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Robert Huth

Robert Huth (born 18 August 1984) is a German footballer who plays as a centre back for Premier League club Stoke City.

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37 year old veteran Brad Dolman has signed with boyhood club Leicester City as a replacement for outgoing Robert Huth.
Robert Huth is a PL champion should we sign him? You think he is top 3 wingers in world? You having a laugh
Fuchs wasn't a starter at any of his clubs. Neither Schalke, nor Mainz, nor Bochum. Robert Huth…
But then Robert Huth and Christian Fuchs won the PL. So why shouldn't Chris Löwe, Christoph Schindle…
But then Robert Huth could win your league - so Michael Hefele can, too. 💩💩💩
who gassed Danny Simpson fr, you were by far the worst player in that Leicester XI that included Danny Drinkwater and Robert Huth
Let us not pretend that Robert Huth wasn't already a hero for our times...
Give Jamie Vardy's medal to the man he racially abused. Give Danny Simpson's to the victim of his domestic assault. Giv…
And yet in the space of a year, won the league and got further than them in the CL!👍🏻😂
1 title and you think you're all that! Don't worry, in a co…
Robert Huth appears to be forcing a move to Barcelona, however no bids have met his £8.2m valuation. (Sky Sports News)
Bottle top 4 like they bottled the league last season
What a slug fest that was for 1 minute 😂
Okolie was obviously going to win. His opponent is wearing off the peg sports direct shorts. The Robert Huth lookalike whelk
Just seen on 'HUG' robert huth for scoring the own goal...😂😂😂😂
For example, Robert Huth avgs. 14.91 def passes & actions per 90 & 58% of shots come on his side turns int…
By the same token, teams like Chelsea can't be that good because they lost the league t…
How does Robert Huth even make the cut?
how can you seriously have Robert Huth as an option alongside these three?
I speak the Robert huth b, the voice of the voiceless
GOAL! Robert Huth has given Leicester the lead over Crystal palace!
James_Sharpe published Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez mocked by Robert Huth with picture...
have kept their hopes of a top-four finish alive with a 1-0 win over Robert Huth scoring a late ow…
That Robert Huth body slam will probably get a retroactive red card, right?
Thank you you big German *** .. Cruel Luck? Leicester played 10 behind the ball for 90mins. Bus parking wanke…
Arsenal move up to 6th courtesy of a Robert Huth own-goal, the Gunners are 4 points off the top 4
Huth. Robert Huth. Own goal on 86' today.
needed Leicester to hold onto the draw for five more minutes for 250 quid. Robert Huth you absolute ***
Arsenal strike late to secure ugly win against Leicester and keep slim hopes of top-four finish alive
Robert Huth and Leicester stopping Arsenal Fan TV from being entertaining
Arsenal get lucky with Robert Huth own goal in late win vs Leicester (Big News Network)
"Robert Huth" your lads only won due to an own goal, mind you could end up in the top 4 at this rate. Games in hand though!
WATCH: ‘Freak’ Robert Huth own goal keeps Arsenal in top-four hunt
Got to feel there for Robert Huth and what the *** was Sanchez doing 😂
Thank you Robert Huth on giving Arsenal the win😑
Arsenal vs Leicester player ratings: Nacho Monreal to the rescue as Gunners st..
Robert Huth's personal goal provides Arsenal welcome win over Leicester City --
REPORT: Robert Huth own goal lifts Arsenal up to 6th place.
Arsenal 1 Leicester 0: Robert Huth scores own goal as Gunners made to work hard for vital win |
Correction; The goal has been awarded as a Robert Huth own goal. Arsenal 1-0 Leicester.
Nacho Monreal celebrates after his shot was deflected into the net by Robert Huth to score an own goal and open the sc…
Arsenal got lucky vs. Leicester, keeping their top-four hopes alive.
Robert Huth own goal, like really? Anyway I'm buzzing about that but will get nervous for Sunday soon
Hope doesn't have too sore a shoulder after you head butted it
Arsenal 1 Leicester 0: Gunners keep top-four hopes alive ahead of Tottenham clash
Arsenal get lucky in late win over Leicester to stay i..
Alexis Sanchez challenged by match winner Robert Huth.
Arsenal claim three points after Robert Huth’s late own goal.
Can you imagine Robert Huth and yer older sister going in for a 50/50? Wouldn't work well for yer sis
Can't believe Robert Huth is back in the squad so quickly after George shot him in the back of the head
Just like Wes Morgan & Robert Huth with Christian Fuchs & Danny Simpson won the title. Balanced system with tactical input.
Wes Morgan, Robert Huth, Danny Simpson? These guys managed it. They are hardly world beaters.
Robert Huth used to chuck Jamie Vardy out of nite clubs
. been watching for years?. All fans should know;. Gale Anne Hurd. Denise Huth. Scott Gimple. Robert Kirkman. Greg Nicotero
Ere my friend has promised to do a special edition of *** or no *** next weekend if you promise to play. You in?
was reminiscing in the week with the long haired one about CONC. All misty eyed telling the kids!
Robert Huth and Fellaini got the same punishment last time so it should be standard
2 Games DONT make up for the Crap before!
Mignolet showed his love for last time we played Leicester 😚😂
Why does nearly every footballer wear bright neon green boots. Centre backs like Robert Huth wearing bright boots!? Thats not on!
look it. But he isnt a dirty player. If it was Robert Huth then yeah
Watching Mahrez goal again you can't overstate effort of Robert Huth to win the ball back
Robert Huth going into the box when win corners like
Not too sure Oumar Niasse will be very happy with Robert Huth after this...
Robert Huth (Leicester City) wins a free kick in the defensive half.
PICTURED: challenges Oumar Niasse for early possession, but the Foxes trail with 17 on the clock.…
Maybe it’s just me, but Robert Huth looks like M. Bison.
Would love to see him do this to Wes Morgan or Robert Huth
I believe German International Hard Man Robert Huth would be a crucial DP pick up for
Hi I want to start an appeal to get back on a Sunday night, are you in?
I had to add the man the myth the banter!
or maybe I'm being far too ambitious... Robert Huth could do a job?
jamie pal u really think we were gunna win it again? Wow
champions of England... more like chumpions. How's the defence going?
Lads do ALL fans a favour & give Hull a good hiding for Shakey 🙏🙏
champions of England mate and embarrassed you all in the process. Oh I've got a few quid 2
and ok count the FA cup so in 4 year a massive club has won 1 decent trophy n u seem happy
not what it once was it it come on. Prem titles and UCL or the FA cup?
come on pal Utd should be winning major trophies
tbh I forgot what you said and couldn't care less tbh.
champions ever. We are smallest team to ever win the prem
mate we are a small club I've been to Hartlepool on a tues night. Of course we are worst
Leicester ? Arguably the worst ever champions and then turn into a good team again ...
he can stick Robert Huth on corners
Oh no, it's Swansea away all over again for Leicester! Stefan Jovetic takes Robert Huth and Wes Morgan w/ him and sets up Joaquin Correa. EZ
Robert Huth says the Premier League champions must "be man enough" to avoid relegation. More: https:/…
BPL football is at a level that even Leicester with Robert Huth & Christian Fuchs can win it by 10 pts. That's an hard joke. xD
Robert Huth's 83rd minute goal at White Hart Lane. Tears in my eyes.
Jamie Vardy, Robert Huth and Christian Fuchs will miss the game on boxing day.
Every time Robert Huth has the ball at his feet, Michael Keane's price tag rises by £250,000
Robert Huth made as many clearances (6) in the first half as the entire Man City side combined. No nonsense defending. https:…
Robert Huth's day job is part of Stone Henge I am told.
Mike Dean is so lost. I'm all for harsher calls at corners but neither offence has really been a Robert Huth. He's desperate for attention.
if Danny Simpson and Robert Huth can embarrass others professionalism then it's clear all they care for is £!
Robert Huth and Danny Drinkwater did it as well for
Stoke City should sign Messi, Ronaldo and Robert Huth, say fans...
Robert Huth when he sees Vardy next season...
Robert Huth with a redemption story for the ages, from suspended for playing *** or no *** to Premier League champion.
Robert Huth and Wes Morgan will scare champions league strikers next season 👀😂
Robert Huth a Premier League champion? Who would of thunk it.
Robert Huth has being given a three-match ban for his part in a confrontation with Fellaini ruling him out against Chel…
Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini and Leicester City centre-back Robert Huth to both serve three-match bans with immedia...
Marouane Fellaini and Robert Huth suspended by the FA - Official Manchester United Website
Marouane Fellaini & Robert Huth to serve three match bans after accepting FA violent conduct charges
Robert Huth was the only previous Premier League champion.
Yeah mate Franz Beckenbauer was a fraud give me Wes Morgan and Robert Huth any day
Robert Huth and Marouane Fellaini charged for alleged acts of violent conduct
And you took into consideration Costa, Robert Huth?
Its crazy that Robert Huth was bought up in west drayton
Robert Huth has gone from *** Or No *** champion to Premier League champion in 12 months. Don't let your dreams be dreams.…
Fellini hitting Robert Huth with THE most electrifyin' move in sports entertainment!
Robert Huth had an absolute handful of Fellaini's afro. That's not on.
Robert Huth saved them from relegation.. The real hero!
SkySports Martial and Rashford v Huth and Morgan: The key battle in Manchester United v Leicester SkySports…
Martial-Rashford v Huth-Morgan: Leicester face Manchester United on Super Sunday needing just three points to secu…
If Robert Huth isn't chosen by Germany in at least their Prelim squad for the European Championships then up is down a…
Congrats to on another win with They're now just 5 points from an unlikely title. https…
By Abhranil Roy Manchester United takes on Leicester City at Old Trafford in the Premier League this Sunday, i...
I see you as a more well rounded Robert Huth bucko!
Messi, Suarez and Neymar against Robert Huth, Wes Morgan and Danny Simpson is an exciting prospect
Winning the league with Leicester would be such an achievement for Robert Huth, it may even trump his high score on *** Or…
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If Mats Hummels is too slow for the Premier League, why isn't Robert Huth?
(to name a few) I want to thank you now for making my dads childhood dream come true!💙🐺
Considering follows me and so were practically best friends, I wonder if he has any spare Leicester tickets 🌚.
What is autistic Robert Huth more likely to get a 3 match ban for?
To the big German with a long chin. Good luck this weekend. Might even get a smile lol.
Can't believe the people have overseen the bigger disgrace in all this Bayern thing is Robert Huth not being bought back.
Bowser, before he kidnaps the princess in every Mario Bros
Here's a Robert Huth, Ramiro Funes Mori and Steve Cook have all scored more goals than in 2016.
If is talking about Rabonas, it's a sign that the world is coming to an. end.
Is great support and no1 can laugh at leicester anymore again thank you to ranieri , , ,
Premier League team of the week. Congrats and the special players Riyad https:/…
Robert Huth came thru our system played over 40 league games for us and about to win the league...
hiya, were having a charity fund raiser for wishes4kids and wanted to raffle a signed leicester shirt could you help? Thanks
Robert Huth got nutmegged by a right footed McClean shot to put us ahead. Was definitely an odd day
Think a fair few forwards would've preferred to face Goleo than Robert Huth this season 🦁
imagine he scores a Rabonna goal randomly next year like the Mexes bicycle a couple season back lol
Delighted that the big man, , is coming along with the boys to Benidorm next Friday
N'Glyno Kantè (was at his finest today as well as the dominant centre back Robert Huth (
Sour grapes much? Deli alli doing a fine job playing UFC and football at the same time I see
you'll not be singing when Robert HUTH has the Premier League title in his GRASPS .
your tactics of diving to win pens and and Morgan constantly getting away with fouls in the box ha…
and only losing only 3 all season. Being 3rd highest scorers. And beating you 1-0 HUUTTTHH
During my career, I was a team mate of Damien Duff, Mikel Arteta, Matthew Le Tissier, Gary Speed & Robert Huth. Who am I?
All I wanted was a Robert Huth goal from a header. But NO
Not sure Robert Huth going to rest until he's actually pulled Winston Reid's head off.
Robert Huth? How many times you gonna grab hold of Winston Reid?? How has the ref not seen this? ⚽️
JT put Smalling in the team of the year. But at RB. Because he put Robert Huth and Wes Morgan at CB... dafuq
Robert Huth is wanted by Valencia, although the club is not willing to meet his £12m valuation. (Mundo Deportivo)
Ferguson praised Wes Morgan and Robert Huth. Best defenders in the league 😈
Stoke City: Sir Alex Ferguson hails Robert Huth influence in...: SIR Alex Ferguson has hailed the import...
Alex Ferguson hails Robert Huth influence at Leicester - but doesn't mention his free-kicks.
Robert Huth has had his shirt literally taken off his back and not been awarded a penalty. Woeful refereeing!
Be great to see Robert Huth Premier League champion.solid.
Leicester_Merc : Merc_Sport: Robert Huth reveals his player of the season. Who's you… http…
Robert Huth and Kasper Schmeichel of Leicester City react after Danny Welbeck of Arsenal scored
Leicester City NEWS: Robert Huth named man of the match from...
Joachim Löw will call up Jonathan Tah and Robert Huth to the German national team after the injury of Boateng & Howedes.
Leicester City FC humiliate title rivals Manchester City, go six clear at top of EPL table A Robert Huth double and another Ri…
Wes Morgan is the new Ashley Williams. Robert Huth is the old Robert Huth.
GOAL Man City 0-3 Leicester (60 mins). Robert Huth nods in his second of the match, heading in from a corner
So instead of Real Madrid's Robert Huth, do we now have to say Chinese Super League's Robert Huth?
HALF-TIME Man City 0-1 Leicester. Robert Huth's early strike separates the two teams at the break
The thought of Robert Huth being a league champion makes me chuckle.
Ere! it's friend of the show, Robert Huth!!!
Great performance by the boys. Atmosphere was amazing as always. And a special mention to what a free kick
Very true. Maybe could come on with
Robert Huth, seems like he has some pure banter
Good to see you've been lending people your shooting skills pal!
"You don't argue with big We don't blame you, Drinky!
Angel di Maria has been in a rich vein of form for PSG but this shot is straight outta the Robert Huth text book
NAC Breda's rubbish routine rivals Robert Huth for epic free kick fail of the season.: via
Robert Huth has a rival for worst shot of the season. This beaut, from Di Maria.
Tottenham versus Leicester match report: Robert Huth heads at the end of champion to help keep … – The Independent
Tottenham vs Leicester match report: Robert Huth heads in late winner to keep Foxes in hunt for Champion...
FT: Tottenham 0, Leicester 1. Robert Huth's perfect header hands Spurs first loss in five EPL games.
Goal, Leicester! Robert Huth heads in from a corner!. Spurs 0-1 Leicester
GOAL Spurs 0-1 Leicester (84 mins). Robert Huth is left unmarked and makes no mistake with his header from a Christian F…
Robert Huth cuts out a pass with a rather spectacular diving header and the crowd respond with "Huth" á la Ruud van Nistelrooy "Ruuud"
Robert Huth with a special Christmas message..
Robert Huth with a special Christmas message. Classic.
How on earth can a team with Marc Albrighton and Robert Huth as first team players be good enough to be top of the league?!
Oh no! Robert Huth is given a straight red for an alleged 2 footed tackle. Foster looks livid with the referee
31' - Yellow card for Robert Huth for a foul on Moussa Sissoko. Mike Jones had just had a word with the Leicester defender.
You're to good to be at Leicester, you're one of the best centre-half in the prem
You are one of my favourite players!!
Robert Huth trolls Stoke team-mates Jon Walters and Ryan Shawcross with transfer deadline day banter...
Robert Huth return a welcome boost as angry Arsenal role into Stoke...
Robert Huth lays into crying Luis Suarez, Liverpool fans lay into Huth...
Stoke City hero Robert Huth is everything Leicester City need to stay in the Premier League...
Leicester City plot double transfer raid of Steven N’Zonzi and Robert Huth from Stoke City...
Robert Huth with big bangers is pretty bad.
Was like a young Robert Huth in cb today
Big back to his best today, and equally brilliant.
PICTURED: ventures forward, but he and have some defending to do now. 2-1 with 10 to go.
Bit harsh to compare Wolly to the BFG! Personally I think he's done well since his permanent move! Seems more...
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PHILIPP Wollscheid insists he is no Robert Huth and is a little puzzled by any comparison. No blatant...
I see its business as usual Huth dog
legend, wish you were still at Stoke.
Absolute poetry in motion from the lads tonight, lovely stuff.
That time of the week again Mr 'The Huth, the whole Huth & nothing but the Huth' got a load of goals in this win 26-6
I don't think Bellerin will play on Sunday. Looks like that man Robert Huth will get his 2nd start for me after 10 weeks on the bench!
you made right choice to join us at Leicester, now we're 3rd in the table thanks foxes team spirit
defender Robert Huth has received criticisms from the fans of West Bromwich Albion.
John Terry is a poor mans Robert Huth
Christian Fuchs, Robert Huth and Wes Morgan were delighted as Leicester climbed to fourth in the Premier League
Then he brings in Jon Walters, Andy Wilkinson, Robert Huth, and Ryan Shotton.
Robert Huth beating Gareth Bale in a foot race to the ball is not pace being realistic...
"Robert Huth was right... it's a great time to be a fan...".
Christian Fuchs, Robert Huth, Shinji Okazaki. No-one since Ranieri came in, with only two weeks left until the first game.
Happy with Ranieri, already worked with Steve Walsh, Robert Huth and Esteban, good appointment
BREAKING: have signed Robert Huth from Stoke on a three-year deal. Full story: ht…
Leicester City transfer news: Foxes want to sign Robert Huth permanently after Stoke loan spell
Abel ma tfell min hayete, i was alive when Gary Neville and Roy Keane gave Guard of Honour to Robert Huth and and Glen Johnson.
SUB More bad news for Leicester as Robert Huth joins Andy King in limping off. Ritchie de Laet enters the fray. Still go…
Just watching Game Of The Day and Robert Huth has had a storming first half for Leicester. Would be madness to sell him in the summer.
My 10 yr old son refused pain free life by NHS. RT&help.
Branco with the absolute Robert Huth school of set piece defending.
has incredible banter! Why can't all footballers be like him!
Robert Huth since he came in on loan. His Premier League experience is key for us.
these two are amazing.. That Reply Made my day.
awesome Reply. you just got trolled ha ha
Could someone set up a website which aggregates the 'banter' between &
"Still maintain that crying on the pitch should warrant a 3 match ban"
Hehe last man I'd expect to tear up on the pitch though
.🎣🎣🎣 steady Robert I'm just repeating what Frau Huth has told me. Mrs Walters says she prefers David Wheater…
“Watching the football and a bloke who looks like a bus driver just scored from his own half !”
I think assist is being under rated a tad don't you
Robert Huth should have been signed in the summer
PIC: holds off Robert Huth during this afternoon's game at [1-1]
“Arsenal scored at home, Monaco failed to score at home?”exactly! 👍
Thought Id get back on here and help my old mate seeing as he's taking a bit of a hammering lately
LEICESTER v WEST HAM, 3pm. ROBERT HUTH will play the 250th League match of his English career.
Robert Huth has just nutmegged Esteban Cambiasso. What a time to be alive
Operation 2day. Asked if the surgeon can do a chin implant with a welly concurrently to be more like u ...Ju…
So in 10 yrs 2 fractured cheekbones A broken nose Eyebrows stitched bk on and Teeth knocked out. Yet I'm still better loo…
Well, sometimes. Bale, AOC etc seem to count for other clubs, but who developed Scott Sinclair, Robert Huth, Ryan Bertrand >
Robert Huth make Harry Kane look as fast as Usain Bolt . PS Dave Nugent couldn't hit a barn door with a machine gun
unlucky with the goal still a good performance. Hope MH has taken note
It kills me seeing playing for another team
oh, and just look at the words you used. Robert Huth will be your next follower 🙈😂
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Would Lukaku like to get out of Robert Huth's back pocket yet?
Thierry Henry referring to Robert Huth as 'Hoof', is a perfect description of him.
Did Henry just call Robert Huth an egg in French?
Can we organise a kidnap to bring back home to Stoke?? Love this guy was a mistake letting him go on loan.
PHOTO: holds off Leicester's Robert Huth in a goalless first half at Goodison.
Wes Morgan, Robert Huth and Mathew upson just shouts out bare mobility and pace
Leicester, don't play it out from the back Robert huth it
If Leicester go down, I'd have a sniff round this Robert Huth character. Looks just what we need!
Are there any footballers who look more like Nigel Pearson than And, if so, how long before Pearson signs them?
loanee starts for Leicester at Goodison Park. It's fantastic to see him back playing, hopefully to our benefit long term.
Fancy having a go at without an army behind you 😁
laughing in Lukaku's face 😂 there's the Huth we know and love 😂
got to say I love the way he just laughed at lukaku 😂😂😂
Robert Huth just smiling at Lukaku is genius
You'll never see Jack Hobbs & Robert Huth in the same room together.
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I really really dislike robert huth
I do like Robert Huth a lot. Old school CB but gets the job done wherever he plays.
Mark Schwarzer, Matthew Upson, Robert Huth, Esteban Cambiasso... Someone should really let Leicester know it's 2015, not 2008.
Robert Huth's surname pronounced 'hoof'. Rather apt that
playing for another team is strange. Huttth
Matthew Upson, Robert Huth and Wes Morgan are playing together at the back in the premiership today. Kids don't give up on your dreams.
Good luck for Leicester today!! Hope you come back to stoke fully fit and raring to go.
Still trying to work out how Robert huth played for Chelsea
Robert Huth is our best centre back by some way! (Says it all really)
Huthy could do his club a huge favour today.
Feels weird seen playing for Leicester
lol I thought I saw u playing then lew but it was big Robert huth clearing the lines
Tony Pulis to replace him. Welsh check, defensive maestro check, gets the best out of ltd talent check, Robert Huth in the 2nd row
Robert Huth signs for Leicester City on loan from ...
When you realise Robert Huth is the only completed transfer so far on
Stoke defender Robert Huth is at Leicester's training ground ahead of finalising a loan move. (Source: Sky Sports)
Stoke City defender Robert Huth is having a medical at Leicester ahead of a proposed move. (Source: BBC Sport)
Stoke City will allow defender Robert Huth to join Leicester on loan for the rest of the season. (Source: Stoke Sentin…
Can't make my mind up as to whether Robert Huth has been a bit of d*ck or a complete c**t.
Stoke have given Leicester permission to speak to defender Robert Huth about a possible loan deal. (Source: SkySports)
Robert Huth in then, went to watch his first club F.C. Union Berlin play in December!
Get West London Sport are reporting that the couple of players Kit's hoping to sign are :Chris Wood of Leicester and Robert Huth. That paper is normally pretty good,what do you think peeps?
Fulham Fc are trying to sign Chris Wood and Robert Huth on loan
Stoke City to send Robert Huth on loan but offer Peter Crouch new deal Mixed day: Peter Crouch will be offered a two-year deal but Robert Huth is going out on loan Photo: GETTY IMAGES Mark Hughes is ready to send Stoke City defender Robert Huth out on loan and offer Peter Crouch a new two-year deal. Hughes has held talks with Huth and agreed to sanction a temporary move away from the Britannia Stadium for the German centre-half. Huth is already in demand and attracting interest from a number of Premier League and Championship clubs. The 30-year-old has not started a Premier League game this season and appears to have fallen further out of favour following the loan signing of Philipp Wollscheid last week. Stoke are also set to discuss a new contract with Crouch in the next few weeks as they bid to keep the ...
you surprise me, I'd have thought you'd have been a man Irvine, like the legendary Robert Huth
I was just reading this Robert Huth story as Kevin Pietersen got out out playing the most ridiculous shot.
Robert Huth has been awarded an honorary MBE for his services to
yall deserved it so I can't complain! We really miss a Robert huth at the corners 😔
Zouma reverting back to childhood football here. Or as Robert Huth knew it, when Ranieri needed a Champions League goal.
Nice to see Mourinho have a word with
Robert Huth having a moment with Jose.
Robert Huth on the bench for Stoke! Still remember him playing a decent part in our title winning season in 04/05
Would love Robert Huth on loan!! Not playing at Stoke! Any realistic chance of us getting him??
Id like to see darren bent and robert huth in a derby shirt
Robert huth at derby would be massive,no links
I think Robert Huth is exactly the type of defender we need.
Makes the comparison look a bit sick...
class post again. I keep trying to suggest robert huth!
Robert Huth and Harry Maguire would do for me. But wouldn't be surprised to see a few players from abroad arriving.
Robert Huth has only played 3 games for Stoke this season, I'd be over the moon if we signed him in January!
“Stephen Andersen saves Robert Huth’s penalty: but this never happened 👀
putting Robert Huth up front against Monaco in a champions league semi final in the 1st leg. Wild and exposed.
Just given another man bratwurst envy at the German Christmas market. This must be how feels.
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