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Robert Skidelsky

Robert Jacob Alexander, Baron Skidelsky, FBA (born 25 April 1939), is a British economic historian of Russian origin and the author of a major, award-winning, three-volume biography of British economist John Maynard Keynes (1883–1946).

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"In this newly precarious environment of work and welfare, UBI is seen as guaranteeing the basic income previously…
Post-crash economics: some common fallacies about austerity | Robert Skid…
Lord Robert Skidelsky and Dr. Ha Joon Chang on the problem of economics via LSE History Department
Great!. "Robert Skidelsky recommends the best books on John Maynard Keynes"
The best books about John Maynard Keynes, as recommended by his biographer, economist Robert Skidelsky:…
A basic income could be the best way to tackle inequality | Professor Robert Skidelsky
Ready for take-off? Helicopter Money Is in the Air by via
Unconventional was no magic bullet. Can unconventional Fiscal Policy slay the deflationary beast?
Is in the Air, by Are unconventional fiscal & policy the next game in town?.
Helicopter Money Is in the Air: Fiscal policy has been out of fashion since 2010, if not longer. B... by
Robert Skidelsky: Helicopter money is back in the air
The New Norm >>> Is in the Air by Robert Skidelsky via |
Helicopter Money Is in the Air | Why? The incomplete recovery from the global cras…
Helicopter money is in the air. When will it be dropped? asks
Like it or not, unconventional monetary policy could well be the next game in town. by
Interesting: The case against negative interest rates by Robert Skidelsky
Robert Skidelsky: The welfare state did not cause the crash. So why is Osborne cutting it?
Examining Keynes's legacy, 80 years on by Robert Skidelsky via Watch Keynes event:
Inequality is Killing Capitalism by Robert Skidelsky via via
A quality of life competition...I wonder which Scandinavian country would win?.
Robert Skidelsky in the New York Review of Books on THE BATTLE OF BRETTON WOODS
.Best Books of 2015 - FEDERER AND ME by & HALF TIME by Robert Winder topped the Sports category. Nicely done!
Super excited to read this:. Keynes: The Return of the Master by Robert Skidelsky via
I wonder if Robert Skidelsky has read it...!
A hundred years ago, the Islamic world was one of the globe's most peaceful regions; today it is the most violent
Robert Skidelsky gives a final beating to Niall Ferguson:
even arch-Keynesian Robert Sidelsky acknowledge that the "confidence fairy" exists:
Register now for the SPERI Annual Lecture: ‘The Failure of Austerity’ by Lord Robert Skidelsky, 19th May, 6pm
Robert Skidelsky attacks the Austerity policy & Conservative Election Manifesto - this is dynamite
Britain Since 1900 – A Success Story by Robert Skidelsky review – the economic history of the past century
“Robert eviscerates the Tory manifesto in 300 words (via /
Robert Skidelsky: May he be the only honest - Cons. Lord berates the Tory manifesto
Robert Skidelsky on the fallacies in the Conservative manifesto:
Interesting post from Robert Skidelsky on Tory economics
This former Tory peer has integrity. Maybe why he was removed by Hague.
Con Lord Robert Skidelsky says Tory claim to have rescued UK frm 'Labour's great recession' was "mother of all lies."
Robert and Edward Skidelsky come together to discuss the ethics of capitalism:
Former Tory peer Lord Robert Skidelsky calls Conservative Party election manifesto 'the mother of all lies'
The crossbencher says the Tories austerity policies have damaged the economy and slowed down the recovery.
is Robert Skidelsky one of those rare birds, a thinking Tory? if so he won't be very welcome in the Party!
Tory manifesto "is the mother of all lies. The Great Recession was caused by the banks." Robert Skidelsky
Robert Skidelsky, once a Conservative member of the House of Lords, demolishes the Conservative economic narrative
are you going to tell us what Lord Robert Skidelsky says on his website, I DARE you.
and I think you should look at former Tory peer's Lord Robert Skidelsky, then I think you should apologise
Our forthcoming lecture, presented by Lord Robert Skidelsky will take place on 6 May:
Robert Skidelsky - economist and former Tory peer - on the nonsense that is the Tories' claim to have rescued a failing economy
Former Tory member of the House of Lords,Robert Skidelsky,demolishes the Conservative economic narrative in 300 words
Robert Skidelsky eviscerates the Tory manifesto in 300 words (via /
19th May: Annual Lecture: 'The Failure of Austerity' by - Information and Registration
Podcast & Video online of 'Should Markets be Moral?' with Robert Skidelsky & Felix Martin
George Osborne is a closet Keynesian argues Robert Skidelsky.
Britain’s Closet Keynesian by Robert Skidelsky via via
The Moral Economy of Debt by Robert Skidelsky via via
Labour must expose the fallacy of George Osborne’s ‘recovery’ | Robert Skidelsky | Comment is free
Robert Skidelsky on danger of Labour's weak response to Osborn's austerity policy
The fallacy of George Osborne’s ‘recovery’, and why austerity is the wrong policy | Robert Skidelsky
MUST READ PIECE... by Robert Skidelsky. LONDON – The editor of The Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, has written a book...
Robert Skidelsky's Superb Biography of John Maynard Keynes: From the Archives from a Decade Ago
faces upheaval as demand right to dissent | Robert Skidelsky via
"What the Wolves of Wall Street can teach us about risk" | Robert Skidelsky, The Guardian
The Wolves of Wall Street by Robert Skidelsky via via
"Four years of George Osborne have been four years too many". Robert Skidelsky on top form.
On page 248 of 1056 of John Maynard Keynes, by Robert Skidelsky: I love this oversized tomb!
Political economist Robert Skidelsky has completed the third and final volume of his biography of John Maynard Keynes. It is called "John Maynard Keynes: Fig.
Four Fallacies of the Second Great Depression by Robert Skidelsky via
IN THE years since the publication in 1936 of "The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money", John Maynard Keynes’s name has been irretrievably linked to the idea that fiscal stimulus should be used to combat recession during downturns. Such ideas came to dominate economics in the 30 years after the second world war, so much so that Republican president Richard Nixon declared in 1971 that “we are all Keynesians now”. Although Keynes’s ideas went out of favour in the 1980s and 1990s, they came back into fashion as the financial crisis of 2007-09 unfolded. The use of fiscal stimulus to fight recessions in America, Britain and Asia led Keynes’s most prominent biographer, Robert Skidelsky, to declare the “return of the master”. Keynes's notoriety among the public rose so much that a hip-hop video of him arguing the merits of fiscal stimulus with his rival, F. A. Hayek, went viral on YouTube back in 2010. Advertisement But whether Keynes’s ideas were ever as simple or consistent as some ...
Robert Skidelsky - Four Fallacies of the Second Great Depression - Project Syndicate:
My interview with Robert Skidelsky is now up on
George Osborne is wrong. Austerity is for the boom years, not the slump | Robert Skidelsky via
Top story: La felicidad es igualdad by Robert Skidelsky - Project Syndicate see more
Agreed. Robert Skidelsky's work is one example. Who else would you recommend?.
"Happiness is Equality" - on the limits of quantifiable wealth. via
[Archive] "Great inequality makes us hungrier for goods than we would otherwise be," - writes
Does it concern you? Extract from George Monbiot's article 'Enough already' in 'Guardian' 06.05.13 "In their interesting but curiously incomplete book, How Much is Enough?, Robert and Edward Skidelsky note that “Capitalism rests precisely on this endless expansion of wants. That is why, for all its success, it remains so unloved. It has given us wealth beyond measure, but has taken away the chief benefit of wealth: the consciousness of having enough. … The vanishing of all intrinsic ends leaves us with only two options: to be ahead or to be behind. Positional struggle is our fate.(9) ... . the US, UK and Italy in the graph of OECD nations they publish – are those with the greatest inequality. They might have added that they are also the three with the lowest levels of social mobility(10)". Sources of (9) and (10), 9. Robert Skidelsky and Edward Skidelsky, 2012. How Much is Enough?: The Love of Money, and the Case for the Good Life. Penguin Books, London. The reason I say it is curiously incomplete i ...
"Although Keynes was an architect of core components of social democratic policy – particularly his emphasis on maintaining full employment – he did not subscribe to other key social democratic objectives, such as public ownership or massive expansion of the welfare state" -- Robert Skidelsky on how Keynes would fit into today's social democracy.
Robert Skidelsky on Money, the Good Life, and How Much is Enough "Robert Skidelsky, noted biographer of John Maynard Keynes and author (with his son Edward) of the recently published How Much is Enough, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about materialism, growth, insatiability, and the Good Life. Skidelsky argues that we work too hard and too long. He argues that the Good Life has more leisure than we currently consume and that public policy should be structured to discourage work in wealthy countries where work can still be uninspiring. Skidelsky criticizes the discipline of economics and economists for contributing to an obsession with growth to the detriment of what he says are more meaningful and life-enhancing policy goals."
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Grow fast, grow slow, grow well:Three scenarios - 5 January 2013, Straits Times AS SINGAPORE matures, restructures and undergoes a dramatic demographic shift, it is entering a new era of slower growth. And it is doing so at a time when global attitudes towards economic expansion undergo a big shift, in response to alarm over high levels of income inequality, the onset of climate change and energy constraints. Eminent economists such as Robert Skidelsky have observed such a change. The professor emeritus of political economy at Warwick University wrote in a recent article: "A deeper shift in the attitude towards growth has occurred, which is likely to make it a less important lodestar in the future - especially in rich countries." The new direction is towards growth with equity, which is sustainable and inclusive. Hence the rise to prominence of alternative measures of well-being such as the Gini coefficient that tracks income inequality, and indexes to measure liveability, environmental sustainability and ...
How did economic forecasts overestimate the recovery? | Robert Skidelsky - important but old news:
Robert Skidelsky's speech to the House of Lords on the government's austerity policies. In the Growth...
Income inequality is killing capitalism | Robert Skidelsky - think it did years ago, corpse alive on debt!
Skidelsky's odd argument "people are greedy & they always want more than they can afford" | Inequality & Capitalism
The Wages of Economic Ignorance by Robert Skidelsky- Project Syndicate via via
Income inequality is killing capitalism | Robert Skidelsky vía
I love this footage of Lords interrogating Swinney - keep it up
Happiness, equality and the search for economic growth | Robert Skidelsky via
El regreso de Keynes/ Keynes: The Return of the Master: Robert Skidelsky
On jobs, innovation and growth: "Paradise Lost" by Robert Skidelsky: Project Syndicate via
This is extremely sharp: Robert Skidelsky - Inequality is killing capitalism
Two years on from one of the worst crises ever to hit the free market, what lies in store for the global economy? Are we steadfast on the road to recovery or does liberalism itself need to be rethought?
Robert Skidelsky-AAA protectin in UK is an excuse- blames Osbourne for all the misses of targets
Two and a half years into Osborne’s chancellorship, the failure of his economic strategy is plain to see -
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
One more chance for Osborne to change course l Robert Skidelsky -
Inequality is killing capitalism l Robert Skidelsky -
Inequality is Killing Capitalism by Robert Skidelsky. Not a new analysis, but a good account
1 more chance to change course: Robert Skidelsky proposes capital investment & Investment Bank to boost economic demand
Skidelsky says inequality fueled demand for debt, causing crisis and low growth. Convoluted at best: RT
'Concerted redistribution of wealth and income has frequently been essential to the long-term survival of capitalism.'
Skidelsky: median incomes stagnant or even falling for last 30 years even as per capita GDP grown, means w giant share
Income inequality is killing capitalism | Robert Skidelsky via
Keynote speakers will be Dennis Meadows and Robert Skidelsky. will also give a short welcome speech.
How Much is Enough?: Money and the Good Life by Robert Skidelsky and Edward Skidelsky
The case for the How Much Is Enough? by Robert and Edward Skidelsky:
Robert Skidelsky and Nicholas Phillipson discuss how the philosophies of Keynes and Smith helped shape their influential economic ideas and examine how each has influenced social and political change.
"Big Countries, Small Wars" - Robert Skidelsky on drones, counter-terrorism, and modern warfare.
Edward Skidelsky and Robert Skidelsky: The return of the six-day week won't save Greece. Let's learn from – not emulate – the Victorians
Obama versus Osborne: Robert Skidelsky compares American and British responses to the crisis via
How Much is Enough? by Robert Skidelsky and Edward Skidelsky; What Money Can't Buy by Michael Sandel – review
May be last day of term but lots of exciting events over next month. Next week we host Robert Skidelsky & Andrew Blum
Just reading 'Keynes: Return of the Master' by Robert Skidelsky. George Osborne so needs a copy of this book
Robert Skidelsky: Labour's Paradise Lost: ... Political Economy at Warwick University and a fellow of the Britis...
Return to capitalism 'red in tooth and claw' spells economic madness | Robert Skidelsky via
Hoisted from the Archives: In Praise of Volumes 1 and 2 of Robert Skidelsky's Biography of John Maynard Keynes
I'm at The Tabernacle for Five Speakers, Fifteen Minutes Each, Frances Osborne, Robert Skidelsky and 6 more (London)
Had Osborne not cut capital spending the deficit would now be smaller, because the economy would be larger - Robert Skidelsky
"Why China Won't Rule" by Robert Skidelsky | Project Syndicate: Nowadays, many are asking whether China is about...
“Robert Skidelsky on the need to forgive public and private to promote economic recovery. Read & learn
Interesting: Write 'em off, he says: Down with Debt Weight. Robert Skidelsky via h/t
Down with Debt Weight by Robert Skidelsky - Project Syndicate via
"The boom, not the slump, is the time for Treasury austerity." - Robert Skidelsky (via Guardian)
Guardian article by Robert Skidelsky. Osborne is wrong. So obvious that austerity will not make deficit smaller.
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