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Robert Durst

Robert Alan Durst (born April 12, 1943) is a son of New York real estate mogul Seymour Durst, and brother of commercial developer Douglas Durst.

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'The misplaced wife of Robert Durst' - Meet the cast of Lifetime's New movie --
Yes What a great performance in your Lifetime Robert Durst movie! Loved it even though watching the abuse was not fun 😰
I can't believe you weren't watching Kat McPhee playing the lost wife of Robert Durst on Lifetime.
*** Robert Durst was into marital rape?
My next story won't be about Robert Durst. Find out why. ➡
I was watching the HBO Documentary on Robert Durst when he slipped up. It was surreal
i've seen a lot of psycho movies but this movie about Robert Durst is CRAZY 😨😨
The Lost Wife of Robert Durst is insane.. based on a true story. Crazy what money can get you out of...
New clip from new movie 'The Lost Wife of Robert Durst' out this week November 4th on Lifetime.
‘The Lost Wife of Robert Durst’ REVIEW: Well-told tale of LI woman who disappeared in 1982 via
There’s 4 minutes left of this Robert Durst movie and he ain’t killed nobody yet. Lifetime is honestly the queen of wrapping things up quick
Robert Durst, featured on HBO's 'The Jinx,' charged with first-degree murder March 17, 2015
Tonight 8/7c 'The Lost Wife of Robert Durst' airs on Lifetime.
AMAZING performance in Lost Wife of Robert Durst!!! U r an amazing actor and ur performance made the movie
Movie “All Good Things,” is a fictional account of the Robert Durst case. Kirsten Dunst & Ryan Gosling.
The movie the Lost Wife of Robert Durst was really good awesome job buddy you rocked the role big time in this film
The Lost Wife of Robert Durst starring and shows that there are always two sides to every…
Alright kids I'm getting ready to watch the Lost wife of Robert Durst on see you all in the morning🤗💛
Don't miss the premiere of The Lost Wife of Robert Durst tonight at 8/7c . now on
I haven't taken a vacation yet this year, but by god I've been at every Robert Durst hearing. (PS: I'm at the Robert Durs…
Glad to see Robert Durst landed on his feet.
Robert Durst watched as a friend of Susan Berman recalled talk he had about accused killer's missing wife…
Witness in Robert Durst murder case says he suspected victim's manager in killing
Witness in Robert Durst murder case testifies he suspected the victim's manager in the slaying
Friend of Susan Berman testifies at Robert Durst murder trial. Read more:
Susan Berman's former boyfriend testifies that Susan told him that Robert Durst killed his first wife
Little bombshell dropped in Robert Durst hearing just now. 💣
6. ...or protecting them (& others) from themself. For a fantastic example of this, watch The Jinx on HBO, a docu-series on Robert Durst.
Estoy viendo "The Jinx: the life and deaths of Robert Durst". La serie documental de HBO de aquel fulano que se...
Witness in Robert Durst murder case admits he had suspicions about someone else's involvement in death of Durst’s best friend.
Friend to testify in multimillionaire Durst's murder case - Los Angeles (AP) — A longtime friend of Robert Durs...
A longtime friend of Robert Durst is among the witnesses expected testify in Los Angeles at a hearing in the 74-ye…
Intersection b/w need for and Personal attorney 2 testify.
He bares an uncanny resemblance to Robert Durst! Don't ya think?
Robert Treat Center high-tech offices at 50 Park Place, subleased by Supplements via
Robert Durst's longtime friend and attorney one of several witnesses to testify in murder case
Who the *** else is Comrade Trump gonna pardon next that has a criminal past? Robert Durst? Chapman? Roof? Manson? God help us all.
I was inspired by the pardoning of Sheriff Joe, by our President Suggestion, pardon Robert Durst:
Chapter 4: The State of Texas vs. Robert Durst - The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst ...
if Hurricane Harvey reaches Category 5 does that mean Robert Durst and Bernie Madoff get pardoned?"
HBO shows I suggest yall watch:. The Night of, The Jinx(Robert Durst documentary), Silicon Valley, How to Make it in America.
"She really is the Robert Durst of the group.". How many of your friends are still missing? Stay tuned for happy hour updates.
Check out my mom is on the Robert Durst episode! So proud of her!
Secretly hoping for a Robert Durst-type hot mic confession... too much to hope for?
One of Robert Durst's 'closest, dearest friends' testifies against him in murder case
hot mic fail worse than robert durst? "I don't mean to be unkind, but he [farenthold] is so unattractive it's unbelievable"
Robert Durst jurors look back on bizarre murder trial in The Jury Speaks
"i did not read or hear anything about robert durst that made me think any different...not guilty." HOW?! THE MAN ADMITTED IT
Real estate scion Robert Durst and his wife were unfaithful to each other before she went missing in 1982, a friend of Durst said in court …
Robert Durst unfaithful to wife before her disappearance, friend says
In a surprise plot twist, turns out Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered by Robert Durst.
Hot mic's pick up everything! Just ask Robert Durst...we give you THE SOUND GUY
Trumps last act as president will be pardoning Robert Durst, just so there will be someone left to take is 3am phone calls.
Robert Durst waives extradition, will stand trial in California
Murder victim Susan Berman spoke of Robert Durst as her potential killer, witness testifies:
Hollywood producer testifies in Robert Durst murder case | Movies - - . ART OF ZOO
Hollywood producer Lynda Obst testifies in Robert Durst case
Movie producer claims Robert Durst’s murder victim posed as his first wife on call
Witnesses testify at the pre-trial hearing in the Robert Durst murder case in Los Angeles.
Robert Durst's friend admitted to impersonating the missing Mrs Durst, witness testifies in murder trial…
Durst is accused of murdering a friend because he feared she would implicate him in the…
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Hollywood producer testifies in Robert Durst murder case
A new witness claims Robert Durst's friend posed as his missing wife:
Testimony: Robert Durst's slain friend once posed as his missing wife
Slain friend of Robert Durst once posed as his missing wife: testimony
Producer of hit film "Interstellar" has appeared as a witness in the murder case of real-estate heir Robert Durst:…
Hollywood producer testifies in Robert Durst murder case
LA Times ~ 'If anything ever happens to me, Bobby did it' — the latest testimony from the Robert Durst murder case
"Secret witness" at Durst hearing testifies that now-dead friend pretended to be his missing wife http…
Hollywood producer testifies in Robert Durst murder case: A Hollywood producer has appeared…
My handwriting on this envelope to the Illinois Dept of Revenue looks a lot like Robert Durst's penmanship.
Robert Durst was a sloppy-as *** murderer & openly talked about his incompetence as a criminal on TV, but hasn't been convicted of murder
All of the Robert Durst stuff is crazy and super scary. 🙈
Trump's Israel ambassador pick is the former attorney for Robert Durst
I really hope it's Robert Durst. Please be Robert Durst
Robert Durst is trending. Let me guess. He's the new national security advisor.
Only surprised he didn't pick Durst.
Can't wait until Trump pardons Robert Durst (there are a lot of killers, okay) and makes him an ambassador.
EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s pick for ambassador to Israel was an attorney of accused killer Robert Durst (v…
Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Israel is a former attorney of accused killer Robert Durst —
Secret witness in Robert Durst murder case revealed to be a friend of victim
'It was always a strange relationship,' Nick Chavin said.
Are we seeing the beginnings of an Abe Lincoln's Top Hat/Last Podcast on the Left crossover episode???
Trump's ambassador pick is a former attorney of Robert Durst
Trump ambassador pick went out of his way to defend admitted wife murderer Robert durst in court
Mystery witness testifies in Robert Durst murder trial
Robert Durst of 'The Jinx' sees old friend testify in murder case...
BuzzFeedNews: Secret witness in Robert Durst murder trial says wife was afraid of the millionaire …
Ep 2 comes out TOMORROW! We'll be discussing the insanely haunted Whaley House and the crazy, murderous Robert Durst
must be something with real estate big-wigs ... Robert Durst didn't know other people could hear him when he was ta…
I truly hope he is well and happy but the images I keep seeing of Barron Trump make me worry he is the Robert Durst of preteens.
Durst said the prosecutor wanted info about where his wife's body is and details of a slain woman. "If I tell you...
Robert Durst interrogation: 'worst fugitive' in the world.
ABC News Robert Durst interrogation: "Worst fugitive" in the world...
Robert Durst interrogation: 'worst fugitive' in the world -
Robert Durst wanted filmmakers to see 'acceptable human'
"News: The Latest: Robert Durst never fled because of 'inertia' :
Robert Durst in interrogation said he was 'worst fugitive' in world via is there any probabilities he's the
Robert Durst says he was on meth during infamous The Jinx interviews .
"If you had killed Susan, would you tell me?". "No," Durst replied.
Robert Durst interrogation: 'worst fugitive' in the world
Oh he was on meth that explains everything
Robert Durst says he was high on meth during some interviews for HBO's 'The Jinx'
Durst in jailhouse interview: “I just didn’t really, really, really think that I was gonna end up arrested."
Subject of 'Jinx' doco-series Robert Durst pleads not guilty to murder
Robert Durst pleads not guilty to killing Susan Berman:
The Guardian The Jinx's Robert Durst pleads not guilty to murder of friend Susan Berman The Guardian Durst was the…
Robert Durst pleads not guilty in 2000 murder of close pal Susan Berman via
Real estate heir Robert Durst pleaded not guilty to murder Monday in the death of Susan Berman 16 years ago.…
Robert Durst pleads not guilty in Susan Berman murder
Robert Durst pleads not guilty to murder
“I did not kill Susan Berman" - Robert Durst pleads not guilty to murder charge in LA court https:/…
And here's my latest from Robert Durst's arraignment, where he pleaded not guilty to Susan Berman's killing
Robert Durst -- Pleads Not Guilty to Murder of Good Friend (VIDEO) -
Robert Durst pleads not guilty to killing friend Susan Berman in 2000
Robert Durst pleaded not guilty today. Returns on 2/15/17 at Airport Court Dept. W81.
Robert Durst in Los Angeles court for ‘The Jinx' murder arraignment |
Will Robert Durst be found guilty in the murder of Susan Berman? Just another day of living in LA!
Real estate heir facing murder charge in court in shooting of fmr confidant cc
Fugitive heir to be arraigned in on murder charge via. .
Not charged with wife's vanishing/acquitted of 2nd murder; let's hope this one sticks. He's a monster.
16 years after Susan Berman was killed, Robert will appear in an L.A. courtroom on charge that he shot her.
Robert Durst to appear in L.A. court Monday on murder charge
The U.S. Political System as I view it is representing the uncutous derivative of Robert Durst uncontrollably burping
Mid reading up on Robert Durst I received a promotion. Cant even make that up. Thanks Durst!
Really enjoying "The Jinx". First episode here for your viewing pleasure... .
MUST HAVE SEO TOOL for blogger create UNIQUE articles in seconds! | Robert Durst to finally answer…
After three separate cases, Robert Durst will finally face charges for a 2000 slaying
Heir Robert Durst due in LA court charged with the murder of friend Susan Berman
Robert Durst due in Los Angeles court for 'The… - The Mercury News
Fugitive heir Durst to appear in LA court on murder charge - Real estate heir and documentary figure Robert Dur...
Real estate heir Robert Durst set to make long-awaited appearance Monday in LA courtroom. .
Real estate heir Robert Durst will appear in Los Angeles court to face murder charges
Robert Durst to finally answer charge in 2000 L.A. slaying of Susan Berman
Robert Durst is due to appear in a California court room today to face murder charges of Susan Berman:
Robert Durst to appear in court on murder charge
Robert Durst to be arraigned in Los Angeles, facing murder charges
SEO ARTICLE GENERATOR Robert Durst arrives in L.A. to face murder trial;…
An attorney for New York real estate heir Robert Durst says he's been moved to a federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.
Real estate heir Robert Durst moving to medical facility at Indiana prison, lawyer says
Real estate heir has been assigned to a med prison, not the CA prison requested
Robert Durst's lawyer confused by transfer
Robert Durst's lawyer: Indiana prison doesn't make sense, if you know what i mean
Trump's got Roger Ailes advising him now? Were OJ, Robert Durst and Martin Shkreli not available?
Based on SNL and Kimmy Schmidt, NYC people seem to talk a lot about Robert Durst
He's got the biggest tell since Robert Durst blinked
I think it is. You've got to know your pop culture references and memes. All the subtle Robert Durst jokes!
I thought it was a Robert Durst joke :(
Just finished cleaning this place like I was Robert Durst! Lease completed!
i literally love the Robert Durst references in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Just watched and this guy should be in someones rap lyrics like "disguise myself with a purse; put you in a hearse like robert durst".
Robert Durst asks judge to send him to LA-area prison when he's sentenced on weapons charge.
I laughed hard at the idea of GOB (trying to solve a Robert Durst type of murder case.
Just a thought:is it coincidence that Robert Durst is also known as Bob?
Robert Durst gets 7 years on weapons
Every time Lilian talks about dating Robert Durst on 😂
I finally got to the Robert Durst episode, and then went to watch the Jinx and holy jesus H christ.
Reince Priebus has the soulless black eyes of a Jaws or a Robert Durst.
just confused fred durst and robert durst and I feel okay about that
I love that Kimmy Schmidt can offer a nuanced look at resentment & self-blame, but also have a scene where Robert Durst goes rollerskating.
ok this isn't on NETFLIX (I fail), but you will LOVE 'The Jinx: Life and Deaths of Robert Durst'. Similar to Making a Murderer
J?rgen Klopp: I was the only one who believed in quality of ... 😹😍
Finally finished The Jinx, so tense, Robert Durst, admit it serrrn
how many cadavers , as ROBERT DURST calls them, are discovered in galveston texas annually of young men & women?
Yeah cuz the AP is the definitive voice of accuracy.
Recently Robert Kaufman and now David Durst. A second generation of real estate titans who changed the landscape of…
David M. Durst, Developer of Manhattan Towers, Dies at 90 uncle of Robert Durst, charged with murder...
how much did the Durst Organization pay to keep Robert out of this obit?.
That awkward moment when you confess to 3 murders and your mics still on... oh Robert Durst
I like season 2 because it holds John Mayer and Robert Durst in equal contempt.
Tbt to when robert durst plead self defense to murdering and dismembering a neighbor and got away with it lmao
Robert Durst sentenced to seven years on guns possession charge
Ah i spotted that the other day, similar to the Robert Durst doc right? Totally need a new true crime doc in my life!
Going to Galveston next week. Looking forward to seeing where Robert Durst killed his neighbor and also listening to lots of Glen Campbell.
Sorta odd for David Durst's Times obit to mention his humorous book about mussels but not his nephew, Robert Durst?
After watching the Robert Durst HBO thing all I know is "Beverley Hills" would be an awesome name for a rap group.
This whole John Miller thing is making me see more and more similarities between Donald Trump and Robert Durst.
I've been on your side this whole time likening the cavs but as a Canadian I gotta say the Raptors are going to kick your *** 😂👌
From the Robert Durst school of self defense:
Somebody needs to buy Lindsey Miller an apartment next door to Robert Durst.
Doh! Wonder how long Robert Durst will actually serve, though...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Mark Burton will be handling the prelim for DA's office. He handled all matters in the Robert Durst case.
Lehigh alumnus Robert Durst gets prison on gun charge...
Robert Durst, the real estate scion charged with murder, will be transferred to a Los Angeles prison.
ICYMI: Robert Durst will face several years in prison
Robert Durst plea deal on weapons charge accepted: Robert Durst will serve just over seven years in prison on...
Robert Durst will face CA murder trial after receiving 85-month sentence for weapons charges
Houston Chronicle - Robert Durst to serve 7 years jailtime over weapons charge
I really appreciate the amount of Robert Durst and John Mayer references in Kimmy Schmidt.
"Distance will make the fond grow heartier." Robert Durst is kinda like Larry David, if Larry David straight-up killed people.
If there's a Robert Durst movie, Scott Glenn has to play Durst. He looks just like him.
Any suggestions for NYC-based guests for our celebration of The Dark Side on May 6th? Anyone have Henry Kissinger's email? Robert Durst?
Readers of A Deadly Secret will remember Scoppetta represented Robert Durst after Kathie's 1982 disappearance.
I know next season they are doing Hurricane Katrina but after that can they do Robert Durst?
keep telling you,lets givepeople the truth about robert durst,less the Hollywood, just the facts.therealbobdurst
We’re in a golden age of documentaries; here’s what’s ahead: “Making a Murderer” and “Robert Durst” are now…
don't let Robert Durst call in anymore.
documentary series. About that Robert Durst the property magnate, was in a massive murder scandal, defo worth watching..
I was wearing my uniform sweater he asked me if I was a student and I said "sorry my other sweater is in the wash"
Is Robert Durst in jail or at the New York Sports Club on 63rd/Broadway
I wonder if my nervous tics are as noticeable as Robert Durst's
Is wearing the same doe eye contact lenses Robert Durst used on The Jinx?
Does he have those Robert Durst doe eye contacts in?!!!
The Jinx Documentary brings out all sorts of emotion! 👀 Robert Durst. Guilty Or Not Guilty?
Robert Durst's Clinked in request is waiting for you
I forgot about Robert Durst now that we have the OJ Power Hour back in hour lives.
I would write in Robert Durst before I voted for
Make a wish foundation: get Robert Durst to sing to gossip folks by missy elliott
Best mic in bathroom moment since ole Robert Durst.
Trump is a perfect mix of Robert Durst and Douglas Durst
All Good Things & are now afraid of Ryan Gosling aka Robert Durst I suggest not watching The Jinx. At…
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Robert durst is so creepy, skin is crawling watching the jinx
Hearing that Robert Durst was Ackman's first choice to be on $VRX board
I've had HBO go for a couple of months but the only thing I have watched is that documentary on Robert Durst.
Before and after when you found out what the banana was LOL
Robert Durst pleads guilty to federal gun charges
Moving this to the top of TBR list! He Killed Them All: Robert Durst and My Quest For Justice by Jeanine Pirro:
good running mates for trump:. Robert Durst. Kony. Len Kachinsky
Thought I just heard two shotguns loading. looks kinda Robert Durst-y right?
Bachelor bathroom floor scene "do you love her" "yes" feeling oddly reminiscent of Robert durst "I killed them all"
In this very special episode of The Bachelor with special guest Robert Durst
Dear Robert Durst & Ben Higgins, . Your mics still are on.
Finally, / Robert Durst crossover we've all been waiting for.
"Think Robert Durst and Ted Bundy on the run together."
Talking about The Jinx, and Robert Durst's arrest on the day of the finale: "That was awkward" - Yup!
I've witnessed 2 people use the phrase "It was a disaster" with expertise.. Robert Durst and Donald Trump.
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On Robert Durst, I do like him, I recognized the bad things he's done. But I also see who he could have been.
Andrew Jarecki says it's important to know that Robert Durst is a "wake-and-bake stoner"
Robert Durst is a massive stoner. Explains the blank star... according to Andrew Jarecki
Two of my great passions are being discussed in this panel : BB8 and Robert Durst.
Everyone should watch this 6-part docu-series about the wealthy Robert Durst & the 3 murders he's associated with, "The…
Robert durst at 10 is a shoe in to the sweet 16.
When I see Robert Durst's name, I still immediately envision lead singer of Limp Bizkit—which makes me hate him even more.
Just finished watching The Jinx the life and death of Robert Durst! That was some amazing tv! Forget making a murderer this was epic
What if we found out in like five years that Angela Landsbury was responsible for a series of murders a la Robert Durst
If you liked Making a Murderer you will love The Jinx: the story of Robert Durst. 6 part documentary series on Crave TV.
Robert Durst will return to L.A. to face murder charge in the summer
.explains what Robert Durst's guilty plea will mean for the cases against him:
Robert Durst of HBO's "The Jinx" pleaded guilty in a gun case and will go to prison
Robert Durst's eye twitch will haunt me forever.
Robert Durst will serve time for gun charge and faces a murder trial. Here's our look at 'The Jinx' documentary:
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Robert Durst, star of 'The Jinx', set to face murder trial in California after pleading guilty to gun charge https:…
'Who was it I said the other day was the most underachieving real-life reptilian humanoid I'd ever seen/heard of?' . Ben:It was Robert Durst
Robert Durst pleads guilty on gun charge to 'clear the decks' for L.A. murder case,
Robert Durst pleads guilty to a gun charge and is set to stand trial for murder: (Pic: AP)
Breaking News: Robert Durst pleaded guilty in a gun case. He’ll go to prison and is likely to face a murder trial.
Robert Durst pleaded guilty to gun charges––and now he could face a murder trial
Robert Durst gets 7 years, 1 month imprisonment for weapons charges in Louisiana.
Robert Durst is one step closer to the murder trial The Jinx viewers have been waiting for
Big news for Jinx and Serial fans alike:
Check it out!: Accused killer Robert Durst agrees to 7-year sentence on gun charge
Y does Robert Durst look like Lori Petty from Tank Girl
Robert Durst and Adnan Syied are both in court today. My true crime obsession is in full force!!
Robert Durst's Attorney: Heir's Latest Legal Troubles Are 'Tough': The millionaire will be in a New ...
on another note have you caught the mini series the Jinx ( the life's and deaths of Robert Durst) f'kin Moog it's amazing
Elmo has some new friends and they include Jon Snow and Robert Durst
Ranking the Accused. Steven Avery - Didn’t do it. Robert Durst - killed them all of course. Adnan Syed - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Michael P…
Holiday ep of Remotely Girly! I say something like "I DON'T WANT TO TASTE ROBERT DURST" and talk about Leslie Knope. https:…
Robert Durst and the new age of documentary film.
Need further evidence of what a money *** your government is? Google "Robert Durst". He is believed to haver murdered four people.
Robert Durst, John du Pont, John Brooks, and Bob Ward. Yeah, I could see Trump joining that list of rich killers.
You should tafuta "The Jinx - The life and Deaths of Robert Durst". A 6-Part documentary. Just to compare and contrast
New money, yep that would explain why unlike Robert Durst he and mom might actually go to prison.
(Reuters) - Real estate heir Robert Durst, charged in the 15-year-old murder of a longtime friend as a television show suggested he might
that is an aggravating series. Have you watched The Jinx about Robert Durst? The complete opposite. Government man.
Millionaire real estate heir Robert Durst will return to Los Angeles by August of next year for arraignment on his pendin…
This is Robert Durst in the making.
how does it make you feel that you and Robert Durst have the same drink at Starbucks?
great stuff, have you got The Jinx: The life and deaths of Robert Durst. HBO documentary series?
I added a video to a playlist My Idol: Oprah, Robert Durst, Bill Cosby
BREAKING: Real estate heir Robert Durst agrees to be extradited to California by August on murder charge.
Robert Durst, an estranged member of a prominent New York real-estate family, to be extradited for murder charge.
As a fan of the film, All Good Things - essentially the story of Robert Durst and his missing wife, I highly recommend The…
it's name is jinx. It's gonna Robert durst me isn't it.
It's basically the entire Robert Durst story up to the present. It's so worth the watch. So frustrating.
Robert Durst is a lot scarier than Kylo Ren.
After finishing on Netflix, one has to wonder: Does anyone know where Robert Durst was during '06?
After last night’s finale, it appears that Robert Durst’s goose may finally be cooked
Anyone know where Robert Durst was on Halloween 2005?
9 Top TV Turkeys of 2015: From a Damning Murder Confession to an Aborted ’90s Revival
Robert Durst agrees to Los Angeles extradition on murder charge (via
Is Robert Durst on staff with Manitowoc County law enforcement?
Robert Blake, Robert Durst, and Phil Spector may as well be the same person.
algo así como the jinx the life and deaths of Robert Durst
This year my greatest pleasure was TV docs, inc ersatz doc "Narcos." "Jinxed," on Robert Durst, now "Making a Murderer." I need more titles!
I don't think I've had 20 dead pets, ive not had 20 credit cards, not 20 cars...ROBERT DURST ONLY HAD 3 VICTIMS
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Love this case so much more. Way better twists and turns. I just miss Robert Durst.
Robert Durst dismembered his neighbors torso like his attorney essentially dismembered his files
Let's both yell Robert Durst at the same time so I can jinx you!
that's like a mini series based on Robert Durst.He was a Real Estate heir went off on a killing spree on his wife and some others.
Robert Durst to be extradited to Angeles, will face murder charge
Robert Durst's defense is literally "He had it coming" and "We both reached for the gun." I feel like I've heard this before...
Nope but it looks interesting. I must see if I can get it.I saw 'The Jinx-The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst' recently. It's freaky
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