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Rocky Long

Rocky Long (born January 27, 1950) is the head coach of the San Diego State Aztecs college football team, and was promoted on January 12, 2011 from defensive coordinator to replace Brady Hoke.

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After choosing to wander in a long rocky road, here I am again facing crossroads.
I've been tryna find out what song was stuck in my head for so long and it turned out to be the rocky soundtrack
Butch isn't gonna be long for Rocky Top if he starts losing to Vandy. Luckily they already won the "life championship".
Now advancing the theory that Rocky Long officially retired in Wyoming 30-secs before the failed 2-pt conversion.
Traveling back to Rocky Hill after a long weekend? Make the ride go smoother with some downloadable books. Safe...
.let's sing rocky top all night long, Lane
As long as the new is charging the real protectors might as well brace for a rocky governance
Do you still wanna sing Rocky Top all night long?
All you need to know about UNM: Bliss, Alford and Neal with two *** clown football coaches and they fired Rocky Long
Coach Rocky Long probably: The Mountain Division has no mystique
Every time Rocky and I say goodbye for another long period of time a little part of me breaks.
Leach or Harsin in Eugene us as bad as RichRod or Rocky Long at UO. 😬
Tonight was the first time Rocky Long has ever had 60+ hung on him as HC/DC. (Colorado State put up 63). Only allowed 50+ pts 10 times ever.
My story on long and often rocky relationship with
Qualcomm? There is no mystique. Rocky Long probably
I never thought I would see a Rocky Long team quit, but the quit today. Has there ever been a worse senior day?
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and approximately how may years Rocky Long as aged in ONE night. He's like a 147 years old now.
That DC is Rocky defensive slouch.looks like CSU has some "Jimmy and Joes".to go with an open O scheme. h…
still singing Rocky Top all night long
The opening credits to the rocky horror picture SO is so long
Rocky Long sends out the offense on 4th-and-4, and the Rams force an errant throw by Chapman. CSU takes over at the 42 yd line.
Y'all thought I was kidding about Rocky Long being bad at coaching. HE'S A LIVING MUMMY, PEOPLE.
I have a feeling this is gonna be one of those games where Rocky Long doesn't let any of his players talk w media.
And with that score, I'm now changing the channel... I'm still a Rocky Long fan, but his defensive play-calling has been terrible...
Another long, painful road trip back to Rocky Top.
. Me. . Troy Calhoun. Probably Craig Bohl. Bobo the Coach. *almost everybody else*. Rocky Long *** so he's last
She had been alone for so long on that rocky shoreline.
I've waited a long time for this. Sko Buffs.
Kinda wanna see Rocky Long from SDSU or a long shot like Urban Myer from OSU...
For the first 5 minutes, Brad Nessler called SDSU coach Rocky Long by the name "Rodney Long". Because he's so professional...
football fans r u ready for the big game vs ?. Rocky Long is. Hear what he has to say on .
Rocky Long is always my favorite interview of MW Media days. He doesn't hold back...Followed by Bob Davie and Brian Polian.
Anyway, Happy birthday to my long-lost brotha Rocky! Have a blast year ahead and lets make masterpiece(s) man 👬
College Football Playoff needs to grow: Sez Me … Rocky Long likes the college football playoffs. What's not to...
Congratulations to Rocky Long and the Aztecs football team on winning the mountain west title against Air Force 27-24
Including bonus for Mountain West COY award, San Diego State coach Rocky Long is up to $175,000 in bonuses so far
Meanwhile, Rocky Long has coached 113 Mountain West games and just won his first outright MWC championship.
Rocky Long and Troy Calhoun shaking hands earlier today as they pose for a pic ahead of the MW title game
Air Force coach Troy Calhoun and San Diego State coach Rocky Long chat before MW title game media day in San Diego. htt…
Rocky Long is playing opossum by saying how great AFA's offense is and X's & O's can not stop the option
Congratulations to San Diego State's Rocky Long for being voted the Mountain West Conference's Coach of the Year!!
Italian Stallion’s devotees have not seen in a long time, perhaps since the original Rocky...a terrific boxing movie
As long as she stays away from ASAP Rocky we good😊
CREED made me feel all the things people say ROCKY made them feel back then. I went long, but way too short, on it
Growth & patience will take you a long way in life.
So stoked that the Creed movie is getting glowing reviews! Long live Rocky!
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BBC News - Britain and the EU: A long and rocky relationship
I love ASAP Rocky long time, but I'd never pay to see him perform. *shrugs*
Who else has been practicing their dance moves for Friday?
I'm a big fan of Rocky III. As long as 5 and 6 are at the bottom you're good
How long have been talking diversification & is the implementation satisfactory?
was president of the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee for a long time from 1981 to 2003.
who held a few essential portfolios amid his decades-long vocation, initially challenged the city decisions in Mumbai in 1975.
I could do long distance dating but you have to be a certain amount of hours away if you like 5 hours away we good I'l…
pet peeve - Waiting for long periods of time. We have a low quantity of patience, and will sooner or later becom…
After so long there's a continuation for rocky.
They could make Rocky movies for the next 50 years and I will watch as long as he isn't in any of them:
How long before universities ban Rocky Horror on grounds of "transphobia"?
I think RB goes long way to redeem. The bit early on where he breaks down over Rocky revisiting old Adrian-places...
Hey everyone. It's probably been too long since you've thought about the weird robot in Rocky IV. You're welcome.
Wasn't that long ago that the were singing a little Rocky Top after win No. 7! 🍊
Rocky the type of boyfriend to keep your name in his phone "My Heart" even long after you've broken up
Aztecs HC Rocky Long on big win over UNLV, clinching spot in MW title game & what he makes of motivational speeches
ICYMI:football will be playing for MW Championship. Hear from Rocky Long & players after 52-14 win at UNLV
I pinned a dorito to the wall and I'm gonna see how long it takes my dad to notice
Asap Rocky is way better than young thug stop comparison and he didn't wear a dress it was a long tshirt .
"Ma daam jaarak bekhair, inta bekhair " . You are safe as long as long neighbour is safe. 😎
He was wrong about Norv and Rocky Long ,where is the credibility
Don your best Rocky Horror costume and warm up those vocal chords!
Rocky 5 probably could have been really good if it was like 3 hours long.
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What was your favorite show? (We're partial to the Beatles tribute band!)
It doesn't matter if you have a million reasons why you will fail as long as you can find 1 reason you will succeed!
Been too long since we ragged on Rocky, the stupid statue and the kinda racist movies.
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this song never gets old Canal St. by A$AP Rocky, Bones from AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP ♫
Update your maps at Navteq
1905 An Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains by Major S.H. Long
I'm mad I slept on asap rocky's music this long😭
Can't wait to achieve my life long dream of seeing rocky horror live finally come true
We shutdown Derrick Henry, (wont be easy) and Ridley, we will be partying all night long on Rocky Top!
I'm not wild about this Twice song now, but I can tell it'll grow on me... the one with the short hair and the long brown hair are so pretty
Finally herded the cute lil' guy out an open door after an hour long hide n seek sesh. Rocky's alive and well.
Check out my new beat!. ASAP Rocky Kendrick Lamar Type Beat 2015 - "Long Night"
Rocky Carroll wearing the Imhotep by Banneker at launch party in LA Thanks to Pat Long for the…
don't forget your tissues when you hear Rocky Top playing all game long🍊
Called my uncle Rocky after too long. Had 2 start convo by ensuring everyone was alive & I dont need 2 borrow money just called 2 say hello!
Sure, but what are those limits? Not so long ago, the Milky Way galaxy was thought to be the whole universe. It *changes*.
Been too long since I'd seen Rocky Horror, and had never seen it as a play. Made for a great Saturday night in Salem, MA.
Gwenhwyfar Ћ Welsh Goddess~believed to have existed as long surf has pound rocky shores ✿
Her voice inside me. Guides me all day long. On what's Right. On what's wrong. Soft , yet very strong. She is my soul. …
Rocky Long says LB Jake Fely suffered stinger and should be OK for next week.
Everyday by A$AP Rocky from the album: At.Long.Last.A$AP
Long hair brune teen Lady Dee strips her blue bikini on rocky ground.
Penn State is "no longer trying to be a spread team," according to SDSU coach Rocky Long:
San Diego State coach Rocky Long in his Aztecs being predicted to win the MW West Division
San Diego State coach Rocky Long: "it's easier if you"re picked last," Aztecs picked first in West Division.
No. 66 San Diego State: Aztecs' defense will be there more often than not. It always has been under Rocky Long ---
So long as you have Rocky all will be well
One parent's heartbreaking battle with the system to do the very best for her autisic son
I took care of my skin for this long & it's all going to be thrown to waste this weekend in Rocky point, I'm gonna come back like this 👳😭😩
easier for me. They don't always like it but will thank me in the long run
So Rocky 7 is actually gonna be a thing? Don't know if I should be excited and freaking out or worried the series has gone on to long.
Sometimes ya just meet up with the most coolest chil people on that long rocky road!
The business model of software moved from licenses to services long ago. The OS is the last to go. Microsoft is carefully naviga…
Prepared for this long night I just wake up after 7
Why picking up balls takes so long 😂
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ASAP Rocky’s “Long.Live.ASAP” Album Goes Gold: New York rap collective ASAP Mob have had an immense amount of ...
"Long Live ASAP" by ASAP Rocky has to be one of the most lyrical tracks of hip hop in the 2010s.
How long should we run campaign for behaviour change? Rocky from suggested it'd be 1-5 years.
Yeah I saw. Ellsbury is hurt tho and God knows how long he'll be "hurt"
have liked Rocky Creek for a long time
Never stay for long, always gone again, up and down them steps just like rocky 🏃💨💨
I thought these entries from long time Player Rocky was funny... Who said Sequels weren't good?
I added a video to a playlist Asap Rocky - Long Live A$AP
there is going to be a dress and sing a long production of rocky horror near where I live on halloween. I'm so excited!
how long you guys gonna be at rocky point? I'll ask my motha.
I can probably get you a hug from your favorite wrestler - as long as it's not one of those uncomfortably long Rocky 3 type of hugs
I think it's just a different style. To me "Rocky Top" is just as cool, but it's faster and doesn't last as long.
I'm boutta text Rocky and ask him or ask somebody wassup wit my tee cus I ordered it mad long ago
The Apollo Creed entrance slash James Brown performance in Rocky IV goes on way too long.
As long as you don't leave crumbs. ☺
I'm a asap rocky fan ( lord flocko) but long live asap was just ok , it's kinda over hyped if you ask me
Good idea, as long as they lay enough eggs. Can say you've a diet as good as Rocky's, then.
Did ASAP Rocky call his mixtape "Live. Long. Asap" to guide people from search results of him performing live?
Hi, for the past week or so, its taking unusually long time to access bank login page, any issues? I am on a 2 Mbps line.
how long have they had that dubious "Rocky times, solid analysis" tag line. Hilarious.
The Citizen published TV: Dara and Ed's rocky road trip: Stopping for a refreshing drink after a long day driv...
I’ve been practicing yoga long enough to know it can be a rocky road
Omd! Just tried rocky road protein shake. Could drink it all day long! Just like a milkshake!!
PDs Merlin, Rocky and Leo about to be left by handlers in the long down
I'll be going crazy when A$AP Rocky finally drops his sophomore album, it's been too long
Screw rocky. Spongebob movie all night long!!!
A whole year, it's been a long and rocky road here. Hopefully first of many years to come. Thank you to all of you who helped me get here.
Aztecs football keeps up winning pace SDSU football under Rocky Long is better than hoops under Steve Fisher aft...
Rocky Long has more winning seasons in his 1st 3 years (3) than had in the 14 years before he took over as head…
Only two coaches had Baylor lower than No. 8 on their ballot. SD State's Rocky Long had the Bears at No. 10. A&M's Kevin Su…
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football RANT!!: Man all I hear is how bad of a hire USC made by hiring Steve Sarkisian. In my eyes a much better overall coach then Chris Peterson. So, I will say this as an Oregon Duck fan, I'm worried for a few reasons. First, Steve made a winless Washington team legit& become a 9 win team this year. And You know how hard it is to get guys to play football in Seattle. Who wants to play in the rainest city in America. Now his got a roster loaded with NFL talent... FUK! Second this is his DREAM JOB! He will put in that extra time and get the most out of a program that regularly gets NFL talent!! Best local example is Rocky Long @ UNM. Openly admitted UNM his dream job. The school needed to take the good years with the bad and realize, UNM at best a Las Vegas Bowl team cuz we went once... under Rocky Long, a long time ago when he let that girl kick a field goal, and what has that program done since... 3rd, his coaching style. I Guess his not beloved like Kiffin but what did Lane do? Believe it or not u ca ...
This sums up how I feel when Rick Barnes, Rocky Long, or any other coach or journo whines about BYU’s age advantage
Rocky Long asked what they needed to work on heading into Boise State game: he laughed and said, “probably everything”
Chris Webber can't believe that Rocky Long called that Timeout.
Polian: They are a tough, physical team and a reflection of their head coach in Rocky Long. I have a ton of respect for Coach Long.
Rocky Long continues to be a popular guest on radio row. Here is talking with KMJ Fresno.
Its official, after my long and rocky relationship with Wine, we have decided to break up.
We have a long way to go. Along the way, it might be rocky, hilly and might as well zig zags. All we…
Sit back guh, let me tell you my was a long rocky road to happiness
Ya know they always say if you live in a place long enough, you are that place. - Rocky Balboa
long time no see Justin was inspired by your documentary And I'm happy to see you doing well , stay blessed! -Rocky
After a long day of work all I need is my pup. # Cute
As long as u love ppl unconditionally and listen to God's calling, u will have a blissfully happy life, full of grace and true prosperity...
Where would you like to spend your holiday? — I don't care as long as I'm with Rocky
I haven't watched Rocky Horror in so long💔
That is a long drive to the Rocky Mountains.but I will keep my ears on for ya
Rocky. He just looks adorable with his long brown hair. Ross is at a tie with Rocky. Both of them.. just.. YES, please!
Can't believe it took me this long to watch Lawless. Im pretty sure I hated Guy Pearce's character more than I hated Tommy Gun in Rocky 5.
Listening to the long version of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Hokey-smokes Rocky! This is do groovy, man!
its hard to say good I'm not gonna say it..ima say Hello :-) and ima just think of it as asap rocky is going on tour
You turn people against each other. But the appointments are long term over due
well I guess I couldn't keep my secret for long rocky. :)
I need some love me long time from Shock daddy like asap rocky
Watching Long Island Medium because I miss my grandma
Last summer was my worst summer in a long time. This one has started out rocky as well, but I'm determined to make it the best summer ever.
►'I like the way you'd hold me every night for so long babyI like the way you'd sing to me every time things got rocky'
“Quote this and add your favourite song at the moment :)” Long Live A$AP - A$AP ROCKY
Literally don't know where I'd be without my long distance lover! 😉😘
Hi, Rocky Mama finished her big works at last, so we had a long drive to Mt. Fuji, but we couldn't see that because of cloud!
Am I the only one that think A$AP Rocky look like Chad Ochocino's long haired lil Brother?
My favorite song by ASAP rocky is long live ASAP. I love it so much
A$AP ROCKY - Long Live A$AP (Explicit): via Everyone went nuts when this came on, take me back to that day
"The road through life is long and rocky; take plenty of booze."
Heading up the mountain house with my puppy dog! Rocky loves long car rides!
Long Live A$AP by A$AP Rocky gives me chills, it's just that kind of song..
Just for the record,.. Its not about Cody.. All about C-OO-LEY,. Cooley High School!
Tuesday my baby graduated from high school. Chasity your grandmother Rocki and I are so proud of you. I know it hasn't been easy and it seemed like satan would win but you have a praying grandmother and mother and its no way we will let him have you. No matter the stumbling blocks this world put in your way you keep on keeping on. I promised GOD if HE would give you to me I would give you back to HIM and I did. Keep your head up and stay focused on your goals, keep GOD's word in your heart and lean not to your own understanding and HE will direct your path. You are a beautiful young woman inside and out and never let ANYONE tell you different or make you feel "less than". YOU are a child of the King and YOU are someone special. I love you princess. Momma
Anyone have an extra lightning connector (iPhone 5) charger I can have. Rocki chewed mine up and Walmart wants $25+ for their "thunder wires" Text me at (404) 563-1199
think may have to be very nice for once to Ben Mccartney tomorrow as its his birthday.gonna be well hard lol :p
Kay Cee Image A Glow gelding. Thanks for the nice job you are doing with him.
trying a new wine and cheese, smoke gouda and petite sirah. Yum! Plus, two days off!
Chillin at home with my love watchin Friday. Momma Dee and Bella brought us a turtle. Didnt get to see Rocki she's feelin under the weather so sbe stayed home. .Joshua babe i love you so much glad we are finally in our own place...finally a HOME that is ours now just gotta get to car but as long as we arr together im happy. Now just to work on bringin the kids home where they belong and life will be wonderful. Skylar, Izabella, Rocki and Keefer momma lovez you all so veyr much it shouldn't be alot longer and you all will be home.
There comes a time in every man's life when he has to ask himself a very difficult question...clean shave or man beard?
ROKI'S WIVES SPEAK OUT Wednesday, 15 May 2013 The feud between urban groover Rockford “Roki” Josphats and his two ex-wives, Pauline Gundidza and Melody Musekiwa, continues unabated with the women alleging that the musician is failing to take care of his children. Roki’s ex-wives ,who were booted out of their Waterfalls lodgings last month for failing to pay rent and other bills, are now living apart and they both claim they are done with Roki. Pauline, who confirmed her split from her friend Melody, said she was now living peacefully with her two children, adding that she was no longer dependent on anyone. “Why are you asking me about my private life? Rather you should ask about constructive issues that at least have something to do with my music. “Right now my parents are unsettled and they will opt to change my surname because of these and other stories about my private life that you always write about. “All I can tell you is that I’m done with Roki, I look after myself and my kids very we ...
I bet you if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can run for office in the Philippines, they will win a land slide...Heck if Manny Pacquiao won and Nancy Binay won, why shouldn't they. Already a known fact that as long as your famous, you will win in the Philippines...Yet again we as Filipinos proved why we are the most *** voters in the world and how our politics is really a comedy show.
Hey all the Schilling people. We are having the family picnic at the Williamson. Community center this year. Time and place. June 30th at around noon. I will be there by 10;00 so please come and enjoy the fun. Josh, Jake, Matt, Zack, I want all you boys to be there. Brandi, that includes you. Didn't want to put u with the boys. LOL If you have any games you think the kids would like to play then bring it. Lots of room for vollyball, Base ball, Football. Or just laying in the shade. Jerry, Hope to see you and all your family there. Know some of you already have other plans. That's ok. We will miss you. See you then. If anyone has any questions then please by all means let me know. Thanks. Uncle Dale
Lunch: Cauliflower rice, steamed broccoli, Low sodium spaghetti sauce w/lean ground turkey & half of an orange.. How hard is that?
If any1 iz knwng the lyrics of take it in blood [MC KASH]. Please comment.
Albuquerque Journal Press Release for My Hall of Honor Burnitzes, Urlacher, Thomas Into Hall By Rick Wright / Journal Staff Writer on Jan. 8, 2013 Urlacher, Thomas Will Also Be Honored Reed Barnitz and Carol Barnitz, a married couple but separate and equal in their coaching résumés, were introduced on Monday as two of four new Albuquerque/New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame inductees. They’ll be joined as honorees at the March 3 Hall of Fame banquet by former UNM greats Brian Urlacher and Kenny Thomas. The accomplishments of Thomas and Urlacher, who starred in New Mexico at the high school and collegiate levels before moving on to success in the pros, are known to most. They had help along the way from coaches like Jim Hulsman and Rocky Long, whom they’ll follow into the Hall of Fame. Like Long and Hulsman, the Barnitzes are coaches — the people who put athletes in position to succeed, whether the ultimate success comes in athletics or elsewhere. The Barnitzes will be the first husband-and-wife duo to ...
San Diego State head football coach Rocky Long hired former UCLA head coach Bob Toledo to be the Aztecs' new offensive coordinator. That is a great hire and good news for Aztec fans.
Yeah makes sense for vols fans to make a big deal about Butch Jones once losing to Dooley. I mean, Urban Meyer once lost to Rocky Long. How'd that hire go for Florida??
San Diego State's Rocky Long has been named the Mountain West Coach of the Year, the league announced today. The Aztecs also landed 10 on the all-conference team, including senior offensive guard Nik Embernate, junior tight end Gavin Escobar and senior cornerback Leon McFadden on the first team.
Congratulations to the Mountain West Conference Coach of the year Rocky Long. you deserved it!!
Aztecs accept bid to Poinsettia Bowl, YEAH! Written by Stefanie Loh 12:58 p.m., Nov. 26, 2012 San Diego State accepted a bid to play in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl on Dec. 20. The bowl matchup pits the Mountain West champion-Aztecs (9-3 overall, 7-1 MW) against longtime rival BYU, which accepted its bowl bid two weeks ago, after clinching a sixth win against Idaho to become bowl eligible. The Cougars finished the season 7-5. "This is a great day for college football in San Diego," said bowl president John Wertz in a press release. "We're excited to renew a longtime rivalry between the Aztecs and Cougars in this year's bowl. This most certainly will be a game to remember for many year to come." The Aztecs last played in the Poinsettia Bowl in 2010, when they beat Navy 35-14. "We are honored to be selected to participate in the 2010 San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl," SDSU head coach Rocky Long said in a release. "The Poinsettia Bowl is one of the best events I have ever be ...
How about Rocky Long ? Look at the talent San Diego State sent to the NFL last spring: Hillman is the 1 or 1A running back for the Broncos, Lindley is the starting QB for the Cardinals, Miles Burris is starting at LB for the Raiders. So what did Rocky do this year? He led the Aztecs to a 9-3 record and a share of MWC title with the win today at Wyoming. I'd written that I liked Long's hiring because I figured that anybody who could win as New Mexico's coach would have a lot of success at SDSU. But I didn't expect the Aztecs to go 9-3 this year. Any win at Wyoming is a big one for the Aztecs. It's like winning on the moon. I covered the 52-51 loss there. I covered another defeat in which the Aztecs never scored a TD, even though Marshall Faulk and Darnay Scott were in the lineup. I wonder what Rocky Long would've done with that team.
*** ..can a Filipino get something to munch on around here?!
could be long night & rocky open. For 2 mos. now,the bulls are no where to be found. So much for QE & risk on. Sellers in complete control.
muller rice/fruit/mini cheddars and a rocky bar. As long as I remember to pack it!
Alright, and I say Rocky Horror sing-a-long at next year's Who else is in?
Rocky!!! I not been around much we were dooin a house/dog sit for a long time & we didn't hafs a gud pooter How's it rollin   10% Off
it's kind of long but read it. He call him "racist" smh
Oooh is that a hint?? ;) hehe Im good pal, we had a big problem with the computer, that why it's been so long :( xx
This food is taking to long to come smh
R.I.P to my sister pet Rocky he lasted long for a snake he was holding on to his life but he in a better place now
We're glad to have all of our Rocky Mount linemen back home safe and sound! Continue to keep the Long Islanders...
Mondays seem to go by in microwave minutes.
That Rocky interview is pretty good. I gotta feeling he's going to be around a long time.
MarClim off to Brittany to survey long-term rocky shores & collect Bifurcaria samples for microsat analysis of range shifts
I don't fear for the Copts in the long run, but right now this is a real issue. Rocky road ahead.
he is bless him now he and Molly are non stop chasing each other. It was a long ten days
Rocky didn't even make wax denim or leather pants popular. Kanye been on that for how long?
I ain't been to a house party in a long time Cus lastnight I forgot how *** hit it get in there almost passed out...
Gonna be cooking a feast for my long lost *** wednesday :) wine,food and gossip!
Headed down this long rocky road to success ... Wish me the best
Long Zayn Moments in a relationship. You had just came back (cont)
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Clothes get weirder money get long pretty *** pin your hair up ! ROCKY !
How did I do this time? Did I let the sourdough age long enough?
i got a video i want you to look at real quick its about ASAP Rocky & a dude that attended his concert. 8 min long
Has anyone ever been to a Rocky Horror show sing-a-long event in the UK? If so, I have a question for you...
Getting strong now, won’t be long now. Getting strong now, gonna fly now! – Theme from Rocky by Bill Conti
What about a columbian that likes OF and A$AP rocky + tries long boarding? 😁
Girls who like long boarding, Odd Future, and A$AP Rocky>>>>>> Columbians
that A$AP Rocky cover shoot has to be one of the most amazing shoots ive seen in long!
Rocky Ground & Long Walk Home in the same setlist! Maybe he’s finally listening to me RE: thematic approach to show...
Watching Rocky horror for the first time in TOO long
That moment when you discover your new favorite place... For me, it's the Check it out on Pink Julep!
Great way to start my morning with a blown out tire...thanks Monday. 👎
aw Truee as long as you have fun you'll be straight
Thank you GOD for allowing me to see 19 long years of a challenging rocky road life but throughout it all many successesHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME
As long as it doesn't act like rocky I'll be fine
lol u loser I'm at one now... Long! Erm I want to go Birmingham today :/ 😳
Only 45 seconds long, I love this inspirational speech by Rocky...
The road is long and rocky,but God is giving me patience to continue walking and I'm willing because I know that God is there waiting for me
He is the best winesinger...after long tired, soily, stony, rocky tasting with charles
please inform "rocky" 7 weeks isn't long term and Sanchez is the only starting QB with completion % below 50
I like the way you wanted me every night for so long, baby. I like the way you needed me every time the things got rocky.
Trying to stay up with rocky as long as I can even tho I got 3 hrs of sleep last night and wont get much more tonight
“guess so! Now to make a kewl membership card” Sounds good, as long as it isn't spelled "kewl"
You say you'll talk to me soon. How soon? How long? And are you actually going to text me first?
Guarantee rocky pushes long live asap back to like june of 2014...this is turning into Jeezy waiting two years to release TM103
if you're older and immature, chances are you won't have a gf for long. Maturity matters a lot
Ok the chargers are in decenssion but hey the Aztecs are on accension. I will take it...Rocky Long is such an underrated coach
Another win for sdsu rocky long now has more wns as a head coach in the mwc than anybody else
A quote for Rocky Long - Head Coach for SDSU Aztec Football Team - "At the beginning of the year, I thought that the inexperience we had would have caused us problems throughout the year,” Long said. “Our offensive line developed quicker than I thought, and they’re getting better every week. The defensive line didn’t develop as quickly as I thought they would, but they’re playing pretty good right now. “Then you have guys stepping up that no one would have guessed would be playing that well.” Guys such as running back Adam Muema, left tackle Bryce Quigley, defensive end Cody Galea, and linebacker Derek Largent. All four have cemented their place in the starting lineup" Go Big Quig.
Just in from from Hooley's LaMesa listening to Aztecs head coach Rocky Long, and hanging out the Craighead Clan. Go # 94 D-line.
Watch the Coach's Show w/Rocky Long live @ 7pm tonight.,, or come on down to Hooley's Grossmont Center and talk to him yourself!
Aztecs Coaches Show with Rocky Long tonight at Hooley's in Grossmont Center. HUGE win last week for the football team. Come sit in the front row and have a beer on me! Show starts at 7pm tonight!
Let me know if you fck with Asap Rocky. Long Live Asap Tour Tickets in Jersey on Nov 17th. Ima be there. Hmu for details
Join me on Saturday as Coach Rocky Long and the Aztecs continue the drive for a MWC Championship!
I am finally home after rocky long and stressful day.
HUGE win for sdsu football. on the smurf turf they play mean d and rocky long (head coach) goes for it on 4th and 2. ballsiest, gutsiest, most exciting play call ive seen in a while. big ups sdsu football.
The Aztecs take their first road upset of a top-25 opponent in program history.
Yeah! Just saw that the hometown boys at San Diego State University knocked off the Boise State Broncos by a score of 21-19. The new SDSU head coach has the football team rocking! Let's hear it for new head coaches: Rocky Long at SDSU is 7-3 and Kevin Sumlin at Texas A&M is 7-2! Now let's hear it for Obama 2012! Yaho!
Amazing! Rocky Long leads to SDSU to a victory against Boise State. That smurf turf belongs to the Aztecs!
Ballgame! What a great win for the Aztecs over Boise St. Rocky Long has quite a set of gonads going for it on 4th down. Great call. You want the win? Take it!
When it comes to creativity and risk-taking, Rocky Long has met his match - North County Times
Enjoying an unplanned weekend at home. Thank you Detroit Tigers! Flew home Friday morning. Got to spend some time with Matt watching the NCLS on Friday night and after that got to spend some time with my lovely wife. Saturday, went and watched the movie "Argo" with Desiree and then hit at the batting cages with Matt and after that watched what might have been the most exciting SDSU Aztecs victory I have ever seen. Way to beat Nevada on their field! Rocky Long, I love your guts! Sunday, I get to go to Matt's baseball game and, who knows, maybe I will get to make a guest appearance. Then we'll watch Game 6 of the NLCS to find out if I'll be flying to St. Louis on Monday morning for the World Series, or if I'll have to wait until Monday night to see if I'll be heading to St. Louis or San Francisco on Tuesday morning.
Way to go Rocky Long! GREAT CALL! San Diego St. 39 Nevada 38! Great end to a Saturday of college football!! Watch out Boise St! SDSU is heading there in 2 weeks.
Aztecs! Huge win in OT, on the road, after losing starting QB early. Rocky Long goes for two to seal the deal; guts in Reno! San Diego State 39, Nevada 38 - final score.
..the drop off from Brady Hoke to Rocky Long is immense. The buyout for Rocky is $315k so I don't feel he has a very 'long' leash. Ha!
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head coach Rocky Long called Fresno State QB Derek Carr an NFL quarterback. Not a good sign for SDSU's defense this weekend.
North Dakota is an FCS school, so why is Rocky Long "nervous" for this week's game against the Fighting Sioux? ($):
"He did WHAT?!" -- Al Michaels, when informed of Rocky Long's decision on fourth down a few moments ago against the University of Washington
To Think that both Bronco Mendenhall (BYU) & Gary Patterson (TCU) were assistant's for Rocky Long at UNM.
Rocky Long describes what he's looking at as the San Diego State University Aztecs season
"An update on Rocky Long's fourth-down plans: The math experts say go for it!. i LOVE this idea!
San Diego State coach Rocky Long doesn’t want to punt in 2012
San Diego State coach Rocky Long has always been about doing things differently. At New Mexico, he developed the innovative 3-3-5 defensive scheme and now he's debating on whether to do away with punting on fourth down — if the … Continue reading →
Rocky Long, the head coach of the San Diego State Aztecs said he's considering not punting this season. Like, at all.
Yes, please. "San Diego State head coach Rocky Long insinuated that the Aztecs may not punt or kick on fourth downs this season. Long was apparently inspired by an Arkansas high school coach who never punts, always onside kicks, and has tremendous success doing it. In fact, that coach has only punted three times in the last five seasons. "It makes sense," Long said. "Additional plays would allow you to score a lot more points. It also puts a whole lot of pressure on the defense." Long called it a "day-to-day theory" but it appears to be something the Aztecs will experiment with during preseason work."
Nevada football: Parity, new teams highlight new MWC in 2012 ...: San Diego State's Rocky Long is the dean of Mo...
The San Diego State Aztecs have finally been able to string together a couple of successful seasons in a row. Rocky Long took over the head coach job last year after Brady Hoke left for Michigan. Long led the Aztecs to an 8-5 campaign after they went 9-4 in Hoke's final season.. They ended up in fou...
just talked to Rocky Long, "We're homecoming game for Fresno St? Don't they usually pick a team they know they can beat for that"
I actually liked Rocky Long a lot. Being a head coach at any Division I school is a tough spot to be in. Problem:Rudy Davalos
San Diego State hc Rocky Long has tweaked his coaching staff, naming linebackers coach Kevin McGarry as his full-time ST coach
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