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Are you the same that make this scores? LOL you really make me laugh...
Totally agree. Wish I could take credit. That was Robbie Collin in
If Robbie Collin hates it you know it's bad.
You must have skipped Robbie Collin for The Telegraph 😂
Robbie Collin will get pelters for his one star review, but he have TRANSFORMERS 5 four stars so he's not averse to some noisy, dumb fun.
This is what I meant earlier about I got more entertainment from these four paragraphs of Robbie Co…
'The most spectacular, profound blockbuster of our time' ★★★★★ Robbie Collin, Only two screenings o…
Hey Collin is pee stored in the balls?
Love to see it. Coach Balazs any comments on what’s going wrong?
Glad to see Notre Dame is playing well.Jamal do your thing
I like Robbie Collin more and more with every review
Gerard Butler as "the world's leading meteorologist"? Robbie Collin suffers so we don't have to
Robbie Podorsky hits his 1st HR of the yr, a 3-run shot, that gives the a 8-3 lead. Wilmer Torres in to…
"This is history retold in the blistering present tense.". ★★★★ Robbie Collin
Robbie Fox is in Las Vegas for the Mayweather - McGregor fight. The only bad thing, he is 19 years old and has nothing…
I added a video to a playlist Williams reviewed by Robbie Collin
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Famous Rap Battles of Westerose. Kyle: "the Adventures of Yung Ned and Robbie B.". Vs. Collin: "OPL (Ol' Pappy Lanister) and The Mad Kang."
Robbie Collin called it a poor attempt at re-creating Chronicle.
"A film that knows every life is a stretch of the same great river" . ★★★★★ Robbie Collin, The Telegraph. LOST CITY O…
"Transporting and profound, The Lost City of Z is an instant classic". - Robbie Collin 5/5. Opens 24th of March…
Robbie Podorsky's homer was his first ever in organized baseball. High school, JUCO, etc. "Told you," he said, "one out…
8, SFA 4. Robbie Podorsky hit a three-run home run. Justin Hill called it on Wednesday.
we will young Robbie. Don't you worry
Robbie Podorsky is second in the NCAA with 12 stolen bases. He's 12-for-12. Only UVA's Jake McCarthy has stolen more (13…
Claws up: who’s planning to see Logan this weekend? Sanjeev Bhaskar and Robbie Collin sit in for Simon and Mark.
Superheroes, supermodels and Sully: Robbie Collin's top 20 films of 2016
At least he didn't end up on the 50 yard line like last year at Collin Field
I liked a video from Robbie Collin reviews Bobby Sands: 66 Days
Rogue One is pretty great, but avoid Robbie Collin's review - completely spoils the ending.
ROBBIE COLLIN with MAJOR GHIBLI NEWS. Merry Christmas, one and all! 🙌🎉💝
Remember when Robbie Collin of the Telegraph gave Die Hard 5 a good review? And the man still has a job? Tell me this is a just world.
Robbie Collin is co-directing the next Studio Ghibli film! This is big.
Memes saved Robbie rotten and I have never been more proud in my life
5 stars from Robbie Collin, Scorsese's Silence opens at Phoenix Mon 2 Jan.
Nigel Andrews in the FT has his moments. But Robbie Collin and Tim Robey of The Daily Telegraph are the best film critics in the UK.
Will we be getting a David Brent: LotR review any time soon? James King & Robbie Collin like it, so interested in your review.
"As warm and comforting as Greta Gerwig's cardigans" . ★★★★ Robbie Collin, The Telegraph. showing now!
Robbie Collin gives When Marnie Was There 4 stars in this latest review
20:00 Kermode and Mayo's Film Review: Ben Bailey Smith and Robbie Collin sit in. Kirsten Dunst talks about Midnight… h…
The reserve team has a really deep bench. Ben Bailey Smith, Robbie Collin. Sanjeev Bhaskar this week. All excellent.
Kermode and Mayo's Film Review, with Kirsten Dunst, Black Mountain Poets reviewed by Robbie Collin
Pan review: 'joyously uncool' 4 stars - Robbie Collin The Telegraph. "For all its eye-popping action scenes and...
never go to see a film which Robbie Collin has panned
Robbie Fowler received a 4 match ban in 1999 after using the white line of the penalty area to simulate cocaine use. ht…
Robbie Collin's top five Woody Allen moments | via
Robbie Collin and David Ehrlich both gave it 5/5, not I'm really surprised by how overwhelmingly positive its been
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Hi Matt! Please email me at robbie dot collin at telegraph dot co dot uk
8 reasons to be about FILM by Robbie Collin It’s impossible to say yet if…
It's one of Robbie Collin's, The point he was making was about it appearing continuous:
Good articles about Nolan and Interstellar by Anne Billson and Robbie Collin for
10 best thriller films of all time, chosen by Robbie Collin | via
20 greatest films of all time, selected by Robbie Collin | via
David Ayer, the director of the blistering new WWII drama tells Robbie Collin why and how he made it
Robbie Collin's amazing phrase describing Toshio Suzuki in the Telegraph: "bloody-minded charm"
And it's early enough that apparently I can't spell Robbie Collin, who will actually be interviewing David Ayer.
10 best biopics of all time, chosen by Robbie Collin: Christian Bale is to star as Steve Jobs in a new biopic.
Robbie Collin give this a mauling & Edith Bowman defended it on BBC Radio Five yesterday. Want to see how awful this actually is.
Clearly, Robbie Collin is just a little in love with Scarlett. But I'm a sucker for such films.
Bowling with my buddies! With my hubby, Felicia Collins and Robbie Collins
Cannes 2014: Timothy Spall deserves his solo moment: Robbie Collin revels in a tremendous performance from Tim...
Winter Sleep, winner of the Cannes Palme d'Or - review: Robbie Collin relishes a bold, beautiful - and very lo...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Timothy Spall and Winter Sleep are worthy winners at Cannes: Robbie Collin salutes two of this year's winners ...
Clouds of Sils Maria, review: 'bewitching': Kristen Stewart shines in her best role to date, says Robbie Collin
Wow! very rare that Robbie Collin praises her….
Telegraph critic Robbie Collin holding hands on stage with a local lover
Cannes 2014: The top five moments: Somehow Grace of Monaco didn't make Robbie Collin and Tim Robey's highlights
Film: Cannes 2014 in summary: 'from heavenly to dumbfoundingly bad': Robbie Collin looks back on ...
The vivid fantasy sequel to How to Train Your Dragon can't quite compete with Disney, says Robbie Collin
Godzilla [61] - The first burst of critic reviews are up! (Opens Fri) Telegraph's Robbie Collin: "A summer blockbuster that’s not just thrilling, but that orchestrates its thrills with such rare diligence, you want to yelp with glee." Time's Richard Corliss: "It’s a concept lacking a magnetic story, a package without a product."
In a rare interview Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese animator behind Spirited Away, tells Robbie Collin why he 'bet everything' on his final Studio Ghibli film, The Wind Rises
Hayao Miyazaki's 11th and final film is a masterful animation that's also deeply personal, says Robbie Collin
"One of the most nail biting thrillers of the year" - Robbie Collin, The Telegraph OPENS TMRW!
Just heard of Robbie Collins passing. He was a very good buddy of Sam's and helped me a lot when Sam was sick. Hope Sam was there to greet him. Rest in peace dear man.
That was a crap description. Peter Bradshaw and Robbie Collin sum it up much better. But just see it. Then read the reviews.
New Film Day! Check theses quotes out. "There's not a heartbeat, not a nanosecond, not a frame of this film that isn't extraordinary. It's an extraordinary and flawless film from start to finish." Danny Leigh "It reminds me of what cinema can do, it reminds me actually of what cinema can be" Danny Leigh "There's one particular scene on a beach that has one of the most haunting images I've ever seen on a cinema screen. This sounds like totally wild OTT hyperbole, but it's not. There's a particular shot and cut that will destroy you"Robbie Collin "You can feel its fingers wrapping round your spine as you watch it. It's chilling and it's extraordinary and it's like nothing else"Robbie Collin sold?
Opening tomorrow "See Under the Skin, see it twenty times" Robbie Collin
Under the Skin, review: Robbie Collin on Scarlett Johansson's astonishing portrayal of an alien serial killer    
Wikipedia had this, "Robbie Collin criticized the test as prizing 'box-ticking and stat-hoarding over analysis and appreciation'"
'Could this be the film Russell has spent his career warming up for?' - 4/5 Robbie Collin for The telegraph on...
Loving the Alien: the Telegraph’s Robbie Collin gets under the skin of filming Scarlett in Glasgow
Under The Skin: the making of Scarlett Johansson's alienating new film: Robbie Collin on the making of Under T...
Robbie Collin: '12 Years a Slave is the best Best Picture for years'
Lars von Trier’s films have always been tough on their viewers, but Nymphomaniac is the first to feel petty, says Robbie Collin
The Lego Movie, which has characters voiced by Will Ferrell and Liam Neeson, is an an uproariously funny family adventure, says Robbie Collin
"Naughty Tories; Naughty Movies" - new podcast with Douglas Carswell, Robbie Collin and more! via
London Film Festival: The 10 films to watch: As the London Film Festival opens today, Robbie Collin picks his ...
Thanks to Downton Abbey, Dan Stevens leapt from the Home Counties to Hollywood. So what came next, asks Robbie Collin.
From Some Like It Hot and The Apartment to Groundhog Day and Borat, Robbie Collin picks his 10 funniest films of all time.
There's blood and guts but no heart when Brad Pitt takes on zombie hordes, finds Robbie Collin.
Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston make a sexy, pallid double act in Jim Jarmusch's languorous new vampire comedy, writes Robbie Collin.
Robbie Collin reviews the first UK screening of Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan.
Star Trek into Darkness, starring Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch, feels like a reprocessed version of an earlier film in the series, writes Robbie Collin.
Searching for Sugarman, about early Seventies folk singer Sixto Rodriguez, is one of the most uplifting documentaries in recent memory, writes Robbie Collin.
Robbie Collin has a few quibbles but salutes the scope and depth of Barry Norman's pick of the 49 best British films.
Robbie Collin reviews Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Hobbit, ahead of its UK release, starring Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen.
The umpteenth adaptation of Great Expectations feels like an open-top bus tour, trundling dutifully past all of the familiar sights, writes Robbie Collin.
Daily Telegraph: The Master: Philip Seymour Hoffman on his 'Scientology' movie: The actor tells Robbie Collin ab...
Robbie Collin reviews the new James Bond film, Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem.
Tim Robey and Robbie Collin round up the rest of the week's films, including Raiders of the Lost Art, Now is Good and Big Boys Gone Bananas!*
"...another Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, but for me it’s far better, and comes from a more truthful, less cartoonish place" Robbie Collin
As Bob Hoskins retires from acting after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, Robbie Collin fondly remembers the gruff charm and warmth he brought to films.
And here's ANOTHER five star review of courtesy of Robbie Collin for The Telegraph
Though it still packs plenty of testosterone, Marc Webb's new Spider-Man is the superhero film for the Twilight generation, writes Robbie Collin.
Simon Pegg's latest film, directed by Kula Shaker's Crispian Mills, marks an alarming new low for the generally likeable actor, writes Robbie Collin.
Robbie Collin discovers there is Love in the air at Cannes this year.
This English council-estate drama is a warm and promising directorial debut from Dexter Fletcher, says Robbie Collin :)
How has Leith changed since it featured in Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting? Robbie Collin visits the Portside town
When Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting became a cult classic – with a little help from the 1996 film adaptation - it seemed that Leith would never shake its negative reputation, but film critic Robbie Collin finds a town transforming itself.
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