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Robert Sobukwe

Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe (5 December 1924-27 February 1978) was a South African political dissident, who founded the Pan Africanist Congress in opposition to the apartheid regime.

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'There is a serious need then for a critical race literacy of the type that defined the black radical Africanist politics of Robert Sobukwe>
"White supremacy, under whatever guise it manifests itself, must be destroyed" ~ Robert Sobukwe
"We have sworn that we are leading them not to death but to life of abundant " Robert Sobukwe
Police officials guarding a broken fence on Robert Sobukwe Rd, leading to one of the varsity residen…
Maybe it's time changed it's name to Robert Sobukwe University
"True leadership demands a complete subjugation of self [...] and above all a consuming love for one's people." - Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe
We are. Just not in depth bc African history of course.We should be bringing up Robert Sobukwe's who are reduced to…
Severe delays of 21 minutes and delays increasing on N2 inbound between Robert Sobukwe Rd and Rhodes Dr…
& are like Steve Biko&Robert Sobukwe to me. We'll be led. After those who sleep comfortably in houghton get exposed
Robert Sobukwe. "36 If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?"
Student protesters are singing inside Jan Smuts/Robert Sobukwe residence, scene of police raid last night
Students have gathered outside Jan Smuts/Robert Sobukwe residence. Some have entered.
the Dr sounds like Robert Sobukwe and Bantu Biko put together.
Gandhi Square should be renamed as well. Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, something along those lines
Steve Biko . Chris Hani. Robert Sobukwe. We see what you saw. For that we know the price is death. They don't want black people to be free.
Sankara, like Robert Sobukwe, refused to live a life of luxury so loved by our leaders and rode a bicycle to work. Sobukwe to…
I learned about Verwoed in high school, I discovered who Robert Sobukwe was in varsity and now I'm getting to know more about Solomon.
"Robert Sobukwe is featured in a 'did you know' section in our history books"-
Accident: N2 outbound on Robert Sobukwe Rd bridge, one lane blocked. Please approach with caution.
Traffic lights at Robert Sobukwe Rd/Pallotti Rd in Nooitgedacht are flashing. The department is currently attending to this.
Update: Crash on N2 inbound before Robert Sobukwe has been cleared.
Congestion:N2 Inbound is slow moving from Robert Sobukwe until Liesbeeck;Expect delays of approx. 39min
Cape Town CRASH before Robert Sobukwe Road - all lanes open at the scene Robert Sobukwe Road - Inbound
Crash: N2 Inbound before Robert Sobukwe, left shoulder obstructed. No delays but proceed with caution.
Accident: N2 inbound before Robert Sobukwe Rd, emergency lane blocked. Please approach with caution.
Crash on N2 inbound before Robert Sobukwe, all lanes open, no delays. Proceed with caution.
ANC has been so rotten way before '94, even the likes of Robert Sobukwe left cos they could not deal.
Not only has the accused the of selling out to the highest bidder also the Pan Africanist Congress the movement of Robert Sobukwe.
im so sorry for late response:. How can men die better by Benjamin Porgrund. Here is a tree: Biography of Robert Sobukwe. Izwe Lethu
Mzwandile Masina says PAC has voted with ANC in City of Ekurhuleni!! I can confirm with you that Robert Sobukwe is turning…
Izwe Lethu mhlekazi. Please read: How can men die better: Life of Robert Sobukwe by Benjamin Pogrund, his close friend.
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fellow Azanian please pass the links you have of any info abt Robert Sobukwe books or anything you have laid your eyes on abt him
You'll never meet a political analyst or student that doesn't refer to Sobukwe as Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. Insecure MFs!😂😂😂
PAC should just merge with EFF. The legacy of Robert Sobukwe can't go down like this
I need to get my hands on Robert Sobukwe's book.
My brother are there any books about Robert Sobukwe that you can refer me to?
Do they still teach you guys about Robert Sobukwe in high school?
People are really sleeping on Robert Sobukwe nyan!
Somebody tonight just said its their first time hearing the name Robert Sobukwe, Kanti what did they teach you during HSS lesson?
South Africa must die before Azania is born. Long live the undying spirit of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe ❤️
Robert Sobukwe's body may be buried, but as long as we live in South Africa and not Azania, his soul will never rest in peace…
Robert Sobukwe was born on 05 Dec 1924, Nelson Mandela died on 22 June 2013 but they announced his death on 05 Dec 13 to eras…
I watched the doccie about Robert Sobukwe and now I can't sleep
Robert Sobukwe didn't give us All Eyes on Me.
thank you for that documentary of comrade Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe
The documentary of Robert Sobukwe on Sabc 1 is powerful & insightful. I need to buy his books ASAP & including the other fighters.
Watching the Robert Sobukwe documentary it's so lit!! South Africans were once led.
I love who and what Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was. I want to learn more about him and his fight for our political and economic freedom.
Surprised at the airing of Robert Sobukwe doccie on SABC1 given the PAC indictement of the ANC as pacifist
Our history has been white washed so much. Its criminal. I didn't even know who Robert Sobukwe until after high school. That's sad.
Finally the history of and is being showed on tv
Robert Sobukwe was a dog of life. White people feared that man! Sadly they killed him.
Robert simangaliso sobukwe is easily one of the greatest AFRICAN people to walk the planet,
Watching the Robert sobukwe documentary on SABC 1.
From the Robert Sobukwe's doccie...He didn't want collaborations with the oppressors. This is key!
pls let Robert Sobukwe know the ANC has return to its old ways... I 2 have quit the Aluta continues
Kanti abo Robert Sobukwe were cast out of the I have always held an opinion that they broke away
I'm really enjoying this doccie of Robert Sobukwe 👏👏👏
the spirit of Robert Sobukwe has found home in the long live. The diamond and gold dug by our sweat..
Watching this doccie on Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe is the reason we can't keep quiet any longer...
We want to be able to call our souls ours - Robert Sobukwe
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Catching a snippet of the Robert Sobukwe documentary on SABC 1. It has indeed been a long walk to freedom. 💔
Robert Sobukwe was such a powerful man that they tried to wipe him out of History
This documentary about Robert Sobukwe is very interesting. . Let me watch some more
Robert Sobukwe is not appreciated enough
A look at the life and political career of struggle hero and founder of Pan Africanist Congress, Robert Sobukwe —...
Robert Sobukwe on SABC 1, 191 right now...Tune in.
Am I the only one watching a documentary on Robert Sobukwe on
Finally the Robert Sobukwe story is told in picture
Thank you for giving us the story of Cde Robert Sobukwe
Please tune onto SABC 1 .. There is a documentary talking about the life of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe... . .
Torn between watching the Tupac doccie on Ch171 & the Robert Sobukwe doccie on SABC 1 😭😭
Lemme watch this documentary about Robert Sobukwe
SABC 1 will be playing a documentary on the life of the great Robert Sobukwe at 10, I suggest you watch.
Today, the 5th of December represents the birthday of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, who refused to compromise before freedom.
Update: Crash on Valhalla Dr & Robert Sobukwe Rd has been cleared.
Accident onValhalla Drive and Robert Sobukwe. The Right lane Eastbound in the intersection is closed to traffic.
Crash on Valhalla Dr / Robert Sobukwe Rd, right lane obstructed eastbound in the intersection, expect delays. Proceed with caution.
Robert sobukwe Solomon Mahlangu and others didn't fight under anc but we not making noise whe…
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe said "we do not want your freedoms and laws here. Return our land and we will decide our own freed…
House on Robben Island where Robert Sobukwe was kept in solitary confinement.
"People just arrived there & found the thing already printed up" ~ Robert Sobukwe on the Freedom Charter
Cape Town motorists are warned of road closures in both directions between R300 and Robert Sobukwe on the N2 due t…
Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Thabo Mbeki - Eastern Cape is the home of the legends.
In Parow at Robert Sobukwe and Radnor there is an accident. The vehicles are off the roadway.
Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe must be celebrating in heaven for this inovation and support your guest had from Ntate.
Was in Belleville today and saw two homeless guys pushing a bath down Robert Sobukwe. A BATH. The north is weird 😂
Robert Sobukwe said the Freedom Charter "is a product of the slave colonial mentality and colonialist orientation”
Robert Sobukwe described the Freedom Charter as “a colossal fraud ever perpetrated upon the oppressed, exploited and degraded people".
Truck broken down on Robert Sobukwe before Peter Barlow in Bellville South. Left lane obstructed, proceed with caution.
In Bellville on Robert Sobukwe towards Sacks Circle, report of a truck that is blocking two lanes, please exercise caution.
Reading Robert Sobukwe's speech at UFH as president of the students. fascinating stuff!!!
Severe delays of 14 minutes and delays increasing on N2 eastbound between M10 Robert Sobukwe Rd and R300. Average speed 20 kph.
Stationary vehicle: N2 outbound after Robert Sobukwe Rd, blocking the emergency lane.
Went to go see Robert Sobukwe's house with my lil bro while we were in Kimberley. This is where…
There is an accident in Bishop Lavis at 35th Street and Robert Sobukwe and the left lane closed.
Our team is awesome. Today the Robert Sobukwe Class read Dogs in Boots and Ms. Pam came decked out in her dog...
A true If u don't know who was, check this out:.
Ward25 Robert Sobukwe Branch addressing the community of Holomisa Camp,Pimville,Soweto
"We are fighting for the noblest cause on earth, the liberation of mankind….there is only one race, the human race..." - Robert Sobukwe
"The Barrels of Guns can't silence us" Robert Sobukwe, 1960.
I'm still waiting for your answer on challenge 1 I gave U __concerning Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe clips after U boasted 90%
I believe we should stop celebrate Hector Peterson! We should celebrate Tsietsi Mashini, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani and many more...
Update: Crash on the N2 inbound, before Robert Sobukwe has been cleared.
N2 Inbound, before Robert Sobukwe, all lanes open, expect delays
On the N2 inbound at Robert Sobukwe there is an accident. The Bus lane & right lane is closed.
look for "Here is a Tree: The Life of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe."
Evening Read: Robert Sobukwe Interview on- The Future of the Africanist Movement. He may be gone, but his ideas live ht…
turns 100; produced leaders like Nelson Mandela, Robert Sobukwe, Kenneth Kaunda cc
The apartheid state so feared Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe that he had an entire piece of legislation dedicated to keeping him in check...
Thatha EFF Thatha. Desperation moves from ruling party ayahlekisa, they had wiped my activist *** Robert Sobukwe off history books😂
We are looking at building a statue for the first President of the PAC, Robert Sobukwe because it is the right thing to do.
are at Robert Sobukwe & Radnor due to traffic lights not working
"Nyerere urged the ANC to postpone the armed struggle until the release of PAC leader Robert Sobukwe."
Mandela at the tomb of H.F. Verwoerd But he never went to the tombs of Anton Lembede, Robert Sobukwe,Zeph Mothopeng.
I need in my life right now the book about Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe 'How Can Man Die Better'
Join us at for the 10th Robert Sobukwe Memorial Lecture.
In Bellville at Robert Sobukwe Rd at the Entrance to UWC
Children of Robert Sobukwe, Finish what you have started. Children of Robert Mugabe,finish what you have started.”
My news feed is so inspiring. It is decorated with black excellence, graduation pics. Robert Sobukwe died for this. I Salut…
Accident: On Robert Sobukwe northbound after Tienie Meyer. The centre lane is obstructed
The Robert Sobukwe Memorial Lec takes place this month. RSVP today and don't miss out.
Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Robert Sobukwe and Steve Biko. We can add R.Mashesha if we feeling funky.
I feel so sad for our greats who never saw freedom: Oliver Tambo, Chris Hani, Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, A. Luthuli
ANC must rename Stellenbosh University to Solomon Mahlangu and Fort Hare to Robert Sobukwe.
"Let's be inquisitive individuals. Read about Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Lillian Ngoyi, and Winnie Madikizela. Read …
Themba Godi is busy celebrating Robert Sobukwe in Parliament after pissing on his PAC.
The very Likes of Robert Sobukwe, Lillian Ngoyi, Winnie Mandela, Solomon Mahlangu never gave up why should we? . Decolonise UFS in our day
“No. Today we remember the late Robert Sobukwe. may remember Sobukwe and we shall remember Majuba.
PSL more competitive than La Liga... This is what Robert Sobukwe, Oliver Tambo & Steve Biko fought for. Freedom of expression
Challenge the students in terms of what they have on Robert Sobukwe - Dr Xolela Mangcu
Robert Sobukwe exists to do right with the South African history - Dr Xolela Mangcu
Solitary confinement was used specifically to methodically kill Robert Sobukwe on Robbins Island. It was run of the mill here...
Stationary vehicle: N2 outbound after Robert Sobukwe Rd, left shoulder lane blocked. Approach with care
We will be hosting the "Remember Africa" by Robert Sobukwe Trust opening on Monday 01 February 2016 at NMG from 17h30 to 19h30
Sorry it's not PX, I was mistaken. It's at the Robert Sobukwe and Belcon Road intersection. It's causing congestion.
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The robot by PX on Robert Sobukwe Road is changing too quickly. Sort it out
Sad condition of the house of Robert Sobukwe in Kimberley. This how treats freedom fighter legacies?
There was a time when Steve Biko went to a meeting and found Robert Sobukwe there and his words were "noThixo ulapha"
NOT TOO LATE; the life, lessons & teachings of Robert Sobukwe are still available, now that MANDELA/ANC experiment with racists has failed
The same National Party that killed Chris Hani, Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe is the same organization that formed .
On the N2 driving to Somerset West and one of the road signs read "Robert Sobukwe rd 500m" and I'm thinking man...
"how can a men die better, biography of Robert Sobukwe" 2015 edition by Benjamin Pogrund
the park must be renamed and named after Robert Sobukwe
So Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe after prison wanted to leave SA permanently and go to stay in USA??
The philosophy of Africanism holds out the hope of a genuine democracy beyond the stormy sea of struggle. Robert Sobukwe
The fences are gonna go around Robert Sobukwe hall entrance. All this for a group of 20 hooligans
Afterwards, I want to read about the LEGEND: Mr Robert Sobukwe.
the turning cycle @ cnr Steve Biko & Robert Sobukwe has been changed but pedestrians are making life very difficult.
The life of Robert Sobukwe precisley the right example, His dream of Economy emancipation remains unrealised,
I wished I was in JHB today to listen to him this evening. Loved his book on Robert Sobukwe "How Can Man Die Better"
Struggle heroes such as Nelson Mandela, Robert Sobukwe and Oliver Tambo would never have allowed the abuse of the...
Leadership requires complete subjugation of the self and a profound love for your people - Robert Sobukwe
UK seems not to have learned much from their former colony. SA had this fracas with Robert Sobukwe. Laws for one man
I'm in love with a dead man. He is Robert Mangaliso SOBUKWE.❤️
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, to paraphrase, there is no freedom or prosperity without land ownership.Biko:Black man you are still on your own.
Cape Town OBSTRUCTION in the right lane before Robert Sobukwe Road - expect DELAYS Robert Sobukwe Road - Inbound
Update: Incident N2 inbound at Robert Sobukwe, has been cleared, traffic is free flowing.
Incident: N2 inbound before Robert Sobukwe, right lane closed, expect delays
Pretoria TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Robert Sobukwe Street Esselen Street - Both Ways
ANC government has hidden so much history. They have suppressed PAC out of SA history. Robert sobukwe now
Robert sobukwe served longer than Nelson but never sold out so the used a pawn ♙ and created a idol hijack
To be fair on Dali Mpofu, Robert Sobukwe was also desperate for a status job with the Oppenheimers in the middle of a struggle
S.Africans stay asking who is Jeff Masemola, who is Robert Sobukwe, who is Tsietsi Mashinini, but ya'll say u free!
we are of the view General Bantu Holomisa be honored with Robert Sobukwe Patriot Award
Robert Sobukwe. Chris Hani. Steve Biko. Patrice Lumumba. Thomas Sankara. some of the African giants. Your efforts are applauded. ✊
Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Solomon Mahlangu, Hector Peterson, Chris Hani were all killed like monkeys!! We dare not forget
Robert Sobukwe was the only person held on despite serving his sentence
The house Robert Sobukwe was kept before his release from the Island
The granddaughter of late struggle icon Robert Sobukwe is among the top matriculants in South Africa. MM
"African is for Africans, Africans for Humanity, and Humanity for God.”. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe
Robert Sobukwe once said there is only one race which is Human Race
Freedom is a picture of Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe on a t-shirt. . Mental slavery is a picture of Nelson Mandela on a t…
Then you want to say "no" when someone says "United States of Africa" while never hearing of Marcus Garvey or Robert Sobukwe.
Robert Sobukwe has been re opened between Valhalla Drive and Palotti
Protest on Robert Sobukwe between Valhalla and Palotti. Road closure in both directions.
Traffic officers have closed Robert Sobukwe Rd between Valhalla Park and Salm Rd due to protest action.SF
Robert Sobukwe has been closed in both directions between Valhalla Drive Palotti due to protests.
A national heritage site,housing offices of former PAC leader Robert Sobukwe is in a dismal state & government has been asked to repair it
Historical site in Galeshewe, office of the late PAC founder Robert Sobukwe, has been vandalised.
'He was banished to Kimberley' - Author on Robert Sobukwe's life after prison
Mva robert sobukwe and Stellenbosch Arterial... Approach with caution. No injuries
Robert Sobukwe also deserve to be celebrated,atleast he died fighting for black ownership of land!
Happy birthday Dr. Robert S. Sobukwe. An intellect par excellence. A man whose contribution to the struggle is undermined …
Since I haven't found the Robert Sobukwe book, its Steve Biko until i find it.
"We must therefore appreciate our role. We must appreciate our responsibility. " Robert Sobukwe
ZESA cut power as I was reaching the climax of a Fort Hare University SRC speech by Robert Sobukwe. . A case of Wokus Interruptus.
Robert Sobukwe Speech at the University of Fort Hare as President of the SRC, 21 October 1949
Robert Sobukwe was a hopeless academic, he wrote a love letter to his wife and had the audacity to quote writers, who does that?
it's sad that Robert Sobukwe hard work we don't celebrate as of the late Mr Mandela may their souls rest in peace!
You can go to any museum in this world, there is not a single recorded speech by Robert Sobukwe, that tells u of the magnitude of his ideas.
Has anyone heard Robert Sobukwe's voice when delivering a speech or something? If not, why is that?
I'm a sophisticated human, I can remember Robert Sobukwe and Nelson Mandela on the same day.
Today while we remember on the day he died, let us also remember Robert on his birthday.
"An unjust law cannot be applied justly"- Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe .
Hayi kaloku it can't be just a day! Walunywa umama wazala a tower, a leader who refused to sell out - Robert Sobukwe
Mandela is like marting luther king, he is loved for his soft black compromising approach, then malcolm x an robert sobukwe r hated
A pan-Africanist, academic and hero, Robert Sobukwe, is also not forgotten, he too ought to be celebrated today
God gave us on this day Robert Sobukwe, decades later on same day took Nelson Mandela, gallants of the people, friends who k…
Today we celebrate the life of a struggle icon, considered 1 of the most dangerous by the Apartheid regime. Prof Robert Sobu…
We can no longer bear the pain of not knowing, As I remember Sobukwe my consciousness awakens!
On this day in 1924 The great Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was born. Long Live Sobukwe Long Live!!!
I therefore pay tribute to both the Great Men; Robert Sobukwe & Nelson Mandela this day. We thank you for your wisdom & hearts.
DA is doing a good job remembering Tata on behalf of us. We are here to remind all about Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe. What an Afr…
ÂNC switched the life support on the 05-12-2013. trying 2 paralyze the legacy of Robert sobukwe who was born on the 05th of December?
Robert Sobukwe & Nelson Mandela equally played a role in redirecting our mindset, to focus on what's important for the human race, peace.
spent 6years in isolation on Robert island.he had his own Minnie house away from the prison.
The future of Africa will be what Africans make it - Robert Sobukwe
When Robert Sobukwe was ordered to go easy on “radicalism” and make use of “moderated language”
"Education to us means service to AFRICA ROBERT SOBUKWE
ROBERT SOBUKWE is NOT Dead. He Multiplied. He's the man in a green blanket at Marikana. He's Andries Tatane. He's You and …
Today marks the date of Robert Sobukwe's birth and the death of Nelson Mandela... Men we will celebrate forever!
On this day a leader was born.Happy earth day ROBERT MANGALISO SOBUKWE.
If you are a South African and do not know who Robert Sobukwe is or any of his story, you have got some work to do.
Read the full, well abridged speech she delivered at 8th Robert Memorial lecture here:
The last Sobukwe quotes where taken from this speech. Here's the link:
The Legacy of Robert Integrity, Vision and an Emphasis on Economic Justice
We have always marked with the PAC 27th Feb as Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe's day, the greatest South African, the gallant. Afri…
December 5 2015.we. commemorate the 91th. anniversary of our legend Mangaliso. Robert Sobukwe
Update: N2 Inbound at Robert Sobukwe, all lanes open, expect delays
N2 inbound before Robert Sobukwe. The BMT lane is obstructed.
Accident: N2 inbound at Robert Sobukwe Rd, 2 right lanes affected, please proceed with care.
hy my brother, can you please write something about Robert Sobukwe. The black community owe him recognition.
Robert Sobukwe would have argued that political freedom without economic emancipation is of no use; the people...
"Cape to Cairo, Morocco to Madagascar of to the United Stated of Africa." Robert Sobukwe of Pan Africanist Congress of Azania "sad"
Robert Sobukwe is by far my Hero he knew even back then that by declaring that Afrika belongs to ALL who live in it included the oppressor
All purpose parts banner
Traffic lights out in Modderdam at Stellenbosch Arterial and Robert Sobukwe
Prof. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, the father of the nation.
I've been taking time to study South African history, the people, the likes of Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani and Mandela as well but Mandela???
Know your history: The Ngcobos were close friends and Pan Africanist cause allies of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. More
How can a man die better: the life of Robert Sobukwe. I found out I know nothing about our history.
Also not Forgetting Leut.Gen. Muamar Gaddaffi and many unsung heroes like your Dr. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe and Steve Bantu Biko.
Mickey Madoda Dube's Sobukwe: A Great Soul is a thorough exposé on the life of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe (1924 –...
if you read that book you will learn that the first person to be re-conciliatory was Robert Sobukwe. Always peaciful
Robert Sobukwe is a leader who walked the political talk to the finish. In the Biblical language, he ran the race and kept the faith.
The private security at the UWC entrance from Robert Sobukwe Road.
How Can A Man Die Better by Robert Sobukwe is such a powerful book . I'm too addicted .
Robert Sobukwe is a major influence on the Brother Moves On (writes
He warned us that there will be cops and security. Please use Robert Sobukwe Road to enter on premises
"Pedestrian access will be via the pedestrian gates on Robert Sobukwe Road and at the Station"
"ehicle access will only be via the Robert Sobukwe Road entrance and the access cards of everybody in vehicles will be checked."
I would quote Mandela on this issue but then again, I only quote Steve B. Biko & Robert M. Sobukwe. They are THE only true REVOLUTIONARIES.
On we raise the name and remember and honor the work of our Ancestor Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe.
Update: Crash: N2 Outbound after Robert Sobukwe, is Cleared, free flowing traffic
Crash: N2 Outbound after Robert Sobukwe, All lanes open, No delays, Pass with caution!!!
“Let me plead with you, lovers of my Africa, to carry with you into the world the vision of a new Africa” ~ Robert Sobukwe
Lies! Only tires in Robert Sobukwe Road OUTSIDE campus were on fire!
Symphony way or Robert Sobukwe Road. If you can't drop off supplies on campus, get to Belhar Train station & contact students
It is surreal. Students getting arrested and teargassed on Robert Sobukwe Road.
We know what you did in Marikana!... UWC & CPUT students shut down Robert Sobukwe and Symphony road
While universities shut over SA, Unisa is giving honorary doctorates to Dr Fabian Ribeiro and his late wife Florence, and Robert Sobukwe.
Robert Sobukwe didn't literally go crazy on Robben Island for this.
reading reissued Benjamin Poground's "ROBERT SOBUKWE: how can a man die better". the speech Sobukwe gave in 1949 as SRC president is key!
Get rid of the shacks. Robert Sobukwe & Steve Biko didn't die for this!
“The future of the world lies with the oppressed and the Africans are the most oppressed people"- Robert Sobukwe
Jan Smuts residence will be changed to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe residence. *slow clap
Voting at Jan Smuts residence has resulted in the proposition of a name change to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. More information to follow.
So they changed the Jan Smuts name to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe house .. Okay, glad I'm moving to Summer place. 😂
I've never seen office of a white person decorated with Pictures of Robert Sobukwe, OR Tambo, Chris Hani or Steve Biko.. Ndiyazithethela
2. ". . . of a United States of Africa from Cape to Cairo and Madagascar to Morocco.”. (Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe)
Thinking of Robert Sobukwe's struggle back in the apartheid days.
The reality is Robert Sobukwe was edited out history. No filming footage or recording of his voice exists, who ever did that robbed us!
Jeff Masemola street in Tshwane is more like a corridor. City should rename Church str to Robert Sobukwe
N2 outbound after Robert Sobukwe, lane closure, expect delays.
Robert Sobukwe's legacy has been incinerated in a memory hole. Only a select few know of him. We need to bring his legacy back…
our Kids read about Chris Hani & Mandela, what about Sabelo Pama & Robert Sobukwe? South African history is a hogwash 😔
Roadworks: N2 Inbound at Robert Sobukwe, right lane closed, No delays
PAC members used to refer to it as that. Robert Sobukwe and Vusi Make times
Robert Sobukwe's dream unrealised, 21 years into democracy
Someone with ubaba Robert Sobukwe's work and footage must share with us. There's a lot of censorship around this fighter.
Malcolm X and Robert Sobukwe, is like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
This where Robert Sobukwe was detained at Robin Island, alone.
Our guiding philosophical outlook is both the black consciousness of Steve Biko and Pan-Africanism of Robert Sobukwe,
[ON AIR] Mike Muendani who was on says they never had any physical contact with Robert Sobukwe while in prison
Update: Crash, N2 Inbound after Jakes Gerwel, Right lane closed, Back of queue before Robert Sobukwe, Expect delays
South Africa: Our role models are these dysfunctional people in Parliament, when they should be Steve Biko or Robert Sobukwe -Prof Jansen
At Robben Island, my sister asked 'if this Robert Sobukwe was so important that Apartheid Gvt crafted a law just for him +
If Robert Sobukwe believed in Africans freeing themselves without white assistance, then why was he aligned with Benjamin Pogrund?
"It is speculated that the SA administration profiled Robert Sobukwe as a more radical opponent than the regular ANC prisoners..."
Considering that other races now identify with and pay their allegiance to Africa, I wonder if Robert Sobukwe would approve
Robert Sobukwe was an interesting character
Robert Sobukwe was the only person imprisoned under the "Sobukwe clause".. ***
Stationary Vehicle, N2 Inbound at Robert Sobukwe, right lane obstructed, no delays
Thina senza nje xa sikhaphi fighter, may her soul rest in peace and the spirit of Robert Sobukwe be upon you.
i think the accident is inbound as traffic is at a stand still from Robert Sobukwe
What hope do we have in South Africa to know about how Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe was poisoned on Robben Island if we will ever know?
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