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Robert Sobukwe

Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe (5 December 1924-27 February 1978) was a South African political dissident, who founded the Pan Africanist Congress in opposition to the apartheid regime.

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N2 Inbound, the road is closed at Robert Sobukwe due to an accident - expect delays
Update: Road Closure due to Crash: N2 Inbound, at Robert Sobukwe, use alt route
Big ups to your caller who spoke about Robert Sobukwe. He is spot on. There's only one race, the human race.
Robert Sobukhwe was a great soul and a heroe but i hate it when people are praising him at the expect of Mandela
Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe must be turning in their graves. 😢
...I thought the erasure would end with Tamkhulu Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe & his PA…
Why is there no footage of Robert Sobukwe?
ANC was established and Funded By Whites that's y The Likes Of Mr Robert Sobukwe left if & Chris Hani had to be killed 😧
President Zuma: We also pay tribute to Mama Victoria Sobukwe, the wife of Pan Africanist Congress leader, Robert Sobukwe.
Government wants to honour former PAC leader Robert Sobukwe's wife with a statue. That's great news.
Pres Zuma pays tribute to wife of Robert Sobukwe, mama Zondeni Sobukwe, she whom the government was refusing to issue with an ID
Zuma: We also pay tribute to mama Victoria Sobukwe wife of Robert Sobukwe who celebrated her 90th birthday a few days ago. MK
I agree with you 100% that is why I am a member of the PAC &…
"And these martyrs of freedom, these young & budding women, will be remembered & honoured when Africa comes into her own" ~ Robert Sobukwe
Read Thando Sipuye's tribute to mamZondeni Sobukwe wife of the late icon Robert Sobukwe,on her 90th birthday
Robert Sobukwe must have been a real G to stan for PAC... Thug Life...
A bunch of old stale fools who killed PAC of Dr Robert Sobukwe. U want to suffer…
Luthando Mbinda is a dissapointment to the legacy of Robert Sobukwe
Traffic lights at Robert Sobukwe /Kasselsvlei are flashing. The department is currently attending to this.
Bru😧 Robert Sobukwe must be turning on his grave
The overrated ANC & the inhumane NP have conspired in obliterating the legacy of Robert Sobukwe - He's rarely quoted
Robert Sobukwe must be turning in his grave!
Robert Sobukwe would be embarrassed by this PAC leader. It's a dead party because of ANC propaganda anyway. 😢
PAC is dead. Robert Sobukwe would be ashamed
Robert Sobukwe was a lecturer at Wits in the '50s and 60yrs later some cant go to Wits bcos of 30% pass mark in pla…
Not always. It was once a great movement led by a great man Robert Sobukwe. It has just become irrelevant post 1994
SAPS Incident on Valhalla Drive between Robert Sobukwe and Angela Street. Road closure Southbound one lane opened, proceed with caution.
The world changes, revolutionaries die and the children forget.we will never forget RIP Robert Sobukwe
They taught love for human race.Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe
I guess Robert Sobukwe was jailed for nothing. His people are attacking very Zwane who want to…
We are reminding our people that acceptance of any indignity, any humiliation is acceptance of inferiority. ~ Robert
We have history on our side. WE WILL WIN!”- Robert Sobukwe
We also reject the economic exploitation of the many for the benefit of the few. ~ Robert Sobukwe
Robert Sobukwe and Steve Biko taught us to die…
"There is only one race. The human race." - Robert Sobukwe, a legend in our struggle.
Comrade mambush stands along great revolutionaries like Steve Bantu Biko, Robert Sobukwe
- 1971: Banned leader of the Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), Robert Sobukwe, was refused an ex…
Severe delays of 40 minutes on N2 Settlers Way inbound between Robert Sobukwe Rd and M4 Main Rd. Averag…
Today,1971- Pretoria court rules that Robert Sobukwe will not be allowed to use his exit permit to leave SA
Watch bodyguard fire shots to protect Mangosuthu Buthelezi from angry youths at Robert Sobukwe's funeral.
Severe delays of 25 minutes on N2 inbound between Robert Sobukwe Rd and Liesbeek Parkway. Average speed 15 kph.
Cape Town CRASH on the side of the carriageway at Robert Sobukwe Road - EXPECT DELAYS Robert Sobukwe Road - Outbound
Crash: N2 Outbound at Robert Sobukwe. All lanes are open. Traffic slows down to an average speed of 19k…
N2 Outbound @ Robert Sobukwe, all lanes open, expect delays
Robert sobukwe's history was swept under carpet by the so called …… so that we can believe that they ar…
Pan Africanists legit think the ideology started with Robert Sobukwe.
Traffic lights out in Belhar at 35th Avenue and Robert Sobukwe
APLA Freedom Fighters still languish in jail for fighting Apartheid Govt..Can ANC explain why this HATRED for Rober…
Crash: N1 Inbound before Agter Paarl, all lanes open, expect delays. Crash: N2 Inbound @ Robert Sobukwe, right...
Accident: N2 inbound at Robert Sobukwe Rd, right lane blocked. Please approach with caution.
N2 Inbound @ Robert Sobukwe, right lane closed, no delays.
Robert asked: " how can South Africa belong to the people who have stolen our land?" Happy
Robert Sobukwe "Its a tooth and a nail against poor blacks"...Steve Biko"Blackman you're on your own"..
And y do the SABC apparatchiks repeat Nelson Mandela's quote but never read a single q…
"Let me plead with you, lovers of Africa, to carry with you into the world the vision of a new Africa" . 1949, Robert Sobukwe
Since SABC claims they don't have Robert Sobukwe's recordings what prevents them from…
I am referring to . He is afraid 2 mention Robert Sobukwe's role in our struggle 4 libe…
He is not his own man. He is afraid to acknowledge the enormous contribution PAC founding President R…
I also got to visit Robert Sobukwe's bedroom & where his children stayed when they visited him on breaks (also at…
Robert Sobukwe correctly identified white supremacy as an unfounded doctrine that must be destroyed. Look now!
Crash on Robert Sobukwe link onto Borchards Quarry towards the Airport. Left lane obstructed, proceed with caution.
On Robert Sobukwe link onto Borcherds Quarry heading towards the Airport. The left lane is obstructed
South African Robert Sobukwe: "whose absence is the defining feature of our decline"
On the N2 outbound at Robert Sobukwe a truck has broken down on the left shoulder of the roadway.
Robert Sobukwe left a captured ANC. Capture clearly did not begin in Saxonwold. - A giant whose voice endures
Severe delays of 29 minutes and delays increasing on N2 inbound between Robert Sobukwe Rd and Mowbray m…
This was metal iron of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe in his time at Robben Island
Traffic Lights Faulty: In Belhar at Robert Sobukwe and De La Rey Intersection. Delays can be expected i…
"education means identification with the masses. It means service to Afrika "-Prof Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe
You see there you are right but the talk began with Robert Sobukwe as you would know comrades.
N2 inbound slowing down after Robert Sobukwe.
Slow moving traffic: N2 inbound between Jan Smuts and Robert Sobukwe due to start of AM peak traffic.
'I have sleepless nights' - Benjamin Pogrund on remembering Robert Sobukwe via
"There is only one race the human race" words of the lesser known hero Robert Sobukwe
"True leadership demands...absolute honesty, integrity, uprightness.. & above all, a consuming love for one's people." - R…
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Trust - Jackie Seroke: We believe that freedom has responsibilities as well.
Don you know of any school, high school or university that teaches the works of revolutionaries such as Thomas &…
We are fighting for freedom, for the right to call our soul our own ~ Prof Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe
- On this day in 1960-PAC Founder & Pres. Robert Sobukwe was sentenced to 3 yrs imprisonment
Today in Robert Sobukwe is sentenced to 3yrs imprisonment for incitement of black ppl to repeal p…
- 1960: PAC President, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment following S…
"Silence in the midst of injustice is a betrayal" Robert Sobukwe. Tomorrow, Easter Sunday = 100 days in prison.
Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani, OR Tambo and Steve Biko we are man you on your own
N2 inbound slows down at Robert Sobukwe. 57min delay
To youth of South Africa Robert Sobukwe was a real hero.
Am I the only one who finds it strange that President Jacob Zuma didn't honour Robert Sobukwe or the PAC today?
In remembrance of the legends who fought for freedom. Steve Bantu Biko. Robert Sobukwe . We Salute You. POWER TO THE PEOPLE✊
Robert Sobukwe was the brains behind Sharpeville day. was brains behind . Nelson Mandela...???.
Crash: N2 Inbound before Robert Sobukwe. Centre lane is obstructed. Delays can be expected. Please exer…
Sobukwe always preferred to be called Mangaliso why are we calling him Robert.slave mentality. Lets stop it.
Today.research your hero Robert will not find much as white media has done everything to erase his exi…
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the ruling party always ignores the contribution made by Robert Sobukwe & the PAC to the dom pass protest in 1960.
can you pleas call the presidents office & find out why he didn't acknowledge Robert Sobukwe or the PAC in his speech?
I get a sensation that at school we weren't tought enough about Robert Sobukwe. definitely more to His-Story…
It's like such a violation to acknowledge Black consciousness and not mention the great Robert Sobukwe https…
Its 2017 and Robert Sobukwe is still in solitary confinement
In honour of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe and for his name to be never forgotten. Rhodes University must be renamed after him
It's very much important to know how is Robert Sobukwe and what has he done for this Country, I guess that why Youth is lost
Despite being a non-violent campaign for which Dr Robert Sobukwe had sought permission. It led to the Sharpeville Massa…
I've been saying that our curriculum should teach about African heroes not European. Young people fond know Robert Sobukwe 21 March
This is our last Robert sobukwe archive 😭😭😭
Why did Robert Sobukwe leave the ANC ? . who wrote the "freedom charter"?. what was the ANC's position on the Sharpeville mar…
They HAD TO destroy all evidence of Robert Sobukwe because he was our REAL hero.then they shoved the rainbow nation d…
The pedestal you have put Nelson Mandela on is actually Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe's rightful place in SA History.
Dear black child.Don't let white media rob you of your glory. You had REAL heroes who fought and died for you. Robert…
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe is the reason why we have this day, yet the powers that be continue to snub him. May his soul rest…
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Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe on 21 March 1960 led a march protesting pass laws that made every black person a criminal in ow…
Last year January I criticised Mmusi Maimane in the Star for failing to acknowledge the role Robert Sobukwe played.
Robert Sobukwe tried to make exile to the US, in 1970, after the release from jail
Let it be know that as the Pan Africanist CongreAzania led by Robert Sobukwe started leading the masses in...
The PAC, led by Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe led the Anti Pass Campaign on 21 March 1960. . Yet our own is not honoured.
this should be a Robert Sobukwe Day or Sharpeville Day or Langa Day rather.Brutal murders
Trying to erase Robert Sobukwe from the history books is an example of when the oppressed start oppressing themselves.…
On 21 March 1960, Dr Robert Sobukwe led thousands to demand arrest, in an effort to collapse the Apartheid prison syste…
White media loved Madiba because HE WAS NO ROBERT SOBUKWE. today is sharpeville day
Robert Sobukwe's solitary confinement house at Robben Island.
After going to Robben Island, the respect I have for Robert Sobukwe almost took over my emotions;
Onkgopotse Tiro, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko & many others...forgotten heroes, rarely found in school books... So how will we move forward?
Radio Munghana Lonene (SABC ) will interview me tomorrow morning about Robert Sobukwe and our month long program of Lectur…
You guys will not believe how extra Robert Sobukwe ext 1, phase 1 (also know as Adamson Res) is. So EXTRA 😂
So when the boers expelled Robert Sobukwe from his teaching post in Standerton(MP) he got a post as junior lecturer at Wits University.
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There is only one race, the human race"Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe"
Radio 2000 pays tribute to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe - "There is only one race, the human race."
I was wrong, it starts at Robert Sobukwe
Finally central block was changed to late,and greatest leadership (PAC) Robert sobukwe block.
There are far too many who deserve their stories told. For now let me say Robert Sobukwe and Brenda Fassie.
"We are extremely proud to announce that finally,the Giant of Azania, Prof Robert Sobukwe is getting the recognition he so…
Central Block at where Prof once taught and had his office there, now renamed Robert Sobukwe Block. Thank you,
From which archives can one retrieve the audio visuals of Robert Sobukwe?Please help me.material about him.
I think it's time for Robert Sobukwe foundation. He must never be forgotten ...
Anton Lembede lay the foundation for an ideology that would later be adopted and tweaked by both Robert Sobukwe and Steve B…
Once the mind is free even the body is also free . Robert sobukwe
People's stories I'd love to see turned to movies in my lifetime: . - Robert Sobukwe. - Oliver Tambo. - Dr. Richard Maponya
No state institution could meet the individual intelligence of Robert Sobukwe pound for pound hence was in a solitary confinement.
The great Sobukwe, Mangaliso Robert is smiling, smoking his pipe as he sees this son of the soil freed. May he not…
Been saying we need to start making movies about people like Sizwe Kondile, Chris Hani, Robert Sobukwe, etc.
Love how my dad still reads up on Robert Sobukwe like he doesnt already know all there is to know 😃
We applaud abo Steve Biko, Chris Hani and Robert Sobukwe for leaving us with literature written by them.
No disrespect to tata but whites gave us Mandela when Robert Sobukwe was the freedom fighter 👊
There is only one race, the Human Race. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe✊
Of Combination & Paradigm Shifts - The historic duo- they are to our generation what Robert Sobukwe & Potlako Leballo…
Robert Sobukwe. stated that “true leadership demands. complete subjugation of self … and above all a consuming love for ones. people”.
Robert Sobukwe was imprisoned there too..this was where he was kept, I believe in solitary. .dogs kenne…
you are a living legend, Robert Sobukwe is proud of you.
Let all meet at Robert Sobukwe Day and discuss a proper way forward for black people
Floyd Shivambu together with our CIC Julius Malema, are 2 us what Robert Sobukwe and Potlako Leballo were 2 the 1…
Robert Sobukwe said, near the end of his life, "There is only one race, the human race."
Traffic lights flashing in Bellville at Robert Sobukwe and Caledon Street
Okay so there's a street fight in corn. Robert Sobukwe street and Mentjies .
"You must be your own liberator, in your lifetime."~Robert Sobukwe
Y'all honour Nelson Mandela,OR Tambo and all the others,but y'all forget Robert Sobukwe...Why?Some dnt evn knw him
I recommend reading on a man called Robert Sobukwe
The philosophy of Africanism holds out the hope of a genuine democracy beyond the stormy sea of struggle. Robert Sobukwe.
Robert Sobukwe ,Steve Biko and Chris Hani their spirit must rise now
Robert Sobukwe's How can man die better.
Wondering what Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe would say? Certain questions are better not even considered.
Robert Sobukwe's home town honours his legacy
I am tired of hearing people talk about how great Robert Sobukwe is, I want to learn about his leadership…
Many people heard of Nelson Mandela but do you know the history of Robert Sobukwe? May 1960…
There is no leader in South Africa who I can compare them with Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani & Steve " intellectual "B…
In relation to the does anybody or any organisation have any video or audio footage of Robert Sobukwe speaking anywhere on any issue?
I agree with you. Apartheid didn't end with Mandela. Apart from Biko, there were Robert Sobukwe, Mamphela Ramphele.
Hands off UCT's own Robert Sobukwe✋🏾 we must protect our noble brothers
We don't talk about Robert Sobukwe enough.
The apartheid govt killed all our most rebellious voices,violently. Long live the spirit of Robert Sobukwe.born on thi…
Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu & Thabo Mbeki. Eastern Cape is the home of the legends.
Steve Biko was a December baby like me?!?! Along with Robert Sobukwe!! I feel like I belong...
Was it Biko who said black man u r on your on or Robert Sobukwe? Pls some clarity here.
I wonder why we never talk about Robert Sobukwe.
we only have one race which is human race ~Robert Sobukwe
I guess the upside of death is getting to hug Robert Sobukwe.
I would place Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe first then Biko and so on...
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. He is famous worldwide as the founder of the Pan African Congress. He…
If Robert Sobukwe was still alive we'd probably have our land back. Hence they killed and don't celebrate him while they…
They forgot the N2, Robert Sobukwe, Modderdam(Cape Town). Infact so many more in cpt..
"Education to us means service to Africa. In whatever branch of learning you are- you're there for Africa." Robert Sobukwe.
Robert Sobukwe developed the philosophy of African nationalism to even higher intellectual heights
We need to see more statues of Chris Hani, Winnie Mandela, Solomon Mahlangu, Robert Sobukwe, Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Steve Biko around SA
At PnP Brixton they sell umphokoqo kwerin'. You see, Papa Wemba, Robert Sobukwe, Nesta Marley died for this. You don't need a Xhosa chiq bra
It's alleged the victim was abducted at gunpoint by 1 of the accused while walking along Robert Sobukwe Road n…
Y cant people jst be people? Y must there be racism, sexism, any other kinds of ism?Robert Sobukwe said" there's only 1 race the human race"
Update your maps at Navteq
Robert Sobukwe would've been Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)
MVA c/o Valhalla dr and Robert Sobukwe on route too Bellville - all services on scene - expect delays
Aren't people on leave though. Someone needs to explain this traffic on Robert Sobukwe 😡
N2 inbound slowing down at Robert Sobukwe
Why are some people so offended at the mere mention of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe? You dare mention his name and they blow up…
I support national recognition for the national role played by Robert Sobukwe in our struggle for national liberation.
We hope never gave any instructions for ppl to hide the videos/voice of ROBERT SOBUKWE. . We have been victimised of…
Robert Sobukwe of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania would be 92 today. Happy birthday The Prof. htt…
Today we also remember leader of Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, Robert Sobukwe born on this day in 1924
Update: Crash on the N2 inbound before Robert Sobukwe has been cleared.
(UPDATE)Crash: N2 Inbound before Robert Sobukwe. Scene has been cleared. Traffic is free flowing
Crash on the N2 inbound before Robert Sobukwe, left lane closed, expect delays. Proceed with caution.
Crash: N2 Inbound before Robert Sobukwe, Left lane is obstructed, Delays are expected.
Expect delays on the N2 from Robert Sobukwe inbound (Via Use an alternate route to avoid delays.
N2 inbound still slow moving from Robert Sobukwe. Allow extra time for travelling & expect delays
Robert Sobukwe was spot-on when he described it as “a colossal fraud ever perpetrated upon the oppressed, exploited and degraded people.”
N2 Inbound is congested from R300 until Borcherds Quarry and again from Robert Sobukwe until the M5.
Robert Sobukwe is a goat, how come did that *** die without even writing one book. Done
Cape Town - Stellenbosch Arterial Road, Traffic Lights not working at Robert Sobukwe Road - DELAYS all directions
Traffic lights out Stellenbosch Arterial and Robert Sobukwe Road. total madness
Traffic lights faulty at Robert Sobukwe and Caledon street in Belville
Traffic lights faulty at Robert Sobukwe and 35th ave
Those drag racers on Robert Sobukwe Road got busted by the police. Its like the FF movie 🚔🚘🚔
Fire in Malawi Camp informal Settlement (near Bishop Lavis) , ward 22, next to Robert Sobukwe Drive, 2 died in the fire .
Have you seen the Come by the info hub @ Robert Sobukwe. Streets can be more than they are...
In the Bellville area at UWC, there is a report of a fire. Robert Sobukwe and Symphony is closed .
the victim was allegedly abducted by 1 of the accused at gunpoint, while walking along Robert Sobukwe Rd. on Friday evening. LI
Traffic lights out in Kalksteenfontein at Robert Sobukwe and Valhalla Drive
Chris Hani, Steve Biko & Robert Sobukwe did not suffer/die for us so that we could have only political freedom. It was always about the Land
"Political freedom without land and without economic freedom is no freedom." - Robert Sobukwe
Moseneke: speaking about detention of Robert Sobukwe. "Suzman reminded Parliament that no one should be detained without trial"
On Robert Sobukwe, at Vahalla Drive. There is a report of a Veldfire. Please proceed with caution.
Robert Sobukwe: 'There is only one race. The human race.':
Chris Hani, Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Solomon Mahlangu, OR Tambo and Winnie Mandela are the icons we acknowledge, not Nel…
Congestion: N2 Inbound is slow moving from Robert Sobukwe until Hospital Bend. Delays expected of 1h 37…
Slow moving traffic on the N2 incoming from Robert Sobukwe. Delays of 60min can be expected
We travel the same road of Steve Biko,Robert Sobukwe,Lilian Ngoyi,Chris Hani, Fatima Meer,Solomon Mahlangu & many great giants of our past
I would implement the ideals of Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani, Biko & Solomon Mahlungu. Restoration of the black majority..
Crash at Robert Sobukwe Rd and Belrail Rd, intersection obstructed. Proceed with caution.
Robert Sobukwe was like a prophet, what he was vehemently advocating for is playing itself out today. Nothing new under the sun.
Visions of Robert Sobukwe staring at me . Steve Biko awoke my black consciousness and I like what he wrote.
start by reading Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe. N know urself n history as a Blackman
'There is a serious need then for a critical race literacy of the type that defined the black radical Africanist politics of Robert Sobukwe>
"White supremacy, under whatever guise it manifests itself, must be destroyed" ~ Robert Sobukwe
"We have sworn that we are leading them not to death but to life of abundant " Robert Sobukwe
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Police officials guarding a broken fence on Robert Sobukwe Rd, leading to one of the varsity residen…
Maybe it's time changed it's name to Robert Sobukwe University
We are. Just not in depth bc African history of course.We should be bringing up Robert Sobukwe's who are reduced to…
& are like Steve Biko&Robert Sobukwe to me. We'll be led. After those who sleep comfortably in houghton get exposed
Robert Sobukwe. "36 If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?"
Student protesters are singing inside Jan Smuts/Robert Sobukwe residence, scene of police raid last night
Students have gathered outside Jan Smuts/Robert Sobukwe residence. Some have entered.
the Dr sounds like Robert Sobukwe and Bantu Biko put together.
Gandhi Square should be renamed as well. Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, something along those lines
Steve Biko . Chris Hani. Robert Sobukwe. We see what you saw. For that we know the price is death. They don't want black people to be free.
Sankara, like Robert Sobukwe, refused to live a life of luxury so loved by our leaders and rode a bicycle to work. Sobukwe to…
I learned about Verwoed in high school, I discovered who Robert Sobukwe was in varsity and now I'm getting to know more about Solomon.
"Robert Sobukwe is featured in a 'did you know' section in our history books"-
Accident: N2 outbound on Robert Sobukwe Rd bridge, one lane blocked. Please approach with caution.
Update: Crash on N2 inbound before Robert Sobukwe has been cleared.
Cape Town CRASH before Robert Sobukwe Road - all lanes open at the scene Robert Sobukwe Road - Inbound
Crash: N2 Inbound before Robert Sobukwe, left shoulder obstructed. No delays but proceed with caution.
Accident: N2 inbound before Robert Sobukwe Rd, emergency lane blocked. Please approach with caution.
ANC has been so rotten way before '94, even the likes of Robert Sobukwe left cos they could not deal.
Not only has the accused the of selling out to the highest bidder also the Pan Africanist Congress the movement of Robert Sobukwe.
im so sorry for late response:. How can men die better by Benjamin Porgrund. Here is a tree: Biography of Robert Sobukwe. Izwe Lethu
Mzwandile Masina says PAC has voted with ANC in City of Ekurhuleni!! I can confirm with you that Robert Sobukwe is turning…
Izwe Lethu mhlekazi. Please read: How can men die better: Life of Robert Sobukwe by Benjamin Pogrund, his close friend.
fellow Azanian please pass the links you have of any info abt Robert Sobukwe books or anything you have laid your eyes on abt him
You'll never meet a political analyst or student that doesn't refer to Sobukwe as Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. Insecure MFs!😂😂😂
PAC should just merge with EFF. The legacy of Robert Sobukwe can't go down like this
I need to get my hands on Robert Sobukwe's book.
My brother are there any books about Robert Sobukwe that you can refer me to?
Do they still teach you guys about Robert Sobukwe in high school?
People are really sleeping on Robert Sobukwe nyan!
Somebody tonight just said its their first time hearing the name Robert Sobukwe, Kanti what did they teach you during HSS lesson?
South Africa must die before Azania is born. Long live the undying spirit of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe ❤️
Robert Sobukwe's body may be buried, but as long as we live in South Africa and not Azania, his soul will never rest in peace…
Robert Sobukwe was born on 05 Dec 1924, Nelson Mandela died on 22 June 2013 but they announced his death on 05 Dec 13 to eras…
I watched the doccie about Robert Sobukwe and now I can't sleep
Robert Sobukwe didn't give us All Eyes on Me.
thank you for that documentary of comrade Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe
The documentary of Robert Sobukwe on Sabc 1 is powerful & insightful. I need to buy his books ASAP & including the other fighters.
Watching the Robert Sobukwe documentary it's so lit!! South Africans were once led.
I love who and what Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was. I want to learn more about him and his fight for our political and economic freedom.
Surprised at the airing of Robert Sobukwe doccie on SABC1 given the PAC indictement of the ANC as pacifist
Our history has been white washed so much. Its criminal. I didn't even know who Robert Sobukwe until after high school. That's sad.
Finally the history of and is being showed on tv
Robert Sobukwe was a dog of life. White people feared that man! Sadly they killed him.
Robert simangaliso sobukwe is easily one of the greatest AFRICAN people to walk the planet,
Watching the Robert sobukwe documentary on SABC 1.
From the Robert Sobukwe's doccie...He didn't want collaborations with the oppressors. This is key!
pls let Robert Sobukwe know the ANC has return to its old ways... I 2 have quit the Aluta continues
Kanti abo Robert Sobukwe were cast out of the I have always held an opinion that they broke away
I'm really enjoying this doccie of Robert Sobukwe 👏👏👏
the spirit of Robert Sobukwe has found home in the long live. The diamond and gold dug by our sweat..
Watching this doccie on Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe is the reason we can't keep quiet any longer...
We want to be able to call our souls ours - Robert Sobukwe
Catching a snippet of the Robert Sobukwe documentary on SABC 1. It has indeed been a long walk to freedom. 💔
Robert Sobukwe was such a powerful man that they tried to wipe him out of History
This documentary about Robert Sobukwe is very interesting. . Let me watch some more
Robert Sobukwe is not appreciated enough
A look at the life and political career of struggle hero and founder of Pan Africanist Congress, Robert Sobukwe —...
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