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Robert Siegel

Robert Siegel is an American radio journalist best known as of the National Public Radio evening news broadcast All Things Considered.

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We are thrilled to announce that the legendary Robert Siegel of will be in Pullman this spring to accept The Edward…
Robert Siegel has been the voice of for 30 years. He steps down from the host chair today. Share your memories and well-wi…
Got my Siegel selfie! Thanks for teaching me so much Robert! I’ll miss the way you say my name on air and so much more. ht…
Robert Siegel is retiring after four decades at NPR. Over his 30-year tenure as host of All Things Considered, Robert has inte…
So Robert Siegel retires and the language on immediately goes straight down th…
One last time: "I'm Robert Siegel. And you're listening to All Things Considered from NPR News." . .
Not only is it really Robert Siegel, he left his own retirement celebration to do it. Sadly, though, that's it.
Was that really Robert Siegel and, if so, will we get the whole thing as a bonus podcast?
I started listening to Robert Siegel 25 years ago just after moving to the US. His voice, along with Bob Edwards, Carl Kasell,…
Even better. We got to hear Robert Siegel say it :p
Wife at breakfast table: Oh, don’t you ever leave me like Robert Siegel did.
My all-time favorite Robert Siegel moment is this interview with in which Robert can't stop giggling.
I’ve always loved listen to Robert Siegel and I can’t believe he’s retiring, I’m grateful for all the knowl…
Robert Siegel steps down from after 30 years.
Al Franken’s party is going on Robert Siegel asks great questions.
After 30 years of hosting All Things Considered, Robert Siegel is signing off after today's program. Tune in to your member sta…
My kids love & and listened to Robert Siegel sign off last week; “I love that guy, mom!”
On the Atlantic Interview podcast, Robert Siegel explains why he chose to retire from NPR. One reason: He doesn't unde…
Listen to some of Robert Siegel's best Classical Music Interviews!
The one time Robert Siegel and me shared space
With all respect due Robert Siegel, my dream team is &
Congrats Robert Siegel on an amazing career. Even if Mr. Burns didn’t appreciate your intelligence, curiousity and…
I grew up listening to Robert Siegel. My kids will grow up with you. Welcome to the family!
I’m sorry I conducted this podcast interview of Robert Siegel on Monday and not today. I would have loved to have hear…
I'm sad I'll never hear Robert Siegel say it but happy recognizes how crucial it is to reporting.
Happy to confirm this news: in January I'll be moving to the All Things Considered host chair, succeeding Robert Siegel and j…
Was just looking forward to usual segment with David Brooks (gah) and E.J. Dionne, remembered it'll be the…
Sure, it confirms he’s a racist and degrades American values, but we’re all overlooking another crucial negative si…
Nothing against you, but it would be AWESOME if you could get a sound bite of Robert Siegel saying
Oh no. Robert Siegel retired a week too soon. Can he be brought back as a commentator on ATC tonight so tha…
I began tonight’s tribute, “Robert Siegel retires just as he misses the chance to begin All Things Considered by saying…
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NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Mark Jacobson, a professor at Georgetown about a new report from the...
On ATC, NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Justyna Pawlak, Reuters bureau chief for Central Europe, about President Trump's visit to Poland.
Seriously - Diane Rehm, Robert Siegel and now Frank Deford?! Ok I'll just lay down and die.
I remember listening to Robert Siegel on ATC during road trips when my dad was steering the ship. End of an era. 💔
Plate (page 79) from AVENTURES IN KU-TA-BA WA-DO. David Octavius Hill, Robert Siegel. Platinum print from the supplementary printed in color
Robert La Bianca presents your new home and is anxious to show it to you... The award winning Siegel Lending Team...
ive been googling pics of NPR reporters for an hour...i need prayers or drugs . & a PSA. robert siegel is not as attractive as his voice
On Robert Siegel described the border wall as one of Trump's "flashiest" proposals. Um, I think you meant one of the most HATEFUL.
The Founder - Plot Summary:  Written by Robert Siegel, The Founder is a biographical drama that tells the...
story on NPR's Robert Siegel talks to New York Times reporter Eric Lipton about Rudy Giuliani's pot…
Fortunately, still good public radio out there. solid, plus o/c Robert Siegel still does good work on
Joshua Johnson does a mean Robert Siegel impression.
It's when i heard the plummy tones of Robert Siegel come on NPR to discuss Trump selecting hs cabinet that I realized, I gotta turn this off
The Lady Canes will face Robert E Lee Saturday at 1:00 PM at the Siegel Center in Richmond.
It's easier to listen to NPR if you imagine Robert Siegel rolling his eyes & stabbing himself with a pencil every time he says Trump.
In studio with show with Robert Siegel.
"I think it's time for a fundamental reassessment," Sanders tells NPR's Robert Siegel, "and I think what that...
.discusses the Supermoon:. Robert Siegel: What's the best way to see the Supermoon tonight?. Astronomer: Go outside and look up.
Great interview with on Nice work by Robert Siegel.
Robert Siegel is talking to today on about his new book, "Our Revolution" and what's next for Democrats in Washington
Pat "was guest liaison for writer guest of honor Robert A.
To those who still don't get it: this is a return to the 1960s only with Rudy Giuliani, rather than Robert Kennedy running…
Hi, I'm Robert Siegel. Today on All Things Considered, we'll spend four hours screaming into the void
"The script should be like a theatrical script...when it starts to intrude, the theater is failing."---Robert Siegel
All Things Considered's Robert Siegel loves saying "Donald Trump" more than he loves breathing.
NPRs Robert Siegel talks with Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona about the state of play in the Republican Party following the Indiana primaries.
NPRs Robert Siegel talks with Randy Morris, superintendent of the Kingsburg Joint Union High School District in California
NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Debra Houry, director of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at…
NPRs Robert Siegel interviews Nader Modanlo, an Iranian-American who was released from U
CSWA annual conference presenter Robert Siegel is a practiced veteran in the field of Meditation Mindfulness...
NPRs Robert Siegel talks to Al Gerhardstein, a civil rights attorney in Cincinnati who represented the family of Samuel DuBose
Love the forced enthusiasm for subjects Robert Siegel is wholly uninterested in, baby!
Tourists Flock To New Hampshire For Front Row Seat To Presidential Politics: NPR's Robert Siegel reports on people who are not involv...
NPR | Marvin Minsky who pioneered artificial intelligence research dies at 88: NPR’s Robert Siegel speaks to R...
Toucans are so incredible. Sometimes, I almost can't believe that they're real. [photo: Robert Siegel]
I pull up to your house blasting NPR; your panties soak as Robert Siegel's voice slowly fills the air.
My man looking great on the set of director Robert Siegel new film Cruise
ICYMI: discusses Paid Patriotism investigation with All Things Considered host Robert Siegel on
So disappointed to hear Robert Siegel repeatedly refer to Syrian refugees as migrants on even while EC VP kept saying refugees.
I know the host of All Things Considered is Robert SIEGEL but in my mind it's Robert SEAGULL and I get NPR news from a trash-eating bird
noted, as my one life skill is a Robert Siegel impression
NPRs Robert Siegel speaks with Ilan Stavans about his book, emQuixote: The Novel and the World
NPRs Robert Siegel and Audie Cornish officially welcome Ari Shapiro and Kelly McEvers to the emAll Things Considered/em host team
they might need to go with Colt PickCoy or Robert GriffINT tbh
NPRs Robert Siegel talks to lawyer Alan Milstein about deflategate
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
NPRs Robert Siegel speaks with author Timothy Snyder about his new book, emBlack Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning/em
'Happy Birthday' ruled public domain: Plaintiffs Rupa Marya and Robert Siegel argued the song…
NPRs Robert Siegel speaks with our regular political commentators, E
Well done to Rupa Marya and Robert Siegel. Cue the appeal?... BBC News - 'Happy Birthday' ruled out of copyright
NPRs Robert Siegel speaks with political commentators, E
NPRs Robert Siegel interviews Democratic Rep. Steve Israel, an opponent of the Iran nuclear deal, about what he wants to see happen next.
"Liberalism's enemies were the middle classes & the aesthetic ugliness it associated with an industrial economy..."-Fred Sieg…
NPRs Robert Siegel talks to comedians John Cleese and Eric Idle of Monty Python about their new show, emTogether Again At Last
NPRs Robert Siegel talks with National Park Service historian Frank Norris about the history of how North Americas tallest peak was named.
"Being a poet is simply an acknowledgement that music matters." —Michael White:
Cicada (Zikade) and ornament (page 43) from Der Menschen. Robert Siegel. Etching, and red black paint, pencil and varnish additions
What happens to your brain and body when you check your phone right before bed via
NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Republican Rep. Mimi…: NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Republica... Follow me for
"I just typed." Michael White, longlisted for the National Book Award, with in
Interview with Michael White about TRAVELS IN VERMEER, long-listed for the National Book Award
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Poli...
NPR's Robert Siegel talks with James Neff about his new book Vendetta: Bobby Kennedy versus Jimmy Hoffa.
NPRs Robert Siegel speaks with regular political commentators David Brooks of emThe New York Times/em and E
NPRs Robert Siegel talks with playwright Annie Baker about her play, emThe Flick/em, which won the Pulitzer Prize last year.
Listen to Robert Siegel's interview Joshua Cohen, author of 'Book of Numbers' , one of the summers most discussed...
NPRs Robert Siegel speaks to Elizabeth Loftus, professor of psychology at the University of California, Irvine, about inventing memories
[link removed] NPR's Robert Siegel and Melissa Block read our listeners' reactions to Thursday's discussi…
Just watched EJ Dionne walk into the New Yorker party and give Robert Siegel a hug like a boss. Must be
"Counseling for founders" story featuring us was on All Things Considered with a leadin by Robert Siegel
NPRs Robert Siegel speaks with Jo Becker of emThe New York Times/em about Russias foray into the U
Enormous magma reservoir found under Yellowstone Photo: Robert B. Smith and Lee J. Siegel
Royal elder Prince El Hassan bin Talal talks to Robert Siegel about the countrys role in fighting terrorism and extremism
Robert Siegel talks to Maureen Sullivan, senior vice president of strategic services and chief strategy officer for…
Robert Siegel speaks with Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., about w...
Robert Siegel talks to Peter "Pete" Hoekstra, who was chair of the House Intelligence Committee from 2004-2007
Robert Siegel talks with Carrie Kahn and John Burnett for a year-end update on a story t...
Robert Siegel talks with NASA scientist, John Grotzinger, about the origins of a mountain discovered by the Curiosity rover on Mars.
Robert Siegel speaks with Mike J. Rogers, outgoing chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.
Robert Siegel remembers director and film icon Mike Nichols, who died Wednesday of a heart attack at 83.
Robert Siegel talks to Stephen Rowden, a volunteer with Doctors Without Borders who was in Liberia
Robert Siegel talks to Tom Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about CDC...
Audie Cornish and Robert Siegel read letters from listeners about the percentages used in weather forecasts.
Ahead of the State of the Union, Robert Siegel sits down with White House press secretary Jay Carney
Jimmy Durante and Carol Channing join Robert Siegel and Terry Gross on a solute to the old Prairie Home.
Robert Siegel interviews journalist David Stern, who reports from the barricades created by protesters in Kiev
Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis talks to host Robert Siegel about the latest developments in the Dolphins bullying investigation
Public Broadcasting Leftists Rake in Huge Salaries Posted by Dave Blount at 9:26 AM When James O'Keefe pulled a sting operation on Ron Schiller of the execrable left-wing propaganda service National Public Radio, the moonbat admitted not only to hatred of normal Americans and sympathy for Islamic terrorists, but also that NPR did not need any of the taxpayer money it has been bathing in. But the ill-gotten loot is nice to have anyway, when doling out salaries like these: Fresh Air host / executive producer Terry Gross: $245,563 in 2008 This American Life host Ira Glass: earned $170,605 in 2008 Morning Edition host Renee Montagne: $405,140 Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep: $356,499 All Things Considered anchor Robert Siegel: $358,653 Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon: $364,465 Our money is redistributed to NPR and the comparably malignant PBS by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, whose own execs are also compensated handsomely: According to CPB's 2009 tax forms, President and CEO Patricia d ...
Every time I hear him say, "And I'm Robert Siegel," I picture him shoving Melissa Block away from the mike.
The Blue Jasmine star speaks with NPR's Robert Siegel about playing an unlikable character.
I have shared this below but in case you did not open it here it is.Gayest year ever... ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Robert Siegel. It's the time of year when we look back on the winners and losers of 2013. And for *** rights groups, the last 12 months saw a huge string of victories, from state legislatures to Congress to the Supreme Court. The surprise ruling in Utah legalizing same-sex marriage is just the latest win. NPR's Ari Shapiro reports on why some LGBT advocates are calling 2013 the gayest year ever. Ari Shapiro, BYLINE: At the start of this year, millions of people watched President Obama deliver his second inaugural address. *** rights advocates were shocked and delighted to hear him speak forcefully for their cause. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: The most evident of truths - that all of us are created equal - is the star that guides us still, just as it guided our forbearers through Seneca Falls and Selma and Stonewall. SHAPIRO: With one alliterative phrase, ...
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Watch author and New York Times columnist David Brooks being interviewed by Robert Siegel of NPR as part of the Maxwell School/Public Agenda Policy ...
Some of the destruction from Typhoon Haiyan was not purely the result of the storm's huge force. Among the leading Asian economies, the Philippines regularly ranks as the most corrupt. Robert Siegel talks with Steven Rood, who runs the Asia Foundation's office in Manila, about how the nation's infra...
"I think in our modern polarized debate, we tend to assume that you're either for something or against it [...] The intermediate position — that you really like something but you're aware that it has deep-seated problems — is harder to fit into modern discourse." — Gregg Easterbrook, author of The King of Sports: Football's Impact on America, in an interview with NPR's Robert Siegel, 9/24/13
.history & sociology prof Thomas Sugrue talked to Robert Siegel about Labor as ally to Civil Rights.
Announcing: ECU CW Professor Robert Siegel's play to be performed in Durham! . PORTRAITS: HE SAID.. SHE SAID.
Robert Siegel: "Don't worry about a message--if you write the best...story you can, your deepest convictions will come out unconsciously..."
Robert Siegel of talks with Sec. of State John Gale about sovereign citizen fraudulent liens.
Robert Siegel talks to Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, about suspending U.S. aid to Egypt.
Three stand-up comedians with roots in the Middle East are performing across America on the "Axis of Evil Comedy Tour." Ahmed Ahmed, Maz Jobrani and Aron Kader talk to Robert Siegel about the challenges of humor during times of war -- and their favorite air marshal joke.
J. Peter Pham, director of the Atlantic Council’s Michael S. Ansari Africa Center, was interviewed by Robert Siegel on recent trends in piracy off the coast of Somalia for today’s edition of the NPR’s All Things Considered.
So did Robert Siegel and David Brooks mean instead of ? lols All Things Considered
Can you imagine what a conversation between Robert Siegel and Alan Alda would sound like?
Robert Siegel speaks with former top diplomat Thomas Pickering, who led the State Department's investigation into the September 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Pickering's report was criticized by witnesses at this week's congressional oversight hearing about the administration...
Every weekday, All Things Considered hosts Robert Siegel, Melissa Block and Audie Cornish present the program's trademark mix of news, interviews, commentaries, reviews, and offbeat features.
Editing a Robert Siegel intw. with Fiona Shaw; Richard Griffiths just died. What's Dudley up to, I wonder?
Waterspout near downtown Tampa this morning caused some damage. Photo courtesy of Robert Siegel, NWS SKYWARN spotter.
Robert Siegel talks to Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington. She's chair of the Senate Budget Committee, and...
The suicide rate has been climbing among servicemen and women in the U.S. military. To put those numbers in context, Robert Siegel speaks with Dr. Alex Crosby of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about the overall U.S. suicide rate and the factors that contribute to it.
Robert Siegel talks to regular political commentators E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks of The New York Times. They discuss President Obama's inauguration and his new cabinet.
My wife and I spice up our sexy role play by occasionally switching who plays Robert Siegel and who plays Melissa Block.
Listen: Robert Siegel of interview w on the Parliamentary Elections & the future of
Join host Robert Siegel for All Things Considered weeknights from 5 to 7 - on your drive home and while you're...
Holy crap! And then Robert Siegel said, 'as David Schultz reports' and there you were on the radio!
Robert Siegel talks to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash), the new House Republican Conference Chair. She talks about her reaction to...
French actress Marion Cotillard won the 2008 Academy Award for best actress for her role in La Vie en Rose. NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Cotillard about her new film, Rust and Bone, in which she plays an amputee.
Football, shmushball... time for some poetry. Ran across this the other day from Robert Siegel. He manages to find the smallest of things to rejoice in. A Song of Praises by Robert Siegel for the gray nudge of dawn at the window for the chill that hangs around the bed and slips its cold tongue under the covers for the cat that walks over my face purring murderously for the warmth of the hip next to mine and sweet lethargy for the cranking up of the will until it turns me out of bed for the robe's caress along arm and neck for the welcome of hot water, the dissolving of the night's stiff mask in the warm washcloth for the light along the while porcelain sink for the toothbrush's savory invasion of the tomb of the mouth and resurrection of the breath for the warm lather and the clean scrape of the razor and the skin smooth and pink that emerges for the steam of the shower, the apprehensive shiver and then its warm enfolding of the shoulders its falling on the head like grace its anointing of the whole bod . ...
(like may cease to be a deliberative legislative body 1/2013, yet lets Norm Ornstein BS Robert Siegel re its rules??
I just read Robert Siegel's bio and found out that he is a yahuud!
Debunking Robert Bryce’s power hungry gusher of lies A reminder of why Bryce shouldn't be listened to.
Robert Siegel Architects was asked to design an addition to the client’s existing residence, originally designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes in 1974. The program included a new master bedroom suite, ...
We're letting the kids stay up late for something special: Cowboys/Skins! As Northern Virginians, we're rooting for "both Washington and the 'Skins," as we explained to my youngest son a few minutes ago. There's something rather fun elbowing and being elbowed for best position near the chips and salsa . . . my daughter in particular throws a stiff elbow!
Seven miles on the treadmill. Watched my at the same time: (2009, written by Robert D. Siegel)
Approaching the Cliff...2012 Extreme Weather Year Ender...France-Depardieu. These stories and more today at 4pm on ATC.
.notion of balanced coverage of the Tea Party: have liberal host Robert Siegel discuss the TP with only left-winger
*** Wolf on prosecutors, defense lawyers and his new (first) book. Robert Siegel's entertaining interview:
Just talked to Robert Siegel on the radio. Couldn't help by think: "I'm talking to Robert Siegel on the radio!"
Robert Siegel is interviewing *** Wolf on All Things Considered. How he didn't scream *** WOLF in his intro, I'll never know. cc:
Letters: Southern Baptist Convention Leader On Guns Melissa Block and Robert Siegel read emails from listeners about a
Robert Siegel talks to Mark Follman of Mother Jones magazine about other mass shootings in history.
Conn. Shooting Brings Attention To School Security: Claudio Sanchez talks to Robert Siegel about what schools do...
A special story on the Black middle class aired today on National Public Radio’sAll Things Consideredhosted by Robert Siegel. Last week, Siegel traveled to Atlanta to speak with individuals and local civic agencies and organizations – including the Urban League of Greater Atlanta – to find out how ...
Robert Siegel talks to Don Gonyea about controversial political ads on the auto bailout from the Mitt Romney campaign.
Salman Rushdie is a fascinating man- can you imagine living under threat of a fatwa for so many years. You can see an interview with him on Book TV on C-Span 2. 1:15 p.m. NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Salman Rushdie, author of Joseph Anton: A Memoir (Re-airs Sunday at 10:30 p.m.)
Robert Siegel interviews re: Songs of stay tuned!
Salman Rushdie is so entertaining ... and it's especially cool to SEE Robert Siegel when we hear his unmistakeable voice.
Robert Siegel talks to Robert Farley, deputy managing editor at, to truth squad some of the statements in former President Bill Clinton's speech Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention.
At the helm of an underdog team that won one of the most dramatic World Series ever, Tony La Russa "retired" in just about the best way possible. Robert Siegel talks with La Russa about his new baseball memoir One Last Strike and his remarkable 33 year career as one of the best managers in Major Lea...
Nerdy audio observation of the day: Robert Siegel from NPR sounds exactly like Frank Deford from Real Sports.
text size A A A May 17, 2012 A new study looks at how paralyzed people are able to move robotic arms with their thoughts, due to a microchip that is implanted in their brains that sends neural signals to a computer. Robert Siegel speaks with the lead author of the study, Dr. Leigh Hochberg, neurologist and engineer at Brown University and the VA Medical Center in Providence, R.I.
For Mitt Romney to win the presidency, he'll have to close the gender gap. Polls show female voters favor President Obama over Romney by wide margins. Robert Siegel sat down with Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire to ask her about women and the GOP.
Robert Siegel and Melissa Block read from listener e-mails about our series on the brain injuries of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, who are often not properly diagnosed and sometimes must fight for adequate treatment.
Be still my heart! Robert Siegel and I share out first love in classical music... Beethoven's "Emperor" Piano Concerto!
Border checkpoint between the USA and Canada with a rock garden for staff by Robert Siegel Architects.
Robert Siegel talks to Professor Alan Blinder of Princeton on the Federal Reserve's renewal of the so-called "Operation Twist."
best part was hearing Robert Siegel and Melissa Block stoicly read the Borat version lyrics on All Things Considered
Every weekday, local host, Brady Carlson, and national hosts Melissa Block, Michele Norris, and Robert Siegel present two hours of breaking news mixed with
Thanks for featuring our audio on All Things Considered! Got all tingly hearing Robert Siegel mention us!
Peter Higgs is the name — and man — behind the Higgs boson. He and his team proposed the particle's existence back in the 1960s. Robert Siegel talks to Victoria Martin, a lecturer in physics and astronomy at the University of Edinburgh and a former student of Higgs, for more.
Just talked to All Things Considered about the floods + couldn't help but start by blurting out to Robert Siegel: "I love your voice." Oof.
Robert Siegel and Melissa Block both have magnificent and calming voices.
Catch me this afternoon on NPR's "All Things Considered" interviewed by host Robert Siegel about the importance of the I-4 Corridor in this presidential election.
It's packed in the County today, with live music from Canadian folk rock band Great Lake Swimmers, a chat with ESPN's Jemele Hill, and an interesting voicemail from Robert Siegel.
Check out photos from last night's event with General Colin Powell and Robert Siegel
I thought that was Annie Potts // I think that Robert Siegel is in possession of the world's most reassuring voice.
Audie Cornish and Robert Siegel note that the ashes of some celebrities' were launched on the SpaceX Falcon rocket on Tuesday. They include those of James "Scotty" Doohan of Star Trek and astronaut Gordon Cooper.
Robert Siegel as commencement speaker was fantastic. But kind of changed the game with his speech
Portland, Ore., is one of the cities trying something new in movie theaters — encouraging audience members to heckle via text messages. The jokes and comments appear on the big screen. Robert Siegel talks with Erik Henriksen of the Portland Mercury alternative weekly about this week's offering — Poi...
Photo: Colin Powell came to the office to talk to Robert Siegel
Documents have been released in the investigation of George Zimmerman's shooting of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, shot Martin, an unarmed teen. He's claiming self-defense. Robert Siegel talks to Greg Allen.
The emergence of Joe Ricketts is yet more proof of how the Citizens United court ruling has opened the flood gates for wealthy donors to influence the outcome of presidential campaigns — or has it? Peter Overby talks to Robert Siegel about big donors and what those court decisions really mean.
Chuck Brown, known as the "Godfather of Go-Go," a syle of percussion-heavy funk born in Washington, D.C., died after suffering from pneumonia. He was 75. Robert Siegel has this remembrance.
Robert Siegel talks with Lynn Stout, professor of corporate law at Cornell University, about the JPMorgan Chase trade that has cost the bank more than $2 billion and led to the resignation of the company's chief investment officer.
Robert Siegel talks to actor Bill Nighy about his role in the new film, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The movie follows a group of British retirees who move to the less-expensive and more-exotic India. Expecting a luxury development, they arrive to discover a hotel filled with dusty sheets and bir...
Robert Siegel talks to J. David Goldin about how he led authorities to learn that a long-time employee of the National Archives had been stealing sound recordings. Goldin is the man who donated many of them, and he found one being sold online.
Photoset: ‘s Robert Siegel talks to important people! Henry Waxman, Michael Chabon and Eric...
Kenneth Lieberthal is co-author of a new monograph called "Addressing U.S.-China Strategic Distrust." He's also director of the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution. Robert Siegel speaks with Lieberthal about what is behind the distrust between the two countries and what can b...
Awesome letter to the editor which puts in proper perspective. Singles out Robert Siegel for apt criticism.
Exploring The Spanish Empire: Robert Siegel talks with British historian Hugh Thomas about his new book, The Golde...
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