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Rod Stewart

Roderick David Rod Stewart, CBE (born 10 January 1945) is a British singer-songwriter, born and raised in North London, England, and currently residing in Epping.

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Wee Jay is a busy bhoy 😂 no be suprised if a see him on stage with Rod Stewart at that Celtic Concert 🥊🍀
Martial has come on and played like Rod Stewart in a legends match
Tony Adams has been appointed as manager of Granada, and to celebrate he's wearing a suit made entirely from Rod Stewart. h…
Rowdy Roddy Piper got up to join Rod Stewart, Fishing Rod, Rod Quantock and Rod Marsh in the top 5 Rods. Thanks to 👊🧀
14 minutes left to see who joins Rod Stewart, Rod Marsh, Rod Quantock and a Fishing Rod in the top 5 Rods.
I expect Rod Stewart, Rod Laver and Rod Marsh all to feature prominently
if its not Rod Stewart, The Proclaimers, Texas, Annie Lennox, the fat lass that won X factor or Paulo nu…
on Underground Garage: I'm listening to Twistin' the Night Away by Rod Stewart.
My gran used to like this Rod Stewart track. She also likes Daniel O'Donnell.
Me and Rod Stewart had become close. I had proved my worth to his Rodness when he observed me writing 'HULLWELL'...
I thought Alan would be more Rod Stewart in his spotted leopard tights phase
Rod Stewart's Baby Jane video filmed on ZX81 handheld with primary colours filter.
Not many Rod Stewart songs I admit to liking, but Baby Jane features on that very small list
"For tonight you're gonna stay with me"- Rod Stewart. 📷
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (More movie soundtrack songs by Sting, Brian Adams, and Rod Stewart)
I don't think he knows who she is? & hid did he get so rich are ya sure it was just plumbing? He does look a bit like Rod Stewart!
Rod Stewart is on How'd you get so rich?
Ann Wilson and Jeff Buckley and Corey Glover are also favorites. I like Rod Stewart tho I get why some ppl don't think of him that way.
Episode 6 of my podcast is up now. I discuss "Baker Street," Rod Stewart, and Vulfpeck.
With Brian Auger, A jazz pianist, bandleader, Auger has played or toured with artists such as Rod Stewart, Jimi Hen…
Rod Stewart working his magic again
I presume they didn't get Rod Stewart involved then!
For anyone interested, thats Rod Stewart from a 1973 concert in Detroit.
Flyaway to Las Vegas! Cody's sending you and a friend to Sin City for Enter to win: ht…
Day 17 - A duet you would sing on Karaoke. "It takes two" Tina Turner & Rod Stewart.
1975, Rod Stewart met Swedish actress, Britt Ekland at a party in Los Angeles, the couple went on to have a…
the carpool karaoke w/ rod stewart & a$ap rocky is precious AF thank u for the rec
Rod Stewart says Instagram post showing mock execution was him acting out 'Game of Thrones'
why did Rod Stewart eat Gere's hamster? That makes no sense. Hamsters don't even have enough meat to eat.
it's like pumping Rod Stewart's stomach to find Richard Gere's hamster.
.and upcoming tour is one show you Grab your tickets at…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Congress looking for evidence of Obama wiretapping Trump is like pumping Rod Stewart's tummy to find Richard Gere's hamster.
Rod Stewart has let himself go a bit
📈 Rod Stewart really really enjoys himself doing the Scottish Cup fifth round draw
name ur top three rod Stewart songs
"You wear it well. A little old fashioned but that's all right..." - Rod Stewart
When you find out Rod Stewart isn't doing the semi-final draw...
. Solihull Quest are visiting here to see Rod Stewart Tribute Act, . Sat 11th March. See you there.
In an attempt to top Rod Stewart's performance, SFA invite special guest to carry out semi final draw
After the drunken Rod Stewart draw, another farcical draw for the Semi's as the hot balls malfunction and Celtic get drawn to play Rangers.
Rod Stewart! What a voice! He's one of my top 5 concerts ever seen! Rod Stewart sorry for video seen as beheading re-enactment - Myrtle Beach Sun News
The rocker said he and his friends were just "larking about" before a gig and didn't mean to offend anyone.
Rod Stewart says he was re-enacting Game of Thrones, but video appears to show him acting out ISIS-style beheading
You are done for me.Rod Stewart/Neal Diamond...awesome musicians... But no more Jihad Rod for me...
Rocker Rod Stewart apologizes after outcry over 'execution' web clip
Okay.. I can imagine a Red Wedding reference in this.. I can't imagine Rod being enough of an a**imitate...
Headline of day (so far): 'Rod Stewart Apologizes for Mock Beheading Video'
I'm not afraid of spiders. I'm afraid of Rod Stewart. ~I told the drive-through worker. She closed the window. Making frie…
Stewart says he's sorry for desert beheading stunt . The singer was film
Saw 'Rod Stewart Apology' on TV news ticker tape from distance and assumed it was for his career from around 75/76 onwards.
Mocking a beheading Rod Stewart only shows the world you're a sick freak. That is very sick!
Rocker Rod Stewart apologises after outcry over 'execution' web clip
I tad odd so long as he doesn't accompany "Hot Legs" with it.
Rod Stewart. Now playing. I am Beheading, I am Beheading, in the desert, on the sand.
Trump to ban Rod Stewart until he "can work out what the *** is going on". It IS odd that 2 men with a combined age…
Sir Rod Stewart apologises after video appears to show him re-enact an Isis-style beheading in the desert
I am disgusted that Rod Stewart is playing for a racist apartheid bogus state guilty of war crimes.
⚡️ “Rod Stewart says he's sorry for desert beheading stunt”.
Rod Stewart on mock-execution video: We were playing 'Game of Thrones'
Excited to start my first day as Rod Stewart's US publicist. Time to take a huge swig of coffee and see what's in today's news…
Rod Stewart has offered his “deepest apologies” after he was filmed appearing to re-enact an ISIS-style beheading
This Rod Stewart story is as bizarre as the Ricky Tomlinson and Richard Whitely story earlier in the week.
Rod Stewart apologizes for bizarre video of a mock-beheading that's sparking outrage
Rocker Rod Stewart appears to mock ISIS beheading in video, issues apology -
Sir Rod Stewart apologises over 'mock execution'
I like Rod Stewart's music, but to be given the title of "Sir"? I have to believe there are men in England far more…
.very good impression of Graham Kelly! Bit disappointed & didn't give it full on Rod Stewart!
Get your tickets for Wireless Festival, Rod Stewart and Tom Jones from
David Gilmour with Rod Stewart and John Paul Jones - 1992 via
Tickets go on sale 10am Friday for music icons Rod Stewart and Tom Jones -
Elton John! Tom Jones! Rod Stewart! Mariah Carey! Now Status Quo! Even the dead are not considered past it enough to play Dubai !!!
'I thought I'd seen a goddess - it's HER. Off the telly': Rod Stewart describes the moment ... via
JUST ANNOUNCED: Reason to Believe: The Music of Rod Stewart starring *** Sterling and his All-Star Band,.
SUNDAY we have Robert Wright as Rod Stewart after the Whitehaven and Workington game 5-30 admission Free
Get in the running to see Rod Stewart at Ceasars Palace at about 7:10!!
TOMORROW! Join Garry Pease for a tribute to Rod Stewart at Tue 14 Feb…
After Stubbs and Rod Stewart last time, I wonder if the SFA managed to get Gerry Adams and Pope Francis lined up to make the next draw?
on SXM Rock Hall Radio: I'm listening to (I Know) I'm Losing You by Rod Stewart
You may have missed this: Rod Stewart, Soundgarden and Jane's Addiction to headline Big Music Fest 2015
Latest cartoon from on Celtic fans calling on Rod Stewart to support BDS and cancel his concert in…
Happy birthday Rod Stewart! Look back at our 1975 cover story on the singer
I'm going to see Roger Waters AND Rod Stewart this summer HOT ***
It's time! Get your tickets to the with Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper today! https:/…
Cyndi Lauper and Rod Stewart on right now is so legendary. Loving every second and every interview question
Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper are going on tour. The Celebrity Death Pool Live Tour kicks off this Spring.
Rod Stewart and Alan Stubbs embarrassed Scottish football and is exactly why our game is considered a JOKE - Hotline http…
Everyone having a go at Rod Stewart but Alan Stubbs was as sober as a judge & he never knew the difference between 6 & 9
Rod Stewart getting called an English *** who thinks he's Scottish, by a bunch of Scottish *** who think they're En…
AMAZING: Rod Stewart drawing out the Scottish Cup fixtures...after one too many beers. 😂🍻. (📽
Rod Stewart doing the Scottish Cup draw after about 20 pints 😂🍺
Rod Stewart stole the show yesterday. Scottish football truly is a magical place.
Somewhere in Glasgow, Rod Stewart is waking up with a furry tongue, scrambling for Irn-Bru & asking who Celtic got in t…
Rod Stewart waking up this morning...
Rod Stewart walking to the shops today to get some Berocca
Rod Stewart was off his rocker doing the draw for the next round of the Scottish Cup! 😂🍺🍻
"Rod Stewart" - Totally Brilliant,, Love Rod and he's the last of the Rock N Rollers. What do we have now. Gary Barlow.
WATCH: Rod's rock 'n' roll draw: Rod Stewart gave a rockstar performance as he helped to conduct the draw for the …
Meanwhile, here's Rod Stewart taking part in the Scottish Cup draw in, ehh... good form...
Crying at Rod Stewart drawing Scottish Cup draw
Fair play to Rod Stewart doing the Scottish Cup Draw after necking 15 pints beforehand.
For those who missed a clearly steaming Rod Stewart doing the cup draw. .
David Tanner said that Rod Stewart is the best dressed man in Airdrie. Wouldn't be hard as he's not wearing an orange uniform or sash
Nice wee bit of Rod Stewart to start the day
We used to have a rooster we called Rock Star. Looked like Rod Stewart.
In these tense times we could all use some video of Burton Cummings imitating Gordon Lightfoot singing Rod Stewart.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
now playing:. Rod Stewart - Ruby Tuesday. from the Decades of Music.
Rod Stewart - Ruby Tuesday (93) listen to MP3 Stream from RadioMaxMusic
I added a video to a playlist FOREVER YOUNG - Rod Stewart and daughter Ruby DUET
"Baby Jane" by British singer Rod Stewart on 12th album Body Wishes.A big hit, peaking at on the Billboard…
Every once in a while I need to pinch myself, this is one of those times. Tuesday night Football at Rod Stewart's h…
Rod Stewart's first big hit & probably his biggest one considering it stands the test of time.
Song of the nite 2nite (FOREVER YOUNG) by - Rod Stewart and daughter Ruby DUET = Enjoy !! ;) via
Trump bags big name for inauguration at last. Rod Stewart to sing Urine My Heart Urine My Home
in music world, two great artists were born: In 1945 was Rod Stewart and in 1953 was Pat Benatar.…
Rod Stewart and Pat Benatar celebrating birthdays today.
Hey, Happy Birthday Blaise! 🎂Have a great day!! Trivia: January 10th is also the birthday of Pat Benatar & Rod Stewart
It happened on January 10. - Rod Stewart and The Beatles both make headlines on this date in history.
Logan's is playing super good music (Steve Miller Band, Rod Stewart, The Black Keys, etc.) Usually its just a lump of terrible country songs
except this ONE TIME-3 what can only be described as Irish mammy types on route to Rod Stewart in Dublin
Diggin this Keith Richards/Rod Stewart inspired shag on Alex by Claire 🤘🏻
reminds me of that Rod Stewart song
Facts matter in 2017 so here are two: Faces-era Rod Stewart clearly had it goin' on but Ronnie Lane was THE MAN.
Rod Stewart officially knighted at Buckingham Palace by Prince William for his accomplishments in the industry.
it sure if it counts, but didn't Rod Stewart have a song with clips from the film Legal Eagles?
I just used Shazam to discover Downtown Train by Rod Stewart.
Hannah and autumn still in bed looks like watch Christmas at home with rod Stewart again!! Merry Christmas to you…
Tocando agora Rod Stewart - You're in my Heart, You're in my Soul na iWebRadio [ ]
Rod Stewart - Have i told you lately that i love you (HQ)
I added a video to a playlist Rod Stewart & Michael Buble - Winter Wonderland
Love is all you need. Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton & Rod Stewart - All You Need Is...
Baby It's Cold Outside is terrible, but it's even more delightfully terrible when Rod Stewart/Dolly Parton team up.👀
In loving memory of my Dad. XX Sailing (2008 Album Version) by Rod Stewart ♫
My friends said I look like rod Stewart. I don't see it.
Rod Stewart Cancion For the first time Por primera vez subtitulado esp... via
for Christmas my brother got me a Slipknot t shirt and a Rod Stewart t shirt I can't wait to wear them in public so no one ever talks to me
Kind of like Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks, Michael and Janet Jackson. I haven't seen Janet ever since Michael died.
This one goes out to my friends André and Baby Its Cold Outside - Dolly Parton and Rod Stewart
Wow Hurt,Am onboard Sir Andrew Tshaka..just wanna dedicate this Song of Rod Stewart...For the First time to
Too much cancon too early in the hopes that Rod Stewart and me, not my first trip to the fillmore east
Can't get over the fact that in a year when it could've been Radiohead, Daft Punk, The Strokes, IOW got Rod Stewart and Dave Guetta
. Chris last time Rod Stewart played the Hydro . Caught one of the balls !
?? Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting - All for Love lovesongsradio dot net
TeamMiley: Aaron Gibson would sound great singing a Rod Stewart song. I would love it hear him sing one
Don't know how you do it - all I ever see is Jim Reeves, Rod Stewart and Paul Young!. 👍🏽👏🏻 ➡️ Eater - Outside View.…
A memorable night at Captains xmas dinner with Paul Metcalfe providing the caberat as Rod Stewart which was...
Merry Christmas, Baby by CeeLo Green and Rod Stewart - LISTEN NOW! - Buy it
...and Rod Stewart's Essex mansion comes with its own footie field ~
I would like to live in Rod Stewart's house.
Rod Stewart's $12.2m Essex mansion comes with its own footie field
Rod Stewart's $8.6m Essex mansion comes with its own footie field
On Air: Josh & Stan are Sailing by Rod Stewart on The Request Show
Released 11 17 1971 Faces "A nod's as good as a a blind horse" .. great band featuring Rod Stewart, Ronn…
Go listen to m'lover by Kishi Bashi and forever young by Rod Stewart, your welcome.
your health and safety officer loves Rod Stewart!!!
we live in. Side note: congrats to Rod Stewart.
Steve Winwood, Kool and the Gang, Rod Stewart and George Benson all coming up! 80s Flashback Weekend beginning next
Every Picture Tells a Story by Rod Stewart - Buy it
He was already famous via Yardbirds when he formed Jeff Beck Group! Line up Rod Stewart & Ronnie Wood
Tonight's editing music brought to you by: Paul McCartney & the Wings. Last night's music motif: Rod Stewart. Don't judge me.
Good to see bhoy Rod Stewart kneeling to receiving his knighthood from the future King Billy
Jackie Ferris, Heidi Higgins & Nathan Young have qualified for either Rod Stewart in London, England, a hockey...
(Cont'd.)...Square Garden. This became the inspiration for his hit song "Garden Party." No.1 Song: Maggie May/Reason to Believe-Rod Stewart
This song is definetely not for my voice, but rather a Rod Stewart- like Christian Rock Song. Rock...
Well no - Rod Stewart is Rod Stewart by definition.
Happy birthday to the main man! Snuffl Mcdingle Berry, aka Rod Stewart.
At my desk listening to Rod Stewart like a boss.
Bryan Adams, Sting, Rod Stewart - “All For Love”. . Such a great chorus. Sting holding out that note in the chorus ha…
I love England and love Mr Rod Stewart too. Nancy from BA, Argentina.
Ohh, proud of my favorite singer Mr. Rod Stewart, I follow him since 1978. Nancy from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Rod Stewart has been knighted? So I guess we can call him Sir 'Do ya think I'm sexy' Rod now!
listener request and : Turner, Tina (& Rod Stewart) - It Takes Two at
1970-1985 they had albums in the top 10. They created the brown sound! Played with everyone from Rod Stewart to...
Rod Stewart knighted by Britain's Prince William at Buckingham Palace. He will be known as Sir Roderick Stewart.
Jeff Beck on working with Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood, and his unbreakable bond with the Fender Strat
Just a thought... Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart made a great album together years ago .. I can't remember the name of it ... c…
DJ Abbott @ WKDfm is playing Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart - Rock My Plimsoul
From now on I will strive to live my life as fabulously as Rod Stewart's youngest son at Buckingham Palace
THANK YOU Brian Stutz for Backing You can see Brian here with Rod Stewart...
Mike, here's where I learned the art of Kabuki Dance. :)). I STILL love Rod Stewart!
photographing Burton Cummings in 1977 with my new teleconverter & Canon TLb. It looks like I was onstage. Sam w/Rod Stewart
the list of covers of this song supports this! Rod Stewart, Elvis, Nick Drake, Nickel Creek, Phosphorescent, etc, etc.
Penny Lancaster reveals what helicopter pilot William Arthur Philip Louis Wales said to hubby Rod Stewart while he was knighted
The real question here is when did Rod Stewart become a 1950s lift attendant?
VIP guests at the reception included Rod Stewart, Katherine Jenkins, Lenny Henry and David Walliams.
Rod Stewart knighted at Buckingham Palace via Very cool!
Rod Stewart receives knighthood from Prince William Rod Stewart and David Oyelowo attended Buckingham Palace to re…
Rod Stewart joined by Penny Lancaster to receive knighthood at Buckingham Palace: 'I promise to wear it well'
Congratulations Sir Rod Stewart/family on a wonderful occasion. God bless you/yours truly
Rod Stewart has been knighted by Prince William in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.
great to see rod Stewart has received a knighthood for all he's done for music and charity,love the outfit as well sir rod,bit of me that 👍👍
Pop star Rod Stewart receives a knighthood from Prince William at an investiture ceremony in Buckingham Palace.
And may I say Sir Rod you do wear it well 😙.
Forget Clinton/Trump.Rod Stewart is now Sir Rod Stewart after being knighted by the Queen, It gives hope to...
Arise Sir Rod Stewart as singer receives knighthood at Buckingham Palace by ( 📷:
So Rod Stewart can get knighted, but not Kenny Dalglish for what he did for the 96?
Website Builder 728x90
Rod Stewart was beheaded at Her Majesty's pleasure at noon today.
A lot of people seem to be celebrating the swift execution of Rod Stewart, but I gotta say, you're underrating his '71-'74 output.
Wake up, Maggie: Rod Stewart is now Sir Roderick to you
Confirmed today! Guitarist Jim Cregan (Family/Rod Stewart) is playing on our upcoming album 'Bletchley Park.
.on working with and and his unbreakable bond with the Strat:
Iconic rocker Rod Stewart was knighted by Prince William Tuesday at Buckingham Palace.  The musician wore tartan to honor his Scottish root…
Tonight's the knight: Rod Stewart becomes Sir Rod at palace
Imagine living the life of Kevin Spacey's brother, Randy, who is a Rod Stewart impersonator AND limo driver?
Debbie Hansen, Shelly Daviault & Mike Kincaid have qualified for Rod Stewart in London, England, a hockey weekend...
I started the day listening to Rod Stewart & Maggie Bell sing Every Picture Tells a Story. I should start every day with that.
Stood behind Clarence Clemons in a J-Shore Starbucks. Another time I saw Rod Stewart watching a sunset on the Highline.
Celeb sightings at the debate: Don King, Rick Rubin, and someone who might be Rod Stewart and/or Penny Marshall.
Rod Stewart talks anal cocaine abuse, ingesting semen and losing his virginity | Gigwise
Why was Rod Stewart doing an impromptu gig at Celtic Park today?
In the next 15 minutes Queen, Rod Stewart & Hall & Oates. Tune in:
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I can't decide on whether to go with Pamela Anderson or Rod Stewart.
Rod Stewart - Let it be me feat. Jennifer Hudson (Album: Soulbook)
Wait till you notice his Rod Stewart pants :)
Rod Stewart - L.A. Forum 19-dec-1981 FULL SHOW stereo via So much friggin heart! Why we love Rod so much!
My teenage years were spent trying to look like Rod Stewart - I ended up looking like Dave
Another hit from the early 70's Rod Stewart - Maggie May on
Answer! Preston beat Carlisle 3-0 at home on ... 16th Oct 1971 ... while Rod Stewart reached with "Maggie May"
When? Reply or Preston beat Carlisle 3-0 .. while Rod Stewart topped the charts with "Maggie May"
Rod Stewart - Maggie May is now playing on Greatest Hits Radio - Join the Party!
Monday night request show coming up with Graham, Rebekka and Robson. We have requests for Doris Day, Rod Stewart,...
probably the greatest Scotsman that England has ever had (excluding Rod Stewart)
You got Rod Stewart on a technicality, but sorry England, Andy is ours!
Rod Stewart and Jo Brand and Dave Gilmour please rescue me from this Illuminati *** hole.
Please Dave Gilmour and Rod Stewart come and rescue me I have been sectioned by the Illuminati here. The run this
Matt Beck is a multi-instrumentalist playing keyboards and guitars for the likes of Rod Stewart, Matchbox Twenty...
Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood were I mean that in the tight pantsed shag haircutted 1970s way
[Ron] Rod Stewart - Stay with Me ft. Ron Wood Music video by Rod Stewart performing Stay with Me. (C) 2004 RCA Reco…
Ian McLagen, Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart backstage at the Weeley Festival in Essex, 1971. http…
Just offered $20 to hear Rod Stewart at a piano bar, but they didn't know any :(
Some people don't like Hillary anymore.People don't like Rod Stewart anymore either.But have you heard "Every Picture Tel…
Who will win the Rod Stewart getaway!!! Make sure to list to Rick Shaw today!. WinThe Smash Hit “The Boss” on Blu...
I once rode in a limo driven by a Rod Stewart impersonator, who turned out to be Kevin Spacey's real life brother 💯
to be fair, Rod Stewart did play centre-half for Middlesex Schoolboys.
bro why do you look like a teenage Rod Stewart? 😂😂😂
. You know what I mean though, it's like Rod Stewart and Marty Pellow.. That sort of thing. You see the comparison..etc
Under the Covers is up in 5 minutes! Blur covering Rod Stewart today! -Tom and Jess
Rod Stewart was some singer. Probably still is.
2.. Read his bio & see who he worked with that includes: Rod Stewart, Brian Auger & Elton John.
"Have I told you lately [that I hate the Charleston Town Center]..." sang to the Rod Stewart classic "Have I Told You Lately."
Scoring a GREAT ticket is always a VICTORY!. Next up... Josh Groban, Barbara Streisand, Rod Stewart, Steven Tyler, Meghan Trainor and more
Jeff Beck talks Rod Stewart reunion attempts, seeing Jimi Hendrix and topical new album
Jeff Beck talks new album, Rod Stewart and Jimi Hendrix
Jeff Beck on Rod Stewart reunion attempts, Jimi Hendrix and topical new album
Jeff Beck reflects on seeing Jimi Hendrix live, Rod Stewart reunion attempts and more
Now, for the best Rod Stewart, morning - with Jeff Beck in 1968 :
Jonathan Davies morphing into Rod Stewart? Penny Lancaster be warned!
Rod Stewart. The first cut is the deepest.
Rod Stewart opens up about his 8 children and wife Penny Lancaster via
Rod Stewart keeps the romance alive with leggy wife Penny Lancaster
I think it's wrong that so many people get their news from Jon Stewart. I get mine from Rod Stewart. Breaking news: I think I'm sexy.
Charlie Steiner just said we're all going to see Brock Stewart and in my head I heard Rod Stewart and got very excited.
Just found out Maggie May is about Rod Stewart having sex with a 30-year-old woman when he was in high school. God *** man,
Rod Stewart ~ 'Maggie May' from the album Storyteller - The Complete Anthology (Disc 2) [1989]
Rod Stewart sang his wee heart out in Carlisle tonight along with Maggie May and Baby Jane.
Devin Toner looks like one of Rod Stewart's girlfriends.
Started this year moaning that I haven't been to a concert in ages. Busted - May. Molotov Jukebox - July. Rod Stewart -Nov. Simply Red - Nov 😄
Today in 1968: Rod Stewart opens with Jeff Beck Group at New York's Fillmore East.
Rod Stewart pipe down with the fireworks please lad X
Happy 30th birthday to Robert Plant and Rod Stewart.
Adele snaps up mansion in Beverly Hills near Rod Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence
Me: Why do middle aged women find Rod Stewart attractive?. Matthew: Because he looks like them
Brian Blessed should have got a Knighthood, not that smarmy scot Rod Stewart! When wil we hear: ''arise Sir Brian'?
Better than Brian Blessed but not as good as Rod Stewart (yet). My entire system of values is now confused! 'gratz dude :D
Don't get me wrong, I *love* Rod Stewart and well done to him on the Knighthood but how come Brian Blessed only gets an OBE?
Rod Stewart knighted for services to blonds?
Rod Stewart a knighthood. Brian Blessed not. How did that happen?
Rod Stewart gets a knighthood, while Brian Blessed only gets an OBE! Knighthood for Brian I say.
Brian Blessed gets one - though he should have got a Knighthood over Rod Stewart
⚡️ “Ant & Dec, Rod Stewart and Brian Blessed honoured by the Queen”. congratulations entertainment .
Not a big honours fan but well done Rod Stewart. Jeff Beck Group, Faces, then solo, brilliant Aldermaston marcher in his teens too.
Rod Stewart gets a knighthood but Brian Blessed 'only' gets an OBE? This does not align with my worldview at all.
Just got In the mixer on my Todd at Rod Stewart
Mix - Rod Stewart via Arise Sir Rod congratulations and thank you first saw you with the Jeff Beck Group
Rod Stewart joins Brian Blessed and spaceman Tim Peake on birthday honours list:
I'm sure Rod Stewart's a great bloke but his music has me scratching my head! Young Turks anyone?
Ant and Dec, Shearer, Rod Stewart, Brian Blessed and Janet Street-Porter. If ever there was an honours list that represents England...
Jeff Beck also plays lead guitar on "Infatuation" by Rod Stewart. Stewart did vocals for Jeff Beck Group in late '60's.
Groovy track from the 60s - I Ain't Superstitious by Jeff Beck - Jeff Beck And Rod Stewart - Rod Stewart.
Lucky the Man Wizz Jones Is Regularly Cited as an Early Influence by the Likes of Rod Stewart, Eric
Steve Wright needs to pace himself. He's just told Rod Stewart that he's his tonight, and just ordered Olivia Newton John to get physical.
this dude sits in a lawn chair on Sunday's and pounds beers singing Phil Collins or Rod Stewart. He's a boss.
If you haven't watched the videos of Tina Turner and *** Jagger/David Bowie/Rod Stewart perform live together you're REALLY missing out.
Thanks 4 sharing the Rod Stewart tunes on PeriSKope! Eric's stunning on guitar! See you later, see you soon!
I'm in the Mood For Love - Rod Stewart on Martini Lounge Radio - Listen
Rod Stewart's live performance at the Royal Albert Hall is majestic. Only one song performance I don't like - the rest are magisterial!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Maggie May by Rod Stewart is in The Plough Bar & Grill. Download it now at
Long John Baldry fans? This features a duet with a very young Rod Stewart and a just as young "Reg Dwight" on piano.
today I saw the news that Rod Stewart's son signed on to the ice hockey team in the city where I'm from, Coventry
A$AP Rocky - Rod Stewart - Miguel - Mark Ronson Everyday On Air now at www.
.is performing Led Zeppelin II on 6/1 w/ playing Rod Stewart. Don't miss it! 🚂🎸
Rod Stewart is compulsory. Once spotted a car boot without a copy of Atlantic Crossing and h…
Rod Stewart ~ The First Cut Is the Deepest-what a vocalist ,look past the era (Britt Ekland)
To mark the end of SATS, Ooh La La, Rod Stewart. 'I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger'.
I don't wanna talk about it . Rod Stewart & Amy Bell
If I were a Carpenter by Tim Hardin, who also wrote "Reason to Believe," most notably covered by Rod Stewart. 🙋
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