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Roger Allam

Roger Allam (born 26 October 1953) is an English actor, known primarily for his stage career, although he has performed in film and television.

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Queued this cos Maggie Smith and Roger Allam. I watch anything with Roger Allam. I did not need the surprise Dominic Cooper. Ack!
he is just Roger Allam in novel after novel.
In fact there has never been a character in a book who is more Roger Allam, and that would include Roger Allam's autobiography
And as noted the Maigret of the novels is clearly Roger Allam.
I am worried about the Maigret on Monday. it's one of the best novels. It's got the approval of the estate but it's not Roger Allam
to be honest I've watched so much Sarah & Duck I have Roger Allam's cadence
"In life, going downhill is an uphill job."The Lady in the Van (2015) Rufus(Roger Allam)
Am watching a drama with Roger Allam in it. No idea what's going on but... ROGER ALLAM'S voice.
The Young Master in his Saturday job got a chance to say hello to Roger Allam and tell him he's wonderful. We're thrilled, and agree obvs.
(also screamed IT'S BLOODY DOUGLAS when I saw Roger Allam as Javert)
NEW DRAMA: Imagine the establishment of a truth commission in NI. Roger Allam plays The - 9pm.
The next season of ‘Endeavour’ will be set in 1967, with Shaun Evans and Roger Allam both returning -
Endeavour: Shaun Evans, Roger Allam to Return for Fourth Series: Great news, Endeavour fans! ITV has commissio... http…
Coming soon: Adrian Lester, Roger Allam and Joanna Lumley star in Shakespeare Solos – video
will return for a 4th series with Shaun Evans and Roger Allam. Last series just averaged 6.3m
Adrian Lester returns to the role of Hamlet and Roger Allam takes on King Lear for the first time in a major new...
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Shaun Evans returns in Endeavor playing alongside Roger Allam as the crime fighting duo for a third series
There is not enough money in the universe but Roger Allam could have a freebie 😜
Eh? Roger Allam wasn't in it. The man who kills everyone.
Shaun Evans and Roger Allam literally deserve all the awards for Endeavour how come they never even get nominated :(
Saw Roger Allam and he looked like your movie dad.
Roger Allam just came and sat next to me on the tube, don't think anyone else recognised him
Roger Allam much nicer in Endeavour than in Ashes to Ashes. LOL.
Love series: not only Shaun Evans, but also Roger Allam! & surprisingly timely mysteries. What more could 1 ask 4?
ok please bring us another series of Endeavour. That was so amazing. Shaun Evans + Roger Allam forever ;)
Roger Allam acts like no other actor acts, at this point I'm willing to put an absolute on it.
Settling down to watch last Endeavour. Shaun Evans and Roger Allam are a joy.
Oh good!.. It's been brilliant... Shaun Evans is fabulous and Roger Allam and Anton Lesser.. Love it :-)
just watched Roger, love that show so much roll on the next series! Great work!
". Absolutely fabulous, Shaun Evans, what an actor, teamed with Roger Allam what a team, please make series 4, pre…
Roger Allam's big speech in Speed Racer. Maximum scenery chewing, and a delight to watch.
Just caught up with last night's - a truly fantastic piece of TV drama. Roger Allam & Shaun Evans were absolutely superb.
.any chance you could end a series of without nearly killing off Roger Allam? He's blatantly the best character.
he says "don't mess around". That actor, Roger Allam, created the role of Javert in Les Mis in 1985.
Roger Allam REALLY wants to ply a villain
Trying to write my review of this week, but its pretty much OMG ROGER ALLAM & Shaun Evans WERE AMAZING!!!
M thinks Roger Allam has the best voice in the business! Top actor.
Shaun Evans as is just brilliant and Roger Allam as Thursday is superb.Great writing, great acting. Great tv.
I sooo love what a stunning drama! Shaun Evans and Roger Allam are just fantastic!
.on and missing out on an Inspector Morse hat-trick
Loving Endeavour, hope there is another series. Shaun Evans & Roger Allam. Ace!!
A little shaky at the knees! Roger, you've always been a joy to watch (I'm 60+) but tonight you & Shaun were making TV History!!
My Mum has just infringed me that Roger Allam was terribly handsome as a young man. Just as a young man Mother dear?
Much credit to Roger Allam and Anton Lesser, both been utterly brilliant all series. Glad Lesser is getting more storyline too
Seriously though Roger Allam and Anton Lesser were utterly brilliant in tonight.
Shaun Evans & Roger Allam are a fantastic pairing ❤️ Endeavour. please do more series!!
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Sean Evans and Roger Allam surely worthy of for last few minutes of - acting at its very best.
Brilliant episode tonight of Fab performances by Shaun Evans and Roger Allam
Felt sure Thursday was going to get killed off tonight. Very glad he wasn't. Roger Allam is the best thing in it.
Oh aye. And Roger Allam and Anton Lesser are superb in it.
Just watched the latest episode of This is cracking television - Shaun Evans and Roger Allam are immense.
I bloody adore Roger Allam, he is just always superb
I don't like to hear Roger Allam coughing so :(
I bally love Roger Allam. He's the boss.
Hard as nails that Roger Allam, coughing up the fragment - now, don't you dare kill him off
Roger Allam is going in (or going out?) like late-season John Wayne in this Grizzled, battle-scarred: unrepentant. It's so good.
Roger Allam coughing up a bullet, though. 😍
Oh blimey, Thursday's going to cark it, isn't he? I can't watch the telly without Roger Allam on it.
Tour de force from Roger Allam this week
I have a crush on DI Thursday - Roger Allam. Good to see you, Jody. I hope you're warm & dry.
This week in Shaun Evans is still hot and Roger Allam's voice is the most SWOON in history. Other than that, no idea.
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If Roger Allam karks it in this episode of Endeavour I'll have strong feelings to feel.
That would be rotten. I do like Roger Allam. He's such a good foil for Morse. Still, looks like he's heading for promotion.
Now for Endeavour who I love. But also love Roger Allam.
Catching up on last week's Roger Allam bursting out of a bush with a flaming torch to ward off a tiger, what a man!! 🔥v🐯
Game of Thrones worth persisting with due to Roger Allam alone
Yes. I have a few series of Cabin Pressure on here but they're chopped into scenes. So out of nowhere: Roger Allam's voice.
Watching preposterous Endeavour with fab performances by Anton Lesser& Roger Allam and a tiger!
Large glass of wine... Watching if only for the actor that plays young Morse and Roger Allam and Anton Lesser.. Cheers! :-) 🍷
There's a moment in when Roger Allam becomes Peter Mannion from The Thick of It for about 30 seconds. It's just marvellous.
I was going to share a picture of Roger Allam with a beard before turning in for the night, but this blog is better:
Roger Allam/DHare fans rather than Glynditz perhaps ;)
Morning, Here is a link to many photos of Shaun over the years. Link thanks to
& Colin Dexter at the Blenheim literary festival in September.
Back on the bill with Roger Allam, not sharing the stage. This time i'm the tutor!
Happy birthday dear Roger Allam, happy 62nd birthday to you!
on 1953 Roger Allam, English actor and singer
Beautiful!! Happy birthday to the amazing Roger Allam!
Actor who is perhaps best known for his stage work in Les Miserables, Priva... Get more at
Thanks for sharing and your great support Roger. Laura
Oh, I thought it was a fishcake. (I get to be exactly half of Roger Allam's age today. Hooray!)
Some lovely photos of Roger Allam as it's his birthday today.
John Finnemore is the writer who created Cabin Pressure, the great radio show with Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Allam, etc.
In a perfect world, Hollow Crown would've cast Hiddleston & Roger Allam together.
The Moderate Soprano with Roger Allam was delicious. So happy I was able to buy that late moment ticket ☺
Roger Allam: 'Calling opera elitist is absurd' | via
'Writing off as intrinsically elitist is absurd.' Roger Allam talks with
Loved 1st preview of Play doesn't quite work but still funny & moving. Roger Allam & Nancy Carroll are phenomenal.
thanks dear! I'm feeling better now. Focusing on my theater ticket for Roger Allam's The Moderate Soprano tomorrow evening!!!
Roger Allam: 'Calling opera elitist is absurd'
I would very much like to know what is Roger's favourite Cabin Pressure-related memory.
I love Roger Allam. He's great in anything.
Roger Allam's Falstaff is supposed to be very good
As get older I'm more likely to see movie if quality character actors like roger or Tom Wilkinson are in it than a meh lead actor
Roger Allam: 'Calling opera elitist is absurd' -
‘…I feel the world is a nicer place because Glyndebourne is in it.’ Roger Allam making us blush in
Come to think of it, John Lewis is also where I bumped into Roger Allam and told him how much I liked his work. Celeb hotbed.
is led by Roger Allam. Also cast: Paul Jesson, Nick Sampson & George Taylor, dir by
Is 'Endeavour' coming back? Need a fresh fix of Shaun Evans and Roger Allam and the seedy underbelly of 60s Oxford...
however, Peter Mannion is fantastic in it. Roger Allam is SO good
Cabin Pressure by John Finnemore starring Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam, Benedict Cumberbatch and John Finnemore as Arthur.
Was disappointed there was no Peter Mannion, er I mean Roger Allam, after them being at Illyrio's palace!
Roger Allam on set as the truth commissioner
Roger Allam now narrates Four in a Bed. And I thought that programme couldn't get more glorious. Is it now the most British thing ever?
Narrator sounds like Roger Allam, the tory bloke from The Thick of It.
Shakespeare + Roger Allam is pretty addictive, too.
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Do I mean Roger Allam? Is that him? Or is that someone else who had been in loads of things?
Listening to Les Mis after a few months. Heart divided between Quast and Allam. As much as I love Philip, Roger's voice is still a favourite
2/2 it was called Cabin Pressure, it still makes me cry with laughter. BC is brilliant but Roger Allam is comedy gold, in a class of his own
One of the best and most unexpected things Benedict Cumberbatch has done was with Roger Allam, John Finnemore and Stephanie Cole on radio
More and more I model my parenting style on Roger Allam's voice in Sarah and Duck.
I don't envy many theatrical experiences over a good filmed record but I really wish I'd seen these Roger Allam Henry IV plays at the Globe…
Roger Allam is a good actor but I can't watch anything he's in without wanting to watch him on The Thick of It.
Just met the great Roger at St Georges Market in Belfast. # class act
Roger Allam best Falstaff, joint top Prospero with Derek Jacobi (Rylance: Ariel, Peck:Caliban) '82 htt…
With the legendary Roger Waters. Yes that one from Pink Floyd. Amazing discussion and an exceptional person
Ahem Globe Theatre production of The Tempest w Roger Allam & Colin Morgan coming to screens in Syd, September.
well the tempest with Roger Allam and Colin Morgan had a very good aesthetic too if you're interested!
You should get Roger Allam to announce this in a classroom!
Check out our new, and OFFICIAL website for Roger Allam. We're very excited to be able to share it with you all:
Maybe we can club together and hire Roger Allam to follow us around!
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Ooo so this week's interesting pop-up actor in Foyle's War is none other than Peter Mannion MP aka the brilliant Roger Allam.
Roger Allam voicing death is so obvious yet utterly brilliant.
I'd forgotten Roger Allam was in Midsomer Murders. That was a pleasant surprise. Can't go wrong with listening to that voice!
“I was excited about working with someone who has so much experience.” on working with Roger Allam
While we're on the topic of Roger Allam, he's unquestionably the best part of the Wachowski's otherwise misguided V FOR VENDETTA adaptation.
I've seen Roger Allam onstage. I've done my bit to support his career.
Think of Roger Allam, though - dry, sardonic and smooth as glass.
Roger Allam was brilliant as Falstaff in Henry IV Pts 1 and 2 at the Globe! The best acting I have ever seen live!
btw have you heard Cabin Pressure? I think it might be Roger Allam's finest, funniest, most Roger Allam thing ever. Well good.
i like Roger Allam, as an actor though, but he looks very reliable as a person :)
Roger Allam. I had to think, because my tastes have changed some as I get older. I think the Cumberbatch utterly fabulous,
I was reasonable entertained by JUPITER ASCENDING, but man, Eddie Redmayne is no Roger Allam.
Roger Allam: "Acting, like many professions, is getting more exclusive." National Theatre 'built for all of us."
I think Roger Allam is brilliant but from what I saw and heard of Seminar, it didn't seem very well done.
Today's workout brought to you by the original London recording of Les Miserables staring the absolutely amazing Roger Allam as Javert.
Roger Allam was in Ashes to Ashes too, can't remember if Shaun was in same episode as him.
the London original cast album is on Spotify - Roger Allam is Stone - listened to it this morning
Think I just clocked Roger Allam so that's pretty cool, I guess.
Roger Allam, who could be replaced by Tim Curry in almost anything he's in. I really like him in that, though.
Can someone please write a screenplay about Christopher Hitchens before Roger Allam is too old to play him?
I was stunned when i looked it up and found out that it was Roger Allam and not actually Tim Curry
There is, I think, nothing better on television than the scenes he shares with Roger Allam in Endeavour.
Was chatting to a friend about this recently, only one that's been okay recently was the airline one with Roger Allam.
As a commenter notes, this is incredibly unkind to Roger Allam
maybe just the first and last fifteen minutes, then. And anything involving the wonderful and criminally underused Roger Allam.
I just want Philip Quast and Roger Allam to read fairy tales to my kids.
Just be aware that the Mortdecai books are overall pretty good. But they do suggest he be played by, like, Roger Allam.
(OMG in the movie Mr Holmes Ian McKellen is Holmes and there's gonna be ROGER ALLAM
I once opened a door for Roger Allam. He thanked me.
Featuring Cabin Pressure's Roger Allam as the voice of Winston Churchill, listen to "Churchill's Other Lives"
Liking the Churchill spot on Roger Allam reading Churchill? That's something I'd love to see as well as hear.
Don't miss 'Churchill's Other Lives' all this week on With Roger Allam as Winston Churchill.
Unkind to put the estimable Roger Allam beneath the odious Griffin - might want a word about the billing old boy
I did Shakespeare. Saw w/Roger Allam & Colin Morgan thanx to I, too, won today.
Just having my mind blown listening to Roger Allam (of Thick of It & Cabin Pressure fame) playing Javert in original London cast of Les Mis.
Alan Titchmarsh on stage: perfectly positioned somewhere between Graham Taylor and Roger Allam.
Clip of Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Allam and John Finnemore in the final Cabin Pressure on R4
Saw repeat of The Jury (2nd ser.) missed 1st. It's not very good is it? Julie Walters totally miscast and even my fave Roger Allam subdued.
Cabin Pressure with Roger Allam & Benedict Cumberbatch: Hear the last series 23 & 24 Dec (30 days)
Roger Allam honoured with Outstanding Alumni Award (StaffNet - The University of Manchester):
I've been attempting to edit a frankly unwieldy essay all day. Current mood, as expressed by Roger Allam:
Thank you for making The Globe's The Tempest with Roger Allam and James Garnon available.
My brother got me to watch the first episode of Game of Thrones but Roger Allam is in it & now I just want to watch Speed Racer
Sounds like Roger Allam first, then B saying "no that can't be right" (& the princess of Lictenstein groaning?) to my ear
Roger Allam fans turn over to ITV3 for Episode 2.
my new secret boyfriend Roger Allam is killing it though.
ooh yes. if we must have new voices, it would be great to have Roger Allam's.
Roger Allam one of the all time great Falstaffs I think. But I did enjoy this one a lot - think it might have matured a bit.
I was less whelmed when saw it at Stratford. Ashley McGuire & Roger Allam still 'my' Falstaffs.
best falstaff ever -- roger allam, globe, 2010. he's actually FUNNY.
Roger Allam is just excellent in The Thick of It. The later seasons are hilarious!
Watching The Jury on ITV3 and it stars Roger Allam. 👍📺 😊
What makes a great stage actor? Roger Allam, Miriam Margolyes and others offer a few words of advice.
... In addition I must say (pervertedly) that Roger Allam could take me to the heavens any time!
Petition to remake The Book Thief with Tilda Swinton as Death instead of Roger Allam 👍
Best dance of the night already seen with Roger Allam and Co at the end of The Tempest on Eat your heart out Strictly!
Ah, the wonder that is Roger Allam in The Tempest on Sky Arts. Saw it at the Globe - loved it!
The Tempest is repeated on 2 at 4.15pm. Globe recording starring Roger Allam & Colin Morgan.
When asked if she'd go out with a young Roger Allam sized man Hayley Atwell said "security"
When asked what my goal weight is this Christmas I'm gonna say "Roger Allam"
wot a pair! MT Renowned pianist AngelaHewitt showcases her repertoire with Roger Allam. .
Renowned pianist Angela Hewitt showcases highlights from her repertoire, including a performance with Roger Allam. .
He's one of them certainly but so is Stephanie Cole and Roger Allam
The Tempest is on 2 at 8pm. Globe recording starring Roger Allam. That man is so talented! :) (cc:
Catch last year's production of The Tempest starring Roger Allam and Colin Morgan on Sky Arts 2 at 8pm. You won't…
Another celebrity spot - credit to for pointing out actor Roger Allam (Peter Mannion in The Thick of It) to me at Waterloo.
You can see pictures from Roger Allam's Outstanding Alumni Award presentation on our FB page
"Seminar" dir. by Terry Johnson- powerful play with excellent Roger Allam about writing..
I'm watching "Lewis" ... Still prefer the original Morse or Endeavour (Roger Allam's hat).
Shakespeare's Globe on Screen presents THE TEMPEST, screening this Tuesday, 10/28 at 7:00pm! Tickets: Duke of Milan (Roger Allam), usurped and exiled by his own brother, holds sway over an enchanted island. He is comforted by his daughter Miranda (Jessie Buckley) and served by his spirit Ariel (Colin Morgan) and the deformed slave Caliban (James Garnon). When Prospero raises a storm to wreck this perfidious brother and his confederates on the island, his long contemplated revenge at last seems within reach. Imbued with a spirit of magic and the supernatural, The Tempest, recorded live on stage earlier in 2014, is Shakespeare's late great masterpiece of forgiveness, generosity and enlightenment. Director Jeremy Herrin's previous work for Shakespeare's Globe includes 2011's much loved Much Ado About Nothing. Roger Allam won the Olivier Award for best actor for his role as Falstaff in Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 at the Globe in 2010. Colin Morgan is best known for playing Merlin in the long running BBC series "Merl ...
Great news: Roger Allam is on the newest
I actually felt sorry for Frank Grayson. Roger Allam was superb ! His voice was incredible. Xxxx
What a great play was. The whole cast was just awesome - Roger Allam leading the way. Thanks again
I bet the do! Have you ever listened to Cabin Pressure (on BBC Radio 4 Extra website) w/Benedict Cumberbatch & Roger Allam?
I've been meaning to mention Roger Allam's cameo in Bad Education this week (BBC3/iplayer) but no doubt you've seen it. ;)
My new text message alert is Peter Mannion flouncing "I'm bored of this, I'm going for a Twix". Roger Allam, Sky God and Voice God both.
I'm meeting a bunch of people tonight when we are seeing with Roger Allam. It was originally the play's last night...
"Will work for food and Roger Allam tickets."
On a ridiculously early bus to London to see Mr. Roger Allam on stage. Things I do for Rog.
Enjoyed some fine acting in at tonight. Terrific cast. Roger Allam and Bryan *** especially compelling.
Roger Allam is in the latest episode, he hasn't even said a single word so far yet I'm laughing my *** off, brilliant!
I like Roger Allam and I enjoyed the pilot but couldn't get along with it after that.
I did think Gus was voiced by Roger Allam all the way through though.
Yellow car! Yellow car! by Starring Stephanie Cole as Caroline, Roger Allam as Dou...
Roger Allam masterful in Seminar. Holds audience's attention brilliantly. Never grandstands. Just delivers with great honesty
Seminar at Hampstead was good. Not quite as sharp as Mamet (not much is) but Roger Allam and were both superb
Roger Allam! The man with the best voice in the world!
Context and intonation aside, one of the high points of today may be saying "Try me" to Roger Allam.
So and and so looking forward to seeing Roger Allam reciting DH Lawrence's short stories.
Roger Allam, and on a stage before me, bouncing off each other - yep, that's what good days are made of.
highly entertaining with wonderful Roger Allam surely one of our greatest actors
Such a waste of Roger Allam's voice :(
Sometimes, out of nowhere, I remember my utterly filthy Roger Allam sex dream and grin like a South Park Canadian for hours.
Really enjoyed Seminar . Roger Allam and the rest of the cast were first class.
Also, she doesn't know who Roger Allam is, which is pitifully sad for her.
So, E5 was on a different level to other episodes AND got Roger Allam/Supermac!
Roger Allam's voice is pure sex, but even I will not buy the Jeffrey Archer audiobooks he narrates. Surprisingly, I have some standards.
Is Roger Allam appearing on BBC Three not enough to save it?
Shame the mighty Roger Allam playing a silent role in - the best sarcastic voice in the business...
Roger Allam's squeaky voice in this ep of Bad Education is great
Bad Education BBC3 just had Roger Allam as mean exam invigilator.
Bit of a silent comedy masterclass from Roger Allam & Jack Whitehall on BBC3 of all places.
Inspired choice to give the man with the best voice on TV, Roger Allam, a silent role
Oh my God, Roger Allam is in this episode. Flailing!
Roger Allam in Bad Education, fantastic!!!
Roger Allam is going to be in Bad Education tonight? My evening just got better
Roger Allam is brilliant as the examiner in Bad Education tonight.
he was amazing in The Tempest; acted everyone else off the stage, including the incredible Roger Allam.
. And also don't forget at 10pm on featuring this week the wonderfully talented Roger Allam.
Sat opposite actor Roger Allam on the tube, I often see famous actors around Swiss Cottage
Acting Tips via "Try not to worry about embarrassing yourself. That's a lifetime's task" - Roger Allam
Chris Duggan's exhibition at ends on Nov, 2. Don't miss the chance! For more info:
Re-watching Endeavour. Love some baby Morse. Love some Roger Allam and Shaun Evans too.
Democracy by Michael Frayn had its World Premier in 2003. Roger Allam played Willy Brandt
Photo: thepudupudu: A picture from the Parade’s End set, kidnapped from this site for Roger Allam...
Roger Allam and Jamie P were superb, but I lived Simon RB, too – lots of pathos, I thought. But mainly Ben Whishaw feelings
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Woke at 5.45 :-( still I heard most of the lovely Roger Allam and Maggie Steed doing Blythe Spirit on radio 4 extra, 6-7.30. Very tired. :-(
2nd time I've seen people fancast both Roger Allam and Lindsay Duncan for Bless. In an ideal world that would happen.
Roger Allam will star in ESC's new comedy 'The Hippopotamus', adapted from the novel by
I have a dream: full season 2 story arc with Roger Allam as The Master.
Booked tickets for Seminar with Roger Allam All my friends are dead jealous ;)
Got your tickets yet? featuring Roger Allam is on sale now
Roger Allam in Theresa Rebeck's Seminar - UK premiere of See Rock City And Other Destinations - Latest news on
Are you, by any chance, planning to livestream 'Seminar' with Roger Allam?
Oh...and I'd also forgotten that Roger Allam plays a key character in season 2 of Ashes To Ashes. It just gets better.
SEMINAR, Theresa Rebeck's 2011 Broadway play, to receive British premiere at Sept 28 to Oct 18, with Roge…
It's not going to happen, but I'd love if Armando Iannucci did a Doctor Who episode with Paul Higgins, Roger Allam, Joanna Scanlan etc.
Short but very sweet session today with Roger Allam. The list of Game of Thrones actors through the doors of Tamborine grows by the week.
Thanks to so many of my tv faves for support. Roger Allam, Phil Spencer, Olivia Colman ... Love the letter. Means a lot.
Roger Allam - see that character you played in V for Vendetta? That's what we want away from
felt so bad that the great Roger Allam had signed your letter. But thanks so much for Cilla. Yes
The wonderful Roger Allam was also at Chichester tonight. Thursday was visiting Endeavour!
One episode of every night before bed puts a smile on my face :) Love Roger Allam x Benedict Cumberbatch!
You know you've watched too much kids' TV when during the sublime Endeavour, you shout "Sarah and Duck!" every time Roger Allam speaks.
Still alive in the forest with and co. Just enough signal for important matters such as tickets to see Roger Allam on stage again.
In seeing shows at the NationalTheatre tonight: Bruno Tonioli, Harriet Harman, Anne-Marie Duff, James McAvoy and Roger Allam!
Roger Allam: how Sheila Hancock gave me a Dream gig with the RSC
Roger Allam is so good at being a smug A-hole. Saw him as Falstaff at the Globe & he was great.
Going to see Roger Allam as Prospero at Should be intesting!
Hampstead Seminar led by Roger Allam: Roger Allam is to return to the Hampstead Theatre this autumn when he st...
Roger Allam returns to to lead cast of comedy Seminar
I've just booked to see the wonderful Roger Allam in Seminar for my yearly visit (it just happens 😂) to the
Roger Allam stars in the mordantly comic Seminar book before it sells out.
I have seen Seminar in NY some years ago and can't wait to see it again with Roger Allam as Leonard . What a treat.
Under 26 or a student? You can book front row seats for with Roger Allam from £15 -
Booked to see Roger Allam in Seminar at - excited to see one of my favourite actors!
Roger Allam is to star in Theresa Rebeck’s dark comedy SEMINAR at Hampstead Theatre:
OK, just bought my ticket to see Nice to visit again in October. And nice to see Roger Allam on stage again!
OK, does someone want to see Roger Allam with me? October 18th
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Show with Roger Allam at the Booked tickets without even reading the details. My face right now.
I think I've found what to spend some of my theatre tokens on. Would be great to see the fab Roger Allam
downloading The Thick of It.. saw Roger Allam for a second there when I checked one finished video.. this is gonna be so much FUN!!!
Tickets booked to see Roger Allam in Theresa Rebeck’s at My Monday has just improved immensely!
Roger Allam stars in Seminar by Theresa Rebeck at Hampstead ...
Hi Tanja - sure you already know, but Roger Allam is going to be in a play at Hampstead Theatre in Sept/Oct.
I see that your Roger Allam is going to be busy this autumn! Think I may have to go to this :)
New show now on sale: Theresa Rebeck's directed by Terry Johnson and starring Roger Allam (25 Sept - 18 Oct) ht…
Looking forward to seeing Seminar with the legend Roger Allam :)
Roger Allam to star in Seminar at the Hampstead Theatre.
Endeavour is amazing, watch it when you can, so welldone And ofcourse Roger Allam is in it 😄
Roger Allam is in this episode of the Catherine Tate Show omg
I dunno. Shaun Evans & Roger Allam in Endeavour and Michael Kitchen & Honeysuckle Weeks in Foyle’s War are pretty badass.
Mr Holmes adds Frances de la Tour, Roger Allam and Patrick Kennedy to join Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes :
Roger Allam! 'Mr new cast revealed as shoot begins
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if you didn't already know read this about Ian McKellen's Sherlock Holmes drama via
Exciting news! Roger Allam joins the cast of movie "Mr Holmes", with portraying Sherlock Holmes
Roger Allam joining Ian McKellen in an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. Somebody somewhere loves me
Anything with Roger Allam in it is going to be good.
"Ian McKellen in ITV's Sherlock Holmes film. *** this sounds exciting!
Roger Allam will be in the new SH film. The acting links with that character seem to be growing by the year!
Roger Allam is in new film about Sherlock called "Mr Holmes" XD
NO WAY? Roger Allam is going to be in that movie?
The casting of Roger Allam in the Ian McKellen Sherlock Holmes film will please large sections of my timeline ...
& winging our way to see aka roger allam recite Facade!
A German game with fewer than five goals is a dull affair.--Roger Allam
I love Roger Allam 's pronunciation!. It's good to hear especially for some foreigners just like me!
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