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Rocky Dennis

Roy Lee Rocky Dennis (December 4, 1961 - October 4, 1978) was an American boy afflicted with craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, an extremely rare, sclerotic bone disorder.

Eric Stoltz Jim Carrey John Merrick

Only SS17 campaign featuring Rocky Barnes by Dennis Stenild / makeup by Gudrun | Filter Management
8 o clock and still no word from my boss about this job in rocky river. Really hoping I get a call saying to just stay home today 😂
You can attract a rocky Dennis but that doesn't make him attractive
Jesus take the so hard @ this, especially cuz this is the firs…
I got blocked by because I may have implied he looked like Rocky Dennis
I thought it was Rocky Dennis from Mask.
Can u make me look like the extremely repulsive fugly half brother of Rocky Dennis (the looker of the family)
😜😜I live in Fritzels cellar mate. no rafters or I'd be worried ha ha. what's up with Rocky Dennis
This is like rocky Dennis mocking your physical appearance
What happened? You went from Cary Grant to Rocky Dennis. JK, but when will you do another stand-up sp…
she only ended up having a fod like rocky Dennis mert
As if the need that Drake x Rocky Dennis looking mofo.
Does no one notice that Dawson looks like Rocky Dennis? Ick.
1. IT can kill everyone else but if dies, I will walk out. 2. The new IT looks like Jigsaw & R…
Say hi 2 Rocky Dennis 4 me. These things are good: Trump, GOP, laws. These things are a drag: libs, Obama, Hillary, sanctuary cities.
My GF just said Rumer Willis look like Rocky Dennis... ⚰⚰⚰⚰
Meet Black Singles 300x250
What happened to Helen Hunt? She looks like Rocky Dennis. Plastic surgery gone wrong.
Put Sideshow Bob, Rocky Dennis and this person in a room together and try to tell the difference.
The real story here is how her plastic surgeon pitched "The Rocky Dennis is white hot right now" & got her to sign. Amazeballs!
When your desiree potato looks like Rocky Dennis
I can't believe they rejected my talk on Rocky Dennis and John Merrick's lovechild.
dont worry dennis... You are a living meme😂
She went from black to white to Rocky Dennis???
They showed up, saw Rocky Dennis and still let her inject fix-a-flat in their ***
is that Rocky Dennis up there with Goodell?
I dont know why people say he lools like willy wonka he clearly looks lile rocky Dennis
why do u hate Chris from sharks so much is it bcuz U LOOK LIKE A FREAK! ROCKY DENNIS!
Iphone 7 camera too good i cant even use the front camera without looking like rocky dennis
Rocky Dennis if Gar was his real Dad.
Daily reminder that Travis Scott makes better music than Asap Rocky
Clint Frazier as Eric Stoltz as Rocky Dennis (the hair not the face)
I'm that person that would go get lip injections and botox and end up all lopsided.Then spend 6 months crying that I look like Rocky Dennis
Rocky Dennis in Mask. Insecure, suffering, but a normal human being.
Dennis gets up the rocky hill with ease.
32 years ago today on 8 March 1985, the movie 'Mask' was released. The film starring Cher followed the real-life st…
Is it possible 's nickname "Rocky" was Bc he looked like Rocky Dennis as a baby?
You should send a Rocky Dennis email about Mike Glennon.
A$AP Rocky is too wavy for our generation 🌊
kids like you are the reason incest was made illegal. Anyway rocky Dennis has been on the phone he wants his face back
Sharing from another podcast - walker that Rosita had to kill referred to as Rocky Dennis walker - pretty funny I thought
There is no Rocky Dennis gif. In case you were wondering.
.coming in with the funniest Riley Dennis joke that I hate myself for not thinking of first lolol
Wendy Williams is starting to look like Rocky Dennis with all these crazy facial expressions
I hope anyone who let's off fireworks within a mile off my house is left like rocky Dennis by a dodgey one
Low key thought this was Rocky Dennis.
Is this supposed to be a figurine of Jeff Spicoli or Rocky Dennis?
domain names
Ronda Rousey gonna wake up looking like rocky Dennis
Hey are you aware of the rocky stretch of track between Westgarth and Dennis stations? Train wobbling from side to side.
Rocky Top is the most annoying song I've ever heard
this guy looks like Rocky Dennis from the Cher movie mask
Sylvester Stallone’s first wife, Sasha, received a kiss from Rocky during his training session in Rocky III.
I kept watching his eyes to see if they turned serpentine. His head reminds me of Rocky Dennis of "Mask" movie with…
Know a couple girls looking like rocky Dennis without make up
Is it just me or does John Kerry look a little like Rocky Dennis?
Im so picky when it comes to relationships, that's why I'm single. That and I look like Rocky Dennis😬
Sin city... the later adventures of Rocky Dennis.
Why does the new IT look like Rocky Dennis? (Fun fact: couldn't remember the name of the person or film so googled…
. What if I told you I look like Rocky Dennis if he got in a car crash
prob won't win but *** is wrong with that one intern dude look like rocky Dennis
they're gonna have their own Rocky Dennis Eden
you will have a jaw like Rocky Dennis on Christmas Day
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Dont let the song deceive you. There are in fact telephone bills on rocky top... they can also get up to $300 if you dont watch the data.
The student sections lack of use of the rocky Dennis chant is truly disappointing...
Geez Dennis just dropped Rocky King on his dome w/ that Brain Buster
Can't trade Bouwmeester. Can't even send him to chicago lol. His contract is a paper and signature version of Rocky Dennis.
it totally reminds me of that scene in "Mask" where Rocky Dennis sees himself in a fair ride & sees himself😂💀
And then he started talking about Rocky Dennis.
I'm glad to see Roy "Rocky" Dennis from Mask still gets acting roles such as Mother Malkin in Seventh Son and President Coin in Mockingjay.
Rocky Dennis? Tom does have the look of him now you say it Foz
Rocky really refused to lay down until I put the fan on... If this dog don't act just like Dennis smh 😂
Rocky Dennis thinks that dude is ugly.
You could throw Rocky Dennis in to Love island and the singles girls would still be like "oh hes so my type"
alright, a little rocky but alright. How about you Dennis?
Creepo sort of reminds me of Rocky Dennis.
more like Rocky Dennis if he wasn't born with that condition.
I have huge respect for Rocky as he has always shown me respect, . But we are both fighters and if he says he is...
Who did it better, Carrot Top or Rocky Dennis
that helmet is a hand me down from rocky dennis. Just fyi.
What is harry kane how can anyone defend the rocky Dennis lookalike
I can see why Roy has put Rocky Dennis on free kicks.
Female Rocky Dennis listen maybe a sellout but you're not engaging him on that so you're going to lose bad.
I recorded Mask, but I got Jim Carrey instead of Rocky Dennis [via
yea it's pretty good, but have you seen my Rocky Dennis ink? 🔥🔥
Had such an awesome time with this group of amazing people last night at Rocky Horror! Dan's…
Bet you hide your face because you look like the brother that Rocky Dennis is embarrassed to be seen with.
Rocky Dennis would've wheeled 10s if he played in NHL. Sadly, he died and never made it. Or played hockey.
Arsenal 4th jokes by fans that will be watching football on Thursday nights... Hmmm. Like rocky Dennis calling you ugly
I presume the Jim Carrey version and not the Rocky Dennis version.
There was a tweeker chick on the bus this morning that looked just like Rocky Dennis' lil sister, smh
Who you calling racist.pipe down rocky Dennis
Fact: Rocky Dennis' favorite type of pizza the slice.
I'm standing next to a guy who I just wanted to watch smoke (in silence), but now I find out he was best friends with Rocky Dennis.
Oh, you don't care for Jim Carrey. Alright. I can respect that. Wait, what? You went to high school with Rocky Dennis? Please...tell me more
Enjoyed his performance as Rocky Dennis in Mask tho
Was ythe mam raped by Rocky Dennis? Daughter has a strong resemblance with her fivehead and jaweline!
I don't care either way. But he looks like he could be related to Rocky Dennis and that's all I was saying.
SEBTS' Dennis Darville, who recently led a contentious church split at FBC Rocky Mount spent years in Maranatha cult
that make ups made all the difference on Andy givin Rocky Dennis botox
Time for my fav Hawks player Dennis Schroeder to take off ✊🏾✊🏾
"Mask" Stars Cher, Sam Elliott & Eric Stoltz. True story of the life & early death of Roy L."Rocky" Dennis of lionitis. $48M.
look what they found in south America were the skulls of Rocky Dennis's family. That's real mature Heather calling them "elongated".
that Marcus kid looks like rocky dennis.
Mike Trout has a big head. Like Rocky Dennis big.
Bob tell me Joy Behar doesnt look like Rocky Dennis?
he looks like Rocky Dennis, but I love him all the same
1) Netflix Daredevil, closely followed by Rocky Dennis's girlfriend in "Mask", and then Tommy. Or reverse it.
Rocky Dennis & John Merrick were prettier than Ratchford
Like, Eric Stoltz as Rocky Dennis, or the 80s cartoon?
You had a Rocky Dennis meets Jay Leno lovechild thing going on around 15 second mark...uncanny..lmao
ASAP ROCKY's impression of Tyler The Creator is on point 🔥😭😭
Full sunshine this weekend. Check out the sunrise over as seen from Rocky Point! Nicely done Dennis Wyrick.
Stunning sunrise over Tampa Bay with skyline in background from Rocky Point, thanks to Dennis Wyrick!
sweet mate I'm busy too I just like quoting Morgan freeman over social media, I also enjoy rocky Dennis
Dead pool was to funny ... I'd def smoke a hoota wit his rocky Dennis lookin ***
I mean, I really wanna punch that Rocky Dennis headed freak right in the *** mouth.
Paulie from Rocky, Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers, and Darren McGavin in The Natural.
Dennis Bermudez beat Tatsuya Kawajjiri by unanimous decision (featherweight); Rocky Martinez will face Miguel Berchelt on 3/12.
run around like rocky Dennis amazing
Apparently Eric Stoltz is both Rocky Dennis and Talk about a performance.
Rocky dennis more sexually desirable than Ted Cruz.
You should have seen his moves in the early 70's! Dennis Riehman 74
Who is Cheryl Tiegs to say Ashley Graham looks unhealthy. Cheryl looks like Rocky Dennis these days, sooo...
you look like you could have been Rocky Dennis' doppelganger.
ASAP Rocky was reportedly jumped by a few guys in a hotel elevator in New Zealand.
Ah, the great Rocky Dennis…. Considered quite the pin up in Stoke..
Jess Glynn rocking the same hair as Rocky Dennis
omg i thought that was rocky dennis too LMAO I loved that movie
explain to me how Rocky Dennis wouldnt be the perfect Pres
I've also recently been blessed with the skin of Rocky Dennis. Upside is I get to see nipples on my face on a daily basis.
The Rocky Dennis look a like of Notre Dame
pfft. I could spot that Rocky Dennis kid from a mile away.
If Travolta sneeze he gonna turn into Rocky Dennis
I'm not a fan of these snapchat filters that make me look like Rocky Dennis
Barry . The body of Vernon Kay . The face of Rocky Dennis .
Grant Hill was a combination of Magic and Jordan. When healthy he was as sick as Rocky Dennis facial lumps!
guy I work with looks like Rocky Dennis.
When you get cast in the role of Rocky Dennis in the new adaptation of Mask.
I know exactly what you lames are all about. Rocky Dennis looking broads cant get anyone, so you hate all men
The Dennis GM Western Kings are up 2-0 with the series returning to west coast this weekend with games slated for Rocky Harbour.
wow drea 's really from the motorcycle peeps in movie MASK rocky dennis .etc
Someone on Instagram has a full portrait tattoo of Rocky Dennis
You look like the *** discarded lovechild between Rocky Dennis and that blind chick.
dear lord he looks like Rocky Dennis in "Mask"
so told me to tell you that you look like rocky Dennis
What head would you blow up and bring to the game?! . Me...Rocky Dennis. .
Stop noncing on famous females you rubber necked rocky dennis famous 🐔 sculpture, i need a cookie cake and
Stop noncing on famous females you rubber necked Rocky Dennis mashed potato sculpture
Yesterday, Kathy and I visited Lyons, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park and Allenspark with friends Dennis...
Dennis Kucinich has a Rocky Colavito baseball card. I've just got old receipts.
Anyone else think that Boris Becker is slowly morphing into Rocky Dennis from "Mask"?
I'm kinda like Rocky Dennis, without the gorgeous hair
You already know ✊🏼❤️ She had the nerve to try and fry me then she blocked me once I said she looked liked rocky Dennis 😂😂😂
Julianne Moore looks more like Rocky Dennis than Rocky Dennis.
did George groves really star as Rocky Dennis??
I think there have been maybe 4 important gingers in recent history. Ron Howard, Sean White, Carrot top, and that Rocky Dennis guy.
celebrate all you want. Your lineup's more top-heavy than Rocky Dennis.
. Mixed with pee. I'm kind of proud of my Rocky Dennis reference.
. You got all that Guapo hotness working for ya. I look like the child of Rocky Dennis and Barney Rubble
no pal I need the whole left side off her body paralaysed and a face Tha would make rocky Dennis look attractive
Her son over here looking like rocky Dennis
A two-minute clip about the NUM's Dennis Skinner banner:
I have a National Geographic map in my office at work. I mark where my ancestors are from, like a genealogical Rocky Dennis.
Ohio State named the best collegiate athletic program for the 2014-15 season by CBS Sports . http…
why does Will look like Rocky Dennis
Looks like the stunt double for the kid in Mask. El Rocky Dennis' stunt double.
She look like Rocky Dennis from Mask and Bill Walton
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
placed it over my Rocky Dennis mask for Halloween
In Nice! My butt was just numb from sitting on the rocky shore.
I feel like is basically Rocky Dennis gone bad
...and at the same time, Dennis Lindsey had to come out publicly with some half-truths to protect Lyles in the negotiations. Rocky start.
and the award for the best tattoo goes to.ROCKY DENNIS!
1. i look like Rocky Dennis. 2. I get sweaty when I get nervous. 3. I'm really dumb and boring lol
Big shoutout to rocky balboa for ending the Cold War
'These drinks are really sweet' 'who? Rocky Dennis?'
what's this, Cardiff have signed Rocky Dennis?
Idk what it is, people tell me not to call myself ugly but I can't help it. Females deflect me like I'm Rocky Dennis
During Creed, Sylvester Stallone was/is the same age Burgess Meredith was when he filmed Rocky
*** you sure you are not related to Rocky Dennis?
also is there something wrong with that picture? She looks like Rocky Dennis
Why is the female Rocky Dennis on 2News Dayton?
Rocky IV is my favorite of the Rocky Dennis movies - EJO
"No problem: I can lend him some of mine" Yours, Rocky Dennis
BACA reminds me of the bikers from the Rocky Dennis story. Good guys doing good. 👍
Hayley Joel Osment does a *** of a Rocky Dennis impression in Give him the Oscar.
yh. Dint like Tyler's, still assessing Rocky's.
.I think she won a couple of Rocky Dennis lookalike contests at the local pub.
rocky Dennis face lol that's messed up man
average head sizes cause ain't no kid I've seen outside of Rocky Dennis have a head the size of a...
There are worse things than being in a car with Rocky Dennis. Like being in a car with Cher.
Just found out about the upcoming documentary on the one and only Dennis Skinner! The Beast of Bolsover.
That thing would look like the map Rocky Dennis had on his wall at the end of MASK after Cher starts popping in thumbtacks.
That wasn't Rocky Dennis, Chris, it was Dave. All redheads don't look alike you ***
"I had to type in who is rocky Dennis 😂 now I am weak .. Im telling you
Naturally i'm the *** looking at that picture & thinking Ced's mom looks like Rocky Dennis.
I agree, but how is that picture of Rocky Dennis related?
I better stop calling people's kids ugly or else I'll end up with Rocky Dennis II
Rocky Dennis could've been attractive if he had as much money to ball on as BRUCE
REMINDER: Meeting will be after school tomorrow in Mr. Boden's room (next to Rocky's)
I made one of Birdzy but people kept thinking it was Rocky Dennis so I had to change it., Type in Rocky Dennis
With 2 chickpeas & a piece of string I can turn my ball sack into a bust of Rocky Dennis.
Imma be real.. So prior to ALLA I was kinda getting tired of Rocky besides Multiply & snippet of Gym dean.. Then ALLA droppe…
let's party. You, me, Stevie B cd, your bowling glove, A-1 sauce, a picture of & picture of rocky dennis. I love u.
that wee Isaac boy is beautiful. When I was 15 the boys all looked like Rocky Dennis.
No, you'll still see him RT'ed. I'm blocked by Rocky Dennis and still see her foot face get RT'ed in my TL.
you're making Rocky Dennis look normal.
but when I see your face it reminds me of rocky dennis
From the marketing team that brought you Rocky Dennis skin care...
jesus m Chrysler. He looks like j.r. and Rocky Dennis had a baby. By gawd
Nice profile pic. Looks like Rocky Dennis going to the prom.
And, I'm sure Rocky Dennis was a lovely person, it's just not a good look for ME
Jazzed about photo with but I look like Rocky Dennis. *** ! Give that broad some bangs!
Do you know how I know life imitates art? Cher was in The Mask and now her head has attained the shape of Rocky Dennis' face
Heavy when Rocky Dennis and Danny Zuko have to stick a needle into Uma Thurman's heart
and by "cute", you mean not looking like Rocky Dennis
I've woken up with 'camping face'. I look like Rocky Dennis from the film Mask.
Dude look like Rocky Dennis from mask
Mosquitos love me. Too bad one bite turns me in to Rocky Dennis.
So this creep who rumor has it banged his sister just walked in. Looks like Rocky Dennis ugly cousin. Have t seen him in 4 years.
Hey Rocky, Watch me pull my hair out of ..
ASAP Rocky's back home: druggy, swaggering, absorbing and repurposing style.
his head is HUGE! It's like Rocky Dennis had sex with the Cinema Snob.
Rocky just had to get in for a cuddle didn't he? glynisrowntree
If only you wouldn't flirt with busted *** who look like Rocky Dennis from that movie Mask.
So far my day consists of chill Cali folks, Asap Rocky, Dennis Brown and TONS of procrastination.
Took a selfie for the first my camera doesnt work.*sigh* being Rocky Dennis ***
I've been told I look like a cross between you, Val Kilmer, and Rocky Dennis.
Electronic Device Insurance
Darron Gibson, Rocky Dennis and Ben Elton if I'm not mistaken!
Common Last phrases:. You smell like cheese. Kys. Get cancer. Kicked. Blacklisted. You look like rocky dennis. Jokes on you. Potato. Rogue _?
Has anyone suggested for the part of Rocky Dennis? 'Sup Rock?
Off to the dentist. Pain don't hurt, but looking like Rocky Dennis does.
you mean too ugly? She looks like a female Rocky Dennis.
I'm going to *** for it but her face looks like Rocky Dennis there. Not cute.
Teaser trailer for our documentary about Dennis Skinner/
bro you still look like Rocky Dennis
The Elephant Man and Rocky Dennis go on a slaughter spree
Thank you dennis for the rocky road icecream, so sweet of you pal 💋
you could just explain it like Rocky Dennis did to that blind chick
Yeah mate. And Rocky Dennis is his number 2. 😊👏👏
Ah what exact point did *** Hucknall start to look a little bit too much like Rocky Dennis? Anyone?
*** Hucknall is starting to look more and more like Rocky Dennis by the minute later.
Hucknall resembles some sort of Rocky Dennis/Brian Sewell mash-up these days
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
He's beyond Charlie Drake now. He's like someone half-melted Rocky Dennis.
Is it me or is Iggy starting to look like Rocky Dennis? (Vine by james, gtfo)
That potato actually looks like Rocky Dennis 😂
How many of you are shocked that the actor who played Rocky Dennis in Mask didn't go on to do big things?
Our editor Christie working on the Dennis Skinner teaser trailer, out this week!
Laura Peter, a.k.a Kara Scene, and her boyfriend jasin rocky dennis are stalkers!
Hit you so hard, I'll leave you looking like Rocky Dennis.
Remember when sam eliott as a biker gang guy stood up for Rocky Dennis at the carnival?
Rocky dennis' mom exposed him to biker gangs.
CP3 gonna kill Rocky Dennis today lol
When did Rocky Dennis get a sex change & start staring in Hollyoaks?
this abcess has got bigger, I look like Rocky Dennis
Than God Rocky Dennis (Steve Bruce) is going down. No offence to the Hull fans or anything he's just a repugnant Manc ***
I reference rocky Dennis more than any human should
You think you had it rough growing up, NOBODY had it worse than ROCKY DENNIS, that guy in that cher movie called the mask
Breast Cancer Awareness
Rocky, Dom Kennedy & Durk are all dropping their albums on June 2nd
he's the double of rocky Dennis like 😂
Dean ‘Rocky Dennis’ Whitehead still robbing a living I see.
I have a feeling this graduation will be like Rocky Dennis' from the movie "Mask" with the biker guys.
Whoever tried to stop me's finished,And they'll have to face an ugly appearance like staring at Rocky Dennis
Dennis Skinner's book out in paperback if you fancy an uplifting read. Antidote to the election result
did he pull the pins out of your map Rocky Dennis?
good to know he still looks out for Rocky Dennis
don't let sam off the hook with that Rocky Dennis forehead
Off to Wakefield and Barnsley to film the story behind the banner of Dennis Skinner: .
She getting hit so hard she transformed into Rocky Dennis 💥💥👊👊
Only in Ldn would you see the easiest 10/10 I've ever seem walking hand in hand with rocky Dennis
One of the survivors of the Valenzuela factory fire gets first aid. (Photo via
DSWD sets up tent for those looking for relatives in the fire-hit Valenzuela factory. (Photo via
Not you, you stupid *** I won't even check your account, with that frozen Rocky Dennis face in your avi.
mike Lawrence has made a lot of comments about people's looks.He looks like Rocky Dennis grew a beard and got cataracts
Found this amazing picture over the internet. Rocky Dennis
I found this little number somewhere, Rocky Dennis showed me
things that make me happy. Rocky Dennis
Dennis is fiercely opposing the fact that rocky came out 40 years ago
I wasn't aware Rocky Dennis had a sister.
like the blind girl on Mask dating Rocky Dennis
He looks like Rocky Dennis' reflection in one of those funfair hall of mirrors.
Ohhh look there is Rocky Dennis pontificating in Russian on the TV. Wonder if Putin got an invite to join Kerry on the yacht at the Cape?
I remember this weird lookin boy from Atlanta useta follow me... He wuz so creepy. Reminded me of Rocky Dennis.
Yo momma is so ugly I could stick her face in dough and make Rocky Dennis cookies.
Omg TMZ made you look like Rocky Dennis .
The further you zoom in on face, the more he looks like Rocky Dennis!
is looking more like Rocky Dennis every week.
my ball sack looks Rocky Dennis from the movie Mask.
"Yeah, but does it make my face look big?"- Rocky Dennis shopping for L L Bean Tilly Hats
I'm pretty sure Rocky Dennis is driving the car next to me.
don't you have a Lord Humongous catchers mask signed by Rocky Dennis?
Who knows where some ponds are at in rocky mount that nobody owns
Not Jesus's,but the face of Rocky Dennis appeared in my tuna salad.
Dennis Skinner for Labour leadership. Evoke the spirit of '45.
Rocky Dennis head size hail in Rowlett
Rocky Dennis head sized hail in Rowlett
Waiting for the Inverness count so I can watch Rocky Dennis get booted out of office at last
"Dude I met a girl last night. Redhead.". Smokin hot redhead or looks like Rocky Dennis redhead?. "There's no in between?". No, there isn't.
Civil War has so much potential for character interaction and development. Infinity War might be 6 hours of wailing on purple Rocky Dennis.
... That looks like Jason Momoa. Even though he looks like a run down jason momoa who looks like he been hit with the Rocky Dennis disease
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