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Robert Zimmerman

August Robert Zimmermann, a landscape painter, was born at Zittau in 1815. Among his pictures are The Innthal, near Kufstcin, and a Waterfall, both dated 1863. He died at Munich in 1864. He was the brother of painters Albert, Richard, and Max Zimmermann.

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There IS life beyond EMH! Kudos Robert! You are well deserving of the honor. (y). P.S. Zimmerman rocked - & loved Beowulf. ;-)
horrible thing to say. Only Richard Fowler & Robert Zimmerman r worse than .
Daily Fact: Before he renamed himself Robert Allen Zimmerman briefly went by Elston Gunn.
Thank you for your team Trump support Ms. sissy Zimmerman - Robert
We love options! Playing with shadows comes in three fun colorways! Can you guess which is our favorite?…
Sweet Charlotte is a winning combination of browns, creams, and rose hues!
A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom. ~ Robert Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan
this *** Robert Zimmerman saying 54% of the country didn't vote for trump doesn't understand large part of country DIDNT VOTE
Zimmerman hey Robert, Donald Trump is the POTUS. Get over it. Feinstein is like you all. Lets Make America Great Again.
The Birds of Liberty prints are bright and fun to mix! We're loving that green!
Alan Dershowitz, who unwittingly endorsed Ellison by "threatening" to leave DNC if he's defends George Zimmerman AND…
My existence lead by confusion boats/mutiny from stern to bow. ahh, but I was so much older then I'm younger than that now. -Robert Zimmerman
So perfectly normal then, yeah? Like Trump referring to Bob Dylan as Robert Zimmerman as NORMAL?
New local scholarship added to the Guidance website today. Go online to download an appl for the Robert Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship.
Well, well, well! Liberal shills never learn! Robert Zimmerman does not "Get It," because he's a large part of THE CORRUPT SW…
on this day a year ago jack Zimmerman graduated fictional college . whereas real life robert is graduating rn at PI…
Robert Zimmerman has done okay plucking a six-string too.
Throwback Thursday to the Summer of 1960. Deputies Duane Zimmerman and Robert Yokanovich pictured with the first ca…
I swear Robert Henke's set last year at BK Masonic was based on Mobius Strips. That was one *** of a performance!
A day like today in 1962 a folk singer named Robert Zimmerman legally changed his name to Bob Dylan.
Robert Zimmerman, later known as Bob Dylan, with the first draft of his infamous telegram (1916)
Cause the times, they are changin... Robert Zimmerman, jewish prophet:) God bless Israel
I rather like the tunes of Robert Allen Zimmerman
Robert Wilging would love to show you the at 9644 Zimmerman Rd ...
"Sweet Charlotte" is a pretty pink, brown and cream line by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman.
Robert Zimmerman is the classic example of white privilege. Of course on the hill privilege comes in many races.
Robert Zimmerman is a waste of your air time. Get someone who is not just talking points.
SIGHHH Robert Zimmerman, Richard Fowler. How to ruin a good show. Leftover horrible heads from Megan. Please get rid of them.
They need to boot him, Juan, Beckel, Geraldo, Shep, Richard Fowler, Marianne Marsh, Robert Zimmerman . . . How's that!
Richard Fowler & Robert "Botox" Zimmerman on the same show makes is unwatchable for me
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Robert Zimmerman needs to zip it. He's a que tip. I'm sick of democrat's living in the past. We're going to make America great finally.
. It was refreshing to have you on First 100 Days tonight! Robert Zimmerman is always nasty and YOU stopped him!!
@ Sandra Smith why do you allow Robert Zimmerman to interrupt Carl Higby?
great job putting Robert Zimmerman on his place. 👏👏
Robert Zimmerman is perhaps the most insulting funeral director, er, pundit...
great job on The First100 Days.Thank you for shutting down a condescending & smug Robert Zimmerman. He adds nothing of value
I rreally like 100 days. Robert Zimmerman is HOSTILE. NO MORE or I turn the channel. He makes me sick with his mean ranting.
Robert Zimmerman unbearably RUDE, Snarky, Hateful. Can't you find any ppl with CIVILITY ? Won't watch anymore. No better than CNN.
Robert Zimmerman looks like the master's assistant on The Strain - the head strogoi.
great job on Robert Zimmerman is a LIBTARD hack!
Robert Zimmerman is a disrespectful *** Talking about our president and how poor Obama is the victim of Trumps great moves.
I wish Fox News would stop bringing Robert Zimmerman on any show. He is the most pompous individual I have ever seen or heard!!!
Someone needs to tell Robert Zimmerman to shut the *** up! This smug *** has no business in Washington
Wanted by the Noble Prize Committee b 1 Robert Zimmerman aka B Dylan 4 award of profits fr Invention of Dynamite n…
I liked a video from SJW DEBATES Shapiro Vs Robert Zimmerman
We're curious does Robert Zimmerman have a little sugar in his tank? Anybody know?
Why does continue to give rude Liberal Robert Zimmerman last word? I am at location with CNN & I remember now, why I don't watch them.
Robert Zimmerman, I wonder what rock he crawled out from?
"is the Andrew Dice Clay or presidential candidates" Robert Zimmerman on
Robert Zimmerman Is like a cockroach coming out on every CNN show with bias agenda bigotry CNN..
Tell Robert Zimmerman Clinton needs to release the transcripts & be honest with the American people. Stop lying for a pathological liar
Robert zimmerman on bringing the facts to delusional Scotie Nell Huges. Smh
Zimmerman is a left wing nut case.He is so far up HRC'S wide load its not funny.Keep drinking the kool aid Robert..
Scottie Hughes getting a smack down from Robert Zimmerman on
Robert Zimmerman AO *** on w VBlackwell.. New Day AND he Illegitimately insulted ScottieN
Robert Zimmerman a CNN contributor is definitely the man for taking republicans to task.
Robert Zimmerman throw that shade at Scottie Hughes
Robert Zimmerman is terrible. How can you justify yes it is
Aug 9 1962 Robert Zimmerman changes his name to Dylan Thomas. - Try the quiz! .
"I'm white when I want to be and a Jew when I need to be" — Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan
Join me tonight at Mulligans 8:00 for live trivia. Tonight's hints:. 1. Wizard of Menlo Park. 2. Singer born Robert Allen Zimmerman
I got tickets 2 see robert zimmerman in november !
Amy is getting taken to school by Robert Zimmerman on right now.
Amey Kremer thank you 4 setting "grumpy" Robert Zimmerman" straight, Right Trump never told them to do something that had already been done
Good morning Carol, couldn't you find some1 besides Robert Zimmerman, I do not think he has an objective bone in his body
Community Talk in Oct. to feature Robert Zimmerman of the CRWA. Region: Dirty water getting cleaner
CAFEWHA? Where Sir Robert of Zimmerman went in search of Woody and performed a set of his songs…
DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY ROBERT ZIMMERMAN IS ON THE MEGYN KELLY SHOW?the most arrogant,stuck up,snobbish,condescending,no it all!!!
Mr, Robert Zimmerman you sir are so wrong. We should hear transcripts as they originally were. NO COVER UP
how can anyone stomach that creep Robert Zimmerman?
Robert Zimmerman is a despicable human being.
.Robert Zimmerman is the Josef Goebbels of the Democratic Party, their Minister of Propaganda always spewing BS!
Robert Zimmerman lives in a different zip code from reality. No, a different hemisphere.
I visited Duluth and Hibbing, MN, where Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan was born and raised, in late May.
Robert Zimmerman is vile. I have never heard him be objective. Always bitter and partisan, ready to attack, blame and obfuscate.
Please stop putting that partisan hack Robert Zimmerman on. There are honest Democrats we would rather hear from.
Fiery Exchange: Megyn Kelly, Marc Thiessen and Robert Zimmerman battle over the FBI’s decision to redact...
Please save us from the delusions of Robert Zimmerman. We have to mute the tv when he speaks. He is a liar and a propagandist.
Robert Zimmerman insults my intelligence when he does his liberal spin and tries to Make us not believe our own lying eyes
Going live on Mixlr 'robert zimmerman starlight '. Listen here:
Robert Zimmerman would argue black is white in defense of the Dem party. Only regurgitates Dem talking points.
Robert Zimmerman u ideological *** If ur *** was in the Middle East u would be off a rooftop. Dammit quit spin
Robert Zimmerman is out of his ever lovin mind. Obamas failure to seriously address ISIS is why we continue to be attacked.
Robert Zimmerman looks like the sleezy character from Monsters Inc., Randall Boggs! (acts like him, too)
And Robert Zimmerman will deny the obvious. Typical illogical leftist. .
I get 'Fair & Balanced,' but, Robert Zimmerman & Juan Williams gotta get off The Pipe. Do you pay them to be such ignoramuses?
Robert Zimmerman is the biggest political *** in America. Please stop subjecting us to his vitriol.
Robert Zimmerman, on Megan Kelly: spews the same democratic nonsense. I don't understand why fox gives him a platform.
Whenever you put on Robert Zimmerman I turn you off for the evening. He is a talking points shill and liar. Worst of the worst.
Robert Zimmerman needs a reality check he lives in utopia
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Listening to the naive vitriol from Robert Zimmerman reminded me just how scared and ANGRY THE DEMOCRATS ARE!!
Robert Zimmerman is a complete and total *** What a Clueless fool!!! I want to slap some *** sense into this ***
. Robert Zimmerman has gall to blame redacting of 911 tapes by DOJ & WH on far right Republicans for political gain. Disgusting.
Barry/Hillary flunky Robert Zimmerman up to same old tricks,ditch this clown he' a joke.
Hey Robert Zimmerman! Nobody believes your leftist rude rants that speaks overtop of other guest. Grow up little man!
Robert Zimmerman is one of the most rude people you ever have on your show.
Robert Zimmerman's explanation of the DOJ's 911 deletions on the Orlando slaughter is lame at best.
Megyn Kellly makes a fool out of herself when she lets Robert Zimmerman defend the DOJ.
- how the *** can u let Robert Zimmerman on your program ? He is disrespectful to other guest . Are you running the WWF ?
Robert Zimmerman wouldn't make a pimple on a real man's ***
Robert Zimmerman is an absolute fool. How can he say such foolishness and sleep at night.
I watched Robert Zimmerman on Kelly file tonight and this guy is a total left wing ***
u hit new lows with Robert Zimmerman and clintonites sit there and spin n LIE. O'REILLY ONLY TRUE SHOW
We need to change Robert's name to annoyingman instead of Zimmerman.
Robert Zimmerman is completely dishonest; why, oh why do you keep putting him on your show. Please STOP IT
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Does this simpleton Robert Zimmerman have ANY credibility with ANYBODY? He's a JOKE every time I see him.
Robert Zimmerman is showing the hate of the left. It's jumping out of him!
Robert Zimmerman is one of the most disgusting guests any news has on. He will lie and laugh about it.
Robert Zimmerman will blame Bush for the redaction.
I'm sorry to be so blunt, but Robert Zimmerman just looks and sounds like a weasel. If he shook my hand, I'd check for my watch
Robert Zimmerman is a creepy looking as it gets.
Robert Zimmerman jacked his stage name from Dylan Thomas. Meaning in another timeline, a dude name Rob Thomas wrote "like a Rolling stone"
I love being lit, I love getting lit, and did you know Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Alan Zimmerman
Robert Zimmerman: US must have a launch capability industry if it is to be a leader in space exploration
Now that Corey Lewandowski is gone maybe Trump can hire someone less controversial, like George Zimmerman for example.
In 24th may of 1941 was born Robert Allen Zimmerman. Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!
Here is what teen murderer has to say about
Robert Zimmerman on the Jelly file just defended this move. Donald Trump for President. No Hillary Rotten Clinton
No big deal, just on my way to a Robert Zimmerman concert
Not for nothing but has a slight resemblance to Robert Zimmerman jr i wonder if they're related.
An American hero says Muslims shouldn't be able to buy guns
George Zimmerman says gun shops shouldn't sell to Muslims to prevent another massacre
My dad remember stopping in coffee shop in his St Paul neighborhood once upon a time to hear Robert Zimmerman...
Got tickets for Andrea Luka Zimmerman's 'Estate, a Reverie' TMRW We've got ours! Take a look at the trailer http…
I know exactly where it went... . Maestro Robert Allen Zimmerman - Most of the Time
who needs coffee when I have my darlin' robert zimmerman 💕
Like Bobby Zimmerman in Hibbing. "I might look like Robert Ford, but I feel just like Jesse James."
Hello Robert, we have note yet covered Zimmerman with our Zuku fiber service, however plans are in place, 1/2
I don't know who Robert Zimmerman is but I do know that people are capable of policing themselves.
Roseanne Cash playing a song by Robert Zimmerman
That's what Robert Zimmerman was doing. It will never work. Without police, these bad communities will fail.
"You were so much younger than... ur older than that now"...Robert Zimmerman
No Tech Talk today. But we'll go beyond the stratosphere. Hear from space author Robert Zimmerman at 1:10 PM.
Corporate boards are occupied by the likes of Robert Zimmerman. They do not care.
Robert Zimmerman looked like a CORPSE tonight, as if his blood had been drained out. looked smokin'
the only thing I want to see Robert Zimmerman do on TV is drop dead
Robert Zimmerman, another blithering *** He is completely intolerable!
Just look at people like Robert Zimmerman and other Clinton supporters and tell me they don't give you the willies?
Robert Zimmerman. on Megyn Kelly is simply. so unlikable he should not. be allowed on normal TV. And, she puts him on again and again!
Robert Zimmerman is on. Time to switch to "Big Bang Theory".
Now hear this Robert Zimmerman. Though I don't suppose we'll meet
joker and the thief, thunderstruck, welcome to the jungle, literally anything by Robert Zimmerman.
she's got a point. What if Woody Allen went as Stuart Koenigsberg or Dylan as Robert Zimmerman?
Wacky Fact Wednesday: Bob Dylan’s real name is Robert Zimmerman! ‘Like’ if you already knew this fun fact.
. "How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see?" - Robert Zimmerman (a/k/a Bob Dylan)
Hey I appreciate the fact that you know that Bob Dylan's birth name was Robert Zimmerman.
Protect young Robert Downey Junior at all cost
Really honored to be the first to try new Iron Range exclusive beer: Robert Zimmerman Blonde on Blonde…
Q31: Folk guitarist Robert Allen Zimmerman originally hails from Duluth, Minnesota. The world knows him better as _.
A fact for the day - Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman.
updates Robert Zimmerman for jersey 95 to 93 position DL to DT
Robert Zimmerman is a snake. Will be tough to defend Hillary when she's arrested!
Robert Zimmerman, DNC operative and Clinton supporter. Pay him some money and will lie to anyone. He is a disgrace
Willie, SOME DEM guy said Duck Dynasty is Trump's think tank! His name is Robert Zimmerman. On Judge Janine last nite.
Robert Zimmerman is pathetic. He is so liberal. Wonder his net worth and where he lives. Obama hasn't helped the democrats at all
Is it just me or does that Democrat strategist Robert Zimmerman look like Jorge Romos? Or *** Dems look like?
Robert Zimmerman just called Duck Dynasty a Trump "think tank"on Judge Janine! ALL OF THE liberal DEMS are THE RACIST ONES!
YOU ROCK!! 🇺🇸. Robert Zimmerman out of touch, putting all supporters in bad light ...Get over your self.
Great opening. Your guest Robert Zimmerman is a liar. Trump never said he will pay def bills if protestors are beat up.
Robert Zimmerman is a disgust word twister. He spews BS & Lies to prop up Hillary against all comers. Put him on t street.
That guy Robert Zimmerman got hit with the stupid truck. OMG this guy is a moron. Stick a sock in his mouth and shut him up
I DESPISE Robert Zimmerman. He's as sick twisted and perverted as a human can possibly be.
Larry Elder got so upset debating Robert Zimmerman today w/Judge Jeanine 4not acknowledging Democrat racism he started shaking/lip quivering
Robert Zimmerman thinks blocking a highway is "civil disobedience". I hope he finds himself blocked when he has to pee.
- Robert Zimmerman is a left wing shill for the way left liberals in this country. He is a racist and a liar. Shameful!!!
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Robert Zimmerman is ur classic democrat who never answers a question when confronted. Thanks for calling him out on ur show
I hate Robert Zimmerman that was on tonight. Am I the only one?
What contrast a good, honest commonsense man facing the very essence of corruption in DNC member Robert Zimmerman
Zombies are real. Robert Zimmerman looked like a talking corpse. Seriously "Death Warmed Over"
Robert Dracula Zimmerman attacks Trump 4 offering to pay legal fees of 1 individual. Distorts, makes it seem its offer to promote violence.
You were so good on Judge Jeanine. Thanks for putting Robert Zimmerman in his place!!
. Robert Zimmerman is such a smug and arrogant man who is sadly ignorant. Why doesn't someone tell him on the air??
I love you Judge. you are a straight shooter, Conservative. Robert Zimmerman is such a PUKE. Why do you have him on?Demoncrat!
Robert Zimmerman typical Liberal twisting truth to the extreme.
Not sure who is the smoothest liar: Hilary Clinton or Robert Zimmerman. Oh I forgot he is Hilary puppet!
why do you have Robert Zimmerman on your show he only promotes his own agenda and ALWAYS pivots- the most negative guy ever
watching Robert Zimmerman on your show. Would love to smack the makeup off of him
I like Robert Zimmerman! I'm Sorry! He's a good man, An Informative MAN! I believe what he said just now on Fox!
Judge I give you so much credit for maintaining your patience with that annoying big mouth Robert Zimmerman.
Robert Zimmerman over talked your other guest.He should have stopped.
Robert Zimmerman needs to get his head out of the past concerning comments made by Trump...his rhetoric is changing...
Robert Zimmerman is an stupid *** Democrats are always right, what a bunch of zombie hypocrites. Zimmerman thinks we're ***
Way to handle Robert Zimmerman and his type of dirtballs. That's why so many watch your terrific show!
Robert Zimmerman doesn't know up from down.
Tell Robert Zimmerman that whoever does his
Watching. Robert Zimmerman is incredibly annoying. awesome, as always.
Robert Zimmerman HILLARY HACK Can't find anything about him on WEB. He's a paid SPINNER & will not be honest or truthful. Go
this RObert Zimmerman is a nut case
would a Robert Johnson switch be smart? Or no?
Because 'Bob Dylan' is a persona created by (but NOT) Robert Zimmerman as David Jones created 'David Bowie'.
Not pictured: 100 free to try and beat Canada's first Olympic swimmer, Robert Zimmerman, who went a 1:35. Success!
3/19/1962. Robert Zimmerman releases his first album, called Bob Dylan, on Columbia Records label
Zimmerman,death ain't a cure for life.
Judge B needs to make like Robert Zimmerman at Newport '65.
soon George Zimmerman is going to save a toddler from an oncoming train and Robert Redford will join ISIL.
the Robert Zimmerman composed song I like the most
Thank you Robert Zimmerman on the Hilary Clinton support! Thank you!
Great photo of a young Robert Zimmerman. / via
Why is Robert Zimmerman attacking T? He has said the Ds preferred to run against T bc he'd be so easy to beat. Sb advocating T.
- Why did you allow Robert Zimmerman get away with saying Donal Trump has advocated for violence? Trump has done no such thing.
Don't know who I dislike more Trump or Robert Zimmerman talking about Trump!
have you notice how much and Robert Zimmerman look alike and they are both anti Trump.
***Nearly three percent of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine. Bob Dylan’s real name is Robert Zimmerman.***
Robert Zimmerman looks like a snake. Talks like a snake acts like a snake.
Just a word to Fox & Megyn - if you have Robert Zimmerman on , I am not watching.
same as Dylan. Bob Dylan is the lifelong performance piece by Robert Zimmerman. David Bowie by Davie Jones
@ Robert Zimmerman and your point is…?
.I loved your facial expressions tonight when Robert Zimmerman spoke. He's an obnoxious clueless twit. Great job 2nite. Thumbs up!
Is Robert Zimmerman made mostly of a wax product, or does his personality only make him seem that way?
Of course U accomplish nil when U have lib *** like Robert Zimmerman on & butting in while Dana Loesch tries 2inform w/facts.
Megyn, how is it that Robert Zimmerman & all Democrat contributors 2 Fox News can be so stupid?... they were educa…
I never knew goofy *** like Robert Zimmerman and Richard Fowler existed other than in movies until I saw them …
news that Robert Zimmerman is one of the biggest fools I have ever heard. His lies and propaganda are an embarrassmen…
Robert Zimmerman on the Kelly File just kept screaming and interrupting like all democrats do. When you have no facts -just scream
Robert Zimmerman, avuncular, smarmy, wrong, & steadily pontificating over everyone as they try to speak.
.Please stop inviting Robert Zimmerman on your show.
I just saw the clip online of and Robert Zimmerman. He didn't know what to do. That was great!
Maybe next time you can debate George Zimmerman on guns, seeing that Robert was all over the place. Be a lot more interesting & fun
wellLLL it's Dylan, named after Bob Dylan, so therefore i must use any variation i can (bob, mr. dylan, robert zimmerman, etc.)
Robert Zimmerman is stupid. Remove him from talking
So Robert Zimmerman is for violating an American's Constitutional rights? Got to love the gun grabbing politicians.
.I'm thinking u have Robert Zimmerman on to show what obnoxious blowhards Dem 'strategists' are.
is Robert Zimmerman made of plastic?
Robert Zimmerman once again wants to ignore the facts that gun sales have tripled under Obama "It's not about that"
Robert Zimmerman is a dope.The No-fly list is wrong,good people on it, not.
If you have that lying filibustering talking points pontificating Robert Zimmerman on again, I will stop watching you
Megyn Robert Zimmerman is a fool who would put our lives at risk. Don't waste our time with him anymore.
The only intelligent and good thing Robert Zimmerman said was at the end when he said Merry Christmas!
What is it with you and Robert Zimmerman, that old dem. Lib hack? Can't you find someone who is intelligent ?
have that guy robert zimmerman on? ...He devalues your showliveral who uses facts to his onwn dilussion
If Robert Zimmerman can explain why Ted Kennedy, John Lewis, Cat Stevens & Steven Hayes were on the no-fly list, fine.If not STFU
Robert Zimmerman is a creepy looking guy. And is talking in circles.
Robert Zimmerman-if you are a Suspected Terrorists & you by a gun, shouldn't Authorities be notified by "ping"? & then B watched?
Why does Robert Zimmerman hate due process? What other rights should be denied due to your name being on some list!
Robert Zimmerman please please are you as stupid as you sound. Hey dumb dumb they do a Check when you buy a firearm.
Robert Zimmerman in Bob Dylan's real name. This Robert Zimmerman didn't get his gift for casting a vision.
Stupid Robert Zimmerman has no brain. You took it to him with logic. So friggen dumb.
Robert Zimmerman Why do you have him on Can't take him Mute
Robert Zimmerman is a joke, He blames Republicans but what about Democrats bringing terrorists into the Country via refugees.
Robert Zimmerman is a complete A-hole who does nothing but lie. Why do you continue to give him a platform?
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Robert Zimmerman is a liar and a left wing ***
Robert Zimmerman on Fox stupid is as stupid does. If stupid were an airplane he would be a jet.
Robert Zimmerman on the Megan Kelly show now makes my Effen skin crawl
Come learn about the great hiking in southern Arizona with author Robert Zimmerman is here Friday, October 23rd...
Television Political Analyst and Advocate and Democratic National Committeeman jolns Joan to weigh...
When Robert Zimmerman break the build, you can't fix it, because there is not a single line of code left.
I believe that's where Robert Zimmerman and indeed Bob Willis got their inspiration to change their names
Also got to hang with Robert Zimmerman
I'm with you. I want Cueto more than Price, Greinke, or Zimmerman. And stay the *** away from Samardzijia at all costs
updates Robert Zimmerman for jersey 93 to 95 position DT to DL
...and I thought Dylan wrote "Duquesne whistle" or whateva. Turns out it was his squib in D.C. masquerading as Robert Zimmerman's zomby=JOBS
Snowden? what about these officers killing us with impunity? . Darren Wilson. George Zimmerman . Daniel Panteleo. Robert Encina
Hi is that Maggie? Hi its Mrs Zimmerman. I'm afraid Robert won't be coming into work today...
Bob Dylan AND HIV/AIDS via of a crazy man ..we love you Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan
Mr Zimmerman is Losing it? ... Robert Allen Zimmerman = Bob Dylan... Is his mind goin' a'wanderin'? Sharp dude.
Long time passing ... When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? ... Robert Allen Zimmerman
Robert Allen Zimmerman was a business man. He demanded top billing and pay. He never was "blowing in the wind".
Robert Zimmerman floats my goat so hard
one of them when asked said "...The Germans now too, have God on their side." {Mr. Robert Zimmerman}
Now hear this Robert Zimmerman. I wrote this song for you . 'Bout a strange young man called Dylan. With a voice like sand and glue
Robert Zimmerman is in over his head no straight answer just walk around it and demean Shannen Coffin priceless…
Richard Socarides on; were Robert Zimmerman and Lanny Davis busy or is the network tired of their endless fawning?
Bob Dylan a/k/a Robert Zimmerman is a corporate sellout. He became what he protested.
really good show, no Richard Fowler, Mark Hannah, or Mr. Evil (Robert Zimmerman, so stayed with you.. Good show.
robert zimmerman is a fact denying lieing typical hard core liberal! He makes me sick just seeing his face! Has a perverted look
Could Robert Zimmerman be anymore of a partisan hack!? Using the word "honesty" in a sentence about Hillary Clinton is a joke.
do you have any clue whatsoever just how very few of your viewers can stomach Robert Zimmerman. Any clue at all.
Robert "Baghdad Bob" Zimmerman is like the monkey who sees no evil, hears no evil, and definitely speaks no evil of Hillary.
Robert Zimmerman looks like count dracula he left his casket to go on your show..Did Hillary suck all of his blood from him? Ew
Now Robert Zimmerman said it. Is it planted in their DNA?. "At The End Of The Day". I must get to BAN that phrase.🙀
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every time I see Robert Zimmerman , my opinion of sinks even further
Robert Zimmerman would make a great body if you need one for a wake er something
Robert Zimmerman clearly has botox'd himself into a higher level of stupid. He blinked & his socks fell down. What a scumbag
If there was a God it would be Bob Dylan his words didn't just change his generation but many generations to come. Thanks Robert Zimmerman.
If you say Bob Dylan I don't get confused because his original name is Robert Zimmerman.
Robert Allen Zimmerman, aka "Bob Dylan" was born in Duluth May 24, 1941. He was named after a Duluth Road.
Dr. Robert Zimmerman, chief of pediatric neuroradiology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, is on the stand.
Whenever Robert Zimmerman ("Clinton Butt Kisser") comes on your show, Anderson Cooper gets my 5 mins.
Wasn't Robert Zimmerman the Visitor guy in V that peeled off his false human face to reveal his true reptilean self? Creepy guy!
Robert Zimmerman is a reptile. He makes my skin crawl. The Hildabreast can do no wrong in his lizard eyes.
Robert Zimmerman ! I turn off your show when this inane deluded Dem. troll seriously tries 2 defend criminal ICK
Robert Zimmerman should be ashamed go appear and constantly defend the democrats. Please find someone new to interview.
has guest Robert Zimmerman to confirm that really is human. He's not believable either. Zimmerman is a hack.
I love Robert Zimmerman. He could sell a rusted out Pinto as a Mercedes Benz S550 AMG. Bring him back, every night.
you totally smoked Robert Zimmerman tonight! That's why we love you!!
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HillaryClinton only apologized for email, not the personal server. Why didn't you press Robert Zimmerman about that difference?
Robert Zimmerman has zero credibility and makes even less sense
Please do not let that Clinton shill Robert Zimmerman with typical leftist diatribes & lizard eyes on your program again.
Just when I thought Fowler was the biggest contributor I'm proven wrong when the goof Robert Zimmerman shows up.
Robert Zimmerman's "Hillary's mother should be off-limits" curious when Hillary brought her into the conversation.
why do you invite a pr guy like robert Zimmerman to give an opinion on Hilary? Such a waste of valuable air time!
The only person worse than Robert Zimmerman, when it comes to kowtowing disguised as analysis, is Lanny Davis,
Way to go Robert Zimmerman. Way to make Megan look Snarky and Petty on
Robert Zimmerman is a joke! Why are dems defending a woman who America views as untrustworthy, who the FBI is investigating?
Hillary's PR hack Robert Zimmerman may have been excessively compensated that he sees a halo over Clinton's head.
Democrat Robert Zimmerman, is a joke, a liberal political hack. Why Megan Kelly has him on her show is a puzzle at best.
Robert Zimmerman is on the "switch channels" list, His commentary is nothing more than the same, endless fawning.
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