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Rock Paper Scissors

Rock-paper-scissors is a hand game played by two people. The game is also known as roshambo, or by other orderings of the three items (with stone sometimes substituting for rock ).

Justin Lawrence Knowshon Moreno

In rock, paper, scissors, a loosely formed rock can instantly morph into paper. But you gotta want it, kid. You gotta bel…
If ya mom ain't 40 yet and u got a baby, 1 of y'all a *** ..y'all gotta play rock ✊ paper ✋ scissors ✌️
Been askin ppl on trip if they kno how 2play Rock Paper Scissors. No luck in Indian village but Nepalis all about it
Rock Paper Scissors for whoever has to take the bread basket from the table next to us.
everyone knows Rock Paper Scissors is always best 2 out of 3 so still another few referendums to go
Melissa beat me at Rock Paper Scissors for Jackie's family & Myrna 😐
I would've thought that's the job of the Rock-Paper-Scissors winner...
Zlatan once played rock, paper, scissors against his reflection and won.
The mascots battle in a best two-out-of-three game of rock, paper, scissors on the sidelines, and it's not even...
I'm officially DEAD...paper rock scissors for last pass. I've seen it all
Today's Lion Heart bridge. Taeyeon and Seohyun playing Rock Paper Scissors lol
let down Portage Northern and lost in Rock Paper Scissors at welcome week
PocketBB had Rock Paper Scissors before new ep aired. Current live doesn't seem real time at this point. Almost over BB.
Houseguests gloating about this sadistic Rock Paper Scissors game need to remember "pride cometh before the fall."
Rock Paper Scissors across continents. What a time to be alive.
Rock Paper Scissors for the movie choice! Justin Lawrence won for We are Marshall! Andy is not happy. http…   10% Off
If you like Fate/Rock Paper Scissors: Fate/Extra. If you like SRPGs, Tactics Ogre LUCT or FF Tactics WotL (with patches)
what if instead of Rock Paper Scissors it was Jingle Bell Rock
I'm not sure. We settled getting number 7 (Kenny Hill post USC game) with Rock Paper Scissors. Knew the dude would pick rock, lol.
Brad won Rock Paper Scissors but Kyle won the match
uncle Ralph is dead. That last game of Rock Paper Scissors proved too much for him. 👊✋✌🔫. Time to go back to my regular life.
AppTrader New listing:. All rights and the Source Code for Shake! Rock Paper Scissors!. $500USD...
I played Rock Paper Scissors for a bottle of fireball and lost
If you want to see something hilarious . Duda plays Wahid in the first round of Rock Paper Scissors. That will be the fun…
Rock Paper Scissors, a creative arts, screen printing and zine making group in downtown Oakland, needs love:
Glen Helen dinner time w/ a twist. No Wasted Food" dance and an epic battle of Rock Paper Scissors!
Looks like the game of Rock Paper Scissors at Luthuli House to dive on this grenade has finally revealed a loser.
The fact that me&Hiedy had to play a game of Rock Paper Scissors at work to figure out who can go downstairs is a little sad
we'll Rock Paper Scissors at MEIJER cause they got tim hortons
Amherst cop just decided if I got arrested if jake beat me in Rock Paper Scissors. Somehow I won
Help us and raise funds for Breast Cancer Research just by playing Rock Paper Scissors
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Mekenzie: god gave you 2 hands so why don't you play Rock Paper Scissors shoot or pet your dog
well if I don't find one you and gunna have to Rock Paper Scissors for all this sexiness lol
Just a tip if you ever play rock, paper, scissors with me: I always do scissors the first 2 times. Cole figured that out in 2 seconds 😐
lol I would be like Rock Paper Scissors but that wasn't gone work 😂😭
We've got a Kroy Biermann signed football for the first person to find at the grey tent and beat him at …
Played Rock Paper Scissors, closest number then a coin toss on who would put back the jeans between me and Victor. I won 😏😂😂😂
Just played rock, paper, scissors with to see who would pay
Rock, paper, scissors. But for your soul.
Made it to the rock paper scissors final in today
The result of an epic Playfair paper-rock-scissors tournament
Rock Paper Scissors for most honest team Golf Day
Sorry I let down all my fans in the Rock Paper Scissors championships I'll get them next year
One highlight of today was Darrel performing some songs after losing rock paper scissors
Now I know how paper bears rock, how rock beats scissors, and how scissors beats paper
Rock Paper Scissors is the obvious solution here
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
So just won the rock, paper, scissors game 💁
Had a good game of rock paper scissors with Macklemore earlier 😏
The boys are playing rock, paper, scissors over who gets to eat the last bites
I can't stop laughing, I clearly know my son very well because I just SMOKED him at Rock Paper Scissors like 50 times in a row...I just KNEW what he was going to pick next!! LOL
These were the good old nights out at with playing rock paper scissors -
The Sniper engages in an intense battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
I want my soul back, can we play rock, paper, scissors for it?
It would be really great if college tuition was paid in something stupid like beating a game. Like Rock Paper Scissors for your tuition
Let's play rock, paper, scissors. Not sure about paper, but I'd rock your stepdad & scissor your mom
there is a rumor if you ask a riot employee for a skin you have to best them at Rock Paper Scissors and you get one, true??
New FO rules will put us back to the Rock paper scissors move sets at X. This will be sloppy, you'll all complain.
Buzz has no game when it comes to Rock Paper Scissors. Can't wait to be back playing soccer with…
Rock Paper Scissors best outta 5. You can't triple stamp a double stamp, touch blue make it true. K?
My husband Jon Jon Thompson is doing a charity bike ride tomorrow for diabeties , . I'm not sure my legs will do 15 miles but my Lovely friend Amanda Smith suggested Rock Paper Scissors and I know that well Kerry Kerry Roden ...and I win so good luck Amanda smith .,I'm super proud of you ..are u Gerardo Faraci xxx
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Sabrina actually had Neda & Heather play Rock Paper Scissors for nominations. Way to show power & great game play! Lol
I am the two-time Rock Paper Scissors champion of not putting the kid to bed!
Bro just beat me at Rock Paper Scissors. I feel ashamed
We had a tie! There was a great game of Rock Paper Scissors to see who won the CD. Stay tuned for more chances to win ht…
You have to find eggs and paint them for Easter. You get to play Rock Paper Scissors like in the
Just lost in a sudden death OT game of Rock Paper Scissors, so now I have to sleep on the blow up mattress.
If yo mama ain't 40 yet and you got a child already, one of y'all a *** Y'all gotta play "Rock Paper Scissors
Excited to show support for the MPB gang tonight at Rock Paper Scissors.
You know your from the eastern shore when you go out and it's Rock Paper Scissors for dd because you all got a DUI
Let's play a round of Rock Paper Scissors, if I win I get a key to the city of San Antonio. Friends helping f…
this theory of louis's meltdown is really stupid tbh u should know that he's joking bc harry basically ruined a game of Rock Paper Scissors
Edward Scissorhands repeatedly losing in Rock Paper Scissors because his opponents always seem to know what he is gonna cho…
Hit him so hard , got him playing Rock Paper Scissors
The girls wore their hallowen costumes to school today, cutest group dressed up as the sims with the little diamonds over their heads and they picked all different characters. Such creative little minds. Others included Santa and his reindeer, mean girls, pirates of the Caribbean, shark NATO, wizard of oz, Rock Paper Scissors lizard Spock and Sheldon from the Big Bang theory. Such a nice day at work 󾔟󾆮󾌵
Hillman should've learned from Monte Ball that fumble always loses in Rock Paper Scissors..
when big Jim and I play Rock Paper Scissors, loser has to talk to my mom on the phone
If Knowshon Moreno was a little better at Rock Paper Scissors, I would be 3-0 in fantasy instead of 2-1
My fantasy team got exposed this week. Why couldn't Knowshon Moreno win that Rock Paper Scissors game and get the td?!
I'm as far from a Donkey fan as anyone, but playing Rock Paper Scissors to see who scores a touchdown? Hilarious:
All three Denver broncos running backs played Rock Paper Scissors to figure out who will take the next run play in the red zone last night..
This Friday is the second annual DECA tailgate. It's starts at 4:30. Come for food, Rock Paper Scissors, bean bag toss and more!
Leap Motion owner: . Leap Motion Free App of the Day (1st day of 5). : "Rock Paper Scissors". OS: Win/MAC...
Deciding whether to go to the gym or chipotle with Rock Paper Scissors works every time.
Just lost Rock Paper Scissors to Paige Paige LaCoste for the master bedroom. *** ?!?
Tonights the night! Join us at Rock Paper Scissors @ 7PM for some drinks, music, and shopping! 163 Newbury st
I don't want Ray Allen to win anything else in his life. Not a scratch off, a game of tic tac toe, Rock Paper Scissors, a bet... And for *** sure not a ring.
has just skool'd Glenn Lansley at top trumps and then beat him at Rock Paper Scissors for the next job! best go crack on Glenn
Literally got so bored today due to no classes. Ended up playin Rock Paper Scissors at the red box
volunteering at a elementary kid carnival and just had two little boys Rock Paper Scissors and the boy who lost had to come ask me my name.
I spy sloe_gin_fizz at Rock Paper Scissors in Love! 😍😘
Neil 'Razor' Ruddock was not best pleased that I beat him at Rock Paper Scissors!
rock paper scissors! Thats how we handle things around here lol
yeah bouta kill in this Paper Rock Scissors 😄
Table is kinda like playing 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' with 'Get involved »
just do what I use to do. Best two out of three on paper, scissors, rock. You lose to bad STFU. *** to suck xD
Abe is easy to beat at Rock Paper Scissors because he always wants more Paper.
dude just FYI, when ever I play Rock Paper Scissors I always use rock
What if rock paper scissors is really just a vicious cycle of domestic violence?
Can't we just rock paper scissors for the W instead of a shootout?
speaking of rock paper scissors! :) just finished rock paper scissors tutorial on javascript. hehe wala lang XD
Shootouts suck. I'd rather watch the captains play rock-paper-scissors to decide the extra point.
"suju decides everything with rock, paper,scissors" THIS
I guess a tie is cool, but couldn't they have a shoot out or Rock Paper Scissors match to get a winner?
"They should have just done Rock Paper Scissors at the end of the game." - Jack with all the quotes
Rock, paper, scissors waiitt best two outta three .. Momma says the greatest things in life are free ..
trying to cheat in Rock Paper Scissors
Them *** should've played paper,scissors,rock!
Someone bring me some food and ill play you in rock paper scissors
Me n my mom just got thru playing rock, paper, scissors lol we was playing to see wat movie we were gonna watch on netflix lol
Never trust a psychic you can beat at a game of Rock Paper Scissors.
Turns out I suck at Rock, Paper, Scissors when it really counts.
Whenever my sister and I argue about something we play rock-paper-scissors to decide.
Soccer fans, does this end in a tie? Or do they have a shoot out or penalty kick off or Rock Paper Scissors? Please advise
Rock Paper Scissors let me know who wins and the loser farted.
"Just between the rock and paper, the scissors cut in so much deeper. I'd take it all back to start over again."
2k is a lot like Rock Paper Scissors, but is literally my only competition. It's weird.
Did 'rock, paper, scissors' against my sister to see who had to turn the lights off for tonight, I WON :D
never play rock paper scissors with Edward paper hands or Edward rock hands:)
ITO LANG ALAM Q OPPAH SELAMAT MALAM.the 2nd step of the game is doing "Rock scissor paper" » "Suittt" in indonesian language.PWD BANG THAI NMN :)
he's just misunderstood Chris you should play Rock Paper Scissors with him to see the real ants
I programmed my computer to play Rock Paper Scissors with me
Beautiful day after a rainy start for Brunswick stew and Rock Paper Scissors!
Just looked up Rock Paper Scissors on Wikipedia .. hey life where did you go?
I thought I'd be another Hugh Hefner at this point in life. Instead I just settled an argument between 6 yr olds over Rock Paper Scissors.
Yes, Lisa Ling said that she was digging my cousin Antonio Dancer Aerialist and Tavi's bodies! :-) THEY WERE FREAKING AWESOME on the Jeff Probst show! I am so impressed. Rock Paper Scissors... Good choice!
Full body contact Rock Paper Scissors, should be an Olympic sport. Or at least introduced to the UFC. That'd be a show worth my while.
When I was little everything was solved by Rock Paper Scissors, and Thumb wars. >>>>>
Just beat my younger brother and sister at Rock Paper Scissors in a bid for the last Magnum ice-cream.
just beat in a Rock Paper Scissors match for who gets the king size bed all week. I won. you're welcome! 💋
“Rock Paper Scissors with Brad for who has to walk later? Lol that must be it!
One two three? That's the count for our Rock Paper Scissors tournament with a twist tonight. Prizes you ask? Winner receives a pair of flames tickets for Saturday night at the dome. Tournament starts at 9:20. Registration at 9pm Cheers!! DJ remedy and Plan B
The 2 little kids hair I cut always fight about who wants to go first. I told them the only fair way to settle this is Rock Paper Scissors 🔫
you saying up there? Or we gonna play Rock Paper Scissors to see who's driving home lol
seen yesterday you lost Rock Paper Scissors at half time so had to get the balls! wanted to watch you play live aswell
I am literally counting down the days til skiing, Rock Paper Scissors, drinking, and the hot springs!
I am the worst school trip leader ever, I lost a child and swore multiple times. On the plus side I am the champion of Rock Paper Scissors
Jamarion and Ta'Nasia playing Rock Paper Scissors to see who will hold Kayiden first.. So sweet..
Very simple wargame. Rock Paper Scissors with a single die for attack/defense, with some card play. Once I get some art
I noticed women in the grocery store are rude. Even the nicest woman turns to rabid pit bull behind that cart full of food and coupons. I've seen a couple knife fights. I saw this old lady whip a college student with a swiffer mop. I had to Rock Paper Scissors a soccer mom for the last box of Crystal light. She wanted to arm wrestle but I wasn't sure I win. Next time I hit the store I'm bringing the steel. Be careful out there fellas these women ain't playin at the grocery.
TONIGHT! Rock Paper Scissors at Quasimodo Live Music (135th and Quivira in So Overland Park, KS) 9:00 to Midnight. C'mon out!! Life is good. :D
MAN LAW - When calling shotgun, all riders of the car must be outside, and shotgun can only be called when the car is in view. Riders in the car are not allowed to run to shotgun and steal it before the person who called and deserves it arrives there. The driver of the car has no authority to decide on who gets shotgun. If a legitimate confrontation comes up where the rightful owner of the shotgun can not be determined then it will be decided by one round of paper rock scissors (with no shoot). If the two contenders tie 5 times in a row then the rightful owner of the shotgun is to be decided by a UFC cage match in which the first blood drawn decides the rightful owner of shotgun. Addendum to Man Law No. 15: If at any point during the process of determining the shotgun rider a hot girl hints that she would like to sit up front the driver has the sole right to declare her the shotgun rider and depending upon the situation may even deny rides to all other passengers. However, if said hot girl is an ex of any ...
Absolutely crying, Queen mum who never has to make the tea, lost at paper scissors rock and is now in the kitchen making the brews
Played Uno and Rock, Paper, Scissors with my baby We was having so much fun today. I love spending time with him. (=
and Dean playing rock paper scissors LOL
Sam and Dean playing rock paper scissors LOL
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A&M vs. OU tonight. I haven't felt this way since I had that weird dream about Voldemort and Cruella de Vil playing rock-paper-scissors.
Can only afford to go to buckhead once this weekend so and have to rock paper scissors for my attendance
Are Taylor Swifts goodies a running joke amongst celebs? Do they rock/paper/scissors on who gets to hear a song(s) about themselves?
You paper scissors rock my world, plus you my settle down type of girl
There's actually a strategy to increase your chances of winning at Rock, Paper, Scissors!
When playing rock, paper, scissors, you will NEVER lose if you say Chuck Norris
Matt & I cuddled under blankets playing rock paper scissors on who takes carter to his bball game.I lost, think I can wear my PJ's?? Thankful this crud waited to hit this week and not last during family time...miss Qcy, miss the family, and semi family :)
Rock paper scissors for whos sleeping with
But I know that he knows that I know:
I like to play Rock Paper Scissors at 3 in the morning with Corey
King *** too chicken to try Rock, Paper, Scissors for half-priced drinks when you beat the bartender
I love it when I beat my brother at rock paper scissors^-^
Paper, rock, scissors to determine whose driving back home. I win, thus sleeping in the back.
Don't be mean ok I won Rock Paper Scissors fair and square
🎶🎶What about matinee movies and pointless secrets Midnight summers, swim private beaches Rock, paper, scissors, wait best out of 3🎶🎶
Rock Paper Scissors is such a stressful game!
You think you're Thug *** Catch me in the streets & i'll challenge your *** to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
I was like yeah course I will cook for you all on Tuesday :):) Before I know it im getting demands for 100 different diets! Such lovely friends I've got! CAN'T JUST APPRECIATE THAT IM COOKING CAN YA!!! ;)
Nothing like playing rock, paper, scissors with other cars and church vans on traffic.
GAME OF SNOW RULES! its played like skate not game of in your face! Rule 1: Rock paper scissors to see who goes first! Rule 2: call your trick and the feature and make sure you say if its Reg or Switch! dont lie! Rule 3: 2 trys on the last letter! Rule 4: if the trick setter lands the trick he called he is still the caller! but if the opponent lands the trick he called the opponent is now the caller! this makes sure hard trics get called and it is back and forth! you can always choose to just take a letter if the caller does a trick u have never tryed but what the worst that can happen?! Rule 5: All tricks go! but lets try and not have a bunch of manuels thats not as fun! Rule 6: after the game both players need to report the out come of the game! We dont want any arguments! if you loose you get to go free ride so its no big deal! the winner then gets to find out his next game! Rule 7: if the caller misses the trick he called it is the other guys turn to call! Rule 8: lets have as much fun as possable! Al ...
- I get so happy when I win rock paper scissors
OMG! Sumbudy call 911! I just had an experiment in social networking blow up in my face! (book)
hmmm, is this who I think it is, from the back I would say yes, but I can't see the nose so I'm not 100% certain.. LMAO!!
:'I i am the goddess of rock paper scissors in my family hehueheue
I heard your shampoo plays rock, paper, scissors with the soap over who's gonna wash your stank *** ***
Using rock, paper, scissors for serious decision making
Drove to Narita Airport yesterday. Had to listen to my wife's music. She won Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.
After a year in Japan, and countless major decisions being made through this method - have finally just learned how the legalities of group Rock/Paper/Scissors work!!
I never understood the logic of paper beating rock in rock paper scissors ..
when playing rock paper scissors, tell everyone your water. you rust scissors, squish paper, and drown WIN
Epic day in Bradyn's life today- he learned rock, paper, scissors game and I asked me if I knew about it. I made the mistake of saying yes. At least it's a game we can play all the time that I don't have to worry about losing the pieces. He also played bball for the first time in P.E. He raised his hand and told the class that his mommy played basketball. I'm so proud!
When two trains come to a crossing, neither shall go until the other has passed.
Playing rock paper scissors over text with John
My daughter... 6.5 years old, just beat me in 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. I, am So proud... :,)
You paper, scissors, rock my heart and throw it all away..
Rock, paper, scissors with other cars in traffic! XD
If you're ever having an argument with someone, just Rock Paper Scissors over it to solve whatever it is.
Two little girls playing Rock, Paper, Scissors next to me at the food court. Tempted to jump in with "Lizard" or "Spock" on the next round.
This session was recorded at the Hotel City Garden in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on May 4, 2012. The Norwegian band Katzenjammer plays the song Rock-Paper-Sc... Rock, paper, scissors, Spock, if you please.
Piedra Papel. The game of Rock Paper Scissors, where you can challenge other players!... Play Free Online Games ww...
*** it Wordy! Rock, paper scissors with the contents of our pencil case? I'm off to get a compass ( the pointy kind FYI )
you're right; I should have totally tried harder to win at Rock Paper Scissors.
I need to alter our FNM stream's promotional giveaway to Rock Lobster, Paper Tiger, Scissors Lizard, Storm Crow.
Just found out that a rock, paper, scissors championship is an actual thing…so carry on, juggallos, go about doin' your thang.
A couple are fighting the one day suspension of their 6 year old son from his elementary school for making a gun gesture with his finger to a classmate. The school is calling it " a threat of gun violence" and the family's lawyer says it was simply two kids messing around. Apparently the boys suspension record reads "suspended for threatening to shoot a student" and the principal said the boy was sent to the office 3 times that day, once for pretending his fingers were scissors, then a gun then the suspension happened...THOUGHTS? Ridiculous or Justified...POST IT + SONGS
A cop shot this guy who lunged at his girlfriend with a pair of scissors in Brooklyn yesterday. All I could think of was Rock, Paper, Scissors' says SHOOT!
Well... it is hard to play "rock, scissors, paper, lizzard, SPOCK!" with dogs so I am going to the store and pharmacy. L-O-A-T-H-E! I was picturing a snuggle up with Kindle kind of afternoon. Guess that means I AM SUPREME PRINCESS BOSS OVER DINNER!!! Popeye's it is!! I'll make the sides. They fry up some SERIOUS bird y'all! LOL!
Paper, Scissors, Rock, Lizard, Spock. Create your own memes at MemeCenter.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
After the heartache we all felt after the school shooting last month, it's important to remember that good things can happen in schools, too.
Euglossa Bazinga!!! Rock on, Sheldon! Or should I say "Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock on, Sheldon"?!!
make your decision, Will it be rock, paper, scissors!!!
Had to paper rock scissors for my check. I landed a WHOLE 50.00! LOL
Rock, paper, scissors. shoot! A gun always beats scissors. Thank you officer for preventing a future crime and may you get well soon.
Anti-matter beats rock,paper,and scissors
ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS is BACK at POP, Every Friday!! Beat the barman & Get your round doubled absolutely FREE! LIKE or SHARE this profile and spread the word about Southamptons FRESHEST Friday night session!
"What about dad?" christopher jon says."What do you mean?" my oldest son RJ replies "Who"s going to take care of dad?"says Christopher. "Not me" RJ answers "Oh no your not pawning him off on me" "I know lets play rock paper scissors the looser gets him" Christopher lost. talk about dysfunctional
Here's photos of the rock Brees swallowed, with a scale reference. Serious business. One is with a teaspoon and a tablespoon. The other is "Rock, Paper, Scissors". I know, I know, but a little humor goes a long way:) Then two photos of my dopey little boy in his pen. He now has a cone on as he began licking the incision:(
This morning I was playing the hand game PAPER, ROCK, SCISSORS with my son. He says ”Poppa, It makes sense that Paper and Scissors don't get along. But Rock? That guy’s an ogre, looking for a fight. “ Yup he’s my son, analytical like his father. Lol!
Thats only part one; It's a cliff hanger. I am going to hunt down that shark... and I am going to kill it. I don't know how yet, maybe with dynamite.
Rock covers paper and scissors cut paper.but GUNS always win.
I need to go through my FB inbox. There are plenty of jewels there waiting for me.and some rocks
I'm at the laundromat washing 3 people's clothes cause I lost in paper rock scissors.
Whoever can answer my riddle, shall get the copy of Magicka! Who is the cat with the beak?
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Laundry Jones ranks 3rd in FBS history in career passing yards and 5th in td passes vs. Johnny Manziel the 1st freshman to ever win the Heisman Trophy! Who wins? OU vs. TAMU?
Its been a month already being with such a wonderful guy. No arguments just laughter and fun. The only time we do is when we have to make a decision on a movie or food--so we play rock paper scissors or the pick a hand :) hehe couldn't be happier. Love you babe! Muah!!
It's fascinating reading up on how they determine seniority in the Senate for Members sworn in on the same day.
Just read an article which examined The Sims as an example of a multi-varient digital narrative, and could not stop thinking how much more fun it would be if it took into account all the strange expansion packs in The Sims series. It's one thing to read about how some players attempt financial success and others create interpersonal dramas, but I would love to hear how players who attempt to get their *** plant person abducted by aliens after clubbing with a neurotic plant person fit into this narrative.
I realize that I am a huge chicken when it comes to getting shots, but that is no reason for the nurses playing, ROCK - PAPER - SCISSORS on who had to give them to me! But there is good news...My *** hurts so bad from the shots, that I barely feel the headache! ;0 a Texas police officer was fired after he threatened a teen and used profanity while assisting an officer that the teen was resisting. NO excessive force..just words. Not to say it's right to do what he did..but FIRED? And the kicker...the family of the teen being arrested (which by the way..the charges still stand) is planning on filing a lawsuit. REALLY?? For hearing profanity and being threatened? He got fired...there is your "justice"..the suit should not be allowed to be filed. What if the teen was saying threatening words and profanity to the officer? Can the officer sue the family? At this rate, why not sue all the grammar school and high school kids that threaten other kids? (with just words) Like my 12th grade English teacher would say "A sad sad state of affairs".
My brother called to tell my grandma that a week later and the guards were still laughing at Chanteah. Leave it to my 4 year old to go to a prison for a visit and play rock, paper, scissors and change the scissors to a gun then dynomite. She had everyone laughing but that isn't anything unusual for her. I'm paying for someone's raising but definitely not mine.
Renard's Baked Goods are back! After their year-end holiday, Brian and Suze have restocked our temptation case (aka: bakery) and bread shelves. Coffee is piping hot, too! Wifi and t.v. available. or just peace and quiet. (Unless we have three "camps": a wifi user, a t.v. enjoyer and a peace-seeker. If that happens, we'll do "Rock-Paper-Scissors" to see who gets their way!) Happy freezing everyone! Br
Catch me tonight at Sub:Kulture dropping some house/garage/grime alongside Bilal Lalib Seb Smith Matt Taylor and Liam Stallard, i'm hyped for this one!
What about the Lakers or the Clippers?
The small things we do for our children can have a bigger impact than any financial gift we can buy them. Laugh with them. Have a slumber party with them. Watch one of their favorite movies together. Read them a bedtime story. Sing out loud with them while dropping them off to school. Play "Rock Paper Scissors". Presence Trumps Your Presents.
Sharing a wardrobe with your husband sometimes has its drawbacks, especially when you both want to wear the same article of clothing!
Don't know what I should decide to do. This ***
By yourself, surrounded by hordes of the dead in a single house. You've been alone for weeks, some how your defenses have kept the dead out. You have plenty of food but no firearm. How well will you keep up mentally? Do you have a plan for this? In this scenario, escape is impossible! - DEAD AIR
Some of you just woke up or got into work. Perfect. While you drink your cup of coffee. Tell me one thing that gets you out to a bar.
Toba Brent is so friggin good at Winning UNO and rock paper scissors! Wish I was as good!
The ultimate game of paper rock scissors to see who is going to be the first man through the door to an enemy stronghold.
They are naming a new species of bee the "Bazinga"!! We all know where that's from.
Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock.Kif, we have a conundrum
[Trans] Call with Jungshin's mother. Hello. Mother: Son! Junjgshin: Mother. Mother: My son. Junjgshin: Yes, your younger son. Mother: Omona! My son called me during your busy work. (laugh) When are you filming today? Yonghwa: Nam Yang Joo, Mother. Jonghyun: Hello, Mother! Mother: Who are you? Jonghyun: It's Jonghyun. Junjgshin: It's whom Mother hates, Jonghyun hyung. Jonghyun: Mother, I'm disappointed. Mother: Did you treat meat a lot yesterday, to Junjgshin? Jonghyun: Yes. He ate really a lot. Junjgshin: It's not that hyung treated. He paid just because he lost at Rock Scissors Paper. Mother: Anyway hyung paid, didn't he. Yonghwa: Meat? What meat? When did you eat? Jonghyun: Yesterday. Yonghwa: Yesterday? Yesterday when? Why wasn't I there? Jonghyun: Hyung, you went to gym. Yonghwa: How you concealed it from me and ate meat? Jonghyun: Conceal what? You were just not there. Junjgshin: We will finish it at about 2 or 3am. I will text you when I finish it. Yonghwa: Awkward. Junjgshin: Go to sleep quickly, I ...
when you beat Rach at Rock Paper Scissors to watch John Tucker Must Die over Mean Girls>>>>>>
““Sage Steele 😍😍” das me fall back!” We gon have to Rock Paper Scissors on dat one fam
Honorable Mentions: 21 Jump Street, The Woman in Black, Rock Paper Scissors, Side by Side, Get the *** Take this Waltz.
Breaking News: Health and safety officials at the FA agree with Ferguson and are now banning any kicking of the ball as it can 'kill people' the rest of the season will be played under the supervision of Howard Webb in a clash of Rock Paper Scissors until the FA works out how to play football without your feet. -J3T
It was so good to be back dancing again last night! Got really panicky when we discovered we were locked out of the hall - desperately needed my fix of dancing. Probably would've set up in the car park if the caretaker hadn't been able to bring the key!!! Anyway, thanks to those of you who came along and a really big 'thank you' to Rosemary for the champagne and chocolate cake at half time!! (gosh - spoiling us with such delightful refreshments :)) We did get some dancing done too, in between the laughing and general merriment - Olly Murs twice in one night has got to be something to celebrate anyway!! 'Trouble Troublemaker' and 'Dance with me Tonight', not to mention Robbie thrown into the mix with 'Little Too High', '50 Ways, 'Rock Your Body, 'Back in Time', 'Rock Paper Scissors', 'Under the Sun', 'Let's Dance Again', 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'The Flute'.and more and if that wasn't enough a couple of you stayed on for 'El Loco Mambo' (loco being the operative word), 'Without Fire' and 'Timebomb' - ph ...
we could create a provisional government with soviets, and it would have to be decided over Rock Paper Scissors
What happens when you combine the classic Rock Paper Scissors game with Monsters? An epic new mobile game!
I wonder if buzz aldrin and Neil Armstrong played a game of Rock Paper Scissors to decide who stepped on the moon first.
No 'Saturday Morning Confusion' this morning. But tune in now for news, views and music from Apollo Bay on 'Saturday at the Bay' followed by 'Rock Paper Scissors' at midday. From 6pm enjoy 'Rock Across the Ages' followed by 'Heavier Than Heavy' at 8pm.
Join us tomorrow night for the last Tuesday of the season! $1 tacos and Rock Paper Scissors for half off your tab!! Join us for a relaxing night with friends!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Main Street Area businesses check out each other's holiday inventory: Rock Paper Scissors on Main Street is loaded...
Finished up for the day cutting my next class out. I am teaching 6 Christmas tags and a cute box to put them in. I am teaching this class twice---On the 1st of December down in Red Bluff and on Dec. 8th At Rock, Paper Scissors in Redding. It is sure to be a fun class. Head over to my blog to see a sample of a few of the tags at *(shown under upcoming classes). Also finished cutting my class for Dec. 3rd at Rock Paper Scissors-it is a decorative 4x4 Christmas Block and a Vintage Bottle Cap Ornament (these are shown on my blog in the same section "Upcoming Classes). Go take a peak and sign up!
Thank you for music, art my vast and ever growing friend population, my family, a roof over our heads, the love of The Lord, Turkey, Gravy, sweet potatoes, mysterious cranberries, Demo, Slovak Jesus, those little mint thingys you get from restaurants, a good bottle of whiskey,blankets, shoes, my Rock Paper Scissors trophy,Kermit the frog, twinkies, Life and everything else I can't think of =D
Nice film of artist & bearded toy collector Peter Blake with his new exhibition: Rock Paper Scissors
AOI Patron Sir Peter Blake interviewed by about his current Rock Paper Scissors retrospective:
Dis *** Reggie playin Rock Paper Scissors with my little bro for a dollar. Lol
a left dusk with it around my head! Your lucky!!! Am so sick at Rock Paper Scissors :(
I favorited a video from Game Theory 101: Modified Rock Paper Scissors
I remember I played a funny type of Rock Paper Scissors with an old friend of mines at my old school and we went for round. Rock paper (me) tiger rawr!! (Him) STDS! I'm like WTH ROFL
aw that was our first choice but fergal got Cookie Monster Eamonn beat me at Rock Paper Scissors lizard spok
A fight is about to break out in color guard over Rock Paper Scissors.
It's an easy game to get into I just feel some people don't like the triangular system. It is very rock, paper, scissors oriented.
Just THRASHED the lads again at rock paper scissors for the best room again for tonight! Didn't lose one round. WHAT A RUSH!
wanna fight about who is sexier? I will dul you. Rock paper scissors shoot
April and me made our own game of rock paper scissors, hilariousss
I think it's shortest straw goes first and who wins Rock Paper Scissors is 2nd
The Awkward Moment when you go to slap someones hand good bye and they go for a spud so you end up doing rock paper scissors :l ah
Another MF'n video from Melanie Fiona's The MF Life which is in stores soo go get it ! Enjoy -Kassie
doesnt understand Rock Paper Scissors if i won we saw Perks and if he won we saw Looper I won 4 times but we're still seeing Looper
lizard eats paper,paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, & rock crushes scissors."Oh, just in case you were wondering,Spock ties Spock
I heard they were looking at changing the election process, best 2 outta 3 in Rock, Paper, Scissors gets it!!!
Dont you know rock paper scissors is an evil game?
Rock paper scissors is not this trill dawg
says in this week's Rock Paper Scissors with Cure Peace... I lost... T_T
seriously? Who plays rock, paper and scissors at an interview? 😂 you guys really know how to make people laugh
Just watched a group of grown men play rock, paper, scissors over the last slice of pizza. This is how probs r solved in korea
Tony and Ziva rock/paper/scissors-ed on who would go for their psych eval next, it was pretty cute
and then CM goes like rock paper scissors is not even a game
I entered to a night light You can too!
"Byun Baekhyun has a habit before he sleeps: he will play rock-paper-scissors with Chanyeol. Whoever loses is unlucky." BA ...
Daniel killed me in rock paper scissors
i say paper scissors rock. Is that wired?? :/
How the *** did Tuesday Boozeday turn into Wing Wednesday?!?! Anyways...beat TJ Chao in Rock/Paper/Scissors to win the coveted prize of Chicken & Egg over rice! Good night!
When yur in jail , a good friend will bail yu out , but a best friend will be in the cell beside yu saying Rock paper scissors for who gets to steal the keys !
I'm tempted to think it would be better to have "a duel" instead of a debate! WHAT "WEAPONS OF CHOICE" WOULD YOU SUGGEST FOR SUCH A "DUEL"? BANJOS? EPEES OR FOILS? PISTOLS? "ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS"? INSULTS? Oh wait, that one's probly already a part of it. SUGGESTIONS?
Parents are visiting on saturday! I won rock paper scissors so I have plenty of time to do homework, and my first college production has preview tomorrow, good times!!
So I parked my trailer in a parking lot in Lancaster and realized the trailer salesman sold me the wrong size lock for it... My solution was to park my truck hooked up to it so nobody would steal it. The towing company's solution was to tow both my truck and trailer... (my info on there being no towing during the weekend was apparently not correct for that spot). Unfortunately when I discovered my truck and trailer were missing I was heading out early in the morning to get 9 employees started at the farm... I called the towing company and they informed me they towed it to Willow Street... and they didn't open till 10 AM (it was 7:00 when I called). So many hours later my dad and I left our work to retrieve my truck. The towing service was not interested in a 2 out of 3 game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to get my vehicles out of their lot, (some people are born without a soul) but they gladly accepted $340 in cash... New solution, if you ever need to illegally park an unlocked trailer, try parking your ...
Join us tonight at Splash Bar for $1 TACOS & Rock Paper Scissor Tuesdays! We also have $5 Cuervo Margaritas! Don't forget to play Christian & Andrea in Rock, Paper, Scissors for your chance at 50% off your tab! (does not include tacos or happy hour prices) Free Video Games and Pool as well, see you tonight doors open 5pm
So after playing rock paper scissors I win so we get to go to Buffalo wild wings...then *** I forgot my I'd fml :/// gr
Wednesday October 3rd, Rock Paper Scissors will play at Quasimodo 135th & Quivira 7pm-10pm Come on out & join the fun!
So having a 11 year old is fun and hared. In fact playing paper rock scissors is considered fighting in school now. Funny the teachers did not tel us that.Uh it might be fun being kid now days.
Playing paper, rock, scissors with Bailey is really easy. He even tells you what to throw next. However, I have not won a round yet.
So , where does that gun come from when u playing rock , paper , scissors ? Cause I'm upset I just lost to a gun ..
Im feelin this song Do you like love Me too baby so wat we gonna do rock paper scissors bet 2 outta 3 best things in life are free
Winning rock, paper, scissors so I don't have to change Dylan's dirty diaper is hands down the highlight of my night. Second best moment - hearing Ryan's cries of agony from the other room.
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