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Robert Downey Jr

Robert John Downey, Jr. (born April 4, 1965) is an American actor who made his screen debut in 1970 at the age of five, appearing in his father's film Pound, and has worked consistently in film and television ever since.

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📷 letsgetdowney: Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow spotted at the Avengers: Infinity War set, at...
📷New!. Robert Downey Jr. & Gwyneth Paltrow on the set of Avengers 4!
New pic of Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch on set of Infinity War.
Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch on set of Infinity War . (Ethan Family )
Hugh Jackman as Logan? Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man?. Why Daniel Craig should quit while he's ahead as
Seriously? Gal Gadot is not Robert Downey Jr. She is not Oscar nominated or a Golden Globe winner. No…
Robert Downey Jr. & Benedict Cumberbatch did a good job for role Sherlock Holmes
I think you meant Robert Downey Jr. Harry Connick definitely wasn't in Gothika lol.
//Robert Downey Jr is the best Tony Stark ever! They couldn't have picked anyone better he nailed it!
to be more specific, Robert Downey Jr in an ascot
Chris Evans idolazing Robert Downey Jr, and RDJ interrupting him.
But yet no one moans about how much Robert Downey Jr got paid for 3 months work on the Avengers. 40 million allegedly.
Another good one is The Judge with Robert Downey Jr
I found and followed Robert Downey Jr.'s account today and I don't think I'll ever regret it😂
📷 rbertdowneyjr: Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans photographed by Robert Trachtenberg for People...
fun fact: the corpse in Shane Black's The Nice Guys is Robert Downey Jr wearing a mask
Look at the 1st movie, they had Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Downey Jr but it didn't seem like they took too much away from the others.
Underrated yet important roles of Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr. and Jeremy Renner are taller than 6'0
Conspiracy theory: Wagner from X Factor is in fact Robert Downey Jr in disguise and he's been bamming us all up for…
Robert Downey Jr. & Benedict Cumberbatch can't be separated as either Marvel heroes or Sherlock Holmes(es).
me on the first Sherlock Holmes movie by Guy Ritchie starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law.
Sherlock Holmes (the Robert Downey Jr. one) is actually really good why didn't I watch it sooner ***
Watching Sherlock Holmes 2 (The movie series) and it just hit me that Robert Downey Jr. will look great as The Joke…
This so-called "Sherlock Holmes" movie on with Robert Downey Jr.:. Everyone needs a bath. Holmes needs a shave. Madness!. Hrrmph.
Just met my company's managing director and he looks like Robert Downey Jr.
Enjoyed Spider-Man with Brian. Robert Downey Jr is definitely on the "he would get it" list 😍
Here's your chance to live like Iron Man. (Cal Ripken Jr. version, NOT Robert Downey Jr. version)…
.on 'Star Wars', 'Detroit', and staying sane with the help of Robert Downey Jr.
Top 3 males I would want to be rn. 1. Dwyane (The Rock) Johnson. 2. Dan Bilzerian. 3. Robert Downey Jr.
Love the fact that Gerald Sim and Robert Downey Jr have appeared in the same movie. (Chaplin, by the way)
I'm going for a Kevin Hart, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr thing. We'll see how it goes
I use to watch Weird Science all the time. Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Downey Jr were so young.
you look like a young Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man
Her role as Mabel Normand in which also starred Robert Downey Jr. and Diane Lane.
Tom Holland is still white isn't he? Robert Downey Jr? Michael Keaton? Marisa Tomei? Jo…
Robert Downey Jr. dishes on when he'll hang up his Iron Man suit.
I wonder if my parents gonna allow me to watch this Sun . I NEED TO SEE ROBERT DOWNEY JR AND Tom Holland
Everytime I hear someone say "RDJ" I make the mistake of thinking they are talking about RJD (Ronnie James Dio) instead of Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder is one of the greatest things ever.
BREAKING NEWS Robert Downey, Jr has said he won't Retire Unless the MCU Is In Good Shape - via
:(( 💔 ⚡️ “Robert Downey Jr. knows when he will retire as Iron Man”.
Robert Downey Jr. on the Right Time to Leave the MCU
All good things must come to an end at some point
RDJ IS Iron Man. He can't be Iron Man forever. However, there better not be a reboot while I'm still alive
Robert Downey Jr should never retire as ironman. Never.
Robert Downey Jr. wants to step away from being Iron Man "before it's embarrassing."
ICYMI: Robert Downey Jr. explains how the role of Peter’s mentor stressed him out! -
I will always support Robert Downey Jr. in his quest to seduce all the Spider-Men
Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr saving my life.
if Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr don't pose together doing the Spidey web pose 🤘🏽and the Iron Man hand pose ✋🏽, whats the…
Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man mentors Spider Man in the next Marvel film.
Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) & Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange) on the set of the new Avengers today in Atlanta. https:/…
ICYMI... Spider-Man Live Q&A with Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr, Michael Keaton, Zendaya and the stars of...
Robert Downey Jr interrupts Tom Holland with FaceTime in new funny interview. 😂
NEW ✨. Robert Downey Jr on set of Avengers Infinity War in Atlanta
stars Michael Keaton, Tom Holland &Robert Downey that Holland is so comfortable in t…
Robert Downey Jr, Michael Keaton, Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei at the Spiderman press confernce, 25 June, 2017
NEW 📷: Robert Downey Jr. Tom Holland & Michael Keaton at the NYC press tour for 🗽 (6/25/17) https:…
Have you ever seen "Due Date"? It has Robert Downey Jr in it and Jaime Fox in it? *He asks scrolling* That is plenty funny!
Kirk Lazarus is still Robert Downey Jr's best role to date.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Daniel Day-Lewis is basically Robert Downey Jr character Kirk Lazarus from Tropic Thunder
Gal Gadot *is* Wonder Woman the same way Robert Downey Jr. *is* Iron Man
Well if Robert Downey Jr can why not Lilo. Plus I wanna see Linds back as a singer & as Ariel in The Little Mermaid remake .
Robert Downey Jr looks especially over the bs.
Robert Downey Jr. will make his eight appearance as Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING h…
Life's just a photo shoot for Robert Downey Jr
Dudes. Don't use a celebrity as your Tinder profile photo! You will ONLY be a let down after I've looked at Robert Downey Jr. first.
First word when you think of Robert Downey Jr?
I'd only consider dating an older man if he was either Robert Downey Jr or Denny from Grey's
Naw gotta let Robert Downey Jr. do one
Sherlock Holmes’: Guy Ritchie on the Origins of Robert Downey Jr.’s Action-Hero Detective
Mike would buy the actual prop off of Robert Downey Jr.'s head
Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Downey Jr in the high school years they never had
looks more and more like Robert Downey Jr. in and looks more and more like James Spader. 😡😡
Judd Nelson and Robert Downey Jr. photographed by Susan Shacter || 1980s
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Robert Downey Jr is a dyslexic and deeply disillusioned former priest who no longer believes in dog
Robert Downey Jr. got digitally de-aged into his younger Tony Stark self in "Captain America: Civil War." Johnny...
A previously unpublished letter from legend star Kirk Douglas to Robert Downey Jr. …
I have a weird crush on Johnny Depp & Robert Downey Jr.
I added a video to a playlist Robert Downey Jr.(1970-2016) all movies list from 1970! How much has
Hard watching these two after Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law though.
The writing process according to Robert Downey Jr. I wish the Queen would knight him! Sir Robert Dow
📷 | New/Old pics of Robert Downey Jr on the set of All-Star Weekend (Crédit:
I liked a video Robert Downey Jr asks forgiveness for Mel Gibson
Robert Downey Jr. to play Sean Spicer in upcoming biopic. Preview here:
No doubt am big fan of Tony Stark...but the real Robert Downey Jr inspires me the most👍
Y'all gon' act like Luis Enrique isn't Robert Downey Jr's brother that was kidnapped to Spain by their psycho aunty Martha and husband?
Cameron Diaz stated that flat earthers & Robert Downey Jr. were bankrolled by Russia to create Sandy Hook.
Looks like a great Robert Downey Jr on the left though.
My 4th article is out with Robert Downey Jr. as the headline image
Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle on set of Iron Man 2 wearing their iron suits lol
Robert Downey Jr. is one of my favourite actors. Love him in Iron Ma…
Robert Downey Jr's advice about overcommitting to you job seems relevant here.
This is how I feel about Matt Bomer and Robert Downey Jr :D
Robert Downey Jr is on set of Iron Man!
does A Scanner Darkly count as animated? Strongly feel its consideration as well. Keanu+Robert Downey Jr=instant classic
New Ep. Robert Downey Jr. as Dr. Doolittle in Reboot, feel free to watch,share your thoughts. Video: h…
Robert Downey Jr. is trying to start a real-life between Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.
Happy birthday Robert Downey Jr.! Look back at our 2010 feature on the 'Iron Man' actor
Me gustó un video de Robert Downey Jr. does horrible things to Jack Black's ***
Robert Downey jr. in Tropic Thunder is pure gold.
Robert Downey Jr should've gotten an Academy Award for Tropic Thunder. Don't @ me.
Unpopular opinion: Robert Downey Jr. was a much better actor before Iron Man.
Everytime I watch Tropic Thunder and see that Robert Downey Jr plays a black guy, I die all over again. LOL it's the best part. Always.
For most of this movie the fact that I already knew this was Robert Downey Jr is the only reason I knew it was him.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Just a friendly annual reminder that Robert Downey Jr was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Tropic Thunder.
I just found out that Robert Downey Jr. improvised a lot for Iron Man (2008)??!?
Robert Downey Jr gives the performance of a lifetime as the overdosing drug addict in Less Than Zero. It's a must watch.
Robert Downey Jr behind the scenes of Iron Man 3.
Chris Evans casts doubt over Robert Downey Jr.'s future in the MCU -
not a big fan. But loved the characters through Christian bale, Robert downey jr, heath ledger and Mark ruffalo.
Robert Downey Jr on his 52nd Birthday, photo by
⚡️ “7 things you didn't know about Robert Downey Jr.”.
Happy birthday to my favs James Roday, Robert Downey Jr, and Anthony Perkins
John Slattery is extremely in this movie and so is Less Than Zero-era CGI-ed Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Redford, Eric Bana, Mark Ruffalo Gregory Peck, Robert Downey Jr, Jim Morrison, and Damon Albarn. Still like all of them
I liked a video Robert Downey Jr. Says Chris Evans Was Nervous at the “Civil War” Premiere
I liked a video Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Filmed in Hotlanta
Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans. . This is absolutely cute gorgeous.
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, Michael Fassbender as Magneto & Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Perfect casting
I'm still waiting for Sherlock Holmes 3 with Robert Downey Jr.
Why is Guy Ritchie not making another Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law?
Robert Downey Jr , Tom Holland & Chris Pratt talking about day 1 on set for Infinity War !
I dont get the appeal. My fantasy life revolves around Michael Fassbinder, Robert Downey Jr and the Marvel Cinematic Universe
I live in constant fear of something terrible happening to Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr. or Tom Holland
this dude dressed up as Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark at La Plaza Mall and everyone thought it was really him LMFAO…
Lmao again, Robert Downey Jr. did an awesome job in Tropic Thunder!
Robert Downey Jr. turned away from a life of drugs because of the nasty taste of a Burger King burger.
The Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson portrayals by Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law + Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman have been outstanding.
Robert Downey Jr, Odell Beckham Jr, and Post Malone are my spirit animals.
Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr. in single frame. Its too much to except
How they get those physiques. Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, & Robert Downey Jr.: Strongest Superheroes of 2016
I liked a video from Robert Downey Jr. at People's Choice Awards 2013
the only way I'm walking is if Purchase gets Robert Downey Jr (or Sr.) to do the there is no chance I'm walking.
Why does from look like Robert Downey Jr from Tropic Thunder
photos of Robert Downey Jr from Iron Man 3 behind the scenes.
Someone just asked me if Morton Downey Jr. was Robert Downey Jr.'s dad. 🤔
Etro and Cufflink dot com made a Iron Man tie for Robert Downey Jr to wear at Wishing Well Winter Gala
hey brother here in Mexico with RDJ watching the cats. I'm a celebrity bodyguard for Robert Downey Jr .…
Scarlett Johansson Was The Highest Grossing Actor Of 2016: She beat out the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Be…
Jason bateman is the best at dead-pan humor. Next is Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr. is always gonna be my daddyboy
I've always wanted to meet Robert Downey, Jr. because I think he's awes...
I'm gonna make it out to Robert Downey jr.
48hrs left! You + Me in NYC. I’ll bring the bunny suit if u do some good right now! ENTER: http…
John Stamos wants to be Robert Downey Jr so bad.
In 2008, Robert Downey, Jr. was perfect as Iron Man...but in the same year, he was absolutely, miraculously stunning in Tropic Thunder.
When people ask me why I love Robert Downey Jr
Fantastic but anomalous: tops list of highest grossing actors in 2016
Tbt 2 when I was drunk Civil War & I screamed every time Robert Downey Jr came in screen & yelled every 2 seconds over hidden Easter eggs
Anyone seen the young side of Robert Downey Jr. ??? 🙆🏽😍🔥
Finished has more Instagram followers than Robert Downey Jr. Congrats on your hard work!
Ken Marino suffers from what we shall call "the Robert Downey Jr complex"
excuse me I know this isn't science or anything but Anthony Michael Hall CANNOT outrank Robert Downey Jr
Big credit goes to all the writers and of course Robert Downey Jr. Nobody else could play this role
Scarlett Johansson tops Forbes list of highest grossing actors in 2016
Shia Labouf, yes I know probably odd, but I believe he has serious potential to be the next Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr is a real life hero 💫
A man called me today for a haircut and he said "I look like Robert Downey Jr. if he didn't have money". I laughed so hard I hung up.
If you're doing a drama that has some comedic elements you can't for...
depends on whos in the gutter with u and which gutter in which city. Ill take Robert Downey Jr in any gutter for 24 hours
I love Robert -i could not get along better with anyone on planet earth than evans- Downey Jr.
Tom Holland talking about working with Robert Downey Jr !
"The perfect profile is the Robert Downey Jr 's one." - My mom.
Did Robert Downey Jr. just pay an under-the-radar visit to India? (📷 Getty) Read:
It makes sense now reading it cuz dude was prolly smoking those rocks with Robert Downey jr.
Okay but on the real, whose idea was it to make Robert Downey jr. Sherlock Holmes bro was smoking rocks
Remember that just because you hit bottom doesn’t mean you have to stay there. - Robert Downey, Jr.
Blessing your timelines with Robert Downey Jr's glo up!
"He was really wild, and I was very naive. I immediately took a shine to him." - Gwyneth Paltrow on meeting Robert Dow…
Make an entrance like Robert Downey Jr. and his Warrior sunglasses.
Sarcasm turns me on. Jason Bateman & Robert Downey Jr. type.
Rob Lowe, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Robert Downey Jr. at the Governors Ball after the 1988 Academy Awards.
Will Smith joins Robert Downey Jr on the "I only have big openings for superhero flicks" list with CB be record low after SS…
Susan & Robert Downey Jr . - Goals . - Seriously they're so cute. - Can you believe Robert found his real life Pepper…
Can't get over how Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks more like Ray Romanos policeman brother these days rather than Robert Downey Jr!
Robert Downey Jr and Susan Downey are relationship goals
Robert Downey Jr poses with wife Susan ... As he receives award at Gala !! :
Robert Downey Jr out with his wife Susan.
Any other genXers still cross-linked Robert Downey Jr with Morton Downy Jr?
Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey attend the 4th Annual Wishing Well Winter Gala at the Hollywood Palladium on Decembe…
New! Robert Downey Jr & Susan Downey at the 4th Annual by Make-A-Wish Greater LA!
1. Gothika: The premise seemed fairly interesting. Plus I just like Robert Downey Jr. and Halle Berry. =)
Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder looks like my uncle that went missing.
Robert Downey Jr is such a chill and real dude
it's Robert Downey Jr and Ben Stiller at their absolute best
I think Robert Downey Jr said it best, " Never go full Retard".
TIL that Robert Downey Jr. once recorded a cover of Joni Mitchell's sort-of-Xmas song "River."
I liked a video from Robert Downey Jr. Crashes a Kid's Iron Man Costume Contest at
Robert Downey Jr is a real life superhero!. He deserves everything
You know it's *** good acting when Robert Downey Jr basically cries at a green screen!
The many looks of Robert Downey Jr in BACK TO SCHOOL (1986)
Crocodile Dundee, starring Fred Astaire and Robert Downey Jr. Directed by Jane Campion, music by Darude. Budget: $100 billion
I'll grant you that Chris Evans is way hotter than Robert Downey Jr
I added a video to a playlist Iron Man 4 Official Trailer (2017) HD (Robert Downey Jr. / Iron Man)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Kevin Feige says Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are here to stay in the MCU
You know who would make a great Jessica and Leto? Robert Downey Jr. and Amy Adams.
My all time favorite actors include: Dave Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Morgan Freeman, and Chris Hemsworth
Javier Bardem and Jeffery Dean Morgan look like alternate versions of Robert Downey Jr... tell me I'm wrong
There are some people I can't meet in person for fear of embarrassin myself: EXO, BTS, SHINee, Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp...
– Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. are two renegade pilots ensnared in the madness of covert……
I am proud of you Mel. He, Robin Williams and Robert Downey Jr are my STARS
btw, Robert Downey Jr. and Paul Thomas Anderson are making a Pinocchio movie.
I need you to taste: Robert Downey Jr, Sebastian Stan, Misha Collins, John Barrowman and Chris Evans.
When Lindsey Lohan makes her Robert Downey Jr-esque comeback in 20 years, I'm gonna be one proud momma.
Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr in the same picture. This is what i call perfection
would you taking any Moral advice from Lindsay Lohan or Robert Downey Jr. then why would you choose their candidate?
So, Robert Downey Jr said he'd voice Mark Zuckerberg's personal AI Assistant if Paul Bettany get's paid and the...
Robert Downey Jr. offered to voice Mark Zuckerberg’s AI “Jarvis”, and promoted too. That’s why he gets…
Robert Downey Jr. volunteers to be voice of Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis
Robert Downey Jr tells Mark Zuckerberg he'll voice his Iron Man-style AI butler
22 years ago (1994) the movie Only You came out with Robert Downey Jr as Peter and Marisa Tomei as Faith :').
.why doesn't Robert Downey Jr. make this offer to a nobody, who's fighting to survive poverty instead? rich feeding the rich ; (
Looks like Robert Downey Jr. will be the voice for Zuckerberg's home AI assistant
Robert Downey Jr in "how to balance a briefcase with your leg"
.offers to voice Mark Zuckerberg's real-life 'Jarvis': "I'll do in a heartbeat" A.I.  https:…
Robert Downey Jr plays a black dude, nobody panics. White lady cast as the ancient one in doctor strange, world loses its mind.
Robert Downey Jr. Volunteers as Tribute, Wants to Voice Mark Zuckerberg’s Artificial Intelligence: Because he...
Robert Downey Jr. is willing to be the voice of Mark Zuckerberg’s AI
starring Alexander Pearce, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey, Jr., in theaters now!
10 years ago, Robert Downey Jr played for the first time Tony Stark's character
Going by the trailer Rachel mv Adams plays strange's love interest..interesting cz she's Irene Adler in Robert Downey Jr's Sherlock
My dream man would be a mix of Bradley Cooper, Ian Somerhalder, Robert Downey Jr, Dave AND James Franco and erm Jess Woodleys boyf oh my god
Tina Fey: "The next presenter is an actor so versatile he played Iron Man in three different movies, Robert Downey Jr.!"
Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie attend the premiere of Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’
Robert Downey Jr teases fans with Doctor Strange movie clip: 'Time to get strange'
Robert Downey Jr wears a pair of Cole Haan Bearcat Boots to the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards
That romance film with Marisa Tomei & Robert Downey Jr. is on and all I can think of is all those Civil War Aunt May and Tony Stark jokes. 😂
David Cromer giving Robert Downey Jr a run for extended periods of time because they have...
Robert Downey Jr burned Tom Hiddleston with this Taylor Swift joke -
know Robert Downey Jr? My son is his fan! He dressed as Tony Stark 4 Hero Day hed 💙 it if he saw it http…
New video of Robert Downey Jr, Susan Downey and Exton Downey sending wishes to Charlie Rusler
Imagine spending the whole day with Robert Downey Jr!
Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and other celebs explain why Donald Trump is a "racist coward"
Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. and more appear in Joss Whedon's Hillary Clinton ad https:/…
Robert Downey Jr. urges US voters to in new star-studded campaign
I'd like to invite Tom Hardy, Gabriel Macht, Patrick J Adams, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr, and Danielle Craig over for Poker
Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Elizabeth Olsen on set of Captain America: Civil War
Watching Captain America civil war w/the pain and told him I'm totally team Iron Man! Lol! I love Robert Downey Jr.
I really admire Robert Downey Jr. . For being Anthony Stark. Humour,. Wit and life goals 😍😂
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
He will reprise the role of Happy Hogan, Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) longtime bodyguard and friend.
Only when Robert Downey Jr is confirmed as Perry Mason do I realise that Andy Garcia would be terrific in the role.
I dreamed this one night and now look: Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Bringing to
Robert Downey Jr is in talks for a Perry Mason TV reboot with True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto, according to Variety.
News Headline: "Jennifer Lawrence is the highest-paid actress, but she still earns only HALF of what Robert Downey Jr makes" 1/2
Ryan Reynolds is to Deadpool as Robert Downey Jr. Is to Iron Man as Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine.
Tony Stark or Robert Downey Jr? There's literally no difference, he's the same person!
. Idk about that... . Heath Ledger's Joker. Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. Tom Hardy's Bane. Just to name a few better...
or just regular Robert Downey Jr r u kidding
The creator of 'True Detective' is working on a new crime drama with Robert Downey Jr. https:/…
Robert Downey Jr. teaming with True Detective creator for HBO Drama
This movie is going to leave me having sweet dreams of Robert Downey Jr’s hair. I just want to give him a head rub.
RDJ's version is better. Robert Downey Jr. Welcomes Tom Hiddleston to Instagram by Mocking
Robert Downey Jr looks like he would vote for Donald Trump
All the actors who will participate in Avengers : Infinity War. Excited yet?.
Robert Downey Jr. was a dream fit for role. If it wasn't for Ironman success, I don't know if we would have these movies.
No i don't have a new obsession besides Johnny Depp, Benedict cumperbach, Robert Downey Jr and Ian somerholder 😌
Watching this again and Robert Downey Jr's character is literally the biggest nice guy
Robert Downey Jr's hand print and signature
Nothing pleases me more than when somebody who was awe-inspired to be working with me reali
Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder may be one of the greatest comedic performances of all time
I've seen more Robert Downey Jr movies than I thought I had
funny celebrity pictures - Can You Outderp Robert Downey, Jr.? I don't know, I think the second one
Can we just sit and admire at how beautiful Robert Downey Jr is
6. Chaplin (1996). - Robert Downey Jr had his best performance. - a wonderful biopic . - you'll fall in love w Chapin https…
Robert Downey Jr. is full of perfection.
young Robert Downey Jr is just.unfair to the human race. Who said it was okay to be THAT good looking?
Robert Downey Jr. swoops in with a hearty T-Swift troll
Robert Downey Jr. turns Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift into an Avengers joke!
When you audition for the role of a black character and the director request that you be more "Robert Downey Jr."
Robert Downey Jr. and his son, Exton for Vanity Fair, 2014.
Robert Downey Jr *wins* Instagram with this spot on Tom Hiddleston post:.
New part of Daddy's Best Friend tonight (Robert Downey Jr fan fic)" on
Robert Downey Jr welcomed his Avengers nemesis to Instagram by throwing MAJOR shade at Taylor Swift's boyfriend.
Robert Downey Jr welcomes Tom Hiddleston to Instagram with a hilarious joke.
Robert Downey Jr. gives his co-star a sassy welcome to Instagram . Not even Iron Man can resist poking fun at Hidd…
Robert Downey Jr. just burned Tom Hiddleston with a Taylor Swift joke
I cry every time I think about the fact that Robert Downey Jr. got away wearing blackface in 2008 and walked away unscathed 😂😂😂
Robert Downey Jr. MUST play Iron Man til the day i die lol
Robert Downey Jr is great as Iron Man and I like him in the Avenger movies, too. And the bromance with Bruce Banner/Hulk!
📷 iwantcupcakes: Robert Downey Jr. and his large, puppy-dog, Bette Davis eyes in Less Than Zero (1987).
Robert Downey Jr.'s endorsement deal with HTC helped him bank $33M last year:
Robert Downey Jr, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans have a golden heart and they are real life superheroes.
📷 blog-of-a-multitude-of-fandoms: Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. as Bruce Banner and Tony Stark-...
📷 voodoolounge: *** Jagger and Robert Downey Jr. attend the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted by...
Aaron just said Steve from Sex and the City looks like a cross between Robert Downey Jr and the dad from How the Grinch Stole Christmas
You want a real survivor show -- put Robert Downey Jr., Michael Irvin and Darryl Strawberry in a crack house with one rock.
Lives are saved by tuff Drill Instructors the absence of have to be your own. - Robert Downey Jr.
Just watched the movie "The Judge" with Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. Both actors of the highest caliber! Check it out on Cinemax!
It can't just be me who thinks Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Robert Downey Jr. Look a like
Congrats to the Justice League trailer for figuring out how to be fun. Batfleck is the Robert Downey Jr of the DCY, clear…
I can't tell Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Robert Downey Jr apart and I'm tired of hiding in shame.
Robert Downey Jr making everyone crack up
Having a discussion with on the great actor comeback stories of the 80s. Currently 1. Robert Downey Jr. 2. Rob Lowe
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