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Robert Osborne

Robert Jolin Osborne (born May 3, 1932) is an American actor and film historian best known as the primary host for Turner Classic Movies, and previously a host of The Movie Channel.

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Great, inspiring interview with Robert Osborne on TCM, Also, I think you might've known my buddy's dad Rudy Fio as a kid.
I don’t experience it as most people do, since I work throughout the weekend, but I have as good a time as the attendees, who come from far and wide and spend the entire time beaming. Because there are so many events going on at all hours, hosted by Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz, and an array of filmmakers, historians, and special guests, I can only provide a (brief) diary of my own experience. On Friday I treated myself to one extracurricular screening: a digital restoration of Cy Endfield’s Zulu, shot in the widescreen Technirama process.
Finally watched the TCM "Private Screenings" interview with Robert Osborne. Alec Baldwin barely got a word in edgewise - the guy loves to talk, and has some GREAT stories! I did not know he had a daily column in the "Hollywood Reporter" for years before he took this job. Nice point that back in the '70's knowledge was so unorganized that no one really had an easy to access record of who or what movies had been nominated for Oscars - until he researched it all and put it into a book. He is 82 - what will we do when he retires or passes? He wears his knowledge so lightly, and passes it on so generously. Unlike that schmuck Ben Mankiewicz, who seems to out to prove he knows the most of anyone in the room.
Folks I'm not sure ifI will be able to make it to practice today. I am still at the hostpital with Okeefe. My replacement is coming, but they just left. If possible could Kenneth Sapnu or Robert Osborne run todays pratice. Just have to check out the four balls from the fitness center. Since we are playing in combined teams I would just stick with hands skills and offloading.
Robert Osborne I need to follow this advice
HOLLYWOOD — What was advertised as a question-and-answer session turned out to a surprise, celebrity-filled tribute to Robert Osborne, who has been the beloved face of Turner Classic Movies since…
It concerns someone after the PC era, but I enjoyed the interview with Robert Osborne last night on TCM very much. April 14th, 1994 was the first night of TCM and Alec Baldwin interviewed him. I learned a lot. Lots of celebrity accolades for him from so many stars.
Robert Osborne just noted that this film's director also directed the TV series Flipper.
I want to look like a blonde Anne Margret when I grow up and have Robert Osborne's job. Is that so much to ask? consider me please? 😍
Robert Osborne I got a couple shots
What a Great day. Worked all day got off had dinner with the boss and his Ole lady... work in the am feeling very blessed Robert Osborne
Why have I never seen this movie? I've heard about it all my life. Great cast. Robert Osborne gave a great intro.
Robert Osborne's twenty year anniversary as host of TCM. Absolutely excellent.
Getting ready to meet Robert Osborne must look pretty for him! I love him so much! ht…
Be still my little heart! I got to give Robert Osborne a puppy kiss! http:…
Robert Osborne has never ridden a horse. Recently he had his opportunity. Boo gets on a horse for the first time. The horse starts to trot, then gallop. Boo gets scared and falls to the underside of the horse. Boo is getting trampled by the unknowing horse and at the brink of being knocked out, when Willy the Wal-Mart worker unplugs the electric horse.
Watching a lot of TCM's 20th anniversary stuff this week. The "Private Screenings" segment with Alec Baldwin interviewing TCM's Robert Osborne is very interesting. My envy is trumped by fascination of all the legends who've helped Osborne shape his career. I know some folks think my movie stuff may be trivial but it's been a great outlet for me through the years.
Loving all of the 20th anniversary programming on with and Robert Osborne
Actress Maureen O'Hara thrilled a jubilant crowd before a screening of "How Green Was My Valley" (1941), interviewed by Robert Osborne at the El Capitan Thea...
Our chat with film historian and host Robert Osborne
I was tremendously inspired by Robert Osborne's story last night on 'The Essentials'. Thanks for airing!
Before the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival began in Hollywood on Thursday, hosts Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz, who were treated like royalty there for four days, shared stories about what has kept the network alive for 20 years.
Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz and TCM programmers share what goes into perfecting TCM
I don't understand why they just don't give that job to Robert Osborne so its done right
Robert Osborne, explained the best parts of during
I want to get drunk with Billy Bob Thornton, William Shatner & Robert Osborne from Turner Classic Movies.
Alec Baldwin makes cameo at TCM bash for Robert Osborne via
Loved the Robert Osborne interview last week.
This is what happens when you get host Robert Osborne around his cousins and nieces. Hilarious.
Happy Anniversary Robert Osborne I loved the show celebrating your anniversary. It was very informative. I loved your Private Screenings too. Thank you Robert Osborne from Julie Daily from Spokane
Robert Osborne tribute Awesome. His a classic films encyclopedia and so adorable.. Love him. Congratulations Mr Osborne :)
Hats off to actor, writer and film aficionado Robert Osborne for sharing his insight with us on TCM for the last 20 years. Bravo, Bob
Robert Osborne and TCM are celebrating 20 years on the air...20 years. Osborne was 62, my age, when he began that career.
What I would give to be able to sit down and talk about movies all day with Robert Osborne.
That was a lovely program about Robert Osborne. Wasn't it? It was so nice to see you on it!
For 20 years, Robert Osborne has shared his knowledge of films with us. Tonight, we learn about him. Join us 8pm ET & 8:30pm PT.
What a treat to watch Alec Baldwin interview Robert Osborne, who is a national treasure. The dean of classic cinema...
Alec Baldwin's Private Screenings interview with Robert Osborne is so entertaining. I love TCM.
Any of my friends who love TCM should try to catch the new Private Screenings about Robert Osborne! Excellent interview of him very informative!
Happy 20th Anniversary Robert Osborne and TCM!!! What would I do without seeing great classic movies?
Best life ever: host Robert Osborne's. Taught me 4 years ago that it's okay for a 26 yr old to love old movies & that they're the best!
Robert Osborne on TCM seriously has to be the coolest guy ever.
OH my goodness. Robert Osborne talking about his doggie Schroeder. *sniffle* .
I though that when I seen TCM show Jean Louis all I thought of was ROBERT Osborne -I hope u can go back in time for both
Watching reun of Alec Baldwin interviewing Robert Osbourne. Very interesting life. Never knew he'd done any acting. Osborne
Good job by Robert Osborne giving a mention to Bob Dorian from That man was great at his job as well. Brings back memories.
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Watching this TCM documentary about Robert Osborne and I'M JEALOUS OF HIS LIFE.
Love watching Robert Osborne's interview on his career! . What amazing experiences he's had & amazing people he's met!
Man, I love Robert Osborne. Alec Baldwin and Osborne make a riveting team.
Watching TCM and an interview with my good friend Robert Osborne. I haven't seen Bob since 2004 at David Gest's...
Dear TCMHD, first GWTW now Robert Osborne interviews! I need to go to sleep, but you're just too interesting tonight! Zz...
Alec Baldwin interviewing Robert Osborne on tcm very interesting.
my word I love me some Robert Osborne
Oh Robert Osborne, look at you handsome young buck with your dark hair on Dinah Shore. :)
I love the sound of Robert Osborne's voice
Why am I watching this? Robert Osborne, I am so jealous of your life.
I don't always like politics, but I love his appreciation of classic cinema. Good job on w/ the great Robert Osborne!
I really wish would let average, ordinary people, like me, be guest programmers. We all started out just like Robert Osborne.
*** Robert Osborne was hot when he was young! Whoa, baby!
I wish Robert Osborne was my grandpa.
If you haven't seen this Robert Osborne special, you best watch it.
Robert Osborne's commentary after Gone With The Wind was sharp and perfect.
Robert Osborne said it best, what an amazing film
Private Screenings: ROBERT OSBORNE (2014) TCM host Robert Osborne discusses his life and career. 12:00 AM ET [cc]
93 year old Maureen O'Hara being interviewed by Robert Osborne at the 2014 TCM festival.
Turner Classic Movies... Wouldn't be the same without Robert Osborne... Congratulations on your star.
watching twenty classic moments I LOVE ROBERT OSBORNE MUAH!
Oh Mickey sure could tell a story with energy! I doubt he would ever hurt Robert Osborne though
Ooh--I hope they show that who picked a movie that Robert Osborne absolutely HATED, lol
Fun Facts: Host Robert Osborne has appeared on air more than 60,000 times in our
Alec Baldwin makes a cameo at a surprise tribute for Robert Osborne, face of Turner Classic Movies
To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Turner Classic Movies is allowing some of their viewers to be guest programmers. Had I known of this, I would have done my damndest to get Patrick Swayze's Roah House on the network. "Well, Robert Osborne, I'd say that Dalton's throat tearing maneuver is clearly a metaphor of the dangers of imperialism."
Watching Alec Baldwin interview Robert Osborne for Private Screenings is pretty much appointment viewing.
Robert Osborne interviewing Mel Brooks in lobby of Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel at In Hollywood.
Ben Mankiewicz: "I've never stopped learning from Robert Osborne."
Next: Ben Mankiewicz takes the stage to honor Robert Osborne. I'm not sure I've ever seen them do an event together.
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Diane Baker to Robert Osborne: "there is no possibility TCM exists without you."
Diane Baker once rehearsed a scene with Robert Osborne. He joked with her later on, "Your voice is so high, the dogs could hear it."
Robert Osborne's friend, actress Diane Baker is the next special guest on stage at "Ask Robert"
I'm told by producers that I'll be asked why I am attending the TCM Film Festival, but first subject brought up by Robert Osborne is NYC PictureStart. I had the opportunity to relate these beautiful classic films to the talented emerging filmmakers we showcase. A proud moment.
Just saw Robert Osborne and Mel Brooks you'll see us on tv in May!
It's a film festival in LA. For classic films. Robert Osborne is interviewing Mel Brooks right now.
Attending the TCM press conference listening to Ben Mankiewicz and glad to have a chance to ask Robert Osborne...
At the opening press conference w/ Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz and programmers
Honoring in Council this morning with my hero Robert Osborne, and the wonderful Ben Mankiewicz!…
Well here is something I never thought would happen. One of my biggest “Guilty Pleasures” playing on Turner Classic Movies late tonight -- John Boorman's Zardoz (1974). Often listed as one of the worst films ever made, I personally don't see it that way. To quote the director, “A lot of this can be very laughable, really, if you don't enter into the spirit of the thing.” Very true, but if you look past the costume design (which does bring an element of uniqueness to the film), and focus on the thematic ideas Zardoz presents, there is much to consider here. I personally can't wait for the Robert Osborne intro. I'd put money on his writer in this case screwing this one up. Too easy to make fun it and not as easy to really examine. Give it a chance.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to a discussion by TCM's Robert Osborne at the National Portrait Gallery in DC. Thought I would share a few photos of my ensemble. Peplum suit, blouse, clamshell hat, Sweetheart brooch and mink collared coat all circa 1940s. Unfortunately, the reception room had terrible lighting so I had to significantly lighten our photo together. And please pardon my cheesy face, I was REALLY excited to meet Mr. Osborne. Talk about a genuine and wonderful guy!
Robert Osborne at the National Portrait Gallery - love Turner Classic Movies
Thoroughly enjoyed seeing TCM's Robert Osborne, being interviewed here by Amy Henderson, curator of "Dancing the Dream" at DC's National Portrait Gallery last night. What a charming, delightful host and film historian -- we are lucky to have him! It was followed by a screening of "Flying Down to Rio" (1934), a quirky but enjoyable classic.
Watching a movie with Robert Osborne tonight at the Portrait Gallery took me back to my Turner Classic Movies days.
"Sleepless in Seattle". Robert Osborne always chooses my fav films!!!. Adore this romance...
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No wonder they show this so much...Robert Osborne loves it! Lol
Anyone catch our CEO on talking this past weekend?
Maybe this is the year I get to meet Robert Osborne (instead of just staring at him from afar).
Osborne is not given nearly the credit he deserves. Practically inventing modern film study and reporting Osborne is a truly unique American product and the father of today's critical review. You can travel the world and you will not see another person as talented as Osborne. When he discusses a film he leaves nothing out. You can watch his pre and post film comments and see just how important his analysis is. Americans tend to take him for granted. They see him on TCM. Most probably have no idea just how learned he is and how serious he takes his work. Osborne is a national treasure who, hopefully, will receive his proper due soon. Not many people can say they created an entire field of study. Or establish high standards for what he founded. It's almost impossible to imagine what the field of movie history would be like without his leadership and ethics. Whoever honors great Americans seriously needs to take a look at him. Maybe the Kennedy Center Honors. He certainly has earned it.
Sam Montgomery from the Oakland Raiders & Robert Osborne this year's next NFL Draft candidate join us for photos and a helping hand for Emily.
.Pic of Robert Osborne’s Now Playing column on Constance Bennett, Nov. 2012
on the way from Joan Osborne, and John Butler Trio along w/Robert Cray Band, STP, and The Wallflowers.
A brilliant duo to appeal to all generations: In Conversation & Robert Osborne on Classic Movies
Such language! I hope someone was covering Robert Osborne's ears during that scene.
Just hurry up and air Sleepless In Seattle and get it over with. Then tell Robert Osborne to burn TCM's copy. Ugh.
That chair behind Robert Osborne would look better with a kidney pillow.
Terrific choices if you're ever a guest programmer with Robert Osborne. You seem like Preston Sturges kind of guy.
Marty (1955) really makes you look at guys in a whole new light. And mother-in-laws. Thanks and Robert Osborne.
Watching right now. Love the chemistry between you and Robert Osborne. Love TCM..Great movie tonight "Marty".
To *** with this. I'm just gonna run to Robert Osborne's bomb shelter.
“We don't always agree on what's an essential,” Robert Osborne. “I like when we don't; it makes it fun,”
Self promotion alert: The Essentials 2014 w/ Robert Osborne and Drew Barrymore premieres tonight on TCM. Been working on this series for the last couple months. 8pm EST.
Robert Osborne also said the Ritz Brothers are "an acquired taste." Robert hates them too.
Robert Osborne said "the Ritz Brothers, who for some reason were a very popular trio in the 1930s." FOR SOME REASON.
I remember on the introduction to Key Largo on TCM how Robert Osborne was prasing her performance. I agree.
Sharing TCM's picture of host Robert Osborne and Drew Barrymore, who every Fri evening on TCM share hosting duties for"The Essentials", showcasing classic favorites.
You know, Robert Osborne's done a great job meticulously typing the TV captions, in real time no less, for tonite's foreign films
T Magazine: In Conversation | Drew Barrymore and Robert Osborne on Classic Movies: The unlikely host and co *** ..
Lady Be Good is the title of an MGM musical film which was released in 1941. The film starred dancer Eleanor Powell, along with Ann Sothern, Robert Young, Lionel Barrymore, and Red Skelton. It was directed by Norman Z. McLeod and produced by Arthur Freed. This was the first of several films Powell made with Skelton. Although Powell received top billing, the main stars of the film are Sothern and Young. They play respectively Dixie Donegan, a would-be lyric writer and Eddie Crane, a struggling composer. The film takes its title and theme song ("Oh, Lady be Good!") from the 1924 George and Ira Gershwin Broadway musical, Lady Be Good, but otherwise has no connection to the play. According to film historian Robert Osborne in his introduction to a broadcast of the film on Turner Classic Movies in August 2006, the film was devised as a vehicle to launch Sothern as a musical star at MGM, however since she and Young were known primarily as light comic stars, Powell was brought in for a supporting role but given t ...
Robert Osborne speaks before the film, dedicating it to the late Tom Sherak.
Robert Osborne presents Dame Angela Lansbury with an Honorary Oscar at the 2013 Governors Awards:
Columnist Nick Thomas has a conversation with long-time Turner Classic Movies cable TV host Robert Osborne in...
Watching Turner Classic Movies with Robert Osborne as the announcer and he was commenting on the movie “Alien” and said that it was going to scare the peanuts right out of your M&M’s. :-)
I would do research for free just to be able to talk with Robert Osborne
Want to join me at this? MT Meet the legendary Robert Osborne, March 12!
you take away Robert Osborne commentating on WHY old movies are good and there will be rioting.
Meet the legendary Robert Osborne, March 12! Get your tickets before prices go up in February!
it's weird to see Robert Osborne in clothing other than his standard suit!
Lunch on set. Robert Osborne chats with Senior Researcher & Producer Alexa Foreman.
Robert Osborne is legit! Learned so much about his life and odessey of film in Private Screenings. I love Robert!
WOW, this is amazing! I would be star struck by Robert Osborne.
Had an amazing time on the set - Robert Osborne is my hero. Will let you know when it airs ...
“A peek on set. Robert Osborne & crew are in the studio this week. Wish I was there!
Happy 20th Anniversary! I love TCM, keep up the great work! I adore Robert Osborne & & great guest hosts, too.
No, I LOVE TCM, and I can be bi-partisan enough to say Alec Baldwin is just great with Robert Osborne. ha!
Met Robert Osborne at a party tonight! Asked him if he was bummed to miss the Globes. He said missing upsets him more.
I'm still thinking (and smiling) about Robert Osborne's old black binder. You know his friends thought it was nuts.
The essentials with Robert Osborne and Drew Barrymore on my DVR. Woot!
Robert Osborne's favorite leading man was never nominated for a Golden Globe | Golden Age of Hollywood via
I heard the most ridiculous thing on a local radio show promoting investing (i think) The female promoter played three audio clips and asked the other person on the show to guess the movies. The first was from 'The Graduate' He said, 'Oh yes, the actress playing Mrs. Robinson was Lauren Bacall (!). Then the woman AGREED and he told her that Bacall and Dustin Hoffman were the same age (!!) but they 'made her look older' (!!!) Mrs Robinson was Anne Bancroft, folks. Their three actual ages? Bacall born in '24, Bancroft in '31 and baby Hoffman in '37. Here is a casting paragraph from Wikipedia. Read it and try to imagine some of these people in these roles ! According to TCM host Robert Osborne, "Mike Nichols wanted Doris Day for Mrs. Robinson, Robert Redford for Benjamin Braddock, and Gene Hackman for Mr. Robinson." But there were numerous actors and actresses considered or tested for, or who wanted, roles in the film. Day turned down the offer because she believed the film was not for her.[citation needed] ...
Contractually the poster guy is never allowed in the same room as Robert Osborne.
Thanks Robert Osborne, I just downloaded the Watch TCM app.
enjoyed your interview with Robert Osborne. Well done!
Robert Osborne's early career: via Here is a little fix for you.
watching private screening special on Robert Osborne. so great. He talks to Olivia de Havilland every sunday. amazing.
Even Robert Chote, Head of OBR, endorsed a claim by IFS director that Osborne's plans would mean hitting the sick & disabled.
It ended with which hairdo of Robert Osborne's was the best. The perm in the 70s was pretty great.
I want to sit in Robert Osborne's lap and talk about movies. That is all.
Wow.. thanks so much Peter - that's truly an honor... I'm so glad you like it. cc:
loved Private Screenings: Robert Osborne on almost as much as elderly actresses love Robert Osborne (h/t
It's amazing, right? A longer clip, along with Robert Osborne's recollection of it, can be seen in Osborne's "Private Screenings".
Miller Mobley photographed Robert Osborne and Alec Baldwin for their new show, "Private Screenings."
No disrespect to Alec Baldwin, but I think and should have tag-teamed Robert Osborne's "Private Screenings."
I guess you'll see it this weekend, but Private Screenings with Robert Osborne was wonderful, you're gonna love it.
I enjoyed Private Screening last night. I discovered so many interesting facts about Robert Osborne the Man. Happy twentieth anniversary.
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Great interview with Robert Osborne last night...really enjoyed it!
Catching up on yesterday's Private Screening w/Robert Osborne & yes, he does in fact seem THAT genuine, classic filmdom's Will Rogers.
wonderful interview with Robert Osborne last night! What an amazing life he's had!
Turner Classic Movie host Robert Osborne to discuss life, career in special 'Private Screenings' episode
Finest experience, Robert Osborne Private Screenings . thanks so much
I was thinking it would be something similar to watching Robert Osborne on Turner Classic Movies. But yes - a fireplace!
The Robert Osborne interview last night was way cool--hope you saw it. Such fond words from Robert Wagner, Eva Marie Saint, the Sinatra sisters, many others. And I had no clue he talks to Olivia de Havilland virtually weekly!
I aspire to be Robert Osborne in life.
THIS! Fantastic! MT If you missed last night's chat w/Robert Osborne, read his stories at Jay Bobbin.
The Private Screenings: Robert Osborne was totally great. Keepup the good work.
I hope the Robert Osborne doll gets his own theater seat. I hear he's an expensive date!
Watching a Turner Classic Movies special with Robert Osborne about the 20th anniversary of the network. I cannot begin to count the ways that Network has enriched my life. My old soul just can't get enough.
Gilda's one of my favorites too! Definitely very jealous of Robert Osborne's job.
may never love anyone as much as she loves Robert Osborne.
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For those who liked Private Screenings last night (all of us), I linked some stories Robert has written:
Osborne now borrowing £238bn more than Labour had planned. A plan Tories said would bankrupt Britain.Just rejoice at that …
I feel that if I just had 30-seconds with Robert Osborne, I am sure we would become very good friends.
Robert Osborne's intro of me would just be him sighing and shaking his head.
You were great with Robert Osborne last night. And I am saying that as a conservative Republican. Thank you
.beautiful portrait of Robert Osborne last night with "Private Screenings". Send thanks to Robert for his wonderful coverage of film.
Just curious if anybody saw the TCM interview with Robert Osborne? I love me some TCM. OR the BBC production about the making of James Bond?
Thanks for the brilliant Private Screening with Robert Osborne.
Aw, so sweet. Here's Olivia de Havilland, 97 years of age, at home in Paris. She's still got those eyes! Robert Osborne of TCM was visiting & interviewing this fine actress & wonderful lady.
Check it this article by Parade on how long has Robert Osborne hosted Turner Classic Movies?
I loved the special on last night with ROBERT OSBORNE taking about his life! Gosh was he ever handsome in those old clips - still is!
Host Robert Osborne selects "Love Letters" (1945) among his picks tonight on Check for airtimes. My review:
enjoyed the BIO on Robert Osborne last night so sad to see everyone looking their age - and not how we remember them in the movies. Gene Wilder actually shocked me. But did anyone else think it was strange that Ben, his co-host, wasn't in it? Even two seconds to say: it's been great working with him or I learned so much or or or. I just thought his absence was notable .
Loved the 20 yr. tribute to Robert Osborne last night. Magnificent! And kudos to for his wonderful interviewing of Mr. O.
.enjoyed the Private Screenings with Robert Osborne last night, although Alec Baldwin was not the best interviewer.
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Alec Baldwin puts TCM's Robert Osborne in the hot seat on 'Private Screenings'
Another moment to look back with appreciation. Robert Osborne at the New York CIty launch of TCM in 1994.
You learn something every day! Robert Osborne, the host of Turner Classic Movies cable channel, was in the original pilot of "The Beverly Hillbillies," playing Mr. Drysdale's right-hand man.
Robert Osborne, 1995, just one year after the channel launched.
Our last tribute to our host Robert Osborne for today - a recent photo. Catch his discussion now, 8pm ET.
Turner Classic Movies has a wonderful show called "Private Screenings" where Robert Osborne, the perennial host, interviews icons of the silver screen. Today, the tables were turned and his friend, Alec Baldwin, interviewed him. It was one of the best in this series... I cannot tell you how much I related to Osborne and his love of movies and those who make them. He truly is a walking encyclopedia of the art of film and "movie stars"... if you have a chance to see a rerun of this, and you're a fan of movies, don't miss it! And Baldwin was an absolute charming host and interviewer celebrating the 20 years of Osborne being on TCM... blv
Robert Osborne has made TCM a joy to watch over the past 20 years. Thanks for the memories!
I agree completely with Robert Osborne's comments about A PLACE IN THE SUN, the apotheosis of dramatic storytelling in studio-era US cinema.
The TCM special on Robert Osborne (the host has become the guest) was fantastic. Learned much about this classy advocate for classic film.
.I must say "Private Screenings: Robert Osborne" did not disappoint! Touching. Heartwarming. Funny. Magical. Thank you to all involved!
. Watch the discussion of the Thing . After the AMAZING Robert Osborne special :)
Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies interviewed by Alec Baldwin--really terrific interview.
Alec Baldwin is interviewing Robert Osborne on TCM. Asks him what his favorite ckassic comedy is. Libeled Lady, Osborne says. I say yeah, good flick. Baldwin asks him what his favorite modern comedy would be. I bet he says Annie Hall, I say. Something New York and neurotic. That's easy, Osborne says, it's This Is Spinal Tap. I nearly fall out of my chair.
It was superb and confirmed my love for Robert Osborne. Let's have an "in person" and invite him.
Watching Robert Osborne interview the late, great Peter O'Toole was a true delight.
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How mistaken I was to think I couldn't be more enchanted by Robert Osborne.
Robert Osborne just named This is Spinal Tap as one of his two fave comedy films.
For real: needs to put all these this archival Robert Osborne shows on a website so we can stream them in their enti…
"My problem with comedies today is they don't have much wit to them." -- Robert Osborne.
Absolutely superb I adore you Robert Osborne, thanks for making me embrace classic films even more
A beautiful PS episode with Robert Osborne, The tribute from Gene Wilder was icing on the cake. Here's to another 20 yrs, Mr. Osborne!
"It was like having died and getting to go to your own memorial service," Robert Osborne says of the tributes to him while being interviewee instead of interviewer in Monday's (Jan. 6) new episode of TCM's "Private Screenings."
Robert Osborne said his favorite leading man was Bill and his favorite leading lady was Gene, immediately thought of you!
I created a for Private Screenings: Robert Osborne on
I grew up on classic movies, but Robert Osborne has taught me so much about them deepening my appreciation. Thanks!
Alec Baldwin's 30-second synopsis of who Robert Osborne is just NAILED it. Robert O is cream, and he always rose to the top.
Keeper of the flame of classic movies.Robert Osborne, Private Screenings, TCM.Simply Amazing!!!
"Private Screenings: Robert Osborne" is perhaps the best thing I've ever seen on Touching, but not schmaltzy. Great job.
Private Screenings: ROBERT OSBORNE (2014) The TCM host discusses his life and career with Alec Baldwin. 11:30 PM ET [cc]
Robert Osborne talking with Alec Baldwin about his career at "TCM" is an awesome interview.
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Just watched the Private Screening of Robert Osborne, and as much as I liked it, I was just a teensy bit sad that he couldn't even hint at being ***
After careful reflection, I'm sure that the absolute nicest two people in the history of show business that nobody can dislike are Robert Osborne and Kermit the Frog.
Watched the Robert Osborne special on Turner Classic Movies. Superb. Turner Classic is so valuable and informative in preserving our film heritage.
watched a really interesting bio about Robert Osborne
Robert Osborne on TCM replay from earlier. wonderful knowledgeable person
Watching Private Screenings: Robert Osborne on TCM...what a man.
Tonight on Turner Classic Movies: Once again, I tried to watch the film "The Third Man" with Joseph Cotten, I really did. Robert Osborne always recommends the film so highly. I just cannot stick with it. Boring. Why is this a great film? I don't get it. (Call me the dummy.)
I really want them to Bring it back home.Tally. (850) 󾍃so only for tonight Robert Osborne, Dexter Byrd George Tolliver Lafaye Speed I'm with you ...but if you need a shoulder I'm here 󾌯󾌯 for you... 850 stand up.. U all day tho ❤❤ get it Florida.. Only For Tonight
TCM host Robert Osborne sits down with Alec Baldwin to discuss Osborne's life and career.
I had no idea Robert Osborne was such a cutie when he was young. On a less superficial level, wow does that guy know a lot. A lot of facts, a lot of stories, a lot of amazing people. Talk about your walking treasure trove. Did anybody else watch Private Screenings?
To my fellow classic movie/TCM/Robert Osborne fans: if you missed Private Screenings: Robert Osborne at 8:00 tonight, then record it at 11:30. It's well worth viewing. Alec Baldwin interviews him and they are so good together. Lot's of great clips and memories of his great Hollywood friendships.
I'm watching Turner Classic Movies with Alec Baldwin interviewing TCM's host Robert Osborne. Robert is such a great guy! I'm also a big fan of Alec, as well. (I DVR'd the show earlier)
If you didn't get to see "Private Screenings : Robert Osborne" the emcee of TMC. Alec Baldwin is the host. Watch the encore showing at 11:30pm tonight!!! So fascinating to understand how he got his start in show business and his knowledge of the movies. I loved it. However, Alec ( n his big mouth almost ruins it.. Because he mocks a previous host of AMC; Bob Dorian-- but lovable/ respectful R. Osborne sets him right!!! Bravo, Robert!!!
Just watch the special on Robert Osborne host of turn the classic movies. Congratulations to Robert for 20 years really great work you make watching TCM special informative and funny thank you.
Just watched Private Screenings on TCM. It's a fabulous interview with Robert Osborne. If you're a classic movie fan, I highly recommend it. They're rerunning it at 10:30 Central, and I'm sure it will replay other times.
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Thank you, TCM, for spotlighting Robert Osborne on this month's Private Screenings! For those like me who were too young to really know who he was before TCM first hit the airwaves, it was an absolute delight to get to know more about who he is, where he came from, and his journey to today. This Osborne fangirl truly appreciated it. ^_^
Watched The Robert Osborne Private Screening on TCM and I am very happy I was able to have dinner with him two falls ago in NYC. He is a pretty special man. BTW... It is repeating at 11:30 tonight. Don't miss it or set your DVR to record it for you.
Was watching the Robert Osborne interview on TCM...what an interesting man...what a career. ..if we all can have something like that. ..
20 years of TCM being hosted by Robert Osborne. Nothing even comes close to me!
TCM fans: watch the Private Screenings interview with Robert Osborne. Great interview by Alex Baldwin. Fascinating man and Baldwin is a very good interviewer. An amazing link to the classic Hollywood.
Interesting show tonight about Robert Osborne on TCM. What a class act. And I love how, several times, he draws lines from certain, serendipitous points in his life that led to other wonderful things. He seems to have an incredible appreciation for those times. I think we all have important points like that in our lives if we stop to appreciate them.
I will never stop wanting to be Robert Osborne.
I thought I couldn't adore him any more, and then Robert Osborne names "This is Spinal Tap" as one of his favorite comedies. What a man.
I love Robert Osborne and have a new appreciation for Alec Baldwin. I now cannot wait for the convo on Elizabeth Taylor. I'm a 50%er on Liz too.
Watching Robert Osborne and a great question. I name a genre you name your film fav. Drama. Comedy. Musical. Adventure. Mystery. Leading Man. Leading Lady. Check comments to see my list
Anyone else watching Private Screenings: Robert Osborne? I love this guy so much!
That was an AWESOME "Private Screenings" on TCM! They interviewed Robert Osborne himself and it was terrific!!
I'm so much more in love with Robert Osborne than ever before and humbly thank Lucille Ball, Olivia de Havilland, Dinah Shore and Bette Davis for taking him from where he was to where he humbly acknowledges he now resides at TCM. He is such a pure gentleman who genuinely adores classic movies, their stars, character actors and everyone else involved. I totally ADORE him!
Watching 'Private Screenings with Robert Osborne on Turner Classic Movies. Time in right now if you wish. Never really talk about him, but I've always looked up to his acting experience and Hollywood wisdom!
If you are not watching Robert Osborne on Turner Classic Movies: TCM you should be. What an amazing life!
Good lord, young Robert Osborne was dreamy! I mean, old Robert Osborne is dreamy but, *** in the 60's he was smokin' hot.
If you like Robert Osborne and Turner Classic Movies, turn on the tv.great profile of a wonderful movie guy!
My dream job is Essentials co-host on Turner Classic Movies, just so I can watch great films and talk films with Robert Osborne!
Robert Osborne Private Screenings is on now on tcm. ;)
Be sure to tune into TCM tonight at 8:00 PM (EST) to catch a special Private Screenings with Robert Osborne. It will be repeated again at 11:30 PM (EST), to make sure no one misses it! Have a good night!
Mention a favorite early 20th-century film to Robert Osborne _ "Sullivan's Travels," in this instance _ and he's quick to offer an intriguing bit of Hollywood history.
On TV Tonight, 01/06/14: Almost Human, Teen Wolf and More Our Picks Private Screenings: Robert Osborne – 8pm TCM Robot Osborne provides viewers with a seemingly endless supply of film knowledge on TCM, and tonight the always fascinating host will become the subject in an episode of Private Screenings. Alec Baldwin will take over the hosting chair, allowing Osborne to discuss the films he’s passionate about from a personal perspective. It is sure to be a treat for all the TCM junkies out there and anyone who loves classic films. Hostages – 9pm CBS Hostages is bowing out with back-to-back episodes this Monday on CBS. I must confess, I never got into the series, although I do admire CBS for trying a new format. However, if you have been waiting to see if Toni Collette will murder the president, well then tonight is your night. Teen Wolf – 10pm MTV Season three of Teen Wolf resumes! My editor, Sandrine, tells me this show is a must see, and I trust her, so watch it! NEW 8 PM – 9 PM Almost Human – ...
Q: How long has Robert Osborne been a host on Turner Classic Movies? –Kim R., Rehoboth Beach, Del. A: Osborne, 81, has been the channel’s anchoring mascot since it debuted in April 1994. On Jan. 6, TCM will unveil a biographical special about him, Private Screenings: Robert Osborne, followed by four...
Prayers requested for my family. My brother in law, Robert Osborne passed away this morning after a long illness.
The main host of Turner Classic Movies tells Alec Baldwin about his own life and career in the new special 'Private Screenings: Robert Osborne' on Monday
Well, I have the windows open, and the fans running, and it's supposed to be 21 degrees in the morning. The kids have to go back to school on the coldest day of the year. I know, I know there are much colder places than this, but I live in Florida for a reason, and it's not to freeze my *** off. My Tbird comes home today. I didn't get as much done as I had planned to, but I did get a lot more rest. I will be glad to get some hugs and kisses. I am running on empty. Happy birthday to my youngest son, Robert Osborne.
TCM fans and, in particular, Robert Osborne fans are in for a special treat at 8 tonight. As part of TCM's 20th anniversary celebration, TCM's film host — for the first time — will be interviewed on “Private Screenings: Robert Osborne. ”
Congratulations to the winner of our a Fishing Raffle - Robert Osborne
Can the Steeler Fans please stop hating on the Chargers and the Chiefs! in the words of my cuz Robert Osborne they lost their first 4 games lol!
TCM host Robert Osborne talks about his career in special; from small town to Hollywood glitz
Seriously Turner Classic Movies!?! A movie made in 2001 now qualifies? Not cool Robert Osborne, not cool. This is like when Nick at Nite started airing Friends.
Hopefully, you've dealt with the snow, stocked up on the essentials. While your not exactly thrilled with the fact that there's a potential for more snow this weekend, it's also going to be excessively cold outside! The truth is, we've got some old-fashioned cold and snowy winder days ahead. So, if you don't have anything urgent to do, why not hunker down tune into TCM [in beautiful HD, with fully restored versions of most of your favorite Classic Motion Pictures] cuddle up with a blanket, some popcorn, your favorite beverage, and, if he or she is lucky, your significant other, as you stay safe and warm in side while enjoying incredible entertainment with Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz.
Just realized Robert Osborne is to movies what Bill Dahl is to He knows everything and tells you without coming across as a know it all.
Never thought I'd see The Lost World on TCM introduced by Robert Osborne. I figured Mankiewicz would intro it on a Saturday afternoon.
isn't it lovely that Robert Osborne put on his tuxedo for me??
Looks like I'll be ringing in the New Year with Robert Osborne on Turner Classic Movies: TCM
Can now announce our lovely boys names Michael Robert osborne and Albie William osborne, they were transferred to another hospital last night as Michael need extra help with his breathing but both doing fine now they should either be coming back to me or I will be joining them. Thanks for all the support and well wishes from family and friends means the world to us and our little ones x
Thought of this skit again while watchingPeter O'Toole being interviewed by Robert Osborne
I just watched an interview with Peter O'Toole that I taped. Robert Osborne of TCM did the interview and it is entertaining, funny and just fun to watch. I have always adored him and learned so much from this interview about his wife and daughter, bout his great friendship with Kate Hepburn whom he imitates. Anyway, if it airs again and you are also a fan, you'll love it. As Mr. Osborne says, he's charming, delightful, classy and funny. And I'll had, when he was young he was an absolute stunner.
If my film career doesn't take off after all, can I have Robert Osborne's job?
Totally -- wouldn't be surprised if Robert Osborne came on during the breaks!
If we get Robert Osborne to sign a decree, then I think naming rights become law. Or something like that.
Excellent service at church not eating lunch with Cherie Bennett Brinkley Robert Osborne
When I first saw it on TCM, Robert Osborne came on after it was over and said basically, "Oh God, why do we show this movie!"
Corine Cohen of interviewed Robert Osborne of TCM. We talked about TCM and the Cabaret 40th Anniversary at a press ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Holy crap, Drew Barrymore and Robert Osborne are watching *our* Christmas movie...
Just like to say what an great class last night at Northcamp Dojo you all worked hard, Well done to Robert Osborne for getting male student of the year, Also well done to Melissa Young for getting female student of the year. Happy Christmas and New year to everyone in G K R all the best.
"Life's a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!" Tonight on "The Essentials", Robert Osborne & Drew Barrymore chat about Rosalind Russell in AUNTIE MAME ('58). Join TCM at 8pm ET.
“A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years.” Hehehe 69
I think it is important to remember during the holiday season that not everyone is surrounded by large wonderful families. Some of us have problems during the holidays and sometimes are overcome with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are not with us. And, many people have no one to spend these times with and are besieged by loneliness. We all need caring thoughts and loving prayer right now. If I don't see your name, I'll understand. May I ask my friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy, paste, and share this status for one hour to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune. I hope to see this on the walls of all my friends just for moral support. I know some will! I did it for a friend and you can too! **Stolen from my friend, Robert Osborne!
About to go to this Christmas play at church Robert Osborne
Merry Christmas from Comet Over Hollywood with a special song about Robert Osborne!
Comet Over Hollywood's annual Christmas video with a special song about prime time host, Robert Osborne
My father says its a waste of brain space, I say it's becoming Robert Osborne.
Watching Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law adored Turner Classic Birdman Robert Osborne is great.
. That would be wonderful!. Applied for TCM summer internship & hope I get to meet Robert Osborne :)
I want to wish my husband Robert Osborne II a very Happy Anniversary!!!
Coworker and I are changing the words of "Must be Santa" to "Must be Robert (Osborne)" of
I didn't forget. Working retail in the holiday season is crazy. Godspeed to both these legends. (from the Chicago Tribune) Michael Phillips 4:40 p.m. CST, December 19, 2013 It has been a terrible week for the loss of two wonderful voices and faces. At 81, Peter O'Toole died on Saturday. At 96, a day later, Joan Fontaine. O'Toole, who never won a proper best actor Oscar, emitted sparks even when standing still, his eyes piercing the screen so vividly, Paul Newman's looked beige by comparison. Fontaine worked in a more confidential key, often as a tremulous naif caught in one web or another. But O'Toole, a masterly externalist, and Fontaine, more of an interior dweller, had one thing in common: eyes that told a story. Fontaine once said it was director George Cukor, on "The Women," who taught her to do less, to "think and feel and the rest will take care of itself." O'Toole knew that as well, but what size he had as a performer! The brio was incomparable. When he trumpets in "My Favorite Year": "I'm not an ...
I'd love to hear Robert Osborne kinda sum up my life in that dull way he does movies.
Was that Robert Osborne in the Kings penalty box?
Love seeing that Robert Osborne will get his very own w/ on Please bring AB back on a reg basis! :)
Yay! Robert Osborne just mentioned Bess Flowers (the real star of so many pictures)!
Co-Hosts Robert Osborne and Drew Barrymore offer insights on their second season together on TCM's The Essentials starting with "Grand Hotel" (1932) on ...
My husband Dean and I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Olivia de Havilland at the Academy of Motion...
Update to the Feeder Rank It's unfortunate as the feeder rank detecter proves not to have been working harmoniously.again. I believe the monitor/ sensor is not coordinating with the St Andrews St rank (GPO). Mark Joyce will email Robert Osborne/ County Council. Whilst we go through this trial period during the busy festive season on the behalf of CHCA/ trade I would like to kindly suggest please be sensible as we have responsibility of coordinating. We do not want to generate negative publicity as this could possibly jeopardise our chance of loosing the GPO rank completely. I was with Mark Joyce , Paul Wisbey, and Mohammed Ahmed for one and half hour in assisting, most of you have been polite and working with us. Couple of you are lurking around completely oblivious to it and ignored us. Shame on you!
Hard not to love her. She encouraged Robert Osborne to pursue film writing. We're thankful for that. ;)
20yrs of TCM & Robert Osborne is getting his own ep of Private Screenings. I expect Judy Garland mentions.
Robert Osborne speaks as part of the award presentation to Honorary Award recipient Angela Lansbury at the 2013 Governors Awards in the Dolby Ballroom at ...
Blog be interesting to see how TCM handles both Peter O'Toole and Joan Fontaine's deaths. If there is anything sooner than 2 months, Robert Osborne had to go into the studio to film special segments. Thursday, we went to Castaway Cay which is the island that Disney is leasing from the Bahamian government for99 years. There are 1000 acres but they have only finished 55 of them so far. If you want outside activities such as swimming or beach or bike riding or swimming activities or boating activities, it's a nice place. Otherwise, there is nothing to do there. There were only evening activities planned although there were movies during the day for those who didn't want to go on the island. Most of the movies were repeats from previous days so if you didn't have a chance to see them, you could. Dinner was split into the 3 diningrooms. Your staff went with you to your assigned dining area. Because of that, they could anticipate your needs. Example: I was drinking hot tea and Henry, our server, got it immediat ...
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