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My Three Sons is an American situation comedy. The series ran from 1960 to 1965 on ABC, and moved to CBS until its end on August 24, 1972. My Three Sons chronicles the life of a widower and aeronautical engineer named Steven Douglas (Fred MacMurray), raising his three sons.

Don Grady Andy Griffith Uncle Charlie Thousand Oaks Las Vegas Sam Drucker Nora Ephron Ernest Borgnine Phil Donahue Show Doris Singleton Petticoat Junction

My sleeping pattern is worse than backwards
Matched a lassie on tinder n was snap chatting her saying how ma dad is fae where she is bla bla turns oot ma cousins tidy
I attend every plan that is planned
Well done to my friend Robbie Douglas on winning the Lord Bannside Memorial Award, no better man for it.
no point causing more drama Rab babe x
.The answer would be no. Douglas Carswell is not an extremist for example.
when I say people come and go I mean you
I will remind you that it's worth watching just for Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. 😍
Alternative timetable, day out at laser quest
Defo gonna turn into a gambling addict
see you then Ill be up all night cause I'm unemployed xx
Visit the official site: Watch Jahmene Doulas sing Angels by Robbie Williams Did you see Jahmene's bombastically...
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Robbie Fowler has indicated he would like to join in a coaching capacity. This week just keeps getting better.
When you ken its been a successful weekend
Oh man it's Michael Douglas wearing a tunic. From '73. Truly this needs to come back to primetime.
someone else, probs a vapid Pureblood pretty boy who's kind of like Robbie Ross's version of Bosie Douglas to a power of ten? he
So good knowing when I go back to school I have 1 class a day until I leave 😁
Thiago, Rafinha and Douglas Costa practicing their keepy-ups in Bayern Munich training.
Robbie Collins on Douglas Trumble's UFOTOG. The paradox of new technology that reflects cinema's origins.
USA kiting speed champs on today. Robbie Douglas putting in some solid numbers in lighter winds. ( lighter by...
Robbie Douglas and I are here at a Dr appt and the nurse is wearing these pants with a zipper in her butt. So me being me had to comment...I asked her if that was her fart pocket lol I know I'm stupid but at least everyone had a good hardy laugh over it .
Now I've got Frankie, Robbie and baby Douglas to teach the things you lot don't want them to know 😝👶
Dr Robbie Adler-Tapia notes Frederick Douglas (1818-1895) "it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."
Gardai dealing with a crash on the South Ring Rd eastbound between the Kinsale Rd and Douglas exits.
Robbie Douglas just colored in my ninja turtles coloring book with me... My heart... He's so cute.
MSU PA announcer just said Shane Douglas instead of Shane Power. and I were thinking ECW highlights were coming.
Our group chat is honestly the best 😂
gorgeous January morning at the estuary
"Naughty Tories; Naughty Movies" - new podcast with Douglas Carswell, Robbie Collin and more! via
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"I'm Robbie Douglas I'm not mean to anyone"
Some lovely hamsters by Robert Barnett , Mike Dietz and Robbie Douglas today. :)
Can't wait till Blackpool on Thursday with will be so good and such a laugh
Blackpool is looking good for Thursday!
Gonna stay up till 12 hoping gta online comes out and if it does I will be lucky If I actually go to sleep 💕🎮🎮🎮
Mani, Mark Collins, Simon Edwards, Dru Watt, Morven Mackenzie, Tim Wilson, Robbie Douglas big love to youse
Music History for Thursday, 6/27/13 2012 - One of the original Mouseketeers, Don Grady, passed away from cancer. He was 68. (Robbie Douglas...My Three Sons) 2006 - Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose was arrested in Sweden after drunkenly assaulting a hotel security guard. 2005 - The Supreme Court ruled that file-sharing networks were liable for copyright infringements when they create and distribute software that allows users to illegally swap MP3s. 2002 - The Who bassist John Entwhistle was found dead in a Las Vegas hotel room one day before the start of The Who’s U.S. tour. He was 57. He died of a heart attack brought on by cocaine use. 2000 - A San Francisco appeals court ruled the Rolling Stones improperly borrowed “Love in Vain” and “Stop Breakin’ Down” from Robert Johnson. The Stones’ former record label had wrongly assumed the songs were public domain. 1989 - The WHO performed the rock opera, Tommy, in its entirety for the first time in 17 years at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. . ...
"You can't have your duds and fluffies, too, Robbie Douglas!" Gotta love MeTV! Petticoat Junction, My Three Sons, That Girl!!
...that old Robbie Douglas and the Greefs song: "I'd be a GOOD MAN to HAVE around the HOUSE!" I get silly when decompressing.
what team do you support and who do you hope they get in the january transfer window? (JD)
James Arthur gig at The Buttermarket - IS NOW COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!! Thanks for your support guys :)
OMG!!! Watch Jahmene Douglas perform Angels by Robbie Williams: Just found out that….
Jahmene Douglas' performance of Robbie Williams' Angels is stunning.
I love him and his voice so much! :') Jahmene Douglas sings Robbie Williams' Angels - The Final - ...:
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*** content in the work of Don Grady, who played Robbie Douglas on "My Three Sons"
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Wow, 2-0 to Swansea at the Emirates. Arsene Wenger's face says a thousand words. Are we going to be hearing calls for him to go on 606 later with Mark Chapman and Robbie Savage?
I just reviewed: 'A Perfect Husband' by Douglas Wickard via
Sunday, October 14 at 6:30pm in UTC+02 at Martha's Vineyard
Hanging out with Douglas Crockford today or I'd jump at the chance.
hey Doug, bassist Robbie Harrington is good friend! I told him I freakin love your playin! He said...Yep!
Courtesy of Robbie Zialcita Douglas Gresham has a unique position in the world of C.S. Lewis…
Cried for like 0.2 seconds then I realised I have ace mates and don't need a Boyf like Robbie cos he is a minga
Sitting back here watching Robbie and Doug as they blast Jennifer Lopez and dance may be the highlight of my evening
It is both sad and frightening when child stars of your youth beginning dying off. Already this year we lost Epstein and Horshack from Kotter ( Robert Heyges & Ron Pallilo) and Robbie Douglas ( Don Grady) from My Three sons. Those are just the ones i recall off the top of my head.
Miss today's show with Robbie E and The Franchise Shane Douglas? Listen here
Videos: puppet running into cart carrying olympian, & proof that leaf-cutter ants support the UK.
Didn't do as much as I had planned. Thank goodness the day isn't over. We have a refrigerator full of cut up fruit, all ready to can, but my heart isn't in heating up the house to meet the outdoor temps (over 100 degrees). Bob is napping. I have a wonderful musical on TV. Pal Joey with Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, and Kim Novak, are all singing some of the best songs ever. And that fruit is ready, so I better get going. But one thing has been on my mind all day long.hasn't this been a terrible year for losing our celebrities? I would much rather that a year is renown for being the year that we went to the moon, or found an important cure, but this one is going to go down as the year we lost some of the people who made us amazingly happy. I believed in Andy Griffith's Mayberry, Chad Everett's medical skills, and Ernest Borgnine's steaks. And I'm going to miss them, but did you know that Robbie Douglas (Don Grady-My Three Sons), Carolyn Appleby (Doris Singleton-I Love Lucy), Sam Drucker (Frank Cady-G ...
Anyone reckon Robbie Douglas' Knockout Scousers is a jinx?
Gabby Douglas about to go in real quick.
Gabby Douglas speaks out about her hair...
How is Rab Douglas still playing football!?
Is Gabby Douglas the girl from Jurassic park 2?
Rab douglas should be in a retirement home not playing first team football!
Incident was a marking collision involving lions Matt o'keefe and Robbie Douglas. Play has resumed, scores level.
I read they were just in a break for awhile but hadn't actually broken up.. Like a short Take That moment
breaks into Robbie Keane/Gaby Douglas tribute after Abby Wambach's goal
Gabby Douglas in a Popeyes Chicken commercial. "I do flips for MY chicken!" (insert duck lips)
If u rearrange Gabby Douglas's last name it spells USAGOLD
If you scramble Gabby Douglas' last name, it says, USAGOLD!
I love watching Gabby Douglas do uneven bars. She's so good!
Max finds a murdered girl in the baptistry of his grandfather's church. Baptism of Blood
Robbie Savage is wanting to play for Rangers for free
Wow! No one told me that Don Grady aka Robbie Douglas died! bummed!
Just when you thought it couldnae get any worse, Robbie Savage wants to come out of retirement and play for us!!
Robbie Douglas, Goober, Andy and now George! Feels like I'm losing family members.
We've lost another tv icon today. Sherman Hemsley- George Jefferson has passed away. Just this year we've lost Andy Griffith and George Lindsey from The Andy Griffith Show, Don Grady- Robbie Douglas from My Three Sons, Robert Hedges aka Juan Epstein from Welcome Back Kotter and Davy Jones from The Monkees as well as *** Clark from American Bandstand. So many in so short of a time.
I reckon the next time I go into McDonalds Im going to act like Michael Douglas and complain about my food with a gun.
By Todd Cunningham TheWrap Don Grady, who played Robbie Douglas on the TV show 'My Three Sons' and was one of the Mickey Mouse Club's original Mouseketeers, died at the age of 68 on Wednesday. His ...
Need to watch Entertainment tonight once in a while..Just found out that Don Grady passed away at 68 years old.. Most of us new him better for Robbie Douglas in My Three Sons.His Sister was Lani O'Grady who played Mary Braddford in Eight is Enough in 1977-81... She passed away in 2001...When your a kid growing up in the 60's & 70's it was nice to have such Great Family shows instead of all these Stupid Reality shows.. Ok some are alright ! May you both RIP.Thanks for entertaining us for so many years.
can not believe I've miss the monthly Robbie Elliott airport craic with Newcastle Michael Douglas
brilliant. So proud of all involved. Robbie Douglas and production team did a terrific job.
been a long project. Robbie Douglas who produced it is a top guy. He's worked *** it. I remember it from the early days
We have lost our three actors Robbie Douglas died he was 68 he had cancer real name was Don Grady,Chip was always my favorite
30 Days of Robbie Rudolf, Day 16... Finally. But hey, time is an illusion anyways, at least according to Douglas Adams.…
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Guitarist Robbie McIntosh was good friends with writer Douglas Adams (and played at his memorial service).
Ok this summer I set my DVR for Petticoat Junction reruns and Sam Drucker dies...I moved on to My Three Sons and Robbie Douglas dies... Just set my DVR for That Girl...look out Marlo Thomas! (and no I did not DVR the Andy Griffith show) :P
So long, Sheriff Taylor, and Robbie Douglas, too -
Robbie Douglas, Don Grady and a Brief, Belated Nod to Sunshine Pop via
First Sam Drucker. Then Robbie Douglas. Last week Andy Taylor. Now Quinton McHale. Death has not been kind to my childhood TV memories.
Robbie Douglas, Sheriff Taylor, and now Quinton McCale. It seems each week another piece of my childhood is being taken away.
After Robbie Douglas, Andy Griffith and Ernest Borgnine passing, I ask that *** Van *** and Adam West see a doctor immediately
First Robbie Douglas, then Sheriff Taylor, now Commander McHale. Hear that giant sucking sound? It's the sound of my childhood leaving me.
so i read in People that Don Grady aka Robbie Douglas died? what??? another childhood hearthrob no longer with us.
Two Classic Television Actors Die: Don Grady, 68 who played Robbie Douglas one of the sons on the '60s & '70s sitcom My Three Sons died
Robbie Douglas. My first TV love crush...(I was only 3 at the time, but I had good taste!) RIP Don Grady.
He played big brother Robbie Douglas on the long-running 1960s TV series Read more by staff on CBS News' Celebrity Circuit.
Don Grady, who was one of television's most beloved big brothers as Robbie Douglas on the long-running 1960s hit
Especially now that Robbie Douglas has died, yes, yes I do. //RT you mean "stop alerting my chip!"
I missed this one. R.I.P., Don Grady (Robbie Douglas on "My Three Sons").
I remember Don Grady from My Three Sons. Here he is singing Little People and Summertime Games.
First Robbie Douglas and then Sheriff Taylor. It's sad saying goodbye to two friends from childhood. Godspeed.
Most of us who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s remember Don Grady as Robbie Douglas, originally the frustrated middle sibling and later the wise big brother in the all-male Douglas clan in the long-running TV sitcom My Three Sons, which aired from 1960 to 1972 on ABC and later on CBS.
By Radar Staff Don Grady, who played handsome Robbie Douglas on My Three Sons, died at 68 Wednesday, has learned. Grady's co-star Barry Livingston told the AP the actor had been battling cancer, and was getting in-home hospice care at his
Don Grady who played Robbie Douglas has passed away. Please enjoy this tribute to him, an episode from 1964 with the original commercials and sponsor tags as...
For, "My Three Sons" fans, Actor who played Robbie Douglas (Don Grady), the oldest kid, passed away also. He was 68. On the show, he and wife Katie (Tina Cole) had triplets. I think she had a lot to do with making me realize I liked girls.
R I P "ROBBIE DOUGLAS" Don Grady, who played Chip and Ernie’s wholesome, heartthrob big brother Robbie on the long-running television sitcom “My Three Sons,” died on Wednesday at his home in Thousand Oaks, Calif. He was 68.
Don Grady Dies at 68 last Wednesday. He played Robbie Douglas on "My Three Sons" from the 1960's TV Show.
Growing up I also loved the TV show My Three Sons. One week ago tomorrow, the actor who played Robbie Douglas, Don Grady, died of cancer. At least he's not suffering anymore. See you on the other side, Don. You will be missed.
I just read that Don Grady died on June 27th. He played Robbie Douglas, the oldest son on My Three Sons. What a heart throb! When Little Joe from Bonanza would make me mad, I would turn my attention to Robbie.
Andy Griffith and Don Knotts were such funny good actors..Dean and I still laugh when we watch their show...Its so sad Don Grady who played Robbie Douglas on my three sons just passed last week...I don't even know most of the new people on TV.
Don Agrati died this week...I had no idea. He was Robbie Douglas on My Three Sons. He was my idol because all the...
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First Robbie Douglas, now Andy Griffith. Not sure childhood me can take much more of this.
Two-time Tony nominee Andy Griffith, beloved for his role as Sheriff Andy Taylor on TV's The Andy Griffith Show, passed away at his home ...
Two TV icons have passed away in the last two weeks. Last week Don Grady; former Moseketter and Robbie Douglas of My Three Sons fame died of cancer at age 68. This morning Andy Griffith passed away at age 86. R.I.P. Don and Andy.
‎41 yrs ago we lost an amazing artist. R.I.P James Douglas Morrison for you the end is just the beginning
The handsome actor best known for playing son Robbie Douglas on My Three Sons has died. Also a composer...
Don Grady, Robbie on 'My Three Sons,' Is Dead at 68: Mr. Grady played one of the Douglas sons for the life of th...
FB follow for Tina Yvonne Cole who played Katie Douglas on Posting pics of the late Don Grady (Robbie)
I did. :( Then that same day I heard that the guy who had played Robbie Douglas on My 3 Sons died!
Dayum Gabby Douglas has an amazing floor routine.
To millions of still-young Baby Boomers he was Robbie Douglas, the drop-dead handsome but entirely harmless middle brother during the early, black-and-white days of the mind-numbingly bland 1960’s sitcom, My Three Sons, who would then, somehow and in almost unexplained
Don Grady was more than just Robbie Douglas. At least to some, he was a link to a forgotten chapter in music history.
So saddened to hear of the passing of Don Grady (Robbie Douglas from "My Three Sons").wow, I had a crush on him in the 60's. Didn't realize that he was also a talented musician/songwriter. Remember that great theme song to the tv series of "Wild Wild West???" That was written by Don Grady. Gone at age 68.
Don Grady played the handsome Robbie Douglas on the '60s favorite. Don Grady most famous for…
On his eighth birthday, the boy decided that he would marry the star of his favorite tv show, or someone like him.  The adults all said that "boys don't get married," but the boy saw pairs of married boys, or Best Men, all the time on tv, in comic books, and in the movies. But why ...
Sad news to report: Don Grady, an original Mouseketeer and Robbie of "My Three Sons" has died. He was 68 and had been battling cancer. Grady, a musician who appeared in some early TV westerns, was a big star of early '60s TV - 'Robbie Douglas' on the ABC show starring the great screen actor Fred MacMurray. There is an 8 min video clip linked here :
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RIP Don Grady. My Three Sons, one of my all time favorite shows and Robbie Douglas my biggest celebrity crush. OMG I watch him every morning on ME TV. I can't believe he's gone. I so wanted to be Katie Douglas.
Don Grady's Robbie Douglas was one of many retro big-brother TV ...: When word came Wednesday of the death of Do...
Rip Don Grady,played Robbie Douglas on My three sons
Robbie Douglas "Don Grady" passed away...he was the love of every girls life in the 1960's!!!
Did anyone else catch the death of Robbie Douglas (Don Grady) the other day?
R.I.P. Don Grady Don Grady was an actor, most famously known as Robbie Douglas on the television show "My Three Song". Robbie started out as the middle child and after older brother Mike married Meredith McRae in the first color episode of the series, Robbie became the oldest brother on the show. Grady appeared in other programs, too, including the episode of "The Rifleman", which is running right now on American Movie Classics. He had suffered from cancer and was 68. Good-Bye, "Robbie". :(
So sorry to hear that Don Grady passed away! Loved that Robbie Douglas!
Rest in peace to my Dad's boyhood friend, Don Grady. Robbie Douglas, watch out for little sister, Mary Bradford...
Rest in peace Don Grady tv actor june 8,1944-june 27,2012 Age 68, cause of death was cancer. Don was a good actor played Robbie Douglas in the tv series my three sons. Don was an accomplished composer and had great musical talents. I will never forget the kind words don wrote to me a few years ago when I was recovering from a blood clot. You will be missed Don. Rest in peace Don, God bless you.
Rest in Peace, Robbie Douglas/Don Grady. Trivia Question: How many brothers were on his show?
Yes! I was so sad to see that the guy who played Robbie Douglas died. He was 68! Loved those old shows...
View photos of Don Grady with William Demarest,Barry Livingston and Stanley Livingston on IMDb!
R.I.P.Don Grady,.ROBBiE DOUGLAS on the t.v show,"my three son".
RIP ++ Don Grady/Robbie Douglas ++ Can't believe you are gone! You were one of my first childhood crushes--so cute & sexy!! Watching "My Three Sons" will never be the same. :(
RIP, Robbie Douglas, second only to Wally Cleaver in the hotness department!
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Watch: Follow: Actor Don Grady, who played big br...
For anyone old enough to remember the tv show "My Three Sons". Don Grady who played "Robbie Douglas" passed away at age 68 from cancer. RIP
Don Grady, who played Robbie Douglas on 'My Three Sons', died after a four-year battle with cancer.
Robbie Douglas died from My Three Sons , Stern might talk about it that was his era.
Don Grady known as Robbie Douglas three sons.passed away say a prayer that show was awsome
If anyone remembers the show, "My three Sons" the oldest son died, he was 68, Robbie Douglas, aka Don Grady, he had such words of wisdom for his brothers. Just saying :)
"... The record shows I took the blows And did it my way." --- MAY THEIR MUSICAL GIFTS LAST FOREVER ---
RIP Robbie Douglas... Don Grady of MY 3 SONS died of cancer.
ObamaCare official, Ann Curry said farewell to The Today Show and mean Savannah Guthrie takes over, Nora Ephron and Don "Robbie Douglas" Grady dies, Beckham kicked out of Team GB for the 2012 Olympics, Arizona upset Gamecocks in CWS, Tom Cruise and Katie Homes are not a couple anymore, and I had a dizzy spell. What a weird week it was.
R.I.P. Don Grady a.k.a. Robbie Douglas of my 3 sons!!!
Actor Don Grady, member of the original "Mickey Mouse Club" and Robbie Douglas on television's "My Three Sons"...
Don Grady, the second eldest of the FOUR 'My Three Sons' (if you remember the oldest leaving home) passed away June 27th. He was 68. From Mickey Mouse Mouseketeer to Robbie Douglas to songwriter (wrote the Phil Donahue theme). Doris Singleton, Lucy's friend was also a character on My Three Sons. She passed this week also.
just read that Carolyn Appleby AND Robbie Douglas died. I guess I AM getting old when all my childhood TV people are going
Don Grady died aka Robbie Douglas, he was Chips and Ernie's brother on My Three Son!!! I had a crush on him... But I liked Ricky Nelson too, I thought about getting married to him, but he was told old for me... ha ha Oh to be young again and have crushes on the stars..
Don Grady who played the cute "Robbie Douglas" on one of my favorite TV shows My Three Sons passed on Wednesday rest in peace.
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so sad when one of YOUR TV friends passes. Don Grady from MY 3 SONS , aka Robbie Douglas , R I P
RIP.Robbie Douglas.and if you know who Im talking about, your old like me !
Rest In Peace to our friend, Don Grady. To all of you not old enough to remember, Don played Robbie Douglas on...
To my sisters.another sad news item..."Robbie Douglas" from My Three Sons died...I'm crushed!
I was very sad today when I heard about the death of actor Don Grady, known for his role as Robbie Douglas on My Three Sons. The show aired from 1960-1972 and I don’t recall watching it much back then – after all, I was still in diapers when it started. It was actually my older sister Debbie who had...
Just learned that has passed away. A then he bcame Robbie Douglas 11 yrs. on
My Three Sons Season 1 episode 5: The Sunday Drive Part 2 is not available at this time
Heard earlier tonight about the passing of Don sorry to hear this he was 68yrs old ..some of you won't know who I'm talking about unless you have watched Nick at Night or TV Land ..and now ME-TV he played Robbie on the old show MY THREE SONS...he was a heartthrob back in those days .RIP Don will always be "ROBBIE DOUGLAS".
From time to time, I will add non-soap material as there is a demand for original sponsor tags. This is one of the funniest in my collection. Note the MTS ha...
Robbie Douglas aka big brother to Chip and Ernie...Actor Don Grady dies at 68
Bummer no. 2. Robbie Douglas was my favorite and the best-looking on "My Three Sons."
Opening credits in color for the My Three Sons TV show, circa 1965-67, including a sponsor's promo ("brought to you by..."). I would imagine that Hunt's was ...
Looked forward to My Three Sons every week growing up!
RIP Robbie Douglas, say hi to Uncle Charlie for me
Ok this is beyond belief! strange thing here.. Remember tv show 'My Three Sons that aired from early 60's - 1972 as one best show on in its day..well One character played 2nd to oldest brother Robbie Douglas on show..He just died in real life at age 68 June 27th of cancer(Don Grady) R.I.P. Now another one on show just died also,a day before Don. her name was Doris Singleton in real life played on show at the time. wow!
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RIP Don Grady. Who knew Robbie Douglas wud be ur best role. We need My 3 Sons on nick
Actor Don Grady died Wednesday after a long battle with cancer.
I am wallowing in grief/my boyfriend in the 1960's Robbie Douglas (my three sons) has died.
Just another reminder of how old we are getting: Don Grady, who played 'Robbie Douglas' on "My Three Sons", died yesterday. He was 68.
You know you are getting old when one of your childhood heart throbs dies R I P Don Grady, aka Robbie Douglas. The last of good clean sit coms.
Goodbye Don Grady (Robbie Douglas) you were a good brother to Chip and Earnie.
I must admit that I had a huge crush on Robbie Douglas when I was a little girl...RIP
Dag... Robbie Douglas, Carolyn Applebee, and Sam Drucker died. I thought Nora Ephron was bad enough... And Ann Curry got bumped? And ObamaCare was passed... Some kinda news day. One surprise after another for this Boomer.
RIP, Robbie (Don Grady). Your TV dad awaits you!. Thank you for ALL of the laughs your show provided us growing up.
“My Three Sons” actor Don Grady died at 68 years-old yesterday. He played the son Robbie Douglas on the family sitcom that was a favorite among the baby boomer
Remember the TV Show-My Three Sons? Robbie Douglas was another TV Crush for me, so sad to hear of his passing today age 62 of cancer-RIP
Goodnight, Robbie Douglas. You were my favorite of Mr. Douglas' Three Sons.
Awww Robbie Douglas frkm my three sons died today,.used to Love that show :(
Dear & ABC News writers, Don Grady's character Robbie was not eldest Douglas son, that was Mike (Tim Considine) for first 5 yrs
During obit by Sawyer on Robbie Douglas, Diane calls him 'heart-throb' and I started worrying about hers.
Aw man Robbie Douglas from my Three Sons died
I cried the day Marcia Brady turned 50 so don't get me started on Robbie Douglas!
Barry Livingston (Robbie Douglas) from My 3 Sons died today at the age of 68. How many of you remember that show
many of you remember Robbie Douglas one of "my Three Sons"
Going back to Don Grady, as a very little girl, I thought my big brother was like a younger Black Robbie Douglas.
Rest in peace, Robbie Douglas. I really liked you.
Kind of interesting. Two television folks died today, "Robbie Douglas' of "My Three Sons" and "I Love Lucy"'s neighbor, 'Carolyn Applebee'. All of the comments on their news obits reflect the same thing."I watch all of the old shows, because there is nothing good on tv today." So, how do the shows today get advertising dollars?
So sad to hear of Don Grady's passing. Robbie Douglas was always my fave on "My 3 Sons" ~ XOXO, =^.^=
RIP Robbie Douglas (Don Grady) - I had a major crush on you when I was a kid!
'My Three Sons' big brother Don Grady dies at 68 RIP Robbie Douglas. He had a charmingly inept braggadocio
Robbie Douglas dead, "He'd be a good man to have around the house"!!! How sad :(
Don Grady&Robbie Douglas was 1 of many retro big-brothr TV crushes
First is a close from a 1981 episode of "The Donahue Show," then two 1970s main themes follow. (The music is a bit scratchy -- it comes from an old cassette ...
RIP Don 'Robbie Douglas on My 3 Sons' Grady!! I am sure that he was one of the first crushes of many my age!! 68 years old from cancer.
Robbie Douglas (Don Grady), my second TV crush after Rowdy Yates, has died. :(
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RIP Don Grady - AKA Robbie Douglas of My 3 Sons. Remember it well.
Don Grady passed away, anyone remember Robbie Douglas of My Three Sons I just thought he was so so cute!
RIP Don Grady aka Robbie Douglas on my three sons
Oh! Robbie Douglas of MY THREE SONS DIED. Thought he was cute
RIP Don Grady.the oldest son from "My Three Sons"... (Robbie Douglas).He was 68.
Rest in Peace, Robbie Douglas. Always the cool one of "My Three Sons"
There was a period in the 1960s-1980s when big brothers were a staple of TV sitcoms in a way they aren't today.
So long Doris Singleton ("Caroline Appleby" on "I Love Lucy") (1919-2012) and Don Grady ("Robbie Douglas" on "My Three Sons") (1944-2012). You both gave us wonderful memories growing up watching your wonderful work during The Golden Age Of Television. You both will be missed but your legacies will live on forever.
RIP Don Grady aka Robbie Douglas. Being the oldest son, he knew how to keep Uncle Charlie in line.
Between Obama Care and Robbie Douglas dying, its a BAD DAY.
Did anyone see Don Grady (Robbie) 2nd son from My three Sons passed away:( He was one of my middle school crushes, even though he was married with triplets. See Jimmy you would not have been an only son! RIP Robbie Douglas:(
It's a sad day for us CLASSIC TV fans. Don Grady who played the oldest brother in MY THREE SONS just died. Amazingly, I just watched an episode this morning. WOW. He was a real cutie in his day. R.I.P. Robbie Douglas
Actress Doris Singleton, best known for playing Lucy and Ricky Ricardo’s neighbor Carolyn Appleby on the iconic 1950s sitcom "I Love Lucy," has died, reports People magazine. She was 92.
RIP Robbie Douglas. You were part of my youth!
Well, the "Die In 3's" syndrome has again hit Hollywood. Yesterday it was director, Nora Ephron and today it's actor Don Grady. Some of you might remember Don as Robbie Douglas, the 2nd to the eldest son on the show MY THREE SONS. Mike was the oldest, but in later seasons of the show he went away, so then Robbie was the eldest over Chip.and then Ernie. I loved the show.watched it all the time. Don Grady was 68 and died from cancer.
was just thinking about "My Three Sons" the other day. so long Robbie Douglas :(
RIP Robbie Douglas, 1 of my first childhood crushes. :(
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