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Rodney Trotter

Rodney Charlton Dave Trotter is a fictional character in the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses, played by Nicholas Lyndhurst.

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Right into Only Fools And Horses at the moment... See a bit of maself in young Rodney Trotter πŸ˜‚
I came to Liverpool the size of Rodney Trotter, will be going home like Sherman Klump. Lol
Rodney Trotter was wearing clothes in the 80s that the cool kids wear now
the epitome of a Rodney trotter situation.
imagined that in Rodney Trotter's voice
My headcanon is that Rodney Trotter's nightmare in Heroes and Villains would have come true if the Trotters carried on as millionaires.
You're rocking that cool, older Rodney Trotter look.
Uno how in kids school coats there's a lil space to write their name in case they lose it... my dad wrote Rodney Trotter in mine πŸ™ƒ
well I'm starving (hears the voice of Rodney Trotter saying it to Cassandra in my head) πŸ˜‚
Listen to Billy Ocean - Carribbean Queen by Nebojsa Rodney Trotter on
Brentford bound. Last time I was there Martin Allen stopped the post-match press conference to tell me I looked like Rodne…
Imagine what it would look like if Balding and Rodney Trotter had a baby. That.
Phil Thompson's turned up dressed like Rodney Trotter when he had to join the groovy gang
I've got a horrible feeling that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I'll come back as me". Rodney Trotter
Is this Rodney Trotter's long lost father, Freddie the Frog?
Last time I saw it was the previous 1-0 at Wigan. Chris Kirkland looked like Rodney Trotter in the 'Groovy Gang' episode
100 Mil for stones and sterling. Who's man cities head of recruitment Rodney trotter?
is Lewis bloor related to Rodney trotter,it would explain why he's such a plonkerπŸ€”πŸ€”
spot on.full backs who don't think they are wingers or look like Rodney Trotter on the left
I've got one of those faces! People usually think I'm Rodney Trotter. Great party wasn't it!
Breaking News: have just signed English Midfielder Rodney Trotter for an undisclosed fee
And, let's not forget, Rodney Trotter's mother in law.
Why's trying to move snide goods to me for Benidorm πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ turning all Rodney trotter on me la . Buying in bulk .
how do u do that chris I'm as clued up as Rodney trotter with phones mate
It's so hard to take Rodney Trotter seriously in those detective roles he plays on itv
Bear reminds me of a beefed up, β€˜hip’ Rodney Trotter with badly plucked eyebrows.
oh I thought it was for Rodney Trotter!
That Rodney mosaic is great. Maybe Rodney trotter can swap Wayne his gold identity bracelet del gave him inscribed Rooney πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Massive respect for Manchester United fans, we all love Rodney Trotter.
segue Dave Spart Corbyn in Rodney Trotter's get up & 21st Century Corbyn in Ken Livingstone's wardrobe was quite dramatic.
or Rodney trotter,, I'm told they spar together πŸ˜‚ just sign the *** thing
is it a trotter horse and I don't mean delboy or Rodney..
He's got Rodney Trotter in his hands
Like the 1982 FA Cup Final both teams seemed to have lost the toss & wearing their away kits. Assume Rodney Trotter called for both.
not Slav , it's the owners aka del and Rodney trotter
Whenever i see Susanna Reid i cant help but see Rodney Trotter after the sunbed
if there is any call for a Rodney Trotter lookalike, I'm Quid's in
HUH!!? I think dear old Jimmy, in tryin VERY HARD to impress, has just won himself the Rodney Trotter title..THE PLONKER!πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
So I'm told I look like Shaun, please don't tell me that, he looks like Rodney Trotter 😫
I don't tbink he need worry on that score, Rodney Trotter has got more chance of being elected PM
Birthday fancy dress outfit sorted minus my right hand man Rodney trotter!
"Back in the day Del's idea of safe sex was not telling a girl where he lived" - Rodney Trotter πŸ˜‚
De Bruyne looks like Rodney Trotter in that sunbed episode
Belgium like the Harlem globetrotters going Rodney trotter at the corner!
Dad on Bale "that's not a bun, it's a Rodney Trotter hair piece"
Crouchy or Rodney Trotter we call him. He's the youngest in his year as well, not 8 for 2 weeks!!
Kolo's gonna turn up at training like Rodney Trotter after he got married and Del Boy had to remind him he didn't live there anymore.
oh here he is, Rodney Trotter piping up cause he's Dunstable answer to Hugh Hefner
pipe down Rodney Trotter, why don't you catch *** AIDS and die
The greatest pic ever. out campaigning with a drag Rodney Trotter & Maureen from Driving School.
oh yeah that's Rodney trotter manner. I see the similarities now 😁😁😁
'...yeah..on the train...there's a grumpy bloke glaring at me...looks like Rodney Trotter...'
Rodney trotter will have more gce's than you nae doubt
One day you realise you're the same age as Rodney Trotter. And not young chandelier episode Rodney Trotter. Peckham spring Rodney Trotter.
Watching England play with a sitcom forward line of Kane and Vardy aka Rodney Trotter and Albert Steptoe.
Well done Rodney Trotter missing that you plonker
Watching Drive. This would be a far easier film to take seriously if I'd never noticed how much Ryan Gosling looks like…
What kind of match up was that ?? It was like putting Mike Tyson in with Rodney Trotter..
Patel's Multi-Mart, Peckham according to my mate Rodney Trotter.
Is that the Rodney Trotter look-alike who used to play for Leicester?
Trotter. Love that programme - the one where Rodney has to pretend he's a child on that holiday they won πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
got an opponent ed Rodney balboa trotter + coach
ray looks like Rodney trotter in the back
to Peter Crouch when at The Villa. There's only one Rodney Trotter!
Rodney Trotter meets Crocodile Dundee with a hint of glamour in
Ha. Happy with that, mate. I usually get Rodney Trotter, Stephen Hendry or
Hi Rodney Trotter thanks for the follow, are you in we are looking for sales teams for each postcode. Interested please DM.
he looks like a cross between Rodney Trotter and one of the Inbetweeners.
Liverpool's Bennett is made up of equal parts Rodney Trotter and Ed Sheeran
oh mate do Rodney Trotter. Best Dave ever.
Is it right that Rodney Trotter's ex-bird is set to launch a storm on the UK? Cosmic, Imogen.
If ever Rodney Trotter had a son Brian would be it
Guess who just landed another Rodney Trotter role. Rewarding myself with a catch up!.
coulda sworn i seen ET pass the moon in some loons , rodney trotter van . :)
very boring banter.. Looks like Rodney Trotter. Good night
Michael Stevens (who inducted Rodney Trotter into the Groovy Gang) is nailed on to play Julian Assange in a film.
Nice visit today to the gaff made famous by Russell Crowe & one of Rodney Trotter's fancy dress
This is so much better than being compared to Rodney Trotter.
clement said he doesn't want us trying the 50/50 passes I do. As Derek trotter once said: he who dares Rodney
Rodney Trotter's fundraising didn't work. Though Del Boy wouldn't contribute after 'the way Wales beat us at Rugby'.
Hey Rodney Trotter thanks for the follow!
you have hit the jackpot getting a boyfriend who looks like Rodney Trotter and Howard Wolowitz.
It's the wrong coat. If you look inside the collar it's got "RODNEY TROTTER" written in it.
More importantly when were you going to confess to being the lovechild of Del and Rodney Trotter?
It definitely wasn't used for Rodney Trotter's underpants either, the dirty ***
Should of kept Fazio and played him as a striker. Lump long balls at him. Like Rodney Trotter we had before
A little bit like Rodney Trotter, is Crouchie on TV. He cant quite keep control of his hands. Gotta love, Crouchie.
is that victor meldrew and Rodney trotter
Trotter to the rescue. Rodney you plonker... ?
If Lily Savage had a baby with Rodney Trotter
If rodney trotter and deidre Barlow had a kid
The grim acceptance that I look quite like Rodney Trotter
The transfer team at must consist of Del Boy and Rodney Trotter. We always *** people off with our conduct.
his undercard is del-boy trotter v Rodney trotter. will blow haye away
you really want Cain Dingle over Rodney Trotter, trust
I get 'Rodney Trotter' a lot too, to be fair
you look more like Rodney Trotter pal.
Never seen 3 people look more alike in my life than Rodney Trotter , Phil Tuffnel and Matt Letissier πŸ‘€
HMO House bannister fixed after being torn off! Dave again (Rodney Trotter)!
Little reminder Rodney trotter is a farking legend mate
I always thought of him as a halfway house between Rodney Trotter and Arnold Schwarzenegger
stump mic didn't help you out much with the Rodney Trotter shout did it.
Alex Hales got a different nickname every two balls that over!!! Rodney Trotter, J-Lo and then Joey (Essex). Great range...
Bairstow saying come on Rodney Trotter to Hales πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
it has made my to know that Alex Hales is called Rodney Trotter in the England Team
Who is Rodney Trotter in the England team??
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
did someone just call hales Rodney Trotter?!
Rodney Charlton Trotter. A new year message for Roland & Katrien.
Fun Fact: Rodney Charlton Trotter was named after because his mum was a huge fan of Charlton. πŸ˜†
Rodney Trotter has more insight than OJ.
impact sub. Deeney and Vardy run 'em ragged for an hour then bring Rodney Trotter on = Champions
Love this picture of a young Peter Crouch in full Rodney Trotter mode.
reckon Rodney Trotter would be a better target man
On my mission to cut down swearing I am taking a leaf out of Rodney trotter.cosmic
Watching Only Fools and horses with and she goes doesn't look like Rodney πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ there's only one Rodney trotter !!
Clearly you are Sarries version of Rodney Trotter. Is Ashy or Big Jim Trigger?
No! Rodney nor Del Boy do much for me...I'd leave the trotter boning to someone else 😝
"What we'd like you to do is debone and stuff Rodney!". "I've never done that before". "Don't worry, he's only a Trotter".
Easily mistaken for the FA Cup or Rodney Trotter.
Fabio Aru looks like Rodney Trotter after Del Boy left him asleep on the sunbed.
David Jason (Derek β€œDel” Trotter) and Nicholas Lyndhurst (Rodney Trotter) are the only actors to appear in all 65 episodes.
Look at Rodney's holiday snaps1.Al's in skullcaps3.Cliff in sea
So far so good fellas?Loving the updates,although Rodney Trotter is yet to put pen2paper!
turkey has had a right Rodney Trotter
I like Del and Rodney Trotter. Please dont compare these salt of the earth geezers to murdering moronic Tories. Sacrilege.
just so your away it may seem in my video there is 2 different gamer tags I changed mine from Rodney trotter to Rodders
Hello Rodney Trotter and welcome to my group of followers. To learn more about me click this link:
but it's a new one, I'll add it to the list between Rodney Trotter and snooker player Nigel Bond
"Only Fools and Horses" is my new favourite British sitcom; better even than "Blackadder.". 'Del Boy' & Rodney Trotter
reckon he'll sign Rodney trotter next week
On this day in 1961 Nicholas Lyndhurst was born, best known for his roles as Rodney Trotter in Only Fools and Horses. …
Yup, he is working for the Sultan of Brunei, apparently. He has earned the nickname Rodney Trotter around these parts.
graham in kent voice sounds more like Rodney Trotter than Rodney Trotter .. Give him a podcast
Are you getting any gen whats going on at the Cobblers,? This Cardoza chap makes Gordon Geko look like Rodney trotter :(
Rodney Trotter is a young puppyish lurcher, probably about 9 months ...
Had you been smoking Rodney Trotter's funny *** when you typed this?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Having a masterchef the professionals catch up and Rodney Trotter is having a stormer on it
Stephanie woMAN on pointless - looks like Rodney trotter in a wig.
Rodney Trotter I get all the time. Although my an ex gf of my brother suggested Will Mellor and I was quite pleased with that!
Looking through people who I've likened to:. Alastair McGowan. Rodney Trotter. Gordon Burns. And whoever this is.
sign top quality in Johnson & Butterfield, big signing Rodney Trotter. Fatwaz, the joke that keeps on giving!
The film 'Junior' was based on the true story of Jacqui Oatley's conception to Bruce Forsyth & Rodney Trotter. (via
Much better when Delboy & Rodney Trotter ran, as Batman & Robin, thru Peckham. Xmas special.
You missed Rodney Trotter, David Mellor and them bells off Made in Chelsea.
"I have heard rumours that Mickey Mouse wears a Rodney Trotter wristwatch" - Boycie
Last time I saw him he'd taken the guise of a homeless Rodney Trotter
rodney trotter lol I could not edit the pic name lol :-/
was Rodney Trotter, I was seeing if you could get the TV show: Only Fools and Horses reference with the van and Peckham ^DH
tfw when you "hear" lots of "banal-but-nice-guy" political hot takes in a Rodney Trotter voice
I remember seeing him at QPR also, I thought he looked like Rodney Trotter.
Wiggins reminds me of Rodney Trotter. Who happened to be my first fictional crush, so that's a bit weird
how about a version of Pygmalion starring the sausages in your fridge and voiced by Kevin Bacon and Rodney Trotter
Not the best picture I've seen of Rodney Trotter.
Rodney Trotter Update. What a week it has been been. Rodney was a total star on ITN news, he appeared in lots of...
that'll be Rodney Trotter in the middle I assume?
thought it was Rodney Trotter centre bottom!
Del and Rodney Trotter unavailable for comment as Taj Mahal chandelier crashes during cleaning
qualified than Rodney Trotter who at least had a GCE in Art!
In just 7⃣ days, high school football will kick off in the state of Michigan, at Wayne State.
I would rather we had Rodney Trotter in goal instead of Randolph
I have heard Micky Mouse wears a Rodney Trotter watch
"Which Only Fools and Horses character are you?" ME: Rodney Trotter
oOOhhh arggghhh pirates are as thick as two short planks. Rodney Trotter walk the plank Del Boy don't.
don't worry, Rodney Trotter had 2 gce's. One in maths, one in art.
Remember, if your GCSE's are bad, Rodney Trotter only got 2 GCE's in Maths & Art and he became a millionaire.
The papers are mugs if they believe Rodney Marsh. Rodney Trotter would be a more reliable source.
Remember guys. Rodney Trotter only got two GCSE'S and he became a Millionaire... πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
Rodney trotter got them good at Maths and English
I've got similar GCSE results as Rodney Trotter.
as a child I was a big fan of anyone called Rodney - Wallace, Trotter, King, you name it
had bbc red alert a while back saying Nicholas Lyndhurst aka Rodney trotter has died can't find a single thing# confused
tricked me into thinking Rodney trotter died 😑😑
Just to put the rumours down Rodney Trotter is sitting next to me and isn't dead. Ugly but not dead.
The person who made that fake account saying Nicholas Lyndhurst is dead should be killed themselves. Never tell me Rodney Trotter is dead.
There are some sicko's on here long live Rodney trotter
"Nicholas Lyndhurst" I guess this is an eventful evening for Rodney Trotter
RIP Rodney Trotter. hopefully having a pint with Trigger and Uncle Albert
Hope it's not true about Rodney trotter !
Q2. In β€˜Only Fools and Horses’ what name does Trigger call Rodney Trotter?
Tax Avoidance: So, Ed "Rodney Trotter" Miliband is also a rich tax avoider? What an absolute "Plonker"!! PM material he definitely is NOT!
but when ppl see or hear you your Rodney trotter
Rodney Trotter is my favourite anime character
Still think your finest work was as Rodney Trotter's IT underling. Should have had an academy award for that.
was *** him. Though the Rodney Trotter nickname still hard to shake
If i worshipped the celebrity i look like id have to post 2 pics, one of dumble dor n one of rodney trotter
loads of people like him calm down, my first crush was Rodney Trotter and I wrote him love letters at the age of 2, we move on
I've just realised Harry Kane looks like Rodney Trotter πŸ˜‚
I've just realised who Harry Kane looks like ---it's Rodney Trotter
you do it to yourself. Lost all your values. Shame you had something now you are just Rodney Trotter of Essex
lol.. no theres not much interest in a cross between Rodney trotter and david Beckham
its better than your look, growth defect Rodney trotter
Thanks for the support Rodney Trotter! Feel free to DM me anytime you need advice or motivation! via
Rodney Trotter and Mickey Pearce's favourite haunt: the Down by the Riverside Club.
Watching Scarface (still). Tony Montana's sidekick in it, the Rodney Trotter character, was he in anything else?
Harry Kane needs just one more goal to be the highest scoring Rodney Trotter lookalike ever.
Was like being Rodney Trotter!. 'Del, there is a face, at the window...'
Update your maps at Navteq
He looks like Rodney Trotter playing football. Gangly and useless.
Supposed to be going as Rodney Trotter to a fancy dress party and I just look like someone who shops at a charity shop πŸ˜‚
Rodney trotter in the Leyburn goal was their mom.
yeah, therefore you're related to Rodney Trotter, you plonker
Why do I look like Rodney trotter in every photo I'm in
Those banners at White Hart Lane read like a Delboy Trotter catch phrase. . "The game is about glory Rodney, to dare is to do"
On this day 2 years ago, I dressed up as the yellow bird from Looney Tunes. 1 year ago, Delboy and Rodney Trotter appeared at Bside
whenever I do any English accent it's always Rodney trotter.
You need a degree in computer science like Rodney Trotter to print your own tickets out for KLM's flights! I'm ready for a drink after that!
I'm wearing an army jacket that's too big and docs so my dad and sister are laughing saying I look like Rodney trotter
I look like I brought a picture of Rodney Trotter into the hairdresser.
Welfare i didn't get any support when i needed it, but have to pay for others..was this designed by Rodney Trotter?
he looks like rock n roll Rodney Trotter
May handling of child abuse lost files investigation akin to stuttering sales patter from Rodney Trotter on
he thinks he is an Essex boy cos he lives in Romford, hes more Rodney Trotter, born in Peckham
Wasn't difficult, just looked for the Rodney trotter lookalike!
Better off using Derek and Rodney Trotter as our two centre backs, reckon the Chuckle brothers could do a good job as well.
Another lovely (4 star) review for Dying For It! My Mum has been calling me Rodney Trotter for ye…
We have a Micheal Jackson and a Rodney Trotter
Maybe but as the great Derrick Trotter put... 'He who dares Rodney...'
Are the British public gonna let themselves be mugged by 2 toffs who are trying to make out they are Del&Rodney Trotter
Got told last night I reminded someone of RODNEY TROTTER. RODNEY F'ING TROTTER!
rocking the Rodney Trotter look there. 😜
"β€œHow sexy is a young and a young razor in 1989. trotter???
A touch of the Rodney Trotter about it!
- πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ another Symonds family joly up lolll. . Rodney trotter & the Turkish terrorist flying out Aswell =
It makes me so upset that i'll never be able to date 24 year old Rodney Trotter
Thanks to Katie for ordering Being Boycie.'I head a rumour that Mickey Mouse wears a Rodney Trotter wristwatch.'
Anyone else notice the home top on Dicker? It was either 4 sizes too big or Dicker has the frame of a teenage Rodney Trotter
Rodney Trotter, GCSE in maths and art.
Indie & Rock from the Ronseal of cover bands Indie Rox tonight ably accompanied by the Rodney Trotter of DJs Ghey Dev until 4am. Free entry!
How much does my brother look like Rodney Trotter?
Won the hotel table tennis competition so last night had to go up on stage to get a 'certificate', think Rodney Trotter and the groovy gang
I was expecting the chandelier technicians to be Del Boy & Rodney from the famous Trotter Twinkling Chandelier Company!
Is it just me or is Rodney Trotter pretty sexy here?
Rodney 'Charlton' Trotter πŸ˜‰ you've always scored against us! All the best for next season Charlie!
Rodney Trotter is wearing his elastic trousers because he's not potty trained yet.
. And Rodney Trotter in Only Fools and Horses got two GCSE s and he's a plonker !
Martin Kelly is Rodney Trotter. I've just worked it out.
Kelly is slowly turning into a young Rodney Trotter. =D
I'm sorry what is the massive deal about Sunderland signing jack rodwell πŸ˜• . I'd rather had Rodney Trotter 😳 . πŸ™Œ
Rodney Trotter spelt backwards is different to if spelt the correct way.
Saw that Rodney trotter lookalike again. He smelt worse than he did the other week. Dirty Rodney.
When I heard Robbie Williams was having another kid, I couldn't help but have one of those Rodney Trotter 'Damien' moments
Had a dream that George Harrison was playing guitar for One Night only but he looked like a young Nicholas Lyndhurst... (Rodney Trotter)
Breast Cancer Awareness
Monreal looks like a mix of Rodney Trotter and Peter Crouch
Dodgy dealers Del Boy and Rodney Trotter are to return to British TV screens for the first time in more than 10 years for a Sport Relief sketch.
Del Boy's back for charity special - The familiar faces of cockney wheeler dealers Del Boy and Rodney Trotter are ...
Lee Ryan has got eyes like Rodney Trotter
Acceptable sitcom. Sure Nicholas Lyndhurst is still Rodney Trotter with Del-Boy yet his performances are fine and Patrick Troughton rocks.
U should've tipped the game up like Rodney Trotter in Friday the 14th
I've had Peter Crouch, shaggy and Rodney trotter...but never Mr bean πŸ˜‚
My brother's mum just compared him to Rodney Trotter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I nearly fell over laughing
sounds like Rodney Trotter and nervous Nerys this date.
"don't worry about copyright Rodney - just change a few words and call it Harry Trotter"... Copyright making a cameo in Only Fools + Horses.
I said top banana to a customer today. My life goal to not be Rodney Trotter continues to fail.
who even is that? At least it isn't Rodney Trotter I guess. Happy new year,
New home needed. Rodney trotter. Strawberry roan 2 yo rising 3 gelding standing at around 14.1/14.2 American paint X. I took Rodney on last feb as he was in a poor condition he is now a very happy healthy chap and I feel it is now the time to find he's forever home. Up to date with vaccinations and farrier. Soft loving boy who deserves the best. Picture from last year to current. lots of pics available. Plymouth.
I hear Rodney Trotter is returning to
CuietStorm NiΓ±o Bonito James White Donnie Bailey Eric Delarosa Burgess Byrdi Perez Eric Jefferys P. Stone Rodney Trotter Jason Tennant Heidi Reichlin matt biggins Charlie Martha Chuck Wiser Andy Jager and steve vande kerkhoff r.i.p. homie you aint forgotten !!! - all the way live like its 1995 ' . happy new year to my ole school 616 fam' one luv yall' and have a *** good year !
Scary lookalike. Swansea City Goalkeeper Tremmel and Rodney Trotter from "Only Fools and Horses". Any Englishman on FB will see what I mean.
Had a lush bath now time to see me rodney trotter
Rodney trotter was in town last night πŸ˜„
"if Rodney Trotter and Alex Turner had a child it would be you, Alex"
just seen a YouTube video of you from the 1980's - you look so much like Rodney Trotter from Only Fools and Horses
For one night only Rodney Trotter is here in trowbridge
The biggest Rodney trotter look a like I have ever seen
love it. do you know who rodney trotter or inspector frost is, not sure if there shows were on in America.
His dad was the guy that made the fake bank notes with Rodney Trotter on them for the 2p slots.
Remember the time Rodney Trotter played The Smiths to Noel Coward: Comedy gold.
2 sleeps til it's a new year new me! Who you reckon ill turn out like? I'm hoping David Beckham, probs end up like Rodney TrotterπŸ‘Œ
Im off to westfields bout to return my rodney trotter
β€œIf me and Phil swapped faces Rodney trotter on the left
New post: Anyone know where I can get Rodney Trotter's jacket?
I swear, the last time I saw my cousin he was normal height. Now the mofo's Rodney Trotter tall.
Rodney Trotter puts me to shame with his original sheepskin collar lumberjack coat.. Thanks to for pic
I have made 41p for my Steam Wallet. Truly I am a wheeler and a deeler both. A regular Rodney Trotter, that's me.
"I've heard rumours that micky mouse wears a Rodney Trotter wrist watch"
Is he more of a Rodney Trotter or of a Lurch?? Mmm I'm still not sure,what I am sure is he does more mincing than a butcher
can't believe you got sparked on boxing night off someone who looked like Rodney trotter
Rodney: I can't write a harry potter book it's copyrighted. Del: no just change a bit nobody will notice, we'll call it…
and rodney trotter sorry marsh in lol silly man why did u get sacked from sky sports again (N)
Struggling to buy any jeans that dont make me look like Rodney Trotter looks like its expensive Diesel again
Erm...?! That is DEFO up there with my crush on Rodney Trotter
"I don't believe this! The one job in the paper I really fancied, and it's mine!" - Rodney Trotter.
more like Rodney Trotter with less hair!
Don't judge me but I'd date Rodney Trotter
Highlight of the night hands dow was Liam Batchelor having a dust up on judges dancfloor with the boy who nicked his Rodney Trotter wig 󾌴󾌴󾌴
Having a drink and a good laugh with AGNUS BROWN Jodi Hartill CROCADILE DUNDEE Wayne hartill RODNEY TROTTER Nathan Oswold Copperbottem Hartill and me the TURBINATOR XXX
So Alan curbishley is technical director? In English that sounds like he's got Rodney trotters job as head of the computer section!
Are my eyes playing tricks . or is that Rodney Trotter ?
Matt Le Tisser looks so much like Rodney Trotter!
Good god I have to face the asda big shop soon thanks for all that jaeger last night Matthew Mann Adam Barnes it seriously wont help me deal with Rodney trotters sister Lisa ! σΎŒͺmuch love for the *** x
Just watched 2nd part of The Great Train Robbery, only to see Slater holding hands with Rodney Trotter's wife Cassandra. What would they say down the Nags Head
2.1 not agreat performance but to lose to Rodney trotters hand is a bit hard to take ! Ref bottled the winemann decision when he was took out by the last defender ! We are list for ideas though in fairness
The chap doing the Yeovil game on sky looks how Rodney trotter looked when he fell Asleep under the subhead and del turned it up
In the famous words of Rodney Trotter "my bellies goin up and down like the tower bridge!"
Another similar thing is spotting out of place British actors usually seen in telly in American (usually American made, rather than the uk-made likes of Btaman where Rodney Trotter's dad in law appears from Only Fools or Superman with Richard Griffiths or StarWars films. Ronald Fraser, Percy Herbert and Harry Andrews in Too Late the Hero PH Moriarty in Jaws 3 (MacCorkindale by then was US-based) TP McKenna in Red Scorpion Richard Caldicot and Frank SInguineau in Firepower (1979) Cathleen Nesbitt in Family Plot and French Connection II Christopher Fulford in D-Tox Dudley Sutton, Frank Middlemass, Colin Jeavons and Don Henderson in The Island Freddie Jones, Nigel Hawthorne and Warren Clarke in Firefox Michael Elphick and Rikki Fulton in Gorky Park Jack Watson in The Devils Brigade Jack Watson and Percy Herbert in Tobruk Clinton Greyn in Raid On Rommel Nathaniel Parker in The Bodyguard David Suchet in Iron Eagle Dave King and Robert Stephens in cheesy US Sam Katzman b film Pirates of Tortuga Bernard Archard ...
On the tenth day of Christmas Royal Mail gave us, a 3 wheeled Robin Reliant! 1970 Reliant Regal Supervan iii The Regal van became infamous as Del and Rodney Trotter's transport of choice in Only Fools and Horses. The fibreglass bodied three-wheeler was powered by Reliant's own engine which, when introduced, was the first all-aluminium engine in a UK series-production car. By 1970 the little 4-cylinder had been enlarged to a mighty 700cc. This particular model is in the livery of the Post office, which purchased 50 Regal vans.
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