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Robert Peston

The Hon Robert James Kenneth Peston (born 25 April 1960) is a British journalist. Since February 2006, he has been the Business Editor for BBC News.

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bolloks just pure bolloks. Go visit a foodbank Robert.
Robert Peston really shouldn't be using the Tory line of the 'great recession' in his reports.
A v compelling, thought provoking talk on failure of globalization & new industrial revolution at / Robert 's Peston lecture
"It is naive to think you can have equality of opportunity while ignoring inequality of outcome". Excellent lecture by Robert Peston
Full house at QMUL for lecture on globalisation by Robert Peston
.And here's Robert in various broadcasts covering for the bankers PPI abuse.
Focussing on male presenters for a change: Is Robert Peston the new Hugh Grant?
20:05 The Documentary: Robert Peston investigates the alarming rise in financial inequality since the 1980s
No, Robert,the word is'paid' not 'earned'.
"The Rising Price of Inequality" -- Good program from Robert Peston and
Wow. What's with Robert Peston's hair?! He looks like Austin Powers
Trying to pay attention to the panel and not just keep looking over to see Robert Peston's reactions at the Mile End Institute launch
'Teachers' pets: your furry friends over half term – gallery Robert Peston?
UK prime minister David Cameron plans for a possible Greek exit from the eurozone, the BBCs economics editor Robert Peston learns.
OK, sorry, genuine mistake, I meant the chap on Robert Peston's post "movie" discussion.
So Robert Peston was too scared to name Annalisa by name ;-) ?
Robert Peston hosting a debate on the future of the EU Macro
Bill Emmott always names you as an author, Puzzling Robert Peston didn't know...
Looks like someone was not happy about their scheduling. This Week is always on at that time, man up Robert. :)
Thought the discussion afterwards with Robert Peston was good. Hitchen spot on in his summing up of the film.
is there a way for (EU) ex-pats to see this Robert? Website is telling me that it is only for UK viewers, would love to see it.
Cut your hair Robert Peston. You look like you're trying too hard. follow up.
Never mind all that pro/anti-EU stuff. Let's discuss the REAL issues of should Robert get a haircut?
Great discussion Robert. on top form, aided by clarity and bite.
To frank Robert poor Bill was a shambles with little grasp of EU history or details! So he kept trying to read football results!
Interesting Storyville on the EU tonight. The discussion hosted by Robert Peston - even better
Robert Peston keeps saying that was very much one man's view. Desperately trying to cover the BBC's ***
never mind that, *** is going on with Robert Peston's hair??!!
New post: As Robert Peston Said….. *** :     What on earth will the BBC do with all its time if Labour w...
21:30 Our World: Robert Peston asks if Marine Le Pen could really be president.
Hugh Grant hair? Not a bit of it. Robert Peston is actually bang on trend:
Online bullies target male TV presenters/ journalists on their looks too - good response
Level headed stuff from Robert Peston- Where is the deal between Athens and Berlin?
Pink bus or Robert Peston's new hair? Are we talking about anything important?
What happened to the Robert Peston hair style report, from 1pm to 4pm? It wasn't on.
BREAKING NEWS: Robert Peston arrested on suspicion of stealing Hugh Grant's hair in Four Weddings And A Funeral.
Very good piece from on being objectified online
Great response from to all the hair haters
Why do people feel what Robert Peston does with his hair is their business? Mind your sodding own.
Looks like has won the internet today - and rightly so.
nice article. Glad you don't take yourself too seriously!
Getting my hair cut today. Slightly nervous about it
Great read on being objectified and social media trolling from - lot of sad/strange keyboard warriors about
.Peston's barnet is all over the internet- and he's got some great stuff to say
Why is Robert Peston's hair more important than it sounds?
Hi Robert, your hair is fine, and your journalism is even finer. Take care and keep up the good work in these testing economic times
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Speaking as a stammerer with a floppy haircut I'm with on this
Robert Peston is fortunate to have a full head of hair to play with.
New profile pic makes you look like Robert Peston hee hee!
As Robert Peston faces internet criticism on his hairstyle choices, he makes a valid point on internet insults:
BBC Peston Time: I persuaded to be made over for Er, will he ever forgive me?
Although anyone favourably compared to Jarvis has to be pleased with that
Reminder that harassment occurs in every field - but it was only the gaming press that blamed its audience.
Think looks cool. Mainly because I cant be arsed to get my hair cut and look a bit similar currently.
Baffled to read people have been saying Robert Peston sounds like a Dalek. So wrong. He sounds like a Cyberman from Th…
BBC Economics editor, Robert Peston, explain why the Treasury's interest rate is so low:
Robert Peston with his glasses on looks disturbingly like John Hegley. I'm confused.
Robert Peston has gone the way of Richard Hammond when he had that bump on the head.. Scruffy & unwashed
Robert Peston on celeb mastermind in answer to John Humphries question about whether we should be surprised at...
Robert Peston, party to bringing down of Northern Rock... Looking more and more eccentric with his dyed hair and ill fitting clothes. Been a hard couple of years for owld Robert, but nit as hard for Northern Rock savers
Robert Peston is slowly morphing into Melvyn Bragg
Tories at war with 'biased BBC' - Get rid of Robert he is no economist and looks like a mad professor
Every BBC News bulletin on TV seems to include the eccentric Robert Peston nowadays! He's gradually becoming a National Treasure - like Judy Dench or Stephen Fry!
why do people believe Robert Peston? It baffles me!
Autumn Statement: Robert Peston explains the economic battleground and £50bn gap. Austerity, deficit and balance
Just seen Robert on he looked like he had been sleeping rough. Hope he is not I’ll as I kind of like him.
I do hope that Robert Peston is ok. He is not looking at all well. He's a main branch of the who I think is an essential element
Is there something wrong with Robert Peston? He was speaking very oddly on the news just now. Seen him like it before as well.
Also, Robert Peston seems to be in disguise as someone from the 70s. What's going on?
I've never seen Robert Peston and in the same room ?
Robert seems to think that viewers of are all a bit slow.
I'm worried about Robert Peston. Every time I see him he looks a bit more wrecked.
Based on what I'm hearing on the news, if we want to have the public services we want and expect we've got to get Cameron and his cronies out. Robert Peston really makes it understandable.
Gosh what's happened to Robert Peston? Has he made some cut backs or just been run over by a bus?
Robert Peston. I've just come out in a rash.
bad hair dye day as Robert goes for the David Tenant look. Oh dear
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Robert Peston is a day away from having egg all down his tie on telly. Has anyone at the BBC asked if he's alright?
What disease has robert peston got? Aids? Anorexia? Veganism? - Compared to the past he looks like a skeleton.
What is up with Robert Peston's face?
What has Robert Peston done to look different compared to a year or so ago? He look different but cannot work it out. Help please.
Has Robert Peston got smaller or has hair got bigger? Or both?
Robert Peston is the wild man of Borneo
Robert Peston:the gap between Tory and Lab 5 year economic plans is £50bn.
Don't think much of Robert Peston's hair today.
'Balls' and 'itching' in the same sentence. Great work Robert, great work
Has Robert Peston never heard of a hair brush?
What has happened to Robert Peston,s hair!! It used to be so neat
Anyone know what is happening with Robert Peston's hair?
Looking forward to hearing Robert at carol service this evening, hoping to sign him up to
What advice did Robert offer students when he came to Middlesex this week? htt…
BBC NewsPeston told us unvarnished truth of Osborne's reckless borrowing,frantic distractions and denial of fiscal trut…
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Football legend Charlie George and the BBC's Robert discuss sport and finance at our Dec 10:
Just watching news: gosh, Robert Peston's intonation and word stress has gone full John McCririck.
Robert Peston doesn't know who Louise Mensch is? Oh dear
Robert Peston was wearing a snood reporting on the BBC from the Bank of England tonight
I quite agree, was being light hearted. Maybe Robert's longer hair will help!
Why is Renee Z getting so much flack for her face changing, has nobody seen Robert Peston's hair recently?
Since when has Robert Peston been sporting a rough and ready Cliff Richard style haircut?
Robert Peston performs vocal acrobats on every report. Can't hear the story for the performance
This week I have been mostly hating Robert Peston and Tesco's.
Anyone else left feeling slightly befuddled by Robert Peston's intonation?!
I give it three months until Robert Peston goes full hippy and wears a Kaftan on Newsnight.
is it me or does Robert Peston Get more and more like gloomy old Eeyore everyday!
Robert Peston - gone ferrel - looks like a member of Oasis and just as subtle...
Robert Peston has had a complete body and hair transplant and still looks like a *** ..
First time I've seen BBC News for years, when did Robert Peston start his 'saved up for an MA in American Classics' look phase?
Why is Jarvis Cocker talking to us about interest rates on the BBC News? Oh, it's Robert Peston.
When is someone going to tell Robert Peston the puppet has fallen off his hand? I feel for the guy
Robert Peston is such an annoying man.
Robert Peston looking like he should be holding lectures at a Uni.
Robert Peston looks like a mash up of Cliff Richard and Doctor Who.
Aaagh! Just saw Robert Peston on TV again! What, in the name of all that is holy, is he doing with his hair?
Robert 'mad professor' hair on top form tonight.
Letters stolen from BBC presenter Robert Peston’s office
One name to shoot that argument down - Robert Peston.
Letters stolen from BBC presenter Robert Peston's office: Robert Peston, the BBC economics editor, claimed someone had stolen the con...
Letters stolen from BBC presenter Robert Peston's office
Robert that's awful.. but that's also hot desking for you. I'd be looking closely at a new early evening TV star if I were you.
I don't think you're boring Robert - but do you have self esteem issues?:) :)
Finally got to watch Robert Goes Shopping series from last Sept!! V good watch indeed.
Article from Robert Peston on the issue: Sex, drugs and the EU budget
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Great idea! Let's all mail Robert a mousetrap and we'll soon catch the blighter. Then again...maybe not.
. Honestly, Robert Peston is a mediocre replacement for Stephanie!
Maybe based on huge 5 yr rise in t/o? You're not guilty of 'casual sexism' u mentioned 2 days ago r u Robert?!
Buy them nothing, or don't whine. How China Fooled the World - with Robert Peston
Robert, the NHS is affordable if we abolish NHS market & PFI, and invest in frontline care
Robert, You come from an earlier age. When you think of a medium of exchange, of what do you think gold, silver, bronze, iron, sex?
Come on, Robert, there's casual sexism (and racism) up and down the land, wherever men gather together. It's not hard to find.
Brilliant. “Robert Peston: Men and bosses must learn to understand grief better
Loved it Robert. Well done! Think you should skip on the news more often ;) though not when it's a Bad story. All the best.
Maybe fear of attack or being followed off train Robert if they challenge?
You are Robert? Surely you've met plenty of 'geezer' city-boy traders.
. Tell it how it really is Robert. Implosion days away. Eurozone solves yesterday's problem
Will Robert do the right thing & admit his 'subsidy' comments to be utter bunk?
Robert Peston is taking on a Richard Madeley look.
Why is Robert Peston channelling Richard Madeley in his hair?
Robert Peston looks at how much George Osborne has to save to eliminate the UKs deficit and where he might find the money.
Sept 12: “Better change, faster change, safer change is our offer fo...r Scotland” - The Labour Party (16: "A No vote will deliver faster, safer and better change than seperation" - The Vow by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband Sept 24: "A senior Labour official told me he didn't see how Ed Miliband could now negotiate the detail of Scotland's new budgetary arrangements with David Cameron, given the collapse of trust between the two." - Robert Peston (
Wonder which is best, Robert Peston's; Who runs Britain, or, Owen Jones's; The Establishment? . Doubt I'll find the time to read either?
is Robert Peston that chef who uses liquid nitrogen?
If you combined Charlie Brooker & Robert Peston, you'd create the ultimate pessimist - Charlton Peston - and he'd just scr…
Great to see being presented by Bill Nighy playing the role of Robert Peston channelling David Tennant
The student loan reporter sounds so awful he could be the lovechild of Robert Peston and Timmy Mallet!
Robert Peston - top man, wearing an Arsenal badge while interviewing George Osborne on BBC News.
Awful make up job done on Osborne for his interview with Robert Peston, looked like it was caked on!
Robert Peston is a Tory liar who thinks Scotland should be worried about liberating ourselves from the toxic waste of George Osborne's debt.
Robert Peston looks rather like Greg Ginn from Black Flag back in the day
Google censors Robert Peston, economics wonk of the BBC.
Robert Peston v public relations: Are PRs really via
A Response to Robert Peston's Comments on the PR Industry via
BBC’s economics editor Robert Peston explained to the audience how he and the BBC decided which stories mattered to audiences.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Robert Peston: BBC follows the Daily Mail’s lead too much.
You'll have heard him bamming up Robert Peston regularly? So funny, totally dying listening.
you thought it was Robert Patterson, J heard Robert Peston: hilarity ensued.
Shock: A banker can live on £1m salary. Robert Peston checks up on Ross McEwan.
Robert Peston is almost unintelligible: his prosody ***
Robert Peston. I stick him in the same category as Adrian Chiles.
Jaw-Dropping’: Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Makes Bombshell Claim About Russia and 2008 Financial Crisis (and Why It May Sound Familiar) Mar. 18, 2014 12:39am Jason Howerton The Chinese “received a message from the Russians” back in 2008 suggesting a pact to sell Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac securities on the market, which would have nudged down the price of the debt of Fannie and Freddie and also maximized the chaos on Wall Street, a former U.S. official told BBC. It confirms a report that TheBlaze TV’s For the Record first aired back in September 2013. It’s a bombshell claim that only underscores the mistrust between the U.S. and Russia in a time when tensions are high. BBC’s Robert Peston describes the cynical relationship between the two nations as “deep, rooted in history” and one that shows that the “triumph of capitalism over communism wasn’t the end of the power game between these two nations.” Talking about the 2008 financial crisis, particularly the issues with Fannie Mae . ...
I put in a Freedom of Interest request to the BBC asking for Nick Robinson & Robert Peston etc to declare shareholdings but was declined.
Best people for a new reality TV show.. Boris Johnson, Louis Spence, Robert Peston, Nick Robinson and Michael McIntyre.. :-D
Derek Bateman February 27, 2014 Standard Procedure Standard Life – Standard Procedure. What did you expect from a financial company – altruism? Presented with any change they can’t manage themselves, they panic. Oh yes, the do have to plan for eventualities, but they don’t need to make public announcements coordinated with a political campaign. Notice how early warnings were issued to selected media including the BBC’s Robert Peston who worked hand-in-glove with Alistair Darling’s Treasury during the financial meltdown to get daily exclusives. He was on air this morning claiming special access – who would organise that? Is it significant that this “politically neutral” company was in recent weeks having its executive board undergo media training in case they faced interview? And on Radio Four the thunderclap of doom was applied by James Naughtie from Edinburgh, transformed for the day from news presenter into Scotland correspondent, analysing the implications and calling Standard Life on ...
Lesley Joseph, Julia Bradbury, Robert Peston, Bones and Limbs from BBC 4, elusive species and students from Derby Uni. Now.
Donna -- It has been a big day in the referendum debate. Earlier today the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney delivered a landmark speech on the problems caused by the SNP’s plan for a Eurozone-style currency union after independence. You can read former Chancellor Alistair Darling’s reaction to the speech here. The BBC’s Nick Robinson and Robert Peston give a good summary of why today was so important. There was already an overwhelming consensus among experts that the SNP plan was not credible. That is why both the Chancellor and the Shadow Chancellor have said that agreeing a Eurozone-style currency union is highly unlikely. Today’s speech from Mark Carney will only strengthen that opposition. Incredibly, Alex Salmond still refuses to tell us what currency we would use when the rest of the UK say no to sharing the UK pound. We deserve to know: what is the plan B if Scots choose to leave the UK? It is clear: the only way to guarantee we keep the strength and security of the UK pound is . ...
Hmmmnn. STV news skims over the issue. Robert Peston on the BBC gave a very interesting picture (with examples) of the difficulties of a currency union unless the Bank of England have basically the powers they have already (interest rates for one) and a salient point about currency exchange. Mark Carney played it right. Don't be explicit over choosing sides (how can he in his role?) but did enough to raise some thorny questions that do need answered.
Eddie Mair on BBC R4's PM cracks me up! Love the tension between him & Robert Peston.
Robert Peston far too professional to be sarcastic to Eddie Mair's bating, i'm not and would've been
On a lighter note, Xander Armstrong and Richard Osman agree with me that Robert Peston looks like David Tennant
Robert Peston looks like a cross between Mr Murray and David Tennant
Steve's guests are the BBC's economics editor Robert Peston and actor David Morrissey.
What rubbish! And the "feud" with Eddie Mair gets another airing. >>Nick Robinson: I am not mates with Robert Peston
Robert Peston just thought Chris Hoy was the singer out of Tears For Fears Ha! On Pointless
Forum spending 'at 1948 levels' says Robert Peston -Tory objective for 2019 (1/1)
Robert Peston - how the Daily Mail revealed my wife's cancer - The Guardian
Mail smears BBC's Robert Peston again here by failing to tell readers he (naively) shares its line…
Paul Flowers thrived in structure says Robert Peston.
Robert Peston's take on the "Co-op" Bank debacle. Which may or may not be true. Hint: it never was a co-op.
please get rid of Peston He has to have the worst, most condescending voice in the world... Aaarrtggghhh
Robert Peston's broadcasting voice makes it sound like he's talking in riddles.
Robert Peston alluded to this in his book about the crash
How should one describe robert peston's diction? He speeds up, he slows down, he stops, rises & falls all in one sentence.
Robert Peston on news reminds me that I'm looking forward to my first Speakers for Schools talk, tomorrow at Parrs Wood.
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My god. Robert Peston! You are the only man on the earth that makes me want to punch the TV! What is with the way you talk? Somebody please call the Daleks and have him exterminated! Pleeeaassee? X
Robert Peston diction ... Explain??? Is it the verbal equivalent of John mccririch's 'look' Liz Levings you're the expert. Help us!!
Robert Peston on the 10 o'clock news: could he be the next David Icke? The man sounds completely deranged.
I'm listening to Robert on BBC news - he has such an aggressive tone
Imagine if everyone had Robert Peston's voice
Robert Peston. I wonder if he talks to his wife one that?
Robert Peston actually makes the news interesting...such a talented news journalist...
Has Robert Peston always spoken in staccato?
Top TV with Light and Dark with Prof and then Robert Peston featuring funky glasses and a cool parker reporting on Coop bank
Robert Peston looks like a cross between Cliff Richard and Joe90.
Is it me or does Robert Peston look a lot younger of late?
Is Robert Peston going to a rave when he finished this report?
Robert Peston actually makes the news interesting...
Robert Peston looking proper shabby on tv.
I need to work on a programme with Robert Peston. I bet he's a legend.
I was in Morrisons earlier and the news was on behind the counter with the sound off, with David Tennant talking about the collapse of the Co-op. Then found out it was actually Robert Peston. Seriously it's uncanny.
Robert Peston blog on FSA role in Paul Flower's appointment at Coop bank
Also needs new blood. In 30 years time we'll still be listening to the drooling tautologies of Robert Peston (son of Lord Peston).
Is Robert Peston beginning to look just a little bit like David Tennant?
There is something about Robert Peston that really grinds my gears.
I'm laughing at Robert Peston. "Chief of major bank knows nothing about banking. Why does it matter?" Err... Pesto, we're not all thickos!
Robert Peston's verbal delivery is like someone messing with the tape speed
Not for the first time, I feel the urge to slap Robert Peston repeatedly and shout."Speak properly man!"
Robert Peston talks like a complete ***
Miss watching the news with my mum and dad; impression of Robert Peston is spot on 👍
This Robert Peston piece on the strange rise of Rev. Paul Flowers is spectacularly damning all round.
Robert Peston says the head of the Co-op is inexperienced, true but what about our politicians? Most have never even had a proper job.
How did Rev Paul Flowers get the top job at Co-op Bank? Interesting questions raised by Robert Peston
What you said this morning was FAB anyway. Keep telling it like it REALLY is, Robert & thank you.
How did Flowers bloom at Co-op Bank?: Robert Peston on former Co-op boss caught in apparent drug sting
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… What a scoop this would be for Robert Peston had he written this in 2010.
Funny that Robert Peston just admitted *even as* Coop was collapsing he did not look into CEO's background eh?
safe to say my award for most irritating voice on goes to Robert Peston. Though not most irritating Beeb personailty- that is a -
Laughable to hear Robert Peston criticising the co-op bank for appointing a chairman that knows nothing about banking. What about the BBC for appointing a business editor who knows nothing about business and worse, is totally incoherent!
Robert Peston is now my favourite person for coining the pejorative term: Serial Councillor.
The BBC's Robert says: "The big question is why on earth regulators didn’t delve more into the history of [Paul Flowers]."
Listening to the Radio discuss the Co-Op banking Chairman. Robert Peston sounds almost lost for words.
definitely!! I wasn't massively keen on the Robert Peston cameo... he's not my favourite person! x
‘Young people are holding back recovery’ says BBC's Economics Editor, Robert Preston
. Robert can you confirm Barclays got emergency loan from boe before northern rock.I believe it was about a week before.
Quote about the Co-op bank in your book Robert is very apt! Great read and insight into the whole crash!
Robert Peston backs Meet the Parents: "It is a brilliant initiative...I hope it becomes part of the fabric of the education system."
Why does lung cancer strike so many women who've never smoked? BBC star Robert Peston's wife was a .. via
There's a hole in my bucket, dear Paddy, dear Paddy. And how shall we mend it, dear Robert, dear Robert?.
Just discovered that Tim Muffet and Robert Peston are different people.
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Robert Peston says it's all over. Better get a move on! - Shirlaws...
Hear on "Addicts, establishment lickspittles and paranoid monomaniacs" in the James Cameron Lecture Nov 25
Hey, if Robert Peston says it's over and Mark Carney agrees, Then what Darren Shirlaw forecast in 2009 has happened
Jen Bones shared the following link: heard from Mary Portas & Robert Peston?s excellent history of the high street and now the owners of Bolton?s flagship shopping centre has gone bankrupt .
William Hague...hasn't he got an annoying voice.imagine him being interviewed by Robert Peston!!!
S&P cuts France credit rating to AA Standard and Poor's (S&P) has cut France's credit rating to AA from AA+. The moves comes almost two years after the country lost its top-rated AAA status. S&P said it downgraded France because high unemployment in the country was making it hard for the government to make important reforms which would boost growth, The French government responded by saying that its debt rating was one of the safest in the eurozone. S&P said it expected government debt to hit 86% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2015 and unemployment to remain above 10% until 2016. The country's Finance Minister, Pierre Moscovici, said S&P had made "critical and inexact judgements". He said in a statement: "During the last 18 months the government has implemented major reforms aimed at improving the French economic situation, restoring its public finances, and its competitiveness." In theory, a lower credit rating makes borrowing more expensive. The return for investors buying French debt indeed did ris ...
The BBC's economics editor Robert Peston investigates whether some young people should try their hand at being entrepreneurs.
Why does Robert Peston make my skin crawl? Hate the ***
Just about to complete a deal to buy another company and in the pre completion meeting with the bank they announced "don't forget you will get 2% cash back from the government" I nearly fell of my chair...! Only my mate Robert Peston could see a down side to that..!
Why are all the same films on TV these days ? Anyway been passing the time with tracking out the song by Chic called 'Le Freak', Nile Rodgers old band. You can listen to too much rock music. My eyes are a bit sore from looking at a computer screen. Also been reading about the development of the Fender Strat, designed in the early Fifties and still the best selling guitar today. It was built to cater for country players, before Rock'n'Roll was even invented and yet become a favourite of the likes of Hendrix, Beck, Blackmore and many, many others. Leo Fender wasn't even a musician. I suppose the clothes designer Coco Chanel had the same effect on fashion, every women owns or has owned 'A little black dress', the one that you know you look classy and stylish in. Not that I know anything about that, sartorial elegance being the domain of those that 'Know', which I don't. Yeah, go shopping with me and you'll want to beat me with a very large object...! It was watching Robert Peston last night, oh I'm witting o ...
Listening to Robert Peston talking on the radio about his love for his late wife. What a tragic loss for him. How cruel to die from lung cancer as a lifelong non smoker.
Robert Peston goes shopping. Huw Edwards eats his dinner. Emily Maitlis visits the gym. Matthew Amroliwala sees his chiropodist.
what is Eddy Mair's obsession with Robert Peston? Every time he introduces another idiotic ruse it's turn of…
Can't take any Robert Peston report seriously after having seen this...
Interviewed by Robert Peston... No idea what the question is, utterly impossible sentence structure. No comprende.
Love hearing the story on Robert Peston Goes Shopping!
Watching Robert Peston Goes Shopping on the Iplayer... social history and archive footage, yes
BBC iPlayer - Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Jamie Oliver and Robert Peston Mutiple repeats on the same day
Catching up on Robert Peston's shopping programme. Great stuff.
Watched Robert Peston’s shopping last night, brought back childhood memories but so far from current class’s exp, felt more than 100
I think Robert peston is quite cool.
BBC News - How first out-of-town superstore changed the UK (See Robert Peston documentary on shopping)
Watching 'Robert Peston Goes Shopping' on BBC iPlayer. Some wonderful clips of the Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport in there!
Robert Peston presenting the marvellous Goes Shopping has the most exceptional voice its like a robot
Did you see our very own George on BBC2 with Robert Peston last night? If not, watch it quickly on iplayer...
(Disclaimer: Robert Peston would never put his feet up on a train seat!)
Horta-Osorio, head of stares at the face of Robert Peston & sees a raving nutter
I can't wait for the next episode of Robert Goes Shopping.
waiting for my doc series on BBC too. If I titled it the 'Robert Peston is really clever' would it speed it up?
Doesn't the just love Robert Peston? He's on all the time, TV and Radio.
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I bet "Robert Peston Goes Shopping" is exactly as exciting as it sounds.
Thank goodness for Robert Peston. I wondered why Lloyds were writing to me, telling me how good they were.
Fascinating programme 'Robert Peston Goes Shopping', BBC2 last night. ... Shame I've got to wait a week for the next episode!
Watching Robert Peston reminds me of Max Headroom from years ago.
Did I just hear Robert say the word "bloody" on ?
Just watched 'Robert Goes Shopping' from last night. He is a master of explaining.
I don't like Robert Peston's new glasses.
Robert Peston's history of shopping is fascinating viewing, though a history dating back another 200 years would've been even more so
If you are interested in shopping watch this. Even if you arent watch this!. Robert Peston Goes Shopping: Seduction
My boy, Robin, was the Series Producer on Robert Peston Goes Shopping. Check it out.
The Marks & Spencer Archive located on campus features in episode one of Robert Peston Goes Shopping -
If you missed Robert on UK history last night on BBC2, watch it on iPlayer A great piece of analysis
Watching the Robert Peston docu on shopping. Reminded me our family used to RENT a colour television.
In BBC's Robert Peston Goes Shopping, Robert said "Resistance is futile" is this a ref to the
Robert Peston Goes Shopping: Seduction Who would have though West Bridgford ASDA was the first in the country!
(1/2) Gotta love the Robert Peston soundbite opinion of the MS-Nokia deal …
Robert Peston is brilliant, comparing Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia to 'two drunks propping themselves up at a party'
Loved this from Robert Peston (and AllyF's comment) in The Guardian: 'Why do I only get £1 pocket money a week?'
Comment: Would Morrisons/Ocado merit a mention in Robert Peston Goes Shopping? great show look forward to next weeks
Background on the retail sector! worth a view "Robert Peston Goes Shopping: Seduction"
MS buys Nokia's phone div "... a reshaping of the telecoms landscape, or two drunks propping themselves up at a party?” (Robert Peston)
Part 1 of "Robert Peston Goes Shopping" is tonight at 9pm, BBC2. Please watch, or my producer will be upset.
Robert Peston is basically what I imagine it would be like if David Tennant's Doctor did the business news.
In case you missed the truly illuminating Robert goes shopping last night, watch it back here:
Catch up on Robert Peston Goes Shopping, about the British love affair with shops. Great music too!
'When did we turn into stark-raving shopaholics?' reviews our new show, Robert Peston Goes Shopping
We really enjoyed Robert Peston Goes Shopping last night on BBC2, learning about the evolution of Britain's supermarkets & shopping culture!
Robert Peston shopping programme was fascinating. Kingston could learn a lesson or two about running a shop, not a jumble sale.
I rather liked Robert Peston's description of the partnership as like two drunks propping each other up at a party:
Who watched Robert Peston Goes Shopping on BBC2 last night? Great insight into the history of consumerism, looking forward to part two.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Who saw on BBC2 last night? We very much enjoyed going shopping with him, and so did
Robert Peston says he 'mixes with bankers'. And thats why the UK business news is not exactly impartial.
Stephanie Flanders is totally better than Robert Peston. Maybe they should do some sort of journalism challenge fight. Stephanie would win..
It's a billy-big *** battle royale on the BBC News at Ten tonight with both Robert Peston and Nick Robinson on in the early minutes.
Robert Peston on the softly softly Royal Mail sell-off plans
Is this the brainiest child in Britain? Is this the brainiest child in Britain? Proof you DON'T need to be a pushy parent to make your little darling a success Shrinidhi Prakash has been crowned Britain's first Child Genius She can recall the order of an entire pack of 52 playing cards Also speaks Latin and is a world champ at Scrabble Her parents say she has natural talent and they do not push her By Tanith Carey PUBLISHED: 20:36 GMT, 3 July 2013 | UPDATED: 21:24 GMT, 3 July 2013 When most 11-year-old girls day-dream about their idols, they fantasise about Harry Styles from One Direction and write his name in love hearts all over their school exercise books. Not Shrinidhi Prakash. She is counting down the days until she meets her very own hero, the BBC’s business editor Robert Peston. She is a big fan of his work. She hopes he will be impressed by the essay she has penned for him on economic growth, entitled Notes On Austerity. Quite clearly, Shrinidhi is no ordinary girl. This week, she beat more than ...
New Business Blog: Stephanie Flanders and Robert Peston debate the 'recovery':...
Economics editor Stephanie Flanders and business editor Robert Peston debate the latest raft of business figures and…
Robert Peston & Stephanie Flanders come on you are not catching up you don't understand what are the main worries you have been told dampen
Andrew Neil, Stephanie Flanders, Nick Robinson and Robert Peston are oblivious to what Osborne did. They think it's tolerable? Just wait!
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