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Robert Kraft

Robert K. Kraft (born June 5, 1941) is an American business magnate. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Kraft Group, a diversified holding company with assets in paper and packaging, sports and entertainment, real estate development and a private equity portfolio.

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Asked Robert Kraft how to build relationships. He said hang out with people that have integrity and stay loyal
"Well now you got family" So does that make Robert Kraft my dad?!? Cause I could really use the family discount!
Mark Wahlberg Apparently Snubs Patriots Owner Robert Kraft (got to believe it wasn't intentional)...
these owners wanna be Jerry Jones and get famous. Just be like robert kraft and win.
Robert and Jonathan Kraft speaking with at the Innovation in Sports Challe...
Best exchange in the Kraft keynote at Harvard "Are you going back to the Super Bowl?" Robert Kraft: "Speak to Gronk on that"
Robert Kraft says community is an all day experience
"Sometimes in life it's not the statements that count, it's what feels right." Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft "43% of Fantasy Football players are women"
"Surround yourself with good people, people of integrity who work hard. You can buy brains, not the other stuff" Robert Kraft
Robert and Jonathan Kraft speaking w/ at the Dean's Sports Challenge at at
Sports brings a sense of community - Robert Kraft
Robert & Jonathan Kraft kick off the 2015 Deans' Innovation in Sports Challenge at the
Terrific and competitive Sports and Innovation Prize w/ Robert Kraft
no, Robert Kraft fist bumped you...
Dr. Robert Kraft is an amazing scholar, it was a treat to connect this exhibition to the history and psychology behind the images
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I need one of those Robert Kraft dress shirts
Here at the to hear Robert & Jonathan Kraft speak. Like their team, they appear to be slow starters.
Join Robert and Jonathan Kraft kicking off the Deans' Innovation in Sports Challenge Friday 11/21 at 4:30pm!
Look closely! Mr Robert Kraft speaking at sportsmanship summit.
Thank You Dr. Robert Kraft for making it out to the Denison Museum!
A knowledgable friend put it most precisely: the "chokehold" Robert Kraft has on is truly disconcerting for the game.
Fascinating passage about Parcells not loving Robert Kraft-Drew Bledsoe friendship. Easy to mirror with Snyd…
Let me try this again...special guest @ MIAA Sportsmanship Summit, Mr. Robert Kraft...!
Wire: Robert Kraft stopped by today's to speak to…
Robert Kraft stopped by today's to speak to 1,200+ student athletes
Robert Kraft addresses the masses at the MIAA Sportsmanship Summit today at Gillette Stadium.
Robert Kraft told Jonas Gray he would have a big game:  . Thomas J. Russo-USA ...
Jonas Gray said Robert Kraft pulled him aside on Saturday and said, “You’re going to have a big game.”
With Mueller investigation still ongoing, Pats owner Robert Kraft reiterates support for Commissioner
Robert Kraft's shoe game was on point Thursday as he wore custom Air Force One's to the game:
Newest Patriots Hall of Famer Ty Law will be honored at halftime of tomorrow's game! Ceremony will include Robert Kraft, Troy Brown, Willie McGinest, Lawyer Milloy, Otis Smith & Deion Branch. More info:
I can't believe patriots fans are happy with this lucky win thank god Robert Kraft can buy out the reveries I only wish Jerry Jones was as smart as him lol OMG
I swear Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones get the most TV time for NFL Owners
Is the NFL under contract to show Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones In their boxes 50 times a game
Robert Kraft dusted off the custom Air Force 1's for
Much respect to the and Robert Kraft. What a class act. You prove that us New Englanders, really aren't that bad.
You may not be a Patriot's, and nobody is asking you too, but you have to give the cheerleaders and the Patriots owner Robert Kraft and big thumbs up, for a wonderful deed!! It is nice to know that in the some in the NFL are trying to make a difference. ❤❤❤❤❤
While I don't like the New England Patriots as an organization, I do have to say that I am going to be giving the team a second chance after the very classy actions of the New England Patriots Cheerleaders and owner Robert Kraft.
Classy move by robert kraft...nice tribute to Bengals player whose daughter has cancer.
Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still has displayed incredible resolve while his young daughter battles cancer, showing video of his pep talk before her surgery and raising money for pediatric cancer with the sale of his jerseys. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton has helped contribute by purchasing 100 Still jerseys, and the New England Patriots showed their support on Sunday Night Football by giving the jerseys to their cheerleaders after a tribute to Still in the stadium. Patriots owner Robert Kraft will also be contributing. Still shed a pregame tear, providing this powerful photograph. Still's daughter recently had surgery, which reportedly removed an entire tumor.
but Robert Kraft is a cheap *** Jew trading Mankins so he doesn't have to pay him next year so I guess we'…
Robert Kraft and The New England Patriots , nothing but pure class !!!
A classy move by Robert Kraft and the Patriots organization! Kids shouldn't have to deal with adult problems!!
This is a class! Kudos to the and the donation by Robert Kraft
Love Robert Kraft's shoes - never seen on tv “50,000 yards? Yeah, we'd say that deserves a game ball.
Report owner Robert Kraft has donated $25,000 to Cincinnati Children's Hospital in the name of Leah Still.
Pats owner Robert Kraft also donated 25k to the fund. It's not always about the game. Class act from my Pats, way to go. Proud to be a Pat.
"Brady has stated he wants to play 4 or 5 more yrs. But his career may end with another franchise unless Pats owner Robert Kraft intercedes"
Such a classy move by Robert Kraft and the organization honouring and his daughter.
Say what you want about the Patriots but Robert Kraft truly is a class act. Their charity work is impressive.
Robert Kraft donated $25,000 to the treatment center treating Devin Still's daughter. Regardless of your opinion of the Patriots, you...
However u feel about the Robert Kraft is a class act. That show of support for & his daughter was incredible.
Grateful! MT: In addition to tribute, Robert Kraft will donate $25K to in Leah's name.
Shoutout my team . the cheerleaders wearing Devon Still jerseys and Robert Kraft donating $ to his daughters chemo. :')
Hats off to Robert Kraft and the for their tribute and contribution to childhood cancer.
& Robert Kraft...kudos to you.such a class act by an amazing organization, as a parent, an fan, Thank u!
Great franchise but Robert Kraft let's put on the CROCKETT & JONES Hallam Cap-Toe Balmorals on those feet!
What a classy gesture by Robert Kraft and the Patriots, that was awesome. Prayers for Leah and the Still family!
That was so cool by the Patriots owner Mr.Robert Kraft.
RESPECT to Robert Kraft donating 25K to Cincinnati Children s Hospital.
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High-five fail fixed. Mark Wahlberg might have left Robert Kraft hanging, but Tom Brady wasn’t going to »
This is funny. Mark Walhberg left Robert Kraft hanging like he was Tom Brady:
Tom Brady's perfect message to Robert Kraft after high-five snafu via
Mr. Kraft, Tom Brady knows how you feel ... and he's got your back. Robert Kraft took some ribbing on social media on Sunday after CBS cameras showe
Tom Brady picks up where Mark Wahlberg left Patriots owner Robert Kraft hanging.
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Tom Brady is there for Patriots owner Robert Kraft.
Tom Brady came to Robert Kraft's rescue with some high five support this morning.
Is it raining? No, that's Roger Goodell draining his bladder in our ears. Let me get this straight... Robert Kraft, Owner of the New England Patriots and noted GOOD FRIEND was on Good Morning America on Tuesday saying the league and Goodell's handling of the Ray Rice issue was "excellent". What else was he supposed to say and what other owner would he have besides a good friend, and what else would ANY owner say, knowing he could be setting a future player up to receive Goodell's unrelenting indisputable wrath? Kraft said, "[Goodell] had no knowledge of this video," HOW DO YOU KNOW?!?!?! How can you speak on what he did or didn't have? You CAN'T and to do so is yet another insult to intelligence. Rain? No, urine on the ear drum. Kraft called Goodell's statement and new policy about handling domestic violence a "mea culpa" (an acknowledgment of one's fault or error). It was that, but, was it because he's a take ownership, react to the will of the fans, kind of guy, or was it a necessary damage control reac ...
How do you feel about Robert Kraft's statements regarding NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's handling of the Ray Rice situation?
Robert Kraft: "Ray Rice should never play in the NFL again". *hugs repeat domestic abuser Mayweather in skybox*
Robert Kraft will get his Super Bowl ring back when Putin straps it to a nuke and sends it to Boston.
The Patriots have only had 2 losing seasons (1995 and 2000) since Robert Kraft bought them in 1994.
So basically he's calling Robert Kraft a homophobe.
From his 1982 album, Retro Active. Written by Robert Kraft & Andy Goldmark. Produced by Larry Carlton Basic Track Engineered by Elliot Scheiner All Additiona...
Robert Kraft hosted the annual team Labor Day BBQ at his house on the Cape this weekend - check out some of the photos:
*BREAKING* CHIVAS USA acquire AMERICAN LW BREK SHEA in super secret blind draw by drawing straws out of ROBERT KRAFT'S anal cavity
I wanna thank the Hebrew god. Robert Kraft owner of the patriots
"it was a great win and id like to thanks my lord and savior; the Hebrew god Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots."
Robert Kraft Net Worth: Robert Kraft is known as among the most affluent individuals on earth. It’s been decla...
"It was a great win. And I would like to thank my Lord and savior, the Hebrew God, Robert Kraft owner of the Patriots."
On tap for tonight:. Beer. Pizza. New season of 2 fantasy drafts that will overlap (help me my jewish lord & savior Robert Kraft)
"Put Molly all in Welker's champagne, he ain’t een know it. I got him a 4 game suspension, he ain't een know it." -Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft's Labor Day Party Pictures. Looks like a good time.
Special sexy treat for happy hour today. Come hang with The Robert Kraft Trio and Robert Allan Caldwell at 6pm.
jeez, Robert Kraft must feel the financial strain that added to his business
Robert Kraft's girlfriend is younger than Tom Brady's wife. This is disgusting, Mr. Kraft is a borderline-pedophile.
Old rich men dating young girls is gross. Robert Kraft is a disgusting shell of a human being.
in Who knew? Opening night of the season at Kraft Stadium (owner Robert Kraft)
My fantasy football team: I'm Robert Kraft and is Bill Belichick
Robert Kraft probably slipped some Molly into Wes Welker’s drink
Team name Ruxin is praying at my shul... to Robert Kraft
Photos from the annual Labor Day weekend team BBQ at Robert Kraft's Cape house:
Break it down in some sweet sneaks like Ty Law & Robert Kraft break at
Robert Kraft said today he wants Wes Welker to retire a Patriot, but 'it takes two sides' to reach a deal
Cold-hearted Patriots will pay for letting Wes Welker walk to Denver Broncos - FOX Sports on MSN via
Robert Kraft's first game as owner was Sept. 4, 1994 at Miami, also the site of this Sunday's game
Real quick wasnt Robert Kraft saying that they actually offered more than Den? So did they really want him to go?
Darrelle Revis says he came to New England to be part of the Patriots legacy built by Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick
Robert Kraft owner of New England Patriots and former 2 time Super Bowl Champion Jarvis Green.
Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft & the Patriots Do the Ice Bucket Challenge via
VIDEO: Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and the Patriots do the
Robert Kraft + Daniel Snyder + Micky Arison and Dan Gilbert r the worst sports teams owners in n america. Zionists to the core
Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, sends letter to parents of American killed fighting in IDF
During Ty Law's induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Friday night, he and owner Robert Kraft recreated their dance moves from the victory rally after their first Super Bowl victory in 2002.
VIDEO: Patriots owner Robert Kraft awkwardly danced to "Da Butt" with Ty Law
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Ty Law just surprised Robert Kraft with custom Air Force 1s in honor of their famous dance!
Bill Belichick’s text messages part of Aaron Hernandez case: New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and coach...
The family of Daniel de Abreu, one of two men Aaron Hernandez allegedly murdered in 2012, name the Patriots and Robert Kraft as defendants in a wrongful death suit against Hernandez.
I believe in justice - but how the *** is Robert Kraft responsible for Aaron Hernandez committing murder??
Boston mayor Marty Walsh called Robert Kraft to express interest in hosting the draft, Kraft said.- Ressa
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft told reporters at a Community MVP event that Boston mayor Marty Walsh is working with the NFL on potentially hosting the 2015 NFL draft.
"Happy birthday to one of the greatest and classiest owners of this generation, Robert Kraft. Bob Kraft is the best!
At a football safety event beside NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Patriots owner Robert Kraft points to his earlier statements in response to inquiries about Aaron Hernandez.
name a Patriot Hall of Famer besides Robert Kraft.
Robert Kraft calls into to thank for raised goal posts. STORY:
What did owner Robert Kraft thank for on the latest podcast?! LISTEN:
"THE LONDON FRANCHISE HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. and it isn't what fans heave been expecting. Jaguars fans worldwide, believed to number in the hundreds, have been misled. Talk of the Union Jax was all a ploy to divert media attention from the top-secret negotiations over the true London franchise... until the bombshell minutes were leaked in the early hours of Tuesday morning. According to the leaked reports, all 1,776 pages of them, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was unswayable all along regarding which team would be moving to London: "It is the opinion of the commissioner that since “Spygate” and the Aaron Hernandez affair the Patriots have become a negative influence on the brand” states one report. It goes on to claim “ aggressive relocation would be one option….” followed by dismissal of the Jaguars as a viable option as “a little sad”. The Patriots will be the new anchor tenants for the Olympic Stadium after the UK Government agreed to put in an extra £25m ($41.5m) towards the costs ...
Wow this might be the worst soccer article I have read in years
Greenie should ask Robert Kraft to give him a razor...
theyre not yours, Mr. Robert Kraft owns them.
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Welker's agents and Patriots continue back and forth via
Yeah those guys are gonna leave big shoes to fill. But I trust Robert Kraft.
BSB: We are just a few minutes out from the first pitch. Robert Kraft will get the start for the in the finale against Sac State.
It's about time! The only thing that's missing is a "print" button -- other than that, a great app!
I expect nothing but elite play this year from you, Robert Kraft hooked you up big time
(cont) totally new team? I think Robert Kraft thinks Brady is God.
Has Robert seen this? "The Krafts Are the Worst Owners in Major League Soccer"
"Be your own person, make your own decisions...and don't be afraid to fail" -Robert Kraft
Maybe Robert Kraft hasn't gotten the memo on what teams like Toronto are spending.
They don't want no parts of a *** even to be thought of being affiliated wit gangs. Robert Kraft not gonna do it smfh
At the rate of these Russian sanctions, Robert Kraft is never going to get his Super Bowl ring back.
Robert Kraft stated that there is no way that the New England Patriots will have anything to do with him.
Was what DeSean Jackson did (what did he actually do?) any where near as bad as what Robert Kraft did?
Just got plastered with with Robert Kraft and got some strippers.
"One thing I've learned in my 20 years, winning the offseason isn't what matters." -Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft and visit the Boylston Street firehouse a short time ago
.& talk w/ about whether Robert Kraft is the worst owner in
After DJax told the he has no gang involvement, Robert Kraft stopped returning his calls.
Shout out to Robert Kraft for including nurses in his statement of respect to all under appreciated workers ❤️💉💊
Robert Kraft shot down Kenny Britt, Id imagine Bill would want to take a look at Jackson, but signing him? Can't see it.
2 weeks ago, Vince Wilfork wanted out of New England. This week, Robert Kraft spoke with optimism of a compromise. Today, the…
And with Robert Kraft telling the Herald the Pats won't be signing Kenny Britt, it's natural to connect similar decision to …
Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft are so confused by the Eagles preemptive actions right now.
Next up for Prisco: “Robert Kraft is outraged by Hernandez, but you think diabetes never kills anyone?”
Robert Kraft. Forget PR. Sign DeSean Jackson. It's about the rings. Not perception.
If Robert Kraft said the Pats aren't going to sign Kenny Britt, I can't believe they'd be interested in DeSean Jackson.
Robert Kraft on the passing of Bills owner Ralph Wilson:
Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft issued the following statement on the passing of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr. 
Ian Rapoport reports that the Patriots owner Robert Kraft has reached out to DT Vince Wilfork in recent days. According to Rapoport, it remains to be seen whether or not the Patriots will be able to conVince Wilfork to stay with the team.
ORLANDO -- Patriots owner Robert Kraft fired back Monday at Mark Cuban's assertion that the "greedy" NFL is "10 years away from an implosion."...
New on owner Robert Kraft's full remarks on Vince Wilfork:
What is happening with the cowboys? Did Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft switch bodies like Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore?
Clearly there is no longer any chance Putin gives Robert Kraft back his Super Bowl ring.
Robert Kraft better offer all the money in the world to resign Edelman cause no QB in the world can do well with Josh Boyce as a receiver
I honestly believe that Vince Wilfork in his heart knows that by him doing this he's not only A) making this whole process easier for the fans to take but he's also not making Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick go through the difficult experience of them having to decide what to do with him just knowing how close they all r, and B) he knows he's not going to b the same player he was before this terrible injury so by him closing to b released, he knows he's doing something that will greatly help r team out and we will benefit from this 10 fold by the cap space where gonna save. I love and appreciate everything you've done for us buddy and I hope wherever u land after this works out for u the way u want and ur happy there!
The New England Patriots have to be the CHEAPEST & STINGIEST organization in the NFL! They're not getting Revis, Robert Kraft it too cheap and doesn't believe in breaking the bank on any player other than Brady
People don't talk about this anymore. But, Vladimir Putin actually stole one of Robert Kraft's Super Bowl rings. Crazy!
Robert Kraft don't make me whoop your *** - Could Pats consider cutting Wilfork? - via
Tim trying to look like New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.
The New England Patriots Fan's even know how corrupt their organization is when News Media claimed Patriot Fan's alleged Aaron Hernandez broke out from Dartmouth House of Corrections to break into Tom Brady house to Kill him to avoid taking a Salary Cap Hit by not paying Tom Brady the rest of his multi million dollar contract!! That's how CORRUPT Coach Bill Belicheat and Robert Kraft are behind close doors Beantown! Lol Wow Breaking News I must say!!!
Never felt so embarrassed to be a Buffalo sports fan in my life... I cannot stand the New England Patriots, but someone needs to introduce Terry Pegula to Robert Kraft to learn how to run a sports franchise. Every time I see Tim Murray on t.v. I feel like I'm watching Dr. Evil taking another step to dissecting the fans hearts. Trading Miller was probably the correct thing to do but you get 0 players who were currently playing in the NHL in return... OK, maybe Halak, but he couldn't even start over a scrub KHL goalie for the Czech Republic...
If Canada should beat the USA in men's hockey today ( which I suspect they will ) Look for Wayne Gretzky to show his face , and claim how dominant Canada is in Hockey over the USA .! Reminds me of how Robert Kraft shows up in his box seats , only when the Patriots are beating somebody ! Hmnm !!
The NFL paid commissioner Roger Goodell $44.2 million in the 2012 calendar year, according to a recent tax filing. Goodell was paid $35.1 million in salary, bonus and pension compensation. He also received an incentive payment of $5 million and a $4.1 million pension payment from the league's work stoppage in 2011 that was paid in 2012. "I feel that, as commissioner, he runs the business of the NFL as if he were an owner-operator," Patriots owner Robert Kraft said in a statement. "I consider him to be one of the most outstanding managers in the country." Marc Ganis, president of SportsCorp, a sports consultancy firm that has worked with roughly two-thirds of the league's teams, says Goodell's salary is not out of whack. "It's pretty close to what baseball agreed to pay Bud Selig for his final two seasons," Ganis said. Ganis said Goodell's salary is highly based on his performance and the fact owners believe he is worth north of $1 million per team. "The NFL owners are paying this," Ganis said. "Not the pl ...
Robert Kraft reluctant to give Aqib Talib big money New England Patriots got a bargain when Aqib Talib earned his first career Pro Bowl nod on a one-year, $5 million salary in 2013. Owner Bob Kraft realizes he will have to shell out more money to keep Talib in March, but he doesn't sound keen on devoting a significant portion of the salary cap to an injury-prone cornerback. "Well we want to retain all the good players we can retain," Kraft said last Friday on WBZ-AM, via CSN New England's Tom Curran. "It's not like we have unlimited funding so ... He wasn't on the field a lot of the time since he's been with us. "It's a balance of us balancing all that out and what is he worth," Kraft continued. "I think he's happy here and would like to be here and we're happy with him and we'd like to have him here and now it's just about doing business." It's not unusual for an organization to attempt to drive a player's price tag down via public comments. In this case, Kraft has a fair point. Talib was forced to settl ...
seeing Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft like that would be incredible
Jonathan keller from WBZ just came in to my restaurant and talked about robert . Kraft's application for a Super Bowl
Who else is thinking patriots owner (Robert Kraft) has something to do with Manning loss? With SoLo D LaMusica Ralph Lanier Jr. Hm
and Robert Jew bag kraft better cough it up
Well, he said that about Welker as well.Kraft Would Like Julian Edelman and Aqib Talib to Return in 2014
Between the ice and snow, roads are slick out there today! Be safe everyone.
Robert Kraft is gonna sign the third backup safety from the Seahawks
2002 - Super Bowl XXXVI (at New Orleans): New England Patriots 20, St. Louis Rams 17. (The Rams had been a two-touchdown favorite and were trying for their second NFL title in three seasons.) Adam Vinatieri’s 48-yard field goal as time expired won the game after a 53-yard, nine-play drive was engineered by Patriots QB Tom Brady, who was voted the game’s MVP. “This is the perfect example of what happens when guys believe in each other,” said Brady, leader of the team that had been 5-11 the previous year. “The fans of New England have been waiting 42 years for this day,” owner Robert Kraft said. At the start of the season, the Patriots were 50-1 shots to win what was their first title ever (twice before they had lost Super Bowls -- both in the Louisiana Superdome). Tickets: $400.
but it was an event for the fans right??? Someone who listened for 25 years couldn't go so Robert Kraft could. He left at like 8.
"You have to see what other people don't see." -Robert Kraft. .
I'm the Robert Kraft of the jerz game
When the Patriots released Aaron Hernandez last summer, they assumed the risk of $7.5 million in dead money against the salary cap for the 2014 season. Based on the extreme circumstances that led to the roster transaction, it would make sense for the Patriots to ask the league for relief from that massive charge.However, it's unclear how willing the NFL might be to help them with that. Owner Robert Kraftwas asked today if the Patriots are asking the NFL for such relief."We’re doing whatever we can to free up any money we can," Kraft said."My friend here (pointing to a reporter) has said we need some players on the offensive side. Other people say we need on the defensive side. We have a fellow likeMatt Slater who is such an outstanding special teams player, he’s a free agent coming up (after the 2014 season), so we have to balance a lot of things."Kraft obviously didn't directly answer the question, but he didn't deny the possibility, either. The Patriots could also gain cap room by releasing the like ...
Robert Kraft needs to stop being cheap and get brady a top receiver!!!
Wendy Davis just twerked her way back to Robert Kraft's suite. Dolla dolla bill, y'all!
There's an awesome spot of Robert Kraft and Boston Marathon Bombing first responders in that video.
god I wish so badly that was Robert Kraft and bill up there right now :(
Congrats to Pete Carroll, you won the superbowl. All you needed was to get Robert Kraft off your back.
Robert Kraft getting calls from Wes Welker like
Just remember that Robert Kraft once fired Pete Carroll.
I hope Robert Kraft is watching this game and thinking of spending some money next year to get some help for Brady on offense and DB's
In a show of sportsmanship and humanity Robert Kraft has several tankers convoying on the jersey turnpike loaded with a fresh steaming batch of crybaby soup made by Kraft foods for the Broncos and their fans. PS I wonder how much marijuana sales went up in Colorado after the first 1/4
This Proves the disservice Bilichick & Robert Kraft has done to Brady not getting him players.When u have score 43
Well with this being said, I hope Robert Kraft Mayonnaise make some changes in our defense.
via Robert Kraft, Patrick Monahan of & Steven Tyler at
Robert K. Kraft field at Columbia U. *** of a venue.
14 years ago today, Robert Kraft made the best decision of his life hiring this guy
Lol I bet Robert Kraft is a happy camper sittin up in those stands right now!😂👌
.owner Robert Kraft stops to sign for some fans!
wait remember when Robert Kraft cut me in the security line last night
Bruce is in OZ, no clue about where Bon Jovi is- probably with Robert Kraft since he loves the Pats. I think this one is over
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Working on my craft until I'm Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft, & were part of the pre-game Declaration of Independence special:
So if Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft think a London NFL franchise is a good thing then I can see that we will end...
Robert Kraft did good job to deliver the Declaration of Independence for the pregame segment. Don't you think?
Wes Welkers just called Robert Kraft and said he wants to come back
Robert Kraft isn't that much better looking than you
What have we learned so far? Robert Kraft should have never fired Pete Carroll
Here is my Super Bowl prediction-Peyton Manning gets injured on his first snap. John Elway suits up, throws for 400 yards and wins the game and MVP. The celebration is interrupted when a very drunk Robert Kraft shows up and starts hurling pretzels and insults at Wes Welker. Seriously though, Seattle 28-Denver 24
Did you see Robert Kraft in that FREEdom PSA with those Retro 11 Low's on???
Robert Kraft ( Onwer NE Patriots) was " Boston Strong" reading his part of the U.S. Constitution. You go Sir & to the men standing by your side & behind you!
This is for all the New England Patriots fans. In your opinion Who do you think the penny pinching is Robert Kraft or Bill Belichick. That does not want to spend the money on some good free agents? Year after year.
New York — Patriots owner Robert Kraft expressed his desire to have pending free agents Julian Edelman and Aqib Talib return to the team while talking during a meeting with reporters on Friday , after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s annual Super Bowl press conference. On hand At the Rose Theater at...
Superbowl sunday it is. I just saw patriots owner robert kraft 72 years young and girlfriend ricki noel lander 34 years old, so much love in the air. 😉
Robert Kraft (owner of the Patriots) wife died of cancer awhile back.didn't take him long to get over it.He is now dating this girl.she is young enough to be his son's daughter! !
Was that Robert Krafts daughter or girlfriend on TV just a few minutes ago! Cradle robber?
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Looks like Robert Kraft is done mourning!
Seeing Robert Kraft walk with his girlfriend makes me want to vomit.
Did I just see Hugh heff or Robert Kraft ?
I hate the Patriots with every fiber of my being but Robert Kraft is a pimp
Just watched a piece on Football America and it reaffirmed why the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft and Tom Brady are great. Very touching story
Robert Kraft: Patriots being 'vigilant' in wake of Hernandez -Ressa
Robert Kraft: 'We are always spending to the cap'-Ressa
Sound bites from Robert Kraft at Bowl ESPN (blog) NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will hold his “state of the NFL” news conference on Friday, which is usually attended by most team owners. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is in attendance and expected address reporters later in the day.
is it me or has New York cut the NFL down to size? There is no real "Super Bowl" fever here except for maybe Times Square. This is not New Year's Eve, its not the Fourth of July fireworks, it's not the Thanksgiving Day parade, its blocking traffic flow more than anything else. It's not a New York event, not like the Marathon or the US Open, it's going to pass by tomorrow. The hockey games at the Stadium were bigger events locally. It's America's sporting holiday but it's not New York although the NFL accomplished what it wanted and the next cold weather outdoor game will be going to Boston with St. Robert Kraft of Foxboro or Danny Snyder's Maryland facility. To the purists who demand pristine conditions for a game that has left players with brain related injuries, which features career maiming injuries, which is filled with blood and violence, what's the big deal about cold weather, and its not cold here today, and elements?
  Fans who packed in MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, were in an outrage when they learned that WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan would not be competing in this year's Super Bowl XLVIII. As both the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos took the field, the crowd roared into a rumble of disapprovment.     What was becoming a distraction for the players who rely on verbal communication with each other on the field, every time Denver's QB Peyton Manning shouted "Omaha", the crowd responded with "No! No! No!" in what seemed almost endless.     Even longtime Seahawks fans Joeb Burr and Hamm N. Eggar were both stunned with Bryan not being put into the game.  "I mean, it's the biggest show of the year," said Burr. "Why not put the biggest star from Washington in there?"     Almost as equally as shocking, C.M. Punk, who was advertised to appear at this year's event, left half an hour before the coin toss, after a verbal disagreement with Commission Roger Goodell.  There are many speculations on what the a ...
Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke with the media on Friday, following Rodger Goodell's state of the league address. Mr. Kraft talked about the possibility of NFL expansion, Thursday night football, and more.  
One of the best lines from tonight's NFL Honors show on Fox comes from host Alec Baldwin looking at Patriots owner Robert Kraft in the audience and said "This year we learned that when you have Tom Brady and 52 uniforms stuffed with straw, you can only get as far as the AFC Championship Game". Then the camera took a close up of Rob Gronkowski who didn't look happy. Priceless!
Charles Haley has 5 rings with 49ers/Cowboys and Eddie DeBartolo has 5 rings as an owner of San Francisco. More than Robert Kraft or Steelers original owner and they get snuffed.again. Aeneas Williams? Michael Strahan...? C'mon man!
Robert Kraft took me out tonight for giving birth 26 years ago to Kelli Benner
Robert Kraft has navigated the Pats through 20 years of highs and lows.
People act in accordance with the truth as they perceive it to be. Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots NFL team, said on CNBC Squawk program yesterday that Tom Brady is the best QB in the NFL. In the fiftenn meetings between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady teams, Tom has won ten. Everyone has an opinion!
Robert Kraft wants Patriots to re-sign Aqib Talib & Julian Edelman. -CM Patriots owner Robert Kraft on WR Julian Edelman: "I definitely want him back," Kraft said. "He’s an outstanding young man. We hope he wants to be back, and once again, it’s about two sides coming together. He really came into his own this year. What he did returning kicks and punts, but what he did on the field was tremendous. I really hope he’ll return with us." Kraft on CB Aqib Talib: "Very much, I really would," Kraft said. "Look what happened in the game in Denver when he went out. We see the impact he can have. No matter how many weapons you have on offense, if you can’t stop the team on the other side, then it doesn't matter. He really made a great contribution." "He’s been a great young man in the locker room, fun to be with," Kraft said. "He’s really been a great team player, and the camaraderie has been terrific. He’s a fun guy. He’s a real good guy"
Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, talks to the "CBS This Morning" about his friend Pete Carroll - head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, the riva...
Medical update. When do you transfer a patient to a facility 2 hours south of you? At 4:30 in the morning of course! Now at JFK. Hoping Diane Cowan Salter or Kerri Salter or Robert Kraft or Karen Henry-Kraft or Vanessa Kraft brings me something to eat. Here are some hints...Diet cherry jello, Chicken salad, Green salad with ranch and/or a cheeseburger. Or maybe I vill call der vater to brwing me some german chocolate cake. And mini Claussen dil pickles. And a salt shaker lol.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft said Friday that he supports the idea of a centralized replay system that could – in theory – clean up some of the game-changing calls that cropped up league-wide this year, Tom Curran of CSN New England reports.
Robert Kraft is my boy. King among kings!
Robert Kraft doesn't believe in "loading up" to win Super Bowls... Well his *** better start or we'll never get another ring
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said he believes London will receive an NFL franchise ...
Still time to get in a valentines order for that special girlfriend, sister, mother or grandmother (guys this goes for you too)!! Jose Verdugo, Robert Kraft, Rob De La Cerda, Oscar Olmedo, Alex Flores, Chris Peshut, Chris Schuller, Christian Salyer, Hector Bejarano, Hector Escarcega,
Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots, spoke today on “CBS This Morning”, and “Squawk Box”. He had some interesting comments, ranging from this weekend’s Super Bowl, to Tom Brady’s incredible work ethic. Kraft said that Brady was already back in Foxboro, working with Josh McDaniels in an effort...
Kraft expects word soon on league’s Thursday package Word could be coming soon on where you can see football on Thursday nights. Via Albert Breer of the NFL Network, Patriots owner Robert Kraft said during an interview on 98.5 the Sports Hub that he expected an announcement on the league’s new Thursday Night Football package. The league is auctioning off part of its inventory, allowing bids for multiple numbers of the games. The league’s hanging onto the simulcast rights, which will keep the games on NFL Network in addition to the winning bidder. The league sent proposals for bids to all their broadcast partners as well as Turner Sports.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft joined Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti on their Felger & Mazz show on Friday. He touched upon the current state of the Patriots, and the team preparing for next season.
Felger & Mazz welcomed a special guest on Friday afternoon on Radio Row in New York, as Patriots owner Robert Kraft stopped by to discuss a number of topics regarding the team and the league.
Just got bumped from spot on Felger & Mazz for spot with Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Guess he trumps even the Potentate of Pigskin.
[Boston Herald] - Robert Kraft hints Patriots could be trying to gain relief from Aaron Hernadez ..
Robert Kraft says Tom Brady has been at Gillette all week working with Josh McDaniels
Robert Kraft says that Tom Brady has been and still is training in the Stadium with OC McDaniels since their loss against the Broncos. He says they are working on what they had problems with. That's pretty good to know! This is why I love BRADY!!
Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft the day Bill got hired back in 2000
given the circumstances I think if Robert Kraft is smart he would fire Bill Belicheck
Before kickoff of the AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos, Patriots owner Robert Kraft was spotted hanging out with none other than Jon Bon Jovi. But what happens to Bon Jovi once the game starts? Answer: He sits wherever the *** he wants. With just a few secon...
Dante Scarnecchia has retired after 32 seasons in the NFL, including 30 seasons with the team (1982-88, 1991-2013). The Patriots also announced the addition of Dave DeGuglielmo (pronounced – Day-ghoul-YELL-mo) to Bill Belichick’s staff. He will serve as the new Patriots offensive line coach in 2014. “Dante Scarnecchia has been the only coaching constant since I purchased the team in 1994,” said Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft. “Not coincidentally, he retires as the only coach to have been a part of all seven Super Bowl teams in Patriots franchise history. I want to thank Dante for his leadership, professionalism and always putting the team first. For as long as I have known him, he was always the first to arrive in the morning and among the last to leave. He didn’t demand respect from his players. He earned it. I loved watching Dante lead by example, especially when he would run stride for stride with his players during their conditioning runs. He was a coach who always stressed techniq ...
Robert Kraft, Jon Bon Jovi & John Elway hanging on the sidelines at Sports Authority Field
Jon Bon Jovi spent his Sunday at the AFC Championship Game rubbing elbows with Robert Kraft and John Elway. The rock star, who has revealed that he would like to become an NFL owner one day, hung o...
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft calls the current Patriots team "Super special" via
WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN THE 2013 POSTSEASON TEAM •With a victory, the Patriots will advance to their eighth Super Bowl, matching Dallas and Pittsburgh for the most Super Bowl appearances. •The Patriots have rushed for 200 yards in their last two games with 267 yards in the regular season-finale vs. Buffalo and 234 yards in the Divisional Playoff win vs. Indianapolis. If they reach 200 yards rushing at Denver it will be the first time they have had a stretch of three straight games with 200 yards rushing since having a stretch of four straight 200-yard games in 1978, the year the Patriots set the NFL record for most rushing yards in a single season with 3,165 yards rushing. It is the Patriots longest standing NFL record. ROBERT KRAFT •With a win over Denver, Robert Kraft will earn his seventh conference title. Kraft is already the first NFL owner to bring his team to six Super Bowls. •Kraft (21) needs one more postseason win to tie Eddie DeBartalo, Jr. for the fourth-most postseason wins by an ownershi ...
Can we trade Woody Johnson for either Pat Bowlen or Robert Kraft? NFL: It's all about the owner.
Robert Kraft will turn into Jerry Jones when Brady and Belicheck are done.
Charles Barkley was hanging around the Patriots locker room after their win last night--apparently he's friends with owner Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick?--so the assorted media got him to answer some football questions. His assessment of New England's fans and media? They're spoiled.
The thought that "Bill Belichick" was the coach of the JETS for one day. dam that Robert Kraft. If only?
I wish that Jerry Jones was more like Robert Kraft!
With Jerry Buss now gone, is there any doubt Robert Kraft is the best owner in American sports?
This Tom Brady guy is pretty good. I like Chuck Pagano. I detest the arrogance of Bill Belichek I like Robert Kraft. I cannot stand the arrogance of Jim Irsay (or his late father, Robert). I like both Brady and Luck. I'm pretty conflicted about this game. I will say Boston has been awfully spoiled in sports over the last dozen years or so. Luck v Manning would be epic next week. But there would be plenty of story with a Welker/Patriots - Brady/Manning matchup too. I'm just hoping for another exciting finish like Hawks/Saints earlier. I guess I really don't have a dog in this hunt. I never thought I'd say this... I think I'm going to actually miss Dan Dierdorf after he retires after this year. Its sad, to me, that this is his last game. I remember in college, freshman year, when he was the voice of Monday Nite Football, we had a game where we would have to drink a shot of beer everytime he said something dumb. Tuesday morning classes were no fun. I'm not saying he's gotten much better, or go ...
Sam Berns, a Foxborough teenager who became a source of inspiration within the Patriots’ locker room as he battled the rare disease progeria, has died at the age of 17. Patriots owner Robert Kraft was moved by Sam’s story after seeing the HBO documentary Life According to Sam, which detailed his str...
I love Robert Kraft. New England is really lucky to have an owner who cares, but isn't Al Davis or Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder.
At first glance, I thought Robert Kraft's new girlfriend was mom
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft calls injured captain Vince Wilfork "the heart and soul" of the team. Pam Oliver's profile airs Weds at 10p.
I dreamed last night that I had dinner with and Robert Kraft.
Ready for a smile? Check out Tom Brady & Robert Kraft's surprise for 2 very special little guys on
You don't see Robert Kraft..Jeffrey Lurie..or Dan Rooney answering to the media after every game
Robert Kraft and the Patriots organization is doing a very good job broadcasting the High School State Championships game! Scott Zolak commentating half time reports! I got to get my squad to Gillette one day!
Found this gem in my moms basement collecting dust. Looks like Robert Kraft , Willie mcginest, Curtis Martin , Terry Glenn , Pete Carroll, Teddy brushchi. Any idea what it's worth ?
A great day checking out the New England Patriots facilities. Even got 15 mins with the boss man Robert Kraft.
He, will have to give Robert Kraft's(New England Patriots owner) Super Bowl ring back first?
Tedy Bruschi gets emotional when Patriots owner Robert Kraft discusses Bruschi's importance to the franchise.
Robert Kraft, Gronk, Edelman, Solder and Slater are distributing Thanksgiving food baskets for 220 families tonight at Goodwill in Roxbury
While Jon Bon Jovi is interested in becoming an NFL owner someday, he's not currently pursuing the Buffalo Bills, the New Jersey rocker's publicist told The Associated Press on Monday. "The Bills are not for sale, and he has too much respect for Mr. Wilson to engage in any discussions of buying the team," Ken Sunshine said, referring to Ralph Wilson, the team's Hall of Fame owner. Saying Bon Jovi has "a day job that's doing very well," Sunshine added, "It's preposterous to say he's had any discussions with the Bills and Erie County." Sunshine spoke by phone a day after posted a story citing unidentified sources that Bon Jovi is among the parties positioning themselves to purchase the Bills after Wilson's death. Wilson, who turned 95 last month, has maintained he has no interest in selling the franchise during his lifetime. Sunshine didn't deny Bon Jovi's interest in someday being a team owner, saying his client has made that no secret. Bon Jovi has developed relationships with several NFL po ...
Congrats to Robert Kraft at LSC for winning an mp3 player courtesy of Benefit Express!
Once again, my heart is full and I am feeling very humbled by all the love and support at last night's benefit and Tribute to Monterey Pop. What a show. It was definitely 1967 last night. I got so caught up in the music and connecting with people, I fell behind in officially acknowledging on stage all who made the show mind was spinning by the end of the evening, so, forgive me if I missed anyone. (Footage and photos will be coming soon for those who missed out too). My eternal gratitude goes out to our music mercenaries for the evening: Jesse Sublett, Why Not Satellite, Oliver Rajamani, Dan Dyer, Kevin McKinney, Mike Flanigin, Andra Mitrovich, Robert Kraft and Tameca Jones. Thanks to our community partners and volunteers: Austin Chronicle, Austin Land & Cattle (Scotty Mescall), ONE-2-ONE BAR, Dave Mead, Chris Green, Abraham Ludwig, Wayne Duncan, Drew Dillard, Kerry Tartack, and my baby Hudson. And thanks to our silent auction donors: Lou Adler, Santa Monica Press, Eric Burdon, Hotel ...
The Pats. The matchup of great quarterbacks turned into a game of turnovers. And the New England Patriots won both. Tom Brady outplayed Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos made the biggest mistake and the Patriots won 34-31 on Stephen Gostkowski's 31-yard field goal with 1:56 left in overtime Sunday night. Photos: Greatest moments in Boston sports New England lost fumbles on each of its first three possessions and trailed 24-0 at halftime. "If someone walks up to you and hits you in the face," Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich said, "I mean, what type person are you? Do you just turn and walk away or are you going to fight back?" They fought back. Brady threw three touchdown passes as New England scored on its first five possessions of the second half and took a 31-24 lead. Then the Broncos tied it when Manning threw an 11-yard scoring pass to Demaryius Thomas with 3:06 left in the fourth quarter. Both teams punted on each of their first two possessions of overtime. But the last one, a high punt by New ...
"But, if I hear that a guy went to Berklee or went to the UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI or USC, it puts them one yard ahead of the competition because you see he's been serious, he's studied, he's maybe been an apprentice or he's been on a student film. I think it helps." -Robert Kraft, former president of Fox Music. Chris Boardman
Those Refs made *** sure they made up for the call against the Panthers!! Robert Kraft owns the commisoner!!!
I am thankful for the New England Patriots. I am thankful for Robert Kraft. I am thankful for Bill Belichik. I am thankful for Tom Brady. 'Nuff said...
Wes Welker has nothing but praise for Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick
What we learned tonight. A. robert kraft is in the pocket of the NFL. B. if u cry enough, u will get the penalty and finally C. spygate (largest pro sports fine of all time) is still going on.
LOL I swear Robert Kraft must have a direct line to Jesus. LOL Wow the Broncos HOT!!! I know
Aaron Hernandez would have been killed somebody by now Robert Kraft should bail him out
Two weeks in a row the Pats are screwed... Somebody really hates Robert Kraft & is can pay..
If you are not watching this game, I would suggest turning it on! This game is ridiculous! Broncos took a 24-0 lead. Then came out of half like someone stole Robert Kraft and scored 31 consecutive points to take the 31-24 lead. 3 minutes left!!!
And now the wind in New England is so bad it's affecting the referees vision. That, or Robert Kraft handed them a big check at halftime
Well I don't want to say it again; but, HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE.TOM, BILL&ROBERT KRAFT done bought one! Shaame on you Peyton.Archie should whip your ***
Chiefs brass called Robert Kraft at half time to remind them of the game plan. Beat the Broncos!!
Robert Kraft should refund tickets for all the fans who attended the game tonight. Despite the bitter cold, those people paid to see the Patriots play, and clearly, that's not happening.
Patriot's owner Robert Kraft is on the NFL's finance committee. With this power he authorized a deal where 6 of the NFL's largest media markets were to Loan their teams 150 million to build new stadiums for their teams. Of course the Patriots were one of those teams. He then leveraged another 70 million out of Massachusetts' infrastructure by threatening to move the Pats to Connecticut, to build the $325 million stadium, where he already owned the valuable parking lots. The Patriot's dynasty was started. They would soar from a net worth of $252 million in 1998 to over 1.2 billion by 2008. Kraft's influence can be felt worldwide as he gave Vladimir Putin - Russia's president, a superbowl ring as well as bringing the Lombardi trophy to a meeting with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in israel and building a $500,000 stadium in Israel - Israel's only American football stadium.
Robert Kraft is as good as owner as there is in NFL. If you remember Jeff Saturday a Player Rep and Robert Kraft met during player strike which ended soon after this meeting.
Robert Kraft (Patriots owner) was instrumental in bringing an expansion team to Houston (Texans), telling Bob Mcnair (Texans owner) his billion dollar investment in the NFL wouldnt just give him a team, it would also guarantee Houston would be host of the 2004 superbowl. A superbowl Kraft's patriots ended up playing in and ultimately winning.
Touché Robert Kraft. Killing the clocks at Gillette Stadium so viewers can't count down the seconds till the beat down is over.
I'm sorry, but did Robert Kraft sell the Patriots back to the Sullivan family? :-(
6th Round. 199 overall. Slow on reads. Slow to react. Doesn't deliver the ball on time. Poor built... Skinny. Lacks great physical stature. Can't drive the ball down field. "I just want to tell ya, you made one of the way decisions picking me." Tom Brady to Robert Kraft "What's your favorite ring?" "The next one."
Good read for any Brady/Manning fan. kinda long but worth it. Still love Brady's Cinderella story and telling Robert Kraft back when he was a nobody "I'm Tom Brady, and I'm the best decision your franchise has ever made"
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