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Rodney Bewes

Rodney Bewes (born 27 November 1937) is an English television actor and writer, who is best known for playing Bob Ferris in the BBC television sitcom The Likely Lads (1964–66), its colour sequel Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?

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should have knocked the Living daylights out of James Bolam
If I was Rodney -I would knocked the living daylights out of James Bolam for being such a shallow *** for preventing royalties for re runs .
I can't reveal my connections at the BBC but I have it on good authority that Rodney Bewes is the new Doctor…
I feel like someone needs to post a Rodney Bewes meme at this point!
'Beatles For Hire' short-lived ITV comedy in which the Beatles try different jobs. Starring Rodney Bewes as Paul.
. Rodney Bewes only had one other starring role.
. Whoa. Rodney Bewes is working for the Daleks. You can go off some people ypu know
"A woman has claimed that the ghost of Rodney Bewes haunted her Tesco luxury mince pie."
I can never get enough of Rodney Bewes.
I was mainly looking for an excuse to post the Rodney Bewes picture
I wondered what happened to Rodney Bewes.
this may be more of that dissonance but - is that Rodney Bewes - off of the Likely Lads?
Ironic that Pete Doherty once sang a song called What Became of the Likely Lads because he's turned into Rodney Bew…
The death of British industry, the decline of the working class, Toxteth, *** liberation, it's all in there. Plus Rodney Bewes.
Rodney Bewes fluffs his lines all the time but it's kept in because they have to record in big long takes. Makes it realistic.
. Congratulations. It is Rodney Bewes. God knows why I was googling him, but that's an amusing Wikipedia page.
Don't you?? Not even when performed by Rodney Bewes?
is that Rodney Bewes 2nd in from the left
Rodney Bewes, James Bolam w producer Jimmy Gilbert on location for Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? S2, Oct '73
16207 A Likely Story / Rodney Bewes he's always been bitter about his lack of success compared to the great (but prickly) James Bolam
. Just a shame James Bolam wouldnt speak to Rodney Bewes in later years
any time I watch it I always think: "what did James Bolam say to Rodney Bewes? Is that why he's now so tiny??"
Reminds me of Rodney Bewes quote on best thing to come out of Newcastle...1805 train to London!
Not just in sport! Rodney Bewes V James Bolam, Steptoe V son!
You had Ian Lavender on a podcast. Someone else to consider from a legendary comedy - Rodney Bewes.
'James Bolam didn't get in touch when my wife died but I'd like to be pals'
Had the great pleasure of meeting Rodney Bewes at the Edinburgh Festival last August. An absolute gentleman.
I saw Rodney Bewes' show at the Fringe today - spookily familiar tales of Yorkshire, Alec Guiness (book) etc. You should sue!
Still to come with Rodney Bewes, Alistair McGowan, and more -
Wouldnt it be great if James Bolam & Rodney Bewes could put thier differences aside to get back for "The Likely Lads" Meeting again
Do wish he'd end his fued with Rodney Bewes For a final catch up on what did happen to the Likely Lads
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
sounding just like Rodney Bewes in The Likely Lads giving a word about his bathrobe!
The chasing fellow is, of course, Rodney Bewes.
50 this year!. Remember this pair - James Bolam and Rodney Bewes, aka the Likely Lads? Well, they're 50 this...
When I was young I aspired to be James Bolam. I suppose I must face the truth that I have become Rodney Bewes.
just watching an old Dr Who and noticed you in it. Also started Leslie Grantham, Rodney Bewes and Rula Lenska
Cultural breakthrough! I've found a way to turn Anna Karenina into a great sitcom. Possibly with James Bolam and Rodney Bewes
Shame James Bolam and Rodney Bewes still don't speak, a Likely Lads special would be great also.
looks a little bit like Rodney bewes
When he is on form and making me laugh, only my children can make me feel as young. When I need a mate to share an experience with, nobody makes it feel better than he does. When I need wisdom and experience to give me advice, only he comes close to my parents. He is Peter Pan. He is James Bolam to my Rodney Bewes. He is Gandalf. And today he is 67 years young and I am letting his secret out because he should be proud to be an inspiration to so many. Happy Birthday Ian Single As Carly Simon once sang, Nobody…
and then Rodney Bewes travelled back in time to check Leonardo da Vinci's pulse...
The reason Pocchettino doesn't give interviews in English is that if he did, we'd all realise immediately that he's Rodney Bewes.
I'd like to think that Mauricio Pocchettino actually IS Rodney Bewes, quietly making a comeback.
The more I see of Mauricio Pochettino, the more I think he looks like Rodney Bewes.
Southampton manager looks like Rodney bewes !!
The real irony is that you are stood about 50 yards from where Tom Cortenay and Rodney Bewes utter those exact words.
I'll wager I might be the only person to Google Dave Dee and Rodney Bewes today. One still going, one sadly not.
Stellar Doctor Who this, Rodney Bewes and Rula Lenska is looking filthy.
I've appeared on The Chase and East Midlands Tonight in the past 18 months. I've also met Keith Chegwin and once walked past Rodney Bewes at Leicester Square tube station. Does this qualify me to be a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother?
I do think it's a shame that Penelope Keith gets an honour, but not Rodney Bewes.
Get this - on Wednesday, Rodney Bewes will be 76. Next June, James Bolam will be 79.
Today's post is delayed, but it features Rodney Bewes, Barbara Windsor & John Woodvine, so should be worth the wait
I have my doubts about Litton's plan. Rodney Bewes would NOT be my first choice of agent. I'd take James Bolam every d…
Will give it a go. Rodney Bewes and James Bolam from the Likely Lads also had a massive fall out. Happens a lot.
Q3) What's the name of the guy in New Tricks who isn't Dennis Waterman or James Bolam (or Rodney Bewes)?
That works out well then as James Bolam played Terry and Rodney Bewes was Bob.
The New Actors Company is happy to have such a terrific cast for the upcoming production of "The Moment of Truth". Starring Bonnie Wright (Harry Potter), Rodney Bewes (The Likely Lads), Mark Carey, Callum Coates, Toni Kanal, Damian Quinn, Miles Richardson and Daniel Souter...
Things that happen while I'm not paying attention No. 562: Declan Donnelly turns into Rodney Bewes.
Sometimes I'll drop Rodney Bewes or Kate O'Mara into conversations with my boss. He loves me for it. Thinks we're mates. Really I hate him.
Blimey.there can't be too many jobs in the world where you answer the office phone and it's Likely Lad and national treasure Rodney Bewes on the line.
"A Boy Growing Up" (EFF) likely lad Rodney Bewes reading from Dylan Thomas. He's taking this show to Swansea; I fear for him.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Highly Recommended - Rodney Bewes as A Boy Growing Up - "Entertainment from the stories of Dylan Thomas" -
Watching QI on Dave, Rodney Bewes edition, loving your Brian Blessed! Second impression this week I believe!
'Spare the Rod' with Rodney Bewes and Imelda Marcos, the episode where she eats her shoes - remember that?
Rodney Bewes and Brain Blessed are in a painting about da vinci as mentioned on QI. Diego Rivera self portrait is Jonathan Pearce
Ken press release: "A group of celebrities including Larry Lamb, Prunella Scales, Liz Dawn, Rodney Bewes and Roger Lloyd Pack have (etc)"
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