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Roger Craig

Roger Lee Craig (born February 17, 1930 in Durham, North Carolina) is a former pitcher, coach and manager in Major League Baseball.

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got hooked as a kid. Roger craig was my favorite
or Jerry Rice, John Taylor and Roger Craig like Montana? Brady has Edelman, Hogan and Amendola
Good for Yahoo's Dan Wetzel calling out Roger Goodell for his misleading statements on why the Chargers moved.…
Tom Brady = 🐐 . I give him the edge over Montana because:. 1. Played at a higher level for longer. 2. No Jerry Rice or Roger Craig
Happy for all football players on signing day. Make sure your body works & recovers properly for longevity.
I'm curious as to where you stand on Roger Craig's chances of getting in.
1990 SF49ers Roger Craig could run and catch it too in champions game. Bill Belicek Shut that team down as well.
Yes. Him or Roger Craig... Either one... Both would have high catching stats too...
The fact they never asked Roger Craig Smith is a red flag too imo. And how he looks the same as always in the Vendetta movie.
Roger Craig Smith has a grudge against Dark Gaia
No problem for Brady. He has his Roger Craig and Jerry Rice. Lol. He makes everyone around him "those guys".
The NFL pulled credentials for speaking the truth about corrupt ginger menace Roger Goodell.
Some people work very closely with a director or a producer on...
Kevin despairs at brother Davids Daniel Craig Bond answer but Tash divorces Nathan who says Roger Moore and loses .…
he's got good hands too, I see some Roger Craig in him
fav Bonds for various reasons are as follows:. Connery>Craig>Brosnan. (keep in mind I missed most of Roger Moore's)
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Cas Anvar (and Roger Craig Smith (voices of the first two assassins, Altäir and Ezio, just…
Nixon loyalist Roger Stone likens Sessions to Nixon's AG John Mitchell who, you know, went to jail for Watergate.
has the best job ever. He gets paid to hang out with Roger Waters. Could you imagine?
I have Craig Brittain and Roger Stone following me. Thank you both for that, I greatly appreciate it! :D
Fear can be conquered. I became a better person and a better football player when I learned that lesson. Roger Craig
besides Cabrera, Fonzie, Wags, Neil Allen, Blevins (2015), Roger Craig (one start in '63) and Satin..
Foghat - Autographed 8x10 by Roger Earl and Craig MacGregor by JG Autographs, Inc.
Craig and Roger are actual buddies lmaooo
that is Craig,tournament director, apparently after 7 years he decided to speed up the courts so Roger could win.
I went to High School with Roger Craig...I agree, he should have been MVP, Don.
Congrats to Cole Booth and Mark Craig on being selected as SAFCA MVP's for Berlin.
Please Tell me Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig were at least considered for the position. Wow
One of the most coveted championship rings there is, a 1955 BK ring consigned by Game 5 winner Roger Craig…
Great shot of Roger Craig winning the ball
In 1990, he got hurt against the Giants; it still took a Roger Craig fumble to beat them.
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Wow. Thank you Roger and Rafael. That was epic and worth not getting things done this morning like I should have.
I see Roger is sporting an Arthur Montford jacket to welcome Craig!
Roger Craig Smith managed to have an Italian accent (Ezio) smoothly.
Roger Craig former Red and 4 time World Series champion knows going to Cincinnati
Montana had the greatest wide receiver of all time playing with him - Jerry Rice, & Roger Craig, Dwight Clark
Today in 1960s Baseball: Reds trade pitcher Bob Purkey to Cardinals for Roger Craig & Charlie James (1964)
Roger Craig in 1985 for sure and I think Marshall Faulk... it's an insane amount of production.
Would love to see Roger Craig, Darren Woodson, and Kurt Warner get the call. No bias on Woodson or anything 😅
The fact that Terrell Davis, Tory Holt, Issac Bruce and Roger Craig are NFL HOF finalists but Ricky Watters isn't is an absolute joke
Roger Craig's fumble in NFCCG in 1990. Garrison Hearst's broken leg on 1st play from scrimmage in 1998
Williams, Preston Gomez, Bruce Boche, Roger Craig, the only Padre managers who matter (hopefully for now)
image if Roger Craig Smith was voicing it! "Call 1-800-Assassino".
JK, what no Roger Craig or Dusty Baker? LOL. And do you fans still hate Jim Harbergah .. you know like Pete Carroll…
didn't Roger Craig Smith do something for regular show
Roger Craig Smith just replied to me.
Love to the of the glory days. Roger Craig, Dwight Clark Randy Cross and so many more should be
Eddie D. also said that Roger Craig and Randy Cross are his two players deserving of Hall of Fame induction.
May 20, 1984: Pitching coach Roger Craig will miss tonight's game to attend reunion of 1964 champion Cardinals in St. Louis
"How LinkedIn has made 3x Super Bowl Champ, Long time 49er, Roger Craig my Nemesis." by on
Dwight Clark, Roger Craig... Gronk has only played a few years and has missed a lot of games.
Over the last 30 years the Giants have employed only 4 managers. Roger Craig. Dusty Baker. Felipe Alou. Bruce Bochy.
ROGER CRAIG autographed signed 49ers white Jersey…
tell Roger no Moore, tell Sean to stop this connerie (caution, pun requires basic French). Tell Daniel I saw his mate craig
"You're an inspiration to us.". Steph Curry shares a moment with Craig Sager during his postgame interview.
Nothing like having Craig Sager here on Keep fighting, Craig!
"You're an inspiration to us." Steph Curry talks to Craig Sager following the Warriors' win over the Wizards.
In celebration of look back at their favorite Craig Sager moments!
Craig Sager with the sideline interview on Coach Randy Wittman.
We’re live at 7pm ET on talking hot teams, huggable players, and most importantly, Join us!
Tune-in alert: Craig Sager back on the sidelines tonight on
Ballpark figure, how many people named Craig have ever attended a Roger Creager show? 100s? 1,000s?
Craig David ft Big Narstie - When The Bassline Drops on Listen on
German singer Roger Cicero dies aged 45,
My favorite job is the next one. It's such a gratifying experience getting ...
Roger Craig Smith has been added to the Daredevil compare. - Music Meister.
Where's Roger Craig, Russ Francis, Mike Wilson, John Taylor and the rest of the 80's-90's teams?
and when he's not hurt. I wish he ran lower to, he's not Eric Dickerson or Roger Craig.
"favorite" and "best" are different. Best? Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, Alex Jacob, Roger Craig are all streets ahead of Philip
Roger Michell was originally in line to direct the 2nd Craig Bond, but he dropped out. This didn't work out so well for filmgoers IMO.
Happy birthday Daniel Craig! Here's Daniel pictured with Anne Reid in 2003's from director Roger Michell.
Roger Miller - King of the Road via craig off air
i forget that my cap bear has Roger Craig Smith's voice who is steve's va in AA
Voice actor Roger Craig Smith talks with us about his career in video game voice acting.
"All parties agreed that Roger Moore was third best, lead by Craig and Connery respectively."
Examples of Craig's work here: The coin for Roger Bland is ace.
Sean Connery talks about Roger Moore & Daniel Craig as James Bond
Roger Federer just did a shot of tequila on red carpet.
I love Casino Royale and Craig but I also really adore Skyfall. Roger Deakins can do no wrong.
Tune in now for my interviews with Foghat's Roger Earl and Craig McGregor.
This one recommended by Paul Craig Roberts is well worth a read! Great content!
Not really keen on Daniel Craig as Bond, I'm Moore of a Roger fan myself (see what I did there)
I really love how Roger Craig Smith voices Kyle Crane
I thought the Craig series were better, more adult, but Spectre was an appalling throwback to Roger Moore days
Daniel Craig ruined his James Bond, imo. Great in Casino Royale, good in QoS, then tried to be Roger Moore type when not suited to him.
Just to be involved in anything Disney, whether it's 'Avengers Assemble' or...
I have a piece on Roger Tellier-Craig & Le Révélateur project in the fall issue of
to me Roger Moore is the original Bond. Not necessarily the best though. Daniel Craig got me back into Bond.
idr if you got the link but just to be siure. spot the Roger Craig Smith
when roger Craig fumbled vs giants I felt that loss in my soul😩😭
Can't like this conversation enough. And for the record, I put Craig & Brosnan ahead of Roger Moore.
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Deacon along with Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig, Sean Jones (Dlineman) and Micheal Ornstein were partners of mine in my ATM company
Roger Craig and Joe Montana both are going to be at the NFL experience today? My lord
has either Roger Craig or Jerry Rice mentioned running the hill?
Thanks. IF Davis is back, OL only needs 1 guard, 1 center. *Dusts off Roger Craig jersey*.
Once again, Roger Craig has come up short of the finalist stage.
Hey guys, on IMDB Roger Craig Smith put sonic generations 2 as something he is voice acting for
I'm assuming the point is that it's not as if he blew up a dynasty by dumping Jerry Rice, Roger Craig and John Taylor, right?
Even Joe Montana would have had a hard time without Jerry Rice and Roger Craig, and Dwight Clark
Shannonan and coach Mike Holmgren. That's how Roger Craig was able to do what he did. Allow for these young coaches to learn from them
Melvin Gordon is the football-smartest back in the Just a rookie so lots to learn, but he's going to be Roger Craig huge.
Hey 49er fans!. Young, Joe Cool, Rice, Ricky Watters, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, Stubb, TO. all FREE AGENT ya'll might want to get also! 😂
Davis or Bush? I'd rather start Roger Craig over those clowns.
The math doesn't work out right for Roger Craig to have played then.
Welp, here's one.. Bob Cerv off Roger Craig, as a pinch hitter 10/2/55
Yep! throw Steve Young & Roger Craig in the mix for head office bring back to coach D.
Murray is not Roger Craig. You can't run him out of near/far.
Dan Marino, Darrell Green, Roger Craig, and Richard Dent, so I know how you feel.
Kevin Butler hits a 34yd FG 10-0 Bears. Roger Craig is on the sideline for SF after taking a big hit
Roger Craig told us today players were always on edge around Bill Walsh
Roger Craig on now says he found out Bill Walsh liked him by reading Sports Illustrated
Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Roger Craig, Clark, Tim Rathman, need to say more?
Steward: Aldon Smith and Al Davis and the week in sports: Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice and Roger Craig blazed the way…
I watched Montana throw to HOF Jerry Rice have Roger Craig as running back. Also saw Steve Young step and win the Super Bowl
Thought we'd see David Johnson a little. Reminds me of Roger Craig. I know he catches like him. Run skills can be worked on.
San Francisco 49ers game football signed by Roger Craig
Is anybody else still mad at roger Craig for fumbling in the 1989 nfc championship game or is it just me ?!
I liked a video from Roger Craig Smith Interview
An interesting inside look at the world of from
Daniel Craig crossed with Roger Moore. I'll take that. Sadly I have Connery's hair, now not then.
played on a not so great team. Conversely, Roger Craig
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Jerry Kramer, Roger Craig, & a few others as well have been OVERLOOKED 4 2 long. My go (cont)
Hey how did we do? No dog kicking or anything! PPL will have to hear the podcast for the REAL story!.
is NOT check out our interview with the VO veteran on .
49ers Roger Craig white signed Jersey JSA witness with two inscriptions
Midget Fitzgerald tell Roger Craig he isn't a HOF. Say it to his face.
great rant on Roger Craig belonging into the Hall of Fame. Without a doubt my favorite Jersey to wear on game day!
Big ups to for giving Roger Craig his due. The high stepper definitely deserves to be in the HOF.
young had rice, Taylor, jones, rathman and Ricky waters, only difference was roger Craig
no it wasn't lol. Montana also had John Taylor, played wit Dwight Clark, roger craig..its way diff lol.
Jerry Rice, Roger Craig and Joe Montana. The 49ers sure know how to cut the fat!
Imagine if we got Nolan North, Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker to strike against having so many white male heroes.
Imagine a world where Roger Moore returns as Ahh, here it is... .
There's only one - and he's back in action. Yes, really!
Three who belong in Canton: Ken Stabler, Roger Craig, John Brodie who else?
Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Brent Jones, and Ronnie Lott were so much fun too watch. Great 🏈 ❤️💛   10% Off
Mission Bay Alliance not going unchallenged. Joe Montana, Rick Barry, Barry Bonds, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Jerry Rice came out against it
Omg I just found out that Roger Craig Smith will be at Supercon. HURRY UP SUNDAY!
I uploaded a new track, "Roger Craig Former SF 49er Running Back!", on
I'm not a big griffith fan but I'm fine with Roger Craig Smith or Drummond personally
at falling for that dodgy claim that Roger Milla was 42 when he played at the 1990 World Cup!
Wow! I just won this for free, Frank Gore/Roger Craig 2010 Threads Generations
Trying to nap and Oma is watching say yes to the dress. The narrator is Roger Craig Smith. It's cap. Aahh.
I helped former 49er Roger Craig with a new mattress I can help you too!
// Loving the new Arkham Knight game, though I do miss Roger Craig Smith (Chris Redfield) as the voice of Bats.
Indeed. It was an omen of things to come! One of the VAs is actually Roger Craig Smith, who voices Chris Redfield
Sean is the killer, Roger's the lover and Craig is both.
So Craig is officially James Bond until 2020. Idris Elba will be 48, Chiwetel Ejiofor will be 42. If Roger Moore...
yeah Craig and Roger doing a good job, got good coaches, calm atmosphere and the kids enjoy playing there, no pressure.
I… Roger Craig Smith is the narrator of Say Yes To The Dress. Chris Redfield is narrating wedding gowns to me.
Roger Moore best Bond but do love Daniel Craig too
did he voice in the first two? I know it was Roger Craig Smith in origins but that's it
It *** so bad that Roger Craig Smith blocked me on here, & I have NO CLUE WHAT I DID WRONG!!! =(
I love Sean Connery and Daniel Craig as bond and roger Moore
he had Roger Craig, Freddie Solomon, Dwight Clark, Rice, Ricky Watters in the most innovative offense of that time
I had a dream last night that I won a trip to DisneyLand to play Sonic 3 and Knuckles with Roger Craig Smith.Death Egg was in the castle.
well they were both voiced by Roger Craig Smith at one point so it counts
I'm starting to think that Daniel Craig is the best Bond. Even his worst one is better than Roger Moore's best.
I attended a Mets-Giants game there in 62 or 63! Roger Craig lost 1-0 for the Mets. PG was great for NFL Giants though
Craig reviews the 2015 Royal Ascot Carnival including his second aboard Brazen Beau:
Roger Craig looks like he can still play
Besides trying to get Roger Craig and Eddie DeBartolo in the Hall of Fame, we also need to get John Brodie in there as well.
Imagine Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith and Roger Craig, Atwater/Lott in the same team just a sample?
Montana had the GOAT, Brent Jones, Roger Craig, etc. Brady has had Givens, Brown, Patten, Faulk, etc.
Hanging with his NetApp friends, NFL great and 3-time Super Bowl champ, Roger Craig.
49ers were so effective with Montana not because of the long ball. Established the run with Roger Craig then passed for short yard on 3rd D
Hamilton Collection
Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, and Joe Montana were all playing together at one time.  That...
For context, Joe Montana had thre, and one of them was Roger Craig for one season. Otherwise, it was Dwight Clark and Jerry Rice.
as the late great Pat Summerall Said when Roger Craig scored a TD in SB 24 to make the score 41-7 vs Denver.. "This is just unfortunate"
I'm not a big Roger fan either, his were awfully silly. And the safari suits :( Connery or Daniel Craig for me.
Refs like Roger East, Mike Jones, Jonathan Moss, Robert Madley, Craig Pawson, Anthony Taylor and Neil Swarbrick are good enough for League 1
Introducing the latest clown to wear black at the Etihad. Stand up Roger East, take a bow that man
At respective stages of eligibility, only Biggio, Piazza and Bagwell are in line with avg vote %s of eventual HoFers.
Roger East ref at city vs Sunderland. Other than Craig pawson he is without doubt the worst ref I have ever seen. Joke he is premier league.
Daniel Craig and Roger Moore sketches I did for a client project
Wow the guys from magic got inducted into the pro football Hall of game and roger craig still can't smh
Tim and Pedro and Alan and Craig and Barry and Roger and John and Randy and Mike and Gary agree!
Memories of I.M. Hipp & Roger Craig & Mike Rozier along w/ Turner Gill. They used to run wild over the Big 8.
Darin the Cowboys rotated Craig Morton and Roger Staubach at QB every other play back in 1971.
Ex-49ers star: We need another Jim Harbaugh: Roger Craig says he will miss Harbaugh, not inspired by po...
so the restraining order Roger Craig had on you ends at midnight, how are you going to celebrate?
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setting the pace perfectly. Cheers Craig
love Marshawn, but Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, John Taylor etc weren't a good team?
Roger Moore's Bond on telly right now. He has all the wit, humour and charm that is lacking from the Daniel Craig version.
Roger Goodell is like the Elf on the Shelf - he's an imaginary disciplinary figure who has to be moved around manually fro…
"Idris Elba is going to be than 'em all Connery then Craig "Roger Moore before Brosnan"Sean Conne
Connery then Craig "Roger Moore before Brosnan"Sean Connery is the greatest James Bond. Then Pierce Brosnan next""
Invite from former San Francisco 49'er Roger Craig to join as manufacturers share their experiences!
Roger Craig featured speaker at manufacturing even at Lions Gate Hotel McClellan Park January 21st - Sign up at Manex
Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Our is oblivious, but plants LOVE more CO2.
There's not a more generous guy on the planet. ~Roger Craig
Sean connery, Daniel craig, pierce Brosnan, time Dalton, Roger moore... to add a black man's name to that list? Wow man. Wow.
Who's got your vote? "Biggio, Piazza, Bagwell, Bonds: Hall of Fame holdovers" via
Tales from the San Francisco 49ers Sideline - Craig, Roger/ Maio
Kevin Payne hired Roger Nelsen as head coach and now Tim Bezbatchenko has been given a chance to hire Craig Vanney as his head coach
Hall of Fame holdovers: What's next? via
I love Sean Conery, Roger Moore, Daniel Craig on 007 James Bond they so *** make every girls. Something★
Huge 49ers fan tonight! A victory over the Bolts will go a long way towards helping the Steelers along in their Quest for SEVEN! Kill 'em, Kaepernick! Run that ball, Roger Craig! Catch that pass, John Taylor! Get some more return yards, Kyle Williams! Crabtree on the fade in the end zone! Go team! (Is that how y'all do it?)
nope. The one and only Roger Craig Smith.
Joe Montana had Jerry Rice/Roger Craig, Troy Aikman had Michael Irvin/Emmit Smith, Terry Bradshaw had Lynn Swan...they suck too?
All Chris Carter did was catch 2-3 yards TDs after moss got the 60 yard bomb. Robert Smith is no Roger Craig. Cunningham or Montana?
Roger Craig, Joe Montana, Brent Jones, John Taylor, Jerry Rice, Tom Rathman. That was a sick *** offense the Niners had back then
Marcus Allen played fullback for Bo Jackson, Roger Craig n Eric Dickerson n rode the bench for 2 yrs w n is still in the HOF
It's good Brings back memories - Handheld Walkmans, Terry Steinbach, Matt Williams, Roger Craig, Tony LaRussa in an A's hat
There is no freakin way I'd root for the Giants. The hatred I have for Roger Craig and Will Clark make it impossible
Roger Craig Smith is dancing with the sonic mascot
tell him to study the greats who could run and block, see: Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton, Roger Craig, etc...
Solid question - Does Shaun Alexander belong in the hall of fame? Better numbers than Earl Campbell and Roger Craig.
Joe Montana, Roger Craig, John Taylor, Ronnie Lott, they don't play anymore bro.come join us
Saw Joe Montana today -plus Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Roger Craig, Ronnie Lott- all the legends
remember, it's not personal, it's just business. Then again, tell that to Ronnie Lott & Roger Craig, they went to the Raiders.
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Dallas Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig insisted on telling the truth, no matter what, he took it to his death - and he did that for us. When they ruined Roger Craig’s life, took away his job, he shoveled manure. HE SHOVELED MANURE AND DID NOT COMPLAIN – ROGER CRAIG CONTINUED TO TELL THE TRUTH - because that is what heroes do. Don’t feel sorry for Roger Craig, who had a very tough life but never complained, teach your kids about him. These are the guys we should model our lives after, not bums like George H.W. Bush, LBJ, Nixon, Hoover, Angleton, Atlee Phillips and Richard Helms, etc. who were behind the murders of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. At 8:35 into this video, Roger Craig tells how Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers found a .45 calibre slug on the infield grass amoung blood, blone and hair – that’s on the infield grass – so, have no doubt – JFK was definitely blown away (in the head) from the right front (his right). Two Men In Dallas - Part 2
When you think of the San Francisco 49ers glory days the first wave of players that come to mind include QB Joe Montana, QB Steve Young, WR Jerry Rice, RB Roger Craig, and DB Ronni...
To All You Marino Fans.. Are you aware that Marino and Joe Montana will be playing a Flag Football Game at Candlestick Park on July 12th along with some others, Jerry Rice,Roger Craig and Dwight Clark. I know it's Flag Football but it should be pretty cool !! GO DOLPHINS !!!
I'm not sure. Maybe if we're talking 1988 & Will Clark v. Ozzie Smith or Roger Craig v. Whitey Herzog.
Roger Craig Smith, the voice of ezio from assassins creed is also the voice of sonic omg
there is Lee Oswald's U.S. Marine Corps ring and the grainy brown overshirt that Roger Craig described, and was blowing in the wind, at 12:40 as Lee Oswald ran across the top of the grassy knoll and hopped into CIA Ruth Paines station wagon that sped off under the triple underpass...he was next seen at the Tidy Lady launderette, in Oak Cliff, making a phone call, and then entered the Texas Theater at 1:08, appoximately the same time J.D. Tippit was killed, by Roscoe White and Gary Marlow of the CIA, 8 blocks away at 10th and Patton
read, and save for your records, the FBI report where Roger Craig positively identified the man he saw get into Ruth Paines wagon at 12:40 as Lee Harvey Oswald
Today's opening day starting line-up blast from the past. We continue our series for teams for the 1979 baseball season. Finishing 5th and 22 games back in the National League East, would be the San Diego Padres. The Padres finish with a record of 68-93, under manager Roger Craig. The Padres draw 1.456 million and 8th in the National League. Leading the Padres with 34 homeruns and 118 rbis would be the Hall of Famer Dave Winfield. The other Hall of Famer, Ozzie Smith leads the team in steals with 24. Leading the team in wins, would be another Hall of Famer, *** Perry with 12. The 4th Hall of Famer leads them in saves with 13 Rollie Fingers. The Padres start the season with a 2-5 road trip. The Padres lose the season opener to the Reds 4-2 Gene Richards-CF Ozzie Smith-SS Mike Hargrove-1B Dave Winfield-RF Jerry Turner-LF Gene Tenace-C Fernando Gonzalez-2B Barry Evans-3B Bob Shirley-P
Geeking out over Brad Rutter's big Jeopardy win tonight. *** of a player. Can't wait to see him play Roger Craig and (ma…
Jerry Rice talking about Roger Craig introducing him to the idea of Chiropractic. Hear him talk about how chiropractic helped him become a great football player.
Look back-1983 Draft -Giants take Terry Kinard -Pass on Darrell Green , Willie Gault ,Roger Craig. QB's on the board still-Kelly, Marino
Watching NFL network Super Bowl 23 my 49ers against the bengals was the most exciting Super Bowl ever Jerry Rice 220 yards receiving , Roger Craig rushing and Joe Montana passing omg what more could you ask for in 1989.
I'm watching the San Francisco 49ers Superbowl XXIII Classics against Cinncinati Bengals and my 49er Dream Team! MISS those days, this just looked so easy.Awesome seeing Joe Montana Jerry Rice and another fave Roger Craig doing their thing!!! 1:15 left on the clock and we've got the ball and moving it fast. We know how this ends!! What a day for RICE and us!!! 39 seconds to go .and another TOUCHDOWN! These were the days folks, so glad I was able to experience this. Missing Coach Walsh!
This is a super limited-edition, one-time run of this t-shirt that depicts a classic, 8-bit style 49ers player a la Jerry Rice or Roger Craig in Tecmo Bowl.Sport your colors this season while donning this super rare, slice of 49ers late '80s nostalgia.
We have a great show for you tomorrow. Be sure to tune in 5-7pm we are LIVE from the DeBartolo Family Foundation Gala. We will have interviews with Lovie Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Ronde Barber, Derrick Brooks, Roger Craig, Tyler Florence, Jerry Rice, Jaleel White to name a few.
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I wonder what Watson would be. Roger Craig would be Jimmie Johnson or Rick Mears. Forrest would be Petty.
Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson of Advanced Chiropractic Relief takes care of professional Athletes and help them get back in the game with Sports Chiropractic techniques and rehabilitation of the spine. Jerry Rice, Joe Montana and Roger Craig of the San Francisco 49ers all have had Ch...
You know I just don't buy the Roger Craig conspiracy theory that that fumble is keeping is keeping him out of Canton. Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills lost four straight Super Bowls. He's in. So are Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, and Andre Reed. I don't know why Craig's not in but it's not because of that.
Negrodamus Super Bowl Prediction:the 49ers will win; Jerry Rice&Roger Craig will be co-MVP!!!
Hall of Fame class this year is a good one. Glad that Ray Guy finally made it! Still wondering when Roger Craig will be inducted. Changed the way running backs fit into an offense. First one ever to have 1000 yards rushing and 1000 yards receiving. Congrats to those guys that made it.
If I got a vote, these are the guys I'd vote into the Pro Football Hall of Fame from among the available finalists: DE/LB Charles Haley, WR Andre Reed, WR Tim Brown, DE Michael Strahan, & LB Derrick Brooks. (I'm still irritated that Roger Craig didn't make the final cut this year...)
DENVER BRONCOS SUERBOWLS: Super Bowl XXIV- January 28, 1990 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Broncos earned another shot at redemption with their '89 campaign. The San Francisco 49ers were defending Superbowl champs. Denver began the game well, but the momentum changed when Bronco running back Bobby Humphrey fumbled in the 1st quarter. Joe Montana took over, and at that point, the curtain dropped on the Broncos. Montana threw 22 for 29 completions for 297 yards and a record 5 touchdowns and earned MVP. Jerry Rice had 7 receptions for 3 TDs, and running backs Roger Craig and Tom Rathman combined for 3 TDs. The 49ers became the only Superbowl team to ever score 8 touchdowns. Karl Mecklenburg, Steve Atwater, Dennis Smith, Tyrone Braxton, Simon Fletcher, and the rest of Denver's defense were eaten alive. San Fran's defense, consisting of Pierce Holt, Charles Haley, Ronnie Lott, Matt Millen, and Bill Romanowski held the Broncos offense to a total 167 yards and 12 first downs. ...
I thought Andre Reed was already in the Hall of Fame. Same with Roger Craig and Brett Favre. *** ?
oh man. I really WANT Lego Marvel the video game for my birthday. Tara Strong as She-hulk and Mj? Troy baker as Loki? Roger Craig Smith as Cap America? Steve Blum as Wolvie? Nolan North AS DEADPOOL! What more do i want!?! lol PLEEEAAASEE!
The Padres held the public memorial at PETCO Park for Jerry Coleman today and it was done with sensitivity and love. Congratulations Padres for staging a memorable tribute to Jerry. Every speaker did an outstanding job and Tim Flannery performed a very touching song. Jerry would have hated every minute of it because it was too much about him. He would however enjoyed the Marines participation - the 21 gun salute and two flyovers. The reception afterwards provide opportunities to visit with 3 former Padres presidents that I worked for, former Padres skipper Roger Craig, broadcasters *** Enberg and Dave Campbell. On the way out Patti and I stopped by Jerry’s statue and my buddy Alex Montoya of the Padres pointed out that a fan hung a very special medal around his neck.
I got Baseball and now Football which I am a fan of. I can't take the NFL Hall of Fame seriously until Terrell Davis, Roger Craig, Morten Anderson, Will Shields, Jerome Bettis, and Steve Atwater are inducted into the Hall. The fact that those men are not in, and Strahan, Craig, Shields, and Anderson weren't first ballot is appalling! Morten Anderson is the All time leading scorer in NFL history! How is the all time leading scorer NOT a first ballot HOFer?!? SMH
Bears must I go back to my old team. The 49ers, was a huge fan. Roger Craig, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Charles Haley, Ronnie Lott. Then became the biggest Bears fan with Walter Payton, Willie Gault, Wilber Marshall, Mike Singletary, Dan Hampton days. Come on Bears we have to change our ways
Everyone has their opinions on The Stick. Yes, it may be ugly, too windy and too cold, but if you went there as a kid to see the 49ers or Giants play it was a cathedral, almost heaven and better than Disneyland. I have so many great memories there, going to get food when Vida Blue was leading off an inning and missing him hit a home run and the scoreboard wishing my brother happy birthday vs the Cincinnati Reds. It was where I saw my first football game, my first Monday Night Football game and my first baseball game. I was there the day Roger Craig became the first NFL player to go thousand, thousand. I was there for Garrison Hearst's 98 yard run in OT vs the Jets, and for The Catch 2. I was there October 17th 1989 when Candlestick kicked the earthquakes *** That stadium was the sight of many great bonding moments between me and my dad, me and my brother, me and my sister, and me and my brother in law. My memories of Candlestick Park will stay with me forever. When the great coach Marv Levy used to say .. ...
You don't know who Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Steve Young, Deion Sanders, TO Or Ronnie Lott you are not a niner fan
Ahhh, Candlestick Park.the Stick. The 49ers and the Giants. Ah, lovely, wonderful memories of this fabled place. I remember first hearing about this park as a kid. My dad and mom saw Willie Mays play at the Stick in the early 60s when we lived in California. My mom always says seeing him play was one of the biggest thrills of her life. Cue to 1989 when I moved to California. As a huge football, I couldn't wait to see games there. I saw Joe Montana, Steve Young,... Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, Keena Turner, John Taylor, Randy Cross, Roger Craig, Brent Jones, and many other amazing players play tough, great games at this park. I saw many playoff games there that some years were the virtual Super Bowl (49ers vs. Cowboys in the early to mid 90s was the Super Bowl). Wilbur and I figured out that we were both at the Stick in January 1995 when the 49ers crushed the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game. We didn't know each other then; we put this together after we met. Wilbur got fre ...
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I loved Roger Craig,Ricky Waters and Garrison Hearst,but in my opinion,Frank Gore is the best 49er running back of all time!
Thinking about Freddie Solomon, Roger Craig, Bill Ring and of course, Ronnie Lott. ;)
The 49ers say farewell to Candlestick Park tonight and a flood of memories.Joe Montana,Dwight Clark,Jerry Rice,Roger Craig,John Taylor,Steve Young,Rickey Watters,Ronnie Lott,Eric Wright(Mizzou).The great coaches,Bill Walsh,the choreographer of the West Coast offense,and George Siefert.And a once in a lifetime owner,Eddie DiBartolo.Glad the Giants are a part of the festivities.While the Niners won five Super Bowls,the Giants won pennants in 1962 and 1989,but could not bring home a World Championship to The Stick.They won it all at AT&T in 2010 and 2012.Delighted that the 49ers invited Willie McCovey,and the greatest ballplayer I've ever seen,Willie Mays.
Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, Steve Young, Bill Walsh, Merton Hanks, Dwight Clark, "Prime Time", Charles Haley, etc. so many great prayers, (who most of my fb "friends" have never even heard of), played in historic Candlestick Park.
Tonight the San Francisco 49er's Playing their final regular season home game at Candlestick Park.. Since 1971- 5 championships in 6 trips to the superbowl. 36 MNF games most of any team in the NFL, a plethora of Hall of Fame players ... No stadium in the NFL has seen more playoff games, or MNF games... Who can forget the likes of Tom Rathman, Roger Craig, Dwight" the Catch" Clark, Steve Young, Garrison Hearst, the venerable Ronnie Lott, Terrell Owens, and the greatest Passer reciever COmbo of all time Joe Cool Montana to Jerry "the greatest ever" Rice Note: also the sight of the last Beatles Stadium Concert.. Congratulations to the City of San Francisco, 54 years of Sports History, with class. and Goodbye to "The Stick" an old friend...
As much as I have loved the 9ers, (Bill Walsh, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Dwight Clark, and my fave, Joe Montana) and as sad as I am to see Candlestick Park torn down I will have to pull for the *** Falcons tonight.
Getting ready to watch the last regular season game at the legendary "Candlestick Park" stadium. So many great moments and Niners played there from Joe "Cool" Montana, Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott and many more from the 80s. Steve Young, Ken Norton Jr., Deion Sanders and many more from the 90s. So emotional right now but LETS GO NINERS!!!
It's difficult for me to wax poetic about a stadium that is aesthetically appealing as the town dump but the 'Stick will always hold a special place in my heart. I learned how football was played and how it is perfected. It was a place that showcased a "slow footed" receiver from Itta Bena, Mississippi who proceeded to break every conceivable NFL receiving record. It was home to men that hit harder than Mack trucks from Fred Dean to Keena Turner to Ronnie Lott to Patrick Willis. It was home to Roger Craig whose numerous TD runs will always outweigh one single costly fumble in a championship game. It was a gateway to the Super Bowl in the '80s and it was the place where Steve Young exorcised his demons and beat the dreaded Cowboys to give him his only ring as a starter. From The Catch to The Catch II to Post to Vernon to beating the Seahawks 19-14 Candlestick holds many memories. It's time to make one more good one. From Montana to Kid K, from Jerry Rice to Michael Crabtree, from Roger Craig to Frank Gore ...
As a LIFELONG 49ers Fan its a special night for me to watch the Farewell to Candlestick Park. The very 1st game I ever watched was the 81 NFC Championship Game..Joe Montana to Dwight Clark for "The Catch"... the beginning of a True Dynasty. The memories of Jerry Rice & John Taylor catching 5yrd slants & going the distance, Roger Craig & his high knee running style busting through the entire Rams defense & him being the 1st to have over 1000yrds rushing & receiving in a season...Ronnie Lotts viscous hit on the Giants Mark Bavorrow..the passing of the torch from Montana to Steve Young. I remember all of the losses to the Packers until Steve hit a young T.O. for "The Catch 2". I remember watching Steve Youngs career come to an end on a safety blitz by Aeneas Williams ..the years when the team was down & out but still a fan..& finally having Harbaugh come in & help restore order to the house Eddie DeBartolo & Bill Walsh built. .to see Patrick Willis & Vernon Davis & Frank Gore & Joe Staley who were there when ...
Feeling some type of way right now. Last regular season game at Candlestick Park. As I sit and watch all the greats that came back, it brings back memories when I was a little boy growing up wanting to be Jerry Rice John Taylor, Deion Sanders, Roger Craig, and Ronnie Lott ( he couldn't have played in today era) he would have been playing for free the way he was laying people out. My first 49er starter coat. Lol. I'm not even going to talk about what I did to you boys on Tecmo bowl with them 49ers. 5 soon to be 6 championship not many can say anything about that. Not 1 lol but 5 kmsl.
History is being made at Candlestick Park tonight... I have a lot of memories of the place.saw Willie Mays play there. Saw Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, and Roger Craig play at the stick. The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer day at Candlestick.The final game tonight.Go NINERS!
.Men.can get off this.Romo pity 49ers R closing diwn Candlestick Park.a place where we won 5 Super Bowls.a place we played our hearts out for 42 long yrs.big ups to Ronnie Lott,Montana,Rice,Roger Craig,Ricky Watters.even T.O.letz celebrate tonite true Niners fans.RIP to Bill Walsh...a great coach.much love to George Seifert.this is our night NINER fans.letz not let those sorry Cowgirlz take our shine tonjte.BRING IT .Falcons.'n as usual.I'M OUT...!!!
Goodbye Candlestick Park...been a Niner fan for 30+ years...watched two of the greatest players in NFL history...Joe Montana and Jerry Rice have some incredible games...Ronnie Lott...Roger Craig...Tom Rathman...Charles Hailey...John Taylor...and the game that started my alliegence to the Niners...two words..."the catch"!
Tonight, on Monday Night Football, we will be saying goodbye to a legend, Candlestick Park. I went to my first baseball game EVER at Candlestick. Most playoff games of any stadium with 27. Legends like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Charles Hailey, Roger Craig, Deion Sanders, Terrell Owens, and Ronnie Lott called it home. The earthquake in 88' during the battle of the bay World Series. "The Catch" sending the Cowboys home and the 49ers to their first of 5 Super Bowls. So much history, but Candlestick doesn't want to go quietly into the night. If the 49ers tonight and next Sunday and the Seahawks lose next Sunday, Candlestick will give us one last January to remember. This 49er fan has his fingers crossed.
The issue of Roger Craig's story: I am stunned that so many people accept it. I wouldn't care if they accepted it as a possibility, but they accept it as a fact. They are quick to point to problems with the bus/cab testimonies, but Roger Craig's story doesn't benefit from that. He doesn't gain credibility because of it. His story has problems of its own. Let's look at them in a hierarchy. 1. It does appear that Oswald himself said that he rode the bus. In the very first Fritz notes from 11/22, Fritz wrote: "home by bus changed britches". In the second notes, Fritz wrote down about the cab ride including the fare of eighty-five cents. Later, Whaley said the fare was ninety-five cents, but there is no reason to think that Oswald lied about it. It's just a discrepancy- that's all. A mature person is not going to harp on it. Could Fritz have just made it up? But, these were notes to himself. And if he was willing to write down that Oswald said he was out with Bill Shelley in front, there is nothing more exone ...
Montana had more talent than Brady, too. He had Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, John Taylor, and a ferocious defense.
It was very refreshing to receive this letter from Dennis Cimino. On another page, there is a debate going on whether Oswald got into a car with David Sanchez Morales after the assassination. They are trying to deny that Oswald traveled home alone using public transportation. They're saying the whole story was made up, concocted, by the Dallas Police, that what really happened is that Oswald was transported in a car, a Nash Rambler, driven by David Sanchez Morales, in keeping with the claims of Roger Craig, and that everything about the other story: the testimonies of bus driver McWatters, cab driver Waylie, rider Mary Bledsoe (who was Oswald's previous landlady) and that of his current landlady Earlene Roberts were false, that all of these people were forced to lie under pressure. It's weird because two of them came in by their own volition: Waylie and Bledsoe. But, I don't believe any of that, and neither does Dennis, and here is what he says about it: "I think that as 'patsy' for the murder, LHO's rol ...
Note: this is a communication from me to Jim Fetzer: Regarding Mexico City, Oswald certainly never went there. It's one of the most frequently cited points that Mark Lane makes. Mark Lane even said that David Atlee Phillips even admitted to him after a lecture at UCLA that the FBI knows full well that Oswald never went to Mexico. Note also that Oswald himself said that he never went to Mexico except for a brief foray to Tijuana. But about this whole Roger Craig thing, I think you have to look at in terms of the evidence, and you also have to evaluate the logic of it Oswald could not have been picked up by anyone outside the TSBD unless the conspirators wanted it. But, they obviously didn't want it- if you're going to say that they concocted an elaborate narrative about him taking a bus and cab. So, why would they do something that was detrimental to the "lone nut" story only to have to cover it up with a big complex theatrical production? Wouldn't it be easier and safer to just not do the thing that was d ...
I want BB to come out today on offense and keep handing off to Steven Ridley until he has 200 yards. Roger Craig fumbled a ton before he became GREAT for the 49ers. Can't give up on him yet.
We are having a HUGE garage sale next Saturday, November 30th. Some of the items for sale are a couple of outdoor propane heaters (only used once with tanks), a huge reverse projector screen (got this off craigslist-brand new, worth thousands), a treadmill, a propane BBQ grill, an old Pepsi machine (as is, not sure it works, but a great fixer upper-found it on craigslist), working PS3 game system with some games and two controllers, a huge selection of men's designer neckties (Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Claiborne, Kenneth Cole, Donald Trump, Tommy Hilfiger, Pierre Cardin, etc), a huge selection of aquariums (all sizes from 10 gallon to 80 gallon), 2 TVs, vinyl records of various singers (33's and 45's), books, videos, DVD's, autographed basketballs items from Steve Nash and Grant Hill, Sean Elliott NBA-Star Poster frame), Roger Craig autographed football, 2 Jack Hamm (Steelers) autographed footballs, autographed golf club of David Duval with letter of authenticity, autographed framed picture of Mike S ...
My guesses for the ... Derrick Brooks, Walter Jones, Andre Reed, Charles Haley, Roger Craig, Don Coryell but praying for
I still feel bad Kyle Williams will be remembered for what he did... at least Roger Craig had a career before his moment.
Today in Baseball History -- Nov. 4 -- from Mary Landers ... 1935 -- NFL standout Cal Hubbard becomes an American League umpire. The former Green Bay Packers offensive tackle will become the only person to be enshrined at both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Baseball Hall of Fame. 1957 -- With a new balk rule, the hitter now has an option after the call is made. If a player gets a hit, he can accept the outcome of the pitch, instead of being only limited to the advance of the base runner(s). 1959 -- Ernie Banks (.304, 45, 143) wins his second consecutive MVP award. 'Mr Cub' garners 10 of the writers' 21 first-place votes with Eddie Mathews (5) and Hank Aaron (2) of the Braves and Dodger Wally Moon (4) names found on top of the remaining ballots. 1963 -- The Cardinals trade outfielder George Altman and pitcher Bill Wakefield to the Mets for veteran right-hander Roger Craig. Next season, the hard luck hurler, who has lost 20 games the last two years, will win Game 4 of the Fall Classic, beating the Ya ...
Yes indeed. And hopefully, the return of Kevin Conroy. Not that Roger Craig's bad.
Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Jim Plunkett and Ronnie Lott activate hangout with Google Glass.
Roger Craig is in for a long day. Same for that punk wide receiver Jim Rice or whatever his name is.
This Sunday, out in Danville, at Sip, Taste & Tailgate Like A Pro at the Blackhawk Country Club, you’ll get to taste bites from top local chefs such as Rodney Worth of The Peasant & the Pear and Esteban Escobar of Corners Tavern while mingling with 49ers greats including Ronnie Lott, John Taylor, Eric Wright, and Roger Craig. Heck, even Kristi Yamaguchi is going to be there. And it’s all for a great cause, benefiting the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. Click here for all the info and to purchase tickets: If you would like a discount put in the following code: tnfl13.
Shout out to Roger Craig, Ralph Brown, Grant Wistrom, Tommie Frazier and Mike Rozier. But NOT today Cornhuskers. GO
Hoping to see Steve Young, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, or Rod Woodson! Perhaps a new one like Roger Craig, Tom Rathman
Ok so apparently Seahawks fans knowledge of their team is bring questioned in a previous post. So thought id turn the tables on 49ers fans. Before Frank Gore became your teams all- time leading rusher, who held the record previously? Ill give ya hint its not Roger Craig.-brand23
McCoy signing next weekend, next up in October is my biggest show of the year. Here is the line-up ( Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Eric Dickerson, Rollie Fingers, Russ Grimm, Bo Jackson, Jamal Lewis, Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ozzie Newsome, Jonathan Ogden, Bill Parcells, Michael Phelps, Lawrence Taylor and Robin Yount). As always inbox me if interested, I'm only taking orders for this show and won't be doing much if anything for inventory.
On that day, Roger Craig allowed homers to: Orlando Cepeda (2), Jim Davenport, Ed Bailey, Felipe Alou, Joey Amalfitano.
Yup. Ricky Watters had a few though. «Roger Craig only had one 1000 yard season I think. And it was his 1000-1000 season.»
Yep. Ricky Watters and Roger Craig were the only real mainstays we've ever had
Playing with Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Roger Craig, and Dwight Clark couldn't have hurt either
Paul Hofer was the most underrated 49er Player. Prototype for Roger Craig, injured before the Glory Days.
49ers SBN: We're giving away a Roger Craig-autographed copy of Dan Brown's new book
too easy... give'em Ronnie Lott or Roger Craig or sum
Need to grab me a jersey I kinda wanna find a Ronnie Lott or roger Craig joint
I liked a video Last day of Sonicon Jason Griffith says a Roger Craig Smith line
Do you get a lot of Big O fans who say "You're a louse, Roger Craig Smith"? Because I don't think I could stop myself
Get Troy Baker, Nolan North, Gideon Emery and Roger Craig Smith in a room together... and watch me die. VOICES.
I hate SF now, but was the biggest FF Roger Craig fan ever. Won me every league I was in like I was cheatin'.
Watching the Sonic OVA and I like this voice for Sonic, sounds like a younger version of Roger Craig Smith's.
Roger Craig. It's a crime he's not in the Hall.
Others include an 83 year old Roger Craig, 63 year old Tom Seaver and the geico gecko
I could tell Wonder Pink was Tara Strong in but Roger Craig Smith as Wonder Blue totally caught me off guard XD
my favorites are Jason Griffin and Roger Craig Smith. to me Jason Griffin gave the kids a (
Does assumption even know who Roger Craig is and what he did?
Omg everyone calm down. I'm sick of it now. Let's talk about Roger Craig Smith as Batman instead! :D
Ah, Roger Craig Smith is on a roll today!
I liked a video from Roger Craig Smith - Bak-Anime 2013
I wish Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate came to iOS devices. The new trailer shows that Roger Craig Smith is a great fit for Batman's voice
Almost time to give away a Roger Craig signed jersey!!
I like this Jewel Hampton guy. But I gotta ask, how have not retired Roger Craig's
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