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Robert Zimmerman

August Robert Zimmermann, a landscape painter, was born at Zittau in 1815. Among his pictures are The Innthal, near Kufstcin, and a Waterfall, both dated 1863. He died at Munich in 1864. He was the brother of painters Albert, Richard, and Max Zimmermann.

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@ Robert Zimmerman and your point is…?
.I loved your facial expressions tonight when Robert Zimmerman spoke. He's an obnoxious clueless twit. Great job 2nite. Thumbs up!
Is Robert Zimmerman made mostly of a wax product, or does his personality only make him seem that way?
Of course U accomplish nil when U have lib *** like Robert Zimmerman on & butting in while Dana Loesch tries 2inform w/facts.
Megyn, how is it that Robert Zimmerman & all Democrat contributors 2 Fox News can be so stupid?... they were educa…
I never knew goofy *** like Robert Zimmerman and Richard Fowler existed other than in movies until I saw them …
news that Robert Zimmerman is one of the biggest fools I have ever heard. His lies and propaganda are an embarrassmen…
Robert Zimmerman on the Kelly File just kept screaming and interrupting like all democrats do. When you have no facts -just scream
Robert Zimmerman, avuncular, smarmy, wrong, & steadily pontificating over everyone as they try to speak.
.Please stop inviting Robert Zimmerman on your show.
I just saw the clip online of and Robert Zimmerman. He didn't know what to do. That was great!
Maybe next time you can debate George Zimmerman on guns, seeing that Robert was all over the place. Be a lot more interesting & fun
wellLLL it's Dylan, named after Bob Dylan, so therefore i must use any variation i can (bob, mr. dylan, robert zimmerman, etc.)
Robert Zimmerman is stupid. Remove him from talking
So Robert Zimmerman is for violating an American's Constitutional rights? Got to love the gun grabbing politicians.
.I'm thinking u have Robert Zimmerman on to show what obnoxious blowhards Dem 'strategists' are.
is Robert Zimmerman made of plastic?
Robert Zimmerman once again wants to ignore the facts that gun sales have tripled under Obama "It's not about that"
Robert Zimmerman is a dope.The No-fly list is wrong,good people on it, not.
If you have that lying filibustering talking points pontificating Robert Zimmerman on again, I will stop watching you
Megyn Robert Zimmerman is a fool who would put our lives at risk. Don't waste our time with him anymore.
The only intelligent and good thing Robert Zimmerman said was at the end when he said Merry Christmas!
What is it with you and Robert Zimmerman, that old dem. Lib hack? Can't you find someone who is intelligent ?
have that guy robert zimmerman on? ...He devalues your showliveral who uses facts to his onwn dilussion
If Robert Zimmerman can explain why Ted Kennedy, John Lewis, Cat Stevens & Steven Hayes were on the no-fly list, fine.If not STFU
Robert Zimmerman is a creepy looking guy. And is talking in circles.
Robert Zimmerman-if you are a Suspected Terrorists & you by a gun, shouldn't Authorities be notified by "ping"? & then B watched?
Why does Robert Zimmerman hate due process? What other rights should be denied due to your name being on some list!
Robert Zimmerman please please are you as stupid as you sound. Hey dumb dumb they do a Check when you buy a firearm.
Robert Zimmerman in Bob Dylan's real name. This Robert Zimmerman didn't get his gift for casting a vision.
Stupid Robert Zimmerman has no brain. You took it to him with logic. So friggen dumb.
Robert Zimmerman Why do you have him on Can't take him Mute
Robert Zimmerman is a joke, He blames Republicans but what about Democrats bringing terrorists into the Country via refugees.
Robert Zimmerman is a complete A-hole who does nothing but lie. Why do you continue to give him a platform?
Robert Zimmerman is a liar and a left wing ***
Robert Zimmerman on Fox stupid is as stupid does. If stupid were an airplane he would be a jet.
Robert Zimmerman on the Megan Kelly show now makes my Effen skin crawl
Come learn about the great hiking in southern Arizona with author Robert Zimmerman is here Friday, October 23rd...
Television Political Analyst and Advocate and Democratic National Committeeman jolns Joan to weigh...
When Robert Zimmerman break the build, you can't fix it, because there is not a single line of code left.
I believe that's where Robert Zimmerman and indeed Bob Willis got their inspiration to change their names
Also got to hang with Robert Zimmerman
I'm with you. I want Cueto more than Price, Greinke, or Zimmerman. And stay the *** away from Samardzijia at all costs
updates Robert Zimmerman for jersey 93 to 95 position DT to DL
...and I thought Dylan wrote "Duquesne whistle" or whateva. Turns out it was his squib in D.C. masquerading as Robert Zimmerman's zomby=JOBS
Snowden? what about these officers killing us with impunity? . Darren Wilson. George Zimmerman . Daniel Panteleo. Robert Encina
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Hi is that Maggie? Hi its Mrs Zimmerman. I'm afraid Robert won't be coming into work today...
Bob Dylan AND HIV/AIDS via of a crazy man ..we love you Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan
Mr Zimmerman is Losing it? ... Robert Allen Zimmerman = Bob Dylan... Is his mind goin' a'wanderin'? Sharp dude.
Long time passing ... When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? ... Robert Allen Zimmerman
Robert Allen Zimmerman was a business man. He demanded top billing and pay. He never was "blowing in the wind".
Robert Zimmerman floats my goat so hard
one of them when asked said "...The Germans now too, have God on their side." {Mr. Robert Zimmerman}
Now hear this Robert Zimmerman. I wrote this song for you . 'Bout a strange young man called Dylan. With a voice like sand and glue
Robert Zimmerman is in over his head no straight answer just walk around it and demean Shannen Coffin priceless…
Richard Socarides on; were Robert Zimmerman and Lanny Davis busy or is the network tired of their endless fawning?
Bob Dylan a/k/a Robert Zimmerman is a corporate sellout. He became what he protested.
really good show, no Richard Fowler, Mark Hannah, or Mr. Evil (Robert Zimmerman, so stayed with you.. Good show.
robert zimmerman is a fact denying lieing typical hard core liberal! He makes me sick just seeing his face! Has a perverted look
Could Robert Zimmerman be anymore of a partisan hack!? Using the word "honesty" in a sentence about Hillary Clinton is a joke.
do you have any clue whatsoever just how very few of your viewers can stomach Robert Zimmerman. Any clue at all.
Robert "Baghdad Bob" Zimmerman is like the monkey who sees no evil, hears no evil, and definitely speaks no evil of Hillary.
Robert Zimmerman looks like count dracula he left his casket to go on your show..Did Hillary suck all of his blood from him? Ew
Now Robert Zimmerman said it. Is it planted in their DNA?. "At The End Of The Day". I must get to BAN that phrase.🙀
every time I see Robert Zimmerman , my opinion of sinks even further
Robert Zimmerman would make a great body if you need one for a wake er something
Robert Zimmerman clearly has botox'd himself into a higher level of stupid. He blinked & his socks fell down. What a scumbag
If there was a God it would be Bob Dylan his words didn't just change his generation but many generations to come. Thanks Robert Zimmerman.
If you say Bob Dylan I don't get confused because his original name is Robert Zimmerman.
Robert Allen Zimmerman, aka "Bob Dylan" was born in Duluth May 24, 1941. He was named after a Duluth Road.
Dr. Robert Zimmerman, chief of pediatric neuroradiology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, is on the stand.
Whenever Robert Zimmerman ("Clinton Butt Kisser") comes on your show, Anderson Cooper gets my 5 mins.
Wasn't Robert Zimmerman the Visitor guy in V that peeled off his false human face to reveal his true reptilean self? Creepy guy!
Robert Zimmerman is a reptile. He makes my skin crawl. The Hildabreast can do no wrong in his lizard eyes.
Robert Zimmerman ! I turn off your show when this inane deluded Dem. troll seriously tries 2 defend criminal ICK
Robert Zimmerman should be ashamed go appear and constantly defend the democrats. Please find someone new to interview.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
has guest Robert Zimmerman to confirm that really is human. He's not believable either. Zimmerman is a hack.
I love Robert Zimmerman. He could sell a rusted out Pinto as a Mercedes Benz S550 AMG. Bring him back, every night.
you totally smoked Robert Zimmerman tonight! That's why we love you!!
HillaryClinton only apologized for email, not the personal server. Why didn't you press Robert Zimmerman about that difference?
Robert Zimmerman has zero credibility and makes even less sense
Robert Zimmerman is a waste of your air time. He lies more than HRC. Every word is spin/respin from truth to lies.
Please do not let that Clinton shill Robert Zimmerman with typical leftist diatribes & lizard eyes on your program again.
Just when I thought Fowler was the biggest contributor I'm proven wrong when the goof Robert Zimmerman shows up.
Robert Zimmerman's "Hillary's mother should be off-limits" curious when Hillary brought her into the conversation.
why do you invite a pr guy like robert Zimmerman to give an opinion on Hilary? Such a waste of valuable air time!
The only person worse than Robert Zimmerman, when it comes to kowtowing disguised as analysis, is Lanny Davis,
Way to go Robert Zimmerman. Way to make Megan look Snarky and Petty on
Robert Zimmerman is a joke! Why are dems defending a woman who America views as untrustworthy, who the FBI is investigating?
Hillary's PR hack Robert Zimmerman may have been excessively compensated that he sees a halo over Clinton's head.
Democrat Robert Zimmerman, is a joke, a liberal political hack. Why Megan Kelly has him on her show is a puzzle at best.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Robert Zimmerman is on the "switch channels" list, His commentary is nothing more than the same, endless fawning.
Robert Zimmerman makes the Kool Aid that and drinks
Please don't book Robert Zimmerman for any evenings. He insults us all.. Man is "not fair and balanced" in any way.
Robert Zimmerman is a rational voice in the phony hyped up so-called e-mail scandal.
Robert Zimmerman on MK no need to say more what a left wing progressive cool aid drinking hack.
Why waste our time with Robert Zimmerman? Off camera I expect him to peel off his face to reveal his hidden real reptilean face
There's not enough people who want to be on TV that can't get people other than hacks like Fowler & Robert Zimmerman to show up?
Robert Zimmerman is a low life pile of human excrement. Your love for him made me tune you out. Get a clue.
Robert Zimmerman is a fact less person who twists all facts to fit his liberal Hillary agenda!
Robert Zimmerman is such a Hillary wonk. Her tears were as turned on as a 2-yr old in a restaurant
Robert Zimmerman is such a vile human being that I can't listen to him. Please find ANYONE else.
What about Robert Zimmerman, will he stand by Hillary when she's charged in email scandle?
Robert Zimmerman is either completely naive or he just is being political cuz it fits his narrative.
Why do you continue to have Robert Zimmerman on. He is such a Hillary apologist.
ROBERT ZIMMERMAN doing his best to stick up for HILLARY! WOW! That is a BIG job & he didn't do very well!!
this Robert Zimmerman guy is an absolute snake. His makeup doesn't cover up his unapologetic bias.
That hack Robert Zimmerman again...was Richard Fowler busy?
Hillary Clinton's voice in that mea culpa interview was down right creepy. By the way...can't stand Robert Zimmerman. He's scum.
Cry me a river Robert Zimmerman! Hillary would leave you to die without batting an eye, AND lie to ur family about how you died.
I guess War and Peace is just too wordy compared to The Zimmerman file
First time I've ever given a lecture to anyone. I should take it up as a career. A brief history of the life of Robert Allen Zimmerman.
Love any and all Robert Zimmerman references aka Bob Dylan
A vote for (Zack Zimmerman) is a vote for Robert Morris. Vote Biggie as your 2015 RMU homecoming king
hey man, you know me too me some Robert Allan Zimmerman.
Robert Zimmerman, but you were close. :-)
often avoids the media by claiming to be Robert Zimmerman
If you don't know who Robert Zimmerman is, you're a dork.
An unintended consequence of changing from Robert Zimmerman to was confusion at his 50th High School reunion
I’m glad changed his name from Robert Zimmerman. “Robert” is just too formal.
Bonus item for the LSSH Scavenger Hunt: CD by Robert Zimmerman. Worth 15 points. If you can find this item, bring...
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Ty for that..Robert Zimmerman is an *** Dems like him can't admit barbarism here. So sad.
Am in no mood for Robert Zimmerman and his cold pompous attitude defending selling baby parts. TY for taking him on.
'I shall be released' should have gone to Never watch but I feel it's a godsend. He knows music as written by Robert Zimmerman.
if you get time...this is the song from twd by Robert Zimmerman
I'm more about House Of Cards and Robert Zimmerman aka :-)
When I heard Robert Garcia's remarks about George Zimmerman that's when I knew
MSNBC host advocates for open violence against people carrying guns, because guns are bad.
Robert Blake, William Shatner - good actors and lucky mofos who couldn't kill flies on the porch.
"Keep your eyes wide, the chance won't come again." - Robert Zimmerman
Reginald Dwight, Farrokh Bulsara, Robert Zimmerman, Calvin Broadus...funny how they always suit their new names more
Mother of Trayvon Martin says she still believes George Zimmerman got away with murder:
Fight for DHS funding is down to the wire, per Robert Zimmerman. President Obama is seeking to get funding for DHS, GOP @ CPAC $
Uncloudy Day a mighty album in itself but it also opened the mind of a young Robert Zimmerman inslpiring him to Dylan
re: Zimmerman/Trayvon honest thing to do is use most recent photo of each person.
After OJ, Zimmerman, Robert Blake (and countless others), I just assume juries will deliver yet another verdict.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Last night I danced with a stranger... but she just reminded me that you are the one." ~ Robert Zimmerman
Unless your name is Robert Zimmerman. There's always gonna be someone cooler than you.
Never forget signed the 1ST EVER law in the US. Used to *excuse* Zimmerman.
JUST IN: DOJ to announce no charges against George Zimmerman in killing of Trayvon Martin:
"you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" Robert Zimmerman
I liked a video Baby please don't go : 1961 'Robert Zimmerman'
We love this feature on Sloane Zimmerman, a Mountain Home native and Robert L. Kerr Medical Student Scholarship...
Before he renamed himself Bob Dylan, Robert Allen Zimmerman briefly went by Elston Gunn.
I didn't realise he changed to Bob Dylan from Robert Zimmerman because of the poet Dylan Thomas. Viva Wales.
Funny quote from Brian Williams. Please keep in mind I'm a huge Dylan fan. "Robert Zimmerman is about to take on Francis Albert, that is to say, Bob Dylan has announced he is doing an album of Frank Sinatra music. He's wanted to do it for a long time, but he was never brave enough. This is a big moment for those of us who are fans of both men. Sinatra left us with such great songs and Dylan's voice isn't what it used to be - even given what it used to be..." I cracked up, too funny.
The next song is by a Canadian folk duo. Ian & Sylvia. It was influenced by a folk singer, Robert Zimmerman ( Bob Dylan ).
“. “A strange young man called Dylan...”. We told you about Dylan... >and Robert Zimmerman?!
Hey tix go on sale at 10am! Catch the legendary Robert Zimmerman and his band at the Keller on 10/21:
Bob Dylan is headed back on tour, and one of our bloggers talks about the man formerly known as Robert Zimmerman:.
Incredible aren't they? Also tinged with the warblings of Robert Zimmerman among others. The real deal.
Concerns about domestic terror recruitment deepen amid reports that Minnesota native Robert Zimmerman married ISIS on the fifth day of May.
Did you know - Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman.
Tickets to see Robert Zimmerman @ Beacon Theater go on sale this week. All of Hibbing, MN will be there.
So Robert Zimmerman Jr is busy w/positive work? Yeah Right! Nothing that family does is positive.
Do you guys even KNOW how many songs Robert Allen Zimmerman wrote?
Acting Instructor, Robert Zimmerman, will coach me for a major feature film I booked called,…
I did an interview with Robert Zimmerman Jr (before the trial, the brother) that didn't go as planed. I made mistakes then.
Went on a pilgrimage to Robert Zimmerman's childhood home. Or we just walked over there after lunch.…
"What's in a name?" Spot on. Robert Zimmerman? For Dylan's sake, I'm happy for the name change!
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest poets of all time Robert Allen Zimmerman
Robert Allen Zimmerman (AKA Bob Dylan) took his name from THIS famous Welsh poet
Robert Zimmerman Jr quit the job of changing his murdering bro's diapers to the angriest face in the crowds
Who the *** could replace Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr?
Why does Robert Picardo always seem to play a pompous jerk? Aaron's Dad on Sabrina, Woolsy on Stargate SG1, Zimmerman on Star Trek
a lil birdy told me that. Mister Robert Zimmerman is beginning a 40 date tour soon. First stop is Seattle Washington.
that's his real last name. Robert Zimmerman. like Marilyn Monroe is really Norma Jean
Oh, hear this Robert Zimmerman, I wrote a song for you.
I know what this car journey needs! The man, the genius, the legend... Robert Allen Zimmerman.
Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman so who wants to help me find a cool fake name?
Is and convicting Justin Ross Harris in their "court of public opinion? Just like they did with Robert Zimmerman?
doing a great job tonite. Robert Zimmerman needs a manners lesson. A slap up the back of the head warranted👍
That Robert Zimmerman is the creepiest Marxist around. Makes me feel like I need a shower just seeing him on tv. You too?
There's absolutely no reason to have Robert Zimmerman on your program Unwatchable bomb thrower.
Robert Zimmerman has such narrow beady eyes, I cannot believe anything he says.
Robert Zimmerman another complete LIAR and totally dishonest! These guys lead our leaders?
Robert Zimmerman. MOST unpleasant person! Argumentative, demeaning, thinks he is superior to his host & other guests.
Robert Zimmerman has all the answers & a machine-gun delivery. So does a used-car salesman. And both are usually lying.
Robert Zimmerman needs to simmer down here. So much hostility right out of the gate for such a basic question.
Robert Zimmerman of the DNC (not George's brother) looks like the guy giving away the piano on Sanford & Son
Recap for Robert Zimmerman:. Bill Clinton said there was WMDs. Munitions Found in Iraq Meet WMD Criteria:
Robert Zimmerman proving once again that he's just a partisan hack ***
Robert Zimmerman claims House Republicans fear the Tea Party; he knows, after witnessing all the Blue Dogs forced to move left.
Robert Zimmerman is quite witty. The only thing he lacks is running into the audience with confetti.
OH LOOK it's captain disengenuous Robert Zimmerman on again! Hide the children.
Who is this *** on Robert Zimmerman, liberal jack ***
Robert Zimmerman is a waste of hot air
What is a a Robert Zimmerman, and who the *** cares what he says. Tell the squinty eyed creep to shove it
Pretty certain the most obnoxious guy on Fox is Robert Zimmerman.
Robert Zimmerman, less rouge or bronze is more.
It's good to see Robert Zimmerman. Not sure who he was.
what planet does mr Robert Zimmerman come from? :-) 😝
Martha MacCallum asked Robert Zimmerman about Sen. Elizabeth Warren, he chooses to go on a diatribe about Karl Rove. Dodge?
This Robert Zimmerman guy is a broken record. Yawn.
Robert Zimmerman (co-founder and partner of Zimmerman/Edelson, will be appearing on The Kelly File tonight at 9 p.m.
Zimmerman brother lashes out at 'liberal media' via 2013
Bob Dylan is still alive and his name is Robert Zimmerman.
… U can take the man out of DA Hood, but...
I hope the George Zimmerman's of this world can enjoy what freedom they have, because they don't know what real Freedom is.
My dad just said that, once he covered a Dylan song but changed a chord n his version sounded better. Ooo Robert Zimmerman whatcha gonna do
Listening to Bob Dylan makes me want to change my name to Robert Zimmerman.
Today in Rock History: 1959 - Robert Zimmerman (the future Bob Dylan) from high school in Hibbing, Minnesota. 1968 - The Jimi Hendrix Experience appear on Dusty Springfield's BBC TV show, 'It Must Be Dusty.' 1971 - Grand Funk Railroad smash the record held by The Beatles when they sell out NYC's Shea Stadium in 72 hours. 1977 - Alice Cooper's boa constrictor, Killer, suffers a fatal bite from a rat that was supposed to be the snake's breakfast. Cooper holds auditions for a replacement. A snake named Angel get the gig.
THIS DAY IN MUSIC HISTORY (June 5th): 1955: Gladys Presley, Elvis' mother, awakens suddenly in Memphis, convinced that her boy is in danger; at that moment, Elvis' first pink Cadillac catches on fire while en route from Fulton, AR. Elvis is unharmed 1956: Elvis Presley appears on the last broadcast of Milton Berle's Texaco Star Theater, performing his brand-new song, "Hound Dog," and also "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You." Elvis' hip-swinging dancing to "Hound Dog" shocks the nation, leading the press to describe it as "like the mating dance of an aborigine" and that the singer clearly had "no future in the music business." 1956: Gene Vincent releases "Be-Bop-A-Lula" 1959: A young kid named Robert Zimmerman, a greaser of sorts known for his long hair and black leather jackets, graduates from Hibbing High School in Hibbing, MN. Within a few years, he would become a New York folksinger and change his name to Bob Dylan 1960: Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry" enters the charts 1961: Roy Orbison's "Running Scared" h ...
Dylan tribute at Magnolia Motor Lounge tonite. and others. See you there. Happy 73rd Robert Zimmerman
ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC MAY 22nd (Don't forget to "LIKE/FOLLOW" AMERICANA MUSIC FOUNDATION to get your daily posts of daily history) 1954: Although his birthday is not for another two days, a 13-year-old Robert Zimmerman later known as Bob Dylan) gets barmitzvahed at the Agudath Achim Synagogue in Hibbing, MN. 1955: Police in Bridgeport, Connecticut cancel a dance at the Ritz ballroom featuring Fats Domino. Authorities say the cancellation is because they discovered that "Rock and Roll dances might be featured" and justify their action by citing "a recent near riot at the New Haven Arena" where Rock 'n' Roll dances were held. 1958: Jerry Lee Lewis arrived at London's Heathrow Airport to begin his first British tour, along with his new bride, 13 year old third cousin, Myra (whom he passes off as 14). Although advised not to mention it, Lewis answered all questions about his private life. The London Morning Star runs an editorial calling Lewis "an undesirable alien" and calls for his deportation and the p ...
JUST IN: Robert Zimmerman, of Alabama & Ward H. Zimmerman, of Seattle, are both presumed dead as a result of the crash of their small plane.
It isn’t just George Zimmerman who is desperately seeking attention and headlines — his parents are getting in on the action as well! Gladys and Robert Zimmerman have filed a $15,000 lawsuit against sitcom actress Roseanne Barr, citing emotional distress and invasion of privacy. Their...
Will Chronicles of Mark Johnson, book 2 go on sale? To quote Robert Zimmerman "The answer is blowing in the wind."
My disdain of Robert Zimmerman notwithstanding, he was still inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters, this day, last year. Sadness. "Bob Dylan was voted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters, marking the first time a rock musician had been chosen for the elite honor society. Officials in the Academy – which recognises music, literature and visual art – were unable to decide if Dylan belonged for his words or his music and instead inducted him as an honorary member like previous honorees Meryl Streep, Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese."
Kicking it old skool! Screaming Jets, the artist formerly known as Robert Zimmerman, early DKM. Top it off with a cold beer and it is the perfect way to spend a farkin' hot Tuesday avo. Smooches to all!
When FOXNews's Megyn Kelly decided to invite Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman to discuss the latest Koch Brother-funded and lie-ridden anti-Obamacare ad featuring a woman battling leukemia, they probably weren't expecting to get hit with such a hard...
Robert Zimmerman is either a liar or delusional. John Kerry is the same fool as he was in 1969
Heading to the weekend,from Thursday in oor hoose,we eat a wee bit later.Just finished a rather fine Spanish chicken,if I say so myself.However,my post is about the music I listened to as I did the bizzo.Tonight was Bob Dylan.Now,I am,it may surprise you to know,a great reader of poetry,I love it.I think that Robert Zimmerman is the greatest poet of the second half of the 20th.century.I love Sasoon and Wilfred Owen,the War poets of WW1;I know they were middle to upper class but they wrote from the heart.Read them if you get a chance.However,It aint me babe,Lay lady Lay,and Blowin'in the wind are...genius...jist sayin'
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francois Truffaut, Robert Zimmerman and de Niro, Paris, Texas, end of the world, New York, New York, goodbye girl.
ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC January 31st 1679: Jean-Baptiste Lully’s opera “Bellerophon,” premieres in Paris. 1953: Perry Como was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes'. The American singer and television personalities first hit - Como was a seventh son of a seventh son. 1955: RCA demonstrates 1st music synthesizer. 1956: Elvis Presley signs with the William Morris Agency in order to make himself available to film studios.1957: Decca Records announced that Bill Haley And His Comets' "Rock Around The Clock" had sold over a million copies in the UK, mostly on 10 inch 78's. 1959: Just three days before their death in a plane crash, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper play the Armory in Duluth, MN. In attendance: a seventeen-year-old Robert Zimmerman, who would be inspired to become a musician by this performance. We now know him as Bob Dylan. 1960: Jimmy Jones' "Handy Man" enters the R&B charts. 1961: At 24 years old Bobby Darin hosted Bobby Darin and ...
Science Fraud/ Elec. Harassment Date: 01-29-14 Host: George Noory Guests: Robert Zimmerman, Roger Tolces First Half: Space historian Robert Zimmerman will discuss the fraud and dishonesty which has permeated the sciences of climate and environmental studies including how scientists at NASA and NOAA have consistently manipulated the temperature records. 2nd Half: Private investigator specializing in electronic counter-measures, Roger Tolces, contends that surveillance and harassment is part of the overall takeover of the U.S. by the multinational corporations.
LIVE with George Noory 10p-12a Space Historian and Science Journalist, Robert Zimmerman, writes articles and books on issues of science,...
Oh yeah, missed that. Technically speaking Bob Dylan didn't go to camp; Robert Zimmerman did.
In a couple of months, the compilation Bob Dylan In The 80s: Volume One will pay tribute to the most neglected period in Robert Zimmerman's career. (This is, of
George Zimmerman, Jr. Is not "Zimmy." Bob (Robert Zimmerman) Dylan is the one and only Zimmy. Anyone who says differently just ain't got no culture.
Cindy Adams' column in mentions Robert Zimmerman & for their help w/ blessing of the animals!
Rock Memorabilia 11/22 - 2005 Sixteen pages of poetry written by University of Minnesota student Robert Zimmerman -- using his new name, Bob Dylan, for the first time -- are auctioned off for $78,000 in New York City Auction. This was the first known time Robert Zimmerman used his new name Bob Dylan and came from his studies at the University of Minnesota during 1959-60.
I was going to get "I believe in Zimmerman" tattooed on me before George came along. I'm talking about Robert Zimmerman.
Q: Why is Robert Zimmerman's atty Jeff Dowdy now assigned to be George Zimmerman's public defender. So tax payer r paying…
Right about now, Robert Zimmerman is tweezing his eyebrows waiting for Inside Edition to call.oh and let's not forget Frank Taaffe...they are both probably in the makeup chair readying for the bright lights of HLN's studios. 😒
Trayvon Martin is Jahvaris Fulton The entire Martin and Zimmerman case was just a plot to create racial tensions in the us and to get people focus off of real issues. Once we began to expose all of the facts around the net the story died down. Martins father is a grand master mason and shriner so is Zimmerans father. You will never see pictures of Trayvons funeral or him in the casket because he wasnt there. It was all a game and involved so very good actors like Obama, Jay Z, Louis Farakhan, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. It was promoted by the highest levels of the illuminati actors, puppets and artists in order to create division and racial tensions for the upcoming plots. Robert Zimmerman is Jewish George Zimmerman’s father is Robert Zimmerman, a retired Jewish judge in Florida. This fact obviously makes George Zimmerman Jewish. The last name of Zimmerman is a predominantly Jewish name, especially popular among Ashkenazim Jews. Busted! Trayvon Martin's Father is "Illuminati Grand Master Mason" of t ...
Robert Zimmerman talks and politics with during her lunch roundup
Watch CBC reporter Robert Zimmerman press the Health minister for answers re: 90-year-old's Delta Hospital discharge
Don't miss Robert Zimmerman on tonight from 7:30-8PM on Fox Business News
LOL "Anonymous" trolls like are your buddies was Samuel Clemens was Robert Zimmerman
For My brother in law Bobby. Robert Zimmerman) cuz i know you enjoy when i post this stuff!
With Mr. Robert Zimmerman for company today, classic!!
Fix tried and tried and tried and tried to get Robert Zimmerman to be RId prefer to be in my own world, just me and my
George's dad, Robert Zimmerman Sr. lied when he was under oath and told the State Attorney that (cont)
Thanks again for everyone coming out, the birthday wishes and for C J St Germain and Robert Zimmerman for taking me out before hand, great day, great dinner, great night! I have awesome friends!
On Popbusters last week Kez in Tadcaster scored 3 with the following questions, how would you have done? A – Which A is a surname that connects musicians Bryan and Ryan? B – Which B, one of the most influential singer-songwriters of all time, was born Robert Zimmerman in 1941? C – Which C was a 2004 dance craze for DJ Casper? D – Which D were a successful rock band fronted by Mark Knopfler? E – Which E sang ‘The final Countdown’ in 1986? F – Which F, a member of G-Unit, was ‘In Da Club’ in 2003? G – Which G has been backed by The Pips for the majority of her career? We play again after 7:30am
oh hear this robert zimmerman i wrote a song for you about a strange young man called Dylan
Robert Zimmerman sr. back when he was an *** controlling Germany.
Gz playing dress up.Makeup provided exclusively by Robert Zimmerman Jr.
Robert Zimmerman Jr 19 Sep .Love 2 comment on SS but I'm relaxing @ relaxing fr what ? what do u do?
Prof Leatherman tells it like it is: "[is an unapologetic racist and nobody gives a *** what he thinks."
Robert Zimmerman needs to shut up via
Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman. Enjoy that fact?
"This is the type of people Robert associates with ==>
All he believes are his eyes and his eyes they just tell him lies. -Robert Zimmerman
"Robert Zimmerman has just admitted that he is, in fact, Satan" - Piers Morgan tomorrow.
Pop culture is so much richer for the charmless, obfuscating fraud that is Robert Zimmerman.
At the Reno airport on Tuesday, the TSA agent checking my ID had a name tag that said, "Robert Zimmerman." I'm thinking "It must be fake. He probably works undercover for the NSA." So he passes me through and I said, "So you're Bob Zimmerman?" He smiled and said, "Yes, I am." Me: "Uhhm—I love your namesake's work." Robert Zimmerman: "I do too, and thank you very much." Then the third employee down the line used a cloth sniffer to check my bags for traces of whatever that cloth sniffs for. I'm thinking: "Every bag I own has traces of marijuana, and most were bought used in Alaska and therefor could easily have traces of gun powder. Good thing my ID doesn't say 'Arlo' 'Hank' or 'Willie.'
coast to coast am: September 19, 2013 Coast Insider Audio Past Lives & Metaphysics: Dr. George Schwimmer became the first person certified in past-life therapy, utilizing such techniques as past-life regression, visualization healing, and the guidance of the higher self. On Wednesday's show, he discussed how the death of his son David set him off on a metaphysical path, and his investigations into Edgar Cayce, altered states of consciousness, shamanism, and the ancient civilization of Mu (Lemuria). After David died in a kayaking accident, he learned that many friends and family had premonitions of his death, and a number of them including Schwimmer began receiving after-death messages from him. His grandmother even reported seeing him appear lit up with blue light in her bedroom. Schwimmer has drawn several conclusions from his studies and metaphysical experiences: Not only does our consciousness survive death, but we exist pre-life, and we all reincarnate. "We all have a game plan before we come to plane ...
There must be a way out of here, said the Joker to the Thief! Robert Zimmerman in All Along The Watchtower
They can't touch Robert Zimmerman, for a verse.
For all the Robert Zimmerman from Hibbing Mn fans. The new cd, Another self portrait is great! Just my opinion
Being absolutely obsessed with Robert Zimmerman makes look like an Internet stalker. What a nut.
Misc. Fun Facts: A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds! The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket. Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman.
"This is who Robert associates with ==> http:/…
"This is who Robert associates with ==>
Space historian Robert Zimmerman private space enterprise revealed, and this suggests that CO2 does not appear to cause global warming.
Robert Zimmerman. At least he's sane. And no, he's not Dylan. KNSS rocks!
you are Included in a discussion Robert Zimmerman started. You jumped deal w/ it.
you should be reading your books instead of *** kissing Robert Zimmerman Jr. & hating a kid who never did anything to you.
"Hear this Robert Zimmerman, I covered a song of yours" Bowie and Bob at century's end:
A "Neetzan Zimmerman" uploaded the Thai video. Zimmer is/was an old nickname. Robert Zimmerman is Bob Dylan's real name...
And of course I wanted tickets to see Mr Robert Zimmerman but I hadn't the money :( tore me apart.
will we still have Robert Zimmerman?
Dammit there's a Robert Zimmerman in the Business School which means I won't graduate last... Unless he gets convinced to go to grad school😈
Welcome Dr. Robert Zimmerman, MRA rep from the Yukon, and Ms. Andrée Robichaud, public member - the newest Members of Council
Its just a matter of time George Zimmerman is going to jail and this time Daddy Judge Robert Zimmerman wont bail him out. …
Robert Zimmerman needs 2 stop defending George in the media. It's going to come back and bite him in the *** Robert's c…
Robert Zimmerman Jr. has replaced his obsolete 1997 PC with an Apple computer. He's ecstatic!.
Chillin with Mr. Robert Zimmerman himself aka Bob Dylan aka the reason I wish I was a 60s child…
hey Chris,Robert Zimmerman is Partially correct,sensely murder&slaughter does occur w/unarmed kids when,his bro"Geo"shows up
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
I wish people would stop giving this clown Robert Zimmerman shine
Robert Zimmerman Jr. is an awful, ignorant human being.
peace and rest to Robert Zimmerman, and at least another 20 years on the ice.
Please explain the Robert Zimmerman/Jakob Dylan connection ? Have seen the reference several times, but no info.
If Robert Zimmerman a political pundit, I'm the Wizard of OZ.
I vote Robert Zimmerman for "THE WORLDS BIGGEST HYPOCRITE OF THE CENTURY" No doubt he will win …
"Truly he is what the land and country is all about, the heart and soul of it personified" Robert Zimmerman on Johnny Cash.
Robert Zimmerman Jr.'s supporters seem really intelligent and emotionally stable.
Robert Zimmerman if you are a "Truth Evangelist" try speaking the truth. Another Phony
Robert Zimmerman is as big a liar as his brother George. Both Genetic Defects, both Fame Hoors.
Oh, Jesus Honking Christ: “I always bring up Robert Zimmerman. ‘Do you know who Robert Zimmerman is?’ They say, ‘Who’s that?’ Look it up.”
This week's features a clip from Robert Zimmerman's appearance on The Rosie O'Donnell Show in 1998
Karma> Robert Zimmerman exposed for having unprotected anal sex with young boyz knowing he had full blown aids
Karma> Robert Zimmerman exposed as a child molester for raping the young boys his brother tried to murder!
And that brother, Robert Zimmerman? Famewhoring off of a murderer brother. Pure trash. That whole family is garbage.
F Robert Zimmerman..Complaining about death threats.. If you really care about people DYING, stop defending your psychopath brother!
i just want to meet ma man Robert Zimmerman already .
I'm tired of these Zimmerman's? They are media *** None worse than Robert Zimmerman Jr. Please stop putting them on TV!
Robert Zimmerman has been on the longest leave of absense from his job. He must get a check from defense fund too.
.Showing "Robert Zimmerman Jr" as a promoted suggestion to follow? *** !
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