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Robbie Knievel

Robert Edward Robbie Knievel (born May 7, 1962 in Butte, Montana) is an American daredevil and son of stunt performer Evel Knievel.

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spent the longest two weeks of my life in Butte that's not a pretty place but Robbie & Evel Knievel like it
I've got money on Robbie Knievel to be one of Trump's nominees to the National Transportation Safety Board.
Prayers for a speedy recovery, Kaptain Robbie Knievel!
You were really the ISH if you had Robbie Knievel too!
Robbie Knievel pleads not guilty to criminal endangerment: Robbie Knievel has pleaded not...
Robbie Knievel pleads not guilty to criminal endangerment
Robbie Knievel pleads not guilty to felony criminal endangerment charge
Robbie Knievel 1990s local Harley dealership. They asked him to wait so I come stop in to meet him... He did!
.talking to Robbie Knievel about the 'Sober Jump' he'll be doing in in late July.
Robbie Knievel celebrates his sobriety in world record breaking style! See for yourself at 6:17.
. Had a great time in Palm Springs helping out Robbie Knievel at The Spa Casino.
Hanging on the red carpet at helping Robbie Knievel with his jump last Sat. Sober Robbie
Chris Tavs and I are proud to present another excellent film -- "Chasing Evel: The Life of Robbie Knievel"
Robbie Knievel, 52 & owner of 20 world records, 350 jumps worldwide; his pursuit of sobriety & his father's legacy.
Chasing Evel: The Life of Robbie Knievel- Look for this documentary is 2017.
Robbie Knievel began jumping his bike at 4 & rode motorcycles at age 7. Coming in 2017
Did you hear about Robbie Knievel's next stunt?. He's going to ride through Ethiopia with a sandwich tied to his back
Random Memory.One Saturday afternoon while watching a episode of Wide World of Sports. I saw Robbie Knievel...
I have 2 extra tickets to see Robbie Knievel this Saturday night. Anybody want to come? He's going to jump 50...
Great shoot with Robbie Knievel at the base of the Snake River Canyon ramp. Evel attempted this feat…
The Associated Press: Robbie Knievel pleads guilty in drunken driving case
Robbie Knievel pleads guilty in drunken driving crash
Robbie Knievel pleads guilty in drunken driving case (from
Robbie Knievel pleads guilty in drunken driving case - The Denver ...
Robbie Knievel pleads guilty via the Android app
Robbie Knievel pleads guilty in drunken driving case Free tool online
Publishing News: Robbie Knievel pleads guilty in drunken driving case - Nashoba Publishing Online
Hulk Hogan Robbie Knievel pleads guilty in drunken driving case
Robbie Knievel pleads guilty in drunken driving crash
Robbie Knievel pleads guilty in drunken driving crash [Fox]
Robbie Knievel to celebrate sobriety with Butte stunt: Robbie Knievel had his first capful of Wild Turkey when...
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Robbie Knievel to celebrate sobriety with Butte stunt
. Robbie Knievel had the mustache, that's the Blue Demon, and Joliet Jake never touched a saxophone in his life.
The Admiral, bike by John Paul DeJoria, Evel and Robbie Knievel will be on auction at 75th
That would go great with my Robbie Knievel key chain.
Robbie Knievel in Being Evel: "I would think my dad had died every time he jumped." That's gotta mess with a kid's head.
Fill the Grand Canyon with soup. Have Robbie Knievel try to jump it in
What year do you suppose we saw Evel Knievel Robbie
Christmas night family conversations - Cornelius Vanderbilt, dumpster diving, and the differences between Evel and Robbie Knievel
LOL!! Like when Robbie Knievel jumps the Grand Canyon or Nik Wallenda walks the tight rope...there's 0.01% of me...
Or analyse me on a deeper level?. Sons of Evil like Robbie Knievel. The face of an angel wit the body of a devil
I remember watching Robbie Knievel jump the fountains at caesars palace in 89. Was pretty cool
On May 24, 2008, Robbie Knievel attempted to jump 24 Coke Zero trucks in the parking lot of
If your ever going to Montana last weekend July in Butte for Knievel Days Party Tribute to Evel and Robbie Knievel:
In about an hour Robbie Knievel, "Mini-Mad" Mike Cook, and KaMaKaZiE KiD will be taking over the air waves on...
Robbie Knievel jumps 200-plus feet over 24 Coke Zero trucks at on May 24, 2008
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Who would win in a fight: Evel Knievel (& Robbie), the Human Fly, or the Thunder-Riders/Team America?
Heard rumor that Robbie Knievel was going to jump 100 Obama voters with a Caterpillar D-9 Cat in Arizona. If true would appreciate ticket
Historic Event Robbie Knievel will attempt to jump over all members of congress in a Cat D-9
..when I was a kid I was playing with Robbie Knievel so I'm guessing Robbie had a kid named Evel ? I was 10 we went go kart racing
Photo: Check out this blog if you enjoy wasting your life!
Until this moment, I thought Eval Knievel was a character in Star Wars.
Robbie Knievel is going 2 try 2 jmp over 1,000 Obama supporters with a Caterpillar D-9 bulldozer
Thigh gap so wide Robbie Knievel tried jumping it on a motorcycle but sadly misjudged the landing.
I will gladly pay to watch Robbie Knievel perform this trick ! LoL
-those who love . Come, witness Robbie Knievel. "JUMP FOR OUR FREEDOM". [see advert]. Cheer for http…
me thinks Robbie Knievel would enjoy the tricky triple tonite
I am a full grown man who has had ADHD my whole life. This is not always something that disappears in adulthood. It is extremely important that children are not told this is an illness. A lot of the most gifted and brilliant people throughout history were ADHD. We have a different way of viewing the world and if handled properly as children they have potentials not available to 95% of others... Architect Frank Lloyd Wright Artists Salvador Dali Pablo Picasso Vincent Van Gogh Athletes Terry Bradshaw Michael Phelps Pete Rose Nolan Ryan Michael Jordan Jason Kidd Authors Charlotte and Emily Bronte Samuel Clemens Emily Dickenson Edgar Allan Poe Ralph Waldo Emerson Robert Frost George Bernard Shaw Henry David Thoreau Leo Tolstoy Tennessee Williams Virginia Woolf William Butler Yeats Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Andrew Carnegie Malcolm Forbes Henry Ford Bill Gates David Neeleman Paul Orfalea Ted Turner Explorers Christopher Columbus Lewis and Clark Entertainers Ann Bancroft ...
Robbie Knievel is looking to jump the Ohio River in July. The jump will be between Marietta,Ohio and Williamstown, West Virginia. My money is he gets wet
The plan for Robbie Knievel jumping the Ohio River is back.
Just read in the newspaper that Robbie Knievel will be doing his stunt jump in July. He will jump by motorcycle from Marietta Ohio side to Williamstown Wv. :-)
Robbie Knievel stands with his wife, Loren , and two year-old daughter, Krysten, in front of the fountains at Las Vegas' Ceasars Palace.
I have a 26 min. vhs tape of Robbie Knievel , son of evil Kneivel, looks like home shot or low grade. Its called the "Jump" Robbie jumping over buses under protest from his dad Evil. I like to make DVD copies and sell them. anyone, is this legal?
Coming up @ 5:00 ... what started the incident this week at the south side juvenile detention facility, and how correctional officers handled it ... plus the latest on Robbie Knievel's jump across the Ohio River ... and Sen. Joe Manchin talks with students in Jackson County Join us in 10 minutes!
Hey family!Robbie Knievel will be making his jump over the Ohio River in July.. Robbie is Evil Knievel son... It would be nice if it was around reunion time... I will keep you all posted...
bring home the gold, Robbie Knievel!.
Evil Knievel is dead. His jerk son "Captain" Robbie Knievel is still alive.
you mean Robbie Knievel? Yeah he's a jerk. I've met him, I know
Ford Center, Glendale, AZ; tickets still available. Robbie Knievel is going to try to jump over (cont)
Me & Evel Knievel in Vegas at Robbie Knievel's fountain jump & I made a Ceasar's Palace outfit and Bike for my collection
Robbie Knievel jumped over the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle. Think about that the next time you think you're bad ***
Robbie Knievel tells TMZ he's a hardcore alcoholic ... hellbent on self-destruction ... and there ain't a *** thing he can do about it. Knievel just…
Celebrating the " 21ST Anniversary " of my " Last Day " at the Dunes as I was the LT. & walked away into my 79 LTD after completing the last shift. Sort of an interesting feeling & new to me as I had never closed a Casino. Memories of a very legendary " 1955 Opening Casino ", my Birth Year! Makes you think of lotta memories, partying with Mickey Rourke & Don Johnson on the set of " Harley Davidson & The Marlbury Man, Robbie Knievel &. " Da Caesars Palace Fountain Jump ", parties & lotta great friendships. Fur shop at the Dunes, Don King & Mike Tyson when they were still friends, people used to visit each other & cared- " Miss those days ", just wished to share & strolling down my, " Memory lane "!
Well I'm a little sad..Bradley just pulled his tooth and brought it to me. He only has 1 baby tooth left :( I told him I was going to cry and he hugged me and said, "Don't cry Mom I'm growing up and I'm going to be Robbie Knievel!" LOL oh my!
So last night at work I had three celebrities come into the shop.I had Dan Hagerty(which played Grizzly Adams)Robbie Knievel(the son of Evel Knievel)and Darby Hinton(he played Israel Boone on the series Daniel Boone)
So, I just found out that I share my birthday with Johannes Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Tim Russert, who I only know of from being forced to watch meet the press while growing up, Robbie Knievel, you know, like Evel Knievel's son, and lastly, Katie Danza, Tony Danza's daughter.. Tada
Breaking news: Tun into ESPN at 11:30 CST. Robbie Knievel is gonna attempt to jump a hard copy of the Obamacare legislation on Las Vegas Blvd. Pre-jump entertainment provided by Miley Cyrus. Post-jump commentary by Phil Robertson. Happy New Year! Peace.
Hmmm.what to watch later tonight? Lemme see, *** Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve is on, but unfortunately Ryan Seacrest is hosting it, so that's one strike against it. Now I see Miley Cyrus is performing, which makes strike two. Hold on a sec.I see Robbie Knievel will also be there. Huh.he's going to attempt to jump Roseanne Arnold? Man, is this guy suicidal or what? At least his dad stuck to doable stunts like jumping the Snake River Canyon. Geesh.where's Baywatch when you really need 'em?
Having dinner with friends and Robbie Knievel and Dan Haggerty
7 Things you probably didn't know about me 1. Im an ONLY child 2. I was born in Montana! (Grew Up Country) 3. I've Died Before for 4mins and was brought back to life on my 18th Birthday. 4. Im 6'4 and Tower both my parents (Get the height from my ma's side of the family). 5. I have an Obsession with developing my forearm muscles 6. My family are close friends with the knievel's. That's right I know Evel Knievel and Robbie Knievel. (Stunt devils) 7. I've only have had 3 Gf's and I'm 24!!
I dug up more about Spanky Spangler, who I met Yesterday, Cool stuff. Spanky Spangler 210 people like this topic Edit About Spanky Spangler Public Figure Spanky Spangler is a daredevil and theatrical stunt man who currently claims to hold the world record distance for a jump performed in an automobile at 328 feet (100 meters). The most common stunt that he performs is jumping off a platform or hot air balloon over 150 feet in the air into an air bag on the ground. Another notable Spangler stunt is a successful jump over the Rio Grande in a rocket-powered truck. Prior to becoming a stunt man, Spangler was a Green beret in the United States Army, claiming to be the youngest ever green beret. Lee Majors also was to co-star with stuntman Spanky Spangler in a US pilot series called Hollywood Stunts that featured greats like Robbie Knievel, Matthew J. Phillips, George Nelson and Ron Nix. Spanky Spangler currently holds 23 World records and is a regular performer at Evel Knievel Days in Butte, Montana. He often ...
Will probably inspire new reality show on TRU-TV hosted by Robbie Knievel.
I want to watch Robbie Knievel jump the Ohio River
Maybe Robbie Knievel can try & make it across again, but for BHO & the Dems on this stunt, it's a long way down.
THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL SUMMER 2014!!! Knievel’s Ohio River jump pushed back September 5, 2013 By EVAN BEVINS , The Marietta Times Save | Comments (11) | Post a comment | MARIETTA - It looks like no one will be crossing the Ohio River by any method but boat or bridge this year. Ohio Outdoor Heaven Inc. CEO Wei Sheng said Wednesday that daredevil motorcyclist Robbie Knievel's planned jump over the Ohio River from Ohio to West Virginia on Oct. 19 has been postponed. Organizers are now targeting the summer of 2014 for the event, which was to have also featured Rick Wallenda, grandson of Flying Wallendas patriarch Karl Wallenda, crossing the river on a tightrope and several days of activities, including concerts, leading up to it. Article Photos File Photo Daredevil Robbie Knievel stands above the Ohio River in Boaz in this June file photo. "We are going to postpone the event," Sheng said. "There are many factors, and I think that the most important (is) that the timing was too tight." Sheng, a ...
Robbie is for sure going to be drunk for this jump across the Ohio River.
A surprisingly balanced report from WTAP on Robbie Knievel's DUI in Sturgis, SD:
According to police, last week Robbie Knievel was arrested for a DUI in Sturgis, South Dakota and his next planned event is here in Marietta.
The big Ohio River jump in Marietta at risk from Robbie Knievel's Sturgis dui? We find out from the promoter if it's still a go at 5.
And Robbie Knievel is going to jump the Ohio River on his motorcycle the same day.
Evel Knievel's son caught drink driving his motorhome. Big, but not clever. It's not like he was trying to jump it...
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Robbie Knievel got busted for a DUI? Sometimes the jokes write themselves
Robbie Knievel busted for DUI in a motor home in South Dakota?.Nice.
"I have an alcohol problem, I'm a cowboy. I'm not a redneck but I like whiskey." -Robbie Knievel
Robbie Knievel: No plans to stop drinking and riding.
Evel Knievel's Son Robbie Arrested for Drunk Rampage at Sturgis: Robbie Knievel, son of legendary da...
Robbie Knievel arrested for DUI: STURGIS, SD - The daredevil son of Evel Knievel was reportedly arrested for DUI...
Robbie Knievel is Trending Now. Get the latest News on I4U News
Robbie Knievel, the latest News and Rumors on I4U News |
Robbie Knieval drove an RV through Sturgis, South Dakota, with .228 blood-alcohol content and crashed into two...
maybe you can help Robbie Knievel drive his motor home in Sturgis seems he's having some trouble!!
Robbie Knievel arrested on DUI at Sturgis rally
Robbie Knievel arrested on DUI at Sturgis rally - The Missoulian
There are mistakes and then there are *** Meet Robbie Knievel.
Robbie Knievel defends DUI: 'I friggin' drink and ride ... that's my deal' - Washington Times
Told Buffalo Chip regular, Robbie Knievel about my mini bike suit and he said he already saw it and thought it rocked. I think Robbie rocks! Looks like I will be wearing it for Daredevil Wednesday!
MARIETTA — Bringing daredevil Robbie Knievel to town to jump the Ohio River is just the prelude to something even bigger for the area, according to...
Can't wait till September to see Robbie Knievel jump the Ohio River!!
Can't wait for Robbie Knievel to jump the Ohio River in Marietta in September
. o O ( So looks like this area will be getting some entertainment soon. Colony Theater next year should be opened... Robbie Knievel is planning on jumping from Ohio To WV in September, and someone is opening a Ohio Outdoor Heaven on 102 acres of land around the Lower Salem area that will include a five-star hotel, indoor shooting range, kayaking, video games, skate park, retail space and more, including a 10,000-seat amphitheater and more. )
Daredevil Robbie Knievel told a parkersburg News reports he plans to motorcycle jump from Marietta to West Virginia this summer. Robbie Knievel son of the late stunt performer Evel Knievel, carries out his plan, tentatively set for Aug. 17, it would be the first motorcycle jump from one state to another, Robbie said by telephone from Las Vegas. It also would be Knievel's last motorcycle stunt in the United States, he said, although he still wants to jump over 16 buses at Wembley Stadium near London. Marietta businessman Wei Sheng said he is bringing Knievel to the Mid-Ohio Valley to promote and raise money for Sheng's Ohio Outdoor Heaven project in Washington County. Sheng is raising money to build an outdoor recreation and entertainment center on 102 acres he owns off Interstate 77, six miles north of Marietta at the Lower Salem exit. Sheng envisions the adventure center, which he has designs for, having a covered amphitheater, lake, hiking and biking trails, Zip Line and a hotel. The project could cost ...
I'm more of an Evil Knievel you're more of a Robbie Knievel.
Robbie Knievel must be the only person who is psyched when he says, "I'm becoming my father."
I can only imagine my uncle being Richie Sambora or Robbie Knievel
I think I haven't been this excited for someone to do something extreme since Robbie Knievel jumped the Grand Canyon.
One of the highlights of night was getting an interview with daredevil legend, Robbie Knievel to air this Sunday night on the show
Robbie: kye go down here on my scooter! Me: (becomes Evil Knievel, breaks neck) and 15 under ten year olds laughing at me.
Robbie Knievel jumps The Grand Canyon. See if he makes it.
Watching the Jets and 49ers game with my homie The Captain Robbie Knievel
Had a cool day at the shop today - got a rush order for a couple of shirts to ship out to the Cannes Film Festival on monday - and got to design a shirt for Robbie Knievel and talk to him on the phone... Robbie Knievel! I got to talk to a bona fide Davedevil! (and learned "bona fide" to actually two words... I did not know that)
Robbie Knievel, Evil Knievels son, jumps over police cars, a fire truck, and some ambulence this weekend, at the Texas Motor Speedway. Do you guys want me to...
Robbie Knievel successfully clears 21 Hummers at Texas Motor Speedway durring the pre-race show before the Bombardier Learjet 550!
Today in History: Today would be one of those days when it is hard to just pick one event that makes up today. Last year I chose The Rolling Stones started writing the song Satisfaction, or that Germany surrendered during WWII on this day, but this year I choose to wish Happy Birthdays to: Mary Kay Patton, Todd Reid, Alex Smith from the 49ers, Willard Scott, Robbie Knievel, Bo Brady on Days of our Lives, Johnny Unitas, and lastly me
Bill O'Reilly introduces an Inside Edition clip about Robbie Knievel stepping up to take his father's place as a motorcycle daredevil. I do not own the right...
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