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Robert Byrd

Robert Carlyle Byrd (born Cornelius Calvin Sale, Jr.; November 20, 1917June 28, 2010) was a United States Senator from West Virginia.

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Robert Byrd, HRC's mentor, would not be happy about that article
I guess you had no problem with Hillary's role model Robert Byrd, the KKK Grand Wizard?
Whoops! A Democrat hasn't been this honest about their feelings since Hillary Mentor R…
Prove that, or STFU. ONLY KKK I know of in Senate was Robert Byrd, HRC's beloved mentor.
And apparently very ignorant! KKK was started by and contained ONLY DEMOC…
Nah, closet members of the KKK would be the Clintons, hence why Robert Byrd was Hil…
Nazi .. hum Google google Hillary and Robert Byrd . or maybe Bill Clinton sayi…
Obviously you didn't like through 60's. KKK (Robert Byrd) wad dem org, and it wad GOP pushing civil rig…
The Klan was a democrat organization. Rober…
Is it behind Wendy's on Robert C Byrd? My friend Cortney goes there.
Byrd Bath rule - named after Robert C. Byrd - could come into play in health care vote.
Trump won because of lies and misinformation people share. Like when you said Robert Byrd remaine…
Clearly this child doesn't know who Robert Byrd was, let alone hear Hill's praise for…
Everyone pull her record Feinstein is a self-serving Plutocrat. Now she wants to die in the Senate cha…
There's no bottom until we get the Dead Robert Byrd Bounce.
Actually it's true. He died in 2010 still in Congress. Robe…
Hillary: Robert Byrd, KKK is heart & soul of the…
Interesting that you conflate foreigners with American citizens. No wonder Democrat Leader R…
Hillary called former KKK leader(Robert Byrd) her mentor. Called a white supremacist & eugenicist her role…
And he's a loser..Bring up KKK, um pretty sure Hillary was friends w Robert Byrd, forme…
Robert Byrd quit the KKK, do you not understand that?
First of all, Robert Byrd said joining the KKK was the worst decision of his life. And he quit the KKK,…
I have major respect for Robert Byrd
Yes I know who he was, now watch me school your uneducated as…
Really do you know who Robert Byrd was?
Robert Byrd was a SMOOTH transition into the head and arm choke and Pickett is OUT! That was sick!
Rando in your mentions: Demokkkrats were the original racists. Remember Robert Byrd?. You: Are you...sure you're in the right thread?
“Our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd.”
It's like opposite Robert Byrd-who went from KKK to Civil Rights Champion. Flynn did opposi…
80% of the No's for the 64 Civil Rights Act were Democrats including Al Gore Sr. and KKK member Robert Byrd
or dem senator and grand dragon of the KKK Robert Byrd in the 2000s
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Ever heard of Robert Byrd? Democratic senator his whole career.
Robert Byrd joined the kkk and later became a democrat senator for decades. Supported by hillary and Bill Clinton.
house Dennis Hasert would you so your uncle the wizard dragon of the KkK Democratic senator uncle Robert Byrd could have become
Hillary Clinton's mentor was Robert Byrd, a KKK member and leader for years, David Duke was KKK for about a year as a teen.
So? Robert Byrd was an admitted high member of the Ku Klux Klan. If racism is the measure, you should be shooting Democrats.
Been discounted. BTW r u ok with Federal Courthouse in WVa named after Robert Byrd, ex leader of KKK?
Robert Byrd denounced the KKK you're ok with him though? So did Duke. Personally I don't care for e…
You are no better then David Duke and Sen. Robert Byrd. Your narcissistic views incite violence and war.
Robert Byrd was a D Senator for a long time and was a KKK leader.
Robert Byrd, a grand poohbah in the KKK. KKK begun by and maintained by DEMOCRATS. LBJ needed GOP to pass voter's rights
Hillary Clinton's mentor was Robert Byrd also the history of the dem party…
"Robert Byrd was in the Klan" I exclaim as I ignore the last 45 years of his life
and the Democratic Party of KKK's Robert Byrd - 999
really ? I thought that was Robert Byrd and rev wright
Robert Byrd and Kent Conrad were founding fathers?
Wondering if West Virginia is going to remove statues of Robert Byrd? Oh yea. he was a democrat hero wasn't he?
Robert Byrd, the late democrat senate leader was a former Klansman from West Virginia. Democrats have no moral superority.
How about Hillary's support and praise of Robert Byrd? A former klansman a…
Hiel Hillary and her mentor kkk grand dragon Robert Byrd and rapist husband bill!
David Duke did NOT endorse fact. medialiesagain. Look up Robert Byrd and…
David Duke DID NOT endorse Trump HOWEVER Obama did eulogy for Robert Byrd with Byrd Hillary's mentor
Lyndon Johnson, Robert Byrd, George Wallace,examples of Prominent Democrats that blocked blacks from…
Why do democrats forgive Robert Byrd, but not David Duke?
what about Hillary Clinton and her mentor Robert Byrd??? Trump never said a good thing about David Duke!
No they didn't...Robert Byrd was KKK until his DEATH! David Duke disavowed the KKK 35 yrs ago!
You should know that you are lying. Robert Byrd was a democrat until he died
Trying to think of succinct way to describe that "Robert Byrd" response people have when David Duke is mentioned.
Show this to your snowflake friends & ask them why their heros stood with David Duke & Robert Byrd. .
You'd likely choose a radical Islamist and America hater as AG. Who cares what David Duke thinks? Robert Byrd was a Democrat.
Robert Byrd was the grand dragon of the KKK and died in office. Praised by Trent Lott, Lott was driven from the House.
There is a huge *** difference from Robert Byrd and David Duke right?
Why did Robert Byrd and Hillary close?? Why did David Duke support Hillary??
what about hillarys now deceased buddy Robert Byrd?u also do know David Duke was a dem when he was still kkk
. Kind of like Robert Byrd, only not as awful.
Daily reminder that Hillary Clinton is a close friend of the Ku Klux Klan leader Robert Byrd.
William j Fulbright and Robert Byrd were conservative dems???Me thinks you need to go read some
if you're going to refer to David Duke,you should also reference Robert Byrd!
Robert Byrd for starters and don't forget "friend and mentor," David Duke.
Of course the "Ku Klux Klan" are Democrats. Lester Maddox, JB Stoner, George Wallace, Bull Connor, JW Fulbright, and Robert Byrd all DemKKK
Robert Byrd was elected multiple times as their leader by Senate Democrats until he died in 2010--& both Bill Clinton & O…
SO funny how Liberals are so tied to the KKK...from Sen Robert Byrd to Sanger who said "We need to get exterminate the…
"Sen Warren" but ...but.. D's staunchly supported Hillary & she staunchly supported, admired and was mentored by Robert B…
I wonder if would use her sanctimonious oratory skills on ex-KKK recruiter & former Exalted Cyclops…
Dear Sen. Robert Byrd was a and no one on the left cared. Stop your
Nor do they ask to denounce KKK leader Robert Byrd they considered to run for President.
Robert Byrd, real KKK, forgiven. Jeff Sessions may or may not have made a joke, and a lifetime of work is not enough to redeem him.
It was Robert KKK Byrd that led the filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights Act !!!
I was never a fan of Robert Byrd and I'm not going to defend him now.
So was Robert Byrd, but since he was a Democrat, I guess it was ok to still be racist?
She can tell us why Dems were okay with KKK Senator Robert Byrd but oppose Jeff Sessions who prosecuted t…
so a racist never changes what about Hillary mentor Robert Byrd.
Robert Byrd. Grand Dragon of the KKK until he (conveniently) decided to quit/denounce the Klan to run for Congress.
Just remember... RFK can change when running for Pres... and Robert Byrd can change... but no one from the GOP can ever change...
From 1986. Remember Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat, was a member of the KKK too. 30 years ago.
Because you've already spoken out. It's time to put on your big girl britches and quit being an *** Robert Byr…
.I bet before coming Maj Leader, Robert Byrd's own writings about his own thoughts were something to read...
about Robert Byrd's time in the KKK.
Liz might need to review the beliefs of the Dem Party from the same time period.Robert Byrd kkk member led her party. Hypocrite
lets now teach the Black people about D. Robert Byrd, PP Margret Sanger, and the rest of the real history...
Jack presented his timeline on the Ku Klux Klan and his powerpoint on Nathan Bedford Forrest and Robert Byrd. 👍
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.and the Democratic Party of KKK's Robert Byrd - 222
Robert Byrd was a KKK member and also a US Senator for a number of years.
weeks before the Iraq invasion,Senator Robert Byrd,told larry King,Bringing Democracy to the Mid East,is a PIPE Dream?jmo
Your Senator, Robert Byrd was a Democrat. He was a Grand Wizard of the KKK. The KKK was always a Liberal Venture. F…
I say spot on. But don't put down Robert Byrd. He was the only senator that helped my sister when her husband was s…
Robert Byrd was a senator who was a member of the KKK. Hillary Clinton was also a frequent user of the N-word and nobody seem…
endorsement don't mean you agree and Hillary considers a democratic senator named Robert Byrd to be
would u like to pull up your great retired senator from WVA Robert Byrd? Kkk
Right. That's why you had KKK member Robert Byrd as your senior senator until he died.
KKK? You mean like the late democrat Senator Robert Byrd?
how did you get a picture of Democrat Senator Robert Byrd
The longest serving Senator was Robert Byrd, who created a new KKK chapter in West Vi…
Robert Byrd was a democratic senator for a long time and one of Hillary Clintons good friends
The moment you realize Robert Byrd got 100% from the NAACP, endorsed Obama, joined the Civil Rights Movement & kept on…
Might want to look up Senator: Robert Byrd, Theodore Bilbo, John Brown Governor: Bibb Graves, Clifford Walker
In the demented framework of the left, Sessions is toxic while longtime Klansman & segregationist Robert Byrd remains a p…
The left's dual response to Jeff Sessions & Robert Byrd shows that past bigotry is acceptable only when housed within the…
The Democrats have the whole spectrum of racist from, Robert Byrd to Elijah Cummings.
From Jackson to Wilson to Lyndon Johnson to Robert Byrd who filibustered '64 Civil Rights Act, Dem rhetoric differs…
The welcomes the reappointment of Dr. Robert Byrd to our Wyoming Advisory Committee
Right & he was close to the kkk. His friendship & being mentored by William Fulbright as well as Robert Byrd
Robert Byrd is rolling in his grave. Wonder if Grand Dragon William Quigg was with them. Naw he was 4 Hillary
.First of all, Robert Byrd was not a Grand Wizard. He was in the KKK for a year.
ok Hillary's mentor was Robert Byrd google him he was a Grand Wizard
You want me to get started on Hillary's mentor Robert Byrd or go straight to one of her biggest financiers George Soros?
notice how George Wallace and Robert Byrd were both Democrats?
Nice one Cooper while Hillary was close to Sen. Robert Byrd, her mentor and grand dragon, Pocahontas attacks Mr. Bannon.…
But U have no issue w Hillary's white supremacist heroes,Barry Goldwater,Margaret Sanger,Robert Byrd
Robert Byrd was eulogized by Hillary in 2010 as her mentor; that's not ancient history.
Robert Byrd, Democrat senator from WV, a former Grand Wizard in the KKK. David Duke has never held office.
Lester Maddox in Georgia with his anti black axe handle, Storm Thurman, Robert Byrd...etc
Theres a difference between KKK m. David Duke who DT Denounced to HRC calling KKK m. Robert Byrd her mentor you arrogant ***
I wonder if could write about the positives of David Duke and Robert Byrd, both senior officers in the KKK.
When did Al Gore Sr and Robert Byrd swap parties?. Is the party flip in the future?
I don't think it was David Duke but Robert Byrd the former kkk leader
I know you just try to be funny about David Duke & Trump, but what about Killary and Robert Byrd? CN…
So u think what, him and David Duke have coffee every day?Hillary worshipped Robert Byrd in HER WORDS. He was a KKK grandmaster
Robert Byrd denounced the KKK 4 decades ago. 😂 trump wouldn't even denounce David Duke and he had multiple chances !
Just remembered to ask John about Hillary and Robert Byrd, now I wait for him to get triggered and block me. :p
So John, what do you think about Hillary and Robert Byrd's relationship?
Sessions has far less to atone for than Robert Byrd or George Wallace, n'est-ce pas?
Nothing compared to the now decaying, former card-carrying mem. of the DNC, and...the KKK, Sen. Robert B…
You're just regurgitating biased media propaganda. so was robert byrd. you're just an ignorant sexist hillary voter
. Hey 4 eyed Raggedy Andy, KKK your sign references was born in the Democratic Party & your Robert Byrd was a Leader!
And KKK leader/recruiter Robert Byrd was praised by
This is robert byrd,mentor to hillary and real good friend of bill clinto…
Listen to your Hillary speak VOLUMES & PRAISE about her friend & mentor KKK member Robert Byrd.
Where we're you when Robert Byrd, a real racist was a senator? I don't remember you ever saying Klansmen should not serve!
Also her mentoring by KKK member Robert Byrd
you worked with kkk member stupid *** remember Robert Byrd proud kkk member?
You and that lying fool should be reminded that the KKK is a creation of the Democrat Party. (KKK Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd)
Now that Harry "One-Eye" Reid, the racist KKK Sen Robert Byrd loving hate monger is gone time to revisit the
well you would know in the bible, evil can really fool you, i was raised a devout Catholic, she called Robert Byrd her mentor
here's the video. Unlike you, I don't let liberal Nazis tell me how to think. Robert Byrd. ☺️
To heck with that loser, what about Hillary's decades-long working relationship with former KKK Leader Rob…
here's a fun fact..HRC called Robert Byrd " a close friend and mentor" and he was a kkk recruiter
In all fairness...the Dems wanted Robert Byrd, but apparently he has been assigned another post...down south...
Did you see Hillary praising the KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd as her mentor and good friend? There is s video.
. I'll bet the late Robert Byrd has a post mortem ***
you are being pretty tough on Harry Reid here about his support for Robert Byrd
is that Robert Byrd standing next to Obama I thought he died Robert Byrd
Harry Reid , I'm sure you remember Robert Byrd, a Democrat, who was a leader in the KKK.
They don't ever want to mention her great mentor Robert Byrd either. Hmm wonder why that is...
Conservatives smear Robert Byrd who actually did change his life & ask we give Trump a chance to prove what he said was just "rhetoric."
To use Robert Byrd as an example of racism is disingenuous.
There is no place in this society for racist like Robert Byrd and Hillary Clinton.
Hillary with her "mentor and friend" former KKK recruiter and DemonRat Senato…
. I condemn them too...creepy. At least Trump never kissed them & called them a mentor like Hillary did with Robert Byrd…
John Harris know Hillary called Robert Byrd her mentor?
You seem to have forgotten Hillary's ties to Robert Byrd, a KKK leader who Hillary called a mentor.
Democrats embraced Robert Byrd, The Grand Wizard of the KKK! Perhaps you should denounce yourself.
John Harris do you know who Robert Byrd was? High ranking kkk member, US democrat senator.
Was Democrat Robert Byrd running for office this year?
Let us not forget Harry Reid praising KKK Democratic Senator Robert Byrd at his funeral. Harry loved the KKK member, fac…
2003. Google Senator(and former grand dragon of the kkk) Robert Byrd, and what Hillary said about him.
I don't. But he's a "black leader". Anyway, you forget that Senator Robert Byrd said *** on national television as late as 1/
please know what you're talking about. Even the NAACP praised his reform
Do you not remember your good friend, Sen. Robert Byrd, the Klansman?
How quickly they forget about their own Senator Robert KKK Byrd. Hillary's mentor.
Sounds as if Sen Reid is the White Supremist supporter. Even has his comments abt KKK leader on site 👇.
One of Reid's heroes and predecessors was the Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan, so maybe someone else should take this up https:…
Senate Democrats demand cut ties with Steve Bannon you'd think he was Robert Byrd.
The Democrats had KKK Klan Member in their top ranks Senator Robert Byrd which Clinton stated was one of her mentors
Robert Byrd is the real "dirty bird". HRC acknowledges that he's one of her mentors. A Kkk Grand Wizzard.
was support of Robert Byrd or the elder Gore principled?
I'm sure kkk Senator Robert Byrd is wonderful person? Right Chelsea since he was a racist democrat?
it does matter..isn't it funny how Trump is a "racist" yet Hillary praised Robert Byrd as a "MENTOR" & was also PAR…
trumps campaign doesn't want their support..what about hillary calling Robert Byrd a mentor??
Hillary Clinton's friend and mentor Robert Byrd was a KKK member, Calling him a true American original.. JS for all you voting for Killary😉
And when Hilary Clinton made a tribute to former KKK member Robert Byrd, did you post a story the same way? C'mon, BET.
C'mon Bill, History started in 01/20/09, except of course, when Robert Byrd, or Lincoln Was a Republican™ so there.
Robert Byrd...HRC praised him..there's reports & video of her when he c'mon
But calling African-Americans "super predators" & Latinos "needy" is inclusive. Robert Byrd would be proud.
So the fact that Robert Byrd, former leader of the KKK, is Hillary's mentor must make her *** near radioactive, right? http…
then some more randoms and a little cluster around 8/18/12 with Robert Byrd
also because she has a past Goldwater girl, and Robert Byrd, and Quinn saidthat his group gave $20,000
look up Robert Byrd. Snope it, Google it, etc.
HRC claims that Sen. Robert Byrd, a KKK Grand Master, was her MENTOR and friend. HRC hasn't denounced the KKK and its involvment
. She's the one who said Sen. Robert Byrd (known klansman) was a mentor of hers
When Hillary calls you a racist, why don't you mention that her mentor was Sen. Robert Byrd of the Ku Klux Klan.
Trump - Obama's mentor was communist Frank Marshall Davis. Clinton's mentor was Robert Byrd, leader of the KKK. Use this to attack her.
HRC's mentor Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WVA) a KKK member had buddies dragging black folks behind trucks back in tha day
Yeah, right. And the late Sen. Robert Byrd, an erstwhile KKK official, was not one of Killary's mentors whom she admired...
Hillary's mentor was Sen. Robert Byrd. Byrd was a known KKK member and a Democrat. And u say Republicans are the racists?
Bill,no one tells Hillary when she says Trump is a racist,her nephew Jeff Welch is a KKK member? Her mentor Sen.Robert Byrd is KKK.?   10% Off
I think they are confused, Sen. Robert Byrd (who was Hillary's mentor) was a known KKK member and a Democrat.
Hillary support for Sen. Robert Byrd former KKK member.
And no conservative can criticize Sen. Robert Byrd unless they also condemned racists SenatorsJesse Helms and Strom Thur…
So where was Holt's question to HRC on her mentor Sen. Robert Byrd, a KKK recruiter?
plenty of factual evidence of her support and admiration of Sen. Robert Byrd that should be enough for any Black American.
Robert Byrd is dead. Why is Steve Scalise, admitted white supremacist, Majority Whip?
HRC has aligned herself with EVIL mentors: Saul Alinksy, George Soros, KKK Robert Byrd. 'Show me your FRIENDS & I'll tell you…
where's the Robert Byrd line of questioning for Hillary?
Paul you should make detailed video on Hillary's ties to KKK and Robert Byrd
go look up Robert Byrd and Hillary.. She never disavowed anything. Rick is a sad little man/Paid Shill
Yeah *** Robert Byrd was a high ranking member of the KKK who Hillary once called a Mentor!!!
Funny, you didn't seem to have a problem with Robert Byrd, a high ranking member of the KKK.
Tell us more about Robert Byrd and your husband's mentor William Fulbright,
Let us know when Hillary condemns her deceased friend Robert Byrd. And when Obama condemns Bill Ayers.
Robert Byrd, a former high-ranking KKK member, was someone you actually labeled as your mentor.
Hillary's top two mentors are Klansmen J.William Fulbright & Robert Byrd
This woman calls African American's Super Predator's. She was friends with a KKK leader-Robert Byrd. Sorry not me.
yes...that and the Robert Byrd partial history are just INSANE!!!
Lets talk about your connections to a REAL hate group, the KKK, you know the people who kill blacks, Robert Byrd?! https…
Trump throws KKK charge at Clinton over friendship with Sen. Robert Byrd
Does it bother the American public when Clinton refers to former KKK member Robert Byrd as one of her mentors?
Mrs.Clinton mentor Robert Byrd is dead so nobody is left to organize it.
How can we forget Mrs. Bill Clinton's "friend and mentor" - former KKK member Robert Byrd. Hmm
Several members of the Democratic party were members of the KKK, Robert Byrd, a one time Exalted Cyclops & Supreme Court…
Hillary Clinton Praises 'Friend and Mentor' Robert Byrd, former member and recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan. Must See! h…
To all Trump people invoking Robert Byrd's KKK past: In 2005, he said: "I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in…
So Hillary says Trump is a racist yet she is the one who has her picture of her kissing KKK leader Robert Byrd.
Hillary could have saved some money by just using some photos of her old KKK buddy, Robert Byrd.
isn't it funny how you never disavowed your friend & mentor Sen.Robert Byrd? What a kiss! ht…
Hillary openly endorsed KKK leader Robert Byrd and called him her "mentor" Seems relevant given her argument today but…
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Chris Beijean said Mr.Trump use that picture of Hillary Clinton kissing Robert Byrd member of KKK & use that n a TV ad!
Here's sick Hillary praising KKK member & racist Robert Byrd as her "friend and mentor."
Racist calls former KKK leader Robert Byrd her "Mentor and Friend". .
Photo surfaces of Hillary Clinton kissing KKK leader Robert Byrd at her fundraiser.
.please disavow your mentor and KKK leader Robert Byrd. Why don't you? Perhaps this picture will? https:…
Tough and so brave... is that why she kisses KKK klansman like friend/mentor Robert Byrd?
What did Robert Byrd and Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger have in common? Both met w/
She thought Robert Byrd was going to be there.
You need to talk about HRC'S love for Margaret Sanger and Robert Byrd!.
I'm curious, why are HRC'S heroes Margaret Sanger and Robert Byrd? Love to hear your BS!
loves Robert Byrd and Margaret Sanger, her role models. Sanger wanted all black babies killed.
time to show Hilda at Keene Univ in 98 calling Blacks superpreditors, adoring Robert Byrd, Margaret Sanger that hate blacks
Robert Byrd, Margaret Sanger, and the list goes on, Hillary's buddies‼️
Hey, Hill .. that was YOU playing kissieface with Robert Byrd. Anyone who has seen Hillary's America know DEMS are KKK
Hey Hill, care explaining your relationship with "Friend and Mentor" . Robert Byrd?
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You were really tight with West Virginia Senator, Robert Byrd, weren't you? I believe I would let the KKK thing alone, Hill.
Do African Americans realize Robert Byrd top KKK leader and DEMOCRAT? Did they forget what the KKK did? Not republicans.
Hill can't run away from Robert Byrd tho and the fact that the klan endorsed her.
Fact-Hillary is racist! Best friend Robert Byrd was KKKGrand Marshall!
the other person who is running called Robert Byrd her mentor and she supported Barry Goldwater.
Robert Byrd missed it too, I reckon. Opposed the CRA (64) VRA (65) Thurgood Marshall (67). Yeah, he did.
While David Duke was repudiated by the GOP, Robert Byrd was lionized by the Democrats--the longtime party of the KKK http…
It's not like he called him a friend and mentor like Hillary did Robert Byrd.
do not have a rebuttal against grand dragon Robert Byrd the one who inspired the Dems presidential candidate 😂
Robert Byrd, if I have to explain what either of their stance on African Americans you are slow too slow for this convo
Robert Byrd & photo was taken in 2004, while NEVER apologize for KKK &…
why wouldn't he support Hillary the Grand Wizard Robert Byrd was a democrat and Hillary was inspired by him👍
please research Jeremiah Wright, and Robert Byrd. Stop blaming people for someone else's words.
Hillary awarded Robert Byrd on Stage .. Hillary is Hiding Danny Williams Bills Black Son he had with Ann Williams a Black Hooker
David Duke? Wat about Robert Byrd? Oh he had a "D" in front of his name.racism nullified
To ppl who circulate that Robert Byrd meme: Byrd reformed & spent most of his life making up 4 his involvement w KKK
The KKK was the Democrats. See: Robert Byrd. Senator from West Virginia. Google is your friend
Clinton has praised two of the racist people in American history. Margaret Sanger and Robert Byrd.
Hillary is endorsed by KKK. Robert Byrd was her go-to guy for advice. Hillary greatly admired Margaret Sange…
Robert Byrd as member of the KKK for a year, and then apologized, denounced them.
Here we have Hillary essentially endorsing Black Lives Matter. . Here we have Hillary kissing ex-KKK Robert Byrd.
(1/2) True that... Dems until last year had a homophobic county clerk (Kim Davis)... They had a racist Senator until 2010 (Robert Byrd)
Tell that to Bill Connors, George Wallace, J. William Fulbright (who was Billy's mentor) and Robert Byrd.
She probably has it tattooed on her somewhere, next to Robert Byrd's face.
What's whiter than the applicant pool for the Robert Byrd Grand Dragon Klan Alumni Scholarship? The audience at a Paul Simon concert.
Hillary's mentor was Robert byrd, longtime southern democrat and leader in the kkk. Bill too
The last Klansman in politics was Robert Byrd, a Liberal Democrat
Hillary Clinton embracing KKK leader Robert Byrd. But media is completely silent about it.
Black people wake the *** up !! KKK, Jim Crow, Bull Connor, George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Robert Byrd = Dem party
Senator Robert Byrd (D) WV was a grand poobah of KKK and long time friend of the Clintons. They keep great company.
in 2010, Robert C. Byrd, the Senate’s longest-serving member, died
how about Robert Byrd, George Soros, Orlando shooter who was a registered Democrat,Elizabeth Warren?
On this day: June 28: 2010: U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., the longest-serving senator in ...
it's funny how u call racist but the 1 did eulogy 4 KKK leader Robert Byrd free passes 4 KKK members
Excited to be working with Mr. Robert Byrd and Bridging The Gap. We had a great tour of our operation yesterday.
Secretary Clinton Comments on the Passing of Robert Byrd via
I still can't believe how many things Robert Byrd managed to get named after himself.
. Your leader . kkk member Robert Byrd was Democrat Leader
There you go spinning CNN Clinton News Network Hillary praising Robert Byrd KKK
why does no one ask about mentor robert Byrd who was in the KKK
: Robert Byrd is dead. Ancona is alive and he is no Democrats. All the remaining Grand Wizards have switched party.
Don't forget she was good buddies with Robert Byrd!
you say Robert Byrd, and democrats are racists? I don't see democrats or Hilary trying to ban Muslims.
I still can't understand why u support a known racist, who supported Robert Byrd and William Fulbright? Why
Hillary Clinton was mentored by Robert Byrd, cardholding KKK that's more than playing coy. Bama has not stopped active shooters.
What party had a Klan Grand Wizard Robert Byrd as a senator!!??
Hillary said Sen Robert Byrd was her mentor & noble, founded kkk in W. VA.
94 million is the number, that's a fact jack, real unemployment... No one knows/ did u fact check robert Byrd?
Associating us with the KKK would be easier if they hadn't been founded and run by Democrats, including Sen. Robert Byrd (D)
I often tell ppl to look at Hillary her ties with Robert Byrd the Grand Wizard of the kkk her Hot sauce comments
as opposed to Hillary who supported racists and KKK members like Robert Byrd
for sure he's racist. Just like Margaret Sanger. Just like Robert Byrd. *** does any of that have 2do w/Trump?
I'm surprised you didn't reach for DEAD Robert Byrd yet. LOL! Tell me, why is Steven Scalise Majority Whip, NOW.
You're an *** Byrd is dead, He redeemed himself, apologizing What's wrong with you?
Robert C. Byrd Clinic is currently administering tetanus shots at Old White Motors in White Sulphur Springs. We...
take racism. The longest sitting Democrat Robert Byrd who Hillary praised, was in the kkk
Yes also Sen. Robert Byrd was in the KKK but they won't talk about that
Malcolm Lyonx. "The poor are made into slaves by men who teach lies." (Louis Farrakhan). See, read the letter...
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