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Robin Lopez

Robin Byron Lopez (born April 1, 1988 in North Hollywood, California) is an American professional basketball player for the NBA's Phoenix Suns.

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Ibaka, Robin Lopez throw punches in Bulls-Raptors fight.
Reality. They get robin Lopez and pay $110M to Jrue Holliday
Trade double TT for Robin Lopez. Lopez is better offensively, gets offensive rebounds, shot blocker&…
Cavs need to trade Tristan Thompson for Robin Lopez
I remember everyone saying the same about robin lopez, then after he left Phx h…
I'd like to see the value in Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, and Jose Calderon right about now. Lopez is the only guy, a…
If Rose walks in free agency and Justin Holiday walks in free agency. The Knicks only got a 2nd round pick for Jerian Grant and Robin Lopez.
Both Holiday brothers & Seth Curry on one team would be great! Should also throw in Robin Lopez, a Morris twin, Pau…
Cavs should try and trade Thompson for Robin Lopez. Lopez has more offense, better defense & shot blocking
bmroering: LOVE the ChicagoBulls takeaway: "Are you willing to get weird?" - risks have paid off for team:
Ted: People change. Robin: But not as fast and as drastically. This is a cry for help.
On this day in 2014, Robin Van Persie scored that header. 🔥
Robin Lopez looks like a character from Where the Wild Things Are
gotta slow the dubs down with D! Starting 5 next year cp3 Jimmy buckets you triston and robin Lopez play D hit the boards
RIP, Robin Lopez. Blake Griffin threw down the HAMMER on him.
Outside of Butler,Wade, and Barely Rondo they didn't have much of a tea…
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in 2014, Robin van Persie did this. An iconic image 📸
Who else remembers last year when robin Lopez was turnin up w cavs LOL
The only thing that would make these finals better is if Robin Lopez was on the Cavs strictly for his reactions to the whistle
Have you seen the hair suit on Robin Lopez? He makes KD look good!
did you see Robin Lopez's jump shot bro? Crazy
Never forget when Robin Lopez shut David West up by yelling in his face
Robin Lopez might get a max this offseason
The bench was. Rondo showed up well when it was needed most, and Robin L…
Don’t make too much of it… but Bulls C Robin Lopez on a flight from Fresno to PDX today. (He has two years and $28M left on his contract.)
Robin Lopez taking out mascots one by one ??
talked to DET last YR regarding interest in Andre Drummond, but the organization seems to love Robin Lopez & his a…
Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez throwing hands in-game
sad about D rose? There isn't even a clear market for his FA this summer. The man is never healthy R…
Not the robin shultz remix the original is super slow and :((
I was really hoping for a Zaza/Robin Lopez matchup but this is cool too I guess
Robin Lopez with the shot and it's just a bit outside. (Video via
The knicks wasted their time with Robin Lopez. Should have given that money to a superior player
This season Jimmy Butler and Robin Lopez were the only players to appear in over 75 games.
Mirotic is probably already gone. Gotta think their best asset outside of Jimmy Butler is probably Robin Lopez.
Robin Lopez discusses the season and his exit interview
Looks like Brandon Jennings took a page out of Robin Lopez's book.
Robin Lopez brought his dog Muppet to his closeout interview today.
Robin Lopez brought his dog to his Bulls exit interview 😂 (via
Jae Crowder draws frustration from Robin Lopez by throwing hi - CSN Boston Celtics h
I just saw Fred Hoiberg play Robin Lopez only 20 something minutes. That's egregious... We are in good hands here.
Robin Lopez, Jae Crowder get into it over shoes in Game 4
Robin Lopez's shoe falls off and Jae Crowder clears it away by tossing it out of bounds. Robin Lo... - via App
Robin Lopez loses his shoe, Jae Crowder throws it, Lopez unties Crowder's much going on
Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, Michael Carter Williams, Paul Zipser and Cameron Payne all ready to contribute to a home…
Rajon Rondo and Robin Lopez the most improved
So apparently Robin Lopez is channeling Bob McAdoo & Rondo got hold of Doc Brown's DeLorean... 😒.
Our big men make Robin Lopez and Bobby Portis look like Bill Russell and Dennis Rodman rebounding the ball.
We'll gladly exchange that for a Tony D bobblehead. Or Robin Lopez. Your choice.
lol Robin Lopez FINALLY caught an L from an NBA mascot 😂
Robin Lopez – who had eight offensive rebounds in Game 1 – is a giant in his role. That (and more) on Breakaway:
How many are there? Off top of my head, JJ, Melo, Pierce, Morris twins, Robin Lopez, Millsap...
Again I was ecstatic when PJ came here. Defended him for 1st year or so, can't defe…
Has Robin Lopez become the key to this series for Keep crashing that offensive glass, big fella:
check out Robin Lopez with the spin move to avoid a box out that's a Stanford player if I've ever seen one
"RoLo is super important. He does his job, doesn't ask anything, does anything you want him to.". - Jimmy Butler on Robin Lopez
Robin Lopez (is one of the most underrated players in the
Robin Lopez had all of the offensive rebounds today!
Of course but Ainge could've traded for cousins, Noel or even Robin Lopez. I been said our lack of rebo…
Bulls take Game 1 in Boston behind Jimmy Butler, Robin Lopez and more
Why is Horford so bad at rebounding? Robin Lopez looked like the max contract player last game.
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Robin Lopez is the X factor in this series. Boston doesn't have a true 7 footer that can match up with Lopez.
Bulls have my fav center in the league robin lopez
Robin Lopez is way better than Noah right now and anybody with eyes knew that before they basically swapped them out
The Raptors locker room was fired up after last month's Serge Ibaka–Robin Lopez fight (via
Robin Lopez got ejected for smacking Chris Paul twice in the face.
The bulls could very well be in the ECF they have Jimmy Butler and D wade Robin Lopez down low solid threat to aanyone.shooting is a ? Thoug
Nah Stevens would try to turn Robin Lopez into a three point shooter and have Wade take like 12 threes a game
Yeah, the Bulls may have been blown out if it weren't for Robin Lopez.
Man looks like a charbroiled Robin Lopez
anti-Cousins fans and media like you look like REAL hypocrites crying about the Celtics getting outrebounded by Robin Lopez
Raptors Locker room after Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez fought 😂😂😂😂
There were times last night when Robin Lopez wasn't even defending Amir Johnson, just shadowing the ball.
When you miss Joakim Noah but Robin Lopez can actually score
Amazing game by Robin Lopez and Bobby Portis. They were integral. McD and Taj traded for Payne who wasn't even dressed? SMH.
Taylor Griffin, Zoran Dragic, Jarron Collins and Robin Lopez are all rejoicing 😂😂
When you trade Robin Lopez for Derrick Rose and Rolo is the one headed to the playoffs. .
How often do you think Brooke and Robin Lopez kiss?
Best part about Robin Lopez & Serge Ibaka taking turns swinging & missing: Means the suspensions won't be as severe https…
Robin Lopez is hands down the sickest dude in the far
Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez have been both ejected for throwing punches towards each other. Expect suspensions are comin…
Robin Lopez hit the ball out of Ibaka's hands and threw the first punch, but watch the league suspend Ibaka.
Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka exchange punches. It's been a long time since this has happened in the NBA. .
Extended footage of the Serge Ibaka -Robin Lopez fight:
This is the exact moment Serge Ibaka punched straight through Robin Lopez's hair and I cannot stop laughing.
Jimmy Butler got in there and defended Robin Lopez.
WATCH: Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka were ejected for exchanging punches
Here is more video from the Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka fight. (via .
Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka were going at it with punches! 😳.
Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka got ejected for throwing punches at each other. Brook Lopez says he's pulling for Ibaka in th…
Some oldtime Action Robin Lopez - Serge Ibaka letting those hands go.. salutes this NBA
Big night for the Lopez twins: Robin fights with Serge Ibaka and Brook hits a game-winner to deliver big blow to Pistons'…
Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez are out for each other's BLOOD
Oh that was nothing what robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka did that was a daily occurrence back in the old dark days of the NBA
Robin Lopez expects to be suspended for fight with Ibaka.
Bulls' Robin Lopez and Raptors' Serge Ibaka exchange punches, get ejected (all angles)
Robin Lopez was out there throwing dukes...😂👊💥... I'm schleeep😴😴
Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka were ejected after they both threw punches late in the 3rd quarter.
Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka both ejected for throwing punches. .
Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez out there set trippin "bloods and crips" .
basketball Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka gave us worst NBA fight in 10 years, but it could have been: via
Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez just traded blows. Punches thrown.
Violence is bad, but this Serge Ibaka–Robin Lopez fight is good.
Robin Lopez, Serge Ibaka ejected for fighting in Chicago Bulls-Toronto Raptors tilt »
VIDEO: Serge Ibaka comments on fight with Robin Lopez
VIDEO: Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez ejected for fighting
Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka got into it 😳🥊 (via
It's getting heated in Toronto as both Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka are ejected after this play. .
Monty Williams got a league average offense out of Greivis Vasquez, Al-Farouq Aminu, rookie AD and Austin, Ryno, and Robin Lopez.
"Robin starter, wants everyone to be clear on who his three favourite wizards are."
C'mon, you should know the difference between the Lopez brothers! Robin has an ongoing dispute with mascots…
think you're getting him confused with Robin Lopez. Brook hasn't fought a mascot ever lol
...Nikola Mirotic puts up 20 points, Robin Lopez added 19 points and Denzel Valentine with 15 points.
Alex Len vs Robin Lopez is my basketball nirvana.
Robin Lopez would probably be the only one to break it up 😅
The Shield Takeover.. The because Robin Lopez just know the power
Robin Lopez was talking about working on shooting 3's now Pau Gasol also shooting 3's. Jordan dey there the waste, carry dunks for head.
Nikola Mirotic : 20 points on 5-10 shooting & 4-7 from 3 in 37 minutes off the bench. Robin Lopez : 19 points & 6 rebounds in 36 minutes
Robin Lopez set three illegal screens in a row..
Robin Lopez has been a bright spot indeed...
Classy move by center Robin Lopez helping the toddler get the bucket during time out against
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Can we electro shock Robin Lopez anytime he shoots a 15 footer?
I will never understand why Robin Lopez is on an NBA roster.
down just a point after 12 minutes at the UC, 25-24. Eight points for Robin Lopez and a couple 3s for Denzel Valentine.
Robin Lopez leads the with 8 points.
offense running through Robin Lopez. Nobody expected this. Savvy.
Robin Lopez out here looking like Kareem
OK, can we not with the Robin Lopez 20-footers?
Why does Robin Lopez look like side show Bob?
neither of you has Robin Lopez hair, though
Robin Lopez. He has the trademark hair and beefs with mascots.
I really liked Robin Lopez but some people act like we gave up a franchise center in that deal.
Gar and Pax: "the plan is to get younger and more athletic.". *Bulls sign dwyane wade and rajan rondo and trade for…
Im doing it Im gonna drop Robin Lopez
Robin Lopez said get that bs out of here
Alyas Robin Hood will replaced by the series itself. 😃😃
can't save the bulls wit Robin Lopez and Mirotic Starting 4/5
Re the NBA trade deadline, Robin Lopez said his brother Brook once told him he'd trade him to a high school team for a bag of…
Did I really just shoot a game winning 3 against with Robin Lopez
they should've never gotten rid of Robin Lopez and worked on getting a big name PF
And people said give Klay for Robin Lopez lmfao
.reminds me of a better robin'll be interesting to see how he develops.
The worst part of suffering from Derrick Rose for this season is to give away Jerian Grant and Robin Lopez in exchange :(
Blazers should have traded Aldridge the summer Robin Lopez was signed. The rebuild would have been faster.
Should've never traded robin lopez man 😪
Our defense would look alot better with Robin Lopez. Just saying
This is where New York misses Robin Lopez boxing out.
This is nonsense. Robin Lopez is their 3rd best player. Getting younger with mid to late 1st rounders? Insanity.
If Robin Lopez manages to mangle that mascot suit beyond recognition it would be the greatest of all times for Pels…
Oh my God, I just realized BULLS' best center or power forward is Robin Lopez.
and now Kay talking about how they gave up Robin Lopez/Grant for nothing in the end
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bro we got robin Lopez. We're saved.
If Lopez is so good why were the Bulls interested in Jahlil Okafor & Robin Lopez? Knicks fans crucified Phil for signing him.
Robin Lopez just a glorified Varejao, not even better than Andy in his prime
...Michael Carter-Williams put up 12 points, Robin Lopez and Rajon Rondo both with 10 points.
The Orlando Magic mascot has a message for Robin Lopez 😂 (via
Nets should trade for Robin Lopez. Play him and Brook together a lot. Now THAT would be fun basketball.
WATCH: Michael Carter-Williams drilled Robin Lopez in the face... and it somehow worked out for Chicago.…
WATCH: Robin Lopez is an offensive visionary, gets hit in the face by a pass to set up an easy Bulls dunk…
Robin Lopez helped his teammate score by getting hit in the face by a pass
Brook Lopez posterizes his twin brother, Robin Lopez. This will make family functions rather awkward.
Brook Lopez puts his brother Robin Lopez on a poster
Jabari Parker with the nasty poster on Robin Lopez! 😳 🔨 .
With Damian Lillard mismatched against Robin Lopez, the Blazers guard decides to spot up and knoc... - via App
embiid sat out tonight so this *** okafor had the chance to play 30 plus minutes and he got outplayed by Robin Lopez smfh!!
Several tonight. I'm looking in your direction Robin Lopez.
Bobby's inability to box out and grab a rebound burns the Bulls. Why is Robin Lopez not in this game?
Tristan Thompson or Robin Lopez how y'all feel?
...Robin Lopez puts up 12 points and 7 rebounds and Doug McDermott also finished with 12 points off the bench.
Robin Lopez went in for the offensive rebound and said "gimme that" and I immediately had flashbacks of Carlos Boozer and now I feel ill
Hey remember when the Knicks had two great guys named Jerian Grant and Robin Lopez and not Derrick Rose.
*Writes ROBIN LOPEZ on face, points furiously*
Chicago when they traded Derrick Rose for robin lopez and thought it was his twin brother LMAOOO
You're lucky Robin and Brooke Lopez weren't there. Lol
The best thing Robin Lopez can teach himself this summer is how to throw Jimmy a clean lob. That was a 2015-2016 staple play.
lmao Robin Lopez had the best ever bench reaction that series
we're into round 9 now and Robin Lopez, Avery Bradley, Robert Covington, & Devin Booker have all been picked.
I hope 2k hears this. Ain't no reason I should be getting clamped up by no *** robin Lopez out there.
Robin Lopez minutes might help Team USA at this point
JUST IN: It's gonna be a BABY GIRL for Mariel and Robin Padilla.She is expected to give birth November. c: MJ F .
30pts, 20asts, and 8rebs with a loss because Chris Bosh just hit a turnaround fadeaway over Robin Lopez for the game. I just can't win.
Hamilton Collection
Just saw robin Lopez at the airport lol
what's your thoughts on Bobby Portis starting with Robin lopez this season? Any chance that happens?
Robin Williams died two years ago today
2 years ago the we lost someone who very much inspires me. Ill never lose my spark of madness, you are missed Robin. htt…
Stephen A really tryna act like Robin Lopez isn't better than Joakim right now
FALSE! If your C was Robin Lopez but cuz of Courtney Lee & Joakim even if you let Rose go Knicks don't have max cap
But they gave up young guys and cap room to get him. The 1 yr thing is deceptive. The lost a cheaper Robin Lopez too
Robin Williams died on this day 2 years ago. Rest in peace, Robin
Battle of the brothers. Brook Lopez or Robin Lopez. You have ONE at $15 million a year contracted for the next...
Honored to because Robin Lopez just delivered some change before the interview w/bro! Was an elite group!
robin Lopez is much better then joakim now
yeah bro u know who they had before? Jose Calderon and Robin Lopez
That fan right there looked like Robin Lopez, did a quick double take
The Chicago Bulls have traded Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks for Jose Calderon, Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant.
Why is 'Jack' starring Robin Williams & Jennifer Lopez in no one's top 7? What's wrong with you people?
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Battle of the brothers: Would you rather have Robin or Brook Lopez under contract for the next 3 years?
Taj Gibson and and Robin Lopez cannot keep up with thaddeus young and al Jefferson
Idk. Let's ask them lol joker may be robin I hear tho 🤔
Robin Lopez will not lose sleep over having to guard Al Horford
This man said Robin Lopez had 4 bad knees. 😭😭😭
Robin Lopez stopped by my work today. I look gross again bc work!
lol how ? It's the same big men they had minus Noah , Gibson , Mirtovic & Robin Lopez .. And they got Valentine 😈
I liked the Robin Lopez pick up - I think that, in conjunction with the 3 guard rotation, might put them over the top for 7 or 8.
Robin Lopez: "Playing with D-Wade, & Jimmy B will help make my job easier. I wanna make a impact on Offense…
Now, with Robin Lopez gone, the Knicks should make a run at signing a big man this summer. Dwight? Joakim Noah? Whiteside?…
As reports, Knicks send Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant and Jose Calderon to Bulls for Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday and a…
What are the chances Cristiano Felicio is better than Robin Lopez next year? Curious to hear ppl's thoughts on that https…
Taj Gibson and Robin Lopez should be enough though for the time being. They should have a solid season
Breaking: Bulls are sending Derrick Rose to Knicks for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant and Jose Calderon - Chicago Tribu…
I think the biggest loss from two years ago was Robin Lopez. I'm a huge Myers Leonard fan though, if he can stay healthy all year
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So apparently, 2K thinks the Chicago Bulls will win the championship next year with Robin Lopez.
he was definitely talking about Robin Lopez but slipped and said Brook Lopez. It's pretty clear
The "Robin Lopez is Josh Baskin from BIG" reference by on his podcast was absolutely cash.
Should trade Doug McDermott, Tony Snell and Robin Lopez for a Better Center.
Denzel Valentine excited to be drafted by Bulls because he's always wanted to play with Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jeria…
Looking forward to a Bulls starting five of Kris Dunn, Tony Snell, McBuckets, Taj Gibson, and Robin Lopez. Seriously, everything is FINE.
so u mean Phil Jackson has options after losing the incomparable, omnipresent all world Robin Lopez? Get out!
If interested in particulars of finances regarding Robin Lopez's contract and what it means for Bulls, I explain:
Y'all *** let me know when Robin Lopez became Boogie Cousins to warrant this outrage
When you hit a game winner but see your future of getting traded for Robin Lopez
I like Robin Lopez but they didn't give up too much for D Rose.
So do I order my Robin Lopez jersey now or? 😭😭
Robin Lopez 😂 seriously though if Rose can stay healthy we should be playoff bound
And speaking about getting the wrong NBA brother... Robin Lopez?! . While we're at it, you got the wrong *** Gasol too!
At worst, at least there's piqued interest now. Nobody was going to MSG to see Robin Lopez play.
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Mfers traded Drose for Robin Lopez Jose Calderon and a *** no you've never heard of him
I know Knicks needed a PG but Bulls defs win this trade by getting Robin Lopez. Bye bye Noah!
Robin Lopez + Jerian Grant simultaneously seems too much for a player as broken as Derrick Rose & too little for a play…
Love the trade for Rose, but I hate that Robin Lopez had to be a part of it. Good defender down low.
Robin Lopez really got traded for d rose I'm still in awe lmao
Robin Lopez shot 58% at the rim this season. Joakim Noah shot 38.7% at the rim.
Jimmy Butler wants to leave your team. But you have robin Lopez
goes to the knicks for Robin Lopez Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant
I know but with noah leaving robin Lopez is a decent interior defender and they needs that now also
Sources: The Bulls and Knicks are in advanced discussions on Derrick Rose-Robin Lopez deal that involves guard Justin ***
Idek what to say that's terrible. Robin Lopez is a bum, Calderon solid but not a D rose. Like I said though it comes down to health
Dwight Howard to New York is very much in play, as I said awhile back in a video with Robin Lopez trade li…
Knicks fans, another key to remember. Getting rid of Robin Lopez's $41,365,500 contract. Will free up space to sign fre…
Robin Lopez was my coach in a tournament I played in Chicago back in 2010 and now he is about to be my teammate in Chicago!…
man we just lost a star player. Robin Lopez was the best player on the team. RIP to the goat who played about 4 seconds pg.
All of a sudden Robin Lopez is Wilt Chamberlain to Knicks fans and media
BREAKING: trade Derrick Rose & company to for Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant
they traded Derrick Rose for ROBIN LOPEZ + tennis balls & they're complaining
they didn't need to trade Rose, I thought they wanted to dumb his contract then they got Robin Lopez who also has a big contract
I agree in the Bulls getting rid of DRose but for Robin Lopez and Jose Calderon?! C'mon😂
Things that Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant don't equal? Playoffs. Keep cooking, Phil.
Here's Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jerami Grant waiting for the Bulls press conference to begin.
*** Robin Lopez,Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant for d rose that's the dumbest trade in franchise history come on man what are you doin
Derrick Rose crossover on Jose Calderon, scores on Robin Lopez, and 1.
BREAKING:. Derrick Rose has been traded to the New York Knicks. Knicks sending Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, Jose Calderon.
The Knicks have traded Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant to the Bulls for Derrick Rose!
I can't wait to watch Robin Lopez and Jose Calderon ball out next year.
D-Rose was the youngest MVP ever in 2011 and was traded for Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant in 2016
Like, are you really gonna miss Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant if your’e a Knicks fan?
i agree. But why Robin Lopez and Jose Calderon. Jerian Grant i can live with
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Derrick Rose for Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant. Not bad at all tbh 👀🤔
Man, I wonder what team's front office traded for Jose Calderon, signed Robin Lopez and drafted Jerian Grant...
Report: Derrick Rose traded to for Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon & Jerian Grant (via
fans complaining about Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant being traded are the same ones who thought Shumpert was an Al…
Robin Lopez was good defensively but not an effective offensive scorer. If we could land Pau or Al Horford Knicks might have a chance.
👍🏻 Phil Jackson for signing Robin Lopez in 15 for just 1yr to be moved in 16 w/ a cheaper tag than any UFA center on the market will demand.
Robin Lopez a good back up center and Rose quite frankly is only good from the waist up...
Knicks traded away Robin Lopez and others for a paraplegic. KNICKS taking another L this season
Clutch part is we lost Rose but gained Robin Lopez which is really good friends with my cousins husband .. Game tickets my nigg 😈
Is this Robin Lopez or DeMarcus Cousins? Affordable contract but let's not make out RoLo to be anything above an average NBA C.
with Robin Lopez now a bull, you can pretty much rule out Gasol or Noah returning next season.
Al horford or Al Jefferson to replace Robin Lopez ? 🤔
NBA trade: Bulls send Derrick Rose to Knicks in 5-player deal that includes Robin Lopez
By dealing Robin Lopez, look for Knicks to possibly pursue Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol or Dwight Howard in free agency.
Knicks get:. Derrick Rose, Justin Holliday, and 2017 2nd round pick. Bulls get:. Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant
Now that Robin Lopez is a Bull, we HAVE to record him and John Lackey talking. Two primo Buffalo Bill voices.
He likes Robin Lopez better than say John Henson
But seriously with the salary cap booming the way it is, Robin Lopez's contract is gonna be sooo good considering what he can do for a team
We sent yall Robin Lopez, Jose and Grant lmaoo
Report from has it all: Chicago sending Derrick Rose to New York for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, Jose Calderon a…
The Bulls have traded guard Derrick Rose to New York for center Robin Lopez, guard Jerian Grant and guard Jose Calders…
The Bulls are trading Rose to the Knicks for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant and bigger package, sources tell
Tony Wroten, Affalo, Melo, Porzingis, & Robin Lopez... I'm not mad at this @ all. Outside the fact that there will be 0 passes thrown lol
Robin Lopez beats up the Toronto Raptor over a crossword puzzle...
Carmelo Anthony told Phil Jackson that the Knicks have the best frontcourt in the East referring to him, Kristaps Porzingis & Robin Lopez
While some believe Noel is on the cusp of greatness I watched him get dominated by Amir Johnson and Robin Lopez.
thanks, Al...I think they may be trading Robin Lopez.
Idk bout noah. He seems washed and robin lopez did his thing this yr..
Noah could make sense if you knew he would be healthy and if you were going to use Robin Lopez to try to trade for a PG or wing.
Robin Lopez does all those things already.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Porzingis' time as a starting 5 will come. But why not let him ease into it and continue to start Robin Lopez?
Robin Lopez still under contract though
Is Joakim Noah better than Robin Lopez at this point?
Get Robin lopez outta here for Jeff Teague and sign Noah!
But he wasn't finished there... He then said Bismack Biyombo was better than Robin Lopez
i'll take Joakim Noah in a heartbeat, but Knicks invested in robin lopez
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