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Roger Ailes

Roger Eugene Ailes (born May 15, 1940) is president of Fox News Channel, chairman of the Fox Television Stations Group.

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The first elevation of a new star by FNC since the shake up and passing of Roger Ailes. Eager to see how I like...
Roger Ailes must be a strain of people think Martin Luther King, Jr.
One last thing: before Trump took raw conservative paranoia federal, Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh (who Hannity is chasing)…
Surprise to that media liberals, like Rachel Maddow, were so kind about Roger Ailes after his death.
I'm an atheist but just for today imagining Chris Cornell with a harp and white robes and Roger Ailes in a lake of fire
Sorry, Mrs. Guilfoyle, but Mr. Roger Ailes was NOT a "champion of women." He was more like a disrespecter of women.
Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Dennis Hastert, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove and Roger Ailes created it. Trump just weaponi…
Rush: Monica Lewinsky wrote op-ed blaming Roger Ailes for her problems? It was the Clinton team that hat called her a…
Worth a read: on what Roger Ailes did to her life.
Monica Lewinsky concedes the obvious--her scandal consumed *all* news coverage--but somehow blames Roger Ailes most. https:/…
Monica Lewinsky blames Roger Ailes in "farewell" to Fox News "culture"
So Monica Lewinsky blaming Fox News and Roger Ailes specifically for ruining her rep is classic hey M, does Sidney Blumenthol ring a bell?🙄
Monica Lewinsky: her affair w/ Bill Clinton was a "national tragedy." And she blames Roger Ailes. Trump's fault too? ht…
At Roger Ailes funeral, his son vowed to get revenge. Looks like he inherrited the *** gene.
deserve to lose every bit of the 30 billion dollars in FoxNews value that Roger Ailes built.
Roger Ailes was a fat 77 year old so lets not pretend that it was stress that killed him
Roger Ailes created a dark universe of news.
Name a list with an infinite number of people...
Imagine Maddow and Chris Hayes just throwing it out there. "What Fox won't tell you: sources confirming that Eri…
Top story: Monica Lewinsky: Roger Ailes’s Dream Was My Nightmare see more
Does Google's search algorithm have a liberal bias? Here's what the search results for Roger Ailes suggest.
Michael Wolff at Roger Ailes' Funeral: Loyalists Celebrate in an "Act of Defiance" via
The extent to which we hate, fear each other now – that's not any one person's fault. But no one person was more at fault than…
Roger Ailes turned cable news into a modern coliseum. I was the prey, writes https:…
With one sentence, Ben Shapiro SHREDS liberals celebrating death of Roger Ailes
Those saying we should refrain from criticizing Roger Ailes out of respect for the family need to consider this.
Monica Lewinsky writes that Roger Ailes made her life a "nightmare"
⚡️ “Monica Lewinsky for NYT: Roger Ailes' dream was my nightmare”.
Don't shift blame to Roger Ailes. If you weren't newsworthy, then none of 'that' would've happened or b…
Roger Ailes built an unstable, short-term network on sand based on exploitation, threats, lies, harassment, controls
May Roger Ailes rot in *** May the poison he sowed follow him into the grave soon. Here's wishing for the death of Fox News.…
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.Roger Ailes sexually harassed women. That's a fact. . Were you in the room with him, Cenk?
this is accurate: We live in the world Roger Ailes broke: via
Valuable take on Roger Ailes that I wasn't expecting: Here's for the ht…
I wasn't aware that Drudge broke it. Now we know more abt what Drudge really is and who supported them. Roger Ailes…
Roger Ailes's creation now serves as a de facto information weapon for the Kremlin. Me in
Monica Lewinsky writes an obit for Roger Ailes and, perhaps optimistically, for the culture he represented
Fox gave a voice to millions of people. Thank you, Roger Ailes.
If a stand-up guy like Rupert Murdoch won't back Assange, it must be because he doesn't measure up to Roger Ailes character.
I had missed obit for Roger Ailes. Don't make the same mistake.
Roger Ailes wasn't a sexual predator, he was a hemophiliac vampire doing what comes natural at that end of the pool. conservatives Mr Rogers
I sang 'Black Hole Sun' and 'Spoonman' to myself all day, then went home and looked up Roger Ailes
Marc Fisher on Roger Ailes, "driven as much by social & class resentmemts as by ideology or power", Washington Post
The week we lost Chris Cornell who wrote Black Hole Sun and Roger Ailes who blocked out the sun
Imagine if Roger Ailes had been black. Would the media *Morning Joe* be tripping all over themselves to say he was...
Like The Sun- be yourself and stop dispersing our energy out like a solar flare-from Glen Beck-Roger Ailes philosophy.
Did Chris Cornell have to die when Roger Ailes did so that balance could be maintained in the universe? RIP Chris, we…
Roger Ailes is the single person most responsible for the fact that I'll never talk to several of my family members ever a…
Read : Roger Ailes built a kingdom on exploited bias
Anthony Weiner, a convicted pedophile, received more media sympathy than Roger Ailes' widow, a grieving wife. Let that sink…
Here's the only Roger Ailes obit you need. (From a Deadspin commenter)
Biting, accurate obit of Roger Ailes. "Let's hope he comes back as a woman in Saudi Arabia" -- or a black man in a…
We should treat Roger Ailes's death with the same respect his network would treat the death of an unarmed black teen.
Roger Ailes made billions defaming Black kids who got shot. "Respect for the dead" can eat a sack of dog ***
Nixon, Roger Ailes and the political power of cultural resentment. Great analysis by David Greenberg
Roger Ailes was innocent — in his own mind fascinating convo that was only to be released if he died
"Television has now fully absorbed the lessons of Richard Nixon" -- David Greenberg on Roger Ailes, Nixon & us.
My coworker told me that Roger Ailes died but I thought he meant Kevin Ayers from Soft Machine and I got sad
Shepard Smith tears up over 'complicated' relationship with Roger Ailes via
Roger Ailes is dead at 77. The Fox News co-founder was a dominant force in conservative politics.
Roger Ailes, who died at 77, exerted influence on politics with Fox, but was undone by sexual harassment allegations
Roger Ailes was a dominant, intimidating force at Fox News until he was forced out in a sexual predation scandal
Shepard Smith issues tearful tribute to Roger Ailes: 'I loved him'
His vision gave us a TRUE news source. Ask Shepard Smith about Roger Ailes, or watch for yourself:…
WATCH: Shepard Smith breaks down on camera over the death of Roger Ailes -
Roger Ailes is dead. I wonder if Carrie Fisher is wearing a gold bikini in the afterlife, waiting to be taken prisoner again.
just watching Neil Cavuto's tribute to Roger Ailes...beautiful, Neil...well said!! i pray this changes hearts & minds at fnc...
If you just saw Joe Lieberman's name pop up after seeing Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes ... I have some bad news for you.
Roger Ailes was born to cause trouble ever since Ray Stantz imagined him into existence.
Humans: be honest. You reacted to news of Roger Ailes' death the same way you reacted to the death of Paul Reiser's character in 'Aliens.'
I liked a video Neil Cavuto remembers Roger Ailes
- trump cries witch hunt. - Jason Chaffetz to resign by June 30. - refuses to honor subpoena. - Roger Ailes dies.…
If Carrie Fisher were still alive I'dd assume she donned a bikini and strangled Roger Ailes with a chain long enough to go around his jowls.
Roger Ailes touched so many people during his life...women in particular...and without them wanting him to...
.Roger Ailes changed the way you think of the media
In other news, Roger Ailes fulfilled his lifelong ambition of sexually harassing Leni Riefenstahl today.
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Roger Ailes produced one of the most infamous political ads of all time, and it helped…
I bet Roger Ailes' *** and Carrie Fisher's heaven are the same place.
Roger Ailes, dead at 77. Bill Shine is out, Suzanne Scott is at the helm. . Is Scott good or bad for the future of Fox?
The ghost of Carrie Fisher is strangling the ghost of Roger Ailes with a chain in the afterlife
Roger Ailes is dead. As per William Jennings Bryan: "I have never killed a man, but I have read many an obituary and laughed."
Glad Roger Ailes lived long enough to get caught and die lonely and humiliated. That extra year of life cost him dearly.
How Ailes reshaped media and politics
Roger Ailes, the founder and former chairman of Fox News, has died at the age of 77, according to Fox News.
seen multiple conservatives call Roger Ailes a symbol of what America represents lol I'm glad we found something that we can…
"Don't be disrespectful of the dead!" yell those who've gleefully watched as the empire Roger Ailes built uses Seth Ri…
Reactions to the death of Fox News founder Roger Ailes.
I'm sorry to report that Roger Ailes ever lived:
Rot in *** Roger Ailes. . Oh, and my condolences to the family.
How Roger Ailes transformed US media landscape as the chief of Fox News
Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes just died and liberals are already making fun of him and celebrating his death. Leftists are…
He wasn't perfect, but Roger Ailes was my friend & I loved him. Not sure I would have been President w/o his great talent…
RIP Roger Ailes, had a shart attack groping a Denny's waitress. Survived by 10 million insane retirees who think vaccines cau…
Roger Ailes predicted how much longer he had to live — and he was right
Roger Ailes died this morning, our deepest sympathies to Beth and his son Zach. Roger was a media genius, good friend and gre…
"RIP Roger Ailes. The man may be gone but the sewer of misogyny, bigotry & lies that he midwifed still poisons the world."…
Family friend tells KUSI Fox News founder Roger Ailes fell and slipped into a coma days before his passing
Death could not come too soon for that disgusting sack of hamburger meat we knew as Roger Ailes.
I notice that many of the same people who mourned Ted Kennedy are celebrating the death of Roger Ailes.
If it makes Roger Ailes feel any better, he looked 90.
In recognizing the death of an enemy, Roger Ailes: a loathsome predator yes, but let's not forget who WE are. It's OK to re…
Fox News architect Roger Ailes is dead at 77
Tonight on the No Spin News podcast we'll address the death of Roger Ailes and the new special counsel in the Trump-Russia…
Roger Ailes founded one of the most important and successful media outlets in American history. I will miss his friends…
Roger Ailes saved my wife's life after her stroke in England. He saved other lives, as well. This will boad well in his…
Roger Ailes, the former CEO of Fox News, has died at age 77, his wife says.
Lot of people who claim that "words are just words" and "offence is taken not given" are very mad right now about disres…
Roger Ailes is dead. Mrnng Joe praising him. Don't forget lies he promoted, women he harassed, or damage he did to U.S.…
It's tragic that he's gone but we'll always have the incredible music Roger Ailes gave us
Roger Ailes once threatened me that he had the rest of his life to get back at me for an article I wrote. Looks like he ra…
Roger Ailes is going to have an open-zipper funeral
Spoonman. Tell me Roger Ailes looks like he ever put a spoon down.
Let the death of Roger Ailes finally kill off the inane prohibition on speaking ill of public figures upon death
BREAKING: Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News, has passed away at the age of 77, reports Fox.
.Roger Ailes never let it bother him that he was a serial sexual predator either. B.I.H. Roger Ailes
Today America lost one of its great patriotic warriors. Roger Ailes. For Decades RA's has impacted American politics and m…
Sad to hear this morning that Roger Ailes has been killed by Princess Leia on his pleasure barge.
As Bette would say "You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good… Roger Ailes is dead…
Roger Ailes changed the cable news game. Rest In Peace, and my condolences to his family.
Roger Ailes was living separately from his wife in Florida, fell into coma after falling down days before his death https:…
Chris Cornell died: That's very tragic and sad. Roger Ailes died. That's very good news. Life always finds a way to balance…
I can't believe Roger Ailes was killed by a turtle dropped by an eagle who mistook his bald head for a rock to break the turtle's shell.
Right now, in *** Roger Ailes is sexually harassing Leni Riefenstahl
Former chief Roger Ailes has died at age 77. Read his wife's statement and sign his guest book:…
Few people have done more to hurt this country than Roger Ailes. He vilified minorities, degraded women, and destroyed so man…
Roger Ailes has died. Wow. Sending deep and heartfelt condolences to everyone who was abused, harassed, exploited, and…
Prayers to Beth and Zach. R.I.P Roger Ailes- you changed television as we know it.
On hearing of Roger Ailes' death, I couldn't help but think of Chris Hitchens' impromptu eulogy to Jerry Falwell.
Time to break out H.L. Mencken's obit of William Jennings Bryan and hope someone does the same for Roger Ailes. .
Roger Ailes, former sexual harraser in chief is dead.
Breaking News: Former Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes has died, his family announced.
Wow. Drudge reporting that former exec Roger Ailes has passed away.
Fox's bill for Roger Ailes settlements is now $45 million via
Roger Ailes said Kimberly Guilfoyle would 'get on her knees for. 👉
AP BREAKING NEWS:Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes is trying to sell his New Jersey home, and is as…
Male employees of Bill Clinton should not reference Roger Ailes. The only sensibility BC had was whether…
Roger Ailes' behavior is indefensible. I don't remember his being accused of sexual assault or rape, howe…
Buyer’s Remorse Sets In for Trump better than Roger Ailes and Bill Clinton >.
'The Loudest Voice in the Room' Is a Look at Roger Ailes by via thanks
Suzanne Scott’s appointment shouldn’t be seen as a culture change. Like Shine, she was a fierce Roger Ailes loyalist
HA! The news on the original FakeNews channel keeps getting better! . Roger Ailes ✔️. Bill…
: Prez Ronald Reagan eliminated the Fairness Doctrine. Roger Ailes worked for Prez Re…
Roger Ailes is suddenly realizing that peter from my bed diy haircut took my dad texts me supporting my shower has accumulated
Fox News has fired co-president Bill Shine, former top aide to Roger Ailes
Shine, a protege of Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, was replaced by Suzanne Scott
Exciting news! Our Ailes miniseries is headed to Showtime .
Last week's episode of SVU appears to be about Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, AND Vincent Gallo
Remember how you wholeheartedly backed Roger Ailes
Bill Shine was promoted weeks after Roger Ailes' sexual harassment scandal -- and exits weeks after Bill O'Reilly's https:…
500 bucks that Roger Ailes has a shoe fetish.
Still no official acknowledgment of how very wrong this review of 's Fox News book was
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Fox News co-president Bill Shine, longtime lieutenant of ousted CEO Roger Ailes, is out at the network
New Fox president of programming Suzanne Scott is named in the Andrea Tantaros lawsuit as part of effort to cover for Roger…
Hang tuff, Sean! WHO is taking out all these power houses? Roger Ailes, Shine? Going after YOU! Who's next??
Fox's company policy and philosophy is "do sexual harassment!!". Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Shine,,,…
When book came out, the Times savaged it ruthlessly. That review has not aged well.
Fox is over! The begining of the end was Roger Ailes leaving, now you can stick a fork in Fox cause s…
Bill Shine, a Fox News executive, is out. Several sexual harassment lawsuits said he enabled Roger Ailes’s behavior.
Roger Ailes ✅. Bill O'Reilly ✅. Bill Shine ✅. can we give you a list of other people to publicly support?.
My unsolicited two cents: Everyone should read Sherman's biography of Roger Ailes / generally follow his incredible…
Liars Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson were 'sexually harassed' by Roger Ailes and Bill O'reilly with…
Fox faces probe over sexual-harassment settlement disclosures. Roger Ailes,former head of news cable network, was forced ou…
Megyn Kelly,Gretchen Carlson&all the blondes in Roger Ailes harem happily contributed to FOX racist agenda.Until th…
Joan Walsh: "We have a man in the White House who boasted about doing the same things that brought down Roger Ailes&Bill O'…
Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, and now Sean Hannity. These DIRTY old men are all SEXUAL PREDATORS like Donald Trump. FOX NOISE…
Today's CNN Headline: CNN's Alisyn Camerota: Roger Ailes sexually harassed me. Why don't you ram it, you filthy parasite.
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What does the FOX say? Thanks to Roger Ailes & Bill O'Reilly we now know the answer: "Show us your boobs!"
Like I said 5 months ago, purged Roger Ailes & now so that it can move toward the left to mirror / promo…
Alisyn Camerota: 'Roger Ailes did sexually harass me'
Steve Bannon told Roger Ailes that Megyn Kelly was the devil via
Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes specifically prove my point. What is the question?
Another ex-Fox News anchor is going public with allegations of sexual harassment against former CEO Roger Ailes:…
LATEST: Ex-Fox News employee says Roger Ailes sexually exploited her for 20 years
Read description of being sexually harassed by Roger Ailes. Horrendous behavior on his part.
CNN's Alisyn Camerota: Ailes suggested they go to a hotel to work “really closely” & “get to know each other better” ht…
Thank you for sharing your story & for covering women's experiences in the workplace. htt…
CNN's "Yes, Roger Ailes did sexually harass me."
First Roger Ailes, then Bill O'Reilly, and now Sean Hannity - will Greg Gutffeld be next?
I told everyone it was over when she went against Trump.
Even Roger Ailes couldn't get away with ths kind of trash and this guy is in the WH carrying the religious right.
CNN co-anchor says Roger Ailes sexually harassed her
domain names
CNN's Alisyn Camerota: Roger Ailes sexually harassed me -
LOL What they're too dumb to realize is, Fox News IS A CONSE…
CNN’s Alisyn Camerota: Roger Ailes offered to advance my career at Fox if I went to a hotel with him
Former Fox News host Alisyn Camerota reveals Roger Ailes sexually harassed her too. via
'Roger Ailes did sexually harass me,' says former Fox journalist Alisyn Camerota
.speaks out about the culture at Fox News
I get sick every time I read stories where Susan Estrich is defending her client Roger Ailes.
Looks like Roger Ailes is still advising him.
There's something universal about men not getting what they want, and then taking the moral high ground...
This --> "[Ailes] could be charming, uproariously funny...he could also be ... a bully, often grossly inappropriate" https…
With Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes out the door at Fox, Rupert Murdoch's sons are overhauling their father's empire
Roger Ailes and spoke on the phone frequently during the campaign, sometimes several times a week https:/…
Steve Bannon’s interest in politics and his big ambitions for Breitbart put him on a collision path with Roger Ailes https…
Steve Bannon to Roger Ailes on “I told him then, I said, ‘She’s the devil, and she will turn on you.’”
The unprompted defense from Megyn Kelly is remarkable reading a few years later: "Roger Ailes is a great man."
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End of Fox bubble? Roger Ailes, Megyn Kelly & Bill O, they are all gone, Is Hannity next? Is this a strategic shift for Fox?
Roger Ailes resigns. Milo Y. is over. gets fired. Bill O'Reilly is GONE. We're coming for you,
Disagree w/one point: Nixon's decision to use TV was heavily influenced by a youthful Roger Ailes, t…
Bill been on a long time, Bill, Trump and Roger Ailes r all in the Fake news sexaul predators club,they paid the vi…
...Roger Ailes was sued by Gretchen Carlson for the same.
Looking like a way to eliminate one sexual harassment environment might be to just shut down Fox News. htt…
Really, they have no credibility. Like you, however, they have no respect for women. .
Ex-Fox chief Roger Ailes, host Bill O'Reilly hit with more sexual allegations
why are you advertising on O'Reilly Factor? You're OK with Fox News & O'Reilly's sexual harassment?
Thank you After Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes and others, enough!
That ol' thing is starting to isn't it,
Mercedes-Benz is pulling ads from Bill O’Reilly’s show after uncovered sexual harassment claims against him ht…
Roger Ailes could be a body double for Alfred Hitchcock or a manatee.
Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes hit with more sexual harrassment allegations
And guess which AG office was investigating Fox's settlements ...that's right. preet Bharara's.
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Fox News hit with new GOP(R)Ailes harassment suit in wake of GOP(R)O'Reilly bombshell
In the complaint, it was said that Roger Ailes often looked down the complainant's dress and made clear his...
O'Reilly and Fox are back on Page One of the here's Tuesday's story by and
The fish rots from the head down starting with Roger Ailes of FOXNews. Oh that's right he doesn't work for them anymore but O'Reilly does.
Fox News hit with new Ailes harassment suit in wake of O'Reilly bombshell
Roger Ailes & Bill O'Reilly are a special kind of MISCREANT. viewers are a special kind of stupid to continue suppor…
Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly have 2 things in common. They are sexual predators but still heroes to the "evang…
Embattled Fox News hit with yet another sex harassment suit Roginsky is nonsense, others most likely too.
Memo to a lot of people have a lot of explaining to do From Trump to to Roger Ailes. ***
Hey wya? I'm sure you have Roger Ailes to defend since you were all up in arms about VP Pence being a decent…
Fresh controversy for Fox News: A contributor has filed a lawsuit accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.
Yet another lawsuit has been filed alleging sexual harassment on the part of Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes
NEWS: New lawsuit from Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky alleges sexual harassment by Roger Ailes and retaliation by…
Julie Roginsky sues her Fox News bosses for enabling Roger Ailes
Fox News commentator is latest to accuse Roger Ailes of sexual harassment
News: Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky is suing Fox News, Roger Ailes and Bill Shine for gender discrimination and retal…
The lawsuit alleges that the network’s co-founder Roger Ailes pressured contributor Julie Roginsky for sex.
Maxine Waters dragging Bill O'Reilly AND Roger Ailes (and Donald Trump) right now on
Har-har! O'Reilly is so FUNNY! The institutional misogyny at Fox News is alive and well in the post-Roger Ailes era.
Are Lachlan and James Murdoch considering breaking from the Roger Ailes formula? Is this a test run?
Federal authorities are conducting a criminal investigation into says attorney for Roger Ailes' accuser
Bravo Shepherd Smith for calling out The Trump House's false narratives. Fox News, post Roger Ailes, is...
Federal prosecutors investigating Fox News for securities violations over Roger Ailes? Story coming!
& driving force behind Nixon was Ailes. Coincidence? or destiny?…
Roger Ailes he was on NBC apprentice
Sympathy for the Devils: The Plot Against Roger Ailes — and America - Breitbart
Bannon isn’t the only right-wing media crusader who’s playing a major role in the Trump campaign. Roger Ailes, the former head of Fox News,
Roger Ailes ate all my broccoflower
And Nixon was elected after the scandal broke under Law and Order, with the help of Roger Ailes
Flynn news not on Fox bc of the deep roots Roger Ailes still holds. Remember Ailes & Giuliani giggling bc of their plans?
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created by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who hired former Republican Party media consultant a Roger Ailes as its founding CEO.
It's probably party time in Roger Ailes old office. No time to report breaking news. O'reilly brought his loofah!!
you right lol, Roger ailes is prolly still slinking around in the background molesting employees
in omarosas defense, pretty sure trump told her she's on WH apprentice version and she wins "special" treatment by roger ailes
What's this all about, Why go out of your way to protect the Roger Ailes of Unless...what's he got on you?
We knew that the second Roger Ailes went to meet with them then joined their team...
If you guys don't think Trump isn't following Roger Ailes' playbook w/ unfriendly reporters, you're crazy. Ask Gabe Sherman
Did they get some of it from Roger Ailes? Does anybody know what happened to all that secret info that he was gathering?
Ah, but best bud, Roger Ailes, is. Remember that back "dark" office at Fox? He's the dossier king.
No, shepp smith "came out" after Roger Ailes was fired. He can never be fired. I learned that today.
Where is Paul Manafort? Where's Roger Ailes? Anyone heard from Roger Stone or Carter Page or Corey Lewendowski?
what ever happend to Roger Ailes? Is he still strategizing for trump? Maybe pulling Bannon's strings?
If not the Russian variety, than perhaps the dossier king, Roger Ailes, variety. He loves dirt
Has everyone woken up ? Interesting how this Nixon + Bush +Roger Ailes 3.0= orange fat flee market gold President
Ever since Roger Ailes got caught trying to screw the staff,. Fox News has been in a downward spiral. Juan Willams and Shep Smith don't help.
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Oh purdzer is scum!!! They should keep digging and look for a Roger Ailes sexist past
is publishing an updated version of the Roger Ailes bio on Friday - reads like a thriller…
KG mouth snickering at Bob is disgusting, ignorant & only there b/c she does what Ailes demanded.
don't worry Joe is a mindless GOP sycophant who owes his entire career to Roger Ailes.
Answering the rhetorical: Nope. Orwell's Ministry of Information is "realer" than in '96, when Murdoch appointed GO…
Don't forget origin: Degenerate Roger Ailes plan to target blacks and hippies in
Roger Ailes was media consultant. Admitted to planting overt racist in audience, so Nixon could counter…
never trust Roger Ailes, they're probably wrong
This being Trump, he means "like Roger Ailes makes Fox women dress"
Yes. Roger Ailes dreamed up Fox during that period. Took another 20 years to create it.
if Fox News claims Attacks on Conway are "SEXIST" throw Roger Ailes, and their sexual misconduct scandals in their face
lol.Righteous indignation...Roger Ailes the master of...
I am very sorry you look like an angry Roger Ailes, dude.
A result of FCC Deregulation,the fusion of entertainment with news,pioneered by Roger Ailes, & uneducated voters.
It's not a Mariska interview, it's a scene from the show. Probably the Roger Ailes episode.
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reminder of the guy you all idolize and may still have contracts with..LOL
i'm not a fan of Roger Ailes don't @ me
True, yet we invaded Vietnam and killed maybe a million people for no reason, before Roger Ailes. Explain that.
great find ... Roger Ailes produced the Douglas show back then!
Why Fox? Why? Roger Ailes' spirit is very much alive. I feel so bewildered when I watch Fox.
rape? With your record on woman, Guliani, Newt, Roger Ailes and Julian Assange
I did know that. Poor thing. Betcha Roger Ailes never took a run at her.
It's like TV! Maybe he'll have Roger Ailes turn all briefings into Fox & Friends segments.
Roger Ailes is gone from FOX, now you can go back!
Is it just me or does anyone else wonder what big ol'fat Roger Ailes is into these days? Dreams of the new network died with DJT winning.
I said it b4 election,& I'l say it again.Trump doesn't care about US.He knows at minimum aftr office he,Roger Ailes,& Fox hav netwrk
could U take Tamron & give us Greta. loved Tamron, she was our sister. Greta is Roger Ailes sister, twin sister!
I'm not going to give U a chance anymore than I will Hannity or Roger Ailes. I concur with nothing U say, Go back 2 FOX, please!
This is ridiculously sexist, misogynist claptrap. I would expect no less from the Roger Ailes Bill O Reilly mindset.
OH BOO HOO! Did lying Snowflake Conway get her feelings hurt? Cry me a river her boss and Roger Ailes are the bigge…
'The Loudest Voice in the Room' by - terrific account of Roger Ailes from 'Mike Douglas Show' to Fox News
Alex Gibney to Take on Fox News’ Roger Ailes in Upcoming Documentary via
Newswire: Going Clear director Alex Gibney is making a Roger Ailes movie
.filmmaker behind Scientology documentary "Going Clear" signs on to make Roger Ailes documentary
Filmmaker who exposed Scientology is working on a documentary about Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes.
Alex Gibney, never one to shy from controversial subjects, is making a Roger Ailes doc next (Exclusive)
Karl Rove, Rush Limburger, Roger Ailes, Carly Failurina Kelly Ayotte, Shelley Moore Capito. I just threw up in my mouth.
Idea of moving WH press corps first reported by Former Fox News / Roger Ailes honcho Peter Boyer:
Want to know why Bill O'Reilly attacked Megan Kelly for calling out Roger Ailes sexual harassment?.
Btw, when Megyn Kelly came out with her book and detailed her claims about Roger Ailes, O'Reilly accused her of "making my…
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