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Rain, weeping, your footsteps. resounding on the cliff-walk. They don’t matter. Right now you can cry and let your i…
Not Pinochet, but it's about Chileans and inspired by some of Roberto Bolaño's writing and set in 1987…
“Only fever and poetry provoke visions. Only love and memory.” - Roberto Bolaño, from “Dirty, Poorly...
For readers who enjoyed Roberto Bolano’s 2666 – here is by Cuban writer Zabala - a n…
“If you're going to say what you want to say, you're going to hear what you don't want to hear.” . ― Roberto Bolaño, The Insufferable Gaucho
as a reader who appreciates Roberto Bolano's 2666, here is a book by Cuban writer Zaba…
impressive reading list on LT. by Cuban writer Zabala - a novel to rival Roberto Bolano's 2…
A2: the days of abandonment by elena ferrante (this year) and Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 (e…
"One has a moral obligation to take responsibility for one's actions, and that includes one's words and silences."- Roberto Bolaño
Marked as to-read: The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño
"And the rain was the only one talking.". Roberto Bolaño. ph. Austin TX
One of my students wrote Roberto Baliño instead of Roberto Bolaño 🙄 I want to cry.
"I’m mercurial, sometimes I want greatness, sometimes just its shadow.”. Roberto Bolaño, from “Prose from Autumn in…
Marked as to-read: The Third Reich by Roberto Bolaño
In th middle of Savage detectives by Roberto Bolaño.
I’m unplugging for night with my big Roberto Bolano book. Literary brilliance probably genius! Can’t believe I’ve never read him before!
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To buy Roberto Bolaño's writings in Spanish or English 🤔
I would like to thank Chile for giving me Isabel Allende, Roberto Bolano, Pablo Neruda and this bottle of Merlot
“There are silences made just for us.”. Roberto Bolaño, from “My One True Love,”
If you love Jeffrey Eugenides, Joan Didion, or Roberto Bolaño, you need to see the new series from
"With 2666, Roberto Bolaño joins the ambitious overachievers of the twentieth-century those like Proust, Mu…
Derek is folded into a high-backed armchair, hidden amongst the stacks, so completely absorbed in the book he’s rea…
Final session of my grad seminar on border literature yesterday. We read parts 2-4 of Roberto Bolaño's novel 2666 a…
While we are talking books in a good way today: what are the authors you wish you have read more of? Louise Erdrich…
"Every hundred feet the world changes. ― Roberto Bolaño"
It was the tyrannical, slightly stupid thing you say after you've made love. - Roberto Bolaño
If I were to say what I really think I would be arrested or shut away in a lunatic asylum. Come on, I am sure that…
Reading is like thinking, like praying, like talking to a friend, like expressing your ideas, like listening to oth…
Radio Silence by Alice Oseman, We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson, Amulet by Roberto Bolano
Randomly recalled this 2014 article today: Found in Translation
A little late to this party, but Roberto Bolaño's _2666_ is an incredible read.
“Neuman has a gift. The literature of the twenty-first century will belong to Neuman and a few of his blood brot…
Okay. Roberto Bolano up front, smoking a *** — Wilfred Owen, Basho and Emily Dickinson in midfield — Ginsberg in goal.
An oasis of horror in a desert of boredom. —Charles Baudelaire. Excerpt From: "2666: A Novel" by Roberto Bolaño. Scribd.
Everything that begins as comedy ends as a comic monologue, but we aren't laughing anymore - Roberto Bolano, The Savage Detectives
Philip K *** and Roberto Bolaño sipping cognac and laughing it up wherever the dead poets hang out
On page 295 of 1125 of 2666, by Roberto Bolaño
... it surpasses our own deaths, our fears, our hopes for peace.” . ― Roberto Bolaño
Nothing is ever behind us. Roberto Bolaño
But every single *** thing matters! Only we don't realize. We just t...
"Once again reality has proven that no particular group has a monopoly over demagogy, dogmatism and ignorance." -Roberto Bolaño
Advice on the art of writing short stories.
Starting 2666, by Roberto Bolaño: A very well written book, so far, but I have to drop i...
4 of 5 stars to Antwerp by Roberto Bolaño
The secret story is the one we'll never know, although we're living i...
The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño, one of the best books of the 20th Century.
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Poor Roberto Bolaño... when your unpublished work is exploited posthumously...
We never stop reading, although every book comes to an end, just as w...
"...with time, vigilance tends to relax, because all horrors are dulled by routine." -Roberto Bolano
"Maybe it was a lack of love that impelled me to travel. Or an overwhelming abundance of love. Maybe it was madness."- Roberto Bolaño
Top 10 books to make you a better person
Roberto Bolaño, Ali Smith & Toni Morrison make this list:. '11 Novels with Emotional Ghosts'
Quick poll: have you read Roberto Bolaño's 2666? & adaptation starts Sat!
How much do I love Roberto Bolaño and I am flying to Chicago in February to see And thrilled to be doing so.
But I'm still not done with Roberto Bolano (Chile). Mostly because 2666 is really 5 books under a single title 😓
On page 677 of 1126 of 2666, by Roberto Bolaño
Roberto Bolaño fanatics: would you sit through a 5 hour 2666 play?
Finished listening to Antwerp by Roberto Bolaño. Try and get it free:
"I can't be a science fiction writer because my innocence is mostly gone, and I'm not crazy yet." - Antwerp, Roberto Bolano
“Reading is more important than writing.” - Roberto Bolaño
“2666 is probably the last novel that one would consider adapting for the stage.” But they did.
a press that only publishes authors Roberto Bolaño has raved
2 interviews with Roberto Bolano . from from h…
Apparently 2666 has been made into a play. I'd love to see it. And I fear I am falling down a Bolano rabbit hole.
Robert Falls on adapting 2666 for the stage.
"Time isn't the only source of terror. Pleasure can be terrifying too, and so can courage." - Antwerp, Roberto Bolano
I interviewed the people behind the seemingly-insane adaptation of Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 for
Lovely piece by about 2666, a labor of love. It's an honor to be part of this journey.
2666 challenges: adapting Roberto Bolaño's novel for the stage
On page 211 of 1126 of 2666, by Roberto Bolaño
I want to congratulate my most recent follower, for being my Roberto Bolaño Memorial Follower
"It's all so simple and so terrible," because "true poetry resides between the abyss and misfortune." --Roberto Bolaño
Unused cover comps for reprint of Roberto Bolaño’s By Night in Chile
Pick up one of bags in the SLG shop. Design inspired by Roberto Bolano's novel 2666
keep thinkin bout that crag in the afterlife they chained steve jobs to. where roberto bolaño swoops in every drivetime t…
3 of 5 stars to Monsieur Pain by Roberto Bolaño
Speaking of which, anyone here wanna talk about Roberto Bolaño?
Checking out Roberto Bolano -- which book would you recommend to start with?!
The melancholy folklore of exile. – Reading Last Evenings on Earth by Roberto Bolaño & Chris Andrews —
"Nothing happened today. And if anything did I'd rather not talk about it because I didn't understand it" Roberto Bolano, Savage Detevctives
I've been reading The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño for the last few weeks. It's a struggle but I've persevered. 3/4 of the way in 1/2
On page 228 of 898 of 2666, by Roberto Bolaño
My first book purchase in buenos aires: a new biography of Roberto bolano
"Fleeting friendships, when I look back today, existing only to banish the faintest hint of boredom." — p.4, The Third Reich, Roberto Bolaño
3 of 5 stars to The Skating Rink by Roberto Bolaño
My key scenes from the savage detectives by Roberto Bolano ✨
😇. "The sky, at sunset, looked like a carnivorous flower.". Roberto Bolaño.
"What twisted people we are. How simple we seem or pretend to be in front of others, and how twisted we are deep down" Roberto Bolaño, 2666
..that's a pretty confusing status update!! ("on page n of the m pages that there are in the book '2666', by Roberto Bolaño")
On page 128 of 898 of 2666, by Roberto Bolaño
“The brief sound is like a color swallowed by a crack. But what color?”. ―Roberto Bolaño, Antwerp. pic
On page 9 of 898 of 2666, by Roberto Bolaño
4 out of 5 stars to By Night in Chile by Roberto Bolaño - via...
"Every hundred feet, the world changes." - Roberto Bolano
I'm Woes of the True Policeman by Roberto Bolaño
“Reading is pleasure and happiness to be alive or sadness to be alive and above all it's knowledge and questions."
Cast announced for adaptation of Roberto Bolaño’s ‘2666’
15 Chicago actors will play various roles in the Falls/Bockley adaptation of Roberto Bolano's "2666".
Roberto Bolano's epic novel "2666" is being adapted by And the cast has been announced.
Is it my imagination or is translation into English getting better & better: Orham Pamuk, Roberto Bolano, Karl Ove Knausgaard, Houllebeque.
If we don't have a copy of Just Kids by Patti Smith we should definitely get one!! some other suggestions - We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live by Joan Didion, The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon, The Savage Detectives/2666 by Roberto Bolano
So I was nominated for the books challenge by my lovely (tyrant) sister Sara MacDonald. She's a tough act to follow being director of the Great Books program at STU, but don't expect a lot of crossover on our lists. :P For what it's worth, I'm going to go with those ten books that I have read and read and reread - because every time I pick them up, they have changed - and thus change me. Darcie C., I'm pretty sure you're still on deck for this. (Blame Sara). Dufferin Murray, if you're paying attention - you're up. So in no particular order, all the pain and beauty and horror I can summon on an evening's notice: - The Names - Don DeLillo - American Appetites - Joyce Carol Oates - Mercy Among the Children - David Adams Richards - 2666 - Roberto Bolano - Kafka at the Shore - Haruki Murakami - Sky (Memoirs) - Blaise Cendrars - We Have Always Lived in the Castle - Shirley Jackson - Bear & his Daughter - Robert Stone - Leonard Cohen - Beautiful Losers - Charles Bukowski - Tales of Ordinary Madness (I had to lea ...
“We interpret life at moments of the deepest desperation.” — Roberto Bolano (The Savage Detectives)
Roberto Bolano: "Literature, especially in Latin America, and I suspect in Spain as well, means success, by which, of course, I mean social success: massive print runs; translations into more than thirty languages (I can name twenty languages, but beyond twenty-five I run into trouble, not because I doubt that language number twenty-six exists, but because it's hard for me to imagine the Burmese publishing industry or Burmese readers quivering with emotion at the magical-realist escapades of Eva Luna); a house in New York or Los Angeles; dinners with the rich and famous (as a result of which we learn that Bill Clinton can recite whole paragraphs of Huckleberry Finn by heart, or that President Aznar reads Cernuda); making the cover of Newsweek and landing six-figure advances." from "The Myths of Cthulhu" in The Insufferable Gaucho (ND, 2010)
*drum roll* Our most popular book last week: A Reader's Book of Days: True Tales from the Lives and Works of Writers for Every Day of the Year (Hardcover) By Tom Nissley, Joanna Neborsky "...At once a love letter to literature and a charming guide to the books most worth reading, A Reader's Book of Days features bite-size accounts of events in the lives of great authors for every day of the year. Here is Marcel Proust starting In Search of Lost Time and Virginia Woolf scribbling in the margin of her own writing, "Is it nonsense, or is it brilliance?" Fictional events that take place within beloved books are also included: the birth of Harry Potter's enemy Draco Malfoy, the blood-soaked prom in Stephen King's Carrie. A Reader's Book of Days is filled with memorable and surprising tales from the lives and works of Martin Amis, Jane Austen, James Baldwin, Roberto Bolano, the Bronte sisters, Junot Diaz, Philip K. *** Charles Dickens, Joan Didion, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Keats, Hilary Mantel, Haruki Murak .. ...
We had a great holiday and moved much stock, so if you have some savory Murakami and Cormac McCarthy books, or steampunk and classic sci-fi, or BlueNote or psych or groovy international lps bring them on! Cash or twenty percent higher in credit value, Tuesday through Saturday 12 to 5. Not to mention Joanna Russ, Octavia Butler, Paul Bowles, Robert Aickman, Roberto Bolano, Borges, Beckett, hardboiled maniacs like Jim Thompson, electronic music, classic soul, punk, experimental, blues, folk etc.
Robert Skipper tagged me in the "10 books that stayed with you" thing. Usually, I don't do these things, but how else to avoid work? Here are more than 10, in order at the top but less so as it goes on: The grapes of wrath, John Steinbeck Pale fire, Vladimir Nabokov Gravity’s rainbow, Thomas Pynchon The handmaid’s tale, Margaret Atwood God bless you, Mr. Rosewater, Kurt Vonnegut Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace *** out of Carolina, Dorothy Allison Kafka on the shore, Haruki Murakami Jesus’ son, Denis Johnson Cruddy, Lynda Barry Grendel, John Gardner 10th of December, George Saunders To kill a mockingbird, Harper Lee 2666, Roberto Bolano
Alright, Chaney. After not thinking too hard (but looking at my bookshelves yesterday evening for inspiration while sitting on the couch), here's a list in alphabetical, hence arbitrary, order: Paul Auster - In the country of last things Roberto Bolano - 2666 Dietmar Dath - Für immer in Honig Dietmar Dath - Kleine Polizei im Schnee Haruki Murakami - Hard-boiled wonderland Thomas Pynchon - Against the day Alex Ross - The rest is noise Craig Thompson - Blankets Chris Ware - Jimmy Corrigan, the smartest kid on earth
Thomas Pynchon's Bleeding Edge, Roberto Bolano's The Savage Detectives & 2666... + more i'm forgetting right now
Being deeply eccentric I try to ensure gender balance in what I read and what I listen to. So all the compilation CDs I make alternate male / female artists. It started way back when I heard a rundown of the so-called best singers of all time on BBC Radio and they were all men. So I listened to more women. Now I also read more women writers. Currently that means 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry' by Rachel Joyce (father's day gift from daughter Caitlin) 'So Much Pretty' by Cara Hoffman and 'Ashes to Dust' by Yrsa Sigurdardottir. The men get a look in through Marx's 'Grundrisse' and Roberto Bolano's 'Woes of the True Policeman'. Nearly equal opportunities.
definitely Jorge Luis Borges for short stories, Roberto Bolano and Carlos Fuentes for novels, and Garcia Marquez/ Isabel Allende
I love how Roberto Bolano realized that the third act of 2666 was turning into Twin Peaks and then just went with it.
The inaugural year of Inklings, the MALS book club, is off to an exciting start. Comprised of graduates, faculty and friends of MALS, we are a small but mighty group. Our discussions are lively and thought provoking. We meet once a month right on the Nazareth campus. And welcome new members anytime! Thus far we have discussed two Pulitzer prize winners: A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (soon to be a major motion picture) and the award winning epic novel, 2666 by Roberto Bolano. Currently we are reading Stone Diaries by Carol Shields (meeting 2/27). And in March the discussion will center on The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce (Wed. March 26). After a brief period of summer renewal we will resume our meetings in earnest in September – usually the last Thursday of the month. Please check us out and continue the intellectual stimulation of curious minds! Questions? Contact Olga Lapczak ( ...
Just give me Max Weber, Tim Parks, Peter Handke, Thomas Bernhard and Roberto Bolano to read for the rest of my life and I shall be happy.
Anyone read: The Ask by Sam Lipsyte, The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano or Wherever I Wind Up by RA Dickey (Mets)? Tell me about it pls
if Fiona Apple and Roberto Bolano had a baby, it would be me.
Happy birthday to Chilean writer and poet Roberto Bolano (April 28, 1953), author of "Nocturno de Chile" (2000) and other works.
Roberto Bolano, he's a South American writer, I'm reading his Savage Detectives.
Dear Ana Felix, so I am beginning the literary history of Latin America by Rössner Stuttgart 2007 by Metzner, it is how Brasil learned to write and what were the styles, the third edition is on how Roberto Bolano found 2666,
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