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Rob Portman

Robert Jones Rob Portman (born December 19, 1955) is the junior United States Senator from Ohio.

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5 senators to watch in healthcare fight, Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rob Portman:
I've made some phone calls. I need to make more. I'm finding it harder to speak in…
I lied. Rob Portman is the worst. Ketchup is a close second.
same can be asked of Susan Collins, John McCain, L. Graham, GW Bush, Rob Portman, Murkowski
These politicians at least have informed, thoughtful ACA opinions. Unlike our babbling president.
Sam Allard Worth listening to this whole show - Ken A. Lanci and Rob Portman...
Rob Portman won't regret anything unless he's out of office
Sens. Sherrod Brown (D.) and Rob Portman (R.): included in the government funding measure finalized late last night
Rob Portman is a liar. We Ohioians need to do everything possible to get him out of office!
Trump benefitted for sure, but so did Rob Portman. (I blv the voter s…
Sir, Sen. Rob Portman, you are still thinking U won on ur own. No sir, you did not win on your own. It…
Portman said he talked with some students before the ceremony and he is glad to hear that many of the graduates are…
Nope, but it is Rob Portman's pet project. Failing spectacularly but just have to spend more and doub…
these Sens. need to stay strong & put people 1st: of WV, of Me, of Alaska & Rob Portman of Ohio.
Rob Portman of Ohio. But Mr. Trump and far-right groups will put tremendous pressure on them to pass this dreadful bill or something
Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) on Friday came out against a reported proposal from the White House to cut nearly the ...
Ohioans, call Rob Portman if you do not want him to pass the AHCA. And spread the word. (202) 224-3353
It's a who's who of ultra far right creeps and squishy rob Portman?
.A message to Rob Portman from a constituent.
Sen. Rob Portman, with a reminder of how this is far from over:
I'm not advocating death for anyone but consider that Rob Portman only changed his views…
I just saw a ripped up rob portman sign in a pile of mulch lol
Here's What Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman Have Said About the House's Healthcare Vote as Senate Takes Up the AHCA
Rob Portman and Sen Cassidy from Louisiana (Both old white men) are to the left of those 2 on healthcare.
Rob Portman: “I’ve already made clear that I don’t support the House bill as currently constructed."
Sen. Rob Portman on the opioid epidemic: "Every single county in Ohio, it's the no. 1 cause of crime. It's not getting better."…
Sen. Rob Portman, attending Goodyear event, says he expects bipartisan support for bill…
Rob Portman on Maribel Trujillo Diaz deportation: Disappointed case "could not have been resolved in manner that keeps this family together”
Ohio Voters, please remember Rob Portman is NOT a friend of individuals with disabilities.
Thank you - can either you or Rob Portman talk to Gov Kasich concerning treasurer Josh Mandel hate spewing against CAIR?
NEW: Sen. Rob Portman expected to oppose GOP effort to scrap Obama accountability rule
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Cincinnatians went to have a word with Rob Portman, but ended up with Brad Wenstrup:...
Senator of Ohio, Rob Portman, is hopeful sparking the economy is a top priority of President Trump's...
Ohio Senator Rob Portman is asking for stories! Please contribute!
They are Bob Corker of TN, Rob Portman of OH, Susan Collins of ME, Bill Cassidy of LA and Lisa Murkowski of AK (2/2)
This is why Obamacare repeal legislation went forward last night: Bob Corker, Rob Portman, Susan Collins, Bill Cass…
I'm not a fan of my senator, Rob Portman, but I have to give the man credit. He spent his birthday helping Habitat for Humanity
Now, Rob Portman adding his name to that list before addressing opioid crisis
look at Marco Rubio and Rob Portman's votes ... they beat Trump. He could use those in 2020.
Before the election, Reid denied UC to pass Rob's non-controversial bill 2 help 1st responders; it passed by UC yday
If you start very far to the left, it's harder to get to the middle.
Glad to see Chris Murphy and Rob Portman fighting propaganda/disinformation
I'm glad the Rob Portman sticker made the cut
My guess is that Ohio voters who supported Trump and Rob Portman really are skeptical of trade, but were also being partisan down the ballot
"Submit in writing what you need to make progress in stopping the flow of poisons"-Rob Portman to Border Patrol
Perhaps time was better spent trying to unseat Rob Portman instead of picking on the woman who wasn't part of the problem.
Not going to be like this Uh, this is why Rob Portman will win it massively.
So, I am not sure what exactly he promised them, but Rob Portman got a bunch of union endorsements, probably worth watching him.
What I support is a whole different approach with regard to drug use...
Ted Strickland: Rob Portman got 'illegal' endorsement from union
excuse you sir, Natalie Portman is a treasure.
When transgender people are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back. Call Sen. Rob Portman and tell him to NOT confirm Tom Price.
And yet, Ohioans voted to re-elect pro-trade Washington insider Rob Portman.
Wait, I'm careening into a spiral of doom again. Back to happy thoughts... Ontario. And it's a good day to call Sherrod Brown & Rob Portman.
Ohio Senator Rob Portman: 'My & Jane's thoughts & prayers are w/ the Ohio State community. Please be safe & listen to our first responders'
Russians also conspired to re-Elect Rob Portman, Pat Toomey, and Ron Johnson.
Didn't Rob Portman end up hedging on TPP?
Rob Portman just walked through our room at the Golden Lamb and not a single person recognized him. Huh.
Do you agree with me that we can't afford four more years of Barack O...
I'm thinking Rob Portman, but haven't heard his name mentioned. Personally, I think he'd be a rock solid SOS for a…
Rob Portman had an approximate net worth of $10,159,031 in 2005.
Rob Portman ✔ . While I continue to respect those who still support Donald Trump, I can no longer support him.
⏰ REWIND | We take a look back at the last time visited Portman Road, with Luke Chambers popping up with a dramat…
There has never been a campaign where there hasn't been sniping from the...
We have to ensure we are aggressively enforcing existing laws.
We should not throw in the towel. Instead, we should be saying to you...
Forget how about for SOS, I'm sick of most politicians. Rob Portman?
Rob Portman has to be one of the embarrassing moment I have ever experienced 😒
Just realized we have an animation with Rob in the training room lmao. I saw Johnny Depp, Jlaw and Natalie Portman but I just realized
Call Sen. Rob Portman's office and ask why he hasn't been doing his job in joining Sen. Sherrod Brown to support...
What we need is fundamental reform. Rob Portman
Worth noting: Ohio Democrat Ted Strickland attacked GOP Rob Portman for supporting free trade.
Rob Portman has a *** son. Prediction: Trump doesn't seek re-election and Pence picks Portman as running mate.
We want more of our products going overseas, but the trick is to have...
When you analyze all the data, there is a warming trend according to s...
This is his solution: He said all we need to do is take your tax dol...
I'm focused, as you can tell, on 2014 and on doing my job as a senato...
Just searched FEC database too and didn't see anything definitive although he did contribute to the NRA's fave in Ohio, Rob Portman.
Ezra Klein's argument that 2016 isn't an anti-elite year is that Rob Portman won in Ohio and that the Republican defeated Russ Feingold.
I just made my daily call to Sen. Rob Portman to oppose Jeff Sessions as attorney general! Remember to call your senators/representatives
Just made my daily phone call to Sen. Rob Portman to oppose racist Jeff Session as attorney general! . CLE (216)-52…
Call Rob Portman. Tell him to stand up against American Nazism. Tell him to do it in the name of David Wirick.
Changing the topic alert: Rob Portman and Marco Rubio bested both he and Hillary Clinton in their respective states…
I plan to be on Rob Portman's Xmas list by my birthday. I know it's all awful, but this part is kinda fun.
When Donald Trump and the RNC was in Cleveland, Rob Portman was nearby...kayaking. He just won reelection.
1. Don't vote for Rob Portman. 2. Don't vote for Donald Trump. 3. Vote for Bob Fitrakis!
voted yesterday for Rob Portman for senate and Brad Wenstrup for congress. I wrote in Evan McMullin. Clear conscience
We need to re-elect Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Rob Portman, Kelly Ayotte, and Richard Burr to save the Senate.
Paul Ryan didn't get fired, but you can fire Romney's buddy Rob Portman. Get the word out vote Tea Party Independent Scott Rupe…
After that Billy Bush audio, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Rob Portman, and John McCain are all on suicide watch tonight.
New poll looks good for Sens. Rob Portman, Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"Rob Portman has Donald Trump, the Koch brothers. Ted has women. Let's beat big money." Frances Strickland http…
So did Senator Susan Collins say it's OK to vote against Rob Portman?
Ohio’s US Senate campaign devolving into guilt by association, not Ted Strickland vs Rob Portman via
Teamsters back GOP Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio over former Gov. Ted Strickland via
Wow, Ohio Conference of Teamsters has endorsed Rob Portman over Ted Strickland in the Ohio Senate race.
Big News: The Teamsters endorse Rob Portman! Retread Ted Strickland’s day is almost as bad as
RNC 2016: Rob Portman, Mary Taylor to speak at Thursday’s Ohio delegate breakfast
Hypocrite & former pot head Sen. Rob Portman says medical marijuana legalization is 'wrong direction' for OH to take
Quinnipiac U Poll: In Ohio,GOP Sen. Rob Portman is tied with former Democratic Gov Ted Strickland in a race that remains to…
How Trump can take must-win Ohio on Election Day: Sen. Rob Portman explains
Sen. Rob Portman: Trump Can Win in Ohio: Donald Trump can win in Ohio, as many of the issues he counts as strengths…
Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown.I'll try to keep the political posts to a minimum 😉
A commercial about Senator Rob Portman played 20 times in a row... I will not be voting for Senator Rob Portman.
Former President George W. Bush will be campaigning for Sen. Rob Portman in Ohio in August
Rob Portman: the best senator China's ever had.
Where's Ohio Senator and former GWBush economic genius Rob Portman! He voted to give guns to ISIS!
It's time for Rob Portman to retract his endorsement of Add your name:
I've held off on my disappointment in Rob Portman because he does a lot for the Glenn College, but *** Sad that he's my senator today.
I'm officially calling on Rob Portman to retract his endorsement of Join me and sign my petition:
I live in Ohio. My Senator is Rob Portman, and he's in John pocket. Kasich's *** still hurts…
The United Mine Workers union has endorsed Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman for re-election over Ted Strickland
Could Republican Senator from Ohio, Rob Portman, become candidate for VP? Nah, Marsha Blackburn is paving her path?
Big endorsement for Rob Portman today - More to come I'm sure.
Rob Portman, Sherrod Brown to testify before International Trade Commission: What to watch for Tuesday: U.S. Sen...
once again Rob Portman from Ohio makes the list, also one of the vote for Strickland for Senator
So . Mark Kirk. Pat Toomey . Ron Johnson . Rob Portman . and Kelly Ayote. do you support your party's nominee for President
Today is a very bad day for people like Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio and Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois.
I would like to see as Senator, is Brad Winstrup but he is congressman, other than Ted Strickland. Ohio Vets say no to Rob Portman
Rob Portman killed the Ohio come back of Ted Strickland. Portman profits by being Senator! 420 mill profit.
Congratulations to Sen John Boozman, Richard Burr, Mark Kirk, Rob Portman, and Richard Shelby on their decisive primary victories.
Rob Portman got an F by the Secular Coalition for America. What is your stance on separation of church and state
Mine are ignoring me. I have contacted Marcy Kaptur, Rob Portman , Sherrod Brown etc. with no response. I need help Hillary
Rob Portman, who was Moran's vice-chair at NRSC, still says delay, delay, delay .
The Toledo Blade slams Rob Portman for refusing to do his job and even consider the Supreme Court nominee. Do...
Hollywood doles out dollars for Senate Dems: Democrats seeking to unseat Sens. Rob Portman and Roy Blunt are a...
Reid says he doesn't see how Senate Republicans running for re-election such as Rob Portman and Roy Blunt can support …
I'm up here in Cleveland tonight and there are a lot of folks who are conce...
*** no. Rob Portman don't care bout nobody but himself and rich friends!!!
Not good Rob Portman. Not good at all.
Vote for Kasich, Dave Joyce, and Rob Portman in tomorrow's republican primary
wkyc "RT TVTye: Senator Rob Portman on stage to help introduce wkyc
Rob Portman (Ohio) and Ben Sasse (Neb.), who recently made news by saying he “cannot support Donald Trump.”
Surprise Rob Portman sighting at the Kasich rally. 😍
Kasich, Mitt and Rob Portman almost fill high school gym in Kasich's home town. Key word is "Almost." Still think Kasich pulls it out here.
Senator Rob Portman on stage now. He says 'We're here to make John Kasich the next President of the United...
Senator Rob Portman has taken the stage
Senator Rob Portman on stage to help introduce
Rally for Gov. John Kasich about to begin at Westerville Central High - Mitt Romney and Sen. Rob Portman will...
Critics and activists tell Rob Portman to “do his job” on SCOTUS nominee
Umm.. NAH.. .Show that Republicans are united behind Rob Portman. Click below to pledge your vote >>>
Life long Republican and can't even hold my nose and vote for Rob Portman. Done nothing to stop Obama.
Rob Portman is a big a Rhino as Kasich. Vote for Don Elijah Eckhart for Senator in -
Rob Portman is trying to silence the American people. He wants to stop Trump. Lets get him outta office
Most heroin in U.S. now comes across Mexican border, Rob Portman says via
uh oh rob portman. Has he tied himself to trump yet? with an "I'll endorse the nominee"
John Kasich rallies in Youngstown with Rob Portman: YOUNGSTOWN - Ohio Gov. and Republican presidential candida...
I promise its not because the word BOLD is used to describe he is the best choice for Ohio Senate
Senator Rob Portman and Bill Catlin talking Take A Stand today in Youngstown.
Liberty YAF with Senator Rob Portman and Rep. Pat Tiberi! Thank you to all that came today!
"Rob Portman is one of the few who understands exactly what needs to be done. 1) jobs 2) jobs 3) jobs" -
Sen. Rob Portman is here stumping for Kasich. I met one of his interns last week, who is also a Trump supporter
Jim Tressel opens up the town hall meeting for John Kasich. They're also joined by Sen. Rob Portman. WATCH:
Sen. Rob Portman on stage with Kasich now
Ex-OSU coach Jim Tressel, now YSU prez, introducing Rob Portman, who will intro John Kasich.
Sen. Rob Portman shredded the CO-OP program in a subcom review last week for losing $1.2 billion:
Fmr Ohio gov Ted Strickland "IF duties expire at the start of last year in office, Sen Rob Portman should step down immediately"
Good morning from Ohio, where John Kasich is campaigning today with Mitt Romney, Sen. Rob Portman and former OSU fball coach Jim Tressel
"Rob Portman- This is a guy that's actually doing something. We need to keep him in Washington for us!" -https:…
Shortly after Trump rally 4 vets, Cruz signed a Obama bill to cut benefits to our vets! So did Rob Portman of Ohio!
"Rob Portman is an example of true leadership. He focuses on results and gets things done for Ohio." - Jane Timken
Rob Portman is the best Senator China’s has ever had
What do you think of this Sen. Robert “Rob” Portman [R-OH]:
Rob Portman is a terrible Senator, and tool for the energy industry.
Today I learned that Rob Portman our Ohio senator was once George W Bush's Director of the Office of Management...
Rob Portman walks into Group of bros starts yelling "SENATOR."
Columbus Dispatch this AM: "Reminder: Sen. Rob Portman said he would support Trump as the GOP nominee"
Rob Portman adds his name to those who won't even MEET WITH a Supreme Court nominee.
Good for Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.)! Hopefully Backpage will have to answer to...
Portman, McCaskill, pushing contempt of Congress for Web site that advertises sex: Rob Portman and Claire McCa...
Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) announced his opposition to President Obama’s Pacific Rim trade agreement. Read more:
Vulnerable senator comes out against Obama trade pact Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) on Thursday announced his opposit
Can we clean out these folks from the Senate? Susan Collins, John McCain, Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, Pat Roberts, & Rob Portman? Thanks.
Rob Portman is the junior United States Senator from Ohio, in office since 2011.
Don't forget that although Rob Portman is proud of his "A" from the NRA, Ted Strickland has an A+ from those vampires
Bush didn't destroy himself, but Kasich did. That brings up Rob Portman because the Republicans must carry Ohio and Florida.
'Sen. Rob Portman does a great chicken impression'
Rob Portman, the Pope and the Need for Bold Democrats | P.G. ...
Sherrod Brown, Rob Portman: State denies Daniel Chambers grandfathered right to own and posses exotic... via
Inform your chapters! 25,000 students depend on the Federal Perkins Loan, which expired last night, a longtime goal for Rob Portman
That last line is exactly what I just told Rob Portman's office over the phone.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Why is a Rob Portman running on defunding Planned Parenthood in Ohio? It might be helping him
Don't worry your pretty lady brains! Sen. Rob Portman will decide your "legitimate" health issues are.
Rob Portman lists his A rating from the NRA on his web site. He should be voted out for that alone.
Also, I didn't vote for Rob Portman even when I was voting for Republican presidents. He & Kasich are bought out the wazoo.
Congratulations to Ashley Ard who will complete an internship with Senator Rob Portman. Rebel pride!
Sorry, but contraception and STI treatment are, in fact, legitimate care.
Oh great. thinks some women's health care is not "legitimate."
Don't worry your cute lady brains! Sen. Rob Portman will decide what "legitimate" women's health issues are.
Apparently Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) will act on this-- but only if his own family members are shot
to tell OH women can decide for themselves what healthcare is "legitimate" & "needed"
Ohio - Home of John Boehner, Rob Portman, & Sherrod Brown. And to think we are a swing state!
Rob Portman can't be trusted to lead Ohio! Disingenuous advertising! He was George Bush's budget director!
Are you guys following current energy policy at all? (GOP) Rob Portman energy efficient act of 2015 signed into law?
Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, who is the former US trade rep & one of the loudest proponents of d TPP; received $119,700
Rob Portman going to Israel, meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu
I had a wonderful day on Capitol Hill meeting with Senator Sherrod Brown, Rob Portman and Joyce Beatty's...
And people say "Oh but Sherrod Brown is your senator!" Yeah, so is Rob Portman. And look who Brown was up against.
Enviromental group slams Ohio’s GOP Sen. Rob Portman over his legislative effort to weaken (from
Sen. Rob Portman's first quarter fundraising take? $2.75M in 90 days
Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), whose reelection campaign is expected to be a key battleground in the fight for the...
Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) raises nearly $2.8 million for reelection bid, has $8 million on hand
Will the letter to Iran, signed by Ohio’s Rob Portman (among 46 other Republicans), undermine nuclear negotiations?
TT:@ AHMalcolm: Rob Portman: Obama has added $7.5 trillion in debt via IBDinvestors
OSU President Michael Drake will attend the State of the Union Address at the invite of Sen. Rob Portman.
Sen. Rob Portman tells shameless lies about KXL. But really, that's beside the point.
According to since being senator, Senator Rob Portman has not introduced one Pro Life Bill. I WILL!. Yet Senator Po…
A couple of frat guys are behind 'Draft Rob Portman'
Pretty good odds for Rob Portman, especially since he has already announced he will not run for President
Only ~ 2% of Americans are at minimum wage. It's vocational apprenticeships & servers whose tips then add up
Sen. Rob Portman seeks legislation to fight child sex trafficking (video)
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
*** let's all dredge up what Hillary Clinton was saying (or rather not saying) when ROB PORTMAN was announcing support for g…
Ohio Sen. Rob Portman won't run for president in 2016
Very pleased to see my good friend, U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, off to a strong start for his 2016 reelection!
Sen. Rob Portman wants a bill to help law enforcement keep up with the ever-changing formulas for synthetic drugs:
Senator Rob Portman has millions in his war chest ready for 2016 according to a new report.
Once prideful of his ban on PAC money; Rob Portman is new king Of K Street. A literal fundraisning vacuum.
Wow. Sounds like has got him nervous. "Portman campaign releases list of endorsements
BREAKING: Rob Portman is a longtime creature of Washington DC who gets rewarded w millions for being part of the problem w Congress
Portman campaign releases daunting list of endorsements for re-nomination
Sen. Rob Portman's campaign says it ended 2014 with $5.8M cash on hand.
Rob Portman sends message to Dems and Tea Party: I've got money. I've got endorsements. Still wanna rumble?
Bracing for tough fight? Se. Rob Portman announces big bucks, strong backing for re-election bid via
Rob Portman might be too flashy to be Mitt's VP. Maybe a strip of packing tape is available.
OHIO: Cincinnati Councilman PG Sittenfeld (D) has started fundraising for an exploratory comm to run vs US Sen Rob Portma…
Senator Rob Portman, the co-founder of The Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati, introduced the...
Sen. Rob Portman: What happened in Paris today needs to be a wake up call to America
Sen Rob Portman: "the fight against radical Islam continues". Well, somebody is being honest at any rate.
Does Senate have enough votes to override a Keystone veto?: Republican Sen. Rob Portman weighs in
Rob Portman (R-OH) voted the way he PROMISED America he would vote & has America's continuing support
It would be great to show Rob Portman the door! Dem names being mentioned: Former Governor Ted Strickland,...
It’s not even 2015 yet and no candidate has declared that he or she is running, but the pollsters are already asking about who you’ll vote for in the November 2016 Presidential election. In this CNN poll, the choices for a Republican are Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, or Scott Walker. The choices for a Democrat are Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O’Malley, Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Jim Webb. How many of these candidates could you envision being a successful President?
Sens. Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown vote 'no' on tax-extender bill
Among 2016 GOP contenders Cruz was joined in his racist jihad by Rand Paul, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio & John Thune
There should be a Museum of Non-Candidates, with wax statues of Mitch Daniels, Rob Portman, Colin Powell, Mario Cuomo
Terry Casey made one of the dumbest statements of the week when he said that Senator Portman is frozen out of Preisdential consideration as long as Jeb Bush is in the race because the both have the same contributors and supporters. What probably meant to say is that becuse Rob Portman is like a son to the Bush's he probably will wait until Jeb makes his decision.
Now we have to protect Kelly Ayotte, Rob Portman, Pat Toomey, Richard Burr and GOP Senators the Dems will target in 2016
Gov. John Kasich looks to run up the score, Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman eye Election Day stakes: ...
Nice look by at what's at stake this election for Sens. Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman.
Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman have big stakes in Tuesday's elections, even though they're not on th...
has always been a bastion of liberalism. Just ask my friends John McCain, Mitt Romney, Rob Portman, and Ken Blackwell
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
That can't be good for his VP chances MT Rob Portman was a lobbyist for "Baby Doc" Duvalier
Get proactive about screening for Editor’s note: Rob Portman, a Republican, is a U.S. senator from Ohio…
Per Kasich campaign, Sen. Rob Portman and Reps. Dave Joyce and Jim Renacci also will be at early vote rally Monday with
Sadie Robertson is beautiful. So I now devised a plan to meet her. It involves campaigning, meeting Rob Portman and then going to
Rob Portman: Obama 'First Measured Steps' on ISIS 'a Good Thing for the Country': On Monday’s ...
VIDEO - Rob Portman: It’s Good for the GOP To Say when Obama Is Doing the Right Thing
on repeal still atop Republicans' to-do list
John Thune, Rob Portman, Mike Pence.Serious potential candidates to run this country, not a sideshow like Hillary
Rob Portman: Obamacare repeal still atop Senate Republicans to-do list - CBS News
Rob Portman can be an interesting name in 2016 too if he gets his son Will to campaign with him.
Ohio is lucky to have Rob Portman fighting for us. With 5 Senate contests on 'knife's edge,' GOP donors give more
Rob Portman's a homosexual advocate...lowering corporate taxes is not a big issue with White people in
Could marriage equality help the presidential dreams of Republican Rob Portman? Um, no. via
Remember that time we went top of the league at Portman Road? What do you mean, which time?
Portman saves Vanishing Species stamp program: Rob Portman may not be able to save all of the exotic animals t...
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Rob Portman: Obamacare repeal still atop Senate Republicans' to-do list
Pro-freedom to consider presidential bid after 2014 elections.
Will Rob Portman take a shot at the presidency in 2016? He's going to "take a look at it":
“Rob Portman: Senate Would Vote On Repeal But I want to keep m…
Senator ADMITS Senate GOP will take away affordable health care from MILLIONS of Americans.
Rob Portman: Republicans could get 4 things done quickly if they take control of the Senate in the fall
Sen. Rob Portman on 2016: After the Election "I’ll take a look at it” (Full CSM Breakfast/Presenta...
Marco Rubio, Mark Kirk, Rob Portman, Pat Toomey, and Ron Johnson are all vulnerable.
In today’s news about the Republican presidential primary, everybody's running (Rob Portman edition). Opinion:
2016 preview?: Ohio Sen. Portman visits New Hampshire: Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, who is considering a run for the...
In NH today, Rob Portman says he won't run simultaneously for President & Senate in 2016; talks *** marriage support.
Everybody's Running (Portman ed.): The winnowing will start soon. Got to. Right?
Everybody's Running (Rob Portman Edition): Republicans will soon start exercising crowd control in the preside...
Rob Portman is the rightful heir to Tim Pawlenty's legacy. Portman-Pawlenty 2016 would be the most generic ticket ever.
If I can't have Mitt or Jeb, I'll settle for Rob Portman. .
SIGN Rob Portman's petition if you agree Washington's out of control spending must be stopped!
Rob Portman would be a terrific candidate. At very least, he'd elevate the debate in GOP primaries.
Rob Portman for President.because Mitt Romney just wasn't exciting enough?
I am hard pressed to identify someone less responsive to the causes of Mitt Romney's defeat than Rob Portman
Ohio sen. Rob Portman - "You cannot continue to spend beyond your means and expect to exceed."
Sen. Rob Portman speaks at St Anselm's college on foreign policy and America at home.
Rob Portman: “With this weak economy, the American Dream is really in trouble.”
Star Parker & rob Portman will be giving speeches at the event.
SIGN Rob Portman's petition if you support the increase of U.S. exports!
Spoke with about the need to aggressively strike ISIL & protect Iraqi Christians & minorities
OMGG. Sen Rob Portman has a petition out to turn Ohio into Red Tomato soup with a blueberry in the center...
Jack and Rob Portman heading out for a ride from the ranch. As a US senator Rob doesn't get to spend as much time...
Details on Sen. Portman and algae legislation
Portman Chabot @ Sherrod Brown, . Close the borders to terrorists.
SIGN Rob Portman's petition to support job creation in Ohio & around the country!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
ISIS is in the US | DML Daily via Chabot, Portman Brown. Go back to DC. Do something.
Portman calls for U.S. to be more aggressive with ISIS via
For guys who disagree on major issues, Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman do comity well. via
Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman vote alike more often than you might realize
"...Social Security's Old Age program faces bankruptcy in 20 years, Medicare is in even worse shape..."
Makes sense coming from W's budget director Rob Portman tries to be a VSP w/o understanding the
Sen. Rob Portman Ohio is on Senate floor saying the tax code is disadvantageous to Corporations & THATS why they incorporate offshore
Demography is destiny: The retirement of 77 million baby boomers is not a theoretical projection.
The declining deficit is temporary. We cannot afford to be complacent about reforms. .
US Senator Rob Portman R-OH accepted over $1,300,000 in NRA donations to ultimately Vote NO on Gun Safety Background Checks
Each day, 10,000 baby boomers retire and begin receiving Medicare and Social Security benefits.
Fabulous article on the progressive GOPe.
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