Robin Givens & Eddie Murphy

Robin Simone Givens (born November 27, 1964) is an American actress and model. Edward Regan Eddie Murphy (born April 3, 1961) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, singer, director, and musician. 5.0/5

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They movie had so many great black actors & actresses:. Eddie Murphy. Halle Berry. Robin Givens. Grace Jones. Eartha Ki…
Eddie Murphy smashed Robin Givens, Eartha Kitt and a young Halle Berry in Boomerang
When I think of that movie, I only think of Robin Givens. I forgot Eddie Murphy was in it. lol
U'll 💗 it. Eddie Murphy, David Alan Grier, Eartha Kitt, Robin Givens, Halle Berry, Martin Lawrence are in it to name a few.
Eddie Murphy the only *** I ever hated on. He had Robin Givens and Halle Berry.
Watching "Boomerang" starring Eddie Murphy and Robin Givens changed my life 😌
Yo fellas, has a woman ever done you how Robin Givens did Eddie Murphy in Boomerang?
I just wanna be as clean as Eddie Murphy in Boomerang. And to meet a girl that'll have my nose wide open like Robin Givens.
If I had the affect on a *** like how Robin Givens had on Eddie Murphy in "Boomerang" I swear that would be interesting.
Sometimes you gotta do em like Robin Givens did Eddie Murphy .. make me feel it
Feeling like Eddie Murphy in "Boomerang" after he piped Robin Givens and peeped her feet was pretty
Eddie Murphy held me down tho. He introduced me to yellow bones. There was also Robin Givens in Boomerang.
nah he wasn't ... Eddie Murphy, Halle, Robin Givens, and David Allan Grier had bigger roles lol
So I hear you need a real example of unity and support. Ok here it goes: I want yall to watch a movie called Boomerang which is Produced by Eddie Murphy who was also the star of this film. Because of Murphy's huge success in the 80's, he was able to produce films in the 90's and cast up and coming talent such as Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, David Alen Grier, Grace Jones, Robin Givens, and the Academy Award winning Halle Berry. This film created a path for young black actors to attain careers in Hollywood. This is your pilot speaking.
Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Halle Berry, Robin Givens...whole bunch of other people
You remember that scene in Boomerang, when Eddie Murphy is waiting by the phone for Robin Givens to call? Yeah. That's me right now. Lookin at my phone like, "is this thing workin right?"
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Robin Givens had Eddie Murphy like a sucka in Boomerang
If you've never made a man feel like Robin Givens made Eddie Murphy feel in Boomerang ... You ain't doin' it right
Watchin boomerang smh Robin Givens had Eddie Murphy sprung like this lol
Eddie Murphy got too kiss Halle Berry and Robin Givens he's the man
Eddie Murphy *** hit Halle Berry and robin givens n one movie salute
Watching BOMMERANG. One of the best romantic comedies ever made. The chemistry between Eddie Murphy and Robin Givens...THICK!
Watching "Boomerang" with Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, Halle Berry, David Alan Grier, Martin Lawrence and so many others.
boomerang with Eddie Murphy Halle Berry and robin givens was a good's pretty old but I liked it!
Robin givens so sexxy in boomerang I don't even see Halle Berry lol I no Eddie Murphy have fun flat out
Robin Givens put it on Eddie Murphy in Boomerang && his *** aint know how to act lmfao lol
The movie is on tv! Classic player movie. Fantastic cast...Halle Berry, Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, Martin Lawrence. 👍
Eddie Murphy hit Robin Givens once and was hooked that box must have been slamming!
Watching Boomerang Robin Givens had this *** Eddie Murphy nose wide open lol
It was so funny how Robin Givens treated Eddie Murphy *** on Boomerang
This is Boomerang. I'm Halle Berry. Them other *** Robin Givens. And he is definitely Eddie Murphy.
The sex scene with Robin Givens and Eddie Murphy in Boomerang was hilarious Lmfao
Robin Givens had Eddie Murphy looking like a little B word in Boomerang
I'm waiting for that email back just like how Eddie Murphy waited for Robin Givens to call him back in "Boomerang".
Robin Givens put it on Eddie Murphy in boomerang
What happened to Robin Givens she was something else in the classic movie boomerang with Eddie Murphy lol
Sounding like Eddie Murphy after he smash robin givens
Have u feelin like Eddie Murphy did when Robin Givens left him in boomerang
i gotta know. if Boomerang was real life, Eddie Murphy would have ended up with Robin Givens right?!
Mm I think I'm going to watch Boomerang.Eddie Murphy is too much in this film...Robin Givens does have him whipped though lol
Eddie Murphy smahed robin givens twice n this movie .
Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, Martin Lawrence, Halle Berry, and Chris Rock. This movie is a black classic.
The part when Eddie Murphy *** in Robin Givens is so funny and true. I love Boomerang.
I don't know Eddie Murphy let Robin Givens walk away for real... ***
Eddie Murphy had his choice of Robin Givens and Halle Berry. Smh.
The worst part in Boomerang is when Robin Givens ask Eddie Murphy "Whose is it" while they sexin...O_o
Watchin Boomerang. I want my baby to do what Robin Givens did to Eddie Murphy. N put a long *** trench coat. N where nothin but her ling ...
Robin Givens did the same thing to Mike Tyson she did to Eddie Murphy in "Boomerang". Lol
Love how Eddie Murphy had the I eat *** face on when Robin Givens gave that *** a taste of his own medicine in Boomerang
Mike Tyson confiscated errybodies copies, it had something to do with the acting between Robin Givens and Eddie Murphy.
Now, Eddie Murphy would be on Cloud 9 if Halle Berry & Robin Givens got in a catfight over him at the office, as we all would be
Watching Boomerang.Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry as well as the scary Eartha Kitt (must be a man!) Robin Givens, Grace Jones and Chris Rock. Great film, funny and with an excellent soul and new jack soundtrack.
Okay folks, for those who had seen the 1992 film BOOMERANG with Eddie Murphy, y'all may remember hearing this tune in the background as Chris Rock was yelling at Eddie from the office balcony after Mr. Murphy got "played" by Robin Givens. It was not included in the CD soundtrack but I recall selling quite a few "Star Time" boxed sets because at the time that was the only collection which contained this track (go figure.). Originally released in 1961, here's the Godfather of Soul JAMES BROWN with THE FAMOUS FLAMES with BEWILDERED.
Dawg boomerang is that movie Eddie Murphy was the Robin Givens is too bad
Oh and black movies! Yeah! The classic ones, from way back when. I'm talking Eddie Murphy's Boomerang with Halle and Robin Givens!
when Eddie Murphy begs Robin givens not to move 😂 *body twitches*
I'm watching this old movie called with Martin Lawerence,Eddie Murphy,Tisha Campbell,Halle Berry,Robin Givens,and Chris Rock etc
That boy Eddie Murphy was Robin Givens pet in this movie i swear
What u think Robin Givens did to make Eddie Murphy holla like dat in Boomerang?
Eddie Murphy wasn't all that awful looking when he was younger however robin givens got a big dome
Boomerang soundtrack,almost ready for the ipod, classic movie starring Eddie Murphy,Robin Givens
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Plottn on DL this Boomerang soundtrack starring Eddie Murphy n Robin Givens(classic movie n love songs)
I think there is a scene in Boomerang where Robin Givens blows an Eddie Murphy eyelash in last 25% of film
When robin givens came to Eddie Murphy house w that trench coat on in boomerang it was over.
I'm waiting on an e-mail and I feel like Eddie Murphy from "Boomerang" when he was waiting on the phone call back from Robin Givens...
Eddie Murphy def made the right choice in boomerang.look at Halle Berry compared to Robin Givens nowadays
did you have sex with Robin Givens in Eddie Murphy's house? Was it that kinda crazy?
"Boomerang" with Eddie Murphy. Of course you take Halle Berry over Robin Givens.
Robin Givens handled Eddie Murphy like a man in BOOMERANG! Well executed script.
So that love scene with Robin Givens and Eddie Murphy was great! Definetly one of my favs
The scene in Boomerang where Eddie Murphy sees Robin Givens for the first time and the dog bark goes off in his head...
Robin Givens was the female version of Eddie Murphy in BOOMERANG lmbo Reminds me of myself 😁😜😝 lol
I once had a girl treat me like Robin Givens treated Eddie Murphy in Boomerang..That hurt a *** soul lol
Aye this that kinda rain that was happening when Robin Givens showed up to Eddie Murphy crib in Boomerang wearin nothin but a trenchcoat
*** Eddie Murphy igged her chasing some Robin Givens..
My favorite movie is Boomerang with Halle Berry, Robin Givens, Eddie Murphy, and Martin Lawrence. Trying to be faithful to JUST 1 woman isn't easy, especiall...
Reading Robin Givens its quite interesting. Didn't kno she dated Eddie Murphy
The Robin Givens and Eddie Murphy sex scene in Boomerang. Greater than.
Streaming "Boomerang" on Netflix. The best rom-com ever. Better that "When Harry met Sally." Superbly cast. Hillarious. A litte bittesweet, though. Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, Halle Berry... my how the mighty have fallen. ::pours out a little liquor:::
The fact that Eddie Murphy had a choice between Robin Givens & Halle Berry
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