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Robert Mueller

Robert Swan Mueller III (born August 7, 1944) is the 6th and current Director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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Robert Mueller volunteered to go to Vietnam as a memorial to a…
Trump is privately raging about Robert Mueller. But all of this is his own fault. - Washington Post
Republican insiders: Robert Mueller is "going for the kill" against Donald Trump via
I liked a video Robert Mueller is Zeroing in on Trump’s Cover Up | The Resistance with Keith
NEW: Robert Mueller has evidence Michael Flynn broke law in his business dealings with Russia.
Republicans close to White House say Robert Mueller is ‘going for the kill’ on Trump-Russia probe
Robert Mueller, not interested in prosecuting Lois Lerner, calls on IRS to help get Trump.
Robert Mueller has notified the White House he will potentially want to question 6 current and former officials.
I can't decide if Robert Mueller should be played by David Strathairn, Sam Waterston, or Sam the Eagle from "The Muppets"
MSNBCs Ari Melber looks back on Robert Mueller's fight with... | MSNBC
Marvel needs to make a Robert Mueller movie ASAP because he's a superhero.
Legal experts say Robert Mueller just nailed Mike Pence on impeachable crimes
How much will Robert Mueller be paid as Special Counsel to investigate the Trump's campaign ties with … by Sam Adams
Robert Mueller may have just nailed racist Trump adviser Stephen Miller for criminal activity via
Robert Mueller and NY Attorney General 'team up on Manafort probe', stopping Trump from pardoning himself
Robert Mueller and NY attorney general working on Manafort investigation – report
It is hard to overstate how big it is that Robert Mueller has now looped Eric Schneiderman into the Russia investigation. It…
well about Eric Schneiderman hire Robert Mueller and go from there.states have plenty of rights in all of this..
Robert Mueller & Attorney General Eric Schneiderman just took away Trump's "get out of jail free card". Manafort was the k…
I noticed the same thing. I'd bet good money that Robert Mueller's people noticed it too
Robert Mueller signals he's going after Mike Pence too, probably because he was in on it.
Amendment from Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) would also prevent Special Counsel Robert Mueller from probing "matters occur…
Yep, Robert Mueller rappelling from a helicopter to pull your fat *** out of the Oval Office & save America.
Why is Donald Trump so afraid of Robert Mueller? by Harvey Ardman
Just another day at the circus. Robert Mueller, please hurry. South Texans, please stay safe. Sheriff Joe, go to he…
Analysis: If he’ll pardon Arpaio, why wouldn’t Trump pardon those who ignore Robert Mueller?
The nice thing is that if Scott has this letter, so does Robert Mueller.
It's good you are exposing Robert Mueller and his B.F..F. James Comey. Keep up the good work.
Robert Mueller adds Donald Trump Jr. to those in the focus of his investigation
First of all, Moyers is ultra-liberal and then this article and th…
Top investigator exits Robert Mueller's Special Counsel team
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If only someone had predicted this.
Craig Unger has the scoop on why Mueller is looking closely at Trump SoHo
FBI investigator leaves Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel team. Here’s what it really means. via
deflect, deflect, deflect Robert Mueller closing in. RUSSIA
3 people have the power to derail Trump's presidency: Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Robert Mueller. The first two won't. So he…
Robert Mueller Accused of Treason by Retired Navy Commander, See criminal complaint officially filed
NPR fascists lament that justice system WON'T be used to impugn the innocent:.
Well at least will have the tooth fairy to still believe in...
Rather than admit that it's a witch hunt, they're setting the stage to let the liberal lunatics down easy.
'Sir, Please Hurry the *** Up!' Americans Call on Robert Mueller to End Their Trump Nightmare
Robert Mueller, please hurry. Our president is a madman!
Fact check – did Robert Mueller serve Donald Trump with a subpoena just before his racist speech?
Dear Robert Mueller-. Now would be the perfect time to indict somebody. America
Dear God,. I've been a good boy. Please give me Robert Mueller subpoenaing Chuck Johnson. Thanks,. Eric
Robert Mueller's head of press, Peter Carr seems to be the man who coordinated the tarmac meeting.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Jared Kushner, Robert Mueller to appear before Senate Intelligence Committee over Russia probe
Robert Mueller, Senate Intelligence Committee - its time to consider looking into whether any ties exist between Donald Trump and Neo Nazis
I have this image of Robert Mueller strolling down Pennsylvania Avenue whistling "The Farmer In The Dell"
Thank you for your service Robert Mueller!
Trump is "trapped and has no escape" from his prosecutor Robert Mueller. Time for some real authoritarianism...
Robert Mueller has now entered the probable cause, pre-dawn raid stage of his probe. Donald Trump still thinks Mike Pence
White House is a crime scene: how Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump .
The Manafort raid shows that Robert Mueller is showing no special deference in this investigation.
Hannity is a proxy, including his war on Robert Mueller. Plenty of evidence he coordinates with the White House.
President Trump is now trying to suck up to Robert Mueller
Remember when Robert Mueller warned that Saddam Hussein would give his WMDs to Al Qaeda? https…
In the movie about the Trump presidency, Sam Waterston must--MUST I SAY--play Robert Mueller.
Robert Mueller leaving Paul Manafort's home after collecting evidence on Trump
Flashback: Robert Mueller warning that Saddam Hussein will give his WMDs to Al Qaeda
Robert Mueller, Donald Trump is trying to get us all blown up. When will this investigation be over?
General Kelly and General Mattis--and there's another old Marine in DC, too, named Robert Mueller. Heard of him?.
Legal scholar Alan Dershowitz told Rita Cosby of WABC Radio that, in light of Special Counsel Robert Mueller...
Blog: Robert Mueller has already destroyed his own legacy
The 8 dirtiest scandals of Robert Mueller no one is talking about via
Robert Mueller a true American Patriot! Bringing the end to trump and the trump crime syndicate!
The DOJ has determined that Robert Mueller has no conflicts of interest to lead the investigation.
Donald Trump feeling the heat over Robert Mueller's approach to gathering data on possible collusion with Russia during Trum…
Crying fake news might work to garner votes in "real America", but against Robert Mueller, it's not going to work.
You know who's not taking a vacation for the next 17 days, Robert Mueller.
Robert Mueller looks like John Kerry and Sam the eagle had a baby with Benjamin Button disease
.you know Robert Mueller is part of the Deep State. Let's MAGA . We win together!.
"House Intel Comm GOP did not tell Democrats on panel, Senate Intel Comm nor Robert Mueller that…
Christopher Steele and the company that hired him should be indicted, Robert Mueller should be indicted for ethics violations re Comey
If Republican voters value Sean Hannity over Robert Mueller, the GOP has some deep soul-searching to do.
Tonight at 11/10c, Trevor reacts to the news of Robert Mueller's investigation growing deeper.
James Cromwell is totally winning an Oscar for his performance as Robert Mueller in the Oliver Stone movie.
Trump blasts Russia investigation as Robert Mueller convenes grand jury. Trump is the boy that cried wolf.
Robert Mueller and James Comey are not heroes . It's a miracle-- a piece of journalism with integrity from Huff Post
It's good that you are exposing James Comey and his B.F.F. Robert Mueller. Keep up the good work.
Former DNI James Clapper warns President Trump: Firing Robert Mueller "would be Watergate in slow motion"
We need a grand jury to investigate Robert Mueller, James Comey and McCabe. thought I would throw that out there...
Trump fans are yelling "Lock Her Up" at the mention of Hillary Clinton while Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury to…
TONIGHT: Robert Mueller impanels a grand jury, and Stephen is here 👏 for 👏 it. 👏
Robert Mueller has issued subpoenas from a Washington-based grand jury
As a citizen and a taxpayer of this country ,and my money goes to pay for Special Counsel ,Robert Mueller. I want him to resign!
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has launched a grand jury in the Russia investigation, Wall Street Journal reports
Special Counsel Robert Mueller convenes grand jury in Washington to investigate allegations of Russian interference in 2016…
GOP House member Trent Franks called on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign
A dashboard tracking Russian propaganda identifies Robert Mueller as a primary target. Hannity is out for him too. https…
The only apparent reasonable and probable grounds for Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump is the fact that he isn't Hilary Clinton.
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Lindsey Graham is still writing Bill to prevent President Trump from having Robert Mueller fired. Please SC, primary & thro…
And finally (for now),. Paul Giamatti as Reince Priebus. Kevin James as Sean Spicer. Martin Sheen as Robert Mueller. Jo…
I'm sure Robert Mueller will find the emails, texts and phone records from July 8 interesting. .
Lindsey Graham is proposing bipartisan bill to block Trump from firing Robert Mueller. We have Republican majority and this…
Robert Mueller will soon have access to Trump's tax returns and the president is not happy about it.
I would be all for Mooch cleaning house, except when these people get spilt up & no longer have any vested interest, hello Robert Mueller.
People not in the news today, Mike Flynn, Don Jr. Distractions work. Fortunately, Robert Mueller doesn't chase the rabbit of the day.
Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and Robert Mueller to meet in next 24 hours - old article- but hmmm.🤔
6/ Robert Mueller + James Comey should have known the was a fraud during investigation that ran 2001 through…
As soon as Congress goes into recess, Donald Trump will have the opportunity to remove special prosecutor Robert Mueller
Trump could fire Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel
If trump fires Jeff Sessions, then it's only because his main goal is to fire Robert Mueller & stop the…
Will the Senate Judiciary Com subpoena Robert Mueller after Paul Manafort? Mueller colluded with Russians on a tarmac in M…
As POTUS and his aides attempt to discredit Robert Mueller and his team, remember today's words from htt…
GOP's starting to crack—Paul Ryan to Trump: Robert Mueller is 'anything but' a partisan.
Newt: bombshell — 99.8% of donations from Robert Mueller's law firm went to Hillary Clinton!
Breaking: Robert Mueller now investigating possibility of collusion w/Russia by Scty of State Seward in the so-called “Alaska Purchase”.😀
Remember when Robert Mueller weaponized the FBI against Catherine Engelbrecht?.
according to the attached copy Robert Mueller has gone far beyond the scope of the order. It's time…
American Center for Law and Justice Executive Director commenting on Robert Mueller's investigation https:…
Robert Mueller asks WH to preserve all files from the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between DJT Jr and Russian lawyer. Whi…
"Sean Spicer". Wait for Robert Mueller asks for the financial records of the sale of Scaramucci Skybridge Capital to a foreign company
President Trump discussed Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump Jr., Robert S. Mueller III and the conversation with Putin
Sounds like that's where Robert Mueller definitely needs to look. Follow the money!
i love how Trump signals to Mueller what he *doesn't* want investigated; his family's finances.
Trump says no red line given to:. - North Korea. - China. - Iran. - Syria. Who does he give a red line to?. Special Couns…
The question is not if but when will fire Robert Mueller. I say it's sooner rather then later, no doubt it wil…
The team Mueller hired sort of screams that they absolutely are going to be looking at Trump finances.
Seriously. All of us are wondering this. Robert Mueller will find out!
.Mueller is your worst nightmare. You seem terrified. I'd be too. He's digging in.😱🇺🇸.
Crooked is personally under investigation &because he is law says he cannot fire Robert Mueller!.
U need to make it so Robert Mueller can't be fired-IMMEDIATELY threatened Mueller & his team—DO SOMETHING!!!…
“The bank is expecting to eventually have to provide information to Robert S. Mueller III.”
EVERYONE IN AMERICA NEEDS TO READ THIS IMMEDIATELY!. Trump just threatened Robert Mueller & his team.
Any Congressman could sue for injunctive relief to for investigating
Trump's gonna try & fire Robert Mueller—cuz he still can. Congress can make it so that's not possible but doesn't…
You can't threaten Robert Mueller by telling him to be careful what they dig into. Trump needs to be impeached immediately.
Donald Trump unwittingly tips off he’s scared 2 death of what Robert Mueller will find in his finances
Robert Mueller’s investigation is not the slam dunk many liberals hope it is:
Robert Mueller says thanks for evidence DTJr
BREAKING: Robert Mueller's investigators plan to examine the meeting and emails Donald Trump Jr. disclosed
Other than Robert Mueller, where are the Justice Department officials speaking to this?
Russia's election interference needs to be investigated not by Robert Mueller but by Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder. Sponsored by Mail kimp.
Report: Donald Trump “furious” after Robert Mueller subpoenas his bank accounts and phone records
Robert Mueller assembles an elite team of lawyers for Trump/Russia inquiry via
Robert Mueller and James Comey. And the NSA. You sleazy *** Enjoy it while it lasts.
Does the name Robert Mueller ring any kind of bell for you?
Here's the thing Sparky: Robert Mueller is trying to do just that, while ridding this nation of it…
Donald Trump is bothered that Robert Mueller and James Comey are friends? I'm more bothered that Trump and Putin are frie…
FBI director Robert Mueller, went to a prep school with John Kerry a known SS Yale University skull and Bones, same as Bush and Hillary
Robert Mueller terrifies President Trump. Of course he wants him gone. - USA TODAY
Watch the GOP try to "swift boat" Robert Mueller. There is no behavior too low for these people. Not…
"couldn't take Trump out. The media hasn't been able to take Trump out. So now it's Robert Mueller's job."…
Adam Schiff: Trump and his associates trying to 'discredit' Robert Mueller via
"Adam Schiff puts an end to Trump's dreams of firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller"
Hey you will find that Robert Mueller is not the NJ Gaming Commission. Your lame intimidation tactics will…
Dobbs: Deputy AG Rosenstein should fire Robert Mueller and then resign
Although Mueller supposedly has a reputation for fairness and integrity, his actions thus far show him to be a corrupt p…
Not surprising but still a neat detail: Mueller will use a separate computer network from the main DOJ one.
Robert Mueller Team is Now Leaking to the Washington Post via Geller Report - Robert Mueller, the ...
Robert Mueller is now coordinating with an ongoing FBI investigation in Budapest, Hungary. Cc
Hey Mr. President how does it feel to be under investigation. By Robert Mueller and some of the best lawyer's…
Is utter buffoon special prosecutor Robert Mueller going to look into Loretta Lynch's obstruction of justice? There's t…
I'm surprised Robert Mueller didn't Hire his good Buddy James Comey!!! 😂
Robert Mueller faces tough obstruction case against Donald Trump - -
Robert Mueller is hiring an army of lawyers to take down President Trump!.
Where is Rod Rosenstein's overdue statement responding to the President's repeated attacks on his appointment of Robert M…
Then fire Robert Mueller They're all out 2 bankrupt all your supporters/sabotage you.…
Robert Mueller is a sneaky leaky compromised old goat. Put him out to pasture to eat weeds.🐑. Taxpayers say Fire him!.
Ben Carson is calling on President Trump to let Special Counsel Robert Mueller do his job and give him a “chance”...
Deferment Donny going after Robert Mueller. Donnie stands about the same chance McGregor does vs. Mayweath…
Robert Mueller has made it a point to surround himself with a cast of Hillary donors to help out with his Trump snipe…
If even is reporting on this, it has to be major. Mueller, the AMERICAN PEOPLE demand an explanation. Now. https:…
So it really will be just a witch hunt...
Newest addition to Mueller's team: Trial attorney Lisa Page, who specializes in money laundering & organized crime 🔥.
Robert Mueller’s probe will reveal loads of dirt from Trump’s financial past.
Yikes! Robert Mueller called me; wants to talk; Don't know what it's about, but it will be leaked in NY Slimes or Wash…
Serious question: Anything preventing Trump setting up Special Counsels of his own on Clinton, Soros, Seth Rich? https:…
Gingrich: Robert Mueller is the tip of the 'deep state spear' trying to bring down Trump |
Ryan: Trump should 'let Robert Mueller do his job'
What you should know about how Special Counsel Robert Mueller sold the FBI out to designated terrorist group CAIR https…
Stephen Colbert taunts Donald Trump over Robert Mueller and the "Obstruction of Justice League." http…
California Senator Dianne Feinstein worried President Trump will try to fire Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller
Donald Trump goes berserk again, blames his scandals on Robert Mueller and "Crooked H" Hillary Clinton
"Vice-president Mike Pence hired a lawyer, after the Washington Post reported that Robert Mueller, the special...
Robert Mueller needs to recuse himself and resign immediately. Conservatives need to demand it and Jeff Sessions should…
Robert Mueller should recuse himself from Russia investigation via
Robert Mueller just cleverly made it so Donald Trump can't fire him - Palmer Report
Ex- F.B.I. Robert Mueller should not have enjoyed allowing Ex-U.S.Secretary John Kerry Rape Prostitutes and use all…
"we the people oppose Robert Mueller, as spec investigator" how & where , who do I call this is outright fra…
Report: Justice Dept. Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigating Pres. Trump for obstruction of justice.
His name is Robert Mueller. You don't want him investigating you
The President is under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for https:/…
The universally praised Robert Mueller helped the Bush Administration make the case for war in Iraq, but you know, let bygones…
Trump considering whether to fire Robert Mueller. Sounds like someone turned the president down for dinner.
Spoken Like DC Cesspool Elite Slug.Paul Ryan: Let Robert Mueller do his job --
Firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller while watching Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus lick the Oval Office floor clean wou…
House Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to rein in “loose talk” about firing Robert Mueller, says:
Paul Ryan says everyone should just let Robert Mueller do his job via
Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein says he has not seen any reason to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller
Trump friend stands by claim WH is unhappy with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, is considering firing
WATCH: Will Pres. Trump fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller? Longtime friend says the President is "considering it.…
.to Robert Mueller was considered for FBI director:I think there's a conflic…
“There’s mass hysteria in the West Wing about this” on possibility of firing Robert Mueller
It's said that Robert Mueller is building blue chip legal team; hopefully, to investigate and prosecute Obama officials.
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One of "it's" lawyers doesn't rule out that he could fire Robert Mueller. He thinks its traffic court on Queens Blvd.
Robert Mueller handled the Noriega and the Pan Am Flight 103 (Lockerbie bombing) cases -- both quite suspect.
Robert Mueller is staffing up the Russia probe while President Trump's lawyer declares victory htt…
Trump WON'T promise not to fire Robert Mueller says president's lawyer.
Gregg Jarrett: Why Robert Mueller should resign as Special Counsel | Fox News
Matthew Dowd just said on This Week with George Stephanopolous that James Comey and Robert Mueller are BEST…
Robert Mueller is a very close friend of James Comey, Barack Obama and also Hillary Clinton
Robert Mueller is building his own de facto Department of Justice by stealing Jeff Sessions’ top people
Donald Trump has been the street bully for decades. Finally, Robert Mueller will take him down!👏👍
No less of a joke than that he subsequently handed that information to Robert Mueller as evidence in your father's obstru…
Three Amigos together. I wander if Robert Mueller helped his buddy with his testimony? Obama probably has Val Jarre…
Oh Mighty Lord, please let Robert Mueller be the savior of our World and America from realDonaldTrump Amen
Robert Mueller's rapidly expanding investigation now takes in a criminal probe of Paul Manafort, writes:
Trump files for extension to try to keep his tax returns away from Robert Mueller. It won’t work.
Reuters FLAG: Robert Mueller is expanding his probe to include a grand jury investigation into Michael Flynn.
.'Here's to you, Robert Mueller: A nation turns its lonely eyes to you:' May God & US patriots see the crucial task and act.
Fired FBI Director James Comey has been cleared by Robert Mueller to testify before Congress--in public.
Gregg Jarrett: What is Robert Mueller investigating (since collusion is not a crime)? | Fox News.
Trent Partridge Hill demands answers on Robert Mueller probe
Rep. Chaffetz: James Comey wanted to speak with Robert Mueller before testifying publicly
Robert Mueller's office right now. Still under construction. Don't know how many staff. But it's up and running.
Robert Mueller cleared by Justice Dept. ethics experts to lead Russia probe - old firm represents people in the case
Robert Mueller will TRY to force DJT to face the truth but a delusional person can't understand the truth.
Justice Dept names counsel Robert Mueller,who served as the FBI director from 2001 to 2013 in Russia Investigation
The day Robert Mueller asked for my help - San Francisco Chronicle
Stephen Colbert lists why Robert Mueller is Trump’s "worst nightmare"
People are talking about Robert Mueller like he's Anton Chigurh
--> Sen. Lindsey Graham basically just said that Robert Mueller is leading a criminal investigation. Into the Trump campaign.
The Daily 202: Special Counsel Robert Mueller is bad news for Trump’s embattled White House ht…
Robert Mueller's former chief of staff (and latest guest) was Lisa Monaco.
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should get Robert De Niro (left) to play Robert Mueller (right) on Saturday Night Live alongside Baldwin &…
Just to be on the safe side, can someone check that the Special Counsel is Robert Mueller and NOT Vlad Putin in a Robert…
Justice Department apts Robert Mueller to Putin case as Special Counsel. Did have the guy on the ladder install mics…
US Department of Justice name Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to probe Trump-Russia links
The Department of Justice appoints Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to look into Trump's ties to Russia:
1. I'm not a liberal. 2. I've been offered professional political jobs. 3. Robert Mueller was not appoi…
Robert Mueller, Special Counsel in Russia probe, is widely respected on both sides of the aisle
Man of the Hour: Robert Mueller, Former FBI Director, Is Named Special Counsel for Russia Investigation - NY Times
Robert Mueller is Special Counsel!. He gets to make his own team!. Hey Bob, I heard Sally Yates, Preet Bahrara, and Jim C…
DOJ names Robert Mueller to oversee federal probe into campaign interference .
Well, it looks like Robert Mueller will need Special Counsel to conduct a probe into his Russian connections.
New Special Counsel Robert Mueller has history of standing up to the White House
Robert Mueller is superb choice to be Special Counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media shou…
WATCH: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell makes no comment after Robert Mueller appointed Special Counsel by DOJ
My statement on the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel at the Department of Justice →
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Robert Mueller is an American treasure. Both Mueller and Comey have told presidents NO when they've lost their moral compass. Republic=Safe
Robert Mueller & George Tenet missed the 9/11 plot which gave the Establishment an excuse to conduct endless wars. How convenient.
notiven: RT: wikileaks :FBI's Robert Mueller was successfully pressured to take out CIA head Petraeus - Hillary Cl… https://
Mark my words: once Robert Mueller finds no collusion, Dems are going to hate him for crushing dreams. Its so predictable.
Let's see what likes of Jeffrey Lord, Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Jason Miller, Kayleigh McEnany have to say about Robert Mueller.
Imagine that and as we speak, trying to convince to not aggressively slander Robert Mueller in statement.
White House given less than 1 hours advanced notice of the appointment of Robert Mueller. FBI has had enough.
If Trump wasn't an impulsive *** Comey never fired, Robert Mueller never appointed and this whole thing goes away. Self inflicted damage.
Robert Mueller will end our long national nightmare. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. Rod Rosenstein is an…
Muller headed the FBI from 2001 to 2013, serving under Presidents Bush and Obama
:BREAKING: Former FBI Director Robert Mueller to be appointed special prosecutor for Russia probe - law enforcement…
Rosenstein: "Special Counsel is necessary in order for the American people to have full confidence in the outcome"
Special Counsel appointed in Russia probe About time!! Good man.
Robert Mueller is a former FBI DIRECTOR who will operate independently of Congress/Senate!. Finally-we're reaching "law &orde…
Finally. This was much needed, good decision by Rosenstein
All purpose parts banner
Is this Robert Mueller guy to be trusted?
🚨 We now have a Special Counsel for Russia investigation: former FBI chief Robert Mueller. . Picked by the deputy AG. https:…
Score a big one for Rod Rosenstein's reputation. He appoints Robert Mueller to run the Trump/Russia investigation. This is huge.
Former FBI boss Robert Mueller to oversee inquiry into alleged Russian interference in US election.
Bush Neocon Robert Mueller seems to have been appointed to Special Counsel on Russia Investigation. He can begin by loo…
Robert Mueller is the PERFECT choice for the long overdue Special Counsel on the Russian probe... now he must b given the time and resources
Robert Mueller has a solid track record and should enjoy broad, bipartisan support in investigation
Former FBI director Robert Mueller coming for Trump like:
Special Counsel appointed in Russia probe.
🏮UPDATE🏮. Fmr FBI Dir Robert Mueller, now Prosecutor met w/Rosenstein the *day after* firin…
.has named former FBI director Robert Mueller to lead Russia probe: via
Robert Mueller, 72, served as FBI director under George W. Bush and Barack Obama and was longest serving head of FBI s…
With Robert Mueller our democracy likely will be saved from Trump/GOP tyranny. So thankful to…
Earlier in his career, Robert Mueller prosecuted a case straight out of
FYI: Special Counsel operates autonomously, can bring charges without input from DOJ. Thats why R's so afraid of one.
Robert Mueller is now the special prosecutor in the Russian investigation. There's trouble ahead for Trump and his minion…
This is a victory for all Americans who believe in the integrity of the rule of law.
DOJ appoints ex-FBI chief Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to oversee probe of Russian election interference
DOJ appoints Robert Mueller to take over Russia probe as Special Counsel. By design might I add
Right thing to do and the right choice.
Justice Department will appoint a Special Counsel to oversee Trump-Russia investigation.
.DOJ is appointing a Special Counsel to take over the Russia probe. It will be Robert Mueller, the form…
FINALLY ==> a DOJ Special Counsel for investigation. 6 months after we demanded truth
Robert Mueller, named Special Counsel on Russia investigation, oversaw the FBI during the Sept. 11 attacks
Today's a good day for Democracy. Thank you DOJ for following Title 28 of Code of Fed Regs & appointing Robert Mueller as Spec…
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appoints former FBI Director Robert Mueller to be Special Counsel on the
Deputy AG Rosenstein's order appointing former FBI Dir. Mueller to serve as Special Counsel on Russia investigation.
BREAKING: Justice Dept. appoints former FBI head Robert Mueller to oversee probe into Trump-Russian connection in 2016 election
BREAKING: DOJ just appointed frmr FBI Director Robert Mueller as special prosecutor to take over Trump/Russia to inves…
Robert Mueller newly appointed Special Counsel served as Director of FBI longer than any one in modern time.
Robert Mueller, new Special Counsel on Russia, has been a law partner at WilmerHale of Jamie Gorelick, who represents Iva…
Did you know: Robert Mueller is a law partner at a practice that represents Ivanka and Jared?
MORE: Special Counsel Mueller has agreed to resign from private law firm in order to avoid any conflicts of interest
Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein's statement on his decision to appoint former FBI director Robert Mueller as special c…
BREAKING | NBC News: Department of Justice appoints former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor for Russia inv…
Text of announcement naming Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.
BREAKING: Deputy AG appointing Special Counsel to take over the Russia investigation; it's ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller —…
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