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Robert Osborne

Robert Jolin Osborne (born May 3, 1932) is an American actor and film historian best known as the primary host for Turner Classic Movies, and previously a host of The Movie Channel.

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. Corbyn has some obvious links- look at Milne, but here's a recent Tory example. Close to Osborne. 🤔:
Just watched your prologue to High Wall. Eddie you're eloquence was elegant prose. Robert Osborne would be smiling.
It would be so easy for TCM to reuse all of the Robert Osborne intros.
I recorded Son of Fury (1942) in 2012 when the film premiered on Robert Osborne intro-ed the film 😭😭He loved…
Oh God she didn't know Robert Osborne was dead and now she's having a moment...
No offense to Alec Baldwin (and Dave), but I still think of this time on Saturday night as my date with Robert Osborne. 😢
Summer of Darkness was the best. Still have those on my DVR. Robert Osborne doing the intros, too 😢
Theresa May 'blocked plan to guarantee EU citizens could stay after Brexit'.
However, most economists think this will be outweighed by the negative effect of leaving.
Thank you so much for the Robert Osborne tribute (ep 105). I'm telling everyone about it in his and my hometown,
New bombshell in today's Standard. David Cameron wanted to make unilateral promise on EU rights last s…
What about Robert Osborne has to replenish our mission
In case you missed this: stellar review by Robert Fox of book on life as a soldier - remarkable man
JUST IN: London police charge suspect in mosque attack, Darren Osborne, with terrorism-related murder and attemp…
Robert Frost: two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both... Mrs. Frost: OMG with the poems.…
now that Robert Osborne is gone, I want you to introduce movies on Full on Douglas Sirk marathons!!!
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I remember Robert Osborne introducing this movie. It seemed like he really appreciated it.
Impossible not to watch without thinking of Robert Osborne. He was so entertained by this film. Mi…
Thank you for the likes. I can't believe they're showing this film, I wish I could hear Robert Osborne comment on it.
Up now, live and direct from *** one of Robert Osborne's (R.I.P.) favorite movies, THIS IS SPINAL TAP!
At 2014 press day, Robert Osborne told us how much he loved this movie.
Going through the Robert Osborne film collection in an L.A. vault yesterday in 95 degree heat. With archivist Todd…
Robert is right. It can be almost impossible to concentrate, plan, motivate, move, drive etc. Stop blaming mental h…
Maybe true or not, but I saw this coming. Finsbury Park attack suspect has mental health issues, sister says.
watched the video of Donald Trump introducing his 3 movie choices with Robert Osborne
Birthday boy Martin Landau with NORTH BY NORTHWEST co-star Eva Marie Saint and our beloved Robert Osborne.…
ROBERT OSBORNE The Making of Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder in 3D via
Binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and laughing, relaxed—then a Robert Osborne cameo and I am crying, with chest pains. 😰📽💙
I watched a taped copy of The Zombies of Mora-Tau the other day and realized just how much I miss Robert Osborne an…
PETER O'TOOLE BROUGHT US TOGETHER. I also went to the taped interview with Robert Osborne later that day.
The TCM interview of Robert Osborne with Peter O'Toole is is marvelous, funny & not to be missed.
When I saw Peter O'Toole at in 2011 he told Robert Osborne he really did want to want to win an Oscar and "he wasn't dead yet"
As per the report from my colleagues and
When it comes to descriptions of terror suspects, this, from Metro's piece on Darren Osborne, takes some beating.
UPDATE EMERGENCY Lufthansa from to Munich diverted to Dublin due to a medical reason (pic: Robert Jan Walczak) https…
I didn't realize how much I would miss Robert Osborne.
Rest In Peace Robert Osborne television has lost an icon. ☁️
Really miss Robert Osborne but I have always enjoyed your movie comentary. I thank you for that.
Robert Muellers job. It's not to investigate Trump. It's to dispose of him for the greater good of our corrupt Government…
"couldn't take Trump out. The media hasn't been able to take Trump out. So now it's Robert Mueller's job."…
Anytime I have seen Robert Osborne and "RJ" (may I call him that?) together I have al…
It's not his actual father, it's the late Robert Osborne
Let's bring back in memory of Robert Osborne. What are 5 classic movies you want everyon…
So Robert Rinder, David Beckham, Gideon Osborne, Guy Ritchie and Harry Styles go to the same gym? I hope this comes up in my exam tomorrow
I always looked forward to Robert Osborne's introductions to each of the featured films on TCM. I lik…
RIP - Robert Osborne . American Film Historian & Actor best known as the primary host for TCM. Interview:.
RIP Robert Osborne. Always loved his intros and insights on movies. Seemed like a genuinely nice man too.
It has been two months since Robert Osborne's death. How I wish to be a film historian.
Thank You Robert Osborne for being such a friend, advocate, and supporter of Gone With the Wind. You brought... https:/…
Robert Osborne produces a fantastic reaction save in the final minutes of our SSE Airtricity U17 game against...
A best ride at Disneyworld! Wonderful to hear Robert Osborne's recorded voice be tour guide! ❤
has really gone down hill fast w the death of Robert Osborne..Movies still good but the "guest hosts" offer opinions instd of knowledge
The great film historian Robert Osbourne has died at 84. He wanted us all to see movies on the big screen:
Watch a TCM video: Robert Osborne’s tribute to Olivia de Havilland here:
REST IN PEACE: TCM host Robert Osborne has died at 84, network says
Work by Robert Osborne and Carrie Reichardt. Part of Parody & Art at curated by Attollo Art. Unt…
Found Robert Osborne on a tape recorded in 2013. He was introducing Kim Novak's TCMFF interview
And next to Robert Osborne, you're the best in the business sir. See you on the screen.
Robert Osborne was a class act, a true gentleman & his historical nuggets as TCM host made watching those great old movies…
Listen to ON DEMAND interview with Rita Moreno and the late Robert Osborne.
Had no idea that Robert Osborne from had passed away in March! So sad. He was one of the first to inspire my love of classic films.
The saddest thing is that Robert Osborne failed to tell us about such "mistakes" when he'd introduce films 😰
Alec Baldwin is doing a great job with on Great choice to follow the inimitable Robert Osborne.
Lovely to see Robert Osborne telling show business stories in the new documentary THE FABULOUS ALLAN CARR.
Found out via one of Robert Osborne's intros. I miss Robert. 😔
Up for grabs is a free sun ☀️ shades form Robert and Sons Ltd! Join in the tag and share a picture of your dream!
I don't like that tcm stopped using Robert Osborne's introductions. He had the best stories
Aw. Finally watching Double Indemnity for the first time (I know, I know) and my dvd has an intro by Robert Osbo…
Whenever I needed company, I invited Robert Osborne in - on Films & facts and so much more. He was insightful and…
"Robert Osborne". Will never forget his interview with Robin Williams. Sadly both are gone now RIP Robert
The passing of Robert Osborne is a sad occasion for all those who shared his infectious love of classic cinema. He left a…
I am glad you're not there to deliver your vindictive and unnecessary…
Robert Osborne, you are so missed. Happy Birthday.
Remembering Robert Osborne on what would have been his 85th birthday, May 3, 2017.
Remembering Robert Osborne, who would've been 85 today. May 3, 1932 ~ March 6, 2017.
Well done to our Kerry u17 keeper Robert Osborne on his two saves in the shoot-out after Cobh Ramblers FC and...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Michael Feinstein performs "Our Love is Here to Stay" at today's memorial service for Robert Osborne in Manhattan. https:/…
Host Robert Osborne & VP of Studio Production, Sean Cameron. Our affection for others here at TCM is genuine.
Robert Osborne had a wonderful life, part 3 of 3 Happy Birthday Robert O
Robert Osborne had a wonderful life, part 2 of 3 - interview ❤️
Robert Osborne had a wonderful life, part 1 of 3.
Robert Osborne's 1st introduction on tcm in 1994 Happy Birthday RO - I had poundcake for breakfast in your honour
Born on this day - TCM Remembers Robert Osborne, 1932 - 2017
TCM host Robert Osborne. He may be gone, but his passion for classic movies has lived on. We still miss his c…
Robert Osborne is turning over in his grave. Not to mention Siskel & Ebert.
We remember Robert Osborne on what would've been his 85th birthday. Here's Mo Rocca's interview with Osborne: .
Today would have been Robert Osborne's 85th birthday.
Remembering Robert Osborne on his birthday. He is sorely missed!
Robert Osborne, The Patron Saint of Classic Movies, would have been 85 today. To honor his legacy, here's one of his fa…
Our DVR'd version of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir features an intro by Robert Osborne & I love it b/c he comes back to life when I press play. ❤️
Robert Osborne interviewed Kim Novak before the 2012 screening of VERTIGO. Today at 1:45 PM on
Did you and Robert Osborne ever get to "argue" about Elizabeth Taylor?
Robert Osborne's life had a Hollywood ending, according to his life partner David Staller.
The piano playing, the empty red chairs... we miss you, Robert Osborne.
Thank you for the gift of this weekend's tribute to our dear Robert Osborne
Oh, if only I could have been one of those fortunate few who were able to see a Robert Osborne interview at
"You just have to be patient to survive life." --Debbie Reynolds with Robert Osborne
This Debbie Reynolds interview by Robert Osborne is amazing.
Not judging you at all.But I think you had a drink 2 help you get through the tribute 2 Robert Osborne.That must have been hard.
TCM pays tribute to host Robert Osborne with weekend of interview highlights
Conversations with Legendary TCM Host (Robert Osborne who passed this month. via
If you're watching Robert Osborne marathon on his chat with Betty Hutton is coming up at 10:30. It's an amazing interview!
God grant me the ability to carry myself the way I'd like... like Robert Osborne.
Dumbfounded in a good way Robert Osborne came from my part of the world.
Oh... is running an interview between Robert Osborne & God I miss her. I'll miss his interviews too. What a guy.
Watching this Lon Chaney doc and remembering the first time I saw THE UNKNOWN (1927). Robert Osborne said it was one of the oddest films
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Yes,beautifully said, Chrystyna.My father a gentleman, as well. They don't make men like Robert Osborne any more 💔
One of the tricks of successful interviewing is to make it feel like a casual chat, not a formal Q&A. Robert Osborne mast…
It took me a long time to pull myself away from the TV today! Robert Osborne tribute.
A special tribute to Robert Osborne is airing on this weekend
What to watch this week: Rihanna on 'Bates Motel'; 'Shots Fired'; 'Robert Osborne’s 20th Anniversary Tribute'; more https:/…
Watching Robert Osborne interviewed by Alec Baldwin on He was such a gracious, lovely man & shall be greatly missed.😥
Captivated by the TCM tribute weekend for the late, great Robert Osborne
With Robert Osborne the day we taped my "Critics Choice'' guest programmer segments in Manhattan, June 2010. htt…
My new favorite photo of Robert Osborne: greeting children during the Christmas window unveiling at Macy's Herald Squar…
, so many thanks for the TCM tribute to Robert Osborne. What a human -- amongst other gifted, talented humans.
I bet if you weren't busy tonight you'd be watching the Robert Osborne tribute on TCM. It's really been quite touching.
I loved Robert Osborne and the juicy extras and back lot stories he shared while hosting TCM. RIP Old friend and sa…
What a wonderful woman! in conversation with Robert Osborne.
Robert Osborne Day on TCM. Most enjoyable and heartfelt.
Get you someone who looks at you the way Robert Osborne looked at everyone   10% Off
Robert Osborne truly was the Godfather of My deepest regret is never having the opportunity to have met the honorable Mr Osborne. 😞😥
Just discovered that Robert Osborne was a member of the LGBT community. We had that in common. Made me emotional, again.
Bummed isn't showing the skateboarding movie tonight but I guess a tribute to the late great Robert Osborne is an acceptable substitute
Thanks to the interview with Robert Osborne I just started watching Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor.
Just watched your interview w/Robert Osborne. Wonderful tribute, how I will miss him. You were blessed to have his friendship.
All weekend, our tribute to Robert Osborne. Not easy to tape, but we hope it gives you a chance to appreciate his charm, dec…
Robert Osborne was right to like A Place In The Sun. That final scene proved she could act.
Robert Osborne and his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame... :)
I grew up watching Robert Osborne teach me about film, my parents considered it 'Essential Arts Education.' He'll be missed
love love love the TCM tribute to Robert Osborne. What a lovely, truly good, man. He is already so missed.
Watching tributes to Robert Osborne. So wonderful to see.
Going from the Private Screening of Robert Osborne to Debbie Reynolds is just cruel, I'm sending you an invoice for my tissue box.
. Watching the wonderful tribute to Robert Osborne my heart weeps . Remember to CHERISH the MOMENTS. Live Gently
When Robert Osborne said he speaks every Sun. on the phone w/ Olivia de Havilland my heart just broke for her missing her…
Yup. Hard to believe Robert Osborne is gone from
Still hard to reconcile without Robert Osborne
Guy just walked into the gym + switched one of the 4 TVs playing sports to the Robert Osborne tribute on TCM. Spontaneous…
Did you and Robert Osborne ever have/film the great Liz Taylor debate?
On Saturday & Sunday, we'll celebrate film historian & longtime host Robert Osborne. Join us then to see some of his best intervie…
Olivia must miss Robert Osborne so much I just read he talked to her every Sunday for 40 yrs.
TCM to mount 48-hour tribute to Robert Osborne - Turner Classic Movies will dedicate two days to remembering th...
I think this is a young Robert Osborne in an episode of an old western (The Californians - ?)
A comment on Robert Osborne (1932-2017), host of Turner Classic Movies news
Robert Osborne, who died Monday at 84, was more than just the de factor chief anchor for Turner Classic Movies.…
Robert Osborne's gift to classic-movie nerds: With his courtly manners and encyclopedic knowledge of film fact and…
He will be sorely missed by classic movie lovers. Robert Osborne, host of Turner Classic Movies, dies at 84
A tribute to on-air host and great movie communicator, Robert Osborne, who died yesterday at 84.
Robert Osborne was a lovely man. I loved his earnest enthusiasm for whatever classic movie he was discussing.
Robert Osborne of fame has died. Sometimes the lead-in to the movie was better than the movie.
Robert Osborne, movie savant who turned his knowledge into enticing intros and outros, Dies at 84. By
I remember the first time I saw Robert Osborne on TCM. I was sick & he was introducing the Alan Ladd film 'The Black Knight' at 2AM
RIP Robert Osborne, beloved TCM host and longtime contributor.
Film historian and longtime Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne has died at age 84, TCM says.
Robert Osborne, the primary host of Turner Classic Movies, died at age 84
Robert Osborne, soul of makes a cameo in almost every Hollywood history I read. Oh, the places he'd been! . RIP
RIP Robert Osborne. How many nights of insomnia have I spent watching him?.
RIP Robert Osborne, Film Historian and host of (Turner Classic Movies) . A sad loss for the film industr…
Very sad to hear of Robert Osborne's passing.
"Everybody knew if Jack Benny was in it, it was going to be funny." I'm going to miss Robert Osborne's intros on TCM http…
Robert Osborne, Turner Classic Movies host and film expert, dies at age 84
Bummer to hear Robert Osborne passed. That dude was the AMAZING host of Turner Classic Movies. Huge loss.
Steven Spielberg honors Robert Osborne's legacy "as the man who brought us back to the movies"
Robert Osborne, host of Turner Classic Movies has passed away at 84. 🎙
Robert Osborne, the face of Turner Classic Movies, has died at 84. Here's what he said about his love for film:
TV film host, cinema historian Robert Osborne dead at 84 . Robert Osborne, the genial face of Turner Classic Movies
Robert Osborne, the marquee host of Turner Classic Movies, dies at 84
Robert Osborne's death is a punch to the gut. I mean, he was 84, so he had a long life, but he was a key to my love of movies. Farewell.
One of my favorite Robert Osborne articles: 11 of his favorite hidden jewel movies to discover. ht…
Stumbled upon a photo of Robert Osborne and Olivia de Havilland from the '70s!
📷 Rest in Peace, Robert Osborne. So essential to my enjoyment and learning while watching classic...
Robert Osborne dies at 84; genial student of films hosted Turner Classic Movies
pretty sure Robert Osborne was universally loved, and was happy to be that for everyone. 💖
We were so sad to learn of Robert Osborne's passing today. Thought we'd share 1 of his stories from his intv w/ us.
If there's a heaven, you just know Robert Osborne is watching all the lost films right now.
Robert Osborne's life partner: "He told me to tell everyone he'll see them at the after-party" htt…
Loved listening to Robert Osborne before and after watching the greatest movies ever made on He will be greatly mis…
The loss of Robert Osborne feels personal to me & all fans. I've watched him share his love for film most of m…
Our condolences to Robert Osborne's loved ones and his work family at Turner Classic Movies: TCM.
I'm glad I discovered Robert Osborne & TCM & also to us these are more than movies they're life & storytelling
I adored Robert Osborne. Such a lovely man.
plans to run a Robert Osborne marathon of his favorites? Would be great to include his excellent intros too? Make it…
Sad to hear of the passing of Robert Osborne. I'll miss watching him on , where he shared his passion for film & ❤ of Old Hollywood.
Finger snaps in memory of Robert Osborne - a former fellow movie show host from Turner Classic Movies who was...
Few individuals have invested more passion and devotion in the championing of film history than historian and host Robert…
As influential as Roger Ebert, Robert Osborne taught a generation of film fans to love the cinema as an entertainme…
Steven Spielberg on the great Robert Osborne: ""He got us excited and reawakened to the greatest stories ever told." https…
Robert Osborne introducing one of my pictures, Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange He set these films up perfectly.…
R.I.P. Robert Osborne. . Thanks for all the films mate.
My mom & I have great memories of staying up late watching listening to Robert Osborne share his expertise & passion for classic films.
He introduced me to all of my classic favourites on TCM. He'll be missed. .
Angela Lansbury remembers Robert Osborne: "He was the ultimate fan — and the ultimate friend"
Robert Osborne Dies at 84 He illuminated the history of film.
Eva Marie Saint pays tribute to Robert Osborne: "I loved watching him"
He may have been yours America; but as a film lover all the way down in Australia, I always felt Robert Osborne was tal…
Heartbroken farewell to the shining star of classic movies who had the personal connection to that...
Robert Osborne: One of a Kind. No one can or will ever replace him.
Right now I am crying and I can't seem to stop. Robert Osborne's death feels as if I have lost a close friend or a dear unc…
Robert Osborne presented us with the very best films handpicked by Ted Turner.
such a loss. You can't become a film fan without watching Robert Osborne present. Always eloquent and professional.
The 91-year-old actress remembers the man who presented her with an honorary Oscar in 2013
There's too many memories to choose a favorite, but I'll always be grateful for Robert Osborne & everything he's done…
Robert Osborne, beloved host of Turner Classic Movies, dies at 84
Obviously, a tough, sad day at Here are a few of my immediate thoughts on the singular Robert Osborne.
Deeply, personally sad to hear of Robert Osborne's passing. My one encounter with him revealed an exceptionally c…
Robert Osborne's legacy: the friendships we share - virtually or IRL - forged by our shared love for classics. He was Fan…
Gibson. Celery bitters. Raised in honor of Robert Osborne.
As an avid TCM viewer, I am so shocked. He was like an encyclopedia of film knowledge. RIP Robert Osbourne.
We have lost a visionary, a friend, and our hero. Goodbye Robert Osborne.
Farewell to my dear friend and colleague Robert Osborne. Smart, funny, irreplaceable...
Robert Osborne had the classic film fan's dream job. You could never begrudge him for that, because he was brilliant at…
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RIP Robert Osborne—host, historian and class act. He spent his whole life keeping classic film alive, and we are better…
RIP TCM host Robert Osborne. A true gentleman, whose love for Old Hollywood was epic.
I didn't have film school professors. I had DVD commentaries and Robert Osborne. So grateful for all that he shared.
Today we say good-bye to a dear member of our TCM family. Our thoughts are with all who love, as we do, Robert Osborne.
Robert Osborne, the film historian and prime-time tcm host, has died at the age of 84
Thank you, Robert Osborne, for introducing me and so many others to classic cinema. I am forever in your debt.
Very sad. Robert Osborne was a wonderful presence, you really wanted to watch a movie with him. He'll be missed. https:/…
oh no! Robert Osborne died..😞 how many old movie classics did i watch with him
Sad to hear we've lost Robert Osborne, Turner Classic Movie Host, and such a kindly and familiar face to all of... htt…
Revisit 2016 interview with TCM host Robert Osborne, who has died at age 84
Sad day for Turner Classic Movies fans. Robert Osborne has passed away. ~KL
RIP Robert Osborne 😢😢😢 You will be missed by the whole Turner Classic Movie Community 💔
Robert Osborne was my companion through more than a decade of my learning about film. He was a classic movie...
RIP Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movie Channel, no one can tell a story of the Movie as you did. will not be the same without you!!
RIP Robert Osborne, movie historian & long-time host of Turner Classic Movies & the Movie Channel, dies at 84. Via FoxNews
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Classic Movie Man - Robert Osborne, film historian and host of Turner Classic Movies is dead at 84
Robert Osborne dies at 84; host of Turner Classic Movies How am I supposed to ever watch a classic movie again?!
R.I.P Robert Osborne will miss the information give me about the movie on Turner Classic.
Juanita Moore, Robert Osborne and Susan Kohner. I love this photo. R.I.P
Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne dead at 84 | intros made movie more interesting...RIP...
Robert Osborne, Turner Classic Movies host and film historian, dies at 84
Super excited to tell you that me and Lord Bob aka Robert Osborne have our first solo show and book launch at the...
happy Ben Mankiewicz is hosting TCM on Christmas day. still. it's hard not to miss Robert Osborne.
Robert Osborne is the face and warmth and Chief Information Officer of TCM. We feel his joy and enthusiasm for film
Petition to have TCM let me ramble about my love for Jane Wyman to Robert Osborne on air.
I love Lucille Ball for about a million reasons—one of them being that she was Robert Osborne's mentor.
The original Osborne House was a modest C18 building built for Robert Pope Blanchford and demolished c.1848.
Hey TCM, I haven't been made so uncomfortable by a guy on my TV since I saw Silence Of The Lambs. WHERE'S ROBERT OSBORNE?
Aw, I don't dislike him; just didn't know who he was. But yeah, I miss Robert Osborne too!
(3) ...Barbara Pepper, Ginger Rogers, Carole Cook, Robert Osborne (!) and so many others.
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So many inside tales to tell about Hollywood, including real dark stuff about Walt disney.
Sure Robert. One thing the Brexit fiasco's kicked up is the how the Cameron/Osborne duo were useless and Carney's floundering.
a few words by Martin Scorsese and Robert Osborne about this year’s edition of SUTS
Anyone heard any news about Robert Osborne?
Where's Robert Osborne nowadays? I don't see him introduce films on TCM as often as before.
really miss Robert Osborne. Is he coming back?
LOVED the spoof with Robert Osborne, on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Hilarious!
David Cameron offers knighthoods to Remain campaigners and decorates George Osborne in leaked honours list. This is someone that I trusted.
I would be surprised if they gave Meryl Streep her third Oscar for a film as light as 'Julie
Thank you for the follow Robert Osborne it's Friday, have a wonder-filled weekend!
I grew up in a small town where I went to the movies a lot and fell in love with all these p
Robert Downey Jr.'s endorsement deal with HTC helped him bank $33M last year:
I'm 77. The only reason I'm ever shy about it is that people tend to think of you in terms o
My love of movies started when I was 7 years old, living in a small town, going to the movie
I did see 'Gravity,' but I don't have the enthusiasm to go see a movie as often as I used to
For a lot of filmmakers, their first goal is to be successful and make some money. But once p
As a kid growing up in a small town in Washington State, my only exposure to New York City w
In a business like the movie business, you're going to have a lot of people competing. Someb
I think 'Elf' is funny, with Will Ferrell. That's a great Christmas movie.
I went to California at a perfect time... when many of those people that I had admired so mu
Robert Osborne Thank you for the follow!
How is Robert Osborne? I'm a huge fan, and concerned that we have had no news about him. Thanks.
Robert Osborne will be back on soon. Meanwhile, you're in good hands with and
I did love 'The Artist.' I've seen it four times, and every time I see it, it gets better an
When I was growing up, you'd read about actors, and they'd never tell you their age and how
I think Kennedy being assassinated changed the world. That shot changed everything about Ame
Great NYT article about Robert Osborne - It's clear why he is so absolutely loved & irreplaceable. Tell Bob Thank You!
I adore Robert Osborne, host of TCM. No one else comes close. This NY Times article reveals why he is irreplaceable.
You see a Clint Eastwood movie, and you might not know if it's from Universal or Warner Bros
There comes a time when even icons, if they choose to do so, should be allowed to enj
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When a movie opened - if you lived in New York, you would see it at Radio City Music
The only person who could ever bring even a hint of Robert Osborne's charm, energy and knowledge to is Steve Kmetko.
I think there's something about traveling in airplanes all the time that's not the healthies
I was shaped by the heroes in the films I saw, which you always want to emulate and be like.
Robert Osborne either has the best job in the world, or comes very close. As millions of viewers
Loved seeing Robert Osborne's tribute to his long time good friend...Melanie in GWTW!
Hey Robert Osborne thanks for the follow!
Seeing New York in the movies is what made me want to live in Manhattan one day. I eventuall
Thanks Robert Osborne for the follow! Will you like my FB page as well?
Tiffany Vazquez Joins TCM: Turner Classic Movies has brought in a new host to join Robert Osborne and Ben Man...
Missing Robert this year at We've sure enjoyed his many visit to the Rose. Vive L'Osborne!
Me because Robert Osborne isn't here for the second year in a row. 💔
TCM VP of Studio Production Sean Cameron, on Robert Osborne: "He misses the *** out of all of you. We'll have him back on air soon."
"Respect yourself enough to walk away from what no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy" Robert Tew
I would very much like to know any updates on Robert Osborne. Will he be returning soon? I very much hope he does.
George Osborne's claims on immigration undermined as OECD says Brexit would be a 'mistake': The Organisation ...
Just came across amazing interview w/movies are life, only better
This movie is what happens when Robert Osborne isn't around to supervise.
please have Robert Osborne & Ben Mankiewicz do intros for movies you stream. I know its a lot of trouble, but do it
Still waiting on the Film Trivia contest: Me & vs . Robert Osborne, host of .
I really enjoyed this show. Robert Osborne is one cool guy!
Robert Osborne, host of is an ambassador to a bygone era. He says he fell in love with movies as a kid.
Nick Osborne used to walk to the law building at Xaverian instead of Birtles to hide the fact he did Btec Sport. He then…
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