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Robert Mugabe

Robert Gabriel Mugabe (born 21 February 1924) is the President of Zimbabwe.

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Chilling with my father-in-law and he just said "Arsene Winger is now the same as Robert Mugabe" 😂😂😂
glaring graphic disparity of wealth in a country run by Robert Mugabe.
"Joice Mujuru served as Robert Mugabe's Vice-President for a decade. Now she is running for president in Zimbabwe...
Zanu-PF Manicaland senator Judith Mawire has proposed that President Robert Mugabe must be…
At 93, President Robert Mugabe is reaching the twilight of his career and not even vote…
africanarchives: President Robert Mugabe turned 93 yesterday! At 93, he is the oldest head of state on Earth a… https:…
Let me read Spencer Mogapi and see if he hasn't regained his sanity yet, I see he's on Robert Mugabe.
Marxist Robert Mugabe, demanded a one party Zimbabwean state with total black rule and a public monopoly on land
Robert Mugabe spoke to me last night in a dream...
Robert Mugabe is old enough to be Muhammadu Buhari's father.
So President Robert Mugabe is actually Sir Robert Mugabe; He has been knighted by the English Queen!!!
Robert Mugabe in WH: Muhammad Ali's son detained at airport again after speaking out against Trump's travel ban
Robert Mugabe was made an honorary knight in the year of ~ when he was considered as the anti colonial hero. The queen'smove puts him in the
says that he tendered his resignation in person to President Robert Mugabe back in 2001
Robert Mugabe, popular leader who keeps on winning elections and likes de-monetisation as policy should be role model.
Barcelona's victory over PSG is a lesson to women that they should not judge a man from his first round perfomance. -Robert Mugabe-. 😂 😂
On "How can he spend $36m on vacation when we've a typhoid outbreak that'd cost less than $1m to contain?" htt…
Reminds me of Robert Mugabe. "You have freedom of speech, but I cannot guarantee you freesom after that"
Even Robert Mugabe does not govern like this. Unashamedly 3rd world politics.
Who goes "toes-up" first? Keith Richards of the Stones or Robert Mugabe of
Arsenal's white Robert Mugabe won't rest even when he's lost it & keeps struggling.
Emmerson Mnangagwa is most likely to succeed Robert Mugabe as Zanu-PF president. Do you agree?
Ex-Robert Mugabe ally says they did not demand sexual favours from former vice president Joice Mujuru
Robert Mugabe has 7 academic degrees (2 Masters) & 14 honorary degrees (11 valid, 3 revoked), making him the world's m…
Robert Mugabe and Taylor Swift debate US Moral Relativism at the Union
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe prints banknotes and insists they are worth as much as US dollars. No one is fooled 😂
Memo to: Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe. Re: Donald Trump. Please come quickly, we need your assistance.air fare paid.
Robert Mugabe should just retire for his OWN sake.
so now Jacob Zuma want to put Nkosazana Ndlamini Zuma to become the country president like Robert Mugabe want to put his wife.
My daughter says but that Robert Mugabe guy is not nice 😂😂
Nelson Mandela on Robert Mugabe. Madiba was a savage. 💀💀💀 Video uploaded by:
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Joice Mujuru opens up on Tsvangirai ‘deal’ as Zim's opposition negotiates coalition to tackle Robert Mugabe in 2018
"You have to feel bad and sorry" for victims of Robert Mugabe's "secret army", says former VP Joice Mujuru https:/…
They said Joice Mujuru was the greatest threat to Robert Mugabe. They said Bikita West was the barometer. Well,...
At one point,Robert Mugabe called Joshua Nkomo the father of dissidents. He personally blvd Nkomo was the father of dissidents.
... If you are going to protest against him and not leaders like Robert Mugabe, Bashar al-Assad and Kim Jong Un that is rather hypocrtical.
Reminder: Robert Mugabe's rule in Zimbabwe remains an ongoing crime against humanity
Lol Donald Trump is the Robert Mugabe of USA# Mr president
unless they are living under Robert Mugabe. But we'll forget about that.
Robert Mugabe is 92,his wife Grace is 51. ... So I'm not stressing anymore. My future wife is probably chilling in...
Adelson is like Robert Mugabe, he will never die
Did they invite Robert Mugabe to the inauguration? He and Trump must have a lot in common, apart from pigmentation.
So every woman should try their luck never know someone could end 1st lady for Robert Mugabe
How I wish Obama can just be Robert Mugabe of the United state, he's not done yet!
FATHER: Who is the president of South Africa???. SON: Robert Mugabe. FATHER:*slaps the boy* Its Jacob Zuma,...
Where is Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe today? This match is certainly between Macky Sall of Senegal & the old man.
Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, locked up a *** couple that wanted to get married and promised to unlock them when one…
The last time I saw a starbursts window smashed like that was in Zimbabwe when Robert Mugabe was re elected. Crazy yanks.
what wud have been a glorious exit for Jammeh now becoming a disgrace exit, Robert Mugabe be on watch u r the next
Leaving a man because of cheating is like leaving a country because of Rain ,It rains everywhere my sister sit down.-Robert…
President Robert Mugabe to die this year’ pastor denied bail -
Imagine my President Robert Mugabe walking in Samora Machel holding hands with tje first family and mamonya in the…
People of the uk if you're going to protest about another country's leader try Kim Jong Un or Robert Mugabe 1st
Robert Mugabe is 92, his wife 51. So I'm nt stressing anymore, my wife is chilling at pre-school with a bottle of milk in her…
Robert Mugabe and Museveni. It's amazing how long you can reign if you be careful not to *** off the US.
What happened to Robert Mugabe? Dude been very silent lately. Still in good health?
We also wait for Robert Goblin Matibili Mugabe to congratulate Barrow from his Middle East hideout
But isn't it possible for the Obamas to pull a Robert Mugabe and refuse to leave the White house?
Trump's inaugural speech sounds like he took notes from Robert Mugabe.very nationalistic and the clenched fist at the end 😂😂😂😂
America has had 7 presidents since robert mugabe took over power in zimbabwe
I'm pondering if there are any other international leaders as irrational as Trump. Imho Robert Mugabe got dethroned.
Soo y'all tryna tell me Trump pulled a Robert Mugabe and made votes just appear out of no where 😂😕
yes the masses will fight against u and Robert (Mukadzi weDeco) Gabriel Mugabe
Is this the part of the Inaugural speech Trump plagiarized from Robert Mugabe's 15th term swearing in speech?
While another African dictator is about to fall, over in Zimbabwe Life President Robert Mugabe explores innovative way…
Robert Mugabe falling apart and dragging into ***
Zimbabweans use satire to protest against Robert Mugabe
20 January 2017. Facts . 1. Donald Trump became president . 2. beat the deadline . 3. Robert Mugabe was still president
True democracy, proud of USA since 1789. King Paul Biya, king Yahya Jammeh, Robert Mugabe pls follow the best
Video: Threat of economic crisis still looms in
Zimbabwe has lots of safaris, but very few are African. Most are wh...
How can Americans vote for a "republican" 😂😱 That's like voting for Robert Mugabe..
Video: Threat of economic crisis still looms in Zimbabwe
. Could be the role model for Robert Mugabe, Pres. of Zimbabwe.
in Zimbabwe...Robert Mugabe, President Didier Ratsiraka’s in Madagascar and recently Yahya Jammeh in Gambia.
When will Robert Mugabe die? Pastor charged over death prophesy - International Business Times UK
I don't think Gambian President Yahya Jammeh knew anything about State of emergence until Robert Mugabe travelled to West Africa last week.
President Robert Mugabe apparently must not lose sleep over the acrimonious factional…
Zimbabwe pastor held over Robert Mugabe death prophecy
President Robert Mugabe has given Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa the green light to…
"The opposition coalition to defeat Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies is not about Morgan Tsvangirai being...
Robert Mugabe is rewarding Peter Chanetsa for helping the first family grab the best farms in Mash West with a Heroes Acre burial
Morgan Tsvangirai invited for the inauguration of new Ghanaian president, Robert Mugabe not invited!!!
V. President, Emmerson Mnangagwa (L) dismiss rumors that he wants to take over power from Robert Mugabe
The Nigerian military's luck at stumbling upon Chibok hostages reminds me of how Robert Mugabe has won not 1, but 2, Z…
Queues for cash at ATM galleries in Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Is there any diff btw 92-year-old Robert Mugabe and 74-year-old M…
The moment you realise that Sir Alex Ferguson is young enough to be Robert Mugabe's son 😩😩 smh
Grandfather went to school with Kenneth Kaunda, Robert Mugabe and others studying the same things.
What is Cyril Ramaphosa doing near that total moron Robert Mugabe? And we think it would be ok if Cyril becomes president?
""Cyril Ramaphosa is a white man in a black man’s skin" -Robert Mugabe"bob is right. CR the murd…
Zimbabwe's President, Robert Mugabe, who is running for re-election, is 92 years old. Juan Ponce Enrile is also 92 years old. Wala lang.
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Zimbabwe's President,Robert Mugabe claims his salary is US$4,000.
Zimbabwe oppositions have expressed disappointment over Tuesday President Robert Mugabe's state of the nation [...
Mugabe appeals for calm amid economic crisis. Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has appealed for calm as his...
Robert Mugabe being the president of Zimbabwe
Robert Mugabe is not a president of Africa but Zimbabwe ...
is that Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe)is the most educated President the world has ever seen
Grace Mugabe has announced she will take over as president of Zimbabwe when her husband,Robert Mugabe steps do…
There is President Robert Mugabe will kill to the Shona for you know in Zimbabwe, these whites.
Mufti Menk is from Zimbabwe, where Robert Mugabe is president...
And to think that Grace, Robert Mugabe's wife is thinking of taking over from him as next president of Zimbabwe. Wonders shall never end!
My Prediction for Election 2016 ;. Yahya Jammeh will win the election & if he doesn't Robert Mugabe will step down as president. 👍
via Zimbabwe first lady announces herself as new President after Robert Mugabe hints at reti
Thank you very much for jinxing Fidel Castro. Excellent work! Could you please wear a Robert Mugabe shirt on Sunday?.
I don't take advice from someone who'd support a Robert Mugabe.
And this is the home of Robert Mugabe...
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Robert Mugabe 'close to death' - and 'crooked' wife Grace 'to take over'
Modi jee! Robert Mugabe style of working. But we all what happened in Zimbabwe in the name of land reforms in 2000.
"Some people worry whether you are supporting the corrupt regime of Robert Mugabe by going on holiday to...
What if Robert Mugabe snook into the white house and tried to double as barrack o'bama. Announces a big trade deal with Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe close to death and "crooked" wife Grace "to take over"
after 9 presidential terms at the age of 92 years old, Robert Mugabe is still the president of Zimbabwe. nobody has…
2013: Robert Mugabe "I will end corruption in Zimbabwe.Lives shld improve" '16.Pple still starving,corruption rife
Robert Mugabe was Prime Minister & Minster of Defense of Zimbabwe's first cabinet in 1980. Who was Minister of Defense during Gukurahundi?
Robert Mugabe has lost control of his succession - The Zimbabwe Daily
Robert Mugabe, the 92-year-old president who has ruled Zimbabwe for 36 years. via
Why have you let Robert Mugabe torment Zimbabwe people for this long
Yup, reminds me of Robert Mugabe who destroyed Zimbabwe overnight with his minions. Like Gideon Gono.
President Robert Mugabe has led Zanu-PF and Zimbabwe with an iron fist since independence…
Why did you create Robert Mugabe for the Zimbabwe people?
Donald Trump “I will lock President Robert Mugabe in prison if I become US President”
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Yoweri Museveni has been President of Uganda since 1986 and Robert Mugabe has been President of Uganda since 1987
I bet wouldn't object to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Robert Mugabe, or Raul Castro coming to speak.
"Nigerians are the only people in the world that voted an illiterate as a president and expect him serve like Obama". - Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe jokes over health rumours. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe pours scorn over the latest rumours of his health, joking that
Robert Mugabe is interfering in South Africa's internal affairs by funding the EFF and thereby influencing it's Black Nationalist policies.
Robert Mugabe, who bulldozed the homes of 100s of 1000s of poor people in Operation Drive Out The Rubbish, says xenophobia…
Laurent Gbagbo and Robert Mugabe were all " activist" until they held power
DTN Dubai: Zimbabwe follows Robert Mugabe: Use apps to scour the 92-year-old president’s flight path for clue...
Held talks with Zimbabwe's President H.E. Robert Mugabe on the sidelines of
Mugabe cracks whip ahead of party indabas . President Robert Mugabe is today expected to chair a Zanu PF politbu…
Robert Mugabe calls Zimbabwe judges 'reckless' for permitting protests against him: 'I hope…
Robert Mugabe admits he died in shock confession after mysterious 'hospital' trip
he has been singing for the G40, Robert Mugabe should applaud him for sure
Mugabe can joke about his health but citizens face prison if they do:👇👇. Robert Mugabe jokes over health rumours
I died and was resurrected, jokes Robert Mugabe
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Robert Mugabe too (although one of his exploded in his face...)
Robert Mugabe jokes over health rumours - BBC News
"When kissing a girl from another community, make sure you do it thoroughly because you represent your whole community." ~ R…
New post added at Oexnews - Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe Dies.what happens next will shock you
MUGABE LASHES OUT AT JUDGE: President Robert Mugabe has expressed concern at the judgement which was passed ...
Robert Mugabe jokes over health rumours - Most Educated President
" We work too *** these afros for some Becky to come and tell us it is inappropriate ". - Robert Mugabe
"I resurrected as I always do" - President Robert Mugabe reacting to reports about his health
'I resurrected as I always do' Robert Mugabe makes first appearance after death rumours Your time's up!
BBC News - Robert Mugabe jokes over health rumours
"Yes, I was dead, it's true I was dead. I resurrected as I always do. Once I get back to my country I am real."
'Yes, I was dead - I resurrected,' Robert Mugabe jokes as president returns to Zimbabwe after ...
Robert Mugabe jokes over health rumours, says he died and resurrected via todayng
Robert Mugabe returns to Zimbabwe saying he was dead but is now resurrected: Zimbabwe's 92-year-old President...
Robert Mugabe arrives back in Zimbabwe after health scare and jokes 'Yes, it's true, I was dead'
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Robert Mugabe arrives back in Zimbabwe - and tells reporters his death rumours were true
The next series of Dancing with the Stars has Ryan Lochte, Rick Perry and Vanilla Ice. What, was Robert Mugabe busy?
create crooks like Samuel Undenge, Ignatius Chombo, Obert Mpofu and Robert Mugabe.
We are currently at the intersection of Robert Mugabe and Sam Nujoma Drive, the WHS intersection. Collecting...
(2/2) " But in Zimbabwe, for 36 years there is only Robert Mugabe throughout. It is completely unacceptable." - Tendai Biti
Leaders who have endorsed Trump: Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, David Duke and Robert Mugabe. Leaders who have not: all livin…
No Heroes/ Defence Forces Day Celebration until Zimbabwe is free from evil Robert Mugabe and inept Zanu pf.
If Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe can protect their Black Rhinos then why cant we under Jacob Zuma?
I cannot believe Robert Mugabe's spokesman George Charamba has written this. ZANU PF Youthiz would not write this.
-people of Zimbabwe are stupid with their President Robert Mugabe -especially Shona tribe
Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe President at 92, said he plans to run for the position again in 2018 and rule till death.
theguardian : Veterans condemn Robert Mugabe in surprise revolt: Zimbabwe’s president is abandoned by ...
Zimbabwe war veterans end backing for Robert Mugabe: Zimbabwe's war veterans, who have played a key role in supporting President Robe...
Robert Mugabe yesterday speaking about Pastor Evan Mawarire. Simply shocking for a variety of reasons.
ZANU PF thug and Robert Mugabe spokesman George Charamba today in his article reveals plans to ban the use of Zimbabwe flag f…
Thm head of states of are in . 1. Robert Mugabe. 2. Jacob Zuma . 3. Ernest Bai Koroma. 4. John Dramani
Robert Mugabe is a qualified teacher, . he has a qualification in Economics, he is a lawyer, he has a master of laws degree from London.
You're sounding more and more like Robert Mugabe.
Ian Smith and Robert Mugabe two side of same coin(both brutal,racist, suppress freedom of speech,Violet freedom of expression both detectors
If all goes well in Zim, watch white Hollywood make a movie with Ben Kingsley as Pastor Evan & Michael Caine as Robert Mugabe.
The Communist Party of the Republic of New Afrika applauds Comrade-President Robert Mugabe for his condemnation...
Robert Mugabe is a dictator & a tyrant. He cares only for himself not for the people he governs. Prayers from America to
"God is the best inventor ever. He took a rib from a man and created a loudspeaker". Naye ✔Robert Mugabe
Shocking video shows police beating mothers and children in Zimbabwe
The arresting of Robert Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo and others did not stop the struggle. The arrest of is not going to stop mvt
There is more to this than just Robert Mugabe.
13 extremely quotes by President Robert Mugabe. 1. “Some women’s legs are like rumors, they just keep on...
Robert Mugabe calls it operation murambatzvina. It's the stuff of dictators.
Arsene wenger is an African. He is related to Robert Mugabe. Coaching Arsenal forever.
A trusted lieutenant of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has been exposed for dating and impregnating high school girls...
May Robert and his regime come to the realisation that they're are leading down the drain, RESIGN.
: An idea whose time has come. ...President Robert Gabriel Mugabe make a way for transformation
Fresh protests pushing for President Robert Mugabe to leave office have been planned for Saturday by a new...
So Robert Mugabe with all his degree could not get his *** to sell Government
hw do you differentiate Robert Mugabe and Motsoeneng except that Mugabe is ruling the country and Motsoeneng is ruling an entity
I'd never desecrate a grave; but I'd take all digging equipment available to Robert Mugabe's grave. Get the skull out and punch it in fury
If you can draw on hair unto your eyebrows surely you must be able to draw on hair to your head. . Robert Mugabe.
Dr. Joshua Nkomo letter to Robert Mugabe from exile in the UK
Pastor's terrifying warning before he disappears for speaking out
Zimbabwe police abuse mothers and children after protest in shocking video
Pastor stood up to Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and now he’s disappeared: He said if you never see or hear from ...
The crackdown on activists in protesting against President Robert Mugabe’s rule, intensifies.
While we PRAY for - Robert Mugabe PREYS on his people.
why do I feel Arsene is turning to Zimbabwean Robert Mugabe
jamaa ukuwe serious Robert Mugabe ask for advice 😂😂😂😂 never
Robert Mugabe is begging the West for cash. Don't throw him a lifeline
Can't wait for the day Robert Mugabe goes to jail...even when he dies,dig his grave in a prison yard.
HARARE: A Zimbabwean preacher leading the biggest protests against President Robert Mugabe in a decade was...
Comrade Robert Gabriel MUGABE, the ONLY LIVING HERO among the dead...LOL
Morgan Tsvangirai narrowly loses election to Robert Mugabe in tightly contested run off
Zimbabwe crisis deepens as social media adds to Robert Mugabe's woes -
How can I forget Robert Mugabe and Idi Amin? Good catch, my pinewooded friend
There would have been no Pol Pot without Jeremy Bentham. There would have been no Robert Mugabe without Winston Churchill.
The next time I win a major award I'm going to try to outwoke all other award speeches. Like praise Robert Mugabe when I get my Golden Globe
y wld his opinion matter on this? Like me wondering what Robert Mugabe's fav. album is, intriguing but so what?
Yes and tell them too that Paul Biya,Robert Mugabe,Sekou Toure and Siad Barre had political experience. Nairobi needs you.
Kumasi boys are still free because their girlfriends think KFC is a football club. 🏃🏃🏃🏃 . Robert Mugabe (0.03seconds ago). 😂😂…
If Barack Obama wants me. to allow marriage for same-sex. couples, he. must come here so that I marry him. first.-Robert Mugabe
"You can move from grass to grace or from grace to grass in just a twinkle of an eye" . Robert Mugabe
[New Zimbabwe] President Robert Mugabe is an irreplaceable leader who would rather continue wit...
If you are a married man and find yourself attracted to school girls, just buy your wife a school uniform--Robert Mugabe
even Nelson Mandela died fam unless you use the same sangoma as Robert Mugabe
"When you kiss a girl from another nationality, do it well because you represent the whole country". Robert Mugabe
Somehow President Robert Mugabe is making sense.
I've been saying it all along: please do not demonise Robert Mugabe. I...
If you use my name to lie again, something as heavy as Rick Ross will sit on your destiny. Robert Mugabe - 2016
A man will never Becareful until he buy a *Car* and A *white shirt*. CC: Robert Mugabe. Verified via *G…
could you repeat the code from Robert Mugabe
Mr. prefers the NGOs he dominates like Robert Mugabe and where they clap to his dirty jokes.
"In Africa the only WARNING they take seriously is LOW BATTERY" -Robert Mugabe . 😂😂😂😂.
Mugabe becomes a “grandpa” at 92 Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, the world's oldest head of state at 92, has b…
can i please have that Robert Mugabe quote.
"Cigarette is a pinch of tobacco rolled in a piece of paper with fire on one end and a fool on the other end." Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe has the best sense of humour
In Africa, the only warning signal they take seriously is "Low Battery" ~ Robert Mugabe 2016 >
If your boyfriend/girlfriend has never taken a photo with you, kindly stop forcing Photo Grid to bring you together!🙄. -Robert…
I love President Robert Mugabe. Inarguably the best leader we can have. He is however surrounded by corrupt and greedy ministers
some of the guests expected to join the centenary celebrations include President Jacob Zuma, AU Chair & Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe
In Africa, the only warning we take seriously is 'the low batery warning'... Robert Mugabe
Robert alleged 'failures' to be exposed by Joice Mujuru's opposition in explosive new book
Numbers don’t lie. In his Independence Day speech in April, President Robert Mugabe said there were “signs of...
Worst ever. Making Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma look like real leaders.
Robert Mugabe is probably someone he worships - he doesn't accept defeat either
Fod Mugabe really say the following? . Robert Mugabe's Famous Quotes. 1. Virginity is the best wedding gift any...
Mugabe's 'failures' to be exposed in tell-all book by Zimbabwe's opposition party
The other side of Uncle A.K.A GrandPa Robert Mugabe you never get to see..
Quote of d day:. Whenever things seem to start going well in your life, the Devil comes along and give you a girlfriend.😂. Robert Mugabe 2016
If only they listen to him, Robert Mugabe could tell them how to get inflation up..:-)
Robert Mugabe, the dictator of Zimbabwe and all around *** is trying to sup… (
Great picture of Queen Elizabeth and her one-time ally Robert Mugabe at Harare Arts Show yy, via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Many of these sort of 'Shower thought' logic is being credited to Robert Mugabe.
President Robert Mugabe is still to see his first grandson as her daughter Bona is still…
I wonder when these Sit tight syndrome African leaders would realise that their positions is not Hereditary e.g Robert Mugabe.
Africa must establish its own International Criminal Court to try Europeans, says Robert Mugabe.
Children of Robert Sobukwe, Finish what you have started. Children of Robert Mugabe,finish what you have started.”
The way things are going, Robert Mugabe could be viable replacement for David Cameron.
it been given out as birthday gift and stuffs.-. Robert Mugabe
At this time still Recieving Political Education from Robert Mugabe . President Robert Mugabe Of Zimbabwe...
With the recent trends on the Zimbabwean President, "Robert Mugabe" I have this to say,. "He has been a...
Did you know that President Robert Mugabe takes home the smallest wage any president in Africa takes.
Robert Mugabe loses his balance and nearly falls on stage in India -
People who must go to ease my pain. 1. Robert Mugabe. 2. Morgan Tsvangirai. 3. Arsene Wenger
Eric Tinkler is Killing all the Bafana Bafana former coaches with a gun called Tendai Ndoro fro Robert Mugabe.
John Le Mesurier to star in in the all mice version of the *** Monologues, co-starring Robert Mugabe, Jamelia and a sad horse.
US scientist confirms that Robert Mugabe will never die.
Our WH Imbicile is channeling his inner Robert Mugabe for you folks -- and enjoying making Cameron look like a fool
After channeling his inner Robert Mugabe for the Brits, the WH Imbecile now demonstrates his putz..
Robert Mugabe himself or his Political Establishment Power Elites.Yet The Global Wold's Medias had tried to blame with Shenanigan immigrated
..majority of The Western Nations Nationals Economics Mind concept of life,just like The Africa Old Africa's Oldest Excellemcy Robert Mugabe
Zimbawean Activist Jestina Mukoko talking to about her ordeal under Robert Mugabe regime. https:…
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe goes further...suggesting an African ICC to Try European Leaders.
Surely we're due the glad tidings of Robert Mugabe's long overdue demise?. All this celebrity death and not a hint of unction on that front!
President Robert Mugabe with SG after signing historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change in New York,
Robert Mugabe will ring the opening bell on BSE! Front page of Economic Times. With Mac's palm on her head of course!
"Nothing makes a woman more confused than being in a relationship with a broke man who is extremely good in bed." ~ Robe…
"If Obama wants me to allow *** marriage in Zimbabwe. I should marry him first to show de gud example" - ROBERT MUGABE
'The only white person you should trust is a dead white person' - Robert Grabriel Mugabe
Just heard Jnr Mugabe is dropping a track
Robert Mugabe is a sick sick man, I love it 😂✨🇿🇼
Robert Mugabe is the worst leader in the history of mankind. Turns the country into a toy for his mbanje smoking vazukuru vake. Pathetic!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
We don't mind having sanctions banning us. from Europe. We are not Europeans. Robert Mugabe
The only white man you can trust is a dead. white man. Robert Mugabe
Dont fight even over girlfriends. The country. is full of beautiful women. If you cant get. one, come to Mugabe for assistance. Robert Mugabe
South Africans will kick down a statue of a. dead white man but won’t even attempt to. slap a live one. Robert Mugabe
Don't be like Kenya & Nigeria where you must dip into your pocket to get anything done. Robert Mugabe called Nigeria &…
Had to give a speech seated. Robert G. Mugabe (Zimbabwe), High-level Signature Ceremony for the Paris Agreeme...
Independence: Zim gloomier 36 years on President Robert Mugabe this week led Zimbabweans to mark the country&rsqu…
We must Castrate people who rape Women and children - Pres. Robert Mugabe
Respected scientists from the Science Institute based in the UK have been secretly investigating why Robert...
Paris -- you are in great company with Robert Mugabe
Friday, April 22, 2016 – Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe is once again making headlines for all the wrong...
Japanese PM welcomes Robert Mugabe for the fourth time.
Mugabe is immortal, not Prince, not Michael Jackson, not Beyoncé. Robert Mugabe is.
Zimbabwe Ask Netherlands to Save Horticulture: President Robert Mugabe requested the intervention of the Nethe...
I wonder if POTUS will put Zimbabwe's President and genocidal mainac Robert Mugabe's face on the $100 bill?
Robert Mugabe was Zimbabwe's Prime Minister (not President) from 1980-87. He became the President in 1987.
Mugabe had no choice: Anglicans: . President Robert Mugabe was left wit...
A young Zimbabwean, Peter Muchirahondo pens a letter to the President of of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, on just how...
Rumour has it that Robert Mugabe wants to live until his grandson is old enough to take over as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.
Why Mugabe’s Indigenisation Policy is bad for Zimbabwe’s economy: Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe, has ann...
May he so racist! They have endorsed President Robert Mugabe in the world.
Sam and Tom Curran were evicted by Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, but the Surrey brothers have overcome the tragic...
Could it be true that Robert Mugabe and Babu Owino are sharing a common characteristic? . (I am just asking)
I know... but can't you just say I'm here by Robert Mugabe clinic instead of between Kenneth Kaunda and Robert Mugabe street?!
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