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Rocky Dennis

Roy Lee Rocky Dennis (December 4, 1961 - October 4, 1978) was an American boy afflicted with craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, an extremely rare, sclerotic bone disorder.

Eric Stoltz Kaci Hickox John Kerry Pete Carroll

Is it just me or does look kinda like rocky dennis from mask
This winter anime season, experience the life of Rocky Dennis in Masku!
That is one ugly dude - Rocky Dennis thinks your ugly - Did she get electrocuted? - I would ask the Botox guy for my money back
I think I've now drawn Rocky Dennis more times than I've drawn blood.
Remember when you made that pic comparing her to Rocky Dennis saying "but im the pretty one" Good times.
Kansas is incredibly lucky Booker's been missing or this game would Rocky Dennis ugly.
I'll bet Rocky Dennis bears more than a passing resemblance to *** Hucknall these days.
Has anyone seen Jimmy Bullard and Rocky Dennis in the same room?
Jimmy bullards the spit of rocky dennis!
Worf finds out he's not really Klingon, he just has that Rocky Dennis disease.
Mama June's face is a mix of Rocky Dennis and the Cowardly Lion
You look like Rocky Dennis on a good day
Remember when baby Jesus was visited by Rocky Dennis...
"Why you insulting Rocky Dennis like that?" Lol
Why you insulting Rocky Dennis like that?
you guys have gone too far this year! I can't believe that poor unfortunate boy Rocky Dennis is in the jungle!
This girl who plays Sarah on Arrow looks like Rocky Dennis.
I've been there once. Waitress looked like Rocky Dennis.
This Dude looks like Rocky Dennis from the movie Mask
CQ in Rocky Dennis iv--the one where black Cher gets beaten to death by a Russian.
Hard to believe Rocky Dennis really won all those awards. He must've been dumb since he looked so different than everyone else
That was so ugly. That was Rocky Dennis ugly.
did you know that Maury's face is actually just a Rocky Dennis tattoo?
you know who else had knuckle freckles? Not hitler. Rocky Dennis.
looks like Rocky Dennis from the film Mask :(
I've met Rayzor in person and Rocky Dennis has nothing on him..
Ah. Good old Rocky Dennis. Still he wasn't the ugliest person in that film as Cher was also in it.
Sorry about that last picture. Didn't realize Rocky Dennis was a real person with a natural handicap. I thought...
How you have a crush on Amil, she looked like Rocky Dennis
yeah. Like the Rocky Dennis face too.
dude, your head is rougher than rocky Dennis
Considering how many players Dennis Lindsey likes to observe/scout, it makes sense he'd want to go to Vegas and host the Rocky Mtn. Revue.
if bungie had made this game, we would not have this problem. Do you guys have Rocky Dennis working as head of updates?
I've been interested to know about why his brother and sister weren't in the movie. It mentions he has a sister, but she isn't mentioned in his mom's obituary so I can only assume, it was on his dad's side. Doesn't ever mention his dad so if his dad left how would anyone know about the sister. Anyone know?
He step up like Rocky, he'll probably be finished, he'll go from looking like he Balboa to Rocky Dennis.
*** said he look like rocky Dennis. I'm crying.
Me n' hiding in the sound booth. I'm doing my Rocky Dennis impression
Al Jefferson's face looks like one of those broken nose masks is surgically attached to it. He's basketball Rocky Dennis.
RV wins game four 25-23 and match 3-1 over Rocky Mountain in Region 11. Next up: RMtn vs. Highlands Ranch at 12:15PM.
I can't be the only one who wondered what Rocky Dennis's *** looked like.
didnt you call me Rocky Dennis once? 😂😂👊
Gotta get Blake Rocky Dennis Griffin fouled out quickly
you got the part as Rocky Dennis in the remake of "Mask"?
Hah! Rocky Dennis was way cooler than Kaci Hickox. He didn't need no sharpiebrows!
So you're going as 'Why Rocky Dennis never took off his shirt'?
What if Rocky Dennis needed something in that store!? Cher would've stabbed everbody in the head like Gemma!
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wait till dingbats on your knock on . Cher rocky Dennis rocky balboa little brother and little sister . 😱🎃👻
Talk your *** off, if Rocky Dennis headbutted your *** .. Last rites mf.
Rocky Dennis jokes are always funny
Who said OJ and his wife are having a rocky marriage? PHOTOs of the lovely family: Today, Dennis Mugo a.k.a. O...
Fun night and costume party at Rocky River with the Jesse (Hsieh) Ryan project and Dennis McFadden
Kaci Hickox bears a striking resemblance to Eric Stoltz' portrayal of Rocky Dennis, in the movie "Mask."
I don't think she knows who rocky Dennis is mate, I'm gutted like
he's way too tall to be intimidated by Biff! You know he went on to play Rocky Dennis?
In the same way that Rocky Dennis was "interesting" looking.
Could be Rocky Dennis, but instead your ***
The star of the yellow headband TD Ameritrade commercial - Rocky Dennis. Or maybe just Eric Stoltz
ik ik I should be hard like rocky dennis' forehead
Anyone else think Kaci Hickox looks like Rocky Dennis from The Mask?
MT Do you see it? A familiar face is spotted in the smoke where a man was rescued Rocky Dennis?
Looking like Rocky Dennis' little brother has nothing to do with it, eh?
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Dennis Philbrick of Rocky Hill is this week's Caption Contest winner. More:
Ned Yost does a perfect Rocky Dennis impression.
chaz bono has the build of Rocky Dennis without the imdb credit
I wish the mask you wear is the one Rocky Dennis had to wear.
spider bit me in the eye and I'm looking like rocky dennis
my fav movie. I remember running into Rocky Dennis at the Azusa Fair when I was young.
Rest in paradise Randy and Dennis. Happy birthday to Dennis too. never ever fogotten👼❤
Rocky Dennis aka The mask for day of
Trav, there's worse than Chaz Bono, there's Rocky Dennis.. you're welcome
Looks like Our Yard Squirrels Sam Elliot and Cher had a Baby... He shall be named Rocky Dennis... He was so small and gray...
These things are good: ice cream and cake, a ride on a Harley, seeing monkeys on a tree, the rain on my tongue, and the sun shining on my face. These things are a drag: dust on my hair, holes in my shoes, no money in my pocket, and the sun shining on my face. ~Rocky Dennis
When I have horrible migraines, Matt rubs my head and hums Bob Seger songs, so I can pretend he's Cher and I'm Rocky Dennis.
so would his Spitting Image character look normal? Sort of like Rocky Dennis in the house of mirrors
Im not taking spelling tips from someone who looks like Rocky Dennis from The Mask.
Dennis: JJ babe sheesh, I haven't seen an Adrian on the pipe this much since Rocky Balboa's wedding nite chip chip
Pretty sad to hear a doctor walk in my room and call Rocky Dennis sir should know how serious birth defects are. SMH
For a face? Is that a thing? Won't I look more like Rocky Dennis?
sick joke *** I would make sure you ended up like Rocky Dennis after I get done with you
Attempt on my way to Rocky Dennis. Already is more fun than Live14.
You know who you look like Rocky Dennis
if you're ugly and you know it, you should watch 'Rocky Dennis' that movie inspired my ugly ***
don't get too comfortable with that big sausage pressed up against your face. That's what happened to Rocky Dennis from Mask.
Fav if u think baby dennis should come out with me and rocky tonight😂
you'd fancy rocky Dennis if he played footy
Why is everyone that goes on Jeremy Kyle absolutely hideous and look like Rocky Dennis and Sloth from the goodies love child 😂😄😷
Just reminiscing on the Halloween 2010 Rocky Dennis costume ---
Rocky Dennis walks into a bar. Bartender says, "Why the long face?"
Milquetoaster Strudels wrote:Let me know what you think of this reworking I did of Rocky Dennis' Farewell Songiframe This is really l...
that girl in the photo looks like the child of Rocky Dennis and Rosie O'Donnell
as long as he stops a puck he could look like Rocky Dennis for all I care.
It's me, you three, Wes, Nick, Sepich, Rocky, Q, Aherin, Nate, Barry, and Dennis Marcotte as kicker
A photo so ugly that even Rocky Dennis would turn me down. Quite proud of it!
your profile pic looks like Rocky Dennis. Google it.
Sons of Anarchy is if Rocky Dennis didn't die & Ron Perlman is grown up Mask
Rocky Dennis is the lead character's name from the movie "Mask," for you young'ns
Utah Jazz signed a 5yr old kid with leukemia to 1 day contract. If only Rocky Dennis was alive they could of signed his head as a backboard.
could pick up another win for the Bloody nose and all.
2k face scan characters looking like Rocky Dennis
qunnier your the spit of Rocky Dennis
AF: I'm about to blow your mind. That Travis Rodgers guy ... well, he looks like Rocky Dennis. I know, right?
Successfully chained some Rocky Dennis jokes together and made a stranger laugh.
Face scan got dudes out here looking like Rocky Dennis. 😂😂😂😂
FaceTime session with Rocky Dennis and the Elephant Man.
The hook and beat may cause damage. Re: the new A$AP Rocky.
AJ Hawk looks an awful lot like Rocky Dennis. Coincidence? Nope.
My dad will not stop calling me Rocky Dennis because of how swollen my face is. 😅
oh *** rocky Dennis lol that ain't right but that movie made me teary eyed just like do lol
Hormones: the thing that lets you look in the mirror & see a mature Barbie doll & one day &Rocky Dennis face w/Jabba the Hutt body the next.
TJ House is one big face dude. He look like Rocky Dennis from Mask
KRU's REPLY to Some NZ rugby players opted to stay in Kenya to party & missed their flight on Sunday~ M.Mut…
your profile pic reminds me of a late Rocky Dennis
because you smell like rocky Dennis's toe nail
John Kerry either had some bad plastic surgery, or he's having a stroke every 5 mins or he's slowly become Rocky Dennis.…
I think Stainbrook is the son of Rocky Dennis from Mask.
Why you gotta bring up Rocky Dennis 😔
I still contend to this day that Rocky Dennis died of heartache.
I look forward to the Jon Gruden press conference with Mark Davis. 'THIS GUY LOOKS LIKE ROCKY DENNIS, MIKE.'
The fact that Rocky Dennis both hates and loves sunshine on his face gets me in the feels.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Eric Stoltz who is 53 today. Eric played Rocky Dennis, the boy with the massive facial...
Transfer news just seen rocky dennis at wrekenton social club . Close to deal with newcastle
HC Dennis Allen 2+ years in Oakland have been rocky. Here's some notes on his time in the Bay.
no that is I look more like Rocky Dennis
Swear the head ache I'm dealing with is the very same one that killed off rocky Dennis
If Jason wasn't a flattened pancake with a face like Rocky Dennis atm, he would shoot this dayplayer & stop this torture. Geez...
Mike Glennon looks like Rocky dennis normal brother had a kid with Rick Astly
Is dropping his album in three days?. cc:
I think he might have the same condition as Rocky Dennis just not as bad, not sure.
😂😂😂 yes, I must know who's fronting as Rocky Dennis..that sac religious ..
Dennis Allen will never have a more ignominious moment in his life than the day he was fired by Rocky Dennis.
My sources tell me that head coach Dennis Allen is fired and an ...
Absolutely loved Rocky Horror Show at the Dallas Theater Center this afternoon! A fantastic production--perhaps...
Dwight's bobble head looks like Rocky Dennis
Let's do the Time Warp again! Rocky Horror Show. — at Dallas Theater Center Wyly Theatre
You are not cute. You look like Rocky Dennis
I don't see Jon Hamm. But if you're a celebrity look-a-like, definitely Rocky Dennis or Sloth.
Little known fact:. If you look at Rocky Dennis through a kaleidoscope, he looks exactly like Shaun White.
I'd like to thank the ghost of Rocky Dennis for looking out for me and today at ISU 🙏
Is it me or does Van Gaal look like rocky Dennis
Every time I meet an old biker I ask if he knew Rocky Dennis.
I used to have long ginger hair in my teens. Older bullying *** called me Rocky Dennis. Think I prefer Elvis over Rocky Dennis!!
Mark has a replica of the face of Roy "Rocky" Dennis from the 1985 movie "Mask". He wears it every night to sleep while listening to Cher.
I'm going to spend my Friday night thinking about Rocky Dennis peaceful in Kathmandu.
Every time I pull pushpins out of a memo board I am sad that Rocky Dennis died.
Matthew's game is being streamed on right now. Rocky River versus Myers Park
I didn't edit. But yeah your right, she does look like Rocky Dennis . *** 😂😂😭
looks pretty close to YA boy rocky Dennis
Why do ugly people act like its okay to talk to me? Beat it Rocky Dennis, no one wants to hear your thoughts about anything.
Utah QB trying to look like Rocky Dennis with these *** moves!
yea like I said don't jump into the convo rocky dennis
I bet you have a Rocky Dennis face so you troll the internet.
Rocky Dennis not enjoying the Liverpool game.
*** it!! I just bought a Rocky Dennis football helmet and it doesn't fit in my smart car.
make sure Rocky Dennis approves so he can ok it. Don't want to get angry. But we do need murry
Lighthouse on the coast of Nova Scotia. Photo by Dennis Jarvis.
The Rocky Dennis with his mother. played Rockys mom in "Mask".
The commissioner looks like a normal version of Rocky Dennis
Whose head is bigger: Rocky Dennis, Shrek, or Jub?
. Well u kinda lowered the bar here by introducing my "momma" to the mix,anyway it wasn't that mean,rocky Dennis wont mind.😅
like Rocky Dennis in a funhouse mirror
John Kerry is a moron who is starting to resemble Rocky Dennis .
Does anyone know where I can get a Rocky Dennis mask for a 1 &1/2 year old?
You know your a redneck when you have hair like Rocky Dennis
Am I the only one that thinks Young Jake resembles a young Rocky Dennis
yeah, that cartoon character in my mentions makes me look like Rocky Dennis alright. Freshman in highschool right?
I'd much rather have a one hand Chad Greenway than a Rocky Dennis
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My Dennis Skinner book has come today. I'll be tearin' into it straight away.
Morning benders. Thursday arrives like Rocky Dennis on a skateboard
"Gervinho is on fire... 'oh get a sense of humour rocky dennis'
The little'un's only gone and bust his canister at school...he looks like Rocky Dennis.
Justice for Rocky, Newcastle dog emaciated till it passed away! here:
From 96kg to 84kg on 3 weeks! Thank you and to coach dennis castillo! Thank you
LRT: Guy looks he had a desire to go through life looking like Rocky Dennis
Newt worse than if you meet someone who you thought looked very good on pictures but turns out they look like rocky Dennis in person😬
Rockford Files 8:00pm Fri.on NBC I was there with Jimbo, Angel, Rocky & Dennis in that trailer it's still a good…
What'd I learn? Ice Cube can be a hero, Eric Stoltz DOESNT always look like Rocky Dennis and Jon Voigt is an anaconda
What if they rebooted The Mask and Mask together. Rocky Dennis as a mysterious green faced man. What I do when I am bored.
This lady that works at the bank looks like Rocky Dennis
where would I be In life without Rocky Dennis 🙏
I remember you referring to Dennis Allen as "a shadow" on your radio show--you were right!
Can we get some glue for AJ Hawks helmet? Sick of seeing it fly across the field and seeing his ugly Rocky Dennis looking face.
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as in, would they call Rocky Dennis a supermodel if he was buxom?
it's like being stalked of Rocky Dennis lol x
he felt sorry for him...thought he was Rocky Dennis
My dad used to call one of his tennis teammates Rocky Dennis.
Free NC Hunter Safety Course. at Gators Rocky Mount. Saturday October 4th at 9am. with Dennis Ezzell
Danny Bonaduce as at my gym this's Carrot Top. No...I think it's Rocky Dennis actually. I thought Ch…
if there's a man for the rocky Dennis role ur the dude. Let me know if u need gar
I did not know Rocky Dennis was a real human. :(
"Real talk cast me in the Mask remake I'm ready to tackle the role LMFAO ROCKY DENNIS
"Tuxedo Mask is the worst Batman." // But the best Rocky Dennis action figure variant.
Am I the first person to notice that Bill Nye looks like a hastily constructed Rocky Dennis scarecrow?
When I had that pot thrown at me I looked like Rocky Dennis for a week
Anyone else notice how Joan looked like Rocky Dennis in this first pic
Does anyone else think that Peyton Manning looks like Rocky Dennis from Mask by the end of the game?
Good thing I kept Rocky Dennis as QB for my team. What's that?. His name is The dude from Mask? Really?
All purpose parts banner
Rocky Dennis almost killed the pitcher with that hit.
The Dolphins offense looks like Rocky Dennis int he first half
Barely awake. Read “Rocky Dennis Commando” and imagined him on a humid day freeballin’. Thanks.
Commando, but instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's Rocky Dennis
If i wake up looking like rocky dennis i wont be impressed
Ickey Woods and Rocky Dennis in a GEICO commercial
is he related to rocky Dennis. I feel sorry for the ground that his face smashed up
let's see your face, oh wait too scared to get roasted because you're uglier than Rocky Dennis. Get outta here.
Rocky River stops Sun Valley's attempts to tie again to claim 1st victory of 2014 - 21 to 14
Rocky River answers with a 60 yd TD drive to take 21-14 lead over Sun Valley! Less than 5:00 left in the game.
At the end of 3, Rocky River still leads Sun Valley 14-6. SV at the 10
Good God, you need two rolling IV's of Thorazine, & now I need a lobotomy to unimagine Rocky Dennis as "Pretty Man."
The first few months it was out it ruled & I crushed on it. Then it blew up & I might as well have Rocky Dennis as my profile pic
A group of drunk 40yr old women kept harassing and calling me Rocky Dennis tonight.
"Pete Carroll kinda reminds me of Rocky Dennis." hes a good coach
Pete Carroll kinda reminds me of Rocky Dennis.
I'm really stunned. Joan Rivers is gone and I never got to stick my *** in her plastic mouth. RIP Angel Rocky Dennis.
No tasteful nudes but technically I just did some modeling. Ha! Eat your heart out Rocky Dennis!…
Leave Rocky Dennis out of it he wasn't no cheerleader for genocide.
no, I have literally been thinking about that time you said "A$AP ROCKY DENNIS" all morning, your my angle...
Clay is the hangnail, tripped over clown shoes, rocky Dennis slept on my shoulder, WASTE of $
When casting for the role of John Kerry, they should get Eric Stolz using Rocky Dennis' Mask.
If Rocky Dennis didn't have craniodiaphyseal dysplasia he would be a carbon copy of
shocking wasn't it! Hardened me against liking any player that much ever again! Rocky and Dennis excepted :)
even if she did cheat on you could you blame her? Your the rocky Dennis of Ajax ..
Bloke just walked past who looks like freak 'rocky dennis' .check him out on google
that search starts and ends with Rocky Dennis.
“Who let they 4 year old do their tattoo Dennis filter
again w/ the emojis we get it Rocky Dennis look alike you ain't gotta comeback
she's gettin pounded by rocky Dennis and his elephant man syndrome
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nice! Prehaps it was Rocky, the flying squirrel!
I have a friend who is a registrar in a school and was assigned to teach. Is she eligible for an additional salary?
hi anton, I'm one of your followers. Could I ask you for an advice.
Sometimes the most unlikely people become hero's. ~Rocky Dennis~ Die very young. His quote:…
no hard feelings? You don't really look like rocky dennis I'm sorry
This whole family looks like Rocky Dennis
“Nicky Romero totally looks like Rocky Dennis. yes
“Not a cloud in the sky, perfect breeze, waves crashing in the background. Sounds like a Rocky Dennis.
Scholes knows what he's talking about Piers. Played the game. You know nothing Rocky Dennis head.
Every dude at The Viper Room looks like if Sloth from The Goonies and Rocky Dennis from Mask morphed together and put on a B…
Final S Meck 29 - 14 over a depleted Rocky River team. led by a Soph 1st time starter + several other starters missing.
Matthew Peterson scores his first TD on a 4th down 10 yard reception!. GO Rocky River Ravens !!!
reminds me of a line from a Bloodhound Gang song "if you don't wanna look like Rocky Dennis better drink your milk"
At the half South Meck 16 - Rocky River 7. is missing their starting QB & it shows (only 2 pass attempts)
Joe Soto is going to enter the Octagon feeling like Rocky Balboa...and leave looking like Rocky Dennis.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion there big for my avi -Im a rocky Dennis lookalike- grotesque & repugnant
He reprised the role of Rocky Dennis for the Castlemilk version of 'Mask'.
why aren't girls in love with Rocky Dennis from Mask? a genuine, intelligent, compassionate character?
I did the ALS scalding hot water challenge earlier today and now my name is Rocky Dennis.
Rocky Dennis is better looking than husband. Can you say missing chromosomes?
If that girls beautiful rocky Dennis is handsome
seeing you is like looking in a mirror..the same mirror Rocky Dennis looked in
Tell me Odie is a stunted drooling discoloured elephant. Tell me Babar isn't a real elephant, just a cartoon, grey version of Rocky Dennis.
Please keep my friend Dennis and his family in your prayers. Thanks
who's that next to her Rocky Dennis?
feel like my heads Rocky Dennis' absolutely killing
Rocky Dennis actual gees me the fear
looks a lot like Rocky Dennis...I could be wrong tho'
Rocky Dennis grew up to lead a long successful life
"or Jermaine Dupri & a pug he looks like Rocky Dennis from Mask
I'm the type of guy who walks up to Rocky Dennis and says, "Why the long face?" He was still a cute kid.
I have found my new favourite person in the world. He has the rocky Dennis disease
RIP Don Cannon. Philly legend from Rocky to morning shows par excellence. Who can forget him with Tony Bruno and Dennis Malloy as BadWilson
Gellman's wife was Rocky Dennis's girlfriend from Mask !! You're so beautiful! Oh you're blind !!
you look like Rocky Dennis compared to that guy
I'm Rocky Dennis and I totes forgive you
she looks like Rocky Dennis' sister 😂😂😂.
Prospect truth has got more dribble on his chin then rocky Dennis in body therapy unit
I'm sorry rocky Dennis I couldn't see you through the calcium deposits that you call eye brows
Don't like being shutout by Rocky Dennis from Mask.
My exes baby's mama looks like Rocky Dennis from the (1985) movie the "Mask" featuring Cher and that's all I have to say about that:)...
Young Thug look like a dennis rodman version of asap rocky .. Lol hella ugly
Must be true, you could look like Rocky Dennis but have an English accent, and Yank women will be gushing like Niagara Falls
what's up with his guys haircut man? a little face disfigurement and that guy is a dead ringer for Rocky Dennis
is the second picture a sock of Rocky Dennis from Mask?
It'd be great to have a pint with Rocky Dennis and his blind bird.
I think I'll take human growth hormone until I look like Rocky Dennis on steroids.
Rocky Dennis? Love that kid. Making him SecState was a savvy move?
ends with Sam Elliott riding up on a chopper with Cher on his back. Then we find out this was all just a story written by Rocky Dennis
I didn't know Rocky Dennis made the team...
“When u can't afford a photo short so u have to do it in your back garden you look like rocky dennis😂
This guy on jeopardy almost made me puke...he looks like Rocky Dennis if he had 3rd degree burns.
"Enjoy. when did they make a Rocky Dennis doll?
Rocky Dennis! Before that you said Honey Boo Boo. You're not painting this girl well. I think I only met her once.
Well maybe not an actual midget but she was 4'10". Also she looked like Rocky Dennis.
well, the one on the right can't fit Rocky Dennis.
Devon Alexander looks like Rocky Dennis with that forehead.
Boy don't play with me ain't you seen how rocky box?
Pride After Party! I know... I look like Rocky Dennis. (@ The Mixx Nightclub in Saginaw, MI)
I can't hear Katmandu without visualizing Rocky Dennis ripping down maps off of his walls.
Who has seen the mask the rocky Dennis one?
“Does this weed make me look happy? Genetics made you look like Rocky Dennis. Ooof.
I kid about the Rocky Dennis thing. I like Chris Watters. He just reminds me of Eric Stoltz.
I think Rocky Dennis is doing a great job on stage. ;)
"...and that's about the time I stopped practicing roundhouse kicks in the nude.". Said the good day Rocky Dennis- old Tippi hybrid.
Pulling a Dennis and eating cereal in the car on the way to work.
Its worse you know youre beautiful but youre treated like rocky dennis
I may resemble what Rocky Dennis would look like on a good day and you'd probably have a hard time distinguishing...
if ya fail just remember Rocky Dennis is famous for being ugly af
I've spent my time off from work in the most productive way possible - sculpting horrifying Rocky Dennis heads. http…
oh. Rocky Dennis jokes. Now we're talking.
thought we had established that you currently have the Rocky Dennis
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