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Robbie Savage

Robert William Robbie Savage (born 18 October 1974) is a football pundit and former Welsh professional footballer who played predominantly as a midfielder.

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Not sure if it was Robbie Savage or Noel Edmonds host tonight's B&W foundation draw at but the bant…
My mum looks more like than Robbie savage himself.
See him claiming Ricardo Rodriguez handball in desperation? He’s as bad as Robbie Savage watching Wales
Can't wait for the second leg where he reaches Robbie Savage v Belgium levels
Simon just face it. You can't out 'footy banter' Nobody respects the fact…
You shouldn't be giving Collymore the publicity he craves as he just wants to be controversial. He's…
What was alluding to when he mentioned you and Robbie Savage were getting up to in that toilet cubicle…
An arsenal legend? Should they of asked robbie savage instead?
When you think of the managers and players of other Clubs you hate the most...they're usually among the mo…
Nah. Robbie Savage was relatively good at his job.
I'd be more worried about the fact you look like Robbie Savage pal
I think you should invite Robbie Savage as an additional guest, sure Steve Curry would be delighted
To be fair, Robbie Savage has probably had a better career than this guy so his opinion is rather irrelevant...
20 years later I've just realised that Robbie Williams 'Life Thru a Lens' album is basically the Oasis album that e…
I have just listened to the Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy podcast, so funny, but when Robbie said he wante…
Lol , savage ! 😂 . But true as tyron does lie , he said he would beat colby with one arm but needs to be 10…
Why an EAP service is especially needed to help those hiding serious mental health issues:
John Jensen and Robbie Savage. You've gotta love 'em!
Robbie Savage to appear in Strictly Christmas special
Who wants Jeremy Corbyn when you could have Robbie Savage or Fizz from Corrie eh?
Robbie savage said “heard all this talk about this fiker bloke but he’s been Marked out the game. Average”
Robbie savage went doon mer times than waghorn ffs😂😂😂
He just wanted to show off his Robbie Savage scarf
"My most manly moment was getting slide tackled by Robbie Savage and getting straight back up afterwards". "I have…
Yeah, don't even get me started on Robbie bloody Savage, Jesus Christ. 😂😂
Just wants to be like Robbie savage
Fair play to Robbie Savage, covering Man City after just getting back from the Battle of Britain.
I find it embarrassing how some pundits are still around in the Garth Crooks, Michael Owen, Robbie Savage and Phil Neville prime
Why does Robbie Savage look like a young renaissance woman?
Bet it was reminiscent of Dion Dublin on Robbie Savage:
Jake Humphries, Michael Owen and Robbie Savage... what an awful punditry line up that is, jesus
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I see dangerous levels of circa 2005 Robbie Savage in Antoine Griezmann's hair these days lol
Robbie Savage on Antonio Valencia's goal: "Well I thought Charlie Daniels had got the goal of the season so far but that b…
1993. Robbie Savage receives Youth team player of the month award from Mark Hughes. Both would eventually out thems…
I see your Robbie Savage and raise you Phil Neville.
Forget Phil Neville, Michael Owen, Owen Hargreaves or Robbie Savage. Dean Saunders is officially the thickest football pundit around!
Not in the 90's, but who doesn't want to see Shearer sending off the ref for elbowing Robbie Savage?! 😂😂
Robbie savage the biggest donkey going what a bellend
Watching it now though. Robbie Lawler is my spirit animal. That man is pure savage.
We've signed Robbie savage as our new kit man
Robbie Savage escapes driving ban because of abuse he’d get from public.
I see Ken Barlow quite often in Waitrose. . My kids used to get their hair cut in the same barbers a…
What has Robbie Savage got on his head? 😅😂
Robbie Savage, killing me, watching the game with sound off. Keep forgetting what a top class Prem player he was.
Robbie Lawler is a savage! Win,lose or draw you know that guy will bring a fight.needs more of that
Met Robbie Savage at Old Trafford whilst being photo bombed by Derek Acorah
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Woodley KO a savage in Robbie Lawler, and had two good fights against Wonder Boy (2nd fight eehh). How is he a boring fighter?
Savage Robbie coming out again in the 3rd!
Bruh Robbie Lawler is such a savage, has a year off and runs at Cerrone throwing bombs
Robbie Lawler is a savage for sneaking a sponsor in the cage on his mouthpiece!
Can't wait to watch Robbie Lawler fight again. The guy is just a savage.
I managed to get Robbie Savage off of a Shellder but nothing happened what do u sayKID:
Yea you're right. That matchup is what got me out to watch tonight! I love cowboy but Robby is a savage! I think Robbie wins!
She thought she was ronaldo.. turned out to be more like robbie savage
robbie savage you commentate like a bitter Its ex-player. There are two sides to every story which you are paid tell both.
FTA Arsenal is fine. At least Quest are not fleecing me to pay Robbie Savage actual money to talk on camera.
Bruce did compare him to Robbie Savage so...
Someone get me the audio of me telling Robbie Savage about Imbula, Bojan and Joselu
Moment of silence before the game for Robbie Savage and James Kilonzo, heroes of Namibian and Kenya Rugby
Robbie Savage doesn't understand the concept of a rhetorical question judging by his reply to that most offside flags com…
ROBBIE SAVAGE ~ Youth players have a special surprise for waiting at the Clywedog Park clu…
All purpose parts banner
Yes Robbie savage. Tell him how u are willing to accept him into the savage family
Go well Robbie Savage. best Namibian sport fun
Farewell Robbie. The late Robbie Savage was laid to rest in Windhoek. A close friend Werner Shikuambi described Sav…
He was just so... busy! Made Robbie Savage look like Jan Molby.
Family and friends today gathered at the St. Andrew's Catholic Church to pay their last respect to Namibian super f…
Robbie is a savage. Jones or Cormier ? I think Jones
Throwback to Paul Scholes calling Robbie Savage a knobhead...
Robbie savage on bt sounds so like your man from little Britain
Throwback to when Thierry Henry mugged off Robbie Savage 😂
Zidane and Ronaldo. No debate to be had. Zidane at his peak eats Ronaldinho for breakfast and makes Me…
If you think Robbie Savage is a decent commentator I can guarantee your dad sells Avon
Huddlestone being number 44 stinks of Robbie Savage..
Chris Sutton and Steve Mcmanaman are harder to listen to than Robbie Savage .
Brad Jones is the worst keeper Ive seen since I started watching Derby in 1988. Robbie Savage &…
Breaking news Gatland calls up Tom Jones and Robbie Savage to maintain balance in squad
BT Sport who recently sent Robbie Savage to interview Ben Ainslee in Bermuda. It's l…
Airtime for Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage but not for James Richardson, makes me sick
Robbie Savage - Man United Season 'Better than Liverpool and Spurs' With Europa Win". BTW this Chris Sutton guy is a clown…
Paul Scholes is a worse pundit than Jamie Redknapp, Michael Owen, Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage rolled into one. He makes my ears cry
My dad is genuinely the worst person to watch football with he's like Gary Neville, Robbie Savage and Michael Owen rolled into one...
During my career, I was a team mate of Georgi Kinkladze, Steven Pienaar, Ricardo Carvalho, Robbie Savage and Scott Parker. Who am I?
Owen Hargreaves & Darren Fletcher with ginger weatherman Owyn, Robbie Savage can be seen in background
Sorry, a glory hunting Utd fan who laughs at insanely unfunny "banter" from ex-Man Utd youth team player Robbie Savage who
State of Robbie Savage!! Stealing a living pretending to know about football and being a fan he knows more about tony&guy!!
can I get odds on Robbie Savage to the next Arsenal manager
I remember thinking that with Savage/Edinburgh. "Nicely done, Robbie."
Robbie Savage just described that as "the greatest victory ever", one in the eye for the Battle of Yehuling.
Just needed a better commentator than Robbie savage
Ref and officials need investigating for that. Shocking. And Robbie Savage is such a biased commentator. Absolute barcelona love fest.
Some of the New Rathvilly club gear , looks savage
Jon Walters is the attacking equivalent of Robbie Savage.
With how Robbie Savage talks youd think he was a a half decent centre back ffs
are a drain on the NHS and she giggled when Robbie savage broke down in tears over his fathers death from dementia
.put Robbie Savage with Jonathan Pearce & have an even more irritating team than Darke & Macmanaman.
EPL fans are hilarious, and their "pundits" are clowns. Adrian Durham, Robbie Savage and Jason Cundy masquerade as pundits and are morons
just as long as robbie Savage is outside in a burger van.
he's got a rich history of not being Robbie Savage, either.
And they're all better than Robbie Savage.
Second most famous celeb behind Robbie Savage but twice as good looking, three times the footballing ability.
you taking any credit for that award is = to Robbie Savage saying he was part of the Class of 92 lol
"I look back and think 'I was so horrible' and she didn't deserve it." Quite an insight from Robbie Savage.
Sleeping in car parks and kicking his wife out of a car - The impact football career had on Robbie Savage's life
Robbie Savage: Paul Pogba needs more consistency at Manchester United
That's all well and good but Robbie Savage??
Is this Paul Pogba's major problem at Manchester United?
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Piers Morgan and Robbie Savage are the personification of what's wrong with modern football IMO
how does Robbie savage feel about it Chris ?
UPDATE: I retract this analysis. I've just read that Robbie Savage agreed with the red card and I agree with him on nothing.
all you have to do is watch the game pal. Make your own judgements don't take Robbie Savage's word for it pls
Robbie from Arsenal fan TV right now
Omfg you've declined so bad you goblin. You actually are the French Robbie Savage. You came on and we concede 4, we…
Robbie Savage once said how the crowd at Pride Park would get agitated near the end of games and that would transmit to the players.
Never in my life thought Robbie bloody Savage would be right
Keown and Robbie Savage. Two bachelors in a classic 'odd couple' caper.
I haven't seen it. I don't even know what you're talking about but I'm going to disagree just because it's Robbie Savage.
Match of the day?. Why is Robbie savage, wearing a bagget on his head?
true, its like watching Robbie Savage on Wales games
Certain football analyst like robbie savage should never try and condemn or correct players like Messi or Ronaldo.
Martin Known is up there with Michael Owen and Robbie Savage when looking for the world's worst pundit.
not gonna get four so don't think so PS Robbie Savage says def no pen. Usually like him but he's wrong on that one
Update your maps at Navteq
Robbie Savage says no, so it almost certainly was.
Christ - I agree with Robbie Savage 😩 but spot on, clearly takes the ball. Keown is a mupper
I liked a video FIFA and Chill with Robbie Savage, Jermaine Jenas and Chris Sutton | Poet and Vuj
Normally would complain about Robbie Savage, but Owen Hargreaves was in earlier and he's like listening to someone's piles.
Someone at explain to me why you cannot find anybody better than John Hartson. Or Robbie Savage. Or Ian Wright..
Nobody respects Robbie Savage just ask John Terry lol He burned him lol 😂😂😂
Robbie Savage greetin cause was good enough to play for Celtic and O'Neill would give him a look in
Robbie Savage slates John Terry AGAIN as he brands captain's display
William Hill for me from now on. Ince is a far bigger *** than Robbie Savage and I don't say that lightly.
"Gary Lineker and Robbie Savage invested in tax break schemes that have since been investigated by HMRC" claims The .
Former Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage's claimed that Liverpool have been the most fascinating to watch in the Premier League this season
Aston Villa's Steve Bruce: Birkir Bjarnason is like Robbie Savage - but a better footballer!…
Robbie Savage is the reason Des Lynam quit the BBC for Setanta Sports.
Throwback to the time Paul Scholes called Robbie Savage a knob head on live TV. 😅
Throwback to when Paul Scholes called Robbie Savage a knobhead... 😂
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Lord Lucan, the rise of Mr Trump, kidnap of Shegar - these mysteries are nothing compared to the employment of Robbie Savage as commentator
- Robbie Savage takes on the Brownlee brothers and Kadeena Cox in festive Robot Wars special, MARK WEBSTER...
In the mid 90s I took Crewe Alex to the Champions league with Danny Murphy, Neil Lennon, Robbie Savage & co.
Robbie Savage with Team Thor. Jordan Stephens with Team Terrorhurtz. Neil Oliver with Team Shockwave. Kadeena Cox with Team Pulsar
Robbie Savage would rather have that Mickyterrian than Kevin De Bruyne is he on crack..F..king knobhead
Robbie Savage: "Brilliant defence, brilliant attack. They can play all styles, they can break teams down. Give them the tro…
Robbie Savage: "12 wins in a row, brilliant. I think they will break the record. You might as well give the trophy…
Robbie Savage thinks Mkhitaryan is way better than Kevin De Bruyne.
19:10 606: Jason Mohammad and Robbie Savage take calls on the day's football stories.
Robbie Savage back with the "give Ryan Giggs the Swansea job" chat. The job already occupied by another person. Jordy Clasie.
Happy Birthday John Terry! Throwback to the time he destroyed Robbie Savage 😂
Robbie Savage would take Darren Fletcher over Scott Brown. Embarrassing that he gets paid for this
Who's better Scott Brown or Darren Fletcher? 🍀🇮🇪🍀. Robbie Savage: "Fletcher all day!!!"
absolutely agree. TV commentary has for example Robbie Savage who says stupid things - a bit like Donald Trump does.
Robbie Savage says Newcastle are down and questions if they're good enough to come back up…
21 savage never claimed he dropped bars. He makes"murder music "and look where its gotten him
Dion Dublin heard Robbie Savage was coming after his Homes Under The Hammer job...
I shan't. They're up there with Robbie Savage, the Daily Mail, wasps, Manchester United & secret ingredients in hair products.
Who remembers when Dion Dublin headbutted Robbie Savage?. by via
Robbie Savage: Conte has worked wonders at Chelsea - now he'll overcome Pep
We went thru an ez pass booth and it said "invalid tag call ezpass" and my dad kept driving lmao savage
why does nobody ever listen to what harry has to say just LET HIM TALK ABOUT HIS ROBBIE SAVAGE SCARF
Rena the savage, calling Robbie out
that doesn't mean anything, So does Robbie Savage. Not a chance is that a red card
Lansbury the new Robbie Savage .. well done son
old school bars! Oi for Jeremy I will body Kyle, for the cabbage I'm savage take Robbie out 😱 oi
Robbie Savage, Suzi Perry, the Brownlee brothers and more join the Battle of the Stars line-up!
J.Cole trash but your favorite rapper 21 Savage.🤔
Roy Keane on the potential signing of Robbie Savage.😂😂
you honestly talk a load of rubbish it's like Robbie Savage is the admin of this page
lol, Michael Owen, Robbie Savage, and Trevor Francis were the others that I could think of.
One for you to read >Robbie Savage has this to say about Dion Dublin's headbutt - Birmingham Mail
Robbie Savage does not deserve a career in punditry
Robbie Savage: It makes me despair that Swansea City snubbed Ryan...
"Welcome to this 90 minute 5Live Podcast with Mark Chapman, Danny Mills, Chris Sutton & Robbie Savage.". *Deletes*
Golf Golf Golf, Stephen Nolan phone in, no Golf, Robbie Savage phone in 606 , no Golf, Golf , Golf Golf. Football please
Robbie Savage column: Sam Allardyce WILL be back in management — perhaps even before the year is out .
Not sure who's a worse pundit, Micheal Owen or Robbie Savage 🤔
I liked a video Rio Ferdinand, Gary Lineker & Robbie Savage on Sam Allardyce losing his job as
Robbie Savage disagrees with Pep's stance with passing goalkeepers cos Bravo had a poor game. Let's call the whole thing of…
I’m really sad the Olympics are ending (obvs) but I won’t miss Darren Campbell on 5 live. He’s in a Robbie Savage league of annoying.
Dion Dublin head butting Robbie Savage will forever be one of the best moments in football
Watching premier league years 02/03 and the smirk on face when Dion Dublin head butted Robbie Savage!
So bemusing how John Inverdale gets work. But then again this is the same BBC that hires Robbie Savage, Steve Claridge and Chris Sutton...
Celeb spot of the day: Harry Redknap and Robbie Savage walking through Westfield Stratford
After his failings in Spain, Gary Neville telling managers where they went wrong is like Robbie Savage giving tips on h…
All the people slating Martin Keown's commentary should be locked in a room and forced to listen to Glenn Hoddle and Robbie Savage instead.
The BBC's football talent includes Robbie Savage, Kevin Kilbane, and Mark Lawrenson. All of them have no clue what they're talking about.
Robbie Savage is more likely to have a photo of Gareth Bale in his wallet than his wife n kids lmao
Robbie Savage commentating on that Gareth Bale cross...
Robbie Savage learns to read live on television.
As long as commentary isn't given by Robbie Savage and Andy Townsend,I'm OK with that!
Jacqui Oatley or Robbie Savage after a shave. You decide
Dreading the day Robbie Savage and Glenn Hoddle commentate a match together
Why is Gerry Armstrong doing N.Ireland's game? Why was Robbie Savage doing Wales' games. It's almost as if they're from those countries.
Robbie Savage... Gareth Bale... Tom Jones... Keep your chins up lads
Neil Kinnock, Cerys Matthews, Ivor the Engine, Anthony Hopkins, Robbie Savage. Can you hear me? Your boys took one *** of a beating!
Gareth Bale, Johnathon Evans, Neil Kinnock, Tom Jones, Robbie Savage; your boys took one he'll of a beating.
Tom Jones, Aaron Ramsey, Gareth Bale, Sam Warburton, Craig Bellamy, Robbie Savage, Charlotte Church; your team took one *** of a beating
Gareth Bale, Aled Jones, the bloke from go compare, Robbie Savage. You took one *** of a pounding!
If this ends 0-0 the 3 points should be decided by a bare knuckle brawl between Robbie Savage and Martin Keown.
I give it 5 minutes until Keown switches to Van Nistelrooy mode and nuts Robbie Savage
Jesus Stephen Hunt has aged or is he a Robbie Savage admirer
I'd love to see Wales do well but if they go out early, does that Robbie Savage pisses off too?
Hope Wales get pumped rotten in this tourney purely because of that freakshow Robbie Savage
Harry was trying to say how he had a Robbie Savage scarf but no one would listen .
my mum has a thing for Robbie Savage...
Similar to what Robbie Savage use to do on the pitch.
How India is trying to empower girls with with help by via Top work!
and that football legend Robbie Savage said he wouldn't pay to watch him play lol - crap player crap pundit got money
Robbie Savage on England's prospects in the Euros.''don't care really to be honest''
Vauxhall are giving a chance to watch England v Wales at Robbie Savage's! Click-> .
Well done First to find Robbie SAVAGE in our Derby
Robbie Savage's record isn't too shabby. He won the Coca Cola cup.
all the time, I like Robbie savage for instance but I listen to him sometimes laying into Rooney & I think hang on mate
Fancy watching England v Wales at Robbie Savage's house? Click-> .
Every time Roy Keane's in the news, I think about the anecdote in his book about Robbie Savage.
. If you are looking for work, the Robbie Savage lookalike has pulled out of my gig for Bejams next week. Fax me.
Robbie Savage destroying this spurs fan 😭
he is no better than Robbie 'the judas' Savage!
if he goes then he is no better than Robbie savage and will not be welcome back.
Didn't realise Robbie Savage had a part time job with the Hairy Bikers.
would have got a one Pointer went Robbie Savage on the 1992 team! Forgot Keith Gillespie
Robbie Savage says he doesn't think he was world class. Right.
I added a video to a playlist Darren Fletcher & Robbie Savage get the giggles... | BBC 606
Man Utd news: Red Devils will not make top four, says Robbie Savage - Metro
Robbie savage is a poor mans David beckham
I did, last August. Ticked off the bucket list, Robbie Savage next - IF the puzzle piece fall into place.
Robbie Savage pulling a McGregor of some sorts
You watched a different game to me Just as Robbie Savage said Rooney was mom to me Rooney disappeared second half
oh god ,Robbie Savage aint buying the villa 😕
Robbie Savage managing Everton for the rest of the season then ye?
Robbie Savage is the new manager of Aston Villa Football Club.
Don't worry, even Robbie Savage was sucked in
some big time comments from Robbie Savage.well done lad!
I see Robbie Savage is a Wrexham supporter again 🙄
Robbie Savage for me, so I could turn the gun on him
Dominic Dale criticising Trump is like Robbie Savage criticising Xavi.
Robbie Savage announcing that Leicester will win the league on if he's the first one to have considered the possibility. Really?
you pinched that of 5 live from Robbie Savage
and what was Robbie Savage going on about all clean sheets they hadn't had one until Ranieri promised pizza
looking forward to the highlights! Robbie savage getting very overexcited on 5live, can't say I blame him :D
"Leicester winning the league would have to be the best achievement in domestic sport. Ever. It is that incredible." - Robbie Savage
I will commend Robbie Savage for a good commentating performance today. He even used the word 'fortuitous'.
Inspired decision putting Robbie Savage on the Leicester game. Assured that neutrality was maintained. What were you thinking?
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Robbie over excited Savage again going into a frenzy on the radio... 😒
Robbie Savage: "This has to be the greatest achievement we've seen in domestic sport in a long time...maybe ever!"
Ramsey has gone from following Ryan Giggs as a Welsh legend to Robbie savage in 2 seasons.
Are there shades of a Eli Wood in Robbie Savage's football summary work? Could you get him to say 'Ow much are they?'
I hope have a fan co comentating on Monday as this Robbie savage love in is rather biased 🙉🙉
Just pondering on who is the most irritating commentator on the football. Robbie the Sissy Savage or Mac the Mouthy Know Nothing
Fantastic from Robbie Savage on "And Leicester City, WHO ARE GOING TO WIN THE LEAGUE, go three nil up"
Alan Green and Robbie Savage on 5 Live - it doesn't get much better than that
A rare, yet quite amusing line from Robbie Savage in the commentary today.
Robbie Savage stealing the Kante London Marathon joke on 5 Live. Very original
Robbie Savage just said Leicester's play is nice and "pretty".
The worst thing about Leicester winning the PL is that it gives TV companies an excuse to give more TV time to ex players like Robbie Savage
Urghh can't be dealing with Alan Green and Robbie Savage. Snooker it is then.
Robbie Savage needs to be on TV and radio talking about stuff less.
Its the same with Robbie Savage with Wales games. Whats the point in listening to the game if your not getting the full picture?
Henry was a great footballer, in my opinion one of the best. But his game analysis is on par with Robbie savage 🙈🔨
Good job there's and Robbie Savage else these two would be the worst TV pundits
Niall quinn and Robbie savage should be left in a room with isis
Robbie Savage reveals his Premier League Team of the Year
I get mine from Robbie Savage. He seems a very reasonable man.
Brendan Rodgers is "too good for Swansea"...just like the premier league was "too good" for you Robbie Savage!! ***
thought it was Robbie savage in front
Step into the home of Robbie Savage! | Property Blog by Rightmove
Brendan Rodgers is too good for Swansea City - Robbie Savage
What a Bee Gees tribute act Nicky Clarke, Robbie Savage, and Noel Edmonds would be.
What a prat Robbie Savage is. I think Glen Hoddle think does as well.
How does Lee Catermole play in the premiership. He's a poor mans Robbie Savage and that's saying something!!
Oh, great! We have Robbie Savage and Glen Hoddle both co-commentating on Life doesn't get any better!
Robbie Savage column: Arsenal may regret not changing their manager this season
I have been a Leicester fan since I was kid. Robbie Savage, Matt Elliot, Carl Fletcher, Luis Amor Rodriquez.All the greats
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Paul Parker gunning for Robbie Savage's position as the nation's top pundit, I see...
"Do you know anyone who said city would finish 5th before the start of the season?"RT Robbie Savage
After years of being a self proclaimed Derby legend Robbie Savage has suddenly remembered he played for Leicester.
Marcus Rashford was outstanding but Man City were shambolic, says Robbie Savage
Can't be arsed with Guardiola coming to England and having to watch Robbie Savage try to get his head round his formations.
Robbie Savage seemed to see the reincarnation of Brazil 1970 in red shirts. Most ppl saw two declining, average teams...
Well done Robbie Savage for making Hereford FC the team of the day for reaching Wembley for the first time . Thank you Robbie Savage
might even make Robbie Savage vaguely interesting as well.
Something I enjoyed earlier: Robbie Savage's two different pronunciations of 'Demichelis' in the same sentence.
Would BT Sport fire Robbie Savage if I threatened to cancel my subscription?. They can't be paying him much more than a fiver a month.
robbie savage! But also he said united would win the league...
Robbie Savage-Darmian has gone down with cramp, Sagna is over to help him... that is the closest he has been to a Utd player 2day.
Catherine appears to be wearing decorative silver piano keys around her neck. I'm really liking her Robbie Savage hair do too
. Didn't know you are friends with Robbie Savage Calum!
So Robbie Savage described Demichelis as on today
Chris Smalling MOTM. . Robbie Savage called him "average" on 10 mins in 😂😂😂😂
I hate Robbie Savage with a passion. To say LVG gets a result when needs one, we needed them all season
Listening to Robbie Savage digging out Demichelis on 5 live gotta be the funniest thing ever!! 😅 ...i was laughing at david james and robbie savage...we cannot even score
Robbie Savage talks about refereeing errors as though he never made a single misplaced pass in his life. Despicable comments.
seen robbie savage in town years ago in spoons when he was at Leicester! Us slagging him off! Turned round get back to your
Is it not time to give Robbie Savage his P45? His inane commentary is getting a bit tiresome
How can Robbie Savage be that much of a grating bellend on radio too? Is there no beginning to his talent?
Robbie Savage bantering Sagna off. He needs to retire.
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