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Robert Englund

Robert Barton Englund (born June 6, 1947) is an American actor, voice-actor, singer, and director, best known for playing the fictional serial killer Freddy Krueger, in the Nightmare on Elm Street film series.

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true fact - Robert englund told me he loves + I got it in writing..I keep expecting to see in eBay sale
Someone pointed out to me that looks like a buff Robert Englund and now I can't unsee it.
oh my god, Mark Hamill was actually sleeping on Robert Englund's couch when Englund was like "lol u should audition"
2016 was a good year for me I meet u Danielle Harris Robert Englund John carpenter I meet Brittany car got paid off
last week of 2016 which was a great year I meant u meet John carpenter Danielle Harris Robert Englund
reminder that Robert Englund suggested that his buddy Mark Hamill audition for the role of Luke Skywalker, just give it a shot, why not
Id pay good money for Robert Englund to slash my face open with the Krueger claw...
Apparently the children in this house don't appreciate a festive reading of Robert Englund's The Phantom of the Opera
I actually am grateful for Freddy Krueger, because the big surpris...
NoES only if Robert Englund comes back.
I love Robert Englund as Freddy. I respect what Jackie Earle Haley was trying to do with the character but it's not…
The Santa Claws... Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, who is tricked into becoming Santa after killing St. Nick in a dream.
Met Robert Englund and Henry Winkler at today!! Two absolutely lovely men!
is there a chance of Robert Englund coming to WSC London? 😊
Happy Holidays Mrs. Wilcox! I would love to hear you do a Nightmare on Elm Street 4 commentary with Robert Englund.
MET ROBERT F-ING ENGLUND (and he told me the best Bruce Campbell story 🖤🖤)
There'll always be movies that are meant for the big screen, and the...
Norman Reedus is doing photo ops in a baseball cap and sunglasses, yet Robert Englund couldnt wear the Freddy hat because lighting?
Robert Englund is gonna be at Niagara Falls Comiccon! . Tempted to go see him again!
also the actor that plays Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund, is one of the kindest actors ive had the chance to meet.
If they do something like that, maybe a Freddy Krueger fan, a girl, a...
Had I not done Shakespeare, Pinter, Moliere and things such as 'Godsp...
I just finished my 62nd or my 63rd movie here, and you know, I do ...
I have to agree...I also took issue with Freddy...he just wasn't in the same league as Robert Englund
Jeff Bridges taught me a lot about how to keep a scene fresh.
You look a lot like Robert Englund in his glory days in this pic.
Robert Englund's done an amazing job over the years playing F...
Try Google next time. The answer was: Robert Englund
for me cuzI got to take a picture with Robert Englund, Yaya Han, and Summer Glau
Robert Englund as Freddie Krueger was absolutely brilliant
nice. I met her earlier this year. Also Robert Englund.
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Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund told his friend Mark Hamill to try out for the Han Solo role. - via…
I completely forgot that Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger) was in the 1984 alien invasion classic tv series "V"
2min left and nobody found shot yet! Robert Englund played in this movie...
So if Bruce Campbell is 6' and Robert Englund is 5'8" and these are 7" scale...😳
One more example; Robert Englund in the Masters of Horror segment DANCE OF THE DEAD.
I'm so jealous of my mom. She is going to Walker Stalker con tomorrow and she might meet Robert Englund and Kane Hodder
Kane Hodder and Weird Al are announced for the rescheduled !! Fingers crossed for Robert Englund and Danielle Harris!!! :)
If I could meet Robert Englund and Tom Savini I would just.DIE! PUN INTENDED!
and monster con to meet Robert Englund and Danielle Harris I would sell my car
That`s really cool! My friend got to meet Robert Englund, John Carpenter, and Danielle Harris. I one lol
Genre legend Robert Englund stars in the gut-munching shocker Zombie Strippers! at 10.45pm.
i am going to spooky empire this year. Finally get to meet Kane Hodder and Robert Englund.
Robert Englund and Lance Henriksen. As themselves, solving a murder at a con they're both attending.
Terrible clip documentary. Great poster. . Contains the autographs of Robert Englund, Tony Todd, Peter Atkins and...
Meet horror legend Robert Englund at Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street:
I really like this Bob Ross side to Robert Englund.
Robert Englund to appear at Oz Comic-Con - watch now
Comic Con is on til 6pm so there's time to come meet star guests such as Ian Whyte, Jeremy Bulloch & Robert Englund!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Robert Englund! You're a horror hero of mine & I'm hoping to finally meet you in August!
Tony Todd , Kane Hodder and the one and only Robert Englund
It has everything.Gilbert Gottfried as a shock jock, Robert Englund as a English psycho that says "ello ello", a koala puppet
I've heard that Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund will do a Wes Craven's New Nightmare commentary for Wes. April Fool's!
i'm astounded that Robert Englund never played an *** alien on a Star Trek series
Do you want a Freddy vs. Jason: 2? We say only if Robert Englund is return.
with repostapp. ・・・. Robert 'Freddy' Englund, the late Kevin Peter Hall…
Dude Robert Englund will be at the Texas Frightmare Horror Convention next month, i'm excited!!!
Watching Lake placid vs. Anaconda. Sorry to say - but Robert Englund only works in Freddy Krueger
are you ever terrified of falling asleep next to Robert Englund?!
I love this this episode was great I love Robert englund he played mr buxley
I like to think that when Robert Englund is doing the deed he says "1, 2 Freddy's cumming in you"
Little Giant Ladders
Johnny Depp was the most polite young actor I've ever worked with.
The top 3 horror movie characters. robert_b_englund we…
robert_b_englund you have a message in your inbox/DM
As a jobbing actor, you can't afford to be choosy; if you're typed, you're ...
Freddy should only ever be Robert Englund.
IKR I refused to watch it.. Robert Englund even was like well that was trash
Anne there go the two minutes of screen time with Robert Englund and Ed O'Neil.. Definitely gonna miss them
can't go watch "Me vs Superman" till sunday :P so gotta watch someone vs someone lol Robert Englund's last...
Y'know what's also weird? I didn't realize that Robert Englund was in V! He plays a pacifist vegetarian. Pretty wild, man
I'm working on "Ernest Goes to Elm Street" film, w/ Robert Englund as Ernest and Jim Carrey portraying Jim Varney in Freddy Krueger role
Bruce Campbell is my spirit animal! Lol if I could meet him and Robert Englund my life would be compete Lol
David Miller applying Freddy makeup to Robert Englund from Nightmare 1.
I personally wanted Michael Myers but Freddy would be incredibly awesome as well (but Robert Englund has to voice him)
We talked about how both Michael Jackson and Robert Englund used Fosse's style and technique to two very different effects and end results.
One of my fave autograph moments was when Robert Englund came to RCCC. I couldn't afford the $50 price for a glossy autographed photo --
Robert Englund making funny faces with Miko Hughes on set of A Nightmare on Elm Street 7
Who has a chance of making it to the Kombat roster...Bruce Lee, "Brandon Lee" The Crow, or "Robert Englund" Freddy Krueger??
I liked a video from Catalina Film Festival 2015 Robert Englund
do people still confuse you for Robert Englund?
Strangeland - Dee Snider's horror movie with Robert Englund with a badass soundtrack.
industry insiders: 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Star Robert Englund on Wes Craven, Johnny Depp and Auditionin…
“Halloween starts earlier and earlier, just like Christmas.” ~ Robert Englund.
TIL Kane Hodder & Robert Englund will share the screen in a new horror film coming in 2016. o.o
Tobe Hooper's Death Trap tonight. Neville Brand is so good in this and an early role for Robert Englund!
Day 22 of 31 horror movies I've never seen, today has Kane Hodder, Tony Todd and Robert Englund in it. (It's not Hatchet)
With Until Dawn, I think Wes Craven & Robert Englund should do a full motion capture Nightmare on Elm Street. nightmares.
Met Tony Todd and had Wishmaster signed now I just have to meet Kane Hodder and Robert Englund
good to hear I watched total recall again and you was great in that film also what was it like working with Robert Englund
SMH: Robert Englund wants to see wants to see 'Freddy in the Hood'
Looks like Freddie Krueger (or at least Robert Englund, the guy who plays him).
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Jonathan Breck as the "Creeper" is on par with Robert Englund as "Freddie Krueger." Englund is obviously more iconic, thoug…
My hubby and I at Horrorhound Indy..with Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund
Last, but certainly not least. With Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund. My 13 year old self is pretty terrified.
Taken in 2013: Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund vamp in front of the original Nightmare on Elm Street house. http:…
Also had the honor of meeting Robert Englund at THREE cons and Heather Langenkamp at THREE cons as well! :) HUGE NOES fan! :)
All the people who made my childhood great are dying off. It'll be Bruce Campbell, Tom Baker or Robert Englund next, I'd bet money on it :(
Jackie Earl Haley ni tak ada apa yang Robert Englund ada, to be the frightful dream stalker.
that's one of my favorites and one I suggest as often as possible! Love that Robert Englund and Scott Wilson are in it.
it's called Fear Clinic a horror film starring Robert Englund who was in Nightmare on Elm Street
So they are doing another Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. I wish Robert Englund was 10 or 15 years younger. No one else is Freddy. Period.
Loads, Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Robert Englund, Richard Dean Anderson, Sigourney Weaver and more. I love crewing😍
I liked a video from Robert Englund's message to Quagmire1428 (me)
That would have been amazing. *** I'd love to see Robert Englund play The Riddler in live-action too.
omg yes I got one Robert englund who original Freddy kruefger was in supernatural. Who gave Sam a permanent soul is it
I like Haley, but way back when Robert Englund was gonna play Rorschach and well...the problems with our timeline are clear
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Love Robert Englund as Freddy and love the movies.
Only major dislike was that it wasn't Robert Englund as Freddy. I could not get over that fact.
Thank god Robert Englund is able to adapt to bad movies and manage to make his character good at least.
Watched Demonic and Fear Clinic. Had my hopes up for esp the last one because Robert Englund, but both were disappointing. Now, Unfriended.
whose for favorite horror actor mines are Robert Englund who played freddy Kruger and Bruce Campbell from the evil dead movies
The most I paid for a celebrity autograph was Robert Englund at the Fan Expo. Totally worth it, that guy is pure awesome.
//"The claw extends Freddy. It extends...his anger, his revenge. It's a little larger than life." --Robert Englund--
Absolute Honor to have this picture and to have had met the Legend that is Robert Englund
ALL I want is to meet Robert Englund in September. Is this too much to ask?
Stopped Pet Sematary to watch Lake Placid vs. Anaconda. Only for Robert Englund.
If they do make it they better bring Robert Englund back I don't like the new Freddy
Robert Englund signs his first Power Glove replica! via
Oh wow. Now we have Robert Englund in drag.
No joke, this is a real movie that comes out next week. I'm just curious why Robert Englund accepted the role.
Chris Sarandon and Robert Englund have all the time in the world for fans. A few UFC fighters we're great too.
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It's not an ideal to hold up to, even Robert Englund was shocked by seeing it and spoke against it.
Yeah but I guess it was cut.or something where robert englund played himself.
Robert Englund actually was gonna have a nightmare in Wes Craven'S NEW NIGHTMARE (1994)
Robert Englund is in that Fear Clinic I must see it *_*
Bucky almost destroyed my photo with Robert Englund. Some things aren't forgiveable.
Robert Englund needs to be on more commentary tracks, he has a good voice.
shoulda seen me when I met Robert Englund, I was mostly mute lol I was in awe cuz I met Freddy Krueger himself but happy 😆
makes sense...Robert Englund would be spreading a nightmare toxin on
Thrilled that let me write a piece about Rondo Hatton, THEATRE OF BLOOD, and Robert Englund's PHANTOM.
Robert englund will forever be the best Freddy Krueger
so. awesome. someone put my photo of Robert Englund doing his iconic freddy pose next to a… http:/…
In fairness, you and Robert Englund were good in Fear Clinic but the rest were terrible! I could see you as a Bond villain!
I like that Robert Englund in THE MANGLER is the like the Grandpa version of Rosanna Arquette from CRASH.
Rewatching Tobe Hooper's THE MANGLER, cause Robert Englund swings for the fences.
Me with Robert Englund as he was great fun to be with http:…
John Deacon, the bass player. And looks like Robert Englund!
2 friends arranged this Robert Englund message for me …
Today I saw dressed as Spider Man. Stared at Christopher Lloyd & got scared of Robert Englund saying a Freddy Kreuger line.
I'm also going to meet Robert Englund, Jeremy Bullock, Billy Dee Williams, Dave Spowse, Michael Biehn and more!!! 😝😍
my list is; Hayley Atwell, John Ratzenberger, David Bradley, Sylvester McCoy, Emily Kinney, Colin Baker and Robert Englund!
yeah. Can't wait. Gonna have pics with Robert Englund, Tom Savini and Malcolm McDowell.
oh god that would be awful. But wouldn't it be the greatest thing in the world to have Robert Englund as a crazy uncle?
Which actor played in the remake of Dawn of the dead?. A.Kane Hodder. B.Robert Englund. C.Ving Rhames
not sure i have seen everything with myers,voorhees,krueger cus krueger is my horror BF lol love swede Robert Englund
I'm still freaking out about the fact that I met Billy Dee Williams, Jason Mewes, Robert Englund and Neal Adams on Saturday. What a weekend!
Among those making a cameo appearance in this film are Robert Englund and Tony Todd -
Happy Birthday, Robert Englund! Freddy still gives me nightmares. You're awesome.
Happy birthday! Celebrities Ryan Higa, Diego Velazquez and Robert Englund have the same bday as you!
Happy Birthday. Today in 1947 – Robert Englund, American actor and director was born.
no Dean Cain and Brandon Routh were...Robert Englund is Freddie Krueger...:)
Huh. Robert Englund and Jamie Lee Curtis both start in the same episode of the Nancy Drew Mysteries back in 1978. Neat.
Robert Englund and Corey Taylor in one movie! I love it already! — watching Fear Clinic (film)
6 cast members from will be there, plus Robert Englund & Dean Cain?? Novi is just too far away.
My portrait of won a merit award, my Robert Englund is on display...
Photo with Robert Englund, Lou Ferrigno, Steven Yuen and my autographed Freddy Krueger doll
Some days at work are just a total Nightmare on Elm Street, you know? Robert Englund aka Freddy…
It's clear that replacing Robert Englund as Freddy was a mistake. The same goes for Anthony Perkins, though he died in 1992.
Oh yes, oh please. It could have Jeffrey Combs, and Robert Englund, and Brad Dourif, and Doug Bradley, and Tom...
Robert Englund on Playing Dr. Andover in Fear Clinic Film, Freddy Krueger vs. the Fear Chamber
Man I wish you, Robert Englund, and Wes Craven got together to comment on Nightmares 1 and 7.
My, if I can quote slapped my forehead when I found out Robert Englund is going to be at
The 1 pic I have with Bruce Campbell by myself is hilarious. Robert Englund has his freddy glove holding me by my VIP pass
Robert Englund was on out flight then got mobbed at the airport by fans . He was nice he signed and…
Gonna watch the Robert Englund Phantom of the Opera, which I mostly recall being very strange.
Catching up on work movies today- next up is the Robert Englund PHANTOM OF THE OPERA which I remember loving as a kid. PLEASE hold up!! 💀
check out a film called Fear Clinic, Coreys in it! With Robert Englund, haven't watched it yet tho
Nobody could ever play Freddy Krueger better than Robert Englund, period.
V (1984). Did you know Robert Englund co-starred in this series the same year he made A Nightmare on…
Finally got my Freddy Krueger 8x10 framed, Robert englund is quickly taking over my flat
so on a scale of 1-10 how ready are you to meet Robert Englund at MCCC. Honestly just the announcement has me freaking out.
robert englund is going to sheffield comic con and I wasn't going to go but now I am oh my god !!
THE WALKING DEAD: Robert Englund once again sank his claws into this role in "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master"
- Wicked Horror had an exclusive chance to interview Robert Englund about a new project - awesome!
37 minutes remain for the web series signed poster on Ebay! Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris AND Robert Englund signed!
9am tomorrow, Joe talks to star Robert Englund.
Photo: 80slove: Robert Englund on set of Nightmare on Elm Part 2
watched Fear Clinic (Robert Englund/Corey Taylor) so awful. stronger than nyquil. however it may be discovered to be the cure for insomnia.
Colbert's first music guests on The Late Show should be Will Smith and Robert Englund doing "Nightmare On My Street".
Robert Englund in the masterful 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 4' - watch it this holiday weekend!
I just saw robert englund's bush and *** Fear Clinic is delivering things I never expected
It occurs to me that I own at least 5 film versions of The Phantom of the Opera. Hrm. Now watching the one with Robert Englund.
Robert Englund in The Phantom of the Opera. Okay, what the ***
Giveaway – It’s your chance for a free Blu-ray copy of Fear Clinic starring Robert Englund
Checking into the Fear Clinic because, hey, Robert Englund.
Gotta give some love to my man Robert Englund
19 hours to go on the signed Fear Clinic web series poster signed by Robert Englund, Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder!
Robert Englund on Supernatural? I remember this episode. But not him.
Robert Englund's wig is probably my favorite thing about Fear Clinic.
Funny you mention horror movie I sent Robert Englund a pic I drew long time ago of him as Freddie!
Robert Englund, Rob Hall, Aaron Drane, Fiona Dourif and Mark Johnson discuss Fear Clinic in Part 1 our...
It would great to see autographed merchandise often. I once saw that you shipped Robert Englund's and freaked out 😯
Robert Englund made a Phantom of the Opera movie? That'd be cool to see.
I'm ready for Robert Englund to be part of a new Nightmare, even if it's not as Freddy.
Fear Clinic starring Robert Englund and Corey Taylor now available to buy on DVD from Amazon!
Since nobody knows the answer here it is Jamie Leigh Curtis & Robert Englund were both on an episode of Hardy Boys nancy Dew Mysteries
... Horror Film Industry? Like Robert Englund, Kane Hodder or Doug Bradley in the Future? I bet that would Be awesome. C:
Fair enough. If you're into the theme, Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) was in a film version back in 1989. Also dreadful.
At Walker Stalker Con San Francisco, I (Jason) will be doing panels with Robert Englund (Freddy!) and Matt Smith...
I found this picture of Robert Englund with a Gremlin dressed as Freddy Krueger!! This is the most…
please if I may ask Could you try to get Robert Englund on the podcast , would be. Epic.
1984 Film ... "A Nightmare on Elm Street" stars Robert Englund. What famous killer did he play?. A. Skeleton Man...
Robert Englund made the Freddy character. I'll never watch another if he's not playing him.
Robert Englund Amanda Wyss Ken Sagoes and Mark Patton all from Nightmare on Elm Street. At Fangoria horror weekend.
A Nightmare on Elm Street. According to Wes Craven, Robert Englund was not the first choice to play Freddy...
Have Antony Green and Robert Englund ever been seen together in the same room?
The Last Showing OFFICIAL TRAILER (2014) - Robert Englund got this today on DVD
Ok, swear to God I just saw Robert Englund. Or else an extra who looks a *** of a lot like him.
My dad looking at me like I'm a freak as a coo over Robert Englund on TV 😏
LMMFAO. Wat was ur other account? This Robert Englund looking character jus reared his ugly (bald) head again, out of the blue.
LOL! Aaron came to my 13th Birthday party. So did Robert Englund (Freddy) Aaron was still in HS w/my bro
Hard enough getting myself to/from work. Throw in the extra stop of daycare, & it's a nightmare worthy of Robert Englund's guest appearance.
i thought it was a good movie - evn tho it wasn't scary, Lou Diamond Phillips and Robert Englund played their roles perfectly 💕
and was terrible it was one of the worst movies ever and not having Robert Englund just made it that much worse garbage
at shiefield comic con they have billly dee William plus freddy cruger Robert Englund as guests
Lol Jensen probably fangirled when he saw the guy who played Freddy Kreuger (Robert Englund) on Supernatural 😂
face off so raw for having Robert Englund guest star
oh cool! Yea, i feel ya though, missed out on Robert Englund when he came to Comicon
Robert Englund is the detective on this ep of CriMinds and it is VERY DISORIENTING.
HOAX ALERT. This is a hoax... why do people do that?? .
Robert Englund signing my photo I bought from
Rey Mysterio was in the movie Freddy v Jason as a stunt-double for Robert Englund.
Oakland U alums: David Hasselhoff, Robert Englund, and Curtis Armstrong, or Knight Rider, Freddy, and Booger.
Directed by Renny Harlin. With Robert Englund, Rodney Eastman, Lisa Wilcox, Andras Jones. Freddy Krueger returns once again to terrorize the dreams of the remaining Dream Warriors, as well as those of a young woman who may know the way to defeat him for good.
if Robert Englund is coming again I might wear my Freddy Krueger costume 😄
Robert Englund's love for playing Freddy is almost too real.
Robert Englund, who plays Freddy in "Nightmare on Elm St.", played a human in at least two other scary movies. Do...
When I got to meet Robert Englund. He's such a cool dude. Glad I got to talk to him
Update: I won the Freddy glove signed by Robert Englund. 50 bucks.
Do I want to pay entry into a con just to pay for a photo with Robert Englund?
call of the dead had Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Danny Trejo and Michael Rooke
Ben Englund was brought over 2 Kripke's new show, was that even renewed or cancelled by nbc? Plus Robert Singer is still there
Corey Taylor from Slipknot is in a film with Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger ***
Just to be clear, I'm talking Robert Englund's Freddy, not the super angry Jackie Earle Haley Freddy. That Freddy was a buzz kill.
Excited that Robert Englund is coming to Sheffield Comic Con. One, two, Freddie's coming for you...
Did you know that Robert Englund ("Freddy") auditioned for the role of Han Solo?
Why did Face Off use a picture of the new Freddy for Robert Englund coming out instead of Robert Englund's Freddy? Come on.
Too bad it was really laughable in parts. Oh well; I'm gonna buy it anyway because Robert Englund. Def not his worst.
Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger on MwC as the Devil. Al sells his soul to play for the Bears. Freakin' classic.
Gee, I was going to suggest Christopher Walken, but Horror...hmm, Robert Englund?
Whoa, Robert Englund is in this episode of Married... with Children as the devil. That's awesome.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
This movie, btw, is Robert Englund's Phantom of the Opera
Robert Englund: Do you want to know the secret of pain? If you just stop feeling it, you can start to use it.
Sewing and watching CHiPS and who do I see? Robert (aka Freddy Krueger) Englund himself! I love all of…
The Phantom of the Opera with Robert Englund Sings on Blu-ray
no, I'm the biggest fan of Robert englund and yet as you . do you need attention from me or what your problem!
yep. I met Robert Englund in college & he credits Hamill's post SW troubles w/ inspiring him to embrace typecasting.
The remake of a nightmare on Elm Street was good but Freddy isn't Freddy if it's not Robert Englund 😕
Robert Englund's clone, Ted, owns my local newsagent though. He looks so much like him. Teddy Krueger
Before playing Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund was in a HART TO HART episode.
So Robert Englund is doing photo shoot in full Freddy make up in July. I think that I need this as a Christmas...
meeting Robert Englund, Freddy Kruger was pretty cool. And the go carts on the golf course was dope.
Brendan Fletcher with nightmare spinner Robert Englund as Freddy in FREDDY VS. JASON (photo from...
Geeking out at the cast of Udo Kier, Clint Howard, Robert Englund, Gunnar Hansen, Bill Moseley, David Naughton, & SIMON PEGG!
...and Doug Bradley, and Bill Moseley, and Robert Englund, and William Sadler, and... "The Gathering" sounds AMAZING!
have you ever heard of the movie The Gathering, has Doug Bradley, Robert Englund and Simon pegg in it.
Why is the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series on tv so awesome? Because in one episode they featured Bill Mostly voicing a character that wielded a chainsaw. Robert Englund voicing a character that invaded your nightmares. And John Kassir voicing the two other nightmare villains. How awesome is that!!
funny you mentioned that...there's a pic of them with Robert Englund in full freddy make was pretty cool. Google it
Who are the voices for the Dream Beavers in the new TMNT episode? I know the red one is Robert Englund and one of them is the Crypt Keeper.
okay its John Kassir and Robert Englund who are the other Beavers?
Yes folks, a dream episode and we have Robert Englund in the cast. It's why wouldn't they cast Englund!?
Robert Englund reserecting Freddy Krueger in tonights TMNT in 30 minutes. Dylan Masteller is so ready. Two...
Freddy Krueger and The Cryptkeeper on TMNT tonight @ 8:00 on Nick!
the real Freddie Krueger will always be Robert englund.
new Nightmare On Elm Street was actually surprisingly good. I think people just didn't see it cause no Robert Englund.
Robert Englund is voicing someone on TMNT tonight of course I'm gonna watch it 👌
.& voice the Dream Beavers on tonight's ep of Ninja Turtles
I had the same problem with the Nightmare on Elm Street movies as i did with Halloween. The actors. Robert Englund & Heather Langenkamp...
Earlier this year I finally met Robert Englund. If I meet Michael C Hall my life will be fulfilled.
Looking forward to some Crypt Keeper nods! Do you know when the brilliant Robert Englund will be on?
Grab the latest copy of for Robert Englund, & on
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"I'm tone deaf and drunk!" . Robert Englund ladies and gentlemen! .
What do you think Robert Englund is listening to in this scene? Reggae, Rock, Death Metal?
Good story, but they should have had Robert Englund play Freddy. Would've made it better.
I love this movie. it has Kane Hodder,Robert englund,and Tony Todd in it.if Vincent Price were alive... he'd probably be in
Sick Beard: Download Finished: Town of the Living Dead - 1x11 - Robert Englund to the Rescue
GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT – Horror legend, Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) will be joining us for WSC San Francisco 2015! htt…
In case I STILL haven't sold you all on the amazingness of the current TMNT cartoon, Robert Englund and John Kassir will be on it tomorrow.
Yes, but does Robert Englund have a tongue-in-cheek cameo?
Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) has his Freddy Bishoujo statue… make sure to grab yours starting next month!
FYI Robert Englund & John Kassir guest star in the new tomorrow night!
ended with a guest appearance by Robert Englund and a stunt almost gone wrong. However, their zombie…
Robert Englund and John Kassier guest star in new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Horror icons & to guest star on TMNT it will be a parody of Freddy ht…
AHS neds Robert Englund, Tim Cury, Linda Blair, Neve Campbell e Sissy Spacek. That would be shock the monster
Sign this Petition to get Robert Englund a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
OK, so 1989's Phantom of the Opera wasn't great, but it wasn't a waste of time. Robert Englund is always amazing, and bonus Molly Shannon!
Started Phantom of the Opera starring Robert Englund, and Molly Shannon is in it!
Paul Darrow, Joanna Lumley, Robert Englund, James Masters, and any old Dr who!.
That is the least likely nightmare anyone could've expected involving Robert Englund, I braced myself for Freddy but got Ric Flair.
A horror convention across the street from work? Kane Hodder (Jason) Robert Englund (Freddy) and *** Warlock (Mike Myers) are there?! 🎃 YES
Got the honor to meet Robert Englund and Kane Hodder today, true horror icons
the originals are best. Wes Craven and of course Robert Englund ( FREDDY) brought it to life.
So say it's an honor to have Robert Englund & his wife ask for copies of your work for his personal…
Robert Englund wearing my glove in a still from Nightmare on Elm Street part 2.
James Cameron, remaking GALAXY OF TERROR, with Sid Haig & Robert Englund reprising their roles. Oh and Joanie too.
Robert Englund has landed at Frightfest ! Image courtesy of Horror Channel
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