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Robert Bentley

Robert Bentley (11 March 1907 – 28 November 2000) was an animator. He is noted for his contribution to such animated cartoons as Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973–1974), Spider-Man (1967) and Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels (1939).

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Reminder: Alabama’s Governor recently took power when the previous Alabama Governor resigned in a sex scandal. Now…
Not everyone from Alabama. I live in Alabama and Roy Moore makes my skin crawl, so does Rob…
For the love of God AL voters, get fresh, younger officials w/new ideas & broader views than these old g…
This isn't even the only sex scandal to hit a major Alabama Republican politician this year. The state's governor resign…
Yeah, shameful. However, don't blame the US for what Alabama has produced. By that, I am re…
"Remember when the good grandpa Governor Robert Bentley held all the credibility he needed to win the state over?"
AL Gov Kay Ivey took the office because her predecessor, Robert Bentley, was caught having an…
Alabama, the state that gave us "The Love Gov" Robert Bentley. You have to look at the loc…
wonder y victims in Alabama might not feel safe reporting a prosecutor/judge
"I use to pray to got to get a million dollars and a Bentley truck" *Robert Williams*
Alabama ran former Gov. Robert Bentley out of office this year for far less than what Roy Moore is accused of. This will…
This is another guy from the great corrupt state of Alabama. Did this guy do any work For Luther Strange who h…
They all stood on either side of the room and looked awkwardly at Roy while he, and possibly Robert Bentley, stood…
Alabama just elected and re-elected a Governor in Robert Bentley who was forced to resign over a sex scandal and th…
You just don’t like their state government requirement you must be socially like Robert Bentley or Roy Moore. Lol.
Case in point Alabama: Roy Moore, Gov. Dr. Robert J. Bentley and more read it’s good for you.
8. R primary voters chose Moore and they need to learn choosing poorly has ramifications (remember Robert Bentley).
First, Gov. Bently, now Judge Moore...what’s with these Alabama Republican politicians...
Robert Bentley.Luther Strange.Jeff Sessions.Roy Moore.maybe they should secede from the Union
*** they backed Robert Bentley for years and then turned around and dogged him out.. 😂 but you voted him in!
Excuse me but I align myself with true REPUBLICAN Cristian Oath Keepers like:. Trump. Scott DesJarlais…
"Ivey previously changed the date of Alabama’s special election, moving it up nearly a year earlier after…
No not Ed Henry. The same one who did all that talk against Robert Bentley.
Pull up to the club in a Bentley truck
didn't want to blame the people of Alabama for their elected officials - Robert Bentley, Mike Hubbard & Roy…
Another village *** embarrassing our state. However this is not unusual in Alabama history. Civil Rights…
Punchline: . "Ms. Ivey, who is a Republican, already rescheduled the Senate election once, a…
Robert Bentley, Gov. of Alabama resigning after pleading guilty for two crimes-Serving on…
Alabama Republicans had no issue calling out Governor Robert Bentley for his affair. They forced him…
Roy Moore had already Proven himself Despicable - now we'll see if Alabama is as well - remember Robert "m…
After hearing the audio of Robert Bentley telling women employees how much he enjoyed touching thei…
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a bit quick to judge, David, next to Louisiana, Alabama is the dirtiest political system in the country…
it's in the water down there - remember fire and brimstone, family values, Robert Bentley - illicit affai…
The governor (Robert Bentley) resigned amid a sex scandal just this last spring.
A tiny bit of background here: Rep. Ed Henry led the fight to impeach Gov. Robert Bentley over an affair.
Is this a jab at the left? Because:. Robert Bentley. Chris Myers…
Meanwhile, in the UK David Ellis, Head of London Studios and Robert Bentley, Director will be at REVO 2017, today in Liverpool
Robert Bentley is out, Bill O'Reilly is out, & Jason Chaffetz is out. Thank you April, more please.
Robert Bentley's fall from grace is an occasion for remembering the lost meaning of temperance. on
Such a waste of money. Alabama spending $16,000 on signs to replace Robert Bentley's name with Gov. Kay Ivey's
Tommy Tuberville chimes in on Robert Bentley, Kay Ivey, and Al Borges returning to Auburn
In the end, Robert Bentley and Rebekah Mason won. Here is why.
Mason is accused of having an affair with former Gov. Robert Bentley. Bentley resigned Monday after pleading guilty to 2 misdemeanor charges
Robert Bentley / Rebekah Caldwell Mason text exchange pt. 3 as read by and…
Robert Bentley / Rebekah Caldwell Mason text exchange no. 2 as read by and…
Is Carter Page the secret love child of Alabama's disgraced Gov. Robert Bentley? The earthworm-in-a-me…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The wife of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley after she caught him cheating
Robert Bentley's wife orchestrated his downfall after he cheated
What do Robert Bentley, Mike Hubbard, Roy Moore, & Jeff Sessions have in common? All from Alabama, all Scandalous
Alabama with the trifecta: Roy Moore, Mike Hubbard, and Robert Bentley, heads of all 3 branches of state government, can…
Robert Bentley: Alabama Governor resigns over sex scandal
"It's time for me to step down as Alabama Governor." - Robert Bentley
Robert Bentley: Alabama Governor resigns over sex scandal via
Previous Ala. lieutenant governor Kay Ivey sworn in as governor after Robert Bentley resigns amid affair scandal.
BREAKING: Robert Bentley has resigned as governor of Alabama.
Robert Bentley reisignation: Kay Ivey poised to become Alabama's 2nd female governor
Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley resigns over sex scandal
Within one year three of Alabama's top elected officials have been forced out of office, Mike Hubbard, Roy Moore and Robert…
I still think Dr Robert J Bentley has FTD- a mental disorder.
Keep an eye on this: A legislative cmte starts hearings today to consider the impeachment of AL Gov. Robert Bentley. http…
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley resigns in the face of possible impeachment
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is booked into county jail on campaign finance charges as he faces impeachment hearings.
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has been booked into Montgomery County Jail. Here's his mugshot.
Republican Governor Robert Bentley into jail, pleads via
Alabama 'Luv Guv' Robert Bentley quits over relationship with aide
For the record, Robert Bentley's ex-wife, Dianne, does not have a comment on today's resignation news. (1)
Why is AL Gov. Robert Bentley stepping down after trying to cover up an affair? He should run for President. Its the new norma…
Robert Bentley: governor resigns over sex scandal.
NEW: Gov. Robert Bentley resigns; "I have decided that it's time for me to step down as Alabama's governor"
AL Gov. Robert Bentley was seen leaving Gov. mansion after being arrested and resigning for sex & campaign scandal. https…
heh how many times are men going to ruin their careers w/sex? // Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley resigns
My state(AL)'s now ex-gov, Robert Bentley, as he's been checked into the Montgomery County Jail.
After Bentley resigns, new Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey says it's "a dark day" in the state, but also "one of opportunity."
Our developing story from Montgomery, where Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama resigned and pleaded guilty.
BREAKING: Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has been formally arrested on 2 misdemeanor charges relating to campaign finance htt…
Robert Bentley paramour Rebekah Mason behind effort to shut DMV offices in black counties, new report shows -...
Governor Robert Bentley's Wikipedia page has had some changes made to it...
One Republican down in Alabama. But they've got replacements, for sure.
Robert Bentley, Alabama Governor, Resigns Amid Scandal One *** down, thousands to go.
Just to be clear- the scandal going on with Gov. Robert Bentley is exactly why Mike Pence has boundaries to protect his marri…
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley booked on campaign finance charges
The only thing Robert Bentley "prayed" for was not getting caught. Another Evangelical Christian fraud exposed for the wor…
BREAKING: Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has been arrested after illegally using state resources to cover up an affair with his ad…
My name is Robert Bentley. I could not vote for Trump over "Sexual comments". Today, I resign because of a sex scandal.
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley resigns Alabama - hold him accountable
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has been booked into jail
Just before Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley announced his resignation tonight, we learned more from
BREAKING: Kay Ivey sworn in as Alabama's governor after Robert Bentley pleads guilty to charges arising from alleged affair probe.
Three of Alabama's past six governors have been jailed. Guy Hunt. Don Siegelman. Robert Bentley.
If noxious Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is quitting in shame shouldn't he take his noxious appointee, Alabama Sen. Luth…
Alabama Governor resigns, pleads guilty to charges tied to allegations he tried to cover up affair with a top aide http…
Robert Bentley, who said he can't vote for Trump because of his 'sexual comment', is pleading guilty and resigning because o…
Alabama Gov Robert Bentley has resigned after pleading guilty to campaign finance charges stemming from sex scandal
Mike Hubbard. Roy Moore. Robert Bentley. Gotta admit, Alabama has proven that we have no problem kicking inept politicians to the curb!
Robert Bentley resigns after plea dea
Robert Bentley: Alabama Governor resigns over sex scandal - Fox News of course most of them are pedos!
Alabama the state that produce Roy Moore, Jeff Sessions, and "love gov" Robert Bentley...unfortunately it's still more like them here.
Alabama Republican Party leadership calls on Gov. Robert Bentley to resign immediately
20170408: Ian Simpson: Alabama Supreme Court allows impeachment of governor to proceed [ Robert Bentley
BREAKING: Alabama ethics panel finds probable cause that Gov. Robert Bentley broke state ethics law, refers case for prosecution.
Robert Bentley's impeachment has proceeded VERY slowly, but we may get a huge development this week
Tommy Tuberville is running for Alabama Gov? Funny, I didn't think there was anybody more unqualified than Robert Bentley. I was wrong.
State budgets, prison construction and action on the proposed impeachment of Gov. Robert Bentley are on the...
I liked a video What's the latest on Gov. Robert Bentley's impeachment hearings?
Breaking from Montgomery: Alabama's new attorney general has recused himself from investigation of Gov. Robert Bentley.
Sen. Cam Ward says he'll interview for attorney general post: Gov. Robert Bentley will appoint a replacement for AG…
Sessions' Senate replacement raises eyebrows in Alabama I hope runs for this senate seat.
| | Gov. Robert Bentley calls for removal of sales on groceries
Sessions' Senate replacement raises eyebrows in Alabama.
[Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs] Gov. Robert Bentley has awarded grants to support victims...
All that's missing is a navy blue dress from the Gap.
Sessions' Senate replacement raises eyebrows in Alabama This is as corrupt as can be.
Surprised? Not me. Sessions' Senate replacement raises eyebrows in Alabama
AL Corruption: Governor appoints AG investigating his scandal to replace Sessions & can name replacement AG now.
replacement raises eyebrows in Alabama another crooked pig 🐷 just like trump going into women skit
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley announced on Thursday the appointment of Luther Strange to Alabama U.S. Senator.
Report: Governor Robert Bentley to appoint Luther Strange as next US Senator - WAAY
[2]. "Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley made the announcement this morning in a statement." per
The guy that was investigating Gov. Robert Bentley on corruption charges just got a promotion from Bentley who now…
This, from the state that gave us Robert Bentley and Jeff Sessions.
So, Robert Bentley and Luther Strange should both probably be in jail.
Website Builder 728x90
Did Robert Bentley's appointment of Luther Strange result in the AG's ethics investigation being dropped?
Gov. Robert Bentley calls for removal of sales tax on groceries.
Robert Bentley's Strange bargain sets new benchmark for Alabama corruption -
Handlers can teach politicians to lie. But truth doesn't die so easily -- it will outlast a news cycle.
Handlers can teach a politician to lie. But the truth doesn't die so easily -- it usually will outlast a news cycle.
Sessions' Senate replacement raises eyebrows in Alabama
The new trickle down? Sessions' Senate replacement raises eyebrows in Alabama
governor replaces with AG investigating gubernatorial sex scandal. By
Luther Strange as Alabama AG investigated the sex scandal of Gov. Robert J. Bentley, who now names him Jeff Sessions' Senate replacement.
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley's State of the State address tonight: "If Alabamians can put man on the moon, we can build new…
Gov. Robert Bentley appointed the man who was investigating him to the US Senate. Nothing to see here.
Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange is appointed by Governor Robert Bentley to fill vacant U.S. Senate seat…
Gov. Robert Bentley reveals former aide and alleged mistress Rebekah Mason was on his guest list for the...
Robert Bentley: Fight for animal rights in Alabama! Force action on these teens who burned a dog aliv... via
Gov. Robert Bentley, Rep. Martha Roby, Congressman Bradley Byrne all withdraw support for Donald Trump after 2005 comments about women.
Gov. Robert Bentley to make announcment on gambling: The governor and Attorney General Luther Strange have said…
Robert Bentley can repent, be forgiven and have redemption. But that does not mean he needs to remain as governor.…
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley reportedly had an affair.and some of you are still single.
Gov. Robert Bentley, former top aide and others subpoenaed in impeachment investigation
Sharman is asking for subpoenas for: The Office of the Governor, Robert Bentley as an individual, Rebekah Mason, RCM COmmunications
Antique and Classic Cars by Richard Wheatley & Brian Morgan pub Robert Bentley
The lure of politics: "The Love Song of Robert Bentley, Alabama’s Horndog Governor"
Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama is planning to call legislators back to statehouse for a special session:
GQ: Rebekah Caldwell Mason's money woes and Robert Bentley's boredom led to a scandal for the ages in Alabama.
13 new revelations from GQ's salacious article on Gov. Robert Bentley and Rebekah Caldwell Mason
Men like this & Governor Robert Bentley are why alabama has among the poorest economies in the union
Alabama creates new Office of Minority Affairs: Gov. Robert Bentley officially established the Governor's Office of…
Robert Bentley is still governor of Alabama.
I thought Robert Bentley had stopped using BP OIL SPILL MONEY on this governor's mansion, but apparently not.
Get the popcorn, this will be fun. Gov. Robert Bentley expected to testify in Hubbard case Wednesday, report states
Rep Johnny Mack Morrow says his signature was No. 21 on Rep Ed Henry's resolution to impeach Gov. Robert Bentley.
Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow says he was 21st signature on motion to begin impeachment of Gov. Robert Bentley.
Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow has sent a follow up letter to Gov. Robert Bentley accusing the governor of being untruthful.
Jim Zeigler hoping for public showdown with Robert Bentley over ethics violations
Jim Zeigler’s meeting to receive documents from Gov. Robert Bentley and take his testimony under oath will now...
Prison bill is key issue remaining as legislative session winds down: Gov. Robert Bentley's plan calls for bor...
Gov. Robert Bentley says he won't testify before State Auditor Jim Zeigler |
Gov. Robert Bentley says he has 'no problem' with impeachment committee
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A state helicopter was used to deliver Gov. Robert Bentley's forgotten wallet to him at the beach two years ago,
What would you ask Gov. Robert Bentley if you had him under oath?
Under oath? These are questions to ask Gov. Robert Bentley and Rebekah Mason
What would Gov. Robert Bentley and Rebekah Mason say under oath?
Gov. Robert Bentley sued by Alabama's ex-top cop
MONTGOMERY, Ala. AP -- The Latest on the scandal involving Gov. Robert Bentley all times local:...
Gov. Robert Bentley joins Taylor Swift and the Kardashians on pages of 'People'
Despite scandal, Robert Bentley still has options, experts say - Anniston Star
Governor Bentley: Protect the rights of LBGT men and women in Alabama - Sign the Petition! via -SIGN!
What about the voters? 'Love Gov' Bentley Asks God to Forgive Him
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley denies an affair with a former staffer and has refused calls to resign. Bentley bought disposa…
Alabama’s ‘family values’ governor might get impeached over an extra-marital affair -
$4000 Helicopter was sent to fetch AL gov Robert Bentley's wallet: "I had to buy something to eat" / **Seriously?
Robert Bentley took Jon Barganier to Vegas and Celine Dion concert
Gov. Robert Bentley says Alabama will see tough reductions in Medicaid services
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley paid $4000 of tax payer money for a helicopter to deliver his wallet .
After a fight with his wife Ala. Gov Robert Bentley sent taxpayer financed helicopter to pick up forgotten wallet.
Bentley missed refugee call with White House because he was on a joyride to Vegas with Mason.
A bipartisan group of Alabama lawmakers said Tuesday that articles of impeachment will be introduced against Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley.
While Robert Bentley actually looks like Burns, he's an amateur when it comes to being out of touch with the...
Robert Bentley ditched Syrian refugee call, but not for concert - Anniston Star
My car is missing so I couldn't go get Robert Bentley his wallet this time. I did the last time he "lost it" at the beach.
I wrote this about Robert Bentley more than a year ago. . In the words of Tony Kornheiser: Believe I had that. .
Las Vegas trip could have put Gov. Robert Bentley on wrong side of campaign finance law
Alabama Governor embroiled in sex scandal – and fight with his wife
.Robert Bentley ditched human being call, but not for concert via
Why didn't they write about me in People magazine?
Hear what AL Gov. Robert Bentley has to say about a helicopter bringing him his wallet to South Alabama in 2014.
Alabama Governor Embroiled in Sex Scandal - and Fight with His Wife - Has His Forgotten…
Walked in an Alabama rest stop and was greeted by a picture of George Wallace and Robert Bentley. So embarrassing...
Rep. Ed Henry: The real issue is whether or not we, as the legislature, think Robert Bentley is capable of leading the stat…
.in Montgomery, where articles of impeachment against Gov. Robert Bentley are being announced.
the party is in shambles . Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, Says He Won’t Quit
Governor addresses resignation, need for broadband Internet: Robert Bentley was at the Franklin County Courtho...
Robert Bentley in Franklin County: "I have no intentions of resigning"
Gov. Robert Bentley struggles to find any takers for broadband discussion
The press is waiting on AL Gov. Robert Bentley's statement on alleged affair. Ken Curtis is there.
Alabama's governor, Robert Bentley, endorsed Kasich, who won just 4% there. Alabama's senator, Jeff Sessions, endorsed Trump, who won 44%.
Bill Veitch named new Jefferson County DA in Bessemer Cutoff: Governor Robert Bentley has…
Artur Davis would have done a great job for Alabama and Robert Bentley is awful.
Funniest thing. When Menefee thanked Bentley, he said, "Thanks to the governor. Gov. Robert Bentley. The governor of Alabama."
Robert Bentley got to be the best Governor ever for Alabama when he knows thing or two about safety first not wanting to exploit terrorism
Robert Bentley: Grant Billy Kuenzel the right to a new trial so he can present the evidence which w... |
Robert Bentley Todd, was known for his prescription of a hot drink of brandy, canella (white cinnamon), sugar syrup and water.
Gov. Robert Bentley came out in support of a lottery plan that is circulating among Montgomery law makers – but...
Don't tell anybody but Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is considering Medicaid expansion
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has announced he is refusing Syrian refugees relocating to his state. In a news release Sunday …
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley announced plans to refuse the relocation of any Syrian refugees in his state after one of the Paris attackers
Alabama Governor: Refugees behind major threats to the U.S.
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley plans to refuse all Syrian refugees
Gov. Robert Bentley, citing Paris terror attacks, says Alabama will not accept Syrian refugees:
Governor Robert Bentley of Alabama refuses to process Syrian refugee ...
Gov. Robert Bentley tells CNN terrorists 'only have to be right one time'
Who's the best team in Atlantic Hockey? I'd say a toss up between Robert Morris and Bentley...
In case you cared to count it. And yes, still more home grown terrorism since then. The numbers don't lie.
Report: Ala. Gov. Robert Bentley asking help from Crimson Tide defensive line to keep out of state.
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley says governors want answers on
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley talks about Syrian refugees with ABC 33/40: via
Robert Bentley supportive of lottery plan, with a catch
Robert Bentley says governors want answers on refugees
With Robert Bentley leading the way, Alabama is Number 1 -- in Fear Politics, via
Gov Robert Bentley (AL) correctly states 🇺🇸 has to be perfect on defense, but the terrorists only have to be right once> Paris🇺🇸
Gov. Robert Bentley's task force recommends Medicaid expansion Only one thing left to do now. DO IT, Alabama.
Robert Bentley sends a message and drew the line, and said no Syrian refugees in Alabama!
Gov. Robert Bentley says he'll refuse relocation of Syrian refugees to Alabama
.says refugees behind major threats to U.S: checks the claim
Have a very nice weekend Mr. Hawley you're doing a great job as Robert on the soap & I hope you are well from Paul Bentley.
Robert Bentley or Clay Ryan would hire him in a NY minute.
Gov. Robert Bentley says language in a bill concerning the budget is unconstitutional.
Check out advertising the Antipodean show curated by
Fabulous! Necklace by Pamela Huizenga jewelry designs (with a shout out to Robert Bentley
Donald V. Watkins - "Family Day in Alabama. Can you believe that Governor Robert Bentley is the "poster boy" for...
On and on it goes: Gov. Robert Bentley says parts of new state general fund budget violate Constitution
Kyle Whitmire: What Gov Robert Bentley should say about all those rumors
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley says lawmakers encroached on the powers of the executive...
Donald Watkins: Executive Betrayal - Robert Bentley's Fleecing of Taxpayers and Donors - Part 3...
Governor Robert Bentley says parts of new budget violate the Constitution
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has asked the state Supreme Court to review the 2016 budget bill.
Gov. Robert Bentley has asked the AL Supreme Court to clarify whether parts of the General Fund Appropriations Act are unconstitutional.
What Robert Bentley should say about all those rumors: That's ... +
.has some suggestions for what Robert Bentley should say about all those rumors...
Media release: Commander Robert E. “Bob” Bentley holds a special place in the hearts of the Cartersville...
Hot tip - Insiders saying Governor Robert Bentley slept with Lane Kiffin. News will break at halftime of Alabama game.
***SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT***. Last night, in a private ceremony, we honored Commander Robert E. "Bob" Bentley by...
Gov. Robert Bentley has appointed Andalusia Mayor Earl Johnson to a 12-year term on the Troy University Board of Trustees.
Forrest Latta reappointed to Troy University Board of Trustees. TROY – Gov. Robert Bentley has reappointed Mobile...
So just to make sure I'm following you Governor Robert Bentley School Budgets take a steep pay cut, taxes are...
Gov. Robert Bentley's staff is dismissing claims that he no longer resides in the Governor's Mansion in Montgomery
The Alabama budget that will soon be signed by our governor sums up exactly why I didn't vote for Robert Bentley either time he ran.
Is it true that Ray Watts is being bullied by Paul Bryant Jr. and Finis St. John IV? Who cracks 1st, Ray Watts or Robert Bentley?
BREAKING: Tuscaloosa County judge seals record in Gov. Robert Bentley's divorce case.
.endorsements, if you're keeping score at home:. - AL Gov. Robert Bentley. - Trent Lott. - John Sununu. - St. Peter (tentative)
Birmingham News - Gov. Robert Bentley will endorse Ohio Gov. John Kasich today for GOP presidential nomination
Gov. Robert Bentley and Mayor Todd Strange talking at tonight's game (front row)
Luther Strange, Robert Bentley, Arthur Orr, Richard Shelby: We would like to petition Alabama lawmake... via
Governor Bentley to Call Lawmakers into Special Session Next Week: Gov. Robert Bentley is calling a special se...
Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley, removed our Confederate flags from Montgomery, but look what we found him doing???   10% Off
Gov. Robert Bentley: Matt and Chuck Dean talk with Governor Robert Bentley about the BP announcement.
Gov. Robert Bentley a new open-government law intended to build upon the state’s Open Meetings Act
Gov. Robert Bentley says he will veto budget bill passed by Senate if it passes House
Governor signs bill inspired by local boy with Duchenne: Gov. Robert Bentley has signed a bill inspired by a 1...
"Selma changed America. Selma changed the world". Gov. Robert Bentley R-Alabama
Immigrant descents and future voters will Sign petition http…
Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama, himself a physician, described the doctors suspected in the raids as "an...
Immigrant youth will in the streets and with their votes Share petition
All families deserve to stay together
We are all immigrants Sign the petition
Immigrant descents and future voters will Sign petition
Immigrant descents and future voters will Sign the petition
Family separation is not an American value if you stand with immigrants
Our friends at NAHCER want 2 and are against family separation
Our friends took a selfie to You can sign the petition
Students from join the because they stand with immigrants
Immigrants from around the world will to defend their families
Workers in will to defend their families Sign the petition
Families in all are ready for and we will keep fighting to defend it
Father of three U.S citizens needs to keep his family together Sign petition
On May 1, 2015, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signed into law a bill to “provide that a manu...
Governor Robert Bentley said yesterday that the House-passed austerity budget would be “Dead on arrival”. You...
Gov. Robert Bentley taking part in joint news conference at 1 p.m. Watch it live:
Families from will keep Sign the petition
Immigrants want to unleash their potential but wants them deported
Community from supporting Sign the petition for http:…
Community from supporting Sign the petition for
"MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Gov. Robert Bentley on Tuesday evening responded to the General Fund budget passed by the...
Jorge from Russellville wants to keep his family united Sign the petition
Sign the petition for to drop the lawsuit vs
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Enough is enough! Tell to drop Alabama off the lawsuit vs
Ask to drop AL off of lawsuit: http:…
Governor Bentley: Drop Alabama from the Texas lawsuit attacking immigrant families!
Robert Smith at Cambridge to fit our girls' tennis team and boys' golf team for their championship rings! Awesome! http:/…
Governor Robert Bentley is now trying to say that his “No New Taxes” ads in the last gubernatorial campaign was...
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