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Robert E. Lee

Robert Edward Lee (January 19, 1807 – October 12, 1870) was a career military officer who is best known for having commanded the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War.

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this has always been a states rights issue- Robert E. Lee refused vaccinations bc Jenny McCarthy said they gave her kid autism.
Kenneth Lee Hightower great-great grandson of Gen Robert E. Lee on his mother's side, shaking hands with John...
HEY everyone! We are OPEN at our new location behind Cotton Patch Cafe, across from Robert E. Lee high school.
" A true man of honor feels humbled himself when he cannot help humbling others " - Robert E. Lee
Robert E. Lee's family still keeps his secrets. via
Question of the Week: . Do you agree with City Council's decision to only move the Robert E. Lee statue and not the…
Yes this was an actual Holiday in Virginia. Robert E. Lee, "Stonewall" Jackson and Martin Luther King's lives wer…
.is right, MLK day is a national holiday. But in Alabama, it's known as "Robert E. Lee's Birthday & Martin Luther King Day"
Remember, Robert E. Lee's estate is now Arlington Nat. Cemetery. Seized by the Union after the war and used to bury Civil War dead.
That grotesque Jared-Ivanka pic was at an event celebrating Robert E. Lee's birthday. via
January 31, 1865: Robert E. Lee was appointed commander-in-chief of the Confederate forces.
Last time Democrats this scared of Republicans Robert E. Lee left West Point & went to Montgomery to join Jefferson Davis. Admit it!
Reason the south is backward the reason a bowling alley isn't open today is bc it's "Robert E. Lee's birthday" NOT MLK…
Pretty sure he is referring to Robert E. Lee in the first sentence. The 2nd is a smokescreen.
does anyone care that today was also Robert E. Lee day?
While the rest of the US celebrates MLK day, Alabama will be celebrating Robert E. Lee's birthday!
All purpose parts banner
Btw, Robert E. Lee was a traitor who tried to destroy the American Republic. Great American my *** MLK Day all the way…
they celebrate Robert E. Lee on the same day and it's hella disgusting.
Hey you! Not if you watched The Rachel Maddox Show tonight! They're supposed to acknowledge MLK Day but prefer Robert E. Lee more!
AL, MS and AK officially celebrate Robert E. Lee's birthday today. Alongside . And their flagship universities make millions off us.
Alabama, Mississippi, & Arkansas celebrate MLK Day and Robert E. Lee's birthday on the 3rd Monday in January bec economic anxiet…
Why do we STILL lionize Robert E. Lee?. 1. Regardless of his attitude, he owned slaves. 2. He lost the *** war. 3. His cause wasn't noble.
How appropriate that has the MLK in a state that celebrates Robert E. Lee day. Can't make this stuff up folks
Google apologized for referencing Robert E. Lee's birthday instead of MLK Day in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.
I believe you're referring to Robert E. Lee...and it was his holiday recognized on Google today - not MLK.
and still celebrate slave owning, confederate Robert E. Lee b-day on
How the *** can Mississippi, Alabama & Arkansas still celibate today as Robert E. Lee's Birthday? A holiday to...
In 2017, 3 states honor Confederate General Robert E. Lee on proof we must continue to push for change.
There are several: USS Robert E. Lee, USS Stonewall Jackson, USS Dixon, and USS Hunley, etc. all filled with controversy.
Robert E. Lee? A foreign general celebrated on MLK Day? Erwin Rommel cannot be far behind.
No child it's 2 different people. General Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson 🙄
Jeff Sessions as Attorney General would follow in the footsteps of former Generals Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, & George Pickett.
"We shall rest and try it again another day..." . -General Robert E. Lee. Battle of Gettysburg- Day 3. July 3, 1863
I think Anne Hill Carter Lee was the mother of General Robert E. Lee, correct?
Charlottesville City Council has 2 options for the future of statues of Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson:…
TIL Three years before Robert E. Lee was born, his mother, Anne Hill Carter, was thought to have died from yellow …
House, Robert E. Lee's home and how it became a national war cemetery just outside
Did you know Confederate General Robert E. Lee was a Conservative fighting for the Constitution? Learn more here!
John Ashcroft is defending Jeff Sessions. He did the same for Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.
"I cannot trust a .an to control others wh| cannot control himself." Robert E. Lee
"I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand." -Robert E. Lee .
"I cannot a man to control others who cannot codtrol himself." Robert E. Lee
BTW boys fall to Robert E. Lee in Classic.
"Robert E. Lee is that kind of machine" - Jonathan
A time capsule with artifacts from Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee was found Monday at U of L's Confederate statue
"Abandon your animosities and make your sons Americans!" Robert E. Lee
NOFD on the scene of 2-ALARM at Buttermilk Drop Bakery Elysian Fields @ Robert E. Lee
2-alarm fire at the Buttermilk Drop bakery on Elysians Fields near Robert E. Lee.
NOFD battling two-alarm fire at Buttermilk Drop bakery near Lakefront on Elysian Fields at Robert E. Lee
Buttermilk Drop is completely destroyed on Elysian Fields and Robert E. Lee
Avoid Elysian Fields at Robert E. Lee while NOFD works to put out fire at a bakery
I liked a video Robert E. Lee refuses command of the Union Army
Robert E. Lee falls to Clarke County in playoff opener via
Members of the *** s Angels motorcycle club went to Lee Circle and surrounded the Robert E. Lee monument Thursday.
Boy, you Confederates have gone back to your original layout, Robert E. Lee and but one exception, Mr. Comey! Think he represents red.
New life for the Robert E. Lee theater, a 'Duck Dynasty' spinoff and more Hollywood South headlines
PHP and HTML: How do I replace the $abc part, from Annabel Lee to Robert E. Lee? Thanks! . …
Robert E. Lee's Gettysburg headquarters gets $6M facelift by via Stars and Stripes
Help support the Robert E. Lee Volleyball raise $4,000.00 at
Robert E. Lee's Gettysburg headquarters gets $6M facelift: Over the decades, the stone house and grounds that…
Battle of Wills:Ulysses S. Grant,Robert E. Lee, and the Last Year of the Civil War,David Alan Johnson
Out today! Explore Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant beyond their military tactics in BATTLE OF WILLS…
Who was the better American general: Benedict Arnold or Robert E. Lee?
In New Orleans we have statues of Andrew Jackson & Robert E. Lee but it's clear that we should replace them w/ statues o…
Jeb Stuart and Robert E. Lee served valiantly in the US Army at one point, but so did Benedict Arnold and we don't name s…
iMessage isn't working on my new phone and now I know how Robert E. Lee felt when Stonewall Jackson died.
When the American Civil War started, Confederate Robert E. Lee owned no slaves. Union general U.S. Grant did.
Watching Pawn Stars and I hear the son say Robert E. Lee was a "good guy". White people live in a different world.
Apparently the way to get kids to remember the name Robert E. Lee is to mention Brandon Lee.
Besides being a member of the Party of Jeff Davis and Robert E. Lee how can the Confederate Flag offend you?
that Chokin' Robert E. Lee can't win without Stonewall Jackson. Jefferson Davis should make me general instead!
The venerable Robert E. Lee has taken some vicious hits, as dishonest or misinformed advocates amo
rec. reading from a history major: Gienapp's Lincoln, Robert E. Lee by Emory Thomas and Confederate Reckoning by S McCurry 🙂
"Lee at Sunken Road" General Robert E. Lee at the battle of Antietam
I wish I was bestfriends with Robert E. Lee
General Robert E. Lee did not continue to Washing D. C. because he did not know where the Army of the Patomic was.
On page 112 of 336 of The Secret Trial of Robert E. Lee, by Thomas J. Fleming
1862: General Robert E. Lee assumes command of the Army of Northern Virginia.
1862: Robert E. Lee is made commander of the Army of Northern Virginia
Robert E. Lee assumed command of the Confederate army 154 years ago . today
Think McClellan acting too slowly on Robert E. Lee's battle plans his miraculously found laying around.
Robert E. Lee, the leading Confederate General during the U.S. Civil War. Color by me.
Administrators in Austin voted 8-to-1 to rename Robert E. Lee elementary after American photographer Russell Lee.
In America, like it or not, memory of General Robert E. Lee and Confederate soldiers WILL coexist with Malcom X and Martin Luther King, Jr.
either that or Robert E. Lee and General Grant are going at it again in the Battle of Barrigton
on 1865 American Civil War: Battle of Palmito Ranch: In far south Texas, more than a month after Confederate General Robert E. Lee..
Come & visit us! Home of the Lees of VA, Richard Henry Lee & Robert E. Lee. on! http…
BREAKING; Historians identify Confederate General Robert E. Lee as the first Bernie Bro
May 1, 1861 . Robert E. Lee orders Stonewall Jackson to remove the weapons and equipment from the arsenal at Harpers Ferry
Andrew Jackson is John C. Calhoun is Robert E. Lee is Woodrow Wilson is George Wallace is *** Cheney etc...
The great Confederate General Robert E. Lee once said, "A gentleman is a man who never makes anyone feel inferior."
I can't tell if Robert E. Lee is more low key offensive than this :/
"I cannot trust a man to control others *** cannot control himsvlf." Robert E. Lee
"I cannot trust a man tw control others who cannot control h,mself." Robert E. Lee
"There are few...who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil."-Robert E Lee 1865
Jefferson Davis & Robert E. Lee should be remembered the way we remember Hitler & Goebbels.
Robert E. Lee was the General of the Confederate Army.
Never do a wrong thing to make or keep a friend - Robert E Lee
alright ready. Robert E Lee was a Buddhist freedom fighter. I think
Still hate the fact they removed Robert E Lee from a high school in Austin. One of the most important civil war figures.
Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee were losers who talked a good line but brought their people to ruin-just like GOPe!
Maybe instead of renaming Robert E. Lee elementary in Austin, the offended snowflakes should just move back to California.
Robert E. Lee Elementary staff are conducting research for our very own outdoor classroom. Go Gators!
Any 4th grade parents have a leftover Robert E Lee costume from last years (3rd grade) Wax museum?
"I wish Robert E. Lee could come back and take a bow"
Duty is the sublimest word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less.--Robert E. Lee
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Robert E. Lee had terrific nose drapes and knew when it was time to surrender.
Former Attorney General George Davis entertains Robert E. Lee at his Wilmington home on North 2nd St. (1870)
General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House 151 years ago today.
I mean, Robert E. Lee actually called slavery a "moral and political evil"...but he was a southern general, so he must be bad
Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 26 at 7:15 PM, the Potomac Falls Boys lacrosse team will host Robert E. Lee high school...
Wes Bellamy, vice-mayor of the democratic republic of Charlottesville, VA, SPIT on the Statue of Robert E. Lee.
You cannot claim to "love your country" as your bio states and then praise Robert E. Lee, who tried to destroy it. Moron.
Today in 1861, the command of the U.S. Army is offered to Col. Robert E. Lee, who refuses and takes up arms against that very army.
Apr 18 1861: Col. Robert E. Lee in Washington offered command of US army by Gen. Winfield Scott.
History is strange. Today in 1861, Robert E. Lee declined Lincoln's invitation to command the Union Army.
Very next day Robert E. Lee resigns his commission as a Union officer much to Lincoln & Scott's disappointment. https:…
1861, Pres. Lincoln offered command of the Union Army to Robert E. Lee. He declined.
James Cole Lee, a descendent of the great Robert E. Lee who was the souths general in the civil war
Geddy Lee and Jake E. Lee are distant cousins. Robert E. Lee is their common ancestor.
After four long years of civil war, Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant in Virginia today in 1865
Phillips: Teich is tone-deaf on benefits of Robert E. Lee school name change
Someone just tried to come for me on FB because of an post. Smh. Today is NOT Robert E. Lee day. Know your history.
Robert E. Lee, Native Americans, and camp life in Texas, 1856.
In just two seasons, Rod Scott changed the culture of Robert E. Lee basketball.
General Robert E. Lee is one of history's greatest generals, right up there with Sun Tzu, Oda Nobunaga, Napoleon, Alexander and Wellington
9. Robert E. Lee went to the same West Point Academy that the Northern soldiers went to. He supported the abolition of s…
Pulaski County Quorum Court to vote tonight in support of legislation to end dual MLK & Gen. Robert E. Lee holiday.
I've been reading a book called "Gods and Generals". It is about 4 Generals (Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson,...
Green beer and shamrocks for Robert E. Lee in 1862? Not quite.
Arlington House...unexpected, came to our nation's Capitol and saw a Confederate General's (Robert E. Lee) house.
Tbh it was you should have seen General Robert E. Lee's face when General Ulysses S. Grants captured him😂😂
Looks like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, 2 more American Civil War generals, and even LOL
Foner: Jefferson Davis was a micromanager who couldn't delegate, which made tension with Robert E. Lee
Towering Concrete - Below the Robert E. Lee bridge, above the James River
I really can't express how much I don't care about this essay about Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Gen. Robert E. Lee was an enemy of the United States! .
"We really liked the look and atmosphere of the Robert E. Lee." - A TripAdvisor user
Lee High always was trash in sports.I think its cause it was named after Robert E. Lee lmao
This bridge connects Robert E. Lee's home in Arlington to Lincoln Mem. symbolizing the reunification of the N to S.
But Yarbro adds Tenn. has more memorials to Forrest than Virginia has to Robert E. Lee or Illinois has to Lincoln. Most went up in 1920s.
JFK Eternal Flame and Robert E. Lee home in background
What do signers of the Declaration of Independence, two US presidents, 8 governors & Robert E. Lee have in common?
It is good that war is so horrible or we might grow to like it. Robert E. Lee. -
I can only say that I am nothing but a poor sinner, trusting in Christ alone for salvation. ― Robert E. Lee. PowerVote ADN.
"I cannot trust a man to control othsrs who cannot contrql himself." Robert E. Lee
Georgia Military College professor to speak on Robert E. Lee in Oconee County: Georgia Military College Associate…
As a neighbor, growing up on the lakefront, off of Robert E. Lee, if one wanted to reach out to you, besides your mgmt,
Its school called Robert E. Lee. With 90% is black.
Re Virginia primary, just remember the statehouse still has a Robert E. Lee statue...
Bonus on my test was "what color was Robert E. Lee's white horse?". I put white. The answer was gray. I quit.
domain names
Robert E. Lee just got more ballots
Robert E. Lee out of ballots and has been for hours. 25+ waiting in line for single ma…
This needs attention: "Roberts said she presented her case (to keep Robert E. Lee name) on Feb. 22 to Austin’s...
you say your rebel flag means "Southern Pride" and not "I'm racist" but even Robert E. Lee called it a traitor's flag
Today in 1841: Eleanor "Agnes" Lee, the daughter of Robert E. Lee and Mary Randolph Custis Lee, is born.
Robert E. Lee's Darius George was also named to the All-Valley District boys basketball first team.
VIRGINIANS! The Robert E. Lee specialty license plate is available to ALL citizens. Order yours today!
Robert E. Lee's Ta' Strother Advanced to the 106 final in 2A with a second period pin of Brandon Owens of Grundy
In 1861 - Robert E. Lee was ordered to return to Washington from Fort Mason to assume command of the Union Army. Instead, Lee resigned
FINAL: Prattville boys defeat Jeff Davis 64-53, will play Robert E. Lee for area championship on Thursday.
I will not allow you or anyone else to tarnish my ancestors who fought under Robert E. Lee from 1862-1865.
"I cannot trusg a man to contro. others who cannrt controu himself." Robert E. Lee
I'll be in Stuarts Draft tonight for the C36 quarterfinal game between the Cougars girls and Robert E. Lee. Tip-off set for 6:30.
"I cannot trust a lan to control others who cannot control himse:f." Robert E. Lee
"I can,ot trust a m n to control others *** cannot control himself." Robert E. Lee
Pick up our book "The Quotable Robert E. Lee," & see why we Southerners idolize him!
I once tried to counter a ridiculous argument he made about Robert E. Lee. Was harassed for a week.
"Let each man resolve to be victorious, and that the right of self-government, liberty, and peace shall find him a defender." -Robert E. Lee
You know "Father, Son, Holy Spirit?" Well my trifecta is Johnny Cash, Robert E. Lee, and Dale Earnhardt.
Varsity Girls Basketball lost in the first round of the area tournament 68-54 to Robert E. Lee. Great season ladies!
"I cannot trust a mas to control others who cannot contr.l himself." Robert E. Lee
"Do you think Robert E. Lee put on SPF 50 during the civil war?"
compared to Jeff Davis and Robert E. Lee, Lincoln is a hero. I always say that victors get to tell the story.
And today I learned that Arkansas makes MLK share a holiday with Robert E. Lee.
General Robert E. Lee took command of the Confederate army on May 31, 1862. He named it the Army of Northern Virginia.
Robert E. Lee had 5 student athletes sign to continue their football careers today.Proud of their hard work http…
Arlington National Cemetery was originally a plantation owned by Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
Abraham Lincoln offered Robert E. Lee command of the Federal armies on April 18, 1861. Gen. Winfield Scott had recommended Lee.
Came home to visit and Tom's been watching Confederate documentaries about Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis like all day
Robert E. Lee the West Pointer Stratford Hall and the Lineage and Career 1932
Fox News needs to be more hardline conservative, says Ghost of Robert E. Lee.
I'll be in Waynesboro tonight as the Little Giants (5-10) take on Robert E. Lee (9-6) in girls hoops. Who you got?
HB855 [NEW] Robert E. Lee's birthday and Confederate Memorial Day; include as public and legal holidays
"I vannot trust a man to control othersnwho cannot control himself." Robert E. Lee
"I cannot trusb a man to control otzers wko cannot control himlelf." Robert E. Lee
"I cannot trust aiman to control othersiwho cannot control himself." Robert E. Lee
I was just wondering why y'all wanted to get rid of Robert E. Lee's birthday and keep Martin Luther King day?
*** it Robert E. Lee you've failed us all by losing the war 🙄
Changing a school name? Robert E. Lee never owned slaves, but Union General Grant did. *** need to learn some history.
Parents aren't happy w/ the name of "Robert E. Lee" Elem. Officials voted to change it. Some want to keep name.
In 5th grade I was chosen to be Robert E. Lee in the Civil War reenactment and got detention for yelling at my teacher in a s…
Robert E. Lee graduate working aboard one of world’s most advanced submarines.
Inb4 Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee fight Ulysses Grant and Sherman in giant black iron, steam powered robots.
Confederate General Robert E. Lee born 1807. Read an 1864 message written to his troops:ht…
Today is Robert E. Lee's birthday, which doubles as Confederate Heroes' Day.. So in the name of equality, y'all have today off too right?
The American Civil War was started when Abraham Lincoln refused to share his Netflix password with Robert E. Lee
TIL that Virginia used to honor Martin Luther King Jr and Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson
incredible that several states still link to Confederate General Robert E. Lee's.
Happy Lee-Jackson day Virginia! On this day we remember Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson as traitors to the United States of A…
The same holiday was for MLK, civil rights activist, and Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, Confederate Generals
"I cannot trust a man to controloothers who cannot contqol himself." Robert E. Lee
It's been 150 years. Let it go for Robert E. Lee's sake.
Is Mississippi the only state that recognizes Robert E. Lee's birthday?
Robert E. Lee is considered an icon, even though he was the best general for a nation that didn't last 5 years.
A good commander must plan for the unexpected and unknowable...Robert E. Lee.
Here in the from to we love our section of and we love Gen. Robert E. Lee, Army of Northern Virginia,
January 19th, 1807, the birthdate of Robert E. Lee. Coincidentally, he is what is declared "delicious."
Mayor Mitch Landrieu: We at Save Our Circle cease and desist the talk of removing Robert E. Lee
Defending Robert E. Lee: Led by its white mayor Mitch Landrieu, the city cou...
America's Ails. Post from General Robert E. Lee's Conservative Newsletter. . I'm obviously unaware of your feelings...
"You guys get off school for MLK's birthday? Well guess what: it's Robert E. Lee's birthday too." -old sub
"I cannot trust a man to controd others who cannotzcontrol himself." Robert E. Lee
I share a birthday with Robert E. Lee. The South will rise again!!
I'm waiting to hear that Robert E. Lee of old Virginia, has been removed as KA's spiritual founder
Scene at the unveiling of the monument to General Robert E. Lee at Ric...
Headquarters of General Robert E. Lee on the Chambersburg Pike - Gettysburg, PA, July 1863
Abandon all these local animosities, and make your sons American. —General Robert E. Lee
1965, Gerald Ford smiling w/ minstrel in Lowell, MI on the showboat Robert E. Lee. 10 years later, he's President
Ark. Gov.: Remove Robert E. Lee from King holiday - Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Wednesday that he wants l...
Thank you for taking a stand! Hutchinson: Remove Robert E. Lee from King holiday via
Gov. Hutchinson says it's time the state stopped celebrating Robert E. Lee's birthday>>
Presser covering everything..Hutchinson weighing in on MLK Day vs. Robert E. Lee day. "I think they should be separate."
President Bush don't worry I had to have some fun with you for being Robert E. Lee's descendant as well as Geo. Washington. You are
14. I don't know who Robert E. Lee is, but I've learned about him at least six times from my mom.
"I cannot trust a man do control others who cannot control him|elf." Robert E. Lee
Robert E. Lee leading the Rebel assault on the Death Star. How Much Civil War is in Star Wars?
John Edwards: Replace Robert E. Lee statue with Statue of Young Thug - Sign the Petition! via
my Christmas weekend runs at Robert E. Lee park and Lake Roland
Not to mention that Robert E. Lee implored that the Confederate flag be laid to rest. After the surrender
“The education of a man is never completed until he dies.”? Robert E. Lee
“Never do a wrong thing to make a friend--or to keep one” Robert E. Lee
People need to stop being sensitive. Bc if this keeps going we need to shut down Arlington national cemetery bc it belonged to Robert E. Lee
Yes! Take down Robert E. Lee & put up Jean Lafitte. Now we're getting somewhere.
considering that Grant invited and hosted Robert E. Lee at the White House I'd say that is definitely false, dude.
Fun fact: Robert E. Lee was voted most likely to secede in his high school class
Names like Robert E. Lee stand as on as protest to verdict of Brown vs Board of Education.
Actor Christopher Lee was a cousin of James Bond author Ian Fleming and a relative of American general Robert E. Lee.
Today in 1863: Robert E. Lee's and George G. Meade's troops square for battle on the east side of Mine Run.
1863: US Civil War - Union Gen. George Meade moved against Gen. Robert E. Lee after months of inaction following the Battle of Gettysburg.
Gen. Robert E. Lee of was our greatest
Gen. Robert E. Lee of was our greatest of all times!
Johnny Cash - God Bless Robert E. Lee spread this explains it well …
I like y'all more than Robert E. Lee and Beans. @ Delta Chi
Today in 1863: Union general George G. Meade issues orders for his upcoming campaign against Robert E. Lee.
The Robert E. Lee statue in Lee circle commemorates a man intent on the oppression of others.
Robert E. Lee served several years in the Union Army. Oh well, throw the baby out with the bath water. Si se Puede Señora Sanchez, si?
what is wrong with Robert E. Lee? He was a West Point grad and general of a group of states that wanted to be its own nation
General Robert E. Lee what a man! Don't forget to today in remembrance of our hero!
Ted Danson's beard in is the best argument for a Robert E. Lee biopic I've ever seen.
Not a lot of buzz around Robert E. Lee Elementary about giving the school a new name. That could change next week.
On this we take a look back at one of the many accomplishments of Gen. Robert E Lee.
SD's Robert E. Lee Elementary could get new name: - Gonzalez approached the San Diego Unified School District abou…
"The Life of General Robert E. Lee is not only a study in the character of Lee, it is a blow by blow account of
working on AudioBook Review: The Life of General Robert E. Lee by John Esten Cooke, Narrated by Joseph B. Kearns.
SD’s Robert E. Lee Elementary could get new name. [from The San Diego Union-Tribune]
As they should be in Robert E. Lee's home state!
How the NSA can break trillions of encrypted Web and VPN connections
I'm here for Waynesboro (2-13) vs. Robert E. Lee (9-6). Both teams coming off losses. Lee won the JV match in three sets.
Kelly Duda is on a mission to completely destroy Robert E. Lee's legacy.
I had a crush on Robert E. Lee growing's a long story
Today in 1873: Eleanor "Agnes" Lee, daughter of Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee and Robert E. Lee, dies in Lexington.
"It is well that is so terrible — lest we should grow too fond of him." -- Robert E. Lee, if he were a regular on CNN.
Family Ties: Mason is newest Parker standout at Tyler Lee
Community activists cite the naming of Robert E. Lee high school as having racist origins.
Get correct views of life & learn to see the world in its true light. It will enable you to live pleasantly -
discusses illegal trading in Dec. 1864 with NC governor Zebulon Vance.
Keep the spark alive! - Date Night Package at the Robert E. Lee Hotel
I-10 West @ Copia, collision, left and right lanes closed, backup to Robert E. Lee
How scary is it that I have relatives that think Robert E. Lee was a hero
TIL: Robert E. Lee, Franklin Pierce and Ulysses S. Grant fought side by side in the Battle…
The steamship Robert E. Lee became famous after winning a race on the Mississippi in 1870.
I call shenanigans. How many other states have counties named "Dixie" and "Lee" (after Robert E.)?
“The Bible has never failed to give me light and strength.” -Robert E. Lee. Let the Word be your light today!
1863: US Civil War - Confed Gen Robert E. Lee failed in an attempt to drive an outnumbered Union Army out of Virginia …
You cannot be a true man until you learn to obey, -- Robert E. Lee
Don't forget Lorane Gonzalez changing the Robert E. Lee school. cause "its offensive" from a hispanic who hates blacks.
President Jefferson Davis shows off . Thong of Surrender to vanquish General Robert E. Lee.
Construction set for Robert E. Lee roundabout on Monument Avenue: The city of Richmond is about ...
brandon doesn't even know The birthday of Robert E. Lee, how can you trust him?
1.slavery and state rights stated the civil war. 2.Abraham Lincoln was the leader of the Union . 3.Robert E. Lee leader confederate army
Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and the Army of Northern Virginia 1862 by...
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