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Rocky Dennis

Roy Lee Rocky Dennis (December 4, 1961 - October 4, 1978) was an American boy afflicted with craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, an extremely rare, sclerotic bone disorder.

John Kerry Pete Carroll Rocky Balboa Dirk Kuyt

"Tuxedo Mask is the worst Batman." // But the best Rocky Dennis action figure variant.
Am I the first person to notice that Bill Nye looks like a hastily constructed Rocky Dennis scarecrow?
When I had that pot thrown at me I looked like Rocky Dennis for a week
Anyone else notice how Joan looked like Rocky Dennis in this first pic
Does anyone else think that Peyton Manning looks like Rocky Dennis from Mask by the end of the game?
Good thing I kept Rocky Dennis as QB for my team. What's that?. His name is The dude from Mask? Really?
Rocky Dennis almost killed the pitcher with that hit.
The Dolphins offense looks like Rocky Dennis int he first half
Barely awake. Read “Rocky Dennis Commando” and imagined him on a humid day freeballin’. Thanks.
Commando, but instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's Rocky Dennis
If i wake up looking like rocky dennis i wont be impressed
Ickey Woods and Rocky Dennis in a GEICO commercial
is he related to rocky Dennis. I feel sorry for the ground that his face smashed up
let's see your face, oh wait too scared to get roasted because you're uglier than Rocky Dennis. Get outta here.
Rocky River stops Sun Valley's attempts to tie again to claim 1st victory of 2014 - 21 to 14
Rocky River answers with a 60 yd TD drive to take 21-14 lead over Sun Valley! Less than 5:00 left in the game.
At the end of 3, Rocky River still leads Sun Valley 14-6. SV at the 10
Good God, you need two rolling IV's of Thorazine, & now I need a lobotomy to unimagine Rocky Dennis as "Pretty Man."
The first few months it was out it ruled & I crushed on it. Then it blew up & I might as well have Rocky Dennis as my profile pic
A group of drunk 40yr old women kept harassing and calling me Rocky Dennis tonight.
"Pete Carroll kinda reminds me of Rocky Dennis." hes a good coach
Pete Carroll kinda reminds me of Rocky Dennis.
I'm really stunned. Joan Rivers is gone and I never got to stick my *** in her plastic mouth. RIP Angel Rocky Dennis.
No tasteful nudes but technically I just did some modeling. Ha! Eat your heart out Rocky Dennis!…
Leave Rocky Dennis out of it he wasn't no cheerleader for genocide.
no, I have literally been thinking about that time you said "A$AP ROCKY DENNIS" all morning, your my angle...
Clay is the hangnail, tripped over clown shoes, rocky Dennis slept on my shoulder, WASTE of $
When casting for the role of John Kerry, they should get Eric Stolz using Rocky Dennis' Mask.
If Rocky Dennis didn't have craniodiaphyseal dysplasia he would be a carbon copy of
shocking wasn't it! Hardened me against liking any player that much ever again! Rocky and Dennis excepted :)
even if she did cheat on you could you blame her? Your the rocky Dennis of Ajax ..
All purpose parts banner
Bloke just walked past who looks like freak 'rocky dennis' .check him out on google
that search starts and ends with Rocky Dennis.
“Who let they 4 year old do their tattoo Dennis filter
again w/ the emojis we get it Rocky Dennis look alike you ain't gotta comeback
she's gettin pounded by rocky Dennis and his elephant man syndrome
nice! Prehaps it was Rocky, the flying squirrel!
I have a friend who is a registrar in a school and was assigned to teach. Is she eligible for an additional salary?
hi anton, I'm one of your followers. Could I ask you for an advice.
Sometimes the most unlikely people become hero's. ~Rocky Dennis~ Die very young. His quote:…
no hard feelings? You don't really look like rocky dennis I'm sorry
This whole family looks like Rocky Dennis
“Nicky Romero totally looks like Rocky Dennis. yes
“Not a cloud in the sky, perfect breeze, waves crashing in the background. Sounds like a Rocky Dennis.
Scholes knows what he's talking about Piers. Played the game. You know nothing Rocky Dennis head.
Every dude at The Viper Room looks like if Sloth from The Goonies and Rocky Dennis from Mask morphed together and put on a B…
Final S Meck 29 - 14 over a depleted Rocky River team. led by a Soph 1st time starter + several other starters missing.
Matthew Peterson scores his first TD on a 4th down 10 yard reception!. GO Rocky River Ravens !!!
reminds me of a line from a Bloodhound Gang song "if you don't wanna look like Rocky Dennis better drink your milk"
At the half South Meck 16 - Rocky River 7. is missing their starting QB & it shows (only 2 pass attempts)
Joe Soto is going to enter the Octagon feeling like Rocky Balboa...and leave looking like Rocky Dennis.
nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion there big for my avi -Im a rocky Dennis lookalike- grotesque & repugnant
He reprised the role of Rocky Dennis for the Castlemilk version of 'Mask'.
why aren't girls in love with Rocky Dennis from Mask? a genuine, intelligent, compassionate character?
I did the ALS scalding hot water challenge earlier today and now my name is Rocky Dennis.
Rocky Dennis is better looking than husband. Can you say missing chromosomes?
If that girls beautiful rocky Dennis is handsome
seeing you is like looking in a mirror..the same mirror Rocky Dennis looked in
Tell me Odie is a stunted drooling discoloured elephant. Tell me Babar isn't a real elephant, just a cartoon, grey version of Rocky Dennis.
Please keep my friend Dennis and his family in your prayers. Thanks
who's that next to her Rocky Dennis?
feel like my heads Rocky Dennis' absolutely killing
Rocky Dennis actual gees me the fear
looks a lot like Rocky Dennis...I could be wrong tho'
Rocky Dennis grew up to lead a long successful life
"or Jermaine Dupri & a pug he looks like Rocky Dennis from Mask
I'm the type of guy who walks up to Rocky Dennis and says, "Why the long face?" He was still a cute kid.
I have found my new favourite person in the world. He has the rocky Dennis disease
RIP Don Cannon. Philly legend from Rocky to morning shows par excellence. Who can forget him with Tony Bruno and Dennis Malloy as BadWilson
Gellman's wife was Rocky Dennis's girlfriend from Mask !! You're so beautiful! Oh you're blind !!
you look like Rocky Dennis compared to that guy
I'm Rocky Dennis and I totes forgive you
she looks like Rocky Dennis' sister 😂😂😂.
Prospect truth has got more dribble on his chin then rocky Dennis in body therapy unit
I'm sorry rocky Dennis I couldn't see you through the calcium deposits that you call eye brows
Don't like being shutout by Rocky Dennis from Mask.
My exes baby's mama looks like Rocky Dennis from the (1985) movie the "Mask" featuring Cher and that's all I have to say about that:)...
Young Thug look like a dennis rodman version of asap rocky .. Lol hella ugly
Must be true, you could look like Rocky Dennis but have an English accent, and Yank women will be gushing like Niagara Falls
what's up with his guys haircut man? a little face disfigurement and that guy is a dead ringer for Rocky Dennis
is the second picture a sock of Rocky Dennis from Mask?
It'd be great to have a pint with Rocky Dennis and his blind bird.
I think I'll take human growth hormone until I look like Rocky Dennis on steroids.
Rocky Dennis? Love that kid. Making him SecState was a savvy move?
ends with Sam Elliott riding up on a chopper with Cher on his back. Then we find out this was all just a story written by Rocky Dennis
I didn't know Rocky Dennis made the team...
“When u can't afford a photo short so u have to do it in your back garden you look like rocky dennis😂
This guy on jeopardy almost made me puke...he looks like Rocky Dennis if he had 3rd degree burns.
"Enjoy. when did they make a Rocky Dennis doll?
Rocky Dennis! Before that you said Honey Boo Boo. You're not painting this girl well. I think I only met her once.
Well maybe not an actual midget but she was 4'10". Also she looked like Rocky Dennis.
well, the one on the right can't fit Rocky Dennis.
Devon Alexander looks like Rocky Dennis with that forehead.
Boy don't play with me ain't you seen how rocky box?
Pride After Party! I know... I look like Rocky Dennis. (@ The Mixx Nightclub in Saginaw, MI)
I can't hear Katmandu without visualizing Rocky Dennis ripping down maps off of his walls.
Who has seen the mask the rocky Dennis one?
“Does this weed make me look happy? Genetics made you look like Rocky Dennis. Ooof.
I kid about the Rocky Dennis thing. I like Chris Watters. He just reminds me of Eric Stoltz.
I think Rocky Dennis is doing a great job on stage. ;)
"...and that's about the time I stopped practicing roundhouse kicks in the nude.". Said the good day Rocky Dennis- old Tippi hybrid.
Pulling a Dennis and eating cereal in the car on the way to work.
Its worse you know youre beautiful but youre treated like rocky dennis
I may resemble what Rocky Dennis would look like on a good day and you'd probably have a hard time distinguishing...
if ya fail just remember Rocky Dennis is famous for being ugly af
I've spent my time off from work in the most productive way possible - sculpting horrifying Rocky Dennis heads. http…
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oh. Rocky Dennis jokes. Now we're talking.
thought we had established that you currently have the Rocky Dennis
that dude that played Rocky Dennis and sucked as Marty McFly for the trifecta bet. Although is he a celebrity? Whatever, I'm banking it
“Love that I look like Rocky in my dressing down.” Yep! ROCKY DENNIS 😉👍
Rocky Dennis(AJ Hawk) and Sharon Rodgers ruined Raw last night 😂
Yo this girl playin physical therapist looks like rocky Dennis from the movie Mask.
lol cmon dude. Stop trying to be tough. Don't be mad that 15 people agree that you look like Rocky dennis.
That chick looked like Rocky Dennis from Mask
Dennis Johnson had a rocky camp.Had a bad stretch at the beginning of last week. Had a bad bust that got Savage cleaned this past week.
Remember going to see this at the movie theater with Pam Shaw Erickson and Dennis Seitz!
PROSPECT VIDEO OF THE DAY: Dennis Smith Jr (Team Loaded VA) is the BEST PG in 2016, starred at h…
"aphrodite", indeed. you look like Grace Slick crossed with Rocky Dennis. Not remotely hot.
watch the one where the Globetrotters play North Korea in basketball. Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-un + the Rocky theme song = 👌
He stepped up like Rocky then he"ll go from looking like he Balboa to Rocky Dennis
Somehow I made it through work today. Allergies had me lookin like Rocky Dennis
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Just realized Rocky Dennis is pitching for the Padres.
Matt Schaub experiment off to rocky start in Oakland: Raiders coach Dennis Allen spent the offseason trying to...
I'm sorry but once a *** beats you to the point you look like Rocky Dennis after the fight, just call it quits!!
These things are a drag: dust in my hair, holes in my shoes, no money in my pocket, and the sun shining on my face. - Rocky Dennis
Young Thug got the swag of Lil Wayne, look like Dennis Rodman and ASAP Rocky had a kid, and got the speech of a toddler ..
Jr dos Santos wants to fight anyone who DOESN'T make his face look like Rocky Dennis
JESUS CHRIST! I thought that was Rocky Dennis from Mask for a minute. Thought I was going to puke.
- Rocky Dennis pictured wondering who the next great tribute band will be booked by Paul Maiden
- Rocky Dennis Tribute live at the boulevard this friday.
Somebody give me a celebrity look alike (no rocky dennis jokes)
Betting 99% of listeners won't get the Rocky Dennis joke on the last podcast, but I laughed my *** off.
Some of y'all females bash each other for being ugly yet look like rocky Dennis when the makeup come off 😂😂
No time pls! A$AP Rocky slaps fan, fan slaps back...
Jew hater and life-long political hack John "Rocky Dennis" Kerry is in Egypt most likely to condemn Jews for defending themselves&being Jews
Check out Dennis D.'s review of Rocky Point Farm on
Cannot argue there. Angel, Rocky, Dennis Becker & all.
$MINE.. I bet if they remade the movie "Mask" but used cats, urs would easily get the role of Rocky Dennis.
Having seen him on all the politico shows today, is it me or is Sec.of State, John Kerry, slowly morphing into Rocky Dennis from "Mask"?
Chuckles looks like a Forever 21 Hipster version of Rocky Dennis.
That ginger kid looks like Rocky Dennis
Totally agree with Commish Ryan on Rockford Files. Garner and GREAT ensemble cast (Angel, Dennis, Beth, Rocky.) On my Mt. Rushmore
Q.: Who played the title character, Rocky Dennis, in 1985's Mask?
Angel, Rocky, Dennis, and Beth. Not to mention Lance White (aka Tom Selleck). ;-)
Sad to hear James Garner RIP files great series best theme tune ever great characters jimmy rocky angel dennis
why does Jay look like Rocky Dennis in this pic?
San Antonio is not for single people time to thumb tack the fck outta the Rocky Dennis map.
Are you guys following at yet? He's going to watch with me. Also he's really handsome, like Rocky Dennis.
hey rocky Dennis glad to see you getting out there again
thank you for your kindness + support Jay playing Rocky Dennis in a remake?
I think you look like Rocky Dennis without the disease.
I didn't know Rocky Dennis was an AJ Lee mark.
Rocky Dennis must have been a right ***
more worried if the guy I thought looked like rocky Dennis is your mate
is the love child of Christoper Titus and Rocky Dennis.
Just seen somebody post been stuck up Is so much better,her you look like rocky Dennis
I have the physical assets of Shelley Godfrey + Nemesis + Rocky Dennis.
I'm pretty sure nobody taking awful selfies annoys me more than Rocky Dennis. I mean,
CPR rollin' deep today with Rocky Dennis gimp cart-free.
sheesh jj I haven't seen this much push for some love since rocky Dennis
My baby, B.D. Higgins ( Dozer ). Named him after my favorite character from the Rocky Dennis story (Mask).
I laughed at that but I'm ashamed of myself. . Maybe we could get that nice Rocky Dennis fellow?
you got Leno chin in that pic, you actually look a little like Rocky Dennis in the movie Mask.
"You know, if you catch her in the right light she looks like a female Rocky Dennis"
Rocky Dennis has the most amazing personality 💕👍💁
You can't curse on tv but showing a deformed Rocky Dennis face on the smoking commercials is perfectly fine
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Neymar will have a head like Rocky Dennis now! Who gets that?
Told a rough looking coworker she looks like they cut down the ugly tree, shaved it into a bat and Rocky Dennis beat her with it.
Planning my sprawling trip around the UK. I'll probably never do it like Rocky Dennis didn't do his world one. He had a good excuse though.
Tim Krul is the brother of Rocky Dennis
She looks like Rocky Dennis from Mask but with glasses and mousey brown hair.
Dennis: Light up everybody. Paul: We're gonna get high high high. John: Rocky Mountain High. Tim: Oh Rocky!
Those last longer commercials at 4am got some Rocky Dennis ugly chicks. I'm sorry mam but your face reverses the effects of this product.
next time ur at the doc ask for some estrogen rocky Dennis
I keep waiting for Rocky Dennis to catch a break and finally get his revenge but nonetheless he dies in "Under the Skin" as well.
I think Carmelo likes the sun shining on his Rocky Dennis.
oof looking like a young Rocky Dennis
It can be when you're actually a woman that looks like Rocky Dennis.
are you watching a biographical series about Randell Dennis the father of Rocky Dennis?
It was full on Rocky Dennis.. and we agreed we'd all drop LSD at breakfast every day
what's going on with Lydia's face?! She looks awful. Botox'd to the max! Looks like Rocky Dennis x
59 days until it's Rocky Calmus had 59 career tackles for loss (1998-2001), an OU record.
Well you wanna look like Rocky Dennis
she looked like Rocky Dennis with a vultures beak
Listening to podcast with Dave Attell driving home. "Rocky Dennis the musical" nearly made me wreck!
“you are watching? Huh?” Does look like Rocky Dennis the morning after a show?
my mates say I look like rocky dennis is that a good thing or a bad thing
Hello labidabs, thank you for the advance monthsary gift Dennis Carloe. Thank you for giving me Rocky. Don't...
who would win in a bare knuckle fistfight, Rocky Dennis or Dennis Rodman? And why...?
“Got 'em. it's the alien version of Rocky Dennis. I'm convinced.
you have more stubble than Rocky Dennis.
I prefer to keep mine to the imagination!! Let people think I look like rocky dennis!!
Dirk Kuyt gives Rocky Dennis a run for his money in the looks department
The older Dirk Kuyt gets the more he looks like Rocky Dennis still a legend tho
Did you say Rolando is a good lookin dude? That's nice. People say I look like Rocky Dennis. Yours B. Weeden
Rocky Dennis is playing for Holland tonight apparently
That feeling when you feel a bug run across your arm in bed, forget about it and wake up looking like Rocky Dennis.
Julianne Moore is like what if Rocky Dennis was hot.
I just assumed you looked like Rocky Dennis
plus Rocky Mount is boring and dangerous
Has anyone seen Rocky Dennis and alexi in the same room at the same time
oh Alex. What is that Barnet of yours? You look like Rocky Dennis after a bottle of Bella you absolute pervert
:eek Kinda looks like Rocky Dennis from Mask
Eric Stults? The guy who played Rocky Dennis in Mask?
I'm always going to win because you are inferior in every way ha!Hope the cars ok and liannes hang owa isn't too bad Rocky Dennis
Exactly. It's not surprising he'd make fun of Rocky Dennis when he uses the word "rere."
Sooo, to get under someone's skin his *** mocks Rocky Dennis. Who suffered from a rare, sclerotic bone disorder... ***
Rocky Dennis looks more like his baby mama
they look like relations of Rocky Dennis.
to be fair I said you look like Rocky Dennis from "Mask" and that you're too young to get the reference. It's almost a compliment
I don't dress up for comic cons not my thing but somebody said oh your here as Rocky Dennis
yur maws flange looks like rocky Dennis
Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. Ayla, Rocky, Violet, and Ambrose will be at the AAU event at Petco
Rocky Balboa is the actual title. Came out in 2006. Surprisingly good.
Well, he only gives him brain damage, which mysteriously disappears 20 years later in Rocky VI. He did kill Apollo. Literally
This dude is like a hot Rocky Dennis...yeah I said it...and what?
go for it she'll prob run away from u because you look like rocky Dennis and
.has anyone ever pointed out to you that you look like a cross between Rocky Balboa and Rocky Dennis?
great show, very well done. thanks to nycdads and the Rocky cast & crew
there's a Rocky Dennis joke in here somewhere.
I told this chick I was a real freak in bed, but even after that warning, I don't think she was expecting me to wear that Rocky Dennis mask
This poison ivy got me looking like Rocky Dennis from Mask. Google it.
I will be wearing an Orange and White tie for my dear friend Dennis Wilson's funeral. He loved Rocky Top. This ain't easy for me. LOL
Thought I just saw Rocky Dennis but it was a lady with botched plastic surgery
Looks like Rocky Dennis from the film Mask
My favorite part of the Winter Olympics was remembering Shaun Whites performance as Rocky Dennis in the movie Mask.
"me". Your Avi as Rocky Dennis is not going to help you get followers. Be you. Or if he's better.
I became a fan in 85 the mask movie rocky dennis story love u in that movie
Toggling back n forth bt Rocky Dennis and Walter Payton. Heaven.
I was lost but now I'm found only becoz I was left on my own by skip yozza mikey lewbo and rocky Dennis im alone and misused :-(
Senators AA beat Rocky 8-1, Trey Dennis with the win Cole Skinner wraps it up!
Rocky Dennis. Yeah I was pretty much like him but without the tragic death and a free trip to the baths.
made up for it when he excellently portrayed Rocky Dennis in 'Mask' though
Edison Cavarni is the spitting image of Rocky Dennis
he looks like Rocky Dennis from Mask
Rocky Dennis’s face is reminiscent of Mr. Potato Head’s ballbag..
And the sun shining on my face. Rocky Dennis, and if u don't know who he is, sad.
Corkey,Rocky Dennis,and the monster from Goonies
Rocky Dennis, Shaun White, and the elephant man.
Dennis: The Siberian Rocky is back tomorrow on HBO! Could this be an upset alert? He has been out-boxed before,...
More 80s movies. Mask and Say Anything. >>Mask, based on a true story of Rocky Dennis, i...
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I told myself I'm not posting this Rocky Dennis pic, because I'm better than that.
Whose face is that Gillette flexball designed for? Rocky Dennis?
Found some girl that looks exactly like Rocky Dennis and its creeping me out
This got more pins then a Rocky Dennis map ***
My 4 yo just ran into the kitchen, crying, saying, "it's my turn to look like Rocky Dennis and she won't let me have a turn!" Ok...?
*** said Iggy Azalea look like Rocky Dennis. let me go fill out some spreadsheets.
Tyler the Creator might be the ugliest thing God has created since Rocky Dennis
I got Rocky Dennis! Which red headed step child are you?
i actually have a bird now. A carer? Coming from rocky dennis.
I thought Rocky Dennis died, but he is doing comedy under the name
I just now saw this & I hope you know I hate u & I hope ur first born child looks like rocky dennis
[DailyBuzz] Andy Karl and his wife Orfeh throw their punches at the 2014 Tony Awards on Sunday evening (June 8)...
New Shirtless Pic: Rocky's Andy Karl is the 'Eye of the Tiger' at
Did Rocky Dennis just ride a wooly mammoth onor did I eat the bad kind of mushrooms?
Is that Rocky Dennis riding a mammoth?
But if Rocky can get a musical can a Dennis Lehane book get one lol
Chief keef and ASAP rocky in a song together 🙌🙌🎧🎶
rocky Dennis had a pretty normal chin actually
The Mask with Rocky Dennis should be mandatory viewing for all teens. Would do more for anti-bullying campaigns than co…
Watching one of my favorites "Mask." The one about Rocky Dennis. The boy with the elephant disease. I guess thats why i like the song by bob seger-Roll me way.
This Rocky Dennis movie is so good and Cher did a great job as an actress.
Watching "Mask". This Rocky Dennis is so good. Cher did a great job as an actress.
hey Ryan I love u in but preferred u as Rocky Dennis
Maybe I should not be so *** those kids considering their mother looks like Rocky Dennis.
I'd love to see him with Rocky Dennis hair. Spitting double.
Good morning jus watching rocky dennis on dvd
Bartender at the beach looked like Rocky Dennis
Went out yesterday... everybody look like Rocky Dennis.
“Motivated I can do this. Imma run up n down these stairs like” Rocky Dennis from The Mask? Lol jk
Memorial Day this year comes at a rocky time for veterans:
I wasn't blessed with stunning good looks but I'm pretty sure I just saw Rocky Dennis on the highway next to me.
.Pete much as I respect ur opinion, McQuistan's Rocky Dennis *** couldn't block me & I've lost more than a step.
5A State Baseball: Story from vs title game . Great 5A tournament this year.
Rocky Mountain won its fifth 5A baseball title in 8 years. story:
A man calling himself an alpha male is sad by any standards, doubly so when he looks like Rocky Dennis got laid up for a few months
with his Rocky Dennis on lacrosse lookin instagram toaster filter ***
5A State Baseball: pop out out to catcher for 2nd out. Still bases loaded for trailing 6-5 B7.
5A State Baseball: singles to give Raiders runners at 1st & 2nd with 1 out B7. leads 6-5.
5A State Baseball: Headed to B7 - 6, 5. has given Raiders the chance to force a 2nd game.
5A State Baseball: Stajduhar singles to led off T7 for 1st hit for since 6-run 3rd inning for Rocky.
5A State Baseball: Big pop up and K by Stevens ends the ending. 6, 5 going to the 7th.
5A State Baseball: RBI single by Urich cuts lead to just a run at 6-5 in B6. Runners @ the corners.
5A State Baseball: has runners at 1st & 2nd with 1 out in B6. still leads 6-4.
5A State Baseball: strands 2 runners in T6. Still leads 6-4 going to B6.
5A State Baseball: just hit 2-run home run for in B4 to cut lead to 6-4.
5A State Baseball: Through 4 innings - 6, 2. Raiders have left 6 runners on base.
5A State Baseball: scores on double-play groundout. 6, 2 in B4.
5A State Baseball: Leadoff double by Woodruff to start B4. Pitching change for Stevens on the hill
5A State Baseball: Through 3 innings - 6, 1. Stajduhar effective wild on the mound. 5 BB, but 4Ks.
5A State Baseball: RBI sac fly by gets on the scoreboard. Trails 6-1 in B3.
5A State Baseball: has bases loaded with 0 outs in B3. Trailing 6-0.
5A State Baseball: trying to answer 6-run T3. have runners at 1st and 2nd with no outs B3.
5A State Baseball: T3 finally comes to an end. scores 6 runs on 5 hits. Leads 6-0 going to B3.
5A State Baseball: plates 6th run in the T3 on passed ball.
5A State Baseball: Hit parade continues for RBI single by Reisman puts up 5-0 on in T3.
5A State Baseball: RBI double by Tyler Stevens gives 4-0 lead on in T3.
5A State Baseball: has bases loaded 1 out in T3. Stajduhar at the plate.
5A State Baseball: has runners at 2nd & 3rd with 1 out in T3.
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