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Robert Peston

The Hon Robert James Kenneth Peston (born 25 April 1960) is a British journalist. Since February 2006, he has been the Business Editor for BBC News.

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WHAT! No more Twiglets? Does Robert Peston know this We need to get this on the ITV News NOW
I agree Robert. I am no brain surgeon, but even I can see the sums don't add up. More government spin, smoke and mirrors.
seems to have confiscated Robert 's glasses. There they are on the big desk! It's all over again...
ITN and Robert Peston showing BBC and Laura Kuenssburg how to report news objectively and without bias
Robert Peston on ITV news.always looks dirty.wash your hair and have a shower ffs.
Robert Peston to front ITV current affairs programme, Peston on Sunday. “We’re delighted to have secured such ...
Robert Peston to front Sunday current affairs programme for ITV via ATV Today
But he doesn't mind dishing it out,ask Robert Peston and others
however Robert Raw materials & other imports rise in price. It's also more expensive individually to travel worldwide.
Robert, what about prev Civil servants stats that stated total would be 13k - & we are to trust them on EU IN!! Come Robert speakup
Could u pass it on to Robert Peston please?! :-)
Robert Peston now presenting his ITV news reports from a swing
Robert Peston on ITV News ending on a playground metaphor while standing on a playground swing - hard hitting stuff
Did I just see Robert Peston hanging off a child's swing for his parliamentary report on How the mighty are fallen.
Robert Peston was much smarter on the BBC. Put a proper suit on, do up your tie & sing the national anthem
Robert Peston is an actual real life moron
Website Builder 728x90
Robert Peston just chilling out on a tyre swing
How is Robert Peston taken seriously? Dreadful broadcaster
Robert Peston,in the library,candlestick,you're idea of Cluedo ??
Loving ITV's political editor Robert Peston.. humour and eccentricity certainly livens up politics :-)
Robert Peston on a swing on ITV News saying that Corbyn has had a 'bruising day' but not that Cameron failed to answer any questions.
Brilliant! Robert Peston reports from a swing in a children's playground! Good work :)
Robert was a "bruising" day for Corbyn from "tough" Cameron. Well lets face it...with this shambles of bias it always is
why the filming in a kids park robert? Completely took me by surprise!
Nothing on the news makes me angrier than that Robert Peston weapon on ITN
Robert Peston's mum is Nicholas Soames from the sound of it. Although maybe he does have a point?
You use mafiosa word for silence. Does this mean you think the tory's are gangsters? Hombredad Robert, I like that.
seriously Robert? Ask Jeremy the same of his Shadow Cabinet.
I'm not convinced, Robert, that you understand what politics is really about. Hint: it's not scoring points at pmqs.
Robert strugglin with the its not about you ting
Robert...Gove knew nothing about education as Ed Sec so why should we be surprised that he knows nothing about law?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Please don't make me read it Robert, Sarah is the most odious journo in UK!
should bring on Robert Peston to provide some balance to this Leicester city propaganda.
Yes, Robert, but none of the anti-immigration lobby will read it, and if they did they wouldn't believe it.
Robert U try 2 answer EU, Boris & Dave questions. what about answering 1m B&B victims questions we have been asking U
I'm guessing you don't watch a lot of Scottish football Robert... 😂
clearly weren't at the bridge in 2009 then Robert...
Presume this is the first football match you've seen then Robert. Just sit back & enjoy it
Robert want about offering some support to the WASPI Campaign.
Take those tinted glasses off Robert
Emily Maitlis to take over from Andrew Marr when the time comes? The show's editor's a fan
come on Robert!! Since when is 36/100 most?!? Most didn't sign.and most SMEs want to facts not spin!!
Robert Peston vs Nicholas Soames is the English version of Kanye West vs Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose.
Robert I don't think anybody should have be forced to work Saturday or Sunday and if they do they should be paid a premium
Autocorrect changed 'lose' to 'test' there Robert
Robert, be assured that I, for one, remain rock-solid in support of the junior doctors.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
they've got solid support Robert. Who else will take care of you when you're ill?!!!
.on what his grandfather would have made of the EU, and criticism of Nigel Farage and Robert Peston -
Robert Peston on Simon Mayo is rather painful - seems to have forgotten how to do a spoken broadcast
Shocked by the new lineup. I staked everything I own on Miriam Margolyes, Robert Peston, Pam Ayres and Mike McShane.
George Osborne, Robert Peston, Nick Robinson, Rona Fairhead will have access to privileged information.
Nick Robinson, Robert Peston, Rona Fairhead, Evan Davis will no doubt have been warned by George Osborne to disinvest asa…
Cameron and Osborne lose golden touch - by Robert Peston
Just when I was happier watching ITV news than others they get Robert Peston. What do I watch now.
Delighted the legendary John Williams was in Robert Peston's pick of the year earlier (from 47.07...)
I had the foresight to record it...the boys have installed 'anti Robert Peston TV tactics'!!! Will watch when I'm alone Xx
👦 Robert Peston and Andrew Marr to go head-to-head - Telegraph 👦
Is there unfixable structural weakness in the
The future of retirement in the UK – Expert panel with Robert Peston
The future of retirement in the UK with Robert Peston
Dramatic reductions in the amount richer people can invest in
Nobody care about community or their own high streets in Britain. So what about the impact of immigration robert Peston goes shopping
Don't know, perhaps it was, she just pipped Robert Peston.
not the whole of Robert just his hair!
thought Robert Peston was David Bowie
Robert Peston, as annoying on a game show as he is on the news!!
Robert Peston looking all Napoleon Solo on celebrity mastermind
Robert Peston on Mastermind "I consider Walker [from Dads Army] as a model of probity compared to some of the bankers"
very good question, who are these people? Apart from Robert Peston!
My respect for Robert Peston just went up about 10% after seeing him slay mastermind on David Bowie questions
Robert Peston is the only one I know on here
Don't ask me why I'm not watching Robert Peston on Celebrity Mastermind fail 😢
Hello Robert, Interested in your take on the 'cashless society' we seem to be sleepwalking towards like Sweden?
Repeat showing currently now on BBC 1 Celebrity Mastermind, Robert Peston answering questions on David Bowie.
I think even Pip Neville himself would be surprised to be described as 'fluent'. . Robert Peston on Mastermind now - on Bowie
Ooh Robert Peston answering question on Bowie on klaxon! 📢📢📢
Do you mean the right-wing press and BBC conspiracy against him is all just propaganda Robert?
Robert Peston Goes Shopping Robert Peston tells the story of shopping in Britain in the de...
Penny for Robert Peston's thoughts right now.
"Robert Peston has left the BBC !". An indicator of economic growth in Peston's salary !
Agree, but the opposite is happening Personality politics is thriving with Robert Peston going to ITV
Kamal Ahmed to become BBC's new economics editor: In replacing Robert Peston as economics editor, Ahmed ...
- well deserved Kamal, hopefully you won't get asked if you're Robert Peston again!
Why was former BBC editor Robert Peston at a school recently?
Any chance you could add Robert Peston Goes Shopping from BBC Two to your store?
I wrote a song for Robert Peston out the connection between brain and emotion
BBC visits BTE Academy - Robert Peston (right) with producer Laurence Knight and Rhian Priest Staff and student...
congrats to named as Robert Peston replacement
Kamal Ahmed named as Robert Peston replacement - how fab!
Kamal Ahmed named as Robert Peston replacement - BBC News
David Cameron says he turned down the BBC's new economics editor, replacing Robert Peston.
Kamal Ahmed to replace Robert Peston as the BBC's Economics Editor
Kamal Ahmed named as Robert Peston replacement - - congratulations.
BREAKING: Ahmed named as Robert Peston replacement. Richard Dawkins will *not* be happy.
BBC News - Kamal Ahmed named as Robert Peston replacement -
The wonderful named as Robert replacement as economics chief
The has promoted business editor Kamal Ahmed to the role of economics editor, replacing Robert gone to
Kamal Ahmed, the BBC's business editor, is to become the BBC's new economics editor, replacing Robert Peston.
Kamal Ahmed to replace Robert Peston as BBC economics editor: Director of news James Harding was keen to promote..
Robert Peston can't leave for ITV quickly enough imho. Report from Turkey terrible. He's the Stephen Fry of political reporting
Robert Peston seems to be working a very long notice period!
Robert Peston Bank says EU makes UK more dynamic but also exposes UK economy to Eurozone vulnerabilities
CRAZY: Robert Peston is alarmed that Labour Leader's leadership will keep The Labour Party out of power until 2560.
Robert Peston's clothing has become increasingly dishevelled, bizarre. The sooner he joins ITV or the hippies at Channel 4 the better.
It can't be too long now before Robert Peston completely disappears up his own ***
thanks for sharing Robert Peston, have a great Wednesday :) (insight by
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Just attended Lord Turner book launch. Robert Peston asked if the euro will survive without monetisation, Turner gave an emphatic "No"
Robert Preston = Old fashioned 3rd grade worn out and failed economics
Lord Turner, former chairman UK Fin Services Authority, and Robert Peston, econ ed. of the BBC
Between Debt and the Devil: money, credit and fixing global finance with Robert Peston, and Lord Adair Turner
Economists tune in. Lord Turner and Robert Peston will entertain us on public policy post-crash
Robert Peston (major UK economic pundit) talks about digital currency taking over the world (kinda), refs bitcoin.…
How Bank of England could help out campaign | Robert Peston, BBC
Robert Peston: 'EU rules have occasionally been seen at the Bank [of England] as constraining its room for manoeuvre when regulating banks'.
Robert looks ridiculous stepping out of a DeLorean. He clearly belongs in a Tardis.
Peter Snow's "Return to the Future". Robert Peston's future Globo world currency. Says it cld work. NEVER. Mkts work re: nations
Robert Peston on subj of GLOBO on Radio4: "Money makes us selfish"
I love Radio4 just finished hearing about the moonflower. Now Jon Snow & Robert Peston are pretending to go back in time to ancient turkey.
In a few minutes on Radio 4: Peter Snow Returns to the Future: Robert Peston
13:45 Peter Snow Returns to the Future: Robert Peston lands another scoop: the 2060 launch of the Globo, the global…
Should parents be selling their homes to help the next generation?
Robert Peston's book 'Who Runs Britain?' published in 2008, warns of an oligarchy of corporations and multi-billionaires. Very prophetic.
Just heard on Radio 4, Robert Peston saying, “It’s looking like déjà vu all over again.” :-)
Robert Peston: 'Parents - sell your homes to help children buy property' - Telegraph
Robert Peston went to Istanbul to interview an economic journalist, describing him as "the Robert Peston of this neck of the woods"
Did in Turkey just describe an interviewee as 'the Robert Peston of these parts'? Fella must be made up
"What happens in Turkey has an effect on what happens in the rest of Europe". Robert Peston BBC Economics Editor. R4 Today Prog 21 Oct
China's Ambassador to the UK talks to Robert Peston - Newsnight via
how come Robert Peston was just heard of 5live? I thought he had left?!
Robert Peston makes trade & investment report for so clear. Will be a loss to economics coverage.
Hallelujah!! Robert Peston's back on News at ten. Lovin' the waistcoat!!
Hello Robert Peston. Was the camera man very small in London's China town?
Why is Robert on the BBC news tonight? Has there been a U-turn?
Who's going to be the next Robert Peston? Hard shoes to fill
Pretty sure I just spotted Robert Peston on Euston Road, revealing more chest than the ladies in Soho.
Jeanette Kuppermann has lived in her house for 45 years. She is outraged by Robert Peston's claim that people like her shou…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Robert Peston leaves BBC for ITV role. . The BBC's economics editor, Robert Peston, is poached by ITV where he is expected to present his ow
Ross Hawkins is Robert Peston and I claim my £500.
Andy Parsons should team up with Robert Peston and Johnny Vaughan for a radio show called IBS (irritatingly bad syntax)
Ending weeks of speculation, BBC economics editor Robert Peston, 55, pictured, has confirmed he is joining the rival bro…
Robert Peston leaves the BBC to become political editor at rival broadcaster ITV
Does "formality concentrate the mind"? Justin Webb warns BBC colleague Robert Peston about the perils of tie-hating
Justin Webb: Dear Robert Peston please don't present your next show naked
BBC economics editor, Robert Peston leaves the beeb Just so you know, I won't be replacing him.
Really looking forward to Celebrity Storage Hunters with Vic Reeves, Jarvis and Robert Peston, and Shaun.
The next event i'm introducing is Sat, Nick Robinson & Robert Peston, now that will be interesting ..
I see Robert Peston is heading to ITV, to join other people you've never seen again like Bob Wilson, Adrian Chiles, that breakfast woman...
The is now free of Robert Peston. When can we get rid of Norman Smith and Caroline Quinn?
so sad :( Robert Peston leaves BBC for ITV role
Well I hope that whatever Robert Peston presents will be more objective than the Andrew Marr show
Quote of the day. 'Why has the BBC allowed Ed Byrne to impersonate Robert Peston for the past year??'
BBC heavyweights in spoof pasta to make Robert Peston stay
BBC heavyweights in spoof plea to make Robert Peston stay
On BBC News, Hugh Edwards claims the EU is the UK's largest export market. Minutes later, George Osborne tells Robert Peston the is.
And here's Julian Barnes and Robert Peston talking about grief, with some extremely acute questions from Eddie Mair:
'Windowers' Robert Peston and Julian Barnes talk to one another about (featuring Eddie Mair)
Brilliant discussion on men's grief this morning; Eddie Mair, Robert Peston, Julian Barnes. Well worth a listen on catch-up.
And how clever of Eddie Mair to give Robert Peston his head interview.
Amazing to hear Julian Barnes, Eddie Mair and Robert Peston talking so openly about grief on Listen if you can.
On now, Eddie Mair and Robert Peston talking with Julian Barnes is top.
Really good interview on Radio 4 now with Julian Barnes, Robert Peston & Eddie Mair on grief
So good to hear Robert Peston,Julian Barnes and Eddie Mair discuss being widowed. Honest and refreshing. Society needs to change
Robert Peston and Eddie Mair on BBCR4 together.Two broadcasters that I wholeheartedly despise ~
Robert Peston never one to miss an opportunity to cause economic panic
Robert Peston reveals that his male friends were 'insensitive' after his wife died
Just switched on to hear what sounds like John Craven reporting on banking. Has he ousted Robert Peston?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
The BBC's economics editor Robert Peston really is the impossible child of Patrick Troughton, Sylvester McCoy and David Tennant.
Chris Huhne talks to Robert Peston and Eddie Mair about his downfall, prison, Balzac and phlegmatism
Is he still a Tory? Outnumbered by likes of James Purnell, Evan Davis, Ian Katz, Andrew Marr, James Naughtie, Robert Peston, etc
- I read this as 'Robert Peston' and thought "well that'll be interesting"
Gove could team with Brian Sewell and Robert Peston for a charity version of 'Just A Minute' - Just An Hour
Listen to this moving honest interview with Julian Barnes and Robert Peston talking about the pain of grief and loss
Robert Peston and Eddie Mair interview author Julian Barnes on the subject of male grief.
Is it me or is Robert Peston slowly turning into Nigel Slater?
this is lovely:. Robert Peston, Julian Barnes and Eddie Mair, on grieving a partner.
Profound reflections on grief from Robert Peston and Julian Barnes - helpful for thinking about bereavement on ICU.
Robert Peston,Eddie Mair,Julian Barnes talking about grief and loss on Interview show. Riveting,illuminating and generous. Great!
Robert Peston reckons you have fiddled the figures
Please ask him to remind us how the Rothschild's got rich. Robert Peston? Get Max Keiser on 4 proper analysis
BBC's Robert Peston estimates UK taxpayers loss from will be £30 to £40 Billion. Yet Brown, Balls, Darling & Osborne still walk free!
That park is cretaceous. Faruza Balk is in the craft. Oh but Jeff Goldblum weird pauses like Robert Peston. Sorry.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
James Landale and Robert Peston, very anti Labour, particularly Landale, sang to the Tabloids tune/invective.
Why has BBC journalist Norman Smith adopted a Robert Peston style vocal delivery in this election campaign? Sick of this hype opinion style!
The BBC's political coverage consists of Norman Smith and Robert Peston talking in a funny voice.
Are Norman Smith and Robert Peston trying to outdo each other in the 'deranged tv appearances' stakes?
Disgraceful programme on BBC2 earlier this week with Robert Peston on France.Nick Robinson...see image
Robert Peston trying not to laugh at George Osborne's fantasy economics. .
Robert Peston looks more and more like a greasy 15 year old every time I see him.
Huw Edwards can't breathe. Robert Peston can't speak. James Landale can't swallow. It ain't hard; millions do it daily. ***
Also learnt that Robert Peston isn't Robert Preston, who knew
Just seen Robert Peston on the BBC News Channel. He currently sports the "middle-aged Jarvis Cocker" look.
Whoever advises Robert Peston on about hair and clothes needs sacking. Gone from respectable journalist to 70s throw back
I don't usually find amusing but Robert Peston's rather over zealous report mad me smile.
Forget the economic report, what is Robert Peston doing with his hair?
Is Robert Peston a 'David Ike' in waiting! … lol Just seen
Robert Peston is starting to remind me of Jarvis Cocker/LouisTheroux .
Is Robert Peston going hippy style with his hair now?
Robert Peston growing his hair? Give it a month and he'll be on the 6 o'clock news with a top-knot
I see Robert Peston on has gone for the Harry Potter look.
The creases & wrinkles in his clothes, along with his disheveled hair, make Robert Peston look like he now comes in a new collapsible form.
Robert Peston appears to be going for the Jarvis Cocker look these days.
What on earth has happened to BBC's Robert hair? 😨
Robert Peston's hair looks like something off of Madchester
Robert Peston's current hair is a disgrace to the BBC.
Robert Peston's hair curtains of woe
The economy is improving but Robert Peston's hair isn't..
Robert Peston says there is no substitute for being an expert.
bolloks just pure bolloks. Go visit a foodbank Robert.
Robert Peston really shouldn't be using the Tory line of the 'great recession' in his reports.
A v compelling, thought provoking talk on failure of globalization & new industrial revolution at / Robert 's Peston lecture
"It is naive to think you can have equality of opportunity while ignoring inequality of outcome". Excellent lecture by Robert Peston
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Full house at QMUL for lecture on globalisation by Robert Peston
.And here's Robert in various broadcasts covering for the bankers PPI abuse.
Focussing on male presenters for a change: Is Robert Peston the new Hugh Grant?
20:05 The Documentary: Robert Peston investigates the alarming rise in financial inequality since the 1980s
No, Robert,the word is'paid' not 'earned'.
"The Rising Price of Inequality" -- Good program from Robert Peston and
Wow. What's with Robert Peston's hair?! He looks like Austin Powers
Trying to pay attention to the panel and not just keep looking over to see Robert Peston's reactions at the Mile End Institute launch
'Teachers' pets: your furry friends over half term – gallery Robert Peston?
UK prime minister David Cameron plans for a possible Greek exit from the eurozone, the BBCs economics editor Robert Peston learns.
OK, sorry, genuine mistake, I meant the chap on Robert Peston's post "movie" discussion.
So Robert Peston was too scared to name Annalisa by name ;-) ?
Robert Peston hosting a debate on the future of the EU Macro
Bill Emmott always names you as an author, Puzzling Robert Peston didn't know...
Looks like someone was not happy about their scheduling. This Week is always on at that time, man up Robert. :)
Thought the discussion afterwards with Robert Peston was good. Hitchen spot on in his summing up of the film.
is there a way for (EU) ex-pats to see this Robert? Website is telling me that it is only for UK viewers, would love to see it.
Cut your hair Robert Peston. You look like you're trying too hard. follow up.
Never mind all that pro/anti-EU stuff. Let's discuss the REAL issues of should Robert get a haircut?
Great discussion Robert. on top form, aided by clarity and bite.
To frank Robert poor Bill was a shambles with little grasp of EU history or details! So he kept trying to read football results!
Interesting Storyville on the EU tonight. The discussion hosted by Robert Peston - even better
Robert Peston keeps saying that was very much one man's view. Desperately trying to cover the BBC's ***
never mind that, *** is going on with Robert Peston's hair??!!
New post: As Robert Peston Said….. *** :     What on earth will the BBC do with all its time if Labour w...
21:30 Our World: Robert Peston asks if Marine Le Pen could really be president.
Crying laughing on a repeat Pointless Celebrities. Telling Robert Peston to shut up, she is my hero ❤️
Hugh Grant hair? Not a bit of it. Robert Peston is actually bang on trend:
Online bullies target male TV presenters/ journalists on their looks too - good response
Level headed stuff from Robert Peston- Where is the deal between Athens and Berlin?
Pink bus or Robert Peston's new hair? Are we talking about anything important?
What happened to the Robert Peston hair style report, from 1pm to 4pm? It wasn't on.
BREAKING NEWS: Robert Peston arrested on suspicion of stealing Hugh Grant's hair in Four Weddings And A Funeral.
Very good piece from on being objectified online
Great response from to all the hair haters
Why do people feel what Robert Peston does with his hair is their business? Mind your sodding own.
Looks like has won the internet today - and rightly so.
nice article. Glad you don't take yourself too seriously!
Getting my hair cut today. Slightly nervous about it
Great read on being objectified and social media trolling from - lot of sad/strange keyboard warriors about
.Peston's barnet is all over the internet- and he's got some great stuff to say
Why is Robert Peston's hair more important than it sounds?
Hi Robert, your hair is fine, and your journalism is even finer. Take care and keep up the good work in these testing economic times
Speaking as a stammerer with a floppy haircut I'm with on this
Robert Peston is fortunate to have a full head of hair to play with.
New profile pic makes you look like Robert Peston hee hee!
As Robert Peston faces internet criticism on his hairstyle choices, he makes a valid point on internet insults:
BBC Peston Time: I persuaded to be made over for Er, will he ever forgive me?
Although anyone favourably compared to Jarvis has to be pleased with that
Reminder that harassment occurs in every field - but it was only the gaming press that blamed its audience.
Think looks cool. Mainly because I cant be arsed to get my hair cut and look a bit similar currently.
Baffled to read people have been saying Robert Peston sounds like a Dalek. So wrong. He sounds like a Cyberman from Th…
BBC Economics editor, Robert Peston, explain why the Treasury's interest rate is so low:
Robert Peston with his glasses on looks disturbingly like John Hegley. I'm confused.
Robert Peston has gone the way of Richard Hammond when he had that bump on the head.. Scruffy & unwashed
Robert Peston on celeb mastermind in answer to John Humphries question about whether we should be surprised at...
Robert Peston, party to bringing down of Northern Rock... Looking more and more eccentric with his dyed hair and ill fitting clothes. Been a hard couple of years for owld Robert, but nit as hard for Northern Rock savers
Robert Peston is slowly morphing into Melvyn Bragg
Tories at war with 'biased BBC' - Get rid of Robert he is no economist and looks like a mad professor
Every BBC News bulletin on TV seems to include the eccentric Robert Peston nowadays! He's gradually becoming a National Treasure - like Judy Dench or Stephen Fry!
why do people believe Robert Peston? It baffles me!
Autumn Statement: Robert Peston explains the economic battleground and £50bn gap. Austerity, deficit and balance
Just seen Robert on he looked like he had been sleeping rough. Hope he is not I’ll as I kind of like him.
I do hope that Robert Peston is ok. He is not looking at all well. He's a main branch of the who I think is an essential element
Is there something wrong with Robert Peston? He was speaking very oddly on the news just now. Seen him like it before as well.
Also, Robert Peston seems to be in disguise as someone from the 70s. What's going on?
I've never seen Robert Peston and in the same room ?
Robert seems to think that viewers of are all a bit slow.
I'm worried about Robert Peston. Every time I see him he looks a bit more wrecked.
Based on what I'm hearing on the news, if we want to have the public services we want and expect we've got to get Cameron and his cronies out. Robert Peston really makes it understandable.
Gosh what's happened to Robert Peston? Has he made some cut backs or just been run over by a bus?
Robert Peston. I've just come out in a rash.
bad hair dye day as Robert goes for the David Tenant look. Oh dear
Robert Peston is a day away from having egg all down his tie on telly. Has anyone at the BBC asked if he's alright?
What disease has robert peston got? Aids? Anorexia? Veganism? - Compared to the past he looks like a skeleton.
What is up with Robert Peston's face?
What has Robert Peston done to look different compared to a year or so ago? He look different but cannot work it out. Help please.
Has Robert Peston got smaller or has hair got bigger? Or both?
Robert Peston is the wild man of Borneo
Robert Peston:the gap between Tory and Lab 5 year economic plans is £50bn.
Don't think much of Robert Peston's hair today.
'Balls' and 'itching' in the same sentence. Great work Robert, great work
Has Robert Peston never heard of a hair brush?
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