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Roddy Doyle

Roddy Doyle (born 8 May 1958 in Dublin) is an Irish novelist, dramatist and screenwriter. Several of his books have been made into successful films, beginning with The Commitments in 1991. He was awarded the Booker Prize in 1993.

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If you ever read the 'Giggler Treatment' by Roddy Doyle as a kid, you'll know why I'm paranoid after I stand in dog poo
Great day yesterday, if your a fan of the film seeing Roddy Doyle's Commitments is a must
My first publishing company rejected Roddy Doyle. (It wasn't me.)
Roddy Doyle told the paper he spent a year translating the libretto of Mozart's "Don Giovanni.". Da Ponte wrote it in three weeks.
Fill pages as quickly as possible; double space, or write on every second line. Regard every new page as a small triumph. —Roddy Doyle
Irish experience - a tour bus driver who went rogue on the way to Malahide Castle to pass locations fr…
new pod –. A STAR CALLED HENRY by Roddy Doyle. (last of the season).
Dreamt roddy doyle told me to have started doing that.
met him in Dublin (along with Roddy Doyle, who was interviewing him). A lovely lovely man, warm and very funny.
Reading Wonder, Roddy Doyle and Blue Planet for her kids:
4 of 5 stars to Wilderness by Roddy Doyle
Writers including Roddy Doyle, Rosita Sweetman and Colum McCann on their favourite classical and traditional tunes.
I added a video to a playlist Roddy Doyle - Family - Episode One - Charlo
Roddy Doyle's new novel. Hoping for something as good as The Woman Who Walked Into Doors/Paula Spencer.
great tips for writers written by Roddy Doyle!
"Rover wasn't really a barking kind of dog. Actions speak louder than Woofs was Rover's motto". -- The Giggler Treatment by Roddy Doyle
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Looking for inspirational morning quote and came across this. Thank you Roddy Doyle :). “- Brother Jimmy, said...
1A enjoying an afternoon at Roddy Doyle's Fighting Words creative writing workshop at The Aurora Centre, Glencree!
Look! A new Giggler Treatment book! Rover and the Big Fat Baby by Roddy Doyle
Hello Just read 'Brilliant' by Roddy Doyle. It was amazing
The Rover books by Roddy Doyle, and the Rabbit and Bear series by And
Space Dogs | Steve Simpson illustration for a short story by Roddy Doyle
Bruce Springsteen is one of the great short story writers, says Roddy Doyle
When the time comes, I think that the writers of Mrs. Brown's Boys and The Big Bang Theory should come together to pen Roddy Doyle's eulogy.
Feat. Brilliant by Roddy Doyle, as picked by John Boyne: 'quite an important book, and it's funny'
.Roddy Doyle and are contributing to an anthology celebrating the life of David Bowie:
Simon Armitage, Roddy Doyle, to contribute to anthology celebrating David Bowie
A strange feeling of existential dread just overwhelmed me. It felt like being visited in hospital by Roddy Doyle.
Reports coming on of Roddy Doyle seen pushing a visibly distressed *** Byrne in a wheelchair up by Howth Head. More as we get it.
Does Roddy Doyle just sit around waiting for people to die?
...iviewed by Roddy Doyle. He was v entertaining, v engaging. I wd have loved him to succeed.
Roddy Doyle mourns the loss of Prince.
Roddy Doyle reads a headline about Alan Rickman's death. His eyes light up and he opens a folder on his desktop labelled "Gui…
My mother and sister are taking over from Roddy Doyle
Anyone else reckon Roddy Doyle is actually killing off all these celebs?
new short story by Roddy Doyle in Granta. | The Irish Literary Times
The Van, based on the novel by Roddy Doyle, is this week's on tomorrow at 8 pm ET/9 pm PT
Do you think Roddy Doyle has a "Seen yer man Roddy died" spiel ready to go when he finally snuffs it?
Funny. When I was doing the leaving this kind of argument moved towards "there should be more Roddy Doyle and less Shakespeare"
Roddy Doyle reminds me of accidentally seeing Alex Higgins playing pool for drink downstairs in the Rock Garden mid '90s.
Watching is like reading a Roddy Doyle book 😊👍 It'd pure fun and laughter all the way
-7 can for 9.50€ ¿¿ do ya rREMEMBER de days when yed get 9.50 cans for 7. -shockin so it is. - did ya hear Roddy Doyle is ded
People would want to get over the whole Roddy Doyle thing. Start worrying about real issues in the world Maybe.
LOTS coming up!Reading nights,Ballroom Blitz,One Acts & our end of season production of Roddy Doyle's "War" phew!
Roddy Doyle is trending, is he dead yet?
Roddy Doyle posts a tribute to Prince in true Roddy Doyle style
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My imagining of Roddy Doyle reacting to PG Tips chimps death.
At Colm Toibin's Halloween party last year, Roddy Doyle came dressed as the Grim Reaper. Oh how we laughed. Nobody's lau…
writers Simon Armitage, (hello!) Dylan Jones, Roddy Doyle...and more.
Roddy Doyle has transported ‘Don Giovanni’ to Dublin for the Opera Theatre Company
"Perhaps the elusive author stalking up the Costa Brava was just John Banville, Anne Enright, or Roddy Doyle ...
Check out this Booker Prize winner: No 639 Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle via
it's tomorrow. But my answer won't change - Colin Bateman's Divorcing Jack, or A Star Called Henry by Roddy Doyle
Still no Scalia tribute from Roddy Doyle's two lads down the pub...
Thanks Frankie - it's come home as I nicked it from Roddy Doyle.
Interview with gentleman & a scholar of Joyce & Roddy Doyle, Frankie Gaffney:. http…
Interview with a gentleman author of Dublin Seven and a scholar of Hiberno-English, James Joyce and Roddy Doyle,...
Wonderful and entertaining talk w Roddy Doyle at Players Theatre today. The Snapper is getting bumped to the top of my reading list..
Ah, the arch-putdown school of film script dialogue 'conversation'. Roddy Doyle's characters are caricatures, or are they?
This effect makes Joan Burton look like the gremlins who collect dog poo in Roddy Doyle's kids book.
Asking for Sjon and Roddy Doyle Monday night baking pies / I'm up all night writing lines / I'm up all night doing Uni...
The people at the bar talk about Donald Trump and refugees and it's all very Roddy Doyle.
I see people in terms of dialogue and I believe that people are their talk.
I bet you didn't know Roddy Doyle wrote about you.
Ah, lovely, like something from a Roddy Doyle book!
Can you ask Roddy Doyle not to do a Two Pints on it?
No need a +1 for Sjon and Roddy Doyle Monday night at the Comedy Theatre, 6.30pm to score better on this.
Years ago, my house passed on Roddy Doyle.
over a kick in the hole is a bit roddy doyle over a slap. Back of a fist if ya wanna mix it up
Two more Roddy Doyle books bought. Everything the man writes is gold
I experienced this crisis of conscience while watching. I don't believe Roddy Doyle wrote a novel that took the issue so lightly.
The internet (in Dublin at least) completely shuts down when Roddy Doyle's 'The Snapper' is on television. Every time 😂
It's definitely better than Roddy Doyle's most recent work
Georgie Burgess! I love it too. Comedy genius from Roddy Doyle :)
great show 😝 as were all the barrytown trilogy films,loved The van (book)one of me all time favourite Roddy Doyle books.Gas😜
My kids have just adored the audio book read by Tommy Tiernan 'The Giggler Treatment' (by Roddy Doyle)
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Stephen Frears' comedy drama, based on Roddy Doyle's novel, starring Tina Kellegher and Colm Meaney tells the...
They then saved up for a chip van (very Roddy Doyle) and bought their first take away in 1986. My mother now runs three Chinese restaurants.
Poor Chris Martin. Or as one of Roddy Doyle's creations might put it "Scarleh for his Ma."
3 of 5 stars to Two More Pints by Roddy Doyle
We create fictions to shield ourselves from harsh truths. Or as Roddy Doyle might put it:. "That kangaroo was only trying…
I had to make sure I kept an eye on the real world.
Roddy Doyle's dialogue cracks me up. [NSFW]
Intermission is better (and funnier) than any of those Roddy Doyle movies.
Some of the people who look the most normal are probably the maddest people...
My claim to fame? Roddy Doyle was my dads secondary school teacher
Is Roddy Doyle responsible for more than just the obituaries?
just realised I've been mixing up Roddy Doyle and Roald Dahl my whole life
I didn't know one of JK Rowling's favourite books was written by Roddy Doyle.
Roddy Doyle has taken the week off from writing obituaries. I have stepped into the breach.
A cursory glance at Irish theatre for 2016 (correction to last para: it's Opera Theatre Company and Roddy Doyle)
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Had an amazing afternoon with Tommy Tiernan and Roddy Doyle at the…
The Irish Times asked me, Roddy Doyle, Eimear McBride, Claire Hennessy, et al, about our relationships with Bowie: .
Yeats is Dead! - Edited by Joseph O'Connor, Anthony Cronin, Roddy Doyle - SC
Have started to re-read Roddy Doyle's A Star Called Henry. Definitely my favourite ever book
Dougal,have you been reading Roddy Doyle again? 😂😂😂
no and no. I propose Roddy Doyle's A Star Called Henry (subject to book club ratification)
The first sounds like the Roddy Doyle...
isn't that a little bit of a parody of Roddy Doyle though. *just saying*
via Roddy Doyle. -I brought some o' the grandkids to the new Star Wars there earlier. -Wha' was it like?. -A load...
The problem with being Irish... is having 'Riverdance' on your back. It's a burd...
1 of 5 stars to The Commitments by Roddy Doyle
Now that the Fisher/Merkel similarity has been pointed out,I can't unsee it. Cheers Roddy
Roddy Doyle's pitch perfect take on new Star Wars:
This is the only way Roddy Doyle can communicate. His relatives have tried several interventions.
Roddy Doyle on Star Wars for the win. 󾌵
Just finished this. As Roddy Doyle said of another of Vlautin's books "I hated finishing it" 10/10.
I don't have one anymore. Cut it into eras. Can't compare Dickens and Roddy Doyle, for instance.
The two oul’ ones in Roddy Doyle’s head give us an incisive review of Star Wars TFA—
Roddy Doyle's relevant plot summary of The Force Awakens under the pretext of actually going to see the film...
Good ideas are often murdered by better ones. . -Roddy Doyle
Caught Roddy Doyle in the sitting room crying over a Sky Sports montage of Jose Mourinho's "best bits."
New year's party going well, but the refrain of "Me bollix" from the kitchen alerts me to the fact that Roddy Doyle might need to go home.
via Roddy Doyle. -Did yeh do well this year?. -Not too bad. -Wha' did yeh get?. -Pyjamas, a stab vest an' a book... https:…
It was a sign of growing up, when the dark made no more difference to you than the day. - Roddy Doyle
Reading a script with lots of "Northside" dialogue. It's painfully folksy. Can we just erase Roddy Doyle for a few years, please?
BRILLIANT : Art by plaidemily type by by Roddy Doyle
Roddy Doyle's Barrytown Trilogy is a shining example, or so I think.
oh she's wonderful. And related to Roddy Doyle too!
could have a Top Ten Album tomorrow. Have you bought it yet? Roddy Doyle has! htt…
Ten rules for writing per Margaret Atwood, Roddy Doyle, PD James, and others
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Was Kenny Cunningham really listening to "Roddy Doyle" speak before the match?
my colin would want me to share this quote with you; it is softer than the orig book-quote by Roddy Doyle:
I thought was referring to Roddy Doyle's oeuvre for youngsters.
Inspiring evening: Dave Eggers, Nick Hornby and Roddy Doyle interviewed by young writers from
Roddy Doyle pens tribute short story on Bill O'Herlihy: 'D’yeh know what it is - ? He made me happy'
Roddy Doyle's Barrytown Quartet and Kent Haruf's Plainsong Trilogy are my ultimate faves
Roddy Doyle. Paul Durkan. Derek Landy. Some great talent will be at - see story
Tom Cruise clung to a flying jumbo jet for a scene in his new movie?. To quote a minor Roddy Doyle character: "He did in his hoop."
Watch Gabriel Byrne's impassioned call for a Yes vote . Get tickets to see Gabriel here:
Video with - amongst others - Gabriel Byrne supporting the "Yes" campaign for marriage equality in Dublin...
Roddy Doyle wrote a great short story about marriage equality, and it's going viral:
Roddy Doyle: How many men are *** an' anyway?'. 'Is it 1 in 5?'. 'I think that's the fruit an' veg'"
Just starting Roddy Doyle's Brilliant. About the black dog of depression through the eyes of children. Makes me want to shout BRILLIANT!
TY Book Launch with and special guest Roddy Doyle. Monday at 7:30, all welcome! .
via Roddy Doyle. -Remember Barry Manilow got married there a while back?. -Can yeh imagine the music at tha'...
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Great gig Bravo & Dublin's lucky to have you chaps .
Gabriel Byrne, Roddy Doyle, and more call for a Yes vote in marriage referendum
The horrible dilemma of to listen to Roddy Doyle on iPlayer or not. It's 90 mins of Roddy Doyle! But *** its bound to be depressing.
► VIDEO: Gabriel Byrne and Roddy Doyle among those calling for a 'Yes' vote in at
Very inspiring stuff this am w/ Pat Carey, Roddy Doyle, Gabriel Byrne & more
Roddy Doyle and Bill Forsyth to receive honorary degrees from University of Dundee: Authors Roddy Doyle and Dr...
Romeo and Juliet then Pat Carey and now Roddy Doyle. A truly Noble Call for Marriage Equality in the
Gabriel Byrne Roddy Doyle Mannix Flynn about to kick off
Proud to support Noble Call for with Roddy Doyle, Gabriel Byrne Mannix Flynn and more. The final push is on.
Mr Tumble to become Dr Tumble with honorary doctorate from Dundee: Film maker Bill Forsyth, author Roddy Doyle...
BBC Scotland political editor crime author Bill Forsyth & Roddy Doyle will also be honoured by
Excellent piece from Roddy Doyle about the a must-read
Pic: Roddy Doyle's brilliant post about the same-sex marriage referendum is must-read
This is my favourite photo from Barrytown Meets Musictown event - Colm Meaney & Roddy Doyle performing Two Pints!
Colm Meaney & Roddy Doyle had in stitches with this sketch . photo .
Colm Meaney and Roddy Doyle reading scenes on stage! Amazing!
'Did ye see yer man from The Commitments is doing a show tonight?' Colm Meaney & Roddy Doyle perform Two Pints
Looking forward to being part of the great Roddy Doyle's night out in vicar St tomorrow!
Roddy Doyle's Barrytown trilogy is this year's One City One Book Choice, but technically it's three books in one volume. I'm just saying.
Roddy Doyle, Edna O’Brien, Molly Keane... rounds up 10 great Irish authors you should read at least once.
I didn't know you studied English! Also Nuala O'Fagin, James Joyce, Frank McCourt, Roddy Doyle, the list goes on! Enjoy!
I knew the James Joyce, Roddy Doyle & a couple of other ones, the rest was pure guesswork!!
On page 51 of 128 of Dead Man Talking, by Roddy Doyle
Roddy Doyle asking me if I've read his most recent book. "Of course I have," I reply. Sometimes one has to resort to the necessary fictive.
Roddy Doyle thinks Hugo Borst's new book about Van Gaal, O Louis, is "very good" but also v irritating + slightly mad
Roy Keane and Roddy Doyle in conversation at Lancashire County Cricket ground 21/10 tckts:
Just finished The Second Half by Roy Keane, Roddy Doyle and gave it 5 stars
Alison Flood: Collection features works from writers such as Roddy Doyle, Colm Tóibín and John Banville inspired by paintings on display at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin
Roddy Doyle on Keano, Ha Ha Ha - like Alan Shearer,all the lads he went for had a certain git quality. His taste in enemies was quite good!
You mean like Roddy Doyle writing Keano's book? I hear he asked Shatter for a gig but was told only Alan could write his own book
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That's unusual! Roddy Doyle teams up with Roy Keane for autobiography
Roy Keane's new memoir, ghost-written by Booker-winning novelist Roddy Doyle, takes on his acrimonious departure from Manchester United
Beyond the Stars out today. 12 tales Roddy Doyle, Eoin Colfer, John Boyne, Derek Landy, Judi Curtin & my daughter!
I have been really looking forward to the new Roy Keane book, even more so since I've found out it's been ghosted by Roddy Doyle.
Colm Tóibín doesn't want to be English; he wants to be patted on the head by English toffs, ditto John Banville, Roddy Doyle
So, we have upcoming events with Emma Thompson, David Nicholls, Kevin Pietersen Jacqueline Wilson, Roy Keane, Roddy Doyle.
The London stop for Roy Keane & Roddy Doyle will be Monday 20th October at The Royal Institute of British Architects.
Roy Keane promoting his new book with Roddy Doyle at Royal Institute of Architects on 20 October. Hopefully won't be point scoring like SAF.
He's read and liked it. Going w/ Jhumpa Lahiri's Lowland, Pale Fire, the Defense, some Roddy Doyle, and Blood Meridian. /shrug
Ends Sunday: Paddy Clarke Ha-Ha-Ha by Roddy Doyle, read by Aidan Gillen for $5.99!
... Finally! Books by Clive Cussler, Beatrix Potter, Roddy Doyle, and 217 other new titles this week!
James Joyce and Roddy Doyle will obviously need benches!
For tonights show Roddy Doyle was in the front row and Paul McGrath was in the green room! Amazing!!
My Intro to Book Buzzerers My name is Dawn and I'm a bookaholic! I started Book Buzz as a way of connecting readers who are not easily able to get together in the 'real world' on a regular basis. I live and run my business, The Big Art Share in the beautiful Brecon Beacons. I also buy and sell antiques and vintage 'stuff' (including Art of course) online and via Hay Antiques Market. My reading choices are pretty eclectic (weird?) I am a big fan of Ian McEwan, Roddy Doyle, Zadie Smith, Annie Proulx, Lionel Shriver, Toni Morrison etc I enjoy a classic now and again too. Ok I confess... I will actually read almost anything! The book that probably had the most influence on me was Robert Tressel, 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' The last book I read was 'Maggie and Me', by Damian Barr. That's quite enough of me..over to you.. Jane Brenchley Reynolds PS I'm the one without the beard and glasses!
Relationship advice via Bill Murray - (...& So, the current fantasy dinner party living line-up would see JK Rowling & Neil deGrasse Tyson now having to scoootch up to make room for wise Bill Murray... probably to sit next to Desmond Tutu, Chris Hadfield & Michelle Obama... - with Jon Stewart & Lisa Hannigan at the kitchen counter having a ukulele off with Michael D. & Roddy Doyle... or something... ) A Great, great man.
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Maeve Binchy Snell (28 May 1940 – 30 July 2012), known as Maeve Binchy, was an Irish novelist, playwright, short story writer, columnist, and speaker best known for her humorous take on small-town life in Ireland, her descriptive characters, her interest in human nature, and her often clever surprise endings.Her novels, which were translated into 37 languages, sold more than 40 million copies worldwide, and her death, announced by Vincent Browne on Irish television late on 30 July 2012, was mourned as the passing of Ireland's best-loved and most recognisable writer. Her books have outsold those of other Irish writers such as Samuel Beckett, Roddy Doyle, Seamus Heaney, James Joyce, Edna O'Brien, Oscar Wilde, and W. B. Yeats. She cracked the US market, featuring on The New York Times best-seller list and in Oprah's Book Club. Recognised for her "total absence of malice" and generosity to other writers, she finished 3rd in a 2000 poll for World Book Day, ahead of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Stephen K ...
AUTOBIOGRAPHY author Roddy Doyle has revealed that he has not become pals with Roy Keane while working on the footballers autobiography
The Booker Prize-winning novelist Roddy Doyle is to team up with Roy Keane to write a motivational memoir which, according to its publisher, "re-evaluates th...
David O'Callaghan of talks to Elevate on RTE2 about Roddy Doyle's BRILLANT
Exclusive! Martin McDonagh and Roddy Doyle to team up on new project called 'In Burgess'.
Want to be in a book with and Roddy Doyle? Here's how plus short story tips
Which one is Frankie Boyle and which one is Danny Boyle and which one is Roddy Doyle?
Hey look! It's the playwright! Bjarni Jónsson was born in 1966 in Akranes, on the west coast of Iceland. After working as a seaman, a construction worker and a journalist he moved to Munich where he finished a master's degree in theatre studies in 1992. He has frequently worked as a dramaturg and a director of radio drama, and has translated numerous plays and novels by authors such as Harold Pinter, Mark Ravenhill, Neil LaBute, David Gieselmann, Marius von Mayenburg, Thomas Bernhard, Roddy Doyle, Henrik Ibsen, George Tabori, Tennessee Williams, Günter Grass and Hertha Mueller. Bjarni Jónsson is co-founder and associate artistic director of the LÓKAL Theatre Festival Reykjavík, an annual event that brings new theatre to the Icelandic audience and connects Icelandic theatremakers with the international scene.
Can't wait to go see Booker Prize winner Roddy Doyle talking to North by Northwest's Sheryl MacKay.
What the Hole in the Wall does! Today, it saved lives, addressed a paper on Magnetic Resonance, tried to keep AIB happy, paid its membership of the Stewards' Enclosure @ Henley Royal Regatta - which will be linked to the house's English Week in July, edited the brochure re the 19 SingSpiels for 2014, figured to make 7S into 17S - Seacht déag Seachtain na Gaeilge from Jan to May, found an important angle on the Shackleton-Scott rivalry, got imagery of Kildare canals for the song 'Kildare Canal' (Monasterevin-Comer), found the Leinster Leader with the article 'Mine tale to be staged at Alice's Restaurant', got to invite Jim Walsh to do a talk on James Nowlan of Nowlan Park fame through John Comerford (thanks John) and got a 'Stories Told' night going at the Hole in the Wall where the topics ranged from the King's Head in Galway and its link to the beheading of Charles I, Pierpoint, 1916, Roddy Doyle, Michael Collins, Pearse, Plunkett, River Saile, James Connolly and his secretary, his 3 day kidnapping, Cou ...
DUBLIN (Reuters) - Booker Prize-winning author Roddy Doyle, creator of some of Ireland's most renowned characters, will tackle one the country's best known when he teams up with Roy Keane to write the
I feel John Banville has missed out badly by letting Roddy Doyle beat him to the Roy Keane ghostwriter gig.
This Christmas Roddy Doyle returns to the Abbey Theatre with his version of Nikolai Gogol's satirical comedy, The Government Inspector. The Mayor, the Judge,.
Roddy Doyle to write with Roy Keane ! Now there's an interesting combination for a book !
Roddy Doyle to ghostwrite Roy Keane's autobiography. Makes sense Roddy is used to writing 4 letter words! Like Alex for example
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Roddy Doyle to work on Roy Keane autobiography
Roddy Doyle to work on Roy Keane autobiography ...
What will Roy Keane say about Alex Ferguson? Roddy Doyle will ghostwrite his new autobiography
The Barrytown Trilogy. Never tire of reading these stories.
Roy Keane really isn't a fan of mediocrity - has gotten Booker winner Roddy Doyle to work with him on his new autobiography
Roy Keane's new memoir will be written by Roddy Doyle
Music KEANE teams up with roddy doyle for last word in fergie feud -
Guardian kindly explains who Roddy Doyle is, but assumes someone called "Roy Keane" needs no introduction. I despair.
Author Roddy Doyle signs on to help Roy Keane write his next autobiography Keane v Sir Alex Ferguson starts again.
you probably heard Keano is teaming up with Roddy Doyle to write his second book due out in the Autumn...
Anyone thought of any good titles for the planned Roy Keane / Roddy Doyle book collaboration?
Roddy Doyle to write with Roy Keane. Can’t see that being serialised in the People’s Friend.
Roddy Doyle to work on Roy Keane autobiography via // interesting choice of writer alright!
Hear the keane/roddy Doyle book is to be called 'fear of commitments'
Roddy Doyle just signed my guitar. Tick that box off the bucket list.
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Roddy Doyle has signed up to write Roy Keane's autobiography
A new autobiography for and written by Roddy Doyle. Has to be called "Roy Keane Second Ha Ha Half!!"
Roddy Doyle to write with Roy Keane -
Roddy Doyle to write with Roy Keane... The Two R's hilarity intended
Roddy Doyle will write the memoirs of Roy Keane.
Roddy Doyle and Roy combine. Should be plenty of cursing anyway!
the book will be written by Roddy Doyle, a children's writer. I look forward to reading the Alfie Håland passages...
Roy Keane to work with Roddy Doyle on latest memoirs. via . Roy Keane Ha Ha Ha, as the title?
Join us for the Irish launch of 'The Free' by Willy Vlautin on Tue 28 Jan incl Q&A with Roddy Doyle.
Booker-prize-winning author Roddy Doyle signs up to collaborate with Roy Keane on the footballer's forthcoming autobiography.
Roy Keane to write memoir with Roddy Doyle - The Irish Post
NEWS 899 Keane mahomiebeat Roddy Doyle teams up with Roy Keane for autobiograph…
I have been told of a speaking arrangement where, by his request, Roddy Doyle's sole payment was a Limerick FC jersey
recruits Roddy Doyle to write autobiography.
My husband and daughter bonding over a book I have given them is a wonderful thing thanks Roddy Doyle its Brilliant! featured in NBC s Science of Love
RI story from early last month now confirmed:
RODDY Doyle will turn his attention from his Dublin heartland to Mayfield in Cork as he collaborates with Roy Keane in a memoir of the footballer's life.
Roddy Doyle helping Keane write his memoir's, now that'll be worth a read
roddy Doyle this time Paul. Maybe 3rd times a charm? Looking forward to both books
Roy Keane teams up with author Roddy Doyle for memoir
Just commented on Roy Keane’s new memoir will be written by Roddy Doyle -
The Commitments author Roddy Doyle has signed a deal to work with Roy Keane to write the footballer's autobiography.
Roddy Doyle has been commissioned to write Roy Keane's memoirs, 'The Second Half', which will be published next autumn.
Roy Keane and roddy Doyle to write a book together; deadly :-)
Acclaimed author Roddy Doyle will help Roy Keane write his next autobiography, according to reports
Latest Football News: Roddy Doyle to write with Roy Keane -
Publisher Orion says Booker Prize-winning novelist Roddy Doyle will work with former Manchester United star Roy Keane on a memoir exploring the psychological struggles he's faced off the pitch. Click to Continue »
Roddy Doyle is helping Roy Keane write his newest memoirs... I wonder how many swear words he'll use. Oh bollix.
Roddy Doyle to write Roy Keane memoir, Ross o Carroll Kelly to write BOD??
Now that Roy Keane is having is biog written by Roddy Doyle, I hope Patrick Vieira has Michel Houellebecq lined up for his.
Roddy Doyle is ghost (co?) writing Roy Keane's second autobiography, if you can't do the math on that, then I can't help you.
Roy Keane to write memoir with Roddy Doyle
Roddy Doyle is to write new Roy Keane autobiography. Interesting combo
Roddy Doyle has been chosen by Roy Keane to write his second set of memoirs. Chapters will include: A Star Called Henry - about Keane's bitter rivalry with Arsenal's Invincibles The Non-Commitments - what happened in Saipan The Dead Republic - Ireland under Steve Staunton The Van Nistelrooy - a list of United players Keane didn't really like The Snapper - THAT tackle on Alf Inge Haaland Paddy Vieira Ha Ha Ha - a humourous look at pre-match tunnel insults Oh, Play That Thing! - Keano's frustrations with the likes of Kieran Richardson and Darren Fletcher laid bare The Man Who Walked Outdoors - hilarious anecdotes about his walks with Trigger the dog
Roddy Doyle and Keano!! Match made in heaven . Look forward to reading this. Just don't tell him ya follow Chelsea
1000 novels everyone must read: the definitive list Selected by the Guardian's Review team and a panel of expert judges, this list includes only novels – no memoirs, no short stories, no long poems – from any decade and in any language. Originally published in thematic supplements – love, crime, comedy, family and self, state of the nation, science fiction and fantasy, war and travel – they appear here for the first time in a single list. Feel we've left off a crucial book? Email to us with your nomination and an explanation in no more than 150 words at reviewor post your submission to The Guardian, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU, by 4 February. Comedy Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis Money by Martin Amis The Information by Martin Amis The Bottle Factory Outing by Beryl Bainbridge According to Queeney by Beryl Bainbridge Flaubert's Parrot by Julian Barnes A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters by Julian Barnes Augustus Carp, Esq. by Himself: Being the Autobiography of a Really Good Man by He ...
If haven't read Roddy Doyle yet, you're just not reading.
If you aren't familiar with Roddy Doyle, he wrote "The Commitments." If you haven't seen "The Commitments," you probably won't get the sting of Irish humor at its sharpest. Most of the X-rated words are no more offensive than "heck" or "darn" are to us, but be warned: this dialogue is not for the easily offended. I nearly fell off the chair. If you're a consultant of some flavor like I am, you'll find this telling. I worked as a consultant to Ireland's largest bank for several years, and spent a fair time dodging the barbs that were thrown at me. Read the comments if you're inclined. It's no wonder Roddy is lionized at home. Cheers.
Roddy Doyle has got a new novel out and he loves his characters so much he can't let go of them for too long. So here comes the sequel to the glorious The Commitments. And I personally can't wait.
Save up to 54%! Great seats Sun-Thu from £25 & Top seats £40 - NO FEES. Featuring soul classics "Night Train", "Try A Little Tenderness", "In The Midnight Hour", "Papa Was A Rolling Stone", "Save Me", "Mustang Sally" and many more – THE COMMITMENTS is now live on stage for the very first time. The show, more than two years in the making, has been adapted from the novel by Booker Prize winning author Roddy Doyle and is directed by award winning Jamie Lloyd (The Pride, Urinetown The Musical). THE COMMITMENTS is the story of Jimmy Rabbitte, a young working class music fan, who shapes an unlikely bunch of amateur musicians into an amazing live act, the finest soul band Dublin has ever produced. Now playing at London's Palace Theatre, book THE COMMITMENTS tickets today!
In your status line, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and don't think too hard-they don't have to be "right" or "great" works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag ten friends, including me, so I'll see your list. 1. "The Agony and The Ecstasy" by Irving Stone 2."Men's Lives" by Peter Matthiessen 3. "Lonely Places" by Pico Iyer 4. "The Snapper" by Roddy Doyle 5. "Hula" by Lisa Shea 6. "The Pilot's Wife" by Anita Shreve ( not just because I shot the cover!) 7. "Claudine" by Colette 8. "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte 9. "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Tracy Chevalier 10. "Folly Beach" by Dorothea Benton Frank These are my quick ten best! Now, I have to tag you, sorry my friends! LOL! I don't know how to do it.
They say that swearing isn't big and it isn't clever. Maybe so, but I'm reading Two Pints by Roddy Doyle and swearing can be very, very funny. No storyline - just a series of conversations between two guys over a pint. Two foul-mouthed, shockingly funny guys
just to clarify - due to unavoidable family commitments (no, not the Roddy Doyle soul musicians, we mean the ones we do christmas with), talanas aren't able to play the london show on our tour with The Monolith Deathcult. don't worry though; we ARE on for ALL other UK dates! however, replacing us rather splendidly on march 1st at camden's black heart are fellow brothers in forward-thinking death mentality, De Profundis, plus hard-hitting progressi-romans Lunarsea have just been added to the bill. combined with Bloodguard, this should prove to be a night worth double-tying your shoelaces for. get down there, get on it and get... granary... bread. probably. yes.
With Roddy Doyle and Colum McCann. Join two of contemporary fictions most gifted and beloved voices, heirs to the great Irish literary tradition. Roddy Doyle...
So , Jennifer Lauren goes on the *** and "forces" a plane to divert and land in Shannon. Her court case is held in the basement of a pub and her solicitor is called Sharon Curley!! There is a Roddy Doyle movie in this!!!
What readers are saying about the book ... “Escape from Eire was quite fascinating. My knowledge of contemporary Ireland comes from reading Roddy Doyle and your accounts of pub and dance scenes reminded of that. The book, like you, bubbles along with such enthusiasm that I was ill-prepared for the final chapter. Thanks for sharing so generously.” Daniel Parkinson; Toronto Mendelssohn Choir “What an adventure! I feel like it was a travelogue of Ireland, a love story, a business story, and a mothering story all in one. Lovely and inspiring read. Congrats.” Marguerite Orane; Strategic Business Planning, Motivational Speaker. “Read it and loved it, loved the humour. Congrats” Arlene Washington, Bermuda “It’s a cracking read. Well done! I'd say it will be of interest for anyone who is thinking of starting a small business. It's certainly very enlightening. What struck me most about your book was just how hard you worked. As the mother of a 15 year old girl, that second last chapter had me ...
I've finished "Angela's Ashes" - oh my, so sad! - and straight away I've read "Slam", by Nick Hornby, which, despite being juvenile literature, is very interesting and funny. Now I'm reading The Snapper, by Roddy Doyle, and loving it.
Priceless. A perfect piece of Roddy Doyle. Wonderful, witty and wise … and very, very Irish.
SELLING: ~Folk groups and folklore genres by Elliott Oring $10 ~the novel "Paddy Clarke ha ha ha" by Roddy Doyle $10 ~Biology 8th edition $50 LOOKING FOR: Goode's the world in 2050 and atlas
Pam Moffatt you'll love this. Good bit of Roddy Doyle pub talk.
Round II on Roddy Doyle: The Commitments...Noah got it in one: "Jimmy-the-bollix Rabbitte" giggle giggle :D
Okey Dokey we are now READ for the YEAR 2014. My new years book is Julian Fellowes "SNOBS" ... an older book but one i found on the book shelf and after immersing myself in Roddy Doyle for a few months i fancied a change. Will let you know how it goes. xx
Phew - time to relax and start reading The Guts by Roddy Doyle,
If you want to know why Roddy Doyle is one of my favorite authors:
Thank you, Roddy Doyle, for capturing 2013 in the first five lines of yer dialogue. (The rest is pretty funny, too.)
Wonderful clear morning over the Humber today. Mr. Alan Bennett talking via a CD and now waiting for LL its Mr. Roddy Doyle transporting me to Barrytown.
Aoife Duffin, David Wilmot and Angeline Ball star in Roddy Doyle's The Snapper, next up on
This morning on Roddy Doyle adaptation, David Attenborough doc- and it's my day off work *rubs hands*
then you'd LOVE the children in Roddy Doyle's 'Paddy Clarke Ha Ha' and DBC Pierre's 'Vernon God Little' and Rushdie's MC!
5 of 5 stars to The Snapper by Roddy Doyle
Check out this week's for a lovely feature on Roddy Doyle and
Here's my review of Roddy Doyle's at the Palace Theatre. Basically, go see it.
When you grow up on an island, what matters is how you stand to the sea - Roddy Doyle
Getting January's Bookshots list ready and want to create a new category for Roddy Doyle's 'The Guts' called 'lit feck'
.picked up THE GUTS by Roddy Doyle after long ago reading PADDY CLARKE HA HA HA. “I'm glad I did; this book, too, has got guts.”
Simmply see how closed Roddy Doyle's Greedndale School during the boom. . More LIES.
have run a great interview with Roddy Doyle! Read it here...
On page 61 of 176 of The Commitments, by Roddy Doyle
RH is far and away the best 'chick lit' novel I've ever read. Also try early Roddy Doyle (the Van, the Snapper).
On page 26 of 176 of The Commitments, by Roddy Doyle
'The Guts' by Roddy Doyle was crowned 'Book of the Year' at the BGE IBA's last week?have you read it yet?What did you think?
“Have you been reading Roddy Doyle again Sharon ? Of course I have ya big bollix lol
Have you been reading Roddy Doyle again Sharon ?
I'm still all school girl that Roddy Doyle referred to me as "lovely." That's OK, right?
I like Roddy Doyle's writing a lot. Didn't know he won the Booker Prize.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Oh, so we do ~ doh! Yes, love all the Roddy Doyle books (and films). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Dub accent.
A Star Called Henry. Roddy Doyle. Loved this book from start to finish.
have you been reading Roddy Doyle again?
Have you been reading those Roddy Doyle books again?
Watching Father Ted repeats, the Roddy Doyle gag at the start of this episode is exquisite thanks
No. 1 on our recommended list is The Guts by Roddy Doyle. Anyone over 40 will relate! Great present for him, her
Book THE GUTS by Roddy Doyle. This review reflects my reading of it:
Roddy Doyle: the joy of teaching children to write | Feature via
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