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Roger Clemens

William Roger Clemens (born August 4, 1962), nicknamed The Rocket , is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who broke into the league with the Boston Red Sox, whose pitching staff he would help anchor for 12 years.

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Roger Clemens' commitment to frosted tips has flipped over from ridiculous to inspiring.
Tune in to Sports Final Sunday night at 11:30pm. I go 1 on 1 with the Rocket Roger Clemens at Willowbend CC. https…
The Rocket That Fell to Earth: Roger Clemens and the R a soli 14.57 EUR (57% di sconto)
Roger Clemens was at the Red Sox game tonight. He has frosted tips.
Roger Clemens looks like a regular at The Hong Kong that knows all the bartenders names
no defense of Pete Rose but Roger Clemens did same exact thing with Mindy McCready when she was 15. Is he on…
Its made news Pete Rose had an affair with a Teenage girl in the 70's... Didn't Roger Clemens do the same with Mindy McCready?..
McNamara is telling the truth & Clemens is a fat lying roid user who was lazy & fat in his last few years in Boston…
Roger Clemens was almost killed today while pitching batting practice
Why does Roger Clemens look like he ate Guy Fieri
Is Roger Clemens still frosting tips? Because I'm not against it.
Pitching, Mental Game, Focus & Playing with a Chip on your Shoulder. Roger Clemens.
I gave up being a Roger Clemens fan the day he said he didn't want a sox cap on his plaque and when he put on pinstripes.
He was my 1st game...You never forget your 1st game. I am a Red Sox fan. And I Love Roger Clemens
I worked in an autograph shop. Guy asked for Roger Clemens. Not a clue Looked it up. Took him to it. It was him.
”I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in” Roger Clemens
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How do Red Sox fans feel about Roger Clemens waltzing into the Red Sox booth for an inning like that? I am not a forgiving…
I respect the *** out of Roger Clemens sticking with the frosted tips and riding that look till the wheels fall off. h…
Matt Goisman has a story on Willowbend honoree Roger Clemens:
Said it in December and I'll say it today: If Bud Selig is a Hall of Famer so are Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens:
Roger Clemens is there? I guess Jeff Novitzky isn't in attendance.
What about Roger Clemens and his affair...ERRR...…
Scherzer: If he starts ASG, he will join Roy Halladay, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson & Vida Blue as only pitchers to start for AL & NL.
Favourite cap-doffing moment: Jeff Juden strikes out 14 Jays and beats his idol Roger Clemens in front of 50,436 fans on
Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan got me into it then Ken Griffey Jr and Ricky Henderson got me hooked!
Also after a quick Wikipedia search, I just learned Roger Clemens' children's names are: Koby, Kody, Kacy, and Kory.
Last Yankee to strike out 13 and take the loss: Roger Clemens vs Pedro Martinez in this Sunday night classic in 2000
Looks like Doug Fister's coming back after all! Apparently he's going the late-career Roger Clemens route.
Chris Sale joins and Roger Clemens as only pitchers with 10+ Ks in 4 consecutive…
Yoan Moncada has to turn into Mike Schmidt and Michael Kopech into Roger Clemens for me to regret the Chris Sale trade.
Roger Clemens is still all warm and cuddly after all these years!
Roger Clemens: I should've told PED accusers 'to go sh— in their hats'
Roger Clemens "last game" 2003 World Series. Alex Gonzalez walk off DINGER for the fish
Looks like the Jimmy Neutron-universe Cole Hamels is friends with Roger Clemens
Mike Ditka, Mean Joe Green, Wade Phillips, Roger Clemens, Dan Pastorini, Jim McMahon, and many more were there.
Roger Clemens finds that drink of water suspect
Frank Thomas said Barry Bonds & Roger Clemens might as well be in HOF if players linked to PEDs are getting elected. http…
[Daily Nebraskan] DIXON: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens deserve to be in Hall of Fame
Barry Bonds & Roger Clemens both saw increased support in Hall of Fame voting... by via
Roger Clemens in text to FOX 26 on Jeff Bagwell: "Oh,yeah Jeff's career reaches far beyond the Hall.A great team…
Mine is:. Greg Maddux. Walter Johnson. Roger Clemens*. Randy Johnson. Sandy Koufax . *you know why it's there 😆
It just tickles me still when you see Roger Clemens, as great as he...
I simply have high standards when it comes to aces, they have to be like Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, etc
So Houston recruits Lane Kiffin to pair with Kelvin Sampson. Who's next, Sammy Sosa or Roger Clemens to coach baseball?
Are you serious Bob? Why not rename Cy Young the Roger Clemens, the Hank Aaron the Barry Bonds the Rivera & Hoffman…
Your newsletter link to 2004 column missed the flashback that makes Clayton Kershaw sound like the latter day Roger Clemens /1
Reminder: the Mets won Game Six of the 1986 World Series because they made Roger Clemens throw 138 pitches in 7 innings.
In the end, Andy Pettitte did not rat out his friend Roger Clemens. I like him again, a lot.
Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens have combined for 610 combined wins and were the last pair of…
At this rate Jays will need Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson and doped up Roger Clemens to win the AL East.
Now Young goes deep! Roger Clemens was the ROCKET... . Paul Clemens must be the ROCKET LAUNCHER...
Red Sox can make any pitcher look like Roger Clemens with RISP. Even Paul Clemens ...
The only pitcher to serve two home runs to Worthington was Jack Morris. He got Bert Blyleven, Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens.
54 year old Roger Clemens is pitching in Wichita and Jayson Nix just hit into a triple play. I'm definitely in Bizarro World. .
Bluefish mgr Luis Rodriguez, Guest mgr Roger Clemens, Bridgeport mayor Joseph Ganim - nice sign on the left!
And the Astros gonna get Roger Clemens out of retirement 😂
and just add Lance Berkman and Roger Clemens and we're good to go.
I'm guessing Roger Clemens wasn't there to honor Mike Piazza today right?
Roger Clemens created an iconic moment when he threw a piece of a bat at Mike Piazza in the World Series https…
Roger Clemens heads roster of MLB alums to play together in NBC World Series
Roger Clemens & Roy Oswalt are playing baseball together again, Root Sports is getting weird, and Altuves
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Roger Clemens and a team of former All-Stars will compete in the NBC World Series via
Roger Clemens, Tim Hudson, Josh Beckett, & a whole team of ex MLBers will play in a tourney against college players ht…
Roger Clemens is returning to play baseball on the most random roster we've ever seen - For The Win
Chipper Jones is joining Roger Clemens' fantastic, random roster of ex-MLB players
Roger Clemens will pitch in amateur tournament in latest comeback via
Chipper Jones is joining that fantastic team of former pros at the NBC World Series.
A team of ex-MLB players including Roger Clemens, Tim Hudson, Adam LaRoche will play in summer baseball tournament. https…
Roger Clemens might make a comeback 😳
Can't wait to see the premier pitching matchup of the summer:. Roger Clemens vs Brady Wright
Roger Clemens, J.D. Drew, Adam LaRoche and Roy Oswald highlight an impressive roster of all-stars who will compete in the NBC World Series.
Roger Clemens is one of 8 NBC Alumni competing in Championship week at NBC World Series, he'll be joined by R. Oswald, J.D. Drew, J. Beckett
Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux, Sandy Koufax are my top 5 all time. Can't beat that list.
Guess Mindy McCready needed more than 10,000 angels to stay away from Roger Clemens.
Yes, I have known Roger Clemens for a long time.
I never wanted to marry Roger Clemens. I wanted him to do right by his...
Was it Shawn Estes whom threw behind Roger Clemens? If so, was Noah closer?
I don't know why I remember this, but I think I recall watching a Roger Clemens 4-K inning at Miller Park when I was a little kid.
Roger Clemens (twice), Kerry Wood, Randy Johnson, and now Max Scherzer have fanned 20 in a 9-inning game. None of them walked a batter.
With legend The "Rocket" Roger Clemens who joined Joe and me on in the tonight.
Roger Clemens in the booth during Sox / 'Stros game. Mixed thoughts -- but the Rocket can flat out talk baseball.
Of course the Orioles, who looked like the 1927 Yankees against the Twins, now are making Pelfrey look like Roger Clemens.
I just don't understand why everyone is praising Roger Clemens? My pitching breakdowns are so much better
Red Sox Roger Clemens is like an uncle that died when I was too young to remember but is in all the good old family stories
The Red Sox will honor Roger Clemens and the rest of the '86 Sox later this month.
That Roger Clemens interview on nesn was really good
Tremendous insight from Roger Clemens right now on David Price mechanics.
Roger Clemens is wearing his 1983 National Champion Longhorns ring in the Red Sox booth tonight.
Tough but fair. And to be honest my hatred has cooled to wanting him to be listed as Roger "The Worst" Clemens in media guides.
I hope everyone that pitches just watched Roger Clemens breaking down the Price video and talking about the steering wheel and shoulder spot
Wait, when did it become OK for Sox fans to like Roger Clemens again? Did I miss a memo?
Roger Clemens is a friggin' pitching genius.
That breakdown Roger Clemens did on Price's pitching was incredible... It makes sense hearing it come from a great pitcher .. good job
Roger Clemens just stole my job ... Boonie no
Roger Clemens is very well-spoken and has so much baseball knowledge. should hire him for the booth!
1 inning of Roger Clemens in the booth was better than every inning combined of like 90% of announcers I've heard so far this year
Shouldn't surprise that Roger Clemens sees more than us, but his video breakdown of last week vs. tonight was great on
Roger Clemens just said "I tip my hat to the Jimmy Fund" and suddenly I feel like a 9 y/o listening on a Radio Shack AM radio again.
Hey, hire Roger Clemens for the booth instead of Steve Lyons when you fire Remy!
Roger Clemens' analysis of David Price's delivery on NESN earlier was gold. Clemens is articulate, very knowledgable.
Roger Clemens at Fenway tryna sell some Wake-Up-Now
Parents: make sure you talk to your kids about how Roger Clemens is the worst.
I don't remember Roger Clemens being a nice guy at all.
Pretty nice of Roger Clemens to be in attendance for the game Price breaks the strikeout record
Roger Clemens would be awesome in the booth for Sunday Night Baseball. His breakdown of a few minutes was fantastic.
Listening to Roger Clemens talk shop is a treat. *** tho he may be, his analysis is *** good
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Love listening to Roger Clemens in the booth discussing Price's pitching mechanics. Highly enjoyable.
An inning of Roger Clemens in the NESN booth.
Roger Clemens was in the NESN booth just now. Broke down David Price's mechanics. Pretty interesting stuff.
I learned more about baseball in the last inning listening to Roger Clemens in the NESN booth than I have in years. Thanks,
Listening to Roger Clemens talk pitching is outstanding
Roger Clemens was amazing in the booth. A pleasure listening to and pitchers in general are some of my favorite baseball analysts.
NoOoOo Roger Clemens don't go, 5 more mins, this has been great
The fact roger clemens isnt in the hall of fame is beyond stupid
I turn on Red Sox baseball and there's Roger Clemens telling stories and dissecting David Price's pitching. Since when is all forgiven?
Is bloated tick/Con Man Roger Clemens wearing his NYY WS ring in the booth? It's not often Jerry Remy isn't the worst guy on screen.
"You gotta have a little tilt," Roger Clemens on why Price is throwing harder tonight (right) than before (left)
I want to hate you Roger Clemens. I don't want to forget why we hate you, but *** you are good in the booth. Insightful.
Pretty neat listening to Roger Clemens breakdown pitching on
I don't have much of an opinion on Roger Clemens. Guy was an *** for a while but seems to have calmed down since. Is what it is.
Roger Clemens talks w/ on impressive Max Scherzer 20 K game and on tying his record
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It seems unfair that Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez are engaging and knowledgeable as analysts.
I don't want to enjoy listening to Roger Clemens talking. But sometimes bad things happen to good people.
Great segment with Roger Clemens. Breaking down the Price mechanical differences really interesting.
Roger Clemens out here looking like Buddy Garrity.
Roger Clemens is actually providing gr8 analysis of Price n pitching.
Roger Clemens is adding a ton of great insight to pitching and baseball. I'd love to see him on a national broadcast team.
I just had this weird dream that Tom Caron and Roger Clemens were calling the Red Sox game
Any fan that supports Roger Clemens is not a real fan. The man said if he went into the HOF in a Red Sox hate he wouldn't show up
Roger Clemens just used "TiVo" in a sentence. Amazing. My father is so happy to be listening to him on right now.
It really sounds to me like roger Clemens is looking for a studio gig, and he deserves it. I hope they keep in the studio for a few innings
Roger didn't do steroids he's the greatest pitcher in Major League Baseball history great interview in the booth
"If I can't pitch consistently inside I'm in trouble." -Roger Clemens
Has there ever been any athlete with more of a roller coaster reputation in Boston than Roger Clemens?
I know Roger Clemens is a massive *** but he's honestly not THAT bad in the booth here. Certainly better than Schilling was.
Roger Clemens knows baseball. I guarantee 21 will hang on the right field facade one day
Roger Clemens would still own a TiVo.
Great stuff from Roger Clemens on NESN right now.
Roger Clemens is giving a PhD course on pitching on the NESN Sox broadcast. Fascinating stuff.
Sox still hittin' hard right now. Dirty Roger Clemens in the booth offering pitching analysis right now. —...
Roger Clemens just yuking it up in the Red Sox booth. What a time to be alive.
Roger Clemens is a pretty good analyst.
Roger Clemens is the best part of this booth. Actually interesting and insightful.
I just saw Roger Clemens in the press box here at Fenway Park.
Roger Clemens is enjoyable to listen to in a "I hate myself for enjoying this" kind of way. He really knows what he's t…
Roger Clemens is a pleasure to have at the commentary booth
Roger Clemens is great in the booth breaking down mechanics
Kerry Wood, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson ... and now Max Scherzer. The 20 K club just got a new member.
20 K thru 8.2 IP for Max Scherzer. He ties the record held by Roger Clemens (x2), Kerry Wood and Randy Johnson
Wright & Roger Clemens are only pitchers in last 100 years with 8 straight outings of 5.0+ IP and 2 or fewer run, 6 or fewer hits.
If Steven Wright is basically Roger Clemens, then I think we need to start calling him the Roman Candle.
Roger Clemens, Clyde Drexler, Jeff Bagwell, and Tom Herman will serve as "Legend Coaches" in the JJ Watt Charity Softball…
Baseball all-stars that's been in Best Picture nominated films in recent years: Royce Clayton, Adam Dunn, Roger Clemens
Outstanding pitching performances to start the 2016 season. Always looking for the next Roger Clemens. Pedro Martinez or Sandy Koufax.
But I'm still not 100% convinced that Roger Clemens took steroids. I'm not.
on why Barry Bonds & Roger Clemens should be in the Hall of Fame & more, via
Jeff Bagwell and Roger Clemens throwing the first pitch to Carlos Correa and Dallas Keuchel!…
Jeff Bagwell and Roger Clemens throw the first pitch of the game to Carlos Correa and Dallas Keuchel
Dallas Keuchel honored to catch ceremonial first pitch from Roger Clemens before the home opener at Minute Maid Park
Roger Clemens won seven Cy Youngs despite getting no votes in 1996 (led league in Ks) or 1994 (led league in ERA+).
3/26/1999: Roger Clemens tosses six innings of no-hit ball but the storm back to topple the Yankees 7-5
Fun Fact Saturday: Roger Clemens was winner of American League Cy Young Award for 1986.
Coach K "answered the reporters question incorrectly"? Seriously? Roger Clemens giving him advice now??
about as good as the Roger Clemens "misremember"
If Mitchell can turn into Roger Clemens, it's an even huger win for the Yanks.
When I look back at the tapes, your first everything, your first All-Star G...
if you wanna talk about juice then you gotta watch Batfleck.. Homie was chilling with A-Rod and Roger Clemens.
The tradition you have at the University of Texas is like no other. It help...
Check out 2015 Diamond Kings Masters of the Game Roger Clemens Relic via
like punching roger Clemens in the face
Peyton Manning is on the Mt Rushmore of all sports next to Lance Armstrong, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds
Sorry but Hillary Clinton is denying not being influenced by donors way to hard for it to be true, sounds like Roger Clemens
ICYMI: Roger Clemens dismisses HoF talk while working with charity at Honda Classic.
I talked to Roger Clemens at the Honda Classic today. Nine-year-old me is freaking out.
Which pitcher would you want to head your rotation at their PEAK?. Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Clayton Kershaw
17 years ago today, the Toronto Blue Jays traded Roger Clemens to NYY for David Wells, Homer Bush & Graeme Lloyd.
just heard on ESPN: "the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry isn't as good as Duke/UNC bc Roger Clemens & Johnny Damon were on both sides" ?¿?¿
When Brian McCann hit a bomb off Roger Clemens in Game 2 of the NLDS in 2005.
Never knew Roger Clemens was born in Dayton
The 11 most controversial players in history
Never knew Roger Clemens had all body hair removed before a start. Thanks
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and I linked it to his Batter vs Pitcher page for Roger Clemens.
Nope. And this wasn’t the worst offender. Roger Clemens MVP Baseball just changed a letter or two in each player’s name.
The student body was huge at UT and you had to mature pretty quick, very qu...
Chipper says Roger Clemens was the toughest pitcher he face. I'd imagine he isn't the only hitter from the 90s who thinks that.
Roger Clemens made a hole in one at the Pro Am in the 90's! Does it count "IF" he was on the juice?
where is Michael Jordan from? I think Roger Clemens is FROM Texas?
Roger Clemens was drafted by the Mets in 1981 but he did not sign.
She obv saw the dm she just giving you the roger Clemens curve
I'd be cheating everyone here, the staff and rest of my teammates, if I was...
lmao I played once and had D Wade miss a wide open layup for the game smh almost threw the controller like I was Roger Clemens
Today, Roger Clemens is exactly as old as Babe Ruth was the day he died: 19,549 days .
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 1987 Topps Roger Clemens
Brady is a fine player. Too bad, like Roger Clemens, he had to tarnish his legacy.😢😢😢😢
Wes Ferrell (born OTD in 1908) won 20 games six times. Among non-Hall of Fame pitchers since 1901, only Roger Clemens did as more often.
16 pitchers in baseball history have reached 3,000 K. 14 are Hall of Famers. 1 is Roger Clemens. The other? https:/…
too bad Roy Halladay was not playing! Could have been in Roger Clemens group!
Roger Clemens, Roy Halladay get into spat over Hall of Fame
Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are suddenly on pace to be elected to the Hall of Fame via
Roger Clemens nor Barry Bonds deserve a seat in the Hall ..
"The Hall of Fame feels incomplete if it doesn't include Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds." - of https…
"I need to see Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame." is HEATED.
Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and other tainted stars of the Steroids Era appear likely to get a boost in Hall of Fame balloting, but not
Roy Halladay doesn't shy away from his feelings about Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. (via
Roy Halladay says Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens don't belong in the Hall of Fame
Why is Roger Clemens considered an HOF lock pre-steroids? With the Bosox, his career was analogous to Ron Guidry's. Not like Bonds at all.
I think Roger Clemens should be allowed in the Hall of Fame but he should have to wear a red Yankee cap backwards like Fred Durst.
human chicken Roger Clemens didn't have the same luck. They do say chicken contains too many steroids these days.
Roy Halladay doesn't want Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens in Hall of Fame.
Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Jason Giambi and Alex Rodriguez, So that was Boston fans after them ?
Former MLB pitcher Roy Halladay with strong words on Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds.
Only 5 pitchers in history have as many wins & better win %: Lefty Grove, Christy Mathewson, Grover Alexander, Roger Clemens & Randy Johnson
. Would the people digging him still defend Roger Clemens?
Hope you said the same thing about Debbie Clemens when Roger made the same lame excuse
Put Barry Bonds & Roger Clemens in the HOF, says Why they finally got his vote:
He is the first Astros pitcher to win in the AL & he joins previous Houston NL winners Mike Scott (1986) and Roger Clemens (200…
Thom Loverro attaches a label to the writers who changed their minds and voted for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.
she already don threw mo curves than Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens
ICYMI, Why Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, Specifically, Should Now Be in the Hall of http…
YES ! atleast put him on the ballot to be voted for like Barry Bonds and roger clemens
We debate the Hall of Fame merit of Roger Clemens
He's giving it the Roger Clemens excuse, it's my wife
Not just any woman. Rusty Hardin's wife (lawyer of Roger Clemens). . He was looking for Harden, found the wrong one lol
totally! Just like roger clemens wife needed it!!
yo I ain't a Yankee fan, but Mariano Rivera over Roger Clemens, although Clemens is still nice
Pokemon: DRILLBONG may be seen around Roger Clemens's coffee cup. It is diarrhea-smellingly Pigeon and royal.
Ik who Roger Clemens is so that means we're boys right
'15 Top 10 countdown gives the spot to this 5 Stars Roger Clemens Silver Signature
It was the wife of Rusty Hardin, attorney for Roger Clemens and Adrian Peterson. True story.
Plausible deniability. Roger Clemens tried the same thing, but eventually got caught. This story isn't going away.
It’s time for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens to be voted into the Hall of Fame, writes Jeff Miller.
My DMs get hacked all you gonna see is me being respectful and her throwing Roger Clemens curves
Didn't Roger Clemens initially use his wife as an excuse as well.
Roger Clemens said in his steroid trial. He misremembered.
In his own words: on why he voted for Barry Bonds​ & Roger Clemens​.
Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should NEVER be inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame because they took PED for stats!
Roger Clemens is one of the most wonderful men I've ever known. I loved him very...
Move Idea: with remakes all the rage, can we get one for Field of Dreams? Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Curt Flood from cornfields.
Hall of Fame NO Pete Rose NO Barry Bonds NO Roger Clemens but 'The Shank' is there! CONGRATS
sign former Cards' SS Kozma to MiLB deal - Pinstripe Alley: he really hits worse than Roger Clemens?
Soxs reloading, Price is the best choice of the AL East, on his Roger Clemens wave
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Retired NBA star Tracy McGrady considering baseball career, working out with Roger Clemens
Roger Clemens against Seattle in 1986 and 10 years later against the Tigers in 1996. Why do I know this stuff?
Roger Clemens was on the Bill Buckner team!?!?
Just chilling in my Jordan sixes . Pitching like I'm roger Clemens
Neymar Suarez and Messi isn't fair. Its like Roger Clemens Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez at the top of your rotation af
It will be the first time I listen to the Red Sox in months and they have Roger Clemens in the booth.
Roger Clemens wants to wear a Red Sox hat in the Hall of Fame
Kudos to Roger Clemens & Jason Varitek, who will apparently get their nos. retired sometime before 2077.
Respect both Roger Clemens and Brett Favre on the field but both *** teammates and *** off the field.
Comparing Farve w GB to Clemens w BOS, I'd never be in favor of retiring Roger's number or put him into RS HOF, but that's just me..
Matthew McConaughey, Roger Clemens and the great Javale McGee all in the house tonight at DKR.
the rain glides off of him as he whisper talks to Roger Clemens
Hey Tim Brando - how could Roger Clemens be Class of '80 when I saw him pitch in national championship game in 1983 CWS?!!
Jeff unleashing a drunk roger clemens story from the 06 natty. Apparently rocket was kicked out of suite he was in. ***
Roger Clemens and Matthew McConaughey on the field watching UT. Now that's cool
Roger Clemens and Matthew McConaughey on the sideline.
If FS1 don't have Roger Clemens and Matthew McConaughey mic'd up, why are they even broadcasting this game
Matthew McConaughey and Roger Clemens are chatting on the Texas sideline.
Conversations between Roger Clemens and Matthew McConaughey have to be fascinating.
TV footage catches Roger Clemens and Matthew McConaughey chatting it up on Texas sideline.
Roger Clemens said he didn't take steroids at a senate hearing. I want to see other experts examine the work and publish it
Just like Roger Clemens didn't? You ever hear of an opt out clause?
Check out the blog feature on our Baseball Legacy Award winner,
Re: your Roger Clemens piece.. the writers have made this a witch hunt and appointed themselves as the jury and executioners.
Roger Clemens wants to enter the hall of fame with the Boston He pitched in Boston for 14 years, won a MVP and three Cy Youngs
AL Cy Young goes to Dallas Keuchel, who joins Mike Scott (1986) and Roger Clemens (2004) as who've won it.
Roger Clemens won a record 7 Cy Youngs, but he never finished among top 3 for 5 consecutive years. Clayton Kershaw just di…
If The Hall of Fame doesn't have Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, and David Ortiz it's not the Hall of Fame.
Curious. Can I ask you this: Jeff Bagwell, Barry Bonds & Roger Clemens are all YES,. Why is Mark McGwire a NO?
Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Bob Gibson, Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, there's a long history of power pitchers that get it.
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The Kings uncle Benito Santiago is a legend who played with legends such as Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa
From ELIAS: Johnny Cueto joins Roger Clemens (2000) as the only pitchers with 2 starts in the same postseason of 8 IP and …
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