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Robert Evans

Robert Evans (born June 29, 1930) is an American film producer, best known for his work on Rosemary's Baby, Love Story, The Godfather, and Chinatown.

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Getting thanked by Robert Evans is not a bad way to start the week. I am officially wearing hip turtlenecks for the…
The Kid Stays in the Picture. Movie legend Robert Evans on staging his roller-coaster life: via
Robert Earnshaw shares his view on Steve Evans’ impact at...
"Staying in the picture in life is something everyone can relate to" Robert Evans
The Kid Stays in the Picture: movie legend Robert Evans on putting his roller-coaster life on stage…
I liked a video Robert Downey Jr. Says Chris Evans Was Nervous at the “Civil War” Premiere
I liked a video Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Filmed in Hotlanta
. Hugh Jackman is no longer the Wolverine;. Chris Evans is no longer Captain America... Robert Do not you dare.
Robert Earnshaw shares his view on Steve Evans' impact at Leeds United
Cecily Evans riding Southern Echo in the Sunday finale for trainer Robert Hazel
Did you ever watch the animated show with Robert Evans where Slash was his butler?
this film festival has two demographics-. 45 yo filmmakers dressing like 18 yo hipsters . & . 60 yo producers dressed like Robert Evans
Know theres mixed feeling towards right now.. But finished new Aaron & Robert vid, song fitted this weeks scenes..…
So Aaron will tell Robert how bad things got in prison 😭
Danny Huston to star in Royal Court adaptation of Robert Evans' memoir
Trump: I need the list of my people cleared for the debate. Secret service guy (reading): Bob Evans, Robert Evans, JJ Evans
Christopher Robert Evans (2016) . Named: I bet you can't look at these without smiling.
EVANS: Video clip of glancing off Robert Kubica's Fiesta on SS3 this morning!
he got everyone bugged worse than the Nsa, bruh!
The great photographers of life - like Diane Arbus and Walker Evans and Robert Frank - al
How often do you think Batman misses out on pertinent information because he likes to disappear on people while they're in mid-sentence?
A huge congratulations to the winners of court, and to this years King and Queen Robert Buckmon and Katie Evans 👑👏🏾
EXCLUSIVE! Did Emmerdale's Robron make the Inside Soap Awards shortlist?. Find out right here ->
Christopher Robert Evans, my MAN. He's so sweet and wonderful. I wish he'd give me beard burn
What a role model Christopher Robert Evans turned out 2 be!!!
Caring, supportive Robert being there for his Aaron 💕❤💕.
New video of Robert Downey Jr, Susan Downey and Exton Downey sending wishes to Charlie Rusler
Not playing today for WRs ArDarius Stewart & Robert Foster, LB Rashaan Evans. Tony Brown and Johnny Dwight are suspended.
Dear Robert, still hate you a lot because of this scene. :) sorry Robert stans, I have to protect Aaron dingle at all costs…
it's been a year since this scene and I still slightly hate robert sugden
I never graduated high school; they had to change the Ivy League rules. During my tenure at Br
Warrior Hall (War Front) with for Robert S. Evans returns to the winner circle!
had some Robert Evans for breakfast and James johns for lunch
Vintage photo of David Caruso and Linda Fiorentino in Robert Evans's film "Jade"
christopher Robert Evans i misss u i love u
It's hosted by and includes Robert Evans (Partner at Argent) and Keith Priest from 2/2
delighted that will be hosting a breakfast talk on 10.05.2016 @ 8am with Robert Evans & Keith Priest of
(Unfortunately, using this analogy, Don Simpson and Robert Evans will be waiting for you on the other side of those mistakes)
Vintage photo of Robert Evans with Ali MacGraw standing while they facing the ca
Legendary producer Robert Evans visits John Wayne on the...
I'm 200% Star Wars 6% Chris Evans 5.2% Robert Downey Jr and like 2% Robert Plant rn and that's just weird
she said she would be best friend Israel ever had!
Clinton promises megadonor she'll work with oppose
Bout to smash this food from Robert Evans. xDDD
The Kid Stays in the Picture: A Notorious Life by Robert Evans via
Robert, Evans, Hemsworth, Mark, Jeremy are basically confirmed for Infinity War, WHAT ABOUT SCARLETT?/
did The Kid Stays in the Picture resonate with audiences so much?.
Scarlett has 1 child. Robert has 3. Hemsworth has 3. Jeremy has 1. Mark has 3. and then theres
thanks for sharing Robert Evans, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
FBS Nikki, Robert Evans and Beverly Johnson at a party in New York
" Let's make this week matter and I mean big." Robert Evans
Rapid City: Dell Sweet. Robert Evans is a gunfighter. He hunted Zombies in the old days...
Rapid City: Cowboys and Zombies. Robert Evans is a gunfighter. He hunted Zombies...
My picks: Robert Evans for the Thalberg, Doris Day for the Hersholt, Cicely Tyson and Richard Marks for Honorary.
Producer/ex-Paramount chief Robert Evans, who makes a lot of sense for the Thalberg"- THR. *** RIGHT deserves this award!!
"I get a lot from all young people. I make movies 4 young people . If I made projects for people my age no one would s…
If you spot Chris Evans, look at Robert's face again.
I liked a video from Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans Intro To Avengers 3 INFIN…
Stuff I talk about... how emotion motivates us - whether we want it to or not. "Bleed It Out" by
What three things in life you want more than anything else? — Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Robert Downey Jr.
chris evans and robert downey jr. Can we just take a moment for perfection 😚 😗
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Hey Evan,This is Teeshirts and Hoodie was designed with Evan.BUY Now!:
LONG Day ! Good weekend. Felt like I came accross the Exam a lot better than last time around. Will wait & see.
Dear Board of Governors,. It's time to honor Robert Evans with an honorary Oscar. Chinatown, Godfather, Rosemary's Baby, Harold & Maude
This is like Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr morphed together
Chris Evans is mighty fine. And so is Robert Downey Jr and Jeremy Renner 😝😜
"Ya ay right I'm staying in the picture." Robert Evans
Robert Downey Junior. and Chris Evans Almost Write Out in ‘Avengers: Chronilogical age of Ultron’ Gag Reel
"The impossible becomes the possible when your backs against the wall. " Robert Evans
E. Howard Hunt, Watergate Burgler, former CIA dude, meeting producer Robert Evans during the premier of the Godfather.
16 Year Old Jimmy Connors playing tennis with Hank Greenberg and Robert Evans and hanging out with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra?!?!? Woah!
BOUNDLESS - Robert Evans on the international SA congress. should follow Jesus.
Robert Evans sends us his stealthy looking 5 door MK7! Proof 5 doors can be awesome too!.
Robert Evans' new bride Dawn was left “distraught” by the decision to send him back to HMP Altcourse after tying the knot in Llandudn...
I want to give a big thanks to M Robert Baum, Colleen Hummell Zimmer, Lynne Bunce, Barbara Nesbitt Evans, and...
Actor and analyst: A response to Coopmans and Button,Harry Collins, Robert Evans,2014
In between Robert Downey and Chris Evans! 😍 (at D' Arca Museum) [pic] —
Robert Downey Jr can be my dad, Hugh Jackman is my uncle, Chris Evans is my brother, and Dave Franco is my husband.
Don't worry about tests, Robert Evans's test cases cover your code too.
" We've all got a *** of a lot to be grateful for . Let's call today ." Robert Evans
Young Robert Evans collects his lifetime achievement
.says Ben Hunt should be picked for Origin II. Agree? Live blog from 11am.
Bronco Ben deserves Origin nod: BLOG FROM 11AM: Robert Craddock says if Ben Hunt really is t...
.appoints president while welcome a new trustee and a Suffolk primary has a new leader -
"Always tell the truth . Then you'll never have to remember what you said." Robert Evans
When a parent shows up with an attitude of entitlement, understand that under it is a boatload of anxiety. Robert Evans
"It takes a gamblers gut to make a masterpiece." Robert Evans
I would love to get a huge breakfast at *** Barrel or Robert Evans right about now.
Errol Flynn is hilarious in that movie. I also love the Robert Evans role.
After the "Mad Men" finale, I believe Megan Draper ended up dating Robert Evans for a few weeks, but ultimately there was no chemistry.
There's like a billion photos off Chris Evans on Civil War set and one, FRIKEN 1 of Robert Downey Jr! This is not fair 😑
Excellent FT coverage on Kings Cross. Robert Evans/Argent have done a pretty good job, masterplan key. Piece a coup for no doubt
is the first one Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans combined?
We need a Robert Evans for the music industry. Getting schooled on this movie exec.
Civil War? I can't wait for that movie to come out... Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are yummy
Anybody who is anybody knows Mr. Robert Evans & his body of work!
"Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr.⁰, Anthony Mackie, Daniel Bruhl and Sebastian Stan all were on the list of VIP guests...
Robert Herron is a good example last year, drafted by Tampa.. A young player, future role when Across from evans when Vjax leaves
dont you dare ignore me Christopher Robert Evans
Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. or Mark Ruffalo. If they are together better! Thanks!!
Congratulations, you are now a character in a Robert Evans anecdote.
Everyone going crazy with Chris Evans on the set and I'm here, just waiting to see Robert with his amazing suits and hair a…
3 of 5 stars to Sir Robert Peel by Eric J. Evans
It'll be Captain America: Civil War CLG edition - Chris Evans plays Matt and Robert Downey Jr plays Hotshot
my friend: who is the guy you like . me: Christopher Robert "Chris" Evans (born June 13, 1981)[1] is an American actor and …
id watch avengers over and over and over again cause Robert Downy Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans, and Mark Ru…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
What's the worst place to turn into the Hulk? --Robert Downey Jr.: the bedroom! --Chris Evans: THATS THE BEST PLACE TO TUR…
Experiences: How to Stand Out in a New Age of Marketing - Are you looking for a competitive advantage? Have you th...
CHRISTOPHER ROBERT EVANS! I need to you to drift my thoughts away from this yeah xD
are what it takes to make invaluable changes" Robert Evans. I you h…
“: Chinatown billboard Robert Evans the Kid made the Picture!
Christopher Robert Evans: king of facial expressions without knowing it
Mike Nichols shoots Robert Evans in a presentation to the Gulf/Western board of directors to save Paramount Studios http:…
Romy Schneider and Robert Evans premiere of the movie 'The Godfather' at the opera of Paris in...
Duke takes on the winner of North Florida and Robert Morris.
LISTEN TODAY between 12 and 2 to Radio Station 760 AM, where I will be on with Derek Evans, on Talking Money.
Dallas needs to pick it up. had a great match here. And please tell I said hi!
Robert Lambert on the way to a Ruthless victory in ht11.
Robert Evans and John Frankenheimer on the set of BLACK SUNDAY.
Arte 22.20 The Kid Stays in the Picture over Robert Evans Amerikaans filmproducent
Today will never come again, Robert Evans
Example two of why Brad Evans shouldn't play center back
Imma make a career mode on FIFA with the sounders just to release brad Evans
And that's why Evans shouldn't play center back
Looks like Lily Collins has reportedly started dating a superhero:
Robert Downey JR. portrays iron man so good, same with Chris hemsworth and Chris Evans, but Downey the best
EXPOSED:chris evans&robert downey jr get intimate on set of captain america:civil war!. is this the SAME romance from the film?find out here!
when will chris Evans date robert Downey jr !
Exclusive! Chris Evans is dating Robert Downey Jr! Find out where they first met
Yeah, waterless stuff is good. I know several bods using it, crucial to clear all water from system tho.
Needs a roll bar bush maybe and seriously thinking about also as did.
cause Chris Evans just is Steve Rogers in the same way Robert Downey Jr is Tony Stark.
It would be interesting to see Venn diagrams showing overlaps between Clarkson defenders & those smearing Ched Evans' …
Robert Evans should narrate everything and anything! Sexy voice!
If you're a movie buff, watch "Kid Stays in the Picture" a documentary on Robert Evans. Amazing Hollywood icon.
I think needs I know hes similar too but has a lot more experience!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Christopher Robert Evans is the Most Beautiful Man Alive i will fight you on this
"When your backs against the wall the impossible becomes the possible. "~ Robert Evans. Via . ✨..…
Robert Evans and Jerry Lee Lewis top to the list of male celebrities having had the most wives. Both have had six.
This is great: the iPhone's introduction viewed through the lens of 1900s battleships, by
My Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth senses are on overload.
"Film lasts forever ,Let's all make something special enough to out last our bodies, leaving this planet to fly." Rob…
How are Robert Downey & Chris Evans gonna have the energy with the AOU press tour coming up?
Answer by Robert Frost to Was Chris Evans really skinny shooting the first scenes of "Captain America" or was it CGI?
Someone created a Wikipedia article about "Robert Maunsell Evans". Help expand it!
Oldham Athletic owner Simon Corney not saying will quit over Ched Evans saga. "Always said" he'd sell to right buyer http:/…
Happy birthday to actor and writer Robert Stack (January 13,1919), author of “Straight Shooting” (1980) (with Mark Evans) et al.
"Everything in life is temporary including life itself ." and Robert Evans
Photoset: christopher robert evans //  “I don’t know any form of art or entertainment that can affect...
halo mr. Christopher robert evans ,how r u doing, just met one passenger her name is samantha coker who live in beverly hillls
looks like a good card but come wrestle by the NJ/NY metro area again, please?
Mike Evans made Johnny Manziel... He didnt hit open receivers Evans just made it look like he did by making circus catches
News Nuggets: Watch the hot new trailer for Marvel's 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron'': . Disney debuts the hot ...
That Robert Evans, he banged them. He banged them all.
The Blind Men, the Elephant and the CT Scanner by Robert G. Evans.
Did you know: Iron Man has an on screen kill count of 678 in The Avengers?
Angel Di Maria: "Please help me. They make me play with Jones, Smalling, Blackett and Evans".
My (Private Baldrick) vote for is 1st 2nd 3rd ched evans !!!
BEST of luck to all nominees . You already won. You got a picture made & recognized. Robe…
Congrats to alum Robert McMeeking PhD'77 -named Tony Evans Chair of Structural Materials
“There are 3 sides to every story: yours, mine and the TRUTH”. — Robert Evans
Brad Pitt is starting to look like Robert Evans.
Ever hear the story about Kim Jung-Un, Lou Wasserman and Robert Evans at Chasen's?
We will have a full scrimmage recap tonight. Interviews from Senior's Jordan Sterrett, Andrew Evans, Robert Brown, and Mykel Harris included
Thanking my big brother Robert Evans, my Dad Ret. MSGT USAF Robert Evans and all serviceman on Veterans Day!
ALIEN STAR SHIPS hidden in plain sight with Robert Evans: via
Thanks for your service Robert and to all veterans.
From Barbra Streisand: "A day on the Paramount lot with the fellas." Lee Marvin, Robert Evans (Paramount VP),...
"Any man who thinks he can read the mind of a women is a man who knows nothing." Robert Evans
Happy Veterans Day to all veterans! My Grandfather (Robert Green, Sr., my sis Shade Beck Evans, David…
Congratulations to Robert Evans for 6 Years of Service! Thank you!
Inspired by book, a two-hour radio special on Robert Wyatt presented by Chris Evans (no, not that one)
it has been confirmed on the news that Robert Mugabe has told all Zimbabweans to vote for Samantha.
I think that in should do the 5 Knuckle Shuffle as a finisher. Yeah...
ROH . Guarantees to win the TV Title this weekend .
Can't wait to see*0* -FULL Marvel Phase 3 announcement with clips, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans
Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans map out plans for future Marvel films
Photoset: Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr at the SDCC 2014. (Dorito is because of the Evans’ shape: broad...
""Today will never come again." Robert Evans". Yes Sir. Thank you for reminding me.
Great moment about producers from The Kid Stays In The Picture when Robert Evans tells Coppola to make The Godfather LONGER.
"It has been said that a friend is somebody with whom it is possible to be silent." Robert Evans
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Oklahoma Roll: Cool pinning combination or dreadful type of sushi?
"Today will never come again." - Robert Evans . Thanks I needed to remember that (again).
Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans to the stage for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR
Veda Scott on - RD Evans challenges for the ROH World TV Title this Saturday Night
"for the plot or for Chris Hemsworth and Chris evans?". both. but please don't forget robert downey jr.
// BTW since when is Robert Downey Jr standing on top of the castlist of Captain America 3 and Chris Evans second?
A year in the future yesterday, this happens!
Any plans to re-release 'Essential X-Men' Volume 9? It's the only volume in that series that is virtually impossible to find.
Folk slagging off Ched Evans' statement because he didn't apologise. If the guy is maintaining his innocence, why would he …
Marvellous rugby match last night in memory of Robert Owen Evans. Cracking win for 36-31 v
a wrestler whose arc recapitulates the November Rain video. Perhaps a tag team?
Aaron Johnson, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Chris Evans all in one film! My panties have officially disintegrated. Goodbye forever!
blankcindeee: *sees chris evans as steve rogers in avengers age of ultron* YAAAS CHRISTOPHER ROBERT...
Ched Evans's attempt at contrition merely confirms what a repulsive, self-serving criminal he is. Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.
Dustin Hoffman based his character off of producer Robert Evans and his character’s mannerisms off of his own father
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Hoffman's character is said to have been based directly upon famed producer Robert Evans
Great game of rugby this evening in memory of Mr Robert Evans Christ college Brecon 36, Gowerton 1st XV 31.
Special thank you to Dr. Robert Evans for conducting such a stimulating presentation!.
Dwell within an extraordinary mind - My review of book htt…
Not hugely impressed by Ched Evans statement. What 'valuable lesson' is it he repeatedly says he has learned? Don't get ca…
Chef Evans says he hopes to return to football, he best not come anywhere near Charlton
Motss is rumored to be based on producer Robert Evans. Joked Evans, "I'm magnificent in this film"
Check out Robert Evans's recent results from 2014 Cardiff Half Marathon here. via
"Neither instinct nor style can be bought or taught." Robert Evans
FEAST OF ST. VINCENT de PAUL, 7 Church St, Bradford, RI The Celebration of the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul our Patron (9/27), will take place on Sunday, September 28th @ 11:00AM. Auxiliary Bishop Robert Evans will be our Celebrant, with special guest Fr. John Heaney and hopefully our two previous pastors, to include Father Jim Farley. This will be followed by light refreshments on the side lawn of the Church. Come pray with us Sunday!! Please Share, Natalie Corina Peter SaccoErin Nolan SaccoJulie Gervasini Sacco Eric Bliven Sandra L Bliven Sandra Terranova Linda Gingerella-Barber
*deep breath* Happy Birthday Robert Evans Dani James Richard Summers and I'm sure there were others today but I can't remember. Penblwydd Hapus to you all my lovelies x And a very merry unbirthday to the rest of you :P
Robert Evans I had to break out the laptop. .. Awesome job
//THEN WAIT AGAIN. CHRISTOPHER ROBERT EVANS. how am I supposed to work in these conditioners
Tomorrow is the last day to order Pre-sale tickets to Another Extravaganza! - This show is just a…
New York collectors have promised 75 photographs, including works by Walker Evans, Robert Frank, and Alfred...
Website Builder 728x90
Robert Evans, Roman Polanski & Mia Farrow talk Rosemary's Baby in new doc from
I like it black and hot. / I prefer a spot of tea. Robert Evans and his butler "English"
Learn more friends & fellowship members like GospelPioneers page search Robert RN Evans we'd love to see you logo
at -- You can't break down the Hulk! 👌 Who looks more natural? Robert, Scarlett, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth or...
I liked a video from Robert Evans | Diabetes Miracle Cure by Robert Evans
Roman Polanski, Mia Farrow and producer Robert Evans tell the story of bringing "Rosemary's Baby" to life
where is the church to get baptized? I'm ready!
Is that the religion that doesn't like women's wrestling?
Marduk vs Tiamat is def a main event calibre match
Then you'll be a happy man, come Saturday.
I am really hoping that and will be coming to Wheeling, WV with this weekend.
Pretty sure Robert Downey Jr. just drove by me on campus and I'm not sure whether to freak out or not...
Perhaps you should enlist the help of to show them what's what.
Preferably one that looks like Chris Evans or Robert Downey jr ✊😭
Robert Evans initially wanted Roman Polanski to consider DOWNHILL RACER. That would've
Luke Evans 'I'm not Robert Pattinson' - via ❤😘 Great! Can't wait to see the movie ❤
Card art for Beast Rider and cosmic creature Tucor by
Great to meet the Labour leader of Surrey Cllr Robert Evans together we can build Labour's strength across the South
This owner Robert Evans hit my vehicle with debris off the back of his truck on Rte 62 on Friday. He gave me...
"Dont let anyone tell you that your dreams can't come true. They're only afraid that theirs won't and yours will." - Robert Evans
'A Robert Evans production, of a Robert Altman film.'
"The only rule is .. There are no rules .. In creativity .. Robert Evans
Robert Downey Jr. was offered a hot towel and accidentally threw it to Chris Evans (at his back).
And the words of my father the Bishop Robert Evans, Jr., "you have to kill people with kindness" no matter what.
New post (Jenelle Evans' New Extreme Diet Sounds Like Absolute ...) has been published on Get Fit Bookmark Robert Dawes
can never go wrong with some Robert Evans
"Every man has the same weak link .. Ego." Robert Evans
I would say Jerry Springer, but THEY might join the fight! B|
Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans, and a Mark R. , Robert and Andrew Garfield r the faves!
It'd be cool because, after each match, Maury could go to the audience for comments.
Have you seen ? The crowd reactions are my favorite.
Constant pops, well placed chants, clear decisiveness between heels, and faces. Yeah,they're a perfect wrestling crowd.
I would love to wrestle in front of a 'Maury' crowd. They're hot every night.
Coming up at 7p ET -- & Heath Evans on NFL Total Access. Rams DE Robert Quinn joins
This was a fun day with Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hardy, Robert Duvall, Chris Evans & Jake Gyllenhaal
Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr are definitely there already! has been posting tons of pics of them!
Broke my rule and watched the stupid One Show with stupid Chris Evans to see the brilliant still wonderful Robert Plant.
Day 1 was dope. Visits from Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Evans, and Robert Downey Jr.
Spending the day Spotted so far: Robert Downey Jr., Vera Farmiga, Dax Shepard and Chris Evans.
Robert Plant to Chris Evans & Alex Jones, One Show; "You go home, and you wait in the van". Once a rocker. Then he spoiled it by playing.
There's something very incongruous about Robert Plant bantering with Chris Evans
Rams DE Robert Quinn will be on NFL Total Access tonight at 7p ET, joining & Heath Evans
"An attack of the heart ... Ain't worth the heart attack." Robert Evans
Robert S. Evans, I'm tagging you on this article because this reminded me of the previous discussion we had about...
"A New Star shines in the skies tonight. Rip Joan Rivers ... A radiant Star you are." Robert Evans
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Could u stop begging me for having sex with me? Im sick of it plus i want to stay virgin n clean
oh, the steve/tony shippers could get some mileage out of this :D
Robert Downey Jr. throwing roses to the peasants . Chris Evans the left boob whisperer
Robert Downey Jr. nicknamed Chris Evans "Dorito" what the frick I'm so upset!!!
Congrats to Keith Warren 7.0 winner and Robert Evans small tire winner ,thanks for all the racers and spectators that came out to the Junkyard speedway
But that's NOT IT!! I also learn that Downey called Evans "Dorito" to his FACE!!! &$%
Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. at a press line for the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron” during the 2014 …
Chris Evans & Robert Downey Jr. taking some pictures.
Robert Downey Jr. nicknames Chris Evans “Dorito”. RDJ has a tumblr im convinced of it
Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr yesterday at i love these men
Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans in one movie. rlly what can disappoint
New York to be next state to allow medical marijuana.
Babe that's gonna be you lol Robert Evans
I got nominated by Stephanie Dunlap to do the ice water challenge! And well, here I am! I'm nominating my boyfriend, Anthony Adams, his parents Marco and Brenda Adams, and his lovely sister, Anita Simmons! I am also calling out Marie and Daniel Maya from Maya's Cantina, and Joe Hermes! I also forgot to mention that I am nominating Shayla And Miguel De La Garza, as well as Robert Evans! Remember that you have 24 hours to complete the challenge! If you do not complete the challenge within 24 hours, you are required to donate $100 to the Fallen Firefighters Foundation! If you do the challenge, you only have to donate $10! Good luck!
Stephanie Kwolek, pioneering female chemist who invented Kevlar, dies at age 90:
Pope Francis says "no" to marijuana legalization. Is he on the wrong side of history?.
We're offering 50% off at Niseko Hilton when you book before June 30th 2014. Packages with the discount already... htt…
If I had a dollar for every time someone called me ugly, I’d be broke as *** because I’m a sexy beast.
Check out Robert Downey Jr.'s new hilarious post about Chris Evans here:
This is a very sensible answer Robert:-) tbh he still owes me a drink for Fetcher, Carrick and Evans ;)
"Turning a negative into a positive .. Is the expressway to success." Robert Evans
Darling, FYI re: "The Robert Evans Collection" - my laptop said: "This title not available on Kindle for Windows 8" (grrr!)
ACEers Taylor Evans and Robert Ingle driving "hands-free" on the South County Backroads during…
“We love the things we love for what they are.” - Robert Frost
I know, I love Judi! For she is Judi Dench and hench! And we've had Robert Downey Jr and Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans!
On set with chris evans and robert downey jr
Rather than one 30-year-old, I like to think of myself as a Megazord of five 6-year-olds.
To put in perspective on how good Mr played 20 years he struck out 434 BJ Upton has struck out 1256 in 10 ye…
Last chance to ski is this weekend Details at the link:
Man they know better than to give Suarez that much room bruh!
Thank you. I re-posted the proper one the way they have it written. Robert Evans was close to Alain in past.
I suspect via Scala Regia on FB we have here:Alain Delon. he sent an amazing bedspread to Robert Evans when I was his assist
Its a longshot, but any Jets fans have a Mike Evans, Robert Heron, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, or Charles Sims auto available for an Amaro /99?
Another OTH alum gets a show on the CW Robert Buckley (Clay Evans) will star in iZombie. . iZombie is inspired...
"Don't be surprised that supposed friends are disenchanted with your success." Robert Evans
But seriously, my biggest crush is Chris Evans, after Robert Downey Jr, lmfao. . No, I love Chris more than RDJ, but just a bit.
Video: "Pritty Sweet" intro. full take. from robert mcintosh on Vimeo.Directed by: Spike Jonze and Ty Evans...
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