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Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan (born December 13, 1962 in Ardmore, Oklahoma) is the defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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Extremely messed up for the Bills Organization to fire Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan before lunch
Rex and Rob Ryan are already on their way to screw up another NFL team
BREAKING: The Bills have fired Rex Ryan, Rob Ryan, all other employees named Ryan, all players named Ryan, and any fan…
Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan were fired by the Bills today, creating space on the sidelines for four regular-sized coaches.
The have fired coaches Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan
To sum up, Bills have fired Rex and Rob Ryan and, in a business decision, benched their starting QB Tyrod Taylor.
Bills announced Rex and Rob Ryan relieved of their duties.
BREAKING: Bills announce Rex and Rob Ryan have been relieved of their duties
Jerry Hughes had a heated altercation with Rob Ryan...
Hughes benched for spat with Rob Ryan?
This is such a weird story out of One Bills Drive. Did Jerry Hughes & Rob Ryan get in a fight?
Can the Rams go ahead and hire Rex and Rob Ryan pls?
I'd totally buy that Rex and Rob Ryan are cousins of the Ford brothers.
Hughes/Rob Ryan argument: What are the details?
Rex Ryan says he's not aware of reported incident between Jerry Hughes and Rob Ryan; Kyle Williams' injury a concern
Rex Ryan says EJ Manuel will be QB this week. No comment on Jerry Hughes/Rob Ryan argument report
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I think Rex is a great coach. The Rex & Rob Ryan coaching duo is probably the best coaching duo in the NFL. I blame the players
My hot Bills take is that Andrew Breitbart looked like a cross between Rob Ryan and Jean Valjean from Les Mis
"Great win. We know what's in front of us.". Rex AND Rob Ryan star in tonight's post-win speech:
Never been a Rex/Rob Ryan fan but hoping for a brutal Bills QB defense Sunday in Buff
Jeff Fisher holds out his arm at shoulder height and says he's known Rex and Rob Ryan "since they were about this big."
Breaking New: Buffalo Bills fire Rob Ryan and hire Mark "you gotta watch the pope's nose" Johnson as Defensive Coordinator
IMO, Anthony was Rob Ryan's pick at MIKE & Dennis Allen can't be less interested in developing him. Wants a vet there so he can focus on DBs
Rob Ryan's plan was to tire Ryan Fitzpatrick out by allowing all those downfield pass completions. *Throw A Dope*
problem was that Rob Ryan doesn't know how to run a god *** defense and let up 370 yards to RYAN FITZPATRICK, the wrong
Jets have some offensive fire power, and another Rob Ryan secondary gets torched, new place same result for him
Rob Ryan is like a less accomplished Jeff Fisher. The fact he has a job leaves everyone scratching their head & using 🤔 emoji.
Rob Ryan's presence with the Bills goes well beyond brotherly love
Bills coaches Rex and Rob Ryan featured in gladiator movie ad: 'ESPN can't get enough of the Ryan brot...
Rex & Rob Ryan were dressed as gladiators in a new movie ad
Rob Ryan at fisher for his first camp
Live look at Rob Ryan's office desk at St. John Fisher College
Rex and Rob Ryan ride tandem bicycle in Buffalo park
Congrats to Rob Ryan for winning the Belmont today. The state of New York is already treating him great!.
I liked a video EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Seacrest Teases 'Compelling' Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna
Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord calls Paul Ryan a racist for calling out Trump's racism... How about that unity
George Will: The ‘big price’ Paul Ryan has paid for supporting Donald Trump
Paul Ryan says Trump's comments on the judge are "sort of the textbook definition of a racist comment.". And he's standing b…
Of course, is the real Flyin' Ryan. The others are fakes!!
character in "Gangs of New York." He was the eponymous Australian outlaw in "Rob Roy," worked alongside Harrison Ford and under Kathryn
Tom Hanks character in Saving Private Ryan is based on Notre Dame Alum Francis L. Sampson 🍀🇺🇸
yes but so we're Rob Ryan, Danielle ellerbe and a fee others that didn't produce or couldn't stay healthy
ET spoke with the television personality on Monday at the CFDA Awards in New York City.
Plenty of blame to go around after poor end to Rob Ryan era with
From tonight ... Visiting Sir Charles weighs in on a few topics, but most interesting one was on Ryan Howard:
When the Bills go 7-9 this year and Rob and Rex Ryan get fired will you be amused?
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Akiem Hicks supports Rob Ryan in spat with Sean Payton over defense
David Wright and Ryan Howard remembering their productive seasons like:
Thank you and good luck to our seniors JohnPaul Bell, Ryan Giordani, Rob Note, and Joey Zettlemoyer!
or give fans the films we've actually been waiting to see, Green Lantern being the main one after the Pre-Deadpool Ryan Reynolds.
I'm 99% sure he is the former little black dog aka Ryan or rob, xclass
Sean Payton addresses Rob Ryan’s comments by saying are focused o ...
Look who I ran into. My old coach rob ryan. He's coaching w his twin brother Rex These bill. Help me!
Sean Payton & Rob Ryan had a fun 3-year run in NOLA. Well, maybe some of it was fun. Payton's got final word here. ht…
Akiem Hicks spoke up on behalf of Rob Ryan
Or am I not thinking it through Rob?Pay attention to simple detail & it makes Bucs=👎.
Will we ever find out? We don't know the conclusion to the Ryan/Liv/Robert stuff!? Or were we supposed to forget Rob's arrest...
I know a thing or two about having my pants "let out" signed, Rob Ryan at Krispy Kreme sipping low fat milk
Rob was Aladdin, Ryan was Jasmine and I was the carpet.
directed to begin slinging dirt on last year, along with Pedro. Petty. Rob is lucky. Go
Rob Ryan calls final two years with Saints 'waste of time'
got next nickname, Warden of The Whopper. Might have to fight Rob Ryan for it though
I'd forgotten what Rob Ryan looks like, I am amused to see Rob Ryan.
ND related D-Day fact: ND graduate Francis L. Sampson was a priest in WW2 and his story became the inspiration for Savin…
He knows Rob Ryan *** he just wanted him in Dallas so he could of used that to enhance his career more
Like when he suggested Rob Ryan should of been the head coach of Dallas a few years ago. Lol
Holy smokes... Rob Ryan needs to have those triplets soon!
So.Rob Ryan, Brandon Browner, and Akiem Hicks walks into a bar.
Saints head coach Sean Payton responded to Rob Ryan's claims and said...
Bills coaches Rex and Rob Ryan talk about facing the Patriots and Bill Belichick - Pats Pulpit
Rob Ryan is a fat slob and so is his brother Rex. The definition of "WHITE TRASH"
Ep 126 is now up! We talk Fitzpatrick, Rob Ryan vs Sean Payton, Eifert & introduce our new segment:
Junya, Akiem, Sproles wife, Rob Ryan, Jimmy... The All Ex-Saints Bitter Team. Guess everybody can't b like Malcolm & Roman and just move on.
It shouldn't be surprising that Rob Ryan has Jimmy Buffett's number in his phone but it is
If you're a Saints fan, give this a read. It'll add even more hate to your hatred of Rob Ryan.
Rob Ryan looks like laboratory experiment crossing the DNA of "The Dude" & Walter Sobchak!
Steven Adams is 7 years younger than me, he looks at least 56. Rob Ryan's cool kid.
I added a video to a playlist Our Kind of traitor (2016) - Movie Review By Rob Ryan
No chance in gods name lottery. Highly doubt First Round. Wouldn't surprise if not drafted at all
Green will give guarding him a good go tho at stages.Russ will get very frustrated as they send doubles
I guess it's easy to defend Rob Ryan with a straight face when you're a bills fan and don't know any better
Dude, Rob Ryan has taken the respeck off the Ryan name in the NFL.
im skeptical of lottery but its possible. Good interviews and workouts could move him up.
thats got nothing to do with Green not being able to stop Westbrook.
Everytime we play Ryan and we lose he gets dropped. See he left Rob out today ? Leading scorer too.
Ryan Ellis has been added to Team Canada for the World Championship.
There are 7 members of the 2009 champion Yankees in the ballpark today: A-Rod, Tex, Gardner, CC, Coke, Melky, and D-Rob.
Westbrook could laugh at Green,but then they'd compare Rings,ticker & defence & the convo would b over
Maker going lottery? Perspective ? He's been passed down pecking order. Won't be 1st Rd,ZERO chance
I respect Donald trump cause he won't completely cater to what the Republican Party wants. Paul Ryan won't endorse him yet because of that.
I don't know which commentary on Deadpool to watch first. One's Ryan Reynolds & the writers and the other is the director & Rob Liefeld.
Rapper and founder Ryan Leslie explains why his latest music isn’t on streaming services
Paleface Jasper (Ryan Hryhorec) wins his 20th race for trainer Rob Caruso tonight at GDP.
After making his Royals debut in Blackburn, reflected on 'a proud day'
i think we trade up and grab Chris Dunn, if we stay at 14 we will take Wade Baldwin
I'd love him at 14 but we are almost certainties to take a PG
id be happy if my suns took a flyer on him at 13. We got top 4 pick so can take some risk at 13
he's top 10 I think - Someone will take a chance even tho there is a bit of mystery
I think he's nearly a certainty to go in the lottery. Weak draft and he offers plentyof mystery
36.5" vertical at 7ft tall wow!! Where u all see him getting drafted?
Port Vale: Valiants target centre half after releasing Ryan...: ROB Page is looking to bring in a centr...
Westbrook would laugh if Green tried to mark him.he could only dream of that..
So my buddy Ryan, that I play GTA with most mornings, just did this...
Me, Rob and Ryan are buying a house in 2017. Mark it down, kids.
Filmed another skit yesterday!! So much fun!! Thank you to Ryan Haneman, Rob Hunt, Clayton, and the Rogers family!!
Watch us sit down with Off. Player of the Year Ryan Loughlin and Field Athlete of the Year Rob Lawler http…
domain names
I swear Rob Ryan is in dieters right now
Sheriff David Clarke blasts the Paul Ryan plan to let felons go back to rob and kill...
Amazing night with Rebecca, Rob, Spike, Ryan, Samuel, Alice, Kerry and Chris. . Such an amazing team and...
i reckon he will go off in WCF. Only person who can stop him is himself.
Ryan is a Koch Bro puppet, his agenda to block Donald, Destroy SS,MC, cut Vets, close VA, r…
Ryan statement: Puerto Rico bill coming in the "coming days." Rob Bishop becomes the world's most surprised person.
Dafuq, I casually watch a Rob *** video and suddenly he mentions Ryan, I did not expect that
See that statement makes me WISH we never fired Rob Ryan.
Ryan presenting Rob with Chevy's Mark of Excellence Award! Thank you Rob for putting your customer first!
Rob Ryan has guided the development of several $1B firms. So what's he learned along the way? >>
Rob Ryan has been sleeping in his office at One Bills Drive
Richie Incognito, Rex and Rob Ryan, LeSean McCoy fresh off beating up off duty cops... Unreal potential
Sua Cravens and Kenny Vaccaro woulda been nasty under Rob Ryan... Lol...
Just saw Rex and Rob Ryan in the airport. Not bad
he will Ed Reed and Thurman taking over the backs plus Rob Ryan will help rush the QB better now
Hamilton Collection
Current version of Cromartie coached by Rob Ryan going to be like Brandon Browner on Saints 2.0
Rex and Rob Ryan are ready for some NFL Combine action:
Radames and Aida. Rob Ryan and Sierra Hunter in publicity stills 2/22/16
Getting back to yesterday's West Virginia game, Bob Huggins looks like the lovechild of Bill Parcells and Rob Ryan.
Following I sit down with GM Doug Whaley for a 1-on-1 interview. We talk: Draft, Rob Ryan, Ed Reed, "ultimatum", and team's FAs
Kiffin,Rob Ryan,THE GRUDEN TRADE,McCown,Walker,1st RD picks from 03-10...I should use twitlonger for Al's
Thoughts on hiring Rob Ryan, Ed Reed, Kathryn Smith & Why Rex will benefit. .
I would really like to see Josh McDaniel as HC, Lane Kiffen as OC and Rob Ryan as DC somewhere with Jay Cutler as the QB.
2016 OL Matt Ryan to join cousin Seth Ryan at next year. Son of Bills DC Rob Ryan.
Not sure I agree. Had no ties to DCs Gregg Williams, Steve Spagnuolo or Rob Ryan or OCs Pete Carmichael, Doug Marrone for example.
So the NFL finally hired a full time female coach, and she's working for Rex and Rob Ryan? Yeah, this can't go wrong at ALL.
Bills got a woman coach and Rob Ryan .. With the 1st pick in the 2017 nfl draft the Buffalo Bills select .
Rex Ryan, Rob Ryan and now a it a requirement for every Bills coach to have breasts?
Saw Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan this morning near city hall. Yelled Hey Rex - Go Bills and beeped my horn like I won...
Rex hiring Ed Reed and Rob Ryan when Jim Leonhard could have had his defense in the top 3 this year .
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just made up for that awful Rob Ryan signing with Ed Reed
In terms of having a cool assistant coach on the staff, I think the Saints really upgraded going from Rob Ryan to Dan Campbell
FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd is right...the Bills doubled-down on 'shtick' w hiring of Rob Ryan...ugh
IT'S OFFICIAL: Rob Ryan has been hired as Bills assistant head coach/defense. Details:
Rob Ryan is back in the AFC East. 15 years ago, he was Kenny Powers, Pats linebacker coach
Bills hire Rob Ryan, for only $50 you can go see the circus at Ralph Wilson Stadium
Rob Ryan reportedly hired as defensive coach for Bills, per
oh and Mike Smith too. Awesome. Maybe they'll give Rob Ryan a call too
In Payton's offense could really thrive. As long as he brings Rob Ryan to coach our defense. That could work out.
Rob Ryan fooled us into believing Carr was Deion 2.0, he's been more Kevin Smith
Sean Peyton going 6-9 with a HOF QB, hired Rob Ryan. Others have 0 experience. Tom Coughlin /Peyton are it
I like Shaw a lot. I don't think Rob Ryan is the way to go. I'm not sure about Sumlin.
What about David Shaw for head coach and Rob Ryan for defensive coordinator
if we didn't have the GM we have. What about David Shaw for head coach or Kevin Sumlin for head coach. And bring Rob Ryan for DC
cool, thanks! great read! FYI, for the Aints, Rob Ryan was fired a few weeks ago. Dennis Allen is DC now.
Wonder if Frank Wilson or Rob Ryan are in New York too? Lincoln Riley or Lil Briles too? Maybe Houston Nutt or Terry Bowden also?
Rob Ryan was spotted at a Buffalo Bills practice rocking Bills gear.
When Terry Pegula walked into the practice facility and saw Rob Ryan.
Rob Ryan looks like the crazy homeless person, always getting in fights at the soup kitchen.
Does this latest putrid effort by Saints D make the deposed Rob Ryan look better or worse???
Louisiana is just stupid as *** this year. Tulane fired Coach Johnson, Saints fired Rob Ryan and now LSU fired Miles?
Johnny Manziel was told " your bye week turned into your bye bye week" via Rob Ryan
After Chip Kelly goes back to collage the Eagles should hire Rob Ryan. I don't care what people think about his hair.
Ex-Saints DC Rob Ryan: Everything 'being blamed on me, including Katrina'
Rob Ryan: Everything in New Orleans was blamed on me
Rob Ryan on Washington: "They made my bye week turn into a bye-bye week."
I'm getting Rob Ryan a couple car seats for the twins he has on the way
The have fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, source said.
Rex Ryan says it would be fun coaching with Rob, but Ryan brothers have taken own paths: Rob Ryan hasn’t coached…
- I wonder how quickly it takes for our G.M. Chip Kelly to begin negotiations with Rob Ryan?
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The Saints fire DC Rob Ryan. Their defense has basically made every QB they've faced in 2015 look like Tom Brady.
BREAKING: coach Sean Payton says DC Rob Ryan has been fired.
Cam Jordan says that they were never informed today of Rob Ryan's role changing or someone else stepping up as DC
It's as gray and depressing outside as Rob Ryan's jobs prospects
you may've been saying Rob Ryan is overrated for 8 years, but it proves people only download, and never listen
Dennis Allen get any blame?? Or since he and SP are boys he gets a pass?? Rob Ryan should go down like Nino Brown.
Rob Ryan looks like Sam Elliott gave up.
Strongly agreed. How does Rob Ryan keep his job? Tom Benson is truly incapacitated, but I will take him over Snyder!
If the Saints fire Rob Ryan's big butt before the plane ride home, they'd probably save a bunch of money on jet fuel. -dc
Congrats, Rob Ryan. Your defense just made the MILF Weeds look like Peak-Montanna-Walsh 49ers.
I would like to thank Rob Ryan and Kirk has 31 Fantasy points in the 1st half.
If its possible to transfer all of one's fat from one brother to the next like Rex Ryan has done to Rob Ryan, I hope my brothers are game
Let's not give Rex Ryan's return all the publicity. Rob Ryan made a big return to the refrigerator 20 minutes after dinne…
Rob Ryan will be the Lee Harvey Oswald of the season
Rob Ryan's Friday conference call: Audio and quotes from defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's conference call with...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Wade Phillips is successful wherever he is DC as opposed to Rob Ryan yet the latter gets all the hype.
Easy Clark. They still have Rob Ryan as their DC...
Wonder how many yards Taiwan Jones would amass against a Saints defense led by Rob Ryan, helped by Dennis Allen, that allowed 416 today?
Steve Spagnuolo and Rob Ryan should have both resigned by now
2 FGs after one quarter, Dallas and Seattle? Your game *** Get some Rob Ryan and Steve Spagnuolo in there!
Can we stop pretending Rob Ryan and Steve Spagnuolo are great defensive minds? Most abused word in sports: great
Rob Ryan & Steve Spagnuolo playing who can top me in worst defense today
I think Rob Ryan and Steve Spagnuolo left their game plans back at their cribs lol
I've never seen a Rob Ryan defense get torn up like this. Oh wait I've seen it like 45 times.
Steve Spagnuolo and Rob Ryan should go sit in the corner with they finger on they lip...
Never thought I'd see a Steve Spagnuolo-coached D look so hapless. Rob Ryan... that's another story.
The day Rob Ryan and Steve Spagnuolo tried to see who can get fired faster
After the game, they should make Steve Spagnuolo and Rob Ryan clean the bathrooms in the Superdome.
Rob Ryan and Steve Spagnuolo both need to fired on the sidelines today.
Rob Ryan and Steve Spagnuolo should be coaching in middle school by this time next week.
Rob Ryan, Brandon Browner and Kyle Wilson joining forces to slow down Beckham should be entertaining for fans
Nelson Stewart is the man about town in NOLA. The connections 2 the notable players + Rob Ryan's son. He & OBJ's mom on w
marry one kill one bang one. Tom Brady, Dustin Pedroia, Rob Ryan.
We got some turnovers. /signed Clay Helton and a very excited Rob Ryan and Andy Reid leaving a bakery.
I hear Wade Phillips and Rob Ryan are available.
Rex and Rob Ryan look like an aging pro wrestling tag team that still performs at the county fair.
Whoa!!! Huge PIIICCCKKKSSS Kyle Wilson with the ain't. Rob Ryan has Luck confused - BOS In Indy. 20-0 Saints at the half
3rd time and you probably write in Rob Ryan
Robert Alford, Wade Miley, Gregg Williams, and Rob Ryan are in Strawberry Stadium for tonight's game
Rob Ryan looks like obi wan if he woulda survived and found a McDonald's
Did the Saints fire Rob Ryan and rehire Gregg Williams when no one was paying attention?
if you're a better defensive coordinator than Rob Ryan
Rob Ryan has a midget living inside of his stomach.
I like that Hill can run or catch, but stingy Seattle D. I like ANY player against Rob Ryan's defense lol
Mickey Loomis is a mediocre GM which makes Rob Ryan a mediocre DC. If Ryan was our DC he'd destroy
Greg Abbott is the Rob Ryan of governors
I think Norv Turner should hire Kevin Gilbride and Rob Ryan to help him coach the Cleveland Browns
I got a feeling this more Dennis Allen defense than rob Ryan ... Rob Ryan bout blitzing
Defense that gets a lot of penalties, Dennis Allen and Rob Ryan on the coaching staff...I'm pretty sure we're the Raiders now
If we lose this game because we didn't run the ball enough, I want to begin the talk about firing Sean Payton. Not Rob Ryan or Dennis Allen.
Ha ha somebody draw Bobby Jindal and Willie Robertson as Sean Payton and Rob Ryan yelling at each other on the sideline.
Can you do this Lions fan a favor and add Joe Lombardi to the same list as Rob Ryan and Jeff Fisher?
Imagine a coaching staff with Rob Ryan and Brian Schottenheimer as coordinators and Jeff Fisher as HC. We were so close.
Rob Ryan has done about as much good for the city of New Orleans as FEMA did after Katrina.
Some one explain to me how Rob Ryan still has a job in the nfl
Wade Phillips legit, but saints kept Rob Ryan when Wade was availible
. Wade Phillips save the day, but Saints didn't want he, we kept Rob Ryan, what a joke
NO Rob Ryan personally wrapped this thing, the worst, Saints could have gotten Wade Phillips we got Bozo
Cut to Rob Ryan chewing out Sean Payton for Mickey Mouse play calling or nah?
ICYMI: A few minutes with and at the Rob Ryan Pub Crawl
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
We Periscoped some of the Rob Ryan march but I can't save the footage for whatever reason so I don't know what the point of Periscope is.
I totally forgot Todd Graham still has me blocked. Same with Rob Rossi and Ryan Clark.
Lap 35 Lichty in lead!Rob burst into flames but is OK. Ryan out as well.
There's a gang of Rob Ryan's in my town and they must all be stopped immediately.
I got my 👀 on Rob Ryan play calling hard AF this year
You got to call Tuesday Ryan and compare/contrast that to the lance/rob call
Still only behind Rob Ryan's Jack Sikma card on his playsheet RT
right Idk what Rob Ryan doing out there
Rob Ryan runs a complex defense. Not saying SJB isn't smart, but he likely didn't pick up what Ryan was putting down
I will admit Rob Ryan is not a good DC, so I leave room for hope.
Rams, Nick Foles is your QB. Saints, Rob Ryan is your DC. Neither of you are winning the Super Bowl. Announce your cuts!
Rob Ryan continues to work wonders with CBs.
Yeah Rob Ryan isn't exactly a good developer of talent but that says a lot
Ryan Tannehill a national favorite to graduate to upper tier of QBs
not bad tbh..ryan has been in respite care (home tomorrow) I finished some freelance designs and chilled xx how are you?
Update: Rob Ryan March is holding the edge Headed to Igor's before too long.
When you start Brendan Ryan over Rob Refsnyder, you're basically saying you didn't want to win this game.
t-bob is Rob Ryan still our defensive coach
Re Corey White: Remember when cut Terrence Newman after he looked awful in Rob Ryan's defense? Looked pretty good in Cincy.
Will Muschamp is the Rob Ryan of college football.
Will Muschamp is the new Rob Ryan, in that in any auburn game the camera will pan to him if the defense does anything
These people are really trying to pray for Rob Ryan. This is weird. And fun.
That's now 2 years in a row have signed & cut prior to season former LBs Rob Ryan coached there. Victor Butler last year.
Y'all fired Rob Ryan and hired Mike Nolan? “We got LB's on WR's my gawd”
Rob Ryan&son apparently dominating at Newman
Rob Ryan for the looks like a mix between Gandolf and Gimli from Lord of the Rings
Rob Ryan is a White Walker. Just not quite as thin
I get it's only preseason but losing late hurts number 1 problem is still defense (fire Rob Ryan guy is junk)
My money would be on Greg Lewis first. Rob Ryan last.
Still reading IN THE WOODS by Tana French. I'm enjoying the story, but Rob Ryan is such an annoying 1st person protagonist!
Rob Ryan press conferences are the best. Joe Vitt & Rob Ryan-- TRUE DETECTIVE SEASON 3! Who's with me?
Former DC James Willis, now Saints Asst. LB Coach, next to Rob Ryan on Thursday at
It's a combination of several people including Rob Ryan and Mark Davis
Rob Ryan: Less talking, more production from Saints defense in 2015.
'New Orleans Saints News and Notes: Rob Ryan says defense will be great, but won't talk about it' . 👍
Were the identities of twins Rex and Rob Ryan switched as babies?
Saints News, 6/23/15: Rob Ryan recalls when brother Rex punched him out
Rob Ryan dazzled by C.J. Spiller's 'special' speed - C.J. Spiller has played all over the field for New Orlea...
The team was coached by Bill Belichick, with Nick Saban, Jim Schwartz, and Rob Ryan as assistants.
Well apparently Rex and Rob Ryan have another bro that is the pitching coach at MoSt
No more excuses for Cameron Jordan, Rob Ryan and the D, says
Dennis Allen said neither he nor Rob Ryan has ego too big to work together with calls Ryan a *** good' DC http…
so no Michael Bennet or a WR is Rob Ryan calling the draft or something?
Junior Galette and Kikaha could be a lot of fun to watch together, especially with Rob Ryan pulling the strings.
At this point expect Sean Payton to walk courtside up to Monty Williams and scream at him like he does Rob Ryan.
Sean Payton, Rob Ryan and Jeff Ireland were at the UofMiami ProDay
Anthony Spencer and Rob Ryan could reunite in New Orleans
I think we can all agree on one thing: We'd all rather be Rob Ryan right now
In my search for UFC fans in LA, I found out Rob Ryan has a son who is a model (!!!) and talked to Tori Spelling: http…
Florida outside linebacker Dante Fowler Jr. likes Rob Ryan's scheme, says he's 'that type of guy'
.HC Bill Belichick, HC Rex Ryan and DC Rob Ryan arrived at the NFL combine together. ht…
Payton is Michael Corleone, Vitt is Tom Hagen, Carmichael is Anthony, Rob Ryan is Krusty The Clown.
Matt Patricia and Rob Ryan would like a word.
bringing back Dennis Allen as senior defensive assistant to work with Rob Ryan
Rob Ryan too. That's why Dallas dropped his ***
Rob Ryan is safe in New Orleans but his brother, Rex Ryan, getting a job in Atlanta may change that in an ugly way.  Earlier this season it was rumored that the New Orleans Saints were looking at a change on their defensive staff as tensions boiled between head coach Sean Payton and defensive coordi…
Rob Ryan is returning to the Saints? Well, there's always 2016. See you then, Saints.
On DC Rob Ryan: Wouldn’t be surprised if he stays and Sean Payton builds around his scheme & talents. Change isn’t al…
also fire asst. DBs coach Andre Curtis, source says. Big question is Rob Ryan. Payton could decide to give him more s…
Maybe a Rex/Rob Ryan duo in Oakland would work. Just a crazy idea.
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By Transcript of Rob Ryan's post-practice press conference on Friday, Dec. 26, 2014 more Source:: News
Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan believes players were caught up in preseason praise, says "we drank the Kool-Aid"
I swear I hate hearing Rob Ryan respond to questions about his job security.The man has done nothing to deserve being fired.
(KABC) Saints' Rob Ryan won't talk future: Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan says his players lost some of...
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan met with media personnel on Friday, two days before the team closes out their 2014 season by taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in an NFC South match-up in Tampa, Florida.
Sean Payton firing Rob Ryan? It's not as concrete as you'd think: Larry Holder: Ryan has the support of his players
PLOT TWIST: Rob Ryan returns to Oakland with Rex Ryan, as Dennis Allen returns to New Orleans.
People talking about Rob Ryan on the hot seat: why not Joe Vitt/Bill Johnson? Dead weight. Give Rob a chance with his own guys
Be sure to send Rob Ryan's brother a Christmas card for giving up on Jalen Saunders.
he is to Teddy Roosevelt what Rob Ryan is to Rex Ryan
Ideal for me is Omar Khan as GM, Hue Jackson at HC, Rob Chudzinski at OC and Wade Phillips/Rob Ryan as DC. That's a staff.
Bears should have Rex Ryan be head coach and Rob Ryan be defensive coordinator..idk how that'd work out, but it'd be awesome and hilarious
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