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Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine (born Robert P. Irvine; 24 September 1965 and raised in Wiltshire, England) is a celebrity chef who has appeared on a variety of Food Network programs, including Dinner: Impossible, Worst Cooks in America, and Restaurant: Impossible.

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Had a Robert Irvine show last night at the Tulsa Hard Rock. Just saw a Joseph ad at the airport - Hope you ur both doing well!
I love the show Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine
'Restaurant Redemption' is Robert Irvine's 'Restaurant Impossible' for Asian places. It's should be renamed 'Restaurant IMPOSSIBRU!'
My sister took a selfie with Robert Irvine, the guy from Restaurant: Impossible on Food Network
Having fun with Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible
Saw this place on Restaurant Impossible last night. I was in the area so stopped by for lunch. Had the sandwich that Robert Irvine taught them to properly prepare. It's called the Cuban Sandwich. Very, very good.
How does Robert Irvine not throw up his hands & give up on Restaurant Impossible at times? A dead rat under the tile?! I don't think so! 😷😷
If you wish to rubberneck... Robert Irvine and the crew of Restaurant Impossible will be at Grace's Place Bagels & Deli tomorrow and the next few days. I hope it doesn't rain... it is supposed to till Wednesday. :(
You know you watch too much Restaurant Impossible when you start judging restaurants like Robert Irvine
Teaching a fan Jimmy, how to cook fish last night. Watch "In Nosh Kitchen with Robert Irvine" on YouTube -
Hangin with Robert Irvine after party. (@ The Dirty Martini Lounge w/
Ugh. Paula Deen is "back in the saddle". Robert Irvine loses respect points for sticking up for her.
Paula Deen's been having a rough go of it since deciding that the best way to make a triumphant comeback to the festival circuit scene was to ride in using Robert Irvine as her own personal ponyman and repeat her racism apology "to those who did not hear me." Read on...
Paula Deen made a triumphant culinary comeback this weekend at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, and in traditional Deen fashion, did so while riding Chef Robert Irvine like a horsey. Read on...
Dinner at a Top Chef's restaurant and then a cocktail party w Morimoto & his guests: Anne Burrell, Robert Irvine, Andrew Zimmern, and more!
The Food Network is taping an episode of Chef Robert Irvine's Restaurant: Impossible Feb. 18 and 19 at Bumbino's Italian Restaurant, 2631 Enterprise Road in Orange City. And producers are looking for volunteers to help with the renovation of the restaurant: "Design volunteers will be painting, craft...
Celeb Chef Robert Irvine whips up family fun at SBWFF
"I swear, I peed my pants" LOL! Current episode is ending… ALL NEW Melissa and Joey (guest staring Robert Irvine) starting in FIVE minutes on ABC Family on the East Coast!
Walked by TV Chef Robert Irvine about an hour ago in the Cosmopolitan. Hope he's not here to fix a restaurant.
Robert Irvine, the chef? Or was he actually the less popular Robert Irwin?
Hi Andy - we work w/celeb chefs too. Folks like Robert Irvine, Marc Murphy, Amanda Freitag & Gordon Ramsay are customers :)
EDDIE MONTGOMERY of MONTGOMERY GENTRY has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection . . . and you can blame the failure of his Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Eddie has $13.4 million in debts and most of it is related to the restaurant. He could just call Robert Irvine of the Food Network and get on Restaurant Impossible...LOL
I used to think Robert Irvine on the Food Network was a *** but, after watching him he is amazing an awesome!
We had a very bad experience 'dining' at City Limits Saloon in Randolph: Poor service and food. Calling Robert Irvine...!
Your new year's resolution as a restaurant owner should be: NO MORE SLIMY ICE!!
Restaurant Impossible, the hit Food Network show hosted by Robert Irvine, will be in Baton Rouge this week to film an episode at Mama Della's N.Y. City Pizzeria.
Running errands and having a late lunch with my guy! (@ Robert Irvine's nosh - w/
Be Up & Adam in the Morning for a chance to see Robert Irvine at the PAC!!!
Chef Robert Irvine's new bars Fit Chunch ROCK!! Check them out today at my store!
Irvine I kinda stopped watching RI cos the guy designer *** he.boring. Even my husband agrees. We love Tanya and the asian chic
Chef Robert Irvine think he a psychologist lmao
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If your weak, you will never succeed. - Robert Irvine
Big pecs, tight black shirt, Rachael Ray is definitely trying to be Food Network's Next Robert Irvine
Robert Irvine is such a good cook because he cooks with his arms. Those arms can do anything. 💪😏
Robert Irvine's left trap is bigger than his right. Either he is left handed or he isn't proportioning his workout correctly.
I want Robert Irvine to be my psychologist.
Don't be weak, cos if you're weak you won't succeed. -Robert Irvine
"You can only have success if you understand how to be successful" -Robert Irvine
"Don't be weak because if you're weak you'll fail" -Chef Robert Irvine 💪
Time to get my Robert Irvine fix..ooh oops..i got distracted..mybad
"Dont be weak.if you are weak you wont succeed!" -Chef Robert Irvine
Hey Lauren, since you like FoodNetwork, How about Restaurant Impossible by Robert Irvine? Watch it too!
Tonight's menu will have hasselback potatoes, sliced ham, and veggies. MMMm! Then I will do a Sandra Lee and also do a round two with the ham and make BBQ Ham for sandwiches for tomorrow kinda like pulled pork. Fingers crossed on the potatoes, I've never done them but they look awesome. Thanks Robert Irvine!
Wait. It isn't Robert Irvine. I just heard the voice, didn't see the guy. It's some other dude!!!
Oh and Robert Irvine was just on my last flight from Food mother just stalked him.
Tibby Sue and Tucker and photos of the Culinary Vegetable Institute Fundraiser for Veggie U with Robert Irvine and Amanda Freitag and the Chopped All Star Chef winner of the season.
Was hopeful of an enjoyable visit to the re-opening of luck! Service was horribly slow, waitresses were arguing, food was nothing to write home about...they need an intervention from Robert Irvine or they won't make it (again). So sad, there was a huge crowd there today hoping to re-start their Sunday morning routine ( heard the phrase "frozen in time" a lot) most seemed to leave disappointed.
I just met Robert Irvine(from Restaurant Impossible) in the airport how awesome is that!
Ate lunch at Robert Irvine's Nosh yesterday in Bluffton, SC! So delicious! I do wish he would've been there though!
Robert Irvine discusses his plans for combining his Hilton Head and Bluffton restaurants during a customer appreciation event marking the closure of his Hilton Head restaurant, Robert Irvine's eat!, on Saturday night on Hilton Head.
Robert Spencer & Raymond Ibrahim at Univ California Irvine. Legislating "blasphemy" to stifle resistance to fascism
Robert Irvine (from Food Network) is making me so hungry for Quiche.
Managed to find the only middle schooler at this Robert Irvine party. I'm sure we will be best friends before the end of tonight
Jan. 14-18 I have a whole string of Robert Irvine Live shows in Cali!! Get your tickets soon before they sell out.
Can I meet Robert Irvine now or nah
I have a huge crush on Robert Irvine.
I think I have an unhealthy crush on Robert Irvine
Swole goal is to be like Robert Irvine.
Ok..Robert Irvine is going way over the top with his body building...he is beginning to look get too involved on the cooking
Got to get a shirt too small and some ugly glasses. Making German beef gulasch and feeling like Robert Irvine. lol
I have decided I would very much enjoy a hug from Robert Irvine!! That is all
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I'm gonna become famous;) 'Restaurant Impossible' needs volunteers PUBLISHED: JAN 3, 2014, 10:38 PM UPDATED: JAN 3, 2014, 10:38 PM The Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” show, hosted by Chef Robert Irvine, will tape an episode Jan. 9-10 at Mama Della’s N.Y. City Pizzeria, 8190 Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge. The show features Irvine trying to save America’s most desperate restaurants from impending failure in just two days with only $10,000. The show airs on Wednesday nights on the Food Network, with this episode airing in the fall or winter of 2014. The network is seeking volunteers to help renovate the restaurant over the two days. Volunteers will be painting, crafting, construction, remodeling, cleaning and decorating. Skilled contractors such as electricians, plumbers and painters also are sought. Meals will be provided to volunteers, who need to be comfortable with being on camera. Volunteers are asked to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers or boots with no logos. Work shifts will ...
I wanna go Robert Irvine on someone's *** every time I go to a restaurant
On this episode of Robert Irvine is yelling at Maria from Sesame Street. Not cool, Robert. Not cool.
I swear Robert Irvine chooses restaurants for Restaurant: Impossible by ugliness and how much food he can spit out
Robert Irvine is in the car next to me. 😳😳😳
Back off! Robert Irvine is an American patriot and a Hulkamanic!!
Went on our first date 20 years ago today. Now married almost 19 with 3 kids. Where does time go. I love you Robert Irvine Kowalsky. Thanks for being mine.
"i would love to see a reality tv show involving you in a romantic relationship with robert irvine. or one where him and guy fieri court you my fair lady style." Tommy Ciaccio
Celebrity chef, television personality and current star of Restaurant: Impossible, Robert Irvine will bring his Robert Irvine Live show to the Crest Theatre this...
Episode 710: Clueless in the Country. Chef Robert Irvine meets one of the most clue...
"Don't be weak, if you're weak, you'll never succeed" -Robert Irvine
Have you watched Restaurant Impossible? I think it is the Best Show on TV. Do you know a Failing Restaurant? Robert Irvine comes there & has $10,000 & 2 days to Save Restaurants! Very moving!
Hot shower,kids in bed, and now I'm gonna watch me some Robert Irvine.
I've been watching so much Food Network lately, I think I've gotten a crush on Robert Irvine.
Love Robert Irvine, could watch Restaurant Impossible all night!
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I am super duper excited! I watch the heck outta the Food Network and would love to go to the restaurants that the chefs on there own. Most are in NY, so probably won't ever go there. However, just found out Robert Irvine owns 2 in SC, one in Hilton Head!! Guess where I'm going on vacation this summer?!? Did I mention I'm excited?!?
Well best get ready n go 2 mams for New Years dinner that Robert Irvine is cooking for us yum yum :)
Ringing in the New Year with Colleen M. Miller cooking up an amazing dinner (courtesy her favorite chef with the biggest guns — Robert Irvine) happily settled into our new home with Ms. Ada tearing up the joint and Chili Cheese finding solace in her favorite place— her bed of course! Cheers to everyone and happy New Year!
Oh man this show is great! I love cooking shows. But this one is funny too. Cooks who don't know nothing learning from Anne Burrell an Robert Irvine. Fantastic!!
Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine, who rescues restaurants from failure on Food Network, is closing his eatery on
Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine's eat! is closing on Hilton Head Island. Read more here:
Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine to appear in SLO: The Food Network celebrity Chef Robert Irvine will bring his br...
Loving the show, buddy is for bakeries like Chef Robert Irvine is for restaurants. Love it.
Mr Robert Irvine is coming to town.
RIB ALERT! If you love pork ribs but think they are way too expensive in the grocery store, get to Fry's (I went to the one on 32nd St and Bell) $32.00 slabs on sale for under $7.00 each. Plus the Robert Irvine recipe of cooking them in the oven in plastic wrap is awesome.
What a joke out of sirloin out of straws out of green beans We ask to sit alone with service dog. Lol. Have people as close a possible picture to follow. Chef taking orders didn't know what he was out of. No club soda. Ask for no spices or butter so Katie could eat 2 napkins later I cleaned the vein out of the shrimp for Katie. Omg. Lobster wasn't done. Joes s steak was over done instead of med rare. A total disaster but the salad was ok but no blue cheese dressing. Where oh where is Robert Irvine
Roflol. It just keeps getting better lol. Bartender doesn't like red wine. So they don't know if the Malbec is goodornot. Where's Robert Irvine when u need him
So a combination of a few things within the last few weeks are starting to sink into this very thick skull of mine. I feel that I have started to become a negative person, not seeing the silver lining in things. I think its about time that I start turning things around. Not only that, but I ALWAYS find my self playing it safe when it comes to EVERYTHING. In the last year I have met a few influential people: Sway from MTV and Robert Irvine from Food Network just to mention two; as well as been offered opportunities to which I have not taken. I was looking at a post my buddy Ben Sremba posted about life, and he is absolutely right. Therefore, I think for this new year, if I am fortunate enough to be offered an opportunity to do something awesome with my life, im just gonna do it.
We went to fancys to eat and they only had one worker which was both the cook and waitress then went to Johnny's pizza. They only had one cook and one waitress. We paid for drinks and left there and came to tequilas. We got drinks and chips in 3 mins. Someone needs to call Robert Irvine for Restaurant Impossible!!! I have never seen anything like it in my life!
Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Food Network Egg Casserole recipe from Robert Irvine.
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Westerman kin, Chef Robert Irvine is doing a show on a restaurant in Bethlehem called Banner Street.has anyone been there???
Robert Irvine : a chef/restaurateur by day, couples therapist by night.
This is what we look like without a shirt on, too... gives us New Year's motivation to hit the gym:
TNA: our talent will get national attention but we aren't relevant enough to get the talents "stage name" correct
Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine may be packing the guns but clearly hasn't been packing the sun lotion.
I'm pretty sure Robert Irvine is on steriods.
Robert Irvine Live is a high energy, multimedia and multi-sensory theatrical experience. More than just a cooking demo, Robert Irvine Live is an...
Robert Irvine shows off his ripped chest in Hawaii via
I've got 5 California Robert Irvine Live shows coming up in January!! Check to see when I'll be in YOUR area.
THIS DOG??? P.S. I dreamed Robert Irvine was my boss last night.
Looks like and are making waves in Hawaii
By Cassie Carpenter | He learned his trade working as a cook in the Royal Navy. And celebrity Chef Robert Irvine is clearly still something of a macho man if the ripped chest he showed off while on a romantic … Continue reading → [ 454 more words. ]
Chef Robert Irvine, 49, displays ripped chest on romantic stroll with his wrestler wife in Hawaii
This restaurant is so calm it's like no ones here. Oh wait no one is here. Where's Robert Irvine when you need him?
Wrestling Relatives - Which Wrestlers Are Really Related? By Eric Cohen In wrestling history, one of the oldest tricks has been to name a wrestler after another famous wrestler and claim that they are related to get the fans excited for the newcomer. As time has passed, several wrestlers have passed their legacy onto their children. This article will take a look at the current RAW, SmackDown, TNA, Ring of Honor, and Florida Championship Wrestling rosters as well as the members of the WWE Hall of Fame. I will detail which family members that appeared on national TV angles are really related as well as report on several rumors that have picked up steam over time. Current RAW Roster Alberto Del Rio: son of Dos Caras, brother of Memo Montenegro, nephew of Mil Mascaras and Sicodelico Bo Dallas: son of IRS, brother of Husky Harris, nephew of Barry & Kendall Windham, greandosn of Blackjack Mulligan Brock Lesnar: husband of Sable Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: grandson of Peter Maivia, son of Rocky Johnson Epico: nep ...
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ANGELO'S in Woodstock changes ownership, will change name Business was featured on 'Restaurant: Impossible' in April Published: Friday, Dec. 27, 2013 4:56 p.m. By SHAWN SHINNEMAN - sshinneman– Angelo's Restaurant has changed ownership and will get a new name after remodeling to reverse some of the changes made during filming for the show "Restaurant: Impossible." Peter Mourelatos and Dennis Paloumbis, brothers-in-law who opened the diner nearly four decades ago on the Woodstock Square, sold the business two weeks ago to George Kanakaris. Kanakaris will close the restaurant, 117 E. Van Buren St., for a week to 10 days in early January, renovate and reopen as Papa G's. Renovation plans include reinstalling booths, putting back the original counter, painting and decorating, Kanakaris said. He said he wants to "bring it back to the original Angelo's," before "Restaurant: Impossible." Angelo Mourelatos, Peter's son who helped with the business throughout the years, said his family decided it was time to move ...
Had a wonderful cup of tea that my daughter made for me. Now watching Restaurant Impossible. I so love Chef Robert Irvine. He's like a tough nerd lol.
Robert Irvine over there pressing Fiats like they are nothing.
Robert Irvine is so old but so sexy and buff 😩
Adam Sandler is sitting at the pool next to me, Magic Johnson's was in the gym earlier, Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible was at dinner last night and Nathaniel Ellis from Tesla is selling cars out front. Rainbow sunsets, sea turtles, luaus, tan, warm water, hammock reading, beach volleyball. Been here less than 24 hrs but this is making a strong run at best vacation.
“Robert Irvine Goes Shirtless in Hawaii!: shows off his massive muscles... htt…
Robert irvine is a great listener he's into health and giving to others that's what he does everyday for military and family
Robert Irvine shows off his massive muscles while going shirtless for a romantic walk on Thursday (December 26) in Hawaii. The 49-year-old Restaurant: Impossible host and chef was joined by his wife Gail Kim, 36. She is a professional wrestler and is currently the TNA Knockout’s Champion. “Thank you
Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible is not definitely from Chicago!! "Whats that green stuff" and call a pizza Chicago deep dish when it is not deep. Umm.
I wanna open a restaurant and fail miserably just so I can call Robert Irvine.
Scott and I were watching an old episode of Dinner Impossible where Robert Irvine goes to a military base to make a "Warrior Meal." It was interesting watching Scott critique the episode, with his own experience with a Warrior Meal from the Air Force. It was great to see him chuckle!
Where's my sysco truck robert irvine
Just heard Mr MacNamara bleating on the radio about decisions, I think sour grapes maybe on the menu? Andrew Crerar, Sandy Smith, Robert Irvine, Iain Hanna Take it on the chin the way we had to when you pumped us Jackie!!!
Pls watch Restaurant Impossible Jan. 12, 2014. He will be appearing in that show telling Robert Irvine how the 'Blakemore's throw down... Merry Christmas family, esp to all my kids... Love ur Dad!
Christmas Eve and it worked out nice. Thought I would be sad without Mai hipster but he is a *** *** *** Merry Xmas. Lol! Look at our final results of Passion Latin Fusion... For Restuarant Impossible with Robert Irvine and my pal Brian! :-)
I just saw Robert Irvine from foodnetwork! Eeep!! He's ginormous
Good lunch experience here. Great food and very friendly service. This is the establishment visited by Restaurant Impossible's Robert Irvine recently. Check it out! I think you'll have a pleasant surprise.
What I want for Christmas is Taylor Swift concert tickets and for Chef Robert Irvine to come teach me how to cook a nice meal without yelling at me. Also, tickets to the Price is Right would be cool, too.
Well I ended an otherwise perfect hawaiin vacation in Classic Kayla fashion by getting food poisoning on our travel day courtesy of I suspect a rainbow roll. I ignored a key piece of Robert Irvine and Sara Cheatham advice "don't eat at restaurants that are out of a lot of things, bad sign." As a result I threw up every 25 minutes from 5am until 2:17 when we boarded our plane, including at the Hertz rent a car return, a planter at the airport and the boarding ramp. Thank goodness I was traveling with my mama who took excellent care of me including: pushing my wheelchair, disposing of my barf bags and saying the rosary for three hours straight. I'm not sure if she was administering last rights just in case or praying I not puke on her... ? Either way she was a real trooper, Brett and Sara were also quite pivotal in my survival, it's funny now...
Robert Irvine Beattie has blazed past 564 score in ! Think you can do better? Prove it!
Robert Irvine is 50% of the time a *** The other 50% filled with a questionably non-meritable ego. The real question is--does he realize how he truly comes off?
Robert Irvine is an A-hole sometimes but man I love this show!!!
Ok , Restaurant Express winner? Are you Fin serious? 1 month into it and Robert Irvine will be doing his next show about what an epic failure that the owners of M resort chose. Laughable to the extreme.
Robert Irvine, captain of the obvious since 1964.
Keanu's making tator tot casserole for our lunch..I'm watching Food Network, Robert Irvine ROCKS . then we gotta get oot and aboot for "stuff", save munneh, and tryn get some stupid laundry DONE today...
On the Food Network right now they are showing Robert Irvine in Joplin, Missouri redoing the Boys and Girls Club after the tornado.
Thanks to Wolfgangs old age and now increasingly frequent issues my plan to start using public transit got started earlier. The good news (for my docs)more exercise, a nice train ride and short bus connection. So nice NOT to do that 70 mi round trip and it keeps me on track at work-in and out! However last night when picked up at the station Mom and Mike decide on dinner at Sharis-fine. OMG Robert Irvine would blow! Why do we or why are we so willing to pay for someone else to open cans/containers, heat it and serve it?! LOCAL SOURCED AND FRESH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Oh then there was the flat tire immediately following-more exercise but changed in 10 minutes or less! Watch for FrankieRays opening soon.FRESH
Quite possibly my new favorite restaurant. Much improved, thanks to Chef Robert Irvine and Restaurant Impossible
Finally, a Kauai Mocha… on Kauai… Finally… a Kauai Mocha on Kauai… at Java Hut. As you might be able to see in photo below, it’s a drive through. In my case, a walk through. It’s in town of Waimea, just behind Island Taco (another great local place here; I understand Chef Robert Irvine liked this place… owned by same people as Grinds Cafe in Eleele). So across street they sell coconut juice and other things. Behind that is remnants of sugar processing plant (I believe). This Journey ending piece is tomorrow. Last night slept out at Waimea Canyon parking lot. Very very quiet. And early morning, made coffee (Koke’e pavilion has e-juice) and went to view tomorrow’s ceremony place. The energies here feel as if there is essentially no more to “do” on or with Kauai (energetically speaking). I am here to complete “The Journey” (tomorrow at 7:11 AM Solstice, Hawaii time). After that, we shall see. And so shall all of you. Many mahalos for everyone’s Light Input for this completion cere ...
Omg today was my day I saw someone awesome today ok as I was driving down lomas today there's this restaurant called pasión Latin fusion.. And if your a Food Network buff like me you might have heard of Restaurant Impossible ok well ROBERT IRVINE WAS THERE DOING HIS THING .AND I SAW HIM RUNNING FROM HIS CAR TO THE INSIDE OF THE PLACE AH were getting famous
To the angry people supporting Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty guy: ... seriously? "First amendment! Freedom of speech!". No. Hate-filled propaganda on national TV is not OK. (Oh wait... FOX News still exists...) But besides my main point, you're angry about this guy's suspension from Duck Dynasty. It's not like Jon Stewart or Colbert being suspended, or like Robert Irvine from Food Network. It's a Duck Dynasty "star"... Aka: a back woods hick lucky to have a show in the first place. You want to be angry about something, direct it towards something like politics or that kid that just got away with the murder of 4 people. End rant.
Seonkyoung Longest had only been cooking for three years when she decided to try out for Restaurant Express, the Robert Irvine-hosted show that gave eight contestants a shot at running...
A compliment to Beth Ruggiero Le Manach from none other than Robert Irvine.
Robert Irvine is here doing Reteraunt Impossible, went to see the set todat. Pretty cool!!
After seven weeks of showdowns, Robert Irvine's first-ever Restaurant Express road trip came full circle when the bus rolled into Sin City for the finale. Rober
Thank you Robert Irvine for teaching me to make the perfect egg. My mornings are that much better now
On Restaurant Impossible, Robert Irvine is no stranger to a sledgehammer. These are his top 5 sledgehammer moments. Hammer time! 5) Maniaci's Italian Bistro-...
Sal and Brenda's one-year old restaurant, Goombazz Big City Eatzz, has struggled to find a strong customer base and is now more than $300,000 in debt. When Chef Robert Irvine investigates Goombazz, he discovers that Sal's short temper is driving people away: Brenda, the staff and the beloved and dep...
While it might seem easy to explain what happens in a show for those who have never experienced it, Robert Irvine Live is NOT that kind of show.
Mai day! Early temple for daddy and uncle and worked on set for Restuarant Impossible with friends and Robert Irvine for Latin Fusion! Excited to see the final result because we worked hard today!
Love it when Robert Irvine does his happy dance !
On right now on the Food Network: Restaurant Impossible visits Goombazz Big City Eatzz in Rock Island, IL. Robert Irvine was tough! It will re-air at midnite.
The latest from Robert Irvine (Premier of Restaurant Express - Nov. 3rd New season of Restaurant: Impossible - Oct. 23rd. everywhere!
So glad I got to see the LBI Restaurant Impossible! Robert Irvine is the best!
Robert Irvine is on vacation spot
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Got protein bars? We have a huge selection of all kinds of bars from Quest Nutrition, Chef Robert Irvine...
Had a most excellent meal last night at the grand opening of Seonkyoung Longest's new restaurant "Jayde Fuzion" at The M Resort Spa and Casino in Las Vegas, where she is the Executive Chef. Seonkyoung was the winner of Restaurant Express (hosted by Robert Irvine) this past Sunday. The atmosphere, food, and service were absolutely excellent! All the food is made with fresh ingredients (which really does make a difference). We are so proud of her and her husband (our son) Jacob Longest. If you ever find yourself in Las Vegas, please be sure to stop by her restaurant for a great meal, you will not be disappointed.
Congrats to Seonkyoung-the chef who consistently impressed Robert Irvine.
Congratulations on consistently impressing Robert Irvine and winning Restaurant Express! :)
So apparently Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible came in yesterday to workout...and I sent him back to the hotel for his ID
Watching Robert Irvine eat is probably the least enjoyable part of watching the Food Network.
In addition to his expected mission of renovating the interior and designing a crowd-pleasing menu at Sapori D'Italia in Fountain Hills, Ariz., Robert Irvine fa
I would love to see some Food Network stars compete on Chopped. Guy Fieri vs Alton Brown vs Robert Irvine vs whoever. Please?
you should totally do a rescue with guest Chef Robert Irvine, that would be awesome!
I don't like robert irvine's small head
to *** with the crunch bars where can I buy some Robert Irvine extra medium T-shirts?!
Robert Irvine of Food Network's Restaurant Express and Restaurant Impossible sends a message to Jan Charles' kids - and the...
Queen Latifah celebrated her audience and at-home viewers today with some special gifts, and that includes a couple of delicious recipes from one of her favorite chefs.Robert Irvine is back in the kitchen to share some of his favorite holiday recipes including "Big Sexy" Peach Glazed Ham and Chicken...
//I'm watching Robert Irvine cook and he called his ham "big sexy" peach glazed ham xD
Wesley’s Chapel United Methodist Church N. Wesley Chapel Road 3 miles from Interstate 81, exit 36 The church is located on land that was a North Carolina land Grant to Andrew Simpson in 1787, and owned by John Weems in 1792. It is stand on a hill overlooking several miles of Lick Creek valley it was known as the church on the waters of Lick Creek. The church dates back to when the deed by Robert Irvine for a consideration of one shilling, one acre and nine perches of land was handed over to the trustees. A church building of brick fired on the site was erected and stood on this site 500 feet west of the present church. It burned down in 1880. After the destruction the people met at Melody School on Sundays. In Feb. 1887 George and Andrew Weems donated two acres of land to Wealeys Methodist Episcopal Church South and a new house of worship began. Today this same white building is being used. In the late 40s a 10’ X 18’ painting of the ascension was placed behind the pulpit. In 1956 a basement was du ...
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Two people killed in HB crash early Monday IDed as Irvine teens Robert Ruiz and Kiany Garcia
Watching Queen Latifah...why is Robert Irvine feeding her from his hands? I mean...I know why I do that, but ain't he married?
Robert Irvine and John Taffer should run a business together.
Big Jim's has been chosen to be one of the finalist restaurants in "Restaurant Impossible" with Robert Irvine. We are excited just to be nominated...the skype interview is Tuesday afternoon at the restaurant. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers; this would be such a boost to our small neck of NE Alabama and a big boost to new owner Daniel Millican. I get to continue to be Big Jim, lol.
How did Robert Irvine become such a beast?
Got a picture with Robert Irvine at the Denver airport! Wish was here so she could check a person to meet off her list!
Robert Irvine's Favorite Holiday Recipes | Queen Latifah: Queen Latifah celebrated her audience and at-home vi...
I was hoping would actually be Simpsons Daryl Strawberry, but he looks more like a young Robert Irvine
Watch the Top 5 Sledgehammer Moments on Restaurant: Impossible: When Robert Irvine takes on a mission at a fai...
Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you use less ice! how clean is your machine? ask
Considering how nasty some kitchens Robert Irvine finds that have yet to kill customers, I think it's hard to kill w/ dirty food.
Robert Irvine (born 23 September 1964) is a British celebrity chef who has appeared on a variety of Food Network programs, including Dinner: Impossible, Worst Cooks in America, Restaurant: Impossible and Restaurant Express.[1]
I think I must watch it too much when Robert Irvine infiltrates my dreams 󾔥
What a GREAT first day !. New Whittier Group , New Irvine Group, Two new ( old ) MSAs coming back and an AMAZING...
*** what would Robert Irvine think of that Phil?
Breast Cancer Awareness
I just want to meet Robert Irvine! He could come to Cuzzins Cafe, cause we all know it needs him💁
I still can stop laughing at the fact that Geoff Johns and Robert Irvine are buds. My addiction to Food Network makes a lot more sense now.
Robert Irvine's eat! to Close Permanently: Isn't it his job to prevent restaurants from closing?
Hi guys! 6th episode of Restaurant Express aired on FoodNetwork last Sunday! The host of show is Robert Irvine, who is very famous for his Food Network sh...
Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine talks about being the most badass chef in the business.
I know. I'm still trying though, dad wants to get them christmas gifts. Don't think it's happening though! You going?
I got mine at half nine on her website. Sneaky sneaky. Bit I'm going!!! :)
Is it weird that I would marry Robert Irvine?
Going to a holiday This creamy, dreamy pumpkin cheesecake is a total party pleaser.
Robert Beattie proses to girlfriend Laura Meikle at the Braehead Shopping Centre with the help of flashmob dancers http…
I wonder how many black golf shirts Robert Irvine owns.
taffer or Robert irvine one on one..who wins?
One-on-One with the Winner of Restaurant Express: After seven weeks of showdowns, Robert Irvine‘s first-ever R...
Watching Restaurant Express with Robert Irvine! This is the finale, they are at the M Resort and Casino which is 5 min. from our house. How did I not know about this being the foodie that I am?
we were watching Iron Chef last night and I told Regan that Robert Irvine was Welsh and she said "He's a Welsh?"... I had to a explain why he wasn't a Welsh, but he is Welsh
It is with sadness I have to report the death of two chess players within the last week, Robert Irvine and James Hofer, they will both be missed.
"It's our biggest mission ever: two locations, three days, $50,000," Robert Irvine said of what he was about to take on in Ship Bottom, Long Island Beach, N.J.
The time has come. Tonight one of the top chefs in the metropolitan area Adam Goldgell is in the finals of the Food Network’s “Restaurant Express,” hosted by Robert Irvine. The show is on at 9 pm. Of course we think Adam Goldgell is the star of the show. Good luck Adam.
Am I the only one who thinks the men on the Food Network channel are EXTREMELY attractive? I'm sorry I'll just go back to watching Robert Irvine cook with a tight shirt on...the food isn't the only thing I'm drooling about ;).
Robert Irvine on Iron Chef America ah
Thank you Jim De Francesco for sharing this photo. In this photo, Chief Wade Bradley and Deputy Chief Rick Traut presented Chef Robert Irvine with his very own turnout gear (seen in the bag). He was recently voted in as an Honorary member and added to our dispatch service (Active 911). Whenever he is in the area he stated he would respond.
Good for Robert Irvine on Restaurant Impossible and the Food Network! They aired a show professing a domestic partnership and business partnership with 2 male restauranteurs, this would not have happened a few years ago. At least they aren't judgmental or worried about offending people...I kindof like that it's going to anger some people too, kills two birds with one stone LOL!
Yay! I get to work on set with Robert Irvine on Restuarant Impossible next week! Nice break from waitressing... Im getting burnt out with that job especially when its super busy like tonight!
Had a dream that I was back in high school and Robert Irvine O.o was my math teacher. :-D He wasn't yelling at anyone, though. He was very sweet and patient and understanding. Everyone's favorite teach. There was also a lovely cameo near the end by someone very special to me. It was nice. I needed that. . .
We just had the most amazing conversation with Robert Irvine. .ah
My crew and I had the opportunity to work with the show called Restaurant Impossible yesterday. (on Food Network ) there's a local barbecue place got a make over . I volunteered my construction staff and me to help out . Quite the experience thanks guys for helping . Meeting and working with Robert Irvine and Tom the main builder. Was pretty cool! The show should air the next 3 to 6 months I will keep you updated . If you happen to see me standing around . it was because I was the brains of the build . Yea right I kept getting yelled at from Robert.
Just watched the holiday special of Restaurant: Impossible filmed in Ship Bottom, LBI. Wow! I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Irvine while I was down there and boy the tears are streaming! What a great episode!
I'm sending out my yearly challenge to Emeril Lagasse and Robert Irvine to cook Lutefisk and to make it palatable. So far neither has ever accepted the challenge.
Why do I have such a crush on Robert Irvine...?! Lol
I return to FB with lots of things blocked from my feed so I am not distracted by negativity and hatefulness. Instead, I share these thoughts of the day. 1. I love Robert Irvine and his huge heart 2. Parenting victory as Ellie *loves* classic Sesame fom the 70's 3. Ellie says "please", "thank you", and "bless you" on her own. 4. I have both Christmas trees up and decorated. Christmas village cancelled due to a pair of grabby hands that belong to a certain someone mentioned above.
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So I just think everyone should know that I just met robert Irvine at my gas station! !!
Layin here watch Restaurant Impossible when kylie looks up and TELLS me "mommy robert irvine is gona make me comfort food for my tummy"
Um, Robert Irvine just crushed a metal pot with his bare hands on Restaurant Impossible.
Robert Irvine was so great live and seeing him give back to a community affected by Hurricane Sandy is amazing
Another fun-filled exhausting day on Restaurant: Impossible. Today was a blast with Tom Bury, Chef Robert Irvine and Lynn Kegan. I got filmed a lot but one never knows if I'll make the final cut or wind up on the cutting room floor. Chef Irvine is a real hoot. I love all the yelling he does, especially knowing that when he's doing it the others are just off camera laughing :) He gave us all a special treat at the end of the day and spoke (at length) about "his" passions. A real gentleman that is all about giving back. P.S. his nickname for me today was "boss". No not because of my bossy nature but because we think alike. Guess that's where my food & beverage experience came into play :)
I wonder does Robert Irvine ”juice”? I dated a guy built him who said he didnt. Another dude told me he was lying! LOL
Why does Robert Irvine have all this body for cooking? *** The least he could do is cook with his shirt off! LOL
Confirmed will be chilling with my bud Tammy. And Robert Irvine at Four Seasons on Friday
If Gail Kim were in WWE, they would have to find a way to have Robert Irvine and Wade Barrett in a segment together. Would be quite a pair.
We'll get it done, I just don't know when. - Robert Irvine
Robert Irvine guide me to a better life
I love when Michael Chiarello randomly pops up on Robert Irvine's shows. Makes me happy cause I miss his show!!!
Watching Robert Irvine giving the Boys & Girls Club in Joplin, MO an amazing renovation. Some people just have all the luck.
I just want to be best friends with Robert Irvine...
Robert Irvine just bent a metal pot in his bare hands.
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I want to start a restaurant & make it fail just so robert irvine can come & fix it
‘Restaurant: Impossible’ coming to ABQ; looking for volunteers: Robert Irvine to the rescue. The ...
Still plenty of tix for with and I. Get your tickets here and enjoy some booze and eats
I'm not watching "Restaurant Impossible" anymore.CHEF GORDON RAMSEY is the boss.he makes Robert Irvine look like a little Girl Scout selling brownies
I could watch Food Network all day long...Robert Irvine is a badass.
In this episode, The Food Network's Restaurant Impossible Star, Chef Robert Irvine was spotted filming his Food Network TV show in Cathedral City at Tootsies...
Check out my new episode, I spot Iron Chef Robert Irvine in Cathedral City filming his show! Take a look!
I swear Chef Robert Irvine is a truly giving and caring, passionate person.
Here's post about their involvement in last Sun's Thx again!
Robert Irvine likes a good challenge |
Robert Irvine in the kitchen stadium babe.
If you can't tell Chef Robert Irvine loves fitness, but his hectic travel schedule leaves him sometimes crunched for time to get to a proper gym. In this vid...
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Page and Robert Plant 10/3/1995 Irvine, CA Blu-ray
Courtesy Robert Irvine The problem with slimmed-down desserts is that, well, sometimes their flavor gets slimmed-down in the process. But thanks to Restaurant Express star Robert Irvine, wanna-be virtuous eaters can have their delicious cheesecake and eat it, too. Irvine, who’s one of the most healt...
This where Restaurant Impossible could come into play - White Team has one week to rehab the place by hand with Robert Irvine.
I never wanted to be Robert Irvine so much in my life lol
Had to help my husband t his shop today and they are filming Restaurant Impossible and Robert Irvine drove right by us kind of cool.
I want to go and meet Check out "TAILGATE 48: hosted by Chef Robert Irvine & Meat Man Pat LaFrieda"
A good Doctor Who fan prefers that the Doctor look like Chef Robert Irvine, which I do
Just saw Robert Irvine doing a Restaurant Impossible out here he asked Steven Ford if he wanted to help.
My aunts cats head never grew into its body and I have realized he looks like Robert Irvine. It. Is. Terrifying. The uncanny resemblance.
Robert Irvine's advice for a successful restuarant as
Robert Irvine is a Food Network genius. Dude is all over the place
Chef of discussing the importance of in his kitchen:
Last London breakfast of 2013 this Friday! Stellar panel Mark Clare, Irvine Sellar, Robert Noel and Nick Leslau for Property Question Time!
Chef Robert Irvine star on arthritis today
"Put business first to find restaurant success" -
I love breakfast for dinner! Pepperoni and Cheese Scrambled Eggs Recipe : Robert Irvine : Recipes : Food Network
MT Cool interview w Chef Know your business or no success
Thanks to for sharing my Pumpkin Ricotta Cheesecake recipe for
The restaurant was made over last week by Food Network's Robert Irvine. This was new to... (Poutine @ Mill Creek BBQ)
Robert Irvine: Put business first to find restaurant success -
Check out chef of discussing the importance of in his kitchen:
Tired today...stayed up to watch Restaurant Impossible. So good. Teary show. I knew they revamped LBI Pancake House. Didn't know they worked on the Ship Bottom firehouse too! I love Robert Irvine!
Is it wrong that when I ate at the Sizzler in Chino tonight all I could think about was Restaurant Impossible? Robert Irvine would have a field day there. Beyond nasty in multiple ways.
LMAO Gail Kim from TNA Wrestling is married to Robert Irvine from Food Network (Dinner Impossible, Restaurant Impossible, and Restaurant Express) and I guess now he's acting as her manager/valet? xD He's bigger than half the wrestlers on the roster.
Not quite the normal approach, but can we get Robert Irvine to come do a Redskins Impossible?
So awesome Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible has a holiday special on right now on LBI pancake house & fire hall. Its so emotional but amazing. I love this show! I miss Jersey
The Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire Co. is being featured on Restaurant Impossible tonight along with a local restaurant. Robert Irvine is giving the FD a facelift after being damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Catch it on Food Network now!
If you watch "Restaurant Impossible" with Robert Irvine on Food Network.. They are showing the new episode from a failing restaurants in Oak Creek WI tonight at 10:00
Robert Irvine is killing the food channel though
Be sure to tune in tonight's episode of Restaurant Impossible on Food Network. Chef Robert Irvine visits Long Beach Island to help with post-Sandy restaurant recovery. Heads up Christine, Brad, Casey and Nancy!
Just saw celebrity Chef Robert Irvine at Tampa Int'l...he looks much smaller in person.
Restaurant Impossible Chef Robert Irvine will in Cathedral City next week at 68-704 Perez rd in Cathedral City!...
It's time this Chef Robert Irvine character stopped getting all these food related softballs on his "Impossible" series. I suggest new challenges such as "Brain Surgery Impossible" or "Assassinate Cake Boss Impossible."
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Chef Robert Irvine has a passion for cooking, and believes enjoying a good meal brings people together. However, being able to help people is what really drives Robert Irvine. From helping families survive the stress of a failing restaurant on Restaurant: Impossible to honoring service members, he b...
Robert Irvine and this Long Island iced tea so are making my night...
Robert Irvine is my fav chef! I don't wanna go to sleep cause in addicted to this show😆
Robert Irvine is on Iron Chef right noe and I am fangirling out.
Best Iron Chef episode ever: Ted Allen and Robert Irvine. Lets see what they got!
Robert Irvine seems like the kinda chef that would smoke Ls and take shots with you one night
Lunch with Robert Irvine from Food Network and dinner with Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn! What a crazy day at work!!!
I just got finished serving one of the Super Chefs of the Food Network, Robert Irvine!!!
The restaurant is terrible but everyone is so accepting of muscular turtle-Chef Robert Irvine's withering criticism. I hope things go well
One of our favorite restaurants! Ready for a delightful evening with my wonderful husband! (@ Robert Irvine's eat!)
I would be so happy with a follow from Robert Irvine... Pretty please...I'm
News on TNA’s YouTube Channel, Dates for Next Batch of Impact Tapings, More. - Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine was...
Have a little bit more Protein. Get Crunch Bars at GNC by Chef Robert Irvine! 😊
I need someone like Robert Irvine to help me bc nobody listens to me I'm 5 6 and I'm 125 lbs. But Robert!
get some mutton from in Byward Market outdoor stalls today & do this recipe: (I am...)
All purpose parts banner
Love to know how Chef Robert Irvine spends his thanksgiving
Coming up next on Robert Irvine shows up & yells at the gang for their filthy kitchen.
You guys should've had a second team: Maneet Chauhan, Robert Irvine, Gordan Ramsey, and Guy Fettuccine.
I stole / borrowed this French Toast recipe from Chef Robert Irvine and I must say that it's one of…
yes. go on ... Robert Irvine is the reincarnation of Hercules
Check out our advent calendar for your chance to win a playing lesson!...
Robert Irvine just said he has 87 for his 24 inch biceps. Bet he doesn't have to wash them
Someone found my blog about by searching "is robert irvine a jerk?" -- NO!
Am I the only one who thinks Robert Irvine skips
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