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Rocky Dennis

Roy Lee Rocky Dennis (December 4, 1961 - October 4, 1978) was an American boy afflicted with craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, an extremely rare, sclerotic bone disorder.

Eric Stoltz Peyton Manning

I have always loved the movie Mask I ordered the DVD and watched the special features I will never complain about stuff that I think is so bad anymore " oh I have to work today oh the gas prices are so high " This guy was so incredible and so was his mom who cares what this women's past time was there should be more mothers out there like Rusty just imagine going to school most kids who had to get glasses or braces didn't like going to school for this kid to not only go to a public school he also excelled in it R.I.P ROCKY DENNIS you will always be my hero
SURE. I'll be the one that photographs like Ted Nugent and Rocky Dennis's illegitimate child.
They maybe look like Rocky Dennis ha ha
oh how funny, ghetto! OMG Ikr gal, in Manchester now innit! Miss me rocky Dennis!
07 MAY 2009 A Poem by Rocky Dennis These things are good: ice cream and cake, a ride on a harley, seeing monkeys in the trees, the rain on my tongue, and the sun shining on my face. These things are a drag: dust in my hair, holes in my shoes, no money in my pocket, and the sun shining on my face.
Sure he could pull it off if his portrayal of Rocky Dennis is anything to go by! ;-)
Swapping out a motorcycle battery on hot parking lot asphalt is not how I planned my day. I'm just waiting to splash these toxic liquid gasses in my face resulting in my future career opportunities as a lead role in Phantom of the Opera or a stunt double for Rocky Dennis. -Goosecock
Love this moms words. "Gar can put his boots under her bed anytime"ew. Rocky Dennis rocks. Happy Sunday
The further away you look like Rocky Dennis, the least likely you'll get to see my D, ladies
So Domhnall Gleeson's character has so little confidence that he can only charm a woman in pitch darkness? Does he think he's Rocky Dennis?
This lack of love for Rocky Dennis scares me. This kid gave hope to all grotesque dudes that they too could get laid by a blind chick.
With that Rocky Dennis face only 3some u could pull is u, a couch and a bottle of hand lotion.
when did Rocky Dennis and carrot top have a baby?
"Ray Parlour looking well nowadays. always remember Rocky Dennis in the film with Cher
Misfits skull shirt 2 sizes too small, girl. Unless Rocky Dennis has a new band I'm not aware of.
I love MLB Network, but Harold Reynolds makes me feel like how Rocky Dennis looks.
"It looks like Rocky Dennis from that movie Mask...
A bj from Rocky Dennis from "Mask" on an quarter of schrooms. Let that sink in for a sec.
I will come lean yo Rocky Dennis lookin *** right now.
is that a young Rocky Ballboa? Or Dennis Healy with those eyebrows?
I'd rather date a girl who looks like Rocky Dennis than listen to half of a Cher album.
Padres chat with Dennis Lin at noon: Join our beat writers to talk about the rocky start, and wha...
My first thought was Rocky Dennis, from the movie MASK, I know I'm going to ***
Wow, his head is Rocky Dennis big. Is it like that in real life?
the *** that loss must've looked like Rocky Dennis
.you looked like Rocky Dennis last night on
I never realized how much looks like Rocky Dennis. Retardedly uncanny!
and oh yeah. I said it. Rocky dennis.
Taking Daisy into town to find things that look like Rocky Dennis.
Whoa, I cant believe the dude that played Rocky Dennis was on I would ask him how was it working with Cher in her prime!
Checked the dvr tonight. Loved the show with Richard Dawson, Rocky Dennis and Kristen Stewart. Give us more!
Neil, why do have old quacks like Dennis Kamo c rat, on, Put those old farts out to a rocky PASTOR,Help out here Neil !
Hey Hillary Clinton, Rocky Dennis called. he wants his face back. Boosh. "what does it matter?" it matters cause yo face is nasty. Ska-Pow!
and made me partake of the selfie. If I look like Rocky Dennis don't tell me.
Kelli is just singing about Rocky Dennis and I keep waiting for it to stop but it's not
I try not to ever picture Rocky Dennis chasing me thru a dark forest with an axe
That used to happen to Rocky Dennis when he was in school!
Bought a loaf of bread that looks a lot like Rocky Dennis.
I found Blake's real parents Rocky Dennis and ET
. I didn't know she knew. Rocky Dennis.
"Lmao shut up ! If youre ratchet then I look like rocky dennis ;( shut up your gorgeous thats wh…
The sad true story of Rocky Dennis.
I would've been nice to Rocky Dennis.
I love how Rocky Dennis teaches Diana how to see in this movie!
I like Tennessee. Got a tough team with two good big guys in the post la la rocky top
Baker on Wichita state look like rocky Dennis
Fun fact: Scotty Hartnell has actually lived life for the last 31 years as Rocky Dennis from Mask
Rocky Dennis was the man. And y'all think y'all have it hard!!
If you take the bowtie off Matt Smith, you'll find Rocky Dennis.
'I've never seen Rocky Dennis' *looks on google* 'WHOA!... I probably shouldn't have reacted like that' - on Rocky Dennis
Rocky Dennis got down syndrome don't he?
Between Rob loe and rocky Dennis this St Louis team is loaded with celebrities
so does Sloth from the Goonies, and Rocky Dennis!
make sure those lowlights don't illuminate your giant rocky Dennis-like cranium
About to watch The Mask with my nephew.Hope it is the Jim Carrey one and not the Cher/Rocky Dennis one.Could be a lot of awkward questions.
I'm sorry I said that your selfie reminded me of Rocky Dennis. I'm my defense, it's a great movie.
Here you go - the only rendition of Rocky Top that is permitted on the grounds of the Dennis Estate.
hope Dr. Kip Parker doesn't listen or his next "dare" will be to make a Rocky Dennis out of rat hearts.
Dennis Lindsey said Jazz have talked to NBA about different Rocky Mountain Revue proposals for the future. "We haven't given up that hope."
I just bought circus peanuts and Arnold Palmer from Rocky Dennis.
“what ? You been supping red stripe again Rocky Dennis
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I always try and wonder what Rocky dennis girl thought as she was touching his face.
The true story of Rocky Dennis ... *** sad stuff
Kerrys doctor gave him the Rocky Dennis,
yes, me too. I really only can give him full on loving hugs before a shower or I look like Rocky Dennis 10 mins later
Rocky Dennis was better looking than most Jets!
dont blame me when your babies look like Rocky Dennis 👋
Man Steve Francis looking like rocky Dennis these days
Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. URGENT!!! Please donate to help us save Rocky Balboa.
I really should reply to DL w/Rocky Dennis pic. She wanted pics from the remote
"Commander Worf's head looks like a FANNY!!!" "You can both suck my ridges!" "Oh get a sense of humor Rocky Dennis!"
JJ, a good mask would have helped Chapman save his face-Rocky Dennis
I'm quite certain the Sloth character in Goonies was inspired by Popeye Jones. The ghost of Rocky Dennis thinks he's ugly.
I'm enjoying 'Rocky Burnette - Tired Of Toein' The Line' on the Best of the 80's channel at
oh yeah, your ultrasound is cute. but in like a Rocky Dennis from the movie Mask kind of way.
Valencia looking like rocky Dennis and was still playing, cudos
Why would you get a tattoo of Rocky Dennis??
What a pointless challenge that was. Why does Valencia look like Rocky Dennis?
Valencia has just gone all Rocky Dennis on us there hasn't he?
I would like a shirt with you on it. By the time I stretch it over my gut you would look like Rocky Dennis!
David would be the spit of Rocky Dennis if he put a ginger wig on.
was looking through my old fb pics and saw a rocky Dennis pic and omg miss her so much x
No. Old fashioned bag mitts, you'll both look like rocky Dennis when your finished
how did you come to miss headbutting Kompany, head like 'Rocky' Dennis ?
maybe you got a big head rocky Dennis
If no one knows and doesn't respect Rocky Dennis I really don't like you..
Dennis left and forgot all about rocky mount 💔
Martin O'Neil saying David moyes will get it right is on a par with rocky dennis saying youre a handsome *** !!
Sarah Jessica Parker looks like an anorexic Rocky Dennis
I got my face painted, crazed ain't it That a black dude lookin like he got a white tattoo People thinkin that he way evil Treat you like fecal wanna beef you when they meet you People perceive you to be lethal when you ain't see through like tissue I feel like the industry givin me vivid stupidity When they distribute these fictitious sissys When I rip it so serious and wickedly...No forgiving thee When I claim with Strange everybody tellin me I'm insane with bane I'm an independent, talented individual But workin' with the industry is a reindeer game And they call me Rudolph the red They know I don't rip off the mic but I chew off the head Spit it at the PDs and DJs and VJs who be *** You fakin', you get threw off a ledge If you tough we snuffing, Homie trust me nothing Is worse than knowing you're beautiful but get treated like an ugly duckling So I'm Rocky Dennis, but I'm so polished nothing can stop me in this Bad in the brain and the good is not replenished The fakers who imitate me and ...
Watching one of my all-time faves and I keep cracking up whenever I see Rocky Dennis. Not bc of how he looks or...
yay, MASK is on, the Cher /Rocky Dennis movie, love this movie
She looks like a modified Rocky Dennis in the face
Just saw a woman that looked like Rocky Dennis in the face but had a frame like Kim Kardashian...I cannot compute.
Newest black velvet painting, Rocky Dennis, 14"x18" acrylic on velvet, sold. http:/…
Watching mask ...the movie about Rocky Dennis. I forgot how great this movie is
I've spent my time off from work in the most productive way possible - sculpting horrifying Rocky Dennis heads.
Just had a lad wanting to pay for a 3 quid fare with a 20. He looked like the ginger lovechild of Desperate Dan and Rocky Dennis.
Lecture with Rocky Dennis to seal the week off
Just saw the Heat-Spurs highlights. Is it true LeBron stopped wearing the mask because someone told him he looked like Rocky Dennis?
Can't stand Sally *** She look just like Rocky Dennis from Mask
"Yeah, but--maybe being compared to Rocky Dennis was supposed to be a compliment? Like you have a strong forehead maybe?"
If there were sabermetrics for interviews, Griffey would've rated slightly ahead of Rocky Dennis' mute buddy in Mask:
Thanx to Penticton's Rocky Store and Dennis Walker for the exposure. Great spirit.
Russell wanted to name her Bevo or Rocky Dennis. I shot them down quick.
Thank You Rocky Store for helping us promote So Country Radio with Dennis Walker events, in this case, The Westbank Country Opry.
The Rocky Dennis Picture Show starring the cast of Glee
I can't be the only gal drying her Rocky Dennis head in the kitchen, can I?
“just for you. Au natural Is that Rocky dennis?
you look like Rocky Dennis, and stick hot dog's up your butthole!
I bet that one looks like Rocky Dennis!
congrats on Mask the movie from 1986, get it Rocky Dennis look a like
The rocky rollout continues: a marijuana firm is backing away from its plans to set up shop on Boylston St..
Call you mask cause your ugly *** looks like Rocky Dennis with that jagged *** face
Rocky Dennis would prolly call her ugly too
yo have Dennis call me asap if he needs a ride back to rocky mount need to know asap thanks man
Cavs fans miss LeBron's mask so much it hurts. Signed Cher and Rocky Dennis from the Mask.
perfect name that. Shame like because I used to quite like Rocky Dennis
a new picture of Baden Powell aka rocky Dennis!
posing with Rocky Dennis' long lost cousin
was it me or do celebrities look alot like Rocky Dennis in the movie Mask?
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It was very gracious of to allow Rocky Dennis a chance to present last night.
yeah it's messed 1 in every 220 million get it, it's mad rare and way sad look up rocky Dennis
I find Brockelman so irritating, my favorite Rockford's are the ones where he works with Angel/rocky/dennis
He could try remaking that movie Mask, about Rocky Dennis.
?? You sure? I'm certain that's Rocky Dennis from "Mask".
Sorry to be a jerk, but I don't think the poem Rocky Dennis wrote in 'Mask' was very good.
Oscar Question: Was Kim Novack auditioning for the part of Rocky Dennis in Mask 2?
My favorite part of the Oscars was when Rocky Dennis and Matthew McConaughey gave out the best animated film of 2014 Oscar.
she looked like Rocky Dennis in Mask
Bette Midler always reminds me of Rocky Dennis
I bet he's sweet talking rocky dennis in dms. LMAO "ma'am"
I thought she had a stroke. she is 81, tho, so I'll let her live. "Kim Novak looked like Rocky Dennis from Mask."
Has anyone ever pointed out that Shaun white looks like Rocky Dennis...
Yep. You're right. Another *** Top 10 list compliments of Fluff. This one is about ten performances of any kind, that I think didn't get the attention they should have. Sorry.   10. Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show Masquerade As The Warm-Up Band At A Concert They Were Headlining.--Dr. Hook had their share of problems. Up to and including a bankruptcy filed after their No. 1 hit "Cover Of The Rolling Stone." It got to the point where they'd do anything. So, in desperation, and without a warm-up band to front them, the band changed outfits and came onstage under the persona of a fictitious glam band, and proceeded to play a set of off-the-cuff songs. Nobody ever knew it was them. Things haven't gotten much better. They recently opened up for a revamped Sha-Na-Na.  Eric Stoltz as Rocky Dennis in "Mask"--A fantastic film, and a gutty performance. Especially in a role that the studios kept secret right up until the film debuted. You see, they didn't want to give away Rocky's appearance until after the movi ...
With the short hair, Shawn White looks alot less like Rocky Dennis.
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Mask it is. Rocky Dennis. God Sam Elliott looks good doesn't he Blob? I mean Bob?
and she saw me having it out w/ Rocky Dennis and wanted to join in again.
Rocky Dennis, Shaun of the two.
Part of the magic is that all things are relative. That's why I exclusively wrestle Rocky Dennis Lookalikes.
"Now that the Dennis Bergkamp statue is unveiled on the 22nd September. Who should be next to be given a statue?" Rocky
Whos got the link to the sochi olympic shower/toilet cam feed? I wanna watch rocky dennis take a i mean shawn white
How did you find working with Cher when you were playing the role of Rocky Dennis in Mask?
Just finished watching "Mask" A heartwarming and inspirational film based on the true story of Rocky Dennis. A disfigured but sensitive and intelligent teenager that ultimately overcomes pain, loneliness and prejudice to become a role model to everyone. This is a Great Story! :-)
Rocky Dennis would have been 50-years old this year. Thank God Sam Elliot is still with us.
Watching Mask... everybody hatin on Rocky Dennis smh
Watching the 1985 movie 'MASK ' The story of Rocky Dennis . Great acting with Cher and Eric Stoltz .But that SAM ELLIOT! What a gorgeous man! Super Sexy Beast! My # 1 favorite! Yummy!
I love seeing Rocky Dennis at the Olympics!
send all donations to the Rocky Dennis hot dog leg foundation... Lol
“gross”. Hey Rocky Dennis, what's it like having a body like Shrek?
Meryl played Maggie too, so we've gone full circle. I like the film where Cher pays Rocky Dennis's mother.
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Watchin The Mask not the one wit Jim Carey the one wit cool *** Rocky Dennis
Watching Mask starring Based on the true story of Rocky Dennis who had a skull deformity but always had a good attitude!
Just discovered Sam Elliott is in Mask - the rocky Dennis version.
Go away heat is "Todd Martin heat." Just until the crowd hijacks his shows with "Rocky Dennis" chants
Rocky Dennis Jenelle's five head and chin a run for its money...
I mentioned the name "Rocky Dennis" and my 19 year old didnt know who that was..
Well, you look like Rocky Dennis in Mask.
The best thing about the internet is that now Rocky Dennis can fill out his Brooklyn Dodger baseball card collection.
I hate that no matter how much i work out, how much i lose acne, and how much weight i lose, ill always look like Rocky Dennis... :(
Upside to being infirm & in the prone: Mask just started on Encore. If ya don't know the legend of Rocky Dennis ya better axe somebody!
Seeing as I can't take any painkillers incase I end up like Rocky Dennis again, this will have to do.…
So no one I work with has ever seen the film Mask with Cher and the infamous Rocky Dennis.What the? They make me feel so old 😩 wha
totally agree mate, there's a few I miss, loved the class of Dennis and the passion of vieria/rocky and the pace of Henry
oh, so its okay for Rocky Dennis to date a pretty girl, but when Donna Martin dates an attractive guy its taboo or something.
And anyone who doesn't know who rocky Dennis is, look him up 😷😷
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They could turn this into a movie..."Rocky Dennis: The Fire-starter"
if only Rocky Dennis's dad had bajillion dollars, maybe Laura Dern would have stayed with him.
Have you read this that Rocky Dennis's teacher wrote about him. Inspirational ❤️-
Check out: Rocky Dennis: Teaching the Boy Behind the Mask - Around Town - Glendora, CA Patch via
A former teacher remembers Rocky Dennis, a horribly disfigured boy whose life was portrayed in the 1985 film, “Mask.”
alright Rocky Dennis go crawl back into Chers womb.
Just reading this that Rocky Dennis's teacher wrote about him. Forgot about this but found it again -
It is so ugly I'm talking Rocky Dennis kind of ugly.
"So, if your 'Tiger Beat' crush was Rocky Dennis, you're pretty much golden."
“I'm scleep Yo. I ain't know Rocky Dennis was a black dude
we gotta get together soon Rocky Dennis!!!
Ugly Niggaz ain't been this cool since . Rocky Dennis . Or Quazy Moedoe
1st day of work was easy. Had a mad headache though. Need sleep asap rocky dennis.
I don't care if Rocky Dennis is competing in the first Olympic slope style event. Stop it!
Christinas got Rocky Dennis face since she lost weight.
O grow a sense of humor rocky Dennis...(peanut galleries) lol
I just made a Rocky Dennis reference on live radio when discussing Peyton Manning's giant ruby red dome.
I swear wee girl you look like Rocky Dennis and Brian Peppers kid!!
Rocky should have never cut her hair. She looks like Dennis Rodman now. Or Prince if he took up weightlifting.
Eric Stoltz (Roy L.'Rocky' Dennis) in 1986's MASK made want to be a poet using both meat and cotton balls
I can see my boy Rocky Dennis in the club doing this lol
I feel so bad for Rocky Dennis older brother Slof.Well at least some sort of bird won...LOL...They really bad...OMG
Pete Carol has one of the Biggest Faces I've ever Seem, Dude looks Like Rocky Dennis with that 5 Head lmfao,PAH POW
Let's go Rocky Dennis aka Peyton. ..ive got some money on you baby.if u dont know rocky dennis is that dude from that movie mask with Cher...
Disco parties are never overrated! SUPER fun night! Thanks Barry Yant, Ellen Yant and Dena Chavez Grunt. Highlights: The exceptional Broncos Jumpsuit, the Rocky Dennis wig, the weird sheppard girl, and the fun dance music!
I am making the Rocky Dennis of deviled eggs.
I REFUSE to cheer for the SEAHAWKS simply because they BEAT THE SAINTS. Yeah man I KNOW its was two playoff rounds ago,but dammit it still hurts. I will be rooting for Elder Rocky Dennis face a.k.a Peyton Manning. and besides if the Seahawks win that means the mulatto/beige men of the world will think they have arrived and we dark-skinned dudes have been holding strong for bout 3 years now.
This has been getting to me. I have been burdened with an observation that I can no longer keep to myself. Does anyone else think Peyton Manning resembles Rocky Dennis? GO SEAHAWKS!!!
My word, I've never seen teeth like those living inside Andreas Seppi's mouth. I thought I was watching The Mouth of Sauron when he knocked out his victory yell. And then when Jim Courier interviewed him, it was just like a conversation between Rocky Dennis and Bruce Spence.
The running back Derrick Henry for Bama has a Rocky Dennis head.
so why is Dennis Rodman a hall of Famer
so why is Dennis rodman a hall of gamer
question why do we know Dennis rodman ?
Yeeeaaa get Rocky dennis face azz for travlin!
I spent my morning with Rocky, my whole afternoon with Dennis and then my whole night with Amy and Lacie.
.Ryan Gosling looks like Rocky Dennis compared to Alex Smith.
The only thing I know about Grey's Anatomy is that that horse faced Asian broad haunts my dreams. Tasteless women and the searing image of the love child of Rocky Dennis and Yoko Ono are the only reason I am aware of that show's existence.
no disrespect to other dead kids,but it kinda ruined my joke when I learned there was a real boy named Roy "Rocky" Dennis.
I bet the ad is gonna solve all obamacare bad press. Also, my Rocky Dennis closing punchline got ruined. Rocky = real dead kid
The strongest part of Rocky Dennis was his chin.
I hope rocky Dennis got the funeral he longed for, the train set around his head. Let's all say a prayer for good ol' Mount Rushmore face !!
her *** looks like Rocky Dennis off the movie Mask
lol just because that's Dennis's job don't mean I do the same.
there’s a woman at our work who looks like Rocky Dennis. Apparently pointing this out to people makes me a bad person.
Dennis that looks horrible. Loose it fast.
Dennis that looks horrible. Loose it fast!
Dennis is either you play or you play.
God bless the USA and the holiday season, with thug life Joseph, Rocky Dennis & black-faced wise men.
Rocky going to the USSR in 1985 is like Dennis Rodman going to North Korea now. Only slightly more realistic, somehow.
Hey Shia LeBeouf if you really want to be cool and popular you should plagiarise my beloved comic 'MASK: The Rocky Dennis Story'
tony Bretton and ken ribas rocky dennis
The mask with the green dude, or mask with rocky dennis?
I saw real Rocky Dennis at Knotts Berry farm in 70s
The moment the nice butt on the treadmill in front of you've been staring at for 45 minutes turns around and has the face of rocky dennis.
Bored(?) -this will touch your heart : pls read
Is that Rocky Dennis in the background?
You've got to be kidding me I,Frankenstein looks like rocky dennis on a bad hair day
I liked a video Lara plays the Rocky Maridia theme from Super Metroid
Just listening to Marshall Mathers LP 2 for the first time, 3 songs in an I have to say, eminem is weirder than rocky dennis
be like Dennis Kucinch, Ron Paul, Rocky Anderson and Jesse Ventura OR You are going to serve through a Hellish American WW3!
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virginitys not an issue its an illness. And if u dnt nip it in the bud rocky dennis will henceforth b your nickname
Whenever you think you're ugly. Just Google 'Rocky Dennis' You'll feel much better.
Anyone who can be replaced by a machine deserves to be. -Dennis Gunton
Matt Smith looks a little like Frankenstein or Rocky Dennis from 'Mask'...
If Rocky Dennis had been born twenty years later he could have had a show on TLC and we would've all been saved from Eric Stoltz.
Tbt to thinking Rocky Dennis was a real person
Hunter Dennis, 18, arrested after brutal murder of 12 rocky mountain varsity basketball players.
People call me the Rocky Dennis of my generation.
Rocky Dennis walks into a bar and the barman says, "Why th.. Hello mate, what can I get you?"
Dan, I love how unique you are. Everyone does. Look how popular Rocky Dennis was.
GIrl If you look like Rocky Dennis ain't nobody trying to hollar at ur big head ***
Roy rocky dennis Posted on 10:03 by Staff News with Roy rocky dennis, Barbara March saw him out the corner of her eye, but kept her eyes on her roll sheet. It was the fall of 1976, the first day of school at Sandburg Junior High School. The boy that walked into her ninth grade English class and took...
Rocky Dennis. The real person and his mom..
Scandinavian women are either insanely beautiful or look like they might have that Rocky Dennis disease nothing in between
Jus from reading a few status's you would think there was hella super stars out here in Denver !! Lol shrink that head Rocky Dennis !!
Is it me or is Tori Spelling starting to look like Rocky Dennis.
No. Rocky Dennis fought Apollo Creed a couple times. Then Clubber Lang. Then he *** pounded that Russian guy.
Ever just wonder... What rocky dennis is doing right now?
Okay note to parents;never get in the way of your 2year old after giving him a plastic bat to play could easily end up with a knot on the front of your forehead.having to go to work in the morning looking like ROCKY DENNIS(the mask)because my son has CLONKED"the *** out of me. # loo like me&KIMBO had words
Mike Katz' coming 4th just breaks your heart every time. Looking like Rocky Dennis didn't help him.
After dental work on top left and bottom right parts of my mouth, I feel like I look like Rocky Dennis. An improvement, no doubt.
Rocky Dennis was real just had a genetic disorder that made him look different on the outside
my uncle went to school with Rocky Dennis, didn't know him well but said he was cool. He seemed beautiful to me.
Rocky Dennis, an inspiration to us all x
you tell em.. I would've loved to have known Rocky Dennis! 💞
Bed time! Just watched Mask the Rocky Dennis story! I have seen it a million times, but still want to cry when he dies :(
My mom always has the sweetest things to say. (in reference to my mystery hives and countless dr appointments) "at least you don't have leprosy, or look like that guy from the movie mask." got to love a rocky Dennis reference. Love you more ma!
This sixers game is pretty like rocky dennis
Your moms so dumb,rocky Dennis points and laughs at her
If you would just keep your Rocky Dennis mouth shut, you'd be in the UFC.
If I had the ability to mutate like The Hulk, I'd say, "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" then turn into Rocky Dennis
Exclusive: Leona Lewis says her rocky-to Dennis Jauch is 'on' again but it is still too soon to get...
Is it just me or is it every year that passes Drew Barrymore looks more and more like Rocky Dennis from The Mask.
she looks like a female Rocky Dennis.. Aka mask
At the Nutcracker with my kids. What's worse is that Rocky Dennis is in the seat in front of me.
frank ocean ASAP Rocky Dennis Rodman, should i go on ?
I wanna thank rocky dennis for selling me his luigis mansion.
MSG me tell me wots wrong rocky Dennis
The best part was when he paused when talking about Case. "Case McCoy is." Garbage? Worse than you? Rocky Dennis?!?
Rocky Dennis was a stud! . Positive attitude and love of this life and people in it! . Cherish it all as fragile gifts from God.
Had a steak last night as big as Rocky Dennis's face. Long story short, as of an hour ago I get labour. I get it ladies.
the disfigured Jim Carrey The Mask or the one with that hot, sexy Rocky Dennis?
Shoutout 2 the dudes/chicks calling/texting them "night fighters" to come over that look like Sheneneh mixed with Rocky Dennis in the face.
So the guy without a scratch wins and the guy that looks like Rocky Dennis loses. The exact opposite of the last GSP fight.
poor Melissa rivers looks like Rocky Dennis from the movie mask.
I'm having a Rocky Dennis kind of hair day.
Cuz shorty DO got that Rocky Dennis up-do side sweep bang.
I thought apart eyed was what rocky Dennis had😐
"I look like the mexican Rocky Dennis . no, you look like my favorite ;)
I look like the mexican Rocky Dennis .
I'll bet Rocky Dennis got his fair share of pity head from Cher's biker girlfriends so I refuse to feel bad for that guy.
I didn't realise Rocky Dennis was in The Video Dead!
like kissing a slightly less scary Rocky Dennis.
At least Rocky Dennis had a big black ***
She looks like the Black female Rocky Dennis in her avi.
Says the guy who looks likes Carrot Top and Rocky Dennis had a baby.
There was a rocky Dennis/ Phillip Seymour Hoffman thing going on there I couldn't do it
tell that to the elephant man Joseph Merrick and tell that to Rocky Dennis.
I could complain about Abercrombie & Fitch, tell Mike Jeffries he resembles the love child of Jocelyn Wildenstein and Rocky Dennis, and express my outrage about how he targets the "cool kid" demographic and excludes "losers" and "fat chicks". Or I could realize I don't give a flying hoot about what brands target whom and neither should anybody else. WHAT IS NEWS NOWADAYS. Stop sharing the A&F hate posts.
I had a blind date once with a girl who looked like Rocky Dennis in Mask. I just found myself wondering where she is now. I must be lonely.
I've cried 4 different times watching the movie Mask... True story about Rocky Dennis... Highly recommend
This guy looks just like Rocky Dennis, if Rocky Dennis had Autism and a bowl cut.
my sledgehammer would like to turn his face into Rocky Dennis
Very true. And EJO doesn't even hide his with a mask. Speaking of masks, ultimate , Rocky Dennis.
Barney is the Rocky Dennis of dinosaurs.
wow he looks like Rocky Dennis from Mask in that pic. Maybe should have kept the beard to disguise that Quagmire like chin.
"Well then 😕 can't be true...or I look like Rocky Dennis! Or Miley's bad *** cleavage! FML
Police close the Latos case citing that she was intoxicated If you were married to that Rocky Dennis looking *** you would be drunk too
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