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Robert Kraft

Robert K. Kraft (born June 5, 1941) is an American business magnate. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Kraft Group, a diversified holding company with assets in paper and packaging, sports and entertainment, real estate development and a private equity portfolio.

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Robert Kraft spotted in the audience at the :D
No matter who you rooted for, can we all just agree that it's incredibly entertaining to see a wasted Robert Kraft trying to s…
Kanye Robert Kraft hangs out with Jay Z, Kanye West and others - New York Daily News
We heard Robert Kraft is about to drop the most fire mixtape of 2015.
Yo, if someone told me Julian Edelman, Malcolm Butler, and New England Jesus (Robert Kraft) were at the Grammy's, I would've watched
Patriots owner Robert Kraft continues celebrations, hangs with Kanye West, Jay-Z, Big Sean, Nas and more
Robert Kraft wants to keep Venmo Lucas, Bill Belichick around for a long time
VIDEO: I did some word association today with for on Robert Kraft, Charles Haley & Cole Hamels
owner Robert Kraft tore up the dance floor next to Rick Ross after winning
Thanks to the for honoring Robert Kraft & the Super Bowl champs tonight at the
VIDEO: Robert Kraft danced on stage with Rick Ross to “Ima Boss” after the win
owner Robert Kraft busted out the dance moves next to Rick Ross after winning
Robert Kraft, Satan and J Edgar Hoover worst people ever
Robert Kraft sounds like Dereck Whittenburg defending Thurl Bailey after Sydney Green dissed Thurl before the game!
Love seeing Robert Kraft spend so much quality time with his great granddaughter. Oh, wait.
Robert Kraft has a great granddaughter for a girlfriend
Robert Kraft what you have done for the patriots since buying the franchise
Fun fact: Robert Kraft now wears his Super Bowl rings as cufflinks so Vladimir Putin can’t steal them.
"Patriots won't get punished outta conflict of interest. Roger Goodell was just at Robert Kraft's house last week." -Richard Sherman
Robert Kraft chats with Steve Burton on Patriots All Access live from the Patriots' "Welcome to Arizona" party!
In the words of Robert Kraft...Peel owes Ovechkin and the caps an apology
As Roger Goodell evaluates DEFLATEGATE, let's remember he was at Robert Kraft's home night before AFC title game.
check this out Robert Kraft has picked a winner in Deflategate - Boston Globe: Boston GlobeRob...
Report: Roger Goodell runs to the phone anytime Pats owner Robert Kraft calls:
Robert Kraft: Richard Sherman is a 'marketing whiz'
Patriots' Robert Kraft responds to 'marketing whiz' Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman calls out Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell in incendiary press conference via
Robert Kraft responds to Richard Sherman's 'conflict of interest' comment
LOOK: Richard Sherman, Robert Kraft wants an apology from the NFL. "I say chill out with a box of Mac & cheese."
Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, wants NFL to apologize to Belichick & Brady. via
Robert Kraft on Bill Belichick referencing 'My Cousin Vinny': "I thought he was talking about Vince Wilfork."
Deflate-gate: Robert Kraft stands by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady via
NFL owes the PATRIOTS an apology: Team owner Robert Kraft insists Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are innocent and…
Richard Sherman doesn't think the NFL will discipline the Patriots if they're found to have adjusted the air pressure in 11 footballs prior to the AFC Championship Game, because of the relationship between Roger Goodell and Pats owner Robert Kraft.
Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft unexpectedly takes the podium ahead of coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady after the team touched down in Arizona.
# sports news Patriots owner Robert Kraft goes on the offensive
"Will they be punished? probably not. Not as long as Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell are still taking pictures at their respective homes."
Robert Kraft seems like a good guy, but keep in mind that you don't make that kind of $ playing nice.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft made a surprise visit to the podium on Monday and made a bold, definitive statement: he firmly believes his...
Ex-Patriot murdered 2 ppl, team spied on opponents' signals, now mayve cheated again & Robert Kraft says HE'S victim!
A visibly emotional Robert Kraft speaks out as the New England Patriots arrive here in Phoenix for the Super Bowl. Challenges the league office, says he expects an apology from the NFL if their investigation does not "definitively determine" the Patriots tampered with AFC Championship Game footballs. Adds that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have never lied to him, and he's disappointed their integrity has been questioned.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft made a strong defense Monday of his team's actions and integrity regarding the NFL's investigation into under-inflated footballs being used in the AFC championship game.
Was it just me or was that Robert Kraft speech really irritating?
Geez, after watching Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's Nixonian press conferences, its so predictable. Why is it that all these overblown Uber corporate types making the huge money are no better at lying than the average ten year old?
Robert Kraft says the NFL owes the Patriots an apology if the league doesn't find any wrongdoing »
Patriots owner Robert Kraft makes strong defense of team regarding league investigation
Richard Sherman thinks the NFL won't punish the Pats because of Robert Kraft's relationship with Roger Goodell ».
Kraft: I've never known Tom to lie to me. Btw, do you like this shirt, Tom?. Brady: Looking fantastic, Robert
If the Pats are found innocent owner Robert Kraft says he wants an apology. Only something a douchey rich white owner wou…
Robert Kraft owns Roger Goodell. The Patriots will win in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Just threw the locker room attendant under the bus and he will lose his *** job cause somebody has to pay for that. I don't care what anyone says. They bogus as ***
"A combative Robert Kraft turned the tables on the Deflategate discussion" or did he just make claims he can't back up???
Nice to see Robert Kraft take the NFL to task. The NFL and the media have been so unfair to the Patriots over the years. I am not saying they have not made mistakes, they have. Some big ones. That being said, all teams have done the same and many worse with some of their actions and supporting players in criminal activities. The Patriots did have a player that was one sick, murdering thug. As soon as the Patriots found out, he was done immediately. I hope the league will apologize and both the league and the media start treating this team as they would the other teams in the league. Love them or hate them, this is about treating all teams the same. There are some teams in that get blasted by the League and the media unduly. Yes, call the team/player out when something is wrong, punish them appropriately and then move on. Take steps to keep it happening again. Address the drug abuse, violence against women, etc before bringing so much attention to whether or not some of the balls may of not had the correct ...
Loved Robert Kraft's speech on ESPN about the football situation. Like I said a million times - The American people are brainwashed by our media. Always hated the media. It's sad that people believe a story based on media reports! Let's go PATRIOTS! Super Bowl Baby!
New England Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft releases a statement about the NFL's investigation into footballs used in the AFC title game.
Robert Kraft has some balls demanding the league apologize to Belichick. These charges aren't alleged... 11 of 12 balls were tampered with, it's a fact.
Robert Kraft is digging in his heels against the NFL's investigation into 'DeflateGate.'
For his own sake & that of the Robert Kraft had better be right about My column - http:/…
Robert Kraft's strong defense of the Patriots while the NFL continues its Deflategate probe puts his legacy and reputation at risk, Ian O'Connor writes.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft demands apology from NFL over
Don't really think that Robert Kraft's comments were appropriate...
Tom Brady's feelings were hurt, the Seahawks are saddened, and Robert Kraft wants an apology.. Most emo Super Bowl week e…
Kraft expects apology if NFL can't find culprit via
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Monday the team celebrates its players' "uniqueness," and that cornerback Richard Sherman was simply expressing an opinion about the relationship between Patriots owner Robert Kraft and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
Kraft expects apology if NFL can't find culprit
O'Connor: Kraft puts reputation, legacy on line
New England Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft spoke to the media Monday about the ongoing deflated-football controversy, and he isn't happy...
Patriots owner stands defiant: The New England Patriots team owner Robert Kraft was immediately on the defensi...
Robert Kraft wants the NFL to apologize if it can't find evidence his team cheated.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft defends his team: "I believe unconditionally that the New England Patriots have done nothing …
Robert Kraft wants NFL to apologize if Patriots are cleared
Patriots owner Robert Kraft defends his coach and quarterback
it always sounds good bro.. Velveeta, ugh Kraft, homemade 😩
Robert Kraft wants an apology from his buddy Goodell if they find his team innocent. Better burn the evidence of that locker room attendant
Robert Kraft made it very clear on Monday that if he sticks up for Roger Goodell when Goodell is covering up for abusers, that he expects Goodell to apologize for the fact that the Patriots were cheating.
Robert Kraft wants the NFL to Apologize.. That is cute. . How About Robert Kraft apologize to US for calling NEON powder "Cheese"
Hopefully the big name sports media attention to this lie will bring "I am GOD-dell" to an ethical resolve.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft made a surprise appearance at the team's opening news conference of Super Bowl XLIV, saying the NFL owed them an apology if its investigation over deflated footballs doesn't uncover wrongdoing.
A combative Robert Kraft turns the tables on Deflategate discussion SInow
Chandler, Ariz. -- New England Patriots owner and CEO Robert Kraft threw down the gauntlet on the NFL and his buddy, commissioner Roger Goodell. Kraft opened the Patriots' Super Bowl XLIX media ava...
Was Richard out of pocket with his conflict of interest comment? I think not.
.owner Robert Kraft demands NFL apologize if team is cleared of any wrongdoing in
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman nails it again when it comes to the NFL's dealings with the New...
Sal Paolantonio on ESPN: "As one source close to the told me, this was Robert Kraft reminding Roger Goodell
Robert Kraft said the exact same thing O.J.Simpson said. How bout that?
Patriots Chairman & CEO Robert Kraft addressed the Super Bowl media on Deflategate in a surprise press conference
We at Overnight America have had it with the cheating, whining, football-deflating New England Patriots who feel they are owed an apology for all "they've had to endure." Therefore, since they obviously need one, we're encouraging you to send a box of tissues to Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, care of: The New England Patriots 1 Patriot Place Foxboro, MA 02035-1388 USA
Robert Kraft's outrageous apology demand is latest wild turn in Patriots cheating scandal | Politi With everyone dismissing his scientific explanation, the Patriots coach better have an answer for the latest Fox Sports story. : NJ Sports —
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick did not cheat. Shame on you if you believe they did. So decreed Patriots owner Robert Kraft during a surprise appearance Monday, as he took the podium prior to scheduled...
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft insisted Monday evening that his team has done nothing "inappropriate" and should get an apology from the NFL.
On Monday night, Patriots owner Robert Kraft addressed the NFL’s investigation into allegations the club used under-inflated footballs in the AFC title game. Here are his remarks, which were provided by the NFL: “On the plane ride out to here, I prepared a few remarks which I would like to read to y…
Robert Kraft is just as guilty as all the Patriots! He is a Thorobred cheater.
Bill Bellichick didn't offer much at his press conf today, but Robert Kraft had plenty to say. My story from Phx:
Robert Kraft introducing Bill Belichick, "who does his job better than anyone." Calls him "the best coach in the NFL."
The first shot by Richard Sherman has been fired, saying Roger Goodell gives the Patriots and Robert Kraft special treatment.
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman can't see the Patriots being punished for "Deflate-gate" because the commissioner and their owner Robert Kraft are so buddy buddy.
Jez, Richard Sherman took Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft out at the knees
Bill Belichick vows “swift justice”!!! DJ Gallo Jan 21st, 2015 Comment New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said today that he is just as upset and angry as everyone else is over the latest news about his team, and will make sure there is “swift justice for those responsible.” “I was very angry to hear that 11 of our 12 footballs in the AFC Championship Game were under-inflated,” said the coach, spitting out his words in an angry growl at a press conference today. “I gave explicit instructions that all of our footballs were to be deflated by exactly two pounds. I will find who failed to deflate the twelfth ball and they will be fired. I guarantee you that.” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said he has “complete confidence” in Belichick. “This man cheats with integrity, and I won’t let anyone say otherwise,” said the owner. “His attention to duplicitous detail is unparalleled. I don’t know what exactly happened to cause one of our footballs to be legal, but Bill will get ...
will clear his friend Robert Kraft of any wrongdoing any moment now.Count on that. We're watching Roger!
In his 21 years as an owner Robert Kraft only hired two head coaches. They are both going to the Super Bowl this year. They also both coached the Jets before he hired them, but that's not as interesting.
BREAKING NEWS: Robert Kraft asking NFL to investigate allegations that Pats players are the worst golfers in the AFC,Kraft claiming unfair advantage.
Robert Kraft on Belichick-Carroll: "I've hired two coaches, and I'm happy to say they're both winners. ...Should make for great …
Unlikely Dynasty. Robert Kraft used biz sense and a fan’s blind faith to turn the NE Patriots.
I don't think you will like federal prison expose the Patriots and Robert Kraft.
Looks like the non-profit will be billionaire Paul Allen v. billionaire Robert Kraft.
why is Goodell partying with Robert Kraft on the eve of the afc title game?
If Robert Kraft is caught cheating again, the league must impose a lifetime ban. This is absurd.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Any connection between john Kerry being in Robert Kraft's box and the deflated football scandal? something to do with hot air maybe
This is where Jim Nance gets that "tingle" feeling. Talking about Robert Kraft.
FOXBORO -- Even Robert Kraft admitted Sunday night following the Patriots' 45-7 win in the AFC championship game things didn't look good for the Patriots when
Patriots owner Robert Kraft said letting Pete Carroll go back in 1999 was a hard decision.
Robert Kraft has hired two coaches during his time as the Patriots owner: Bill Belichick.and Pete Carroll. He's pretty good at this job.
Is old white guy, Robert Kraft, a racist, a good ol boy or the best owner in the NFL?
What happens if Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft get called in to testify in the trial right before the
Robert Kraft has only made two coaching hires as Pats owner: Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick. Not too shabby.
Hey Chad, at one point does Deflategate silliness start to impact Robert Kraft's support for Goodell?
First and 10: Robert Kraft calls Bill Belichick, Tom Brady best coach ...
"The key to life is to surround yourself with good people." — Mr. Robert Kraft,
how about the only two hc's Robert kraft ever hired r meeting in the Superbowl.
Patriots: Robert Kraft 3rd in most influential people in sports business (highest ever for an owner) (ESPN)
Assuming that a jury is seated Wednesday, the trial would begin in earnest on Thursday. A good chunk of that day...
Robert Kraft, the owner of NE, has only ever hired 2 head coaches in his 21 years. They're both in the Super Bowl this year.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
... the employees of billionaire Paul Allen v the employees of billionaire Robert Kraft in tax-exempt no…
The last 2 head coaches Robert Kraft has hired will be coaching on February 1st in Glendale AZ.
Example. No. 2,439 of why Robert Kraft is the best.
Robert Kraft has hired just two coaches in his tenure as Patriots owner. . Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft on team's setup with Pete Carroll as coach: "I'm not sure that was fair to him":
And my 2010 column with Robert Kraft reflecting on the Carroll years And a (free) blog post:
The New England Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl – but owner Robert Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and four other members of the team's staff could be headed to a courtroom to testify in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial.
NFL investigating Patriots use of deflated balls? They're going to do what exactly? To Belichek, Brady or Robert Kraft?
It would be hard to convince me that Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell are not secret lovers... loves
"In my tenure as owner, i have hired two coaches and both are winners" - Robert Kraft. One is Bill Belichick and other is Pete Carroll (former coach of Patriots) ... for both.
Rivalry? owner Bob Kraft tells about his hug with Jeff Saturday:. http:/…
How many Kraft singles does Robert Kraft have to sell to pay off people to win games?
In 21 years of being an NFL owner, Robert Kraft has only hired 2 Head Coaches. Both are playing in the Superbowl this year.
Robert Kraft to the fans: "You did your job all season long. Now we need to go to Arizona & do ours."
BREAKING NEWS: . The Weather Channel ( ) is launching an investigation into whether Robert Kraft pumped rain into Gi…
Well I find another reason to hate the New England Patriots. As if I don't have enough already. John Kerry is sitting behind Robert Kraft in the owners box. Go Colts.
Woody Johnson calls Robert Kraft immediately after Revis comments to apologize and the Patriots still file for tampering. …
What remains in the playoffs amounts to Robert Kraft vs Jim Irsay and Paul Allen vs the city of Green Bay. Owners.
Robert Kraft, going with the Gordon Gekko/O.J Simpson look tonight
Nice to see Roger Goodell at Gillette Stadium watching his favorite team the Patriots and show support for his best buddy Robert Kraft. SMH
How times change. Robert Kraft couldn't get a Patriots stadium in Boston in late 90s, but now the city is going to bui…
Cool...the late Roy Orbison is in Robert Kraft's box. Never's Billie Jean King.
Billie Jean King making a move on Robert Kraft. . (And no jokes about them switching teams)
Billie Jean King walks the sideline with owner Robert Kraft, greeting fans.
Tom Brady & Robert Kraft celebrate the AFC East championship w/ in the locker room.
Xaverian's Joe Gaziano was presented Mr. Football this afternoon by Robert Kraft, Jonathan Kraft and Andre Tippett:
Lester hatched the plan for Putin to get away with Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring.
The British Museum loans one of the disputed "Elgin" statues to Russia's State Hermitage Museum. Will Putin decide to keep it with Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring??
The Boston Globe is a complete and total embarrassment and owes Robert Kraft a personal apology for this:
Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, Harold Nash, Mike Pouncey, Brandon Spikes on list of 305 potential witnesses for MA in Herna…
Update your maps at Navteq
Just ran into into Robert Kraft on the way out of a restaurant at Patriot Place. Thanked him for signing Jermaine Jones. He laughed.
Asked Robert Kraft how to build relationships. He said hang out with people that have integrity and stay loyal
"Well now you got family" So does that make Robert Kraft my dad?!? Cause I could really use the family discount!
Mark Wahlberg Apparently Snubs Patriots Owner Robert Kraft (got to believe it wasn't intentional)...
these owners wanna be jerry jones and get famous. Just be like robert kraft and win.
Robert and Jonathan Kraft speaking with at the Innovation in Sports Challe...
Best exchange in the Kraft keynote at Harvard "Are you going back to the Super Bowl?" Robert Kraft: "Speak to Gronk on that"
Robert Kraft says community is an all day experience
"Sometimes in life it's not the statements that count, it's what feels right." Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft "43% of Fantasy Football players are women"
"Surround yourself with good people, people of integrity who work hard. You can buy brains, not the other stuff" Robert Kraft
Robert and Jonathan Kraft speaking w/ at the Dean's Sports Challenge at at
Sports brings a sense of community - Robert Kraft
Robert & Jonathan Kraft kick off the 2015 Deans' Innovation in Sports Challenge at the
Terrific and competitive Sports and Innovation Prize w/ Robert Kraft
no, Robert Kraft fist bumped you...
Dr. Robert Kraft is an amazing scholar, it was a treat to connect this exhibition to the history and psychology behind the images
I need one of those Robert Kraft dress shirts
Here at the to hear Robert & Jonathan Kraft speak. Like their team, they appear to be slow starters.
Join Robert and Jonathan Kraft kicking off the Deans' Innovation in Sports Challenge Friday 11/21 at 4:30pm!
Look closely! Mr Robert Kraft speaking at sportsmanship summit.
Thank You Dr. Robert Kraft for making it out to the Denison Museum!
A knowledgable friend put it most precisely: the "chokehold" Robert Kraft has on is truly disconcerting for the game.
Fascinating passage about Parcells not loving Robert Kraft-Drew Bledsoe friendship. Easy to mirror with Snyd…
Let me try this again...special guest @ MIAA Sportsmanship Summit, Mr. Robert Kraft...!
Wire: Robert Kraft stopped by today's to speak to…
Robert Kraft stopped by today's to speak to 1,200+ student athletes
Robert Kraft addresses the masses at the MIAA Sportsmanship Summit today at Gillette Stadium.
Robert Kraft told Jonas Gray he would have a big game:  . Thomas J. Russo-USA ...
Jonas Gray said Robert Kraft pulled him aside on Saturday and said, “You’re going to have a big game.”
With Mueller investigation still ongoing, Pats owner Robert Kraft reiterates support for Commissioner
Robert Kraft's shoe game was on point Thursday as he wore custom Air Force One's to the game:
Newest Patriots Hall of Famer Ty Law will be honored at halftime of tomorrow's game! Ceremony will include Robert Kraft, Troy Brown, Willie McGinest, Lawyer Milloy, Otis Smith & Deion Branch. More info:
I can't believe patriots fans are happy with this lucky win thank god Robert Kraft can buy out the reveries I only wish jerry jones was as smart as him lol OMG
I swear Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones get the most TV time for NFL Owners
Is the NFL under contract to show Robert Kraft and jerry jones In their boxes 50 times a game
Robert Kraft dusted off the custom Air Force 1's for
Much respect to the and Robert Kraft. What a class act. You prove that us New Englanders, really aren't that bad.
You may not be a Patriot's, and nobody is asking you too, but you have to give the cheerleaders and the Patriots owner Robert Kraft and big thumbs up, for a wonderful deed!! It is nice to know that in the some in the NFL are trying to make a difference. ❤❤❤❤❤
While I don't like the New England Patriots as an organization, I do have to say that I am going to be giving the team a second chance after the very classy actions of the New England Patriots Cheerleaders and owner Robert Kraft.
Classy move by robert kraft...nice tribute to Bengals player whose daughter has cancer.
Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still has displayed incredible resolve while his young daughter battles cancer, showing video of his pep talk before her surgery and raising money for pediatric cancer with the sale of his jerseys. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton has helped contribute by purchasing 100 Still jerseys, and the New England Patriots showed their support on Sunday Night Football by giving the jerseys to their cheerleaders after a tribute to Still in the stadium. Patriots owner Robert Kraft will also be contributing. Still shed a pregame tear, providing this powerful photograph. Still's daughter recently had surgery, which reportedly removed an entire tumor.
but Robert Kraft is a cheap *** Jew trading Mankins so he doesn't have to pay him next year so I guess we'…
Robert Kraft and The New England Patriots , nothing but pure class !!!
A classy move by Robert Kraft and the Patriots organization! Kids shouldn't have to deal with adult problems!!   10% Off
This is a class! Kudos to the and the donation by Robert Kraft
Love Robert Kraft's shoes - never seen on tv “50,000 yards? Yeah, we'd say that deserves a game ball.
Report owner Robert Kraft has donated $25,000 to Cincinnati Children's Hospital in the name of Leah Still.
Pats owner Robert Kraft also donated 25k to the fund. It's not always about the game. Class act from my Pats, way to go. Proud to be a Pat.
"Brady has stated he wants to play 4 or 5 more yrs. But his career may end with another franchise unless Pats owner Robert Kraft intercedes"
Such a classy move by Robert Kraft and the organization honouring and his daughter.
Say what you want about the Patriots but Robert Kraft truly is a class act. Their charity work is impressive.
Robert Kraft donated $25,000 to the treatment center treating Devin Still's daughter. Regardless of your opinion of the Patriots, you...
However u feel about the Robert Kraft is a class act. That show of support for & his daughter was incredible.
Grateful! MT: In addition to tribute, Robert Kraft will donate $25K to in Leah's name.
Shoutout my team . the cheerleaders wearing Devon Still jerseys and Robert Kraft donating $ to his daughters chemo. :')
Hats off to Robert Kraft and the for their tribute and contribution to childhood cancer.
& Robert Kraft...kudos to you.such a class act by an amazing organization, as a parent, an fan, Thank u!
Great franchise but Robert Kraft let's put on the CROCKETT & JONES Hallam Cap-Toe Balmorals on those feet!
What a classy gesture by Robert Kraft and the Patriots, that was awesome. Prayers for Leah and the Still family!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
That was so cool by the Patriots owner Mr.Robert Kraft.
RESPECT to Robert Kraft donating 25K to Cincinnati Children s Hospital.
High-five fail fixed. Mark Wahlberg might have left Robert Kraft hanging, but Tom Brady wasn’t going to »
This is funny. Mark Walhberg left Robert Kraft hanging like he was Tom Brady:
Tom Brady's perfect message to Robert Kraft after high-five snafu via
Mr. Kraft, Tom Brady knows how you feel ... and he's got your back. Robert Kraft took some ribbing on social media on Sunday after CBS cameras showe
Tom Brady picks up where Mark Wahlberg left Patriots owner Robert Kraft hanging.
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Tom Brady is there for Patriots owner Robert Kraft.
Tom Brady came to Robert Kraft's rescue with some high five support this morning.
Is it raining? No, that's Roger Goodell draining his bladder in our ears. Let me get this straight... Robert Kraft, Owner of the New England Patriots and noted GOOD FRIEND was on Good Morning America on Tuesday saying the league and Goodell's handling of the Ray Rice issue was "excellent". What else was he supposed to say and what other owner would he have besides a good friend, and what else would ANY owner say, knowing he could be setting a future player up to receive Goodell's unrelenting indisputable wrath? Kraft said, "[Goodell] had no knowledge of this video," HOW DO YOU KNOW?!?!?! How can you speak on what he did or didn't have? You CAN'T and to do so is yet another insult to intelligence. Rain? No, urine on the ear drum. Kraft called Goodell's statement and new policy about handling domestic violence a "mea culpa" (an acknowledgment of one's fault or error). It was that, but, was it because he's a take ownership, react to the will of the fans, kind of guy, or was it a necessary damage control reac ...
How do you feel about Robert Kraft's statements regarding NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's handling of the Ray Rice situation?
Robert Kraft: "Ray Rice should never play in the NFL again". *hugs repeat domestic abuser Mayweather in skybox*
Robert Kraft will get his Super Bowl ring back when Putin straps it to a nuke and sends it to Boston.
The Patriots have only had 2 losing seasons (1995 and 2000) since Robert Kraft bought them in 1994.
So basically he's calling Robert Kraft a homophobe.
From his 1982 album, Retro Active. Written by Robert Kraft & Andy Goldmark. Produced by Larry Carlton Basic Track Engineered by Elliot Scheiner All Additiona...
Robert Kraft hosted the annual team Labor Day BBQ at his house on the Cape this weekend - check out some of the photos:
*BREAKING* CHIVAS USA acquire AMERICAN LW BREK SHEA in super secret blind draw by drawing straws out of ROBERT KRAFT'S anal cavity
I wanna thank the Hebrew god. Robert Kraft owner of the patriots
Robert Kraft Net Worth: Robert Kraft is known as among the most affluent individuals on earth. It’s been decla...
"It was a great win. And I would like to thank my Lord and savior, the Hebrew God, Robert Kraft owner of the Patriots."
On tap for tonight:. Beer. Pizza. New season of 2 fantasy drafts that will overlap (help me my jewish lord & savior Robert Kraft)
"Put Molly all in Welker's champagne, he ain’t een know it. I got him a 4 game suspension, he ain't een know it." -Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft's Labor Day Party Pictures. Looks like a good time.
Special sexy treat for happy hour today. Come hang with The Robert Kraft Trio and Robert Allan Caldwell at 6pm.
jeez, Robert Kraft must feel the financial strain that added to his business
Robert Kraft's girlfriend is younger than Tom Brady's wife. This is disgusting, Mr. Kraft is a borderline-pedophile.
Old rich men dating young girls is gross. Robert Kraft is a disgusting shell of a human being.
in Who knew? Opening night of the season at Kraft Stadium (owner Robert Kraft)
My fantasy football team: I'm Robert Kraft and is Bill Belichick
Robert Kraft probably slipped some Molly into Wes Welker’s drink
Team name Ruxin is praying at my shul... to Robert Kraft
Photos from the annual Labor Day weekend team BBQ at Robert Kraft's Cape house:
Break it down in some sweet sneaks like Ty Law & Robert Kraft break at
Robert Kraft said today he wants Wes Welker to retire a Patriot, but 'it takes two sides' to reach a deal
Cold-hearted Patriots will pay for letting Wes Welker walk to Denver Broncos - FOX Sports on MSN via
Robert Kraft's first game as owner was Sept. 4, 1994 at Miami, also the site of this Sunday's game
Real quick wasnt Robert Kraft saying that they actually offered more than Den? So did they really want him to go?
Darrelle Revis says he came to New England to be part of the Patriots legacy built by Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick
Robert Kraft owner of New England Patriots and former 2 time Super Bowl Champion Jarvis Green.
Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft & the Patriots Do the Ice Bucket Challenge via
VIDEO: Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and the Patriots do the
Robert Kraft + Daniel Snyder + Micky Arison and Dan Gilbert r the worst sports teams owners in n america. Zionists to the core
Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, sends letter to parents of American killed fighting in IDF
During Ty Law's induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Friday night, he and owner Robert Kraft recreated their dance moves from the victory rally after their first Super Bowl victory in 2002.
VIDEO: Patriots owner Robert Kraft awkwardly danced to "Da Butt" with Ty Law
Ty Law just surprised Robert Kraft with custom Air Force 1s in honor of their famous dance!
Bill Belichick’s text messages part of Aaron Hernandez case: New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and coach...
The family of Daniel de Abreu, one of two men Aaron Hernandez allegedly murdered in 2012, name the Patriots and Robert Kraft as defendants in a wrongful death suit against Hernandez.
I believe in justice - but how the *** is Robert Kraft responsible for Aaron Hernandez committing murder??
Boston mayor Marty Walsh called Robert Kraft to express interest in hosting the draft, Kraft said.- Ressa
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft told reporters at a Community MVP event that Boston mayor Marty Walsh is working with the NFL on potentially hosting the 2015 NFL draft.
"Happy birthday to one of the greatest and classiest owners of this generation, Robert Kraft. Bob Kraft is the best!
At a football safety event beside NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Patriots owner Robert Kraft points to his earlier statements in response to inquiries about Aaron Hernandez.
name a Patriot Hall of Famer besides Robert Kraft.
Robert Kraft calls into to thank for raised goal posts. STORY:
What did owner Robert Kraft thank for on the latest podcast?! LISTEN:
"THE LONDON FRANCHISE HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. and it isn't what fans heave been expecting. Jaguars fans worldwide, believed to number in the hundreds, have been misled. Talk of the Union Jax was all a ploy to divert media attention from the top-secret negotiations over the true London franchise... until the bombshell minutes were leaked in the early hours of Tuesday morning. According to the leaked reports, all 1,776 pages of them, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was unswayable all along regarding which team would be moving to London: "It is the opinion of the commissioner that since “Spygate” and the Aaron Hernandez affair the Patriots have become a negative influence on the brand” states one report. It goes on to claim “ aggressive relocation would be one option….” followed by dismissal of the Jaguars as a viable option as “a little sad”. The Patriots will be the new anchor tenants for the Olympic Stadium after the UK Government agreed to put in an extra £25m ($41.5m) towards the costs ...
Wow this might be the worst soccer article I have read in years
Greenie should ask Robert Kraft to give him a razor...
theyre not yours, Mr. Robert Kraft owns them.
Welker's agents and Patriots continue back and forth via
Yeah those guys are gonna leave big shoes to fill. But I trust Robert Kraft.
BSB: We are just a few minutes out from the first pitch. Robert Kraft will get the start for the in the finale against Sac State.
It's about time! The only thing that's missing is a "print" button -- other than that, a great app!
I expect nothing but elite play this year from you, Robert Kraft hooked you up big time
(cont) totally new team? I think Robert Kraft thinks Brady is God.
Has Robert seen this? "The Krafts Are the Worst Owners in Major League Soccer"
"Be your own person, make your own decisions...and don't be afraid to fail" -Robert Kraft
Maybe Robert Kraft hasn't gotten the memo on what teams like Toronto are spending.
They don't want no parts of a *** even to be thought of being affiliated wit gangs. Robert Kraft not gonna do it smfh
At the rate of these Russian sanctions, Robert Kraft is never going to get his Super Bowl ring back.
Robert Kraft stated that there is no way that the New England Patriots will have anything to do with him.
Was what DeSean Jackson did (what did he actually do?) any where near as bad as what Robert Kraft did?
Just got plastered with with Robert Kraft and got some strippers.
"One thing I've learned in my 20 years, winning the offseason isn't what matters." -Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft and visit the Boylston Street firehouse a short time ago
.& talk w/ about whether Robert Kraft is the worst owner in
After DJax told the he has no gang involvement, Robert Kraft stopped returning his calls.
Shout out to Robert Kraft for including nurses in his statement of respect to all under appreciated workers ❤️💉💊
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