Newman, Dame Judi, Daniel Craig, & Javier Bardem w/ really bad hair - doesn't get better!
Roger Deakins is probably one of my biggest inspirations in film.
Coen Brothers Week continues with A Serious Man. Cinematography by Roger Deakins yet again.
Roger Deakins on how to become a cinematographer.
"Rise of the Guardians" was incredible! The animation is stunning & then I find out that Roger Deakins was a visual consultant. Wow!
Roger Deakins and Gordon Willis must be to cinematographers what Kurosawa and Kubrick are to directors.
I would be interested to see all Roger Deakins films like that. To see something he's always done or just for skyfall.
After 'The Croods,' one thing is for sure and that is Roger Deakins should probably be hired to be 'visual consultant' for everything.
Do I get extra cinephile points for having a dream last night in which I rode an escalator with Roger Deakins?
Relaxing this weekend? Sit back & watch this short clip of Roger Deakins talking about his work on True Grit.
still cant believe that roger deakins didn't win oscar for Skyfall. :x ...the shanghai sequence is a piece of art !!! ;)
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Saw THE CROODS. Usual family-movie story arc & mix of humour, action, pathos. Looks great (Roger Deakins ahoy!). Utterly forgettable really.
Sometimes I forget how good a cinematogra[her Roger Deakins is. Then I watch True Grit, and remember.
Cinematographer Roger Deakins discusses how the route to becoming a DOP has changed, what you need to become one
The Deaks on becoming a cinematographer
I think Roger Deakins to me is how One Direction is to 13 year old girls.
Roger Deakins on how to Break In as a Cinematographer
  What a year. There were so many great movies in 2012 that I had a lot of trouble narrowing it down to just five, but I feel like all of these films will endure. We are lucky to get good movies, but if a movie has staying power, that's truly special. I want movies that we'll be able to enjoy 20 years from now, and 2012 gave us an uncanny amount of memorable cinematic experiences. We were treated to new films by several of the best filmmakers. Paul Thomas Anderson delivered his follow-up to 2007's There Will Be Blood, Martin McDonagh's sophomore effort proved to be even crazier than his debut, and Joss Whedon gave us the rock 'n' roll anti-thesis to Nolan's Dark Knight gloom-and-doom. We even got to see a Bond flick through the lens of Roger Deakins. What more can you ask for?   Honorable mentions: The Master, Killer Joe, Seven Psychopaths, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Bernie, Killing Them Softly, Dredd, The Avengers, The Raid, Skyfall   5.     The Cabin in the Woods makes big promises early on and ...
Life of Pi is one of the best movies I've ever seen, but I find it hard to digest Life of Pi's Best Cinematography win when everything was shot so literally entire compositions could be reworked in post. The VFX win is completely warranted, but Roger Deakins has been nominated ten times for cinematography, Skyfall was absolutely beautiful, yet he lost to a blue screen.
Roger Deakins and Oscar can't get together. Deakins, one of the most acclaimed cinematographers of the modern era, lost in the Best Cinematography category to "Life of Pi" cinematographer Claudio Miranda at the 85th annual Academy Awards.
The Oscars continue to evade the legendary Roger Deakins. way way overdue. 10 Noms and no wins! was a promo reel for Arri Alexa!
Overall I am pretty satisfied with this year's Oscars. This year's nominations were pretty diverse and thus made it a bit more difficult to predict what films/which people would win. Alhough I wanted Jessica Chastain to win I am really happy that Jennifer Lawrence won; she is awesome in Silver Linings Playbook and totally deserves it. It's still a shame that the two best directors (Ben Affleck & Kathryn Bigelow) this year weren't even nominated but I'm happy to see the great Ang Lee win his second statuette in this category (Brokeback Mountain) rather than seeing Spielberg win his third. Speaking of three's, I am really happy to and very unsurprised to see my favorite actor Daniel Day-Lewis win it again (My Left Foot; There Will Be Blood); the man is always amazing. And even though he was snubbed, I'm happy to see Argo win the big awards it was nominated in; it's deserving of the top prize. The only disappointment though was that Roger Deakins (Skyfall) once again goes home empty-handed for his work as ci ...
The Oscars make me feel like a pretty girl in an abusive relationship every year. Maybe next year, Roger Deakins, maybe next year.
Roger Deakins is now 0/10 for Best Cinematography nominations. He's been shut out more often than Fred Flinstone.
Roger Deakins is the Dan Marino of Cinematography. Hopefully next year. Congrats Claudio Miranda! Congrats Arri Alexa!
Roger Deakins, for crying out loud, I love you if it counts for anything.
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Top 5 Films     Seeing as the Oscars are happening tomorrow, I thought it was about time to weigh in on my own picks for the year in films, so I at least have 24 hrs before my opinion is completely irrelevant.   Honorable - Skyfall The latest in a long line of James Bond films, Skyfall had the right mix of elements -- great direction from Sam Mendez, stunning cinematography by Roger Deakins, and stand up performances by Judi Dench and Javier Barden -- to make it more than just another James Bond film. Added to this is the intrigue brought into the film by not only exploring aspects of the 007 mythology that hadn’t really been touched before (a look at an aging Bond and a window into his past) but tying it more closely to its history than its previous Daniel Craig installments. This is an action film that reaches a higher level of storytelling.   Les Miserables Like most fans of the musical, I thoroughly enjoyed Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the long running show. It’s epic, it’s a little too big ...
Without fanfare, here are my prognostications for the 85th Academy Awards! Shorts First: No long wait here. “Curfew” for Live, “Paperman” for Animated, though my personal favorite in Animated was “Adam and Dog”. “Paperman” just fits more in line with what those voters have recently picked. Documentary Short will be “Open Heart”, again because that’s what the Academy will like, though I enjoyed “Kings Point”. Visual Effects without question to the seamless “Life of Pi”. Amazing effects. Where does the camera end, and the computer begin? Sound categories: Mixing = “Les Mis”, Editing = “Zero Dark Thirty”. Always go with a war story or whatever’s closest to it in picking Sound Editing. The Academy seems impressed with bullet and bomb sounds. Cinematography is tight. Personally, I would vote for Roger Deakins/”Skyfall” who’s been nominated 9 times without winning, but I think “Life of Pi” will carry this too. I think “Pi” will do well under the ...
Oscar voting officially closed. You'd be wise to mark *these names down for wins- *Anne Hathaway -best supporting actress *Jennifer Lawrence- Best Actress Supporting Actor- WAY too close to call. Biggest surprise of the night IMO *DDL- Best Actor *Argo -Best Picture Director- is WIDE OPEN Ben Affleck was not nominated and everyone is predicting Argo to win Best Picture, a film hasn't won best picture w/out a directing nomination since Driving Miss Daisy in '89. Safe bet is on Spielberg to win, but I'm still hoping for David O Russell to win for SLP, but Ang Lee can pull it out for LoP. Best Foreign Language film will be *Amour, Academy loved it enough to nominate it for best picture as well as best foreign film. Best Cinematography- My heart says Roger Deakins will win for Skyfall (it's his 10th nomination & 0 wins.) But my head knows they'll give it to "Life of Pi." Anna Karenina -Best Costume Design (I want to give this to Les Mis so bad, but the Academy loves the period pieces of Anna) Orig. screenplay ...
Are you rooting for anyone in particular on Oscar Sunday? I know I am! First, John Williams. I know he has five Oscars and has been nominated 45 times... but his score for Lincoln needs to win! He's 80, and who knows how much longer we're going to have his amazing talents? Rooting for him to win one more Oscar. Also rooting for Roger Deakins to win for best cinematography for Skyfall. This is his 10th nomination and he still has not won! That's shocking when you consider his work includes The Shawshank Redemption and Fargo just to name a few. As for movies: Lincoln and Les Mis. Finally, really rooting for Jennifer Lawrence! She was great in Silver Linings Playbook and I think she's more than earned an Oscar. Thoughts?
Alright Everyone: We need the most awesome, bad to the bone, super talented cinematographer ever for an upcoming series of 3 week adventures starting in June 2014 for a special series related to the Professionals. You've got to be in shape and able to handle incredibly unforgiving filming conditions while still getting awesome shots. You need to be familiar with large sensor cameras and it's a plus if you don't mind being on camera and a further plus if you know who Roger Deakins is! Please send me a message if you are this person or know a person who fits the description. Please send a link if possible to online work. Thanks! Bran
Congrats to Roger Deakins, ASC for his Theatrical Release ASC Award for Skyfall. So well deserved to one of my greatest mentors.
Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC; Balazs Bolygo, HSC; Kramer Morgenthau, ASC; Florian Hoffmeister; and Bradford Lipson claimed top honors in the four competitive categories at the 27th Annual American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Awards for Outstanding Achievement, which was held here tonight at the Ray...
lease join us this Friday, February 8th at 3pm in HHH 323 for a screening of John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt, a fascinating exploration of doubt, certainty, knowledge, belief, evidence, suspicion, Catholicism ... the list goes on. The film, released in 2008, is written and directed by Shanley (and is based on his Pulitzer Prize-winning play of 2005). The outstanding cast includes Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, and Viola Davis. The film is shot by the inestimable Roger Deakins and edited by Dylan Tichenor (no slouch himself). Here’s a blurb from the Chicago Reader: John Patrick Shanley adapted his own Pulitzer-winning play for this compelling drama about an archconservative nun (Meryl Streep) and a progressive priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman) clashing in a working-class Bronx parish in 1964. Principal of the parish school, the nun suspects the priest of molesting a 12-year-old boy—the school's first black student. Lacking any evidence and hamstrung by the church's male-dominated cha ...
Finally saw the Skyfall after a long wait. Bravo Sam Mendes (and Roger Deakins?), for such aesthetically beautiful shots that I didn't expect from a James Bond film! I have liked Judi Dench as M, but yeah, she might be getting too old...
10. Skyfall     Who would have ever thought that a James Bond film could aspire for such greatness as Skyfall does? We should never have expected anything less from Sam Mendes who gave us American Beauty and Road To Perdition. This is not a drama by any means as those films are but it is certainly the best well amde blockbuster of the year featuring Daniel Craig’s best perforamance of James Bond yet and a devilish turn by Javier Bardem that leaves you wanting more by the films end. Throw in some awe inspiring cinemetography by the great Roger Deakins and that haunting theme song by Adele which perfectly sets the tone for the entire film and you have not only the greatest Bond film ever made but one of the years best films overall.   9. The Grey     I wasn’t expecting the emotional gut punch that was The Grey when I first saw it. I expected it to be a typical Liam Neeson action film featuring wilderness survival and epic fights with vicious wolves. I’m here to tell you that this film may be the ...
At last, here are my top 10 favorite films of 2012. Haters to the left. That means you, Sean Knight. 10. Skyfall The very best thing I can say about the latest Bond film is that when it was over, I wanted to see the next one IMMEDIATELY. John Logan's screenplay subverts and builds again, Sam Mendes brings a dramatist's steady hand to the direction, and Roger Deakins makes it the most gorgeous-looking installment...well, ever. Add in the best villain since (at least!) 'Goldeneye,' and Bond is back, again, better than ever, again. 9. Silver Linings Playbook This film sneaks up on you. You've heard about how great the performances are--Jennifer Lawrence is scorching, and Robert De Niro looks like he actually gives a crap for the first time in decades--but I walked in expecting your usual bittersweet indie, and ended up with a real crowd-pleaser. Like "on your feet cheering, walk back to the car on a cloud" kind of crowd-pleaser. Bradley Cooper, the forgotten lead, is a revelation, and David O. Russell for on ...
My Oscar 2012 list (Of course, heavily biased based on what I did and didn't see), edited from the list here: are my personal picks from the films/people nominated by the Academy, not necessarily my absolute favorites of the year. (I might get to those in a top 20 list or something.)   Best Picture Lincoln (Though I predict the Academy will pick Amour, if only because it's French.)   Best Actor Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln   Best Actress Naomi Watts, The Impossible (Never saw this movie, bt I do like Naomi Watts. :P)   Best Supporting Actor Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln (Though Christoph Waltz was great in Django Unchained.)    Best Supporting Actress Sally Field, Lincoln   Best Director Steven Spielberg, Lincoln (I'd actually never heard of any of the other nominated directors.)   Best Original Screenplay Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola   Best Adapted Screenplay Argo, Chris Terrio   Best Animated Feature Brave   Best Cinematography Skyfall, Roger Deakins (Though Lincoln and Django Unc ...
I do hope Roger Deakins, Joaquin Phoenix, Emmanuelle Riva & Michael Haneke take home awards but I'm not holding my breath
Thoughts on the Oscar nominations: 1. Roger Deakins deserves to win Best Cinematography for Skyfall. Full stop. It's his tenth nomination and if this one doesn't bring it home, he may never have a strong chance again. 2. Nothing for Dark Knight Rises and just one cursory visual effects nod for The Avengers? What does a superhero movie have to do to get some respect in this town? 3. Interesting field for Best Actress, and I'm pulling for either Jennifer Lawrence or Quvenzhané Wallis. (It's pronounced kwa-van-juh-nay.) 4. Brave was a return to form for Pixar, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it reclaim Best Animated Feature. But I wouldn't be upset if it went to one of the 3(!) stop-motion nominees: ParaNorman, The Pirates!, or Frankenweenie. 5. Show of hands: Who can't wait to see Seth MacFarlane AND Adele singing for Oscar gold? They're both nominated for Best Original Song. 6. I really need to see Argo. And Beasts of the Southern Wild. And Life of Pi. And maybe Amour.
Okay here are my initial thoughts on the 2013 Oscar nominees. Best picture sound is expected (except for Amour). I still need to see Amour, Beasts, and Zero. I can't fairly say which of the nine is best yet. I wish there was room for "Skyfall", but I guess the academy couldn't look past the fact that it was a Bond film. I also wish that "The Master" showed up in that category. Amazing film. Roger Deakins better win for "Skyfall". The man has been robbed nine too many times. The thing that sticks out the most to me is the unforgivable snub of Affleck for Best Director.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
No Ben Affleck, Tarantino or Kathryn Bigelow for best director?! :O Roger Deakins and Adele! Yes!!!
Roger Deakins deserves to win an Oscar; he's done such great work, so prolifically as well.
Oscar nominations are announced tomorrow. Anything you're rooting for? (I've got my fingers crossed for Roger Deakins' Skyfall cinematography - Stu)
Cinematography is more than a camera, whether that camera is a Red an Alexa or a Bolex. There is a little more to it that resolution, colour depth, latitude, grain structure, lens aberration etc. etc. etc. The lenses use for 'Citizen Kane' were in no way as good as a Primo or a Master Prime and the grain structure in that film is, frankly, all over the place. But the cinematography? - Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC
That last half hour of Skyfall in the Scottish moors was so good. Albert Finney as the poacher, Roger Deakins' shots, the pacing. Wicked.
First up I have gotta say that the standout for Skyfall was Roger Deakins. Wow. This should be Oscar Nominated. It was exquisitely shot.
Skyfall was gorgeous. Roger Deakins is a master of light
Plus, Roger Deakins cinematography in IMAX is like having Christmas early.
If it weren't for a quick toot of iconic notes at the start of Skyfall, for a minute there you might find yourself wondering whether you'd wandered into a Spielberg alien movie by mistake. Silhouetted against a scrim of blinding light, a spindly, blurry figure, bobbing at an odd gait, moves down a c...
Go and see 007 'Skyfall' for Roger Deakins outstanding photography!
thanks for the awesome article on Roger Deakins
thank you for sharing the Roger Deakins article!
"My way is just one of an infinite number of ways to do the job.” - Roger Deakins
yeap--and Roger Deakins has a lot to say with the kind of experience that warrants we listen. Good stuff!
Is it really worth my time to give Roger Deakins an introduction? Surely you already know him as the talented cinematographer behind films like The Shawshank Redemption, A Beautiful Mind, and almost every Coen Brothers film since Fargo. And by now, as a fan of filmmaking and a filmmaker, you've disc...
Skyfall is exactly the kind of brilliant film making that the academy won't recognize! Sam Mendes and Roger deakins work amazing
This might be an interesting read for ya.
Roger Deakins hopefully gets himself an Oscar for that one. Especially the latter half.
Skyfall cinematographer Roger Deakins shares some rare knowledge: (via )
Skyfall was 1st Bond shot on digital. Great interview with Roger Deakins about his transition to digital via
Somebody Fedex an Oscar to Roger Deakins house straight up.
25 Pieces of Juicy Filmmaking Knowledge from Cinematographer Roger Deakins: Is it really worth my time to give ...
Congratulations to Javier Bardem, who has been nominated for a best supporting actor award by both the Screen Actors Guild and the Broadcast Film Critics Association, for his performance as Silva in SKYFALL.
what a GOD! Roger Deakins has a forum where he discusses technique with fans
25 pieces of filmmaking wisdom from Roger Deakins, the great cinematographer behind "Skyfall."
"The choice of a camera system is no different than the choice of a lens set, a camera position or where to put a lamp" - Roger Deakins
My mini movie review- Skyfall 007: Bond has come a long way from the Roger Moore Bond I grew up on. Daniel Craig once again adds grit and muscle to the worlds most envied secret agent. However, I would like to see the charm of Connery's Bond and the joke 'one liners' of Brosnan's Bond come back (something I take on the 007 mantle). The best parts for me were the 'return to basics' that the movie embraced. The lack of Bond gadgets, the introduction of a 'new guard' of characters and little touches like touching on Bond's childhood and introducing you to Bond's family house in Scotland, the classic Aston Martin DB5 and the cut throat razor. It is like they hit a 'reset button' on the whole Bond image...and it worked well. Javier Bardem as the villain is the icing on a well constructed cake. (4 stars)
The Los Angeles Film Critics Association named Amour, Michael Haneke's French-language drama about an elderly couple facing the end of life, the year's best film on Sunday as the group met to vote its annual awards. The Master emerged in the voting as the runner-up. Emmanuelle Riva, who stars along...
Will the Los Angeles Film Critics Association feel the love for Katheryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty as much as the New York Circle of Film Critics and the
The Los Angeles Film Critics Association have announced their annual awards, breaking with the "Zero Dark Thirty" consensus of every other critics group thus far and giving its top awards to Michael Haneke's "Amour" and Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master."
Who do you think should be nominated for an Academy Award next year?
To ensure color consistency from dailies to DI for Skyfall, Company 3 London and EFILM collaborated to create an integrated pipeline, newly branded EC3. Skyfall cinematographer Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC was able to enjoy dailies graded by his long-time CO3 Santa Monica colorist working out of London, ...
Roger Deakins' firelight setup on the Scottish Moors for the ending of Skyfall
Normally I’m not too impressed or inspired by other people, except for two: Jari Litmanen and Roger Deakins. Have you seen Skyfall..? Were you impressed by the images? Not really? Never mind&...
Bill Desowitz speaks with Roger Deakins via Thompson on Hollywood/Indiewire
It's the best the Arri Alexa has ever looked. Roger Deakins is now a digital genius too. If anyone cares.
Skyfall was good, although very different... But I still prefer Casino Royale.
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