Rob Parker & Stephen A. Smith

Rob Parker (born 5 September 1981) is an English professional rugby league footballer for Leigh Centurions, signing from Super League neighbours Salford City Reds in time for the 2012 season. Stephen A. Smith (born October 14, 1967) is an American sports journalist, talk show host, and television personality. 5.0/5

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Stephen A. Smith about to be chillin' with Rob Parker in the barbershop soon?
Rob Parker caught himself tryna b Stephen A. Smith and lost his job.. Rob was thinkin "what would Stephen do"
I wonder if I'm the only sports fan who is looking forward to FOX's new attempt to take down "the World-Wide Leader"? ESPN seems to relish foisting the most obnoxious gas bag commentators that have ever held a microphone on the sporting public, because they have no competition! Skip Bayless, Woody Paige, Stephen A. Smith, Rob Parker, Mitch Albom, Rush Limbaugh, Tony Kornheiser, and yes, even Chris Berman! These guys, and many others, have made my ears bleed for years! Go FSC-1, I hope you can make it fly this time!
Stephen A. Smith are you serious? You are SO DISRESPECTFUL! You are quoting the US State Department sentiment that "the USA is still at war with North Korea because no peace treaty was ever signed after the Korean War" As if the USA keeps treaties? The USA broke 400 plus treaties with Native Americans. Stick to being Stephen "Naismith" and stop trying to highlight the "ignorance" of Dennis Rodman. Bring back Rob Parker, I am tired of CORNBALL BROTHERS committed to pleasing the slave master at the expense of another brother. That is why Chris Paul no longer speaks to Stephen A. Smith. AGENT SMITH
Give me Rob Parker everyday. Stephen A. Smith is annoying. He is a blow hard.
Good AM FB family. Praise God for this 10th day of 2013. Yesterday, I read that Rob Parker's contract was not renewed at ESPN. Mainly due to racist statements, that's right racist, made against RGIII. This is long overdue. I have heard all types of excuses that he was paid to be controversial. Was he paid to be ignorant as well? Understand this, racism can come from any color toward any color. It is not a black-white thing. An ignorant statement knows no color. His statements should have been blasted by the same folks that spoke out so aggressively against the likes of Jimmy the Greek, Howard Cosell & Don Imus, yet I failed to see the same response, especially from those who were African American. Does an ignorant statement get a pass because it is from someone of the same race? I think not, yet more often than enough, it does. I was glad to see Stephen A. Smith's reaction to the ignorance. As he said, I too was bothered by where Parker's statements went. Until we understand that God made u ...
I knew there was a reason why i didn't like Rob Parker! When you make Stephen A. Smith be visably uncomfortable on national television you know you've crossed a line!
So ESPN fired Rob Parker. Yay, now if they can just get rid of Skip Bayless, First Take for that matter, Around the Horn, Stuart Scott, Merri Hoge, Steve Young, Dan LaBatard, come to mention, I haven't seen him anywhere, thank god, Stephen A. Smith..tell you what, here's a list of the people you should keep, Scott Van Pelt, Neil Everett, Jon Gruden, Trent Dilfer, Bill Simmons, Keith and Dan. Do that ESPN, and then maybe I'll consider you guys to know something about sports. Whew, felt good to get that off my chest. Any more suggestions, feel free to add...
Here's the FULL debate about RG3 when Rob Parker called him a "CORNBALL BROTHER", I'm sorry about the sync/audio it's off by 1 or 2 secs but hey I haven't se...
Perhaps somebody should ask ESPN's Rob Parker which white guy he thinks is faster: Johnny Manizel or RGIII?
Vegas already setting odds on who among Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Rob Parker will be first to get stabbed on air by Ray Lewis.
Rob Parker & Stephen A. Smith have a conversation about race and Robert Griffin III [video]
What's lost in the ESPN/Rob Parker fiasco is the brilliance Stephen A Smith said. Which I've heard NOBODY talk about in depth, besides me
Jason witlock leave Stephen A Smith, Skip Bayless and Rob Parker alone they're doing a *** of a job get you a show stop hating .BROTHER!
Rob Parker's RG3 comments = suspended, but Stephen A Smith's "n*gga please of a few weeks back, that rated ZERO.
ESPN has suspended commentator Rob Parker for 30 days for comments he made about Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III during a Dec. 13 episode of "First Take".
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Reports say Tim Tebow is demanding a trade from the Jets. Skip Bayless has offered Rob Parker, Stephen A. Smith and cash.
I liked a video from Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith & Rob Parker on RG3 "CORNBALL
Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate a series of daily topics. Rob Parker also stops by the debate desk and offers up a few highly controversial remarks ...
Rob Parker's comments about Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins, who is black, about whether he is "one of us," is being investigated by the sports network.
Stephen A Smith be goin in on Rob Parker suits, but...
At least Stephen A. Smith had the decency to say he was "uncomfortable" with the whole Rob Parker thing.
Rob Parker questions if RGIII was "one of us" "I'm uncomfortable with where we just went," said, Stephen A. Smith. LOL smooth deflection.
First Take commentator Rob Parker reportedly has been suspended indefinitely by ESPN for the controversial comments he made about Robert Griffin III. What do u think of the punishment?
Rob Parker called Robert Griffin III only 'kind of black'
Rob Parker's ESPN comments about RGIII made no sense whatsoever.Does he rate degree of "blackness" by the race of someone's fiance or political affiliation? Is Barack Obama not black enough because he doesn't wear braids (Parker doesn't either)? Problem with shows like that is there's no one to stand up and challenge every outrageous line that's uttered.Odd as it may seem, I don't agree with the suspension of Parker.Afterall, people like Al Sharpton and Cornel West have questioned the blackness of Obama and Joe Biden said he was "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate, bright, and clean," and Obama chose him as his VP running mate twice.Did Parker not express some preconceived viewpoint of ESPN? People say stupid things and Rob has done this more than once.The network should have known that when it hired him.If they don't believe he thinks before he talks, they ought to simply fire him, not suspend him.and the same ought to go for others who express knuckleheaded comments as well as th .. ...
Rob Parker and Stephen A. Smith are both *** check out the latest 'Cornball Brother' comment about
Parker Asks If RG3 Is 'A Cornball Brother': Rob Parker managed to turn Stephen A. Smith into the...
Rob Parker, you're an *** Even Stephen A. Smith was uncomfortable with your comments and that man is opinionated on virtually everything!
"You know a conversation has gone off the rails when Stephen A. Smith becomes the voice of reason." - In reference to Rob Parker on RG III
When Stephen A Smith says he feels uncomfortable about a discussion then you know something is wrong. Rob Parker should never be on
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Should First Take's Rob Parker be fired for calling RG3 a "cornball brother"??
Anyone that expects ESPN to fire Rob Parker is misguided. This is the same network that handsomely pays Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith
Not watching with Rob Parker in Stephen A. Smith's place and Somebody please get that Transvestite Cari Champion off this show
Stephen A. Smith, Rob Parker, Christian Fauria and Skip Bayless discuss Jeremy Lin's comments about race and how he is treated on the court.
Rob Parker makes sense when he talks and every once in a while Stephen A Smith will.
lol LMAO Stephen A. Smith checked Rob Parker so hard for thirsting over Cari Champion
And speaking of bluster, Skip Bayless, Rob Parker and Stephen A. Smith are currently on ESPN2.
I love it when Stephen A. Smith called out Rob Parker for drooling after giving Cari Champion that Nets T-Shirt.
Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, Rob Parker and Eric Mangini debate if Eli Manning should be the front-runner for MVP.
Rob Parker, Eric Mangini, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Rob's claim that Tom Brady will never play in another Super Bowl.
lol you should ask my role model Stephen A. Smith what color is his tie lol to bad Rob Parker isn't there to rebound. Lol!
Cari Champion and Rob Parker react to Stephen A. Smith calling in to First Take to clown on Rob's suit.
rob parker wears suits that you see in mary poppins. Even Skip Bayless didn't try Stephen A. Smith on that.
My boy Stephen A. Smith is always getting on my man Rob Parkers wardrobe. But if Rob Parker said something about Stephen A. Smith's hairline it would be the end of the discussion! LMFAO
Stephen A. Smith be bullying Rob Parker. But then again I think anyone can.
Stephen A. Smith just be disrespecting Rob Parker lmao
Stephen A. Smith showed up for work, then all of a sudden will be gone for two days. Replaced by Rob Parker. Something's up.
Stephen A Smith slanders Rob Parker in his face on a DAILY.
Public Service Announcement: if you fall asleep with ESPN on, Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, and Rob Parker will be incorporated into your dreams in horrifying ways.
Just saw Stephen A. Smith do the best Rob Parker impersonation ever.
Supreme Knight says: I love that show First Take, but for some reason, I can't get into Rob Parker. He's a cool guy and all, but I think the chemistry between Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith is so good that putting anyone else in for either of them is DISRESPECTFUL!!!
can't get anybody better than Rob Parker? I know Stephen A Smith is on vacation but still
Stephen A. Smith, PLEASE come back from vacation. Rob Parker is hurting my ears.
I think was Jemele Hill, Vieira was Skip Bayless, I was Stephen A Smith, and was Rob Parker lol
Stephen A. Smith is clownin hard af on Rob Parker lmao
Rob Parker: "That's not fair." Stephen A. Smith: "Fair is a place where they judge pigs." Lmao!!!
I like ESPN First Take way better with Skip Bayless and Rob Parker. I feel like the whole Bayless-Stephen A. Smith show is just fake now.
Rob Parker and Bomani Jones need to get off ESPN's First Take. Where's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless?
Rob Parker and Stephen A Smith on First Take is why I no longer watch that show.
Less boobs, more life "richarddeitsch: Rob Parker hosting Stephen A. Smith/Skip Bayless on 1st Take.
Today, Rob Parker is hosting Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on First Take. This is The Anna Nicole show without the charm.
I enjoy Rob Parker on Classy fellow, unlike the "disrespectful" Stephen A. Smith.
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