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Robert Kraft

Robert K. Kraft (born June 5, 1941) is an American business magnate. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Kraft Group, a diversified holding company with assets in paper and packaging, sports and entertainment, real estate development and a private equity portfolio.

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Check out this listing: Patriots x Lunar Air Force 1 PF QS 'Robert Kraft'
no one with the resources of Robert Kraft pleads guilty when he is innocent. End of discussion
Robert Kraft Takes Shot at Roger Goodell and the NFL via
Kraft expresses frustration with NFL in passionate defense of Brady via
Cyrus Jones being introduced to by your very own, Robert and Jonathan Kraft!…
owner Robert Kraft didn't speak. Presumably did not want questions about Brady, Goodell & Deflategate to overshadow Cyrus' moment
Jones will be wearing number 24, according to Robert Kraft ("a lot of good karma" with that number). Law, Revis...
Patriots owner Robert Kraft and son Jonathan introduce 2nd round draft pick Cyrus Jones today in Foxboro.
While you're sending things out, Roger, feel free to send a check and some draft picks to Robert Kraft.
From last night at Billerica Town Meeting, Cosmo Cavicchio with the Robert Kraft look
Video: Owners Robert and Jonathan Kraft introduce Cyrus Jones as part of tradition with top draft pick.
Robert Kraft rocks the suit with sneakers like no other
Rob Gronkowski and Robert Kraft at the Celtics game cc:
Patriots owner Robert Kraft says a London franchise remains on the NFL's radar.
“Every time I see him, he’s smiling. He hugs me. He almost lifts me up.". -Robert Kraft on Rob Gronkowski
Robert Kraft left out Roger Goodell's verdict in address Monday via It's jus a pisn contest.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Robert Kraft: Pats 'have done everything' to recoup draft picks - Yardbarker
Kraft doesnt F up often but he shouldve NEVER gave up the fight . Robert Kraft asks Goodell for Draft Picks Back.
LISTEN: discuss whether Robert Kraft's letter to Roger Goodell was more than just a PR move...
Robert Kraft sent a box of macaroni and cheese to Roger Goodell.
News: Patriots owner Robert Kraft wrote Roger Goodell a letter asking him to reduce the pu...
Bitterness, regret shows in Robert Kraft's comments on Roger Goodell, writes
Robert Kraft wrote letter to Roger Goodell requesting NFL to rescind Deflategate penalties
Robert Kraft tried to regain Patriots' draft pick in a letter to Roger Goodell -
Robert Kraft wrote Roger Goodell a letter asking for draft picks back - via App
Robert Kraft says he wrote to Roger Goodell over a month ago seeking to have Patriots' 1st-round pick reinstated.
"Dear Roger ." Robert Kraft writes Goodell letter to get draft picks back
Robert Kraft wrote a letter to Roger Goodell requesting reinstatement of the draft picks stripped from Deflategate.
News story on Robert Kraft writes letter to Roger Goodell asking to overturn Deflategate penalties.
Robert Kraft wrote letter to Goodell asking for return of first-round pick via SI.…
owner Robert Kraft said he wrote a letter to Roger Goodell explaining reasons why he believes should return hi…
Robert Kraft wrote a letter to Roger Goodell in an attempt to recoup Patriots’ draft picks https:/…
Robert Kraft asks NFL to return Patriots' draft picks docked after Deflategate
Robert Kraft asked Roger Goodell to return the Pats' first-round pick.
Can't stop at just Brady. A good bet is that you will see BB & Robert Kraft as well one day.
Direct rebuke of NFL's tampering punishment from Chiefs owner Clark Hunt. Not quite Robert Kraft level, but still
Kudos to McNair for going Robert Kraft and giving his head coach the ability to cook & also shop for groceries
First Tom Brady, now Robert Kraft offer support for Donald Trump:
Who's more pro Israel than Robert Kraft? His wife, Myra, started birthright.
When Donald Trump just got asked if he knew Marty Walsh: "Don't know him, I know Tom Brady, Robert Kraft and Bill Belichic…
Robert Kraft should build a signal on top of Patriot Place to shine in the sky in times of need. 👏👏👏👏
because Robert Kraft decided it was in the best interest of the league to move on. Our pick would have been 28th so nowt big.
why don't you remind pathetic Robert Kraft that it only took one Manning to reduce the Patriots to Super Bowl Spectators
Robert Kraft what a Mac n Cheese Ball pats are cheaters!
Robert Kraft tells At Tom Brady will represent all -
Patriots owner Robert Kraft is not present at Roger Goodell's "state of the NFL" news conference taking place now at Super B…
ZBT fun fact of the day: Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, is a Brother of Zeta Beta Tau.
22 years ago today, Robert Kraft bought the New England Patriots . He has not let us down.
1994: Robert Kraft purchased the Sunday marks 11 AFC champ game appearances in his 22 yrs as owner.
Robert Kraft & Arthur Blank are worried about NFL. Do we really want these guys to have exclusive control of U.S. soccer D1?
what's the incentive for Robert Kraft and Arthur Blank? I'm sure they toss and turn worrying about U.S. soccer.
I thought he had his hand up Robert Kraft's bum hole in New England?
I don't understand why/how owners have so much respect for Dean. He's no Robert Kraft
a programme where Jim White interviews Robert Kraft? You'll be watching that Jonboy.
we can fly our fleet of jets to the Kentucky Derby and have dinner after with Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft.
Robert Kraft's family and wealth is not connected to Kraft Foods. He made his money in the paper packaging business.
Reporter: Coach Belichick, your sad devotion to defense did not help you win [choking]. Robert Kraft: Enough of this! Rel…
Brilliant strategy to get Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring back from Putin. Pal up with Vlad.
Some 2,000 Israelis now play football, thanks in part to the support of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft defends his team: "I believe unconditionally that the New England Patriots have done nothing inappropriate."
to Robert Kraft hoisting the Lombardi Trophy after the Patriots beat Carolina in Super Bowl XXXVIII
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Robert Kraft need to pay Aaron Hernandez bail so we can do good again
Robert Kraft gotta drop that bag and get Aaron Hernandez out
Robert Kraft need to get Aaron Hernandez out the box
If I'm Robert Kraft, I call up the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center and check on Aaron Hernandez's availability.
Robert Kraft better be giving Randy Moss a call tomorrow
I wonder if Robert Kraft gone go bail Aaron Hernandez out
Robert Kraft should pay for Aaron Hernandez's bail.
Robert Kraft might break Aaron Hernandez out of jail tonight
Robert Kraft is calling Dion Branch and Randy Moss to see if they are interested in a comeback
Robert Kraft is the head ref in the packers game
Is Robert Kraft reffing this packers/Vikings game??
you make Dan Snyder look as good as Robert Kraft
Goodell is firing shots at Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones. I like this:
Yep. Blank needs to take a cue from Robert Kraft. All he does is sign the checks and sits in his owners box.
Referees just will NOT let the Colts have big plays this season. Well done, Robert Kraft.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft giving back through donation for scientific research into precision medicine
I'm pretty sure if you searched Robert Kraft's office, you would find a voodoo doll of the
Hmmm. Robert Kraft has a stake in DK, so…
.received a $20M donation from the Robert and Myra Kraft Family Foundation:
Enjoyed time in The Shoe yesterday with PGA Champ Jason Day & Patriots owner Robert Kraft.
Hmm, does he know that his BFF Robert Kraft is a major investor in DraftKings?
I can't imagine Bill Belichek or Robert Kraft getting mad at what people are saying on talk radio. Can you
The Patriots have a winning record in 19 of the 22 seasons that Robert Kraft has owned the team.
And for real ROBERT KRAFT was on our sideline last night and nobody told me?!?!
Robert Kraft on OSU sideline is he an alum? If not ***
I see. I just always want an opportunity to point out that Robert Kraft is a dirty creep.
- listening to talking about "Muslim" theology is like listening to a grandpa explain hippies.
it was nice to see Robert Kraft running all over the sideline bringing them his karma 😏
I had zero idea about it. Also Robert Kraft was on the Ohio State sideline in Ohio State gear.
Robert Kraft being sued over fantasy sports. via
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Patriots owner Robert Kraft takes a dig at Colts
Robert Kraft doesn't seem to like the Colts.
I wish i was Bradley C. , He has won $349 on . I heard he quit his job and stole Robert Kraft's gold digging girlfriend.
"New England Patriots, Robert Kraft attend Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame Gala in NYC" by on
Robert Kraft and Judge Richard Berman Were Both at a Hamptons' Party with Lots of Famous…
Robert Kraft on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium. Just threw a big hug on Adam Vinatieri.
Kraft's bigger issue with other owners, not Goodell. After Deflategate, Robert Kraft's bond with Goodell solid again
Jess just realized that Robert Kraft is the creator of Kraft Mac and cheese...😅
yes the fans deserve Caldwell to give some answers. This wouldn't happen to a Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft team without answers!
NFL says teams can't own stakes in daily fantasy companies, but their owners can. Robert Kraft & Jerry Jones have stakes …
The fact that Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft own stakes in those companies should also send up red flags.
"I'm Robert Kraft. Do you know who I am?" >>
"... Now, we can return our focus to the game on the field." Statement from Robert Kraft:
Robert Kraft and John Mara are hanging out on the field with line judge Sarah Thomas.
the wants parity for everyone but his *** puppet Robert Kraft. This was clearly a tactic to make home field impossible
Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft own the nfl
isnt Robert kraft (& maybe couple other owners) a big investor in one of the DFS sites?
See, NOW we're getting somewhere! Still looks like a contrasting tone shirt that Robert Kraft would wear.
Sitting here in my Robert Kraft Lunar Force One's laughing at legit every NFL game today.
lol. Just sad. Not everyone can be Robert Kraft!
I wonder what Tom Brady and Robert Kraft are doing on their bye week? (Photo:
What an Honor to work with these folks! Premiers tonight on HBO!
Tom Brady and Robert Kraft have a strange relationship
New England owner Robert Kraft receives 'Patriots Award' presented at the Convention
Patriot's owner Robert Kraft says he rocks these to black tie events:
Prior to the game, Patriots owner Robert Kraft celebrates with the Super Bowl trophy.
Jerry Jones is ordering the shoes that Robert Kraft is sporting. He's also reserving in case they ever
George Steinbrenner will always be I think Robert Kraft should be for all he has seen us through.
Oh the money I would pay to watch Robert Kraft get obliterated by Terry Tate office linebacker.
Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones make my blood boil
Robert Kraft looks like a stale saltine
I like Robert Kraft for the same reasons I like Jerry Jones, old cocky *** that love their teams
This *** Robert Kraft walked out like George Bush after we knew he cheated on the ballot in Florida
Monica mistook Robert Kraft with George w bush lmao
Who wins in a fight between Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft?
Real talk: who's the more universally disliked owner right now? Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft? Discuss.
Robert Kraft is as bad as Jerry Jones
Favorite part of last night was Jonathan Kraft handing Robert Kraft an empty manila folder. What job are they doing?
I don't believe Robert Kraft would be a huge NFL problem. Now, Jonathan Kraft is a totally different argument.
Anonymous sources tell Robert Kraft gave John Andre the plans to West Point.
The biggest lie of the day came from Roger Goodell on his current relationship with Robert Kraft.
So the Brady judge has Manhattan elite social connections to Robert Kraft. THAT SURE SOUNDS FAMILIAR.
and cheap owners like Robert Kraft and Clark Hunt only want the league to be mediocre! They don't care about their clubs!
Robert Kraft - "I'd like to take a mulligan on the moving on without a fight idea"
Jim McNally & John Jastremski suspensions should be lifted too & Robert Kraft should pay them pay they lost cause they're not guilty
. owner Robert Kraft had this to say about Tom Brady and today's court ruling.
Statement from Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft on today’s decision by Judge Richard Berman:
Robert Kraft has lost some of my respect for backing down and then not continuing to rail the commissioner for his illustrious witch hunt.
Robert Kraft should demand an apology and take legal action against for this witch hunt that cost him $1mm and draft picks
No matter though Tom Brady, Bill Bellichick, Robert Kraft and the entire Patriots organization's legacy is tainted.
Robert Kraft just called Deflategate the most overblown story in recent NFL history.
The gathered at Robert Kraft's house in Cape Cod yesterday:
So yeah, Robert Kraft has a pretty nice house on Cape Cod. Brady, Gronk and the gang had a pretty good time on Sunday
Quick summary: . Robert Kraft. Jonathan Kraft. . Jason Aldean in a t-shirt. Kenny Chesney on the stage.
They got Tom Brady looking like zombie Robert Kraft lol
Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell walked the walk, but did they talk about Tom Brady?
Can we have Robert Kraft pay Jimmy G a couple hundred million to let Brady drain his youth from him? That seems like the most logical plan.
Tom Brady chatting and smiling with Robert Kraft on the sideline.
Brady shown on big screen chatting with Robert Kraft on the sideline. Cheers in stadium.
Total hypocrisy Robert Kraft supports team penalties for but balks at non reduction of Brady's suspension.
Robert Kraft blisters NFL for upholding Brady suspension, apologizes to fans - USA TODAY
Aaron Hernandez jury points to testimony of Pats owner Robert Kraft
owner Robert Kraft yesterday: "There was nothing more satisfying than settling the with a loss." http:…
we'll never forget Jerry Jones leaving Robert Kraft out to twist in the wind
Robert Kraft signed a "Free Brady" posted today. Photo from the Herald's
Patriot's Robert Kraft: "I apologize to Tom Brady. I was wrong to put my faith in the (NFL) League" . It's on, Baby!
In the case of the Robert Kraft vs Roger Goodell, apparently owner Jerry Jones is backing Goodell h…
The deflategate conspiracy that has driven the nuts for months. Finally, Robert Kraft put it out there: http…
I wonder how many french cuff shirts Robert Kraft owns. It's like Mr. Rogers and his closet of cardigans
In hope of leniency, Robert Kraft in May declared Joffrey Goodell the true king, and in return he got Ned Stark'd. http…
I could kiss this man --- Robert Kraft tees off on Brady ruling
The league needs an enemy since Al Davis passed. Who thought Robert Kraft would become Goodell's Mr. Glass?
Robert Kraft said he hoped taking his penalties would lead to a better outcome for Tom Brady. Frustrated it didn’t happen.
some out there who insist Robert Kraft is an honorable man. Well, he's no Pat Bowlen, that's for sure. he has always won dishonorably
here's some history...Robert Kraft is butt buddies with referee Walt Coleman ..get out of my mentions, troll
is making ppl like Tedy Bruschi, Willie McGinest, Skip Bayless, Robert Kraft, the Pats fanbase, et al look like fools!
Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, took the stand as a surprise witness in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial. Kraft
One of most disliked figures in Hartford sports history (not Robert Kraft) wins spot in hockey hall of fame.
Curtis Martin's emotional speech in Israel to Robert Kraft is a must watch. WATCH:
Interesting to note: The called Robert Kraft to testify over the phone. He could not. So he offered a written statemen…
FYI, the Kraft Foundation has no affiliation with Robert Kraft or the Patriots, according to Patriots spokesman Stacey James.
check this out Patriots get Super Bowl XLIX rings at private party hosted by Robert Kraft - ES...
Pimpin *** ain't easy unless your Robert Kraft. Then it's easy
In Friday's Globe, Leung is scooping a pitch from & Robert Kraft for a taxpayer-funded soccer stadium in Boston…
Robert Kraft drops the fight, says he'll accept deflate-gate punishment via
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, speaking at the NFL Owners Meeting in San Francisco, says he will "reluctantly" accept the NFL's
May 18 (The Sports Xchange) - New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is steaming mad over the lack of a smoking gun in Deflategate and
Robert Kraft isn't Captain Kirk: the only legal outcome of the Kobayashi Maru test.
Robert Kraft is No James T. Kirk!: All Star Trek fans know about the Kobayashi Maru test. It is a no-win scenario…
Robert Kraft might have made things worse for Tom Brady:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Jeremy Jacobs can thank Robert Kraft. He is no longer the worst owner of a sports team in Boston. Amazing.
I can just imagine Robert Kraft just randomly saying that he himself invented Kraft singles.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft says the team won't appeal NFL's punishment
Pats owner Robert Kraft denies appeal for punishment against the team. Brady will continue his appeal.
Robert Kraft says Patriots will not appeal discipline against his team, reluctantly. Tom Brady's appeal of his 4-game sus…
Later this week, Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft may reach second base .
Patriots owner Robert Kraft calls Deflategate penalties 'not fair': but don't expect to see progress in t...
Patriots blog: With legacy and integrity in question, Robert Kraft comes out swinging
Hearing Donald Trump talk about Tom Brady & Robert Kraft being "really good friends" of his reminds me of the Stephen A. Smith, SNL skit.
Relationship between Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft may be irreparably damaged via
Robert Kraft predicted that the NFL would be apologizing after the Wells report. Huh??
Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke out on the Deflategate ruling:
Patriots owner Robert Kraft still critical of 'one-sided' Deflategate investigation -…
the world is poking the bear with a sharp stick (Robert Kraft) not good watch out goodell.
Tom Brady has our unconditional support. Our belief in him has not wavered.”. Full statement from Robert Kraft...
Update your maps at Navteq
When will Robert Kraft get his apology? Later this week?
The patriots just seem 2 be sneaky 2 me. From Aaron Hernandez to Tom Brady to Bill B to Robert Kraft. Shady across the board.
Statement from New England Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft on the Wells Report via
Shadiest owner of the four: Dan Gilbert, Jerry Jones, Jeffrey Loria or Robert Kraft?
Its good to be the King! He probably had better tickets than Robert Kraft!
Thanks for coming to my school Robert Kraft, Jonas grey, and Patrick Chung for the hoops for heart!
Robert Kraft, Jonas Gray and Patrick Chung here at North Attleboro Middle School for a Hoops for Heart event.
Robert Kraft, Jonas Gray and Patrick Chung about to speak to North Attleboro middle school students. For some reason there is a DJ here.
Robert Kraft wearing nike airs to match is suit.
VIDEO: Robert Kraft danced on stage with Rick Ross "Ima Boss” after the win
Patriots owner Robert Kraft takes the stand in the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez. »
Patriots owner Robert Kraft testified today at Aaron Hernandez’s Murder Trial. »
Robert Kraft just called to the stand in the Aaron Hernandez trial. Here we go.
"We didn't take advantage of anything" - Robert Kraft as he finally puts away Ron Meyer's snowplow from 82.
Coming up on today's at 5:30 p ET - Interviews include Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Rex Ryan, Robert Kraft and Jeff Fisher.
Jets have filed tampering charges against Patriots based on Robert Kraft's Monday comments about Darrelle Revis, per l…
Patriots' Robert Kraft: 'No smoking gun' in Deflategate probe: PHOENIX — More than two months after the N...
Robert Kraft says Vince Wilfork's departure for Houston was "harder than anything else" this offseason.
Robert Kraft: "I know that there is no smoking gun". OJ Simpson: "I will hunt down the people who did this to Nicole". Guilty people.
Last night at game, when flashed on the big screen: Crowd boos Robert Kraft, cheers Steve Ballmer.
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is in the house. 105 91, with less than 5 mins!
Steve Ballmer & Robert Kraft had what looked like fun chat between sports owners. Ballmer is Seahawks fan so surely there was some ribbing
Robert Kraft now speaking at the St. Patrick's Day breakfast: "I'm not comfortable wearing green and white." Live on NECN
"There's no bigger fan than Mayor Marty Walsh," says Robert Kraft.
You think Robert Kraft & Bill Belichick would be kissing Adrian Peterson's *** in this situation? How about Paul Allen & Pete Carroll?
Testing functionality based on I have two secondary level of Robert Kraft and Tom Brady. Brady's child taxonomy is "Jimmy G".
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft denies any wrongdoing from the Boston side in the deflate-gate row.
List of people the NFL owes an apology to:. 1. Robert Kraft. 2. Tom Brady. 3. Bill Belichick. 4. Jim McNally . 5. Patriots …
took a week and a half only. Cool piece. Sent requests to Ted Thompson, Mark Murphy, bud Selig, dan Rooney & Robert Kraft too
Rob Gronkowski and Robert Kraft surprise a fan battling cancer on Valentine’s Day
Owner of NFL champion Robert Kraft honors soldier Max Steinberg for the sacrifice he made for h…
Richard Sherman calls out Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell in incendiary press conference
Robert Kraft | Earlier in the week, when Seattle defensive back Richard Sherman was asked if the Patriots would be …
Miami Ad School grads and followed the steps of Miami Beach legend, Robert Raven Kraft, and their documentary …
ICYMI: Patriots owner Robert Kraft flicks up with Jay Z, Kanye West at Roc Nation Brunch:
I saw you guys sitting next to Robert Kraft. Was he a bore?
Robert Kraft at the RocNation Brunch, hopefully recruiting Dez!
Robert Kraft is out here living that rapper life. I feel like he's gonna drop a mixtape in the middle of the night at this rate
If Robert Kraft does a song with Nas before me I quit. LOL
people around the league...AKA...Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and any one tied to NE Patriots
Patriots owner Robert Kraft was 'ticked off' about deflate-ga
Patriots owner Robert Kraft was 'ticked off' about accusations:
Robert Kraft spotted in the audience at the :D
No matter who you rooted for, can we all just agree that it's incredibly entertaining to see a wasted Robert Kraft trying to s…
Kanye Robert Kraft hangs out with Jay Z, Kanye West and others - New York Daily News
We heard Robert Kraft is about to drop the most fire mixtape of 2015.
Yo, if someone told me Julian Edelman, Malcolm Butler, and New England Jesus (Robert Kraft) were at the Grammy's, I would've watched
Robert Kraft got into the I wanna see Bill Belicheck give out the next award
Patriots owner Robert Kraft continues celebrations, hangs with Kanye West, Jay-Z, Big Sean, Nas and more
Robert Kraft wants to keep Venmo Lucas, Bill Belichick around for a long time
VIDEO: I did some word association today with for on Robert Kraft, Charles Haley & Cole Hamels
owner Robert Kraft tore up the dance floor next to Rick Ross after winning
Thanks to the for honoring Robert Kraft & the Super Bowl champs tonight at the
Super Bowl rings as cufflinks. Robert Kraft for the win.
owner Robert Kraft busted out the dance moves next to Rick Ross after winning
Robert Kraft, Satan and J Edgar Hoover worst people ever
Robert Kraft sounds like Dereck Whittenburg defending Thurl Bailey after Sydney Green dissed Thurl before the game!
Love seeing Robert Kraft spend so much quality time with his great granddaughter. Oh, wait.
Robert Kraft has a great granddaughter for a girlfriend
Robert Kraft what you have done for the patriots since buying the franchise
domain names
Fun fact: Robert Kraft now wears his Super Bowl rings as cufflinks so Vladimir Putin can’t steal them.
"Patriots won't get punished outta conflict of interest. Roger Goodell was just at Robert Kraft's house last week." -Richard Sherman
Robert Kraft chats with Steve Burton on Patriots All Access live from the Patriots' "Welcome to Arizona" party!
In the words of Robert Kraft...Peel owes Ovechkin and the caps an apology
As Roger Goodell evaluates DEFLATEGATE, let's remember he was at Robert Kraft's home night before AFC title game.
check this out Robert Kraft has picked a winner in Deflategate - Boston Globe: Boston GlobeRob...
Report: Roger Goodell runs to the phone anytime Pats owner Robert Kraft calls:
Robert Kraft: Richard Sherman is a 'marketing whiz'
Patriots' Robert Kraft responds to 'marketing whiz' Richard Sherman
Robert Kraft responds to Richard Sherman's 'conflict of interest' comment
LOOK: Richard Sherman, Robert Kraft wants an apology from the NFL. "I say chill out with a box of Mac & cheese."
Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, wants NFL to apologize to Belichick & Brady. via
Robert Kraft on Bill Belichick referencing 'My Cousin Vinny': "I thought he was talking about Vince Wilfork."
Deflate-gate: Robert Kraft stands by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady via
NFL owes the PATRIOTS an apology: Team owner Robert Kraft insists Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are innocent and…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Richard Sherman doesn't think the NFL will discipline the Patriots if they're found to have adjusted the air pressure in 11 footballs prior to the AFC Championship Game, because of the relationship between Roger Goodell and Pats owner Robert Kraft.
Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft unexpectedly takes the podium ahead of coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady after the team touched down in Arizona.
# sports news Patriots owner Robert Kraft goes on the offensive
"Will they be punished? probably not. Not as long as Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell are still taking pictures at their respective homes."
Robert Kraft seems like a good guy, but keep in mind that you don't make that kind of $ playing nice.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft made a surprise visit to the podium on Monday and made a bold, definitive statement: he firmly believes his...
Ex-Patriot murdered 2 ppl, team spied on opponents' signals, now mayve cheated again & Robert Kraft says HE'S victim!
A visibly emotional Robert Kraft speaks out as the New England Patriots arrive here in Phoenix for the Super Bowl. Challenges the league office, says he expects an apology from the NFL if their investigation does not "definitively determine" the Patriots tampered with AFC Championship Game footballs. Adds that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have never lied to him, and he's disappointed their integrity has been questioned.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft made a strong defense Monday of his team's actions and integrity regarding the NFL's investigation into under-inflated footballs being used in the AFC championship game.
Was it just me or was that Robert Kraft speech really irritating?
Geez, after watching Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's Nixonian press conferences, its so predictable. Why is it that all these overblown Uber corporate types making the huge money are no better at lying than the average ten year old?
Robert Kraft says the NFL owes the Patriots an apology if the league doesn't find any wrongdoing »
Patriots owner Robert Kraft makes strong defense of team regarding league investigation
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