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Robin Ince

Robin Ince (born 20 February 1969) is an English stand-up comedian, actor and writer.

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New podcast ep up later this week, with Robin Ince. Make sure you're caught up at or subscribe chez iTunes
‘Can you grow potatoes on Mars?’: Brian Cox and Robin Ince answer your questions
Ricky does Robin ince still sit on tin' s of spam to let the worms out?
Robin Ince quitting for the same reasons many women dont even try. I love Robin Ince I hope he will be back.
Radio – on the joy and fascination of Only Artists, the new culture clash show from
So excited to take my little sister to see Prof Cox and Robin Ince tonight in Plymouth!!
Mine are Sandi Toksvig, Anthony Joshua (not such a big man now are ya Putin!), Ricky Gervais, Robin…
I will be doing a short tour in the Autumn including Salford and Barnard Castle
Good on Robin Ince for speaking up for science for inaugural March for Science. We need knowledge, not 'alternative facts'!
My last warning. Comedy. Tonight. London. With me, Robin Ince, Tony Law, Paul Kerensa and lots more.
Actor and comedian Robin Ince has warned of a threat we’re ignoring if the Tories get elected again
What do we want?. Cats in a superposition. When do we want them?. Until observed. (Courtesy of Robin Ince)
Dear Is this really happening? And it's free? Flying over from the US and staying nearby. What luck!
Bumped into the awesome (non-nobber) Robin Ince at He says would endorse this message! https:…
Just watched "The Entire Universe", starring Professor Brian Cox, Eric Idol, Robin Ince, and other was so funny..
University honours science wit Robin Ince with prestigious journalism award | The University of Northampton
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
If I was in Guantanemo Bay, the universe would still conspire to make sure I somehow heard Robin Ince's pointless bit on Steve Lamacq's show
Chippenham Comedy Festival continues tonight at the Old Road from 7pm with hour shows from Robin Ince, Richard Herring and Juliet Meyers.
oh and Infinite Monkey Cage is and Robin Ince chatting science and other things.
Robin Ince (co-presenter of The Infinite Monkey Cage) is in Marsden this June. All proceeds support Marsden Library
I am doing a show in Leeds on 6th June, come along it will be about many things.
More on our line-up for Calais Action's REFUGEES WELCOME! - comedian Robin Ince, Edinburgh Comedy award-winner...
It's a shame, isn't it? I'd love to see Robin Ince's Saturday Night-In With a Bergman Film.
This event is sold out but the London one isn't yet. Just so you know :).
Teachers! How about some fun science? series all eps here, starring puppet Brian Cox & Robin Ince:
Hands up if you're looking forward to seeing Robin Ince on May 25th?! We love a good Ticket info:
Leeds, Wells, Chippenham, then the last of the solo show digressions will be in Manchester
I would have said Robin Ince is a curiosity - each to their own.
I am doing a friendly show in Wells in a few weeks time
One idea I explore in my stand-up show is whether, if you try looking at th...
Fact-checking website, as endorsed by 'pinko liberal comic' Robin Ince of Radio 4's "The Infinite Monkey-Cage".
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Wahey!!...Infinite Monkey Cage star Robin Ince is into it..Cheers!!
Hot take: Robin Ince is really funny.
Once you start looking at the world rationally, it becomes much more exciti...
The wonderful Robin Ince will be bringing us all to tears (laughing don't worry) on May 25th! Details:
can't see anything yet - except Brain Cox's talk, which Robin Ince is introducing
Robin Ince interview on science puppet show and more (
£45 for the day on the Saturday to see JMJ play at Jodrell Bank plus Robin Ince and more. I may have to go!
would it be fair to say since you met Karl, that Robin Ince has fell down the pecking order of your favourite person?
Robin Ince and The Hound have surprisingly similar views.
So gin and Robin Ince impersonating Brian Blessed hapoened. I mean I'm v. happy right now but it was worrying for a minute
If that wasn't a show, more "a man pissing about on stage", then Robin Ince should spend more time pissing about on stage 😃
Been looking forward to this for ages. .
Tapas, martinis and now Robin Ince in Not bad for a school night.
thanks for sharing Robin Ince, have a great Wednesday :) 🔹🆓Grow followers ➪ 🆓🔹
Excited to be screening two classics, June 5th chosen and introduced by presenter Robin Ince
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
June 2nd, London, Guardian HQ. and I discuss the weirdness of brains for your viewing pleasure
Really looking forward to this at the Guardian offices: & talk on 'The *** Brain'
Excited for this evening in the Still some tickets left! Book now!
off to Belfast to perform a very chaotic show tonight, some tickets still available
Science is very cross-generational; you're not just aiming it at twentysome...
Wherever you are on Earth, there is more life present than in the rest of t...
'A Journey into Deep Space' is in Brisbane Sat the 6th of August with and Robin Ince.
Love Factually- with Robin Ince and Francesca Stavrakopoulou, Stephen Law, and magic show! 2 June via
Ok, so who wants to go see Brian Cox talk about science with Robin Ince?
arghh, why have they put me up against at Wells Comedy Festival, I'm here but go see him
Robin Ince - comedian, actor, writer & presenter of the The Infinite Monkey Cage with Brian Cox is here on 11 May!
It is a very odd world where people reject reason and yet benefit from the riches of reason. Robin Ince
Sussex Professor joins Brian Cox and Robin Ince on the Infinite Monkey Cage... via
Got a question for and The want to hear it!.
Got a question for and We want to hear it -
I'm behind here. But all the way through your Robin Ince was thinking "archaeology." . Although 60% chance of being a chap.
16:00 Steve Lamacq: Robin Ince attempts to guess the identity of a listener through their musical choices.
Got a question for Brian Cox and Robin Ince? We want to hear it
I added a video to a playlist The effect of Ricky Gervais' laugh on Robin Ince's brain
Poss 21C comparison r.e. Rupert Cole on public statements of value-free ideal of sci in RI 1960s (Porter)
if you get the chance, listen to the Book Shambles podcast he was on with Robin Ince and Josie Long. Very warm and human.
so is my old showbiz mucker Robin Ince I believe. I think I might be jealous.
G+: The Infinite Monkey Cage with Prof Brian Cox and Robin Ince explores the science…
I don't know exactly where her accent is from, but when I try it ends up more like Robin Ince's Brian Cox impression.
Have you listened to the Book Shambles Podcast featuring Josie Long & Robin Ince? It's fantastic.
. is (are you posh ricky?). Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Robin Ince, Steven K Amos, Susan Calman are funny too
Us too! Ray Mears will be fascinating and then Robin Ince and Brian Cox LIVE? VERY excited!
BOOK SHAMBLES podcast now on itunes talking about HEART OF THE ORIGINAL and many other books - Robin Ince, Josie Long & Stewart Lee.
Tickets are available now for our upcoming event featuring Alan Moore, Robin Ince and lots more!
and I've seen Jeremy Hardy before, and he's excellent. Also on the bill are Francesca Martinez, Sara Pascoe and Robin Ince.
More tickets for Robin Ince, Alan Moore & Grace Petrie on 10sep will be on sale here soon
I AM (did we meet when you were playing Robin Ince's xmas party with Emperor Yes, btw?)
Come see Robin Ince 4 the last time on stage in Southend this Thursday night. For a few years at least while he takes a break from stand up.
I apologise for grabbing your arm after the robin ince show. was excited to see you in real life.
We loved Robin Ince! A really refreshing take on life Can't believe it was the first time I'd seen him..
Humans: What Utopia could have been if given notes by Robin Ince and these guys
Our next Charity Chuckle is on Tues 14th July with the amazing Robin Ince! Tkts £10/£5. Book now
robin ince is taking a break from touring. The world may very well end. Better get a ticket and be part of it :)
thanks for sharing Robin Ince, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
Robin Ince just reminded me of this:.
Had a lovely long chat in the bar garden with Robin Ince after his show, hobnobbing with the celebs eh!
Clearly Robin Ince hasn't done his research. Such a cheap and ignorant dig!
Razzle Dazzle just started on Movie Mix. Stars Ben Miller and co written by Robin Ince.
Robin Ince my new best accidental find. Thanks Christopher Lee.
are you going to see Robin Ince tomorrow? He's in Suffolk somewhere.
Come and see Robin Ince be brilliant on his farewell(!?) tour.
Looking forward to seeing at this weekend.
Sad news about Christopher Lee. To quote Robin Ince "Dead - for now". Here's hoping.
Comedy at the Quay, Award winning Comedian Robin Ince star of Radio 4's the Infinite Monkey Cage tomorrow book
Late night review of Robin Ince's Saturday show No joke spoliers, he's more 'intrinsically comic' - …
Capt Cook spent an entertaining evening with me at the Broadway watching the wonderful Robin Ince and Grace Petrie (no photo, sorry!)
STILL TIME to book for our very special evening with ROBIN INCE and Guests!
Some tickets still available from the box office for Robin Ince this evening at 7.30pm.
Robin Ince is on at the Broadway tonight if you're interested?
Looking forward to Robin Ince tonight at
any tickets left for Robin Ince tonight? Just tried to buy online + it told me "system error"...
If anyone else is, like me, having withdrawal symptoms, this is lovely and it's got ukelele in :)
fun to be part of Nunhead Radio yesterday. Here it is - from WI to William Blake
Robin Ince to quit stand-up comedy over family commitments and 'imposter syndrome' -
Sudbury this Friday is not my biggest seller Can't find a website for venue
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Yeah! Robin Ince starts with a clip from
Some tickets are still available for Robin Ince on Wendesday! Don't miss out
They're generally awful. I do like Johnny Vegas and Robin Ince...,Mainly because they interact. Richard Herring does too.
I am up at Edinburgh fringe for one day with one show this year, this is it
from the makers of Snakes on a plane. A new terror unfolds . CYCLISTS ON A TRAIN . Starring Robin Ince
Don't be too suspicious of the Suspicioulsy Cheap Comedy Night with +
Tonight's bargain comedy is E2 with TV's &
We’re heading to London to sort this heap of honey out, cue 5 hours of bickering
A great event for horror fans at Join & many more for DOUBLE THE HORROR! htt…
Laugh Till It Hurts in aid of Cancer Research on 20th May 7.30pm with ROBIN INCE.
If you can't wait til remember we have the fantastic DOUBLE THE HORROR event coming at htt…
Tonight 8pm the very funny comedian Robin Ince brings his Blooming Buzzing Confusion show to the Kirkgate. £14
Prepare yourselves for a unique night of horror featuring two fabulous special guests...
I have 2 tickets to Robin Ince available tonight. Not able to go due to unfortunate circumstance.
Suspiciously Cheap Comedy has all the comedy you need this Sun, London. Ince, Watson, etc.
If only that Stew gig hadn't been the same day as Robin Ince's farewell show! Just my luck!
brilliant, as I only saw the picture without first reading the explanation and thought "that's Robin Ince!"
every time I see martins dad in the Simpsons, I think 'Robin Ince'. Uncanny.
Horror fans! Don't miss DOUBLE THE HORROR at as part of on the 5th June - more at
Try not to be too suspicious of this Suspiciously cheap comedy night w/ +
"Homeopaths do not have a physical brain, but merely 'skull water' with the memory of brains.” ~ Robin Ince
One for any horror hounds out there - come and join and at on the 5th Jun!
Very few tickets left for Robin Ince (almost) Farewell Show! 1st - 2nd July Tickets are available -
Heal Thyself: A History of Self-Help Robin Ince explores our timeless fascination with the self-...
DOUBLE THE HORROR is coming to and with the fabulous and
I liked a video Why Robin Ince is considering voting Green
Robin Ince never ceases to amaze me live. Great showcase show for Radio 4 extra. Next food, then out to tent, before show.
"Why Robin Ince is considering voting Green" on YouTube - could the citizens income have passed in 1945?
Robin Ince, Wanna Secret to get $200iTunes & Play Store Gift Card? Check the Secret Trick on My Bio Profile
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Robin Ince confirms that he is quitting stand-up:
Why Robin Ince is considering voting Green via
Robin Ince says that Greens would encourage a "return to the idea of the importance of things like community &...
If anyone wants to laugh at very clever podcasts.Infinite Monkey Cage with Brian Cox and robin ince is top notch
Went to Northampton to see him do a sort of talk - basically him being interviewed by/chatting to Robin Ince.
Get your hands on tickets for this amazing and horror-filled Derby Book Festival event!
Listen to the perfect people, pontificate on their perfect movies. . .
for some reason, seems a whole load of new seats are now available for the Horsham gig
She was in Chicago with Brian Cox and Robin Ince. It was wonderful !
If something is a list of hardest working comedians and Robin Ince isn't on it, then it's clearly nonsense
4 of 5 stars to Robin Ince's Bad Book Club by Robin Ince
First world problems ...yes I know I'm in for an awesome episode ... Although Robin Ince will be hard to beat
-> Robin Ince talk via . I thought I'd just watch the first half, then get back to work. Impossible.
Robin Ince on... just about everything about science. It's only a pity he didn't have a few hours more. Enjoy!
Been listening to podcast this weekend and he interviews funny and *challenging* people and it's good:
I went to Lawrence Krauss, The Unholy Trinity and this week Robin Ince. But missed Dawkins, Randi and Prof. Brian Cox! :(
Simon Munnery, Dylan Moran, Robin Ince, Foo Fighters and Dave Gorman. What a year I've got lined up.
The Infinite Monkey Cage (16:30 BBC Radio 4): Brian Cox and Robin Ince look at some of the most serendipitous ...
Solar System Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by comedian Jo Brand, planetary scientist Professor Monica Grady …
Interesting night at NN cafe. Though wasnt enough Grace Petrie, just enough Robin Ince and a little bit too much Alan Moore.
Alexei Sayle, Arthur Smith & Robin Ince performing at the Cutty Sark Studio Theatre!
Details of the Robin Ince and Clark shows, Snasen Music and Harry Wolfman remixes, and, most importantly, our...
Breaking news !! The Cure will play the Robin Ince / Brian Cox Show at Hammersmith Apollo next Thursday !!...
Loads of great Christmas gift ideas for comedy nerds with DVDS by Stewart Lee, Robin Ince, Sean Hughes + more
Not that anyone cares, but my latest I was Alan Davies being visited by Robin Ince...and yet no jokes were made.
Everyone download If only for the semi-regular feature of "Robin Ince improvises a new line to Neal Cassady Drops Dead."
And here's a book which *should* be a bestseller. Horror from Robin Ince, Stewart Lee, Sara Pascoe and many more.
The Infinite Monkey Cage is a good one. Brian Cox and Robin Ince talking scientific cool stuff
Robin Ince is back on the Island with his new show Blooming Buzzing Confusion on Friday 5 December. Tickets are £15 and available now online: a fast follow-up to In (and out of) His Mind, Robin Ince continues to prod our brains with a sharpened pencil to try and work out just how much free will anyone can have. Is anyone a freethinker? Looking at Milgram, McLuhan and experiments into the mind, Robin tries to work out if we can arm ourselves against mass media despots and live life pragmatically or will we always just be clumsy animals justifying each mistake with a well-honed alibi? Well, it will be something like that - basically another night of shouting, gesticulating, gurning and enquiring - a curious mind and id on the rampage.
BBC Audience - The Infinite Monkey Cage with Professor Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince returns to the BBC.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Robin Ince & editor Johnny Mains team up for this unique exploration into the relationship between comedy and terror . http…
Most of your brain doesn't know you exist claims Robin Ince. Find out more at the Kings Head in Islington tomorrow
Still loads of previews to go with Richard Herring, Bridget Chrisite, Robin Ince, Shappi Khorsandi & more
So far Kookie has been photographed with Tim Minchin, Tiernan Douieb, Josie Long, Robin Ince and James McAvoy!! I have to get out there and hone my stalking skills for more pictures!! hehe
Robin Ince, Jen Brister, Jeremy Hardy & more on Hammersmith Apollo anti-cuts stand up bill. Tickets
Still a few tickets left for Robin Ince and Phill Jupitus... Book them quickly though!
I was there,and all this happened. But Mark Thomas, Pete Wylie,Josie Long,Robin Ince,and Martin Rowson gives us hope.
Robin Ince's awesome article about Bill really gets to the heart of his appeal as a performer from the comics... http:…
The latest show by the Festival of the Spoken Nerd, three sci-curious comedians. The stand-up mathematician Matt Parker, experiments maestro Steve Mould, and geeky songstress Helen Arney, were last seen on stage with Prof Brian Cox, Robin Ince and astronaut Chris Hadfield at a sold-out Hammersmith Apollo, and now they’re coming to town so make sure you get a ticket.
Only just caught up with last weeks New Statesman. Well done Robin Ince, whose mauling of Christina Odone's nonsense was pretty much spot on
Christina Odone had a fascinating piece in a recent New Statesman where she had the freedom to show her petty ideas that Christians are being persecuted and driven out of public life, if only! Robin Ince had this reply the following week along with a host of letters that countered her case. (Is that the correct religious term for the letters?) It has a link to the original article.
Next week's update will include 6 new profiles and a whopping eleven new Special Topics films featuring all new content from many people already in the App such as Robin Ince, Brian Cox, Helen Czerski, Matt Parker, Tori Herridge and Ben Goldacre.
More details here: Yes, we have to follow Robin Ince. Nervous? Us? Pah! *quivers*
"There is a strange nexus between physics and comedy that I seem to be a part of," Cox told the Daily Telegraph. "It's a powerful if strange alliance. Dara O'Briain did mathematics and physics, and is passionate about it. Ben Miller did a PhD in physics. Robin Ince [his co-presenter on Infinite Monkey Cage] is a very good friend of mine." Too clever by half: 25 highbrow jokes 1. A photon checks into a hotel and the porter asks him if he has any luggage. The photon replies: "No, I'm travelling light." 2. "Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?" 3. What does a dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac spend most of his time doing? Staying up all night wondering if there really is a dog. 4. A TCP packet walks into a bar, and says to the barman: "Hello, I'd like a beer." The barman replies: "Hello, you'd like a beer?" "Yes," replies the TCP packet, "I'd like a beer." 5. An electron is driving down a motorway, and a policeman pulls him over. The policeman says: "Sir, do you realise you were travelling at 130km per h ...
Penultimate whinge , I think... Robin Ince Publication of The Geek Manifesto cemented the popular status of a ‘radical’ – that is an unquestioning and over-extended – philosophy of science. Of all the figures associated with this movement, Robin Ince is surely the most objectionable. Ok, so he lacks the particular political unpleasantness of Viscount Ridley or Steven Pinker, but the blank aggression he brings to the table goes someway to make up for it. The Infinite Monkey Cage, a radio show Ince co-hosts with Brian Cox, takes its cue from Radio 4s The Moral Maze: both are structured in a way that – ironically - privileges a philosophy of the obvious. Debate is essayed, but only as a tool for spreading the word - all the work has already been done. Ince’s role in this is to play Salacious B. Crumb to Cox’s Jabba, taking a bite out of any opponent the physicist manages to bring down, offering up random invective, or distracting with bathos, when he can’t. So little joy. It means that all th ...   10% Off
Eclectic, bizarre, intellectual & hilarious evening with Robin Ince, Phil Jupitus et al. Highlights-the guy who uses hotel irons to fry bacon and cooks naan breads in the Corby trouser press. Plus the science of swearing, Robot sex workers, steam punk, laser harp and an actual audience with God. A privilege to be a part of the madness.
Brian Cox and Robin Ince"s Christmas Compendium of Reason comes to the Eventim Apollo in December. Buy your tickets now on Eventim.
So, I was with Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, and Coldplay last night. I saw Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Dara O'Briain, Ed Byrne, Brian Cox, Robin Ince and Hugh Grant last week. At some point, Im looking forward to getting groped by Helen Mirren, but I should probably keep that to myself… :-T
Robin Ince's nine lessons tomorrow night after 4 hours of FIL Christmas party. Must attempt to not get too boozed up.
Brilliant night at 9 lessons for Godless people last night maths, genetics, rapper poet Scoobius Tipp. Pappy those behind Badults, fab singer Grace Petrie, Alexei Sayle, Norman Lovett, superb band, space lab, hotel room cookery, Robin Ince and more. If you can get hold of a ticket for this week GO
Awesome time seeing Brian Cox, Robin Ince and a surprise performance of 'Space Oddity' by Chris Hadfield at the Hammersmith Apollo
Tonight we saw: Brian Cox, Robin Ince, Chris Hadfield (who was awesome), Chris Addison, Ross Noble, Hugh Grant, Simpsons and maths…
Brian Cox and Robin Ince's Christmas compendium of reason
Going to watch Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince get all sciencey on my ***
It's day 2 of the "Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince's Compedium of Reason" at Hammersmith Apollo tonight...we are proud to be beneficiaries of the events. They have SOPHIE wristbands on sale too if any of you are are in for a treat !
These photos are of my trip to see Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless people at The Bloomsbury Theatre. London. On the bill was Robin Ince, Jo Neary, Heen Arney, Mitch Benn, Johnny and The Baptists, Matt parker, A man talking about hedge hogs, two men talking about physics and Grace Petrie and her christmas jumper. It was a fantastic evening but I did miss the last train to Swansea
Everyone's favourite dreamy-eyed scientist, Professor Brian Cox, and superb, erudite comedian Robin Ince join forces for their annual Christmas blow-out at the Hammersmith Apollo.
Spare ticket for Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince's fantastic Christmas Compendium of Reason in Hammersmith on Thursday 12th. Ross Noble's also in effect. Should be brilliant, we've been the last two years. Come on down, science fans!
After last year's sell out smash Brian and Robin's End of the World show, Brian Cox and Robin Ince of Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage are going to curate and host two more nights of science, music, comedy and wonder at the Hammersmith Apollo. expect very s
Alan Moore on the 25th Nov podcast with Brian Cox and Robin Ince.
Robin Ince & Professor Brian Cox help Father Christmas get round the world in one night.
Look, Gillian Romano-Critchley! "Ross Noble, Billy Bragg, Ben Goldacre are just 3 of the 25 acts joining Brian Cox and I on 12th December at our Compendium of Reason", says Robin Ince. For a list like that, I'll even forgive him the erroneous pronoun.
THIS WEEKEND! We are all over the place including: HEREFORD, at the Court Theatre with John Robins, Joseph Davis & Mitch Benn! at the Opera House with Silky, Ben Van Der Velde and Duncan Oakley! with Andrew O'Neill, Nish Kumar and Nick Doody! our resident show at the SOHO THEATRE with Tiernan Douieb, Ben Target and Robin Ince & Michael Legge!
Rufus Hound, Sean Hughes, Robin Ince and more announced for debut Comedy Crawl | Such Small Portions
Well my Robin Ince ticket has turned up at my parents house I just need to go visit them now to get it...
Not to be missed! "Only 2 weeks until RBGE & comedian Robin Ince will be joining us! Tickets:
I have done it, kinda, am seeing the boy wonder jan 3 but now have tix for robin ince, a living god, on same day as cine cast :-(
Great to have following us. Thanks guys. Must get down for some shows. Missed Robin Ince last time round
Ooh. A night of spaghetti, barnacles and safe cracking Importance of Being Interested show in London
We have big names like Jack Dee, Robin Ince and Josh Widdicombe, some fantastic home grown talent and acts from all over the UK.
What's that? You want to know why Robin Ince likes Charles Darwin?. I have just the thing: Careful, it's animated.
last time I'll be doing Importance of Being Interested show in London RTs gratefully accepted
What's the Point of a Rich Society Without Generous Ideas? via
this was meant to be Robin Ince's job!
Should be good! Been ages since I last saw any stand up (think it was actually Robin Ince as it happens)
Oh I know :) I don't suppose you were thinking of getting a Robin Ince ticket for the 11th?
I suppose it is no great surprise that the main "media scientist" (Robin Ince) had the biggest (
Tickets still available for december 6th here…
Next Sunday in Edinburgh we have the wonderful with his fantastic The Importance of Being Interested show
Got my tix for The Importance of Being Interested show 10 Nov Science with laughs
Terrible, terrible debate, because it was dominated by Robin Ince's infantile reaction. But interesting nonetheless.
Happy to be robin's warm up MT Manchester! 6:30pm 8pm .
Ah, maybe might fancy this if he's free? Sun 10th Nov?
Going to book tickets for the Brian Cox/Robin Ince show (Saturday) anyone else fancy going?
I got David Hasslehoff following me mmm maybe Robin Ince one day!?? Hope ya having a good night Robin :)
2/2 "Don't come to me with your malnutrition when I can't afford After Eights."
1/2 Once were in a "we're suffering" mind, when anyone says theyre suffering, we think "we're all in it together"
"the middle class will be hit hardest" Effective campaign so we believe we are victims & don't notice real victims.
got 2 tickets to The Infinite Monkey Cage at the BBC on the 5th November in London with Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince if anyone wants to come. Ticket if free thanks to the BBC!
16:00 Steve Lamacq: Lammo sets up another Rebel Playlist and is joined by Robin Ince.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
watching this guy called robin ince and ges talking about science and stuff and I have to say hes quite funny
so tour shows next week incl Birmingham and Brighton come along, I like showing off to you
We like the same stuff. Robin Ince and I'm not suggesting we should be bezzies, just an observation.
Awesome, I'm going to be on BBC 6 Music with Steve Lamacq on Tuesday. Robin Ince is going to guess things about me based on my music taste.
-2 tickets for £10 for Robin Ince's show still available ?
Warwick Arts sold out, but tickets still available for Birmingham
exactly, really looking forward to tonight. See also Daniel Kitson & Robin Ince. All brilliant in different ways.
Warwick Arts is sold out, my other midlands gig is Birmingham Mac next Thursday
Robin Ince with climate change musings. Worth a read.
ten more tickets just gone in sale for Exeter tonight
Tonight the one and only Robin Ince is here, talking science in his new stand up show. Tickets still available:
omg suzanne my boss is so much like Robin Ince! I love him! Ahh! So bad! I just realised he's not married yet as well! ...
Amazing bill for this, only 18 tickets left. Al Murray, Bridget Christie, Nick Helm, Robin Ince, Michael Legge & more
Oh, have been reading Frankfurt guide myself. Too bad is doesn't include Sign of the Speculum (feat in Robin Ince book) ,
I am in Brighton and Birmingham next week and many other places too
Update your maps at Navteq
Robin Ince right on the money there. Hate comedy gigs in arenas. Massive dislike for music gigs in them too.
I'm looking at Robin Ince's DVD called 'Happiness Through Science', and wondering if it's an ironic title...
Having kebabs soon, then off to see Robin Ince in Bristol
great review of our SOLD OUT show with last Friday in read it here:
Hey is at Colston Hall tonight,talking Darwin Feynman,eyebrows and spaghetti.Come on down!
Arnolfini gig sold out very quickly, but still tickets left for Lantern in Bristol tonight, come down,I will show off
Also tonight, asks why we have eyebrows and why does spaghetti snap into four pieces?
still tickets left for Bristol show tonight, last time I'll be doing my Darwin/Feynman/blobfish show there
Robin Ince, comedian/actor presents BBC's 'Infinite Monkey Cage' w/ Brian Cox and is live in New Cross on Monday:
maybe Robin ince might consider me as a warm up act?
Robin ince is writing some fantastic blogs at the moment,i urge you to take a look.beautifully written,very honest and thoroughly enjoyable
A night of spaghetti, barnacles and safe cracking Thu 10 Oct, 8pm ^AB
here is link for Wednesday's Bristol gig
Exeter almost sold out and Quay Arts, Isle of Wight & Colston Hall, Bristol, but plenty for Radlett Centre tonight
Does anyone else think robin ince is like the most pointless thing ever? It's like, why do you even exist?
FFS! Wish I'd checked your website last week, your Birmingham gig clashes with Robin Ince at The Mac :(
I'll be taking my sleeping bag, toothbrush and camping stove to The Bloomsbury with me, I'm now a veteran of the "Robin Ince Overrun" :)
What's on this week? Robin Ince, Leeds 2-piece Fossil Collective, Americana from Ahab and some of the best drum & bass nights in the SW.
Robin Ince is right - we are living in an Orwell and Huxley mash up
Just bought my tickets for this years Brian Cox/Robin Ince show! Can't wait!
Maybe if David Brent had given Robin Ince that job we'd have been spared "Infinite Monkey Cage."
Excellent, spine-stiffening talk by Robin Ince. An optimist's Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.
The future's already happened. Deal with it by Robin Ince
Look how far we've come, says Robin Ince, urging us to look at our BCG scars as a tribal tattoo, a mark of human progress.
Robin Ince talking abt the ubiquity of the future in our daily lives (at
Robin Ince: the future has become banal. We have new tech every day but still can't find the last jigsaw piece to our happiness.
Robin Ince: The future has become banal.
Top tips from Robin Ince on science communication
pretty much - I go to Robin Ince and Brian Cox for my atheist lols.
Robin Ince delivered painfully bad and hilarious sexy bits from books, while Kevin Eldon explained his lack of a catchphrase
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
What a fantastic week. Jan Arden, Mr Bublé, Andi Osho, Richard Herring, Robin Ince and topping of the week with the fantastic Burt Bacharach
Robin Ince: Cosmic Genome app shows that understanding is not everything, the journey is a joy – even if it leads to discombobulation
Check out our new Autumn season!!! We've got Robin Ince, Lucy Porter and The Master and Margarita to name but a few!
Brian Cox and Robin Ince discuss the scientific nature of death, with comedian Katy Brand, Professor Nick Lane and Professor Sue Black.
lol I've only really half tuned in to a couple of shows. Robin Ince fancies himself as a scientist & Brian Cox a comedian.
yes, science/comedy chat Robin Ince and Brian Cox on Radio 4. New series tonight, and all the old ones on podcast. Superb.
If you missed who's available in our premiere edition, there's a full list here headlined by Robin Ince and Prof Brian Cox.
Infinite Monkey Cage in one hour. Robin Ince and Professor Brian Cox hosting as usual. Brought the Jenny with me too!!!
"Greedily I want the right to live and the right to die" Robin Ince, Dignity in Dying Patron. Robin wrote this brilliant blog post about his reasons for joining the campaign: going to be headlining at our comedy gig in September too which we are all very excited about:
Next week: Is there really a Prof Brian Cox, or was he invented by Robin Ince?
I've got four free tickets to see The Infinite Monkey Cage being recorded (BBC radio comedy science show with Prof Brian Cox and Robin Ince). I'm taking one - anyone interested in coming? Monday 24 June nr Oxford Street.
Mixed day. Less work achieved than planned this afternoon due to rain inside kitchen! Cheered up by Steve Lamacq reading out a funny story from me on radio 6 and it seeming to amuse Robin Ince.
Sam Harris wants to nuke Arabs. Richard Dawkins wants to invade Africa. Robin Ince isn't funny. They are...the accelerationist atheists!
Tuesday sees comedian Robin Ince join Steve as the musical profiler.
We're excited beyond all reason to announce that we're teaming up with horror legends Hammer Films, for their first-ever foray into audio drama. Hammer Chillers has brand new stories by Stephen Gallagher, Mark Morris, Paul Magrs, Stephen Volk, Christopher Fowler and Robin Ince, and will be available to download weekly from June 7th from
ARTS EMERGENCY is a huge night of comedy, live art, music and stories to celebrate the launch of this new education charity. Featuring Josie Long, Mark Watson, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Isy Suttie, Kate Tempest, Robin Ince, Brigitte Aphrodite, Greg Jenner (of Horrible Histories), Joe Dunthorne, The Brit...
In addition to Michael Palin we have Sandi Toksvig, Robin Ince and this month:
Fantastic comedy coming at KLAC: Josh Widdicombe, Seann Walsh, Robin Ince, Mark Thomas, Sean Hughes and Miles Jupp A right barrel of laughs!
yes, it was amazing (Robin Ince did the intro duties too). It was pretty special.
Introduced to Robin Ince. Could've been an awful move. Fortunately she loved him. Phew!
Favourite quote from that speech now internally comes with the voice of Robin Ince: "Kinda nutty"
Really enjoying my first Robin Ince experience with
If you saw the recent TV film about the Challenger Space Shuttle, hear more about the real-life scientist in Robin Ince's show (14th May)
you always hear,'this is a natural remedy from 5k yrs ago" yes but have you checked how long ppl lived 5k yrs ago!"- Robin Ince
Rare non participating gig plug coming up. may 20th. Amazing line up headlined by Robin Ince!
If only I could explain my world view as eloquently as Robin Ince. Next time I'll just point them to this:
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