Robert Knepper & Prison Break

Robert Lyle Knepper (born July 8, 1959) is an American actor. Prison Break is an American television serial drama created by Paul Scheuring, that was broadcast on the Fox Broadcasting Company for four seasons, from 2005 until 2009. The series revolves around two brothers; one has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, and the other devises an elaborate plan to help his brother escape prison. 5.0/5

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Prison Break star Robert Knepper ‘grabbed costume designer’s crotch as hard as he could leaving her bleeding’
T-Bag is definitely my favourite Prison Break character 👌🏻😂
Just watched the new Orville episode, they Robert Knepper aka T-Bag from Prison Break and even freaking Liam Neeson! 👍🤩
Will there be another season of Prison Break?
Look I'm watching Prison Break season 1 ep.2. It was your first scene, do you remember ? 😊😊😊
OMG!! (aka T-Bag from Prison Break) heard us on talking about my encounter w/ him AND CALLED US…
Today is a magical day! Prison Break is lucky and blessed to have you, with all your charm and sweet talkin' ♥
happy thanksgiving Robert. Can't wait to see you on Prison Break and Twin Peaks!
I'm watching Prison Break and you're great!!! 💫
T-Bag will always and forever be my favourite character on Prison Break
Where is Robert Knepper of Prison Break fame? Apparently working on Hard Target 2. Yuuck! Waste of talent.
The greatest moment in Prison Break? elephant soliloquy. Brilliant.
OMG that's so funny Teddy! can't wait to see more Prison Break!
is it true there will be a season 5 for Prison Break?
Just saw the Prison Break ep where you sing the Tweener song. Lol you have a beautiful voice, even if the song isn't sweet.
Was it your idea with holding the trouser pocket in Prison Break? Or T-Bag's "shoulder-walk"? :)
Jey I am really happy to see you here today :) How are you and your family? Any news for Prison Break?
I liked a video Actor Robert Knepper Discusses His Role in 'Prison Break'
I have been watching Prison Break all day. You were one of the most amazing character. I miss this show!!
Robert Knepper (T-Bag) and Amaury Nolasco (Sucre) on the set of Prison Break. Sucre & t bag
Wentworth Miller and Robert Knepper in The Flash, yeah Prison Break reunion
The irony of seeing T-Bag (Robert Knepper) from Prison Break play lieutenant commander in Seal Team Six is making my life.
And guess what? and is gonna be such a Prison Break reunion with Wentworth Miller and Robert Knepper.
😜 I just watch Prison Break all over again 😍 Are you still in contact with any of the guys from Prison Break cast and crew?💗
I've been binge watching Prison Break and your assessment of Teabag was dead on! Heeebie-jeebies! is great!
"Why didn't Robert Knepper's character teabag a single person once on Prison Break?" and other questions that keep me up at night
Just got my tickets to London Film & Comic Con 2014!!! Cannot wait to meet Milo Ventimiglia and Robert Knepper from Heroes (& Prison Break!!!) and Natalie Dormer from the Tudors (& Game Of Thrones which I don't watch) as well as STAN LEE! & a whole bunch of others from LOTR, Star Wars, GOT!
Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. and the man who is promised to marry Deanna Troi? T-Bag from Prison Break...Robert Knepper. I am quite concerned for Deanna's safety.
Everyone's favorite tech guru Felicity is about to face her biggest test yet on Arrow. Prison Break alum Robert Knepper makes his debut Wednesday as William Tockman, better known as DC Comics' villainous...
'Prison Break' star Robert Knepper has been cast as Clock King in 'Arrow' and President Snow's minister Antonius in 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay'. … Continue reading →
New phone, no info, text me so I have your number. Also Robert Knepper (T Bag from Prison Break) js the villain in the latest Arrow episode, should be good.
Robert Knepper makes an awesome bad guy! (T-Bag from Prison Break as well as many others) He's on Arrow this week.. Wooo!
Cracking episode of Arrow with a surprise appearance from Robert Knepper aka T-Bag from Prison Break. The end is nigh for this season and it's just getting more interesting.
My favourite episode so far with guest star Robert Knepper aka T-Bag from Prison Break
Robert Knepper, Actor: Prison Break. Robert Knepper, the son of a veterinarian, was born in Fremont, Ohio, and raised in Maumee (near Toledo). When he was growing up, his mother worked in the props department for the community theater, and because of her involvement, he became interested in acting.…
Tonight’s episode of Arrow, which starts in less than ten minutes on the East Coast, sees Team Arrow facing off against The Clock King. Played by Heroes and Prison Break alum Robert Knepper, the character has been set up as a kind of opposite number for Felicity, both understanding and–at least once...
[ Robert Knepper from Prison Break is on Arrow! And Alex Kingston is reprising her role as Dinah Lance! ]
Robert Knepper on his role as baddie Clock King in think Robert Knepper plays awesome bad guys. He did his best bad guy role as Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell in the excellent TV series Prison Break. And he’s had turns in other TV series, including Heroes and Cult, and even in the movie… [ 328 more words. ]
am i the only one who feels that Suranga Lakmal and Robert Knepper ('T-bag' in Prison Break ) are doppelgangers. they do look-alike :3
I'm not gonna try to pretend that Mob City is one of the greatest shows on TV right now but I will say it is a very, very SOLID program. That being said, Robert Knepper is knocking out of the frigging park as Sid Rothman. An actor who has slowly come to my attention with roles in Prison Break and Heroes, Knepper has just earned the status of being an actor who's name I will now start to remember. Stellar stuff and the breakout role in the program.
I love a good period drama, whether movie or TV. After the Walking Dead's Exec Producer Frank Darabont took a walk he started a non-zombie film Noir project, TNT's Mob City. The cast and period portrayals are excellent but it's great to see character actor Robert Knepper as a bad guy. He was best known as the utterly reprehensible Theodore Bagwell, 'T Bag', in four seasons of Prison Break. TBag was brilliantly played- an unspeakably cruel and complex weasle who finally 'got his' in the end... Both that role and this new one are excellent addresses for this seasoned, intense actor.
Actor Robert Knepper talks about his role as T-Bag in 'Prison Break.'
Theadore Bagwell AKA "T-Bag", Robert Knepper , from Prison Break. Is a freakin gangster on the new show Mob City. What a great show, real life legends of organized crime. Pretty much a history book of the 1920's made into a show. Some other familiar faces as well from Walking Dead and some other shows/movies. But man, "T-Bag" was the man on Prison Break and That hasn't changed. Dude has that psychotic look right before making you swim with the fishes. Capesh ;^)
Robert Knepper T-Bag on Prison Break interview at Comic Con ( Vancouver Expo ) 2013 about his Prosthetic Hand I have from the series
Prison Break's Robert Knepper is cast as a DC villain in Arrow, and also lands role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.
Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes (Peter Petrelli), Robert Knepper who I remember from Prison Break (and Sully in Heroes) and Jon Bernthal (Shane) from the Walking Dead as well as a whole bunch of familiar faces are all in Mob City. Why have I not been watching this fantastic and beautiful series?
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Good news for Arrow fans !! American actor Robert Knepper better known by his role " T-Bag " on " Prison Break " Joins " Arrow " cast playing the role of an evil character as usual !!
Will debut in episode 14 TV Line is reporting that Prison Break actor Robert Knepper has joined the cast of Arrow as William Tockman aka “Clock King.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay has added another actor to the cast. Prison Break alum Robert Knepper was recently tapped to portray Antonius, a character Slashfilm describes as the minister to Panem President Coriolanus Snow. If the guy doesn't sound familiar, there's a good reason why - Antonius...
'Prison Break' and 'Percy Jackson' actor Robert Knepper has landed two big roles in genre projects.
It’s a big day for Robert Knepper. On the heels of news that the Prison Break alum has been tapped for the next Hunger Games...
Re watching Prison Break. It's a testament to acting how much I hate the slithering T-Bag!
Robert Knepper plays T-Bag from Prison Break so well, definitely one of his best roles in my opinion.
The best character in Prison Break is definitely T-Bag, Robert Knepper is some actor
Hey T-Bag !!! I am fan of your acting in Prison Break ! and I mean it
with the incredible from Prison Break & Heroes. It was such a pleasure meeting you last night. ☺️
look forward to meeting you guys at "Heroes" & "Prison Break" were two of my FAVORITE s…
'Prison Break's Robert Knepper Joins 'The Blacklist' check out the show here
Background photo is me and Robert Knepper - He played "Tea Bag" in the FOX hit t.v. show Prison Break
The man who played Theodre Bagwell in Prison Break is a MAGNIFICENT ACTOR!! his work is actual ART!! i think his name is Robert Knepper
If you haven't watched Prison Break then you haven't witnessed the best actor who is
Prison Break is my favorite series of all time. What did you enjoy most about your character? :)
In studio today.Ryan Follese and Nash Overstreet from Hot Chelle Rae, 2 time Grammy Award Winner Melanie Fiona, Bryan Buckley king of Superbowl ads, Crystal Hefner, Hugh Hefner's new wife, Chris Terrio the writer of 'Argo' and Robert Knepper star of 'Prison Break' and 'Cult'.needless to's a busy day.
Robert Knepper who played "T bag" on Prison Break should play as an older Joker in one of the Batman movies.
I don't normally pay for internet on a flight but had to tell every one who is on the flight from DC to LA with me. ready? Eva Longoria! Ken Jeong from "The Hangover" stopped by to say congrats to the two people who are sitting right in front of me... Rebecca Green and Terry Crews (Old Spice guy) from "The Family Crews"... oh and also Robert Knepper. T-bag from "Prison Break"!!! Oh and then there is me and Rondy and the girl beside me, Marianna who keeps telling me who everyone is... :)
what an incredible actor you are, your role in Prison Break is absolute genius!
- Recently watched Prison Break box set!!! T-Bag!! Man great work!! Loving it!
Just got off the same flight as Robert Knepper (T-Bag from Prison Break)
Robert Knepper from TV prison break, is going to be starring in a new series called Cult, which will be airing next month on the CW11! Prison Break was one of my favorite TV shows from fox 5, Michael Scofield & Bradley Bellick were my favorite 2 characters on the show! Great ensemble cast!
Cult, a new thriller/drama from The CW starring Prison Break alum Robert Knepper (T-Bag), will debut Tuesday, Feb. 19, @ 9 p.m. ET on the network, replacing the recently cancelled Emily Owens, M.D. Are you excited about Cult? Sound off!
So cool to be watching Prison Break..T-Bag Bagwell is from Fremont! And I was standing right next to Robert Knepper...
I'm sure he's a great guy in real life but Robert Knepper was so good on Prison Break that having him on my flight makes me nervous.
T-Bag is such a great caracther. He's the reason Prison Break is one of my favorite shows ever
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell from Prison Break is my favourite TV character of all time, as brilliantly portrayed by :)
loved your work on Prison Break! You play a great villian. You would be great on Dexter as one of his rivals.
Spotted Robert Knepper, aka T-Bag from Prison Break on Venice Beach the other day...he still hasn't got caught!?
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[For a better experience, play it in 480p or 720p.] On this presentation, the most rich character of Prison Break: Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell. Robert Knepper i...
Prison Break is an American television serial drama created by Paul Scheuring, that was broadcast on the Fox Broadcasting Company for four seasons, from 2005 until 2009. The series revolves around two brothers; one has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, and the other devises an elaborate plan to help his brother escape prison. The series was produced by Adelstein-Parouse Productions, in association with Original Television and 20th Century Fox Television. Along with creator Paul Scheuring, the series is executive produced by Matt Olmstead, Kevin Hooks, Marty Adelstein, Dawn Parouse, Neal H. Moritz, and Brett Ratner who directed the pilot episode. The series' theme music, composed by Ramin Djawadi, was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2006. Starring: Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Robin Tunney, Peter Stormare, Amaury Nolasco, Marshall Allman, Wade Williams, Paul Adelstein, Robert Knepper, Rockmond Dunbar, Sarah Wayne Callies, William Fichtner, Chris Vance, Robert Wisdom, Dana ...
Robert Knepper / T-Bag from Prison Break is such a brilliant actor! :)
BuddyTV's exclusive interview with Robert Knepper and Jodi Lyn O'Keefe of Prison Break.
I just rewatched entire Prison Break series & think u r nothing short of phenomenal. I want 2 take a pic holding ur pocket;)
Robert Knepper as Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell in Prison Break. Rotten from the inside, cruel, ruthless, but i love him
I love T - Bag in Prison Break, the best series
I forgot how awesome Prison Break was. Robert Knepper was amazing, and Wentworth was hot
This is from when I met Robert Knepper (T-bag from Prison Break), that was like ages ago. Man I used to love
Just finished series 1 of Prison Break. Wentworth Miller & Dominic Purcell are amazing, and Robert Knepper is the cutest thing ever :')
Robert Knepper is a phenomenal actor. Just watch Prison Break.
It´s incredible your performance in Prison Break, You really made me hate you. Congrats from Spain
I didn't know Robert Knepper was on the show, loved him as T-Bag on Prison Break.
Trailer for Cult, starring Matt Davis (Alona Tal (Jo in ) and Robert Knepper (Prison Break)
i think i'll be checking out Cult on the CW all because of Robert Knepper..he's a very good and effective actor since Prison Break.
My favourite actor is Robert Knepper aka T-Bag from Prison Break. He is so bad ***
Watching Transporter 3 and seeing Robert Knepper as a villain makes me miss him playing T-Bag in Prison Break and miss that show in general.
I just realized that Robert Knepper a.k.a. Theodore Bagwell plays the same guy in Breakout Kings as he did in Prison Break same name, same prison, same creepy child molester.
Why has Prison Break not been in my life before now? Best programme going.
Would you like to work with more stars from Prison Break on Breakout Kings like Robert Knepper on season 1.
Watching Breakout Kings and Robert Knepper reprising his role from Prison Break as T-Bag is so very cool.
Anyone else think that Marc Anthony looks like Robert Knepper who plays (Theodore Bagwell) *T-Bag* from Prison Break?
I've never been a fan of Prison Break but I'm a HUGE Robert Knepper fan! Amazing Actor! Breakout Kings is just superb!
I only started to watch because robert knepper reprized his role as T-Bag from Prison Break
Breakout Kings is awesome by the way. It's brilliant Robert Knepper (T-Bag from Prison Break) guest starred on the show!
was like that until I heard Prison Break's Robert Knepper aka 'Teabag' was in's grabbed my attention now! :-D
I loved your role in Prison Break. Hope you come to Europe once again. I truly admire your talent. Cheers from Poland!
I liked a video from Prison Break: Robert Knepper
I had a dream I worked at Nuyo, and Robert Knepper (from Prison Break and Heros) was my boss.
Super Channel to air BURNING DAYLIGHT starring Robert Knepper (Prison Break) in May - pls. check your local...
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