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Robin Quivers

Robin Ophelia Quivers (born August 8, 1952) is an American radio personality, author, and actor, best known for being the long-running news anchor and co-host of The Howard Stern Show.

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Quivers: A Life, by Robin Quivers. hardcover no reserve free shipping
I keep wondering how to explain the experience of child abuse from the inside. I'm going to
Robin Quivers has a great voice for radio.
was named after Robin Ophelia Quivers? lol
Stay tuned all weekend on as a continues!
Cap giving you the Robin Quivers treatment and ordering the bottles of wine
An apology might help, but you can change your life without one.
When you go out on a limb, that's when you really know you're living.
I'm nutty for nutrition. I've become one of those people who can't stop talking about the c
, Can't believe Stern let Robin Quivers sit in on the show today 😁
The Many Celebrity Crushes of Robin Quivers: She's a red-blooded woman with a microphone in front of her face...
The famous men Robin’s crushed on: 2 Oscar nominees, an athlete, and a superstar all top her hot list
Art acknowledgement. Who Wore It Best? Testing the Limits of Robin Quivers’ Bra: http…
I know my sources are legit. Found out from them that Robin Quivers on Howard Stern Show was pressured into a blood oath with Satan.
Remember "He's not a hero. He was simply doing his job." Robin Quivers.
Robin visibly flinches, dropping the ink and quil he was writing with. He quivers. "Ah.. Huh..!?"
It is finally over...Howard Stern is ruining this Dennis Leary interview Robin Quivers-style by not shutting up. What happened?
STILL laughing at how Robin Oblivia Quivers would think a stable on the west side in NYC would house 20,000 horses!
.debate the issues: ISIS, Executive Orders & Breasts.
looks more like a sea Robin Quivers.
If I ever get back into yoga please don't let me carry my yoga mat around on my back like it's Robin Hood's sack of quivers.
Changing my body has given me the ability to do all these amazing things that I never in a million years imagined I could do - Robin Quivers
You were like the Robin Quivers we've been waiting for.
If is Cleveland's Howard Stern does that make Robin Quivers?
It's essential that a part of U not grow up. Childhood wonder gives us r spark & beauty. Robin Quivers
I was having health issues all my life. You're just not conditioned to...
After penning countless songs about the beautiful Robin Quivers, Little Mikey paid the Stern Show a visit for the...
We’d like to dedicate this to the queen, Robin Quivers. We speak your name!
Howard Stern Knows How 'Deadpool' Did It: While Robin Quivers was at the Paris Opera House watching ballet, *** ..
Robin Quivers, co-host of the H.Stern Show,radio show all-time, raped by her father from age 10-15
Hot Stove is the Howard Stern Show of MLB. Matt and H are Howard Stern while Lauren, Kenny, and Keith are Robin Quivers.   10% Off
Checking ITunes everyday for the Album... Adele's “Hello” by Robin Quivers
When we blow up, you're gonna be my Robin Quivers.
So you start one person at a time. Change one person, you can change a village.
You want more of Robin Quivers singing?! You’ve got it!
WCW: Robin Quivers and all her singing glory!
I think about Robin Quivers taking Hozier to church for like 250 a minutes a week.
Hearing Robin Quivers cry after the announcement that Howard was going to renew broke my heart. I'm so glad that she made it and beat cancer
Best Reactions to Howard Stern Re-Signing With SiriusXM: Meanwhile Robin Quivers began to cry but told Stern a...
Robin Quivers crying after Howard Stern's announcement this morning was fantastic, honest radio.
Robin Quivers cries on air recalling her past 5 years n battle with cancer. Expressing joy she will see 5 more of new contract. Great radio
Just in case this hasn't been done yet, Adele sings Hello by Robin Quivers
isn't that the name of Robin Quivers cat?
Can't wait to see get some vegucation! Robin Quivers joins as 'Top Talker' 2p ET
Robin Quivers (anchor : the Howard Stern Show) talks about sex abuse as a child. .
I REALLY don't understand Robin Quivers as a person... I'm not a Howard fan per se but she seems to be a robot.. ...
Robin Quivers looks so much better than Beyonce. Beyonce wishes she was Robin Quivers, and she should be in jail for stealing Robin's life.
Our today? You guessed it. The beautiful Robin Ophelia Quivers! Pic from Vegas, 2003.
My ideal dinner dates right now would have to Howard Stern Artie Lange Robin Quivers . obviously. Don't...
I think I saw Robin Quivers in the house!
Regina's heart stops when she sees him. "Robin.." Her voice quivers slightly as she faces him. She can't ignore this now +
with the biggest narcissistic know it all robin - all I do is read news articles and get them wrong half the time- quivers
Regina's eyes widen as memories flood back to her. "Robin." Her voice quivers slightly.
I added a video to a playlist The Beatles parody songs about Robin Quivers on The Howard Stern Show
I added a video to a playlist Robin Quivers Parody Songs & Boobs
Captain Robin Quivers was out for blood today
Watching and wishing I was Robin Quivers, cause I feel like would be the best PIC ever.
Cowherd made a great choice for his Robin Quivers-type female sidekick. is smart, funny and attractive.
I'll check it out , heard a funny Are You Experienced parody about Robin Quivers in Stern today ...
Stick Linda McCartney, Davy Jones, Robin Gibb, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Sam Simon in there, too. (Robin Quivers, almost.)
Should've went to the O's game tonight. Juan Dixon, Eddie Murray and Robin Quivers were all there. featured in NBC s Science of Love
The Sun talks to Baltimore native and longtime Stern sidekick Robin Quivers...
Thought you might find interesting -
he's going with the Robin Quivers cover version actually.
Great Article! Robin Quivers talks, abuses, illness, and survival. One of the most success radio co-hosts...
Robin Quivers, Michael Jackson, all use (or used) it. Great, great mic.
. You know what Robin Quivers says. ' I need a ***
Quote of the day:. "I, quite frankly, am grateful for every day. I don't take anything for granted.". - Robin Quivers
Enjoy this amazing interview with the Queen herself, Robin Quivers
I think & would make a great couple. You're both in radio & you're both inspirations!
This DJ is OK: Baltimore native talks abuse, illness and survival
Maryland's own Robin Quivers will be joining us next week for Be A Hero. Can't wait to hear her story.
robin quivers loves travel and ps a LEO! WELL she went to india in 80s lol and ran away next day lol…
Wow what an endorsement!! Thanks so much! "New Robin Quivers" is definitely something to aspire to
4 of 5 stars to Quivers by Robin Quivers
AWESOME job on Hey make Alex your new Robin Quivers. *rings bell*
4 of 5 stars to The Vegucation of Robin by Robin Quivers
This time I callled for Robin Quivers voice mail & can't get through 4 operators an hour from Australia?
Just saw they want to put a women on the $20 bill. My vote Robin Quivers
Robin Quivers has had so much $ for so long that she hasn't listened to anybody else's opinion since forever.
Dude giggling in the background all of the time SHUT THE F UP! Robin *** quivers
He picked Robin Quivers, an African-American woman who laughs at EVERYTHING he says about women, minorities etc.
Oh yeah. Special place in *** for Robin Quivers in my female opinion.
Typical day: game ends and now back to the News with Robin Quivers on Stern.
Andy Cohen did the no exposition thing when Robin Quivers was on WWHL. Entire convo about lifestyle/health changes she's made. Not one
I liked a video Howard Stern: Robin Quivers returns to the studio after 17 month battle with c…
Could you tell Robin Quivers to knock it off in the background. That stupid laugh ruins your show along with endless breaks
Yall know who Robin Quivers is? If so do yall consider her a legend?
Finally listening to the Madoona interview on and Robin Quivers is once again annoying with her comments.
A lovely photo of an amazing woman So glad you’re better!
Madonna opens her heart to Howard Stern: Howard Stern, Madonna and Robin Quivers. Photo:
Robin 'I was going to say that' Quivers,. Feh
I lasted 1 min before I had to turn it off. Robin Quivers is a useless hole
Nice piece, but more importantly, I love the pic of me with my client and friend Robin Quivers ...…
Sources state they were used to create a bra for Robin Quivers.
Thank you Robin Quivers, your movie choices tonight were fantastic., 4 of my favorites, esp Philadelphia Story.
. (Robin Quivers) has been a great guest programmer this evening. Lover her film choices and her take on each. 👏👏👏
Not staying up for Born Yesterday, but I am interested in Robin Quivers's take on it.
LOVE what Robin Quivers brings tonight as Guest Programmer. should have more black, Latino, Asian guest co-hosts & hosts.
Siced to be watching A Raisin in the Sun on for the first time. Robin Quivers, co-host of The Howard Stern...
omg I just noticed who is on TCM as a guest host.. Howard Stern sidekick robin quivers . how low can TCM go :/
Peace and love to you Robin Quivers
Love Robin Quivers voice.Almost looks unreal coming out of her.
What a surprise! Robin Oophelia Quivers is this months Guest Programmer on TCM. that half right Ms. Robin O.Quivers is the queen.
Robin Quivers. Yet, you don't hear much about her in the MSM.
Great lineup tonight from Guest Programmer Robin Quivers - starts 8pm with A Place in the Sun see a clip here:
still think it's f'ing ridiculous that Robin Quivers wasn't in the bracket. And where were Wendy and Lisa? Or Jerome?!!
Sorry Robin, but the real quivers on the Stern show is Howards gaping *** Walk hard Jimmy!
I can listen to Baba Booey and Robin Quivers song parodies all day. Some of the most creative, funny stuff ever written.
All I know is that Robin Quivers did it and was very sick and a bit crazy from it.
I maintain my position that it's an incomplete bracket without Robin Quivers. At WORST, she's a 3 seed
when you go podcast in my mind, I'm your Robin Quivers.
huge fail not including Robin Quivers in the bracket. At worst, she's a 3 seed.
love the idea of a 2nd banana bracket, but you completely failed by excluding Robin Quivers from the seedings.
Nick would you have sex with Robin Quivers?
I have. I voted twice. On my laptop and phone. Upset that Goose, St. Paul, John Oates and Robin Quivers lost. You?
Howard Stern: "Bruce Jenner was in a fatal car accident.". Robin Quivers: "He even drives like a woman." . Not bad, Quivers. Not bad at all.
Here are my thoughts on the BABABOOEY BABABOOEY BABABOOEY vote for Robin Quivers on
how are you going to put robin quivers on there and not robin from batman! He's the duke of second bananas
Do you guys view Robin Quivers as a hole?
even dated Robin Givens(not quivers) Mike Tyson's ex before he married Beth the *** Supposedly the great Steve Martin went>
Robin Quivers today on the said that the charman she saw fell sleep at one point. I am sure that she wore his *** out!
Thanks. Thanks. I wish I'd mentioned Robin Quivers when talking about sidekicks. She and Howard are a great team.
"So the point is, I don't have a right to tell anybody wha..".
ALWAYS made me laugh. Always. Zoraida, Queen Shenegua, the 227 ladies, Robin Quivers.
Her heart races as she arches up towards his mouth. "Robin..." Her voice quivers slightly.
go ahead and get going on this fellas. I’ll be the Robin Quivers to your Howards Stern(s).
I agree man. Alison wasn't that big. Adam is bigger. But she became MORE than a Robin Quivers! More talented!
I like Alison, but some people are reacting as if you fired Robin Quivers.
The Unbreakable Robin Quivers via ripe for dissection
with co-host Robin Quivers at that thing we were all at of course he says really perverse sexual stuff on his radio show. What did he say
was saying carolla is going for a h stern type show and is looking forhis robin quivers which is a mistake. Alison was great
Still, she wasn't that great. But neither is Robin Quivers. I'll still listen, but just for the jazz riff at the open!
I want to hear more about Robin Quivers (vacation on an Ayahuasca psychedelic trip in Peru. She is one of my heroes.
"I was looking in the French section so I don't know."- Robin Ophelia Quivers
Update your maps at Navteq
why are all of the Robin Quivers news stories so depressing?
If we're Stern is the Robin Quivers of the of AV industry online media? You be the judge!
can you imagine stern doing that to Robin Quivers .LOL never happin..!
Bigger tumor?. The grapefruit sized one doctors removed from Robin Quivers’ pelvic area or Josh Smith?
If I wanted to hear robin quivers, I would check out Howard.
Just like H. Stern's, Robin quivers I never thought of you as a side kick!! You 3 belong together. Just like Howard's team!
was shocked. Hated your crazy political views but u were funny & great fit for ACS. *** Adam wants a boring Robin quivers type?
fyi...jay's golf pro also asked Robin Quivers who she was. Not a good impression.
I'm sorry, but , you don't need a Robin Quivers-type. was much of the reason I listen
It was a lame call Mancow would call Robin Quivers token black so Howard could be racist. Cowhead = a hack
You need to send this to Bruce, Karen. It's evident you can go! The reviews needs a mix of Robin Quivers and Chelsea Lately!
I added a video to a playlist Howard Stern Celebrates Robin Quivers Birthday
In 2007 I hung outside the Sirius building for 3 days,so I can relate to you guys,met Ted Nugent,Artie Lange,Robin Quivers
The world would be a better place in a few years if there were more little girls growing up with Robin Quivers as their role model.
THE SPREAD // Is Shake Shack coming to Dallas? Robin Quivers, is. She'll talk veganism at the
Why is Robin Quivers talking during interviews so much lately?
WATCH: We chatted with (from at about her journey to veganism and her new book!
They'll continue to monitor. The standard is 5 yrs after procedure, unless you're Robin Quivers.
ha. As annoying as that Robin is, I was referring to Robin Quivers. Almost ruined an interview on Stern as per usual.
Wow.. Robin Quivers (has been back in-studio for a *year*.. & died. Can you tell I only just tuned in to today!
Hey I would like to be Robin Quivers to your Howard Stern.
Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers (stirs up 2014 -
Did you hear that will be at the Dallas Veggie Fair?
who would you say is/has the potential to be your Robin Quivers
Love the podcast. BTW, T-Rex is like male Robin Quivers, but you sir, are very much talent.
Can't believe I missed my hero Robin Quivers in town for DC's Veg Fest!
ask him about me. He used to call me robin quivers... No one knows why
Robin Quivers Kicks Off 2014 Texas Veggie Fair: For the plant-based eaters and lovers of things that grow, the...
"news" women Robin Quivers didn't know Eric The Actor died until Monday morning.
Attn Howard Stern fans: Robin Quivers is kicking off this year with a book signing and discussion.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Ok, let me know. I am ready to play the role of Robin Quivers. Or Swig. However you want the format to go.
newswoman Robin Quivers had time for veg-fest, but no time for front webpage of Variety, Hollywood Reporter & US Mag?
Typical of Robin Quivers, the world's highest-paid news reader, not to know that Eric the Actor had died.
Oh my god. Robin Quivers didn't know that Eric the Actor died because she was at "Veg Fest" all weekend. Good Lord.
Robin Quivers, the co-host of The Howard Stern Show, made her way to dcvegfest to promote a
"We'll probably never hear from you again.". Robin Quivers talking to Eric The Actor during his last call into the show.
So Robin Quivers at said vegetables saved her life. Didn't a doctor do that AFTER she got cancer?!
Awesome Robin Quivers taking about how not to eat hospital food! Worst food ever! ...
I just met Robin Quivers at DC VegFest! She was awesome!!! 💗❤️ ...
Had a great time getting my veg on with at Got to see the great Robin Quivers herself!
Listening to Robin Quivers talk about her book The Vedgeducation of Robin Quivers.
Happening now at - Robin Quivers on stage talking about how vegan food saved her life!
In the DC Area today? Be sure to stop by today at 1:15 to hear Robin Quivers tell how a diet saved her life!
I'm kinda doing more of a solo show with being my Robin Quivers. But join the chat and we can play during or after
Found an old illustration of Howard Stern, Artie Lange, and Robin Quivers from when I was first learning how to u...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
What To Expect At This Year's DC VegFest: Robin Quivers is the keynote speaker for this year's DC VegFest. (Ph...
The will have a hard time topping this one- "Keynote speaker Robin Quivers presenting this year
the way he rips on Robin Quivers is pure genius
Robin Quivers presenting this year How cool is that?! Sat Sept 20!
I'm done w/I'm sick of iPhone rants & name dropping. I process better than Robin Quivers.
Was Robin Quivers ever considered for She would be perfect as the main host of the show.
Very excited to hear Robin Quivers speak this weekend in DC
Jay Leno, Steve Miller Band, Paul Anka and Robin Quivers coming to this fall.
OK, i know i didnt update us over the summer so i just did them now.. Pete Fisher is still in the lead followed by Laurie Thompson and Tim MCCaffery.. Alot of people have also got themselves on the board with 2 each so its still anyones game.. Once again, if you see anything that is inacurate please bring it to my attention and i will correct it.. Pete Fisher Here are my picks: 1. Ariel Sharon-DEAD Jan 11, 2014 2. Helmut Schmidt 3. Vera Lynn 4. Kirk Douglas 5. Sid Caesar-DEAD Feb 12, 2014 6. Fats Domino 7. Stephen Hawking 8. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh 9. Eli Wallach-DEAD June 24, 2014 10. Luise Rainer - Laurie Thompson here is my list:dead pool 2014 Bob Barker Ned Beaty Shirley Temple Black-DEAD Feb 11, 2014 Lara Flynn Boyle Barbara Bush Ann B.Davis-DEAD June 1, 2014 Kirk Douglas *** Van *** Eileen Ford-DEAD July 9, 2014 Abe Vigoda - Tim McCaffrey 1.Casey Kasem-DEAD June 15, 2014 2.Clint Eastwood 3.Robin Quivers 4.Billy Graham 5.Abe Vigoda 6.Hugh Hefner 7.Mickey Rooney-DEAD April 6, 2014 8.Burt Rey . ...
Listening to and Jeffrey Ross roast Howard Stern and Robin Quivers. Unbelievably good stuff.
I once sold Robin Quivers running shoes at the Finish Line in the Staten Island Mall, where I worked in high school. Just saw her in my feed
Robin Quivers (is the keynote speaker! Learn how real food saved her life:
VIDEO: Robin Quivers says being vegan gave her strength to endure cancer - - Please RT
Funny. I thought Robin Quivers was "the spoiler." Theres always one.
A happy bday to Robin Quivers, a great friend and broadcaster.
domain names
Like a young Robin Quivers. 20ish, really.
I call spoiling a movie or TV show "pulling a John Hein". You can also substitute Robin Quivers for John Hein...👍😁👍
did you hear a clip of you played on about WWI?? Robin Quivers read your name during the news segment, awesome
Even if I think it'd be funny if Robin Quivers played Galactus in that movie. :P
Today I spent some time thinking about the life and career of Robin Quivers.
How many leaders know the ethical way, but choose the easier approach?
so if u r HS does that make me Robin Quivers??? :) hope u r well man.
.you should book your next vacation through Robin Ophelia Quivers travel agency
[he grabs one from the side strapped quivers he had and hands it over to Damian] There ya go Robin~ A good ol' plasma arrow.
*** ya,I subscribe to the Robin Quivers Spoilenator Club,letting the cat outta bag for every movie•TVSHOW
it's like asking Robin Quivers to quit if Fred Norris was fired.
Want to know Jim's thoughts about Robin Quivers' boobs but he won't talk.
When Robin Quivers was going through chemo & literally phoning in the Stern Show, she was better than Anthony Cumia on his best day.
Robin quivers is too stupid to know all those songs about her are SEXUAL HARASSMENT
Don't make me sad. At least Robin Quivers from Howard Stern is following me.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Were you fired because a Robin Quivers look a like hit you. OOHHH Howard!
Looked more like Robin Quivers sent her to sabotage the competition!!
I'm prepping for my colectomy today. Can't wait to name my stoma Robin Quivers! Thanks for the inspiration.
Robin Quivers... is there anyone less deserving of $100 million?
Why did Robin Quivers throw a punch at you?
on the plus side, Robin Quivers looks healthy again.
thoughts for new cohosts Robin Quivers, Margaret Cho, bring back Rosie, Monica Lewinsky, Beth Stern, Gayle King
I wanna see Robin Quivers be one of the next hosts of
THN's DC Hot Spots interview with Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern Show at the Taking Action for Animals Convention.
Robin Quivers signing books and speaking today to animal advocates
Robin Quivers from the Howard on being a healthy, joyous at the So good!
Robin Quivers wrapping up excellent talk about the power of vegetables!!
Robin Quivers' laugh is so infectious!
Listening to Robin Quivers talk about how her life changed after adopting a plant based diet
Robin Quivers credits her nutrient dense vegan diet for her body's immunity to any negative effects of intense cancer treatment.
Not a big Howard Stern fan, but can totally get behind Robin Quivers.
Hearing about the vegucation of Robin Quivers at
The Vegucation of Robin Quivers at setting the stage for a day about animal advocacy.
The only thing better than running the 5K today would be seeing Robin Quivers speak at the HSUS Conference at 10:30 am today
the thin girl from E and the chick that used to be on BeT news. Or robin quivers. Leave the other robin on GMa
Howard Stern has been in radio so long, he bought Robin Quivers at an auction. from the Birthday Show by
Watching Private Parts and Robin Quivers I love you two!
Check out video of Robin Quivers at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash
"Lunch Hour" Screening with Director James Costa this Saturday Night Join Real Food for Kids MoCo this Saturday, May 3, for a screening of "Lunch Hour", a feature-length documentary that explores the national school lunch program, childhood obesity, and our addiction to unhealthy food (starring Rachel Ray, Robin Quivers, Marion Nestle, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Amie Hamlin, Peter Eisler, and Alex Jamieson). Following the film, James Costa, writer and director, will be on hand to lead a discussion. Following the movie, attendees are invited to join RFKM co-directors and James Costa for drinks at Republic in downtown Takoma Park. Details: May 3: 6:30-9:00 p.m. Takoma Park Community Center 7500 Maple Avenue Takoma Park, MD 20912 Suggested donation: $10 per person. Appropriate for ages 14 and older.
The Master Cleanse diet is a popular diet regimen followed and endorsed by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce Knowles and Robin Quivers. The Howard Stern host, Robin Quivers had recently disclosed that she had enormously benefited from the ten-day lemonade diet. She stated that it was first
Billy Joel celebrated his 65th birthday a week early with a star-studded Town Hall meeting moderated by Howard Stern and Robin Quivers.
Radio’s Robin Quivers to host Leukemia foundation event
This is Jess. She's my best friend. We're going to be talking bad sex, on internet radio, that you've never heard before. We're mad at everyone. We want everyone dead. I've met my best friend. If she gets angry with this... she's a *** We're taking over for both Howard Stern and Robin Quivers, on SiriusXM Radio, in 2016. We're a team.
Howard Stern and Robin Quivers are criticizing Andrew Catalon for an offensive on-air comment. Is that ironic or hypocritical?
Robin Quivers to Host the T.J. Martell Foundation 2014 Women of Influence Awards Event in New York
I think you would make a great partner for Robin Quivers
Robin Quivers reveals how her plant-based diet helped defeat endometrial cancer: If you're a fan of "The Docto...
I liked a video Robin Quivers loves the pain and suffering of white children
"There's Robin quivers. I sure don't wanna know what makes her quiver!" 😳😮 😂🙉
Next on Radio personality Robin Quivers reveals how veganism helped her defeat endometrial cancer.
how many kids you have with Robin Quivers?
thanks girl. I lost to the amazing (Robin Quivers) … She deserved to win. Just happy was nominated!
NAACP gave Robin Quivers of all people an award? Really?
Just read an amazing book by the fabulous Robin Quivers. The book is entitled The Vegucation of Robin. The book is so awesome
Robin Quivers so great to see you healthy and happy on with Thanks for the many years of laughs.
was great to see Robin Quivers on last night ... she looks great. So happy you are well LOVE that laugh
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Guess who's joining for on tonight? You got it, the one and only You won't... http:…
Cool clip from - on who's a Diva and who is not With Robin Quivers too!
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highlights? It's the brilliant Robin Quivers... the whole appearance is a highlight. She is thin and hot!
Gonna say it...Robin Quivers is a zero.
Robin Quivers makes millions to read the news paper out loud.
Robin Quivers Please stop pretending you know rock and history of rock. You look silly trying to compete with Howard and Fred.
Rolling STone article on her recovery.
I'm a Robin Quivers fan, but I don't pay to get Howard's show on my Sirius. I suspect there are many others like me. Off to google her...
Robin Quivers dropped a read covered in shade on Larry King.
Robin Quivers & Patti Labelle = hilariously fascinating dialogue on
Patti Labelle and Robin Quivers are looking GOOD on right now.
I love and miss Robin Quivers dearly!! Not getting the daily doses of Howard *** 💜
Patti Labelle and Robin Quivers are an interesting duo. I'M HERE FOR IT.
*** they have Robin Quivers and Patti Labelle on The shade and the amount of not giving a ***
Flipped by Watch What Happens Live and Patti Labelle and Robin Quivers are the guests. "YAS" or whatever.
Who's coming to the Clubhouse tonight? Oh, just Robin Quivers AND Patti Labelle. NBD!
YES! Patti Labelle & Robin Quivers are making me excited in m'loins and m'brain!
TONIGHT: Recording legend, Patti Labelle & Howard Stern's partner in crime, Robin Quivers join Andy in the Clubhouse! LIKE if you'll be watching at 11/10c on BRAVO.
SUPERFAN ALERT!!! Do you have a question for ROBIN QUIVERS and Patti Labelle?? Message us ASAP with your question and phone number to participate in some fun!!!
We're getting ready for Thursday's show w/ Clubhouse Virgin ROBIN QUIVERS and the divalicious Patti Labelle!! Send me ur Q's for them NOW!
I did a little extra reading. An apology is a good way to have the last word. -Unknown (LOL) - A stiff apology is a second insult…. The injured party does not want to be compensated because he has been wronged; he wants to be healed because he has been hurt. -G.K. Chesterton - It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them. -P.G. Wodehouse (what about the people in-between?) (Hm) - Never make a defense or an apology until you are accused. -King Charles I (It wasn't brought to my attention! And then when it was and how it was didn't for sure help!) - The only correct actions are those that demand no explanation and no apology. -Red Auerbach (And if it is demanded make sure it's in a way that you may get one) - Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat them. -Unknown - Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge. -Isaac Friedmann - NEVER apologize for showing FEELINGS. WHEN YOU DO so you a .. ...
What do Robin Quivers and Black Velvet have in common...They are very distracting big brown jugs they are. I don't partake in Black Velvet all the time, sometimes not all the time, I'm not overly picky ... VV Victory and Peace .
Radio personality Robin Quivers is back in the studio as she begins a new chapter in her career and her life after having battled cancer for the past year. And her success in contesting the deadly ...
Wow Joan Rivera is funny and Jeff Ross. Howard Stern been on radio so long he bought robin quivers off the boat. And Howard Sterns favorite band. Guns and noses
Burr Rose W.S.Burroughs W. Axl Rose the Briar & the Rose (the Black Rider) Aquarius wit Mutable moons (Gemini & Pisces, respectively) Finally watched the Butterfly Effect—the first movie you ever recommended to me... he talked about how creepy Eric Stolz was as a childmolesting alcoholic... it’s another one of those trippy acid head movies about time travel... this one has even more astrological weirdness than Laserblast; Ashton Kutcher (Aquarius) plays Evan Treborn, the time traveler... When he reads his childhoold journals, he enters an astral projection state (the visual quivering time travel effect is much like the Salvia effect on vision) & can go back (with all he knows now) & effect the course of his life... His childhood friend Lenny is played by Elden Henson (Virgo) as a young man & by Kevin Schmidt (Leo) as a boy... Evan’s mother & the man who abused him are played by Libras (Eric Stolz & Melora Walters)... Anyway, Laserblast was this weird scifi movie from the 70’s. I saw it on t.v. whe ...
The psychoactive brew goes by many names. William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg called it yage. In Brazil, it's known as hoasca. Other aliases include the Spirit Vine, the Vine of the Soul and the Vine of the Dead. Its most common name is ayahuasca. For centuries, the indigenous cultures of the Amazon have brewed the plant concoction, and its naturally occurring dose of the hallucinogen DMT. In recent years, the West has caught on. The tea cropped up in the Jennifer Aniston/Paul Rudd flick Wanderlust and the Showtime series Weeds; proponents include everyone from Sting to The Howard Stern Show's Robin Quivers. One ayahuasca expert estimates that, on any given night, 50 to 100 ayahuasca groups are in session in New York City alone. And thanks in part to L.A.'s yen for spiritual enlightenment, and in part to its willingness to experiment with drugs, ayahuasca is incredibly popular here — with at least three subcommunities flourishing in the area. (See one local woman's account of what it's like to try a ...
I dated Robin Quivers in the 90's. I brought a tape recorder in the bathroom while Robin and I took a nice long shower together.
Chorizo Guy sings his famous song parody to Robin Quivers. This song is called "Robins Squeeze Box" or better known as the BREAK OUT THE CHORIZOs TONIGHT son...
Robin Quivers is a survivor. The longtime co-host of "The Howard Stern Show" has battled cancer and credits eating healthy, in part, for her victory. But her decision to be healthy came long before her larger struggle.
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