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Rodney King

Rodney Glen King (born April 2, 1965) is best known as a victim in a police brutality case involving the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) on March 3, 1991. A bystander, George Holliday, videotaped much of the incident from a distance.

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brutality in is now so normalized college kids don't understand why Rodney beating was a big deal.
When today's college kids see the Rodney King video they don't get why it's shocking -- "there's way worse videos."
in America the truth always comes out? unm... JFK, WACO, 9/11, RUBY RIDGE, RODNEY KING!…
Required reading for USians. Just... it is.
For today's college kids, the Rodney King beating seems mild and unremarkable .
Roger Guenveur Smith relives Rodney King on Netflix, simply amazing performance. Directed by the Legendary Spike Lee.
Six film-makers reflect on Rodney King v. City of Los Angeles
Just finished the Rodney King monologue / one man play by Roger Guenveur Smith directed by Spike Lee on...
Spike Lee, Roger Guenveur Smith and 'Rodney King' to be Fêted During Cannes Film Festival https:/…
Been doing it for years! Driving drunk, Rodney king, even against me!
has docs about Jonbenet, Rodney King, and Ruby Ridge. Are we nostalgic for pre-Internet 90s spectacle news?
And the Rodney King riots makes us realize we didn't learn much from the Watts Riots.
What ever happened to those cops who were acquitted for beating Rodney King?
it's been 25 years since the Rodney King riots, and police brutality is still a thing.
A must see documentary on the 1992 LA riots after Rodney King was beat and the police were acquitted.…
Rodney King beating video like all other "videos"--didn't catch 100% of what happened. So.what is the truth? We don't know!
'Ghettoside' author Jill Leovy on what we have learned since Rodney King. (Not nearly enough.) ht…
I highly recommend the spoken word performance of Rodney King on Netflix.
A&E's typical liberal history revision made it look like Rodney King was on his way to church when he resisted arrest. NO, he was a felon.
Rodney King said he didn't pull over when the LAPD was pursuing him was because he was drunk…
By the end of 5 days of anarchy, at least 55 people had died.
What sparked the Los Angeles Riots and what happened
Rodney King who got beaten by those 4 white pol…
Rodney King. So many need to be ashamed. It's too bad it comes so much after the fact. It's 2017,wake up,grow up. We are all human beings.
This is too much. ..the unfairness of the hand that Rodney King was dealt😢
In case you haven't seen Spike Lee's new short film on Netflix, "Rodney King" is streaming now go check it out! Haunting and important
Rodney King Netflix with Roger G Smith by Spike Lee gets a major
A man holds up a sign at Los Angeles City Hall to protest the Rodney King verdicts on April 29, 1992. .
Watching a show about the Rodney King riots on I worked in LA in 1992 and this was the most awful thing I have experienced, ever.
Not a peacemaker but an inciter of riots, that Dr. Rodney Luther King.
Check out "Rodney King" on Netflix Eyeopening on so many levels.
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Martin Luther King was an inspiration to the black community unlike his brother Rodney King
I loved Robert Guenveur in the Huey Newton story... about to enjoy joint featuring him on Rodney King. original
Rodney King and the LA riots changed policing. Now Jeff Sessions wants to turn back the clock. htt…
If you're feeling Gil Scott Heron's style, you'd probably dig the new Rodney King video in Netflix. Blew my mind last night.
1992 — Two days of rioting in the aftermath of the Rodney King police brutality trial leave 38 dead, 1500 injured.…
I was 13 years old when I first saw the Rodney King beating video. It's as horrific now as I remember it then. .
Did you hear it? . The officer said he was "completely in fear of his life" with Rodney King. Some lies never change.
Looking back at the after the beating of with prof. Fernando Guerra,…
Ecology of a Riot: The Deserts of Rodney King and Mike Davis
Rodney King's beating was caught on tape, justice was to follow. I thought the same with Eric Garner. Then Tamir Rice. But n…
A look at prominent figures in 1992 riot, where they are now
Watching LA Burning. I've seen that Rodney King beating tape more times than I can recall. Brutal.
Leading the country in civilians killed by police, the city’s road to recovery proves arduous
What has taught me already is that the LA Riots didn't start in 1992 w/ Rodney King, but that Los Angeles was bigoted…
The jury found EVERY SINGLE OFFICER not guilty on EVERY SINGLE COUNT in the beating of Rodney King. . Unspeakable injustice.…
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What's interesting is, many of those race soldiers who beat Rodney King, and caused the riots, are still working for the…
Just like Rodney King's swimming lessons. Now me and Justin smoke sherm and been talking 'bout freeing perm
"What do we want?" . "Justice!". "When do we want it?. "Now". - Rodney King Protests, 1992 . Still waiting. .
Watching and it's so crazy to me that the guy who filmed the Rodney King beating had the foresight to do that..
The LA Riots began 25 years ago this week — here's how the city descended into total chaos htt…
Check out my new article on Why Rodney King and the Los Angeles Riots Still Matter
Watch that Rodney King beating and reflect on this from 1886. Yes, 1886.
The police cracked batons on Rodney King's back. Repeatedly. And a jury of the police's peers acquitted them.
Police were recorded ON THEIR OWN DISPATCH saying it had been a long time since they beat anyone like they did Rodney King.…
The forgotten story of a young girl whose murder helped fuel the LA riots a year before Rodney King.
"You are not forgotten": Vigil commemorates Rodney King, Latasha Harlins and the 54 people who died in the LA riots
LA Riots 25 years later: Rodney King's 'Can we all get along' still matters
You know Rodney King's name. But why don't you know Latasha Harlins'? .
Writing in the wake of Rodney King and Latasha Harlins.
Can we all just get along? Rodney King's question still matters - The Mercury News
No Bradley Nowell, it was for the Black man and it was about Rodney King.
25 years later: The fallout from Rodney King verdict has given way to fragile peace in South Los Angeles
From L.A. to Ferguson: 25 years after Rodney King riots, "there's a South Central in every city and every state."…
Rodney King and the trial of the cops who beat him. Not Guilty. . HOW?. HOW?. America.
Come on guys! You CANNOT justify beating a completely innocent bystander. They did the same as cops who beat Rodney King.
The irony is that these Black men were convicted for beating and robbery, but the officers who beat Rodney King got off free...
Rodney King and the L.A. riots as told through rap lyrics:
Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles Rebellion after the cops who beat Rodney King were acquitted.
Interesting how Darryl Gates didn't personally arrest the officers that beat Rodney King.
Watching this makes me feel like White people were laughing when the cops got off for Rodney King and they're still laughing now.
If only they'd been as forceful with the cops who brutalized Rodney King.
But they didn't convict the police for beating Rodney King?
Rodney King deserved his beating, and much more.
No because true media reported it was about the Rodney King verdict.
On March 3, 1991, Rodney King was beaten by Los Angeles police officers. Do you remember the first time you saw the tape?
body feel the force of hot wheeltracks. And my wrists sore handcuffd to a tree. Rodney King'…
I was 3 when the Rodney King/L.A. Riots happened. I had never learned WHAT happened until many years later. This is a hard watch.
Koreans in South Central grabbed theirs guns to protect their stores after the Rodney King riots. Imagine if we...
I heard someone in the crowd yell, "make sure you're taping!" The Rodney King video is arguably the start of citizen jour…
Roger Guenveur Smith puts Rodney King's life in a broader cultural context & gives us chills in the process.
2. The Rodney King case led to the only tool to compel a troubled police department to reform
Watching this special about the Rodney King riots has me speechless man...
Omg tomorrow will be 25 years since the Rodney King verdict 😳
Watching The Rodney King trial was the moment I first became aware I was "white."
A lot of events led to the LA Riots. The Rodney King verdict was just the last straw.
My Chevy was made a month before the Rodney King verdict.
25th year anniversary of the Rodney King case and the LA Riots
The Rodney King beating is still hard to watch.
Anybody watched the Rodney King special on Netflix directed by Spike Lee?
Rodney King needed a hero too, no one was there to help him
I remember when they said we didn't see cops actually hitting Rodney King over and over. So the narrative was our lying e…
1. 25 years ago this week, L.A. erupted into riots after police were acquitted in the Rodney King beating
25 years today. April 29 1992. Four officers were on trial or assault with a deadly weapon and use of excessive...
Writer pens part personal essay and social commentary on race, riots, & life in 25 years after the riots:
The L.A. Riots did not start with Rodney King ... . Don't miss the powerful documentary from winner Joh…
At 3:15pm on April 29, 1992, the four officers charged with the beating of Rodney King were found not guilty.
I was 10 when the Rodney King beating happened. I remember asking how cops got away with that. Now at 34, i ask the same question
She said this is humanity.was she thinking the same when her brother in blue almost killed Rodney King
Rodney King review – Netflix special a bleakly poetic howl of rage to in 5 yrs
What happens when Spike Lee and Netflix team up on a powerful piece about Rodney King
Netflix's "Rodney King" asks, in ways journalistic and imagined, who the man really was
As Los Angeles Burned, The Border Patrol Swooped In--the story of Pico-Union in 1992 after Rodney King verdict
It's not everyday you interview Spike Lee about Rodney King. Today is that day. Have a read please >>>
Netflix's 'Rodney King' has Spike Lee and his muse looking bac...
Rodney King and the LA Riots Changed Policing. Now Jeff Sessions Wants to Turn Back the Clock. | Mother Jones
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Looking at this Rodney King beating we still don't get a fair shot with the police to this day
this is nothing new though. a lot of people been mad over situations like this since segregation, Rodney King, and…
Confused as to how y'all let Lil Wayne get away with saying "Rodney King baby yeah I beat it like a cop"
Martin-King - put 2and2 together: Travon Martin .. Rodney King ... This means what to you..? Thoughts on this conn…
Recap - Trailer To Netflix's “Rodney King,” Roger Guenveur Smith’s one-man show which was directed by Spike Lee
Spike Lee and Roger Guenveur Smith resurrect "Rodney King" in this one-man show. Watch the trailer:
Where was Bernie when Rodney King was nearly beaten to death? Ferguson? Trayvon Martin? The list is…
So 25-years after Latasha Harlins, Rodney King & LA riots where are we Korean-Canadians/Americans?
Looking at videos and pictures of the Rodney King riots in LA always gives me the chills
The government is behind everything! During the Rodney King riots 18,000 black people were arrested. Yet 10,000 of those people went missing
Dana Lixenberg's photos of very poor Los Angeles neighbourhood, in the aftermath of the Rodney King riots.
Yes, the Black Frenchman is another "Rodney King". Black American beaten by police and sparking riots & murder
South CA burned due to Rodney King riots, LA floods cuz of Hurricane Katrina, govt promises aid to both states, why are they still waiting ?
Next month marks the 25th anniversary of the acquittal of the 4 white LAPD officers who beat Rodney King on video.
LA hasn't been this lively since the Rodney King riots in the 80s
I also think many made sure OJ went free to avoid deadly riots lk w/ Rodney King verdict.
Exclusive: Watch a clip from the doc that takes a closer look at the Rodney King riots.
Not just about Rodney King: California African American Museum takes a wide view of the 1992 riots
.acquires the rights to Spike Lee's and Roger Guenveur Smith's "Rodney King":
has scored the rights to the directed “Rodney King,” a film recording of Roger Guenveur Smith’s…
Roger Guenveur Smith as Rodney King to premiere on April 28:
'Rodney King,' directed by Spike Lee, has been picked up by Netflix for April premiere via
Roger Guenveur Smith's "Rodney King" is an exceptional work of art from a phenomenal actor and i can't wait to see…
Today in 1991, Rodney King was beaten by a group of white policemen in L.A. remembers the outcome:
in Rodney King was videotaped being beaten by members of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Today is the 26th anniversary of the Rodney King beating. R.I.P Rodney King 🙏🏽
On this day 1991: Rodney King. You think racism, severe oppression and police brutality are new phenomenons? Think…
Today is the anniversary of the severe & disgusting Rodney King beating by members of the Los Angeles Police Department
"Can't we all get along?"⠀. It was in 1991 that Rodney King was brutally beaten by Los…
Today is anniversary of Rodney King beating. told how it changed his life last year:
in 1991 four police officers were filmed beating taxi driver Rodney King after a pursuit through the streets of Los…
The Rodney King Beating and The Cycle of Black Pain: My latest piece.
Mar 3, 1991 Severe beating of Rodney King, a black man, by Los Angeles Police Department is caught on tape.
On the 26th anniversary of the Rodney King beating, read piece on the cycle of Black pain.
The Rodney King beating and the cycle of Black pain:.
On this day in 1991 Rodney King was savagely beaten by the LAPD.
A look back at the police assault of Rodney King in 1991 and the LA riots that ensued
Mar 3, 1991: Amateur video captured police officers beating Rodney King. Art work by Patrick Martinez as seen at th…
Archive Video: George Holliday reflects on the night he recorded LAPD officers confront driver Rodney King
This is shaping up to be a fun festival this year .
March 3rd 1991: Rodney King is beaten by 3 LAPD officers, all are acquitted. This has been…
.Film Festival's virtual reality slate includes projects from Kathryn Bigelow and
Tribeca Film Festival in NY will include " I Am Evidence" Produced by Mariska Hargitay - Festival April 19-30 -
The lasting effect of video capturing the beating of Rodney King
Rodney King beating by LAPD was caught on video in 1991 featured in NBC s Science of Love
ON THIS DAY. On March 3, 1991, in a case that sparked a national outcry, the motorist Rodney King was severely...
March 3rd, 1991: An amateur video captures the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers.
Mar 3, 1991...Los Angles Police officers are filmed beating black motorist Rodney King with nightsticks. (cont)
Rodney King & Latasha Harlins might as well be Philando Castile & Trayvon Martin. no justice! it's insane.
I feel like everyone knew about Rodney King, but none of us white people knew about Latasha Harlins (I sure didn't) and it was
Can't wait till the day Mauro Ranallo accidentally says "Baron Corbin treating Dean Ambrose like the LAPD treated Rodney King!!" or somethin
Could you imagine the riots if the Rodney King or Amadou Diallo incidents happened now? Nationwide fires man, nationwide.
Why LA Burned--it wasn't just Rodney King. was my student. Murdered by a TRIAD Business Owner over $1.29 Oran…
Gotta love Rodney... king of the put me downs.. I think I have the same sense of humour. if you can call it that.
"Well Rodney King happened in the 80s so Mr. XXX has to be old" Students constantly try and figure out how old their teachers are lol
Rodney King would be disgusted with this bill, as well as Oscar Grant III and Sean Bell.
they said the same about Rodney King. The "Magic Baton Theory" as Bill Hicks memorably joked about it
It's a shame Rodney King died before he could see us all getting along.
If the Rodney King situation was to happen today I wonder what we would do 🤔
The LA Riots. -April 29-May 4, 1992. -Began after the acquittal of the LAPD officers who beat up Rodney King with video evid…
only Rodney King will understand sir I am a retired combat vet with the bronze star which I earned!! Please listen to me
Rodney King is really the only person that will ever understand
I am 60🙈 lived in Detroit during those riots, and LA during the Rodney King Riots. Democrats hate Americans, it's gross
So many ignorant ppl, so full of hate & disrespect. Sad. As late Rodney King said, "Can't we all just get along."
I guess Rodney King didn't get attention in Europe
Elam: Cave built his first soundsuit in 1992 in response to the Rodney King riots as a "suit of armor" to distance himself from the world.
I often find myself quoting Rodney King: "Can't we all just get along?"
It's been 25 years since Rodney King. Either treatment of blacks has gotten better or rioting doesn't work. Pick one.
Aye. His rewrite of Coriolanus as a post-Rodney King Race War is not so great either
West Coast Crips and Bloods unite in protest of Rodney King's savage beat down by Police (1992)
the gops gonna do ya like king what king? Dr king rodney king and all the godamn kings in africa!not racist im not white its coo
My uncle's book about his time as foreman on the Rodney King federal trial is nearing completion. Can't wait to share more!
"Jeff Sessions being confirmed is our revenge for the Rodney King riots and the OJ verdict."- The disgustingly stupid thing I heard today
Failure of Judges to criticize Own peers will only lead to Rodney King issues- Police Fixed issues!?judges?
In the famous words of Rodney King's 20/20 hindsight can't we all just get along
It's disturbingly jarring seeing the riots caused by the Rodney King verdict against an RC Willy ad about knowing how big your house is.
reminds me of the profound words of Rodney King. "Why can't we all just get along."
King Rodney is Mr EMG. at my competition
the Rodney King riots are going to look like children's games when this is through
grainy video of Rodney King beating, LA riots and white pick up chase chopper shots... Yeah I'll put this in the queue now.
Which is why I am re-reading about the Rodney King riots. It happened my sophomore year during exam time. (2/2)
That decision was just as effective as his decision to not respond to the Rodney King Riots. Gutless.
FUN FACT: During the Rodney King riots, when the country was on fire, NYC still went to work & school. Today, 2 inches of snow, city closes.
All this talk about criticism bad 4 Judges-is how Rodney king's happen!-police your own judges
one of the African American woman who was a juror on the OJ trial said she only called in not guilty bc of Rodney King 😳
I'd kill for a quarter, lyrics deep as the water, peace to Rodney King I got they *** in slaughter
Born & raised there. Moved away after Rodney King riots. Never looked back.
So the french has their own Rodney King I see.
Of all the discoveries this season Rodney McGruder is at the top of the list. 3rd most starts on team and he's get…
All the evidence led to OJ other than the glove which could also be explained but my mans beat it & we took that du…
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Yes/no? Rodney King beating & verdict provide prescience re recorded po-po brutality. Credence to same as it ever was re racism.
Fick knicks PR they likely tried to Rodney king him, everyone got what they deserved but brother Oakley.
Ah, Stacey Koon from the Rodney King beating. Good Grief Brian! Do you always go out of your way to find racism in everyone?
Did anyone else catch saying 1 of the cops from the Rodney King trial-Stacey Koon-is his limo driver?.
We are talking about the truck driver...and not Rodney King. I know King was in all kinds of trouble after that big show
referred to riots after Rodney King and OJ Simpson. The latter never happened. Should have called him out.
only know Mindy from the films. I thought the infamous 1992 riots following the events of the LAPD Rodney King beating+
Race Relations are at their lowest since the Rodney King riots. Good job ***
What have the riots achieved since? From the Rodney King race riots to occupy wall street? Zero.
Just like the Rodney King riots weren't just about Rodney King neither was Ferguson.
before BLM. Rodney King riots etc. Those were angry ppl. They still exist. The only difference is now any riot ppl
None of us here want Rodney King style riots, I hope. Such a sad possibility becomes more likely by the day.
not gunna lie. I'm waiting too.. Rodney King? But wait... Heard of LA riots?
you're an *** I watched live as Jessie Jackson stopped 2 riots in LA leading up to the Rodney King case
Were you on this planet during the 60s? Race riots, Rodney King, Chicago Dem Convention. Manson family. Bill Ayers, Black Panthers
Korean shop owners in L-A did fine during Rodney King riots, sitting outside with loaded AR-15's. :)
Rodney King verdict and ensuing L.A. Riots should've been the wake-up call. but whites sleepwalked for another 25 years. here we are
There were no riots when Rodney King got beat up by police and there when George Zimmerman got away with murdering…
now there are riots within hours of cell phone videos being released. Rodney King was a different time.
didn't the riots start right after the Rodney King verdict?
Riots? Please. As Eddie Griffin said, "Only white people were shocked by the Rodney King video. Black people though…
There were NO riots after Rodney King video came out. There were riots after the cops who beat him went unpunished.…
It's scary when is a cop arresting Dwayne Wayne on an episode of "A Different World" during the Rodney King riots lol.
[FUBAR] Rodney King gets arrested, LA Riots torch the city for a week. When a white Trump supporter is kidn…
OJ: Made in America is like the Moby *** of sports celebrity murder documentaries. They just spent a solid hour on Rodney King & the riots.
He was also a facilitator of the pre-. 1992 racism in L.A. that led to the Rodney King riots.
so the riots that surrounded the Rodney King beating didn't happen? Police haven't acted out against black ppl until Michael Brown
Why do we need guns with "clips"? Google "Rodney King riots, Korean grocer". 100 stores looted, but not the one protected.
These scenes from the LA Riots after the Rodney King verdict still make me ill...every time.
He was very instrumental in the healing process in Los Angeles during the LA Riots in 1992 after Rodney King was beat.
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Think of it this way, the Rodney King riots were not just about Rodney King, there were multiple issue that led to it.
The stereotype probably originated from the Rodney King incident and even King himself was against the riots that took place.
Worse than the Rodney King riots in LA 1992.
John Burris, who repped Rodney King & Tupac, is helping artists facing eviction post-Ghost Ship. I talked with him: https:/…
It truly angers me to watch american people support the not guilty verdict of O.J. simpson simply to "get back" at the Rodney King case.
I thought pull a Bobby Knight meant loosely pull a Rodney King until I looked it up and I had just clicked on the links to see
Walter Scott is the new Rodney King. Video doesn't matter when you have the complexion for the protection!.
funny wasn't Rodney King on crack Walter Scott was on cocaine
from Rodney King to Walter Scott not only do black lives NOT matter, neither does video. Don't believe ur lying eyes
1. Walter Scott case proves we've learned nothing since Rodney King, the real threat to liberal society is not shooting a dangerous criminal
was that before Rodney King beating?
I love R police, but this Walter Scott mistrial? Reminds me of Rodney King, worse, this man died Get the retrial right! That said, stay calm
If you saw the Rodney King beating video, you shouldn't be surprised at the jury deadlock at Walter Scott result.
4 centuries black ppl don't get justice in the USA, look at the Scottsboro boys, George Stinney & Rodney King as ex.
5 worst cases of Police brutality caught on tape (5/5). The most altering case in history: beating of Rodney King https…
I realize goes all the way to 1991 with Rodney King's "Can't we all just get along?" quote. I'm holding the olive branch
but.. in case you need other examples outside of slavery.. how about Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner? did they
Remeber the Feds charged and took those officers to trail over Rodney King beating, we all know how that turned...
Why is media trying to shock people who want a white America showing Rodney King video, and O.J. movies? R U trying to stoke his base??? hmm
Rodney King beating and the context of the idea of policing as a white male profession being considered by V.N. Trinh at
Yes u r right but it's hard to ask white people to prosecute Richwhite people take example,look what happened to Rodney King?
Of course NOagents work on that case! Rich-white people don't prosecute other Rich-white people proven fact! Rodney King?
They used this same "PCP" lie on Rodney King decades ago until it was eventually debunked. Anything to protect a white supremacist cop..
The Access Hollywood tape is like the Rodney King tape of this race. It's explicit evidence of stuff certain...
As the In Living Color renditions of Rodney King & Reginald Denny advised for situations intuition says are somehow off:. Stay in your car.
So did Rodney King wish that..and then a bunch of wild thugs beat an innocent truck driver Reginald Denny almost to death.
do you remember the Reginald Denny beating after the Rodney King trial, try to block by my truck see how it works out
the book's called 'Presumed Guilty' by former LAPD Officer Stacey Koon who served time for Rodney King's crime forks made hero.
I've had Tupac, Biggie, Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, Paul Newman, Aretha Franklin, Rodney King, Martha Kostyra, and have Shirley Temple as a cat
For two seasons, Timbaland provided the musical score for FOX's "Empire," but now, two other musical heavyweights... https…
Rodney King. Tyree King. It's obvious the police have a problem with royalty.
Rodney King's daughter stands shoulder to shoulder with LAPD officers
Rodney King's daughter stands with LAPD they always try 2 use us as puppets want us just to fall in line just change
Lora King's message: It's more important to build bridges with officers than to stand against them
"There's no room for hate inside my heart." Rodney King's daughter stands next to LAPD.
Rodney King's daughter, Lora King: "It is hard to trust. But it's not going to get anything resolved by hating." http…
The Michigan defense ranks in the Top 10 in seven categories. More game info in the infographic below. ⬇️. https…
She's saying her dad (Rodney King) had no hate in his heart towards police.
😂😂😂 I've had it since last night!! Always practicing grind don't stop!!
'He had no hatred in his heart for police'; Rodney King's daughter stands side-by-side with LAPD
Rodney, see link, according to Braxton who was with King at the time as well.
A message from Rodney King's daughter, let's build bridges with the police.
Rodney King's daughter visits young people with message about police: Build bridges, don't stand against them.
Rodney King's daughter stands with LAPD: King's daughter, Lora, is working with cops to reach out to youth wh...
So did that make the Rodney King verdict justice? Or the murder of Latasha Harlins acceptable to you?
Random: The Latasha Harlins video disturbs me far more than the Rodney King one.
the Freddy Gray case is nothing like the Rodney King case. And, by the way, while we're on
We are also here for Rodney King, Medgar Evers & Emmet Till.. - moderator for Black & Blue: The Struggle for Justice
TIL Stacey Koon, one of the LAPD officers involved in the Rodney King incident, now drives a limo & has given rides to D. L. Hughley
I know. I am from LA. I remember the riots. Rodney King and Reginald Denny said Can't we all just get along?
July 13th, 1991: Daryl Gates, officer responsible for the arrest and beating of Rodney King, announces he will resign
We are all saddened by the black men being killed by the police. Alton Sterling. MLK. Rodney King.
When he brought it to me four years ago, Rodney King had just arrived, I was involved in...
We mad desensitized. You saw how America reacted to Rodney King.and he wasn't even killed
Jim Crowe, don't talk about Rodney King, or disparities in Criminal Justice..We can talk about the Founding Father's but don't
if thé Rodney King incident didn't get caught on video no one would believe it
Did people learn nothing from Angela Davis? From Rodney King? Did they not learn from the Central Park Five?
"The LA police department has not changed since the Rampart and Rodney King days." - the late Christopher Jordan Dorner - LAPD
Rodney King got beat on camera while Pat Ewing was jn his prime. He still didnt get a "my bad" from LAPD.
I really missed my opportunity with Rodney King. They beat his *** with multiple billy clubs ON CAMERA and it was still his fault.
And before Diallo and Eleanor Bumpers, Rodney King and the list goes on and on and on.
Operation Desert Storm and the LAPD beating of Rodney King. Thoroughly depressing how similar the news is now.
it was like Rodney King except worst. But when I saw that Kelly Thomas killing I couldn't sleep
sorry. Watching J Lenos garage going thru the LAPD museum w/ Dan Ackroyd. All I could think of was Rodney King.
Who's the LAPD *** who thought the Reginald Denny beating was worse than the Rodney King beating?
what are the odds O.J. was thinking of Rodney King, Watts riots, LAPD, etc when he was butchering Nicole and Ron Goldman?
Tell that to the Korean shopkeepers during Rodney King riots.
this is from the Rodney King riots right
On the heels of the LA Riots, and the Rodney King case I remember where I was on October 3, 1995 when the OJ...
Still can't believe I didn't an entire 3 page essay on the Rodney King riots and the song April 29th, 1992 by Sublime and aced it.
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