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Robert Sobukwe

Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe (5 December 1924-27 February 1978) was a South African political dissident, who founded the Pan Africanist Congress in opposition to the apartheid regime.

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Update: N2 Inbound at Robert Sobukwe, all lanes open, expect delays
N2 inbound before Robert Sobukwe. The BMT lane is obstructed.
Accident: N2 inbound at Robert Sobukwe Rd, 2 right lanes affected, please proceed with care.
hy my brother, can you please write something about Robert Sobukwe. The black community owe him recognition.
Robert Sobukwe would have argued that political freedom without economic emancipation is of no use; the people...
"Cape to Cairo, Morocco to Madagascar of to the United Stated of Africa." Robert Sobukwe of Pan Africanist Congress of Azania "sad"
Robert Sobukwe is by far my Hero he knew even back then that by declaring that Afrika belongs to ALL who live in it included the oppressor
Traffic lights out in Modderdam at Stellenbosch Arterial and Robert Sobukwe
Prof. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, the father of the nation.
I've been taking time to study South African history, the people, the likes of Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani and Mandela as well but Mandela???
Know your history: The Ngcobos were close friends and Pan Africanist cause allies of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. More
How can a man die better: the life of Robert Sobukwe. I found out I know nothing about our history.
Also not Forgetting Leut.Gen. Muamar Gaddaffi and many unsung heroes like your Dr. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe and Steve Bantu Biko.
Mickey Madoda Dube's Sobukwe: A Great Soul is a thorough exposé on the life of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe (1924 –...
if you read that book you will learn that the first person to be re-conciliatory was Robert Sobukwe. Always peaciful
Robert Sobukwe is a leader who walked the political talk to the finish. In the Biblical language, he ran the race and kept the faith.
The private security at the UWC entrance from Robert Sobukwe Road.
How Can A Man Die Better by Robert Sobukwe is such a powerful book . I'm too addicted .
Robert Sobukwe is a major influence on the Brother Moves On (writes
He warned us that there will be cops and security. Please use Robert Sobukwe Road to enter on premises
“We are fighting for the noblest cause on earth, the liberation of mankind - Robert Sobukwe
"The philosophy of Africanism holds out the hope of a genuine democracy beyond the stormy sea of struggle." ~ Robert Sobukwe
"Pedestrian access will be via the pedestrian gates on Robert Sobukwe Road and at the Station"
"ehicle access will only be via the Robert Sobukwe Road entrance and the access cards of everybody in vehicles will be checked."
I would quote Mandela on this issue but then again, I only quote Steve B. Biko & Robert M. Sobukwe. They are THE only true REVOLUTIONARIES.
On we raise the name and remember and honor the work of our Ancestor Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe.
Update: Crash: N2 Outbound after Robert Sobukwe, is Cleared, free flowing traffic
Crash: N2 Outbound after Robert Sobukwe, All lanes open, No delays, Pass with caution!!!
“Let me plead with you, lovers of my Africa, to carry with you into the world the vision of a new Africa” ~ Robert Sobukwe
Lies! Only tires in Robert Sobukwe Road OUTSIDE campus were on fire!
Symphony way or Robert Sobukwe Road. If you can't drop off supplies on campus, get to Belhar Train station & contact students
It is surreal. Students getting arrested and teargassed on Robert Sobukwe Road.
We know what you did in Marikana!... UWC & CPUT students shut down Robert Sobukwe and Symphony road
While universities shut over SA, Unisa is giving honorary doctorates to Dr Fabian Ribeiro and his late wife Florence, and Robert Sobukwe.
Robert Sobukwe didn't literally go crazy on Robben Island for this.
White supremacy, under whatever guise it manifests itself must be destroyed –Robert Sobukwe
reading reissued Benjamin Poground's "ROBERT SOBUKWE: how can a man die better". the speech Sobukwe gave in 1949 as SRC president is key!
Get rid of the shacks. Robert Sobukwe & Steve Biko didn't die for this!
“The future of the world lies with the oppressed and the Africans are the most oppressed people"- Robert Sobukwe
Jan Smuts residence will be changed to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe residence. *slow clap
Voting at Jan Smuts residence has resulted in the proposition of a name change to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. More information to follow.
So they changed the Jan Smuts name to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe house .. Okay, glad I'm moving to Summer place. 😂
I've never seen office of a white person decorated with Pictures of Robert Sobukwe, OR Tambo, Chris Hani or Steve Biko.. Ndiyazithethela
2. ". . . of a United States of Africa from Cape to Cairo and Madagascar to Morocco.”. (Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe)
Thinking of Robert Sobukwe's struggle back in the apartheid days.
The reality is Robert Sobukwe was edited out history. No filming footage or recording of his voice exists, who ever did that robbed us!
"There is only one race, the human race." -Robert Sobukwe
Jeff Masemola street in Tshwane is more like a corridor. City should rename Church str to Robert Sobukwe
N2 outbound after Robert Sobukwe, lane closure, expect delays.
Robert Sobukwe's legacy has been incinerated in a memory hole. Only a select few know of him. We need to bring his legacy back…
our Kids read about Chris Hani & Mandela, what about Sabelo Pama & Robert Sobukwe? South African history is a hogwash 😔
Roadworks: N2 Inbound at Robert Sobukwe, right lane closed, No delays
PAC members used to refer to it as that. Robert Sobukwe and Vusi Make times
Robert Sobukwe's dream unrealised, 21 years into democracy
Someone with ubaba Robert Sobukwe's work and footage must share with us. There's a lot of censorship around this fighter.
Malcolm X and Robert Sobukwe, is like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.
This where Robert Sobukwe was detained at Robin Island, alone.
Our guiding philosophical outlook is both the black consciousness of Steve Biko and Pan-Africanism of Robert Sobukwe,
[ON AIR] Mike Muendani who was on says they never had any physical contact with Robert Sobukwe while in prison
Update: Crash, N2 Inbound after Jakes Gerwel, Right lane closed, Back of queue before Robert Sobukwe, Expect delays
South Africa: Our role models are these dysfunctional people in Parliament, when they should be Steve Biko or Robert Sobukwe -Prof Jansen
At Robben Island, my sister asked 'if this Robert Sobukwe was so important that Apartheid Gvt crafted a law just for him +
If Robert Sobukwe believed in Africans freeing themselves without white assistance, then why was he aligned with Benjamin Pogrund?
"It is speculated that the SA administration profiled Robert Sobukwe as a more radical opponent than the regular ANC prisoners..."
Considering that other races now identify with and pay their allegiance to Africa, I wonder if Robert Sobukwe would approve
Robert Sobukwe was an interesting character
Robert Sobukwe was the only person imprisoned under the "Sobukwe clause".. ***
Stationary Vehicle, N2 Inbound at Robert Sobukwe, right lane obstructed, no delays
Thina senza nje xa sikhaphi fighter, may her soul rest in peace and the spirit of Robert Sobukwe be upon you.
i think the accident is inbound as traffic is at a stand still from Robert Sobukwe
What hope do we have in South Africa to know about how Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe was poisoned on Robben Island if we will ever know?
Cape Town DELAYS can be expected on the Robert Sobukwe Road off-ramp - Outbound
Is your building DSL in Robert Sobukwe street?
Update: Stationary vehicle: N2 Inbound at Robert Sobukwe, cleared, free flowing traffic
Stationary vehicle: N2 inbound at Robert Sobukwe Rd, left lane blocked. Please approach with caution.
Stationary vehicle: N2 Inbound at Robert Sobukwe, left lane closed, no delays.
Robert Sobukwe was a God.hayibo mara ke I was not born at that era maybe he was. LOL
"It is meet that we must tell the truth before we die" _Robert Sobukwe
Its sickening and the ppl need to wake up.Robert Sobukwe saw the nonsense thats why he left.
To undo what these systems hv done require genuine leadership unfortunately such as da late Rober…
Modderdam EARLIER CRASH at Robert Sobukwe Road has been cleared - HEAVY DELAYS Robert Sobukwe Road - Westbound
Accident at intersection of 35th Avenue & Robert Sobukwe Road.
MVA on corner of Stellenbosch Arterial and Robert Sobukwe Road. Heavy delays
Robert Sobukwe, former leader of the banned Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC), although still under a banning order, was admitted to practice
While we are waiting for the Robert Sobukwe memorial lecture to start, we are listening to , Culture Noir album.
"Nelson Mandela was arrested for the land. Robert Sobukwe was killed for the land" - Julius Malema Land must be returned though.
Teacher, lecturer, lawyer, Fort Hare University SRC President, Robben Island prisoner. Robert Sobukwe is an inspiration to us all
THIS DAY IN HISTORY - 13 May 1969. Pan-Africanist Congress leader, Robert Sobukwe, was arrested after the...
Today is Freedom Day but to me its a day were I cry thinking of Robert Sobukwe,Chris Hani, Steve Biko who they all died from this Day
My view on freedom is influenced by Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Frantz Fanon, Robert Sobukwe
let them say i walked in times of giants ,Steve Biko , Chris Hani , Robert Sobukwe , Walter Sisulu , Helen Joseph and the greatest Mandela
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accident in Bishop Lavis- 3 lanes are obstructed on Robert Sobukwe. Heavy delays towards Uitsig.
Accident on Robert Sobukwe & 35th – Bishop Lavis, 3 lanes obstructed on Robert Sobukwe – traffic still able to pass.
In Bishop Lavis there’s been an accident on Robert Sobukwe with 3 lanes obstructed at 35th ,expect delays
5 people I would have at my dinner table: Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, Robert Sobukwe, Thierry Henry and Khloe Kardashian
With this kind of freedom, one cannot help but remember Sabelo Phama,Jafta Masemola,Robert Sobukwe,
“True leadership demands ...fearlessness, and above all, a consuming love for one’s people.”. Ma Veronica Sobukwe Wife of Robert Mangaliso
An African is anyone who chose to be African no matter race or culture - an idea and vision by Robert Sobukwe.
Robert Sobukwe was not the first 'Africanist' nor did the ideas he portrayed belong to him.
The great Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe in his open address in the formation of PAC in 1959 also said " let Azania be free"
Listen.Steve Biko, Winnie Mandela, Robert Sobukwe r not remembered for being on tv or for clothes/cars :'D
I am impressed that Robert Sobukwe is in high demand!
so we need to the EEF policies to vehicle Doctor Robert Sobukwe's dreams
Torn between my Industrial Relations class and the talk commemorating Robert Sobukwe's 90th birthday. decisions, decisions..
The African daughter of PixleyKaSeme,Anton Lembede,Robert Sobukwe and Steve Biko.Their ideas are alive in you.
Robert Sobukwe's dream of economic emancipation remains unrealised, with half the population still living in poverty. …
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"Range Rover drivers can't be trusted" Robert Sobukwe
it pains me to see no Robert Sobukwe, Japhta Masemola, S Biko, Onkgopotse Tiro, etc in our history books
Maxon: We call on the Minister of higher education to rename the University of Fort Hare after Robert Sobukwe
1978 - Founder and 1st President of the PAC of Azania, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe (54), passed away
| Robert dream unrealised, 21 years into democracy via
We could have other struggle heroes on the Bank Notes of the Republic though: Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Robert Sobukwe could appear too.
My soul cries everytime someone says they don't know Steve Biko or Robert Sobukwe. 😢
traffic lights faulty at Robert Sobukwe and De la Rey Road
Steve Biko, Thomas Sankara and Robert Sobukwe are proud of you.
Do u think our fathers, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Chris Hani wud tolerate the we do? *** NO, they must be of us!
SA needs people of Steve Biko, Mandela,Robert Sobukwe's caliber like &EFF Con.Defenders who're selfless but bravely stand 4truth
We will bring back to life the ANCYL of AP Mda, Anton Lembede, Robert Sobukwe and Nelson Mandela.
Govan Mbeki for the history. Thabo Mbeki for the politics. Robert Sobukwe and Steve Biko for the ideation that democratic movements lived by
Congratulations to the Premier of the Western Cape for making it as difficult as possible and for frustrating the 103rd birthday bash of the ANC in Cape Town next week. Nothing tastes like your own medicine!!! They have done the same to Robert Sobukwe, Bantu Holomisa, Terror Lekota, Julius Malema, and they will do it to Irvin Jim and Zwelenzima Vavi. Comrades must remain steadfast. Mrs. Zille and Mrs. de Lille are heroins and they truly caused havoc. Mkhize is still trying to uncover, undo and eradicate the scandals of Phosa and Msimang. At the same time the former is trying to position himself as Zulu Number 1 to take over from Number 1. LESSON: Never let them set foot on your premises unless they paid. (They still owe Makoma in Dwarsboom R497 for chairs they never paid for in Limpopo 14 years ago.) But let’s give His Excellency a break, 12 February is coming. Amandla!
...And Robert Sobukwe with his peace pipe.We are because they stood up for something.
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Nelson Mandela. . Robert Sobukwe. . Thabo Mbeki. Malcom X. Luthe King. . Black Kids need to be taught more about these people. Like for real.
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was held in solitary confinement in Robben Island,Cape Town.He fought for total liberation of Azania
RIP Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. We will never forget your contribution to the struggle. FACT: You were…
"ROBERT SOBUKWE: Sisulu lacked education, and this made him defer to the opions of more educated people. Mandela could always attract weak p
5)The solitary chamber of Robert Sobukwe - not allowed to speak to anyone for years. And yet we still hear his voice.
Exemplars of : The life and struggle of Robert Sobukwe in "Remember Sobukwe, Remember Afrika": via
I reincarnate Thomas Sankara in Africa.. I shall re-live Robert Sobukwe..and I shall depict Bantu Biko..
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe you shall never be edited out of history. We shall always honour your living legacy.
Pambazuka - Defier of the undefiable: The political thought of Robert Sobukwe
Update: Accident, On Robert Sobukwe direction Heideveld, is cleared, free flowing traffic.
N2 outbound Ramp to Robert Sobukwe expect delays.
When Cornel West met Nelson Mandela, he asked Madiba: Why is Robert Sobukwe forgotten and you are remembered?
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe "Love like you never been hurt before and kiss like is your last one 92
If you choose to celebrate Robert Sobukwe please do so without slandering Nelson Mandela and vice versa.
So my sister just got mugged on Robert Sobukwe Road. Public, please do not stop at traffic lights with your windows down.
Anyway, why are the street lights on Robert Sobukwe Rd - the stretch between the N2 & UWC on during the day?
Isnt March 21st Human rights day in SA?? From that Robert Sobukwe story
How can I, young as I am and a true African patriot, a citizen of a beloved country like Azania (South Africa) – our only hope on the African continent and a country that has the potential to greatly contribute to the economic growth of Africa – support a government designed solely for self-centered individuals and not for all the people? We are exploited and misused by the same people who promised us a better life for all. It is sad to use the names and ideas of Steve Bantu Biko, Nelson Mandela, Albert Luthuli, Soll Plaatjie, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani, Sabelo Phama, Oliver Tambo, Steve Tshwete, Joe Slovo, Solomon Mahlangu, Tsietsi Mashinini, Onkgopotse Tiro, Vuyelwa Mashalaba, Lillian Ngoyi, Mama Tambo, Mama Sisulu, and many more unsung brave men and women and other liberation martyrs for personal ambitions, gains and so forth, while the world once they belong to has not changed much, especially in this country. People are still poor and it is worsening, yet passing of our struggle martyrs left void ...
What ideas specifically? There is no solution outside of PanAfrikanism! And not the version espoused by Robert Sobukwe.
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was born on this day. Darkie, don't EVER forget that.
Please read Robert Sobukwe's speech at the Convention of the Africanists, April 1959. Here --»
Celebrating two icons: Robert Sobukwe and Nelson Mandela. Sobukwe would have turned ninety today, as we remember Mandela's de…
Lying outside on a trampoline reading Robert Sobukwe.
In my book, Memoirs of a Born Free: Reflections on the Rainbow Nation, I speak extensively about the lived...
"An African giant and intellectual was born on this day.The good Prof. Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe. Thank you Prof."
as usual' Chabie Robert Sobukwe was a very intelligent man than uTata, they isolate him simply bcoz he was a THREAT
"NoThixo ulapha" = "Even God is here" Steve Biko's words when he walked in a room and saw Robert Sobukwe. 🙌🙏🙌🙏
Fact62: Tutu said of "If there be any good in me then Robert had a big hand in shaping that good"
Fact41: The Robert M Sobukwe Trust was launched in 2008 at Graff Reinet, Methodist Church which he attended since child…
Robert Sobukwe really one of the swaggiest ninjas to ever do it.
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jou Skelm doener! National Pathetic Authority,if Prof Robert Sobukwe was alive,as our SA President, he would have fired u all.
I think saying you don't celebrate Robert Sobukwe is a bit childish
And just about to start reading 'Robert Sobukwe: How can a man die better?' by Benjamin Pogrund which i am looking forward to!
Robert sobukwe, Nelson Mandela, bantu biko, malcom x, martin luther king, who do we have today? A fake in hlaudi
Fact 20:made th most famous and historic speech in SA during the Completers' Social in 1949. h…
The meaning of Robert Sobukwe: … assassinated, the former president of Burkina Faso, Thomas Isidore Sankara, ...
"The future of Afrika will be what Afrikans make it." Robert Sobukwe (Inaugural Speech 1959)
Today we remember fearless fighter Robert Sobukwe's birthday as we also commemorates the passing of President Nelson M…
We have honored one of SA's most famous citizens, but Nelson Mandela wasn't our only hero. Remember Robert Sobukwe
People you should know about: Robert Sobukwe was an anti-apartheid activist. Today is his birthday.
"We are the sons and daughters, of Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Ruth First, Robert Sobukwe and many others..." - Deputy President
"Robert Sobukwe. "There is only one race,the humanrace! Now 2014,Baleka Mbete "I don't recognise you".SIES!
Robert Sobukwe,Nelson Mandela,Walter Sisulu,Govan Mbeki,Achmed Kathrada, the list is endless. We owe our freedom to all these struggle icons
Actors Wanted-Audition - Good day Boit Family, We need actors who look like: Oliver Tambo, Robert Sobukwe.
and if there's any honouring to occur...try doing so in the spirit of Robert Sobukwe, Govan Mbeki, Steve Biko.
Mandela was great but when will we start acknowledging other greats like Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani, Oliver Tambo.…
Steve Biko Robert Sobukwe Nelson Mandela 1. fought for our Self Realization" Black is Beatiful". 2. fought for ourself to work within only to ourselves. 3. fought for apartheid. who is going to fight for our true Black Spirituality?
Bellville South Robert Sobukwe Road TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Kasselsvlei Road - Both Ways
December MANGOLISO SOBUKWE will be remembered above all else. for on this day a truth was born
I feel the presence of Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, and Chris Hani in this new wave of struggle against black and white capitalists
cops setting up camera on robert sobukwe- UWC lights heading towards Bellville.
Lmaaooo hao? eat your youth while its still edible -- Robert Sobukwe"
The speech Robert Sobukwe made in Forthare in 1949 at a tender age of 24 still gives me goosebumps. WHAT A REVOLUTIONIST. Not these Pyseodos
Apartheid government didn't want you guys to know about Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe. They never wanted you to be mentally liberated.
Steve Bantu Biko is still the greatest South African to ever exist followed by Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe.
The resilient Robert Sobukwe. Long live the Spirit of comrade Sobukwe, long live!
Delft N2 DELAYS between Robert Sobukwe Road and the Borcherds Quarry Road exit - Outbound
The Chevrolet LDV made a collision on the corners of Tienie Meyer and Robert Sobukwe and two male suspects aged...
Slow moving traffic: N2 inbound between R300 up to Borcherds Quarry also from Robert Sobukwe to Vanguard, AM peak.
The Robert Sobukwe story is should really have a big movie. Where he's played by a light skinned American with a bad accent. Obvi.
Africa has become the happy-hunting ground of adventuristic capital ~ Robert Sobukwe
Robert Sobukwe would have cut the double head down to size.
Robert Sobukwe, interesting name I'd never come across before.
You know what would be a great thing to do Marcia? Watch a documentary on Robert Sobukwe. Because that ended well. That will make you happy.
Update: Stationary vehicle: N2 Inbound before Robert Sobukwe, is cleared.
my book is Robert Sobukwe How can man die better
Robert Sobukwe and his followers DEMAND to be arrested .
*Robert Sobukwe turns quietly in his grave*
Update: Road closure N2 Inbound @ Robert Sobukwe, Road has been reopened, slow moving traffic
Accident: N2 inbound at Robert Sobukwe Rd, all lanes blocked. Recovery rescue in progress.
Traffic update. N2 incoming before Robert Sobukwe slow moving traffic, truck blocking two lanes, only left shoulder open
Cape Town - N2 Inbound (Update), at Robert Sobukwe Road - queuing traffic from Borcherds Quarry
N2 by Robert Sobukwe Bridge blocked 2 lanes closed bcos of truck accident.
Accident: N2 inbound at Robert Sobukwe Rd, two lanes affected. Please approach with caution.
yes uJambase lisa mfene hlathi sanzanza Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe was in the forefront and he orchastrated the campagain injalo
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe supported the Defiance movement against the apartheid government.
Update: Road closure, N2 outbound at Robert Sobukwe, is cleared, free flowing traffic.
Update: Accident: N2 Outbound after Robert Sobukwe, all lanes closed, use alternate route.
"We didn't put much faith in Chief Albert Luthuli. He didn't have much political sense, he was politically naive" ~ Robert Sobukwe
Never ever in your lifetime become a puppet of an individual or individuals. Rather become a puppet of an idea. I'm a puppet of ECONOMIC FREEDOM! That the Khoi and San's once preached, the Shona's and Ndebeles, the Ashanti people, the Tutsi, the Zulus and Xhosa's, their Excellency's: Robert Sobukwe, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Chris Hani, Thomas Sankara, Robert Mugabe, Steve Biko, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B du Bouis, Colonel Mummar Gaddaffi, Sir Ian Kgama et al. ECONOMIC FREEDOM in Afrika is the idea.
Not a good morning at all...but the struggle of Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani and OR Tambo inspire and live on
Among those that were at Bantu Social on this day in 1944, were Anton Lembede, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Nelson Mandela, Robert Sobukwe
"Done my leadership Salute now I we are one. let Fratz Fenon, Solomon Mahlangu and Robert Sobukwe Live On
Today we honour Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, a prolific activist and politician who was one of...
Let's work together to lobby for Robert Sobukwe's grave declared heritage site.
Update: Accident: N2 Inbound after Robert Sobukwe, cleared traffic free flowing.
Accident: N2 inbound after Robert Sobukwe Rd, centre lane obstructed, please approach with care.
So its fine to celebrate Noswal, Jubilee, junction and all these stupid names and not Robert Sobukwe?
The moment I saw "…Robert Sobukwe.." I became suspicious. Be that as it may, it is well argued. Everybody can...
CT:N2 Outbound @ Robert Sobukwe, all lanes open. Vehicle overturned, off road.
But then there is no much said about Robert Sobukwe in our South African history, a compromised democracy
Robert Sobukwe was the key enemy of the apartheid government then
He then instructed the officers to imprison Robert Sobukwe alone in Robben Island
H.F. Verwoerd, the man who feared Robert Sobukwe so much that he created the "Sobukwe Clause"
They casted Ekasi Our stories today's episode Soweto Campus Robert Sobukwe Residence lol
Robert Sobukwe's death should never be in vain Naga maAfrika naga lest we forget where we are going iAfrika mayibuye
currently reading 'How can man die better Robert Sobukwe' by Benjamin Polgrad
Robert Sobukwe's bones are spooky, he speaks from the grave.
My sister, why should we in Afrika fear Robert Sobukwe in our Wits yet David Webster, Oppenheimer continue to be held high?
: Robert Sobukwe waving me goodbye at the airport
Robert Sobukwe must be commemorated by the university. The SA gvt. spent millions of rands in renaming certain spaces like OR Airport.
: I never met Robert Sobukwe but I miss him
Some men are not born to be happy but to be great. Such men are the likes of Shaka Zulu, Chris Hani, Steve Biko, Robert Sob…
Anti Apartheid legend and friend and biographer of Robert Sobukwe, Benjamin Pogrund, rubbishes Israel Apartheid claims in …
Who is Robert Sobukwe? I know, he is the back in Sundowns! Jonathan Jansen receiving his award. Want to pay tribute to giants
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is EFF so much of a threat to ANC that they r treating it like Robert Sobukwe was treated by the apartheid government
the undying spirit of Robert Sobukwe
If headed to UWC avoid the Robert Sobukwe Road as there is traffic due to road reconstruction
Robert Sobukwe and Steve Biko thank you so much for planting the seed mental wealth to some of us. I am free, liberated & yes I am wealthy
Julius Malema is our modern day Patrice Lumumba, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Chris Hani etc, a radical fearless leader.
Update: Accident, N2 Inbound @ Bhunga Ave, left lane closed, with delays up to Robert Sobukwe
Robert sobukwe was a lecturer at wits and resigned
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe an icon in the Pan-African Movement.
Remember Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Chris Hani & all revolutionaries who died for our freedom?
Flooding: N2 Outbound after Robert Sobukwe, right lane effected, Drive with Caution
Unisa updates Dr Puleng Segalo Wins Women in Science Award and Dpt of Philosophy to host a debate on Robert Sobukwe
Thank goodness the roadworks at Robert Sobukwe - Stellenbosch Arterial intersection is over :| always late for this class though!!
PAC formed in 1958 under Robert Sobukwe's leadership.
roadworks at intersection of Robert Sobukwe and Stellenbosh Arterial. Only 2 lanes open on R Sobukwe
Robert Sobukwe,Steve Biko and Chris Hani would have not made concessions like Mandela..
Robert Sobukwe: HOW CAN A MAN DIE BETTER by Benjamin Pogrund. What a birthday gift, we thank the Black God for Ayabulela.
Stationary vehicle: On the N2 inbound at Robert Sobukwe, blocking the right lane. Please approach with caution.
Ashby Peter Mda, teacher, lawyer, Robert Sobukwe's mentor & cofounder of the ANCYL died on this day in 1993!
Osbourne Road. Slides off Robert Sobukwe just after Kasselsvlei. Middle, of, nowhere.
In my opinion martin luther and Nelson Mandela are the same and Steve Biko,Robert Sobukwe and Malcom X are similar
EFF hits koppie on the head on land redress Malema’s unflinching stance offers the liberation movement an opportunity for reconciliation.  The Economic Freedom Fighters’ launch at the site of the Marikana massacre near Rustenburg in North West province on October 13 was a clever use of symbols to meld a new identity. (Paul Botes) Andile Mngxitama: Politics, Fri 18 Oct 2013 00:00 GMT+2 At the launch of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) last weekend, just before the party's president, Julius Malema, gave his speech, a call was made for the EFF "national anthem" to be sung. More than 20 voices rose as one on the Marikana koppie where scores were massacred, and bellowed "Azania!" to the sky. The rest of the lyric of the meditative song commits to a fight to return Azania to its people by any means necessary. Something magical and almost impossible happened at that moment. Finally, the children of Nelson Mandela, Robert Sobukwe and Steve Biko spoke the same mythical language of a people searc ...
Cape Town - N2 Outbound (Update), before Spine Road at Khayelitsha - heavy queue from Robert Sobukwe Road
pls ask Julius does he not idolize Robert Sobukwe as I've never heard mentioning his name but popularizing PAC ideologies
Robert Sobukwe was on point with Economic freedom. Mandela sold us out.
I wonder if Robert Sobukwe & Steve Biko would've betrayed us if they had lived long enough :'(
Robert Sobukwe belonged to that generation of fighters who said freedom in our lifetime
Malema:Robert Sobukwe belongs to a generation that declared freedom in our lifetime
Robert was the first prisoner on RobbenIsland and was in for 6 years
They'll have a Mandela Gandhi Wall but no place for Robert Sobukwe, Zeph Mothopeng, Bantu Biko nor Onkgopotse Tiro. SMH
Traffic delayed on Robert Sobukwe towards Bellville Station. Cops pulling over taxis. Ppl are walking over the bridge to rank.
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When Robert Sobukwe was identified as incompatible with the white -to- African transition (aka post-apartheid...
JB Vorster said this of Robert Sobukwe, he is a heavyweight boxer when compared to his political opponents.
In apartheid SA he was silenced. In democratic SA he remains silenced...that's Robert Sobukwe. We need to change this. Let's talk The Prof.
Poofighters protesting on Robert Sobukwe Road between Valhalla drive and Salm road. Standing ready to throw
This reminds me of Robert Sobukwe who said "There's only one race & that's the human race".
We the children of Robert Sobukwe,Solomon Mahlangu,Tsietsi Mashinini,Steve Biko etc..these are the fearless anti-apartheid activists who refused to surrender themselves to neo-colonial powers,they inspired a generation suffering from passivism and spiritual proverty,they refused to be the gate-keepers of white supremacy. We will carry on with their legacy of liberating black South Africans who are suffering from passivism and spiritual proverty. We will emancipate them from the chains of slavery mentality,because the colonist has done more damage mentaly than physical to african child, We will never submit ourselves to any form of exploitation and we will never suck up to white superiority. THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES
"The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears it is true." Robert Sobukwe...
there comes a time where silent is betrayal- Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe
Robert Sobukwe. Hummed hero. He needs to be sung.
I hated Nelson Mandela's policies before he even ruled South Africa. Why should I celebrate him now? I wanted Robert Sobukwe to rule
Hereunder is Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe born in December 1924 in Graaff Reinet Cape Province to Hubert and...
We celebrate Mandela day at the university where Tata studied. We commemorate other heroes such as Robert Sobukwe...
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe a true hero who fought not only for his native country but for Africa yet SA history does not acknowledge him.
For us education means service to Africa- Robert Sobukwe
Sign outside Robert Sobukwe House, R.I.P to a struggle hero! Tears in my eyes...
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The sign at Robert Sobukwe House, R.I.P to a hero!
Traffic lights are out at Robert Sobukwe and Pallotti/Salm in Nooitgedacht (Via Add some additional time to your journey.
This has been going around for a while now.I would choose Robert day I sat with my own father...
Viewing site of Robert Sobukwe's 6-year solitary confinement on Madden Island.
Modderdam Robert Sobukwe (Modderdam) Road TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Palotti Road - Both Ways
I wish Robert Sobukwe was still alive
"We should speak the truth before we die." - Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe. Will they? Not just the big platitudes, but each particular truth.
. Elizna Erasmus: . TLO -Two sets of traffic lights out in Robert Sobukwe Road at the entrance of UWC...
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