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Rocky Lynch

R5 is an American pop rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2009, the band consists of: Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch, and Ellington Ratliff.

Riker Lynch Ellington Ratliff Ross Lynch Rydel Lynch Ryland Lynch Disney Channel Ross Shor Lynch Los Angeles Julianne Hough Riker Anthony Lynch Harry Styles Laura Marano

I added a video to a playlist Mexican Candy Challenge with ROCKY | Rydel Lynch
I'm studying right now but I need stop just to watch new video... WITH ROCKY LYNCH
I liked a video Mexican Candy Challenge with ROCKY | Rydel Lynch
Rocky Lynch . not new to fake life/roleplay. seeking friends. ships with chem. RT/like for ya boy!
Rocky Mark Lynch is gorgeous and I love him.
Irish wrestler Becky Lynch reminds me of the WWE women's version of Italian boxer Rocky Balboa.
My buget fire type of choice had been already sniped. Decided to go with Rocky the Combusken! Simise…
Hello hey hi how your day going? Mines great. Did you see the eclipse? Cool. I love rocky mark lynch with my entire heart okay goodnight all
Rocky lynch could do me sooo dirty and I would still be so far up his ***
Lynch Mob in Dunedin for "the Rock" was a joy to behold. The Hospital made people sick. GO ROCKY I love your running style.
Can't complain when rocky lynch is within 5 feet of you 👐
Rocky Mount QB J. Lynch with a deep pass to WR D. Battle. Ball placed at the 50 yard line. 1st down for the Gryphons.
1st and 10:. Gryphons QB J. Lynch completes the deep pass. Play goes 80 yards for a touchdown. Rocky Mount misses the extra point...
Rocky Mount QB J. Lynch completes the pass, Gryphons have 1st and 10 on Mustangs 47 yard line.
Ross: let's put my face as the album cover. Rocky: the "R5 featuring Ross Lynch" era returns
Drew Lynch is in philly currently at the rocky stairs I wanna cry😭😭😭
Rocky always producing. he's making your next favorite songs right now.
Hey Rocky! what was the craziest question that a fan ever did for you?.
Rocky,How is Rydel Lynch is doing and Riker Lynch also.
Rocky,Tell know his middle name is,It Ross Shor Lynch.
Rocky,I know middle name is,it's is Ross Shor Lynch.
R5,I like to meet during your tour and Rocky Lynch and Riker Lynch?
Rocky Lynch said that is on tour bus with him.
Rocky Lynch and (Ross Lynch is on tour bus btw.Rocky Lynch is a awesome guy and nice to me.
You know who Rocky Lynch is right btw.
Also I love rocky lynch more than anyone and he deserves everything ok that's all again
Marshawn Lynch out here training like he in a *** Rocky movie bruh
Horrific. Lynch Map of India by pseudo-secular gang did not even mention brutal lynching of cop Mohd. Ayub Pand…
Literally just watched rocky lynch get hooked up with a girl outside and give her his # *** right I'm shook
.& are telling us everything about being producers on EP
I think Trump should start his own special investigation of Obama, Cli…
I just watched a 5 minute clip of Ross Lynch giving his brother Rocky a tattoo that says "Thot's Life"... my summer so far
Do you ever cry over Rocky Lynch bc same
Ross Lynch, Rocky Lynch and Ellington Ratliff stopped by the B96...
can you believe I get to see THE rocky lynch in person??
I added a video to a playlist Ross Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch
Riker Lynch and Rocky Lynch dancing sexy back love you Riker Lynch and you are so sexy and hot
Warning ahead: super hot pics of with his cycle this way: (cc
R5 Take Over The Culinary Stage at BottleRock Napa 2016 . Riker Lynch, Ellington Ratliff and Rocky Lynch get their…
it really *** that Madi fights for me, but like no one fights for you and I'm like I wanna fight someone too.
hey, husband. Do you have a girlfriend because like if you do then why doesn't she fight me for you?
AFL player punches opponent during full-time hand shake
GUYYSS killed it with this article about and friendship! Check it out
If you're having a bad day, remember that rocky lynch's family named their X-box after his ex 😂😂
Riker and Rocky Lynch talking about R5 and Dancing With The Stars via
"Ross Lynch is my husband, and Rocky Lynch, ohhh and Riker to!" Now it's like " yes Lil sis, Ross and I will be married in👇
Did you find a place to live yet and did you get a new car.
they came back today and it was riker rocky and people said there mom and there uncle plus Ellington said that
When it comes to Pluto, classification is tricky, but it’s unquestioningly a rocky body. Watch 'Pluto in a Minute.'.
Ryland Lynch & Rocky Lynch lockscreen. Rt, quote, or fav and I will DM it to you (must be following)
What are the snapchat usernames for... Courtney Eaton. Rocky Lynch. Ratliff/ Ellington. Laura Marano. Stormie Lynch. Mark Lynch
Hung out at Sentosa with Jerome (Jerry) today! Oh man oh man, he looks like Rocky Lynch. 😍
.on Maybe...just maybe... See what he said here:
Necesito un Rocky perfecto.. I vote for
Just in case you needed them: Here are 5 reasons you should be crushing on -
I really, really, really, really love Justin Bieber and Harry Styles. It's fine. Also Tom Felton and of course Riker and Rocky Lynch.
Guys if I drop dead at this Orlando meet and greet blame the soccer moms groupchat, Nadia, Harley, Taylor, Bree and Rocky lynch
new addition to the lynch family, rocky jr. RJ
Is it me or are the Lynch boys getting more gorgeous everyday? I mean, *** Ross is gorgeous! And Ellington. And Rocky. Wth!?!
Remember that time when I stood right in front of rocky lynch for almost 2 hours :) :)
oh look it's I, rocky lynch's boyfriend
Hi RockyR5!What's Up!Rocky Lynch,What is the password by the way?RockyR5,When is your birthday.
😍 LOVE these exclusive cover stories with 😍
You've NEVER seen or like this before!
Rocky Lynch is not allowed to be so hot what did I do to deserve to live in the same century as him
remember when Rocky Lynch was literally everything
//. I'm gonna miss you so much. I love you, stay safe!! xx
Happy Birthday to the most amazing, beautiful, and perfect person in the world. Happy Birthday Rocky Lynch
it is 2000x more appealing than it would be in a shop because it's previous owner was Rocky Lynch
I love this guys looks so HOT is the first time at say publicly, love
I liked a video from Happy 21st Birthday Rocky Lynch
I liked a video DWTS All Access- Riker Lynch with Rocky and Ryland (R5)
if you agree that Rocky's voice in Doctor Doctor is the best part of the song
ICUMI: QB Matt Lynch Is a Rocky Mountain Dual-Threat. Get to know this commit.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY let's celebrate the swaggiest member of with our favorite gifs:.
can you do like this ones but with this names? . Rocky Lynch . Ellington Ratliff . Riker Lynch . Ross Lynch . Tyler Blackburn
Events / Entertainment: A conversation with Rocky Lynch of pop sensation R5 ahead of Freedom Hill
omfg no lynch as in the surname, Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch & Rydel Lynch... from R5
|| Some should use Ross , Rydel , or Rocky Lynch as their FC just saying
I'm in love with Rocky Lynch idk he's so hot and cute
"If you order now, Ryland comes with it!" One of my favorite Rocky Lynch moments! He is too funny!!…
Riker and Rocky Lynch talking about R5 and Dwts:
I love Ross Lynch and Riker Lynch and Rocky Lynch song Rydel and Ratliff
for Rocky Mark Lynch because he is hot af
Dedication to the Rocky . I love you 😍 stormielynchr5 officialr5
Tom Rockliff marks and goals. Alastair Lynch reckons with additions of Beams, Christensen etc Rocky will spend more time forward. Concerned?
Best photobomber of the week is Hands down.
Normal people recording in the studio vs. Rocky Lynch. I vote for - R5
lol the only people I know are Melissa the lynch clan minus rocky and Hayden
Tbh if it says ft/with anyone it should say with rocky lynch cuz that would attract some people omg
Rocky Lynch 's turn to have a coffee bath! Yes, He is dreaming about Mac N cheese. Because well, Its rocky! ;D
“do you think Laura will ever come back?”BACK LALA
I just had a Thot?? What happends if Rocky Lynch gets marryd I will have to died I guess ? 😭Cuz I love him?
if you do that Patrick and me will throw pineapples at you
NFL will fine New England 25 K but Marshawn Lynch would've got ejected for gold cleats? Smh.
I'm sorry. Will you at least let me go to sleep though?
but think about it. Maybe we just all need to take a break. Including you. I'm just saying
maybe that's what we all need, though. Just for about a week or so
I don't know Ryland was on yesterday
well... That explains why he's gone. What about everyone else?
I don't understand. Where has everyone been?
-pulls a bowl of Mac and cheese out from behind my back- see??
I magical powers that I can make food appear!!!
she will. Now cheer up and help spam
do you think Laura will ever come back?
I told you I'll always be picking you
When I found a way, I found a waay.
Time to change my bio bc ain't no Rocky Lynch under my Christmas tree
Happy birthday! Rocky Lynch, Paige Hyland, Tim Cook, and Jenny McCarthy share a bday with you!
We're going to support Every purchase of our Rocky Road donates to
I just realized Cass's last name is Lynch now.
-and kiss you with all the passion I've got.]
[The preacher says: 'I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride' and I pick you up-
-now I get to spend forever with you, and I'm so excited. I love you so much, forever and always.
-couldn't agree more with it. You are my one and only, I'm so happy I got the chance to love you, and-
-stood out to me like no other girl has before, my heart instantly told me 'she's the one.' And I -
[Smiles and starts to read mine.] Cassidy, from the moment I saw you, I knew you were different. You-
*messes up a few times due to my crying but finishes my vows* i love you Rocky . Forever and always
[Smiles as I listen to your words and kinda starts to tear up.]
[Smiles even more as he tells us to read our vows, he tells you to go first.]
[Takes your ring and puts it on your ring finger.] With this ring, I thee wed.
Believe it. It's happening man. I know what you're going through. I've been there done that.
[He talks to me first and after he's done I respond with 'I Do'.]
[Mouths 'I love you' before the preacher starts to talk.]
I would pay a thousand bucks to see that.
At least he isn't nervous enough to *** his pants
Wow, Rocky. {Chuckles and ties your tie.} C'mon, bro. Don't get too nervous now.
[Smiles wide and takes your hands in mine.]
[Watches you come and smiles to myself and whispers.] My god..
*Laughs* You love me. *Wraps the tie around your neck and ties it* there. Younger bro saves the day.
I don't think I can be serious in times like this
*Chuckles* I may of lived with you for 18 years but it's not quite long enough to murder you. *Takes the tie*
[is out at the alter with Dalton right behind me.]
dont be. Now lets go. Whose escorting you down the aisle ?
Yep! In the words of SpongeBob, I'm ready!
Okay, worry about tie later.. Are you ready, Dalton?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
[Is trying to put my tie on correctly.]
Just let her her ready. Shut up and help me with this tie.
Don't fight, an Dalton and I are in a different room anyway!
please be on an episode of Austin & Ally Rydel, Riker, Rocky Lynch and Ellington Ratliff appear?
“Waiting for rocky to show up in my notifs like lol omg
Loud R5 & Ross Lynch crowdsurfing- 18/06/14. 7:59 to see Rocky giving me his pic & 8:20ish for Ross' "crowdsurf"
Someone in this world has a Laura Marano and rocky lynch picture together. Can that dear someone please post it
ATTENTION! I just talked with the actual Rocky, the homedog, Lynch, lead guitarist and semi-good looking grandson of mine…
Alright, I know y'all see this 2.5 million times a day, but it would mean a lot if you RT'd this for me. :) Thanks Loves!
"You know Dad is a real G when he can wear these and look cool." - Rocky Lynch
Why? Why Rocky Lynch has to be so sexy!? I'm kidding, we all know that he was born as well 😏
well I think he's a WEIRDO, SHOWOFF (which counts with his brothers also), and an *** at love!
wait Omg does that mean if I asked you to make me a Rocky Lynch edit you would??
„Cody Simpson vs Ross Lynch: Best Style?? - Fashio…“: i vote for because of his ROCKY style!
"hi I'm madison lynch and I'm gonna sing a song for ya"
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Ellington Ratliff and Rocky Lynch apparently think the same 😂😂😂👌
Name any 3 things that make you smile? — Rocky Lynch, Rocky Lynch's smile, and Rocky Lynch's everything.
Marshawn Lynch came to the awards as Pusha T
Marshawn lynch dont care about the espys
I have this thing for a man named rocky lynch and his brothers
Wow.. It seems like only the R5, Austin & Ally, Ross Lynch, and Laura Marano fans are the only fandoms who are 100% determine…
Jordyn: Rocky Lynch. Siri: Here is what I found on the web for "Rocky Branch". TF SIRI TF
Watch and and hear new snippets from the upcoming single -
Photo: reydel: rocky lynch of r5 performs at the best buy theatre in new york (june 10, 2014)
I think this turned out pretty good 💑
oh girl and then i met you, opened my eyes to something new!xx-Rocky Lynch xx
Rocky Lynch and Riker Lynch in the Wedding Band [HD]. . I don't even want to know.
"Ask her about Rydellington" Rocky Mark Lynch, Captain of the Rydellington ship!.
Rocky Mark Lynch be slaying that ship since Ell joined R5... :)
I want to marry Rocky Lynch, Ansel Elgort or Keathon Stromberg. Ain't no okay with any other option
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Riker,Rydel,Ross,Rocky Lynch and Ellington Ratliff,I love you guys with my heart!You guys will always be my role models!!!
I didn't really like the One Last Dance video I bet if it was directed, produced, written, and staring Rocky Lynch it would've been better
I'll never meet Ross Lynch. I'll never meet Riker Lynch. I'll never meet Rocky Lynch.
Ross Lynch look so much like a blonde Harry Styles omfg i just o IM CRINDnkok
Laura Marano and Ross Lynch. he looks like he's sucking out her soul
"Laura Marano and Ross Lynch. why does ross look like the vampire dad from twilight
Photo: Rocky playing the violin Rocky Lynch ❤ liked on Polyvore
This is why Ive been gone forever Forever ~ A Rocky Lynch Fan-Fic
stranger: I twerk better than Rocky Lynch. me:
I miss talking to you even if it was only a 5 reply conversation.
Just got off the phone with my boy Rocky at Apple ITunes Support. The guy's the absolute man fixing my problem in a minute, huge shout out
I wish the rocky lynch army was still open they had good ones for cheap
Rocky & Ellington with a fan in Puerto Rico. Credit to Kris_Dance30 on Instagram
Rocky with a fan in Puerto Rico. Credit to
Argh PSLE is coming jelly of you guys who don't have it. ~Rach {...
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I can't choose either Ross, Rocky or Rikey Lynch because they're all my type of boys can they not
Why does Rocky Lynch exist if I can't have one
if u AINT talking rocky lynch i don't wanna talk
"250 pound chicken is a lot of food. A lot of food bro!" . The wise words of Rocky Lynch😂
Who is your celebrity crushes? — Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch, Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch (>>>>) I'm gonna go so out he...
this is what it looks like today. rikerR5, Rocky Lynch, Ryland Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Ellington Ratliff, Ross ...
his first video that emotion r5 watch it all day that's my planRoss Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ryland Lynch, Rydel...
Rocky Lynch kills harmonies and that is my favorite thing okay
who's cutest A. Ross Lynch B. Riker Lynch C. Rocky Lynch D. Ryland Lynch E. Ellington Ratliff chose who is the cutest if none don't comment :P
hey rocky can u talk to your brother Ross Lynch about me because whenever I asked him something he would not reply back ?
I'll spend the whole sunday seeing lots of videos of Rocky Lynch, I'm in love with him… hope one day he notice me
Can we talk about rocky lynch in a tank top for a second because ***
I still don't understand how I have two guitar picks from rocky lynch 🙈🙊
Photoset: get to know me meme: [2/10] current celebrity crushes: Rocky Lynch
I never know what to feel on this account. Ugh.
You got his heart and my heart and none of the pain..
Bish, Maia is in the town. So, you are basic. Bye. 😚
“That’s the thing about pain,” Augustus said, and then glanced back at me. “It demands to be felt.”
It's not like I tell everyone your middle name.
I don't like it when people know my middle name.
// I actually filled two whole walls with R5 posters.
That's a very nice of you but forget my middle name. Now.
well my siblings are Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch, and Ryland Lynch. Rydel, Rocky, Riker, and I are in a band(c)
I ate mac and cheese today am I Rocky Lynch yet
Ross Lynch, rikerR5, Ellington Ratliff, Rydel Lynch, Ryland Lynch, and Rocky Lynch I am sending this for u ...
"I don’t even think paparazzi know who I am" - Rocky Lynch (via nora-isr)
Ross Lynch and Rocky Lynch jammin on the piano.: via
Who are your heroes? — 6 awesome people.Named.Rydel Lynch ,Ross Lynch,Rocky Lynch,Riker Lynch,Ellington Ratliff,...
R5 is an American pop rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2009, the band consists of: Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch, and Ellington Ratliff. In March 2010, they self-released an EP, Ready Set Rock. R5's debut EP Loud was released on February 19, 2013, which featured the lead single and title track "Loud". The band's first full-length album, Louder, was released on September 24, 2013 and the album not only includes the four songs from Loud but also seven new songs. The lead single from Louder, "Pass Me By", was released on iTunes on August 20, 2013. The music video premiered on August 29, 2013 on the band's Vevo channel.
"Ross Lynch & Laura Marano hugging Backstage at the & there's rocky looking at them
I can't remember to forget you by Shakira is my life ok bye
//Called it. Oh and tell Dream that Dalexis ain't real because you're mine.
// I saw another trailer for TFIOS today. I was bawling by the first 20 seconds oops
I swear. Lisette and I RP really well together. Don't judge me
I have a back problem, it hurts to breathe, and my knee popped
You aren't gonna die. Tell your parents
Ughh. If I still have pains tomorrow I'm gonna die
Rocky kissing you in the morning to wake you up
the minute Rocky takes you back home he already has you pinned down to the bed in seconds and begins taking o…
“Rocky Lynch or Judd Nelson? The world may never know omfg he does look like Judd Nelson
It's okay if you still have this decision in mind... I was about to take a break...
"...And that was one of those moments, I just got lost in the music" - Rocky Lynch
Ok so Rydel Mary Lynch Riker Anthony Lynchboy Rocky Lynch does any of you have rats acc ? Leave it down there please thanks love you
When we go to Slovenia-Jesenice With : RydelBoo Lynch Priv Rocky Mark Lynch-Priv Riker Anthony Lynch and Rocky Lynch Ellington Lee Ratliff
that's right...kinda crazy but we made it yeaa!! with Laura Marano, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Riker Lynch and me ;)
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Riker Lynch is just Riker . Ross Lynch is just Ross . Rydel Lynch is just Rydel . Rocky Lynch is just Rocky . Ellington Ratliff is just Ell
Ross and his Uncle Shor were born on the same day, which is why his middle name is Shor. Ross believes guitar is the center of R5's music. Ross says he loves how when the guitar is playing then the bass jumps in and he loves how the bass sounds. PopStar's exclusive 2013, "Ross always dreamed of starting his own band and rocking out with his music". He is in a band called R5, with his siblings and close friend. His family tree in order: Mark Lynch, Stormie Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch (himself), and Ryland Lynch. His favorite A&A songs are Illusion, Na, Na, Na (The Summer Song), Double Take, Not a Love Song and A Billion Hits, revealed in one of Disney's "5 Faves". Ross said when he was younger, he and his family would go down to the basement and dance on a checker board and have fun. RoslynRoss Taking a Fun Pic with Pixie! He had never been to Disney World until 2012. According to sources, his favorite animal is a Siberian Tiger. He really wants to go to Africa and the UK. He i ...
We need a Jeff (Riker Lynch) and a James (Rocky Lynch) in my RPG so we can have all of R5. COME JOIN PLEASE!
I got Rocky Lynch on "Which R5 Boy and Ryland is Your Match? *With Story*"
Watch a clip from the 2013 Teen Choice Awards that aired on FOX on August 11th featuring a quick interview with R5 from JWOWW as well as Rocky Lynch ...
Thanks for not mentioning your wife. 😭😭
correct xD I need your address cause something is covering it xD text me it
Rocky Lynch and some New York weatherman, pretty impressive I think
I have a rydel, rocky, r5, and lynch boys one too oops
“wonderful. You two make such a lovely couple” I hate her.
wonderful. You two make such a lovely couple
If you want mom to yell at you, be my guest.
I'm going to shove my face in liquor.
I'm going to shove your face on the cake bc. Yay.
I is but better known as Justin Bieber. -Justin :p
“You're high. I am not high, I'm not old enough for that yet.
I don't know what I'm ever going to do with you
Imagine hanging out with the Lynch boys and Ross putting his arm around you to make Rocky and Riker jealous
Ross Shor Lynch (born December 29, 1995) is an American teen actor, singer and instrumentalist. He is best known for portraying Austin Moon on the Disney Channel television series Austin & Ally.[2] In July 2013, he starred as Brady in the Disney Channel Movie Teen Beach Movie. Ross also performs in his band named R5 with his brothers Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, sister Rydel Lynch and the family's best friend, Ellington Ratliff. Contents 1 Early life 2 Career 2.1 With R5 3 Filmography 4 Discography 4.1 Soundtrack albums 4.2 Singles 4.3 Promotional singles 4.4 Other charted songs 4.5 Other appearances 4.6 Music Videos 5 Awards 6 References 7 External links Early life Ross Lynch was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado, the second youngest of five siblings (Riker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch and youngest Ryland Lynch). He was educated at home from the fourth grade. He learned to play guitar and piano and to sing. He is also the cousin of Derek and Julianne Hough.[2][3][4] Lynch and his family moved to Los ...
Riker Anthony Lynch (born Nov 8, 1991) is an American television actor, singer, songwriter, musician and composer. He is one of the founding members of the band, "R5", formed with his siblings, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch and Ross Lynch (and drummer Ellington Ratliff). He is best-known for his recurring role as "Jeff", one of the members of the singing group, "The Warblers", on the television show, Glee (2009).
I need Maya Carpio! My bff who acts like a sister to me. But of course Kyrelle is also important to me! :P BUT I'S TALKING ABOUT MAYA! please come on fb! -_- I love Ross, Riker, and Rocky Lynch! :P this status is just random so... yah.
ADIVINA LA CANCION!!! : LA PRIMERA QUE ADIVINE CORRECTAMENTE SE GANA UNA EDICION DE ROCKY LYNCH ^^ Looking for the one tonight But I can’t see you ‘Cause I’m blinded by all the lights, oh And I can never get it right I need a breakthrough Why are you so hard to find? Oh I’ve been searching every city Never giving up Did not find my angel Diamond in the rough Looking for a signal Baby, turn it up tonight
There's Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch, Ellington Ratliff, Rydel Lynch and Ross Lynch :) (there's even a Little brother but isn't there)
Everything I want for Christmas is either from R5rocks or rocky lynch army. Lol. And many phone cases!
Ughh if i was older would buy 10 of those "Rocky Lynch Twerk Team" sweatpants. But no i dont have any money 😭
Bam, there you have it, and that's what happened
Riker won't make food, me and Delly love each other, and Ross ran away
I'm sorry but I just felt like sneaking into the conversation xD
I had a make out session with Rocky in his bathtub because he asked me to. Please
I blackmailed rocky lynch because I love him x
Me llamo Justin. xD I think you knew that
I want Rocky Lynch to have my babies. oops
I love Rocky Lynch and is a great friend I guess
Rocky and Stormie Lynch and Ellington Ratliff and Andre in Japan
Ok I have 5 requirements in my life! Rocky Lynch, Jordan Witzigruter, Danny Edge, and Harry Styles are mine boos and Paul is ma bestie Kay??
Hey I have to say Riker Lynch, Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ratilff, Ryland Lynch, and the parents are the best!
R5 is on my tv!!! rikerR5, Ellington Ratliff, Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch
Ross you were the guest on Clevver TV and your brother Riker Lynch and Rocky Lynch to!
Hi Ross!I heard that you will on Clevver TV, includes your brother Riker Lynch and Rocky Lynch to!
I need pictures of Rocky Lynch asap
Everything he tried he was pretty dang good at - Riker Lynch. And something's we would be like "wow dude" - Rocky Lynch
Can we talk about how Kayla gave this to me because Rocky Lynch is perfect?
or Favorite if you love Rocky Lynch
I worship a stuffed monkey because it reminds me of rocky lynch -nikki
if you're the real Rocky Lynch this ;)
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Go check it out. It could possibly make you laugh.
I was just searching Rocky Lynch online and the news just said watch out for all Celeb news mostly Lily Collins because of site criminals
hi!! rocky i love you song Loud and i love you, you is perfect :) i love rocky lynch
Name the boys that you would kiss. — Riker Lynch, rocky lynch, Ross Lynch, Ellington Ratliff, Harry Styles, Nial...
rocky lynch, Riker Lynch, and Ellington Ratliff. For the girls: Rydel Lynch
individual pull outs of Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch and Ellington Ratliff and Calum Worthy
just gonna throw in a random Rocky Lynch here
Which celebrity would you like to meet? — Rocky Lynch (who I get to meet in like, a month... EP), Logan Lerm...
Ross and Rocky Lynch or strippers 99% of you will get this wrong
minihoodr5 asked: O my gosh i LOVE that drawing of Rocky Lynch! Ethan is so awesome :D
The R5er below is twerking with Rocky Lynch behind zayn
I just looked at Instagram and Rocky Lynch posted a pic of a giant spider. Ew
is that from the. Rocky lynch being adorable
Scanned version of my Rocky Lynch shirtless drawing for I was meant to post this the…
I kissed Rocky Lynch because he promised me candy.
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OMFG ROCKY LYNCH ANSWERED MY ASK FM QUESTION IM SCREAMING if this is a fake account don't spoil it for me
oh ur lucky wht did it taste like Rocky Lynch lol i wish
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