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Rock Band

A musical ensemble is a group of people who perform instrumental or vocal music, typically known by a distinct name.

Guitar Hero Rock Band 4 Tony Hawk Guitar Hero Live Just Dance

come to Italy on 24.7 the 1000 Rock Band gives an entire live of more than 15 songs:
4 or 5... Don't know how hard the solo will be in Rock Band tbh
"Concerto for Violin, Rock Band and String Orchestra" will be presented in Atlanta on Oct. 16 and in Macon, where...
Bon Jovi Wanted Dead or Alive. BIL made me sing it playing Rock Band a few times
8yrs. ago today (June 3, 2008) Rock Band released new original mixes of songs for X-Box. Know which 3?
Squier by Fender Stratocaster and Controller for Rock Band 3 Designed Exclusively for the Rock Band 3 Pro
Mad Catz continues to pay for its Rock Band deal with $11 million full-year loss –
Harmonix and Fender extend Rock Band instrument deal, tease new controller
vivid memories of me and Pearson Van Horn playing Rock Band in 2008 are coming back to me in waves
I played Rock Band tonight and it's been quite a while and I did kind of okay! I also played Mario Kart 64 and was just as awesome as ever 😎
If Guitar Hero and Rock Band are here to stay, how about an AC/DC game from one of them? That would be incredible!!!
I won't use songs from Guitar Hero/Rock Band or any game that uses copyrighted music in the list.
Yo , I heard that Guitar Hero added 5 Seconds of Summer songs to their DLC. Any chance Rock Band can add…
I like to play video games like 'Rock Band' and 'Guitar Hero.'...
wasn't the WORST Adam Sandler movie... Was the soundtrack all Guitar Hero/Rock Band tracks?.
Rock Band (Really don't know why tbh, I loved Guitar Hero III)
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I mentioned it, boyfriend was very against it. He has $200+ in Rock Band music on his Xbox account 😅
Listening to Coheed makes me want to sit at home & play Rock Band all night.
So they're basically asking for you to buy a Rock Band drum controller and start going at it.
FYI if you ever play "Rock Band," they did license "Panic Switch" as a download. Fun to play but no one I know ever knows it.
Rock Band is performing again in the campus center on Monday night from 8-10!! Be there! 😍 🤘🤘
Accidentally played Rock Band for 3 hours and DIDN'T close with Freebird like a dumb stupid ***
Tune in TONIGHT to see the epic clash between TV and FM! Who will win? Tonight we're playing Rock Band, Halo 3,...
Back when I played Rock Band a lot, I would dream about playing the guitar solo to Dope Nose. Maybe I've wanted it too much to enjoy it.
"My grandkids always beat me at Rock Band.And I say, Listen, you may beat me at Rock Band, but I made the original records, so shut up" Paul
Because Billy Bob Thornton.. plays in a LA Rock Band he started.
The point is just that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. I saw Rock Band costed their PC port at $1.5 million ;)
Amazon discounts Rock Band 4 Wireless Guitar Bundle by $60 and Band-in-a-Box Bundle by $50
This Jessica doing her first project called Rock Band with and fresh strawberries.
*drives home to take anger out on Rock Band and Guitar Hero*
So lucky to have Jazz Band, Rock Band & After Hours choir perform for us today. Thanks Kevin Kjos!
Rock Band the Beatles by MTV Games 2,940% Sales Rank in Computer and Video Games: 3...
If Rocksmith 2014 gets 'Heavy' - Collective Soul before Rock Band, I'm not gonna do anything but it'll really annoy a bunch of us!
Currently Playing: Left 4 Dead, Rock Band, Prince of Persia to his game list
If I had weekly paychecks, I'd be buying a whole lot of Rock Band 4 DLC.
They are playing "Hungry Like the Wolf" rn and I just thought of my Guitar Hero/Rock Band days
NASA releases tape of 'outer-space . music' from 'dark side of moon'. Reckon they have a Rock Band. there & we just showed up at . wrong time?
80's Rock Band pictures coming to Brisbane. Are you going
I finally got my guitar for Rock Band and you already know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day.
󾠡 Tonight's episode of the Pop Roxx Radio, Talk Show with featured Guests STEREO LOVE the family Rock Band, has...
What a honor. The great. Morgellons. Rock Band from London. follows the Society.
I added a video to a playlist A Favor House Atlantic for ZuraZawa! Rock Band 4 Live Stream!
Just found this great UK Rock Band called Sun Arcana - Follow them here
If you’re one of our patrons you should keep your eyes out for cameos in the weird Rock Band short fiction I’m writing *austin
is India's 1'st Neo Sufi/folk Rock Band . Winner of Leap frog to MTV COKE STUDIO Delhi...
So and I are the best Bert McCracken in Rock Band ever
"Put it in Rock Band. See if you can win." - Paul F Tompkins
It might be selfish of me but I simply demand being lead vocals for Rock Band.
Whenever I play Pearl Jam in Rock Band 4 I’m like: “F you Mike McCready!”. (PS - I love you.)
Rock Band and Guitar Hero XBox 360 Guitars, Drums with 6 games Bundle - Bid Now! Only $195…
You rock out to Rock Band 4 I'm playing Battlefront Maybe even pop in Assassin's Creed Unity for a bit
I've done too much in Unity to hate it as thoroughly as I used to--sort of like how playing Rock Band means I don't loathe "Free Bird" now.>
Congratulations BHS Band for being selected Grand Champion at the "Band Beat" in Rock Hill, SC.
StarNow is hiring a For Swansea Rock / Indie Band, apply now!
black ops is on twitch it doesnt look anything special now rock band with guitar and fallout looks amazing. Battlefront beta . .
Check out and follow!! Great bunch of local lads with a real passion and talent
You know that feeling when you find a new band to rock out to?! Treat yourself to some happiness today! . https:/…
missed out on his choice of 3:16 or Rock Band, but that I can deal with.
CadenThompsonz: pravdica was a member of new york-based indie rock band the gunga din, which was founded in 1998.
I mean "Rumours" album sold more than 40mill and counting. best Rock Album. Known as the best band in history...
Ritchie's New Band Announcement from Classic Rock Magazine:. Ritchie Blackmore will hit the road with his new...
Top night in North Middleton, with excellent rock covers band, Highway Jones:. Damned if they didn't play 3 hours.
Great music by a great band 1D One Direction Rock Me Download the smart phone app now.
im. I can't even deal (ps. the lunavic kiss happened on rock band right??)
u better be watching if you wanna see a young rock band i need your opinion on 5SOS
Rock Band 4 just came out & they missed to boat on a "Indie Rock Band". They could have sold some plastic ukuleles & banjos.
Listen to based Spud in The Box's first single from their upcoming LP 'Lead Feet Paper Shoes':
Thought experiment. Its 1988. Someone says "rock and roll." What band do you think of? Probably GnR or Bruce, but not U2.
In October, the Damned became the first UK punk rock band to release a the romance-themed "New Rose".
Pravdica was a member of New York-based indie rock band The Gunga Din, which was founded in 1998.
You should give the experimental rock band (not metal!) a real good listen some time. Esoteric, odd and very addictive!
What's the song list on Rock Band 4 like? If it has anything decent, I'll consider picking up the band in a box for it
"The only guitar band on the Billboard top 40 " that makes me happy and sad. via nypost
Guitarist looking for a female vocalist to start glam rock band (Hollywood)
Everyone in this Finnish punk rock band has Down's syndrome or autism
Poppy disgraced by memorial to cowards who killed themselves while murdering Protestant & Catholic Rock 'n Roll band htt…
I love that the majority of Miss Independent is written as proper nouns in Rock Band
I remember wanting to play GTA, Tony Hawk, Yu Gi Oh cards and Rock Band with my brothers and they'd never let me. 🙍🏾
My Rock Band legacy instrument adapter arrived. One step closer to actually being able to have people over for a Rock Band party.
Some sketchers designing an old SmartBoard Box for our Rock Band topic
The best Depeche Mode song comes to Rock Band tomorrow.
Video: Me and the Kids playin a little Rock Band
Getting a little hyped in chat for Rock Band 4 For the Kids
Rocking out some more on Rock Band 4 Drums! Practicing getting my Expert up.
(it's the little twirl you do with Ace of Spades that sells it for me. That, and there's an Ace of Spades song in Rock Band)
Triple Nine (Ecton Park-A Little Poke) does it! He beats Rock Band to win the President's Cup!
Rock Band 4 Career mode 300+ dlc +twitch hates old and disabled people+: via
In which I talk about how Guitar Hero and Rock Band can harm our environment ... in Indonesian of course.
When I hear "Dani California" I think of playing Rock Band with Brandon Tustin in 5th grade for hours on end. We were serious about that.
Thanks, Nick! And congrats on the Rock Band launch. :^)
I adore this Rock Band world, where audiences are hungry for covers of Live and Gin Blossoms songs.
I'd still probably kill to play bass for you in Rock Band.
super curious to know but is there any way to push for Silence in the Snow songs to make it into any Rock Band dlc?
CHVRCHES covered on Rock Band. How did they do?
I added a video to a playlist Rock Band 3 Footloose
I won the Sea Legs achievement in LEGO Rock Band for 11 pts -
My favorite thing to do in Rock Band was sing Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 and replace every instance of "oh Yoshimi" w/ "Mr Feeny"
Rock Band's developer has a 'Wii Sports'-like rhythm game for Apple TV: Litt...
All I remember about fifth grade at Anthony was playing Rock Band with an African Grey parrot
Who cares about dumb ol Rock Band and Guitar Hero when the new Miku game is out
It’s Battle of The Bands 2015! Rock out your living room again with Rock Band or Guitar Hero, for the new generation!
Odd question, I've seen Rock Band everywhere, yet Guitar Hero which comes out right after, I see nothing on. Marketing? Interest?
Finished up updating my Phase Shift library... kinda annoying but I think I have all of the Guitar Hero tracks and Rock Band
after beating Rock Band 2 I moved on to Guitar Hero World Tour only to discover they share 16 songs. Major Deja vu happening
Rock Band is looking for people to join the Rock Band Road Crew! If you're a die hard Rock Band fan this could be... http:/…
Games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero as a gateway to music lessons & youth orchestra
Meet Black Singles 300x250
In just 20 short minutes I've already achieved most of my goals for the PAX expo hall today. Just gotta play Rock Band.
Chuck Norris beat Halo 3 on legendary with the drum set to Rock Band.
Our trip to the "lone coder" who cloned Google Reader, but I just donated my Rock Band drums.
high school was a lot of jam sessions recorded by hanging a Rock Band microphone from the basement rafters
TONIGHT- ON STAGE.. Dont miss this show!! Reggae/Rock Band "SOW FLO" from Naples FL... LIVE at TIKI HUT...
Rock Band could do with some Eddie Hazel/Bootsy Collins kinda stuff
To test that idea, I started dicking around the CAWs we made in college for a great WWF No Mercy 64 drinking game, Fraps and a Rock Band mic
TONIGHT!! Head out to Whiskey Tango for Rockstar Karaoke! Have a few drinks and sing with a live Rock Band!!
Halted mid-unpacking by finding my Rock Band game case for the ol' xbox.. there went a couple hours of progress lost. Worth.
I miss the Guitar Hero and Rock Band days ):
Having a Rock Band night with my boys.
you could have chosen 'The Chain' instead of the 'Gold Dust Woman' as Rock Band 3 DLC, more lively :)
Survivor's Log: Day 3 in the new place. Still no internet or cable. Rock Band got boring alone. I've started the Harry Potter series on DVD.
20 song suggestions for the new Rock Band and Guitar Hero games: This year marks the return of the rhythm…
again, in case this is a head scratcher, this is the craft store Rock Band of Patrick Leopardi his wife snapped a collar bone.
we should do the Rock Band party this weekend, since Barthel is in town!
Wait, Green Day gets its own Rock Band game but Meatloaf doesn't? What a cruel and twisted world.
Rock Band actualy, as likes to say :)
.FF7 remake, Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront, new Guitar Hero/Rock Band, new Uncharted - even new Hitman might be decent.
I looked at the Legacy DLC for Rock Band, and if I had those 110 songs I gathered, I would be getting Rock Band 4 in an instant.
We had an amazing time with everyone who attended the Rock Band 4 Preview Party on Tuesday night. Stay tuned for...
This is where i belong and this is where ill end , in a rock band😈
The first photo uploaded to the Web was of CERN’s all-girl science rock band via
I liked a video from First look at Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live
The Silver Spring Summer Concert Series begins today with Latin rock band
Come your the right way:. with us THIS SUNDAY. . w/
Concerts on the Commons on Friday 7-9pm. AM 70’s Band. 70’s rock. Bring a lawn chair.
Kickyfeet Cuddlebunny! the name of my... er. furry prog rock filk band?
Everybody said Kurt Cobain saved rock. That's debatable, but what isn't is that his old band mate Dave Grohl is saving it now.
This month we put the Splashflood spotlight on experimental indie rock band, -
So excited to rock here today with The Golden Novak Band! Keep an eye out for some video.
There exists a rock band whose members are all current and retired NASA & CSA astronauts.
June 18, 1942 - Paul McCartney the bassist of British rock band the Beatles is born in Liverpool, England
DC. & I go deep into rock & YOUR BAND *** 6/23, 6:30 PM, Monroe St.Come hang with us!
The guys in The States are loving See what they have to say about them here
Well I would've gotten Rock Band 4 if it were coming to PS3. Just not much of a reason for me to get a PS4 yet.
Stoked that my band will be playing shows w/ this month! http…
Grand Funk Railroad - We're An American Band was named as No.99 on VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs
3 days left in fundraiser for Mesa Ridge HS band:
Throwback Thursday! Here is Max playing bass with his band Doorway 27 years ago! CTO by day, Rock Star by...
Rock Band 4 is coming October 6! Pre-order now & get 30 bonus songs to rock the world:
I think I you add a small piece of elastic under the band so i doesnt slip off and get lost. I'm still in amazement...You Rock
13K is crazy! Even more crazy is that only 1300 of you knows we are a pretty good Please this until e…
TONIGHT: will rock The Ballroom with Tickets available at the door.
I don't think there's no other top 40 rock band that is as pretentious as Muse is.
Welcome back to the 2nd night of rock and pop kicking off with the 1st band from Lighthall
1976 - English-American band The Experience made its debut performance at the
My hubs is a living breathing MacGyver... . He just fixed a broken kick pedal to rock band drums with duct tape, super g…
It's funny how Annie Golden went from lead singer of a punk rock band to playing a character that doesn't speak.
Just read that that peripherals required to play backwards compatible 360 games on X1 (i.e. Rock Band) will NOT work on X1.
A song by the rock band STARS, titled "The Woods", contains samples of dialogue from this film -
Rock Band 4 is more expensive than Guitar Hero Live but... -
A rock band named MISTY? You didn't tell me you had your own band!
In 2011 we lost the biggest man in history. "If there's a rock 'n' roll heaven well you know they got a helluva band" h…
to me Rage a total political band, rapping vocals while Audioslave a straight up rock band- but yes some similarities in music
Starting a new corporate rock band called ROI Speedwagon. . Currently looking for groupies to help us leverage our verticals.
Meet Babymetal, the totally badass all-girl Japanese metal band of your dreams
BOLLYWOOD Farhan preps up for ‘Rock On 2’ with Shillong band Somersault: . ...
I will absolutely check it out soon. The kids are playing Rock Band right now, can't hear.
Rock Band 4 Release Date Announced. Harmonix has confirmed that Rock Band 4 will be released on October 6, ...
Death from Above 1979 in Rock Band, who expected that.
Death From Above 1979 finally making it to Rock Band. YAS
Stuart Smalley Saves Lives. (Might have to use that for my band name in the new Rock Band.)
How does Persona, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, ShinBS make a list and Tomb Raider, Forza 6 and Gears not?
I want the Rock Band 4 DLC where you play as the Mad Max guitar guy on the front of a big rig. Star power shoots the flame…
Im so glad I didn't delete all of my Guitar Hero and Rock Band videos. Its nice to go back and look at them every once in a while.
Probably never be good at DDR/other rhythm games, but Rock Band let's me pretend I'm a rockstar and listen to awesome tracks!
We played the cancelled Rock Band game you never knew existed:
The canceled game I rewrote the Rock Band beatmatch system for is now public (but still canceled!):
Metacritic Game Reviews, Rock Band 3 for Wii, Rock Band returns with the third iteration of the popular music game featuring new songs
Canceled Rock Band 3 Sequel Revealed: . Rock Band: Sessions entered development shortly after the conclusion of... http…
So we played a canceled Rock Band game
Today's First piece digs into a Rock Band game that was NEVER RELEASED! Read on to learn more:
Rock Band 4 Developer Warns of Hardware Shortages - IGN News: Harmonix suggests that Rock Band fans eager to get…
The Heat were like a Rock Band & a circus. The Cavs are like a garage band w an illegal petting zoo out back.
So this year there is a new Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, Halo, AND Battlefront? I swear I've time traveled back to ten…
Barry Titone. My High school music professor. He believed in us and made a Rock Band performance part of every concert.
Rock Band 4 May Be the Last Music Game You’ll Ever Need: . Bruce Springsteen is 65 years old. Two key members of his E Street Band hav...
I have an urge to play Michael Jackson:the Experience or Rock Band, or Just Dance, or Guitar Hero
Have you never played Rock Band or Guitar Hero
Well I haven't played that much of Rock Band besides Blitz :P
I bet I didn't win the Rock Band promo because I dared to ask the hard questions about Blitz Mittz
Paradise by the Dashboard Light is a 10/10 Rock Band song. So is Stevie Wonder's Sir Duke
Spring Fling Concert - Friday, April 17 - Free Event & Open to the Public! Featuring the 20/20 Rock Band and the Holy Ghost Tent Revival.
VAGUE - The coolest Rock Band in the town is gonna rock your heads off with some real metal head banging tracks...
Fantastic parody by Pete Weiss and the Rock Band of Tracy Ullman's video for the song They Don't Know by Kirsty...
and I played Rock Band and then we made Delia Smith Pancakes 👌😂
In middle school I was talking to a boy from Benicia who LOVED Coheed and Cambria, then I started playing Rock Band a lot with my cousin
Tony Hawk, Rock Band... the classics really are coming back this year.
Rock Band also did a lot to bump my enjoyment for music from Standard Def to HD (as Kathy Sierra would say). Super grateful for that
Rock Band taught me how to work a drum kit. I bought the ION set for the 360 for RB2 back in the day. Still got it, too.
Rock Band is reportedly being revived on PS4 and Xbox One (Jacob Siegal/Boy Genius Report)
I just remembered I ripped both the knees on my pants today because I did a power slide while playing Rock Band...
The pub turned up its music game tonight. Ballroom Blitz and Roxanne? thx. that our someone turned on the Rock Band playlist
I survived my first expert song on bass on Rock Band. And it was Veil of Maya. On break neck speed.
Nice! We were playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band at first, but now we're playing Soul Caliber.
SOUTHBOUND Blues and Rock Band, Playing a cover of 'Have you ever loved a woman' written by Billy Myles song made famous by Freddie King and Eric Clapton. At...
'Rock Band' Video Game to Return with 'New Experience,' According to Survey - Music Times
I would love to see a new Rock Band as long as there is more heavy metal like Asking Alexandria and August Burns Red for example
I can assure the great members and guests of the Silver Dollar that February 27th is a day that will go down in Silver Dollar History for Cancer. So far we have the great bands of BAD ROMEO, Bakkwoodz, GIRL Interrupted, Rock Band, Ask Alice, Generation aXe , Sis ter Trish, And we will introduce Steel Dragon & Fire Metal Band out of Lincolnton. All in one really, really great night. There may be more listing soon but it will certainly be a main attraction for cities around! Guest Password- Party til the sun comes up, Cancer *** I-85 and Exit 96 in Gaffney, SC Want to thank Ken Wolf and Jenna Wolf for their time in helping get this project started with me.
Sunshine of your love always reminds me of Rock Band days
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yes they had a Rock Band in 1990. (Don't judge me the question was FIRST concert)
man i miss playing Halo 2 and 3 multi with my friends after school, I was loaded with games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band too. how fun
Rock Band 3 Keyboard Instructions - 3 Keyboard Instructions Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel - The Genuine Offer A short while ago, photos of Justin Timberlake shirtless and Jessica Biel in the seashore are circulating on the online. Are these proofs that the singer has finally moved on from a heart-wrenching break up with ex-girlfriend, Cameron Diaz? Rock Band 3 Keyboard Instructions The Vital (A Fairytale) Only a Gentle Interest - Chapter ten - (Component 3) Night once again approached. I watched the sunlight simplicity down into a million golden diamonds reflecting off the hard-crusted snow, and significantly off in the distance, I assumed that I read a far off "tinkle." It was faint, and I couldn't explain to in which it was coming from, but I was persuaded that it was soldiers from the city looking for us. Conqueror's white entire body was nearly invisible in the snow, so I hid behind him and held my breath. I didn't want to kill these soldiers. The Borderline Among Superstar Gossip and Really har ...
Yay, One Direction won the first of the night for Favorite Pop/Rock Band, Duo or Group!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Paul Blart Mall Cop was a great film because of the bit where they played Rock Band
I'm in Western Mass. and teach middle school Humanities and Rock Band plus upper school Rock Band in a girls school.
. Artist of the Year. Favorite Pop/Rock Band,Duo or Group. Favorite Pop/Rock Album. I really hate monday
I am not sorry but your French accent is Cute & IT sounds Smart from A Leader of A Rock Band - Keith I should read your Book
SOUTHBOUND Blues and Rock Band, Playing 'Crossroads' cover song by the band. At The Hertford Corn Exchange, in the United Kingdom on 12th of October 2014. So...
Four Album best album and best tracks ever!! I vote for Favorite Pop/Rock Band,Duo or Group
Not only is my family playing Rock Band in the room above me but Holly is singing. 🎤🙈🎸
Tom Sawyer!! I used to play that song on Rock Band with my brother and sister. We beat it atleast 34 times.
yeah. It's… the attitude of Borderlands, the traversal of Infamous, and art style of Rock Band? I am still figuring it out.
Another b'day. One of the Rock Band drumming veterans, happy birthday to :3
"They know I mash out like Idahos or a copy of Rock Band. Attempting to pack clubs, no legend of Bagger Vance."
OK Ichi, it's a Rock Band-off. I choose Stray Cat Strut. What's your song?
My friend and I have an idea for a rhythm game, this post is pretty long. Read, if you're really interested, constructive criticism is allowed and appreciated. :) THIS IS A PC GAME: The band will be created from scratch. You can choose the style for any member, individually. The choices will be Metal, Glam, Punk, Classic Rock, Goth, Pop, Hippie, Nerdy, and Gangsta. Zombie is an alternate costume that turns your player into a zombie, and your instrument will be soaked in blood. This can be unlocked, with a cheat. (blank, for now). If you enter another cheat (blank, for now) you can get the Resident's costumes which will make you wear eye-ball helmets and tuxedos with top hats. HOORAY! You can also choose the sex and race, as well as hairstyles, height, weight, clothing, face structure, etc.. of the members. The gameplay will be a mixture of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but it shall lean more towards Rock band, in terms of gameplay. Guitar Hero-like aspects include: band members interacting with the song, mor ...
Hello everyone, i'm Zakary, a french photographer working worldwide and living in Taipei. My website I'm extending my biz now to be a filmmaker. I'm working on a couple of personal SHORT-FILM projects (Action Movie with a fighter/stuntman + a MV with a great Rock Band). I'm looking for some talents (in Taipei) like co-director, co-editor, assistant director or storyboarder. Anyone who feel interested to film something exciting is welcome.
That moment, when you're bored, and you realize that your Rock Band guitars still work. Hope the neighbors like afternoon Boston solos!!!
Oh, Rock Band, how I've missed you and your willingness to let me shriek Boston songs in your face and bruise my hand play…
Taking a break from my responsibilities while I play a little LEGO Rock Band.
My Fav. Southern Rock Band, But Only the 1970s Lynyrd Skynyrd with the Late Great RONNIE VAN ZANT !
[Online exclusive] The 88 to perform live today in Westwood Plaza October 13, 2003 9:00 pm More stories in A&E One of the hottest new bands in Los Angeles owes a lot to some of the oldest. Keith Slettedahl is the lead singer and songwriter of The 88, who perform at noon today in Westwood Plaza. The band, consisting of Slettedahl, keyboardist-producer Adam Merrin, bassist Carlos Torres, drummer Mark Vasapolli, and guitarist-percussionist Brandon Jay, are promoting their debut album “Kind of Light,” which was released this March by independent label EMK Records. “We think that playing at colleges is a great thing to do,” said Slettedahl. “A lot of people get to see us that wouldn’t normally. The 88, based in Los Angeles, have received critical acclaim for their unique brand of 60s British Invasion-tinged power pop: they won Best Pop/Rock Band at the 2003 L.A. Weekly Music Awards, and have earned positive buzz from publications such as Rolling Stone and the Los Angeles Times. Not bad for a band t ...
Wayback Wednesday tomorrow! Jalisco at 5pm and then to the church to jam out to Rock Band! Gonna be a blast! Hope to see all of y'all there!
If there is a better way to celebrate Canada Day than playing "The Hockey Theme" by Neil Peart in Rock Band then we haven't heard of it.
The Gordon - James Blues Band is seeking a Lead Singer/Front Man. Do to personal issues our Lead Singer is leaving the Band at the end of August 2014. We a seeking a person who is into Blues, Blues-Rock and R&B. Harp, Sax or Keyboards a Plus but not required. Band is a 4pce Blues-Rock Band, 2-guitars, bass and drums. Rehearsals are in Hermitage,Pa just across the Sharon, Pa line. Must have own transportation and be open to doing non-standard Blues and Blues-Rock Tunes. If interested please Msg. me here on FB. Rehearsals are generally once a week. Home practice is a must. Looking to get started ASAP. Serious Inquiries ONLY!! Thank You for your Interest.
Have you played Guitar Hero/Rock Band? Because bass genuinely isn't that much more difficult, at times much easier. Seriously.
Matchup - From the 70's Region:. Who was a greater Rock Band?. Lynyrd Skynrd or Boston?
Brushing up on my skillz for next Advisory's Rock Band battle. May the best English teacher win.
Very excited...the Boys Rock Band...SISCL Rock Band was invited to perform at a music Extravaganza tomorrow.NYC lower Manhattan.between 11-2 So proud of my Boys & greatful for the wonderful teachers/people in their lives who teach&guide them and help to bring out and enhance their talents. We will truly miss SISCL as they will be graduating soon.
I won the Rotary Club achievement in LEGO Rock Band for 12 pts - Error
Xbox 360 console, Rock Band, Wireless Controlers, 25 games, and more... - Full read by eBay: Price 32.0 USD (0...
Concert on June 4 at 1PM in the Prince Andrew Gym. Concert Band, Rock Band, Choir, 5P and the Sandwich Secondary senior music class.
Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix has laid off 37 full-time employees, the Massachusetts-...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
thanks for remembering that band. 🎼Five bad boys with the power to rock you. Five! What you waiting four?🎼
Rock Band with 3 guitars... Also up for sale...
You guys are finally a punk rock band with this song and I love it so much omg
And his little sister, is also in a rock band and is definitely *** but hasn't come out yet...
Victor Vincent "Vic" Fuentes is the lead singer and guitarist of rock band Pierce the Veil. He has also played some keyboards on Pierce the
"Please don’t put your life in the hands of a rock and roll band". Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger
from Friday night. Watching hughlaurie & The Copper Bottom Band rock the Paramount!
We recently produced an EP by a talented Rock n Roll band from Bangalore, White Mug. Do check it out and pick up...
Are you ready to rock! Crusaders vs Force this Friday at AMI Stadium, with the Jordan Luck Band pre-game at...
Trash Talk is probably the only rock band I'll listen too
They are the weirdest rock band that I knew but still I'm inlove in every little that they do 😊😍
Show tomorrow night at Indian rock. Trying to get a band back to STL. $2 entry so I want to see every one of you there.
SSX the Band - Heavy Hitters at Whisky a Go Go Hollywood
Stella just picked a great name for a rock band! What would you name your band?Stella & the selfies,rodeo drive,kingslayer or 'the'
My sister, brother and I are a five star rated band on Rock Band. God squirted talent on this family
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The Japanese folk rock band, not the metal band that has the same name
While I'm at it one band that stopped, but still kills my speakers with aggressive rock n…
I got my family into it a little. They bought a few of the Rock Band games a few years back.
you should try a concert of different genres: an EDM DJ, a metal band, a pop artist, kpop band, alt rock band
Living Colour. This is the life. WHY DIDN'T THIS BAND GO GLOBAL?. . BRILLIANT rock band xxx
Enjoying Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Walking By Myself on the 60's Rock channel by
"Sikkapatte jam aagide." ~ le autodriver. Sounds like a cool name for a rock band based out of bangalore. Or it's the way I like my toast.
Touhou AU where the Tsukumo and Raiko make a rock band. They play so much better than Choujuu Gigaku that Mystia and Kyouko sue them
I add another one for rock band paramore
Boston ~ Rock & Roll Band from the album Boston: Greatest Hits [1976]
Ain't it fun to see Aaron Gillespie aka UØ legendary drummer ever drumming for a pop rock band aka Paramore?
Voice is out from screaming in rock band. It was a good evening :)
he's the main singer of a well known indie rock band called Arctic Monkeys and I'm his gf because I just am
The designer looked to the rock band Kiss, superheroes and an abiding love for heritage styles. ...
Let's wear band tees, skinny jeans, and vans and let's go to concerts and make out. Let's be punk rock \m/
Me and just played rock band for a firm 5 hours
I love rock, my favorite band 5sos they suuper
Hey Guys and Gals- we have a fantastic weekend of dance and rock n' roll lined up for u! Classic rock, blues and R&B Band "The Other Woman" kicks off the weekend this Friday May 30th at 9 pm and then hard and classic rock band "Rippin'" hits the stage on Saturday May 31st at 9 pm. Covers only $5 for either of the shows- we hope u can come join us!
Already addicted! Love this band and their music! Can't wait until they release the full song! It's almost here! The long wait for Season 2 of the popular Thai TV series Hormones, is nearing us. Taking part in the OST for Hormones, is popular Thai rock band BIG *** The song is very powerful and fitting with the image of youth. The title of the song has yet to be revealed, but will be released along with the rest of the OST of the series on June 9th. On top of that, the first episode of Hormones will air on June 28th. Hormones The Series is a 2013 Thai TV series produced by GTH and Nadao Bangkok. The series revolves around issues and experiences of Thai teenagers in high school such as relationships, sexuality, sex, bullying, school gang violence, family issues and substance abuse. Season 1 starred popular actors such as Pachara Chirathivat (Suckseed), and Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha (Bangkok Traffic Love Story). SOURCE: genie records
Steve Perry, one of the most elusive frontmen in rock, hasn't performed with Journey since 1991, or performed solo concerts since 1995. But don't stop believin', Perry fans. The rock icon finally returned to the stage Sunday night… to join indie-rock band the Eels at the 1,000-capacity Fitzgerald Th…
JUST ANNOUNCED: Friday 06.06.14 Junior Danger, Youth Allowance, Radioutkast, Mazer. Doors: 8:00pm Door Price: $12.00 "...there seems to be a small wave of revolution hitting Brisbane now, and Junior Danger are one of the bands making it happen." (Lone Riot Magazine) Bringing back dirty, fuzz-driven rock and crunchy hooks, Brisbane three-piece Junior Danger are a band on a mission. Since forming in late 2013, the band have exploded onto the scene with a host of shows around south-east Queensland. Brooding, deep vocals cut through the tight groove of tom-heavy drums, distorted basslines and crunchy riffs, setting the platform for the energetic live performances which have seen the band showcase at venues across Brisbane, Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast. Joining Junior Danger are three great local Brisbane bands, Youth Allowance, Radioutkast and Mazer. Forming in late November Youth Allowance is one of the newest Indie Rock bands from Brisbane. Youth Allowance's collision of both 60's Blues riffs and Modern i ...
i remember hosting Guitar Hero and Rock Band parties at my house, what happened to the good old days
Japanese punk rock band TNX have released a music video for the song 'Too Close To See' taken from the split with VDX.
This is what had to say about us:D What do u think?? "Kinky Robot is an alternative rock band from Johannesburg. Their sound reminds me a lot of the new romantic era that was so big in the 80’s combined with gothic undertones, kinda along the lines of Lorde and Sisters of Mercy. They are something quite rare and unique to the South African rock scene and would definitely be worth a watch."
This coming Saturday the 31st of May 2014 sees the return of the fabulous TooREX The T.REX/Marc Bolan Tribute Band to Blackpool to perform another Magical evening featuring The Music of Marc Bolan's T.Rex & Tyrannosaurus Rex!! Come and Join us for this nostalgic, musical roller-coaster journey back to the 1970s. From the small, yet charmingly seductive, mystical melodies of Marc's early days' folk duo 'Tyrannosaurus Rex', to his electric guitar wielding, chart topping, hit machine rise to fame as the frontman to his 'all new' full electric rock band, re-named simply 'T.REX'. TooREX... T.REX Classics galore- Ride A White Swan, Children of the Revolution, Get it On!, Hot Love, Jeepster, 20th Century Boy, New York City, Telegram Sam, Metal Guru, The Groover, and many more etc, etc.. Promises to be a fantastic evening! NOT TO BE MISSED BLACKPOOL!
Hi Guys, stuck for something to do with the kids today, we have a free bouncy castle at the South Beach Pub. There's an all day barbecue and tonight we have Guitars and Stripes pop rock band starting their first session at 9 o'clock. It's all on behalf of charity so come along and help us raise funds. Regards the South Beach Boys
What video games do rock bands like to play while on tour? Find out the answer from several rock and metal musicians by clicking here:
Fascinating Fact people thought the title track, “Born In the USA,” was a patriotic song about American pride, but it was actually a condemnation of how America treated its Vietnam veterans. In fact its working title was "Vietnam" until director Paul Schrader sent Springsteen a script for a movie called Born In The U.S.A., about a rock band struggling with life and religion. This gave Bruce the idea for the new title. Unfortunately for Schrader, when he was finally ready to make the movie in 1985, the title "Born In The U.S.A." was too associated with the song. Springsteen helped him out, however, providing the song "Light Of Day," which became the new title for Schrader's movie and the feature song in the film. Joan Jett sang the theme song, and Canada’s Michael J. Fox starred in the movie.
Now that there's enough room in front of my computer I can fit the drum kit, and stream Rock Band some night.
Union Stockyards are a brand new punk rock band from Winnipeg. Manitoba. They recently released their debut EP “Tracks” for free download. I highly recommend you give a listen here.  
Update your maps at Navteq
Some memories to share from the Rock Band Competition Held in Visakhapatnam. More details and snaps earlier in this timeline...
A Rock Band Music show *** contest was organized at a famous pub on Friday evening at Banjara Hills. A German band, SUIDAKRA was the centre of attraction, who shared the stage with Hyderabad based Rock Bands. SUIDAKRA is a legendary folk metal band from Germany who came to Hyderabad to perform. Various bands took part in the event; the finalist’s of this contest will be a part of Wacken Metal Battle festival which happens at Germany. The finalists of this event will be taking part in the Wacken Metal Music Festival which happens every year in Germany.
I love Chris Robinson. Humble guy who starts a world famous rock band and in his retirement plays Grateful Dead tunes with joyous abandon. Cool guy to boot. THANKS...also first guy I saw who sang Dylan songs live when he was 17 .
Just been to the open day at Padua College (where our son Louis goes) and Mt Alvernia College. He plays sax in two ensembles which we saw. We also saw two choirs, a strings ensemble and the rock band. All this follows on from his years of performing in two ensembles and the choir at Craigslea primary (and crossing over to the high school to perform with their ensemble). At both schools the music was and is of very high standard. Just amazing the opportunities young musicians have to learn and enjoy music. No wonder there's so many great Brisbane bands with all this talent being nurtured. Just hope the students all keep playing and enjoying themselves.
Air (UK Rock Band) rockin' it out at The Mean Fiddler circa 1995
I know right? lol, got my Rock Band hoodie, with my Hardyz necklace, and my Randy Orton legend killer t-shirt
On April 19, QLS TeamHBV, together with three other high school TeamHBV clubs, hosted the walkathon “I Pledge, You Pledge” at Pleasanton Middle School’s track. Our very own QLS Rock Band was invited to the event to perform! The event’s goal was to raise funds and spread awareness about Hepatitis B in the local community. Hepatitis B affects 350 million people worldwide and one in four of those affected will develop liver cancer or another liver disease. During the walkathon, volunteers from the East Bay participated in fun activities including icebreakers, games and ran for 45 minutes to raise money. They pledged to walk a certain number of laps in exchange for either a donation to the Asian Liver Center at Stanford or a pledge to get tested for Hepatitis B. The walkathon attracted about 40 people and raised $95 for the Asian Liver Center. The climax of the event was the QLS Rock Band’s 40 minutes of dazzling performance, led by Mr. McCullough and performed by students Allen Li, Cheonghyeon Park ...
Anyone interested in Project Diva, Rock Band, Just Dance, or Dynasty Warriors 8? Just trying to think what we have that are fun party kind of games x3 lol.
Tonight at 6:30pm at Grace Church. Best Rock Band in KC! Come join us.
I wonder if the Def Lepard version of Rock Band will come with only one drum stick?
"In the lead-up to the release of Rock Revolution, reports surfaced on July 10, 2008 that Konami filed a lawsuit against Harmonix and Viacom for patent infringement over Rock Band at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, claiming it infringed on Konami's patents on music simulation games. They also requested cash compensation and an order to stop sales of Rock Band. In February 2009, Harmonix sued Konami for infringing on their patents in Rock Revolution; the patents in question had cited some of Konami's patents as references. The two companies reached a settlement over the dispute in September 2010, the terms of which were not disclosed" ᶫᵒᶫ
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