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Roe V. Wade

Roe v. Wade, is a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court on the issue of abortion. Decided simultaneously with a companion case, Doe v.

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• Roe v. Wade was ruled by an all male Supreme Court in ‘73. • Majority of abortionists are men. • Majority of pro-abortion…
2/ addressed three things. First, it overturned trigger language that could have made abortion illegal in Illino…
The Republican Party has become a fascist organization bent on taking America back, way back, before Roe v Wade, before…
Hopefully the Supreme Court will overturn roe v wade and abortion will become illegal
As long as they get Roe v. Wade repealed, and the wall between religion and government torn down, and…
These are the type of people that will further their Pro-Life agenda. They want to overturn Roe v Wade…
The foisted culture wars on us 1973 Roe v Wade. Should we just roll over & allow the Msm to define us???
Really? If the GOP loses control of the Senate (a distinct possibility given some other races), that mean…
So you're willing to overturn Roe v. Wade since it was decided by men? I'm down with that.
If you had a shred of integrity you'd go after the deadliest assault weapon in existence, Roe v. Wade…
And if a teenage girl in this situation were to get pregnant? We know what Roe v. Wade says. And we know what Moore says. htt…
MT "McCorvey [Roe] never aborted her child who was the center of the Roe v. Wade lawsuit." https…
John Bush compared the Dred Scott decision to Roe v. Wade, saying that both “relied on similar reasoning”
In November 1970, Robert Welch announces the Society's opposition to three years prior to Roe v…
Republicans sneak pro-life "personhood" lingo into tax bill, a backdoor attempt to rollback Roe v. Wade
Roe V. Wade is the law of the land. Most women don’t even KNOW they are pregnant before 6 weeks.
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In other words, no Roe V. Wade, no early 70's women's movement.So, no Steinham, no Freidan, no Angelou,…
Top Dem on the Judiciary Committee Sen Feinstein in her line of questioning of and asks if Roe V. Wade has "su…
that's an accomplishment? And how is it Hillary's accomplishment; did she argue Roe v Wade?
Hillary Clinton might say: "if there has ever been a Holy Law, it is this one--Roe v. Wade."
Where have you been? Done Ask Don't Tell no longer exists. He will overturn Roe V. Wade. GET EDUCATED!
Donald wants to send Roe v. Wade “back to the states.” That means states could criminalize women—trust them with their own he…
"The Decision to Have an Abortion is Protected under the Constitutional Right to Privacy".
Refusing to vote for Clinton risks Roe v. Wade being over turned & women being jailed for terminating pregnancy. Cowardice.
Millennials are the most pro-life generation since Roe v. Wade, and the abortion industry knows it:
Except we had a majority Republican Supreme Court and there was no overturn on Roe v. Wade.
Oh hey, all those protections for trans people might get rolled back. Oop, there goes Roe v Wade too. Welp.
If you anything before roe v wade, you would know how people would go to nurses that performed abortions IN THEIR HOME!
Maybe time to be critical is when s'one who will protect roe v wade and has supported less privileged women is in the WH
Yea, I mean in the last debate they were genuinely talking about Roe v Wade and Trump has talked about punishment for abortions.
Reminder that the president will choose a new Supreme Court Justice and DT wants to overturn crucial social justices cases like Roe v Wade!!
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It is simply untrue that the federal level doesn't affect everyday people. ACA, Marriage, Roe v Wade and EVERY cabinet sec…
The celebrates "1Hundred Since Roe v. Wade Millions of have been killed before their o…
Don’t fool yourselves: Roe v. Wade is on the ballot on Tuesday. via
lol well get your facts in order cause Hillary is a firm supporter in Roe v Wade.
summer read the conclusion of the Supreme Court case Roe v Wade and hopefully understand when I've been trying to say.
the Roe v. Wade & *** marriage go back to his strong religious beliefs. He has his beliefs, you have yours. Doesn't make him satan
I'm disgusted when I see HRC smiling and laughing when she talks about Abortion and Roe v Wade...
The Roe V. Wade case says from the way I understand that the third trimester is when it starts
"Donald Trump has chosen the most pro-life candidate for vice president in our country's history since Roe v. Wade" http…
This election, don’t forget that Roe v. Wade is on the ballot:
The millions of children aborted by their own mothers since Roe v Wade cannot.
I am not a fan of messing with Roe v. Wade, but no candidate is going to be a perfect fit.
Already voted for Trump by mail. I want Roe v Wade repealed, as my ultimate goal.
Dear Hillary:Thank you for standing up for women's rights. Your answer on upholding Roe v. Wade was perfection. All the…
I could never imagine voting for a human that would like to overturn Roe V Wade. That honestly terrifies me 😔
The abortion rate per-capita has FALLEN since Roe v Wade. Countries with free contraception and sex ed have LESS abortions.
I've read their platforms, dude. Taking down *** marriage and Roe v Wade is there on the marquee, surrounded in bright lights.
That includes a GOP majority appointee court that recognized innate right afforded by human condition/privacy in one's affairs in Roe v Wade
To my friends and family who are voting for Trump because of abortion, please read this first.
I'm not religious, but this was a great piece by Jason Wanderer.
If you're TeamTrump y'all do realize he wants to over turn "Roe v. Wade" like how can you possibly vote for a president…
Even after Roe v. Wade, we *still* need to vote legislators out of our lady parts. .
9. Hillary will stand up to the NRA. She'll protect Roe v. Wade. She'll defend marriage equality and put the right S.C. justices in place.
Spoiler Alert: Roe v. Wade argued right to privacy in making family repro decisions. . Reverse that & risk SO much more…
Hillary said trump suggested supreme justices that would "reverse Roe V. Wade and marriage equality"...hmm.
my principles: equal rights 4 all inc marriage, help for those who need it, Roe v Wade, religion out of politics, free speech
people will pay dearly. LGBT rights gone, Roe v Wade gone, Planned Parenthood gone, & extreme right Supreme Court.
Roe v Wade truly is an abomination and a single person is not the only one who thinks so.
with DNC's smug & reckless negative campaign against Bernie-alienated his supporters & now has endangered SCOTUS/Roe v Wade.
. Bernie best by far. But still 1 BIG reason to vote for Hillary is she is nominee. NO REPUB will nominate backer of Roe v Wade to Ct
FEMINISM 101 using in the post Roe v Wade era to explain concepts for the one group who has been ignored
and Roe v Wade is what ultimately transformed the Republican Party, unfortunately.
Yes, Roe v Wade was also a contributing factors.
I wonder where the leftist love of Roe v Wade will end up when in relation to the T bathroom debate.
Liberals love to tout Roe v Wade, but seldom recognize that the decision guaranteed the right to privacy, not the right to abortion.
So, when he said that they should be punished, after the overturn of Roe v. Wade he meant in some other way becide…
Roe v wade, but for the singularity.
please ask your writers to use Trump's actual quotes . .
Clinton wants Roe v Wade protected and Citizens United removed. You're like a Breitbart reader.
Since 1973 we've aborted approx 58,000,000 babies. 😢😥😪😓 My God pls change us. Align us with your word.
.- We're all against Roe V. Wade, will it ever get overturned? No. Never. Ever.
.I don't believe God's directly involved; If this was the Old Testament, we'd have gotten enslaved a couple years after Roe V. Wade
Donald Trump's Potential Supreme Court Picks__This is what's really at stake! Roe v Wade and so much more
Roe v Wade is followed by the majority. of European states. Even most Catholic now allow *** marriage. Roe v Wade mostly too.
Rev. Barber is inclusive to all of it is "Conservative". to principle "full community.". I'm still pro Roe v Wade but support him
releasing names of possible Supreme Court nominees. All of his nominees would overturn Roe v. Wade & save Citizens United.
This will not stay like this if we allow a regression backwards from Roe v Wade tho.
Trump is talking about picking judges who will roll back Roe v. Wade and marriage equality, and she's not. So, no.
Thanks to Roe v Wade it's a gravy train above all else
we already have Roe v wade in place which puts guidelines in after 22 weeks she would uphold Roe v Wade
EOC REVIEW Q:. What was the outcome of Roe v Wade?
Fear is that BernieBros too young to remember life pre Roe v Wade; don't see danger of Tr…
I do know my candidate heard her talk abt this many times she'd prefer gov had no say but under Roe v Wade it's law
I'm not following with the never R part. Roe V Wade was in 71, I think. Personally, abortion is nowhere close to my highest concer
Roe v. Wade, what do the top lawyers decide? And where is the honor, of putting a child up for adoption? And Susan B. Anthony's honor?
I think it's obvious that the Roe v. Wade and it's many hole's is just a long Ross & Rachel played out for the nation.
"legal analyst" KNOWS that SC overturning their own decision on Roe v Wade is as likely as him being crowned a King
Trump releases potential SCOTUS nominees. calls it "most likely to overturn Roe V. Wade." Wonder what Trump daughters think?
If gets to choose the next SCOTUS justices, Roe v Wade is history. And this time, that's not an exaggeration.
With Pro Choice advocates like Roe V Wade should be overturned by 2018. "Life beings when you can be sued"
I heard she recently compromised on the Roe v. Wade litmus test
Trump said he'd appoint a Justice who considers Roe v. Wade worse than Dred Scott, and barely a ripple from "progressives"?
supporters might want to look at 's list of potential justices before denying support to Clinton. Bye bye Roe v.…
Opened the door to Roe v. Wade and dawn of third wave. Had a few good points, but these were overshadowed by victimhood.
I was told by pro lifers he was. Not to overturn Roe V Wade but in theory. Thought said so on site - gonna look
Nope, a center left Democrat is well to the left of a conservative Republican. Trump wins Roe v. Wade is gone. Not with HRC.
panel of Liberals: If you want to see Roe v Wade reversed, these are your judges. (paraphrased)
I wish it was that black n white. If it was, Roe v. Wade wouldn't have happened.
when his supporters decided the possibility of Trump overturning Roe v. Wade is no big deal.
A christian girl in my civics class did a project on Roe V. Wade and pulled garbage, decade old stats on abortion and I'm still mad.
Common Sense Society is a blessing,but Government,even in its best state,is a necessary evil
Morality is not the business of government
Why govt should stay outOf the morality biz
interesting b/ Garland Obama's SCOTUS nominee isn't on the record re Roe v Wade. Bill Clinton appointed him 2 Court of Appeals
The 1973 Roe V Wade decision led to 28,000,000 fewer women, over 2/3 of them black or hispanic.
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Bernie has been a consistent supporter of roe v wade and women, that's why ur making it an issue when it's not.
of course it's important. So is putting food on the table, tuition free college & Medicare for all. Feminism isn't just Roe v Wade.
If you seriously don't understand why Roe v Wade should be at the top of any progressive priority list, that's scary.
A reactionary vision has to reject more than just the Great Society or Roe v. Wade; it has to cut to the very roots of the liberal order.
Oklah GOP legisl openly defies US Constit+ rule of Roe v Wade by making it crime for doctors to perform abortions.
Not safe, not legal, not rare: Life — and death — before Roe v. Wade
Never happen, Roe v Wade will never be rescinded, alcohol will never be outlawed again 2nd amendment will never be dropped
which ones are and aren't. I know some religion ones are & roe v wade
I added a video to a playlist States Ignoring Roe V Wade With Impunity
Federal laws don't mean much anymore.Notice how states are going against Roe v Wade.Laws are broken with no consequence.
States Ignoring Roe V Wade With Impunity via I can see women coming to Canada again
Please join us as we battle to overturn Roe v Wade.
I thought it was going to be Roe V Wade? ***
These 8 stories collected by show what abortion was like before Roe v. Wade.
Alabama officials are now pretending that Roe v. Wade simply never happened
I liked a video from States Ignoring Roe V Wade With Impunity
in the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade of 1973, it was decided that abortion is a private matter, so women have to right to choose.
States that demand Drs be able to be attendants to hospitals r evading Roe v Wade by making abortion DRs illegal, leaving abortion legal.
That's how they get big majorities in favor of Roe v Wade and legal abortion.
its been like 50 years since roe v wade. No one buys your pro life posturing anymore.
"To the extent that there’s a legacy of bloodshed on the American left ... down through Roe. v. Wade"
did you forget that abortion is a legal medical procedure, since Roe v Wade?
Guess you haven't followed all the attacks on Roe v Wade - THAT was settled law. Now under attack
A quarter of all post-Roe abortion restrictions were passed in the last 5 years
Hey - Of the 50+ Million babies destroyed since Roe v. Wade in the USA, how many did Trump kill by donating to…
ELI5: Why does abortion remain at the forefront of American politics 43 years after Roe v. Wade?: There are m...
The GOP has discovered a devious way to bypass the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade
It's no secret that states have railed against abortion access in the years since 1973, when Roe v. Wade legalized the pr…
Hillary on Guns: "If anything else killed 33k per year Congress would act". Yet she supports the 58 million abortions sin…
Roe V. Wade is not the Constitution and Supreme Court justices are not lawmakers.
that would include extremist christians trying to overturn Roe v. Wade, yes?
In the country famous for Roe v Wade, the return of the D.I.Y. abortion. Horrifying:
What if the Supreme Court had decided Roe v. Wade in terms of the First Amendment, as a matter of religious freedom?
Oh lord y'all should've seen or at least heard our government class today debating about the importance of the abortion case, Roe v Wade😳😂
43 years of Roe v. Wade, and women's health is still under attack.
Why is Roe v Wade "settled law" and Citizens United in need of being overturned? Was Dred Scott or Plessy v Ferguson "sett…
Why does SCOTUS care about abortion in the ancient world?
Clinton says she will appoint SCotUS judges who recognize Roe v. Wade but believes Obama nomination should be heard by Senate.
I donated $10 to Clinton for saying Roe v. Wade and $0 to Sanders.
Get your Hippocratic Oath off my Roe v. Wade!
.Promises to only appoint a nominee who recognizes that Roe v. Wade is settled law!
No Mrs. Clinton, Roe v Wade is not rooted in the Constitution.
The hidden demand for info on self-induced abortion in Google searches is reminiscent of era before Roe v. Wade.
The GOP's tough talk on abortion is meaningless because they can't do much unless they overturn Roe v Wade.
is what Texas doing about abortions going against the court case "Roe v. Wade" ???
Nor will Roe v. Wade, but that hasn't stopped the right from pushing anti abortion agenda, see how it works now with guns.
Roe v Wade protects the rights of half the population. Citizens United represents interests of a much smaller group.
SCOTUS hears historic abortion rights case that could seal the fate of Roe v. Wade
Episode of “Trials that shaped the modern world”: Roe v. Wade. .
Clinton on the court: I will look for nominees with a heart, who will keep Roe v Wade and overturn Citizens United
Dear have you heard about Roe v. Wade? Jw.
.would support a nominee who believes "Roe v. Wade is settled law.” She's
So 70 Million blacks aborted since Roe v Wade is not an Extermination?! Or is that also false.
.Roe v Wade is a weak fall-back, inserting the state's interest into a woman's womb.
unfortunately Roe v. Wade is not considered closed by many, hence the ongoing fight for /against abortion. 1/2
Roe v. Wade is settled law because the Supreme Court ruled on it, but the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United must be o…
Thinks a liberal SCOTUS will overturn Citizens United, meanwhile decades of Conservatives...still Roe v. Wade.
Very very briefly. Clinton got in one mention of Roe v Wade and then they moved on. *sob*
Latinos don't want Roe v Wade overturned. Newest polling from here:
"I would look for people who believe roe v wade is law." -Clinton featured in NBC s Science of Love
"Abortion on demand" is the right-wing alarm, all the way back to Roe v. Wade. I think it's "demand" as much as "abortion" that bothers 'em.
Norma McCorvey aka Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade in my Instagram takeover
.says that she would look for nominee who "believe Roe v. Wade is settled law"
System is different here. Roe v Wade has been judicial precedent for 43 years now, but pandering legislators try (1/3)
Clinton: Would seek justices who believe Roe v. Wade is settled law and that Citizens United needs to be overturned ASA…
There was not a public pro-life witness in front of the Supreme Court when "Roe v. Wade" was argued. Let's not...
ohh isn't that nice ..wonder if she cares About preserving Roe v Wade ?
Today I Learned the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade later renounced her position and became an anti-abortion advocate.
Brilliant, & no mention of religion, if you don't like that stuff: When Suddenly Stopped Making Sense
It was 25 years ago today that Roe V. Wade became the law of Maryland.
Bernie Sanders: Only nominate Supreme Court justices who support Roe v. Wade and the r...
I'm a feminist and I'm against abortion
Great discussion with the author of "Defenders of the Unborn: The Pro-Life Movement before Roe v. Wade":
Funny how when the only consistent ideological difference for decades is on Roe v. Wade, both parties become utterly mons…
A Contradiction In Sensibility: Young Women who support the Man who would over turn Roe v. Wade before the Woman who supports their rights?
As a person who was an unwanted pregnancy, born just months before Roe v Wade, my position is easy.
More than 25% of the abortion restrictions passed since Roe v. Wade happened in the last five years
Woman behind Roe v. Wade: Helping legalize abortion was ‘the biggest mistake of my life’ | Blogs | Lifesitenews
He is also Father to the unborn. 60 million now dead since Roe v Wade .
Does this include the 60 million innocents aborted since Roe v Wade?
The description of the baby fighting for life is harrowing.
amazing testaments from Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe):. &
"The liberal media routinely dismiss the annual March for Life to protest the anniversary of Roe v. Wade" ht…
Millions of people formerly for abortion- now pro-life. The lady "Roe v Wade" changed.
because 4 Supreme Court Justices will b picked in the next 10yrs. If the gop wins roe v wade ?
The decision handed down by the Supreme Court 43 years ago in Roe v. Wade guaranteed a woman’s right to choose.
Bro just peep Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey. Yall kant do dis. 14th amendment said so. Right to privacy.
Rubio's going to make sure Roe v Wade is overturned and Planned Parenthood is defunded. -
Discussing Roe v. Wade in Con Law II today. I cannot, for the life of me, fathom how any rational person can read this case and disagree.
All the books and articles lying about Sanger were written after Roe V Wade and yrs after her death.
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incorrect. They are legal per Roe V Wade as long as the mothers well being (including "mental health") can be said to be affected
This, from is one of the strongest essays I've ever read:
Roe v Wade was truly the start of derespecting all life. If you can't respect an unborn baby, who can u respect
Florida Bill would Outlaw Most Abortions; Nullify Roe v. Wade in Practice via
Hillay Clinton 2016... Remember that the SCOTUS is also at play and so is the repeal of Roe v. Wade.
"Future generations can accurately say, 'It’s not like they didn’t know.'...'they had sonograms.'
Roe v. Wade saved my life. Because I was able to have a safe, legal abortion, I was able to get out of poverty.
7 in 10 Americans support Roe V Wade. I am one of them. My life at the time could not support another & I have 0 regrets…
Also, the ex-con in the class mistook Roe v. Wade for Brown v. Board of Education and claimed it was being overturned. Ganja must be good.
Let's talk about roe vs wade or brown v the board of education
Even in her attempt to obfuscate behind Roe v. Wade, Hillary Clinton admits that she supports killing babies any …
In Con Law today we will be discussing Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. I predict anger...
Roe v Wade should have a warning applied to it & it should be recalled as a defective product
The recent anniversary of Roe v. Wade reminds us of the enormous legal progress made by women in the U.S. over the last five decades.
GOP: criminals will get guns no matter the law. Yet not concerned that people will get dangerous abortions/die if Roe v Wade overturned.
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How many lives since Roe v Wade: 60mm? Some days that weight is too much to shoulder. And the Libs smirk at us.
Crime rates dropped in the 90's because of a direct correlation to Roe v. Wade passed in '73. Mic dropped.
Rubio is pathetic -- and thank you As she said, READ Roe v. Wade! GM Andrew!
Even more disturbing is that she would overturn Roe V. Wade. Feminist doesn't mean what she thinks it means.
Talking now Sarah Weddington who worked Roe V. Wade. Says this is a look at possible case.
Jim Graham, TX Right to Life: After 9/11, we went to war. After Pearl Harbor, we went to war. What happen after Roe V. Wade? Nothing.
Carl Sagan's argument for Pro-Choice infrastructure makes a lot more sense to me. Way more than Roe v Wade's decision based on "privacy".
42nd years after Roe v Wade, politicians are trying to legislate abortion out of existence, David Grimes says
The downturn of crime in the 90’s was due to the passing of Roe v. Wade? What’s the inverse logic of that? (cont.)
'Abortion drone' to fly pills across border into Poland: perhaps Planned Parenthood will need this if Roe V Wade dies
Some people shouldn't have ever been parents and our prime examples of why we got roe v wade
I was given up at birth by my bio-mom in 1970. 2 yrs. before Roe v. Wade. Can I have the $1 million dollars? Lmao
should be abortion of black babies 50 million murdered since Roe v wade
Reason No. 1 is far more likely, though rumor has it that Roe v Wade enhanced Mrs. Blackmun's social standing.
This is how many laws were before Roe v Wade. These laws meant "sepsis wards" and high death rates.
- Them folk in Ohio keep furgettin bout Roe v. Wade and
.Republican presidential candidates must promise to appoint a Supreme Justice who'll try to appeal Roe v Wade to get it
Roe v Wade magnitude history could be made tomorrow. It's amazing to me how many world history events I've been alive for.
To be fair is only alienating women who believe in Roe v Wade. You know The Law
. Best analysis ever! You can believe a fetus is a baby,. you just don't get to believe it for someone else. Roe v Wade!
You might want to actually read Roe v. Wade before casting aspersions there, Justice Genius.
U know how many say Roe v Wade will be overturned? & they don't have an amendment in their favor!
This bill is not about fetal pain, it is about challenging Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court. Why do you have to lie about your intentions?
I think Roe v. Wade is an even more relevant parallel here. It has been severely eroded--and by the same ppl.
You're not following the argument. If SC ever overrules Roe v Wade your argument goes out the window. That's all I said.
What do you mean, you don't love government. You love those Domestic Violence laws, don't you. And that Roe v. Wade abortion ruling. ?
Over 50million lives lost in America since Roe v. Wade. And this is good for women how?
After Roe V. Wade the womb became a tomb for more than 56 million babies.
OK, you are cool with Roe V Wade because SCOTUS ruled on that.
The Holocaust killed 20 MILLION Ppl. max.- Since Roe v. Wade abortion has killed over 50 MILLION people.God is full of
this country already has a perfect compromise between state interests and personal liberty on abortion: Roe v. Wade.
Just started The Grapes Of Wrath: the untold story of how abortions b4 Roe v Wade created the Dust Bowl.
agrees with her VISION of Exterminating Blacks! They've killed 58 MILLION since Roe v Wade!
illegal abortion leads to lack of access to safe abortion for women, before roe v. Wade 5,000 in US died anually as a result of this
@ people:. Abortion was made legal by a Supreme Court decision (roe v wade) only way to overturn that is an amendment and to ratify an +
Orange is the New Black DROPPIN KNOWLEDGE about Roe v Wade
I see. Quite the perspective you have. How do you feel about the 17% of women who had pregnancy related deaths before roe v wade?
(There used to be over 40) regardless of your views on abortion they are a constitutional right for women as proved in Roe v Wade in the 70s
.No, that's NOT why it was made legal. Have you studied Roe v Wade? Since '73 58,000,000 *** sapiens have been murdered
News flash, the SCOTUS ruling in 71 on Roe v Wade is opinion, not science.
Want to read about what it was like before Roe V Wade?
Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 (legalization of abortion) 57,762,169 American babies have been aborted as of January 2015. So many lives. Wow.
The Roe v Wade decision was based on flawed science assuming that the fetus/embryo was an outgrowth of the mother as well as...
In TX they are making a similar argument to PA in Roe v Wade that it doesn't affect 5 million women
I would still go with Roe v Wade. Nobody died as direct result of Kelo ruling.
not American, but if I'm not mistaken Roe v. Wade gave women the right to abortions, but States combat this by limiting access
Activism in America is undermining choice
In this stunning blogpost, one woman discusses before Roe v. Wade with her mother.
Platform to repeal Roe V Wade and limit access to Birth Control is harmful to women
. Your thoughts are archaic. We have science now vs when Roe V wade. Stork doesn't bring babies. Science.
Together Hitler and Stalin murdered about 40 Million people. Since Roe v Wade we have murdered more than 55 Million.
How about we check with some of the justices who were involved in Roe v. Wade and get a first hand report on brimstone?
Norma McCorvey aka Jane Roe is not grateful of Roe V. Wade. Isn't that irony? Besides abortion does not equal to "motherhood"
Won by Love: Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe of Roe V. Wade, Speaks Out for the Unborn
Yes Sarah Weddington was the Roe V. Wade attn but she's so much more! I know Sarah & she's terrific!
Meet Sarah Weddington, the attorney who won Roe V. Wade when she was only 26 via
We are honored to serve on the Host Committee for the Planned Parenthood Illinois Action Roe V. Wade anniversary event this evening. We promised Pam Sutherland we would bring passionate young women tonight. Please join us!
With Monday having been Martin Luther King Jr. Day and today being the 42nd anniversary of the Roe V. Wade decision, I believe the following quote is appropriate. "Was that coincidence too, or could it be that when we said we would no longer sit in the back of the bus, a place was being reserved down at the abortion clinic?" - Dr. Alveda King
Every so often there are historic SCOTUS rulings - Brown V. Board of Ed; Roe V. Wade; Miranda V. Arizona; Gideon...
Having failed to secure passage in the 113th Congress, the new 114th Congress is slated to vote on the Koch/Keystone again this morning. Unless Democrats cross the aisle to make up the difference in the number of votes needed, this vote will fail too. The GOTP never understood the meaning of the word, "NO"! So far they've voted 54 consecutive times to repeal the ACA. Since John Roberts became Chief Justice of SCOTUS, the GOTP's decades' long desire to reverse civil rights for minorities has been realized. To commemorate their failed attempt to secede from the Union, some red states reenact battles and fly Confederate flags on public property. Roe V. Wade which made elective abortions legal has been rendered useless in GOTP led states. They've countered with state laws to make its usage impossible and plan to expand these laws to cover the entire nation!! Right now they are ceremoniously reading selective portions of the Constitution!? Not only is this another waste of time but I suspect, for many o ...
No it's not. Roe V. Wade was decided on the 14 Amendment. The Due Process Clause. And previous decisions of "right to privacy".
Now give me a president who will act upon this truth! An unlawful Roe V. Wade of marriage is coming.
People talk about women dying from illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade. Well, now they just die in "safe and legal" abortion clinics. Not sure how someone can advocate that legal abortion has really protected women. As a woman who has had two abortions, I can tell you that if abortion would have been illegal, I would not have chosen to have them. No one can stop people from making bad decisions. But we do what we can to protect the majority who will make better decisions.
? Do you not want Roe v. Wade overturned? Do you not want to Control their reproductive system, their access to abortions, etc?
I don't think that Roe v. Wade will ever be overturned
you should see my evaluation of Roe v. Wade today for ConLaw.. Brutal.
If you have been born in the past 41 years then you are a survivor of Roe v Wade. Use your life to help save others.
And super not helpful. I'm sure you know I'm pro-life, but Roe v Wade is a fact, hearts and minds don't change w/bloody pictures.
She told me she knows Roe v wade. I said wow... so does everybody
Little known fact:. "Rosemary's Baby" was the big movie half the justices watched the night before the big Roe V Wade vote.
I got a mailing from Rand Paul today, petitions to reverse Roe v Wade. You want this SCOTUS to rule?
Pop quiz: What is the significance of Roe v. Wade?
Nina v Roe v Wade . who's gonna win?
'Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade' by Clarke D. Forsythe
Abortion is our national shame and our national crime, a horrible sin for which our nation will be held accountable by God. Over 53 million babies have been killed since Roe v. Wade. This is an American holocaust. If you study the statistics and demographics, it is also racial genocide. We must pray for our Lord's forgiveness, and that He have mercy on the innocent babies slaughtered every day and take them immediately into His eternal kingdom for everlasting peace and joy and glory. We must also pray for our sinful President and the butchers and enablers who work in the abortion industry, and the mothers that take their babies to them to be murdered, that God will fill their hearts with His grace and the Holy Spirit and move them to confess their sins, repent, pray for forgiveness and turn away from their evil ways and end abortion.
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“I have always felt that it was only after a child was born and had a life separate from its mother that it became an individual person". -- W. A. Criswell, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, just after the SCOTUS ruling in Roe v. Wade
. except in cases of rape and incest... literally Roe v Wade serves me fine.
Teen abortion rate at lowest since Roe v. Wade
This Very well could result in a dismissal of Roe V Wade and put an End to BABY BUTCHERING!!!
This is what Roe v Wade has wrought on America: No value or respect for innocent LIFE!
Finally a judicial ruling reveals lack of logical consistency of the SCOTUS decision Roe v. Wade.
New York has the opportunity to secure the right to choose by enshrining the protections of Roe v. Wade in New York State law. You deserve to know your legislators’ positions on this critical legislation. Who will stand up, who will stand in the way, and where does YOUR legislator stand?
Another extremely common lie told by pro-choice organizations like Planned Parenthood is that thousands of women died of illegal abortions before Roe V. Wade. For example:
Status quo Republican candidates and their false campaign promises of overturning Roe v Wade
the pro-choice aka Roe v Wade is a constitutionally protected rights. You attend any school you prefer.
Using Libturd Obamaphile Logic: "It's a womans' right to choose to give birth" in that case, is it also a mans' right to choose to rape you? Is it a criminals' right to commit a crime? I have a proposal to make for my Patriot Friends: In order to make it less of an incentive to have abortions, I propose that the only way a woman may get an abortion if she herself is aborted in the process. Wow, can you imagine how much better this nation would be if those women that chose to murder 55 million babies since Roe V. Wade would also have been aborted as well.
First off & Make sure by pro-choice regarding schools, you're not confusing it pro-choice aka Roe v Wade.
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