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Robbie Rogers

Robbie Rogers (born May 12, 1987) is an American soccer player who currently plays for League One side Stevenage, on loan from Leeds United.

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WATCH: Tadanari Lee talks about a goal v Robbie Rogers on & highlights
Specs and Will Johnson were the two Lions in this U.S. Youth side along with Michael Bradley, Robbie Rogers, Danny…
LA Galaxy is sorely missing Ashley Cole and Robbie Rogers
here's Steven going out with Robbie Rogers who has come out. Just sayin
Robert Rogers - Animals "We're animals. Buy when blood's on the street." This one just has that Robbie Rogers feel.
Robbie Rogers isn't the only one who has a membership in Fight Club
So to be clear: You think the politicalization of Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, the Miracle on Ice, Magic Johnson, Robbie Rogers...
More like the next Robbie Rogers to come out as *** footballer
Juggler amazed the Arrowmen at tonight!. (Photos by Robbie Rogers)
Why authenticity is important in athletic performance
I hope Robbie Rogers gets recalled, even if it's a pipe dream
Albert Rogers Put out a great record not too long ago. Jim Weider Randy Ciarlante Casey Meyer, Robbie Dupree,...
Robbie Burns supper for Rogers Neilson House this eve. Kilt on and ready for the pipes and feed of haggis. Thanks Irish Scottish store.
when is robbie rogers getting USMNT minutes
Do you think Robbie Rogers and Thomas Hitzlsperger have had an influence on other *** footballers?
fml I ordered a Robbie Rogers jersey and this is what I got...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
*** footballer Robbie Rogers on locker room homophobia 💙
Robbie Rogers always shows up at the perfect times lol
Congrats to the happy couple! Robbie Rogers and Greg Berlanti are engaged:
NEW POST: purplecorazon writes "Congratulations to Giovani dos Santos and Gyasi Zardes... and Robbie Rogers and Mi…
Philadelphia Union 2-2 LA Galaxy: Robbie Rogers and Mike Magee on target as Bruce Arena's men batt..
I think a male & female to start with are Robbie Rogers & Amelie Mauresmo
Steven Gerrard to return vs. Houston, Robbie Rogers 'back shortly' - Arena - tight affai...
Looks like trouble for Robbie Rogers who went down in the 1st min after a collision with Portland's Fanendo Adi
Robbie Rogers settling into life with LA Galaxy and MLS
>> LA Galaxy left back Robbie Rogers makes MLS Team of the Week | INSIDER
best part is...Robbie Rogers plays for LA...
Margot Robbie demonstrating that she is an actual goddess
I don't wanna just jump on the bandwagon but I might cuz Robbie Rogers is 👌🏻. It's like my Neymar/Messi Barcelona choice 😂
Thanks. Give me Robbie Rogers phone number now?
Robbie Rogers looks exactly like Eddie from THE FLASH
Robbie Rogers goes down with little contact from Harvey
Robbie Rogers is a seriously classy footballer. Even when playing out of position.
THE ROBBIE ROGERS playing tonight for LA Galaxy here in Vancouver.
Best-Dressed Men of the Week: Robbie Rogers & Warren Alfie Baker: A dream team of hosts extraordinaire
do you think that if Robbie Rogers was a core USMNT member, more people would be talking about Russia like they do Qatar?
TONIGHT at Cumberland Arms, Robbie and Rogers new band, Bare Hunter will be playing. On tour with Bella Figura.
“I think if you want to be successful at anything, you have to be competitive, you have to be driven.” — Robbie Rogers, LA Galaxy player
one last-minute question, if you don't mind. Swapping out Robbie Rogers. Clarence Goodson or Zach Loyd?
Out *** footballer Robbie Rogers & his boyfriend Greg Berlanti, creator of "The Flash" welcome adorable baby boy to there family.
40' San Jose going after the right sided defensive tandem of Daniel Steres and Robbie Rogers. No avail so far however.
But he costs more than Robbie Rogers, who is eight years younger and plays the same position. Of course now RR will become an RB.
LA Galaxy re-sign Robbie Rogers, Jose Villarreal and Rafael Garcia Read more news @
LA Galaxy give new contracts to Robbie Rogers, Jose Villarreal and Rafael Garcia...
Galaxy extends contracts of Robbie Rogers, Jose Villarreal and Rafael Garcia
LA Galaxy extend contracts for Robbie Rogers, Jose Villarreal and Rafael Garcia
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players Robbie Rogers, Jose Villarreal and Rafael Garcia sign new deals
The announce that they've signed Jose Villarreal, Rafael Garcia, and Robbie Rogers to new contracts. https:/…
People are upset Robbie Rogers didn't get called up to the Nats? I'm going to listen to Pitbull and watch Avatar cause it must be 2009.
I like Robbie Rogers, but when we trumpet him for the we’re aware he’s never been a good fullback for a full season, right?
Thank you, I would advise you to take this back to store as we would like to get this tested. Robbie.
Oh no! That's very strange! Could you send a pic of the barcode please? Robbie.
I hear Robbie Rogers may need a new team, soon.
Prof. Paul Rogers on the truth of the Tory position on climate change
.you could have a whole page dedicated to the Fire. I'll take a red Robbie Rogers, white J. Jones & Drogba 3rd kit
Looks sex but it needs Omar Gonzalez or Robbie Rogers on there ngl
The comments on any Robbie Rogers photo are filled with the thirstiest of thirsty people.
MLS is still a poor league. Says it all when you've got Robbie Rogers on same team as Steven Gerrard.
Robbie kay is always the answer to.that questiom
Pelosi would make a good Robbie Rogers-type LB. So why not go straight to the source?
have offered ex LB Ashley Cole, 35, a deal to join them, but d staff fear he would replace d popular Robbie Rogers
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Yeah, please don't replace Robbie Rogers with him.
LA Galaxy have offered Ashley Cole a deal, but some are concerned as he would replace fan-favourite Robbie Rogers. (Source - Daily Mirror)
An area called the South Bay is filled with talent. Where Robbie Rogers is from.. Glad you didn't use "Cali" ha
only player on the roster who can do that now is moving Robbie Rogers back to mid but he's more of an attacker
To lock eyes with Robbie Rogers and know that he feels nothing towards me.
The fashion magazine, which shortlisted the likes of David Beckham, Kit Harington, Jared Leto and Robbie Rogers,...
It better not. Imagine if he would have listened when he traded for Robbie Rogers? LA got the better of that deal.
he'd be my MVP if it leads to Robbie Rogers on the Sounders.
In fact, I'd slot Robbie Rogers ahead of Cole on my team sheet, given current form. Rogers is a pretty decent LB.
Robbie Rogers is playing well for LA for $175k. Why are they bringing in CAshley Cole for DP money?
pointless for a DP left back, esp since Robbie Rogers has manned LB well for them.
please let it coincide with Robbie Rogers to Seattle. I would die happy.
Lose two great players. Move Robbie Rogers to the other side to bring in Ashley Cole. Start Dan Kennedy. ∴ A recipe for defensive failure.
Robbie Rogers is better than Ashley Cole, everyone knows
Yeah- I'm trying to figure where Robbie Rogers fits into this.
I liked a video from Robbie Rogers tours LGBT Youth Center | MTV Act
let's light a candle for Robbie Rogers's run as a LB. He's gonna have to play RB now.
yet he still has a 77 rating in FIFA 16!! That's higher than Robbie Rogers. Bruce knows what he's doing ;)
bumping Robbie Rogers is bad for the Galaxy, but not for MLS
I wonder what that means for Robbie Rogers...need a LB but I don't think I could forgive a Galaxy man...
Robbie Rogers and David Beckham up for GQ's most stylish man of the year | INSIDER
I hear you. But every one I talk to re:USL/MLS cites Robbie Rogers shifting to fb
Of all time? Too many to count. Recently, return of Delph on loan. Robbie Rogers? Wickham? Barkley?
This is what sports journalism has come 2. I hope they ask hockey players what do about ISIS as a follow up
forgot about that. Feel he deserves a look. Hoping Robbie Rogers gets the January call.
Welcome friends from around the world Bobby friend Robbie rogers soccer player to love you🇺🇸
Robbie Rogers was knocked unconscious as well that match right ?
weird match that one anyway. Featured Jem Karacan's sock and Robbie Rogers as captain.
Heheh... I think he opened Instagram too.
and getting traded for Robbie Rogers
happened with Robbie Rogers. Chicago traded his rights to LA for Mike Magee
Robbie Robertson publishes Hiawatha and the Peacemaker, new book for kids
This isnt true though. Robbie Rogers came out while playing in England years ago. And there were several before him.
Never seen a sports organization bababooie themselves so hard
MLS team of the week: Featuring Michael Bradley and Robbie Rogers
this is true too. The last time I think there was "real" talent in college soccer was Maurice Edu/Omar Gonzalez/Robbie Rogers era
Hey thanks for following Robbie Rogers so I had to see that picture of him as Peter Pan
Ummm, Seattle goal. Didn't see it. All I saw was Robbie Rogers losing his mind.
Where's Robbie Rogers, Lee Nguyen, Benny F, McCarty, Charlie Davies. you fired Bob Bradley, it's time to do the same with Jurgen
until Robbie Rogers capes up for it.
tell Robbie Rogers to marry me k thx
An intersection of sports, politics, and civil rights up your alley:
I liked a video from Robbie Rogers: Behind the Brand
Would you rather have 2015 Robbie Rogers or 2015 DaMarcus Beasley? I'd rather have a lot of people than 2015 DaMarcus Beasley
This is one of the best articles that I have read in the past few weeks thank you for sharing it
Why doesn't he call up Robbie Rogers (or Tierney)? Anyone have a good reason for that?
Klinsmann still won't call in Robbie Rogers even though he has a supposed crisis at LB. Hm.
Continues to amaze me that Robbie Rogers hasn't been called up to the national team again. It's not like the U.S. is loaded with LB talent
Have to think Robbie Rogers gets a look at some point. Amazed that Beasley still has pace but it won't last forever!
Still don't understand why you haven't led to the selection Robbie Rogers... (+)
Obviously Lichaj & Lletget are up there 4 me as is Robbie Rogers. I see the first 2 MAYBE making Jan camp tho
really wish Robbie Rogers would get a call.
Things I want from Shapiro. 1. Grass in the Rogers Centre. 2. A Robbie Alomar Statue. 3. to be more progressive with stats etc
I don't think Alex will like sharing a favorite pony with Robbie Rogers LoL
A lot of great questions and answers during Robbie Rogers' q&a but this was my favorite
I wanna be Robbie Rogers when I'm older
When Robbie Rogers answers my mom's question on FB 😍
Robbie Rogers is so hot omg I can't
Coming Out to Play by Robbie Rogers is a great book
Maybe it'll be Robbie making a leaping catch over Ted Rogers' statute
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
see also Robbie Rogers and Seb Sorsa. Plus Habib and his duck throwing!
Robbie do you think Brendan Rogers has taken liverpoolfc as furthest he can or not?
hi Robbie I would like to hear your views on and Brendon Rogers plz.
I want a Robbie Rogers/Lletget pairing on the left...maybe a little biased as a Galaxy fan but those 2 work fantastic together!!
Still very disappointing that Robbie Rogers doesn't get a call, even with multiple injuries. Best LB in MLS.
What about players like Lletget, Finlay, and Robbie Rogers who have starred in MLS?
Class act: makes good to *** teen who didn't get to see him play.
Will always fancy Robbie from Angus thongs and perfect snogging.
I'm hoping for Robbie Rogers to be brought back to be given at least once chance. But I agree, October 10th is the big one.
So no Timmy Chandler and likely no Fabian Johnson for Oct. 10. Is it possible that Robbie Rogers, Tony Beltran, or Eric Lichaj gets a call?
Robbie Rogers? MT Andrew Goldstein, 1st openly *** male to play on a pro US sports team, continues to inspire:
Adryan and THE Robbie Rogers looked cracking in YouTube clips too. I'll hold off until I see this Botaka fella play in an shirt.
.& Common Cause:. *** slander chant has no place at Avaya, StubHub, or in . .
I wonder what Robbie Rogers is doing.
Iain Dowie saying that Robbie Rogers seems to be suffering from ring rustiness made me LOL
Robbie Rogers goes 61 minutes for LA Galaxy II in win over Orange County Blues
Leeds well represented tonight in the MLS - Lloyd Sam, Mike Grella, Robbie Rogers... Ironic in this, two are playing for the Red Bulls.
84' WOW. Now Referee's Assistant Matthew Nelson getting into the hard challenges as he clocks Robbie Rogers with his flag.
Robbie Rogers hairstyle: Hey all - . I just learned of the soccer player Robbie Rogers and Googled his ha...
.so when Salon runs 1000 words about do they confuse it with Robbie the Robot or Twiki from Buck Rogers
"Pro athlete and AUTHOR Robbie Rogers =)" I'm so proud of you Rob !!! Great video, thanks for sharing!
Robbie Rogers has accrued 2.5 xG from 2013-2015 but has yet to score. Thought it'd be higher but it's still bad luck for him.
I added a video to a playlist Robbie Rogers' Formula for Success
89: Bobby Boswell gets a yellow card for shouldering Robbie Rogers right in his beautiful face.
75' Roldan and Rogers battle down the right, Robbie wins but goes down. Gets back up and looks to be fine.
I never liked Robbie Rogers .. I wonder why !
Robbie Rogers shot wide right... 64th, LA up 1-0
although I would also like to see Robbie Rogers over Shek Brea
Midfield utility fine. But if Klinsmann wants an extra defender in the roster... call in Robbie Rogers not Brad Evans.
Unlucky for Robbie Rogers there. Thought he had Frei beat near post.
Real talk, whens Robbie Rogers gonna get a sniff? This was a good spot for him imo.
Robbie Rogers has a great chance for LA but Stefan Frei makes a great save! Then Juninho has a look from distance but it's just wide.
Seattle's turn. GK Frei robs Robbie Rogers' shot to the lower left corner for
SAVE from Frei as Robbie Rogers looked set to pad the L.A. lead. Then Juninho fired just wide from distance
better than the hour long shot of Robbie Rogers.
Robbie Rogers does a great job holding his eye after being "hit" in the throat by Oba.
Robbie Rogers deserved to get smacked in the face there.
Robbie Rogers is due for one, that last one was so close.
Hoping Jurgen Klinsmann wrote that roster in pencil because Robbie Rogers is back in 2014 form tonight.
Blast by Robbie Rogers.. Just wide. Might of been a deflection, but it was awarded a goal kick.
Brian if Robbie Rogers scores his first goal today how will you feel?
Robbie Rogers better be in the squad for the Mexico game.
Robbie Rogers nearly scores, nearly missed the right post... has already created multiple chances from the wings..
18' Robbie Rogers! So close from the top of the box. Goal kick.
17' JUST WIDE! Robbie Rogers with a blast from distance that goes wide of Frei's goal. Doesn't look like he missed by much.
Just remembered that Robbie Rogers made his debut against Seattle in a 4-0 win!
"Sometimes you have to give people who love you a chance to really love you." - Robbie Rogers
No worries, im just sick of reading people sticking the boot it when its unwarranted.
It really is. Absolutely nailed it.
LA Galaxy star Robbie Rogers posted this pic earlier today and says: Big big game for us tomorrow… I mean like...
Rob Rogers would like to politely remind FIFA that *** rights is still a thing
can you help me find this shirt from a Robbie Rogers shoot in ?
Those are defensive actions. A couple Robbie Rogers slip ups got people thinking that's the weak side. Lol. Let them
Robbie Williams is starting to keep more up to date with 1D than I do...
READ: urges athletes to be visible in April Issue of
Robbie Rogers, on in the 77th minute, makes American sports history as the first openly *** male ath
Out footballer Robbie Rogers: FIFA should only hold World Cups in countries with *** rights!
*** Octagon up-and-comer breaks through severe depression thanks to a letter from Robbie Rogers
Soccer's Robbie Rogers thought more pros would be out of closet by now
Robbie Rogers really wants to help FIFA on LGBT issues
Robbie Rogers: FIFA should only hold World Cup in countries where *** are safe
Uncharacteristic DEF errors: Omar Gonzalez beaten to header, Robbie Rogers appears to lose his man on equalizer
87 - LA make a change as the defensive left back Todd Dunivant replaces the attacking left back Robbie Rogers.
Robbie Savage looking like some extra from Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. With all the presence & contribution too
Im still enraged that the number 6 shirt wasn't retired after our former captain Robbie Rogers donned it
Robbie Rogers is on OUT's most eligible bachelor list...
BBC HardTalk interview with ex player Robbie Rogers.
Congrats to for being recognized by in a speech to
04:30 HARDtalk: Stephen Sackur talks to US footballer Robbie Rogers about homophobia in football.
Robbie Rogers was 88% on the other side: Let’s not forget the other trends that affect FIFA in May. It was st...
5 of 5 stars to Coming Out to Play by Robbie Rogers
ima not tag him cause I don't wanna bother him when I hope he'll sign my book!! I have tickets really close! He is Robbie Rogers!!
"I want to recognize...Robbie Rogers of the Galaxy...blazing a trail as one of professional sports’ first openly *** player…
Robbie Rogers is bae. I'll leave my boyfriend for him, i've already told him. 😂
Robbie Rogers makes his debut with the Los Angeles Galaxy -
This wasn't the game Robbie Rogers took it, was it?
Robbie Rogers makes me wish I liked soccer
“See how performed in the 2014 MLS Cup-winning season.
Robbie rogers is *** and one of the most beautiful footballers in the world
Excellent chat here on the beeb with thanks for the signed copy - definitely worth the wait.
Was such an honor to visit the White House today with my teammates. To be recognized for my contributions to the... http:…
JK sees him as a defender which I don't think will bode well, Robbie Rogers and Greg Garza are better options IMO
Why do we have Brek Shea at LB instead of Robbie Rogers?
What a moment. . praised during the visit:
Putting Brek at left back is pretty silly when you could've called Robbie Rogers in
Shea is just not the answer at LB...Robbie Rogers, Fabian Johnson?.
So Dane Brekken Shea is starting at LB on a four-man line and there was no room for Robbie Rogers in this camp?
I still don't get Klinsmann not calling up Robbie Rogers.
I just don't understand the Shea at LB thing. Give me Robbie Rogers any day.
Robbie Rogers criticizes FIFA decisions to host 2018 and 2022 World Cups in ... -
“We're about to watch work out.Who's joining? …
If there is one thing that's fair game to question Klinsmann on its his cutting off of Robbie Rogers after Coming Out.
These statements regarding Robbie Rogers and why the played a 3-5-2 v. Chile seem somewhat contradictory to me
So this is Robbie Rogers, the first *** football player to play in a top North American professional…
"The real standout on the back line...was Robbie Rogers, who honestly had one of if not THE best half I have ever...
NEW YORKIn the wake of NBA center Jason Collins and US soccer midfielder Robbie Rogers Coming Out as homosexual,
I would rather see Robbie Rogers at LB rather than a player who hasn't played that position in 2 years, but oh well
F/T EVE 0-0 LFC. Well, based on that rubbish Robbie Rogers should have no problem at all keeping Gerrard on the bench.
See the dapper men of the Z Zegna x GQ Celebration feat. Ryan Guzman, Robbie Rogers & Nick Jonas
Amy made me look Robbie Rogers fabulous this morning! amymvanoordt
I don't give a rat's butt if he's *** What Robbie Rogers does is Robbie Rogers' business. Ppl shouldn't judge!
Shea over Rogers? I’m sure Robbie could be a solid LWB.
“I want to recognise what Robbie Rogers has done for a lot of people by blazing a trail, first openly *** players" . Barack Obama
would be so much better if it was robbie Rogers
President Barack Obama recognizes Robbie Rogers at White House ceremony "..we're really proud of you."
President Barack Obama "proud" of LA Galaxy's Robbie Rogers for 'Coming Out'
the same thinking must be applied when mentioning Jason Collins, Michael Sam and Robbie Rogers
At what cost? Would you rather have Mike Magee right now, or Robbie Rogers right now?
Gucci guys: actor Chadwick Boseman and LA Galaxy player Robbie Rogers at dinner for Awards.
Michael Martin, an all-state goalie, slow danced with the guy who gave him the courage to be himself. Inspired by Robbie Rogers, Martin now hopes to inspire others.
Rob Brakel has worked in the NFL for 17 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals. It wasn't until he read Robbie Rogers' new book that he decided it was time to share his story with the world and come out publicly as ***
Robbie Rogers makes a great appearance on MSNBC, and it's great to hear him talk to a well-prepared panel.
Pro soccer player reflects on Coming Out: Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder Robbie Rogers ... via
Robbie Rogers out with a new book and boyfriend Greg Berlanti producing Peter Pan origin flick
Robbie Rogers and his new book Coming Out To Play on the Today Show this morning (video)
Hey Robert! Did you ship to a Rogers Plus store or an authorized dealer?. ^kc
Dear Brendan Rogers. Ian Rush, Kenny Dalglish, Robbie Fowler, and Micheal Owen would never be happy with a loss.
I honestly can't wait to read Robbie Rogers new book. ✨
is not playing for a team meanwhile Robbie Rogers starts for a team that could win a title.
- That would be the idea... Example - Robbie Rogers w/ LA2 (Injury return, trying out new position)
Hmm, Robbie Rogers is having a book signing next month at Book Soup. Any of my LA peeps going?
I hear a bunch of people claiming Robbie Rogers could be the next LB. Check out Moises Hernandez of Dallas tonight. Kid can play
Robbie Savage questioning LVG and United - so he thinks Rogers should be sacked and Spurs find another manager right?
78’: Robbie Rogers gets his name jotted down by tonight’s ref for a li’l foul. . Just over ten minutes left to find a late winner.
77' Robbie Rogers picking up a yellow, making it 2-2 for
📒 77' Robbie Rogers is now booked for the LA Galaxy.
Just a generic question: does Robbie Rogers deserve a look at left back for
The first goal is either going to be a Joao Plata header or a Robbie Rogers scorpion kick.
Robbie Rogers has a bit of a brain fart there and forgets how to trap a soccer ball...
Robbie Rogers is developing VERY nicely but god how I'd love to see LA lose.
Robbie Rogers is still "hair perfect." He's daring the wind to mess with it.
Is it lame for a girl to be in love with a *** guy? Because I am. Robbie Rogers is gorgeous.
Robbie Rogers looks so hot right now. And he's not even running around sweating yet 😏
RSL fans. Does Plata go to the right tonight and take on Robbie Rogers early?
Ex-players and aren't satisfied as the prepares to open the
Robbie savage needs to shut up about tactics all he has talked about is Rogers tactical box of tricks and Zonal marking!! 😷
Robbie Rogers, BreK Shea, the Wigan lad who couldn't get a game, BWP. Come on
Also there's a Robbie Rogers book. Looks like I'll have to read in 2015.
No Satisfaction: Despite scoring 16 goals, won’t be happy until he wins an
No Satisfaction: Gyasi Zardes and Robbie Rogers still not satisfied despite making…
Robbie rogers is decent but there are better ballers
Got approval from the bae for a pass for Henry Cavill and Robbie Rogers.
there's robbie rogers in the MLS, but in the leagues that :(
No worries, it's the usual drivel. "Not surprised no *** players come out while they're playing" *poor Robbie Rogers*
has landed the comedy project based on soccer star Robbie Rogers life as the first openly *** US athlete, called
Pity he didn’t want to do a Robbie Rogers style photo shoot when he came out! .
if there going to make a show about Robbie Rogers, then they should have to make a show about Tim Tebow it's ridiculous!
Maybe you should ask what Robbie Rogers thinks about WC2022 in Qatar.
Also, I spout off on Michael Bradley, playoff sked, Robbie Rogers, 24-under-24 and more: or iTunes
It's tough to imagine Todd Dunivant unseating Robbie Rogers at left back, even once he does get fit. That spot is Robbie's now.   10% Off
Congratulations Chip Sarafin, Michael Sam and Robbie Rogers ... Your courage is leading the way for more to come
Out of these suggested 5 PK takers for I like Robbie Rogers' suggestions the best- what do you think?
Robbie Rogers had the entire left flank to himself. rushed a shot. Easy save for Dan Kennedy all time appearances leader
Robbie Rogers sees his first cross sail too close to Dan Kennedy. Robbie active in the first 5 minutes.
I recognise 5 as Robbie Rogers. Is 3 Tyler Oakley? Who are the rest?
Goal! Chicago Fire 1, LA Galaxy 1. Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy) left footed shot from the left side of the six yard box to the top left corner. Assisted by Robbie Rogers.
im Jason Collins, Michael Sam, Robbie Rogers & Orlando Cruz all in one
SHS: Out *** player Robbie Rogers of the LA Galaxy. Dude in the back be like "Daayyuum."
A look back at 2013 and the LGBT community. Barack Obama mentioned the word *** and the issue of *** rights for the first time in a speech at the U.S. presidential swearing in; specifically, he did so in his inaugural address. Kathleen Wynne became the first openly LGBT premier of a Canadian province, namely Ontario, after defeating Sandra Pupatello in the third round of voting of the Ontario Liberal party's leadership race on January 26, 2013. Sworn in on February 11, 2013, she is the party's first openly LGBT leader and Ontario's first female premier. Robbie Rogers announced he was *** on February 15, 2013, becoming the only male fully capped international association footballer to do so. Jason Collins on April 29, 2013, became the first active male professional athlete in a major North American team sport to publicly come out as *** Rep. Mark Pocan's spouse Philip Frank became the first same-sex spouse of a federal lawmaker to officially receive a House Spouse ID. In 2009, Marlon Reis, the spouse of .. ...
amen, you know who are actually those guys? Thomas Hitzlsberger and Robbie Rogers.
*** IN FOOTBALL via GOAL.COM. Thomas Hitzlsperger "We still have a long way to go because we fear a reaction and we don't know what will happen. I can't imagine playing football and doing this [Coming Out] at the same time." LUIZ FELIPE SCOLARI "If I found out that one of my players was *** I would throw him off the team." GIANLUIGI BUFFON "I don’t think I have ever played with a homosexual player. But if Juve bought one, my only wish is that he’d win us games." ROBBIE ROGERS "I've been fortunate enough to return to the game, this time as an out and proud *** man, knowing full well that my actions could be of help to another young Robbie Rogers, whether his first love is soccer or science or fashion or all of the above." ANTONIO CASSANO *** in the [Italy] national team? That's their business. But I hope [there are none]." CASEY STONEY "It's really important for me to speak out as a *** player because there are so many people struggling who are *** and you hear about people taking their own lives ...
Clarke Carlisle wants more education to combat homophobia Players should receive more education to combat homophobia, according to former Professional Footballers' Association chairman Clarke Carlisle. Carlisle told BBC Radio 5 live that homophobic language has long been commonplace in dressing rooms. The 34-year-old admitted using it himself before changing his ways and starting to challenge others. Former Bolton boss Owen Coyle told the programme attitudes to homosexuality have barely changed in 20 years. Carlisle and Coyle were addressing the issue in the week that England women's captain Casey Stoney spoke publicly about being *** for the first time. In the men's game, there have been no openly *** footballers playing professionally in England since Justin Fashanu in 1990. Former Aston Villa midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger retired before he revealed he was *** in January, while former Leeds winger Robbie Rogers also hung up his boots last year before returning to play for David Beckham's former team, L ...
This country is possessed of a strange spirit! The things that excite our spirit. The sexual preferences of a football player. A guy who prays openly is an offense,but a big boy who engages another boy is a national hero. An overnight star. An inspiration of change for our once God fearing nation. SEC Commissioner Mike Slive on Michael Sam: "It takes an incredible amount of courage to break ground on a social issue on a national stage. Matt Miller ✔ out as *** two weeks before the Combine is one of the bravest things I've seen in my time in the media. Michael Schottey ✔ don’t have to have any “stance” to realize that Michael Sam is the bravest player in the draft. Bomani Jones ✔ problems Michael Sam will face won’t really come from the locker room. it’ll be from the public. hope we don’t embarrass ourselves. Robbie Rogers ✔ happy for Michael Sam. His courage will inspire millions to live their truth. Stewart Mandel ✔ Sam on ESPN: "I'm not afraid to tell the world who I am. I'm Micha ...
yea he was bugging!! And he got wild respect. But yea Robbie Rogers is a dope story. Retired, came out and went back to play
John Cena, WWE Star, Encourages *** Wrestlers To Come Out January the 22nd, 2014 Source: John Cena stopped by Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen this week to discuss a number of topics, including the high-profile Coming Out of WWE superstar Darren Young last August. The WWE favorite told Cohen that he completely supports Young's decision and even encouraged other WWE wrestlers who are currently closeted to come out. “My thing is this, if you’re good at your job, I don’t judge,” Cena said. “Darren is really good at his job, he’s a wonderful performer, he’s a great entertainer and it’s a very, very bold move that he made to come out. So he certainly is very a brave individual for doing that... He can be himself and nobody judges him around here.” Young was among a number of prominent athletes to come out as LGBT and shake up the sports world in 2013, including basketball star Jason Collins, professional soccer player Robbie Rogers and WNBA star Brittney Gr ...
Brittney Griner , Blake Skjellerup, and Robbie Rogers share their personal stories in Journey of the *** Athlete, airing Saturday on CNN International.
"World Sport Presents: Journey of the *** Athlete" focuses on out athletes Brittney Griner, American soccer player, Robbie Rogers, and New Zealand Olympic speed skater, Blake Skjellerup and is on C...
From The Rationalist Association How would football react to an openly *** player? The decision of the former Aston Villa defender Thomas Hitzlsperger to come out as *** is a good moment for anyone involved with football, whether professionally or as a spectator, to take a closer look at the absence of openly *** players and the apparent problem with attitudes towards sexuality within the game. Hitzlsperger, who was capped 52 times by Germany, revealed his sexuality in an interview with the German newspaper Die Zeit yesterday, becoming one of the most high profile players to come out. Of players to have played professionally in England, he is only the third to publicly reveal that he is *** Last year Robbie Rogers, a USA international playing for Leeds United came out as *** and the only other professional to come out in the English game was Justin Fashanu, whose troubled life ended in suicide in 1998. It's fairly clear simply from the low number of openly *** players that the sport has a problem when i . ...
FORMER VILLA, EVERTON and Germany MIDFIELDER Hitzlsperger BECOMES FIRST PREMIER LEAGUE PLAYER TO REVEAL HE IS *** Former Aston Villa star Thomas Hitzlsperger has become the first Barclays Premier League player to reveal he is *** Not alone: Hitzlsperger joins Robbie Rogers and Anton Hysen in the list of openly *** professional footballers OTHER *** SPORTS STARS Tom Daley (Olympic diver) Anton Hysen (Swedish footballer) Jason Collins (US basketballer) Nicola Adams (British boxer) Orlando Cruz (Puerto Rica boxer) Robbie Rogers (US footballer) Hitzlsperger said: ‘I’m Coming Out about my homosexuality because I want to move the discussion about homosexuality among professional sportspeople forwards.’ The 31-year-old, who made 52 appearances for Germany, said that he only realised he was *** ‘in the past few years’ and, in an interview in the German newspaper Die Zeit, added: ‘I’ve never been ashamed of the way I am.’ He said he has only realised ‘in the past few years’ that he would ‘ .. ...
Blake Skjellerup, Robbie Rogers and Brittney Griner are all champs in their respective sporting arenas but in a new documentary they share the struggles they had to overcome for not being hetero. "I was always very sensitive to words *** and *** ," soccer star Rogers remembers. "It's quite a har...
Blake Skjellerup, Brittney Griner and Robbie Rogers are featured in this program to be broadcast on CNN International this Saturday, 10pm London, 11pm Berlin.
The Leeds FA Cup match tomorrow is on FS1, I heard they are retiring Robbie Rogers jersey.
Robbie Rogers... Will you have my babies
I wouldn't say I was ugly but like it or lump it I've learned to embrace it. We can rule B-Dan Rogers out.
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