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Roger Allam

Roger Allam (born 26 October 1953) is an English actor, known primarily for his stage career, although he has performed in film and television.

Shaun Evans Cabin Pressure Colin Morgan Benedict Cumberbatch Simon Russell Beale National Theatre Judi Dench John Finnemore Geoffrey Rush Peter Mannion Emily Watson Colm Wilkinson Penelope Wilton Philip Quast Andrew Scott Christopher Eccleston

Roger Allam is Javert on the original cast recording of Les Mis. He has a beautiful, rich, voice like a singing Richard Burton.
Extra info about the new series of Endeavour from my chats with Roger Allam and Shaun Evans here -
I can't wait for the new series of Endeavour. Shaun Evans and Roger Allam are brilliant.
She needs a happy ending!! Well, do you like Shaun Evans or Roger Allam? Endeavour is back next week…
Roger Allam there, three time Olivier Award winner, will always be Peter Mannion to me.
Roger Allam remembers rehearsals at the in 1999 series 2 9pm on Sunday March 30th
No more series of Cabin Pressure on John Finnemore bowing out on a high. Best cast on radio especially Roger Allam as Douglas.
Roger Allam remembers rehearsals at the National Theatre in 1999
Rewatching 'Endeavour'. . Petition to get Roger Allam to be the narrator for everything from now on.
Be brilliant to see who they've got playing Polonius! If it's Roger Allam...crikey that'd be good! x
Obvious casting I know but I'd love to see Roger Allam as Claudius in Cumberbatch's Hamlet.
How about Roger Allam? I would love to see him act on stage with B!
I'm reading my notes. In my head, everything is in Roger Allam's voice. It makes words like hypoxia and vancomycin that bit more exciting.
Oh yeah! I didn't know he'd performed at the Globe. And Roger Allam again in Henry IV :)
Editing our behind the scenes of Can't wait for series 2. Starring Roger Allam and Shaun Evans.
I walk past Roger Allam on my way to work a fair bit, and I've long been tempted to just randomly hand him a Twix.
Roger Allam knows it's Cool to be Kind to animals
Sadly not. I spoiled myself with movie first. The book sound great! The voice of Roger Allam was too avuncular to be meanacing.
It's a great show. Roger Allam's terrific on it. Supposedly a 5th series coming soonish.
Sarah and Duck fans: What if Roger Allam is just Sarah's dad, following them about? And then the 4th wall stays intact.
- Marks a reunion for Jessie with Roger Allam. She played Miranda opposite his Prospero in 'The Tempest' last year
I want a Live Action version of Anastasia. Or a play. And I want Roger Allam as Vladimir and Tom Hiddleston as Dimitri.
Benedict is too busy being upstaged by Roger Allam in Cabin Pressure on Radio 4/Radio 4 Extra
He is playing the role of Roger Allam in V for Vendetta.
I love his voice. When I read the book Neverwhere, I was mentally hearing Roger Allam as the Marquis.
Neverwhere is a personal favourite. Though I believe Roger Allam should've been cast as the Marquis of Carabbas.
Pretty sure that's Roger Allam doing the petrol ad
but now Roger Allam is having a big scene in this tv show i am watching and it is sasstastic and almost as delicious as pain relief
Endeavour returns to our screens 30th March, ITV with the brilliant Shaun Evans, Roger Allam and Anton Lesser.
Roger Allam has such a great voice, I'm pretty sure he could talk me into driving a nail into my foot. BUT WHY WOULD HE WANT TO DO THAT?
Death was played by Roger Allam.didn't think it was him
Poor Rudy Steiner, but the ending was done beautifully. Why did no one tell me Roger Allam is...
...and Roger Allam has a great voice!
Roger Allam is the voice of the fuel ads, be still my beating heart!!!
Roger Allam has the most glorious voice on the planet
Yesterday Roger Allam narrated wonderful revival of "Oh! What a Lovely War". Available on
Also in cinemas: ‘The Book Thief’ (Brian Percival; USA/Germany) *** I saw this towards the end of last year when I was in New York and while it really isn’t anything particularly wonderful, I seem to remember leaving the cinema fairly entertained. Director Percival has worked on 'Downton Abbey' and this is a comfortable, Sunday evening viewing, film equivalent. It has some novelty though: you don’t often get second World War films about the German civilians living through the conflict, so that’s a bit different; but the most striking aspect is that it’s narrated by Death himself (Roger Allam, excellent), whose dulcet tones give the story a sense of dignity it might not deserve. Sophie Nélisse is very good in the lead and Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson are their usual reliable selves as her foster parents. The main problem here is an uncertainty of tone. As the main character is an adolescent girl, it might have resonated with a teen audience were they not too busy watching and re-watching vam ...
cumberbatchweb: Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Allam & cast at the rec 1/10
MT Benedict Cumberbatch and Roger Allam share a moment after the final show of John Finnemore's Cabin Pressure.
I read the first book of "A Song of Ice and Fire" and didn't like it. Don't take me wrong, it's fairly well written. The very problem is - while I have a very soft spot for villainy, for intrigue, for a game of thrones well played - there is nobody to like. There's no character I'd care for, with the exception of Eddard Stark, who had "Doom" written on his forehead right at the beginning of the novel. He's not a player, though, but a honorable man, and therefore lost. What have we got amongst those left? Sadistic madmen. Mad women driven by grief and hate. Opportunistic traitors galore. Boring idealists. People I don't care to love, and people I don't love to hate. Just people I don't care for. Having now seen the first season of HBO's GAME OF THRONES changed little, if anything, about my impression from the book, although I enjoyed seeing familiar faces (sometimes just in cameos) like Sir John Standing (lying down), Roger Allam, Julian Glover, Charles Dance, and Peter Vaughan. Having said this, there ar ...
The Book Thief (Dir. Brian Percival, 2013) Thru the whole film I thought Danny Huston was Death, but it's some guy called Roger Allam.
Robbie,a broke new father with a good heart, is in serious trouble with the law and determined to give his son a better life than his. A visit to a whiskey distillery inspires him and his mates to seek a way to turn around their lives… YEAR: UK 2012 GENRE: "Dramedy" (Comedy-Drama) DIRECTOR: Ken Loach WRITERS: Paul Laverty CAST: Roger Allam, John Henshaw, Daniel Portman, William Ruane, Lorne MacFadyen, Paul Brannigan, Jasmine Riggins, David Goodall, Finlay Harris MUSIC by: George Fenton
Watching a recorded Endeavour and thinking what a wonderful speaking voice his boss, Fred Thursday, has. Googled him and found out he was the original Javert in Les Mis, opposite Colm Wilkinson - chap called Roger Allam.
Frances Ruffelle as Eponine, Roger Allam as Javert, Sue Jane Tanner as Madame Thenardier, Patti LuPone as Fantine, Colm Wilkinson as Valjean and Rebecca Caine as Cosette - PHOTO ARCHIVE:
Had an marathon today. Eps after the pilot were much better, Roger Allam is sublime, really. Excellent detective drama!
Is there anything Roger Allam isn't it?
When is the new Endeavour? That serial is easier for me. Shaun Evans reminds me of Shane which is comforting and it has Roger Allam.
Really weird hearing Roger Allam stutter, used to him being smooth and sarky as Douglas.
Why can't I find a clip of Roger Allam doing that clip from Copenhagen at National Theatre's 50 years... I'm desperate to see it again...
John Finnemore uses Cumberbatch more interestingly in his relationship with Roger Allam in radio’s “Cabin Pressure”.
Why did waste FANTASTIC actor Roger Allam as Illyrio Mopatis in the first few episodes?
Roger Allam is just amazing, as is Shaun obvs. the scene on the roof will always get me.
II loved that :) Benny C is great and Roger Allam is little short of an acting God :)
I bet you read that in Roger Allam's voice didn't you?? LOL
And oh my *ing God is Endeavor a good series. Well done Shaun Evans & Roger Allam.
This makes sense. Roger Allam is pretty great.
Do you know how many otters Benedict managed to imagine in an airplane? Well him, John Finnemore, and Roger Allam
New post: Thanks to the Globe's DVD series (and to my uncle's Christmas generosity) I've finally been able to admire the 2010 production of Henry IV, dominated by Roger Allam's brilliant Falstaff. In typical Globe style it's full of humour and bawdy comedy and makes a fascinating counterpoint to the Hollow Crown's more serious version. Very highly recommended - and if you managed to see this live, please allow me to tell you how utterly jealous I am of you.
Just seen Roger Allam (spotted by Shame I haven't got my lemon with me.
New post: Delighted by the DVD of the Globe's excellent 2010 Henry IV - featuring a sublime Falstaff from Roger Allam.
Roger Allam is here, must resist asking about Cabin Pressure...
Roger Allam is my favourite actor right now. Just found out he used to do a comedy radio show with Benedict Cumberbatch.
Does anyone know if Roger Allam is in a show this year? I can't find anything.
Served Roger Allam tonight was chatting for 5 minutes over movies why did all I want to say is "As always England prevails". but didn't.
Also if you were wondering, the awesome Douglas Richardson is Roger Allam, who plays Illyrio Mopatis in GoT
Watching Game of Thrones for the first time and a surprise Roger Allam appears!
Also, just realised that one of the actors was Roger Allam who played Prospero in 'The Tempest', which I saw this summer. Nice.
There's a TV travel ad with Roger Allam's voice asking "Spain or Turkey? SPAIN OR TURKEY?" Were those the MJN Xmas in-flight meal options?
And Roger Allam and Stephen Fry! Easily best comic book adaptation ever. And I don't like comics turned movies.
whilst They're doing a crossover they should have roger allam in to make it a three-way.
Just got a bit overexcited hearing Roger Allam's dulcet tones on an advert. He could sell me anything.
Am hoping to get the brilliant British actor Roger Allam to play Hitchens. He's a dead ringer, no pun intended.
Sounds like it could be Roger Allam
Am I a bad Cumberbabe if I'm a little sad Roger Allam lost the Best Actor award to Benedict, both having been nominated for their work in Parade's End? I love Ben, but I also like Roger. I mean, a lot. (and OMGZ it's Captain Martin Crieff and First Officer Douglas Richardson. I swear. Whenever I watch Parade's End I can't help but giggle whenever these two open their mouths because when I forget the age difference I ship Martin/Douglas to no end. And also Papa Cumberbatch aka Timothy Carlton was in it.)
Roger Allam IS a detective in something (actually he's been one three times)
I want to say Cabin Pressure because Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock and because Roger Allam should be a detective in something
Breast Cancer Awareness
Roger Allam as a camp, moustached RAF officer in Foyle's War! Yes!
The first performance of Les Mis EVER! Colm Wilkinson and Roger Allam!
Roger Allam > Russell Crowe (thats the mathematical symbol for 'greater than' not an arrow)
I don't care. I just had a chat with Roger Allam.
Seriously, wouldn't a Jonson movie be great? Murder! Neck verse! Inviting friends to dinner! Roger Allam as Jonson. Call me, Hollywood.
One of the great defenses of the drink from the larger than life Falstaff of Henry IV.
Well I figure since that was all I really asked for apart from some Roger Allam play programs, I should get the whole thing. :)
I've been mainlining so much Cabin Pressure at work that my interior monologue sounds like Roger Allam. This is in no way a complaint.
and there's this cosy dowager who looks remarkably like screen favourite Roger Allam.
The guy on the rights actor's name is Roger Allam
Magister Illyrio. Roger Allam. He was in Aladdin. I knew it!
so jealous. He was amazing as lady Olivia. Henry IV parts 1 & 2 on Monday. Roger Allam as Falstaff
"We want Tim Curry, but 10 pounds heavier and 3% more evil." ~Hollywood, right before casting Roger Allam in things.
Sarah and Duck is my new favourite tv show. It even has Roger Allam narrating!
Thumbs up for Vignoles with a review via the website - and yet another call for a TV series. (if only it was a case of me 'deciding I would like the books on TV!) 'Only discovered your books by chance earlier his year. Just enjoying The Torn Curtain. They are all terrific - can't put them down. They would be great TV. As good as Morse or Lewis. Have you not approached TV yet? You really should. Roger Allam should be ideal for Vignoles. Looking forward to New Brighton Rock. Spent many happy holidays there in the '50's.'
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I'm putting this up for a vote. What Roger Allam show/play/movie would you all like me to feature on the page? Just leave a letter in comments and the show with the most votes will be featured from Tuesday to Friday this week!! a. Henry IV - Falstaff b. Endeavour - Fred Thursday c. The Creatives - Charlie Baxter d. The Thick of It - Peter Mannion e. Make a suggestion!
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Ah, Roger Allam, Jamie Parker, William Shakespeare, tartiflette, bottle of Barbera. A cracking evening in good company at the end of a tiring couple of weeks, but... If all the year were playing holidays, then sport would be as tedious as the work ;)
"The Book Thief" A nice film about the good germans in the not so nice Nazi Germany era. Stellar performances, IMO, by Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson, Sophie Nélisse, Nico Liersch and, again IMVHO, by Roger Allam. Ms. Watson and Mr. Rush are superb as a, seemingly, at odds couple with, on occasion, no dialogue necessary :) Ms. Nelisse and Mr. Liersch are similar in their roles. A great film and I was surprised at the humour in it ……. at least, I hope I wasn't the only one who found it funny.
Streaming The Book Thief Online Book Thief (2013) iMDB Rating: 7.2 Date Released : 27 November 2013 Genre : Drama, War Stars : Sophie Nélisse, Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson, Ben Schnetzer Movie Quality : HDrip Format : MKV Size : 870 MB Download Trailer Buy DVD Based on the beloved bestselling book, THE BOOK THIEF tells the story of a spirited and courageous young girl who transforms the lives of everyone around her when she is sent to live with a foster family in World War II Germany. Watch The Book Thief Trailer : Review : People Being People Greetings again from the darkness. You may be familiar with the source material – the huge best selling novel from Markus Zusak. If not, you may be surprised at the "through the eyes" of an illiterate, orphaned child's perspective of the German home front during WWII. You may be more surprised to learn that it's narrated by The Grim Reaper (British actor Roger Allam), and includes a Nazi rally, book-burning, bomb shelters, a look at the anti-Jew and anti-Communist ...
This is the summary of Only Time Will Tell: The Clifton Chronicles, Book 1 by Jeffrey Archer (Author), Roger Allam (Narrator), Em...
Oooh, that Roger Allam's a good actor!
Roger Allam is the best thing about Endeavour. Awesome character name too, Fred Thursday.
28 years ago, just about to the day, I saw the original London production of Les Miserables. This evening I had the pleasure of going back with my daughter, Elizabeth Press. While I have seen many long-running musicals, they often get tired, with second string casts. Not this. While Colm Wilkinson, Roger Allam, and Patti Lupone will never be equaled, the current cast was extraordinary, particularly James Gant, the understudy playing Javaert. And Daniel Koek, though with not quite the vocal power as Wilkinson, but maybe more subtlety, brought the audience to tears with Bring Him Home. Wow! If you are in London and haven't seen it, see it now!
Philip Quast and Roger Allam are between them the epitome of Javert-ness.
is narrated by the great Roger Allam
Fab vid about Endeavour. No Shaun interview but Roger Allam and both talking about it. May be UK only
Picked up The Book Thief again and now reading it with Roger Allam's voice in my head.
Roger Allam's performance in Homeland 50 was simply superb.
This might be the biggest compliment I have ever received! Roger Allam is an absolute HERO of mine!
I can't watch Roger Allam perform without thinking of
Roger Allam was OUTSTANDING in The Tempest. I had the chance to see the final show when I was in London :)
Also for the awards how about Roger Allam for best actor for The Tempest?
If only I could listen Roger Allam reading me fairy tales before sleep... dat voice.
I just found out that Roger Allam narrates The Book Thief film!!! Brilliant!! I am super excited! I cannot wait to see this film. The book is in my top 5 favorite books ever. Such a wonderful and moving story. I recommend that everyone reads it
Roger Allam doing a speech from Copenhagen is an upcoming treat.
I love Cabin Pressure. I think Douglas/Roger Allam might be my favourite though.
I could listen to Roger Allam all night
Angels in America and Roger Allam in Copenhagen were personal favourites, but the whole performance was spectacular!
Can we also talk about Roger Allam in the middle one? He looks adorable.
Oh I know. I knew what Judi was doing and I knew she'd kill me. Also Roger Allam doing the same, he's special to me too.
Came across an excellent audition tape on iplayer. I'd suggest casting Roger Allam and Penelope Wilton.
Sorry for my "Eh?!" in defence of Roger Allam at the National Theatre thing last night. Got proper luvvie-ish when I saw that.
Roger Allam proving once again why he is a God!
Watched Henry IV Part I last night then had a Roger Allam sex dream! Don't knock it til you try it.
Roger Allam I still have a slight crush on you.
I miss Roger Allam as Heisenberg in the gallery. He was brilliant!
Still waiting for Dr. Jekyll playbill to come in the mail, so have some Roger Allam as Heisenberg to fill the time:
Roger Allam as Heisenberg in NT's 50th - SPECTACULAR!
Highlight on BBC was the astounding Roger Allam in Copenhagen.
Catching up with Up to Roger Allam and Copenhagen both being brilliant.
Amongst the wonders of the National Theatre 50th Anniversary programme I have to say that the most spell-binding excerpt for me was Roger Allam in Copenhagen. Besides the piercing and powerful delivery, the hand movements from the moment the cigarettes were offered to the moment they were accepted were completely hypnotic.
Roger Allam!! (I haven't, but we watched that scene last night)
Literally just screamed ROGER ALLAM! I'm okay guys.
Screenings of 50 Years on Stage are now taking place around the world. Find your nearest venue: celebrate its 50th anniversary, the National Theatre of Great Britain presents National Theatre: 50 Years on Stage, bringing together the best British actors for a unique evening of unforgettable performances, broadcast live from London to cinemas around the world. A cast of 100 will perform live on stage in this once-in-a-lifetime event, directed by the National Theatre’s current Director Nicholas Hytner, including award-winning actors Roger Allam, Simon Russell Beale, Benedict Cumberbatch, Frances de la Tour, Judi Dench, Christopher Eccleston, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Derek Jacobi, Alex Jennings, Rory Kinnear, Adrian Lester, Anna Maxwell Martin, Helen Mirren, Andrew Scott, Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton, with more to be announced. Covering iconic productions from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead to The History Boys, from Antony and Cleopatra to Angels in America, from Guys and Dolls to London R ...
I'll continue V for Vendetta (aka that perfect movie where Stephen Fry and Roger Allam act together) at 8:30~
missed cos of 'Colder'. Iplayering asap But anticipating roger allam, angels in america and alan bennett's hector as highlights
Simon Russell Beale, Roger Allam and Judi Dench - masterclass in being absolutely magnetic alone on empty stage.
The programme was marvellous tonight. Included scenes from wide range of productions from Ayckbourn to Shakespeare. Highlights were Judi Dench singing Send In The Clowns, Roger Allam reciting a speech from Copenhagen + Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat from Guys And Dolls. Disappointed there wasn't any Pinter though. Surely a Harold Pinter play must have been performed at The National at some point?
Oh Roger Allam... Also lucky to see him at the Globe in Tempest. LOVE.
Little Giant Ladders
Roger Allam going round taking bets on the result.
It's the 'simple'' solos that will linger. Roger Allam Fiona Shaw & Simon Russell Beale
Watching Roger Allam a brilliant actor who now makes think of Sarah and Duck
So far, particularly loved the section from Arcadia and Roger Allam's pitch perfect monologue from Copenhagen
Roger Allam, Judi Dench, Simon Russell Beale and so many more. & is drenched in acting talent.
Good old bit of Roger Allam. (have you guessed my iPlayer connection means I watching it on a lag.)
Tomorrow it'll be a week and a day since I saw the back of Roger Allam's head.
Just managed to catch Roger Allam on
Roger Allam has never missed the mark for me. Exceptional actor!
Simon Russell Beale was amazing, followed by equally amazing Roger Allam, best thing on telly ever
Roger Allam has such a great voice, could listen to him all night
I know we have the best actors in the world I didn't recognise roger Allam without the beard he was amazing
Roger Allam is such a wonderful actor. Isn't he. Isn't he though, yes!
which play was that,with Roger Allam? only had audio for a minute there?
Roger Allam. Such a great actor. Not as famous as he should be.
Simon Russell Beale is saying it all wrong. But Roger Allam can only get it right.
Hey mate, lovely meeting you today. I'd really encourage you to read God Of Carnage. I saw it with Richard E Grant + Roger Allam.
A relatively good choice I think. :)
Just heard that Roger Allam is the voice of Death in The Book Thief. I can officially be excited to see it now. Relief is washing over me in an awesome way.
Roger Allam will play the narrator of The Book Thief!
Roger Allam will be the narrator of Death in The Book Thief - really looking forward to this film
"The King's General" by Daphne du Maurier on at 16:00: Cathryn Harrison and Roger Allam star.
Roger Allam has been confirmed as one of many actors performing in 50th anniversary extravaganza in November
Watching "The Queen" with my mum, trying not to squee too loud, every time Roger Allam or his name is on screen :D
The dean of my new college has more than a touch of the Roger Allam about him. Should stop fangirling.
What are you saying?? If the is up for grabs, I call dibs on Roger Allam.
is he coming back to the globe? Him and Roger Allam were fantastic together!!!
*waits patiently* Truly enjoyed seeing him and Roger Allam at the Globe. Perfection.
That moment when you think of starting a Roger Allam fan club, you search the internets and find it already exists.
it was good fun! Even more adoring of Roger Allam now. Good level of silly, though still prefer Jon's stand up I think.
The show has Benedict, Roger Allam and Andrew Scott all taking part
I also run 2 Roger Allam boards on pinterest. I'm kcanevari. Check me out!
Roger Allam fans, I am allamchick on tumblr and I am currently posting for October with Allam:
I'm sitting in class trying not to freak out because Roger Allam has just been announced as Death in The Book Thief
Roger Allam has a voice like chocolate stout.
Roger Allam should play Christopher Hitchens him in a film - say of a debate, with flashbacks
Endeavour stars Shaun Evans and Roger Allam talk about the ITV detective series Visit my channel Download David Stephens...
I will see The Book Thief in the theater only to hear Roger Allam's voice in surround sound. So if my eyes are closed.I'm listening. :)
Roger Allam is providing the voice of the narrator, Death, in
For all my fellow Roger Allam fans, he will be voicing "Death" in the movie The Book Thief! A MUST-SEE in the theater. His deep, bassy voice will be killer in surround sound. XD
Roger Allam's "Stars" is just wow. And Colm Wilkinson is obviously amazing.
Some days, it's just a Cabin Pressure kind of day. thank you, BBC Radio and John Finnemore for great comedy with Roger Allam and Benedict Cumberbatch.
The Book Thief's unique narrator will be voiced by Roger Allam, alongside stars Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson.
I'm sitting across from Roger Allam on train home. Nostrils ahoy!
Did you go watch the Tempest with Colin Morgan and Roger Allam in it? It was awesome.
It doesn't help that Christian McKay looks like an inflated Roger Allam in the movie
I keep thinking roger allam will say something about flying or take the *** cause that's what he does in Cabin Pressure
Awww the Harold Pinter Theatre is the Comedy Theatre! I saw Gillian Anderson &Roger Allam there !
Roger Allam just said 'Timbuktu' on Parade's End and my dad is so excited omfg. 'Do you think he meant Timbuktu Timbuktu?'
Mum is thinking of buying Series 4 of Cabin Pressure. Do it! Do it now! Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Allam, Anthony Head: sexiest voices ever
Tonight ITV1 at 10.35 - Roger Allam, Richard E. Grant et al read "Words of the Titanic".
heey just wanted to say have a looovely time tomorrow, so excited for you to see Colin Morgan and Roger Allam! Eek xx
Thank you, I can't wait. I just hope Colin Morgan's feeling better. But if not, there's still Roger Allam and the rest.
Roger Allam is great in it, but he’s always great. Shaun Evans is super; I like him the more I watch.
Saw.Colin Morgan and Roger Allam in The Tempest at The Globe Theatre today. Its was amazing! The actors blew me away..
Photo: tweedisgood: Roger Allam as Prospero, Colin Morgan as Ariel, The Tempest. Just stood for three hours...
I see bookies are randomly picking famous actors for the next Doctor Who again. Never mind Capaldi, my money's on Roger Allam.
I haven't seen it yet but it has Roger Allam in it so I will get round to watching it eventually
Endeavour: “Home”: “They come at you through what you care about,” D.I. Fred Thursday tells Morse, explaining ...
she's not seen it? But it's in the 80s. And got Roger Allam in it. What's not to like???
Can't get over how much younger Roger Allam looks here compared to
Watching "Endeavour" on PBS. My esteem for Roger Allam knows no bounds. Also:
I love to try and figure out if Roger Allam wears a rug.
AUDIO Endeavour series interviews with Shaun Evans and Roger Allam. Cracking opening to series tonight itv
Author Christopher Hitchens and actor Roger Allam, separated at birth? and
Roger Allam in the Game of Thrones.Somebody should have mentioned that earlier!
A friend of Jim's who doesn't know who Colin Morgan or Roger Allam are is going to UK b4 us and is going to see Tempest. That should be ME.
Too much awesome in one room!!! All we need is Roger Allam to show up and have them sing in harmony.
Hurray, Roger Allam as Falstaff- never thought of that casting but how perfect (on SkyArts but apparently filmed at Globe -2010)
I could listen to Roger Allam singing all day.
Just learned that the actor who played Peter Mannion in The Thick of It, Roger Allam, also created the role Javert in the West End. In awe.
watching The Politician's Husband and I just can't get used to hearing Roger Allam's voice with out the sarcasm and witty retorts
Rewatching some of the later episodes with Roger Allam as a Tory MP. He's brilliant.
Sh *petpet* Sh. It isn't real. Roger Allam is really just Douglas Richardson in disguise.
we think Jamie Parker and Roger Allam are a fantastic duo as Hal and Falstaff! R
Love Benedict Cumberbatch (SHERLOCK) & Roger Allam (ENDEAVOUR)! These are on my AmazonUK wish list. :-)
Currently watching Roger Allam playing a barrister in The Jury. :D
Find myself imagining Prospero's lines spoken by Roger Allam... Not long now and will actually hear it.
And then cracking funny farce Boeing Boeing, with Mark Rylance & Roger Allam. I've seen it in Finnish years ago, but this cast was amazing.
Doing a happy dance because the Roger Allam Henry IV is on Sky Arts 2 :D:D:D:D
We're finally getting to watch here in the US. It's so good! Shaun Evans & Roger Allam are brilliant!
Why did I watch Endeavour the first time? Roger Allam. (I've continued because it's really good.)
I'm probably in love with Shaun Evans. I'm definitely in love with Roger Allam:-)
I only hear Douglas Richardson when I hear Roger Allam now. I expect him to steal the whiskey on Burling Day.
Oh, Roger Allam, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
Apart from a very dodgy tv series in the US Roger Allam has been one of my favourite character actors for over a decade.
But watching Roger Allam doing that dance is very rewarding
After watching Roger Allam play Falstaff on Sky Arts last night l wouldn't put any agent near that role.
It might be quite welcome. I'll see if Roger Allam is around to conjure one.
Watching Henry IV with Roger Allam.. Can hardly stop laughing, and nor can the crowd! Can't wait to see him in The Tempest.
I most definitely did not hear Roger Allam when I read Prospero's part.
Watching Endeavour on Masterpiece. Roger Allam (Douglas: Cabin Pressure) plays DI Thursday. If you wanted to put face to voice.
Haven't heard of Endeavour before but ooh Roger Allam. Sign me up.
The Internet is making a good case for Roger Allam. Internet = Tumblr = Roger Allam tag. I'm sold. Sell me all the things he's in.
You should all be watching Endeavour on now. Shaun Evans as the young Morse is good, bt I'm loving Roger Allam as his mentor
Henry IV (I) with Roger Allam and on Sky Arts 2. Favourite production of my favourite Shakespeare.
Sublime: Roger Allam in the production Henry V1 Pt 1. Now that's an actor.
Roger Allam has spoken to me in real life - to pick on me when I was in the front row of a panto he was in. I didn't mind! :)
Kids! If you have SkyArts, turn on Roger Allam's award-winning Falstaff in 1 Henry IV, on now … !
Henry IV on Sky Arts 2 right now. I adore Roger Allam's Falstaff. Rightly deserved Olivier award there...
Rewatching Ashes to Ashes for Just had the utterly lovely surprise of seeing the utterly lovely Roger Allam appear. Bonus!
Supposed to be doing school work. Been on tumblr and pinterest all day instead. In my defense...Roger Allam. Enough said.
Wishing Roger Allam was here singing the whole of That's Amore to me... (tho I'd settle for Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines)
There's absolutely nothing on telly tonight so I'm watching something with Roger Allam on
Re-watching Ashes to Ashes and Roger Allam pops up :')
Loving Roger Allam in I was never a Morse fan but I loved Inspector Lewis. Endeavour fits nicely in with both.
Chrissie is perfect Sylvia get away from him!. I also forgot Roger Allam was in this.
I have a real fondness for Roger Allam anyway, but I think I've fallen in love with him thanks to Endeavour.
Very proud Benedict got an Emmy nomination for Leading Actor for Parades End. It's a brilliant mini series. I love Roger Allam.
I haven't seen this Pirates of the Caribbean. HEY ROGER ALLAM! Yay
Ooh! I forgot Roger Allam was in series two of Ashes to Ashes.
Yeah, no one really beats Philip Quast as Javert (although I personally also love Earl Carpenter and Roger Allam)
Every time I see the name Russell Crowe I hear it in Roger Allam's voice from Cabin Pressure :)
The tempest w/ roger allam ends 3 days before as well
Nice relaxed day yesterday but I had a tad of a hypoglycemic episode during church and had to pull myself together to serve communion. Larry treated me to a yummy brunch at Out of the Pan - I came home and zonked out almost immediately. Made supper, enjoyed Masterpiece's new series BUT I got up at 2:45 AM with gut pains, cramping.had to irrigate...long and uncomfortable process during which I puked. Went back to bed at 4:30 AM.slept more comfortably but had to take out the garbage and recycling and compost the rain. It's so true. I've got to focus on the positive and take pleasures when I can get them.
Finally watching the first episode. Roger Allam and the great Anton Lesser, top cast.
It's boring up in the flight deck, brilliant scene from Cabin Pressure with Roger Allam & Ben Cumberbatch
Roger Allam is on telly! Dad doesn't quite understand my enthusiasm. He's stuck watching something that does not interest him.
Premiering tonight at 9p from Endeavour, the Morse prequel, starring Shaun Evans & Roger Allam.
Holmes reference in by none other than Roger Allam.
Yay! Time for Roger Allam and Shaun Evans as fledgling Morse in .
Roger Allam in Endeavour. Love his voice. Small squee!
I'd forgotten Roger Allam was in this
Fallen head over heels for BBC Radio 4's comedy Cabin Pressure. Benedict Cumberbatch, Stefanie Cole, Roger Allam and Jon Finnemore from The Now Show. What's not to like?!!!
Good! :-) It's a corker. You don't get much better than Anton Lesser & Roger Allam on screen together too!
Roger Allam, original Javert and Philip Quast, the best Javert ever, are playing Albin and Georges in La Cage in London. I can't tell you how much I'd pay to see that.
I got the hoover out, decided it was too hot and sat back down again to V for Vendetta. Has Roger Allam ever played a nice character?
Roger Allam should play the title role of a movie about Hitch.
Dear Philip Quast, there is a reason you are my favourite Javert.
SUNDAY July 7 @ 8pm – Masterpiece Mystery – Endeavor (Series) DC Morse (Shaun Evans) and DI Thursday (Roger Allam) investigate burgled gas meters, the sudden death of a young secretarial student and a string of Post Office robberies, confounding the solution to a pair of violent murders. Could Morse’s future on the force be in jeopardy?
I would love Roger Allam as a sugar daddy ;-)
Watching V for Vendetta. I'd forgotten that the wonderful Roger Allam and the gorgeous Rupert Graves are in it!
Wow, thought Christopher Hitchens was in V then! He's not, but he does look incredibly similar to Roger Allam.
.he is?!? Apparently Roger Allam too my dad has just informed me! :')
In fact I want Roger Allam to do audio books
Roger Allam doing the voice-over for a cider ad. But Douglas, you don't drink!
If Roger Allam's character in Parade's End isn't based on General Melchett from Blackadder the Fourth, I'll shoot my own pidgeon.
Listening to on our way. Benedict Cumberbatch and Roger Allam's voice work is brilliantly hilarious. x
I am! Covent Garden has a surfeit of dairy riches. enjoyed Macbeth too, apparently Roger Allam was in the crowd?!
hehe!I'm sure she's gonna like it anyway!I mean it's Colin,and Shakespeare,and the Globe,and Roger Allam,and and and...:D
Macbeth press night. Sam Spiro in the sleep walking scene quite quite beautiful. Roger Allam on ferocious form on the terrace also beautiful
Saw at today - it was brilliant! Roger Allam and Colin Morgan were fab!
FANTASTIC at Hilarious, touching, magical. Thanks to Roger Allam & stellar cast I heard more than ever before.
Roger Allam is... I wish I'd seen his Falstaff. But his Prospero is... Well. Such stuff live theatre is made on. : )
What was that about independence day? Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of Colin Morgan and Roger Allam in The Tempest.
didn't meet roger allam :c but he was still amazing in Tempest! and collin morgan too! very very impressive performances
Roger Allam's floppy hair is just the best
Oh I will! I am also going to see The Tempest there as soon as I can-has Colin Morgan and Roger Allam! AH!:)
My photo was from 2004. Perhaps he's changed? (And there was me thinking Roger Allam WAS Thomas Cromwell.)
Just saw The Tempest in the Globe. It was really good and funny. It had Roger Allam, Colin Morgan and Jessie Buckley. Who were all amazing!!
domain names
Roger Allam played Prospero in true Peter Mannion fashion at : absolutely no tie.
I would still go for Ben Daniels or Roger Allam, please take note Moffatt!!
Excitement of tge day - The Tempest at the Globe with Roger Allam. One of the best productions I've ever seen.
Tonight's Prospero was the original Javert. Brilliant performance. Brilliant Birthday. I am blessed with a good life, loving family, and wonderful friends. Thank you all!
See a scene from Endeavour: Girl, starring Shaun Evans, before it airs Sunday, July 7, 2013, at 9pm ET on PBS's MASTERPIECE.
Looking forward to seeing Roger Allam in THE TEMPEST at The Globe tonight. Hope the rain keeps off.
Hey, looking forward to Endeavour, but it's Roger Allam, not Allum...
Shaun Evans returns with four thrilling new mysteries to his portrayal of young Inspector Morse in Girl, the premiere episode of Endeavour, Series I, airing Sunday, July 7, 2013 on PBS' MASTERPIECE.
Photoset: bluemoonlight: The Tempest was awesome.  All the actors are amazing, expecially Roger Allam...
Went to see Old Blue Roger Allam as Prospero in The Tempest at The Globe Theatre. A great show and sterling performances.
I should be working, instead I'm watching Endeavour. Can't help it...Roger Allam in a fedora. Enough said.
Watch the trailer and download Trading Licks 2012 on iTunes.
Ooh, just found out that a short film I wrote, Trading Licks (starring Roger Allam) is now on iTunes
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