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Robert Osborne

Robert Jolin Osborne (born May 3, 1932) is an American actor and film historian best known as the primary host for Turner Classic Movies, and previously a host of The Movie Channel.

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. I predict Robert Osborne will be rendered silent at least once during the event!
Relationship Advice 101...Don't miss Mr. Robert Burale on today at 6:30pm. I learned so much!
What do Robert Osborne and I have in common? Favorite movie. The Third Man. 10 PM TCM.
From Olivier to Peter Bowles to Robert Lindsay. Now, Kenneth Branagh will play Archie Rice in John Osborne's The Entertainer at the Garrick.
I love teaching, but if I could sit down and talk classic films with Robert Osborne, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
"George" Gideon Osborne on Central News waffling on about how he has 'clamped down' on tax evasion. Oh please
Thanks, host Robert Osborne, for an excellent interview about the late film noir actress Coming soon.
now broadcasting another taxpayer-funded party political broadcast by Cameron & Osborne. More free campaigning …
First now Jon Stewart. If Robert Osborne and have any announcements to make, I give up.
Sophia Loren will join Robert Osborne for an interview live from the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival
GB&T's Robert Osborne on Growth in Columbia County, Military Presence, Options for Banking
Love Robert Osborne. Sure be a gr8 interview with Sophia.
You put Robert Osborne to shame. Would that he had his bed as backdrop! Nicely played.
Sophia Loren at Interview with Robert Osborne plus intro for MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE ^PG
TCM Announces Screen Legend Sophia Loren to Join Robert Osborne For 'Live from the 2015 TCM C via
Sophia Loren to attend TCM Classic Film Fest for interview with Robert Osborne, screening of ‘Marriage Italian Style.’
"One of the great beauties & magical leading ladies," Sophia Loren to interview with host Robert Osborne at http:/…
Via Playboy TV is (smartly) enlisting John Waters to be their Robert Osborne:
"Signaling effect" or the alleged stupidity of the consumer, acting like penguins.
As Robert Osborne mentioned, Barry Levinson (director of Diner, Rain Man, Avalon, Bugsy, Wag the Dog) was one of the writers.
Watching Robert Osborne on while he's on my Christmas sweater
Is there a Robert Osborne book where he discusses his opinion on which movies are the most underrated?I think that would be an awesome read!
Robert Osborne was on d's podcast in May. Maybe news to you. It's a good listen.
No matter what kind of mood I'm in, Robert Osborne always looks happy to see me.
Robert Osborne is my idea of the perfect Santa.
Stating the obvious, but Robert Osborne is wonderful. Such a comforting tradition having him on my TV during the holiday season.
Merry Christmas to my friends. I hope Santa* brings you more movies to watch! *a.k.a. Robert Osborne and
It's no surprise that Robert Osborne's picks for Christmas Eve are very good.
“Host Robert Osborne shares holiday favorites. Love 2 u Dr. Osborne! Thank u for sharing your knowledge & love of classic film!
There is a school of thought that holds that commitment, not achievement, gives a policy credibility. . Read more at
Excellent Robert Skidelsky piece on the closet Keynesian in No 11 Downing Street - Project Syndicate
“the boom, not the slump, is the time for austerity at the Treasury.”. so now then !.
'To try to cut spending in a slump, as Osborne is doing, is to prolong the slump.':
George Osborne is a closet Keynesian argues Robert Skidelsky.
Britain’s Closet Keynesian by Robert Skidelsky via via
Robert Osborne said that felt this was his best comedy, and he seems much less manic than Arsenic&Old Lace.
Robert Osborne the Face of is to film lovers what John Callaway ('36-'09) was to news, irreplaceable.
Film historian and TCM host Robert Osborne presents Dame Angela Lansbury with an Honorary Oscar at the
Honorary Oscar recipient Dame Angela Lansbury surrounded by Geoffrey Rush and TCM host Robert Osborne at
Congratulations to on renegotiating the price of mousse. -
I wonder if has been talking to 's accountants.
UK to pay £1.7bn EU bill in full despite Osborne’s claim to have halved it via
Have you seriously considered a shot at being a/the successor to Robert Osborne?
Robert Osborne was on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast before, and actually made it sound like they have free reign with the picks.
What Osborne's tax statements don't tell us about welfare - new post from
"What a fine film that was?" Robert Osborne, yes, a timeless one.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Sparring tn at 7 who's in, Paul Barresi, Darcy Osborne, Ryan Dunstan, Ross Begley, Daniel Quiddington, Robert...
If this is the stuff Robert Osborne is ready to part with can you imagine what he's keeping?
come on Robert. Remember Rebrov going through this. Be great to get a diff outcome.
Nick Clegg pushes George Osborne for funds to improve 'decrepit' northern railways
Cubby Broccoli told Robert Osborne (Hollywood Reporter) in 1982 that and were his favorite Bond films.
Dr. Robert Osborne to present "Enzyme-catalyzed biocatalytic oxidations: scale-up successes and challenges remaining"
this is a good question for Robert Osborne!
Robert Osborne and Kermit the Frog on this retrospective in honor of their 20th anniversary is awesome.
George Osborne, HM Treasury, UK government: Withdraw new Annual Tax Summary and apologise for misleading the public
The view on Osborne's tax transparency statements
What does Robert Osborne do on his "night off"? Go to the movies?
Osborne to send out statements showing govt. spend on "welfare" - with no breakdown of figs. Here's an alternative.
Can’t make it to the exhibition? published catalog w/foreword by host Robert Osborne that highlights 600+ items
George Osborne: LB Johnson biographer "Robert Caro is a literary hero of mine"
Chancellor George Osborne clarifies that biographer Robert Caro is his hero, rather than LBJ himself
OSBORNE REALLY hasnt got a CLUE has he ROBERT!!
V sorry standing down if UK had continued with his economic policy (rather than Osborne's) we'd be in m…
Jeff Garlin had better NOT yell at Robert Osborne like that when he guests!
Gideon Oliver Osborne. He doesn't like being called Gideon any more.
Really Robert Osborne? Poltergeist movies cursed? U just exemplified danger of religion in schools-kids can't tell fact from fiction.
I love Robert Osborne. Had no idea It’s A Wonderful Life was about a Jew in Auschwitz hallucinating about his life back home
Hopefully that's the first and only time Robert Osborne will ever say TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES on
Robert's nightmare was not to end up with a £50k job and a 4-year-old Toyota… Well that’s just turned into a pipe dream
No one did it better then Cary grant. Robert Osborne. Well said sir!!
I wish my living room looked like Robert Osborne's set. I really do. Does anyone agree with me?
"I'm very enthusiastic about the Academy Awards because if..".
I'm at the age where Robert Osborne does the intro to my old home movies.
Helen Osborne Storrow:. The Esplanade went through a major expansion from 1928 to 1936, widening and lengthening...
Robert Peston looks at how much George Osborne has to save to eliminate the UKs deficit and where he might find the money.
America once had the clarity of the pioneer ax. -Robert Osborne
All purpose parts banner
Fitting that I just ran into Robert Osborne in the theater after having left yesterday
Bikers for Christ joined us today. Pastor Robert Osborne preached about not being a Jonah. Join us at 5 PM for...
What no Robert Osborne outro Bobby, baby, don't leave us hanging. Goodnight all
Really peen prints on the telly. I hope Robert Osborne is tucked in.
I love hearing Robert Osborne talk about "Blaxploitation."
Ironic that Katharine Hepburn was offered this role first considering Robert Osborne's slightly odd intro.
Who needs Robert Osborne when you have Phil's encyclopedic film knowledge?
I love tcm! Robert Osborne is terrific. Have fun!
To Mod Osborne, any plans regarding Robert the Strong? I am really excited for more content regarding him! :)
Today would have been the 115th birthday of my grandfather, Robert Scott McNeil, London Scottish Regiment
Robert Skidelsky on danger of Labour's weak response to Osborn's austerity policy
The fallacy of George Osborne’s ‘recovery’, and why austerity is the wrong policy | Robert Skidelsky
Labour must expose the fallacy of George Osborne’s ‘recovery’ | Robert Skidelsky via
Mel Brooks impersonates host Robert Osborne before an interview at Thanks, Watch:
In April, sat down to chat with host Robert Osborne. Watch the interview about Brooks' life & career at
Robert Osborne of TCM has a thing for Hedy Lamar. He always refers to her as the most beautiful woman ever to...
I love it when Robert Osborne gets philosophical. Oh, wait...never mind.
The Essentials With Robert Osborne & Drew Barrymore is airing now on
'The Thin Man' is up next followed by After The Thin Man on as part of With Robert Osborne & Drew Barrymore.
Got big plans tonight! THE THIN MAN is this week's Essential! Can't wait to hear what Robert Osborne and have to say!
Lucille Ball told a young Robert Osborne (Turner Classics), "We have enough actors, but we don't have enough writers" http…
Is there anyone you would want to have a drink with more than Robert Osborne? Such a class act, with awesome knowledge of film.
Listen here to 's interview with host Robert Osborne.
listening to the robert osborne podcast. Walt Disney wasn't an alcoholic. To this day both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom are dry
Kentucky fans will never learn. You can bring up Lehigh or Mercer all day long but nothing is worse than losing to Robert …
And Osborne has now borrowed way more than the Labour plans once denounced as intolerably dangerous…
I'm pretty sure if Robert Osborne sat on the stage and read a phone book, I'd sit mesmerized...
so does Robert Osborne. I say "Lou-ee" like the song. I seem to be in the minority.
Just love "The Muppets" ❤️. Saw a clip of Robert Osborne interviewing Kermit The Frog & yep love love love the Kermit!.
Robert Osborne intro'd Guns of Navarone w/a joke Gregory P made about him & Anthony Q as a romantic pair and now it's all I see
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I still haven't caught up yet, listening to Robert Osborne right now...
Great photo of Maureen O'Hara. Saw her when she was interviewed on TV. by Robert Osborne. It was a pleasure seeing her.
Just saw the beautiful on during the Robert Osborne interview with Maureen O'Hara!!!
Best cast...Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Robert Hayes, Kelly Osborne and we are only five minutes in!…
Robert Osborne is 82, William Friedkin will be 79 next month. They look pretty good!
Listening to the Robert Osborne now. You're good at this.
Robert Osborne and I have been on bad terms ever since I congratulated him on the success of his "reality sitcom" on MTV.
Congrats to who has been named Parliamentary Private Secretary to Chancellor George Osborne, keep up the good work Robert
So Robert Halfon is Osborne's PPS? Here's something I wrote earlier this year about the Halfon effect:
The Essential Fritz Lang - On an upcoming installment of The Essentials, hosted by Robert Osborne and Drew...
OMG, Robert Osborne, it's Agatha Christie night on TCM and it's Hercule POIROT, not PEROT. He's a Belgian...
I'm sure they will. I'm betting Robert Osborne was a big fan.
Hey Have you listened to amazing interview with Robert Osborne yet?? cc:
Aussies have the pensions freedom being touted by Osborne. 1 in 4 Aussies have spent their pensions by age 70. (Source: The Tim…
Our film programmer and Turner Classic Movies: TCM's Robert Osborne on stage last night
great book DANGEROUS MEN is now available again on Kindle. TCM's Robert Osborne:
Robert Osborne Plug for "Dangerous Men" from 2003: Happy to say this book is again available -- now on Kindle.
Finally listened to with Robert Osborne. Another great show! Who knew he liked Awesome!
So happy the WatchTCM app has Robert Osborne's intros before the PT films. Love watching them even if I'm not going to watch the movie
's Robert Osborne has incredible swag.
I hope you've archived every comment Robert Osborne's made before and after the movie. I'd would absolutely buy one.
Can’t be right Robert. Dave and his mates IDS & Osborne reckon there are more employed now than ever! They wouldn’t lie.
RIP James Garner. big fan of his. great movies and tv shows.I enjoyed his interview with Robert Osborne some years back. He will be missed
well done Robert. Hope new job not the end of yr productive relationship with us
Win tickets to spend a night with Robert Osborne as he shows Dodsworth TOMORROW! Enter here -->
FILM.Harlow MP Robert Halfon promoted to be key advisor to George Osborne.
I learned a lot on that episode of Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast with Robert Osborne, lol
Gottfried podcast with Robert Osborne is just great, lots of old movie talk, love it!.
with Mother Dolores Hart! I loved Robert Osborne's interview with her.
Austin: Master Class on with Robert Osborne - July 20th
.host Robert Osborne gives a master class on cinema at on July 20.
congratulations Robert. Geroge your team is now greater than ever before
Baroness Thatcher would have been proud of Robert ..he is a brilliant campaigner
Many congratulations to Council Member for being appointed PPS to
destructive outcomes considering the fact, that General Election 2015, is almost here; Mr Robert Halfon MP,
Dear Chancellor Osborne, We hope that Mr Robert Halfon MP, sticks by you and follows in your guidance.
Delighted that Robert Halfon MP is my new pps - he's a brilliant campaigner. Welcome to the team
Day 2 of Ragged Roots Revival is officially underway with Samuel Robert Osborne
Coe almost certain to be named Trust chairman with backing of David Cameron and George Osborne
Loss of Indian students real blow to UK | This week on the Today programme, George Osborne b...
I love the Drew Barrymore/Robert Osborne movie reviews. Makes you pickup things you might miss. Miss Nick Clooney!
Love TCM!! Robert Osborne are my hero!! Thanks TCM for keeping the classic movies alive and TY RO for all the info on CM. :)
I'd really like a night where John Waters talks about Douglas Sirk with Robert Osborne on TCM.
Samuel Robert Osborne is on stage so that can only mean one thing, Ragged Roots Revival is officially under way!
You a film buff? Here's your chance to get up close & personal w/ film historian, Robert Osborne 7/20! Click here:
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Love Robert De Niro, one of my favourite actors
Thanks Justin Robert for the vote of confidence!!! Clinton Whitehead
As Robert Osborne said, she didn't want to do it but had to. I don't blame her one bit.
Robert Peston - top man, wearing an Arsenal badge while interviewing George Osborne on BBC News.
Awful make up job done on Osborne for his interview with Robert Peston, looked like it was caked on!
Robert Peston is a Tory liar who thinks Scotland should be worried about liberating ourselves from the toxic waste of George Osborne's debt.
And also wouldn't it be cool if Ann Margret hosted her films with Robert Osborne.
Robert Osborne covered it all in his intro.
I don't want to take the Bar...I just want Robert Osborne's job (from Turner Classic Movies)
Congrats to our four Under 14 boys Micheal Devlin, Jack Hanrahan, Robert Osborne & Jack Enright who represented...
This transfer looks like it's been sitting out in Robert Osborne's shed since 1956.
Robert Osborne's telling us about Jack Warner. Not covered: the exploits of nephews Yakko, Wakko, Dot.
I just wanna hang out with Drew Barrymore & watch old movies & talk about our mutual friend Robert Osborne. Can you make that happen,
Osborne comes from Anglo-Irish aristocracies. He was educated at St Paul's School, London, and Magdalen College, Oxford,
That Robert Osborne and Olivia de Havilland photo from last year is absolutely adorable.
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John Osborne once tried to hit his agent @ Robert Freedman in NYC where I'm represented. Hmm ...
Spot on re poverty & inequality under coalition looked at some of this less coherently here
Maureen O'Hara looked beautiful and sounded wonderful. Hope Robert Osborne does a longer interview. Thank you so much.
Just took a TCM quiz that asked "How much do you like Robert Osborne?" How much time do you have?! (j/k, it was on a scale of 1-5)
Thanks to Robert Osborne from Owenton, Ky on the purchase of his new 2014 Chevrolet Spark from Piles Chevrolet...
Will you be driving a Lamborghini or riding the bus in retirement?
Text from George Osborne: "Pinch, punch, first of the month and no returns! BOOM! LOLZ!" Absolute moron.
Mr. movie scores being feature now on tip 3 a.m. with Robert Osborne & "Q"
Wait! Wait! is actually the guest with Robert Osborne this evening on introducing the films he scored!!!
Quincy Jones sitting as cohost on with Robert Osborne !!!
Ahh! I am so excited to see Robert Osborne present Dodsworth at the Paramount! Holy cow I'm super stoked.
Quincy Jones will co-hosts with Robert Osborne on tonight!
Don't forget: Qunicy Jones will Join Host Robert Osborne for a Five-Film Salute on TCM today 8PM EST
No matter that Robert Osborne intros the movie stating “silent movie classic” I still turn up the volume?!
Qunicy Jones to Join Host Robert Osborne for Five-Film Salute on TCM tomorrow June 30 8PM EST
OMG, I wanna be a part of this Drew Barrymore/Robert Osborne party.
Robert Osborne and Drew Barrymore gave a great introduction. I see the controversy but ridicule can be effective.
Turner Classic Movies host, Robert Osborne, presents one of his favorite films: William Wyler’s DODSWORTH on 7/20 http…
So I thought Gene Wilder was dead all this time. And then I saw him on with Robert Osborne. I was so happy that I cried a little.
Happy Birthday to all our listeners on Sunday June 1, 2014 Matthew Salmon from Bronx Will Hunt from Seattle Robert Osborne from wellingborough Joël Cotten from Calgary cliff page from buckingham debill mayer from Bloomer Mariana Hidalgo from Santiago marc kinna from Vancouver Monica Ansell from Phoenix Sean Blackman from Portsmouth Jennifer Forbes from Terre Haute
Bob Milander, 48 black & blue Late Model Home track: Riviera Raceway Other tracks: JMS, I80, Mid-Nebraska Crew: casey jim Started in 1987 at Riviera Raceway in a Hobby Stock bc I had drove a buddys car & got hooked Thrill: doing the work on the car & seeing it pay off Proud of: 3 championships Exciting: finished 1pt ahead of Robert Osborne in 2004 @ Boone County Raceway Tells ppl to come to the races as it's just a good ole time for everybody & bring the kids to the pits after the races **pics coming soon
The story of how Dann found the missing ILL movie via Robert Osborne, who was a friend of my fathers.
love you on 'the Essentials' with Robert Osborne. It's always a great discussion. Do you ever go on the cruises?
TCM: the essentials..with robert Osborne
The best part of Spiderman is when Norman Osborne says "Gods speed spiderman" and then Spiderman jumps over the glider and it smashes Norman
Why I love Robert Osborne: he and I agree on Audrey Hepburn as Eliza.
Ahlo govnah...on with Robert Osborne & as part of I❤TCM!!
So Robert Osborne and Matthew Osborne, is it out with UCP and in with Scorpion?
CHEERS to my beautiful sister Nikki Osborne and her now husband Samuel Robert Osborne. Congratulations you two. You are a wonderful couple and I hope that you enjoy many years together.
Strange to listen to Robert Osborne trash My Fair Lady. Basically Audrey Hepburn+fact that she didn't sing. He feels not an Hmm..
Little Giant Ladders
Drew Barrymore is an *** I wish TCM would Not juxtapose her against Robert Osborne, it just re-affirms what a vapid *** she is.
Is this your brother? Join TCM hosts Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz for the fourth cruise:
'Robert Osborne is the best' anagrams to 'Brother! Better obsession.'
Robert Osborne this is so u and thank u
I keep wanting Robert Osborne to talk about the film when its over
Robert Osborne on Rock Hudson June star of the month on TCM.
Come visit us and check out the amazing reef!
An excellent article in the Huffington Post this month about the success of Roatan Marine Park's reef...
Robert Osborne re: movie, Pride of the the Marines, mentioned Al Schmidt did nothing "grand or heroic. He was awarded Navy Cross.
Saving the world's one at a time by via
Running on 5 hours of sleep. Had a weird dream about Robert Osborne.
Great article on the work of the dive industry and the Roatan Marine Park in protecting and improving the quality...
Discussing a movie my father was in with the great Robert Osborne
Robert Osborne is a sight for sore eyes.
Robert Osborne is so cool. Love when he introduces a movie.
Robert Osborne gave a great intro to this movie (critique). Haven't seen it, but it has June Allyson.
No, you clearly don't if your first reaction to Emma Osborne is, "You're not hot enough to be sexually assaulted." Be a man.
No George Osborne! GIrls will not follow glamorous role models into science: Using intimidating glamorous 'wom...
Robert Osborne is interviewing a nun? This is what happens when you tune in late.
- thanks for airing "Laura" tonight. I'm looking forward to it especially if Robert Osborne States it's one of his facilities.
Delighted to see Robert Osborne interview Delores Hart on tonight.
Whoever put the post-it note saying "loser" on Mr Clegg's back, please don't do it again. He's very upset. Was it you, Osborn…
Maureen O'Hara, Robert Osborne, How Green Was My Valley I love her sense of humor
Well done to the 'Sem' soccer team that included our own Cian Gammell, Thando Dube, Robert Osborne & Luke...
Robert Osborne and Drew Barrymore have very different approaches to a discussion!! It's fun to watch
"Saving the World's Coral, One Reef at a Time - Huffington Post Canada"
Saving the world's one reef at a time via
27 May, 8 PM ET, Mother Dolores Hart, O.S.B. to appear with Robert Osborne on TCM
Robert Osborne telling Joel Grey where to find the john (maybe)
If there was any doubt how big of a star Robert Osborne has become, one only need look at the Conversations with... DVD cover where the TCM host's face is the only one to appear and no font comes close to the size of the one used for his name. It's a testament to how beloved he has become to classi…
Also included on LUCY Blu are 9 minutes of never-before-seen hair/makeup tests hosted by former Desilu employee Robert Osborne.
this is so true I see this every day with Xander and Robert Osborne
Gonna be quite a weekend! To Hudson Opera House Saturday night to hear Robert Osborne perform songs by Franz Waxman. Then into the city on Sunday to (hopefully) hit the Neue Galerie and then see Daniel Talbott's production of A FABLE at the Cherry Lane. There is NOTHING better than great art.
hey, you like Kelly Osborne and Robert Osborne! What about Amanda Osborne? I think I'm in the circle! 😍😍
For anyone who missed my appearance on Turner Classic Movies Co-Hosting with TCM Host Robert Osborne, HERE IT IS!
Robert Osborne I accept your Coldwater challenge in return I challenge Bryan Iagnemmo Josh Helmick Nick Otto and Gary D. Guiles Sr. You have 24 hours to complete this challenge or donate $50 in the name of Ashley Kurtz to relay for life
Photo: this gentleman, Mr. Robert Osborne, has contributed a great deal with his film commentary on
Hey guys, what's up? John Fricke's been getting a lot of people asking about what events he's got lined up to do, so I thought I'd post what he has coming up for those of you who are interested, and maybe you'll be able to attend one of these happenings. After filling the hall at Oakland College in Michigan with his presentation on Judy last month - and doing it again at the TCM Film Festival a week later (besides cohosting EASTER PARADE with Leonard Maltin and appearing in an interview with Robert Osborne) - starting this Friday, John will be the keynote speaker (about Oz) at the National Tonner Doll conference in Chicago. Next week, he's off to Nashville for a special Judy project that's so sick you'll all drop to the floor from excitement (but more specifics on this epic project at a later time), and then - over Memorial Day weekend - he'll be the special guest at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, again speaking about Oz. Greystone is the former Doheny Mansion and now the site of major events, as ...
And I can't believe Harry Osborne just compared himself and Harmonium Korine to Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro
3 more days till I go see Godzilla with Abdul Abdul Abdul & Robert Osborne going toe be god!
You are the new Robert Osborne. I would order TMC or TCM or whatever if they hired you.
Any time I watch something like A Place in the Sun or Christmas Holiday, I expect Robert Osborne to pop up at the end and talk about it.
Speaking w/ Robert Osborne in ’82, Cubby said “I can’t say there is a single Bond film I’d redo, but there are parts of I’d change."
Robert Osborne to Sing Cabaret and Film Songs of Franz Waxman at Hudson Opera House | The Rogovoy Report
Here's what's on the Conversations w/ Robert Osborne DVD. Good stuff.
oh what? Is this Robert Osborne Conversations dvd new? I need.
"When you look at the end of Robert Young's career, I don't think anyone else worked with as varied a group of ladies" -R Osborne
"He's even more beautiful in person." -- Mitzi Gaynor on Robert Osborne.
Robert Osborne and Mitzi Gaynor have been on earth for a combined total of 164 years.
"Let's go eat." -- Mitzi Gaynor to Robert Osborne on I am seriously in love with this woman.
BWW Interviews: TCM Giant Robert Osborne to Host S.T.A.G.E. Goes to the Movies May 10 at the Saban Theatre:
I wish you a happy birthday and hope to see you sitting with Robert Osborne on talking films
I was thinking the same way about the costuming as Robert Osborne. I feel so smart.
1st check out Osborne, a Renaissance Revival building on 57th Street just off Seventh Avenue where our Robert lives!
Obviously, Robert Osborne should invite to co-host on Stat.
Robert Osborne should point the boat t…
Robert Osborne should point the boat towards P.E.I.
A DNA mix of Werner Herzog and Robert Osborne. Will keep you posted.
walking past 21 Osborne, it's looking wonderful!
Have you already checked out Conversations with Robert Osborne? What do you like…
I hope to look as good as Robert Osborne of when I'm his age.
What do you like about Conversations with Robert Osborne? See the collection at
Now getting to relationship with developer Robert Osborne and Hartcher staffer Ray Carter.
Bravo, Robert Osborne for your praise of the underrated Dana Andrews.
I only need to make it until 3 pa on Friday and then I'm outta work and off to Lehigh/Ft.Myers for the weekend! Can't wait to see my daddy and everyone! Robert Osborne, Michael Allen nervous nellie's on Friday night with me?!?! Brooke PhilhowerBrooke may be coming too!!!
Great, inspiring interview with Robert Osborne on TCM, Also, I think you might've known my buddy's dad Rudy Fio as a kid.
I don’t experience it as most people do, since I work throughout the weekend, but I have as good a time as the attendees, who come from far and wide and spend the entire time beaming. Because there are so many events going on at all hours, hosted by Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz, and an array of filmmakers, historians, and special guests, I can only provide a (brief) diary of my own experience. On Friday I treated myself to one extracurricular screening: a digital restoration of Cy Endfield’s Zulu, shot in the widescreen Technirama process.
Finally watched the TCM "Private Screenings" interview with Robert Osborne. Alec Baldwin barely got a word in edgewise - the guy loves to talk, and has some GREAT stories! I did not know he had a daily column in the "Hollywood Reporter" for years before he took this job. Nice point that back in the '70's knowledge was so unorganized that no one really had an easy to access record of who or what movies had been nominated for Oscars - until he researched it all and put it into a book. He is 82 - what will we do when he retires or passes? He wears his knowledge so lightly, and passes it on so generously. Unlike that schmuck Ben Mankiewicz, who seems to out to prove he knows the most of anyone in the room.
Folks I'm not sure ifI will be able to make it to practice today. I am still at the hostpital with Okeefe. My replacement is coming, but they just left. If possible could Kenneth Sapnu or Robert Osborne run todays pratice. Just have to check out the four balls from the fitness center. Since we are playing in combined teams I would just stick with hands skills and offloading.
Robert Osborne I need to follow this advice
HOLLYWOOD — What was advertised as a question-and-answer session turned out to a surprise, celebrity-filled tribute to Robert Osborne, who has been the beloved face of Turner Classic Movies since…
It concerns someone after the PC era, but I enjoyed the interview with Robert Osborne last night on TCM very much. April 14th, 1994 was the first night of TCM and Alec Baldwin interviewed him. I learned a lot. Lots of celebrity accolades for him from so many stars.
Robert Osborne just noted that this film's director also directed the TV series Flipper.
I want to look like a blonde Anne Margret when I grow up and have Robert Osborne's job. Is that so much to ask? consider me please? 😍
Robert Osborne I got a couple shots
What a Great day. Worked all day got off had dinner with the boss and his Ole lady... work in the am feeling very blessed Robert Osborne
Why have I never seen this movie? I've heard about it all my life. Great cast. Robert Osborne gave a great intro.
Robert Osborne's twenty year anniversary as host of TCM. Absolutely excellent.
Getting ready to meet Robert Osborne must look pretty for him! I love him so much! ht…
Be still my little heart! I got to give Robert Osborne a puppy kiss! http:…
Robert Osborne has never ridden a horse. Recently he had his opportunity. Boo gets on a horse for the first time. The horse starts to trot, then gallop. Boo gets scared and falls to the underside of the horse. Boo is getting trampled by the unknowing horse and at the brink of being knocked out, when Willy the Wal-Mart worker unplugs the electric horse.
Watching a lot of TCM's 20th anniversary stuff this week. The "Private Screenings" segment with Alec Baldwin interviewing TCM's Robert Osborne is very interesting. My envy is trumped by fascination of all the legends who've helped Osborne shape his career. I know some folks think my movie stuff may be trivial but it's been a great outlet for me through the years.
Loving all of the 20th anniversary programming on with and Robert Osborne
When it comes to Blazing Saddles, humility fails Mel Brooks. “It may be my favorite movie,” the filmmaker told Robert Osborne before a packed 40th anniversary screening for the TCM Classic Film Festival Friday night at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. By the end of the Q&A, Brooks was only getting…
Actress Maureen O'Hara thrilled a jubilant crowd before a screening of "How Green Was My Valley" (1941), interviewed by Robert Osborne at the El Capitan Thea...
Our chat with film historian and host Robert Osborne
I was tremendously inspired by Robert Osborne's story last night on 'The Essentials'. Thanks for airing!
Before the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival began in Hollywood on Thursday, hosts Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz, who were treated like royalty there for four days, shared stories about what has kept the network alive for 20 years.
Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz and TCM programmers share what goes into perfecting TCM
I don't understand why they just don't give that job to Robert Osborne so its done right
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Robert Osborne, explained the best parts of during
I want to get drunk with Billy Bob Thornton, William Shatner & Robert Osborne from Turner Classic Movies.
Alec Baldwin makes cameo at TCM bash for Robert Osborne via
Loved the Robert Osborne interview last week.
This is what happens when you get host Robert Osborne around his cousins and nieces. Hilarious.
Happy Anniversary Robert Osborne I loved the show celebrating your anniversary. It was very informative. I loved your Private Screenings too. Thank you Robert Osborne from Julie Daily from Spokane
Robert Osborne tribute Awesome. His a classic films encyclopedia and so adorable.. Love him. Congratulations Mr Osborne :)
Hats off to actor, writer and film aficionado Robert Osborne for sharing his insight with us on TCM for the last 20 years. Bravo, Bob
Robert Osborne and TCM are celebrating 20 years on the air...20 years. Osborne was 62, my age, when he began that career.
What I would give to be able to sit down and talk about movies all day with Robert Osborne.
That was a lovely program about Robert Osborne. Wasn't it? It was so nice to see you on it!
For 20 years, Robert Osborne has shared his knowledge of films with us. Tonight, we learn about him. Join us 8pm ET & 8:30pm PT.
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