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Robert Kraft

Robert K. Kraft (born June 5, 1941) is an American business magnate. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Kraft Group, a diversified holding company with assets in paper and packaging, sports and entertainment, real estate development and a private equity portfolio.

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Did Hatch steal his shirt from Robert Kraft?
Everything you need to know about Republican "values" is summed up by the fact that the new GOP tax plan raises taxes on…
I would pay upwards of my life savings to see Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft bare-knuckle box each other.
I liked a video Did Jerry Jones just call Robert Kraft a p
If i ever saw Jerry Jones out in public after hearing what he had to say about Robert Kraft I wouldn’t even think t…
Then he called Robert Kraft a 🐱 for not being more aggressive when Brady got suspended. Uhhh, Jerry these are your…
Instead of getting rid of Jerry Jones, can we get rid of Robert Kraft? Please???
THIS and Let Gillette and Robert Kraft know what do you think about them…
I don’t agree with how the NFL handled the Zeke case.. but this man Jerry really called Robert Kraft (owner of the…
Y’all think Arthur Blank or Robert Kraft leaked this 🤔 . Arthur Blank looks like a silent movie villain so I pick him
Can y’all please read this story! After reading this it’s Clear Jerry Jones thinks he runs the league, Roger think…
Why am I not surprised you would make a comeback like that. You're an empty sad person.
Robert Kraft declined to sue the NFL not because of timidness. He declined because he would have likely lost. The case…
Jerry Jones vs. Roger Goodell: Direction of NFL at stake in epic power struggle
In the new ESPN piece out today, Jerry Jones says he'll come after Roger Goodell so hard it'll make Robert Kraft look like…
Trump ally Robert Kraft revealed as longtime owner of offshore firm
The play at Gillette stadium and Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady ar…
Robert Kraft has stolen the good name of Terry's; is it he? Or Efan Ekoku?
BREAKING: Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones among NFL owners to hand over cell phone record to be investigated by NFL for Kae…
Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft and Bob McNair will be deposed in Colin Kaepernick's collusion grievance against the NFL.
When other NFL owners hear that Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, and Bob McNair handed over their phones for evidence of blackball…
nypostsports: Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft and Bob McNair must turn over all phone, email records for Colin Kaeper…
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Texans owner Bob McNair, amongst others, will be...
[SB Nation: Niners Nation] Colin Kaepernick legal team to depose Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, Bob McNair, get a
NFL: Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft among owners to be deposed in Colin Kaepernick collusion case - Adam Schefter (ESPN)
Wild Bill and Robert Kraft don’t have time for the inevitable Madden curse.
Woody Johnson, Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones, & Bob McNair paid millions to help elect a man who tells people to boycott th…
She is the best, hands down. No one is better.
At I had the honour to sit down w/ Robert Kraft to talk about the music business behind and…
Exodus of ppl of principle fleeing Congress under Trump. Will last sane Republican left, pls take Reagan’s portrait & turn-…
Check out this from Harvardwood Advisory Board member Robert Kraft!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Kick off your weekend with a trip to to check out these super shoes, made from SBLI game balls:
True. May even want $1.5b. No hedge fund or Robert Kraft is offering that. The value will h…
Robert Kraft donated $1M to Trump’s inaugural fund, gave him a Super Bowl ring. Still nothing yet from the Redskins and ow…
NEW: Robert Kraft, who supported Trump/even gave him a Super Bowl ring, says he's "deeply disappointed" in tone of Trum…
Return the Super Bowl ring that Robert Kraft gave you because you don't deserve it.
FYI: Robert Kraft gave Donald Trump a Super Bowl ring. Not to count the millions in donations Trump received from owners100% PUBLICITY STUNT
Ted Cruz "no" on Graham-Cassidy? Kobe, Pete Carroll, Ray Lewis, Robert Kraft condemning Trump remarks? Agreeing w/ too many I don't like.
NEW: Patriots CEO Robert Kraft releases a statement saying he is "deeply disappointed" by Pres. Trump's comments
And he burns Robert Kraft, and Jerry Jones. You boys flew too close to the orange sun. Now he is attac…
Tim Tebow bent a *** knee to honor God and the NFL attacked him, and Robert Kraft or LeBron James never defended him.
Why show up make the owners especially Jerry Jones and Jeffrey Laurie suffer. You can throw his ace Robert Kraft in there to!
Patrick Mahomes, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft are all looking like this right now
Tom Brady gets touched more by Robert Kraft at halftime than he did by the Chiefs in the first half.
Ashley won't let me wear Forces but Robert Kraft can?? Come on now..
Dan Patrick like, "I don't know who this bum Robert Kraft is talking to, but here's Robert Kraft." 🙄
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.confirm with on that Roger Goodell will not be in Robert Kraft's suite tonight.
Meanwhile, read my 1 on 1 interview with Robert Kraft, talking Edelman, Malcolm Butler, Garoppolo and more
Robert Kraft & Patriots pledge to match up to $1 million in donations to Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief:
Robert Kraft and the are pledging up to $1 million in support of the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft has pledged $1M to help the relief efforts in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. (via
From New England to Houston: Robert Kraft has pledged to match the first $1 million donated to the Red Cross for Hurricane H…
Unlike the New England Pats and their Trump-loving owner Robert Kraft. I
.Robert Kraft, Jonathan Kraft--this is for you. What would Myra Kraft be doing right now?
Just a reminder that The Donald, Tom Brady, Belichick, and Robert Kraft are all good buddies.
Crickets. Nothing but crickets from the very public Trump supporter Robert Kraft. Interesting.
"It was like seeing the girl you're in love with be with another guy" Robert Kraft New England Patriots owner. This man know how to compare
Are Tom Brady, Bill Belichick & Robert Kraft also white supremacist and do they still support their buddy Trump?
Are Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft still supporting th…
"the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments" - Donald Trump, 8/17/17
Dear Gollum Trump,. Do you have Robert Kraft's ring?. asking for a fiend [sic].
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Hey Robert Kraft owner of NE Patriots Still suppot your anti-semite buddy, ? Myra, RIP, would be so embarrassed by that
If Boston rabbi Hamilton counts Robert Kraft among his flock, it's time for a serious sitdown before…
I gotta hand it to that Robert kraft, I hate his team but his mac and cheese is🔥👌
they didn't expect is the pushback they've gotten Jerry unlike Robert Kraft has the balls to stand up 2 Goodell
This Trump fiasco is on Robert Kraft, Bill Belichek, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots fault. Yall let them get away with it.
It's actually kind of interesting that Robert Kraft, a hugely prominent Jewish man and Brookline High Alum, has made no recent 🍊 statement 🤔
Up to and including the White House
Robert Kraft discusses the challenges Patriots will face in the upcoming...
That's what bothers me about Robert Kraft, I love the Patriots but don't like Kraft
What about Jewish owners? Dan Snyder and Robert Kraft come to mind?
Remember that time LGBTQ people got together and plunged America into bloody civil war so they could own straight peopl…
See, we have living statues of racism to remove as well
Last night's halftime feature -- a look back at the trip, with Robert Kraft & 18 members of the
Think of how absurd and repugnant it would be to erect a memorial to Bin Laden in the middle of Ground Zero to "preserve hi…
Whites: I never owned slaves. Those were my ancestors. We gotta get over this. Blacks: Ok. Take down the statues. Whites…
Be your own person, make your own decisions...and don't be afraid to fail -Robert Kraft
How can Robert Kraft continue to support the Nazi in the WH? Tainting the whole Patriots organization. Renounce Trump.
📖. When you do well. Everybody's after you. And sometimes the motives are legitimate. And sometimes it's envy and j…
We can see and hear you when you speak on TV.
If can stand up publicly to so can Robert Kraft, & Sheldon Adleson. no good Nazi's!
I wonder how Tom Brady and Robert Kraft feel abt their buddy Tangerine What does that friendship say abt them?
Hot take: There is no point for Robert Kraft to build a SSS in Boston. Kraft owns the South Shore. Franchise would be better off.
if you wish the Speaker of the House had the same moral courage as the CEO of a soup company.
Goodell would have to suspend his friend Robert Kraft then, if he's got ballz
Dan Gilbert, John Lynch, Robert Kraft, and others should not get the benefit of labor of black bodies while they support white supremacy.
Great day w/ Robert & Jonathan Kraft @ - working across all to engage patients & speed trials
Also would love the Boston media to ask Robert Kraft & the if they are still backing Trump
Back in the day robert kraft was in russia met Puttin t…
Do you find Trump's statements repulsive?. GOP: Yes. And denounce Trump's support of racism?. GOP: Yes. Do you still support T…
People thing Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft are the most powerful owners in the NFL…
Robert Kraft has purchased a pair of 767 Boeing airliners, becoming 1st NFL team to own plane(s) to fly to games. All s…
Patriots owner Robert Kraft surprised Brady's mother with a Super Bowl ring in recognition of her battle with cancer
Donald Trump said he had dinner recently with Robert Kraft, who told him to “tax the rich people.”…
Robert Kraft thanked Rob Ninkovich for his great career with the Patriots — and his famous facial hair.
Robert Kraft asked Donald Trump to drop tax cuts for the rich:
Welcome aboard!👋 Famed sports executive Robert Kraft named Honorary Chairman of the Board for Details: https:…
Meek Mill ran into Robert Kraft in Miami over the weekend & he got a chance to wear Kraft's Super Bowl ring.
If Brandin Cooks is comparable to Randy Moss as Robert Kraft says, then we need to expect more.…
Robert Kraft-led trip to Israel has profound impact on Hall of Famers(ESPN)
Members of help coach youth & high school games on Day 2 of their trip to Israel with Robert Kraft.
Tom Brady checks in with Robert Kraft and members of as the trip continues:
The criminal President Dictator Putin will probably also sell the Superbowl ring that he stole from Robert Kraft.
First byline at NFL Media! Interesting program Robert Kraft puts on the promote the game overseas.
Robert Kraft & 18 members of capped off the first full day in Israel w/ American Football in Israel games.
When you're a star, they let you do it.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Ask women again why they don't report their rapes.
Once again, America tells women and girls what we really think of them.
Had a great time balling with . Robert Kraft and the Patriots . I'm trying to get me a Super Bowl 💍
Robert Kraft, 18 Hall of Famers partake in 'Touchdown in Israel II'.
Robert Kraft brings football Hall of Famers to Israel - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Huge fan but so awesome Robert Kraft, Joe Montana, Jim Brown, Roger Staubach & many others are visiting Isr…
Robert Kraft joins 18 Hall of Zodiac Animaaal on trip to Israel | WEEI -
WEEI: Robert Kraft joins 18 Hall of Famers on trip to Israel -
Joe Montana, Jim Brown, Roger Staubach, & other NFL legends have joined Robert Kraft on a trip to Israel.
Robert Kraft & 18 members of the take off for ambassador trip to Israel:
When you're walking around Tel Aviv & run into Robert Kraft & Jim Brown you have to get a photo.
Meanwhile - Robert Kraft pulls the ULTIMATE move of disrespect by having Atlanta legend Gucci Mane perform at Patriots'…
"Yeah my friends Tom Brady and Robert Kraft.. don't know if you've heard or hung with them"
Patriots owner Robert Kraft on Tom Brady: "As recently as 2 or 3 days ago, he assured me that he'd be willing to play anot…
A photo with Robert Kraft taken by Hall of Fame photographer Priceless.
He's a lunatic and it's hard to believe Robert Kraft and Tom Brady sup…
Curious if Tom Brady and Robert Kraft still rep their hats. Trump cheated to win and we know the Pats have too. Match made in heaven.
Everyone giving grief to Peyton Manning golfing with when he, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft are BFFs 🤔😂
Vote now to watch Martin Sorrell in conversation with and Robert Kraft at
Patriots owner Robert Kraft just announced that the team is retiring the number 81 in honor of Aaron Hernandez. Class move by a class team
Patriots owner Robert Kraft testifies in Aaron Hernandez trial
From the White House . Bill Belichick, Linda Holliday and Robert Kraft in the oval office with President Trump.
Statement from Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft on the passing of Pittsburgh Steelers Owner Dan Rooney:
Dion Lewis, LeGarrette Blount, Stephon Gilmore, & Robert Kraft are at the game tonight. Kraft went over & hugged B…
They're back! Robert Kraft presents Tom Brady with the jerseys he wore in Super Bowl XLIX and Super Bowl LI.
Robert Kraft says he’s opposed to acquiring players who abuse women. But apparently torturing toddlers is OK.
.and call out Robert Kraft and the Patriots for their hypocrisy on draft prospect Joe Mixon.
Robert Kraft admits that this one team would have beaten the in
Robert Kraft said Tom Brady is willing to play 6-7 more years. doesn't buy it.
Robert Kraft says Patriots would've lost to Giants in Super Bowl
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Robert Kraft just told the media that Tom Brady wants to play 6-7 more years.
owner Robert Kraft did market research on . during stroll to Venice Beach.
Patriots CEO Robert Kraft shares his thoughts following our relocation vote. Watch:
Al bi ovo bilo, Robert Kraft said that he talked to Tom Brady and Brady said he plans “to play six or seven more years.”
Tuesday's Podcast:. -Kaepernick's asking price. -Spurs the team to beat?. -Patriots owner Robert Kraft joins the show!.
Robert Kraft explains how long he expects Brady and Belichick to be with the Patriots.
Scary thing for the rest of the NFL to hear... by via
HR 1: Florio's in Arizona for the league meetings. This hour has GM Bob Quinn & Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft: Roger Goodell welcome at Gillette Stadium for 2017 opener:
Robert Kraft told one owner his team would have beaten the Patriots in Super Bowl LI
Patriots owner Robert Kraft says Tom Brady willing to play 6-7 more years:.
Brady to retire in time to be Mike Pence’s running mate in 2024, Robert Kraft implies.
Robert Kraft on Malcolm Butler's future: "I hope he's with us."
Interesting how NFL holds fast to opposing gambling while Jerry Jones/Robert Kraft are DraftKings investors, league is mo…
Robert Kraft thinks Brandin Cooks is the Patriots 2nd-best receiver since ..
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Patriots need to stay away from Darrelle Revis in NFL free agency
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft never gave up hope at Super Bowl
Tom Brady has told Robert Kraft that he will play another 6 or 7 years. A look at what could happen if he does. https:/…
Giants co-owner Steve Tisch said that after the Super Bowl, Patriots owner Robert Kraft told him "You guys would have be…
Patriots don't intend to trade Malcolm Butler:
Patriots owner Robert Kraft on First Take "We don't try to win in the offseason, we try to win on the field" ... You hear…
Robert Kraft appeared on "First Take" this morning and alluded to Deflategate once again.
Robert Kraft is such a savage for this. Right in front of Goodell 😂
Eli gives him nightmares ... Robert Kraft believes would have beaten in Super Bowl LI
"It was just a great moment of vindication for our whole team." . -Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft is making sure to not get too excited over the additions to the roster.
Robert Kraft on London: "I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next 5-7 years we have a team there. Maybe sooner.”
Anderson Cooper has a panel on right now that appears to be Maggie Haberman, Jeff Toobin, paler Jeff Toobin, Robert Kraft, and Nick Denton
Per pool: Flying with President Trump on Air Force One today is New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft
I thought so. A wise person once said "a fool and his money are easily parted". Robert Kraft is no fool.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Many advised Robert Kraft against hiring Bill Belichick. “There wasn’t one person who said to do it.". 📰: https:…
Robert Kraft says it "just wasn’t fair" that Tom Brady's reputation was attacked during Deflategate saga
“I always remember him coming down the stairs at the old stadium.” Robert Kraft talks about meeting Tom Brady.
Tom Holland as Tom Brady in the draft stage. Jeff Goldblum as Roger Goodell and Norm McDonald as Robert Kraft...
Robert Kraft: Tom Brady's missing jersey 'will be back,' update could come soon.
Robert Kraft speaks out on Patriots players skipping White House visit
I liked a video Robert Kraft on his decisions with the New England Patriots
Patriots owner Robert Kraft: Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey 'will be back' via
Anyone watching the NFL channel? Did you see how young and goofy looked when he shook Robert Kraft's hand? Lol
Great response Robert Kraft! First class owner! The media loves to stir things up even if there is no there there.
Robert Kraft: Stealing Tom Brady's jersey 'like taking a great Chagall or Picasso'
Did you catch New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft on the Super Bowl win? Watch...
Robert Kraft makes interesting prediction about fate of Tom Brady's stolen jersey -
Sheinell Jones's reaction to Robert Kraft at minute 2:58
Tom Brady supports Trump. Belichick supports Trump. Robert Kraft supports Trump. The Falcons allowed me to photograph my first NFL game.
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I'm in no position to slander Robert Kraft or the Patriots. RT
Robert Kraft on Patriots White House VisitJust in case you are wondering what New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft th…
If you look at the video of Trump / Abe at his table in the resort, I think that's Robert Kraft at the table too.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft explains why he is loyal to Donald Trump.
born and raised! I actually got a letter from Robert Kraft when I retired from the Coast Guard ove…
your and other MSM's lack of holding trump and company accountable before Nov 8th is why we're in this mess.
AUDIO C & c MON HR 2 Ever have your car robbed? 4x? Robert Kraft says "nothing to see here" on Pats WH snubs.
This morning, Robert Kraft stopped by the TODAY Show.
Robert Kraft "this is our 5th Super Bowl in 16yrs, a dozen or so guys don't go to the White House. This is the 1st it’s had media attention"
“Well, you know what’s interesting, this is our, I’m happy to say, fifth Super Bowl in the last 16 years,” Kraft...
Does Robert Kraft have security clearance? Why else would he be at table while Trump discussed North Korea?
Robert Kraft is unconcerned by players refusing to visit White House following Super Bowl win.…
Kraft on players skipping White House visit: We're all free to do what we want via
Rating for are YUUUGE! Take that, Tune in next week to see who bites it next: o…
I'll go to the White House in their place... America's house!! Absolutely, no matter who occupies it.
Robert Kraft vows to get back Tom Brady's 'missing' Super Bowl jersey via
The quarterback (above during game) lost his jersey in the aftermath of the Patriots 34-28 win over the Falcons ...
Patriots owner Robert Kraft has a great response to players not attending upcoming White House visit
President Trump called Robert Kraft once a week for a year after his wife Myra passed away.
Trumps/Abes dinner underway at Mar-a-Lago. Also at the table, team owner Robert Kraft. Pool photo by
What an inspiring speech by Robert Kraft, owner of the at - Dream big, do good, and be a mensch!
Kenny scored a coveted seat next to team owner Robert Kraft and even hugged him after the nail-biter of a win.
Roger Goodell after passing the trophy to Robert Kraft.
Robert Kraft was asked what he said to the commissioner on the stage. “OK, next question. I’m on to Cincinnati.”
Here's how Vladimir Putin stole a Super Bowl ring from the Patriots' Robert Kraft
"Only music and sport. can bring a community. together." - Robert Kraft.
He does. Putin stole it from Kraft in 2013. The story offers excellent insight into Putin's MO. htt…
.owner Robert Kraft was not trying to be subtle.
Roger Goodell gets booed mercilessly by Super Bowl crowd before Robert Kraft burns him https:/…
viewed Fox interview with Robert Kraft of NFL, learnt how you gave him friendly support for 1 year when he lost his wife   10% Off
Robert Kraft and crowd mercilessly stick it to Roger Goodell via
"Robert Kraft" should forever more be known as a level of drunk.
Robert Kraft can now 'give' me another Super Bowl ring.
“Someone stole my game jersey,” Tom Brady told owner Robert Kraft after the at NRG Stadium
My favorite part was when Robert Kraft ripped out Goodell's heart and gave it to Brady to bite into and spit out like a…
Putin feeds Robert Kraft's Super Bowl Ring to his pet Tiger Shark in tank below him. "Tell Donald I want the new ring". As…
Robert Kraft took a SAVAGE shot at Roger Goodell in his postgame speech...LOL 😂
The moments you've been waiting for: Tom Brady, Robert Kraft shake hands with Roger Goodell.
I've seen Robert Kraft hold that trophy too much
Pats' Kraft calls title 'unequivocally the sweetest'
Robert Kraft told Tom Brady he had to win Super Bowl LI for the QB's mom.
I don't like Robert Kraft, Brady nobody in the Patriots.. I just dislike that whole organization.
Robert Kraft told SalPal that he encouraged Tom Brady to win for his mother, whom he said has undergone chemo and radiati…
Patriots owner Robert Kraft hoping Donald Trump can get Super Bowl ring back from Putin via
Also owner Robert Kraft thinks Trump has a chance of getting back stolen Super Bowl ring from Putin.
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Patriots owner hopes Trump will retrieve Super Bowl ring from Putin
The most anticipated handoff of the didn’t come until after the game had ended
- Robert Kraft should have risen above the petty antics
Victory is pretty sweet for the Patriots.
Congratulations to Owner Robert Kraft, Coach Bill Belichick, the Greatest QB ever Tom Brady and the entire team…
Congratulations to the NE Patriots! I'm especially thrilled for owner Robert Kraft who is principled, wise and pure class!
Congratulations to Tom Brady, Coach Belichick, Robert Kraft & the New England Patriots! We love you!.
Robert Kraft spears Roger Goodell in victory speech
More a victory for us Jews. Thanks Julian Edelman and Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft handing out victory cigars, including a special visit to TB12.
Here are the two pieces of advice Robert Kraft offered Arthur Blank - The Boston Globe
Robert Kraft & Arthur Blank each pledge $51,000 to charity in recognition of
"Robert Kraft sounds an awful lot like a drunk Donald Trump." -Jeff Vaughan
"I loathe you, Robert Kraft." -- Roger Goodell, if he talked like Newman from "Seinfeld"
Cautious optimism in Robert Kraft's box, where he's joined by friends Henry Kissinger, Wario, and Chris Cooper's BOURNE I…
Robert Kraft will invite Roger Goodell to New England if Patriots win ❤👍
does anyone ever wonder if Ralph Lauren is just Robert Kraft with a tan
Robert Kraft invites Roger Goodell to season opener if Patriots win:
Robert Kraft says after his wife died Trump called him every week for a year to console him ht…
Roger Goodell drops a hint in front of Patriots: "I have no doubt" Robert Kraft "would welcome me back"
Patriots owner Robert Kraft at SB on Lions GM Bob Quinn: "Things are only going to get better there. You have a good man."
Robert Kraft not in the mood to talk Donald Trump.
. Robert Kraft continues to curry favor with fan base with Goodell comments
Robert Kraft to me:. "Winning is what turns me on. Money is pretty good, but a shroud has no pockets.’’. Quote of the year?…
[Fox Sports] - Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft are all good | TMZ SPORTS
Robert kraft 100% makes low key deals with the league
Robert Kraft got finessed for his Super Bowl ring 😂
This is the second best moment of Robert Kraft's week.
Tom Brady and owner Robert Kraft share an affectionate moment after defeating the
Do you know where Robert Kraft's first SB ring is? It's with Vladimir Putin! It's all from here now on
Wow, just now watched the AFC trophy presentation, four hours later. Robert Kraft = demolished.
Was owner Robert Kraft drunk at the championship press conference after the game tonight ? Sure sounded like it.
Robert Kraft was not drunk during his victory speech, period!
Robert kraft really got that ring taken from him
should get Robert Kraft his ring back from Putin. I hate but that's BS
Robert Kraft just need to win to replace that Super Bowl ring that he let Putin cop
That one time the president of Russia stole the Robert Kraft's ring. 😂😂😂
Robert Kraft: "For a number of reasons, you in the stadium know how big this win was." Subtle shot at Roger Goodell, of c…
*** I just saw Robert Kraft's post game interview. How drunk do you have to be to hand the AFC championship trophy away to the reporter? 😂
Drunk Robert Kraft is the best Robert Kraft, and I hate the Pats. (Apologies if Robert Kraft is having a stroke)
Robert Kraft: “Sometimes, the league really messes up, and I think they really messed this up badly.”
Robert Kraft is blackout drunk right now
Lol, see Bill Belichick look at his owner(Robert Kraft ) like he's crazy. The owner Robert Kraft is drunk and slurring h…
love the look he gave a drunken Robert Kraft on the podium. Priceless
Robert Kraft should take a shot at Roger Goodell when he takes the mic if the Patriots win the Super Bowl.
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"Win... ... ... One ... ... ..." -Robert Kraft. This will be my new go to line.
"Putin owns Super Bowl ring thanks to a misunderstanding with Patriots owner Robert Kraft".
fun fact: Robert Kraft and Arthur Blank are 2 Jewish owners of both MLS and NFL teams that'll be squaring off
Are we just going to pretend that Robert Kraft isn't drunk as *** at the Patriots game?😂😂
Robert Kraft only has 3 of his 4 SB Rings. Vladimir Putin has the other. How did this happen?
Championship moment: Martellus Bennett with his daughter and owner Robert Kraft.
I hate the Patriots regardless, but there's no universe where I want Trump supporters Tom Brady and Robert…
Robert Kraft letting Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, & Gary Busey off the hook for a minute.
Robert Kraft: We gotta*nods head* (pleads with Jim Nance to save him)
Robert Kraft so drunk can't even complete his statement to Jim Nance! You should see the look on Belichik's face!
was Robert Kraft drunk?? Slurring speech and handing trophy back to Jim Nance?
Robert Kraft is hammered. He just gave the trophy back to Jim Nance.
Robert Kraft takes ownership of the A look back at the sale that kept the team in New England:
I thought I heard Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones were backing the move. If that's the case, it's a done deal. LV Raiders 😁
Russillo and Kanell just said the Kroenke's should trade the Denver Nuggets franchise to Robert Kraft for Bill Belichick
Robert Kraft shares the story of how the Michael Jackson Victory tour played a role in his purchase of the Patriots.
ICYMI: ESPN feature on how Michael Jackson's Victory Tour led to Robert Kraft buying
Robert Kraft was always a fan of the Patriots, but thanks to the financial failure of the Michael... - via App
The Failure of Michael Jackson's 'Victory' Tour Allowed for Robert Kraft to Buy the New England Patriots and Win…
you look like Robert Kraft's ugly son and are mistaken. Fans will be pouring in the bowl like milk.
Nancy, John and Andrew at Gillette with Steve Burton, Abby D'Agostino, Robert Kraft, Jon Gordon and 1100...
Only a few owners like Robert Kraft get it. Dean Spanos is one of many that don't.
We went "Sneaker Shopping" with owner Robert Kraft. Watch it here -->
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